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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown May 12, 2006 Review:

The Cutting Edge- Good way 2 start the show... Sum nice action here, and sum good matches made 4 later 2night. Nic 2 c the team of Orton/Edge on this BTB. Benoit vs JBL will also be good!

Rey Mysterio vs Kid Kash- Nice high-flying match, good 2 c Rey win to put him over b4 his match with Batista at JD!

Noble Interview- He guaranteed that he'd retain the title... That usually means that opponent will win via DQ or countout or sumtin

C.W. Battle Royal- Good battle royal, with Chavo winning, which is good. Chavo vs Noble... We've seen it in real life a bunch of times n its been good. I think Chavo'll win via DQ or Countout, cus he cant lose his 1st ppv match since returning 2 SD! But Noble guaranteed victory

Sylvan Segment- Sylvan vs Holly should be a decent match.

Backstage Segment- Nice backstage segment, 2 build hype 4 Batista/Mysterio at Judgment Day!

MNM/Teddy Long Segment- After MNM coming out during the Battle Royal, I predicted this 2 happen. The match should be good!

Kendrick vs Regal- Good match, nice c'in Burchil and Finlay ejected from ringside, then the face, Kendrick winning. The tag title match should be good. I like this little foreign faction that u have

Angle/Christian Segment- Good 2 c this, adds a little 2 the show

Hardy/Lashley vs Kennedy/Booker- The match sounded pretty good, with the chair shot and all, but did it end in a DQ?

In-ring fight- This was SOOOO confusing, but of what i understood, sounded good

JBL vs Benoit- Good finish with JBL gettin the heel victory

Angle interview- i didnt wanna bash the whole show, but u should really write everything out... The whole show seemed like a summary of a show...

Edge/Orton vs Christian/Angle- Good match 2 get ready 4 Judgment Day, prob. MOTN

Okay man... the show needs sum work. This seemed like 1 huge summary... Interviews, u should write out. Matches, u can choose 2 write the finish or a match overview or sumtin, but u really hafta work on your formatting... (ex.)

Backstage Interview

Kurt Angle/Christian vs Randy Orton/Edge

You should also write out backstage segments...

Grammar- 10/10
Length- 6/10
Quality- 5/10
Matches- 4/10
Realism- 9/10
I usually dont grade realism, but i did 4 u cus I didnt want u 2 get a TERRIBLE rating...

Overall Rating: 68/100
The show can use some work and I hope u didnt take my advice offensive, I'm just tryin 2 help. I hope u take it... Judgment Day looks very good!

Can u please return the favor of the review and review my latest show, Fusion Week 13? Thanks
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Originally Posted by King of Pain V.1
BTW, forgot to mention but this show is going to be recapped. Had a hectic week with sports and haven't been able to slow down since. So I'll have the show recapped either tonight or sometimes tomorrow.
Maybe that explains why the show was in recap? I rarely recap shows, probably my third or fourth recapped show since starting this BTB last December but um, anyways thanks for the review and thought I would tell you that. I know how to write shows out!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

nick or w/e your name is KOPV's shows are better then a 68.......

Anyways KOPV I'll be reviewing tomorrow depending on how my Rumble is going and if I finish it or not hope to see you check it out good looking show mate
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

oo i didnt realize that it was a recap. I was only trying 2 help lol. That explains y it is just like a recap. I was wondering y this thread was so popular. Drop me a PM w/e Judgment Day's up! Can u review Fusion Week 13? Thanks
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Originally Posted by Deadman_014
nick or w/e your name is KOPV's shows are better then a 68.......

Anyways KOPV I'll be reviewing tomorrow depending on how my Rumble is going and if I finish it or not hope to see you check it out good looking show mate
i bet they r, i didnt realize that it was a recap! I'm gonna check out his next FULL show w/e it's up.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

^ Quit double posting before you get banned.

Big opening segment with all 6 men involved and two big matches made in the aftermath of an Edge shoot on all of his opponents

Rey gets a win over Kash, surprised Batista didn't do something even when he was barred from ringside. Noble seems cocky like always. Chavo has jumped ship in the Open Season and he wins the CW battle royal and now has a match at Judgment Day for the title

Holly vs Sylvain rematch for next week I can see Syvain cheating again. Now Batista decides to get involved with Rey and Spinebusters him onto a car! Nasty.Kendrick gets one over on Regal, and the Hooligans have more over the UKliq again tonight

Kennedy/Lashley feud continues to be built well as Kennedy nails a chair shot to Lashley. Benoit/JBL match ends with JBL using the tights for the 1-2-3, and he gets some much needed hype over Benoit this week.

Show ends with Orton scoring the win and then a stare down with Edge, as the 6 man match continues to be built well, I'm looking forward to that one.

Good recap KOP.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Edge runs down everyone at the start of the show, but they get pissed off with it, and then go and beat him down, starting a brawl with all of the people in the title match. 2 matches are made for tonight, and JBL wins the first of them, grabbing the tights to take the win over Benoit, after cutting a promo on him before hand. Don’t know why, but I have a feeling JBL will take the title this Sunday, maybe using the MITB contract. Edge and Orton cheat to get the win over Christian and Angle in the main event, and the heels stand tall, but are not necessarily on the same page. Kennedy nails Lashley in the back with the chair, as he still doesn’t want to get into the ring with him, so I see a DQ or countout finish to the ppv match. Hardy/Booker will be a solid match as well, but there hasn’t been enough buildup to make a title switch. Chavo vs. Noble for the cruiserweight title will be good, and good to see the open season advantage be used. MNM/Mexicools as a filler match also added to the ppv as well. Rey gets a win over Kash, but destroyed by Batista, who has had all the momentum in this feud. He has to win at the ppv I feel.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE: SmackDown! -- Friday May 12, 2006 -- Comments
The Cutting Edge was nice, as two matches were made by it. Mysterio gets a good victory as he has now some momentum in his feud with Batista. Just to tell you, I don’t like Mysterio vs. Booker feud. They both seem to have no charisma at all, atleast in my opinion. Noble’s words were strong but words mean nothing. Actions are seen. Let’s see if Noble can keep his words at Judgment Day or not. Chavo Guerrero to come to SmackDown! from RAW through open season was a nice shot. So he should win the Battle Royal. MNM come down and they pull off Mexicools from the ring, so Chavo wins! It was a good match because from this, the tag team feud also got some hype. Sylvain does his little short promo. It was basically set for Holly to interrupt. Sylvain vs. Holly for next week. Cool. Batista attacks Mysterio from behind, as their build-up gets stronger. Alright, Long declares a tag team match for Judgment Day, and that’s fine. Okay, Kendrick gets a win over Regal, and they now have got some momentum going into Judgment Day, which is fine. Faces – Angle and Christian have some words with each other, as they are now looking on the same page. Well, a nice tag team match-up here, with the DQ thingy coming in. Kennedy hit the steel chair to the back of Lashley, and that was cool because it made Kennedy look smarter. JBL does a nice promo here as he hypes himself for the match at Judgement Day. Benoit comes down and he gets attacked by JBL with that briefcase. So far, the main-event of the Judgment Day really looks like a one-on-one feud – Orton vs. Christian – JBL vs. Benoit – Edge vs. Angle. So the winner could be either Angle or Edge, I guess. Benoit put up a good fight here, which I wasn’t expecting at all, after that briefcase shot, who would expect? Anyway, JBL picks up a victory, and that’s nice. You are over-using your wrestlers for sure. Angle was shown once again, although there wasn’t any need for him now. You hyped the main-event perfectly. Over-hype doesn’t works. Nice way to end the show as Edge and Orton stood tall over the faces, which I wasn’t expecting. I thought either Orton or Edge would turn on aftermath, but anyways, the build-up to the main-event match for Judgment Day is huge and strong.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


Opener: Good Cutting Edge opener that really sets up 2 big matches for later in the night.

Kash vs. Rey- Good CW match with Rey picking up the win. I wonder how his match w/ Batista is gonna be at JD. I doubt we'll see a squash but it's hard to believe it's gonna be a even sided match. Good luck with that.

Battle Royal- You seem to really love the CW division! LOL, but very good match that has Chavo winning. Chavo has a lot of momentum going into JD, Gibson (Noble) and Chavo should put on a great PPV match.

Sylvan promo- Good, quick promo to hype match with Holly. I don't know who's gonna win to be honest.

Another good Rey/Batista hype for JD. This match is looking to be and better and better every time you mention or push it.

MNM Promo- Figured this would come. Match at JD should be awesome. Surprised you put 3 straight promo segments in a row.

Kendrick vs. Regal- Good match that pushes JD match well. The whole faction thing you got goin on is really cool. The tag championship match should be great.

Angle/Christian- Nice little throw in to the show.

Tag Match- Good match that pushes the feuds well. I really like the Lashley/Kennedy feud, that is going places.

The brawl in the ring was good. Your very good at pushing feuds for your PPVs!

JBL vs. Benoit- Awesome match with a perfect ending! JBL gets some much needed heat going into his match at JD.

Angle interview was nice.

Main Event- MOTN, awesome main event! The heels get over in this one and once again you push JD great again! I'll definately be watching JD as it looks like a great PPV!

Overall- A very good recapped show, can't wait for JD. Like I said, you push the PPV matches so well, and every match is anticipated. I'll be paying attention to this BTB from now on! No wonder why you've been running with this for so long!

Overall- 88/100 B+

Please check out my BTB, WWE: REVOLUTION, and drop a review back there!

Thanks man, and good luck with JD!

WWE: Blood, Sweat, and Honor BTB, written by F4L, and Dubbz4President, Click Banner, and Read/Comment/Review! Thanks, and all will be repped and appreciated!

Nominated for Best New Booker for March 2007
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

Cutting Edge: Solid Opening Promo here between everyone, Edge gets his heel self over here very solidly but you should of mentioned what else he said instead of put he mentioned something else. Besides that it looks good, good matchs but why not a 6 man tag, I sense you probably needed to fill the card this show, so you booked the 2 different matchs good none the less probably actually saving the 6 man for before the PPV.

Mysterio vs Kash: Short ok match here, nothing really special in the end about this. Mysterio gets the win though Batista banned at ringside would of been intresting if Batista came out anyways that would of been better still good stuff here mate decent booking this is a match I'd like to read someone write sometime.

Noble Interview: Noble builds himself up figures cocky, just a way to get him a segment in here filler segment going to be interesting though who he faces.

Battle Royal: Good stuff here, the people in it and Chavo moves to SD from Raw thats cool. Chavo wins without really doing anything thats pretty cool but the note about the commentators leads me to believe someone else will be put in that match as well good segment here bro.

Sylvan/Holly Promo: Nothing special here just a little buildup for their feud, small midcard feud something small probably for No Way Out to have there decent match that would be.

Mysterio/Batista Segment: This was solid, I am happy this happend tonight Rey's left out. I see a Rey Mysterio buildup win for him against someone next week and Batista winning at JD, this was a good segment though Batista should of put him through the front window instead, just a thought to make that better and hurt Rey more.

Long/MNM Promo: Decent match I can see MNM winning at JD, looks good so far JD. Poor Melina has to party with those losers lol, this was an ok segment building up JD for the most part with this match being made.

Kendrick vs Regal: This was a good match, the banned people from ringside etc was good factor here. Kendrick gets a nice win here and celebrates with his partner good stuff here interesting to see where all of this goes.

Christian/Angle Promo: This was pretty pointless, just a filler promo and it wasn't really good Angle came off ok and Christian just came off bad here just trying to get hype for the Main Event but choice a better promo then this.

Tag Match: Kennedy/Booker vs Lashley and Matt is pretty good. This was a pretty decent match ending with Hardy & Lashley taking the win I believe via dq. Good match here and good buildup for Kennedy/Lashley, I can see a HUGE promo coming in the future, from Ken Kennedy talking about Lashley after Judgement Day.

JBL/Benoit Promo: JBL was good in this even for a recapped promo seemed good. Benoit/JBL confrontation seems good here, and JBL clocks him after not accepting a match good stuff there JBL will probably get dq'd in the match.

JBL vs Chris Benoit: This was a solid match, good match to buildup JD but I don't see JBL winning at JD for some reason. JBL steals the win and all was good this was a good match here would be an interesting match in full though.

Kurt Angle Interview: Since Angle had his segment already maybe Orton or Edge should of had one eh? Anyways this was good, Angle's jump from Raw to Smackdown I thought was great in the end. Its going to be very interesting to find out how this Main Event goes.

Edge & Orton vs Christian & Angle: Solid Main Event here overall a good end to the show, Edge & Orton pretty much dominate though if Angle fell into the barricade he could be up and in the ring before an RKO and a Title shot could occur. Good ending though with Orton & Edge in a staredown postion as Christian and Angle are down solid show here, remember to check out the Rumble KOPV, also I won't leave an overall for points etc cause I don't give points for Recaps later mate.
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