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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Just a few comments....

It’s nice to see a match-up kicking off RAW because since few weeks, we are seeing promos to kick off RAW. It’s always nice to see a change. Hmm, Carlito takes yet another victory against Masters and God knows what’s stored for this guy. I hope that we do not see Carlito vs. Masters again. Give us any other fresh feud.
This was the official last match, both men ended the feud and it was built up as the last match.

As expected, the debut ones, Highlanders pick up a well-deserved win here. Glad that these guys are now in your BTB because your tag team division is really lacking. It is plain boring to be honest. I hope that you do something unique in this division now.
Progress is coming, it just takes a while because of Open Season and you have to work around it. But this isn't the only team coming in as of right now.

Very good comments by Matt Striker here. He was right on the spot. Length was okay and the promo also flowed superbly. Let’s see if he can keep his words or not. Yes, Matt Striker certainly did, as the heels pick up a victory over faces here. Maybe Strikers would now go to feud with the Intercontinental Champion? Best of 7 matches series could be great. I thought you were inserting Striker in the title picture.
Striker's feud will be coming soon which will actually have something to do with the chase for the title. Helms/Benjamin Best of Seven has been planned for a while now and that's gotta go through. But Striker's feud will be coming soon and like I said, he will be chasing the title. Slow progress to make him seem more credible then rushing him right to the top.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

Good way of opening up the show with Carlito and Masters duking it out. A pretty good match here, glad Carlito won this and hopefully this will be the end of their feud because it's getting to be a drag. Good HBK/HHH promo, thought both of these guys were in character and somehow I see Michaels getting in the building somehow. Decent squash match with Cena getting the victory. Hopefully he gets a new feud or something, but I'm sure that will be coming in the few weeks. Vince comes out, rant, blah blah, and here comes Heyman, who completley changes up this promo. Good choice of doing that, I like this buildup to ONS. Decent women's match, nothing special, all it does is build up Phoenix. Great Jericho promo, thought you did a good job with this promo and can't wait till next week when him and HBK are in the same ring. Should be very explosive. Meh, okay tag match, wasn't really anything great, not surprised though. Good Striker promo, he was in character and I believe he is in line for a push sooner or later. Anyway, now onto a big tag match, with the WGTT reuniting for one night?? Hopefully not. The heels win this, which is a good decision but that just means that the face will win the ME. I could be wrong, but that's just usually what happens. Best of Seven Series!! This should provide for some fantastic matches. Cannot wait for that to start. Great main event, glad RVD picked up the victory and he is the one standing tall in the end with all the originals of ECW. I like how ONS is being built up, and cannot wait for the next show.

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Post Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

raw review
great opening match the only thing unrealistic is i dont see carlito do springboard elbow smash not too surprised carlito won though i realy didnt like the shawn michaels triple h promo i thought it was really unrealistic and i really dont see triple h say what he said in the begining of the cena dupree match you pretty much revealed the winner saying this a squash match and dupree stands no chance you shouldt reveal the winner well in the begning it kinda kills the point of reading the whole matchwell nice promo between heyman and mcmahon i didnt see anything wrong in this promo its very realistic and both heyman and mcmahon are in caracter good job nice promo for jeff hardy i cant wait til he debuts hes gonna be a great addition to the raw roster now i liked the candice michelle and beth phonix match great surprise in the begining you made like beth was going to lose but in the end she won thats good booking on youre part cant wait for next weeks highlight reel the jericho promo was good he was in caracter thats for sure once again cant wait for next weeks highlight reel really nothing special with the tag match just a card filler
nice stiker promo theres definetly going to be a benjamin striker feud for the intercontinental title nice match match surprised striker and helms won i really hope theres gonna be A BENJAMIN striker feud for the intercontinental title well i guess it helms getting the title shot oh well it will still be good great promo to hype one night stand cant wait for it the rvd kane match was a very good match the match of the night no doubt it was very enter taining CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK

final view 85/100 good show

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for the reviews so far, whenever I can get a chance I'll try to get your reviews back to you. As for right now, please feel free of course to do more reviews! First, I'll try to review JBL's SNME, then get to the other shows like I said whenever I can. By the way, expect maybe a news page up soon as in Tuesday/Wednesday.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

All right. I'm new to WE forums, but I'm no stranger to booking and writing my own fantasy promotions. I'm trying to feel my way around the forum and get to know people now that I've begun my own BTB. I want to start finding good BTBs to give reviews, and I've heard good ones about this in particular. Because I really can't read 23 pages of shows, however, I'm going to try and hop in and start reading at the Raw which you just posted. It's going to be difficult the first couple of weeks, but once I get affiliated with the show I'll be fine. So, that being said, please excuse me for ignorance about certain angles. I'm just gonna pick up from your latest Raw and try to see what's going on from there.

~ Apparently Vince McMahon is having some kind of feud with RVD. That's interesting right off the bat.
~ The first match was pretty good for an opener. I like the format that you use. It's short, sweet and easy to read.
~ I'm not quite sure what the status on Triple H and HBK's relationship is. I'm GUESSING that DX has disbanded by now and HHH is somewhat of a tweener.
~ A lot of this isn't discredit to you, because my lack of knowledge of the current storyline takes away from it, but I think this promo could use work. It was short, but I simply didn't get the impression that I was listening to the Triple H and Shawn Michels go back and forth.
~ Squash match here. Great to see that Cena is the FORMER champion, and although I like Dupree, don't mind Cena getting the easy win here. Surprising to see him get a submission victory, however.
~ This next segment started out good. I think you portray Vince McMahon better than you did HHH and HBK earlier in the show. I'm also starting to learn a little bit more about the storylines. RVD is the champ, feuding with Vince, the odds constantly stacked up against him. It's cool to see Heyman interrupt Vince, since RVD is his boy. I don't like the little bit of how Heyman goes "if you haven't met me, I'm the former ECW owner." Vince McMahon knows who Paul Heyman is, he hired him, he's battled his promotion, he's been on SmackDown with him on screen ... They're well introduced. I'm also finding that HHH is somewhat of a henchman for Vince, which is cool. Perhaps we can see an RVD vs HHH feud.
~ Great hype video for Jeff Hardy. I'm not particularly a fan of his, but it's a great way to get people excited about his return.
~ Standard female match. Good idea to have Beth win, you wanna give the new diva the push over the eye candy. Interesting to see all of those female alliances, like Mickie and Candice, and Trish and Ashley watching out for Beth.
~ Jericho promo was decent, not good, not bad. Interesting to see him having fired the Spirit Squad ... So either he's in a position of authority or that was like a one week ordeal. Should be cool to see a Highlight Reel with HBK on it, though.
~ Highlanders are an interesting tag team. Can't say much about them without seeing promos, but I'd like to learn about them if they're a young duo that's going to get pushed.
~ You portrayed the Matt Striker teacher gimmick very well. I'd reccomend you push him, because he was probably your best promo of the show. It's great to see WGTT reunite, and Gregory Helms with Matt Striker is definitely an interesting pair. Nice match from two good teams, although I would have liked to see more from these two. Funny that "Test" is Striker(with the teacher gimmick)'s buddy.
~ Another half decent segment, but I am really looking forward to a Gregory Helms-Shelton Benjamin feud.
~ ECW One Night Stand coming up. That should be interesting with RVD as your champ, feuding with McMahon. I'm guessing that's why Heyman showed his face tonight. Nice segment, I think you do good with the whole narrator/scene bit.
~ Good main event, although since it is the main event I would have liked to have seen a bit more than the regular matches. GREAT ending, with a possible RVD vs HHH feud getting more hype, and a lot of hype going for the upcoming ECW One Night Stand. This does seem like it could be a premiere WWE storyline, leading up to the ECW PPV ... RVD champ, Vince trying to keep him back.

Overall, the show was easy to step into, although I'm still unclear about some parts like Austin/HBK and where they tie into things. I like your matches. They're easy to read and effective. I do think you could use some work on your promos, but from a booking standpoint, you seem like you know how to push storylines. Better promos could push it over the top. Good stuff, though man, I'll give you about a 6.5/10.

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Originally Posted by Szumi
Pro Wrestling: Revolution is without a doubt the best new BTB I have seen in months. It has a good roster, creative ideas, and great writing! So go read and review the best new BTB!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Deadman_014's Raw Review

Carlito vs Chris Masters: Good feud ending match here hopefully nayways as I do not want to see this go on any longer and I believe I read it ends here. Carlito gets the win in a good opening contest as expected pretty good start to the show I expected Masters to win since Carlito won at Backlash good to see Carlito keep getting over though Masters jobs good start.

HBK/HHH confrontation: Another solid starting segment here with HHH looking good though HBK seemed a little off character a bit here though this will be interesting to see where this goes in the end, Interesting we'll see HBK's surprise this should be good overall decent segment though HBK wasn't good in this at all.

Cena vs Dupree: Just a lil filler here nothing special it was decent ok in the end. Cena wins the match predictable match here usually squashs are predictable good ending here, I hope Cena gets into a good feud after this as I don't want to see him just murdering everyone every week though good segment.

Vince/Heyman confrontation: Good confrontation here everything's been good or ok so far this is the best segment so far happy to see this part here very interesting in the end. HHH coming out and then RVD good confrontation here, I can see a Ladder or Cage match between these 2 at One Night Stand for the WWE title or Vengeance as RVD and HHH seem to keep getting into confrontations.

Jeff Hardy vignette: Well placed segment and a decent vignette here. Nothing special overall here in the end good segment hopefully Hardy returns at a big event or makes a big impact not just squash matchs every week for him to win hopefully.

Beth Phoenix vs Candice Michelle: Not very interested in the women's matchs though this was a good segment overall. The other women get involved hyping up their feud this was just used without the others getting in the ring to build up the other feud, good ending with Phoenix and the faces victor not a fan of the women's division though.

Jericho interview: This was a good segment here, I like the fact that he probably won't be in a program with the SS as I hate them feuding with big talent good finish to this with HBK being in the highlight reel next week should be a fun filled highlight reel another good segment though you should make the promo's a bit longer.

Highlanders vs Cade/Murdoch: Just a squash for the debuting highlanders here nothing amazing in the end, good little squash in the end for the highlanders I hope not to see Highlanders and 3MW in a program though that wouldn't be good just a little Highlanders debut squash match to tell the truth as we knew who was winning predictability is all over the show besides the first segment.

Matt Striker promo: This was good here best promo and or segment so far of the night Striker was pretty good in the end for this. Striker should of used a few fancy words but besides that this was the best segment so far I like how you use him one of the few that can keep him in good character almost all the time good stuff here mate.

Helms & Striker vs Haas & Benjamin: Good match here so far the best which was expected, Very solid finish with Helms screwing his partner out of the pinfall and using it himself this was an unexpected finish which was good as all the promo's seem generic though so far which isn't great. Good ending to this match another good/ok match on the card.

Helms interview: Helms was good in this interview here the best of 7 series is going to be great I can see solid booking there as I love those series's. Benjamin seemed off in this promo and this seems a bit short for their promo's as most of the promo's in the show seemed cut off or rushed towards the end though a decent promo here Helms was good Benjamin wasn't great or good really work on him a bit.

ECW One Night Stand II: This was just like the other one I think you just copy and paste em into each show the same one not sure. This one wasn't as good as the Hardy one I don't think and I am not a fan of the ECW stuff in the ME scene with RVD etc though thats why he was made champ good job here though nothing spectacular in the end here for this vignette.

RVD vs Kane: This was the MOTN by far and this was a really good match to end the show. RVD wins this match in the end after tons of conterversy this was a solid match here very enjoyable with McMahon, Heyman, and HHH getting involved good way to end Raw. HHH beats down RVD until ECW originals come out though a few more should of been out there or at least Sabu should still good stuff here and a good ending to the show.

Realism: 9.5/10 very very realistic shows you do nothing really unrealistic in the end some very small stuff but nothing big.

Entertainment: 8/10 entertaining but not as entertaining as want as a lot of the segments are very generic though very realistic very generic and predictable which takes away some entertainment value.

Grammer: 10/10 didn't see an error on there nor Spelling errors it was good in this though I say each time I ain't a judge of this good stuff.

Matchs: 8/10 some matchs generic some aren't some had some good quality and some weren't great. Good overall here though I would change em a bit and not make more then one squash thing per show though with debuting guys coming in it seems like a squash cause we know they're gonna win their debut.

Booking: I basically said the booking in the last part make it like 1 squash instead of 2 besides that 8.5/10 really good booking as I like most of the booking besides a few here on the show.

Overall: 83/100 good show nothing special overall very generic predictable show in the end, I wanted to say SORRY as I said I would review Smackdown and I am late with this one a bit. I didn't owe you a review though I wanted to give one and said I did I am sorry for this but my mouse is terrible and very sensitive and moves around on its own and I press something and its exit. So I lost this review like 3 times and I finally finished this, I did this like 20 minutes ago but that happend ago so here it is. Also KOPV I would appeciate if you checked out my and TheAngle33's Royal Rumble to return this would appeciate just thought I would let you know good show but kill a bit of the predictability out of all your shows or at least Raw.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Hopefully this is the end of the Carlito/Masters feud, as it's been a mainstay in your BTB for a while now, and this is hopefully the end. Surprised to see you kick things off with a match instead of a big promo like usual

HHH not letting HBK in, I think Austin/HBK are gonna roll soon and get some revenge on the litle kliq created to end them. HHH will no doubt take the most punishment from Michaels

Cena in untouchable form against Dupree and gets a win, wonder where this leaves him now, what is he gonna do for a new feud?

Nice altercation between Heyman & Vince in the ring, all this is possibly going to result in a major faction war of some sort, I can feel huge things happening with this and Austin/HBK/RVD all wanting to punish HHH & Vince and their muscle man Kane and also Shane. Something big is developing and I can't wait for more of this

Jeff Hardy's return is being well hyped, when he arrives, it'll be sweet

Ugh I don't like Beth Phoenix, she's just not got that appeal divas like Trish, Melina have in ring and looks wise. An easy win over Candice

Jericho shrugs off rumours of a feud with the Spirit Squad thank god, and now he's invited HBK to appear on the Highlight Reel next week, is Jericho going to be a pawn in McMahon's game on HBK & Austin? I think so, but we'll see next week.....

O boy Cade/Murdoch buried by an even worse team, but atleast you have some more teams coming into the RAW tag division because god knows you need them

Nice promo from Striker, I don't like the guy much but he is good on the stick and you have his character well captured. Haas/Shelton pwn as a team, whether as the WGTT or just a one off, I'll mark out

Nice tag match and somehow the WGTT don't win, as Striker gets the finisher off and then Helms steals the win. Good lord what's with all the damn Helms pushes? I can't take it!

Best of 7 series between Shelton & Helms is going to be fire, but I hope you don't have Shelton lose to Helms in this, as Helms just doesn't seem like a credible IC champion, and the series is really the start of a set of top matches between the two, hopefully they run like their match at Backlash, which was off the hook

Main event was well done and the aftermath was big, as some ECW stars make their way out to help out RVD, leaving the McMahon/HHH/Kane alliance in a big pickle, not only the troubles with ECW, but also with Austin/HBK, and eventually it's all going to catch up on them IMO

Really good KOP, I love your shows. 8.5/10

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News

Major news has been made for ECW One Night Stand II in which matches will be announced. It's been known that the matches that have been planned for ECW ONS II happen to be either past rematches of major feuds, rematches from classic ECW Matches, and a few others thrown in. All together, the card has been seen as very impressive by Mr. McMahon and expect the first match to be announced for the PPV, the night after Judgment Day, that way the match doesn't overshadow Judgment Day.

WWE.com reports that this Monday on Raw, Mr. McMahon has issued an open challenge for a tag match. Mr. McMahon has told RVD to find any partner to team with from ECW to take on the team of Triple H and Kane in the main event this Monday. Rumors have been flying around as to whom the partner could be but nothing has been certain as of now. However, no matter whom gets picked, could Mr. McMahon's group continue to try to reign supreme over RVD and Heyman?

The Best of 7 Series begins this Monday on Raw. The series has been known and planned for a while and it really took off whenever the fans thought this was a great match. Both men seem to have great chemistry with one another and this showed in their clinic at Backlash. The Best of Seven is expected to be a great series and if it is anything like their match at Backlash, Helms and Benjamin could very well make themselves big names if they continue this up.

Many people have been confused on the state of Matt Striker. It seemed as if Striker was heading towards facing Shelton Benjamin for the title but Creative Team has other ideas for him right now. Though it hasn't been ruled out as a future title shot for him, WWE has a current idea though for someone with him to feud with and it will begin in the next few weeks. Striker certainly has built himself well the past few months and it seems that WWE doesn't want to ruin Striker by rushing his development.

Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho will meet one another this up-coming Monday on the Highlight Reel. Michaels makes his first return to Raw (since he wasn't literally in the arena) this Monday since April 24. HBK had the May 1st Raw off as a present from Mr. McMahon saying "that he needed rest" HBK and Jericho both have a history with one another and if that certainly gets in the way, then these two egos may not be big enough for the arena.

The tag division rebuilding took a turn this week whenever the Highlanders, Robbie and Rory McAllister, were called up to Raw. Both men play the characters of Scottish cousins, that wear kilts and are new to America. It certainly seems as both men are going to do well in the future of Raw and this won't be the only tag team shakeup. Raw's tag division certainly will be getting interesting to say the least. By the way, 3 Minute Warning had last week off but will return the May 22nd Raw in two weeks.

Smackdown News

After last week's three singles matches, Smackdown's C-Team will be shaking things up a little. First off, to kick off Smackdown!, the show will be opening with the Cutting Edge and all the competitors in the Six Pack Challenge will be guests on the show. Plus a match or two has been decided for the show but will be announced on the Cutting Edge. So don't miss the opening of Smackdown! for the Cutting Edge!

A few more matches will be announced for Judgment Day this Friday seeing as the PPV is in less than two weeks. Five matches have already been announced plus expect a few undercard matches to be announced. Judgment Day seems to be about pushing superstars with Smackdown's roster and this could show whether or not many superstars get a push or not. So it will be interesting to see how the final card shapes up.

The second major feud in Batista and Mysterio has had good buildup the past few weeks including this past week. Batista cost Mysterio the six man match which gave Batista incredible heel heat and can help in the ongoing feud with one another. Both men have liked how the feud has went as of now and a little bit more will be happening within the next two shows before Judgment Day airs.

Finally, Kennedy's reasoning as to why he attacked Lashley won't be revealed but apparently, the announcers, Michael Cole and Tazz, believe it is jealousy. Both men have said during Smackdown! that Kennedy has been jealous of what Lashley has accomplished since coming to the WWE and it seems as if that is what could end up basing this feud. So it will be interesting to see what goes down on Smackdown!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Hey man, just wanted to let you know, I edited in a review for you, just so you know lol. I'll be sure to get a better one next week! Good luck!

WWE: Blood, Sweat, and Honor BTB, written by F4L, and Dubbz4President, Click Banner, and Read/Comment/Review! Thanks, and all will be repped and appreciated!

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

TheAngle33's RAW Review

Carlito vs Chris Masters:

Solid opening match to work on the feud these two seem to have. Carlito takes the win with a legal cradle and Masters can't complain. I guess that would normally end a feud. Like you said, an opening match instead of a promo now and then is pretty nice.

Parking Lot Promo

Pretty solid promo, but in the opening line Triple H was a little repetitive in what he was saying. I needed to go back and reread it to get exactly what you where going for. Seems like you have a Vince McMahon running the show thing going on here.

John Cena vs Rene Dupree

Solid squash match to get Cena over. You didn't 100% bury Dupree either, instead you made him fight for the ropes, making him look better.

McMahon Promo

McMahon pretty spot on in this. I can see that you have that old ECW vs WWE feud going that everyone seems to enjoy. Eventually I see Triple H taking on RVD at the next PPV (Vengeance?). Until then RVD can wrestle Kane in the main event until we are closer to that PPV.

Hardy Promo

Not all that much to say here. I'm not really a Jeff Hardy fan but I'm sure you could find something for him to do on RAW. Just don't give him the IC title...

Beth Pheonix vs Candice Michelle

Solid match for the two divas. If you book here right you can get Beth Pheonix over as a legit contender for the WT.

Jericho Promo

Chris Jericho offers an interview to Shawn Michaels next week? Seems pretty cool. I see Jericho joining the McMahons and wrestling HBK at the next PPV. Michaels will probably pick up the win to keep his overall feud going.

Highlanders vs Cade & Murdoch

A solid filler match to debut the unhyped Highlanders. Not much to say here exept that I'm glad to see them take the win. I've never been a fan of Cade or Murdoch.

Striker Promo

I love Matt Striker. This is absolutly so much you could do with his gimmick. I never even thought to pair him up with Test. I hope an Intercontinental Championship run is in his future. He's talented in the ring and can get the crowd's blood boiling on the mic. His lessons also can lead into his feuds and hype things up. Jealousy was a great topic for tonight.

Matt Striker & Gregory Helms vs Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas

Interesting little combination of guys. The match was rock solid and Helms capitolized off of Striker's attack. I wish Striker had gotten the pin though, it would have helped him get further over. I'm gonna guess you have a feud between all four men going. A Fatal Four Way match should be excellent on the next card.

Helms Promo

Screw my dreams of the 4 way, we have the Best of Seven Series! I'm glad you're giving Helms a push, he's an overlooked guy.

Rob Van Dam vs Kane

Great main event, with Van Dam fairly taking the win. Like I said, I see the bad blood between Triple H and Rob Van Dam brewing just in time for the next pay-per-view.

Aftermath of Match

The brawl after the match was pretty cool. You let RVD get kicked around a little to keep him from being booked like Superman but had to ECW guys come out to save his ass. I see you are building up to One Night Stand II. Hey, that's the next pay-per-view. I predict Triple H vs RVD (C) for ONS.

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