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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! - May 5, 2006 -- Review
Edge's promo was great, to be honest. He was right in character and he bashed his opponents well. His lines were all sweet and you have captured this guy well. Oh, definitely the Open Season is proving to be awesome. Angle from RAW to SmackDown!? Now that's great. I guess that he will beat Edge tonight to become the sixth man in the World-Heavyweight Championship match at the Judgment Day.

A good fast-paced match here as Finlay gets the win, with some help from Regal. Sylvan is in-line for a push, is all I can say, after reading that promo. You captured him well and he could be awesome in your thread. Oh, and just to let you know, I have always liked him. ECW One Night Stand II? That'd be sweet. Sylvain cheats and gets a surprise win over Hardcore Holly. Aren't you doing same like the WWE? That was realistic but try to be original.

It was an awesome promo from Kennedy. He was right in character and you also captured him well. And now, he's to face Lashley at Judgment Day. Nice way to get the match up the card, it'd be a good match. JBL vs. Benoit, this match was good, and the out-come, I liked. I would've liked an aftermath after that one, because their build-up is really lacking.

Booker T's promo was fine. He was in character. I would've liked even more if it was lengthier. Hyped about their feud though. Well, a nice six man tag team match-up here, as the heels come out as victorious. Your build-up to Judgment Day is really lacking stuffs. Main-Event for Judgment Day has got all the hype. But what about the other matches?

Randy Orton's promo got me bored, to be honest. I got the concept from that though. I'd second what Forever-Delayed said - Christian came out and it made the promo a bit better. I don't think either Christian or Orton will win at Judgment Day because their feud has to continue after that pay-per-view. Orton winning this match came out as a bit of surprise to me. Although he cheated to win but still it came a bit of surprise to me because he has got some momentum, heading into Judgment Day.

Kurt seems focus in this promo and he has to win in that main-event. Angle vs. Edge, a huge match, in Angle's point of view. Glad that he won this match and now he's going to be the sixth men at Judgment Day. Well, he has really got that momentum going into that one. However, the build-up to the next event, Judgment Day, is really lacking. Hope that you'd cover this basis in these upcoming three weeks BTB time.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Ok, thanks for the first few reviews guys and thought I would go ahead and adress some things. Many feuds have been going on for a while, it's just been one on one feuds.

World-Heavyweight: Randy Orton and Christian have been feuding since the SD! after WM. That's about a month, Benoit had a World title match with Edge when he won the Royal Rumble. There was a Fatal 4 Way last week with Benoit, Christian, Orton, and JBL and now Angle comes in. So pretty much, this feud has been built well, just been one on one feuds basing it but things will change and you'll see a little bit more different things for this feud next Smackdown.

Other feuds have been going pretty long really. Batista/Mysterio and Lashley/Kennedy started April 7th too. Booker/Hardy just started last week but will pick up so really, these feuds have been going good. There just wasn't enough time since there was three 1 on 1 matches for the World match on Smackdown. That's why the six men were put in the six man tag.

Anything else, just ask.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

bigblake review
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ORRY'S Smackdown Review

Edge/Kurt Angle Segment:
Great start to the show, with an awesome promo IMO. Edge was great in his cocky heel role, complaining and whinging in typical Edge fashion. Angle's appearance was a shocker, and I can see him defeating Edge tonight to earn himself a Title shot at Judgement Day.

Paul London vs. Finlay: Great face paced opener, with Finlay picking up a big win over 1/2 of the WWE Tag Team Champions. I can definately see UKliq takign the Titles at Judgement Day, if they cotninue to gain momentum as they have been of late.

Sylvan Promo: I wasn't feeling this promo to tell you the truth, maybe it's because I hate Sylvan. In any case I expect him to win tonight, but hopefully Holly comes out on top in this feud.

ECW Video: Good hype here man, I am very much looking forward to ONS2!

Hardcore Holly vs. Sylvan: As expected Sylvan cheats to pick up the cheap victory. I can definatelty see a rematch at Judgement Day and like I said earlier I hope to see a Holly victory

Mr Kennedy Promo: Very well written promo here man, it was a great way to get Kennedy out of explaining his reasons for attacking Lashley (which we all know was to start this feud of course) Lashley/Kennedy at Judgemnet Day should be off the charts, I can't wait to see how you continue to build this feud!

Chris Benoit vs. JBL: Just when it looks like the Rabid Wolverine will pick up the win, JBL delivers a low blow to cause the DQ. Good build to the title match, but sadly I can't see either of these two winning the belt.

Booker T Promo: Decent promo from Booker, adding further build to his feud with Hardy. I can see Matt taking the belt at Judgemnet Day, recieving the push he desperatly deserves.

6 Man Tag Team Match: MOTN so far, a great way to continue building all three feuds. Batista dominates Rey once again, with the heels picking up an impressive victory. It wil be interesting to see how the faces rebound next week?

Randy Orton/Christian Segment: Decent segment here, this was nothing we haven't seen before, and seemed a little bit generic, but nether the less it builds there feud, and the upcoming match up well.

Randy Orton vs. Christian: Another great match, with Orton cheating to pick up the win over Christian. This feud continues to get more personal every week, I can see a match between the two somewhere down the line.

Edge vs. Kurt Angle: As expected Angle picks up a huge win over Edge, and he is now the 6th man in the match. Kurt has all the momentum, but I expect Edge to win at JD, because it would make both Smackdown and the World Title look week, if the man who has lost two times in a row to the WWE Champion on Raw, suddenly wins the major title on Smackdown.

Overall: Very good show man, Judgement Day continues to be hyped well. 9/10

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'm now about 1/2 way through Backlash KOP. Hopefully, if I get enough time tomorrow, I'll get it done by tomorrow, then I've got Wednesday off, which I'll devote to reviewing your last four shows.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sounds good Wolfy, right now I'm needing to return a review for Renegade, try to get around to that when I can but pretty much every review has been returned. I might try and get some news up later this week before Raw gets posted. Sounds good.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOPV i'll review either later tonight, or tomorrow afternoon. I am busy typing up other reviews at the moment that I have already started and I'll get you a review, by the way thanks for returning my review appeciate it this looks good going to enjoy this.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Firstly, sorry about not getting this to you yesterday, but I completely forgot after a rough night out on Saturday....

Edge kicks the show off with a typical blabbermouth rant about himself and his title, before Kurt Angle makes a surprise apprearance, so Angle is tweener I'm guessing? Edge tries a cheap shot assault on Angle, who fights back and almost hits the Angle Slam, but Edge evades it, and this one is looking good for a blockbuster feud

The UKliq helps Finlay beat London, and atleast the tag division is getting in a decent spot on the show and a feud is going on, although I like the UKliq idea alot

Ugh yay another Sylvain push. Honestly, the guy isn't worth it, but then again he's going up against the typical jobber on SD! in Holly, so some sort of small push is in store, and just as expected, Sylvain wins. I hate that guy

Kennedy comes out and runs his mouth, refusing to give an explanation to Long, so Long books Lashley vs Kennedy at Judgment Day, nicely done

Benoit beats JBL thanks to JBL cowarding his way out with a low blow, chances are we'll see a rematch at Judgment Day to give both men something to do

Nice promo from Booker T, his match with Hardy should be good, and I'm liking the US title scene at the moment in this thread

Sweet six man tag and the heels get the win thanks to Batista who demolishes little Rey, always a nice sight to see for me, and the feuds advance ahead of Judgment Day, with what seems to be a loaded card

Orton & Christian exchange words and almost come to blows ahead of their match, and Orton cheats to win with a roll up with the tights. Another definate rematch should be on for Judgment Day

Angle is gonna take it to Edge, I can't wait. Angle then gets the win over Edge in a big main event and no doubt has his title chance at Judgment Day now, which will be a good match

A good show again KOP 8.5/10


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

N-Zone's Smackdown Review

Edge/Angle opening promo: Great way to kick off the show. You gave a good in-character promo with Edge who looks to be doing well as World Heavyweight Champion. The six-man match at Judgment Day should be awesome. Kurt Angle's appearance was cool and I liked the brawl after the match where not that much happened so you didn't give away much since they would be wrestling later on in the night. The only problem I had was when Edge said "Oh is this true?", followed by Angle saying "It’s true….it’s damn true!!!". Obviously I know you wanted to fit Angle's catchphrase in there somewhere but the first line just didn't seem like something Edge would say. Still, that's only a minor problem, great promo overall, good way to start the show.

Finlay vs. Paul London: This is the second fed (well, third actually if you count mine) where London & Kendrick are Tag champs and are taking on UK guys like Finlay & Regal (Regal & Paul Burchill in mine). This was a good match and I like the idea of the UKliq. Should be a good match at Judgment Day, I can see London & Kendrick prevailing and keeping the belts.

Sylvan promo: Good little promo. I like the Ambassador of Quebec gimmick so it's good to see it in use here. Not an amazing promo by any means but it was good. The match with Hardcore Holly should be fun.

Sylvan vs. Holly: I, like everyone else, expected Sylvan to pick up the victory. I've no problem with that myself since I'm not a fan of Holly. Still, I expect Holly to pick up the win at the end of the feud, hopefully in a good Hardcore match.

Mr. Kennedy promo: Nicely done promo here mate. I thought Kennedy refusing to say why he attacked Lashley was a nice twist, always good to see something original like that. Lashley/Kennedy at Judgement Day should be awesome.

Chris Benoit vs. JBL: I don't really have a lot to say on this, it was pretty standard stuff. Good build to Judgment Day in it though.

Booker T promo: First off, nice to see Booker T in a fed and not King Booker. I love the King gimmick myself but it'll get old if everyone uses it all the time. This was a good promo, Booker was certainly in character, and it's cool to see another Booker/Matt Hardy feud developing.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Cool promo for Judgment Day before the match btw, nice touch. Great to see Batista as a heel too. Good match, nice to see the heels win and gain some momentum and Batista hitting the Spinebuster on Rey is a great way to end the match.

Christian/Orton promo: Pretty average stuff, nothing ground-breaking but it was still good to build to the PPV. Christian and Orton is a unique feud and I like it. I'm expecting Orton to win their match now.

Christian vs. Orton: I actually would have had the Christian/Orton segment earlier on in the night, it seemed weird to me to have them cut promos and brawl and then have the match straight after. Still it was a good match and Orton picked up the win which was cool. Hopefully the final match to this feud can have a good stipulation thrown in.

Kurt Angle vs. Edge: Good promo before the match from Angle, really intense, good stuff. Although him saying that he couldn't get it done against RVD on Raw seemed a little weird, especially since he couldn't get it done on Raw so now he's jumped to Smackdown to challenge for the World Title immediately. This match was really good and as expected Angle picked up the win. It may have been predictable but it was necessary to get Angle into the PPV main event, so it's cool with me. I'm hoping Edge or Benoit wins that match, my moneys on Edge.

Overall Grade: 8.5/10. Really good show, you advanced a lot of storylines and Judgment Day is looking great.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Opening video wasn’t the best thing I’ve read, but it did it’s job, and sets us up nicely for the PPV.

Charlie Haas vs. Matt Striker
Going with the momentum, I think Striker takes this, probably thanks to Test, and I still maintain that pairing is an awesome idea. Surprised to see a bit of an even steven feeling out process, as I expected to see Haas dominate on the mat, before Strikers hellish tactics came through for him. Soon enough though, Striker is in control, thanks to Test. Short lived comeback from Haas, before Striker smartly gets out of there, but has little effect, as Haas gives us the first ‘Holy Shit’ spot of the night, with the top rope Haastruction. Surprised to see such a big impact move so early on.
Striker gets back in the game after a suplex series from Haas, which ends with things going pear shaped for him, getting chucked to the barricade, which I expect will lead to Striker taking full control now. Test does his job on the outside, taking Haas apart, whilst Striker does his smart thing, distracting the referee. Haas is back inside, and Striker should really dominate, but Haas came back into it a little too early for my liking here. Matt should’ve really had a long period of dominance there imo. More suplexes from Haas, and although it shows his technical ability, he probably should’ve switched it up a little more. Exploder should do it, but Striker owes it to Test for keeping him in the match. Haas of Pain now should do it, but Test is there to save the match AGAIN!!! That proves to be the major turning point, and Charlie Haas falls prey to the Golden Rule, giving Matt Striker the victory.
Match Rating: *** - Good choice for a hot opener. Both men were put over well here, nicely in character, as the strong face, and sneaky heel. Test as the equalizer is an awesome asset for Striker, and this win should propel him into contention for the I.C Title, and boy that division is surely getting nicely competitive.

Hardy could well prove to be another decent addition to the mid card of Raw, and could easily fit into a feud with any of the guys on the roster.

Tag Team Titles Match
I’ll just quickly push through this match. Early domination for 3MW, before the run of the mill Eugene stuff early on, with the Samoan drop from Rosey stopping any of that. Jamal misses the big splash, which sets up the finish with everyone getting involved. 3MW come out of this looking extremely dominating, able to snuff out three men really, with Snitsky getting involved too, and it’s a second Samoan drop that wins it for the champs.
Match Rating: ** - Not terribly bad, but couldn’t rate it high enough to be classed as average. Just filler to put the champs over. Glad you havent reverted to just bringing in teams from TNA, as that would just be the easy way out. Looking forward to seeing you put new combinations together to try and tackle the dominating champions. Just for the record though, Umaga > Jamal.

Filler promo from the Mc Mahons, just kinda there.

Womens Championship:
This one has had a strange build, as the champion is going in at a disadvantage. Quick fire start to the match, with Trish on rare form, before Ashley screws it up, and allows Mickie to take charge. Mind games from Trish to Mickie allows Ashley to come back, and scores a near fall. Some cool ring smarts from Ashley, but Mickie is able to outsmart the rookie, and takes her out on the outside. Eventually, we get Trish inside, and she continues to look impressive, with her trademark spine buster, but Mick is quick to come back again, and levels Trish with the Fisherman for a near fall, but not enough to put Trish down for three.
Mickie stays on top with the Hurricanrana, but still cant finish the challengers off. Ashley looks to be the weak link for Trish, and actually, I think Trish is being hampered by having Ashley in her team here, with Trish now back in, and unloading all her spots on the unlucky champion. Mick turns the tables with the Mick Kick … but Ashley breaks the count at two!!! Ashley has the better of Mickie … but screws it up for Trish, dropkicking her partner, which leads to the downfall of the team, and allows Mickie to retain the championship.
Match Rating: ** - Again, like the tag match, a little bit meh. Expected a heel turn at the end, but the miscommunication works too, and allows that uneasy feeling between Trish and Ashley to grow. With Ashley dominated during this match, I suspect she’s pulling the wool over Trish’ eyes, and is actually siding with Mickie, with the dropkick actually not a mistake, but who knows…

Carlito vs. Chris Masters
Surely this has to be a win for Carlito. He easily has more star potential than The Masterpiece. Both men try to outsmart the other early on, having moves scouted etc, before Carlito gets the first real piece of action, scoring with the dropkick, after a weak axe handle. Loving the CCC moonsault spot to the outside, giving us something to get excited about. CCC looking for the DDT, but Masters is able to make his comeback, taking control of the match thanks to his well documented power game, which proves to be the case here. Short lived comeback doesn’t do it for CCC, but I always love seeing the athletic springboard type moves from Carlito. The thunderous clothesline puts Masters back in control, and the beat down, with near falls for Masters appears to be warming up towards the Master lock, although Carlito needs the ropes to save him. Masterlock time … but Carlito cant break it naturally, and needs to cheat to do so.
Inventive little bit for CCC to spit in the refs face, then execute the low blow, although I’m left wondering that perhaps the referee could DQ Carlito for spitting at him?? Sets up for a nice finish, with plenty of athleticism shown by Carlito, until we get the Masterlock again!!! Hold on, maybe I mis read, but did Carlito break the Masterlock?? That sucks. Kills Masters gimmick. Carlito gets the win, nice and clean, which I’m all for, but I’m guessing you’ve given up on Masters, having his biggest move broken here??
Match Rating: *** - Like I said, maybe I mid read, as I delete the match as I go along, so I couldn’t go back to reading it, but breaking the Masterlock buries Masters imo. Match was pretty decent, and didn’t drag too long. Carlito is certainly ready to go in the ascent here it seems, and Masters appears to be set for jobber territory.

Intercontinental Championship:
Helms is certainly the man to push at the moment in BTB it seems, although I believe you were the first to do so. Big push for him here, and surely this is set to be a show stealer. Gregory is the aggressor early on, which makes sense, before we get plenty of fast paced action, counters, reversals, with a sunset flip for Helms scoring a near fall, before Benjamin plants the challenger with a suplex. True definition of a see saw battle, which you need to have every now and again. Excitement is off the charts here, with near falls from roll ups cradles etc, before Helms takes charge, with a spinning DDT, which sounds sweet, but hard to picture. Doesn’t win it for Helms, nor does the high risk power bomb from Benjamin, which surely has the fans on their feet now. Benjamin has a short spell on top, with Helms finishing up on the outside, which just gives Shelton an invite to go for the suicide plancha to the outside … and it connects!!! Pleased to see that.
Back inside, and the foot under the rope saves the heel challenger, and allows the match to continue on, whilst getting a bit of heat on Gregory for having to revert to using the ropes. Benjamin isn’t able to put the challenger away, and Helms is now back in charge, with Shelton now struggling to hang on to the championship, with pressure mounting from Helms. Comeback from the champion doesn’t last too long, with Helms back in charge, but not for long, with Benjamins big comeback in full effect now, pulling out the big guns, Stinger Splash - but it’s not enough to put the challenger away. And this has to be it … VERTEBREAKER has to do it!!!! Marking out for that move btw. FOOT ON THE ROPE??? Bah!!!! Wasn’t keen on Helms reverting back to the heel tactics having went the entire match without it, but it has little effect, with Shelton firing back quickly. Dragon Whip cant do it .. But the Shining Wizard SURELY spells a new champion … HUH??? Jeez. Benjamin shows plenty of fight, kicking out of the Wizard. T-Bone connects, and this masterpiece is over.
Match Rating: **** - Just not long enough to rank better. Just an awesome contest, and I want even more. Best of Seven series, or best two out of three falls match would suit me nicely. Just brilliant.

Another middle of the road promo, just to fill in a bit of time.

Cage Match:
This one will likely wrap up the feud, and could easily go either way. Very intense opening moments, with Cena feeling it early, even hitting a big time superplex, which seemed to come about a little early on, before Jericho tries to slow it down, and gets out his exuberant cocky attitude. Enziguri makes an appearance extremely early too, and this is certainly coming across as a hard hitting match up, with plenty of big moves appearing early on. Cena fights back, and the two men struggle at the top of the cage, with Cena taking a big fall, but Jericho crashes and burns, missing the moonsault, which didn’t really make much sense, if he was so desperate to beat Cena, he had a golden opportunity to just climb out, although I guess he could’ve got a pinfall win had he connected. Surprised to see so many big spots early on.
Jericho recovers just in time to stop Cena from escaping, and we get to see the double power bomb spot, which you’ve nicely blended back in with Jerichos regular offence from the past in recent occasions. Isnt enough to keep Cena down, but Jerichos desperation is starting to show, with the Walls of Jericho now being dusted off, again, fairly early on. That however, doesn’t finish the match either, with Jericho unable to break the will of Cena at all. Nice little heat catching trick, with Jericho mocking Cena, but takes far too long to hit the Lionsault, with Cena able to get the knees up, stopping the Ayatollah. That turns the tables it seems, and Cena now unloads on Jericho, taking Y2J apart, running through his regular offence, which is all build up for the FU!!!!!
Has to do it … but not even a cage is enough to keep the Squad away, and they make their appearance to save the day for Jericho. Cena almost disposes of the cheerleaders, but A LADDER??? Didn’t expect to see that make an appearance in this match up. Now, 6 on 1 vs. Cena, surely spells the end, and the Leg Drop should do it, but Jericho STILL cant win. Cena recovers a little too quickly for my liking, and out go the Spirit Squad, brining us back to one on one confrontation. Jericho misses a chair shot, which surely spells disaster, AND IT DOES … FU ON THE LADDER brings this to an end, as Cena climbs to victory, and gives Jericho yet another loss, and probably ends the feud.
Match Rating: **** - Top quality match once again. By far the best in this series, although I’d guess it’s peaked now. Should really end here, although it’ll be hard for Jericho to just move on. Got a little unrealistic with Cena fighting off the Spirit Squad towards the end, but the finish was excellently done, and makes Cena look tremendous.

Strange little piece there with Jericho and the Squad. Could really lead in any number of directions, as it is a pretty vague promo.

Tag Team Match:
Probably the biggest hyped match of the show, but I cant see it being a **** classic like the previous two contests. Heels on top early on, with HBK taking a bit of a beat down, along with some questionable McMahon officiating, before making enough of a comeback to tag in Austin after the quick moonsault, taking HHH by surprise. Austin in top form in the ring, but outside it, the ‘impartial’ Shane McMahon introduces HBK to the steel steps. And, with HBK having being taken care of, Austin has little chance of fighting off the opposition. Looks to be far too much for HBK and Austin to overcome, but Michaels fights back on the outside, and takes care of Shane, whilst Stone Cold is back in the game too, until Kanes power game cuts off Austins comeback, but HBK saves his partner, and it looks like the faces will be coming back, until Shane gets involved again, and this time, his impact is incredible, as he nails the scintillating elbow through the announce table, now making this pretty much a 4 on 1 match now, if you get my drift.
Steve Austin is left with little hope here, but given his fighting spirit you cant count out The Rattlesnake. Vince though, does him no favours refusing to call for the DQ, after the chair shots, but Austin fights back!!!! Really, he should’ve kept on top of Triple H and Kane, rather than checking on Michaels, as it leads to the heels getting back on top again. Austin finds himself in a world of trouble, with The game truly on top … BUT AUSTIN MAKES THE HOT TAG!!! Michaels comes in to fire this thing up a bit … only to eat a DDT from Triple H. Michaels manages to kick out, and makes a spirited HBK-style comeback … SCM TO VINCE!!!! Good excuse for all heel to break loose, with Austin and Kane filing out, leaving Michaels to miss Sweet Chin Music, and walk into the sledgehammer shot!!! That surely has to end it!!?? Vince still out, means it isn’t, although Michaels is surely out of it now. Easy pickings for Kane it seems … but HBK counters the choke slam into a DDT, and Austin delivers a stunner … faces prevail?? Nope, not tonight. Shane and Triple H finally end the match, and the numbers just prove too much for the faces.
Match Rating: *** - Wasn’t that won over by the match. Michaels came across a little too much like superman imo, whilst a lot of the in ring action was a little meh. The added element of Vince and Shane screwing over the face team at any opportunity helped the match though, although I was surprised Kane and Triple H went on to pick up the victory, which leaves this feud very much in limbo.

Promo of the night goes to Angle. Great promo, and I mark out for ‘Kurt Freakin Angle’!!! lol.

Main Event:
Looks like a straightforward match up here, for RVD to retain and both men move on, but who knows. Feeling out process early on is cool, and settles us into the match, building a bit of anticipation. Angle on top early, out wrestling the champion, but Van Dam is quick to fire back, and takes full control after a short spell for Angle on top. RVD takes it to the extreme on the outside, with the suplex firstly, before following up with the spinning corkscrew leg drop, classic Van Dam, onto the barrier, from the apron. Van Dam takes it back inside, but Angle is back in charge quickly, nailing the German, which has little long term effect, as Van Dam is back in fighting spirit literally moments later, scoring with his spinning heel kick, then goes up top, and eventually, after some resistance from Angle, scores with a cross body for a two count.
Looks like desperation stuff already from Angle, with the challenger looking to quickly go for the Ankle lock, but RVD is far too aware, and shrugs Angle off, with Van Dam getting right back on top, hitting the plancha to the outside, before a nice variation of the leg drop gets him a close two count. Noticed a couple of times though where you’ve got Angle and RVD mixed up a little. Angle apparently loses his mind, and goes for a chair to get himself disqualified. Angle Slam through the chair?? Nope, RVD counters once more, getting the best of Angle again. Monkey flip, as RVD continues his relentless assault for another near fall, but it’s not to be as Angle turns the tide, and now has a chance to take charge. Just cant seem to do it though, with RVD somehow countering everything Angle has to offer, with an amazing spot landing on the apron from a belly to belly. Angle takes RVD down though for a good portion now, and clamps on the body scissors to slow the match down. Van Dam makes the ropes, but Angle is still in charge, and gets the champion down for a near fall.
RVD wont stay down that easily, but Angle continues to wear him out, nailing the trifecta of Germans, for another near fall. Now, the champion appears to be in a world of trouble, and Kurt is able to stalk and score with the Angle Slam, BUT THAT’S NOT ENOUGH EITHER!!! RVD refuses to stay down, and takes down Kurt with a drop toe hold. SPOT OF THE NIGHT!!!! Thrust Kick from the top countered into the Ankle Lock was AWESOME!!! Truly awesome spot, and would’ve been worthy to end the match. RVD makes the ropes, and this looks to be the beginning of the end as Van Dam begins to make a huge comeback, mowing through his big moves, with the split legged, and the rolling thunder getting RVD rolling!!! End could be near, and the Five Star finishes it!!! RVD retains.
Match Rating: ***¾ - Not as awesome as it could’ve been. Throughout, RVD was totally superb, and put over as an incredible champion, with RVD dominating the majority of the match, but with that, it took away part of the excitement of the match. Had plenty of quality, and it’s hard to pick out many flaws, but the match was missing a unique element it needed. Best part of the match had to be the Thrust Kick counter into the ankle lock. Finish was a little one sided too, and slightly anticlimactic, but in the long run, it sets up Van Dam as a terrific champion.

In terms of realism, the entire PPV was pretty hard to put down. Everything was pretty much timed perfectly, with no matches overstaying the welcome, although the main event could’ve been longer imo. Well booked, especially your mid card scene, bar Masters. Not an earth blowing PPV, but certainly solid, and once again, extremely realistic.
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