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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

good stories....ONS II is gonna be amazing...I can feel it!

Specifically for Smackdown, I'll make the prediction. Lashley, and Kennedy WILL both be there with Long in the ring, and all hell WILL break loose. I'm looking at a big, long storyline to follow

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Firstly sorry KOP for lateness of this review

Backlash Review

Was expecting IC Title to kick things off, but this was a nice choice for the first match. This was a solid enough opening contest. Test gets himself involved in this match quite a bit, and looks like the exploder superlex will finish Stryker off but Test saves his man. Which eventually leads to the golden rule by Stryker getting the three count. Good victory for Stryker and good to see him getting a good enough push in this thread.

Jeff Hardy is coming back and will be interesting to see how you use him.

First title match of the night, which is basically the filler match of the PPV. Wasn't keen on this match in all honesty but you made it entertaining enough. Some nice comedy spots by Eugene in this match, but 3MW were too good for Eugene and Goldust and retain their titles which is no suprise as if they could beat Kane and Big Show they should beat Eugene and Goldust.

This was a solid enough women's match here. Big victory for Mickie James, good to see her winning cleanly as you would of expected her to cheat to beat Trish and Ashley. Would of been better if she had beat Ashley instead of Trish, to continue the Mickie/Trish feud without weakening Trish too much. Three victories in a row for the Heels hopefully the next match we see a face victory.

A good match here, best of the PPV so far. Some nice spots by Carlito in this match including the double springboard corkscrew somersault senton splash. Looks like Masters has got Carlito done for getting on the Masterlock but he uses his brain spitting in the referee's face before low blowing Masters. Masters eventually gets it on again, but this time Carlito breaks it without cheating and hits a back cracker for the victory.

Good Judement Day promo but was too much like the Backlash one.

MOTN by far tonight, this was great match as you would expect. There was some great back and forth action in this match with both men coming very close to victory. Helms hits the vertebreaker but Shelton somehow gets his foot on the rope and i see Shelton winning this now. Shining wizard doesn't work for Helms but a T-Bone Superlex for Shelton does beating Helms and hopefully this feud continues.

This was another great match here KOP not as good as Shelton/Helms but was a very entertaining match. Spirit Squad try get themselves into the match to help Jericho and it looks like it will work after a great spot by Kenny with the legdrop of the cage, but it doesn't work as Cena gets the victory after escaping the cage after an F-U onto a ladder. Not keen on Jericho not beating Cena here as i would of liked to of seen him win atleast one match against Cena.

This should be an interesting match and i expect HBK and Austin to somehow overcome the odds and beat HHH and Kane. But i am proven wrong as the numbers game was too much for HBK and Austin as HHH and Kane win after Shane O Mac saves Kane from losing to the stone cold stunner and HHH gets the victory after a pedigree. This was a good enough tag team match and it will be intresting to see how the feud goes from here.

A great main event here, i believe the Wrestlemania match was slightly better than this one but was still a great match. I think the match was a little short however for the main event but i can understand why with it being just a 3 hour show. Not a suprising outcome with RVD winning after a 5 star frog splash, as it is way too early for RVD to lose the belt, hopefully there is a new feud for RVD now as this feud has run it's course.

Overall this was a great PPV with MOTN being Helms v Shelton. 89/100
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for the review kane01 and if you noticed, I returned the favor and gave you a review back. Anyways, Smackdown Preview to probably be up tomorrow night, then Smackdown to be up on the weekends. Going to be build towards Judgment Day starting this week majorly and I believe it could be a huge show.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview for Friday May 5, 2006

With only three weeks left until Judgment Day, the Smackdown crew rolls right into Manchester, New Hampshire with a major show. Edge has to defend his title in three weeks at Judgment Day but four of his opponents will be in singles matches tonight as JBL faces Chris Benoit and Randy Orton takes on his arch-rival, Christian. Plus Edge will be adressing the crowd about the matchup at Judgment Day and could we possibly end up finding out whom the mystery superstar could be? What will Edge have to say if this superstar does show up?

The warpath between Batista and Rey Mysterio will continue on tonight as will with four other men. That's right, a huge six man tag match has been signed for the show as Batista, the United States Champion, Booker T, and Ken Kennedy face their arch rivals respectively, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy, and Bobby Lashley! Plus Mr. Kennedy will be finally announcing as to why he attacked Lashley earlier last month. What could be the reasoning and will we really find this out or are we being tricked?

UKliq's Finlay will be in action tonight on Smackdown as he takes on one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London. For weeks, UKliq has been going towards London and Kendrick for the WWE Tag Team Championships but have yet to get their shot. Finlay and William Regal earned their shot two weeks ago on Smackdown in a #1 Contender's Match and tonight Finlay looks to get a win over the champions. Plus could we hear anything about whenever the challengers get their match?

Smackdown's Ambassador of Quebec, just can't shut his mouth and tonight he must pay a price. Sylvan has ran his mouth for a month now and he will be going one on one with Smackdown's self proclaimed bully, Hardcore Holly. Holly takes no crap from anyone and this has been shown in the past with his very hard-hitting matches. And Sylvan tried changing the matchup last week but he let his mouth get the best of him and he must pay the price. Could we see a major upset or will Holly simply destroy Sylvan?

For all of this and more, tune into Friday Night Smackdown this week!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday May 5, 2006
Manchester, New Hampshire

Rise Up, the official theme song for Friday Night Smackdown hits and we head over to the ringside announcer’s in Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone and welcome to another excited, fast paced action of Friday Night Smackdown, I’m Michael Cole!

Tazz: And I’m Tazz. But tonight, we roll into Manchester with two huge matches already signed, JBL takes on Chris Benoit!

Michael Cole: Plus the ever-on going feud between Randy Orton and Christian continues on in their one on one match.

Tazz: And finally, the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge comes out tonight and will address the fans about his match come Judgment Day.

Metalingus rings throughout the crowd as the fans stand on their feet booing the hell out of the World-Heavyweight Champion. Edge comes down to the ring looking around with the title in his hand as he slides into the ring, and then grabs the belt off the mat. He grabs a mic and looks around before beginning to speak.

Edge: Let’s get this over with quick so I can get out of this shithole you call Manchester!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Well let’s get down to the point. Last week Teddy Long came out here and announced that I had to defend my World-Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day. But to make it worse, he even went as far as to make me have five other opponents. That’s right, count them, five opponents come Judgment Day in an Elimination Match to make it even worse!

Crowd Pops

Edge: I’ve got to defend this title, the title that I’ve worked my ass off for nearly ten years and I have to go out there and defend it against five men? I don’t think so. And hell, Theodore Long is just screwing me over. Ever since I came to Smackdown, it was apparent he didn’t want me here and that’s why he has stuck me in this match.

Crowd Boos

Edge: And I mean look at these opponents. There’s Chris Benoit, no doubt a talented wrestler but hell, it took him twenty damn years to win a World Championship! And then when he finally won the title, he had a good run but there’s no doubt that it will never be remembered in the remainder of the history of the World-Heavyweight Championship. Why you ask, because right now I’ve got the greatest reign going in history.

Crowd Boos

Edge: Next up’s JBL. “Mr. Money in the Bank” The damn moniker he stole from me and unlike myself, JBL might have the Money in the Bank briefcase but whenever he cashes that title in, he won’t actually win the title like I did. That’s right, I waited almost a year to cash my briefcase in, and in the end, it paid off! Because look at me right now! I’m the most single watched champion in the history of the WWE in the past ten years!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Oh you all know it’s true! Next happens to be Randy Orton. Randy Orton, perhaps the cockiest son of a bitch to ever step in a WWE ring. The “youngest champion ever” he claims to be and the “Legend Killer” Well there’s one legend you haven’t beaten yet and he’s standing right here in this ring right now, the Rated R Superstar, me! And no matter how many legends you’ve killed, you won’t win my title come Judgment Day

Crowd starts You Suck Chants

Edge: And last but not least, my brother, Christian! You know that this is my show, and that this is my title. You made the mistake of trying to actually come after my title, and the mistake of trying to ruin my WrestleMania moment and you failed. You failed miserably and the fans still have that image in their minds, the image of seeing you on the mat tapping out painfully and giving up because I beat your ass in that ring at WrestleMania and I’ll have no problem doing it again come Judgment Day as a matter of fact!

Crowd Boos

Edge: But finally, the mystery superstar! Who knows whom it could be. It could be anyone from Raw, Smackdown, hell even a WWE leg….

Medal hits and out comes Kurt Angle! The fans go wild surprised that Kurt Angle is on Smackdown tonight. Angle comes down to the ring staring down Edge before he rolls into the ring and grabs a mic from ringside. Angle then looks at Edge and looks at the World-Heavyweight Championship around his shoulder.

Kurt Angle: Oh it’s real, Kurt Angle’s back on Smackdown!

Crowd Pops

Edge: What in the hell are you doing here? You know, weren’t you out there getting your ass kicked Sunday night against Rob Van Dam and now you’re going to come to Smackdown because you can’t beat an ECW reject? What in the hell is your problem man because if you’re coming for my World-Heavyweight title, that’s not happening!

Crowd Boos

Kurt Angle: Oh I’m coming for the World-Heavyweight Championship and I’m going to do something for everyone here in this arena and that’s finally shut you up. See, I’ve sat back and watched your reign and if you remember, I talked to you at WrestleMania. Sure I may have not won but now I’m here to take your title and in the meantime, I’m going to break your damn ankle doing it!

Crowd Pops

Edge: Oh is this true?

Kurt Angle: It’s true….it’s damn true!!!

Crowd Pops

Edge: Well that’s nice and all Kurt but you know, this match might have a spot open but really, I don’t think this happens to be your spot. Hell, there’s someone o….

Kurt Angle: It’s too late to complain Edge. You’re talking to an Olympic Gold Medalist, here a Wrestling Machine! And I’ve already gotten my first match back on Smackdown tonight because later on tonight, I’m making my return to the ring here and my opponent happens to be none other than you. And you know what Edge, Mr. Long said that if I just happen to beat you tonight, then I can get the spot at Judgment Day!

Crowd Pops

Edge: That’s nice and all Kurt, but well, I’ve got something planned for you too!

Edge drops the mic and starts beating the hell out of Kurt Angle. The fans are getting behind Angle now as he fights Edge off. Angle goes to Angle Slam Edge but Edge slides off the shoulders of Angle and slides to the outside before anything can be done. The fans look around as Medal hits and Angle stands in the ring watching Edge back up the ramp. We then cut to a commercial.


Michael Cole: I can’t believe it because before the break, Smackdown got their first acquisition in the Open Season, Kurt Angle!!!

Tazz: It’s hard to believe too! Angle who just was the badass on Raw has come back to Smackdown as the Olympic Gold Medalist!

Michael Cole: He’s certainly not like he was on Raw anymore and that means Angle’s coming for Edge’s World title!

Tazz: Angle versus Edge tonight has been signed and if Angle wins, he gets to take the mystery spot come Judgment Day!

Match #1
Paul London vs. Finlay

Match Overview: In a fast paced match, Paul London being one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions takes on Finlay. Finlay tries to wear down London and try to find a way to keep him off the turnbuckles but he doesn’t seem too successful. London’s flying around everywhere and he takes down Finlay with a huge Missile Dropkick! Finlay falls down to the mat, and then rolls around before getting back up into a Dropsault from London! London only gets a two count, which is surprising, but he doesn’t give up. London then grabs Finlay for a running bulldog but Finlay pushes London off him. He grabs his shillelagh and we see that Regal has the ref distracted! Burchill attacks Kendrick keeping him from coming in as Finlay connects with a shot from his shillelagh straight to the head of London. Finlay calls for the cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Finlay

We then cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Finlay cheated and he has beaten one half of the Tag champs as a result in the highflying Paul London.

Tazz: What a shame Cole! And by the way, we’ve just been told that Ukliq has exercised their title shots for Judgment Day!

Michael Cole: Such a major match coming for Judgment Day as Finlay and Regal will be fighting London and Kendrick.

Tazz: Certainly going to be huge Cole and I really can’t wait but right now, let’s send it to the back to Josh Matthews!

We cut backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by with Sylvan.

Josh Matthews: Sylvan, in just a few moments, you’ll be taking on Hardcore Holly, now you got yourse…

Sylvan: I know I got myself into this but really when you’re from Quebec and not the USA, you truly overcome any challenge. And that’s why right now I’m inviting everyone to change their allegiance and move to the wonderful city of Quebec, you won’t be sorry!

Josh Matthews: One more thing Sylvan, we understand that you’ve been on Smackdown regularly for a month now, how much longer can we expect you to be here?

Sylvan: Come on, typical American question! First off, I’m ready to get back to Quebec, to get out of this piece of crap country and I also want to let something made clear, Hardcore Holly’s going to regret he messed with this Quebecer!

Josh Matthews: Anything else, Sylvan?

Sylvan: I just want to invite everyone once again to come to the island of tranquility, the place where people go to vacation for peace and then move there! The greatest town in the world, Quebec, and you won’t be sorry!


We cut to a black screen before we see classic clips from ECW roll. We see Rob Van Dam leaping over barricades into the crowd.

Narrator: For one night, ECW makes it’s awaited return to the Hammerstein Ballroom, where the dream began last year!

Images of 2005’s ECW One Night Stand are shown with fans cheering for support and the ending with ECW prevailing over WWE.

Narrator: All the names will be there, that’s right the ECW Originals are set to invade and conquer on this special night in New York!

Images of Sandman and Dreamer fighting in last year’s main event, we see Dreamer power bombed through the flaming table.

Narrator: A wish that began 13 years ago, makes it’s return back towards the top, Extreme Championship Wrestling!

Images of the old ECW are shown with their first PPV, Barely Legal and the famous stare down between Taz and Sabu.

Narrator: But for this special one night, the fans will all gather and remember that ECW truly does live on today!

Fans are shown across arenas chanting E..C..Dub! E…C…Dub! We see fans wearing old ECW shirts as we head back to the narrator.

Narrator: And with the fans fully behind them, these men will lay not only their bodies but their lives on the line tonight!

More extreme moments are shown from ECW as we hear E…C…Dub Chants break out and continue on for a little bit.

Narrator: ECW One Night Stand II!

The ECW One Night Stand logo comes across before we then cut back to the narrator real quickly as Let the Bodies Hit the Floor plays.

Narrator: Sunday June 11, 2006 from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City!

Finally, we close out cutting across old ECW shows before we see Paul Heyman in the back, we then cut to him quickly.

Paul Heyman: ECW’s back….and we’re about to take it to the extreme! Are you ready?

We then cut down to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Wow, ECW makes their return come Sunday June 11, and I know you Tazz, being an ECW alumnus that you’re ready!

Tazz: Of course Cole! I’ve been waiting to get back to ECW since we did One Night Stand last year, which went great too!

Michael Cole: Which makes me think that if last year’s was such a success, this year’s will be even better huh?

Tazz: Truth to that Cole! And hell, you might even be looking at Tazz going back to ECW to maybe even wrestle, we’ll have to see!

Match #2
Sylvan vs. Hardcore Holly

Match Overview: Short kept match as both men are lower card wrestlers and they don’t want this to drag on too, too long! Holly dominates Sylvan until towards the end but it starts to go much towards the favor after Sylvan planted Holly with a DDT. Sylvan has Holly in the corner looking for some type of move but Holly grabs Sylvan and throws him onto the top rope. Holly looks to climb the ropes and Superplex Sylvan but Sylvan pushes Holly off, then Sylvan climbs onto the top rope and leaps off with a Diving Crossbody! Sylvan nails it perfectly and gets a two count, which ends up surprising the Ambassador of Quebec. Sylvan gets back onto the mat and gets up which he grabs Sylvan. Holly grabs Sylvan looking for the Alabama Slam but Sylvan rolls off the shoulders and gets a cradle on Holly, Sylvan grabs the ropes and the ref doesn’t know! One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Sylvan


Mr. Kennedy….Kennedy hits and down comes Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy comes down to the ring and slides in before Tony Chimmel can introduce him. Kennedy pushes Chimmel off as Kennedy raises his hands in the air signaling for the mic. The mic comes down and Mr. Kennedy grabs it before beginning to speak.

Mr. Kennedy: Tonight I’m here to announce something but first….let me introduce myself!

Crowd Boos

Mr. Kennedy: I’m the man that is single handedly changing Friday night television, the man that has beaten the best there is to offer on Smackdown and soon to be the greatest wrestler in the history of the World Wrestling Entertainment! Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………Kennneddyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Crowd Boos as Kennedy climbs onto the top turnbuckle, he then raises his hands into the air and begins to speak once more.

Ken Kennedy: Kennedy!!!

Crowd Boos as the lights come back on.

Ken Kennedy: Now Mr. Theodore Long told me to come out here tonight and he wants reasoning as to why I attacked Bobby Lashley. Well, first off I’ll go ahead and tell you that I will not be giving any reasons for attacking Bobby Lashley! The fans here are simply not worthy of such a major announcement from Mr. Kennedy!

Crowd Boos

Ken Kennedy: And as for you Mr. Long, well you can’t and won’t get an answer out of me no matter what it takes, and either way, I don’t think I’d want to let down the fans across the world that aren’t in the arena tonight and don’t get to hear the announcement. So why can’t I simply post it on our website, WWE.com!

Crowd Boos

Ken Kennedy: You don’t treat the man that changes Friday nights like this! I’ve went out here and risked my body every Friday night, that’s right every Friday night for what? To hear everyone of you come out here and boo me to hell? I don’t think so and since this is my show, then I’m telling you all it stops here tonight.

Crowd Boos and You Suck Chants Break Out.

Ken Kennedy: And well ri…

MacMillitant hits and down comes Theodore Long. The General Manager of Smackdown doesn’t seem too happy and he has a reason to not be, Ken Kennedy. Mr. Long steps into the ring as he looks at Kennedy. Long then grabs a mic from ringside and looks at Kennedy before beginning to speak as the crowd hushes.

Theodore Long: Now if I heard right playa, you said that no matter what it takes, you won’t give a reasoning as to why you attacked Bobby Lashley, am I right?

Ken Kennedy: You’re right.

Theodore Long: Well I’ve got something for ya playa and since you don’t want to tell anyone as to why you attacked him, well that’s ok because you see Smackdown’s got a Pay per view in three weeks and since you don’t have a match right now, how about we go ahead and make it official, you will be in action at Judgment Day.

Crowd Boos

Theodore Long: And your opponent just happens to be….

Ken Kennedy: Who is it Teddy, who co…

Theodore Long: Bobby Lashley!!!

Kennedy’s eyes pop open! The fans can’t believe Kennedy’s reaction as he looks like he’s about to go wild in the ring. Kennedy looks at Long in disbelief as he then grabs Long and threatens to beat Long if he doesn’t change the match but all of a sudden, Hard Hittin’ hits and down comes Bobby Lashley running to the ring. Kennedy slides out quickly and backs himself up the ramp as Lashley and Kennedy stare down one another before their match tonight. Long and Lashley are shaking hands before we cut to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: I can’t believe it, Mr. Kennedy didn’t want to come out and because of it, and he has to face Lashley at Judgment Day!

Tazz: Kennedy wouldn’t tell us and really, I believe he does deserve this match because of it but he better be ready tonight.

Michael Cole: That’s right because he’s got himself in the six man tag match later tonight which will be huge.

Tazz: But up after the break, we have another huge match set to take place as Chris Benoit takes on JBL, next!


Match #3
JBL vs. Chris Benoit

Match Overview: Very hard-hitting match as expected which comes from their very mat technical styles and powerful moves. It’s pretty much a big brawl throughout the duration of the match with both men putting on a fistfight. Benoit finds the energy he needs towards the end catching JBL with a first of the German Suplexes, he pops the hips and delivers the second of the German Suplexes! JBL then rolls right over into the third and final German Suplex! The fans go wild seeing that Benoit’s back into it as Benoit climbs onto the top rope. Benoit leaps off delivering a huge Diving Headbutt as Benoit rolls around on the mat. The Rabid Wolverine recovers a few minutes later, then gets JBL up for the Crippler Crossface but JBL has had enough as he rares down and intentionally low blows the Rabid Wolverine giving him the DQ loss.

Winner: Chris Benoit via DQ

We then cut right over to the Smackdown! commentating team.

Michael Cole: What a coward Tazz! JBL knew he was about to lose and he simply low blows Benoit right in front of the ref.

Tazz: Coward? I thought it was great! He knew he couldn’t beat Benoit and he did what he could to end up “beating” Benoit.

Michael Cole: You’re so funny Tazz! You know what though, JBL might be running for now but he won’t be for too long.

Tazz: That’s the truth Cole and he’s been doing this for a while but let’s not forget who has the Money in the Bank briefcase.

We cut backstage to see Booker T standing by with Steve Romero.

Steve Romero: Booker, last week you fought Matt Hardy one on one and Hardy gained a win, what do you have to say about this?

Booker T: Tell me you did not just say that! Tell me that you aren’t questioning the United States Champion about Matt Hardy? Well that sucka has got a lesson to learn and it’s going to be learned tonight whenever I beat his ass down in that ring, which will be next.

Steve Romero: Booker, you’ve held the title for almost a month now but have yet to defend it, why is this so of you Booker?

Booker T: You know what sucka? It’s none of your damn business and as a matter of fact, I’m challenging Matt Hardy to a match come Judgment Day! One on one, United States Championship and I’m daring him to try and take my title.

Steve Romero: So it’s official now. Booker meets Hardy come Judgment Day but up next, both of you are in the six man tag.

Booker T: Matt Hardy doesn’t know what he has coming for him. I’m a Five Time….Five Time….Five Time….Five Time….Five Time WCW Champion and the current United States Champion but you Hardy, you haven’t held a title in what, 4 years? Now can you dig that sucka???


We then cut out to a black screen, it is an upcoming advertisement for a PPV.

Voice: One day you will be forced to be looked upon….

Images of Edge delivering his key moves like the Spear, Edge-O-Matic, Edgecator, and Edegecution are shown

Voice: You will be asked for what have you done in your time….

Images of JBL delivering the Clothesline to Hell to numerous opponents is shown and finally him holding the WWE title.

Voice: It will be time for you to move on to other things….

Images of London and Kendrick capturing the WWE Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania are shown.

Voice: But most importantly, you will be asked for why should you be here….

Images of Christian delivering the Unprettier, DDT’s, Crossbody’s and many more of his key moves are shown.

Voice: The Day of Judgment is upon us….

Fast paced images are now shown of the other superstars on the Smackdown brand before we quickly cut out….

Voice: Judgment Day….May 21!

We quickly cut out as the fans see finally a graveyard with lights beaming down, lighting strikes and we then cut to the ring for the next match.

Match #4
Batista, Booker T, and Ken Kennedy vs. Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy, and Bobby Lashley

Match Overview: In this huge six man tag match, all six styles seems mixed together as we have the high flying tactics of Mysterio and Hardy, the power game of Lashley and Batista, and Kennedy and Booker both being together. The heel team throughout wears down the face team as Batista seems to be wearing down Hardy mainly. Mysterio is trying to get the fans into it and try to find a way for Hardy to tag out. Hardy fights off Batista and runs towards Mysterio but gets slammed down onto the mat hard. Batista drags Hardy into the corner and tags in Booker T. Booker T taunts Hardy for the BookEnd but Hardy kicks Booker and delivers a huge DDT! Hardy reaches out and tags in Mysterio. Mysterio flies off the ropes, and takes down Booker with a Springboard Dropkick. Batista gets kicked in the knee while he’s on the apron sending him down. Kennedy tries to come in but gets punched by Mysterio knocking him down. The fans are now behind Mysterio as he trips up Booker and connects with the 619! Mysterio leaps onto the ropes, but Batista shakes the ropes causing Mysterio to fall. Booker rolls over in pain. Lashley comes in to spear Batista but Batista moves and Lashley connects with Hardy! Batista then throws Lashley right over before grabbing Mysterio and planting him with a huge Spinebuster shaking the ring. Batista throws Booker’s hand over Mysterio for the cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Batista, Booker T, and Ken Kennedy

We then cut over to the Smackdown commentating team.

Michael Cole: Batista just laid Rey Mysterio out in the ring with that huge Spinebuster and Booker T gets the win for his team.

Tazz: Only because of Batista, remember that Cole. Batista has made such an impact tonight to the point, it’s not funny.

Michael Cole: Well of course it’s not. He could have just injured Mysterio but of course you wouldn’t give a damn.

Tazz: Of course I would Cole. Mysterio is a great wrestler but he’s been pushing the wrong buttons recently and those have been Batista’s.


Burn in my Light hits and down comes Randy Orton! The fans boo the hell out of Orton as he continues down the walkway towards the ring. Orton slides into the ring as he’s in his wrestling gear ready for his match later tonight versus Christian. Orton looks around the arena before he starts to speak with the mic he just received.

Randy Orton: This has to be the biggest travesty ever. The greatest wrestler in the industry today has to now fight five other men. That’s right, I said five other men just to have a chance to become the World-Heavyweight Champion. Teddy Long is insane and this has shown the past few months, especially considering I deserve this one on one match!

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: I’ve beaten them all this year, I beat Chris Benoit, Mick Foley, hell I even beat The Rock at WrestleMania 22 but I’m still put down! And yet I’ve not been given the chance to main event a Pay per view this year without five men! Hell, this is my first title shot I’ve had in who knows how long and that’s not right.

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: Everyone tunes in, especially the ladies, to see the Legend Killer not only destroy legends but rip apart other superstars. And that’s what makes me such a great superstar on Smackdown, something that someone like Christian can’t do because he went from the bad guy to being the suck up, ass kisser good guy.

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: And Christian has been running around these past few months trying to take away his brother’s title but he failed. He failed miserably and he’s going to fail again come Judgment Day because he only needs to know three little letters, three letters that’s going to end up changing his fate and those letters are R…K…O!

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: You all know it’s true! And whenever Christian has been laid out and dropped with the RKO, then it will not only be my time but it will be my destiny, my destiny that will lead me back to the World-Heavyweight Championship. And this won’t be the first time my destiny has been achieved because I am the youngest World-Heavyweight Champion ever!

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: And to b….

Just Close Your Eyes hits and down comes “Captain Charisma” Christian! The fans cheer in support for Captain Charisma as he continues on down the walkway. Christian looks around the arena, then slaps his chest and pointing to the crowd. Christian slides into the ring wearing his suit with the C on the back and he gets a mic.

Christian: Randy Orton!

Crowd Boos

Christian: You know I was back there listening to you run your damn mouth the whole time and then I realized, I realized that every one of my peeps has been sick and tired of hearing you ramble on week after week after week after week about it’s your so called destiny to win the title but really it’s not and you know it.

Crowd Pops

Christian: You know it’s not because you can’t and won’t beat me! Hell, you’ve pretty much got to get through me before you get to the World-Heavyweight Championship and for someone like you, that’s going to be hard because Captain Charisma has been waiting for weeks and now the time has come for the peeps to speak out. Do they want to see Randy Orton get his ass kicked tonight by your hero, Captain Charisma?

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: Shut your mouth Christian! That’s exactly why I can’t stand you suck up son of a bitch! You know what happened to the old Christian, the Christian that didn’t take shit from anybody, and the one that everyone grew to hate on Raw over the past few years? Well, I miss the old Christian but as for the new Christian, he can take this!

Orton leaps into the air for a RKO! Christian moves though and pushes Orton off. Christian kicks Orton in the gut, then flips him over for the Unprettier! Orton though gets out and slides to the outside but a referee runs down the ramp. We then cut to a commercial as it’s apparent the match will be beginning after the break.

Michael Cole: Wow, Orton apparently doesn’t like the new Christian and right now, this match is about to begin.

Tazz: That’s right because after the break. Randy Orton meets Christian one on one for the first time ever in this ring!

Michael Cole: I can’t wait Cole! This is going to be such a huge rocket buster before we roll right on into Judgment Day!

Tazz: And plus we’ve got our main event later tonight, Kurt Angle meets Edge and if Angle wins, he gets the spot at Judgment Day!


Match #5
Randy Orton vs. Christian

Match Overview: We come back from the break to see Orton dominating Christian and we see a clip from how this happened. In the clip that’s shown, Orton slams Christian’s head into the turnbuckle pole on the outside opening Christian up as he repeatedly hit Christian. Christian shows some life and hope for a comeback as Orton taunts him. Orton throws Christian into the corner but Captain Charisma moves as he watches Orton collide with the turnbuckle. Orton comes right back into Christian who delivers a hard mat shaking DDT. The fans watch as Christian gets a two count and they are in disbelief right now as to how Christian’s going to continue on. Christian gets up and goes for the Unprettier but Orton pushes Christian off, then swings him around and throws him onto his shoulders. Orton brings Christian down hard to the mat with a huge Inverted Neckbreaker as Christian lies on the mat holding his neck. Orton crawls around taunting Christian now, looking to be set up for the RKO. Orton watches as Christian recovers a few moments later and Orton leaps into the air for the RKO! Christian though shoves off Orton and Christian comes at Orton but Orton gets a cradle and he has the tights! One…Two…Three

Winner: Randy Orton

We cut backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by with Kurt Angle.

Josh Matthews: Kurt, you have become the first acquisition for Smackdown joining us via Open Season, why did you choose to come back to Smackdown?

Kurt Angle: It was an easy choice Josh. Really, Smackdown’s my home and though I couldn’t get it done against Rob Van Dam on Raw the few shots I had, tonight I’m going to go out there and head right back to the top on Smackdown! That’s right and Edge, your title reign is about to be over because the World-Heavyweight title has the name Wrestling Machine written all over it, it’s true…it’s damn true!

Josh Matthews: Coming up after the break, you fight Edge and if you win, you get to fight in the match come Judgment Day.

Kurt Angle: That’s right Josh and really to be honest, it feels great to be back but tonight Edge you’re in for a beating of your life. The hell you’ve put me through in the past, that’s all coming back to you huh? I’m going to remind you of all of that because you were the one that shaved my head, you cost me my hair but just remember this, that was 4 years ago and 4 years later, I’m going to cost you your World-Heavyweight Championship.

Josh Mattews: Anything else Kurt?

Kurt Angle: Edge, I’m ready to break your damn ankle! I’ve sat back and listened to you run your mouth the past few weeks while I was on Raw and there was no doubt in my mind that I was ready to come over and beat your ass and take that title. Well now’s the time and even if I don’t win the title, I’ll be damned if you walk out with it at Judgment Day!

Angle walks off heading towards the arena as we cut towards the Smackdown commentating team.

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle still is intense as he ever was when he was on Smackdown and now he’s back coming for the title.

Tazz: He might not have that badass attitude anymore but rest assured, he’s still doing what he normally does in that ring.

Michael Cole: We’ve been waiting all night and the time has come! Kurt Angle meets Edge and this is next!

Tazz: I can’t wait and remember, if Angle wins, he gets the final spot that is open come Judgment Day for the title.


Match #6
Kurt Angle vs. Edge

Match Overview: In this non-title match, Kurt Angle makes his return to Smackdown fighting the Rated R Superstar, Edge in a huge match up with huge implications. Angle puts on a fight of his life while Edge is doing anything and everything he can to stay alive during the match and try to keep Angle out of the match at Judgment Day. Angle though seems to have the upper hand as he catches Edge with a huge Belly-to-Belly Suplex as Edge rebounds off the ropes! Angle takes down his straps and the fans get behind their Olympic Hero! Angle starts jumping up and down ready for the ending of the match possibly as he goes to lock in the Ankle Lock but Angle gets thrown across the ring by Edge after he reverses. Angle gets Edge up but Edge runs off the ropes for the Spear after he reverses and slides off the shoulders of Angle. Edge misses but stops himself before running into the turnbuckles somehow. Edge has lost his dominant streak he had that he was using earlier but it seems to be failing him now as it’s not showing. Angle then grabs Edge as he comes toward him and brings the champion crashing down to the mat with the Angle Slam! Angle rolls Edge over and makes a cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Edge rolls to the outside and grabs his title. We see Angle climb the turnbuckles after an exhausting match as he celebrates with the fans. Edge holds his title high reminding Angle that he still is the champion and he will be come Judgment Day. Angle signals the title is coming back towards the Wrestling Machine and the show fades away.

Comments: Might not seem as my best show but it advanced storylines. Some things may seem strange and I'm going to go ahead and adress them. Mainly, the Angle debut. Angle is a Tweener. He pretty much always has been but has played the Heel part in my thread. So right now, he's coverting over to the Face part. And the fact that he's back on Smackdown gets him loud pops, etc. If anything needs else to be asked about that, feel free but that pretty much explains it.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

No reviews yet? Well, I saw Deadman's Smackdown's up which he'll get a review from me tomorrow plus Apple Spitter!'s next show will get a review too. Maybe no one saw Smackdown but someone should see it now! Remember, reviews will be returned.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry KOP I didn't realise you had a new show posted, I'll get a review up later.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Yeah, I know that you posted the show. Review will be up sometime, probably tonight, if I found enough time.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Edge kicks the show off with a pretty good promo, complaining about how he is always getting screwed, until he is interrupted by Angle, who makes a return to Smackdown, which is a bit of a shock. Guess he must be the 6th man in the Judgement Day match. Edge/Angle tonight will be a good match, and I guess Angle steals the win, and the chance to win the title. Nice start to the show

Finley gets the win over London, although it is a cheap win, and the Ukliq are looking good to take the titles at the moment. Should be a great match at the ppv

Short promo from Sylvain, putting himself and Quebec over a bit more, and I get the feeling he will get the win tonight, but the feud with Holly will keep going for a bit longer

Sylvain does grab the ropes to get the win, which is good for him as it keeps him moving up the card. I sense a rematch at J Day though, just as filler on the show

Kennedy refuses to give the reason why he attacked Lashley, and as a result, he has to face him at Judgement Day. Nice twist here, and to be honest, I doubt there was ever a real reason why he did it. Kennedy doesn’t want any part of him, and this will be a good match to see what the two of them can do

Benoit beats JBL by Dq, as he doesn’t want to have to be put in the crossface. Solid stuff from these two, but more needs to be done with them to hype the title match

Short promo from Booker, pretty much confirming that he will be facing Hardy for the title soon. Okay really, but could have done with being longer

Big 6 man tag match here, and the heels take the win with Batista once again dominating Rey, and nailing him with the spinebuster, allowing Booker to get the pinfall. Nice to see these feuds slowly coming along, although could do with a bit more build

Orton comes out, and he cuts a reasonably bland promo, which was okay, but never really went anywhere. Christian comes out, and it improves a little bit, but still, it wasn’t the best promo that you have ever written. Still, it keeps the feud going, and I’m sure these two will wrestle each other at GAB

Orton steals the win over Christian by grabbing the tights, and now he can add that win to his list of claims that he has, and I don’t think he will let CC forget it

Angle gets the win in the main event, and now looks as if he could be in a position to take the title come the ppv. He has had all the momentum so far, and at the moment, he looks the favourite to take the title, but I see Edge somehow coming out on top
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll hook you up with a review as soon as I can man. You're second on my list behind F-D.

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