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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll try and get a review up later bro.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great preview mate, show looks great!

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday April 28, 2006
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Rise Up, the official theme song for Friday Night Smackdown hits and we head over to the ringside announcerís in Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone and tonightís another major show on Smackdown and so much is on the line tonight.

Tazz: Iíve been waiting all week for our major main event and itís going to be great, four men but only one contendership spot!

Michael Cole: All four men eager for that one spot, the chance to face off against Edge come our next PPV, Judgment Day!

Tazz: Iím certainly excited Cole, plus weíve got a contract signing and as a matter of fact, thatís coming up right now!

MacMillitant hits and out comes the General Manager of Smackdown, Theodore Long! Long comes down to the ring carrying a contract and he gets into the ring by the steel steps. Long then goes into the ring and places the contract on the table, then grabs one of the mics off the table as the fans are anxiously awaiting the beginning of the show.

Theodore Long: Howís it going tonight in Pittsburgh?

Cheap Pop

Theodore Long: Now playas tonight Iím here for the contract signing between two former best friends in Batista and Rey Mysterio. Now right now Iím about to introduce the man who cost Rey Mysterio his United States Championship two weeks ago and the former friend of one, Rey Mysterio, he is Batista!

Crowd Boos as Unleashed hits across the arena. Down comes Batista to the ring as he taunts the fans as they boo him. He flexes his muscles a little bit taunting the fans before he gets into the ring and looks around before snatching the microphone out of the hands of Theodore Long. Long doesnít take kind to this but he grabs another mic instead of saying something.

Batista: Shut up!

Crowd Boos

Batista: Iím sick and tired of everyone saying I cost Rey Mysterio his title! Rey Mysterio cost himself the title, he chose to defend it and he put himself at risk in a No Holds Barred Match, which means that anything goes! Thatís right anything and everything can and will happen and I just happened to take advantage of that environment.

Crowd Boos

Batista: But what you people donít realize is that Rey Mysterio never was a friend of mine. Iím sick of that too. Iím sick of people saying Iím Reyís friend and that I shouldnít have treated him like that, well thatís a lie. Rey Mysterio can say I was his friend but Iíve never been and never will, you can say that I used Rey Mysterio.

Crowd Boos

Batista: Rey Mysterio was the one that stole my headlining matches, sure I fought the Undertaker at WrestleMania but I lost! Rey Mysterio won his match! Rey Mysterio is to blame for all of my troubles this year and damn it, Rey Mysterio is going to pay for even thinking about being friends or even being around me.

Crowd Boos

Batista: Last week I showed what I could do to someone like Rey Mysterio, I showed you all that with these hands right here, I could single handely demolish a midget like Rey. It doesnít take much to beat down someone like Rey. But Rey wanted to show himself last week, he just had to come out and steal my time! Well, you see thatís not going to be going down because Rey, this is your chance to fight me, one on one, so get your ass out here right now and sign this contract.

Batista drops the mic and grabs the pen signing the contract. Suddenly BooYaka 619 hits across the arena and down comes former US Champion, Rey Mysterio! Mysterio comes down to the ring as Long greets him, then hands Mysterio a mic. Rey grabs the mic from Teddy thanking him and then begins to speak.

Rey Mysterio: Batista!

Crowd Boos

Rey Mysterio: You know what Dave, I did use to think of you as a friend, but donít deny it at all. You know we were friends at once, you know that we were best of friends as a matter of fact and you canít deny it no matter what you say. Itís a fact of life Dave and you know another fact of life, that you did cost me my title!

Crowd Pops

Batista: Shut your damn mouth Rey. ThaÖ.

Rey Mysterio: You know itís true Batista; you havenít been a champion since Edge took the title from you at the Royal Rumble and you wanted my title. Dave, all you had to do was ask for a rematch, you didnít have to attack me; I might have even given you a chance at having a match with me for the title.

Crowd Boos

Batista: Rey, you seem to not understand. Iím not your friend. I never was and I never wanted that piece of crap title of yours. Now, you say that I was your friÖ.

Rey Mysterio: You know what Dave, Iím already sick of this.

Rey Mysterio drops the mic, and then doesnít even hesitate to sign the contract, he quickly signs it, and then leaps onto the chair jumping onto Batista with a Sit-Out Senton Bomb. Mysterio starts to beat down on Batista as Long goes to the outside. Batista gets up quickly but Rey kicks Batista and comes off the ropes for a Springboard Bulldog through the table! However as Rey goes for this, Batista throws Rey quickly off him and Rey flies across the ring through the table. Rey lands hard stomach first as he clutches his stomach. Batista then looks at the contract after he picks it up, and then looks for the date and he finds it. The camera zooms in as he signs May 21, 2006!

We then cut back over to ringside to the commentators.

Michael Cole: My god Tazz, Batista threw Mysterio through that table as if he was nothing, I wouldnít mess with Batista.

Tazz: Cole, you know what May 21 is right? Thatís the day of our next PPV, Judgment Day! It seems as if the match will be there.

Michael Cole: Wow, as if Judgment Day couldnít get any better, weíve got Batista and Rey Mysterio fighting it out now!

Tazz: Itís certainly going to be huge Cole, Iíve been waiting to see when this goes down and we now know when it will be.


Match #1
Jamie Noble vs. Simon Dean

Match Overview: Pretty much a filler match to get the Cruiserweight champion a match on Smackdown this week. Noble had a break last week but is back and ready to do showing so tonight in his match. Noble takes down Dean with a Facebuster into the mat before getting up. Dean catches Noble and tries for a DDT straight into the mat, However Noble pushes Dean off of him as Dean goes flying into the ropes and bounces back into a kick in the gut from Noble. Noble then tucks the head of Dean between his legs and comes down hard delivering with the Tiger Driver straight into the mat face first as the fans cheer for the Cruiserweight champion, Noble tosses Dean over as the fans count along with him, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winner: Jamie Noble

We cut backstage to see Sylvan standing around in the back holding a Quebec flag. Sylvan looks at the camera as he begins to speak.

Sylvan: For weeks I have invited you all to join me in the wonderful island of Quebec and many people have came to join me. And this week is no different, Iím inviting everyone one here in this pathetic excuse of a town, Pittsburgh! To come join us in Quebec, where really champions are made from, Canada!

Crowd Boos

Sylvan: Iíll be delighted if every one of you join us in Quebec, the summer is nearing and itís getting even closer to that time to come! Thatís right, the best time in Quebec is summer time! But donít worry, youíve still got time to prepare and not only leave this town but this putrid country as well, Quebecís waiting for you.

Crowd Boos

Sylvan: But donít worry at all, Quebecís own Sylvan is ready because I want some real competition here on Smackdown.I want to wrestle someone that can keep up with a great Canadian like myself. Someone, who can actually wrestle and it doesnít matter who you are. I donít care where youíre from, it really doesnít matter!

Crowd Starts USA Chant

Sylvan: And reaÖ

Suddenly Hardcore Holly interrupts Sylvan!

Sylvan: And who are you suÖ

Hardcore Holly: You know, did I just hear you call the United States putrid? Well Iíve got something for you Mr. Quebec. Since you want some competition so bad, how about you meet me in that ring next week because I certainly wouldnít mind kicking someoneís ass. And right now, youíre the one standing in my way

Crowd Pops

Sylvan: I think you misunderstood me, I meÖ

Hardcore Holly: Good, Iíll see you next week!

Crowd Pops as we cut down to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Sylvan might have bitten off more than he could chew, next weekís heís got to face the one and only, Hardcore Holly

Tazz: This could be the end of Sylvan, perhaps one of Smackdownís toughest brawlers could easily take out Sylvan next week.

Michael Cole: He wanted real competition and I believe thatís what he got, but maybe not exactly who he thought he would.

Tazz: When we come back from the break, we have a huge eight-man tag match with four teams, thatís next!


We cut backstage to see Mr. Kennedy walking around before he bumps into the GM, Theodore Long!

Ken Kennedy: Teddy, youíre just who I was looking for.

Theodore Long: Is that right playa, well I just happened to be looking for you right now too, isnít that strange playa?

Ken Kennedy: UhÖsure! Anyways, Teddy about last week, I knÖ

Theodore Long: What about last week Ken? You talking about when you walked out on your tag partner Orlando Jordan last week?

Ken Kennedy: No, thatís not it Teddy. I should have beaten Lashley but it was Orlando Jordan that cost us the match. So Teddy, what Iím saying is that Iím done with Lashley, I donít need to face Lashley in the ring again!

Theodore Long: Now wait one-minute playa. You expect me to do something you want whenever you wonít even tell us why you attacked Lashley. I donít think youíre going to be getting this request of yours and thatís final!

Ken Kennedy: What? Teddy what is your problem? I was supposed to have an interview tonight about that? How am I supposed to do that interview?

Theodore Long: Well playa, I think the way youíve been acting, youíre going to need a night off and thatís why you might as well get to steppiní. And as for Lashley, next week Iíll have an announcement on you and Lashley, now holla back playa!

Ken Kennedy: Damn it Teddy! YÖ

Theodore Long: Security!

Security comes and escorts Mr. Kennedy out of the arena. Kennedy is being pulled out of the arena but watching for Lashley to make sure he doesnít come out of anywhere. Kennedy continues to be pulled out of the arena as we cut to ringside.

Michael Cole: Mr. Kennedy has been ejected tonight and I believe he deserved it for what heís done to Lashley these few weeks.

Tazz: And another week goes by without knowing why he attacked Lashley, will we ever find out the truth about this?

Michael Cole: Itís been three weeks since it first happened and these two have been at each other for those three weeks.

Tazz: Somethingís got to give Cole and we donít know what itís going to be but hopefully weíll be finding out soon.

Match #2
MNM and Ukliq vs. The Mexicools and Brian Kendrick and Paul London

Match Overview: Very competitive match as could be expected with all eight of the men in the ring. Burchill and Melina do help the heel team out as they are at ringside playing big roles tripping and helping their teams try to win. Lots of highflying done by the face team as Psicosis and Super Crazy take down MNM on the outside with Planchas at the same time taking both Mercury and Nitro down on the outside. Finlay takes advantage and grabs his shillelagh while MNM and the Mexicools are drawing the ref towards them. London doesnít see the shillelagh and Finlay whacks him across the head with it hard. Kendrick comes off the ropes with a dropkick onto Finlay but Finlay pushes Kendrick in front of him. Kendrick connects with London, Regal quickly comes in and dumps Kendrick out of the ring. Finlay then calls the referee over quickly as he covers the fallen London after the Shillelagh shot. OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winners: MNM and Ukliq


Interview w/ Randy Orton

Josh Matthews: Randy, later on tonight youíre in the FÖ

Randy Orton: Look Josh, I know Iím in the Fatal 4 Way Match and tonight, Iím going to be winning the Fatal 4 Way. See, Chris Benoit, Christian, and JBL, theyíre all roadblocks, right there in the middle of the road leading to Judgment Day and you have to get around them. But thereís nothing to worry about because come Judgment Day, Iíll be the one taking the World-Heavyweight Championship away from Edge.

Josh Matthews: Randy, for the past few weeks you and Christian have had your differences, can you tell us about that?

Randy Orton: Christian is nothing more than an egotistical bastard. He stole my main event spot at WrestleMania 22 but thatís not all. He claims heís the fastest rising star on Smackdown, thatís a lie because Iím the youngest World-Heavyweight Champion ever. And soon to be the two-time World-Heavyweight Champion.

Josh Matthews: One more thing Randy, what if you donít win tonight, are you going to end up going after Christian?

Randy Orton: Christian isnít my priority and he certainly isnít my number one concern. You all need to understand that tonight the Legend Killer does indeed win the main event and that Iím going to Judgment Day. Whether any of you like it or not, itís real life and tonight it will be my destiny whenever I win the Fatal 4 Way!

We then cut out to a black screen, it is an upcoming advertisement for a PPV.

Voice: One day you will be forced to be looked uponÖ.

Images of Edge delivering his key moves like the Spear, Edge-O-Matic, Edgecator, and Edegecution are shown

Voice: You will be asked for what have you done in your timeÖ.

Images of JBL delivering the Clothesline to Hell to numerous opponents is shown and finally him holding the WWE title.

Voice: It will be time for you to move on to other thingsÖ.

Images of London and Kendrick capturing the WWE Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania are shown.

Voice: But most importantly, you will be asked for why should you be hereÖ.

Images of Christian delivering the Unprettier, DDTís, Crossbodyís and many more of his key moves are shown.

Voice: The Day of Judgment is upon usÖ.

Fast paced images are now shown of the other superstars on the Smackdown brand before we quickly cut outÖ.

Voice: Judgment DayÖ.May 21!

We quickly cut out as the fans see finally a graveyard with lights beaming down, lighting strikes and we then cut to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Only four more weeks until Judgment Day and itís heating up so far including our one match already announced, Batista vs. Rey Mysterio!

Tazz: An interesting mix of styles there and itís all over a former friendship between the two, I donít think theyíll ever get along again.

Michael Cole: And Edge will be defending the World-Heavyweight Championship against someone but who could it be?

Tazz: Weíll be finding out later tonight whether it will be Chris Benoit, Christian, Randy Orton or ďMr. Money in the BankĒ JBL.


Match #3
Booker T vs. Matt Hardy

Match Overview: In a non-title match up, the United States Champion, Booker T takes on Matt Hardy in a competitive match up. Hardy shows that he can hang with some of the best on Smackdown against Booker. Hardy takes down Booker with a series of clotheslines before he starts to taunt Booker. Booker slowly gets up and walks into Hardy, Hardy kicks Booker in the gut for the Twist of Fate but Booker quickly pushes Hardy off of him before the damage could be done. Booker runs off the ropes taking advantage for a Scissors Kick but Booker completely misses Hardy as Hardy was able to duck and stay clear of Booker. Hardy pushes Booker off the ropes and gets a cradle on the United States Champion. The fans are cheering for Hardy as the referee comes over and counts the pin, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winner: Matt Hardy

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy just pinned the United States Champion! Hardy must have a title shot coming for him soon!

Tazz: Amazing match there and congrats to Hardy but Booker certainly isnít going to be happy with that loss he just got dealt.

Michael Cole: Hardy did indeed get the win tonight and it will be interesting to see if Hardy ever does get a title shot.

Tazz: Yeah, hopefully weíll find out soon but coming up next, weíve been informed that Edge, the World-Heavyweight champion will be in action, next!


Metalingus hits and out comes the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Edge comes down to the ring in his wrestling gear for his match, Edge then slides into the ring doing his normal poses before he grabs a mic and tosses his title over his shoulder. Edge looks at the title for a few moments before he begins to speak.

Edge: Tonight is bullshit!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Iíve got to come here to this piece of shit town Pittsburgh, then watch someone gain a shot at MY title come Judgment Day. Itís my World-Heavyweight Championship and I decide wherever I will defend it. I didnít win this World-Heavyweight Championship for no reason, I won it because I was Mr. Money in the Bank

Crowd Boos

Edge: I won the Money in the Bank briefcase, and I earned my shot at the World-Heavyweight Championship , which paid off. Four men tonight trying for a shot at my title, I certainly as hell donít even think so! This is pathetic and I find it pathetic that Teddy Long even thought about making this match up.

Crowd Boos

Edge: And Iíll be damned if Teddy Long continues to make all these matches without MY permission since I am the champion! Iím the Rated R Superstar, perhaps the highest drawing champion in the history of the WWE and I still donít get the respect I deserve, well you can bank on after tonight that I will get more respect.

Crowd Boos

Edge: And Iíve had enough of these stupid ass matches that Teddy Long makes. But since Friday Night Smackdown is MY show. Tonight, Iím out here to watch the Fatal 4 Way but first, Iím going to be wrestling so bring out my opponent.

Banging It hits and out comes Scotty 2 Hotty. Edge starts to laugh his ass off as Scotty comes down to the ring shaking hands with the fans. Edge tosses his title to the outside as Scotty 2 Hotty gets into the ring as the match up begins.

Match #4
Edge vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Match Overview: Scotty puts up a fight against the champion showing that he has heart and determination no matter who his opponent is. Scotty takes down Edge with a dropkick and then gets Edge back up. Edge however stops Scotty and takes him down with a vicious DDT. It has become apparent now that Edge is just going to toy around with Scotty. Edge heads into the corner and awaits the almost knocked out Scotty. Edge charges across the ring as Scotty sits up and takes down the fan favorite, Scotty 2 Hotty, with a vicious Spear! The fans boo the hell out of Edge but Edge doesnít cover, he instead heads over to the legs of Scotty. The championís wraps his legs around Scottyís and locks in the Edgecator! The fans continue to boo Edge as he pulls harder and applies more pressure on Scotty. Scotty is forced to tap out and the referee has to break the hold on Scotty for Edge to stop!

Winner: Edge

Michael Cole: Edge has just destroyed Scotty 2 Hotty tonight and he certainly isnít in the best of moods recently.

Tazz: Of course heís not. Would you be if you were being forced to defend your title against one of four men, who knows who could win!

Michael Cole: Thatís the truth Tazz, but Edge doesnít have to be a asshole like heís been recently to everyone on Smackdown.

Tazz: Iíd shut my mouth right now Cole, looks like the champ is coming over here right now to watch the match, next!

We cut backstage first to see Josh Matthews standing by with Christian.

Josh Matthews: Christian, coming up next, youíll be taking on three other men with a shot at the World-Heavyweight title on the line, how are you feeling?

Christian: Come on Josh, tonight is the night that ďCaptain CharismaĒ begins his flight back to the top of the Smackdown mountain! Thatís right because tonight the peeps are on the street raving about this huge Fatal 4 Way! Theyíre cheering because their hero, Christian himself has a chance to become the number one contender once more!

Josh Matthews: Christian, at WrestleMania 22 you fought your brother Edge for the title, what would happen if you do get your rematch?

Christian: Itís simple Josh, youíd be seeing Captain Charisma get the World-Heavyweight Championship from my brother Edge. Nobody likes Edge nowadays and he claims that all of our tag title reigns was become of him, I seriously doubt that! But there will be no doubting tonight that Christian will be rolling into Judgment Day as number one contender!

Josh Matthews: One more thing Christian, youíve been having trouble with Randy Orton recently, any comments on that?

Christian: Randy Orton is nothing more than a self-centered, cocky little son-of-a-bitch trying to steal my light! He canít help that Iím overall better than him and that I was the one that main evented WrestleMania, not him! So either way Randy looks at it, it seems that Captain Charisma has one more over than RKO does.


Match #5
#1 Contenderís Fatal 4 Way
Chris Benoit vs. JBL vs. Christian vs. Randy Orton

Match Overview: As expected, a great match where all four men have a chance to showcase their talents and show why they should be number one contender. It starts to wear down towards the end as Orton dumps Christian out of the ring. Orton then comes right into Benoit who scoops up Orton and delivers the first of the German Suplex, Benoit pops the hips and continues the second of the German Suplexes! Benoit then keeps it connected and connects with the third and final of the German Suplexes! Benoit finds himself heading towards the top rope but before he does, he taunts the fans with his trademark sliced throat taunt. Benoit sets himself carefully before he leaps off the ropes with a Diving Headbutt! Orton takes the time that he has and rolls away as Benoit collapses with the mat hard. JBL slides into the ring after being down for a brief bit of time and almost beheads Orton with the Clothesline from Hell. However in comes the World-Heavyweight Champion with a steel chair! Edge beats down JBL with the chair, then takes a swing and hits Orton with the chair before connecting one more time with a chair shot to Benoit. Christian tries to come in but gets stopped by the steel chair! Edge holds the chair high as the fans boo the hell out of him as he goes to grab a mic, the ref has rang the bell rendering the match up a no contest.

Winner: No Contest

Edge: Thatís it! Since I just beat all four of these men senseless, now there wonít be anybody facing the Rated R Superstar at Judgment Day for the World-HeavÖ.

We see Theodore Longís face pop up on the screen! Edge looks pissed that Long wants to bother him again and now Long begins to speak.

Theodore Long: Holla playas!

Crowd Pops

Theodore Long: After watching Edge decimate all four of those men with a steel chair, Iíve came to a decision about the World-Heavyweight Championship match at Judgment Day!

Crowd Pops

Edge: Hold it there Teddy, I donít have to defeÖ.

Theodore Long: Oh yes you do Edge! You see you just made the odds stacked against you even more because come Judgment Day, youíll be lucky if you found some way to walk out with that World-Heavyweight Championship still around your waist. Iíll tell you this though, you shouldnít have attacked those superstars playa or you wouldnít have gotten yourself into this!

Crowd Pops

Edge: Damn it Teddy! Iím the Rated R Superstar and Iíll be damned if you try to put the ďoddsĒ up against me. Tell me right now who youíve got me facing and it beÖ

Theodore Long: Ok since you want to know so bad Edge! Well come Judgment Day, weíll be seeing a huge match up for the World-Heavyweight Championship! Thatís right because you Edge will be defending against five other men! JBL, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Christian, and a mystery superstar who will be revealed next week in a Six Pack Challenge Elimination Match at Judgment Day!

Crowd Pops

Theodore Long: Now holla back playa!

We see Edge pulling his hair out after finding out he has to fight five men, and has to eliminate them all somehow to retain the title. We then head over to the commentators.

Michael Cole: The odds certainly donít seem to be in the favor of Edge right now, I think we might have a new champ soon.

Tazz: Edge got himself into it and Iím surprised that he has to find a way to retain against five other men come Judgment Day

Michael Cole: Itíll be Edge, Chris Benoit, JBL, Randy Orton, Christian and one other man to be revealed next week!

Tazz: Iím interested to see who it is, I canít wait to see who that superstar is! As for us, weíll see you next week on Smackdown!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

HBKicon Reviews Smackdown! 4/28/06

I'm returning your review of RAW, thanks for it. Anyway, I am not cought up so this is my first reivew ever, if not it's been a long time so here we go. Sorry for my lack of knowladge.

Opening Promo: At first it seemed rush, the part with Long. But you turned it around. I like how Mysterio and Batista brawl and big Dave takes advantage of it all. Very well written, So Judgement Day it's Batista vs, Rey. I hope you announce a stipulation for this.

Dean vs. Noble: Like you said, a filler. Nothing good, nothing bad. Nice to see Noble getting some air time, espcially since he is the CW champion. I like that.

Sylvin/Holly Promo: Personally, Sylvin needs to be in a tag team I just don't like him in singles. But anyway, Holly was in charecter and hopefully Holly gets the win next week but I see Sylvin cheating and a rematch at Judgement Day.

Long/Kennedy Promo: I didn't quite get this one. IS it Kennedy vs. Lashley tonight? I don't know becuase Long said security like he was ejecting Kennedy from the bulding. Whatever, next week an announcment for both Kennedy and Lashley. Could this be a match at Judgment Day!? We'll ahev to wait and see.

8 Man tag: Nice match here. It's rare that you see an 8 man tag nowadays but I like that. Decent match but Idk who Ukilq really is but I like MNM so I was happy they won.

Orton promo: He seems very cocky and confedient for tonight fatal Four Way. Personally, this match sounds awesome. I can't wait to read it.

Booker vs. Hardy: Nice to see Hardy get the win. I like this guy and hopefully this leads to a rematch for the US title at Judgment Day. I would love to see Hardy as US champ but if that match happens, after what happend on SD! I see Booker leaving as the US champion.

Edge Promo: Very in charecter. I love Edge and personally, you did a nice job on this promo.

Edge vs. Scotty: I hated this match. As much as I like Edge, he is your champion and he shouldn't be facing Scotty becuase we all know Edge was going to win. But it did show Edge's rage and anger tonight.

Christian Promo: Nice job here, hyping the fatal Four Way. I see Christian vs. Orton at Judgment Day so I doubt either of them will win tonight.

Fatal Four Way: Nice ending to this one. Edge destroys all 4 men. Great job. Though, I would have loved to see this match go all the way, the ending showed edge's charecter very well and how he thinks the belt his his. It also showed his fear of losing it and his determination to keep the gold. Great Job.

Ending Promo: 6 pack Challenge!!!! Thats huge. I can't wait til next week to see who the mystery opponent is. With the odds against Edge, I see Edge leaving with the gold still and I love that. Personally, it looks like a Christian/Orotn fued is in the works so i doubt either of them will win leading to a match between those two at GAB or something. But what an annoument, Nice job here.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Just to let you know, I haven't forgotten your WM review, I'm slowly (really slowly) working on it, but it'll eventually be up, along with Kid O Mac's WM review. They take a while to read

SmackDown Review:

Opening segment- Good way to open the show, but Batista's promo was really...off. Just kinda rambled on about some random stuff, wasn't entertaining at all and I just hated it. Keep his stuff shorter in the future. Mysterio was spot-on in character, while not entertaining, got the point across in a concise manner. The brawl between them was nice, with Batista once again destroying Rey. I don't like this feud, only because neither man is good on the mic and it just doesn't interest me. Nicely booked segment though, and they should have a good match at JD.

Noble vs Dean- Nice way to start the matches, Noble getting a win in a near-squash match but uses some cool moves to excite the crowd.

Sylvan promo- Really good promo from Sylvan, in character and a great length, playing the heel well, but kinda trailed off at the end. Luckily Holly comes out to re-interest me in the segment, and looks like they have a match next week. I'd love to see a push for Holly, and these two could have a nice little midcard feud. Really nice segment here.

Long/Kennedy segment- Another nice segment, Teddy in character and helps advance the Kennedy/Lashley feud, but Kennedy seemed off and out of character which hurt this. Kept it a good length and leaves me interested as to why Kennedy attacked Lashley to begin with. Leaving it with a cliffhanger is good, and hopefully it doesn't disappoint next week.

8 Man Tag- Great, fast paced tag match with lots of cruiserweights while Regal and Finlay try to ground their opponents. Hot finish as London and Kendrick collide, Regal and Finlay get rid of some bodies and then get the pinfall for the win.

Orton interview- This...seemed off as well, Orton just rambling incoherently about things, repeating himself numerous times. It somewhat hyped the main event and his feud with Christian, but this didn't do anything for me.

Great video to hype JD

Booker vs Hardy- Very competitive midcard match, would have liked to actually see this. Nice booking with both men escaping each other's finishers early, and then Hardy winning with the roll up. Looks like it'll be Booker/Hardy at JD for the U.S. Championship, which'll be nice. Another solid match from you.

Edge promo- In character and a good length, getting heel heat and everything, but again stuff seemed off, he repeats himself like three times in each paragraph, and overuses a lot of words. Takes away from the entertainment factor. However, it did it's job, which is what really matters

Edge vs S2H- Great booking, having a fan-favorite face Edge and actually get in some offense, but Edge then destroys him and keeps his submission on long after S2H tapped out. Great job, even though it was a pitiful squash.

Christian interview- Really great interview, Christian very in character and had all the right lines to keep this entertaining while hyping his upcoming match and feud. Also a solid length. Promo of the night, definitely.

Fatal Four Way- MOTN, all four men going all out to fight for their chance to win the belt, but Edge interrupts it by attacking all four men, great way to end it although somewhat disappointing that it didn't go too long. The announcement after from Long was perfect, and sets up a huge match for Judgement Day. The matches to hype this 6-man feud are going to be out of this world, I can tell, great job.

Overall- 7/10
Pretty much every promo and segment seemed off, or out of character. Things just didn't click in this show. It's bad when Sylvan has possibly your second best promo of the night. However, the matches and booking were extremely solid, which is great, but the promos are what really count when continuing fueds and such. Not your best show, not bad, but not your best. Promos really brought it down.

Originally Posted by Andy3000
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good contract signing to start the show, and despite neither guy being that good on the mic it was still a decent promo, with some good truths being used by both people. Match is signed for Judgement Day which had to be expected, and that will be a good match to have on the card. Rey just doesn’t seem able to take Batista down at the moment

Noble gets a win over Dean, just to keep him going as a champion. He doesn’t look to have a feud at the moment, but I’m sure you’ll come up with something before the ppv

Sylvain cuts another promo, but this time Holly interrupts him, and a match is set up for next week. Will be interesting to see how that match goes, as both guys could win it really

Kennedy is ejected from the building, and he still doesn’t want anything to do with Lashley. That match has to happen at the ppv now I feel

MNM and Ukliq get the win in the tag match, and now they have the advantage going towards the ppv. Wont have much bearing on what the result will be, but shows us that they can beat the faces

Wasn’t too keen on the Orton promo, but I suppose it got him over a bit more and hyped the main event. Don’t see him winning it, as I guess he will face either Benoit or Christian at the ppv

Hardy gets a win over Booker T, and so I now presume he will get his title shot soon, and could well be the new champion. Will be a nice little mid card feud to have, and always good to see Hardy being pushed

Edge cuts a strong promo, before going and destroying Scotty, who seems to be only good for that at the moment. Edge is a great champion, and I would like to see him keep the belt for a while longer, maybe until Summerslam at least

Orton vs. Christian is a lock to happen at Judgement Day with their interviews tonight where they focus more on each other than the match. Unless, it is a triple threat, which could also happen. Again this wasn’t the strongest promo, but did its job

Bit of a surprise ending with Edge causing a total no contest, meaning that no-one is now the number 1 contender. But his plan is foiled by Teddy, who tells us that he will face them all at Judgement Day, which will be a great match, and so far the card is actually looking pretty good. Mystery superstar has got to be the Undertaker, or failing that, a big name like Lesnar who has returned to the company, but I don’t see you doing that
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for the reviews so far guys, I think most of those were reviews returned for me since I reviewed your shows but I'll still be trying to review your next few shows. Hopefully this Smackdown cleared up a lot of stuff including the main event scene which some people thought was a mess after reading last week's show. Now, I'll be posting the Backlash Preview most likely Monday or Tuesday. And maybe some news and notes, Backlash is still being worked on so be prepared for a good show.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Smackdown! Review

Good choice of having the contract signing go first as it would've been very odd to have it at any other time. I like your new Batista character, it's somewhat different, which is good. Mysterio then arrives and is very much in character. Mysterio signs the contract and is fed up and takes Batista out! But Batista instead takes Mysterio out and signs the contract for Judgment Day! Sounds very good. Good filler match with Dean and Noble, good to see Noble pick up the victory, as giving Dean the victory would be strange in my book. Sylvan promo now, boring. Hardcore Holly comes in, stops it, sounds interesting. A feud between these two would be something different. Good Kennedy promo, he's obviously mad about not getting another chance at Lashley, though I do see something in the future, possibly Judgment Day for him. Great eight man tag match, loved the action in this one. Glad the heels won, although that usually means the faces will win the feud. Liked your Orton promo, I thought he was very much in character. Nice Judgment Day promo, even though all of your PPV promos are too plain. Good match with Booker T and Hardy, liked this one a lot. Hardy winning was a good decision, and it could lead to what could be a good US Title feud. Good Edge feud, in his usual "I'm pissed off" rant. Decent squash match, all there really is to say. Good Christian promo, he's my pick to win. Six Pack Challenge! Nice decision to have that kind of match. Great Smackdown! KOPV1, looking forward to Backlash.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Liked the idea of opening up the show with the contract signing, but I feel like you're using Batista totally wrong. His build up to facing Taker at WM was incredibly shaky, and now playing the whiny heel role on the mic is killing his Animal persona. Really, I think you should have him talk very little, and just have him dominate people in the ring. Someone like Paul Heyman would be a perfect fit for him as a manager, as Heyman could carry Batistas end on the mic. I like the Batista - Mysterio feud, but the promo from Batista was bad.

Glad Noble went over Dean. Jamie Noble is easily one of my five favourite CW wrestlers out there, and Dean is just a jobber anyway.

Unlike most other people it seems, I actually give you the thumbs up for pushing Sylvain. It's a daring move, but at least you're giving it a shot, and doing something different. I'm pretty confident you'll get him over with the readers, just as soon as he gets a decent feud, away from the likes of Hardcore Holly.

This Kennedy thing is a little weird. Hoping you have a really good explanation as to why he's keeping his reason for attacking Lashley as a secret, as it makes no sense to keep it such a big secret if it isnt. Promising feud, but needs Kennedys reasoning to make or break it.

I mark out for Finlay. I also mark out for Finlay victories. Sensing a title switch coming very soon, which I guess would be a shame, with London and Kendrick having just won the belts after a long chase, but hey, its FINLAY.

I'd guess Hardys non title victory will allow him a chance to challenge Booker for the belt at Judgement Day. Seems like the US Title is losing a lot of momentum, with Benoit and Mysterio now moving on to bigger and better things, leaving Booker to carry the division now.

Squash win for Edge, as you'd expect. Decent enough whiny promo before the match, and a good dominant win never hurt anybody.

Fair interview with Cpatain Charisma, but it appeared to be lacking a certain spark imo, as per Christian interviews. Still good though. Hard to call who'll come through to win the match tonight.

Looked to be an awesome main event, and of course, I was pulling for a Benoit win, but in the end, we find ourselves without a winner, due to interference from Edge. Glad the confusion was sorted out right away, with Teddy Long announcing the 6 Pack Elimination Match. A little surprised you didnt go for the Chamber, but I'm impressed you decided to stayaway from it for now. Mystery entrant could well be Taker, which would level it with 3 faces and 3 heels, but my guess is going to be a certain superstar jumping from Raw, perhaps kick starting the open season??
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Decent promo to start off the show despite Rey and Batista not being the best of people on the mic. Batista once again gets the better of Rey and nothing suprising about the match being signed for JD. Rey is gonna have to get the better of Batista sometime before JD though or the result will be all too obvious.

Noble gets the win here over Dean which was just a way to get Noble on the show really.

Sylvan has got a tough test next week with Holly after Holly challenged Sylvan after one of his Quebec promos. Expect Sylvan to win here as he is getting a good push in this thread which is fresh to see.

Kennedy does not want anything to do with Lashley and he is kicked out of the building. Will be interesting to see what T.Longs announcement is next week, most likely a match i would think. Kennedy seemed a little off in this promo however

Good 8 man tag match which was expected seeing the wrestlers which were involved in it and good victory for MNM and UKliq getting the victory after Finley hit London with his Shillelagh

Wasn't so keen on this promo, Orton sounded out of character in this one. Hyped the main event nicely however.

Big victory for Hardy here beating the US Champion and this should allow Hardy to get a title shot in the near future.

Strong promo by Edge complaining about the main event before destroying Scotty 2 hotty putting him over nicely.

Edge's frustration shows here interfering in the main event causing the match to end in a no contest. Big announcment by Teddy Long and the 6 pack challenge should be a great match.

Overall: 83/100
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