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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Benjamin/Carlito/Haas vs Helms/Masters/Striker - 7.5/10

Mickie vs Ashley - 5.5/10

Snitsky vs Jamal - 6.5/10

Dupree vs RVD - 7/10

Flair vs Angle - 8.5/10

Overall - 7/10

You've done so much better. What brought it down, my opinion, is most were squash matches. The outcomes were unexpected but boring. Nice try.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Alrighty, lets see if I can pick up from where I left off a while back...

Big six man tag to open things up, which is good, as all six men have a role at Backlash this Sunday. Dominant performance from the heels here, with Helms especially looking good. I'm seeing a big push for him and Striker coming, and I expect both them to win their matches at Backlash, but I think Carlito beats Masters.

Seems to be more to this storyline than what we're seeing. Obviously has to be a heel turn from Ashley at Backlash, as having two faces vs one heel seems lopsided.

Trish gets one over on Mickie, helping Ashley to victory. Still sensing some sort of backlash - no pun intended - for Trish at the PPV, with Ashley turning her back.

Kurt...Freakin...Angle!!! LOL. Would've loved to see the thumb taunts for real, lol.

Was expecting something more from the Jericho - Cena in ring showdown, after Jericho had put all that emphasis on doing the right thing. Seemed like we'd get something out of the ordinary, but was just a run of the mill beatdown. Sets things up nicely for Backlash, but I was expecting something else.

Not keen on the tag team feud, as the teams dont appear to have a natural chemistry. Comedy team vs brutal bulldozers doesnt appeal to me. Guessing thats the filler match.

Wonder what HBK meant by saying they'll bring out a side in him which hasnt been seen in a while ... hmm...

RVD defeats Dupree. Forgot about their feud a few years back. Hopefully though, Angle faces a better opponent.

Austin and Michaels get decimated by the McMahon family empire, which leaves us wondering just how the hell they can pull out a win at Backlash. With the odds so heavily stacked against them, surely it means they'll find a way. Should make for an awesome match up either way.

Open trade season sounds superb, and should shake up the rosters nicely in the coming months.

Awesome main event, although I was shocked to see RVD run out and cost Angle, despite Angle keeping his distance earlier. Flair with a surprise win, and now it makes things interesting heading into Backlash for the WM rematch.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Big 6 man tag to start the show, and it looks as if you are really giving a push to Helms with him picking up the win. I think he could take the title this Sunday, and I think Striker will get the win over Haas as well. Things are looking good for the mid card at the moment

Ashley and Trish seem to still have the advantage over Mickie, and the handicap match at Backlash could be interesting. Don’t see Mickie losing the title though, and maybe Ashley will turn heel on Trish to help her

Angle doing the thumbtaunts would have been great, and it will be interesting to see who they both have to face tonight

Jericho/Cena segment was a bit run of the mill, but gave the match a bit more build. I cant see this feud going too much longer, so I guess Jericho gets the win, but since Mania Cena has been dominated, so he may need the win

Jamal gets the win, and I cant see 3MW dropping the tag titles this Sunday, although you may throw in a face win, as a lot of the matches look like they may be won by heels

Interesting to see what side of HBK has been brought out.

Of all the people that you can pick, why the hell would Angle even bother with Rene Dupree??? Has he lost his mind??? RVD wins, which he had to do, although as the champion he hasn’t done anything to make himself the centre of the show. Angle not coming out may be hinting at a face turn

Austin and HBK get the hell beaten out of them, and it looks very hard to see how they can possibly win this Sunday, and I feel that they may just be able to do so. Someone from Smackdown though will make an appearance, and I cant quite decide whether they will help HBK and Austin, or cost them the match yet

Great to see Flair as the mystery pick, and he gets back into winning by beating Angle, albeit with some help from RVD. Interesting to see RVD come out, when Angle didn’t do so earlier, so not sure what to read into that. RVD has the momentum going to the ppv, and I am pretty sure he retains
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw -- Monday April 24, 2006 -- Review/Comments

Since you posted the show in recap, I’ll try to give some comments on the show. Alright, we start-up things with a big six man tag team match. Helms was really expected to take the pinfall because you are pushing him to big heights, which is good. Helms = Gold. Heels get the win and I guess their momentum is building up nice. Womens’ match is always cool. Basically the match did hyped their match which’s coming this Sunday, but a little bit. As I predicted last week, I’ll still say that either Trish or Ashley will turn on each other this Sunday. Wow, thumb taunts, Haha. It made me laugh. Angle looks aggressive though. Well, Jericho looks impressive in the promo. Wanted to see more from it. Cena comes it and Jericho takes the best, with some help from Spirit Squad. Looks like Cena might pick up the win this Sunday. Hopefully this feud ends-up after that pay-per-view. Um, I do not like the tag team feud because you are not giving it so much importance. I hope that you bring back some good tag teams. Tag teams actions are always good. The match looked filler. I would love to see either Shawn Michaels or Stone Cold turning on each other at the pay-per-view; it would be awesome. Rob Van Dam takes the win over Rene Dupree. No sign of Kurt Angle even shocks me for a bit. McMahons gets the win and they get the laugh this Monday. Does this means that Austin and HBK will get the last laugh at the pay-per-view. I guess I’ve to find out. Open Season is a good concept and will be interesting to see who switch brands. Angle gets a good opponent, which is Ric ‘Woo!’ Flair. A really good match, was shocked to see RVD coming out and costing Angle’s match. Flair gets the win, and it looks like he’s still the Naitch in your BTB. Would be interesting to see Angle/RVD match this Sunday because both guys are looking impressive.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King of Pain's Raw Review

6 man Tag Opener: I liked all the submissions in the match it was good for a recapped opener, I loved how Helms won the match and I liked Masters keeping the hold of the master lock in. Good opening match for a recap 7.5/10

Women's Match: I thought this was a good match for the PPV hype, I think Ashley winning there was unexpected I thought that Trish might of accidently screwed Ashley trying to screw Mickie so that was good to see Ashley win. Overall 7.5/10

Kurt Angle Promo: I thought this was good and it would be like Angle to do but its Kurt F'N Angle not freakin lol and he wouldn't use the opponents taunt he never does that. Overall 7/10

Jericho/Cena: This was very good I thought but Jericho would low blow Cena or something from behind and The Spirit Squad would then come out thats what would happen but its a good segment none the less 8/10

Snitsky/Jamal: Good match good to see how it went down with the eugene and goldust and a good ending with Jamal getting a Samoan Drop to get the 3Count very interesting you said that is 3 Count around i just started reading this. 7.5/10

RVD vs Dupree: Good match, happy you said the moves RVD used to win the match in the end the rolling thunder and all so far this has been pretty entertaining would be a great show if you didn't have to recap it. 8.5/10

Mr.McMahon/Shane Promo: Very entertaining and strong promo, Vince seemed right on the dot with everything and it seemed very good. I liked how he said they have a 2 on 4 handicap match next it should be interesting.8/10

2 on 4 Handicap Match: Very realistic this is what the McMahons would do before and this has happend on TV just with DX instead of HBK and Stone Cold which is more realistic i think for HBK and Stone Cold because Stone Cold and HBK's problems with The McMahons well more so Vince have been much more then Triple H's. I liked how Kane set up the table and how they went through it and the sledgehammer shots this was good to see i am very intersted in the PPV Backlash. 9/10

Main Event Kurt Angle vs Ric Flair: This was a good match i loved how RVD came out and cost Angle the match very good. I loved the taunting thing at the end also it would of been so interesting to see this match really written.

Overall for show: 8/10 this is a great recap show man i think it would of been amazing if you didn't recap it and i will see backlash for sure
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview for Friday April 28, 2006

With Judgment Day only four weeks away, a number one contender will be crowned tonight in the form of a Fatal 4 Way Match! It was orignally meant to be Christian, Chris Benoit, and Randy Orton but JBL inserted himself into it and now has made it a Fatal 4 Way. With so much on the line and only one spot for Judgment Day, a big brawl should be expected between all four of these men with one common goal, to simply become number one contender. Though all four seem to be having troubles with each other, someone is going to have to walk out victorious with the win.

Perhaps the most interesting feud on Smackdown has taken a sudden twist with it becoming personal now! Batista cost Mysterio his title two weeks ago and went as far as embarassing Mysterio last week. Batista defeated as he said "one of Mysterio's friends" who turned out to be Cruiserweight, Shannon Moore. Mysterio didn't take kind to the words and came out but as he leaped onto the top ropes, he got blasted with a Sit-Out Powerbomb! Tonight, on Smackdown, there will be a Contract Signing for this heated matchup as both men will agree to face each other at an unclosed date. What can we expect to go down with these men?

Ken Kennedy has yet to reveal his reason as to why he attacked Bobby Lashley three weeks ago and we might never get an answer. Kennedy ran his mouth last week but GM, Theodore Long ended up shutting it for him as Long ordered a Handicap Match with Lashley taking on Orlando Jordan, who had fought Lashley the week before and Mr. Kennedy! Kennedy left during the matchup letting Lashley dominate his tag partner, Orlando Jordan and just walk away with the win. Kennedy however has requested an interview tonight but nothing has been said for what the interview is for. Will we find out more about this later?

Last week, the duo of Finlay and William Regal became the number one contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championships. This week, they'll be in action in a major eight man tag team match teaming together with the duo of MNM. The opponents for them will be the duo of Psicosis and Super Crazy representing the Mexicools and the WWE Tag Team Champions themselves, Brian Kendrick and Paul London. With such a major match, and with UKliq having problems with the champions while MNM had problems with the Mexicools, what can we expect tonight?
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Looking like a good preview to a great Smackdown. Sorry I haven't really talked tou you much since the Mafias, I've alwasy been an fan of your work. Expect a review and if I don't deliever, PM me. I forget.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

looks like a good preview man good luck I hope to see this not as a recap gl hope to see a review soon
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll be sure to review this KOPV, don't worry about it.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

SmackDown! preview looks good. I'll get a review up sometime.


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