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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Highlight Reel wasn’t the best promo you have done over the last few weeks, but still, it gave the match at backlash a bit more build. Cena gets some revenge for losing the last 2 weeks, and F-U’s Jericho through the set, which was good to see, and next week Jericho will probably get some payback

Mickie and Vicki get the win in the Diva’s match, which was well booked and focused on Ashley being the target. I sense Mickie will do the same at Backlash

Good win for the Freaks over 3MW again, and I guess a tag title match will be signed for the ppv now. I don’t see a title change happening though, and 3MW need to get a win back

Loving the open season idea, and it will be very interesting to see who changes sides. Expecting a screwjob from a Smackdown guy in one of the big matches at Backlash, as it would be the perfect way to start it off. Not really feeling the feud the McMahons are in though, as it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere

Striker cuts another solid promo, before Haas makes a shocking return to Raw, and steals a win over Test, which has to be an upset. Guess a rematch will happen either next week or at Backlash

Striker/Haas is signed for Backlash, and will probably be the filler of the card

Carlito breaks the masterlock with the low blow, which is becoming the way to break it, and then takes down Masters. Average build to the match at Backlash, and next week I think things will pick up

Shelton/Helms promo was interesting, and puts over the IC match. Build for this still seems a bit forced, but I am cheering on Helms here, as he is deserving of a push, and maybe a shock title win

Good win for Helms over Flair, who is going absolutely nowhere in this thread at the moment. He has to do something, or he is wasted

HBK brings out the DX line, which is interesting, and potentially hints at it, but I cant see DX coming back yet

HBK gets the win over Kane in the main event, which was needed and gives the faces the momentum going to Backlash. Possibly the match of the night, and should be a good match at the ppv. Don’t know whether Austin is sticking around full time, or just for this feud though, which still doesn’t appear to be that engaging

Finally a seriously strong promo in the RVD/Angle feud, although this was mainly from Angle. RVD has to win the rematch, and then I think it is time for a new challenger afterwards, maybe HHH or Jericho
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw: Monday April 17, 2006; Bismarck, North Dakota - Review

Highlight’s Reel started off a bit shaky, I really don’t like it at the start. John Cena came out and talked about his things, well I think that Cena is in character. Wow, F-U through the Jeri-tron was cool. You are building their match really cool but I want to see more in the promos. In this promo, it looked like you rushed at it.

Glad to see the heels, Mickie & Vickie picking up the advantage over the faces, Trish and Ashley. I am feeling that Trish will turn on Ashley at Backlash. Well, I can’t find what you have stored for these womens.

A nice promo to hype the up-coming pay per view ‘Backlash’ even more.

Goldust wins the match, which is nice. Overall, a good match and I can predict that America’s Most Wanted will win at the Backlash, because I can’t see them loosing matches like this. One thing, I really don’t like the team of Eugene, Goldust, and Snitsky. Bring up some more teams?

Open season for the month of May would be really cool and I would be there to watch who change the shows. McMahon’s promo was really good and that added a bit more hype to the pay per view, which’s good.

A solid promo from Matt Strikers, but I wanted to see more and more from him because I like this guy. A short promo but did its work. Good return from Haas and finally he shut downs the mouth of Striker.

A good returning win from Haas, which made him, look strong. Striker was also involved in this match which is always nice. Striker/Masters is booked. I want to see more from them next week.

Nothing much from both guys here. Carlito low-blows Masters and takes the advantage. Build-up to this feud and match has to get something really good. Backstage promo by Carlito was really nice. Carlito was in character.

I am really impressed that you are giving some time to Gregory Helms because he’s on my favorites. Both men were really good in the microphone but the match was just given away. I did not wanted to see a match given away by just a promo itself. Filler match, nothing much, good victory for Helms here against Flair.

I liked the promo by Shawn Michaels & Triple H. It was well done and both men were in character. I don’t know but I have a feeling that either HBK or Stone Cold will turn on each other at the pay-per-view, which will be bang!

Indeed a really good main-event there to build-up their feud even more. Austin to show up would’ve been nice to watch. Glad to see the faces gain the advantage their.

A damn good promo at the end to build-up the WWE Championship match at Backlash. Kurt Angle said that he is that damn good. Triple H’s line, yeah, lol. Anyway, nice ending their where we saw both men not taking advantage over each other.

Overall: 80
Bottomline: I really wanted to see more this week. I have read only one previous show of yours and that was absolutely fantastic and much better than this one. The build-up to the WWE Championship should get more airtime though.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Presents Backlash
Sunday April 30, 2006
Boston, Massachusetts
Fleet Center
Official Theme Song: Move Along by The All-American Rejects

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs Kurt Angle

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Gregory Helms

WWE World Tag Team Championships
3 Minute Warning (c's) vs Eugene and Goldust w/ Snitsky

WWE Women's Championship
Handicap Match
Mickie James (c) vs Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro

Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H and Kane
Special Referee: Vince McMahon
Special Enforcer: Shane McMahon

Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs Chris Jericho

Carlito vs Chris Masters

Matt Striker w/ Test vs Charlie Haas

Ok forgot to post that after Raw but that's the complete card for Backlash. Please NO PREDICTIONS YET! I just wanted to get the card posted so everyone can know what they're looking forward to. Also, Smackdown preview will be up probably tomorrow. While Smackdown will probably be posted Thursday or Friday. Gotta work on some reviews in between now and then so don't panic if I haven't returned a review, I'll most likely be working on them for the next several days.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Yeah, things are looking great for Backlash. By the way, tell us how much matches you have written and also about the length. Shawn/Stone Cold vs. Triple H/Kane match should be a really great one, I can't really predict the winning team, which makes it look better. I am expecting a heel turn by either HBK or Stone Cold, which will be a good one. Anyway, I am looking forward to your next SmackDown!

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview for Friday April 21, 2006

With the WWE heading into Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the Smackdown superstars are set to explode. Including the main event scene which has a great main event tag match this week. After last week's World-Heavyweight Championship match in which Edge got himself DQ'd, Chris Benoit certainly wants revenge. And Benoit will get his chance whenever he teams with Christian to take on Edge and Randy Orton. Orton and Christian have had their differences the past few weeks with Orton dropping Christian in the ring with an RKO and numerous brawls. What can we expect whenever these four men get into the ring.

Last week a new United States Champion was crowned courtesy of Batista! Batista came in during the No Holds Barred Match and decimated Rey Mysterio costing him the title to Booker T. Batista would later go on to explain that he had befriended Mysterio before but now it was different. It was time for the friendship to end and Batista did that when he planted Mysterio through a table! Booker T of course took advantage and took the title and now Mysterio and Batista find themselves in a heated feud. Could there be a new turn in these events and what will both men have to say about these events?

Two young superstars on Smackdown have found themselves brawling for the past few weeks and it wasn't pretty last week! Lashley went onto defeat Orlando Jordan but almost lost thanks to Ken Kennedy. Kennedy threw a pair of Brass Knucks to Jordan but Jordan missed and Lashley took advantage nailing the Dominator for the win. Kennedy has not revealed why he attacked Lashley two weeks ago and something must give. Will we see Kennedy and Lashley continue to fight and will Kennedy finally reveal his reason in why he attacked the monster, Lashley?

Number one contenders to the Tag Team Championships will be determined on Smackdown as a Fatal 4 Way #1 Contender's Match has been booked. Four teams which are MNM, The Mexicools, The Gymini, and the team of Finlay and Regal representing UKliq will all fight it out. With such major odds on the line and a future title shot at the current champions in Brian Kendrick and Paul London, these teams certainly won't blow this chance. Could we see an upset by a team such as the Gymini or will more experienced teams like MNM and UKliq take the win?

For all of this and more, tune into Friday Night Smackdown!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good looking Smackdown! KOP, I shall be reading.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Ok man, after listening to you talk to me about your btb for God knows how long, I have decided to start reading it, and bring myself to leave a review, but be warned I don't know how to, so don't expect much.

Also, is there anything I should know before reading? Stuff like that?
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday April 21, 2006
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Rise Up, the official theme song for Friday Night Smackdown hits and we head over to the ringside announcer’s in Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone and tonight welcome to another edition of Friday Night Smackdown takes place here live!

Tazz: Such a big night’s ahead of us, it’s going to be interesting to see what goes down including that huge tag main event.

Michael Cole: The World Champion, Edge and Randy Orton team together tonight to face the teaming of Chris Benoit and Christian

Tazz: All four men have had problems with each other in the past or right now and tonight it all comes to a head in the main event!

Match #1
#1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way Match
MNM vs. UKliq vs. The Mexicools vs. The Gymini

Match Overview: Smackdown opens up tonight with a high stakes tag team match with the winner facing London and Kendrick in the future. All four teams get their chances to shine and not disappoint the fans at all. Mexicools seem to be fighting more with MNM trying to take down the dangerous tandem of MNM. Towards the end of the bout, Jake Gymini comes in and beats down on Psicosis. Jake calls in Jesse but the referee holds back Jesse. Jake backs into the corner and Regal makes the quick tag making him the legal man. Regal comes in and Jake doesn’t know it, however the ref gets Jake out as he heard the tag. Regal then grabs Psicosis and flips him over with a snapmare before kicking him in the back. Regal then drags Psicosis into the corner and tags in Finlay. Finlay then takes down Psicosis with an evil clothesline. Psicosis gets up a few seconds later and escapes from Finlay, reaches out and tags in Super Crazy. Super Crazy dropkicks Finlay and leaps onto the top rope for his finisher, the Moonsault! However, Mercury and Nitro come from behind and push down Super Crazy to the mat. Mercury and Nitro then get the Gymini and toss them off the apron. Finlay finds this to be the opportune moment and he grabs his shillelagh while the referee has his back turned. Finlay beats down Super Crazy with the Shillelagh as Burchill goes over and holds back Psicosis. Regal cheers on Finlay as Finlay make the cover, the referee quickly turns around and counts, One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: UKliq


Interview w/ Ken Kennedy

Josh Matthews: Right now I’m about to interview Ken Kenn….

Kennedy snatches the mic from Matthews’s hand and begins to talk.

Ken Kennedy: That’s Mr. Kennedy to you. And Josh, if you can do this right without messing anything up or saying anything bad about me, then maybe I’ll let you continue on with this one time only interview from me.

Josh Matthews: Ok I want to ask you something Mr. Kennedy. For the past few weeks, you and Bobby Lashley have fought, is this because of jealousy?

Ken Kennedy: Jealous of what Josh? I’m the man that is single handedly changing Friday Night television and you think I’m jealous of that freak? I can assure you this though Josh that Lashley’s days are beginning to be numbered here on Smackdown because when I’m finished with him, Lashley will never see not only Smackdown but the WWE again!

Josh Matthews: And r….

Suddenly in comes Theodore Long breaking up the interview as he looks at Mr. Kennedy.

Theodore Long: How’s it going playas?

Ken Kennedy: Teddy, what the hell are you doing here?

Theodore Long: Calm down Mr. Kennedy because playa, I saw that you interfered in the match last week with Bobby Lashley, and well I didn’t like that. So playa, I booked a match tonight where it will be Bobby Lashley! Facing two opponents, one his opponent from last week in Orlando Jordan and his tag partner…You!

Ken Kennedy: WHAT?

Theodore Long: And playa, that match is next! Holla!

We then cut down to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Wow, Handicap Match coming up next as Lashley will be taking on Orlando Jordan and Mr. Kennedy!

Tazz: I don’t think Kennedy expected that at all, hell I think he’s afraid of even getting into the ring with Bobby Lashley!

Michael Cole: Kennedy has yet to reveal why he has been beating down Lashley but tonight he might be the one beaten down.

Tazz: Kennedy has to be the one that wishes he wasn’t here tonight, he has gotten himself into a lot of trouble tonight and his match is now!

Match #2
Handicap Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Ken Kennedy and Orlando Jordan

Match Overview: Pretty good fought out match with Kennedy rarely coming in but only whenever Lashley is down taking advantage of him. Jordan gets a beat down going onto Lashley as he tries to wear down the bigger man. Jordan takes down Lashley with a Swinging Neckbreaker but only gets a two count, which angers him. Jordan tries for a DDT but the bigger Lashley easily pushes Jordan off but Jordan gets pushed into Kennedy making the legal tag! Kennedy comes in slowly but surely not wanting to mess with Lashley too much. Kennedy throws a punch at Lashley but Lashley ducks it and picks up Kennedy for a Running Powerslam. However Kennedy slides off the shoulders of Lashley and pushes Lashley away from him. Kennedy then runs over and tags back in Jordan before he starts heading up the ramp, as it’s clear Kennedy wants nothing to do with Lashley. Kennedy watches from the ramp as Lashley nails Jordan with a Spear! Lashley then taunts Jordan and the fans as he picks up Jordan, and then delivers the Dominator before getting on the mat and making a cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley


We cut backstage to see Sylvan standing in the back in his wrestling gear.

Sylvan: Hello, my name is Sylvan.

Crowd Boos

Sylvan: At-large Ambassador of Quebec!

Crowd Boos

Sylvan: The isle of Quebec is a place where you can relax, forget about all of your worries and most importantly, leave the United States!

Crowd Starts USA Chant

Sylvan: Quebec, a land where the streets are safe, where the people are friendly, and where food is cooked cuisine. A land where you can enjoy yourself throughout the year and sit down and enjoy time with friends and family.

Crowd Boos

Sylvan: So do you want to be seen here in the USA….

Crowd Boos

Sylvan: Or do you want to come to Quebec, the land of perhaps the most famous person ever to grace foot in the WWE, Sylvan! Take it or leave it, it’s your choice and well, whatever you choose now that Quebec is waiting for you with open arms!

Crowd Starts USA Chants

Sylvan: Quebec, a island of tranquility.

We then cut down to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: I can’t stand him Tazz, every week he is always mentioning something about that damn country of his!

Tazz: He’s proud of his heritage, I’d be too and quite frankly I think Sylvan has every right to be out here doing that.

Michael Cole: Well hopefully Tatanka will beat him tonight because he’s going to be facing the man he defeated last week.

Tazz: Tatanka just returned too and the ring veteran has certainly shown he’s not lost anything since being in the ring.

We then cut out to a black screen, it is an upcoming advertisement for a PPV.

Voice: One day you will be forced to be looked upon….

Images of Edge delivering his key moves like the Spear, Edge-O-Matic, Edgecator, and Edegecution are shown

Voice: You will be asked for what have you done in your time….

Images of JBL delivering the Clothesline to Hell to numerous opponents is shown and finally him holding the WWE title.

Voice: It will be time for you to move on to other things….

Images of London and Kendrick capturing the WWE Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania are shown.

Voice: But most importantly, you will be asked for why should you be here….

Images of Christian delivering the Unprettier, DDT’s, Crossbody’s and many more of his key moves are shown.

Voice: The day of Judgment is upon us….

Fast paced images are now shown of the other superstars on the Smackdown brand before we quickly cut out….

Voice: Judgment Day….May 21!

We quickly cut out as the fans see finally a graveyard with lights beaming down, lighting strikes and we then cut to a commercial.


Match #3
Sylvan vs. Tatanka

Match Overview: In a rematch from last week, we see the Ambassador of Quebec taking on the Native American in Tatanka. Tatanka takes down Sylvan with a few chops to the head of the Ambassador of Quebec bringing him down to the mat. Tatanka then finds himself heading to the top rope to attempt to finish off the young and talented Sylvan. Tatanka sets himself up carefully and leaps off the top turnbuckle connecting with the Tomahawk Chop! Shortly after Tatanka jumps down onto the mat and makes a cover, One…Two….Thre….Sylvan is able to get his foot on the ropes and keeps his hopes alive. Tatanka can’t believe his chances were ruined there and he heads over to the ropes to take a breather. Sylvan finds a chance to get himself back into it as he charges into the corner and delivers a splash with Tatanka’s sternum going first into the turnbuckles. Sylvan spins around Tatanka as he connects with his finisher, the 3 Seconds of Fame as he tosses Tatanka over for the cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Sylvan

We then cut to the back to see Booker T standing by with Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Booker, last week we saw you defeat Rey Mysterio in a No Holds Barred Match to become the champion but you had help from Batista, w…

Booker T: Tell me you didn’t just say that! Tell me you didn’t just say I needed help from that genetic freak, Batista! I didn’t tell Batista to come out there, he chose to and I simply took advantage and became the United States Champion.

Josh Matthews: Well Booker, we’ve been told that y…

Booker T: You’re talking to a Five Time…Five Time…Five Time…Five Time…Five Time WCW Champion, the current United States Champion and soon to be your next World-Heavyweight Champion as if I’m a nobody!

Josh Matthews: Ok Booker, one more thing. We’ve been told that you won’t be wrestling tonight but will most likely wrestle next week right, by the way will the title be on the line?

Booker T: Josh, nobody can or will take this title out of the hands of me. I’m perhaps the greatest wrestler to grace the likes of the WWE and that’s the truth. Just look at my past accomplishments and if anyone wants to take this title from me, well then they’re going to have to try their hardest to do it! Now can you dig that…

Josh Matthews: Y…

Booker T: SUCKA!!!!

We then cut down to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Booker T has to be one of the rudest champions ever in the WWE, I hope someone takes that title soon.

Tazz: Whether you’re nice or not doesn’t matter, what matters is how you can get it done in the ring with the gold on the line.

Michael Cole: Booker’s going to find himself in trouble one day and he’s not going to be able to keep that title forever.

Tazz: I don’t know Cole, it’s Booker T after all and he’s shown that he does deserve to be where he is at today here in the WWE.


Unleashed hits and out steps Batista. The Animal comes down the stage as he is in his wrestling gear apparently preparing for a match up. Batista gets into the ring and grabs a mic first surprising the fans as they thought he was about to wrestle. Batista then looks around the crowd as the fans boo him but he ignores them.

Batista: How’s it going tonight?

Crowd Boos

Batista: Sounds good. But I’m here for a reason tonight, I’m not out here to listen to you fans chant whether you like me or not. I’m out here to make an example of my former friend, the man that tried to take my spot here on Smackdown, yeah you know I’m talking about your favorite wrestler, Rey Mysterio!

Crowd Pops

Batista: Well, you want to see what I could do to Rey Mysterio? I want to show you what I could do to someone like Rey Mysterio. Hell why not go ahead and show you now? That’s because I’m going to show you how long it takes to beat down and destroy someone like him, so go ahead and come on out here, let’s get this started.

Match #4
Batista vs. Shannon Moore

Match Overview: Quick squash match with Batista throwing Shannon Moore around like he was nothing and the whole point is he’s a cruiserweight. Batista connects with a Spinebuster shaking the ring on impact and makes a cover, however Batista pulls the shoulder of Moore up keeping the match going and the damage to Moore too! Batista heads into the corner and Moore can’t get up so he helps Moore up. Batista charges across the ring and connects with a Spear! Batista makes another cover but doesn’t let it continue as he picks him up. Now Moore looks completely out of it as Batista grabs the lifeless Moore and throws him between his legs. Batista hoists Moore up and finally connects with his patented finisher, the Batista Bomb! Batista then hooks the legs of Moore and keeps them hooked, One…Two…Three

Winner: Batista

Batista goes to grab a mic but from behind, Rey Mysterio jumps onto the top rope and dropkicks Batista down to the mat. Mysterio slides to the outside and grabs a chair throwing it into the ring. Mysterio beats down Batista with a chair but Batista doesn’t feel the impact. Instead Batista rips the chair from Mysterio and throws it to the outside. Mysterio sees Batista coming and slides between his legs before dropkicking Batista into the ropes. Mysterio then runs off the opposite ropes before coming back and delivering the 619! The fans yell for Mysterio as he leaps onto the top rope for West Coast Pop but as he does, Batista catches him and delivers a Sit Out Powerbomb! The ring shakes with impact as Batista gets out of the ring and surveys the damage. Mysterio lay lifeless in the ring as paramedics go to check on him with a sick and twisted Batista looking on the outside.

We then cut down to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: My god! Batista just single handedly took out Rey Mysterio there and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mysterio is injured.

Tazz: Batista is no longer playing around, this is an intense side of the Animal and he certainly isn’t someone you want to mess with.

Michael Cole: Batista certainly shows no remorse for his former friend, he could have just ended his career there.

Tazz: I don’t think Batista cares about anyone now, I don’t think he will ever care about anyone in that mind of state he’s in.

We cut backstage to see Edge knock on the door of Theodore Long, Edge walks in as Theodore is sitting at his desk.

Edge: Look Teddy, I know Judgment Day is coming up and all and well, I was wondering if I could have a well deserved break?

Theodore Long: What’s your problem playa? Think back two weeks ago whenever you speared me down in that ring. What makes you think I should do any favor for a playa like that, who attacks his own General Manager?

Edge: Look Te…

Theodore Long: There’s no sorries now Edge! And speaking of having a number one contender, that gives me a great idea for next week!

Edge: Hold it Teddy! I’m the Rated R Superstar damn it! I’m the World-Heavyweight Champion and I decide whenever I want to defend my title, not whenever you want me to be out there defending my title!

Theodore Long: You got it all wrong playa! You see since you want to talk to me like that, then we’re going to be having ourselves a number one contender crowned next week. It’s going to be a Triple Threat Match with Randy Orton, Christian and finally Chris Benoit!

Edge: Teddy, I don’t think you know who you’re talking to, I’m th…

Theodore Long: No playa, I don’t think you know who you’re talking to. You wanted to mess around with the GM of Smackdown and now you’ve got to pay. So playa be ready because Judgment Day is only 5 weeks away and you will be defending that title.

Edge: Damn it Teddy! You know you’re going to wish you didn’t do this to me, I’m going to make sure that something happens to you. I’m going to make sure that you wished you didn’t put me into this situation, after all I’m the Rated R Superstar.

Theodore Long: Get out of my office.

Edge doesn’t want to leave until Long calls Security. Edge leaves not wanting to be totted off as Long looks at Edge.

Theodore Long: Holla!


Longhorn hits and out comes the ever so familiar Longhorn limo. The limo pulls into the arena and makes a sudden stop, out steps the chauffeur. The chauffeur then opens the door and out steps “Mr. Money in the Bank” JBL. JBL does the Texas Two Step and he is carrying his briefcase down into the ring before he gets in and grabs a mic.

JBL: Mr. Money in the Bank has arrived.

Crowd Boos

JBL: Now I just heard Teddy Long announce a Triple Threat Match where the winner faces the champion Edge at Judgment Day? There’s Randy Orton, there’s Christian, and hell there’s even Chris Benoit in there. But most importantly, why is there no JBL in there at all, why in the hell am I not in that match?

Crowd Pops

JBL: Shut up! Every damn one of you! I’ve accomplished more in a year than most of you have done in your entire lifetime! You know’s true. I’ve been the longest reigning WWE Champion in ten years, I run a successful company and have perhaps the greatest radio show alive today across the entire country of the USA!

Crowd Boos

JBL: This briefcase in my hand gives me a title shot whenever I want it, it can null and void anybody else’s shot if I want it to. But I’m not going to use it already! No, I’ve got a certain place I’m going to use this, I’ve already got it planned but I’ll tell you this, next week JBL will be in that match and head to face Edge at Judgment Day!

Crowd Boos

JBL: You know you all want to see me, John Bradshaw Layfield main eventing the next PPV which is Judgment Day! I’ve main evented the past two Judgment Day’s and was a bloody mess when both were finished. I’m going to make sure that whenever I’m done, I’m going to definitely be in the main event for the World-Heavyweight Championship no matter what it takes.

Crowd Boos

JBL: I’m a self-proclaimed Millionaire, perhaps the most known name not only in the World Wrestling Entertainment, not only the United States of America but perhaps the entire world knows who I am! My name is John…Bradshaw…Layfield!!!

Crowd Boos

JBL: Whether you like me or not isn’t the matter, the fact of the matter is that I’m the greatest WWE Champion and I’ll soon be the greatest World-Heavyweight Champion. You can hear the fans yelling my name…JBL! JBL! JBL! The fans cheer in approval because they finally get to see a true hero to them, the Wrestling God!

Crowd starts JBL Sucks Chants as Longhorn hits again. However JBL heads over to the commentator’s table and gets himself a seat for the main event. JBL grabs a headset as Tazz welcomes him but Michael Cole doesn’t seem happy.

Tazz: Hey, how it’s going tonight JBL?

JBL: Thanks Tazz for having me here but I might need to watch myself with Michael Cole being over here right now.

Michael Cole: Well JBL, I see you inserted yourself into the main event next week but it hasn’t been made official yet.

JBL: You shut your mouth right now, I can guarantee you that next week I will indeed be in the main event and you won’t have any say.

Tazz: Of course you will JBL and hell, I could even see you perhaps even taking the title with you come Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: You suckup! Well in the matter of events, coming up after the break we have a nice main event as Edge and Randy Orton face Christian and Chris Benoit!


Match #5
Edge and Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit and Christian

Match Overview: In this great tag team match, we see all four wrestlers facing off with each other as JBL sits at ringside watching the match up. Edge though doesn’t get into the ring as much as any of the others as he tries to stay clear. Benoit finds himself with his former rival Orton towards the end of the match up. Orton catches Benoit with a swinging neckbreaker before he tosses Benoit into the ropes. Orton comes charging but misses as Benoit makes a tag into Christian. Christian comes in full steam after Orton. Christian backs Orton into the ropes, which he ends up irish whipping Orton across the ring. Christian catches Orton with a DDT and plants him in the mat. One…Two…Thr…Edge quickly breaks it up continuing the matchup. Edge watches as Christian comes after him but he quickly jumps to the outside of the ring. Christian then grabs Orton and tosses him into the ropes. Orton charges sending Christian over the top rope to the outside with a clothesline. Edge takes advantage of his brother beating him down before throwing him back into the ring to Orton. Benoit calls for a tag but Christian can’t reach out. Orton starts to taunt for the RKO but Christian pushes Orton off as he jumps into air. Christian kicks Orton in the gut, and delivers the Unprettier! Christian decides to go ahead and cover Orton but Edge distracts the referee. We see JBL knock Benoit off the apron and face first onto the steel steps. JBL then waits as he gets into the ring for Christian to turn around. JBL sees Christian turn around and he charges before delivering the Clothesline from Hell! JBL then slides to the outside and backs himself up the ramp while the fans boo the hell out of JBL. Orton reaches out and throws a hand over the fallen Christian while the World-Heavyweight Champion Edge looks on. One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Edge and Randy Orton

We then cut down to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: JBL went out there and cheated! He cheated and now I think Christian is going to want a piece of him.

Tazz: He did what he said he would do, he has basically thrown himself into the middle of this title contention group!

Michael Cole: But most importantly, JBL went out there and made an impact, he showed that he certainly does want that title back.

Tazz: He’s not going to just stand and wait around, he wants his free shot at the title but he’s not going to use the briefcase now.

Michael Cole: Well as for me, I’m Michael Cole and he is Tazz, we’ll see you here next week on Friday Night Smackdown.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good match to kick things off with, and the veteran team of the UKliq get the victory, thanks to Burchill and Finaly's shillelagh

Ha Kennedy ends up getting a handicap match with OJ against Lashley, can see Lashley pinning OJ to preserve this feud for a bit longer. And just as I thought, Lashley dominates OJ and Kennedy doesn't do a thing

Ugh Sylvain? Why bother with this guy, atleast he's good for a promo or two, I hope he isn't going to be pushed. Yet, he gets a win over Tatanka

LOL Booker was in character fairly well here, he ending to that interview made me laugh a bit. SUCKA!

Batista has turned heel, and dominates and squashes Shannon Moore. Ew Rey? I hope Batista crushes him. And Batista does do just that, I'm happy now. I hate Rey

Orton vs Christian vs Benoit will be huge, I dunno which one is gonna end up facing Edge tho, wild guess with Christian

JBL brags about being Mr. MITB among other things, kinda pointless in-ring promo's tonight, you'd think this may've sparked a feud with someone, but not this time. I wonder if he'll use the MITB soon

JBL costs Christian/Benoit the match, well that's the start of their feud, so I guess Benoit is gonna win the 3 way next week now, as heel vs heel for the title isn't a very inviting idea

Good show, but seemed off the pace and sometimes the promo's were in random places, not really meaning much. 7.5/10

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown Review
Friday April 21, 2006
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Match #1
#1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way Match
MNM vs. UKliq vs. The Mexicools vs. The Gymini

Good opening to the sow with Fatal 4 Way Match. Regal and Finlay get the victory and now we will hopefully get a good feud between both teams.

Handicap Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Ken Kennedy and Orlando Jordan

Kennedy's promo was good but Long made it even better. As for the match, the formula seemed basic, as in the end I knew Lashley would get the win.

I see you're adminstering the current character of Sylvain into the thread, and this seems to be working though I would love if you had JBL say some words following the video. Onto the other points of the show as Sylvian seems to be getting pushed as he picked up the W here tonight, as for Booker's promo, it was good and hopefully Booker is soon the World Champion.

Great words from Edge, as I don't have much to say about the Batista/Mysterio segment as you're doing a great job progressing the feud further. Back to Edge, the title will be on the line at Judgment Day, and it should be a great match with whomever he's facing. Great promo from the "Promo King" JBL. JBL wants to main event Judgment Day, and I have a feeling it might just happen. You're right. JBL made one hell of an impact, and he truly set the tone for next week's Smackdown, which I am now looking forward to with great anticipation. Overall Score=84/100=B! 1!

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