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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Presents Backlash
Sunday April 30, 2006
Boston, Massachusetts
Official Theme Song: Move Along by The All-American Rejects

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs Kurt Angle

Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H and Kane
Special Referee: Vince McMahon
Special Enforcer: Shane McMahon

Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs Chris Jericho

Women's Championship
Handicap Match
Mickie James (c) vs Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro

Thought I would post the updated card. Anyways, expect Smackdown probably at the end of the week. Should be a good little show there and I'll post news and the preview later during the week.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Backlash is looking good, keep it up KOPV, I'll be reading SD!

By the way, when you have time, you "owe" me a review.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry for such the delay, but here's a review for your older SmackDown:

Opening promo- Teddy was in character and made some good announcements which is what the GM is there for, good so far. Edge’s comments seem to be repetition every time he talks, saying he’s the champ and draws the ratings which I know is what he usually does, but maybe you should try changing it up a bit for more interesting promos. The spear at the end was a great way to get Edge even more over as a heel and shows what kind of person he is. This was overall simple with nothing special, except maybe we can see a Edge vs SmackDown type feud, which would rock. Strong opening promo, but nothing special.

Four Way Match- Everyone played their role: powerhouse, high flyer, boxer/grappler, and Booker T. A good way to open up SmackDown and just a really good match, and I liked the ending sequence. A rivalry renewed on SD with a belt on the line is good for ratings, and should be a good match. Kennedy/Lashley feud should be great too

Booker T interview- Eh, I didn’t like this that much. Did it’s job of hyping the match with Mysterio next week and you kept it at a good length, but Booker seemed out of character unless using one of his ridiculous catchphrases. I’m not explaining this well, just know that the interview was ‘meh’, and maybe a face-to-face witch Mysterio backstage would have been better.

Punk debut video- I just hope you know his wrestling style and everything, not sure how much ROH/early TNA you match to get his promos/wrestling style/etc. Hopefully you use him well…and make him WHC immediately.

Ukliq vs Three Jobbers – Squash as you said, and I’m really loving Ukliq just because it’s giving three talented wrestlers something to do so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. No signs of slowing down after destroying the jobbers like that, but I’d love to see these three split and have a three-way feud or something. At the same time, I’d hate to see them implode since they’d probably have nothing else to do on SD. Back on topic- decent match, good length summary for a squash.

Orton promo- Whats this? A GOOD Orton promo? This was well done and in character, Orton playing up the legend killer gimmick well and acting very cocky. Giving him a good amount of time as well, showing signs of him getting pushed it looks like. Christian’s interruption seemed forced and you just had Orton use that line randomly so Christian could get mic time, and the beatdown was kinda random too (I understand why it happened, but it seemed very unneseccary). Good promo turned rushed/forced/etc at the end, although hype for the main event was needed and possibly a feud to come out of this.

Noble vs Nunzio- Meh, decent cruiserweight match, nothing special really. Noble seems to be unstoppable, so I think it would have been better if Vito stayed around and help Nunzio win since it was non-title, thus creating a feud and giving Nunzio a chance at winning (using Vito). At least I think it would have been a good way to keep people guessing if Noble would win or not…okay, now I’m just rambling on. Decent match, cruiserweights getting air time is always good, can’t wait to see someone strip Noble of the belt (maybe even Punker?)

Interview w/ Hooligans- Horrible. This was just so bland and just….just ew. Don’t let them ever speak again, ever. Get them a manager or keep it short and sweet. I understand why they had to talk this time, so I’ll let it slide. Also, Kendrick is more of a fun babyface (comedy character) and he seemed really off, where London was semi in character. Since they were so bad the length made it even worse since it was a tad on the longer side.

JBL promo- In-character, good length, had a purpose, not much else needs to be said. No funny/insulting comments like the usual JBL promo has, but other than that is was perfect.

Tag Team Match- Meh, didn’t like this match, probably because not enough ‘cool’ moves from the Hooligans and the Gymini bore me. Realistic SD match I guess. Just happy that Hooligans won the match.

Kennedy/Lashley segment- Looks like the feud officially starts with these two brawling backstage, Kennedy trying to hide like the perfect heel. Although, did anyone explain yet WHY Kennedy cost Lashley his match? Is there a reason? Don’t turn into the WWE here!

Sylvan promo- Even with his new gimmick I don’t care about him. Next.

Main Event- Definitely MOTN and a great lengthed summary with the top guys getting the offense they need to look strong. Apparently the Orton/Christian feud is happening since neither won their match, and I’m really happy Benoit is getting the push. Hopefully a Edge/Benoit feud so Edge can carry them on the mic and Benoit can carry them in the ring. Canadian vs Canadian, eh?

Overall- 8/10. Some choppy promos/interviews, things felt rushed, some things weren’t explained, etc. Also, the Hooligans match just didn’t get me, it was realistic but just bland. Other than that, great stuff, and I can’t wait to see the Kennedy/Lashley feud unfold.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News

Many Call-Ups Still Planned

The WWE has been planning for some callups from DSW and OVW to their main rosters since WrestleMania just ended. The most recent callup has been C.M. Punk as we saw he had a promo video done for him this past week on Smackdown for his debut. Raw could be getting some shortly after Backlash while Smackdown could possibly gain some later on during the end of May or in the summer, maybe even before. With people possibly being called up, there very well could be a few releases coming soon. Nothing can be certain now but this is the rumors.

Huge Announcement Set for Raw This Monday

Earlier today on WWE.com, Mr. McMahon promised to all of the WWE fans he has a huge announcement for this Monday Night's Raw. Whether it involves Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin is currently unknown at the moment but certainly it's something big. He told everyone that you will not want to miss this episode of Raw because then the surprise won't be known to you, it's that big. So tune into Raw this coming Monday on April 17, 2006 live on the USA Network as you won't want to miss this huge announcement Mr. McMahon has to announce.

Sunday Night Heat Taping Results

Gene Snitsky def. Rosey
Gregory Helms def. Chavo Guerrero
Mickie James def. Torrie Wilson
Ric Flair def. Kenny via DQ
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice news KOP, it'll be interesting to see who the callups are and the announcement. Can't wait for your next show.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown Preview for April 14, 2006

Tonight Friday Night Smackdown will be emenating live to you from Spokane, Washington and so many major matches have been announced. First off in the main event, Edge will be forced to defend his World-Heavyweight Championship tonight against "The Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit. Benoit was able to secure a victory last week in the Battle Royal and claim a shot at the World-Heavyweight title this week. With these two rekindling an old rivalry, it certainly isn't going to be a pretty matchup between the two. Tune into Friday Night Smackdown to see if the Rated R Superstar can retain or if a new champ will be crowned.

Also, another championship match has been signed on for Friday Night Smackdown this week. The Final Encounter between Booker T and Rey Mysterio will take place this week. The United States title will be on the line and better yet, in a No Holds Barred Match. Anything goes which means the title can be won at anytime with there being no dq's. Could we see the Master of the 619 walk back away with his United States Champion or will Booker T find a way to prevail. Tune in to witness this major No Holds Barred Match on Friday Night Smackdown.

Last week in the ring, Randy Orton came out and said he was moving on to better things. Orton kept on saying that his win over The Rock had to have been the biggest Legend he has ever killed. Orton kept on until "Captain Charisma" Christian came out and interrupted the Legend Killer before Orton had something to say. Orton went as far as to still Christian's saying "That's How I Roll" before chaos engaged in the ring. A huge brawl took place before Orton finished off Christian with a RKO and disposed of him in the ring. Certainly something has to be said from Captain Charisma.

Another intresting twist in event has taken place as last week Ken Kennedy attacked Bobby Lashley from behind during the #1 Contender's Fatal 4 Way costing Lashley a shot at the US title. However later on in the night, Lashley would get his revenge whenever he attacked Kennedy backstage as security had to break the two up. Nobody is certain yet why Kennedy attacked Lashley and hopefully we will find out this week. Otherwise, nothing can be known right now as for Kennedy's motives.

For all of this and more, don't miss Friday Night Smackdown!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

SmackDown! looks good KOPV, as I said the other day I'll be reading.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday April 14, 2006
Spokane, Washington

Rise Up, the official theme song for Friday Night Smackdown hits and we head over to the ringside announcer’s in Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting night of action on Friday Night Smackdown!

Tazz: And I’m pumped, two major championship matches tonight with even the World-Heavyweight Championship on the line.

Michael Cole: I’m pumped; it’s going to be such a great night and what about our No Holds Barred Match for the US title?

Tazz: Wow, that’s going to be kicking the show off too Cole and I can’t say that it couldn’t be a better time for that match.

Match #1
United States Championship
No Holds Barred Match
Rey Mysterio © vs. Booker T

Match Overview: Great opening match, perhaps a match of the year candidate for Smackdown with both of these two showing what they have in the ring with each other. With anything going in this match up, Booker T certainly takes advantage and cheats. Mysterio heads onto the top rope and leaps off for West Coast Pop but Booker T catches Mysterio with a hard steel chair shot right onto the head of the US Champ. Mysterio rolls around on the mat and Booker T starts to measure up the champion. Booker T is looking to take down Mysterio with a kick but gets into an argument with a fan at ringside. This gives Mysterio time to recover and Booker T is stalling. He then turns back around and comes charging at Mysterio for a Houston Side Kick but Mysterio ducks and trips up Booker T. Mysterio then watches as Booker T goes flying into the ropes and Mysterio is ready. He yells out 619 and runs to the ropes and comes back with the 619. He goes to the top rope but out of nowhere, Batista comes from behind on Mysterio and pushes him off the top rope. Mysterio splashes down in the ring and is down. Batista then looks up under the ring and grabs a table and slides it into the ring. Batista then sets the table up with boos flowing in from the fans as Batista grabs Mysterio and throws him between his legs. Batista plants Mysterio with a Powerbomb right through the table and Booker T crawls over and takes advantage as Batista heads to the outside surveying his damage. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Booker T

Michael Cole
: My god! Rey Mysterio was screwed over tonight and as a result he ends up losing his United States Championship

Tazz: I really can’t believe it; we have crowned a new champion tonight and could that mean something for later tonight too.

Michael Cole: This is a tragedy, Rey Mysterio deserves a rematch but better yet, someone needs to stop Batista from destroying people.

Tazz: Mysterio can’t get a rematch as Booker T said this was the last time, now Mysterio moves onto bigger things, literally in Batista.


We cut backstage to see Josh Matthews looking for Batista before he bumps into him.

Josh Matthews: Batista, we just saw you interfere and cost Rey Mysterio the United States Championship, what’s your motive?

Batista: My motive? Well let’s put it simple, Rey Mysterio has been stealing my spotlight, the spotlight I deserve as a former World-Heavyweight Champion. Now that Undertaker is injured, it’s time to move on and well, Mysterio was standing in my way.

Josh Matthews: What are you talking ab….

Batista grabs the mic from Josh and threatens to hit him with it before he leaves, Batista then drops the mic down and speaks again.

Batista: It’s simple Rey, you’re the one that has been running around on Smackdown defeating everyone and that’s got to end. It’s got to end because everyone is tired of it; nobody likes seeing every week you.

Batista: And whether you are watching or not, I’m going to end your career here in the WWE and you won’t be wrestling period. I don’t care that you’re a former United States Champion, you’re just standing in my way moving towards the World-Heavyweight Championship and that’s why I’m going to have to beat you down Rey.

Batista: We use to be friends Rey but what happened? What happened whenever we were friends, whatever happened to that? It’s simple, you let it overcome you and you had to steal my spotlight, well I’m going to not only end your spotlight but your career.

Batista: I’m the Animal, Rey Mysterio! I’m going to take you out Rey.

We then cut back over to ringside to the commentators.

Michael Cole: Certainly a different side of Batista there and he has been a changed man in the past few months here.

Tazz: He certainly has, I think he’s unleashing the beast inside of him and that could be a very dangerous thing for everyone.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio learned first hand about Batista tonight and it ended up costing him his title too in the process.

Tazz: Well, it’s been an intresting night so far but we’ve still got so much more to come and I’m pumped to see what will happen.

Match #2
Bobby Lashley vs. Orlando Jordan

Match Overview: Pretty good match between these two and we see Ken Kennedy doing ringside commentary. Kennedy is questioned as to why he attacked Lashley but he doesn’t say anything and continues to watch the match. Lashley works on Jordan but doesn’t dominate him, as Jordan isn’t going to be squashed in this matchup. Jordan shows that he can hang with some of the best as he shows off his boxing skills and knocks Lashley off his feet. Jordan then taunts Lashley telling him to get up. Jordan starts taunting Lashley going for the Blackout. However Lashley maneuvers his way out and pushes Jordan off. Jordan comes springing off the ropes right into a Spear from the dominant monster in Lashley. Lashley then grabs Jordan off the mat and picks him up, Kennedy runs to the ring looking to interfere and cost Lashley the matchup. Kennedy slides a pair of brass knucks into the ring to Jordan. Jordan looks at them and grabs them while Kennedy has the referee distracted. Jordan comes charging at Lashley after Jordan recovers. Jordan runs at Lashley with the knucks and he misses! Lashley then picks Jordan up for the Dominator and he nails it, Kennedy tries to get in but Lashley knocks him off the apron. Lashley covers the fallen Jordan, One…Two…Three

Winner: Bobby Lashley


Just Close Your Eyes hits and “Captain Charisma” Christian comes walking out onto the stage and slaps his hand on his chest. Christian comes down into the ring and he climbs into the ring by the steel steps. He gets in and taunts the crowd and plays to them before he receives a mic from the announcer at ringside.

Christian: Last week was a major mistake for Randy Orton. He made the mistake of laying me out in the ring with an RKO.

Crowd Boos

Christian: But mainly tonight, I want an answer from Randy Orton. I want to know why he had to do what he did, why he had to beat me down after my loss at WrestleMania. It had already been a bad week for me and it got even worse when he RKO’d me. So Randy, I do not want to wait or anything, I don’t want this to be dragged out. Get your ass out here now!

Crowd Pops

Christian: So w…

Burn in my Light hits and out comes “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton. Christian drops the mic and motions for Orton to come on down but Orton stops at the ramp. He stares down Christian and looks around soaking up all the heat. The fans continue to boo Orton before he interrupts and begins to speak breaking up the boos.

Randy Orton: Wait one minute. Because Christian, you know I really like what you are showing all of these fans. You know I was once like you Christian, I was the person that cared what the fans thought about me and well, what did it get me? It made me lose my World-Heavyweight Championship! A title that I haven’t held in almost two years!

Crowd Pops

Randy Orton: Shut up! Every single one of you! I’ve killed many legends and you aren’t going to disrepect not only me but also my accomplishments! And you Christian, you want me to fight tonight but I’m not dumb. I’m not going to ev…

Christian: You know what Randy, I’m sick as I’m sure everyone else is of hearing you run your match about being the “legend killer” Sure you’ve beaten people like Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Undertaker, The Rock but there’s one person you haven’t beaten and he might not be a legend but that would happen to be me!

Crowd Pops

Randy Orton: You! (Orton starts to laugh) Wow, you really do start to crack me up there Christian. Comparing yourself to me? You’re a nothing Christian; you’re just someone that runs around saying they’re full of charisma when nobody gives a damn. And if I’m not mistaking, I won at WrestleMania, and well, you tapped out!

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: But don’t worry Christian. You’ve still got a lot going for you; you’ve got your little fan base, the peeps. You’ve got your charisma and well, really that’s all I can think about now because to be honest, you’ve got nothing going for you. But take a look at greatness; greatness is in the form of Randy Orton!!!

Crowd Boos

Christian: Randy, I’m tired of your talking. And since you don’t want to come out here, I guess I’m going to have to go out there.

Christian drops his mic and heads out of the ring. Orton then runs to the back and Christian starts running after him. Orton jumps out at Christian behind the curtains and ends up throwing Christian into a huge luggage case. Christian then gets back up and walks into Orton who throws Christian onto a table full of food. Christian however gets up before Orton can do anything but Orton runs off. Christian stares down the hallway as Orton is slowly walking backwards.

Christian: That’s how I roll!!!

We then cut over to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Wow, Christian and Orton certainly have some bad blood with one another and I’m wondering where it comes from.

Tazz: I’m interested myself Cole, it certainly has been a wild night so far including us gaining a new champion here on Smackdown!

Michael Cole: That’s right but what about still to come; we have a major World-Heavyweight Championship matchup.

Tazz: It’s going to be a great night; I can’t wait to see what else is going to be going down tonight whenever we finish off Smackdown.


We cut backstage to see Sylvan standing in the back, he has a Quebec flag by him and he is wearing his wrestling outfit.

Sylvan: Hello my name is Sylvan.

Crowd Boos

Sylvan: And I am the at-large Ambassador of Quebec.

Crowd Boos

Sylvan: And I want to invite you to all come visit and stay in the wonderful city of Quebec, the island of tranquility. A true city that holds history to its name including the wonderful sport of hockey in the country of Canada.

Crowd Starts USA Chants

Sylvan: A place like home, make it your choice. Do you want to stay in the USA….

Crowd Pops

Sylvan: Or come join the isle of Quebec? Where the people of this world can come and enjoy a walk through a clean park, a chance to come to Quebec is yours. Whatever choice you make, know that Quebec is waiting for you.

Crowd Boos

Sylvan: So come visit Quebec, you won’t be sorry!

We then cut down to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: And for the second week in a Raw, Sylvan has shown all of these fans that he certainly will not let you not know he’s from Quebec.

Tazz: Of course not, he’s making me sick with all of these Quebec things and really, I don’t think anybody even wants to think about going there.

Michael Cole: Any chance he gets, he is going to go out there and promote that country of Quebec, and he certainly will do it too!

Tazz: Calm down Cole, well right now we’re about to see Sylvan in action and he’s facing a return of a superstar, Tatanka!

Match #3
Sylvan vs. Tatanka

Match Overview: In Sylvan’s redebut with his new gimmick, he takes on a returning superstar in Tatanka. Tatanka shows he can still hang with some of the best and slows down Sylvan throughout the match up. Tatanka grabs Sylvan and sends him flying into the corner. Tatanka comes off the ropes with a Tomahawk Chop but he misses. Sylvan then kicks Tatanka in the gut and drops him with a nice suplex. Sylvan starts to taunt the fallen superstar and then motions for Tatanka to get back onto his feet. Sylvan grabs Tatanka as he gets up, and then kicks him in the gut. Sylvan goes for the 3 Seconds of Fame but Tatanka pushes him off. Sylvan comes off the ropes right back into Tatanka but rolls up Tatanka. Sylvan grabs the ropes and the tights and the referee doesn’t notice, he begins the count though. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Sylvan


We cut out to a black screen, we then see quick highlights flash across before they stop, they then start to slow down and we see CM Punk!

Narrator: You’ve heard his name….

Images of Punk delivering the Pepsi Plunger to opponents is shown, Punk has his hand raised high after victory repeatedly amounts of times.

Narrator: You’ve seen his matches….

Images of Punk’s matches in OVW are shown, Punk is shown defeating Brent Albright for the World-Heavyweight title.

Narrator: You’ve seen him around….

Images of Punk talking in the ring are shown; the fans are chanting C.M. Punk! C.M Punk! C.M Punk! C.M Punk!

Narrator: Now it’s a whole new experience….

Images of Punk doing highflying moves such as the Flying Corkscrew, Moonsaults, and many more moves are shown.

Narrator: He’s straight edge, drug free!

Images of Punk once again doing the Pepsi Plunge are shown; images of Punk coming out to the ring are shown and climbing on the top rope

Narrator: His name…C.M Punk!

A final shot is caught of Punk in the ring holding his hands high!

Narrator: He’s coming…to Smackdown!

We then cut back over to ringside to the commentators.

Michael Cole: Wow, certainly a very impressive wrestler and even though he hasn’t debuted, he is certainly impressive.

Tazz: We’ve gotten word that in three weeks; C.M. Punk will be making not only his Smackdown debut but also his WWE debut!

Michael Cole: Three weeks until Punk comes and certainly it’s going to be hard waiting for such a talent like Punk.

Tazz: Well, right now we’ve got ourselves a major six-man tag match and it features the Tag Champions and Cruiserweight Champion.

Match #4
Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and Jamie Noble vs. Ukliq

Match Overview: Very fast paced match, this shows all the fans the potential in not only the Tag Champs and Cruiserweight Champ but also Ukliq. Finlay and Regal do take advantage though whenever they get the chance to wear down their opponents using their mat styles. Finlay has London in the ring with him and knocks down London with a clothesline. Finlay sees Kendrick wanting a tag and Finlay goes to pull London away. London however does end up making the tag and Kendrick leaps onto the top rope, and then dropkicks Finlay down onto the mat. Kendrick then runs over and knocks Burchill off but Regal grabs him. Regal goes to bash the head of Kendrick off the ringpost and Kendrick blocks, then smashes Regal’s head. Finlay comes charging at Kendrick but Kendrick ducks, then kicks Finlay in the gut. However in comes Noble, as does Burchill. Noble goes to dropkick Burchill but Burchill ducks and Noble hits Kendrick! Noble then gets disposed of by Burchill to the outside before Finlay scoops Kendrick up, then delivers Emerald Fusion. Regal stops London from coming in and the count, One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Ukliq


Longhorn hits and out comes the ever so familiar Longhorn limo. The limo pulls into the arena and makes a sudden stop, out steps the chauffeur. The chauffeur then opens the door and out steps “Mr. Money in the Bank” JBL. JBL does the Texas Two Step and he is carrying his briefcase down into the ring before he gets in and grabs a mic. The fans are booing the hell out of JBL and he doesn’t seem to reply.

JBL: You all need to shut up. Every single one of you because you don’t know who you are yelling at, I’m John Bradshaw Layfield.

Crowd Boos

JBL: I am a self-made millionaire, I’m the longest reigning champion in the WWE for the past ten years and now…now I’m Mr. Money in the Bank. A moniker so great that it surpasses my name as a Wrestling God, though I still am the Wrestling God. A moniker that ensures that I can and will have a World-Heavyweight Championship whenever and wherever I want just because of this briefcase right here in my hands.

Crowd Boos

JBL: Oh, you all know that the World-Heavyweight Championship is on loan right now, it’s on loan and about to come back home to the waist of Mr. Money in the Bank. But tonight, I’m out here to issue an challenge, a challenge for anyone that thinks they can take this briefcase here…right out of my hands and into their’s.

Crowd Pops

JBL: But wait, it’s not going to happen. I’m not going to dare risk my well-earned briefcase here in this piece of crap town. No, I’ve come here to issue a challenge to anyone who wants to fight, anyone who thinks they can beat a WRESTLING GOD!

Crowd Boos

JBL: So anybody out there, anyone wants to fi…

Live for the Moment hits and JBL jumps up laughing. Out comes Matt Hardy! Matt Hardy doesn’t look too happy though but JBL continues to laugh. JBL taunts Hardy with the briefcase since Hardy was in the match at WrestleMania. JBL continues to wave the briefcase in front of Hardy and Hardy still doesn’t respond.

JBL: Wow, if it isn’t Matt Hardy! Didn’t think you would be here, maybe all those tables, ladders, and chairs that have went to your head. Do you not know who I am son? My name is John Bradshaw Layfield, I’ve accomplished more in my time this year than you have your whole entire career, what do you have to say to that?

Crowd Boos

Matt Hardy: We…

JBL: Shut up! We don’t want to listen to you run your mouth out here. You interrupted my time, time that I requested. I came out here to let everyone know something and you ruined it Matt Hardy. Now all of these people don’t get to hear what their AMERICAN HERO has come out here to say to every one of them!

Crowd Boos

JBL: Listen up Matt, listen to all of these people chant my name. J…B…L! J…B…L! J…B…L! Hardy, you don’t see it do you? You don’t know that I’m above your level, I’m like the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball and well you, and you’re simply like the Seattle Mariners, overall a crappy team.

Crowd Boos

JBL: And H…

Hardy attacks JBL. Matt Hardy has seen enough and he starts to beat down on JBL but all of a sudden, MacMillitant hits. Out steps the GM of Smackdown, Theodore Long. Long has a mic in his hand and the referee has pulled Hardy and JBL from one another. The referee has Hardy in his corner holding him down while Long speaks.

Theodore Long: Listen up playas!

Crowd Pops

Theodore Long: Now it seems you two have pent up aggression from after WrestleMania. Well we’re going to finish this tonight, JBL you will be fighting Matt Hardy!

Crowd Pops

Theodore Long: And playa, that match is next!

Crowd Pops

Theodore Long: So holla!

We then cut right over to ringside to the commentators.

Michael Cole: And now another match has been set, Mr. Money in the Bank JBL will take on Matt Hardy after the break.

Tazz: These two did damage to one another at WrestleMania and tonight is the last straw, the last chance for to beat up each other.

Michael Cole: Well and still to come, we’ve got a major World-Heavyweight Championship bout still later on tonight.

Tazz: I can’t wait Cole, it’s been such a great night so far and much more certainly has to be expected to be coming!


Match #5
JBL vs. Matt Hardy

Match Overview: A match that gets both talents onto the air is what this is based on, nothing will be coming from this other than this match. JBL dominates for a little while but Hardy gets back into it and starts to beat down the Wrestling God. JBL goes for a Powerslam but Hardy blocks JBL before he can pick him up. Hardy then runs right into the turnbuckle ramming JBL into it and then gets a rollup for a two count. Hardy responds with a dropkick onto JBL and grabs JBL. Hardy delivers with the Side Effect and the fans are going wild for Hardy. Hardy then grabs JBL and kicks him in the gut, then goes to deliver the Twist of Fate but gets pushed off. However Hardy blocks the Clothesline from Hell to JBL. However Hardy then drops JBL with the Twist of Fate finally but decides to not cover. Matt Hardy finds himself heading over into the corner as he climbs onto the top turnbuckle. Hardy sets himself up but has wasted time. Hardy leaps off the turnbuckle for the Leg Drop but JBL rolls away. It takes a while for the Wrestling God to recover but he runs off the ropes and comes back before dropping Hardy with the Clothesline from Hell! One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: JBL

We then cut back over to the announcer’s at ringside.

Michael Cole: An impressive win tonight for JBL and he has made sure Matt Hardy isn’t going to want a piece of him again.

Tazz: He sure did but guess what’s coming up next Cole? That’s right up next is our main event and I’m ready for it!

Michael Cole: Edge will be defending the World-Heavyweight Championship against the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit!

Tazz: And with these two rekindling a rivalry, it’s certainly not going to be a friendly matchup between these two.

We cut backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by with Chris Benoit

Josh Matthews: Chris, in just a matter of moments, you will be getting your first World-Heavyweight title shot since last year, how are you feeling?

Chris Benoit: I’m feeling fine Josh. Tonight is my chance to take back my World-Heavyweight Championship, something I haven’t held in almost two years. Tonight’s my chance to show the world that Chris Benoit is for real.

Josh Matthews: You’re coming off a loss at WrestleMania but you made up for that last week, what do you think about that.

Chris Benoit: I was out bested at WrestleMania, no doubt. But tonight is my chance to like I said gain back the gold. And Edge wants to run his mouth around here saying he’s the Rated R Superstar, well I might just have to make someone tap out.

Josh Matthews: And one more thing Chris, you certainly have been on a certain mindset recently, make people tap out, why is this?

Chris Benoit: I’ve always wanted people to tap out. It shows that I am for real and that I am capable of being the World-Heavyweight Champion. And like I said, Edge you’re going to not only lose your title but you’re going to be tapping when it’s all said and done.


Match #6
World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge © vs. Chris Benoit

Match Overview: A very well fought out match but not the best these two have seen each other do and it had some time given to it. Benoit resorts to his match tactics of course while Edge does find himself cheating a whole lot. Edge took advantage whenever Benoit leaped off the top rope and Edge responded with a hard dropkick to the chest knocking down the Rabid Wolverine. Edge then heads into the middle of the ring and grabs Benoit. He looks for the Edgecution but Benoit blocks it and then hooks the arms of the Rated R Superstar. Benoit delivers the first of the three German Suplexes and then rolls over. Benoit keeps the arms hooked and then delivers the second of the three German Suplexes to Edge. Benoit then rolls back over and continues to keep it hooked before delivering the third and final German Suplex to Edge who rolls over on the mat. Benoit then taunts Edge and makes his way over to the top ropes. Benoit then sets himself up before leaping off the top ropes and connecting with the Diving Headbutt. Benoit then dives onto the mat for the Crippler Crossface but Edge slides out and heads to the outside. He then grabs a steel chair from up under the ring and Benoit is talking to the ref. Benoit walks right over to where Edge is at and looks to grab him from the outside and throw him in. However Edge responds with blasting the Rabid Wolverine over the head with the chair and getting himself disqualified and keeping the belt.

Winner via DQ: Chris Benoit

We then cut back over to the ringside announcers.

Michael Cole: Chris Benoit has been screwed over tonight and he has been robbed of another chance of the World title.

Tazz: Edge resorted to his cheating ways again and one day, one day they are going to end up catching up to him.

Michael Cole: Edge certainly is going to pay, all he did to gain the title was lay out Batista with the briefcase in the first place!

Tazz: Well as for me, I’m Tazz and he’s Michael Cole. We’ll see you here next week live on Friday Night Smackdown!
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The Whole F'n Show
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown review by kane Fan 4 Ever!!!

United states championship match: a great way to open up the show. Both men involved are great athletes which can only mean one hell of a show. WOW a new us champion in booker t. WOW I never expected Batista to do that. Well this could be a great feud if done correctly.

Wow a mental heel batista..that could work well and imo that is what smackdown needs. I am really hyped for this feud. I expect big things from it.

Lashley VS Jordan: another good match. Allready this show looks better than a real one. An expected win for lashley.

Christian/Orton segment: well a great segment. They were not totally in character but it dosnt matter. What matters is this is a good feud.

Sylvain promo: he was in character throughout, and it was typical of him…I wanted someone to interrupt him but ah well theres always next time.

Sylvan VS Tatanka: another ok match. I guessed that Sylvan would win and he did.

Punk: wow he is coming to smackdown…that is what smackdown needs right now. He couls be big and I mean very big if he is used in the right way. I hope he gets a push but not too quickly. The video seemed very realistic too which was good.

Match 4: a good match with some good things happen in it. I wanted the faces to win but never mind.

Jbl/hardy segment: well this was amazing if I must say. JBL was so in character it was unbelievable lol. I liked how Hardy listened to everything jbl had to say before planting him one. I liked the announcement by Long too and that match is nexy.

JBL VS Matt hardy: a great match to read. JBL getting the win was allright.

Benoit interview: benoit was in character talking about making people tap out. I sure hope benoit wins the title but I doubt he will.

World title match: well this was MOTN in my opinion. You pulled out some good stops and it showed. Well I wanted benoit to win the title but at least he won even if it was a dq.

OVERALL: overall man an impressive smackdown. It was like a real show only better. I cant wait for next week now because you have some pretty good storylines going on. Overall I give this show a high 8/10 Well done.

Kane Fan 4 Ever!!!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown! Review

Great opening match for the US Title. Thought it was nice to see a title change and I'm looking forward to see where you go with Booker T as the US Champion. Very weird Batista promo, I'm curious to see where you go with this feud with Mysterio and Batista. Good match between Lashley and Jordan, good to see Lashley pick up the victory. Great Christian/Orton promo, I'm for one am I liking this feud. Decent Sylvan promo, obviously trying to get the fans on his side. Sylvan/Tatanka was a filler, which is good. Glad to see that. CM Punk! Can't wait for him to debut. Good tag team match, good to see the heels win in this match. Good match. Good Hardy/JBL promo, and good match as well. I can see a decent feud being built from this. Nice interview with Benoit, although I do not think he will win tonight. MOTN right here, definitley. Good choice of making it a DQ finish, that was something I was expecting. Great Smackdown! KOPV, can't wait for Raw.

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