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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview for April 7, 2006

Tonight live from Salt Lake City, Utah the Smackdown Superstars are sure to feel the outcome of WrestleMania 22. Theodore Long, the GM of Smackdown has already promised he has some announcements to make. He hasn't said what these announcements concern yet but one could guess they must be big for the GM and Smackdown. The General Manager of Smackdown, Theodore Long, has promised that you do not want to miss this episode of Smackdown for these announcements. Tune into Smackdown this Friday to see what the GM has to say.

The World-Heavyweight Champion Edge was able to defeat his brother Christian at WrestleMania. His brother Christian was forced to tap out and Edge smiled as Christian's dreams were ruined. Edge showed he has no remorse for anybody whether you are his brother or a relative. The World-Heavyweight Champion will be in the arena tonight and he surely is going to have something to say. Tune into Smackdown to see what the current World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge will respond with.

Batista was unable to do what he said he was going to do this past Sunday at WrestleMania 22. He was unable to defeat The Undertaker. Like many of the men before him, nobody has been able to find that way to defeat The Undertaker at all! The Undertaker has a 14-0 record, the longest running record in wrestling today for one PPV, something some wrestlers have only dreamed about doing before. However, Batista has said that he is not done with the Undertaker and he is going to put matters into his own hands, what does The Animal mean?

In a Match of the Year Candidate, Rey Mysterio overcame his arch-rival Booker T and good friend, Chris Benoit at WrestleMania to retain his title. Mysterio had to put up a fight in the opening match of WrestleMania but was able to retain when it was all said and done. Now that Booker and Benoit were unable to gain the title, the Master of the 619 is still on top of the mountain with his United States Championship. Who is going to be next to challenge Mysterio? Will we find out this week?

JBL, he's called himself "The Wrestling God" and now you can call him "Mr. Money in the Bank" A moniker that couldn't fit a man any better, JBL was able to defeat 5 other superstars at WrestleMania and grab the briefcase which ensures him a World-Heavyweight Championship shot. A former World-Heavyweight Champion in his own, he knows what it is like to grip that belt as if you just won. JBL can use his briefcase whenever and wherever he wants, will he let us in on his plans?

And finally, we crowned new WWE Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania this past Sunday. The longest reigning champions were brought to a halt whenever Brian Kendrick and Paul London defeated MNM in the Two Out of Three Falls Match. MNM had had the belts for roughly 6 months but London and Kendrick prevented them from keeping them. Now with there being new champions, they of course will be in the arena? What will London and Kendrick be doing this week on Smackdown?
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown! looks to be good, sorry I haven't reviewed Raw, I'll probably do a double review.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday April 07, 2006
Salt Lake City, Utah

Rise Up, the official theme song for Friday Night Smackdown begins! We then head into the arena to the announce table at ringside with Michael Cole and Tazz

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and tonight we are coming off perhaps one of the greatest PPVís ever in WrestleMania 22

Tazz: So many big matches happened this past Sunday including that huge World-Heavyweight title match which Edge retained his title

Michael Cole: Plus JBL won the Money in the Bank briefcase, Undertaker remained undefeated and we crowned new Tag Team Champions!

Tazz: And many more things went down but tonight Iím looking forward to seeing what else we have planned for the aftermath of WrestleMania!

MacMillitant hits and Theodore Long, the General Manager of Smackdown comes out. Long is dancing his way down to the ring before he gets in. Long then walks over and receives a mic from the timekeeper at ringside and stops his music.

Theodore Long: If youíre ready for a great night of action on Smackdown, give me a Holla! Holla!

Crowd ďHollaísĒ

Theodore Long: Thatís right playas! Well Iíve got a few things to address out here tonight on Friday Night Smackdown. First off, we need a new number one contender to the World-Heavyweight Championship and that will be fixed tonight.

Crowd Pops

Theodore Long: Now listen up playas, tonight we are going to be having a 20 Man Over the top Rope Battle Royal with the winner facing the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge next week with the title on the line! Twenty people have a chance to win a shot at the gold tonight and all they have to do playas is win the battle royal, you feeliní me?

Crowd Pops

Theodore Long: Now also tonight, which will actually be kicking off the show. We are going to be having a Fatal 4 Way Number One Contenderís Match for the United States Championship. Four men competing for a shot at Rey Mysterioís US title next week, those four men will be revealed later on during the match.

Crowd Pops

Theodore Long: And finaÖ.

Metalingus hits throughout the crowd and the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge comes out onto the stage carrying his belt. The fans are booing the hell out of Edge as he smiles and rubs his belt signaling he is still the champion after WrestleMania. He slides into the ring and demands a mic, which he receives fairly quickly.

Edge: Whoa! Hold it there Teddy. If I heard you right you said there was going to be a Battle Royal tonight with the winner facing me? Well Iím the champion around here and Iím the one that makes the matches so Iím going to have to say no. Iím not going to face the winner of this match and there is nothing that you, nor these fans can do about it? Got it?

Crowd Boos

Theodore Long: Playa, Iím the General Manager here. You might be the World-Heavyweight Champion buÖ.

Edge: But nothing Teddy! Damn it, Iím the World-Heavyweight Champion, Iím bringing in the biggest ratings in not only Smackdown but in the WWE right now. Everywhere you look, you see the name of Edge! Whenever you start to bring in big ratings like that, you come and tell me and then we can start talking.

Crowd Boos

Theodore Long: Well playa, you listen up right now. There is going to be a Battle Royal tonight and there is nothing you can change about that. But I can throw you in there and make it for the title if that is what you want, so either you let the Battle Royal take place. And the winner faces you next week or you hand over the title and get to steppiní!

Crowd Pops

Edge: Teddy, Iím the Rated R Superstar and Iím not going to be leaving Smackdown and hand over my title because you want me to. You listen up, Iím your World-Heavyweight Champion, Iíve defeated Batista, Christian, and many more since coming here and you can throw anyone at me but the Rated R Superstar will remain the champ!

Edge Sucks Chants Break Out

Theodore Long: Playa, yÖ.

Edge comes charging across the ring, Theodore Long canít move. Itís too late as Edge comes crashing down on the GM with a huge Spear! The fans are booing the hell out of Edge right now as he is making his way to the back. He holds his title high in the air and taunts all of the fans as he looks down in the ring at Long. Long isnít moving and paramedics come rushing past Edge to help out the GM of Smackdown, Theodore Long.

Michael Cole: That sick son of a bitch! He just speared our General Manager, now what are we going to do without Long?

Tazz: Iím not sure Cole but something has to be done. The champion is on a rampage now and hopefully something will be done.

Michael Cole: Heís not worthy of being called a champion, heís worthy of being called a coward that attacks innocent people!

Tazz: Calm down Cole, something surely is going to be done about this. And Iím sure it will be announced later on sometimes.


Match #1
#1 Contenderís Match
Booker T vs Bobby Lashley vs Matt Hardy vs Orlando Jordan

Match Overview: Very well received match from all of the fans as all four men in the ring have talent and prove it in this matchup. Lashley shows us his power while Hardy shows he still has what it takes to be a high flyer. Jordan mixes in his boxing skills and wrestling skills together while Booker T dominates as he normally does. Booker and Lashley mix up while Hardy and Jordan are mixing up in a corner exchanging chops with one another. The ending takes place whenever Booker measures up Hardy, he connects with his Houston Sidekick. Booker T then grabs Hardy and goes for a Bookend but gets chopblocked by Jordan. Jordan goes for a cradle onto Booker T but is grabbed by Lashley breaking the cover. Lashley picks Jordan up, he taunts to the fans delight, and then comes down hard with the Dominator onto Jordan! Lashley goes to cover but coming down the ramp is Mr. Kennedy! Kennedy grabs Lashley and pulls him out of the ring before he can make the cover. Kennedy sends Lashley flying into the steel steps and bashes his head off the steps. With there being four men, there cannot be a DQ. Back into the ring, Booker throws Hardy out of the ring and scoops Jordan up off the mat. Booker T comes running off the ropes and connects with the Scissors Kick! Booker quickly covers Jordan and the fans are booing, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winner and #1 Contender: Booker T

Michael Cole: Booker T has become the number one contender once again and next week, we will get Rey Mysterio vs Booker T!

Tazz: Rey Mysterio is coming off a huge win at WrestleMania against Booker and Benoit and now he finds himself facing Booker T again?

Michael Cole: Mysterio is going to have to be on his game again, Booker T proved that he can roll with the best of the best.

Tazz: Itís going to be intresting next week; Iím looking forward to that huge match to see who can take home the gold with them.

We then cut backstage to see Booker T making his way into the back, he gets stopped by Josh Matthews and Booker T doesnít seem happy he got stopped

Josh Matthews: Booker, Booker, can I get a word with you right now since you just defeated three other men and now will face Rey Mysterio.

Booker T: Get out of my face. I have Rey Mysterio next week and the title is on the line, well this is going to be the last time, yeah the last time sucka! If I lose, itís my last shot at the United States Championship as long as Rey Mysterio is champion.

Josh Matthews: So what happens if Rey Mysterio does win, what are you going to do then after Mysterio beats you if he does?

Booker T: Tell me you didnít just say that! Rey Mysterio has no chance of beating me next week with the title on the line. Listen up sucka, itís going to be a No Holds Barred Match, anything goes, one fall to a finish and the winner is the United States Champion! Rey Mysterio has no chance of walking out next week with his title

Josh Matthews: OneÖ.

Booker T: Now can you dig thatÖSUCKA!!!!!

Booker T knocks the mic out of Matthewsís hand. Booker T starts walking off making his way down the hallway as we head to a commercial.


We cut out to a black screen, we then see quick highlights flash across before they stop, they then start to slow down and we see CM Punk!

Narrator: Youíve heard his nameÖ.

Images of Punk delivering the Pepsi Plunger to opponents is shown, Punk has his hand raised high after victory repeatedly amounts of times.

Narrator: Youíve seen his matchesÖ.

Images of Punkís matches in OVW are shown, Punk is shown defeating Brent Albright for the World-Heavyweight title.

Narrator: Youíve seen him aroundÖ.

Images of Punk talking in the ring are shown; the fans are chanting C.M. Punk! C.M Punk! C.M Punk! C.M Punk!

Narrator: Now itís a whole new experienceÖ.

Images of Punk doing highflying moves such as the Flying Corkscrew, Moonsaults, and many more moves are shown.

Narrator: Heís straight edge, drug free!

Images of Punk once again doing the Pepsi Plunge are shown; images of Punk coming out to the ring are shown and climbing on the top rope

Narrator: His nameÖC.M Punk!

A final shot is caught of Punk in the ring holding his hands high!

Narrator: Heís comingÖto Smackdown!

Michael Cole: Wow, very impressive video there and now that we know C.M. Punk is coming to Smackdown, I canít wait!

Tazz: Itís going to be great Cole, CM Punk is certainly a talented wrestler and Iíve seen some of his work before, heís great!

Michael Cole: I canít wait, but still to come tonight, weíve got a huge Battle Royal where the winner will face Edge next week

Tazz: Thatís right and weíve already got one match set for next week, No Holds Barred for the United States Championship!

Match #2
Ukliq vs Funaki, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Shannon Moore

Match Overview: Squash match basically to put the Ukliq over here tonight. Ukliq dominates the whole match of course but the Cruiserweights do get a little bit of action thrown in there, Funaki seems to be the one targeted the most though. Finlay and Regal team up on Funaki while Burchill distracts the referee. Finlay beats down Funaki, then runs over as Scotty 2 Hotty tries coming into the ring to save Funaki. Finlay clotheslines Scotty over the ropes. Shannon Moore leaps onto the top rope then comes jumping off. Finlay ducks but Regal doesnít see him and gets taken down by a Missile Dropkick from Moore. Finlay is quick though to grab Moore and deliver a vicious clothesline to the cruiserweight. Finlay makes the tag into Burchill. Burchill grabs Funaki as Finlay heads to the outside of the ring and traps Moore in the ring apron. Burchill quickly grabs Funaki and delivers with the C-4! The fans are amazed and Burchill makes the cover, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winners: Ukliq


Burn in my Light hits and Randy Orton, the Legend Killer comes out onto the stage. He does his trademark pose as his pyro comes down. Orton smiles cockily as he heads down into the ring and slides in. Orton then climbs onto the middle rope and once more does his trademark pose, he then receives a mic and the crowd boos the hell out of Orton.

Randy Orton: This past Sunday, I did what I said I was going to do! I once again added another killed legend to my list. Hell, perhaps the biggest legend has been killed and itís all courtesy of me, Randy Orton! The legacy of The Rock is no more, there is no more Rocky and heís never going to come back to the WWE again.

Crowd Pops for The Rock

Randy Orton: But Iím past The Rock. Thatís a thing of the past and Iím focusing on the future and the future is bright, Iíve got to say that! The future is bright because tonight Iím competing in the Battle Royal for the number one contendership. And really, I should have been named the number one contender in the first place for beating The Rock.

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: But Iíve got to go through 19 other men tonight, 19 men stand in my way of becoming a 2-time World-Heavyweight Champion! Iím not satisfied with the one time, I might be the youngest World-Heavyweight Champion ever but now itís time for another reign. And it is my destiny to become the champion once again.

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: Nobody is going to stop me from achieving my destiny once again, itís been done once and itís going to happen again. Whether you are a legend or not, it doesnít matter because tonight Iím taking the Battle Royal, tonight Iím going on to face Edge next week with the World-Heavyweight Championship on the line.

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: Whether you like it or not, Iím going to become the next champion, you canít do anything about it, Edge canít do anything about it, and the fact of the matter is, it doesnít matter if your name is Christian, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Booker T, hell even The Undertaker, you are all going to be beaten tonight and become Randy Ortonís bitch!

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: And to steal a quote from Christian, thatís hoÖ

Just Close Your Eyes hits and ďCaptain CharismaĒ Christian comes down onto the stage in his wrestling pants and his new t-shirt. Christian looks pissed that Orton is trying to steal his quote and Christian doesnít respond nicely to Orton. Christian slides into the ring and then grabs a mic, which is handed to him from the ringside workers.

Christian: Now, did I just hear you try to steal my quote? The peeps are mad, every damn one of them are mad because I lost at WrestleMania. I blew my dream but tonight Iím getting another chance to redeem myself, another chance to show the world I still have it takes to main event PPVís and main event the WWE, thÖ

Randy Orton: ThÖ

Christian jumps Orton. The fans are going wild as Christian is pounding on the Legend Killer and beating down the young and ever so cocky Orton. Christian has barely been out here and he has had enough of Orton already. Orton kicks Christian off of him but Christian backs him into the corner. Christian goes to clothesline Orton but Orton moves and Christian misses, Christian then comes at Orton but Orton leaps into the air and nails the RKO! The fans are booing the hell out of Orton as Christian is laid out in the ring. Orton smiles and then does his trademark pose as always before we cut over to the announcerís.

Michael Cole: Christian was barely out here for a minute and Randy Orton decides to beat down on Christian and RKO him?

Tazz: What in the hell are you talking about Cole, are you blind or something because Christian was the one that started it.

Michael Cole: Sure but Orton had no reason to beatdown Christian like that, Christian might have started it b..

Tazz: But nothing Cole. Christian started the whole thing and now he has to pay for it, and he had to pay for it in the end.


Match #3
Jamie Noble vs Nunzio

Match Overview: Pretty decent non-title Cruiserweight matchup between these two. Vito gets ejected early on for tripping Noble up. Nunzio doesnít seem too happy with the announcement of Vito being kicked out but he has no choice. Nunzio shows he can hang with the best of the Cruiserweights in this matchup while Noble shows why he is the champion. Noble dominates Nunzio towards the ending but it takes a sudden twist whenever Nunzio dropkicks Noble in the face! Nunzio grabs Noble and climbs onto the ropes for the Sicilian Slice. Nunzio quickly leaps off but Noble spots him and at the last second moves, Nunzio is down for a few seconds but when he gets up, he staggers right into the path of the Cruiserweight Champion. Noble grabs his opponent and picks him up before delivering his finisher, the Tiger Driver! Noble makes the cover and the fans count along with their champion as the referee counts, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winner: Jamie Noble

Michael Cole: Some great Cruiserweight action here tonight and you can only see it here on Friday Night Smackdown

Tazz: Of course, Jamie Noble has been one of the longest reigning champions and quite frankly, he might never lose it

Michael Cole: So many people have challenged Noble but so many have fallen and one includes his former friend, Kid Kash.

Tazz: Kash tried at No Way Out and at WrestleMania but was unable to walk away with the belt when it was all said and done.

Interview w/ Brian Kendrick and Paul London

Josh Matthews: Guys, tonight you two are going to be pulling double duty as you two have a non-title match, then the Battle Royal.

Brian Kendrick: Weíre the WWE Tag Team Champions, we beat MNM at WrestleMania and tonight one of us will win that Battle Royal

Paul London: Donít worry about us Josh, we can do it. Weíll be able to win because both matches tonight, well one of us will win the battle royal.

Josh Matthews: Paul, this is your second Tag Team Championship and Brian, this is your first, what does it feel like?

Brian Kendrick: It feels great Josh, to know that we finally beat MNM and that Iíve finally became a champion in the WWE, itís a great feeling.

Paul London: You know Josh, weíve got many more teams to go and when itís all said and done, London and Kendrick will be the greatest champs ever

Josh Matthews: One more thing guys, tonight your opponents are the Gymini, two men who are perhaps the biggest threat to you.

Paul London: Weíre afraid of no one, we beat MNM and took their titles and now they are ours and weíre going to keep them.

Brian Kendrick: Thatís right Paul, Josh we are not worried because the Gymini, well, they might be our biggest threat but weíll beat them, youíll see.


We cut backstage to see JBL standing in front of the screen where interviews are done, though is by himself and begins to speak

JBL: This past Sunday at WrestleMania, I did the impossible. People didnít think I could go in a Ladder Match but that was proven wrong. I defeated you, Carlito. You, Shelton Benjamin. Chris Masters, Ken Kennedy, and Matt Hardy. I defeated all five of you and now Iím the man, yeah Mr. Money in the Bank!

Crowd Boos

JBL: But I get another chance! Iím competing in the Battle Royal tonight, and well itís for me just another chance to become World-Heavyweight Champion. Iíve already got one right here in my hands with me (holds the briefcase up) and tonight Iíll be glad to get another chance whenever I win the Battle Royal.

Crowd Boos

JBL: Whether you like it or not, I hold in my hands a prize. A prize that assures me a shot at the World-Heavyweight Championship, whenever, wherever I want. And people want to know when I want to and plan on using it, Iím not giving anything away. Youíll all know when itís the right time and so will I

Crowd Boos

JBL: So call me whatever you want, JBL, AmerÖican HERO! John Bradshaw Layfield, self-made millionaire, hell whatever you want, I donít care. But the fact of the matter remains that Iím now the holder of this Money in the Bank briefcase, and it means that you are looking at your next World-Heavyweight Champion right now.

Crowd Boos

JBL: A Wrestling GodÖ..

Crowd Boos


Michael Cole: JBL is so full of himself to the point itís not even funny anymore, I hope someone hits him across the head with that briefcase

Tazz: Watch it Cole, JBL won that briefcase fair and square Sunday at WrestleMania and he does deserve it too!

Michael Cole: Fair and square my ass Tazz. Whatever the fact of the matter is like JBL said, heís still Mr. Money in the Bank.

Tazz: Either way, the man is deserving of the briefcase and you canít hold that fact down because we all know it is true.

Match #4
Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs The Gymini

Match Overview: Another non-title match but with London and Kendrick competing again later on, they donít do as many insane moves as normal. London takes down Jake Gymini with a dropkick and then applies an armbar. Jesse Gymini comes running in and Brian Kendrick meets Jesse Gymini with a dropkick. The referee sees this and tries to restore order back into the matchup with it now being back down to London and Jake Gymini. Towards the end of the match, Kendrick is tagged in from London but London stays in. Kendrick and London send Jesse Gymini into the ropes and Jesse comes back into a Double Underhook Suplex. Jake Gymini comes with a clothesline at London but London ducks, and then charges with all he has to clothesline not only Jake but also himself over the ropes. This gives Kendrick time to grab Jesse Gymini and run off the turnbuckles, Sliced Bread #2 and the fans are going wild, OneÖTwoÖThree

Winners: Brian Kendrick and Paul London


We cut backstage to see Bobby Lashley walking around looking for the man who cost him the number one contendership earlier on, Ken Kennedy. Lashley bumps into a worker and he then asks him something.

Bobby Lashley: Have you seen Ken Kennedy?

Worker: No.

Bobby Lashley: Ok.

Bobby Lashley: Come on Kennedy, come on out wherever youíre at.

Suddenly from behind Ken Kennedy comes running up and attacks Bobby Lashley from behind, this is moments before Kennedy competes in the Battle Royal. Kennedy is beating down on Lashley hard pounding on him. Kennedy goes to pick Lashley up but Lashley ducks, then runs Kennedy straight into a wall. Kennedy loses his grip on Lashley and suddenly WWE officials come running in as normal, they separate Kennedy and Lashley.

Bobby Lashley: Iíll get you Kennedy, weíll see who the dominant man is.

Ken Kennedy: Save it pal, Iím the one single handedly changing Friday Nights, Mr. KennedyÖÖÖÖÖ.

Bobby Lashley: ShÖ.

Ken Kennedy: KENNEDY!

Lashley breaks free and comes at Kennedy. Kennedy is getting beaten down by Lashley now returning the favor. Kennedy quickly gets security to grab Lashley and the security and WWE officials pull Lashley and Kennedy away from each other.

Michael Cole: I donít know what is going on between these two but something has to be real personal with each other

Tazz: They certainly donít like each other and Kennedy could be at blame to start it since afterall he did cost Lashley his match.

Michael Cole: Well a vicious beatdown from both Kennedy and Lashley and makes me wonder what is wrong with these two?

Tazz: Well right now Iím told that the Battle Royal, our main event is going to be coming up next but letís head backstage first.

We cut backstage to see Sylvan standing in front of a Quebec flag and he is dressed formally and then begins to speak.

Sylvan: Hello, my name is Sylvan! At large ambassador for Quebec.

Crowd Boos

Sylvan: Come to the isle of Quebec, leave America and enjoy your summer in the land of tranquility

Images of Sylvanís hometown are shown with people walking around in the summer, people enjoying their time in Quebec.

: A place like no other, you can call Quebec a home.

More Images of Quebec are shown with the boos rising even louder, USA Chants Break Out and Sylvan looks angered

Sylvan: The choice is yourísÖ.

Images of Sylvan walking around parks in Quebec raising his hands high and walking around even more are shown to the fans

Sylvan: Quebec, a place like home!

Finally, images are shown of Quebec being shown from high distances, we see some huge buildings and major parks before we head back to Sylvan.

Sylvan: Weíll be waiting for you!


Michael Cole: And that was disgusting, Sylvan has no respect for any of the Americanís here but he wants to represent Quebec?

Tazz: And you know why I hate the guy. But coming up right now, a huge Battle Royal will be taking place for the number one contendership.

Michael Cole: The winner will face Edge next week for the World-Heavyweight Championship and thatís not the only title match next week.

Tazz: No itís not Cole because the United States title will be contested under No Holds Barred Rules between Booker T and Rey Mysterio!

Match #5
#1 Contenderís Battle Royal

Battle Royal Participants: Batista, Brian Kendrick, Chris Benoit, Christian, Finlay, JBL, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Ken Kennedy, Juventud, Mark Henry, Mike Mizanin, Paul Burchill, Paul London, Psicosis, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Super Crazy, William Regal, and Undertaker

Several of the small name people like the Mexicools, Mizanin, are eliminated early on and we start to see eliminations rise quickly. Ukliq seem to be teaming up on the WWE Tag Team Champions but London is able to Hurricanrana Regal over the ropes. Finlay takes advantage though and quickly dumps London out too. Kendrick charges at Burchill with a dropkick but misses and Burchill plants Kendrick with a clothesline. Burchill picks Kendrick up but Kendrick kicks Burchill, then runs Burchill into the ropes with the momentum sending Burchill over the ropes but Kendrick hangs on. Kendrick sees Finlay coming and he leaps onto the top rope, then leaps right over Finlay. Finlay charges at Kendrick and Kendrick pulls the ropes down but Finlay stops. Finlay then quickly grabs Kendrick and tosses him over with Kendrick having to let go of the ropes. Over on the other side of the ring, Mercury and Nitro are working together on the United States Champion in Rey Mysterio trying to wear him down. Mysterio is almost tossed over but wonít let go off the ropes. Nitro tries to toss Mercury over but Nitro gets a headscissors sending Nitro over. Mercury charges and Mysterio catapults Mercury to the outside. Mark Henry comes and works on Mysterio while we head over and watch action between Christian and Randy Orton. Itís an all out brawl between these two with Christian getting the better of it. We see Batista working on Benoit and Undertaker sees Batista. Batista meets Undertaker with a Spinebuster. He then grabs Undertaker and bashes his head off the ropes before running at Undertaker. Undertaker moves and Batista hits the corner. Undertaker then scoops up Batista and dumps him out to which Batista canít believe. Batista is slapping the mat on the outside in disbelief. JBL is hiding in the corner trying to let everyone else fight it out but Mysterio spots him and delivers a Bronco Buster to JBL! The fans are going wild now as JBL is knocked down from the Bronco Buster. Henry grabs Finlay on the other side of the ring and lifts him above his head, Finlay fights off Henry with his shillelagh he had earlier. Finlay beats Henry across the back of the head with the shillelagh, then gets some help. Everyone left in the ring comes over and grabs Henry and eliminates him! Itís down to eight men now with all eight men vowing to become the next World-Heavyweight Champion. Finlay looks worn out and doesnít seem to be in it much longer and gets clotheslined out by Undertaker. Orton goes for another RKO on Christian but Christian fights him off, then goes to send him to the outside. Orton hits some rights on Christian, then reverses and sends Christian flying out of the ring with an hard Irish Whip! Benoit is on fire now delivering numerous German Suplexes to JBL and JBL starts to look woozy. JBL gets knocked down with a shoulder block from The Undertaker. Undertaker grabs up JBL and goes for a Chokeslam from Hell but JBL slides off and delivers a lowblow, then grabs The Undertaker and sends him flying out of the ring to the outside. Kennedy attacks Mysterio from behind, Mysterio dropkicks Kennedy though sending him down into the ropes. Mysterio goes for the 619. Kennedy moves and Mysterio lands in the ring. Mysterio then jumps onto the top rope for a West Coast Pop to Kennedy but JBL runs over and pushes the ropes. Mysterio flies off the ropes and lands on the outside hard. Only four men remain now with Kennedy, Orton, Benoit, and JBL. Itís three against one now with Kennedy, Orton, and JBL all seeming to team up against Benoit. Kennedy is leaning on the ropes telling Orton to go first but Orton knows better. Orton grabs Kennedy and tosses him over bringing it down to three and Kennedy canít believe it! JBL charges at Benoit but Benoit pulls the ropes down and JBL goes flying to the outside himself. Orton then comes charging at Benoit and Benoit catches him with the German Suplex combo. Benoit taunts and heads to the top rope. Orton heads over quickly and shakes the ropes and Benoit lands on the turnbuckles. Orton goes to push Benoit off the turnbuckle but Benoit gets down, then chops Orton repeatedly. Orton responds with a thumb to the eye, then goes for an RKO! However Benoit grabs Orton and reverses and with his momentum sends both himself and Orton flying to the outside. Orton hits the mat first and itís over!

Winner and #1 Contender: Chris Benoit

Michael Cole: Chris Benoit has done it and next week, he will face Edge with the World-Heavyweight title on the line!

Tazz: I canít wait Cole, Benoit deserves this and now he is getting another chance, we certainly could see a new champion next week

Michael Cole: Itís been awhile since Benoit received his last World-Heavyweight title shot but next week that changes

Tazz: Weíll weíll see you next week and you are not going to want to miss next weekís episode with two huge title matches.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll throw a double review up this weekend KOP. Looks to be a good show.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

*Opening Promo: Started well with Teddy making some matches and got better with Edge coming out. Got 100 times better when Edge speared Teddy, sorry I just don’t like Long.

*4 Way Match: Well this came down to three people really as I don’t think anyone was going to give Orlando a chance. Lashley looked to have it won until Kennedy screwed him over. Yup, Jordan is the goat and Booker T wins it. I’m liking a Booker/Rey match up.

*Booker Promo: Ooooh No Holds Bared match for next week. The whole “last title shot” thing could ruin the ending but this isn’t a PPV so it could go either way.

*CM PUNK!!!!!!!!!

*UKliq Squash: I really like UKliq. They could be that stable that carries both the tag titles and the US title at the same time. That’s the impression I get at least.

*Orton Promo: Started well and went about the same. The “stealing a quote from Christian” thing might have been a bit of stretch but it worked I think. Good way to hype a possible Christian/Orton feud.

*Noble vs. Nunzio: Title or non-title, Noble was going over. Nunzio stays the token cruiser jobber.

*Kendrick/London Interview: Ha, good try but I don’t think many people are buying one of these guys winning.

*JBL Promo: Now I can buy him as winning the battle royal.

*London/Kendrick vs. Gymini: Once again, couldn’t see Gymini going over, title or non-title. Gymini seem to be token tag jobbers, which I have no problem with considering they suck.

*Backstage Segments: Good job continuing the battle between Lashley/Kennedy. Eh, Sylvian seems like filler.

*Battle Royal: MIZ IS OUT EARLY?!?!?! BOOOOHA. UKliq goes after the tag champs, just as I suspected. The filler gets tossed and no we’re down to the heavy hitters. Orton heelishly (is that a word?) tosses Kennedy when they seemed to be a team. Benoit outsmarts JBL and he’s gone. Down to two. Both men go over the top but Orton hits first and now you’ve set up Orton bitching about Benoit hitting first.

Overall a good show after WM and you set up some new feuds, which is always nice. Orton has a bunch of ways to go as he could feud with Christian or Benoit or be added to the Edge/Benoit feud.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown Review

Opening Promo- Wow. Edge was a little bold there. I expect him to get punished by Teddy Long somehow. Nice announcements for the night.

Fatal-4-Way Match- Sweet. Booker T wins the match and is going on to face the United States Champion. Rey Rey vs Booker should be good, but I want Rey Mysterio to win.

Booker Promo- lol, this made me laugh. Josh Mathews is like always verbally abused by a heel in some way.

CM PUnk Video- Cool. CM Punk on Smackdown should be very very cool.

UKliq vs Funaki/Scotty/Moore- A squash match. i can see these guys as very dominant in the future.

Orton Promo- Yes! This is a creative feud, Christian and Randy Orton. I would really like to see where this feud goes.

Noble vs Nunzio- This would be a great cruiserweight match in real life. There was a great win for Jamie Noble over Nunzio.

Kendrick and London Interview- They seem pretty cocky for a face tag team. or are they heel? I dont expect them to win the Battle Royal, so whatever.

JBL promo- JBL as Mr. Money in the Bank will make his promos go up from amazing to phenomenal. He coudl bring that up in every promo to make it even better.

Kendrick and London vs Gymini- I suspected Kendrick and London to win this match. It seems like you really give this tag team a good push. And that is a very good thing.

Lashley/Kennedy Encounter- I dont know exactly what the point of this was so I wont really grade it.

Sylvan Promo- I like the Ambassador of Quebec gimmick. A lot of people dont but I love it.

Main Event- WOW! Chris Benoit wins. Chris Benoit won the RR in FD's thread, and then he won the Battle Royal in your thread. Cool!

Grade- 8/10. Great show man.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks guys, I'll hopefully find the time to return the reviews. Anyways, need to post some stuff after all Smackdown reviews come in. Right now, I'm reviewing F-D's Royal Rumble PPV which is going to take a while but anyways, I'll return the reviews.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Didn’t notice that you had a new show up, so sorry about the delay with the review

Battle royal to determine a number 1 contender is a good idea, and will be a good match to finish the show with. Would have liked to have heard a bit more from Edge though

Surprised to see Booker win the fatal 4 way, as I was sure that he it was time for him and Rey to move onto new feuds. The match next week though has to be the last one in the feud, as I don’t know what more can be done

No holds barred match will be a good way to finish the feud though, and it could be a great match

Loved the CM Punk hype video, and it was very impressive in putting him over. Cant wait to see him debut now

Ukliq pick up a simple win over the jobbers, and they have a bit more momentum now. Maybe a tag title shot somewhere down the line as that is what they are heading to I presume

Orton promo was okay, but nothing special really and I don’t think it ever got going. Christian and Orton look they are going to be feuding as a result of this, and that would be a good feud to have in the upper card. Neither man wins the battle royal then I guess

Noble gets the easy win in a match designed just to get him on the card. Solid enough stuff here

A good JBL promo, and him with the MITB will be very interesting, as you never know when he is going to use it. He wont cash it in just yet I feel, and he will probably have a feud to get him over first

London and Kendrick pick up a good title defence, and the start of their tag title reign has been a good one. I see them holding the belts for quite a while

Kennedy and Lashley have some unfinished business I see, and that match can be booked for JD. This feud is one that will be there to get both men over I think

The travel agent is on your show I guess. Why???

Good battle royal to finish the show, which developed several feuds such as UKliq vs. Hooligans, and put all the right people over. Good win for Benoit, and it will be good to see him with a title shot next week as he hasn’t had one for a long time, but I don’t see him taking the title or having a long term run as the top face.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News

The Undertaker Injured, Taking Some Rest

This just in, the WWE has reported that The Undertaker was injured this past weekend at a House Show. Undertaker appeared to be limping after the show ended from his match. Undertaker is said to have broken his ankle and could be out for 6-10 weeks. Nothing is certain as of now and we here at World Wrestling Entertainment wish the best to The Undertaker as he recovers from his injury. We will certainly be giving you more information on this situation as it starts to unfold.

WWE Releases Johnny Parisi

The World Wrestling Entertainment released another superstar today to clear more room for their roster. Johnny Parisi, formerly known as Johnny Swinger in ECW has parted ways with the WWE. Parisi came to the WWE back in the summer of 2005. Parisi stayed with the WWE for almost a year and was on the Raw roster. Parisi joins recent releases in Road Warrior, Stacy Keibler, and Palmer Cannon to recieve their cuts. The WWE would like to wish the very best in the future endeavors of Johnny Parisi.

Velocity Taping Results for Sat. April 8, 2006

The Boogeyman def. Vito
Sylvan def. Hardcore Holly
Psicosis def. Simon Dean
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

EVIL MAN! Saying Taker is injured. Pttf.... You should of just said he was taking one of his usual breaks. SHEESH!


Nice news. Can't wait till Raw.

I'm watching you...

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