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Unleash the Fury WrestleMania 22 Review

King of Pain V1-WrestleMania 22

Chris Benoit vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Booker T
What a match to kick off WrestleMania, got me in the flow for the big Event. I haven't read any past shows of yours so I wasn't sure of who would win which made the match all that more special. I actually pictured the Suplex/powerbomb and boy it was stupendous. Great pick for your opening match-up with a great win from Mysterio over Benoit. ****

Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James
I'm not fond of womens matches but it does boost the realism of the Mania a bit since womens matches do happen at WrestleMania. I won't give you a grade for it since I don't know what to give it.

Money In The Bank
Unlike others, I am a fan of Spotfests and that's a main reason I liked this one. JBL was my pick because there should be no reason for him since he wouldn't make the match entertaining being a heavyweight. Good spots from them all having at least two in the ring at all times. Love Benjamin's athleticism in this match as well as Hardy's. Kennedy did impress me alot especially after the Green Bay Plunge off the ladder. Great win for JBL.***1/2

Kane/Show vs. 3MW
It was a meh tag team style match and got hardcore near the beginning but it wouldn't be entertaining without the weapons if it were just a regular style tag match. Filler match of course with some good spots in it, suprised I am at the winners as I thought Kane/Show would've taken the gold away, but you proved me wrong. Good match-up, not classic though. ***

Kid Kash vs. Jamie Noble
Another point added to Realism adding a cruiserweight match-up to Wrestle Mania. Great action between the two guys with similar styles for the belt. Suprised that no title changes have happened yet(Minus Trish/Mickie but they don't really count). But this was a great mix for a match, went a bit longer than people might have wanted it but good enough for Mania. ***1/2

Hooligans vs. MNM
Dang this match was awesome, I personally loved it. 2 out of 3 falls is a bit of a bad stipulation cause these matches tend to get boring during the end of the first fall and the course of the second fall but this match was overly brilliant and one of the best on the card. Plus London and Kendrick win the titles and since they are one of my favorite tag teams, that's a plus. ****

Chris Jericho vs. John Cena
Now we are getting into the deep part of Mania where the storylines have been going on for a while and they are personal. Another great match from these two provided by your writing skills. Can't believe Cena won though which I kinda dislike seeing Jericho is one of my all time favorites. ***3/4

Batista vs. The Undertaker
I actually thought that Batista was going to win the match, boy am I stupid. Not a super great match but good enough for these two guys who needed to be up in the top of Mania and they did that. A bit suprised that Taker got the ropes last second to get out of the Batista Bomb. Not even HHH could've done that. Taker's Streak is alive and well! ***1/2

Randy Orton vs. The Rock
What a great match. I expected this to be all about Randy Orton since the Rock is well done and over in the WWE but is used good to help out the younger stars. The Rock definitely gets some good moves in but its Orton who counters the Rock Bottom into the RKO. Wa hoo Orton! ****1/4

Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
Not the match I wanted to see at Mania seeing it has been done to death during the regular WWE. Great match though with HHH dominating the most of it like always. Suprise appearence by Austin. Didn't expect it to be any better than it was but it still was a good match, don't think it deserved the non-title main event of Mania though. ****

Christian vs. Edge
I liked this match so much, Sad Christian lost but I'm glad Edge retained, that's a sign that the winner of THE main event will be RVD. Of course Christian kicked out of the Spear expected nothing less but he has to tap to the varified Sharpshooter. It just wasn't Christian's night tonight, but I gosta believe he will win the title one day. ****

Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle
Here it is, what we all have been waiting for. These two athletes with different techniques going one-on-one in the Main Event of the biggest stage of all Sports entertainment. Now onto the match. Action packed it was. Lots of great moves pulled out from these two superstars fighting for the title. RVD hits the Frog Splash! He wins the title! I knew it, boy what a match it was. Loved the read of all Mania and a great match to end the night! *****

Overall-Excellent event that I have to give Five stars. I haven't read Arjun's Mania, nor Wolfy's or KoM's but this has to be better than all of them. Thanks for allowing me to read that. My computer was like freezing like every 2 seconds while trying to copy and paste onto WEF so I've been here quite a while.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

First show I’ve read from you but I’ve skimmed a bit to catch myself up.

*Rey over Booker & Benoit: HOT OPENER! Honestly, great choice to open the show and a great match to go along with it. Good spots, namely the suplex/powerbomb combo. Looked like Benoit had it won but Rey came out of nowhere to steal the victory. As mentioned, good choice to open WM and shocked to see Rey go over.

*Trish Promo: Good hype, which is all you can ask for.

*Mickie over Trish: Solid womens match as you would expect from these two. Not sure if it’s over with them though because I’m sure Trish will want her belt back. Good ending sequence with Mickie ducking the kick and hitting her own kick.

*Eugene Backstage: Good comedy stuff from these guys although Rock seemed a bit off. Hopefully he’ll deliver a real promo later in the night.

*JBL wins MITB: Good spot fest but maybe too spotty, although I can’t complain about that considering I love a good spot fest. Hardy was the MVP of this thing which is shocking considering Shelton was in the match. I loved JBL winning just because he can carry the MITB much in the same that Edge did IRL.

*3MW over Kane/Show: Good tables match and I’m glad it was a gimmick match because a normal tag match could have become boring with these two teams. Good to see 3MW win as they have more staying power compared to Kane/Show.

*Noble over Kash: Good match as you would expect from these two guys. Some solid spots and reversals but I wasn’t a fan of the ending. It was a good way to keep both men strong but it was kind of choppy. Still, very good match.

*MNM Promo: More hype.

*London/Kendrick over MNM: Good match but possibly a bit too short for 2/3 falls. MNM taking the first fall was a good way to make the comeback look that much better. No surprise that this thing went 3 falls and again, solid match but a bit too short.

*Jericho Promo: Everything look good here as far as character. Solid hype.

*Cena over Jericho: Very good match between these two with each man doing everything they could to win the match, making them both look strong. Jericho can’t buy a win against Cena can he? Good stuff with these two.

*Batista Backstage: More good hype and mind games by Taker.

*Taker over Batista: Power contest as you would expect between these two. Glad to see Taker keep his streak going as Batista didn’t seem like a good choice for him to end it. Batista’s aggressiveness costs him in the end. Good power match.

*Orton over Rock: MOTN to this point in my book. Great counters by both men and great suspense. Orton winning was a lock but you could almost get the feeling that Rock might pull off the shock.

*Michaels Promo: Seemed on target, more good hype.

*Michaels over HHH: Nice twist with the McMahons coming out although their presence didn’t last long. Good match as you would expect from these two given their long history. Austin comes out to help Michaels and it looks like Austin will have one more match left in him against HHH

*Edge/Angle Backstage: Good double hype with both of the champs.

*Edge over Christian: Good match but didn’t edge out Rock/Orton for me. It was kind of a half/half match where Christian dominated early but Edge took control late. Sucks to see Christian lose but I like as Edge the champ. I’m not sure it’s over with these two.

*RVD Promo: More hype.

*RVD over Angle: MOTN right here. Great back and fourth fast paced action between these two. It looked like either man could pull it off but it was nice to see the face cap off WM by winning the belt. Again, great main event.

Overall, a very good WM. A couple of slow spots but it had a nice flow for the most part. I’ll be reading and reviewing when I get the chance.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday April 3, 2006
Phoenix, Arizona

Across the Nation hits with some edited in shots from WrestleMania thrown into the newly updated Raw video package. We suddenly then cut out to the announcer’s at ringside to begin the night off

Jim Ross: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw, things are sure going to explode coming off of WrestleMania!

Joey Styles: Perhaps one of the greatest WrestleMania’s took place in this very arena last night and we are here for the fallout.

Jerry Lawler: Many things are surely going to go down tonight and with so many things happening, we need this night to get started.

Jim Ross: We’re going to be hearing from the new WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam, who defeated Kurt Angle for the title this past Sunday

Joey Styles: A thrilling matchup these two put on and it impressed the hell out of a lot of people and finally RVD is the top champion!

Jerry Lawler: He’s been built up as perhaps the greatest wrestler to never hold a company’s top belt but all of that has now changed!

One of a Kind hits and Rob Van Dam, the new WWE Champion walks out onto the stage! Van Dam holds his WWE Championship high in the air before stopping at the stage. He then does his thumb taunt before continuing down into the ring. The new champion slides into the ring and throws his belt onto his shoulder and climbs the top turnbuckle! RVD then does his thumb taunt once more before jumping down to loud R..V..D! chants

Rob Van Dam: You’re looking at the new WWE Champion….

Crowd Pops

Rob Van Dam: R…V…D!!!

Crowd Pops

Rob Van Dam: I’m no longer the greatest wrestler to never hold a World Championship and I beat a great champion too in Kurt Angle. But Kurt, now that I have your title, I want to tell you something right here tonight. I beat you at WrestleMania in perhaps one of the greatest main events in WrestleMania history and now I wa…

Medal hits and Rob Van Dam looks suddenly pissed he was cut off so quickly and early on in the show by the former champion, Kurt Angle. Angle looks even more pissed than Van Dam and he heads down to the ring staring down Van Dam. Angle receives a mic before he slides into the ring and begins to speak

Kurt Angle: Rob, you might have won the WWE Championship from me at WrestleMania but that was the biggest fluke in the history of the WWE! I vowed to break your damn ankle and I wasn’t able to do so but who’s stopping me tonight? Who’s stopping me from twisting your ankle and shattering it into pieces and ruining your dreams? I don’t think anybody is stupid enough to mess with me tonight after what happened to me last night!

Crowd Boos

Rob Van Dam: Oh is th….

Kurt Angle: Shut your damn mouth!

Crowd Boos

Kurt Angle: I dominated that match at WrestleMania last night and you overcame me, you overcoming a Olympic Gold Medalist like me? I had you down, I had you ready to break your damn ankle but you overcame it, something many people couldn’t do. But you’re certainly not me, I’m a 5 time WWE Champion! I’ve wrestled with a broken frickin’ neck and I’ve won an Olympic Gold Medal, what do you have to show, your ECW moments?

Crowd Boos

Rob Van Dam: Kurt, you’re crossing the line! You crossed it way back whenever I won the Royal Rumble and you started messing with me. You want to mess with ECW and you got ECW, you got my former partner Sabu. You talk about flukes, you beat Sabu, that was a fluke! You want to run down ECW too? Well ECW could beat anything that your shitty amature wrestling has and to steal a phrase from you, it’s damn true!

Crowd Pops while Angle looks like he is going to snap! Angle is livid in the ring looking down at Van Dam across the ring who taunts Angle.

Kurt Angle: Did I just hear you say that? You want me to tear your damn ankle to pieces right now don’t you? I will beat your ass down right here if that’s what you want, Mr. Monday Night, well you can call me the next WWE Champion. I’m coming back for my rematch, I’m taking back my gold and it’s going to be Backlash! Yeah that’s right, in four weeks Rob, you’ve got four weeks to prepare because the WWE Championship will be mine once again! Oh it’s true…It’s Damn True!!!

Medal hits and Angle quickly jumps out of the ring. He makes his way up the ramp looking at Van Dam who rubs his WWE Championship taunting Angle. Angle responds with a smile to the champion and then continues backing himself up the ramp. We then see Angle head to the back and we fade to a commercial


Match #1
Chris Masters vs Shelton Benjamin

Match Overview: In a non-title match between these two men who competed in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania, these two put on a great display. Benjamin shows off why he is the Intercontinental Champion to all of his fans. The match starts to slow down whenever Masters takes down Benjamin with a Polish Hammer. Masters starts to taunt the fans telling them it’s over and starts to signal for the Masterlock! Masters gets Benjamin in position but Benjamin leaps right over the head of Masters and delivers a neckbreaker! Benjamin then gets Masters back up onto his feet and Masters pushes Benjamin off! Then Masters charges and takes down Benjamin quickly with a running clothesline! The Masterpiece then gets back to his feet and goes for the Masterlock but Masters breaks the hold. Benjamin looks worn down and the ref is checking on Benjamin while suddenly Carlito runs in! Carlito slides behind Masters and delivers the Back Cracker! Benjamin slides over and makes the cover, One…Two…Three

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Jim Ross: Carlito has just cost his former friend, Chris Masters, a chance at defeating the Intercontinental Champion tonight.

Joey Styles: A thrilling start to the show with Carlito coming out and surely redemption is on the mind of the Masterpiece

Jerry Lawler: Shelton Benjamin wasn’t even in the match until Carlito came out and helped him, what a damn shame.

Jim Ross: A great way to start the night off with some great talent taking on each other but still a big night to come.

Joey Styles: Well at the top of the show our first match for Backlash was announced and it was a WrestleMania rematch!

Jerry Lawler: April 30th is coming soon and Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle will meet in the rematch of the year for the title.

We then cut backstage to see Chris Jericho standing by with Todd Grisham

Todd Grisham: Chris, last night at WrestleMania you were once again defeated by John Cena which makes it four in a row, where do you head from this?''

Chris Jericho
: Listen up Todd, Cena beating me was a mistake. That match was mine the whole time and even Cena knows that. Once more I was screwed over by Cena and I’m not going to stop there and keep on losing. You see I’ve got a plan and next week it will be revealed. Next week I’ll tell the world what I have prepared for John Cena.

Todd Grisham: So you d…

Chris Jericho: Would you please shut the hell up? Yes I have a plan to be revealed next week for Cena but tonight I’ve got something else. Tonight John Cena will be in action and I have received permission from Mr. McMahon himself to make this match. Now Cena will be facing not one…not two…not three…not four…not five…but six! Six wrestlers which are The Spirit Squad and myself later on tonight.

Todd Grisham: Now that is not fair! John Ce….

Chris Jericho: Save it assclown. John Cena is going to wish he never even messed with me and it will start tonight. All of those wins that you have taken from me, you are going to be paying for them tonight and you will receive a beatdown that you will never…ever forget! And remember this Cena, payback is a bitch!


Jim Ross: And a great start to the night so far but with so much more to come, we can certainly expect bigger things to happen.

Joey Styles: Some things are going to have to be settled tonight and that includes whether or not Stone Cold Steve Austin was fired or not?

Jerry Lawler: I’m not sure what is going on right there with Austin but Mr. McMahon will surely let us in on it tonight.

Jim Ross: Plus if you are just tuning in, our main event for Backlash was announced whenever Kurt Angle used his rematch clause

Joey Styles: If their match at WrestleMania is any indication of what we are getting heading into Backlash, we are in for a rocket buster!

Jerry Lawler: I’m counting down the days till we get to Backlash for that mega main event and it’s only four weeks left!

Matt Striker…Your Teacher hits and Matt Striker comes out walking onto the stage pointing at Test as Test is ready for action. Striker and Test continue on down into the ring before Test slides into the ring and Striker climbs up the steps into the ring. Striker receives a mic from the timekeeper at ringside and proceeds to speak

Matt Striker: Hello my name is Matt Striker…Your Teacher!

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: Now before Test is in action tonight, we have to have a lesson here tonight. Tonight’s lesson is about…the odds. The odds of Test’s opponent tonight beating him are very slim, you know about the odds of Rob Van Dam keeping his title at Backlash.

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: Don’t talk when your teacher is talking. I have something important to say to every one of you students. You see the odds of Test’s opponent even coming close to be….

Hello Ladies hits and Val Venis comes out! Matt Striker looks suddenly pissed off his talking time was interrupted as Venis walks out. Venis of course plays to the crowd and shakes his towel before handing it to a lady at ringside. Venis then looks to get into the ring but Test quickly attacks him while he’s on the apron sending Venis flying off the ring.

Match #2
Test vs Val Venis

Match Overview: A match of course to put over Test and Matt Striker. Though Val Venis is jobbing tonight, he does get some moves in. Test dominates most of the match and during the duration, Striker yells at Venis for interrupting him. Striker even goes as far as choking Venis while holding the ropes illegally. The referee of course doesn’t see anything which gives the major advantage to Test and Striker in this one. Striker yells at Test to go ahead and finish off Venis right now and Test responds with a Running Boot into the face of Venis. Val Venis’s head almost gets knocked off there and Test isn’t done yet. He heads back over and grabs Val Venis off the mat and picks him up before coming down hard with the PumpHandle Slam! Test makes the cover onto Venis and Striker counts along with the referee, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Test

Lilian Garcia goes to announce the winner but Striker yanks the mic out of her hand

Matt Striker: That, Val Venis! That was your Test!


No Chance hits to which Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon come out onto the stage. As you can expect, they are not in the greatest of moods. McMahon does his powerwalk down the ramp while Shane o Mac continues down the ramp. Both get into the ring with Mr. McMahon receiving a mic while Shane looks on

Vince McMahon: What happened at WrestleMania…will not happen again! I was kicked out of the arena, at WrestleMania! WrestleMania is my creation! There would be no WrestleMania if it wasn’t for me and I get kicked out? Who in the hell does that referee think he is kicking not only myself out but my son, Shane as well!

Crowd Pops

Vince McMahon: But what happened at the end of the match, that is what I’m here to talk about tonight and if you can’t tell, I’m in a bad mood. Quite frankly I’m in one of the worst moods I have ever been in. But what happened at WrestleMania in Triple H losing his match can all be blamed towards Stone Cold Steve Austin

Crowd Pops while Mr. McMahon looks on in disgust.

Vince McMahon: Steve Austin was fired! He was fired three weeks ago because he lost to Triple H and damn it, I want to know why he showed up! I’m the Owner and CEO of this company and I run this show, Raw! So someone come out here and tell me who in the hell allowed that no good S.O.B Stone Cold Steve Austin back on Raw!

Voice: I did!

Crowd Pops

Vince McMahon: And who in the hell a…

Suddenly Mr. McMahon stops! His wife, Linda McMahon comes out onto the stage! Vince looks totally angered now that Linda has interrupted him tonight but is concered about why she is out here right now. Linda smiles and then begins to speak.

Linda McMahon: You see Vince, I was watching whenever you fired Stone Cold Steve Austin and well something had to be done about it. So I took it upon myself and for all of our fans out there to reinstate Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Crowd Pops and What Chants Break Out!

Vince McMahon: SHADDUP!

Crowd Boos

Vince McMahon: Now Linda I understand your deci….

Glass Shatters hits and Mr. McMahon looks like he has pissed himself! For the second time tonight he has been interrupted but this time, it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin! Austin comes out driving his trademark black truck to the ring and he sticks his finger out the window to Vince. Vince looks like he is going to go insane as Austin steps out of the truck. Austin then slides into the ring and stares down Mr. McMahon.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Man it feels good to be back here!


Vince McMahon: Ge…


Stone Cold Steve Austin: I’m sorry, did you say something Vince? Hold on, hey throw me a damn beer over here!

Austin looks over and a few beers come flying into the ring. He grabs them and sits them down on the mat and then receieves a few more. In all he has about six beers right now. Austin sets the other four down on the mat and offers one to both Vince and Shane. Shane grabs a beer and opens it but Mr. McMahon slaps it out of his hand and it spills all over Shane’s clothes. Steve Austin offers one to Linda but she declines.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Want one Vince?


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Hell no but I’ll tell you what I want! I want security to come out here and escort you out of the building. Security?

Security comes out and gets almost down to the ring but Linda McMahon stops them

Linda McMahon: Security won’t be necessary!


Vince McMahon: Linda, what in the hell are you doing? Steve Austin is out here right now and he isn’t supposed to be. Now Sec….

Suddenly Stone Cold Steve Austin opens up a beer and pours it down the head of Vince. Vince looks utterly pissed now as everything is going wrong and he hasn’t spoken his mind yet. Austin opens another beer and pours another one down his head. Austin cracks a smile while Vince McMahon is dripping with beer.

Vince McMahon: I’ve had enough of this! Since you want to play games Austin, tonight you are going to be in action. This time your job is on the line, if you win you can keep it. If you lose, you never come back to the WWE. And your opponent, well your opponent is going to be my son, Shane McMahon.


Vince McMahon: And that’s the bottom line ‘cause Vin….

Austin kicks Vince McMahon in the gut before he can continue and drops the boss and CEO with a Stunner! Linda slides out from harm and makes her way up the ramp into the back. Shane goes to help his dad but Austin grabs him and lays a beatdown on Shane. Shane tries to fight back but Austin responds with a Stunner to Shane McMahon. Austin then opens his two beers and bashes them together having a beer bash in the ring. Austin opens one more and then pours it all over Vince and Shane before heading into the back.

Jim Ross: Wow another huge match added tonight and Stone Cold’s career will be on the line whenever he faces Shane McMahon.

Joey Styles: Plus we just saw a rare and one night only appearance from Linda McMahon, which she informed us of Steve Austin being rehired.

Jerry Lawler: And Mr. McMahon wasn’t in the best mood ever and Stone Cold even added onto the fury of the CEO.

Jim Ross: Austin is going to have to fight to keep his job tonight if he still wants it and Mr. McMahon will try to make him lose it, that’s for sure.

Joey Styles: That’s not the only match to come as later on we have a 6 on 1 Handicap Match with John Cena facing daunting odds.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right Styles and Cena must take on not only the Spirit Squad but his WrestleMania opponent, Chris Jericho!


Match #3
Mickie James vs Torrie Wilson

Match Overview: A little bit of Women’s action is thrown into the show with the new Women’s Champion, Mickie James in action. Mickie James dominates during the match showing the crowd why she is the Women’s champion. Halfway throughout the match both Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro come out onto the stage and down to the ring. Trish looks to distract Mickie but Mickie focuses on the match and beats down on Torrie. Torrie makes a comeback looking for her facebuster but Mickie swings around and delivers the Mick DDT! Mickie James doesn’t stop there though and she sees Trish on the outside, she then taunts Trish pointing to the sky and then grabbing Torrie before running off the ropes and coming back. Mickie James then connects with her own version of Stratusfaction and then makes a cover, One…Two…Three.

Winner: Mickie James

Iced Out hits and Mickie James starts to jump around and celebrate as she grabs her title, however in the mean time Trish Stratus gets into the ring. Mickie is on the middle rope celebrating and she jumps right off to see Trish which Mickie comes running at her! Trish ducks and does her version of the Matrix. Trish then grabs Mickie by her legs and then does a Spinning Headscissors sending Mickie out of the ring. Mickie regroups and Ashley gets into the ring to celebrate with Trish and Trish smiles at Mickie as Mickie is scooting up the ramp. Trish then tells Mickie the title is coming back home with her.

Jim Ross: And Mickie James is victorious tonight in this non-title match which she defeated Torrie Wilson in.

Joey Styles: Yeah but the aftermath is what matters, Trish got back her revenge from Mickie for taking Trish’s title at WrestleMania.

Jerry Lawler: It’s certainly been an intresting show so far with so many intresting twists and turns including this women’s scenario.

Jim Ross: Well still much more to come tonight and that includes the main event, Stone Cold Steve Austin takes on Shane McMahon.

Joey Styles: Austin has some major odds against him tonight with his career being on the line and he’s going to do everything he can to keep it

Jerry Lawler: And that major 6 on 1 Handicap Match takes place tonight whenever John Cena faces the Spirit Squad and Chris Jericho.


We then cut out to a screen and see a promo start airing for the next WWE PPV, Backlash

Narrator: Coming off the heels of WrestleMania, the superstars of Raw look to engage in a battle like one never seen before.

*Images of Kurt Angle delivering multiple German Suplexes, Belly to Belly Suplexes, and locking in the Ankle Lock on numerous opponents*

Narrator: These men head into Boston for one reason….revenge!

*Images of Triple H nailing the Running Knee, Spinebuster, and finally the Pedigree to many opponents*

Narrator: A Pay Per View that’s been going for eight years, moments have been made but this year, many more will be.

*Images of John Cena doing his key moves in the Five Knuckle Shuffle, Pumping It Up, and then finally delivering his finisher, the F-U*

Narrator: For these men have waited long enough, now is their chance to prove what they have in front of the world

*Images of Shelton Benjamin delivering the Stinger Splash, and his finisher, the T-Bone Suplex plus many more athletic moves*

Narrator: For all of these men have declared war on each other, now it’s time to see who will rise and who will fall!

*Images of Shawn Michaels doing the Diving Elbow, nipping up, and delivering the Sweet Chin Music to other opponent’s*

Narrator: WWE and Raw present Backlash live Sunday April 30, 2006 from the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts!

Jim Ross: And next time you catch us on PPV will be Backlash which is going to be a huge PPV for all of the Raw superstars.

Joey Styles: And one match has already been announced for Backlash which will be our main event, Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle!

Jerry Lawler: And once again we are going to see a great match between these two for the WWE Championship, I can’t wait!

Jim Ross: Don’t forget that Backlash is going to be a Raw production and it will be live from Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday April 30th!

Joey Styles: Many more matches are to be announced and we will have more being announced next week here on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: Right now you are listening to the official theme song for Backlash, “Move Along” by the All-American Rejects!

Match #4
World Tag Team Championships
3MW (c’s) vs Kane and The Big Show

Match Overview: In this WrestleMania rematch, both of these big man teams take on each other and leave it all hanging in the ring. Both teams show they want those tag team belts and will stop at nothing to gain the gold. Both teams step it up towards the end even though both teams are the biggest teams on Raw and in the WWE right now. Back to the match, Jamal catches Kane with a Samoan Drop and then tags in Rosey. Rosey comes in and goes for a Running Splash but Kane is quick to move and Rosey hits the mat. Jamal comes in and so does Big Show. Big Show knocks down Jamal with a clothesline. Kane and Rosey are the legal wrestlers and Kane goes for a Chokeslam onto Rosey but Big Show bumps into Kane going for another clothesline onto Jamal. Jamal then lowers the ropes down sending Big Show to the outside of the ring! Jamal then heads over and Jamal connects with another Samoan Drop. Rosey then climbs to the top and delivers his flying Moonsault and makes the cover, One…Two…Three

Winners: 3 Minute Warning

Big Show tries to break it up but to no avail 3 Minute Warning retain. 3MW grab their titles and head to the back while Big Show helps Kane. A minute or so passes by before Kane suddenly sits up and grabs Big Show by the throat! Kane gets back onto his feet and then lifts Big Show up and delivers a thunderous Chokeslam! “You Sold Out” chants are beginning for Kane and he suddenly cracks a smile! A evil smile at that before heading to the outside. Kane grabs a chair and throws it into the ring before he gets into the ring again. Big Show is sitting up and walks into a hard steel chair shot from Kane! Kane then beats down Big Show with numerous shots on the back with the chair before he wraps it around Big Show’s throat! The fans know what is coming as Kane has done this before as he heads to the top rope. Kane leaps off the top rope and jumps right onto the neck of Big Show! Blood is oozing out of Big Show’s throat as he is trapped with the chair around his throat and Kane makes his way to the back! Paramedics rush down and Kane then lifts his hands into the air and throws them down setting off his pyro before we head to a commercial


We cut backstage to see Eugene, Goldust, and Snitsky wandering around before they bump into 3 Minute Warning, the men who just defeated Kane and Big Show

Eugene: H…Hi My name is Eugene!

Rosey: Look, you’ve got three minutes and if not, you better be ready for a beating because we’re ready to hand out another.

Eugene: Bu..But I can’t tell time!

Jamal: We…

Goldust laughs at Rosey and Jamal, then lifts his hands up and blows on them! The fans are laughing as Rosey and Jamal jump back at one of the freaks.

Jamal: What in the hell is his problem? You really nee…

Snitsky is on the floor now trying to lick Rosey’s foot but Rosey notices this and suddenly kicks Snitsky away and Snitsky flies across the room.

Rosey: We’re leaving now! Come on Jamal! We’ve had enough of you freaks.

Eugene: Wait! Don’t leave! I want to be friends with you two, come on wil..will you stay and be friends with us?

Rosey and Jamal ignore them and walk off anyways. Eugene looks angered while Goldust continues to blow on his hands. Snitsky stands there and doesn’t know what to do.

Eugene: Sn…Snitsky, you scared them away!

Gene Snitsky: That wasn’t my fault!

We then cut backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with Kurt Angle
Todd Grisham: It was announced earlier tonight and in four weeks, you will be using your rematch clause to face Rob Van Dam for the WWE Championship.

Kurt Angle: Your damn right I am Todd and that WWE Championship is coming back home with a real wrestler, and an Olympic Gold Medalist! I’m a 5 time champion but a 6 time champion sounds even better to me. And the sixth time will be the most memorable because I’m going to break Rob Van Dam’s ankle into pieces.

Todd Grisham: Kurt, you put on one of perhaps your most memorable matches at WrestleMania against RVD, can you do it at Backlash.

Kurt Angle: One of? Hell every match I’m in is memorable because I’m Kurt Angle! I put the butts in the seats and I steal the show! But Backlash will be where not only I put on once more a great match but where everyone remembers it as Kurt Angle’s night. The night that Kurt Angle once again one the WWE Championship!

Todd Grisham: So what happens if you don’t win the title?

Kurt Angle: It’s not a matter of IF I don’t win the title. I’m going to be the winner when it’s all said and done at Backlash! Mark my words Todd.The only thing Rob Van Dam is going to have to remember from his month long title reign is going to be a broken ankle and he’ll be lucky if he has an ankle period when it’s over with.


Match #5
6 on 1 Handicap Match
John Cena vs The Spirit Squad and Chris Jericho

Match Overview: A decent matchup between all of these men but Cena shows very little chances of comeback during this matchup. The Spirit Squad show what they all have in the ring with main eventers and what they are capable of. Jericho has the Spirit Squad dominate Cena so he can get the cover on Cena. Towards the end, the referee loses control and the Spirit Squad take advantage of this before all grab Cena. They then all throw Cena into the air and Cena comes down hard landing on his back to which Kenny heads to the top rope. Kenny then leaps off for a Leg Drop but Cena moves and Kenny hits the mat. Jericho then heads over but gets kicked by Cena and then Johnny then runs over and gets a Schoolboy, One…Two…Three!

Winners: The Spirit Squad and Chris Jericho

Jim Ross: Well Chris Jericho can say he has a win over Cena finally but he wasn’t the one who pinned Cena.

Joey Styles: So technically Jericho has yet to gain a win over Cena, this surely has to anger the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla.

Jerry Lawler: Jericho hasn’t been in the greatest of moods recently and that right there certainly didn’t help either.

Jim Ross: Well either way, Jericho did win tonight and he should be satisfied that he was able to gain another win here.

Joey Styles: Well still to come, our main event! A career is on the line tonight whenever Stone Cold Steve Austin faces Shane McMahon!

Jerry Lawler: That certainly is going to be a rocketbuster and I’m sure that we can expect more to happen next.

We then cut backstage to see Vince McMahon in his office with Shane McMahon warming up

Vince McMahon: You ready?

Shane McMahon: Yes I am dad! I’ve been waiting for this and tonight a career will be ended courtesy of your son, Shane o Mac!

Vince McMahon: That’s my boy! Now you better go out there and get the job done or we’re going to have to keep pu…

Shane McMahon: Dad, don’t worry! Trust me, everything is under control and well, I’ve already got a back up plan.

Vince McMahon: Sounds great Shane! Well we need to go ahe…

A cell phone rings and Shane McMahon stops warming up, he then answers his phone

Shane McMahon: Hello?

Voice: You still ready for it to go down?

Shane McMahon: Yeah, hey we’re going to be up next so just be ready, you’ll know when it is the right time to come out, right?

Voice: Yeah.

Shane McMahon: Ok, I’ll see you out there.

Shane McMahon hangs up his phone and then stops warming up.

Vince McMahon: Who was that?

Shane McMahon: You’ll see!

The McMahon’s then leave as they make their way into the arena for the main event with Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon looking ever so confident


Match #6
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Shane McMahon

Match Overview: With Stone Cold Steve Austin’s career being on the line, he gives up one hell of a fight tonight! Austin dominates the match and wears down McMahon which gives him time to slow it down and wear down McMahon even more. Vince McMahon stops Austin’s moment by grabbing his foot but Austin replies by stomping on the hand of Mr. McMahon repeatedly. Mr. McMahon is crying out in pain holding his hand while Shane o Mac fights back with some rights. Suddenly Triple H comes running out onto the stage down to the ring carrying a sledgehammer, McMahon looks and then tells him to do so! Triple H charges at Austin with the Sledgehammer then stops! The referee looks confused and then suddenly Shawn Michaels comes into the ring! The referee has lost control and Michaels lays out Triple H with Sweet Chin Music! Michaels stopped Triple H before he was going to hit Shane McMahon which would have given Shane the DQ win. If Shane would have gotten hit, Austin would have lost and been fired. McMahon looks disappointed that the plan has been ruined and the referee escorts Michaels out of the ring! Austin takes the advantage to lowblow McMahon and get back to his feet, Austin drops Shane McMahon with a Stunner and then reaches over and makes the cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin then asks for beers and he receieves them. Austin makes his way onto the top rope bashing the beers together in victory. Austin is standing tall now over the McMahon’s and he is still with the company after beating Shane McMahon. Austin then gets down and gets right into the face of Shane McMahon and starts cussing at him rampantly. Austin asks for and receives more beers and bashes them together once more before the show ends.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll try and get a review up later KOP, looks good though.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Looks like the RVD/Angle feud is going to go to Backlash, where I think it will end for good. To be honest, I would have liked to have seen a long promo from RVD here, and I think Angle interrupted too soon, but it was a solid enough promo in the end, and gave the feud some build up that it didn’t have before mania

Shelton gets a good win over Masters, due to some help from Carlito. Definitely book that match in for Backlash, and it could the first of a couple of them

6 on 1 against Cena is a little unfair don’t you think??? Is this the night that Jericho gets the pinfall on Cena??? Maybe, but maybe not, as I think this ends in a gimmick match at Backlash

Test picks up another win, and he and Striker are moving nicely through the undercard. Liking the promo from Striker as well

Vince and Shane give us another promo, which is the same as all their others. Good to see Linda in her role as the face McMahon again, and she is the one who hired Austin again, although other than one more match with Vince, I don’t really know what he will do. Match tonight should be won by Austin I think

Mickie picks up a nice win, but Trish comes and tells her that the feud isn’t over yet. Definitely a bit more to go in this feud, and at least 1 more ppv match

3MW defend the tag titles, and then just as in real life, Kane turns heel on the Big Show. Pretty viscous beatdown he gave him, and Kane could be on the verge of becoming another major heel it looks like.

Maybe the freaks are the next challengers for the tag titles?

Cena loses the match, but it wasn’t Jericho who pinned him. The SS can take some momentum off this, and Jericho has his cause for 1 more match. It happens at Backlash I guess

HHH on the phone to the McMahons? I say this because he hasn’t been on the show yet, and I doubt he would be left off it

Good twist in the match with HHH looking to hit Shane to get Austin DQed, only for HBK to come out and lay him out. Austin picks up the win, and the McMahons have been screwed again it looks like. HHH/Vince/Shane vs. HBK/Austin at Backlash???
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

An addition of Raw worthy of being directly after Wrestlemania, you once again showcased your writting ability. I enjoyed your matches at Wrestlemania, but I am glad I only had to read recaps for your RAW.

Let me start off with Stone Cold, Vince, Shane, Linda, and Triple H. This is a well thought out fued that I feel may lead into matches at Backlash, Vengance, and possibly even Summerslam. This will be the flagship fued for your show, and I feel it may even surpass the title fued. "Stone Cold" is portrayed well and this was classic booking. The idea isn't too original, but you've added Linda, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H into the mix and with some well written promos, the fued is still fresh with me.

The title fued is a great one also. Van Dam comes off as being a true warrior from your writting but I love how you make Kurt Angle look strong too. The heel dynamic with Angle mixes nicely with the warrior face style of Van Dam. These two should have another thriller at Backlash, and I feel as if this contest may need to be more about Van Dam. As good as Van Dam is, your match at Wrestlemania seemed all about Kurt Angle keeping the pressure on Van Dam, but I will say you used the "overcame me" angle very well. This match at Backlash should be great, and I wouldn't mind seeing Angle get the belt back, only to engage in an ECW style rematch down the road. "You beat me at your game, I'll beat you at mine" type of thing.

The midcard fueds are all working out nicely. As good as Test and Striker are as a combo, Test turning on Striker and turning face seems to be the logical thing to do. I think Striker is a good character in your writting, and he helps to put Test over nicely. Also, the tag-team match was good. I don't like the idea of sending Kane and Big Show to the slaughter hosue two weeks in a row, but it was a logical step. The win put 3MW over at Wrestlemania, and I didn't feel like there was any need for a rematch. Awesome promo between Eugene, Snitsky, Rosey, Jamal, and Goldust. This could lead to entertainment down the road. Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin also made for a great read, and you made both men credible.

Overall, this was a solid show, and I loved it. I'd love for someone of your expertise to review my BTB, and I happily invite you to read it.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News

WWE Releases 3 Superstars

The World Wrestling Entertainment announced earlier today that three superstars have been released from the company. Stacy Keibler from the Raw brand was dismissed while Road Warrior Animal and Palmer Cannon from the Smackdown brand were dismissed. Keibler looks to continue off her fame in Hollywood while the WWE simply had no ideas for Road Warrior and Palmer Cannon at all. The WWE would like to wish the best in Stacy Keibler, Road Warrior Animal, and Palmer Cannon's future endeavors.

Current Backlash Card

WWE Backlash
Sunday April 30, 2006
Fleet Center in Boston, MA
Official Theme Song: "Move Along" by the All-American Rejects

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs Kurt Angle

More Matches to TBA

Little bit of new there. Nothing much but just needed to release those few superstars and show the card. I've returned a few reviews while I still need to hand some more out. I'm going to try to review those in the next few days before school starts back up again.

Sunday Night Heat Taping Results

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch def Val Venis and Viscera
Rene Dupree def A Local Wrestler
Goldust def Johnny Parisi
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

This looks like a great show. I'll try to get a review up tonight
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry for the double post, but here is my review.

Opening Promo
I like this opening promo here from these 2 guys, and I can not wait for the rematch at Backlash. I think that RVD should have been talking for a longer time before Kurt came out. Everyone was in character here which was really nice.

Shelton vs. Masters
Pretty good match from these guys. Nice to see Shelton take the win there, and Carlito interefering was nice with you pushing the feud more. I see a match at Backlash.

Jericho Promo
Woah a 6 on 1 match is a little crazy, and I think that there is no way that Cena is going to get a win there. Hopefully Jericho gets the pin there.

Test vs. Striker
Meh ok match here with Test picking up the obvious win which I don't have much of a problem with. I see Test mabye getting an IC Title shot sometime soon.

McMahon Promo
Regular promo from Vince and Shane which I'm getting kind of annoyed with. It was still a good promo with everybody in character. I see Austin taking another win for himself.

Mickie vs. Torrie
Regular women's match up. There isn't much to say about it though.

3MW vs. Kane/Show
Nice tag team match here. I'm suprised that 3MW picked up a clean win here with a moonsault. Oh now I see why, and it was nice to see this tag team split up. Hopefully Kane gets the mask back.

Cena vs. Squad/Jericho
Ok match there, and I'm very suprised that Jericho did not get the pin in the match. I guess you are giving a push for the Spirit Squad which is ok I guess.

McMahon Promo
Another promo from the McMahons which is not that great. I wonder who Shane O' Mac was talking on the phone with? Maybe Triple H?

Main Event
Good Main Event here, and was probably the MOTN. I like how HBK stopped HHH from interfering with the Sweet Chin Music. I expected the Stone Cold win as I didn;t think you were going to take him away this fast.

Overall decent show 8/10.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good start to the show with Angle hungry for RVD, kinda wanted something bigger to happen, but Angle announces his obvious rematch for Backlash, which will hopefully be as good as their WM encounter

Shelton goes over Masters thanks to Carlito, I don't want another Carlito/Masters feud. Maybe adding Shelton to the mix could create a big match at Backlash

Jericho still wants Cena? Hmm, I wonder what he'll do next week. Holy crap, six on one? If Cena wins, I won't be impressed....

Test beats Venis thanks to Striker really, don't know if Test fits the gimmick he's in well, but you may be able to convince otherwise

Austin is back to raise hell! I love it, I think he and Vince can end up having a blockbuster brawl sometime. Match vs Shane will be a good for Austin to start off with

I hate womens wrestling, it's just so stale, but meh you have to include it I guess

Wow, Kane turns on Show just like in real life and it's about time, and he cripples the big man, Show will be gone for a long time IMO

Good humour between 3MW and Goldust/Eugene/Snitsky

Angle is really pissed, and he wants his belt back

Well thank god Cena lost, but Jericho must still want him because as you said Johnny took the pinfall, so technically Jericho doesn't have a victory over him yet

O yay, Vince & Shane have a surprise. Pity I know it's gonna be HHH, I can sense these things.....

Austin keeps his job despite the surprise of HHH, and HBK evens the scores, and Austin is sticking around, which is great news

Good RAW coming off the heels of a great PPV. 8/10

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