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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Wrestlemania 22 Review:

Good opening video.

Very nice Triple Threat Match to kick off the show. Loved the action throughout the match, wasn't really expecting Mysterio to retain, but it's a good thing nonetheless.

Good match with Mickie and Trish. Seemed like a typical divas match with two of the better divas in the WWE. Mickie retaining was the right choice in my mind, as having so many title matches and too many title changes would make it bland.

Great promo. Got a lot of laughs from me as The Rock was the reason I loved wrestling back when he was in the WWE full time. Snitsky and Goldust were in character in this promo as was Eugene liking to see the legends.

Ahh, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Great ladder match here, the Green Bay Plunge off the ladder was great as was all of the action in this match. JBL winning was a shocking choice in my eye, I could have seen Carlito or Benjamin winning but giving the victory to Smackdown! is a nice choice.

Decent tables match. Didn't really get into this one and 3MW was an interesting choice for the victory. I thought this match was written well though.

Cruiserweight Title match is next, nice to see the cruiserweights on Wrestlemania. Great fast-paced action and a solid match here. Noble retaining is good, although I would have liked to see a title change.

Very good two out of three falls tag team match. This match was written very well and seemed the perfect length for the place this match was put in. Very good to see a title change as MNM seems better in the hunt.

Cena vs Jericho is next and this match was great. Jericho seemed to have an advantage over Cena for most of the match and Cena coming back at the end seemed realistic. Great win for Cena.

Great match with Batista and Undertaker. Very well written and Undertaker winning was of course the right choice. Batista seemingly never had a chance but a good match nonetheless.

Very good match with Orton and The Rock. Orton winning was good as he marks another legend down on his list. Great match.

HHH vs HBK was absolutley great. These two always put on a show when they go against each other and this wasn't an exception. Great match and good to see Michaels pick up the victory, it seemed inevititble as Michaels kept getting attacked by HHH and losing.

Great match with Edge retaining. Loved this match and there were points in the match that I though Chrisitan was going to win, I don't see this feud ending soon but I could be wrong.

RVD Wins!!! Great main event, very well written and loved all the action in it.

Overall: Fantastic pay per view, I look forward to reading the road to Backlash now.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry it's late, I've been tied up as of late with lots of schoolwork, my mates and g/f and other things, but here is the long awaited review...

Good opening video package, almost Wolf Beast-esque, and his are tops, so good work on that

Benoit vs Booker vs Rey
Very good match to kick things off on what will be a blockbuster night. Nice as everyone shared the time in the ring and wasn't dominated by one guy, and it's good to see the trio Suplex/Powerbomb move in the corner used again in a match, don't recal seeing one since I used it last year. You had believing it was anyones match, and in the end, that person was Rey Rey. ***1/2

Trish vs Mickie
Done to death in every WWE BTB lately, and while it was a decent women's match, they never seem to pull me in, and while you did well, I just can never get into a womens match. Well written however, so you score fairly well for it. **3/4

Funny Rock/Eugene promo and the classic Snitsky line brought a laugh for me

Shelton vs Carlito vs Matt Hardy vs Kennedy vs JBL vs Masters
As always, the MITB must be at WM. It's a terrific matchup every year, and I know this one will be too. It gets exciting quickly with Hardy & Benjamin, the spot monkeys, going to show us their stuff. Side Effect happened quickly, especially a top rope one. HOLY CRAP! Benjamin is nuts! What a spot. And then later on, the Spear, ala Edge style, is used by Shelton again. He's killing himself and everyone else in this one. And JBL wins? One of the two I didn't expect to grab the case, I thought this would be Shelton or Kennedy's night. Owell, major spot fest and a good match. ****

Kane/Big Show vs 3MW
This is gonna be like a train wreck! Got brutal quickly, and I mean brutal, chairs, trash cans and tables all in play from the word go almost. 3MW are holding their own here, I thought this was gonna be a walk in the park for the Kane/Show combo, but they aren't having an easy time, and just like that, it's over and 3MW win! Quick, slow, brutal = sheer entertainment. ***1/4

Shinedown doing Dare You is a nice break from all of the frantic, and good to see you breaking up the gimmicky matches now with a regular, singles bout in the bag

Kash vs Noble
All you can expect from a cruiserweight match was thrown in here, plus the addition of Kash & Nobles styles, certaintely wrestle alike at times. I really couldn't guess a winner at all. Kash is really giving it his all, he just didn't stay down at all. But finally, Noble prevailed. ***1/4

Typical, cocky MNM like promo. Maybe tho, L/K will pick up the win

London/Kendrick vs MNM
Well, things are looking good for this match, four talented men in a 2/3 falls match, and surprisingly MNM take the first one, which makes me think that L/K might not take the titles tonight. After some cheating, MNM fail to put them away and they get their just desserts, it's 1-1. Maybe, L/K can win it. And they did it. I can't believe that they actually got it. What a great match. ***1/2

Jericho seems to want to do this alone. BS, the SS will get involved

Cena vs Jericho
Very good match here, both men gave it their all. Wasn't sure who was going to win it, but I was leaning to Cena and he got it done in the end, but Jericho really should've put Cena away quite a few times. Jericho just lost his cool at the end and that was that. ***3/4

Batista getting under Taker's mindgames? I thought he showed no fear of Taker

Undertaker vs Batista
Wasn't expecting nothing special here, just what I thought it would be, a real, slow slobberknocker. Batista had everything he had thrown at Taker, but Undertaker wouldn't stay down, and he keeps his undefeated streak alive which is a very good choice, as I don't think he should ever lose his streak, especially to Batista, although Batista is an animal. ***

The Rock vs Orton
It was obvious before the start of this match that it would be Orton's night, as you don't have the huge buildup against a legend like The Rock for WM with Orton and his LK status, without him taking the win. Was a very good matchup, and Orton's chair attempt ends up smacking him in the face, a classic moment, seems to be used alot these days. Could've done with maybe a finisher kickout, as most times at WM big matches have more than one finisher used per match, but Orton got his predictable win, and The Rock may have used up his time in this thread. ****

Michaels gives us a strong promo, I can't help but feel, just maybe, that Austin is going to show up, but I'm not sure you'll have him return, as you fired him

HHH was really dominating HBK for the most part of this one, attacking HBK's leg is the wise thing for him to do, although most people employ the same strategy. HBK begins his comeback with a regular HBK style flurry. The sledgehammer comes into play! And the ref gets rid of it. Austin is here! He showed up! WOO! Wait, the ref is still up, isn't that a DQ, he hit HHH? Or was this No DQ? Stunner, followed by SCM, and it's a win for Michaels, thanks to the "fired" Stone Cold. ****

Hmm, maybe the start of a slow building feud between Kurt & Edge?

Christian vs Edge
SD!'s big one, not the big match I thought it could be but it's still gonna be huge. Christian deserves a win here, but I have high thoughts of Edge winning somehow. IMO, too many DDT's have been used tonight, but that's no biggy. Christian kicks out of a Spear! On earlier results, I thought finishers were only gonna be seen once tonight, that's changed now. Christian never really got back into the match and had to tap, heart-breaker, but the right choice in the end was made to have Edge retain. ****

RVD seems confident, here's to a hopeful win for RVD

RVD vs Kurt Angle
Amazing main event thus far, neither man really got a huge amount of time to control their opponent, and Angle wrestled his style, RVD brought his unorthadox style, and it's creating a MOTN. Van Terminator! No way for RVD to capitalize. Ankle lock! Countered for a close fall. I can't tell who's gonna win, but because it's a RR winner, RVD is my pick. AND VAN DAM TAKES IT! The 5 Star wins it for RVD, great match, MOTN just over the ladder match. ****1/4

Overall, well worth the wait and the read. Very good event, and apart from one or two odd things and you're annoyance of using "whenever" instead of "when", you produced the PPV of the month, beating my Bad Blood and KOM's WM IMO. Great effort. 92/100

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for the reviews guys. I'm right now on Vacation but was able to get on a relative's CP. Anyways, I'll be back Tuesday and then head out on another trip Wednesday through Saturday. So keep those reviews coming right on in and I'll return the reviews to everyone when I return.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

United States Championship: Triple Threat Match
Rey Mysterio(c) vs Booker T vs Chris Benoit

This was a great choice for the opening match. I would have chosen this one or the MITB match. This was a really solid match with a good opening. You used Benoit well, and the pace was solid also. In writting the match with Benoit and Mysterio involved, it's easy to lose a guy like Booker T who may not be so flashy, but you kept Booker involved, and that helped the match. The ending was good, as I thought Benoit was going to win from the start, and Mysterio came in to break up the Crossface. This was a good opener, and the length and pace were great.

Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus(c) vs. Mickie James

This match did a good job of telling a story. Trish Stratus really seemed estatic right off the bat, and Mickie was used well. I liked some of the spots in this match, but I couldn't get into it all that much. I fought through it, because it's a womens match. You did well by telling a great story in this one, and I like the fact Mickie won. I hope like the WWE, you end this fued quickly and keep developing Mickie as a heel.

Money In The Back Ladder Match

This is the first Money In The Bank match I've ever read, and I expected a spotfest. I got one, and you did a good job of keeping everyone involved. I thought that JBL would win, but as you should have, you kept Shelton Benjamin involved. Benjamin had some great spots and nearly picked up the win, but I like the fact you let JBL get the win. I look for JBL to get the title after such a win, and I also look for Shelton to get a push after this match. Overall, I thought this was the match of the night. I honestly thought you did a good job with spots as a whole, and I loved every line.

World Tag Team Championships: Tables Match
3MW(c) vs Kane & Big Show

This match was not placed well in my opinion, as I think it should have been seperated from the Cruiserweight match. For about ten minutes, I read both of these and to be honest, they were hard to get through placed back to back. This was also a strange gimmick, as I have not followed your show. Overall, the bout was good. Kane & Big Show looked strong throughout the contest, but I actually didn't think they'd lose the bout. I hope that you take the straps off 3MW soon, as I think they should chase the straps to keep up their run from this win. Perhaps have a rematch and have Kane & Big Show pick up the win. You can do better because you have match writting ability, and with a normal match, you should be able to do better. This was effective, but it just wasn't as good as the other matches.

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Jamie Noble © vs. Kid Kash

It's the Cruiserweight title, and I think it served it's purpose. You had a great spotfest in this one, although the pace was a bit too fast at times. I think that such a great match should have been a bit quicker, as I feel like this went too long. Noble was made to look strong with the win, and I like that strategy. The cruiserweights were used well here, and you put on a decent match.

WWE Tag Team Championships
2-3 Falls

MNM (c) vs Brian Kendrick and Paul London

This should have been switched with Jericho and Cena in my opinion, but that's not that important. I liked the use of Kendrick and London here, as they often seemed squash material. They played the babyface well in the match, and that's due to your match writting ability. I liked the near fall situations, and giving London and Kendrick to falls back to back was a brilliant booking decision. I was certain MNM would keep the straps, but London and Kendrick came through. Here's to a long run, because a win and Wrestlemania has given them credibility.

Chris Jericho vs John Cena

This one also did a good job of telling a story, but I would have liked to see it earlier in the show. A good fued in place here came to a swell. Cena and Jericho did well in your writting, but Cena's offense seemed a bit boring to me. You used Jericho well, and I liked the match better when he was in control. I expected Jericho to go over, but as a whole, the match was good.

Batista vs The Undertaker

I'm glad this wasn't too long, as Batista and Taker aren't exactly the making of a great match on paper. Once again, you had the match tell a good story, and that added some depth to it. I think the placement was good also. Batista dominated in spurts, and that was good. I liked the fact Taker won, but this was a close call for the Deadman, and that was a good booking decision. As much as some may disagree, I wouldn't mind seeing this fued continue somehow, as a Hell in a Cell match between the two would be nice.

Randy Orton vs The Rock

You once again showed your match writting ability with this one. Rock got some good spots, but overall this match did it's purpose of putting Orton over. I look for Orton to get a strap soon in your BTB, as I think you use him well. The Rock was a good choice here, as the match was good between the two. Rock got some good offense, but some of his offensive spots were a bit boring to read through. At this point, I was getting tired, so that may have something to do with it.

Shawn Michaels vs Triple H

I took a break before I read this one, and I was glad I did. The story was good in this one, with the McMahons almost knocking HBK out before the match even got going. Austin was the saving grace in this one, and it was a good story. Austin got the win for Michaels, and that was a good decision. Michaels and Triple H aren't done with their ordeal, and this match actually could have been longer. The HBK-Triple H fued was handled well up to the match, and I think this one was the third best match of the night.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge(c) vs Christian

This match was good, but it was also a bit anti-climactic. I would love to see a rematch, as I think you can do better with these two guys. It told a great story, but overall, I found it lacking. I thought Christian would win, but Edge picked up the win.

WWE Championship
Kurt Angle(c) vs Rob Van Dam

I didn't like the decision to put Van Dam over, but it was a solid match. This was the second best match of the night, with Angle constantly keeping the pressure on Van Dam. I felt like the inside cradle from Van Dam was a bit out of place, but that was honestly the only error in this contest. Great job to you for keeping the action going, and telling a good story with this contest.

Overall, this was the best BTB show I've read in my short stent here by far. I loved the promos, and I hope I'm around to read Wrestlemania 23 next year! I'd love somenoe with your experience to read my BTB, it's NWA- National Wrestling Assocation.

Great job!!

I loved the read!!

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I’m gonna try a new grading scale here so ya, here goes nothing. Sorry for the lateness, have had a lot to do with the World Cup.


The opening video was cool. It was like a MUCH shorter version of KoM’s.

Rey vs. Booker vs. Benoit
Very nice choice to open the show. This match was great. You had me going, and I thought Benoit would be the champion, but he is the one getting pinned. I’d rather have Booker get pinned but whatever. Finish seemed great from me. Mysterio winning was nice. 16 minutes almost? Wow, that’s too long for an opener…9/10

Trish vs. Mickie
Ok, it’s a Women’s match. Of course I didn’t enjoy it, but it was cool to see a women’s match on the card. I wish Trish would’ve won, but she’s had the title for over a year, so I can understand why she lost. I hate Mickie though…I’d rather have Lita or Melina win it. L 6.2/10

Money in the Bank
Wow man! This match was great. Shocking that a Triple Threat match will last longer than a 6-man Ladder match huh? Another thing I liked was the fact that you didn’t go overboard with the spots. I’ve read like 10 MITB matches and only 3 have had this. (This one, KoM’s and someone else’s). I don’t like JBL as a wrestler, but he is a god at promos and I guess a little title run won’t be the death of me. 9.4/10

3MW vs. Kane/Big Show
I think this match didn’t live up to its hype. It had tons of action, but the people in it were probably overlooked as 4 big men in a match like this isn’t a good combination but it still wasn’t as good as expected. Besides a table’s match is just not right at Mania IMO. 7.5/10

Noble vs. Kash
So, I really don’t like either of these two men…so…I’ll still try to be nice. . It was ok, and better than I thought, but there’s no way that two men that I don’t like are getting a spectacular score from me…7.2/100

MNM vs. London/Kendrick
This was very nice. Like to see London/Kendrick getting the belts. You did a good job with the spots. There were many, but you didn’t go overboard so that’s good. 9.1/10

Cena vs. Jericho
This is/was one of my all time favorite feuds. Great to see it back and going head-to-head. Cena wins. Nothing wrong with that, but I would rather see Jericho take a win over Cena. But eh, the match itself was still good. 8.9/10

Batista vs. Undertaker
This is another feud I like. Taker wins as expected to continue his streak, which is very nice. If Taker would’ve lost his undefeated streak in 2 threads…that would suck. Anyway though, the match was ok. I thought it would be better, but I still liked it. 8.5/10

The Rock vs Orton
This match is so far, my favorite match on the card that isn’t a gimmick match. Glad you didn’t totally bury Rocky in this match. This is a huge win for Orton, and his arrogance will carry on into the next Raw probably. 9/10

What a huge match this is. Old best friends meet once more. McMahon’s come out and then Austin comes out too? I really didn’t like all the interference in here. The match was as good as I thought but no better. 8.8/10

Edge vs. Christian
This match was good and Edge retaining was a good choice. I liked how Christian tapped too. Made him look a little weak, but made Edge look dominant which I like a lot. I thought Edge would win by pinfall but it wasn’t to be! Great match, but it could’ve been better. 9.1/10

RVD vs. Kurt Angle
A great match to top off a great show. Angle’s technical wrestling and Rob’s highflying ability. Glad to see Rob win it. It kept me on the edge of my chair. What a way to end a Wrestlemania! Hopefully Rob has a good, long reign. Runner Up for MOTN following the ladder match. Best 1-on-1 match I’ve seen in a while. 9.3/10

Overall: It came out as an 85, but this by no means is that bad. I’ll give it a 93. This is up there with the best. Wolfy’s Survivor Series and his Rumble, Arjun’s Mania, KoM’s Mania. It was a great show nonetheless!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I just copy and pasted it into Word. I normally don't do this, but I know how hard you have been working on this so I will give you a full reveiw tommorow.

To bad I already know alot of what happens.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Raw Preview for Monday April 3, 2006

We head back into Phoenix, the same building that hosted WrestleMania 22 the night before with big momentum. A new WWE Champion was crowned last night at WrestleMania whenever Rob Van Dam defeated Kurt Angle to gain his first ever major championship. Van Dam has tons of momentum right now and what will he have to say about winning his first ever WWE Championship in his first ever WrestleMania main event? Also the former WWE champion, Kurt Angle will be in the building. If these two meet each other, things are sure to blow up!

A intresting twist in events took place at WrestleMania when the supposedly "fired" Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared and helped his friend Shawn Michaels to victory. Earlier on in the match, the McMahon's were kicked out whenever Shane attempted to throw Michaels off the turnbuckle but the referee saw him and ejected both of them. Michaels and Triple H put on a match for the ages but Austin was the factor as Triple H became distracted. Triple H and Austin brawled before Austin nailed Triple H with a Stunner and Michaels nailed the Sweet Chin Music for the win. What will the McMahon's and Triple H have to say?

Two bitter enemies fought against each other at WrestleMania whenever John Cena and Chris Jericho locked up. An all out war as it was expected to between the two took place. Jericho dominated towards the end of the match whenever Jericho made his way up top. It turned out to be a mistake though for the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla as Cena grabbed Jericho off the top ropes quickly. Cena had no trouble nailing the F-U on Cena and Jericho's adventure to beat Cena continues as he is 0-4 against Cena. Jericho seems hell bount on gaining a win and will do anything necessary apparently.

A brutal Tables Match took place at WrestleMania whenever 3 Minute Warning found themselves defending their titles against the team they beat for them, Kane and The Big Show. The teamwork of 3 Minute Warning showed throughout with only Jamal being thrown through a table and Rosey being able to stay alive. Tons of weapons were used including chairs, trash cans, and of course tables! But in the end, Jamal was able to nail a Big Splash through the table onto Kane to gain the win and help 3 Minute Warning retain their titles, who will be their next task?

Not only was a new WWE Champion crowned but a new Women's Champion was crowned also. Mickie James ended the 1 Year and 4 Month reign of the former champion, Trish Stratus. James looked to be out of it but was able to take advantage of the champion and use her own variation of Trish's finisher, the Mick Kick for the win. Mickie James is now the champion and she could become known as one of the more dominant champions ever. Of course Trish will want her rematch for the title but when will we see this, check into Raw to see the fallout of this matchup.

For the second year in a row, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match took place at WrestleMania. This year's though involved three Raw superstars and three Smackdown superstars. An amazing display of athleticism was on display as all six men put on a great show and it could be argued that the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin, was robbed of the briefcase. Now with Money in the Bank being over where will Carlito, Chris Masters, and Shelton Benjamin be heading now after their insane ladder match at WrestleMania which Smackdown's JBL won.

Ok, this needed to be posted. Though this is not discouraging people not to review WrestleMania. All reviews are welcomed. I've got a list of people right now I've got to review. I've returned some reviews already and more to be handed out when I return. My first trip was great, enjoyed it a lot. Now I'm heading out on another trip tomorrow and will be back late Saturday night so I should be back on my regular schedule Sunday! Thanks for all of the support and reviews! Whenever I return, reviews will indeed be handed back because I don't want to be left hanging dry.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

The review is almost done, and will either be posted later today, or tomorrow, depending on if i get it finished. So far, it has been a very good ppv though
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice opening video to the ppv, although it maybe was a little short for a Wrestlemania, but nonetheless, it was a nice way to start the show. It got all the main feuds highlighted, which is what it really should do (btw, what happened to the pre-show battle royal???)

Triple threat starts the show, which is not a bad choice, and should be one of the matches of the show, if the build up to it is anything to go by. I think it is time for these 3 to go to a new feud after the match though. A very fast paced match to start the show, with all three men putting in a strong effort, and doing all they can to try and steal the show. The powerbomb/superplex was a nice spot to use, and is the kind of things that triple threat matches need to have in them. Germans from Benoit could end it, but Rey counters the headbutt with the hurricanarana, which is a nice change. Booker has it won, but his cockiness costs him the match, as Benoit breaks the count up, and then locks the crossface in. Loved the ending with Rey dropping the time on benoit to end it, and it ends a great opening match. Rey is still the champion, and this was a stunning start to the show

Not a great promo by Trish, but it hyped the match, which is what it was supposed to do

A good solid women’s match by Trish and Mickie, although it did seem to be remarkably similar to the matches at NYR and Mania that they did have. But there was enough in it that was new that made it good, and I don’t think this feud is over yet. The ending with Mickie hitting the mick kick after avoiding the chick kick was a good way to end the match, and Mickie will probably have a nice run with the belt now

Nice way to get some of the freaks on the card, which added a nice touch of comedy to the show

MITB match is next, and this should be another top match, as long as it doesn’t turn into too bigger spot fest. A fast opening, with Hardy and Carlito jumping over the top ropes, and I guess that it sets the tone for a lot of spots to be included in the match. The cardinal sin comes next, which is going for the ladder far too early, but hopefully it will be done in a good way. Side effect of the ladder to JBL tells me this is going to be very spotty, and will probably be too so, and the match feels to be very rushed so far. A few more spots used, and the fact Carlito is setting up a table says that someone is going to fall off the ladder and through it, and this is Masters, and that is probably the end of the match for him. Leg drop of the ladder by Hardy, and he could be the star of the match at the moment, and is on for a push towards the US title soon. Looks like Benjamin wants to be king of the ladder match though, with a crazy dive. It comes down to JBL and Shelton, and after a back body drop, JBL has the MITB contract. Okay match here, but a bit too spotty at times with no real story behind it. Not keen on the ending either, as it wasn’t the strongest

Tag match next, and this is the filler match of the card. It just doesn’t interest me at all, and so I hope it is kept short. It looks to be a hardcore style of match, possibly to cover the weakness of the men in the ring, and Rosey is the first to go through the table. A running splash then sends Kane through a table, and it is all square. A splash on Show ends the match, and 3MW keep the belts. An okay match here, but never was going to be the best. You did a good job with it though

Noble/Kash is the next match, and this is going to be another solid contest I think, and will probably be the end of the feud. Fast action to the start the match, and a great spot with the headscissors over the top rope. Moonsault is missed as well, and I guess the cruiers are going to be going all out in this match. Great reversal of the tiger driver, and so far, this match has been excellent. Dead level from kash, but the feet are on the ropes, and the same when Noble hits the tiger driver. A bit of a sloppy ending with the slow referee after the cradle, but otherwise a top quality match, and so far, Smackdown is stealing the show

Nice promo from MNM, and surely they have to lose the belts tonight

Bit surprised to see the 2/3 falls next, as it may be a bit similar to the previous match, and maybe I would have slowed the action down with something like Jericho/Cena or Batista/Taker. A nice start to the match though, and no surprise to see that MNM take the first fall, with the snapsnot, which makes it more unlikely for the hooligans to come back, even though they probably will do. They go for the snapsnot again (smart booking, although another pinfall may have been better), but Kendrick gets back into the match. Loved the super sunset flip to tie the match up, and so far this has been a good contest, but maybe is being a bit rushed, as it feels shorter than it could be. Nice finish, with the 450 and the sliced bread, and finally London and Kendrick have the belts, but a bit disappointed that the 3 falls didn’t even go 13 minutes, which makes the men look a bit weak. I guess this suffered from being on a competitive and large card, which meant the match had to be shorter. Would have liked 20 minutes at least for 3 falls, but you cant always do that

Jericho just hypes the match with Cena, which should be a good one. Cena needs the win I think, but Jericho hasn’t won at mania for a long time, so he may pull off the upset

A nice start to the match between these two, and Jericho gets an early bit of dominance. Good to see him use the triple powerbomb, which he hasn’t used for ages, and I guess he may be using it in big matches now. But soon after, the momentum turns, and Cena starts to move with the 5 moves of doom, only for Jericho to counter the FU. Kick out then from the lionsault, and then Cena refuses to tap to the walls of Jericho. Good stuff here, and Cena is looking very strong coming out of the match, and then after he nails the FU, he has the win. A solid match here, which did its job on the card of giving Cena the big win he needs, but didn’t seem to be as good as it could have been. Maybe a bit too run of the mill, but still, a good contest

Time to Taker/Batista, and this should be a hard hitting match, and then, maybe Batista can re-turn face afterwards, as Smackdown needs him to be one. Nice power contest to start the match, which puts Batista over as being as strong as Taker, before he gains a short advantage. Taker fights back with the old school, and the big boot, but Batista will not give up. Taker cant hit the chokeslam, and the spear from Batista is almost enough for him to win the match. Taker hits a chokeslam, but it is not enough, and neither is the Batista Bomb. Taker then hits the tombstone, and he wins the match, and keeps his streak going. Another solid match here, and you got quite a bit out of the two of them. Batista has to turn back to being a face though

Orton vs. The Rock should be a classic contest, and could well be a contender for MOTN, if it is done well. Orton winning is the lock of the card, but it should still be a great match. Nice to see Orton working the neck, and putting some psychology into the match, which is always nice to see. Good job through the middle of the match to keep it going strong, and then, we get a ref bump which is good, as there hasn’t been many of them this evening. Orton goes to nail Rock with the chair, but hits himself, and then the rock nails the people’s elbow, but Orton kicks out, and then gets the ropes from the sharpshooter. The neckbreaker from Orton doesn’t end it, and the Rock counters the RKO. He goes for the rock bottom, but it is countered into the RKO, and Orton gets the win. Orton to move back to the title now I think

HBK interview was solid, and I expect his match with HHH to be a great one

The Mcmahons coming out is interesting, and I think this means that Austin is definitely going to get involved, in one capacity or another. Loved the fact that the ref throws Vince and Shane out of the arena, although I don’t know why Vince doesn’t just fire the referee. HHH using the figure 4 is interesting, and a good move to wear down HBK, as well as giving the impression it may end. HBK then starts to fight back though, and he hits the moves of doom on HHH, but it ends as he misses the sweet chin music. HHH goes for the sledgehammer, but the ref stops him, and then as he goes for the pedigree, Austin comes out, and then he beats the hell out of HHH. HBK then nails the SCM, and wins the match. Nice ending, and I don’t know what will happen now with the Austin/HHH story, but maybe one more match at Summerslam or something

Edge and Angle hey? Nice way to hype the title matches, and I get the feeling that 1 of them keeps the belt, probably Edge

Christian gets the early advantage, and starts to work on Edge in the early going, but I don’t think that it will last too long. Christian almost wins with the spinning tornado ddt though, a nice move to bring out. Christian had the upper hand for longer than I expected really, but edge almost wins with the electric chair. Edgecution and the spear have to keep the belt on Edge, but Christian kicks out, to a shock from everyone. Edge-o-matic, and then the edgecuter are next, and eventually, Christian has to be tap out from the hold. A good match, but it didn’t feel to be the best that they could do, and it was a bit of a squash for Edge down the home stretch which takes a bit away from the match. Christian got buried a bit I felt, but I think he may take the title at Judgement Day

RVD now has to win the main event, as two heel victories would kill the crowd and the show. Nice quick start to the match, and I expect it to be fast paced through most of the match, as that is the style that they both prefer. Standing moonsault was a good move to pull out, and this match has started well. Top rope belly to belly from Angle was good, and this has been an excellent start to the match. Angle goes to use the title belt, but RVD sees it, and nails the van damninator to him. Moonsault from Angle hits for once, but RVD kicks out of it. He goes for the ankle lock, but it is reversed, and then RVD goes for the van terminator, and he hits it, but Angle manages to lock in the ankle lock. It could be all for RVD, but he fights out, and then the rolling thunder and 5 star give RVD the title. A very good main event match, and a good ending to the ppv, which is definitely the best you have written
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for the review F-D and I'll be returning a review to you for your Royal Rumble. Also I'm working on Raw now and will plan to have it up sometimes this week hopefully. I had a fun vacation and very relaxing. It also helped that I had finished WrestleMania and had no worries so that's a positive. Anyways, thanks for the reviews and I will return some hopefully soon, maybe later this week.
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