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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown Review
Friday March 24, 2006
Austin, Texas

Match #1
Rey Mysterio vs Orlando Jordan

Quick but fun and exicting match. Two different styles here clashed with Mysterio picking up the almost predictable win over Jordan in a good opener.

Saw some mistakes in the JBL promo, but it was good enough and the point was made, even though it was kind of too short.

Match #2
MNM and Kid Kash vs Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and Jamie Noble

Good cruiserweight six man tag match, with a lot of great action, being shown. Nice touch with the champ being pinned.

Great Rock and Orton promo. Both men played their parts really well. Orton ripping at The Rock's movies was gold. Orton refusing to fight Rock was also great as well.

Match #3
Chris Benoit vs Simon Dean

Great match featuring two former ECW wrestlers. I just hope that you start to use some of Nova's moves in Dean's character. Benoit finishes the match off with the crossface for the win, in a great bout.

Short, good, and to the point is what can be said about Batista's interview. The Animal looks ready to end the streak of The Undertaker, and who knows, he might just do it.

Match #4
Triple Threat Match
JBL vs Matt Hardy vs Ken Kennedy

The match went exactly how I thought it would go. Nice buildup for MITB II, with both Raw and Smackdown going at it. As for Teddy's announcement for next week goes, it's on!

Good promo with Dean and The Gyminis. Dean just basically sonns both of them in a matter of moments.

Decent WM commercial with MNM. Mania is coming along just fine, I might add.

Christian is putting it on the line as he tells the crowd, that at Mania, he's not backing down and he's leaving Mania as the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Match 5:
Booker T v. Bobby Lashley

Decent promo and OK main event, as it is hard to get into it, as it's been shown for the past couple of weeks on TV, but it's good, though I thought Booker would have gotten the win over Lashley in this match.

What a way to end the show with the excellent promo from Edge/Christian. Christian knocking Edge off the ladder and through the table was excellent. Man, Mania is going to be crazy!

Overall Score: 89/100=B!

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown Review

Match #1
Rey Mysterio vs Orlando Jordan

good match and glad to see mysterio win !

Match #2
MNM and Kid Kash vs Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and Jamie Noble

simply great and that too the champ was pinned.

Match #3
Chris Benoit vs Simon Dean

a good one and i liked the part where benoit uses the crossface .
Match #4
Triple Threat Match
JBL vs Matt Hardy vs Ken Kennedy
what i had in mind was jbl finishing the opponent with a clothesline from hell for a victory .

Match 5:
Booker T v. Bobby Lashley
just as i thought ! a good main event .

Overall Score: 85/100

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I still owe you a review KOP sry I have not given it to you, I haven't been able to because I've been busy. Expect a review from me tonight.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

SD review

NOTE: This is the first show I read of you and I'm pretty impressed


Nice clean win for Mysterio. Gives him some good momentum for his title bout. Not much more to add to it.

JBL's in MITB? Good lord, I can't see him taking high risk bumps or doing flashy moves but he can make a good victim or attacker with weapons like ladder and chairshots. As for the promo, it wasn't bad but it could have been better when you're writing for JBL. good thing that he's takingthe MITB interpromotional, I can sense the RAW guys coming over tonight.

Great sixman match with 6 great cruisers. Of course the awesome spots happen and the heels pick up the win. Are Kid Kash and Noble broken up?

Rock promo could have been a tad better. I've never heard Rock say bastard or bitch and its 'whoop' not 'whip'. Orton destroyed Foley at SNME and Rock doesn't appreciate that? Nice extra layer to the feud. And I must congratulate you: You have made Orton entertaining to watch! This is the first time I've actually enjoyed an Orton promo! That ringrust as bad as your movies burn was awesome! But still, the rock looked a bit bad, instead of the lousy challenger line have him make a decent comeback at Orton, we all know that Rock can own Orton on the mic anytime.

Chris Benoit/Simon Dean

hmmmm, wonder who will win
whoa Benoit beats simon dean, who would've thought that!
nice win for benoit giving him momentum for the title bout

Basic, bland hype interview for Taker's WM match. It doesn't help that the boring Batista is in it either.

Decent Triple Threat match and of course the RAW mitb participants come in and cause turmoil. Nice and simple way to build the mitb match up and a nice match is made for next week

Lol nice comical touch with Simon Dean! This segment got a few giggles out of me. I see the Gymini turning on Simon Dean for disrespecting them.

Great Wreslemania promo vid! I love these things! MNM was a good pick for the job

Christian promo. I dunno, didn't really like it. It didn't really feel like Christian except for the latter parts but it did its purpose I guess.

Booker T though was nailed on the head. But maybe you should try slangtyping for Booker? It makes you get so much easier into the promo because its weird to see Booker T in plain english. With Booker T's cockiness, I think Lashley is gonna take the win

Booker T gets distracted by Benoit's music but not Benoit himself? What was the point of that? Might as well have Benoit come out to add fuel to the feud.

Edge's promo was just awesome.....awesome. You gave a nice brother vs brother ethical feeling to the feud then Christian comes out and predictably pushes the ladder. BTW: Is that match at WM a TLC match?

Overall. A pretty decent SD. Nothing groundbreaking happened but we got some nice matches and some decent promo's with Edge/Christian's standing out.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown Review

Good way to start off the show with the US Champion, good win for Mysterio gaining himself some momentum going into Wrestlemania.

Good in character JBL promo here, i see the Raw superstars getting themself involved in the Triple Threat match.

Good fast paced Cruserweight matchup here, with some good typical Cruserweight spots. Good victory for Kid Kash here getting a pinfall over the Cruserweight Champion.

Good promo here between Rock and Orton building up their Wrestlemania match more and i can't wait to see it. Looks like the two will go at it tonight, but Orton backs away.

The second man in the US Title Triple Threat match at Mania gets a unsupriising victory over Simon Dean, with Benoit making Dean tap out.

Good Batista promo here, i don't think Batista will end Taker's record at Mania.

My prediction was right as the Raw superstars got themselves involved making the match a no contest. Great match announced for next week, but it will be intresting to see how both teams can cope with each other.

Nothing overly big here as Dean announces he is in the Battle Royal before Wrestlemania, good to see you building up a match which isn't even on the main card however.

Good main event here with Chris Benoit's music possibly costing Booker T the match.

Great promo to end the show with Edge hyping up his match at Mania with Christian, then Christian comes out and pushes Edge off the ladder through a table on the outside. Christian v Edge at Mania is gonna be one hell of a match.

Overall it was a great show building up your main feuds nicely for Mania, and Wrestlemania looks to have a fantastic card. 84/100
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Ok guys, only one week of shows left until WrestleMania! The time has finally come and I'm excited! I'm very excited to see how this show turns out as it could be a make or break. However update on WrestleMania, 5 matches have been written and I expect another one done soon. So that's about the half the show and that is good considering the time I have had this summer to actually do anything! As for when it would be posted, I am going to have to say the beginning of July to mid July right before I leave on vacation. Anyways, expect Raw later this week and Smackdown will be decided upon later. As for now, thanks for the reviews and some have been returned, however more will indeed be returned so don't worry.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Cant Wait. Wrestlemania should be great.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

With you booking WM I'll be sure to read. Captian

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice news sounds great. Arjun wrote my first ever WM that i read on here, and it was great, so im really looking forward to another one. I may not be up to date on all teh fueds, but i will do my best to catch on. It all sounds good and i will be looking forward to it.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I know I've been reviewing on and off, but trust me, I'll be reviewing the next RAW, SD...and oh yeah, WRESTLE FREAKING MANIA! It should be truly awesome, and hopefully you can hype it well on the next two shows.

Plus...I gotta scout my World Cup competition, eh? Haha.

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