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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Interesing to see you open with the womens match, but I guess it makes a nice change. Nice win for the faces, but Mickie announces she will be facing Trish at mania, and it looks like we have our title match here.

RVD vs. Masters tonight then should be a solid match, and a tough test for RVD to overcome. Solid promo, which did the job of building the match

Test picks up the win over Eugene in his debut, and then Striker puts him over after the match. Liking this little heel combo to be honest, and maybe a mid card push for Test to come

Vince fires Austin! Interesting development here, but this is not going to be the end of Austin, that is for sure. I expect to see him back around Mania, and probably will interfere in the match. Again, a solid promo which did its job

Shelton picks up a nice win over Chavo, but then JBL takes him out. Looks like the MITB hype is starting up, and the two brands will actually be fighting over it

Carlito promotes himself and the MITB match, and I guess he will face Masters at Backlash. Maria again didn’t seem to be done correctly, as her stupidity seemed to be a bit forced

Cena gets the win over Mickey despite Jericho trying to help. Nice win for Cena here, and he has a bit of momentum going to mania

Tag title match is announced, and tables should cover the mens in ring weaknesses

HHH lays out HBK, and then cuts a typical HHH promo on HBK. I think HBK needs a bit more of the mic in this feud, but still, a nice promo by HHH. He is back to his dangerous ways I guess

RVD beats Masters by using the ankle lock. Interesting development here, and makes the match at mania a bit more interesting. Still not convinced that this feud has the sparkle it needs though
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Let me just give a quick update. I've been working on Smackdown and I'm going to return some reviews today. Anyways, I would say expect Smackdown this weekend or at the latest, next Monday. Eitherways, I've been working on WrestleMania and it's looking good so far. Anyways, just wanted to give an update on Smackdown and WrestleMania.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


HUGE shock to kick off the show, as Benjamin takes the title. Probably a good move, as it allows Carlito and Masters to go full steam ahead into their feud, which is best off being not over the title, as their issue didn’t start over it. Nice way to kick off the show.

Could’ve thought of a better way to finish the Booker - Benoit match. The double count out, makes both men seem like losers really, and shouldn’t be allowed to dispute the decision, as they failed. Had you went with a harsh double DQ, or a double pin, then both men could’ve had arguments as to why they should have a title shot.

Enjoyed the Highlight Reel, as it allowed the build up to continue towards the eventual Cena vs. Jericho battle at WM. The speech from both men wasn’t the best, so in terms of the promo work, it was fairly shaky, but the overall objective from the segment was good, and Cena finally getting some revenge on Jericho and the Squad was long overdue.

Finally, the triple threat at Wrestle Mania is officially announced, and a match I’m really looking forward to seeing. It’ll definitely be the sleeper match on the card.

Excellent overview of the Hardcore Match, but the one complaint I had was the role reversal of Orton to face and Rock & Sock to heel?? At least that’s how it appeared, with Rock running in to help Foley, and Orton getting the better of them both, before getting the win. Orton looks strong coming from this, but Rock played the role of the heel far too well here.

I think the Maria gags have ran their course. Not many people are getting anything fun out of her anymore, and I certainly plan on cutting back my use of the bimbo announcer. Killed The Triple H promo, because it’s content was extremely good.

Surprised that Austin jobbed so cleanly to The Game. Not a bad thing mind, just surprised. Good booking decision, as Triple H is going into a major WM match, and Austin isn’t. Makes perfect sense. Hopefully the ‘surprise’ isn’t a let down on Raw.

Batista is a fully fledged heel now, which is okay. Out of all the build up for the feud so far, this has been the best, but there is definitely something missing from it, as I’m hardly excited to see Batista and Taker tangle right now.

Best possible decision for the main event to end a No Contest, as it keeps everyone looking strong, but it’s still disappointing none the less. Finish to the show was well done, having the faces stand tall.

Pretty hit and miss show overall it has to be said, and despite some excellent WM build up on some parts (HHH - HBK, Benoit - Booker - Rey) there are others that are really lacking any bite. Not long now either to make the most of these wrongs either.



Faces score the victory, but Mickie gets her title shot at Wrestle Mania. This one has been building for quite some time, and I can certainly see the chance for a title change at WM.

Excellent backstage segment between Masters and Angle. Could be a long term alliance being formed between Angle and Masters, or maybe I’m reading too much into it. I fully expect RVD to still come through tonight as winner.

Glad to see Test back, and has a great role, suited to him perfectly, being a bodyguard for Striker. Test with The Teacher is a great gimmick, kudos to that, and a nice easy win to ease the big man back.

Two out of two with excellent promos. Striker will be a force to be reckoned with on Raw in the coming months, as he is certainly on the receiving end of a mammoth push from you. Having Test by his side will certainly help his cause.

Wasn’t exactly surprised by the firing of Austin TBH. Bit of a let down. Was expecting something more creative than that, like putting Austin against Michaels on Raw next week in a Streetfight or something to try and wear out HBK before WM. Austin didn’t get to do much in the promo either, and I’d find it hard to imagine Austin just stand and let Vince cut him off at every turn. The promo itself from Vince was very much in character, but after the hype leading to this moment, it felt like a let down. I’m guessing you do have something big planned though for the culmination of this feud.

Benjamin gets the win over Chavo in a highly competitive match up, but the aftermath if the talking point, as JBL from Smackdown takes it to Benjamin, giving us a bit of cross brand rivalry to hype MITB a little more. Good touch.

Typical Maria stuff at the end of the interview with Carlito, but like I said from SNME, it’s maybe time to faze out the use of Maria now as an announcer.

As you’d expect, Cena beats Mikey, even overcoming the run in from Jericho. This one has gotten a decent enough build up, with the Spirit Squad freshening up the feud as of late. I have a feeling they’ll get involved at WM too, but I’d still go for a Cena win.

Tables match at WM adds a little extra something to the big man tag match at WM, which I expect to be extremely short, given none of the four are that impressive in the ring.

Different piece of build than what we’re used to seeing for major feuds, but it worked. Triple H beats down an unsuspecting HBK backstage, and lets him know about it too!! One last big push for this one next week will be enough to set the stage for an epic WM showdown.

Decent enough RVD promo, but he needs a killer promo next week on Raw, in an in ring segment with Angle to give WM one last big sell.

Very good finish to the Submission Match, with RVD busting out the Anklelock. Would’ve been a nice touch for RVD to use a different submission, which could’ve added the element that RVD could possibly beat Angle using a deadly submission of his own to rival Angles. Still though, the Ankle lock gave more of a personal touch, with little time left heading into WM

Overall, a much better show than SNME. Good build towards the biggest of shows, and everything seems set to culminate, in terms of build up, next week, which is perfect building.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday March 24, 2006
Austin, Texas

*Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits and we see a video of the Smackdown superstars play before we cut to the arena to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside*

Michael Cole: Another great night of action is set for us here tonight on Friday Night Smackdown from Austin

Tazz: Iím looking forward to the this major night we have and Iím expecting fireworks to be going off tonight!

Michael Cole: Plus all three of the men in the United States Title Match at WrestleMania are going to be in one on one matches tonight.

Tazz: And if that wasnít enough, the three superstars in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania will be in a Triple Threat Match!

Match #1
Rey Mysterio vs Orlando Jordan

Match Overview: Friday Night Smackdown opens with a fast paced match between these two talented superstars. Jordan keeps Mysterio grounded throughout the match but Mysterio does some high flying moves in the end too. Mysterio attacks Jordan and then nails a spinning headscissors sending Jordan into the ropes! Mysterio then taunts Jordan and plays to the crowd before coming off the ropes and he goes for and successfully nails his patented finisher, the 619! Mysterio then leaps onto the top rope and then leaps back off nailing the West Coast Pop onto Orlando Jordan and the United States Champion then leaps onto Jordan and makes a cover for the win? OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio


*Interview w/ JBL*

Josh Matthews: JBL, later tonight you will be competing in a Triple Threat Match with the other Money in the Bank participants in it also. So just asking, how are you feeling heading into the match tonight?

JBL: Worried about a wrestling match Josh? Why should I worry about a wrestling match because everyone knows that I am a Wrestling God! Iíve defeated everyone there is to beat on Smackdown and tonight Iíll defeat two, two men that I will also defeat at WrestleMania when I become Mr. Money in the Bank!

Josh Matthews: The question everybody has been wanting to know is why did you attack Shelton Benjamin on Raw this past week?

JBL: Itís simple Josh, itís all fair game! Iím going to expose the frauds over on Raw whenever I also defeat them at WrestleMania and last Monday night was an example. I exposed the real Shelton Benjamin whenever I sent him to hell!

Josh Matthews: One more thing JBL, rumors have been going around that the three Raw superstars in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match are coming here tonight, does this worry you in any way?

JBL: Listen up! Those three can come here to Smackdown tonight and if they want to interfere in my match, then sure they can. But when itís said and done, all three of them will be laid down in the ring because I sent Shelton Benjamin to hell and tonight I send all three of them to hell with my own Clothesline from Hell!

*We then cut to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Iíve never heard JBL talk like that before but he certainly seems serious heading into WrestleMania in less than two weeks.

Tazz: Of course he is Cole, Money in the Bank is coming up and this is his chance, his chance to regain the World-Heavyweight Championship

Michael Cole: Well weíll find out later but right now weíve got a major Six Man Tag Match coming up right now.

Tazz: The WWE Tag Team Champions MNM team with Kid Kash as they face the team of Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and the Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble!

Match #2
MNM and Kid Kash vs Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and Jamie Noble

Match Overview: Very fast paced match with all six men giving it their all in the ring and the fans are amazed at this match. Some highlights of the match include a Double Plancha to the outside from London and Kendrick landing on MNM on the outside. Another highlight would be Kid Kash nailing a Moonsault onto Jamie Noble but Noble gets up and keeps the match going along for his team. Towards the end though, itís Kash and London in the ring. Kash looks to go for the Dead Level but London rolls through, then makes the tag bringing in Noble. London and Kendrick then run in to prevent MNM from breaking it up but MNM duck London and Kendrick and then toss both men to the outside of the ring. Kid Kash gets a cradle on the Cruiserweight Champion, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winners: MNM and Kid Kash


*If Ya SmellÖ.What the RockÖIs Cookin! Hits and the Rock comes out to the biggest pop of the night shaking the entire building. The Rock continues on down the ramp and into the ring before climbing onto the top turnbuckle and raising his hand in the air to all of the fans cheering his name and the Rock then jumps down. He receives a mic and smiles before looking across the arena and then begins to speak*

The Rock: FinallyÖThe Rock Has Come Back to Austin!

*Cheap Pop*

The Rock: Sadly the Rock says that Mick Foley will not be here for a few weeks since he was injured badly in the Hardcore Match at Saturday Nightís Main Event thanks to that no good, dirty bastard, Randy Orton.

*Crowd Boos*

The Rock: Well Randy Orton, the Rock has something to say to you and that is Iím going to drive down into Phoenix, take a right, get some pie! Then take a left, head straight into the Smackdown Hotel, check in, then jump back in my car, take a right then arrive at Know Your Role Boulevard before walking into the US Airways Center where Iím going to whip your ass all around!

*Crowd Pops*

The Rock: The Rock says that you are going to pay and pay dearly for what you did to The Rockís friend, Mick Foley. The RoÖ.

*Burn in My Light hits and Randy Orton comes out onto the stage wearing a shirt over his wrestling gear before continuing on down the ring. His pyro goes off but Orton doesnít pose and continues on before sliding into the ring and receiving a mic from the ringside timekeeper and then begins to speak*

Randy Orton: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold it there Rocky, did you just say that you are going to kick my ass at WrestleMania? Did you say that you are going to make me pay for beating down that friend of yourís at Saturday Nightís Main Event, yeah Mick Foley, the one I RKOíd through a table!

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: I paid for it too Rocky, I mean look at my head! My head has been bleeding ever since last Saturday and my back hurts but I showed up here tonight, I showed up because I came to kill another Legend! I came to kill you Rocky, I came to kill you before we even got to WrestleMania in less than two weeks.

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: And somÖ

The Rock: Shut your Mouth!!!!

*Crowd Cheers*

The Rock: The Rock promised that he was going to kick some ass tonight and who better than kicking your ass Randy? The Rock wants you to shut your mouth and know your role before you head into WrestleMania.

*Crowd Pops*

Randy Orton: Oh donít worry Rock, I know my role! My role is going to be killing another legend and quite frankly, it couldnít come any easier. If your ringrust is as bad as your movies, then I certainly will get another win at WrestleMania and that Rocky, that is going to be my role come WrestleMania!

*Crowd OOOís at the movie comment*

The Rock: The Rock has has enough with your mouth here tonight. Drop the mic, and Just Bring it Bitch!!!

*The Crowd cheers as The Rock does his famous position in the ring telling Orton that he is ready for a fight. Orton smiles cockily and drops the mic. The Legend Killer then walks over to the Rock and then looks at him. Orton smiles again and heads out of the ring and The Rock goes over onto the ropes. Orton then finds himself backing himself up the ramp and he continues smiling with the Rock looking annoyed. We then cut to a commercial with the Rock still standing in the ring*


Michael Cole: And weíre back from the commercial but before the break, we saw Randy Orton refuse a fight with The Rock

Tazz: Orton was thinking ahead Cole, he knew he was injured and didnít want to risk any chance before WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: Well either way he is going to have to face some major odds whenever he takes on The Rock at WrestleMania in less than two weeks.

Tazz: The US Airways Center is going to be rocking with these two major superstars in the same ring facing off against each other!

Match #3
Chris Benoit vs Simon Dean

Match Overview: Basically a match involving these two former ECW superstars in which Benoit dominates the match but Dean has some advantages during the match. Dean trips up Benoit and then looks for the Simonizer but Benoit catches the fitness guru and nails a major German Suplex sending Dean across the ring. Benoit then hooks his arms again and nails another German Suplex before nailing the third and final one! Benoit then taunts Dean before going onto the top rope and then leaps off for the Diving Headbutt but at the last moment, Simon Dean rolls away and Benoit lands on the mat hard! Dean then grabs his medicine bag and waits for Benoit to get back up. A minute or two passes and Benoit rises to which Dean comes at Benoit but Benoit trips up Dean and grabs the shoulder of Simon Dean and locks in the Crippler Crossface! Dean quickly taps out giving the win to Benoit!

Winner: Chris Benoit via submission

*Interview w/ Batista*

Josh Matthews: Batista, this past Saturday at Saturday Nightís Main Event, you presented a funeral for the Undertaker but what happened was not expected, the lights went out and muÖ

Batista: Iím sick and tired of everyone acting as if Iím scared of some freak like the Undertaker. Many people couldnít get the job done at WrestleMania against the Undertaker such as Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka, Psycho Sid, Kane and most recently, Randy Orton but this year, this year it changes because the Animal will take out the Deadman.

Josh Matthews: For the past few months though, you have been after Undertaker, what has been your motive this entire time?

Batista: Think back to the Royal Rumble Josh. Think back and remember that the Undertaker was in the World-Heavyweight Championship match, you know the night that I lost the World-Heavyweight Championship to Edge! Well as far as Iím concerned, this is all that damn Undertakerís fault and Iím going to rid Smackdown of the Undertaker!

Josh Matthews: Anything else you want to mention right now before your match at WrestleMania in less than two weeks against the Undertaker?

Batista: Iíve promised and Iím going to deliver. The Animal will always come through and Iím going to be the one taking out the Undertaker for the first time. There is not going to be a 14-0 record because Iím going to be there to prevent it. Undertaker be prepared because the Beast has been Unleashed!!!!!


Match #4
Triple Threat Match
JBL vs Matt Hardy vs Ken Kennedy

Match Overview: Not a very thrilling match, decent match though but nothing really special comes from it at all. Just a buildup match for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match between all three of these men is what it is. Towards the end however, Hardy takes down JBL with a Side Effect and then makes his way onto the toprope. Hardy looks to come off the ropes with a Leg Drop but Kennedy climbs onto the middle rope and grabs Hardy. Kennedy taunts the crowd before coming off and nailing the Green Bay Plunge! Kennedy scurries over for the cover but suddenly the three Raw superstars in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, and Chris Masters hit the ring. Itís Raw vs Smackdown now with all six of these men duking it out before their huge WrestleMania match and the referee rings the bell making this match officially over and it has been ruled a no contest.

Winner: No Contest

*MacMillitant hits and Theodore Long, the Smackdown GM comes walking out onto the stage before he stops and starts talking into his mic*

Theodore Long: Now hold it there playas!

*Crowd Pops*

Theodore Long: If you three Raw superstars want to be interfering then I tell yaí this! Ya see next week weíre going to be seeing on Smackdown, a major six man tag match with the three Smackdown superstars in JBL, Ken Kennedy, and Matt Hardy all teaming together to take on the three Raw superstars in Carlito, Chris Masters, and the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

*Crowd Cheers*

Theodore Long: Now you Raw wrestlers better get to steppiní or weíll have the police help you start steppiní out of the arena. You feeliní me now playas?

*We then cut over to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside*

Michael Cole: Wow a major match for next week on Smackdown right before WrestleMania and itís going to be Raw vs Smackdown next week!

Tazz: Iím certainly excited, I mean itís Raw vs Smackdown! Could it even get better than what we are going to see next week?

Michael Cole: Well still to come tonight, the World-Heavyweight Champion Edge will be in the ring tonight with an open mic, what will he say?

Tazz: Anything can come from the mouth of the Rated R Superstar and the World-Heavyweight Champion Edge so we better be prepared!

*We then cut backstage to see Simon Dean laying on a table in a doctorís office with a pack of ice on his head after his match tonight*

Simon Dean: Ow, my head!

*Suddenly the door swings open and in come the Gymini, Simon Deanís personal bodyguards*

Simon Dean: Come on sit down, Jake and Jesse. By the way, were were you two tonight during my match with Chris Benoit, I needed all the help I could get!

Jake Gymini: Sorry Simon but uh, we were busy.

Jesse Gymini: Uh yeah, we were busy!

Simon Dean: Ok Iíve heard enough but you know about that Battle Royal before WrestleMania right? Well I was told that seven spots remain. The Ukliq has three of them and I was told the Mexicools will take three so that means only four.

Jake Gymini: And???

Simon Dean: Well Iím not done, Teddy Long told me that Bobby Lashley has to have one too and that makes three left.

Jesse Gymini: So we get the three spots?

Simon Dean: Calm down guys. Let me finish. Well not so much, Orlando Jordan gets a spot and that leaves two.

Jake Gymini: So youíre giving us the spots, how nice!

Simon Dean: Of course not! Iíve got to advertise my Simon System at WrestleMania! Everybody is tuning in to the big show and big shows mean big sales! Oh and yeah the ninth spot is going to um, who was it again? Oh yeah, some new guy named The Miz? Never heard of him but certainly should be an easy win.

Jesse Gymini: So where does that leave us?

Simon Dean: Well with nine spots taken and one left, Iíve declared it upon myself to become the tenth participant! Of course Iím going to debut my new item at WrestleMania and Iíve got a chance to win a shot at the United States Championship! This is my chance to shine guys and at the same time advertise the Simon System! Well you both need to get going, Iíll see both of you next week this time?


*We see the WrestleMania 22 logo flash across the screen and then we hear a voice speak*

Narrator: The following paid advertisement is to promote the upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment pay per view, WrestleMania 22. It will be live from Phoenix, Arizona in the US Airways Center on Sunday April 2, 2006

*We then head out to Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks before we then cut to the scoreboard which shows the Diamondbacks losing 10-2 in the bottom of the ninth inning before we cut over and see the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM!*

Melina: So guys what have you thought about the game so far? I think that the Diamondbacks are the worst team ever

Joey Mercury: Thatís only because Nitro and myself, weíre the best team ever and us by ourselves could beat a team such as the Diamondbacks

Johnny Nitro: Any time, any day, tell them to bring it!

*We then cut over and see a lady stand up and start screaming*

Lady: OH MY GOD! Itís MNM!

*Everybody turns and all of the ladies run at Mercury and Nitro while all of the men in that section run after Melina*

Melina: Run boys! Run!

*We then see all three members of MNM leave from their seats behind the plate and start running up the top and they are continually getting photos taken of them. However Nitro stops for a pose and Melina pulls him making him keep on running. They continue running before Nitro runs into the team shop and looks for a teddy bear for the Diamondbacks. However Melina tugs on him as they continue to get chased out of the ballpark. They make it outside and pause for a moment to look around where to go to*

Joey Mercury: Where are we suppose to go?

Melina: Look! There!

*The camera then turns up and we see the US Airways Center across from Chase Field and we then see all three members of MNM continue running down the road and Nitro almost gets ran over by a car while Melina is getting honked at by men in cars. Melina then opens a door quickly and all three of them jump inside of the arena*

Melina: We should be safe in here

Joey Mercury: I hope so! We didnít even get to finish the game and we went that long without even being noticed

Johnny Nitro: Yeah but I was having some fun getting pictures taken of me and I wanted a souvenir too!

Melina: Weíll go back later as for now, weíve got to worry about staying safe in here so we donít get harassed by those crazy lunatics

Johnny Nitro: Uh guys!

Melina and Joey Mercury: WHAT?

Johnny Nitro: Turn around!

*Melina and Mercury turn around and they see everybody right behind them standing there real quiet and then we hear Melina let out her scream before MNM opens the doors and continues running down the road. We then see a black screen flash across and we then see the WrestleMania 22 logo come back across the screen before*

Narrator: WrestleMania Goes Big Time! Don't miss it Sunday April 2, 2006 from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona!

*We then cut back into the arena where we see Christian standing in front of the Smackdown monitor backstage and Christian then begins to speak*

Christian: WrestleMania is what I have dreamed to main event and now I get the chance, I get not only the chance to main event WrestleMania but the chance to take the World-Heavyweight Championship, something I have also always dreamed about. And I have a chance to take the title from my own brother, Edge!

*Crowd Pops*

Christian: But Iím not here right now for feel good moments. No Iím here because I have something to say to my brother and my challenger at WrestleMania for the World-Heavyweight Championship and that would be Edge.

*Crowd Boos at mention of Edge*

Christian: Edge youíve put me through hell the past few weeks and Iíve not backed down and Iím not going to. Iíve faced JBL and yourself, I faced Mark Henry and yourself with the Undertaker and I fought against you at Saturday Nightís Main Event in which I laid you out in the ring with a Unprettier onto a steel chair and thatís nothing compared to what Iím going to be doing to you come WrestleMania!

*Crowd Pops*

Christian: Iíve been put down, when we were a tag team I was put down and now I have my chance to shine and WrestleMania will be my chance. WrestleMania is where I will win the title and all of my peeps will rejoice because a true champion would have been crowned, a true champion in the name of Captain Charisma, Christian!

*Crowd Pops*

Christian: And thatÖthatís how I roll!!!


Michael Cole: Before the commercial break, we heard from the number one contender to the World-Heavyweight Championship, Christian.

Tazz: He seems a little too confident heading into WrestleMania and if he isnít careful, he might find himself without a title.

Michael Cole: He doesnít even have the title to begin with but he has perhaps the biggest match of his career in nine days!

Tazz: Only nine days until WrestleMania and with all of these matches already set, Iím pumped for perhaps the biggest WrestleMania ever!

*Interview with Booker T*

Josh Matthews: Booker T, coming up next you are going to be in action against Bobby Lashley, how are you feeling after your match at Saturday Nightís Main Event?

Booker T: I was screwed out of the United States Championship shot at Saturday Nightís Main Event by Chris Benoit and Benoit is going to pay come WrestleMania. Iím going to take back my United States Championship and defeat not only Chris Benoit but the man that ended up stealing my title, the current champion, Rey Mysterio.

Josh Matthews: Booker, both of your opponents at WrestleMania, Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit won their respective matches tonight, do you think you will win yourís?

Booker T: Tell me you didnít just say that! Youíre asking a Five TimeÖFive TimeÖ.Five TimeÖ.Five TimeÖ.Five Time WCW Champion if he will win his match? Bobby Lashley is nothing compared to me and Iím going to prove that tonight and to both Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit before our match at WrestleMania.

Josh Matthews: AnytÖ.

Booker T: Let me tell you all something, I was screwed at Saturday Nightís Main Event and Iím not going to let that happen again, Iím not going to lose another one on one shot for a title again and then have it turned into a Triple Threat. For now on, Booker T is going to be the one around here in control because come WrestleMania, I will become the next United States Champion! Now can you dig thatÖ.Sucka!!!

Match #5
Booker T vs Bobby Lashley

Match Overview: Our main event seems as a ok match with Booker T and Bobby Lashley putting on a good match between each other. Lashley looks to end this match with the Dominator but Booker T slides off the shoulders of Lashley and then grabs the arm of Lashley, spins him around and nails a hard kick to the throat sending Lashley down onto the mat. Booker T then drops down onto the mat and does the Spinaroonie and he then jumps back up to boos from the crowd while he is smiling. Booker T then taunts Lashley telling him to get up but all of a sudden, Chris Benoitís music hits and Booker T looks to the ramp! Booker T stands up looking for a fight from Chris Benoit but Benoit doesnít come out. Booker T looks confused but then Lashley comes at Booker T and nails a major Spear onto Booker! Lashley doesnít cover however and leaps back onto his feet, then scoops Booker T off the mat and then comes down hard nailing the Dominator! Did Chris Benoitís music cost Booker T the match here tonight? OneÖTwoÖThree

Winner: Bobby Lashley


*Metalingus hits across the arena and the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge, comes down to the ring holding his title high in the air taunting the crowd. Edge then slides into the ring where there are tables set up around the ring, chairs laying around in the ring and a big ladder in the ring before Edge slides in. He then grabs a mic and sets the ladder up before climbing up the ladder and holding the World-Heavyweight Championship high to major boos! Edge then sits on the top of the ladder before he begins to speak*

Edge: Now Iím sure everyone out here is thinking, why in the hell does Edge have a table, ladder, and chairs in and around the ring? Well come on, it was a major part of my career and it defined where I am today and thatís why tonight weíre going to flashback to my brotherís greatest moments in his entire wrestling career, something that is one of my top achievements but is no longer my greatest as winning the World-Heavyweight Championship was and always will be my greatest!

*Crowd Boos*

Edge: Iím not only the Rated R Superstar, Iím the greatest World-Heavyweight Champion this company has ever seen and I bring in the ratings! People tune into Smackdown to watch the greatest champion wrestle and come WrestleMania, itís going to remain that way whenever I kick Christianís ass and take my title back because thatís how I roll (sarcastically)

*Crowd Boos Edge Stealing Christianís Catchphrase*

Edge: Iíve beaten the best there is in this business, Iím undefeated at WrestleMania and itís going to remain that way. Iíve been in two Ladder Matches, a TLC Match, and defeated Booker T making me 4-0 at WrestleMania! And now after WrestleMania 22, Iím going to be 5-0 whenever I defeat my own brother, my own blood, Christian and retain my World-Heavyweight Championship and end the dreams of poor little Christian.

*Crowd Boos*

Edge: Boo me all you want but itís the truth! Itís the damn truth that I will once again retain my World-Heavyweight Championship! Captain Charisma huh? Charisma might be cool but where in the hell has it gotten you Christian? It got you tag team title reigns but where have you been since then little bro? Compare yourself to myself and there is a big difference, something you are going to attempt for and fail at WrestleMania because Charisma wonít get you shit!

*You Suck Chants Break Out*

Edge: I donít care if any of you like me or not but everybody used to like me and where did that end up getting me? Did it get me the World-Heavyweight Championship, hell no! I had to earn this World-Heavyweight Championship and it started back whenever I won the Money in the Bank Contract at WrestleMania 21. And Iíll be damned if I lose this title at WrestleMania 22 to you Christian and Iím going to kick your ass in front of all of your peeps!

*Crowd Boos*

Edge: So how about you roll yourself into WrestleMania if that is how you roll (laughs) and be prÖ

*Just Close Your Eyes hits and the number one contender, Christian makes his way down the stage as he has heard enough. Christian slides into the ring and stares up at Edge who is sitting uptop the ladder still and then looks over at the tables on the outside. Christian then looks and then pushes the ladder which Edge is sitting on and Edge goes flying through the air and lands hard on the table outside. Christian grabs Edgeís mic which is laying in the ring and slides to the outside as Christian gets in Edgeís face*

Christian: Correction, that is how I roll!

*Crowd Pops*

Christian: Edge, you run your mouth all you want but Iím going to make this plain and simple for you, bro! WrestleMania 22 is my chance, itís my chance to shine and take the World-Heavyweight Championship, something I will not let past me. Iíve been pushed down in my career but now the peeps are behind me, the peeps have my back and Captain Charisma is going to return them a favor whenever I kick your ass and take your title.

*Crowd Pops*

Christian: Remember this Edge, youíve got nine days, nine days left with your World-Heavyweight Championship.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Mysterio/Jordan - Good opener here, glad to see Mysterio get the win but I wouldn't mind seeing Jordan go some places.

JBL promo - Great promo here from JBL. It capture his inept cockiness but added just a bit of intensity.

6 man tag - Back and forth action with a good ending. Nice work

Rock/Orton - I'm drooling over this, nice promo with both men putting themselves over.

Benoit/Dean - Predictable winner in this match but it was well written

Batista promo - Its weird to see Batista as a heel but you pull it off nicely

Triple threat match - Some good action but definately a better ending with the Raw guys getting involved and the setup for the six man tag.

Booker/Lashley - Basic matchup between the two, still good.

Christian/Edge - Another fued I'm drooling over here both men are just extremely talented and are definately WHC material.

Overall - Loved reading the show. I don't know much about your storylines up this point seeing as I'm new and just trying to read and get a feel for everyone's shows. But you've got a fan so I'll keep up as best I can. Oh and when I start up mine I would definately appriciate some feedback.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Liked the show, very good, check out mine Raw and Smackdown my way i think you will like it, good jobb though.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

/\ Don't EVER advertise your own BTB in someone elses thread idiot.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown review

Mysterio v Orlando quick but good match. Mysterio as US champ is coming over with me, that's a good thing

JBL promo decent interview, could've been better though

MNM & Kash v Hoolyganz & Noble unexpected winners here, good match though

Rock/Orton promo very good promo, loved every read of this, both men in charachter and a good build up for the WM match

Benoit v Dean good ending here, with Benoit winning. So far the contenders for the US title have won their match, that gives them a great deal of momentum going into WM, good job

Batista promo better interview than the first one. Batista v Undertaker at Mania should be a classic

JBL v Matt Hardy v Kennedy well you said it yourself, decent at best. I thought you could've done more with this Smackdown! vs Raw thing, but i'm sure it will be further worked out before or during Wrestlemania

Dean/Gymini promo good promo, i think a split isn't far away anymore, and i hope Dean's ass will get kicked

Video promo very good, very very original, loved this promo, great job

Christian promo very decent promo, i personally hope edge wins at mania, though

Booker promo best interview of the night, good job

Booker T v Lashley Great job of Lashley getting the win here! I love this guy. Booker now the only one of the contenders not winning his match, this could get interesting...

Christian/Edge promo good ending promo, i personally would've rather seen a good brawl with christian overcoming, rather than Edge flying through a table. Anyway, as i said good ending promo

allround : good show, good way to build up for Wrestlemania. The big one is going to be big, i'm sure of that and i look forward to your next show, but especially to Wrestlemania!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Rey Mysterio vs Orlando Jordan- Good match to start off Smackdown. I wouldn't mind another bout between the two in the future.

JBL Interview- Not the best interview, but still enjoyable.

MNM and Kid Kash vs Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and Jamie Noble
- Sounds like a good match and very good finish, loved it.

Rock/Orton Promo- Really nice little promo to continue WM build-up, it should be a good match. Both men in character.

Chris Benoit vs Simon Dean- Nice ending to an average match, good for Benoit heading into WM.

Batista Interview- Good interview here, sets up WM pretty well, looking forward to Taker kicking Batista's ass at mania.

Triple Threat- Good ending with RAW interfering. The Money In The Bank should be awesome!

Dean/Gymini promo- Well a split could be coming soon, decent little promo.

WM Video- Great video, very original. Well done on it.

Christian Promo- Good promo here and I am hoping for Christian to defeat Edge at Mania to become champion.

Booker T Promo- Better than the other 2 interviews. I liked this alot.

Booker T vs Lashley- I hate it whensomeone's music goes on causing a defeat. I also dislike Lashley, but other than the ending a decent match.

Christian/Edge promo- Very good ending to the show. It looks good for Christian!

Overall- Decent show, some ups and some downs, 8/10 I'll give you.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


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