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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'm doing Raw right now as we speak. I just wanted to update everybody on this and make sure everybody knew. The latest it will be up would be later this weekend but nothing is for certain.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday March 20, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri

*Across the Nation hits and the normal Raw video package hits before we then fade out and cut over to the announcerís at ringside*

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and with only two weeks remaining until WrestleMania, Iím certainly waiting for it to arrive

Jerry Lawler: With the fallout from Saturday Nightís Main Event and heading into WrestleMania, things are going to heat up.

Jonathan Coachman: Some huge matches set for tonight, what about that Pick Your Poison Match for Rob Van Dam?

Joey Styles: Well RVD fed Angle his poison last week and Angle overcame the ECW Rules Match but now can RVD overcome the Submission Match?

Jerry Lawler: Anything is possible and with both of these talented wrestlers just hooking up on Saturday, they are sure to be tired.

Jonathan Coachman: Iím looking to see who RVDís opponent is, surely Angle has someone special in mind for him tonight.

Match #1
Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro vs Mickie James and Victoria

Match Overview: Little bit of Womenís action to open the show up with and it seems to be a good match with talented wrestlers bar Ashley. The match has itís highlights including Mickie doing a Headscissors sending Ashley across the ring. Mickie looks to end it off with the Mick Kick, her own version of the Chick Kick, but she misses, Ashley gets a low bridge for a two count. Ashley then leaps over and makes the tag bringing in Trish Stratus, the Womenís Champion. Trish then comes in, ducks a clothesline from Mickie, knocks Victoria off the apron, then nails her Spinning Headscissors knocking down Mickie. Trish then goes for Stratusfaction but Victoria comes in and takes down Trish with a vicious clothesline. Mickie then plants Trish with the Mick DDT and she has the cover, OneÖTwoÖThrÖthe referee sees Victoria and this gives time for Ashley to come in and roll Trish ontop of Mickie James! She then calls the referee over and Ashley knocks Victoria off the apron, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winners: Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro

*Ashley Massaro and the WWE Womenís Champion, Trish Stratus back their way up the ramp. Mickie looks set to go psycho on everybody and she has a evil look on her face. Trish smiles at Mickie and then her and Ashley exchange a look before Mickie James grabs a mic*

Mickie James: Trish, Iíve been waiting to say this and since I beat you two weeks ago on Raw in the same tag team match we had tonight, Iím getting my Womenís Championship shot! I pinned you Trish and now, Iím going to beat you for the Womenís Championship at WrestleMania! Be prepared Trish because you are in for the beating of your life!


*We cut backstage to see Kurt Angle walking around before he bumps into the Masterpiece, Chris Masters. Masters looks angered after losing his Intercontinental Championship at Saturday Nightís Main Event. Angle then comes up to Masters and then looks at Masters before he starts talking to the Masterpiece, Chris Masters*

Kurt Angle: Hey Chris, Iím sure you know by now and well if you donít Iíll go ahead and tell you what I need from you.

Chris Masters: Let me guess Kurt, you need someone to face RVD tonight? Youíve waited too long to find the right person and well you ran out of options so you come running to me? Well let me say Iím the perfect choice for you because the Masterpiece is in a bad mood and I wouldnít mind facing RVD tonight if thatís what you want

Kurt Angle: Wow, how did you know?

Chris Masters: Come on Kurt, we share a lot in common. We have the brains, the muscles, and until Shelton Benjamin took my title at Saturday Nightís Main Event, we were both champions but that will be fixed very soon. Itíll be fixed very soon because Iíve got a Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania and Iím taking that briefcase with me.

Kurt Angle: Well thatís nice and all Masters but you are set for tonight? I mean, I need to make sure before or Iíll have to find someone else. And at this point, thereís not really anyone to find, Ric Flair was a choice but heís too old. So basically that means you orÖwell or nobody else and I need a answer right now!

Chris Masters: Look Kurt, Iíll do it but for a price. You see I might be in the Money in the Bank Match at WrestleMania and well, even though Iím confident Iím going to win it, I want a promise from you.

Kurt Angle: And what would that be?

Chris Masters: I want a guaranteed shot at the WWE Championship whenever I choose because this is a big favor for you. The Masterpiece doesnít have to accept but Iím going to go out there anyways and take out RVD for you!

Kurt Angle: Well Iíll have to think about but if you do get the job done tonight, then consider yourself a shot at the WWE Championship. And to you, Rob Van Dam! Tonight you are going to be locked in the Masterlock, forced to submit and youíll feel what itís like to have a broken frickiní neck! Oh itís trueÖItís Damn True!!!

*We then cut back to the announcerís at ringside*

Joey Styles: So now itís set in stone, Rob Van Dam meets Chris Masters later on tonight in a Submission Match!

Jerry Lawler: Masters is a young one and with the stipulations on the line, he is going to want to win this match

Jonathan Coachman: No disrespect to our current champion but after Masters wins tonight, weíre going to have a new WWE Champion!

Joey Styles: First off Masters has got to win tonight, secondly the match is whenever Masters wants it to be but it has to be after WrestleMania!

Jerry Lawler: Whatís going to happen if Masters wins tonight and then RVD wins the title at WrestleMania though?

Jonathan Coachman: Itís not going to happen King, the day Rob Van Dam wins the WWE Championship is the downfall of the WWE!

Match #2
Eugene vs Test w/ Matt Striker

Match Overview: Testís return match in the WWE takes place tonight as he is the bodyguard of Matt Striker in which he returned last week. Test powers Eugene throughout the match taking advantage of Eugene being distracted from the crowd. Eugene plays around as normal doing his normal moves such as the dog peeing as he crawls across the ring like a dog then pees on Test before jumping back up and clapping. Eugene heads to the corner and gets in three point stance before charging at Test whoís getting back up! However Test sees him and at the last moment, nails a Big Boot to the face of Eugene! Matt Striker is on the outside telling Test to finish him off and Test nods in agreement before taunting Eugene. He then picks the youngster up and tosses him onto his shoulders. Eugene tries to get out of it but to no avail as Test plants Eugene down onto the mat hard with the PumpHandle Slam! Test then calls the referee over and he makes the cover onto Eugene as the crowd boos, OneÖTwoÖThree

Winner: Test

*Matt Striker grabs a mic before he slides into the ring and holds the hand of Test up and he then stares down at Eugene*

Matt Striker: EugeneÖThat was your Test!!!

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: And this goes to everyone of you out there in the lockerroom, if you donít want to respect my teachings and respect who I am, then you are going to pay and you are going to pay in a big way! My bodyguard Test takes on all comers and when itís all said and done, your butt will be the one on the ground!

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: Eugene is just an example of whatís going to be happening in the future because Iím not going to be like other teachers, Iím not going to tolerate disrespect. Disrespect is going to stop or like I said, this will be your Test! A Test that you are going to miserably fail and a Test you will regret taking!

*Striker Sucks Chants Break Out*

Matt Striker: Last week I was told by watching Smackdown that there is going to be a 20 Man Battle Royal before WrestleMania. Well Iíve taken it upon myself that since all of the other wrestlers are students, then there needs to be a teacher. So thatís why Iím entering myself and Test into the Battle Royal to represent Raw!

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: So students be prepared, Iím not going to be disrespected and overlooked as not even being a threat, I am a threat! My bodyguard right here proves you that and thatís why Iím going to go the distance and win this Battle Royal. And when I do win the Battle Royal, Iím claiming my Intercontinental Championship shot!

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: And rememberÖmy name is Matt Striker and Iím your teacher!!!


*No Chance hits across the arena with Mr. McMahon coming down the ramp with a wide smile on his face before continuing down in his traditional powerwalk. McMahon then makes his way up the steps and into the ring before heading over and receiving a mic from Lilian Garcia who is seated at ringside*

Mr. McMahon: Now last Saturday Night, we saw at Saturday Nightís Main Event a match in which Triple H defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin


Mr. McMahon: And I promised that if Stone Cold found himself on the losing side of the match that he would be receiving a surprise on Raw. Well he did indeed lose and that is why I am here right now in this ring waiting on Stone Cold. So if you wouldnít mind, well I do mind so drag your ass on out here Steve!


*Glass Shatters hits across the arena to which the crowd nearly explodes in cheers! Austin then comes out riding his ATV down to the ring. Austin then stops it and throws his ice chest full of beers into the ring. Austin then slides into the ring and opens two beers before smashing them above his head and chugging them down in front of McMahon*

Vince McMahon: Ah YeÖ.


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Want a beer?


Mr. McMahon: No thaÖ.


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Youíre going to take a beer.


Mr. McMahon: I thÖ


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Take the damn beer!


*Austin then chugs a beer at McMahon in which McMahon opens and chugs it down to the surprise of all of the fans. Austin then smiles and then looks at McMahon*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: So whatíd you want Vince?


Mr. McMahon: Well I saw that last week you lost in your match at Saturday Nightís Main Event and I promised a surprise for you tonight! Well Iím not going to let the fans down and when I guarantee a promiseÖI deliver! Well tonight Iím going to deliver straight on because tonight Austin you are going to have a major surprise!


Stone Cold Steve Austin: You saidÖ


Stone Cold Steve Austin: the same damn thingÖ


Stone Cold Steve Austin: numerous timesÖ


Stone Cold Steve Austin:And right nowÖ


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Iím going toÖ.


Stone Cold Steve Austin: stomp a mudhole


Stone Cold Steve Austin: and walk it dryÖ.


Stone Cold Steve Austin: And thatís the bottom line Ďcause StoÖ

Mr. McMahon: Shaddup!!!!!

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: Every damn one of you listen and listen up right now! Tonight is not for playing games and what not. Tonight is for a purpose and Austin you are about to find out what your surprise is because Iím not going to wait any longer.

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: Iíve been through hell with you before, youíve put my son-in-law through hell for the past few months and Iím not going to tolerate this any longer! No, because your friend Shawn Michaels might have a match at WrestleMania but you arenít going to be there in his corner at all cheering him on!

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: Iíve been waÖ

Stone Cold Steve Austin: WeÖ

Mr. McMahon: Donít you dare interrupt me again! Iím not going to take this anymore and well Iím sick of this! Iíve waited years for this, Iíve waited for the time that I found most appropriate to do so and well tonight, you blew my fuse and itís already burnt out from you. So what have I been waiting to say to you for so long, well here it iÖ.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Austin 3:16 says Iím about to whip your ass!

*Austin then comes at McMahon but McMahon stops him*

Mr. McMahon: Stone Cold Steve AustinÖ..YOUíRE FIRED!!!!! Security, now come out and escort this man out of my building!

*No Chance hits as McMahon finds himself walking up the stage and loud boos are heard across the arena with McMahon smiling and singing, Nah Nah NahÖNah Nah NahÖHey HeyÖGoodbye! To Austin as Austin is being handcuffed in the ring. Austin looks to snap at McMahon and McMahon continues on his way to the back as we head to the announcerís*

Joey Styles: WOW! Iím totally shocked and in a lost of words, who would have ever though that Stone Cold would be fired?

Jerry Lawler: Iíve seen it all and right before WrestleMania, Austin finds himself walking out of the WWE too!

Jonathan Coachman: Triple H is a great man, heís ended the career of Austin and now HBK has no help at WrestleMania!

Joey Styles: How would you like to be fired Coach? Iím sure you wouldnít mind losing your job as commentator of Raw huh?

Jerry Lawler: Calm down you too but Iím wondering if McMahonís reason was to just make sure Triple H doesnít have a chance at losing come WrestleMania

Jonathan Coachman: Styles, you shut your mouth. If you want to know about being fired, then why donít we ask JR?


Match #3
Shelton Benjamin vs Chavo Guerrero

Match Overview: Very well competitive, non title match between these two men with both of them showing why they are very talented wrestlers. The Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin, pulls out all the stops in the match doing everything possible to win. He nails a side suplex onto Guerrero before picking Guerrero back up. The champion goes for his finisher, the T-Bone Suplex but Guerrero counters the move. Guerrero then kicks Benjamin in the gut and tosses him on his back before looking to come down for the Gory Bomb! However Benjamin slides off and Guerrero turns right around into a kick in the back of the head from Benjamin. Benjamin then leaps ontop of Guerrero, OneÖTwoÖThrÖ.Guerrero kicks out and Benjamin looks angered. Benjamin then picks Guerrero back up and then goes for the T-Bone Suplex again but he misses and gets sent into the ropes. Benjamin pushes Guerrero away and Benjamin leaps off the ropes with a Springboard Dropkick! Benjamin then leaps onto Guerrero and has the cover. OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

*Shelton Benjamin starts to celebrate with the crowd cheering loudly for the current Intercontinental Champion. Benjamin then grabs his Intercontinental Championship and climbs onto the turnbuckle celebrating. Benjamin then leaps off and out of nowhere, JBL slides into the ring and stares down Benjamin. JBL then charges as Benjamin turns around and is nailed with the Clothesline from Hell as JBL slides out of the ring smiling at Benjamin and we then head over to the announcerís*

Joey Styles: What in the hell? JBL from Smackdown has come here tonight and laid out the Intercontinental Champion?

Jerry Lawler: Itís all because of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, three Raw superstars and three Smackdown superstars

Jonathan Coachman: JBL made his point tonight and wouldnít he be a great asset to the Raw roster here?

Joey Styles: JBL faces Ken Kennedy, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, and Chris Masters in the Ladder Match and he targets Benjamin?

Jerry Lawler: Benjamin is perhaps the biggest threat in the match as heís the most athletic superstar in the match hands down!

Jonathan Coachman: Please King, the Masterpiece stands a better chance than that wannabe, Shelton Benjamin!

*Interview w/ Carlito*

Maria: Carlito, we just saw one of your five opponents at WrestleMania show up, why did JBL show up here tonight?

Carlito: JBL showing up on Raw? JBL should mind his own business and stay on Smackdown where the minor leaguerís hang! You know what else is not cool, I was cheated out of the Intercontinental Championship at Saturday Nightís Main Event and itís all because of Chris Masters!!!

Maria: But didnít Shelton Benjamin win the title?

Carlito: Yeah Benjamin won. I have no problem with Benjamin but Masterpiece, heís not like me! Heís not cool! A former Intercontinental Champion, he stole my title. My former friend and he betrayed me and Iím not going to take that. Carlito guarantees Masters will be taken out at WrestleMania!

Maria: So Carlito, are you going to win the Money in the Bank Bra and Panties Match come WrestleMania?

Carlito: Bra and Panties? For men? Datís not cool! But what is cool is seeing ladies like you Maria, in their bra and panties. You mind showing us all right here?

Maria: Sure!!!

*Maria being her ditzy self strips down to her bra and panties and Carlitoís eyes pop open! Carlito looks to faint with Maria looking confused as to why Carlito is so amazed. Maria continues taking her clothes off until she is down to her bra and panties*

Carlito: Now datÖDatís Cool!!!!!


Joey Styles: Wow! What a great moment before we went to the commercial as Maria stripped down to her bra and panties!

Jerry Lawler: Puppies! I love puppies and Maria proved that puppies can look good and be dumb at the same time!

Jonathan Coachman: Carlito lost his touch, now heís running around asking divas to strip down, Iím stealing his line, Datís not cool!

Joey Styles: So if you donít like women stripping down then Coach, do you not like seeing women in their bra and panties at all?

Jerry Lawler: Well Iím amazed but still to come, Chris Masters meets Rob Van Dam with major implications tonight

Jonathan Coachman: Joey, Iím going to forget your comment and pretend like I never even heard you say that at all!

Match #4
John Cena vs Mikey

Match Overview: John Cena is set to take on Mikey, the leader of the Spirit Squad tonight and all of the Spirit Squad has been banned from ringside. This leaves Chris Jericho to be the legal man at ringside for Mikey. Cena takes control of Mikey early on but Jericho trips up Mikey giving him the advantage he needs to go for the win. Mikey comes at Cena with clotheslines in the corner and then looks to go for a DDT but Cena grabs him and nails the Throwback! Cena is starting to gain his momentum back! Cena then taunts Mikey and then goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle which he successfully nails! Jericho then leaps onto the apron looking to distract Cena but Cena punches him sending Jericho down onto the mat. Cena then sees Mikey charge at him and Cena then comes down for the F-U on Mikey! The crowd cheers as Cena covers, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winner: John Cena

*We then see Chris Jericho grab Mikey and he heads to the back carrying Mikey along with him trying to help him walk. The Spirit Squad then comes out to the ramp and then all grab Mikey and head to the back considering they are banned from ringside. Cena then celebrates with the crowd and we then head to the back to Mr. McMahonís office*

Mr. McMahon: Come inÖ.

*Kane and The Big Show barge into the office and McMahon looks worried*

Mr. McMahon: What do you two want?

The Big Show: Weíre not here to cause harm, weíre not here to cause havoc we just want 3 Minute Warning for the World Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania!

Mr. McMahon: Ok look, itís set 3 Minute WaÖ.

Kane: (Breathing heavily) We donít want them in a regular match

Mr. McMahon: Then what type of match do you want to face them in, name it and I will let you have the match.

The Big Show: We want a tables match! Seeing as they have laid us out on tables and splashed us through tables for the past few weeks, we want revenge and we want our Tag Team Titles back so what do you say?

Mr. McMahon: Ok itís setÖ 3 Minute Warning defends against Kane and The Big Show in a Tables Match at WrestleMania for the World Tag Team Championships. Now if you two could please leave my office as I have some work to do, then things certainly would be better so what do you two say right now?

*Kane and The Big Show then smile and walk out the door knowing they got what they wanted and Mr. McMahon wipes his brow knowing he could have been injured around those two majorly large behemoths*


*We cut backstage to see Shawn Michaels walking down the hallway and he looks to be heading into the arena. Michaels is smiling as he continues on but out of nowhere, Triple H jumps Michaels from behind and continues beating down on him*

Triple H: So Shawn Michaels, youíve lost Stone Cold Steve Austin and now what do you have going for you heading into WrestleMania? Iíll tell you what you have, you have nothing and that is why Iím going to beat you and end this once and for all, there never will be another Shawn Michaels match when Iím through with you

*Triple H then picks Michaels up and slaps him to which Michaels falls back down*

Triple H: You listen to me Michaels and you listen to me good, Iíve done many things for you and how do you repay me back? You were in D-X with me, we were great friends and destined to be great wrestlers! Hell, you are the Heart Break Kid and I canít take that away from you but Iím the Game! Damn it, Iím a 10 time, yeah 10 time World-Heavyweight Champion! Something you have nor ever will do! Iíve main evented WrestleMania countless times and youíve had your one shot which donít get me wrong was a great match

*Triple H then looks over in the corner and then looks under a table, he then grabs something from underneath it and it is revealed to be a sledgehammer*

Triple H: Michaels you have basically ruined another chance for me at main eventing WrestleMania and for that, youíll pay. Hell Iím not going to wait until WrestleMania to take you out, right now Iím going to take you out

*Triple H then sits up Michaels whoís knocked out and can barely stand. Triple H holds him up and then nails him with a hard shot to the head with the sledgehammer! Michaels starts to lose blood and the fans are booing Triple H. Triple H then leaves but before he does, he surveys the carnage that he has caused here tonight to Shawn Michaels*

Joey Styles: Damn it, the Game, Triple H has laid out Shawn Michaels here tonight and will Michaels be able to wrestle now?

Jerry Lawler: Michaels took a beating but knowing the Heart Break Kid, heís not going to let this ruin him at all

Jonathan Coachman: Of course he wonít King, heís not the Showstopper, heís the Showstealer and I donít mean that in a nice way

Joey Styles: Well coming up next, Rob Van Dam meets Chris Masters in a Pick Your Poison Submission Match!

Jerry Lawler: The Masterpiece has been promised by Kurt Angle that if he can win, he will gain a WWE Championship shot for after WrestleMania

Jonathan Coachman: And like I said earlier tonight, the Masterpiece is going to win tonight and after ĎMania become the WWE Champion!


*Interview w/ Rob Van Dam*

Todd Grisham: Rob, in just a few moments, you will be going head to head with Chris Masters in a Submission Match, what are your plans?

Rob Van Dam: Listen up Todd because all of these fans know whatís going to go down tonight, Masters is going to be the one taken out, heís not going to be putting me in the Masterlock at all because Iím going to be too busy making him tap!

Todd Grisham: RVD, your specialty certainly isnít submission moves but yourís is highflying, is this a disadvantage in a Submission Match?

Rob Van Dam: Nobody gets higher than me but Iím going to have to break out some submission moves and show Kurt Angle that I can hang with him come WrestleMania 22 whenever I gain my first shot at the WWE Championship. It might be my first shot but thatís all Iím going to need because I will walk out the WWE Champion!

Todd Grisham: Rob, you have never main evented a WrestleMania before this year so what makes this different for you?

Rob Van Dam: Iíve been away for a year after I broke my leg, I went through my surgery which was basically hell! Iíve done it all but never had the chance at the WWE Championship but now I do! I have the shot because I came back and won the Royal Rumble, I made the most of my opportunity and now Iím going to WrestleMania!

Match #5
Pick Your Poison Submission Match
Chris Masters vs Rob Van Dam

Match Overview: The Masterpiece, Chris Masters, tries his best to wear down the high flying of Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam. However RVD wonít stop and let Masters take the win from him before heading into WrestleMania. Masters takes down Van Dam with a clothesline and then goes for the Polish Hammer but RVd ducks, then nails a Spinning Heel Kick! RVD then does his thumb taunt before coming off the ropes, he then nails the Rolling Thunder and is starting to feel it now and the ending could be near. However Kurt Angle hits the ring and comes in, RVD ducks a clothesline from Angle but RVD nails a dropkick. RVD then looks to go to the top rope but RVD sees Angle getting up and he kicks him to the outside. RVD then leaps onto the top rope and looks to go for the Five Star Frog Splash but Masters throws RVD off the top rope. Masters then goes to lock on the Masterlock but RVD rolls through. RVD then trips up Masters and leaps onto the top rope before coming off with the Five Star Frog Splash. A minute passes by and RVD looks to cover but forgets itís a submission match. Angle then comes in once more but RVD runs and nails a clothesline sending Angle to the outside. RVD then grabs the ankle of Masters and applies the Ankle Lock! RVD is stealing Angleís move here tonight and Angle looks like heís pissed his pants watching RVD do his own move. Angle jumps the ring looking to break it but Masters taps out and RVD scurries up the ramp quickly! RVD smiles at Angle knowing that he has Angleís number here tonight by using Angleís own finishing move to gain the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

WWE Presents WrestleMania 22
Live Sunday April 2, 2006
US Airways Center
Phoenix, Arizona

WWE Championship
Kurt Angle (c) vs Rob Van Dam

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs Christian

Shawn Michaels vs Triple H

Batista vs The Undertaker

Inter-Promotional Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Chris Masters vs Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito
Vs JBL vs Matt Hardy vs Ken Kennedy

Inter-Promotional Match
The Rock vs Randy Orton

John Cena vs Chris Jericho

United States Championship Triple Threat Match
Rey Mysterio (c) vs Booker T vs Chris Benoit

WWE Tag Team Championships
2 Out of 3 Falls Match

MNM (c's) vs Brian Kendrick and Paul London

Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Noble (c) vs Kid Kash

Women's Championship
Trish Stratus (c) vs Mickie James

World Tag Team Championships
Tables Match

3MW (c's) vs Kane and The Big Show

Pre-WrestleMania Sunday Night Heat Battle Royal
Winners Gets Intercontinental/US Title Shot After WrestleMania

Matt Striker, Test, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, and ???
Finlay, William Regal, Paul Burchill, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, and ???
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I know I owe you reviews. Expect reviews for SNME and RAW up by Monday or so at the latest. Sorry for the wait!

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I owe you two reviews, one for Saturday Night's Main Event and this Raw. I will review them both sometime tonight or tomorrow.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review:

Decent opening commentary by the three there, nice way to hype the main event, i have never seen RVD use a submission i think, it would be hard for him to win a submission match. Looking forward to finding out who the opponent is.

Seemed like a decent way to start up the night with a good diva's match, nice to see the champ and Ashley get the win, looks like at Wrestlemania, we will be seeing Trish vs. Mickie, should be an alright match.

Good segment in the back with Masters and Kurt, Masters is a good choice for a submission match, but somehow i think Masters will loose. But i will have to wait and see.

Test vs. Eugene is a nice filler match i guess, and im happy to see Test getting the win, because Eugene over Test would make him look weak.

Very nice promo in the ring with Matt Striker, it seems you have captured his good mic skills in real life, in this btb. And a very clever teaming with Test and Striker.

Good promo in the ring with Austin and Vince, but it would have been better if right before the security got Austin, he should have stunned Vince, and i would think the fans would do the nah nah nah....thing to Austin.

Seemed like Shelton vs. Chavo would have been a good match, but the aftermath was the important part. JBL attacking Shelton to prove a point, i am looking forward to that MITB ladder match.

Good interview with Carlito backstage, funny Maria stuff to. My guess is Carlito to win the MITB match at WM, either him or JBL. Either way that match is hyping up to be good.

Pretty obvious that John Cena is going to beat one of the Spirit Squad members, nothing much to say here.

Glad we get to see Kane and Big Show vs. 3MW in a tables match at WM, its funny, i had that exact same match in one of my ppvs last year, it god some good feedback, i hope you deliver to.

HHH beats down HBK which makes HBK look helpless, he better do something next week or else he will look helpless at Wrestlemania. Looking forward to that match.

The interview was a little short in the back, short but sweet, got to the point, i tihnk he will be able to hang with Angle in the ring.

I sort of figured RVD would make Masters tap somehow, but i was not expecting for RVD to use Angles own moves. Nice way to end it. But i wish we could have seen a little closer at the end there maybe a little commentary.

Good show, but there was a shortage of matches, and to many seemed like fillers, but good anyways. WM card looks good, ill be checking it out.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

OK, I hate Women but OK, it opened the show and I guess you have to have a fued for it. Trish vs. Mickie at Wrestlemania? Good choice, well as good as it could be for the Women's Championship.

Chris Masters was a great choice for the submission match, but IMO he and Kurt seemed a little off. And it would be a little strang for Kurt Angle to stop in the middle of talking to Masters, to talk to the camera.

Glad to see Test get the win, and I really like this angle with him and Striker. "That was your Test". It is unique. However, maybe he should say, "You just failed the Test". lol. And Striker then goes on to cut a great promo. Props.

Austin/Vince promo was great and I wish they would have been giving more air time. Austin fired? Carried off in handcuffs? This isn't the first time he has left in handcuffs... he will be back. I hope.

Shelton continues his dominance, yay! Love for him to win the MITB. I kind of would like a heel turn soon though, so he could do better on the mic. Surprise attack by JBL, great booking decision!

Excellent promo with Carlito, you used him well. If Shelton doesn't win the MITB, Carlito better. Understood? Good.

Cena wins of course, although I loved the interaction by Jericho. I hope Jericho beats Cena at Mania', good fued.

Kane and Big Show versus 3MW in a Tables match? That is huge, and might actually bring prestige to the titles. I don't know why, but I am really excited about this matchup.

Triple H destroying HBK? This segment was great and really intense. Great fued, and I think Trips might put HBK on the shelf for a couple months after Wrestlemania. HBK has to get some payback next week.

RVD promo was short, but man was it spot on IMO. Great job.

Main event time, but how did RVD get to the ring so fast? Ah well, great choice of main event, and RVD winning with the Ankle Lock adds some serious fuel to the fire. RVD is being used great by you in this thread which is why I want him to get the title at Mania'.

All in all, great show, even though it could have used some interaction between Rock and Orton. But I understand your focus, and this show was written well. Mania' is looking like a card for the ages, good luck with it.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for the reviews guys! And if you give a review, I'll find some time to return the favor for you. Right now though I've been working on my WrestleMania, a review for EBboy, the World Cup, and yeah you get the picture!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Stratus and Ashley vs. Mickie and Victoria Nice way to kick things off. Glad to see the faces take the win. Not much else to say about this.

Mickie James After Match That didn't sound too much like Mickie James but it's okay. Sets up for a nice match between the two.

Backstage - Angle and Masters I enjoyed this promo with both men in perfect character. I like that Masters has been granted that shot at the title if he wins but it makes me think RVD is going to beat Masters. I doubt you'd push him up to the WWE title. But we'll see.

Eugene vs. Test w/ Striker Too bad to see Eugene lose like that. I like that you brought Test into the equation as he can add a lot. This also could mean that Eugene gets a back up. And then we can see a tag match.

Striker After Match I highly doubt Striker will win the Battle Royal but it's not to see two more entrants in the match. This segment wasn't too special just a nice announcement.

In the Ring - Vince McMahon An awesome segment that I really enjoyed! I like that SCSA was fired at the end. This probably isn't the last we see of him but I'm curious to see where you go with this.

Shelton vs. Chavo Nice match and Shelton winning was foreseen. JBL coming out at the end really put this match over for me. Could this mean JBL is gunning for the title?

Carlito Interview *cleans keyboard* This was a decent promo with the comedic ending making this much better. I was worried it'd be a bland promo but you lightened it up.

Cena vs. Mikey Unsurprising ending with Cena picking up the win. I don't know the story of Jericho being there but it helps. This was definitely bathroom break of the night though and I'm a Cena mark.

Kane and Big Show Vince McMahon was awfully nice to them. Seems a little unrealistic. Why would he just grant them any match they wanted? But nevertheless, nice match announcement for WM. Hopefully Kane and Big Show get the win.

Triple H beats up Shawn Michaels For some reason, this promo didn't captivate me at all. It was a good promo and sets up for a nice match at WM but I wasn't into it for some reason.

RVD Interview Three promos in a row? Seems a bit much.. but I guess you need to do so with WM right around the corner. This promo was pretty blah for me. But it's good that it hyped up WMs ME.

Masters vs. RVD I didn't think you would push Chris Masters. It's awesome that RVD won by using the Ankle Lock and shows that RVD may very well win the WWE Championship.

Overall An awesome show. I lot happened in this one, I guess because of Wrestlemania being so close. You're a really good booker and you plan your shows at well.

O' lawrdy.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


Womens Match- Nothing special, but then again it's a womens match, not your fault! haha. Good win for the faces, and now Mickie demands a title shot. Should be a great match, WM22 was good.

Masters/Angle- pretty good promo for the two, in character for the most part. Loved how Masters knew everything and Angle didn't have to explain at all. Masters agrees to help, and gets a push to the main event scene...and Angle promises him a title shot. Like Masters would ever win, haha. Great length by the way

Test vs Eugene- Cool match for Test's return, beating down a helpless person. Dunno why, but that entertains me, haha. Test dominates with Eugene trying to be him playful self, and gets the win easily.

Striker promo- This was GOLD! So in character, great length, really annoying the lockerroom and the crowd, exactly what a heel needs to do. Hopefully he gets a push to the IC title and then feuds with Test...could be good.

SCSA/McMahon segment- Loved this more than the Striker promo. In character, awesome length, and I loved SCSA TELLING Vince to take the damn beer. Man, I miss old-school SCSA. But anyway, great surprise by firing SCSA and having him carried him out of the arena. It won't be the last time we see him, I'm sure.

Benjamin vs Guerrero- Finally, a good wrestling match! I liked how both men went for their finisher early but neither coult get it. Great back and forth until Benjamin gets the win with the springboard dropkick. I love seeing matches end with moves like this, showing finishers aren't needed THAT much! JBL ATTACKS BENJAMIN?! Oh right, the MITB match...you do a great job explaining/hyping with your commentators, impressive.

Carlito/Maria segment- Kinda shaky at first IMO, but I loved Maria striping down and Carlito just looking on with amazement. Good hype for Carlito, the MITB, and WrestleMania. Now dat's cool!

Cena vs Mikey- Cena on the undercard, I'm happy. Jericho tries to interfere, Cena takes him out, wins the match, and adds more fuel to the fire.

Show/Kane/McMahon segment- Meh, wasn't exciting or anything but it was a good announcement. Thank god there's a stipulation, otherwise 3MW vs Kane/Show woulda been kinda boring. Loved Vince wiping his brow, scared of getting beaten down by the big men, nice touch.

HHH/HBK segment- GREAT segment here, jumping HBK (a fan-favorite) and talking trash to him while beating him down....instant insane heel heat. Their match, although done many times, should be great.

RVD interview- Wasn't really feeling this to be honest. RVD is always a hard character to write because his vocab his limited and he's uncomfortable on the mic. Still, hyped up everything it needed to.

RVD vs Masters- Interference by Angle of course, still a decent match throughout the entire thing. RVD gets the crowd on his side and fights off the larger competitor...and makes him tap to the Ankle Lock! I was wondering what submission move he'd use...since he doesn't have one, haha. Pisses off Angle by winning and using his move. Great hype.

Overall- 10/10. Awesome length. All the RAWS are hyping what they need to, which is needed in the RAWS leading to WM. Good wrestling, promos were great besides a shaky one, just fantastic everything. Can't believe I haven't reviewed your SNME yet!

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Okay okay, I owe you a SNME review, and I'll give that to you later today. But first here's the Raw review I promised:

Interesting choice to start off the night with a diva match. A decent match and good to see Trish and Ashley pick up the victory. Looking forward to Trish vs Mickie at Mania.

Alright promo with Masters and Angle. Hopefully Van Dam goes over Masters because I can't stand him.

Good way of putting Test over by having him face Striker. But then Test is his bodyguard!? That surprised me a bit.

Stone Cold fired? I am sure it will not be the last time we see him.

Great match with Benjamin and Guerrero. Good to see Benjamin win and he's my new pick for the Money in the Bank match. Uh oh JBL comes out. I kind of expected this seeing as it was Interpromotional. It should be nice to see the actions over the next few weeks now that the match is set in stone.

Woah, Maria... lol. Great promo.

Good way of putting Cena over with Jericho at ringside. I was expecting some interaction between Jericho and Cena, but we'll have to wait. I'm looking forward to their match at Mania.

TABLES MATCH! Cannot wait for that one, seeing as it's between two of the bigger teams in the WWE.

Great promo with HBK and HHH. Loved HHH beating him from behind. I'm sure their match will be excellent at Wrestlemania.

Ok promo with RVD. Agreeing with Spart I didn't really feel this promo.

Van Dam vs Masters was good considering Masters was in the match. VAN DAM WINS WITH THE ANKLE LOCK! Great hype as Sparty said, their match is the one I'm looking forward most too.

Great show, loving the build-up for Wrestlemania. I can't wait and you're an excellent writer, and Mania should be awesome.

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