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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great update. I've never reviewed yours, so here's a start. I'm also a little behind. It'll take awhile before I'm up to date, but SNME looks awesome. Bad news for Tomko. Also, great preview of Smackdown.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review-March 6, 2006

The opening promo was decent, but if Michaels would have came out the promo would have been better.

Good opening match, with it ending in DQ, and the feud between these two teams hopefully will continue.

Mickie wins in a squash match, and a surprisingly short Trips promo sets up the purpose of the match later on tonight.

Great promo with Cena and Jericho and the Handicap match was also well, as it puts over Jericho and the Spirit Squad as great heels.

Nice match with Benjamin and Carlito. As for the Striker interview, woah, Test is back in the WWE, and with Matt Striker as his bodyguard. This should be good.

Michaels wins thanks to some "help" from Austin. The feud continues with HBK and HHH.

Kurt wins a big time match over the homicidal, genecidal, sucidal, death-defying Sabu in the ECW Rules Match. The feud is hot between Angle and RVD. At Mania, it will all be settled.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Tying in the recent Austin - Vince business with the HBK - HHH feud freshens it up for a bit, barring Austin from ringside for tonight Michaels vs Shane match. Hopefully the McMahons arent going to be part of this feud much longer, or it may begin to reek of a certain other feud recently in WWE.

3MW vs Kane and Big Show should be watchable for what its worth, although it'll never be a memorable feud, or match at the PPV.

Not sure what to think about the Triple H promo. Seemed more of an excuse to give Triple H something to say, rather than have a huge impact on the feud.

Mickie wins the belt at WM. Prediction being made now.

Currently enjoying the Jericho - Cena feud. Has plenty of spark, and Jericho involving the Spirit Squad helps it along too. Perfect heelage from Jericho on this occassion, which sets up the big revenge settlement for Cena at WM.

As long as it's one of the more talented members of ECW picked to face Angle, I can see an awesome main event tonight. Just dont give us someone like Axl Rotten or Balls Mahoney.

Not keen on Eugene feuding with Striker, BUT - I'm loving the idea of Matt Striker having his bodyguard - TEST. Awesome thinking, and one that is sure to be popular. Seeing this as a Raw feud though - certainly not WM worthy.

Typical HBK, overcoming the odds, with no help to beat Shane McMahon. Looking forward to seeing how HHH vs Austin turns out at SNME.

How Angle managed to not only kick out of the Van Terminator, but also apply the Ankle Lock immediately from it is beyond me. Went too far on that. Great ECW choice though, using Sabu, one of the most recognizable faces from ECW history. Excellent main event, which allows RVD and Angle to continue their feud without having to actually get in the ring just yet, although I'm not exactly blown away by the feud right now. Definately need one big promo from both men to lift this one.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday March 17, 2006
Providence, Rhode Island

*Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits and we see a video of the Smackdown superstars play before we cut to the arena to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside*

Michael Cole: Another great night of action is set for us here tonight on Friday Night Smackdown from Providence

Tazz: What a night we have set for all of you fans and I donít think this night could get any better than it already is!

Michael Cole: Some huge matches have been set tonight and they include our main event tag team match tonight!

Tazz: Both the Champion and the Challenger will be in tag action as they pick their tag partners before tomorrow nightís match at Saturday Nightís Main Event

*Metalingus hits across the arena and the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge, makes his way down to the stage. Edge slides into the ring and climbs onto the ropes holding the title belt high above his head. Edge then receives a mic from Tony Chimmel before he then makes the crowd shut up and then begins to speak after taunting all of the fans*

Edge: Now everybody out there is wondering why in the hell does Edge have to come out here right now and lighten the mood? Well itís simple, I want my brother to remember some things we did in our career and one of them is whenever we competed in the TLC Matches at WrestleMania a few years ago and what not a better example to show him than to do it in this ring right now?

*Crowd Boos*

Edge: Because you see our match at WrestleMania is going to be a one on one match, Iím going to prove that I donít need weapons such as these to beat Christian but that tonight is just a example of what Iím going to do to my poor brother come WrestleMania but at Saturday Nightís Main Event, we get a preview of whatís going to happen to Christian whenever he steps into the ring at WrestleMania 22

*Crowd Boos*

Edge: As for all of you, you can shut your mouths! The World-Heavyweight Champion has something to say and it is important. Now if you donít mind, letís take a look at some of the memories we have had in our career here in the WWE and why donít we start off with our famed TLC Matches?

*Images of Edge and Christian vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz in their numerous TLC and Ladder Matches are shown. We see Edge and Christian climbing the ladder at WrestleMania 16 and setting the table up before grabbing the titles and becoming the new champions before we then cut to a year later and see Edge and Christian once more become the new champions at WrestleMania 17*

Edge: Many memories huh bro? You see these flashbacks represent a purpose tonight and that purpose is to show you that without me, this team would have been nothing, nothing at all, why do you think Iím a Eleven Time Tag Team Champion, a Intercontinental Champion, and most importantly, the current World-Heavyweight Champion? Now how many times have you been the World-Heavyweight Champion, Christian?

*Crowd Boos*

Edge: Iím afraid none! You know what, you are not worthy of any more highlights from me so Iím not going to show any. And also because thereís too many highlights to show because Iím a great wrestler and when youíre a great wrestler like me, the Rated R Superstar, highlights come each and every night!

*Crowd Boos as Edge holds his title up and laughs at the crowd before he then continues on and tells the fans to shut up*

Edge: You know, Iím going to get down to the point! The point is that tonight I have a tag match before our huge tag match tomorrow night and Iím going to be facing you two nights in a row before WrestleMania comes upon us. As far as my tag partner, well he certainly seems to be the right person to rid us of our problems here and tonight, my tag partner is going to be ďThe Worldís Strongest ManĒ Mark Henry!

*Crowd Chants Henry Sucks*

Edge: Christian pick any damn person back there, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, hell pick even that wannabe, Matt Hardy! But I tell you this right now, I tell you that whenever you step into the ring with theWorld-Heavyweight Champion, my actions to you arenít going to be Rated G, my actions to you are going to be Rated R!

*Metalingus hits across the arena once more and Edge makes his way backing himself up the ramp before we then see him hold the title belt in the air once more. Edge then smiles and heads to the back before we then head to commercial*


Match #1
#1 Contenderís Six Man Elimination Match
Shannon Moore vs Funaki vs Kid Kash vs The Mexicools

Match Finish: Very action filled match with all of the Cruiserweights using their major moves to their advantage. We see Kid Kash and Juventud as the last two cruiserweights in the match with Psicosis and Super Crazy on the outside cheering on Juventud after being eliminated. Kid Kash tries to drop Juvy with a DeadLevel but Juventud gets a cradle and a two count! Kid Kash then kicks Juvy and drops him down onto the mat with a powerslam before he climbs onto the top turnbuckle looking to come off! Kid Kash fights off Psicosis and Super Crazy before climbing onto the top turnbuckle. Kid Kash comes off and nails the Frog Splash! Kash covers Juventud quickly, OneÖTwoÖThree!

Winner: Kid Kash

*We then cut over to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside*

Michael Cole: Kid Kash has taken the win tonight and Noble vs Kash once more sounds very appealing to me!

Tazz: I donít think Noble is going to be able to beat Kid Kash, Kash is going to try his best to beat Noble for the title

Michael Cole: Surely Noble has a plan because it was his idea for this match and he surely will find a way to win

Tazz: I donít know the odds donít seem to be in the favor of him, I mean anythingís possible for Noble come WrestleMania.

*We then cut backstage to see JBL standing by with Josh Matthews*

Josh Matthews: JBL later on tonight, you will be taking on one of the men in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Matt Hardy. Now at WrestleMania, you will be in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match so how are you feeling heading into that match?

JBL: Josh, you throw any type of match at me, any gimmick match out there and I will overcome the odds no matter what. Ladder Match, Bullrope Match, No Holds Barred, it doesnít matter because I have and will win every one of those matches and WrestleMania will not be any different because Iím going to climb the steps, retrieve the briefcase and then claim my World-Heavyweight Championship title shot!

Josh Matthews: You face some really experienced ladder match veterans in Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin plus a few newcomers, do you think that is going to affect you in anyway or any fashion at all?

JBL: Veteran in ladder match or not? I am a Wrestling God! Any type of match as I said I will overcome. The fans will be cheering my name when I retrieve the briefcase, say with me right now Josh! JÖBÖL! JÖBÖL! JÖ.BÖ.L! The whole world will chant my name because I will be the next World-Heavyweight Champion!

Josh Matthews: Anything else you want to say right now to us JBL before your match later on tonight on the show?

JBL: An American hero like me shouldnít be disrespected in his country! So stop booing me! Shut up I said! You may not like me but the truth of the matter is that I can beat any of your asses at any time and tonight Iím going to make an example out of your little buddy, Matt Hardy in that ring, youíll all see later!


Michael Cole: Weíre back from the break and the night is just underway but it is getting off to a huge start already!

Tazz: Kid Kash meets Jamie Noble at WrestleMania after the match he won earlier on and that match was a great one.

Michael Cole: Plus later on tonight, This is Your Life, Randy Orton will take place and hopefully Orton will have it screwed up

Tazz: I hope not Cole! Tonight is Ortonís night and it is for him to celebrate what he has done in the past and what will happen in the future!

Match #2
Batista vs Vito

Match Finish: Basically a match to put Batista over. Nunzio is on the outside interfering throughout the match constantly trying to help Vito get the win. However towards the end, Nunzio jumps onto the top apron but receives an elbow from Batista. Batista then sees Vito walk right into him and Batista plants Vito with a Spinebuster! Batista then grabs Nunzio and tosses him over the ropes onto Vito before he then signals for the end. Nunzio is thrown back out of the ring and Batista picks Vito up, the Batista Bomb is nailed and Batista goes for the cover on Vito, OneÖTwoÖThree

Winner: Batista

*We then cut backstage to see Theodore Long in the back before the Ukliq comes up to him and Long looks worried but relaxes a few seconds after*

Finlay: Teddy, why donít we have a match tonight? Or better yet, why donít we have a match heading into WrestleMania yet? We should be the ones in the main event because all three of us, we love to fight!

Theodore Long: Listen playas, itís not my fault you three donít have a match at WrestleMania but I can make up for that! You see weíre going to be having a special 20 Man Inter-Promotional Battle Royal on Sunday Night Heat before WrestleMania, you like that playas?

Paul Burchill: Is that all we can get?

William Regal: Whoa sunshine? Sunday Night Heat? Weíre past Heat, us three should be main eventing like Finlay said, not in some Battle Royal before WrestleMania, we would be the highlight of WrestleMania!

Theodore Long: Look playas, I canít do anything more than that but I can tell you who all is going to be in the Battle Royal!

Finlay: Who?

Theodore Long: Well over the next few weeks, weíre going to be having some qualifying matches on Velocity and Heat and the winners of those matches will be advancing into the Battle Royal on Heat before WrestleMania!

Paul Burchill: Really?

Finlay: Teddy, it sounds good. Come on lads, we got to go


*Burn in my Light hits and ďThe Legend KillerĒ Randy Orton makes his way out onto the stage as he does his Destiny pose before continuing down to the ring. Orton then slides into the ring and looks around before smiling as balloons fall from the crowd along with confetti as tonight we will be witnessing This is Your Life, Randy Orton. Orton jumps onto the turnbuckle and once more does the Destiny pose before jumping down and receiving a mic from the timekeeper and begins to speak into the mic*

Randy Orton: Tonight, we witness greatness!

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: Tonight is truly a special night for me because we are going to be witnessing the special events in my lifetime including all of the legends, which there is a whole load of them, that I have killed. Plus you will be seeing some guests of mine that well, anyways letís go ahead and get onto This is Your Life, Randy Orton!

*Crowd Boos as Suddenly a video starts playing. It opens up to the smiling face of Randy Orton before we cut out to see images of Orton in his early days in the WWE including his first match defeating Hardcore Holly. More images then appear with Orton joining Evolution, and defeating the likes of Shawn Michaels, Sgt. Slaughter, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, and many more legends is shown before we then cut out*

Randy Orton: Wasnít that just great? That was just a sample of what Iíve done in my young career and at WrestleMania 22, I add to the list of legends that I have defeated and the name that will be added is The Rock! The Rock will be certainly be no easy task but when you look like me, anything is possible

*Crowd Starts an Orton Sucks Chant*

Randy Orton: However right now considering tonight is my night, I want to bring out a certain person and that person is my dad, yes my dad, the one who was managing one of the tag teams in the first ever WrestleMania main event. Everybody stand up and welcome the second generation of greatness, ďCowboyĒ Bob Orton!!!

*Cowboy music hits and Bob Orton comes out onto the stage but it is obviously not ďCowboyĒ Bob Orton, Randy Ortonís dad. No, itís Mick Foley dressed as Bob Orton and this totally pisses Randy Orton off. Foleyís taking forever to get to the ring acting as Orton is old and Randy Orton looks to jump out of the ring and beat down Foley*

Randy Orton: Where in the hell is my dad? Foley, damn it! You have ruined everything tonight and Iíll be damned if you try to ruin my special night so what in the hell did you do with my dad here tonight? You tell me right now or I will beat down your ass right here in this ring before our match tomorrow night

*Crowd Boos*

Mick Foley: I am your dad Randy!

*Crowd Pops*

Randy Orton: Foley, this is not funny. You tell me right now where and what you did to my dad or I will beat your ass down and then Iíll chop your other ear off. Iím not in the mood right now to be playing some games with you so you better Ďfess up right now and tell me what you did with my dad or else.

*Crowd Boos as Foley tosses the Bob Orton clothes off and reveals himself even though the crowd knew the whole time it was him but the crowd pops considering who it is*

Mick Foley: Or what Randy? Are you going to beat me with a Steel Chair? Are you going to hit me with a barbed wire bat? Are you going to toss me off the stage Randy? Come on, what are you going to do to me because whatever it is, Iíll like it! I like the pain that comes with wrestling and wait, I donít like it, I LOVE it!

*Crowd Pops*

Randy Orton: Foley, youíre a sick, sick man. You want to come out here and interrupt my night and try to screw it up, I donít think so. Tomorrow night is going to be a preview for your little buddy The Rock as to what Iím going to do to him at WrestleMania. And Iíll be the one loving the pain I dish out to you because when itís all said and done, we wonít be seeing Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, Dude Love or whatever the hell you call yourselves nowadays ever in another WWE ring!

*Orton Sucks Chants Break Out*

Randy Orton: And as faÖ.

*If Ya SmellÖ.What The RockÖIs Cookin hits and The Rock walks out onto the stage before continuing down to the ring. Foley smiles as The Rock slides into the ring and does his trademark pose before the crowd. The crowd goes wild as Orton looks pissed with every thing going wrong tonight*

The Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to Providence!

*Crowd Pops*

The Rock: The Rock came here tonight, looking around the arena at all of these hot babes, asking for some strudel, and then watching Randy Orton run his no good, piece of crap, big ass, mouth! You are going to try to ripoff The Rock ĎNí Sock Connection tonight with This is Your Life, Randy Orton?

*Crowd Pops*

Randy Orton: Ya knÖ.

The Rock: It doesnít matter what you think!

*Rocky Chants Break Out*

The Rock: The Rock came to Providence tonight for one reason, to step into the ring, whip Randy Ortonís candyass all over the arena, talk to Mick Foley, continue on beating Randy Ortonís ass all across the arena, then walk out, head to Detroit and watch Mick Foley beat down Randy Ortonís ass. Then Iíll check into the Smackdown Hotel, head into WrestleMania 22 and Layeth the Smacketh down on Randy Ortonís candyass!

*Crowd Pops*

The Rock: If Ya SmellÖ.What The RoÖ.

Randy Orton: No, I donít smell what your cooking Rocky. You know Iím not going to take this any longer. Come on, you came out here and ruined my night and right now Iím going to make you pay so get ready because Iím about to beat your ass down in this ring right now, do you smell what Iím cooking now?

*Orton then charges at The Rock but Rocky catches him with a Spinebuster! Rocky then grabs Orton and sends him off the ropes before he runs right into The Rock Bottom! The Rock then smiles and then throws his elbow pad into the crowd but Foley stops him. Foley then slides to the outside and grabs a barbed wire bat before Foley comes off the ropes and nails a splash on Orton followed by a shot to the head with the bat. Rocky then runs off the ropes himself and comes back across and nails the Peopleís Elbow! The Rock then tells Foley to finish him off and Foley pulls out Mr. Socko! Foley jams Mr. Socko into the bloody head of Orton and Foley drops down to the mat with Orton and Orton has passed out after the sock was tossed into his mouth and The Rock and Foley celebrate as we head to a commercial*


Michael Cole: Welcome back from the break and before the commercial, we witness This is Your Life, Randy Orton.

Tazz: Nothing went like Orton wanted it and Orton ended up getting beaten down in the process of his own show too!

Michael Cole: Orton completely deserved to be beaten down tonight and he will also lose tomorrow night against Foley

Tazz: How do you know Cole? Ortonís going to be on an vendetta now and his mission, take out Foley, then The Rock.

Match #3
Johnny Nitro vs Paul London

Match Finish: Decent match between both men with London playing his normal role as the highlfyer and Nitro balancing it out. Nitro nails his Spinning Leg Drop and only gets a two count which angers him. He then gets Melina to distract the ref and calls Mercury to hurry into the ring for the Snapshot. Mercury lifts London up and Nitro grabs him and looks to nail the Snapshot but Kendrick leaps onto the top turnbuckle and jumps off connecting with a dropkick to the face of Mercury and London nails a Hurricanrana and holds the pin on Nitro while Kendrick baseball dropkicks Mercury out of the ring, the cover for London on Nitro, OneÖTwoÖThree!

Winner: Paul London

*We then cut backstage to see Chris Benoit standing by with Josh Matthews*

Josh Matthews: Chris, coming up next, you will be taking on Orlando Jordan who you took on last week in the tag match and you have made him tap out in less than 25 seconds numerous times and have also beaten him numerous times.

Chris Benoit: Thatís right Josh and tonight will be no different than the other times whenever I faced Orlando Jordan and beat him! Because tonight when itís all over and done with, I would have made Orlando Jordan tap out!

Josh Matthews: Chris tomorrow night, you will be taking on Booker T with huge implications on the line because the winner of the match will be meeting Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship at WrestleMania, how are you feeling?

Chris Benoit: Iím feeling great Josh and Iím going to make Orlando Jordan an example tonight of what Iím going to do to Booker T at Saturday Nightís Main Event, then Iíll take on Rey Mysterio and retain my United States Championship!

*Suddenly we hear a voice and we cut over to see Booker T*

Booker T: Tell me you didnít just say that!

Chris Benoit: Yeah I said it. Iím going to beat your little buddy tonight and then Iíll beat you tomorrow night, then become the next UnÖ

Booker T: You watch your mouth Benoit. Donít you talk to a Five TimeÖ.Five TimeÖ.Five TimeÖFive TimeÖ.Five Time WCW Champion like that! And tomorrow night, I will be the one earning the rights to face Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania because I was the one who was screwed out of the title two months ago, Now Can You Dig That SuÖ.

Chris Benoit: Look Booker, all Iíve got to say is when Iím finished with my match, I will be ready for tomorrow night because I will make you tap out! Then everybody in the world will know that Chris Benoit is for damn real!


Match #4
Chris Benoit vs Orlando Jordan

Match finish: Competitive match compared to other Benoit vs Jordan matches from the past in their series of matches. Benoit catches Jordan with a German Suplex, then nails another one, and follows up with the third before we see Booker T hit the ring. Benoit catches Booker as he slides into the ring with a German Suplex and Booker goes flying across the ring and rolls out of the ring. Benoit then sees Jordan getting up after a minute has passed and Jordan walks straight into the arms of Benoit! Crippler Crossface! Benoit has the Crippler Crossface locked on and Jordan struggles trying to reach the ropes but he isnít able to and Jordan taps out giving the victory to Benoit here tonight

Winner: Chris Benoit

*We then cut over to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside*

Michael Cole: Chris Benoit proved tonight he is for real and he is going to go after the United States Championship

Tazz: Benoit had a good match tonight and despite interference from Booker T, Benoit was still able to overcome the odds

Michael Cole: Booker T vs Chris Benoit seems good tomorrow night and Iím anticipating that match a whole lot

Tazz: Rey Mysterioís going to have a hard task ahead of him no matter what and heís going to have to try to overcome that at WrestleMania


*We see the WrestleMania 22 logo flash across the screen and then we hear a voice speak*

Narrator: The following paid advertisement is to promote the upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment pay per view, WrestleMania 22. It will be live from Phoenix, Arizona in the US Airways Center on Sunday April 2, 2006

*We then head out to Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks before we then cut to the scoreboard which shows the Diamondbacks losing 10-2 in the bottom of the ninth inning before we cut over and see the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM!*

Melina: So guys what have you thought about the game so far? I think that the Diamondbacks are the worst team ever

Joey Mercury: Thatís only because Nitro and myself, weíre the best team ever and us by ourselves could beat a team such as the Diamondbacks

Johnny Nitro: Any time, any day, tell them to bring it!

*We then cut over and see a lady stand up and start screaming*

Lady: OH MY GOD! Itís MNM!

*Everybody turns and all of the ladies run at Mercury and Nitro while all of the men in that section run after Melina*

Melina: Run boys! Run!

*We then see all three members of MNM leave from their seats behind the plate and start running up the top and they are continually getting photos taken of them. However Nitro stops for a pose and Melina pulls him making him keep on running. They continue running before Nitro runs into the team shop and looks for a teddy bear for the Diamondbacks. However Melina tugs on him as they continue to get chased out of the ballpark. They make it outside and pause for a moment to look around where to go to*

Joey Mercury: Where are we suppose to go?

Melina: Look! There!

*The camera then turns up and we see the US Airways Center across from Chase Field and we then see all three members of MNM continue running down the road and Nitro almost gets ran over by a car while Melina is getting honked at by men in cars. Melina then opens a door quickly and all three of them jump inside of the arena*

Melina: We should be safe in here

Joey Mercury: I hope so! We didnít even get to finish the game and we went that long without even being noticed

Johnny Nitro: Yeah but I was having some fun getting pictures taken of me and I wanted a souvenir too!

Melina: Weíll go back later as for now, weíve got to worry about staying safe in here so we donít get harassed by those crazy lunatics

Johnny Nitro: Uh guys!

Melina and Joey Mercury: WHAT?

Johnny Nitro: Turn around!

*Melina and Mercury turn around and they see everybody right behind them standing there real quiet and then we hear Melina let out her scream before MNM opens the doors and continues running down the road. We then see a black screen flash across and we then see the WrestleMania 22 logo come back across the screen before*

Narrator: WrestleMania Goes Big Time! Don't miss it Sunday April 2, 2006 from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona!

*We then cut backstage to see MNM walking around before Theodore Long bumps into them backstage and MNM smiles while Long looks unhappy, then Melina decides to start speaking to Long to lighten the mood*

Melina: So Teddy, what did you think about my boys in that video? I thought they did good and at the same time looked sexy!

Theodore Long: Look playas, Iím not in a good mood right now and Iím going to address something to you three right here and right now. And if you donít know why, then maybe you should be finding out right now!

Johnny Nitro: (Laughing) Why is it Teddy?

Theodore Long: First off playa, itís Theodore Long to you. Secondly, I saw something rather intresting last week here on Smackdown and it was that you two no showed your WWE Tag Team Championships defense because both of you and your friend Melina were too busy partying in Los Angeles

Joey Mercury: Yeah, so?

Theodore Long: So, Iím going to make a match at WrestleMania! And considering the fans didnít get what they wanted last week, weíre going to be seeing MNM defend their WWE Tag Team Championships against the team of Brian Kendrick and Paul London!

Melina: Another easy win, boys!

Johnny Nitro: Teddy, do you actually think we are concerned by now that we have to face Kendrick and London? Sure they might win singles matches over us but they have yet to win in the Tag Titles matches.

Joey Mercury: And both of them stand no chance against us because we are the greatest, sexiest, and most famous tag team not only today but in the whole history of the WWE. So you can throw any match at us and we will win!

Theodore Long: Oh is that so? Well because I was thinking, since the fans didnít get the match that was planned last week, weíll just turn this match at WrestleMania into the match that was supposed to happen last week, Two out of Three Falls!

Joey Mercury: WHAT?

Theodore Long: You heard me right playas, Iíll see yaíll later! Holla!


Michael Cole: And before the break, another match was added onto our next pay-per-view, WrestleMania 22!

Tazz: Yeah and London and Kendrick get another chance, this time in a Two Out of Three Falls Match for the titles.

Michael Cole: If there past matches have been any indication, this match should blow the roof off at WrestleMania!

Tazz: I really canít wait to see if MNM are going to be able to overcome the odds that await them come WrestleMania

*We then cut backstage to see Simon Dean standing by with his fitness gyrus, The Gymini and Dean looks pumped up*

Simon Dean: Jake, Jesse, did you hear earlier tonight? GM Long said that there is going to be a Battle Royal on Sunday Night Heat before WrestleMania! Iím going to dominate that match and win all because of my patented Simon System!

Jake Gymini: I donít know Simon, last time I used your Simon System, I had the craps for like a week!

Jesse Gymini: Yeah me too!

Simon Dean: Oh come on, it canít be that bad! I mean with my Simon System Powder Protein Drink, this will give you the boost you need to advance on and even though I wonít really need it, Iíll use it for my advantage!

Jake Gymini: Ok whatever you say Simon but whenever you wonít be able to compete because of your drink, then donít say we didnít try to warn you about it before you did it!

Jesse Gymini: Yeah whÖ

Simon Dean: Come on guys, put your faith in me! My Simon System has worked this long and itís not going to let me down now! If you donít believe me, then why donít you go ahead and try my Patented Powder Drink?

Jesse Gymini: I think Iíll pass!

Jake Gymini: Me too!

Simon Dean: Ok whatever but Iíll be laughing whenever Iím the one who wins the match and then wins the Battle Royal. Anyways, Iíll see you two later on so go get prepared because we got our qualifying matches on Velocity

Jake Gymini: Come on Jesse, letís go!

*We then see Jesse slide a Simon System Candy Bar into his pocket but Jake Gymini stops him and then looks at Dean. Simon Dean says he had nothing to do with it and then Jesse throws the candybar onto the ground before we fade out to the arena*

Match #5
JBL vs Matt Hardy

Match Finish: We see Ken Kennedy at ringside doing commentary and JBL takes down Hardy with a big time Spinebuster. JBL then runs off the ropes but Hardy ducks as JBL goes for the Clothesline from Hell. Hardy then kicks JBL in the gut, then nails the Side Effect onto JBL before Hardy signals for the end. Kennedy however jumps off of the commentatorís table and then leaps onto the apron. Kennedy tries to distract Hardy but Hardy punches Kennedy in the face knocking him down to the mat and then Hardy sees JBL come after him. Hardy however gets down low, then gets a cradle on the bigger man, and Hardy is asking for the referee to count down for him now, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winner: Matt Hardy


Match #6
Edge and Mark Henry vs Christian and The Undertaker

Match Finish: Edge picks Mark Henry as his partner and Christian picks The Undertaker as his partner. Towards the end, Henry is in the ring with Christian as Edge stays back letting Henry do all of the dirty work for him. Henry then tosses Christian down onto the mat with a Worldís Strongest Slam and goes for the cover but Undertaker breaks it up. Henry then slaps The Undertaker but Henry gets goozled by Undertaker. Undertaker then nails the Chokeslam onto Henry while Edge comes into the ring and runs right into the hand of Undertaker, Chokeslam from the Deadman! Christian then leaps onto Henry and goes for the cover while Undertaker makes sure Edge wonít be getting up anytime soon and the referee then drops down onto the mat and begins the cover, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winners: Christian and The Undertaker

*Christian celebrates on the ringpost while the lights go out and the crowd is confused. Suddenly, the lights come back on and we see Batista in the ring! Batista has a chair in his hands and he swings it and nails Undertaker with it! Batista has laid out The Undertaker here tonight and Christian looks confused as Batista heads up the ramp. Christian then turns around and then Edge runs right into him with the Spear! Edge then heads up the ramp looking at Christian and the crowd is confused with what has just happened overall*
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll get around to reviewing later KOP. Looks like a good Smackdown! though.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I was highly entertained by this show,it was probobly one of the best that i have read in a while,keep it up bro.

Avy and Sig - CJ
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown Review

Edge Promo - Great promo by Edge. He was really in character. I like how you brought back memories of them together.

Cruiserweight Elimination Match - Good match with Kash coming out the victor. Kash deserves a good title reign, but then again, so does Noble.

JBL Promo - Great promo by JBL, but I don't see him winning the MITB. JBL was in perfect character and I can imagine him saying everything that was in that promo.

Batista vs. Vito - Basically a great squash match.

Battle Royal Announcement - I think a match like this is too good for Heat, but it is a match to get the crowd going. Can't wait for this.

Orton/Foley/Rock Segment - Boy, oh, boy. Orton is demolished by the Rock-n-Sock Connection. I am really looking forward to Orton beating The Rock at Wrestlemania. That's if, he actually does.

London vs. Nitro - Great match. Would have liked to see a real impact finish, but that was still good.

Beniot/Booker Segment - This match is hyped up pretty good. I would rather see Benoit vs. Mysterio than Booker vs. Mysterio, but we'll see what happens.

Benoit vs. Jordan - Of course Beniot wins, he needs momentum going into his match with Booker.

MNM Segment - Great WM commercial and WM match announcement. Hopefully, what happened at Judgment Day (real life) won't happen to MNM.

Gymini Segment - I think the Gymini are separating from Simon Dean, which is a good thing.

Hardy vs. JBL - Good match. Hardy gained a good win.

Christian/Taker vs. Edge/Henry - Christian and Taker might have won, but at the end, they were both laid out. I liked this match a lot, and the aftermath.

Overall - Great spelling/grammar. Neat and organized. Good length. Great booking and promos. 8.5/10

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Okay edge promo to start the show, but I know that you can do better. Didn’t seem to capsulate me at all, and didn’t really add anything to this feud.

Kash gets the win, which means he will face off against Noble at Mania. I guess that will be the last match in the feud, and should be a sleeper match of the night

Again, the promo wasn’t too strong, but this JBL one did a better job, with him saying he is going to win MITB. Nice match with Hardy later tonight, which could go either way

Batista squashes Vito, I guess just to give him a win leading into his match with Taker at mania
Battle Royal on heat should be a good way to get most of the roster on the mania card in some way, shape or form. I guess UKliq will be in it, and must have a chance to win it. There should be a prize for the winner though, maybe a title shot or something

Orton has his this is your life segment, which started off well, but wasn’t too keen on the foley playing Orton’s dad part, as I just don’t think it worked. Picked up again when the rock came out though, and once again, Orton gets embarrassed by the rock and sock, which makes me think he wins at SNME

London gets the win to move the tag title feud on a bit more, in a week where I guess not a lot for it will be happening

Benoit and Booker meet up, and we get another nice promo from them. Should be a good match at SNME, even though they will surely both win

Benoit gets a victory over OJ going into the match, which gives him just that bit more momentum

Hardy gets the win over JBL with a bit of help from kennedy of all people. Hardy gets the momentum at the win he needed, while the tension between the men in the MITB increases

Christian and Taker get the win in the main event, which had to be expected, and gives them the momentum going towards mania. But then Batista lays out Taker, as is this the full blown heel turn from Batista? Not into this feud at all at the moment, but hopefully the funeral will rekindle my interest
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks and I'll try to return the review to you later crazian. FD, you already know I'm reviewing your NYR as your payback. Anyways, if anybody else wants to review I'll give it time (and I'll review back) Shortly after, perhaps tomorrow, I'll post the SNME preview.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nothing terribly wrong with the promo from Edge - but - it needed a Christian interruption. Having Edge talk about their history almost meant nothing, without a comeback from Captain Charisma. Had you brought Christian out, and delivered a back and forth promo about their tag team past, and singles future, you really could've delivered somethign special to add more interest to this title match at WM.

Cant complain with Kash vs Noble. Pleased to see the CW title defended on the biggest show of the year, between two of its most talented members.

Decent enough promo from JBL, building himself up for the Ladder Match at WM. JBL would make a good bearer of MITB, and I could see it fitting with his gimmick nicely. Whether that happens or not though is another story.

No surprise that Batista went over Vito.

Glad to see the announcement of a Battle Royal before WM, which gives the UKliq a chance to have some sort of involvement on the show. {Finlay must win}

Wouldnt make sense for Orton to lose to Foley at SNME imo, as he needs to look strong going into WM, so after tonights embarrassment, it makes sense for Orton to go over. The segment in general was strong enough to help forward the feud, although I would've liked to have seen Orton have a guest or two before Foley and Rock got involved.

Another win for the hungry challengers in singles action, which surely means they get a spot on the Wrestle Mania card now??

Liked the intensity behind the Benoit - Booker promo, building up their match at SNME, which should be awesome. Out of everyone, I think you're the only person who I can bear using Booker T. In this thread, I actually rate the guy quite highly.

Obvious win for Benoit, which was certainly needed, headed into tomorrow nights match.

2/3 Falls is official now for WM, with the tag titles on the line. Surely this time, the faces have to go over on the big stage. Fingers are crossed for that one.

Nice bit of comic relief with Simon Dean and The Gymini. I see all three of these men playing a part in the Battle Royal.

Surprised it was Hardy going over JBL, but it boosts his chances of victory now in the MITB match. Nice to see Kennedy present too, and I expect them to face off in a triple threat perhaps before WM.

Decent win for Taker and Christian, although I find it hard to picture them teaming up, so soon after their match at No Way Out. Batista lays out Taker after the match, but really for no reason, except to turn heel. There was no hitn of this coming at all, and hopefully we get a reason as to why at SNME. Batista vs Taker at WM does sound appealing, but I find it hard to picture Batista playing the role of psycho heel.
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