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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

^^ You honestly can't expect a review back if you post something like that. Anyone can put a random number grade on a show, but a review will say what's wrong with the show and what was strong...

Originally Posted by Andy3000
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Wasn’t really keen on the opening promo for some reason, although it did try to build up the feud a little bit more. Didn’t seem to be something that Christian would see, and I still don’t really have a reason why he should be cheered as a face.

Good win for Lashley, who gets a win back after his losses to JBL as of late. Nice way to push him moving towards mania

Nice way to postpone the tag title match, as having another match before mania would be overkill. I guess the feud culminates at mania, where the tag titles do change hands. MNM are making the matches now are they?

The Hooligans do get the win over the Gyminu, which gives them the win they needed, and confirms them as the best challengers to the title

Good Orton promo, and nice way for him to get a bit of heat by mocking Foley and the Rock. I expect the pair of them to turn up during Orton’s this is your life celebration, which will carry on the feud brilliantly. I would say this is your best feud at the moment

On the other hand, the Batista/Taker feud is bombing badly, simply as it just isn’t going to work. Batista is your most over face before this feud, and unless he has had a character change, he cannot play a heel against Taker. A funeral will not be a bad idea though, and may give the feud by kick up the ass it needs

Nice win for Kennedy over Hardy, although Hardy could do with a big win in the next few weeks. It does build the MITB match though

Booker and OJ steal the win over benoit and rey, and now the match for SNME is announced, where Booker and benoit fight to be the number 1 contender. I guess the match will either end in a double countout, or a double pin, as I don’t see Rey ruining the match with a double DQ. Nice way to finish the feud off, as there isn’t a lot more you can do with this

Christian gets a win over JBL in the main event which he needed to confirm him as the contender, and it didn’t make JBL look to weak. Edge and Christian could though have had more interaction at the end of the show, as I am still not sold on the feud
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday March 13, 2006
Bangor, Maine

*Across the Nation hits and the normal Raw video package hits before we then fade out and cut over to the announcer’s at ringside*

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to Raw and such a huge night is set ahead of us and what a main event, trust me I can’t wait

Jerry Lawler: Of course you can’t Joey because it’s an ECW Rules Match, Kurt Angle takes on a opponent of RVD’s choosing

Jonathan Coachman: Angle has some amazing odds tonight to overcome and he might have to back it up in the ring tonight

Joey Styles: I’m sure RVD is going to find some type of extreme superstar for Angle to face and prove to Angle ECW was not a joke

Jerry Lawler: Plus we’ve been told after last week’s actions, Shawn Michaels will be in action tonight against Shane McMahon!

Jonathan Coachman: Should be a great night as said and let’s get this night underway because we’ve got a long way to go!

*No Chance hits across the arena and Mr. McMahon comes down the aisle doing his normal powerwalk before he slides into the ring. He then receives a mic from ringside and then starts talking into the mic*

Mr. McMahon: Cut the Music!

Mr. McMahon: Now I’m here to address two people, two people that came here into the arena last week and won their match. They won their match over my son Shane McMahon! And my son-in-law, Triple H! Now as far as I’m concerned, it was a match, a match that those two should have won but lost because they were focused on other things and I’m not going to take that, if you blow a match than it’s your fault!

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: Now it wasn’t Triple H nor my son Shane’s fault last week they lost the match, no it was my fault because I wasn’t there at ringside, I wasn’t there to support my son and my son-in-law and tonight that’s going to change because my son Shane will be in action tonight, his opponent is going to be “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels

*Crowd Pops for HBK*

Mr. McMahon: Shawn Michaels stands no chance tonight because I’m going to do something about this match, I’m going to do something that’s going to anger you all! I’m going to make sure there is no interference in any part of this match because tonight, we’re going to have Stone Cold Steve Austin banned from ringside!

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: My son Shane is going to do all of the dirty work for Triple H tonight, he’s going to make it just that much easier for Triple H come WrestleMania and after tonight, Shawn Michaels is going to be begging he never even got into this situation between himself and Triple H and then threw Stone Cold Steve Austin into the mix

*Crowd Pops for SCSA*

Mr. McMahon: Shaddup!!!!!

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: I’m sick and tired of all of this disrespecting around here and that’s going to end soon! I’m tired of people disrespecting the name McMahon and it’s going to end tonight in that ring because we will not let Michaels win tonight! HBK stands no chance and I will help my son in any way win this match. Michaels, you stand no chance because you have no Austin tonight, you’ve got Triple H and myself at ringside and you’re facing my son Shane, do you actually think you even stand a chance?

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: So Shawn Michaels, the odds just got a little slimmer for you and your little buddy Steve Austin. Shawn, be prepared tonight because Shane McMahon will eat you alive in that match tonight, he’ll do anything necessary to beat you down and help Triple H in his journey to win this match at WrestleMania and there’s not going to be one damn thing you will be able to do about it come WrestleMania

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: I’ll see you later tonight, Shawn!

*No Chance hits back on the PA System as Mr. McMahon has his evil smile on his face as he heads up the ramp. McMahon then continues on up the ramp smiling as we then fade out to commercial*


Match #1
*World Tag Team Championships
3MW (c’s) vs Kane and The Big Show

Match Finish: A long fought out big man match in which 3MW focus on Kane and try to ground him instead of letting him tag in Big Show. Kane starts to get himself back into the match and nails a uppercut and runs off the ropes nailing a clothesline onto Rosey. Kane then signals for the end of the match with the Chokeslam but Jamal grabs Kane and pulls him down onto the mat! Rosey then makes the tag and Jamal comes into the ring, climbs onto the top turnbuckle but Kane gets up quickly, grabs Jamal and nails a Superplex with amazing strength! Kane then heads over and tags in Big Show who ducks a clothesline from Rosey, then grabs Jamal and sends him off the ropes and then takes down Jamal with a Big Boot! Double Chokeslam coming for Jamal, but Rosey nails a lowblow onto Kane, then attacks Big Show from behind for the DQ

Winners via DQ: Kane and The Big Show

*Shortly after the match, Rosey keeps beating down on Big Show while Jamal beats down on Kane before sliding to the outside. Jamal throws two tables into the ring and then sets them up with help from Rosey. Rosey tosses Big Show onto a table while Jamal tosses Kane onto a table and both men climb high onto their turnbuckles. Jamal and Rosey look at each other and then Rosey comes off with a Moonsault onto Big Show breaking the table followed by Jamal nailing a Big Splash through the table onto Kane! The fans are in awe seeing 3 Minute Warning perform those moves and they both get back up and slap hands with each other before getting their tag titles and heading to the back looking at the carnage they have created here tonight*

Joey Styles: That was uncalled for! Jamal and Rosey get themselves DQ’d in the match, then decide to attack Kane and Big Show!

Jerry Lawler: It was impressive to say the least, that’s the first time I think I’ve ever seen those monsters laying on their back like that!

Jonathan Coachman: Wow! Props to Jamal and Rosey for getting the job done tonight, I really love those men as our champs!

Joey Styles: Of course you do Coach! All they ever do is cheat, you’re never satisfied with somebody winning that doesn’t cheat

Jerry Lawler: Calm down Joey! Hey, still to come tonight, we’ve got an ECW Rules Match with Kurt Angle against an ECW legend

Jonathan Coachman: ECW was bullshit just like Kurt Angle said last week and tonight, Angle will prove that to all of the crowd


*We come back from the commercial and cut backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with Triple H ready for an interview*

Todd Grisham: Well guys right now I am standing by backstage with Triple H and Triple H in five nights you face Stone Cold Steve Austin with huge implications, are you worried you might let your boss down here?

Triple H: Todd, calm down! Let me tell you all something and I’m going to make this clear to everybody, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin are no threat to me, I could beat them easily but then Mr. McMahon decides to stick his nose into this business where it doesn’t belong and now, he claims he’s going to be sitting at ringside? Now wait, I never told Vince he could sit at ringside so I don’t know anything about this but something I do know is either way I will kick Shawn Michaels’s ass at WrestleMania!

Todd Grisham: Mr. McMahon said that if you beat Austin at Saturday Night’s Main Event, he would have a surprise for Stone Cold, any clue on this surprise?

Triple H: Now that’s one thing Vince did tell me, he did tell me what was going to happen to Austin if I beat him, wait let me rephrase that when I beat him! It’s only a matter of time until Austin loses to me, “The Game!” And at Saturday Night’s Main Event, it’s a warmup match for me before heading into WrestleMania against HBK!

Todd Grisham: One more thing Triple H, yo…

Triple H: You know what, I’m not here to answer any more of your dumb questions, I’ve got business to attend to before I head to the ring later tonight to witness my brother-in-law defeat Shawn Michaels. So you can all sit back and relax because tonight, Shawn Michaels’s voyage to nowhere begins with Shane McMahon defeating him in that ring, and that one is a guaranteed promise to you Shawn Michaels!

*We then cut back to ringside for the next match*

Match #2
Mickie James vs Stacy Keibler

Match Finish: More of an squash match to give Mickie James some credibility now as she is heading towards the Women’s Championship. James sees Keibler getting back up and she then grabs her and nails a Mickie DDT but Mickie doesn’t want to stop there! Mickie then looks around and then kicks Stacy in the gut before running off the ropes and nailing her Mickie Spinning DDT! Mickie then smiles but doesn’t want to cover as she has other ideas! Mickie James then looks at Stacy down on the mat, Mickie then picks Stacy up who can barely stand and Mickie James then nails the Mick Kick! She then drops down onto the mat, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Mickie James

Joey Styles: What a sick woman! She couldn’t handle doing one finishing move so she does all three of her finishing moves!

Jerry Lawler: Poor Stacy, someone needs to go check on her! I think she could be laid out now and might not wake up.

Jonathan Coachman: All Mickie was doing was showing her intensity! Intensity gets you places and after that, she showed she has it

Joey Styles: Well that’s for sure but for the past few weeks we’ve seen a different side to Mickie James, a meaner side.

Jerry Lawler: She turned on Trish two weeks ago, then got a pinfall win in a tag match over her last week on Raw

Jonathan Coachman: Mickie James is just showing that she wants something certain and that something is Trish’s title.


*My Time is Now hits and the crowd goes wild and stands on their feet as the former WWE Champion makes his way down to the ring. Cena slides into the ring and throws his t-shirt into the crowd before looking around and grabbing a mic from the timekeeper and he smiles while all of the fans are cheering him*

John Cena: What’s Up Bangor Chain Gang?

*Crowd Pops*

John Cena: Now last week after my match against the Spirit Squad which I did win, Chris Jericho attacked me after and laid me out with a chair. That sumbitch couldn’t come face to face with me so he attacks me from behind. Now if you see this (Cena points to the bandaid on his head) this is what Jericho did to me last week and I tell you this, Jericho will pay!

*Crowd Pops*

John Cena: And as far as when will he pay? I’m not going to wait until WrestleMania to get my hands on Jericho. No, I’m going to get him tonight! Chris Jericho you bring your little punk rock ass out here and come fight me because I’ve got the Chain Gang behind my back and what do you have, the Spirit Fags?

*Crowd Pops for the ripoff of the Spirit Squad*

John Cena: Come on Jericho, I’m waiting!

*Suddenly Break the Walls Down hits and the crowd boos ballisticly as we see Chris Jericho doing his taunts. Jericho then makes his way down to the ring mouthing off to the fans before he continues on down before sliding into the ring. Jericho then walks past Cena smiling before he receives a mic and then starts to speak*

Chris Jericho: Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!!

*Crowd Boos*

Chris Jericho: Your little assclown group “The Chain Gang” is not going to get you anywhere Cena! They’re just there to make you think they support you but really they don’t support a wannabe rapper like you, they support a real rockstar, a first time ever Undisputed Champion and the Ayathollah of Rock and Rolla…. Y2J!!! Chris Jericho!!!

*Crowd Boos*

John Cena: My Chain Gang is fully behind my back and supports no matter where I’m at and what the situation is. And tonight, seems like a good time to kick some ass so Jericho, the Chain Gang’s got my back, who’s got your’s? I don…

Chris Jericho: Would you please shut the hell up?

*Y2J Sucks Chants Begin*

Chris Jericho: You know what assclown, you want a fight so bad tonight? Well you know what, I was talking backstage earlier tonight and it seemed that I found the right person to face you! Yeah that’s right tonight, we’re going to be seeing The Spirit Squad take on John Cena and a tag partner, perhaps the greatest tag partner he could ever have in this industry, Cena’s tag partner is going to be none other than….Me!

*Crowd Boos*

Chris Jericho: Cena, get ready our match is next!


Joey Styles: And before the break we saw John Cena call out Chris Jericho tonight for a fight and he didn’t get what he expected

Jerry Lawler: Jericho said that it’s going to be a Handicap Match right now with The Spirit Squad taking on Cena and Jericho

Jonathan Coachman: Cena and Jericho make a dominant team only if Cena wouldn’t screw the matchup and make his team lose

Joey Styles: Coach do you actually think Jericho is going to play fair in this match, the odds of that are pretty slim

Jerry Lawler: I agree and facing five members of the Spirit Squad certainly won’t be an easy task anyways but Cena overcame it last week

Jonathan Coachman: Cena might have won last week but tonight’s different, I can see Cena and Jericho winning tonight!

Match #3
Handicap Match
The Spirit Squad vs John Cena and Chris Jericho

Match Finish: Decent match but as expected Jericho works against Cena and helps the Spirit Squad despite being Cena’s partner. This ticks Cena off and Cena clotheslines down Jericho but then the Spirit Squad jump on Cena and beat him down. Johnny, Nicky, Mikey, and Mitch then pick up Cena and throw him into the air with Cena coming down onto the mat hard. Kenny then makes his way up the top turnbuckle slowly and we see Kenny leap off the turnbuckle and he nails a huge Leg Drop and then covers Cena! One…Two…Thre….count is broken up by Jericho and the Spirit Squad looks confused, Jericho then tells them something and then he grabs the legs of Cena and locks in the Walls of Jericho! Cena passes out after a minute or two and the ref is forced to ring the bell and award the win to the Spirit Squad.

Winners: The Spirit Squad

*We then cut backstage to see Kurt Angle in his lockerroom preparing for later tonight*

Kurt Angle: You know what Daivari? Last week what I said was right, ECW was nothing but shit and tonight, Rob Van Dam decides to throw some ECW wannabe against me in an ECW Rules Match, which he thinks I’ll lose? Come on, I’m the WWE Champion! I’m a former and only Olympic Gold Medalist in the WWE and nobody has stopped my yet on my road of rampage so why does he think it’s going to stop tonight?

Daivari: I don’t know Kurt but I tell you this, any one of those ECW wrestlers can come into that ring tonight but none of them will hold a candle to you! None of them stand a chance and it doesn’t matter which one it is? Terry Funk, Sandman, Mick Foley, hell they’re all lunatics but they can’t beat the WWE Champion!

Kurt Angle: That’s right Daivari. RVD’s just like any other ECW wannabe wrestler, all he is is a spot monkey that couldn’t sell out shows in the WWE like me but only could sell out shows inside of a freakin’ bingo hall? Now do you want a champion selling out major arenas or a champion barely selling out small bingo halls?

Daivari: Totally agree Kurt and hey, like I said it doesn’t matter who it is tonight, either way they are going to lose to you.

Kurt Angle: Wait, I want Rob Van Dam to hear something. RVD, I went through hell to get back on top, I’ve been through just about every match and survived every one of them and tonight is no different because I prove to all of you beer chuggin, low life, ECW fans and wrestlers that ECW was nothing and that begins when I defeat whoever RVD throws at me. I could care less if it’s Joey Styles to be honest because it’ll just be that much easier to win. So whoever you throw at me, they stand no chance tonight, oh It’s true…It’s Damn True!


*We come back from the commercial to see the WWE logo flash across a blank screen before we then see the 2006 Hall of Fame logo come across.*

Narrator: Our next legend, a man that installed fear into the eyes of other superstars by wrapping his snake, Damien around them

*Images of Jake “The Snake” Roberts putting his snake Damien on many superstars and most notably, Andre the Giant*

Narrator: The first ever inventor of a move, perhaps a common used move now in the world of wrestling, the DDT!

*Images of Roberts nailing the DDT onto many people and winning matches after nailing the DDT on opponents is shown*

Narrator: Despite never winning a championship, he truly was and lives on to be a WWE legend in many hearts of fans

*Images of Roberts during his face run and seeing him with the fans is shown*

Narrator: On April 1, 2006 we honor a true legend in this business we call WWE wrestling and entertainment

*More Images of Roberts in numerous things is shown to the fans*

Narrator: Please welcome the next inductee into the 2006 WWE Hall of Fame, Jake “The Snake” Roberts!!!

*We then cut back over to ringside to the announcer’s at the commentator’s booth*

Joey Styles: Another huge legend in Jake Roberts entering the Hall of Fame and he will be inducted by Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Jerry Lawler: Wow what a night plus we witness Bret Hart being inducted into the Hall of Fame by his brother-in-law, Jim Neidhart!

Jonathan Coachman: The late, great, Eddie Guerrero is inducted by Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, and Chavo Guerrero!

Joey Styles: Plus Ted “Million Dollar Man” DiBiase gets inducted by his former tag partner, Irwin R. Schyster

Jerry Lawler: Owen Hart is inducted by his widow, Martha Hart and it should be emotional for not only Martha but Bret

Jonathan Coachman: And finally a favorite of mine, Randy Savage is inducted by his brother “Leaping” Lanny Poffo

Match #4
Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito

Match Finish: Well fought out match between these two and we see Chris Masters sitting on commentary scouting out his competition for not only this Saturday but for WrestleMania’s MITB Ladder Match. We see towards the end the speed pick up for this exciting match and a winner is about to be set. Benjamin grabs Carlito and goes for the T-Bone Suplex but Carlito reverses out of it and lands on his feet. Suddenly Masters leaves commentary and goes to hit Benjamin with his title belt as Benjamin comes off the ropes but Benjamin ducks and Masters nails Carlito with his Intercontinental title belt! Benjamin then grabs Carlito and rolls him up from behind and Masters looks to break the count but just leaves and heads up the ramp, One…Two…Three

Winner: Shelton Benjamin


*We return from the commercial break to see Matt Striker standing in the ring tonight not doing Striker’s Classroom but being prepared for a fight. Striker then quites the crowd and then begins to talk on the mic*

Matt Striker: Last week on my Classroom, I said I was tired of all of the disrespect shown to me and that tonight I was going to end that. Well I am! You see I said I was brining in somebody tonight and I did just that! I’m brining in a bodyguard for me, a person that many of you know real well and a man that will do the dirty work for me

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: But first off, I want to challenge any body to a fight tonight because I’m going to have my own personal body guard debut here tonight but he needs somebody to beat up. So does anybody want to come down here and get beaten down by my bodyguard? Come on there’s tons of idiots backstage that wouldn’t mi…

*Child’s Play suddenly hits and Eugene comes bouncing out onto the stage waving his hand and slapping hands with the fans. Eugene then continues on down the ramp before he slides into the ring and looks to shake hands with Striker but Striker doesn’t accept it and then looks at Eugene wondering where he came from*

Matt Striker: And who are you again?

Eugene: Hello, my name is Eugene!

*Crowd Pops*

Matt Striker: Well uh Eugene. I see you want to accept my challenge tonight but first off I want to just tell you what you’re getting into now. First off, if you don’t know me I’m Matt Striker and I’m your teacher! Second off, you better be ready because the man that’s coming at you tonight, well he’s no easy task for you.

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: Be quiet! I’m trying to teach Eugene something about answering before thinking and he did that tonight before coming out here. So Eugene, I’ll give you a few seconds and if you want you can go ahead and go to the back if you want to leave. If not, I’m going to bring my body guard out here soon.

*Crowd Boos*

Eugene: I…I…I want to face your bodyguard!

*Crowd Pops*

Matt Striker: Ok Eugene but you’re going to regret this. First off let me say that considering I am a teacher this person has a lot to do with being a teacher. Just like a teacher does stuff, this person does stuff too. And teachers have certain things, tests that students must take and well, Eugene I’m going to make this simple….

Matt Striker: This is your Test!

*Suddenly This is the Test hits across the arena and Test comes walking out onto the stage to loud boos from the crowd. Test slides into the ring and then beats down on Eugene while Striker is yelling at him to continue on doing so. Striker then tells Test to nail him with a Big Boot and Test picks Eugene up and then nails the Big Boot! Striker then tells Test to finish Eugene off right now and Test picks Eugene up, then slams him down onto the mat with the PumpHandle Slam before we see Striker get back on the mic*

Matt Striker: This is for everybody. I warned you all that you were going to pay if you messed with me and Eugene right here is an example. He took my Test I have given him tonight and you now what, he failed the Test! Eugene failed the Test miserably and if anybody else dares to take the Test, then I’ll see you next week!

*We then cut over to the commentator’s at ringside*

Joey Styles: Wow, Striker delivered here tonight when he decided to bring in a body guard of his own and he certainly made a good choice

Jerry Lawler: Test is back in the WWE and he certainly is going to be a major test for anybody that messes with Striker

Jonathan Coachman: Brilliant, just brilliant! Striker knew what he was doing the wholetime and he got that idiot Eugene to fall for it!

Joey Styles: Well coming up after the break, Shawn Michaels must face Shane McMahon and Austin has been banned from ringside.

Jerry Lawler: And the next time we will see Austin will be whenever he takes on Triple H at Saturday Night’s Main Event

Jonathan Coachman: Well what a major match and I can’t wait so we’ll be right back with HBK vs McMahon after the break


Match #5
Shawn Michaels vs Shane McMahon

Match Finish: Long fought out match with Triple H and Vince McMahon interfering trying their best to cost Michaels the match. Towards the end, we hear Glass Shatters hit and McMahon heads up the ramp looking for Austin but Austin doesn’t show. This leaves Triple H down in the ring to help Shane as Vince heads to the back. We see Triple H grab the foot of Michaels trying to trip him up but Michaels stomps on the foot of Triple H. McMahon then comes at Michaels but Michaels nails him straight in the face with Sweet Chin Music! Suddenly, Triple H slides into the ring with a sledgehammer and then goes to nail Michaels with it but Michaels responds quickly with another Sweet Chin Music this time to the face of Triple H. Michaels then drops down onto Shane McMahon and has the cover, One…Two…Three

Winner: Shawn Michaels

*We then cut over to the commentator’s at ringside once more*

Joey Styles: Shawn Michaels overcame the odds tonight and he defeated Shane McMahon in a great match tonight

Jerry Lawler: It took a lot plus nailing two Sweet Chin Musics, one for McMahon, one for Triple H but he pulled the win off

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah he won, with help from Austin. Austin had his music played on purpose if it’s not as obvious

Joey Styles: Shawn Michaels and Triple H look set to explode come WrestleMania and both of those men will put on a great match

Jerry Lawler: So much history is between those two men and they look to end it at WrestleMania 22 but will it end?

Jonathan Coachman: I don’t know but right now we’ve got Rob Van Dam standing by backstage for an interview about the next match

*We then cut backstage to see Maria standing by with the number one contender to the WWE Championship, Rob Van Dam*

Maria: Rob, in a few moments, we will be seeing your opponent for WrestleMania, Kurt Angle take on a opponent of your choice in a WCW Rules Match

Rob Van Dam: Wait Maria, it’s an ECW Rules Match. You know Extreme Championship Wrestling where RVD got his start! Tonight Kurt Angle will feel what it was like to be in ECW, feel what it was like to be put through barbed wire, put on fire, and more because he steps into the ring to take on a true ECW legend

Maria: So what are the rules for this WCW Rules Match?

Rob Van Dam: Maria, it’s ECW! Anything goes tonight Kurt, the match will not be stopped because of too much violence. This isn’t a watered down version of a Hardcore Match, this is anything goes and anything will happen. Once you enter into that ring and get beaten down, you will never want to say anything negative about ECW again and that right there is going to be a promise you will never forget Kurt

Maria: So Rob, it’s a Pick Your Poison ECW Rules Match, why do you want to Pick Your Poison and kill yourself?

Rob Van Dam: Forget it Maria! However Kurt, I am picking your poison, I’m picking something you don’t excel in. Something you couldn’t stand a chance in and we’re going to see that revealed to the whole world tonight whenever you get beaten and you lose to this ECW legend and by the way, you’re never going to guess who it is.


Match #6
Pick Your Poison ECW Rules Match
Kurt Angle vs ???

Match Finish: Angle comes out at the beginning of the match, the lights then go out and we see the one night match of Sabu! Sabu comes into the arena and we have a brutal match between Angle and RVD’s former tag partner, Sabu. A brutal match takes place with anything going as said by RVD before the match began. We see Sabu place a ladder up and then throws Angle onto a table but Angle scurries up the ladder before Sabu can leap off! Angle then comes off the ladder with and Angle Slam sending both Sabu and Angle through the table! The crowd is in shock after that amazing move and we see both men down for a few moments. Angle sits back up and RVD comes down into the ring, RVD then grabs a chair and tosses it to Angle, RVD then nails the Van Terminator before Sabu rolls up Angle, One…Two…Thre…Angle breaks free! Angle then hurriedly grabs the ankle of Sabu and Angle has the Ankle Lock applied on Sabu. RVD tries to come over but Daivari pulls RVD out of the ring and slams him into the barricade, Angle has Sabu still in the Anklelock and we see Sabu tap out giving Angle the win here tonight

Winner: Kurt Angle

*Daivari then hands a mic and the title belt to the WWE Champion, Kurt Angle who looks barely able to stand*

Kurt Angle: That match right there, that match proves to everyone that ECW was a joke because, I Kurt Angle, the WWE Champion just defeated a ECW legend in Sabu using my Anklelock and when it was locked on Sabu stood no chance. You see RVD, I know Sabu showing up here tonight was a one night thing but hell you could throw any ECW reject at me and the outcome would be the same, the winner would always be me! And that’s going to be shown at WrestleMania whenever I defeat you and retain my WWE Championship…Oh It’s True…It’s Damn True!!!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

McMahon Promo- Pretty dent promo to open up the night. I like how Vince really hates Shawn and I cant wait to see what is going to happen with SCSA banned from ringside.

3MW vs Big Show/Kane- Good match here, it definitely builds to the feud. I see Big Show and Kane winning the titles in the future. I hope they do as I hate 3MW.

HHH Interview- HHH not wanting to be on Vince McMahon's good side is weird as in real life he loves to be/get on Vince's goos side.

Mickie vs Stacy- No doubt that Mickie was going to win. Stacy isnt that good of a wrestler.

Cena/Jericho Promo- Jericho as Cenas partner is a bit weird. But Jericho will probably screw Cena out of the match. So the feud really builds up.

SS vs Cena/Jericho- I knew that Jericho would screw Cena out of the match. Although, I dont see how the SS wins when 1 partner makes the other tap out.

Angle Promo- Great promo here. I hope that it is damn true that Kurt Angle wins. He is one of my favorite wrestlers and he deserves it. I like him as the WWE champion and I like the feud with ECW.

Benjamin vs Carlito- At least you are doing something that most other people dont do, put Shelton over Carlito. I hope Shelton gets a good/big push in the future.

Striker's Classroom- I like Eugene and Matt Striker. They could put on a good feud considering that Eugene is "special." I want to see Eugene beat Test in the future.

Michaels vs Shane- Whoa! Shawn Michaels wins which is very surprising. I was expecting Vince and HHH to help Shane defeat Shawn. They tried but didnt succeed. I like Michaels' winning streak.

RVD Interview- lol with the WCW rules match. That had me cracking up. Anyway, I wonder who the opponent will be. It will probably be someone like Terry Funk, Sabu or Mick Foley.

Angle vs Sabu- I knew that it might be Sabu. I am very glad that Angle won. ECW is over and that is it. Kurt Angle I hope is going to defeat RVD at WM but he probably wont. Anyay, great main event and nice little Angle promo at the end.

Grade- 8/10. Good show.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll review soon KOP, looks like a good Raw though.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good promo from Vince,eventually getting the point across that HBK will face Shane with Austin barred from ringside. Will be interesting to see if HHH shows up in any form

Big man fued for the tag belts can only end in a brutal match at WM, after what 3MW did to Kane/Show here, hard to bet against them retaining

HHH promo was odd, didn't feel right in parts, but I can see him getting involved in the main event

Mickie is a savage woman, and she'll beat Trish, unfortuantely, this fued is so overused everywehre that I don't care about it

Jericho decides to team with Cena, lol, wonder why. Spirit Squad & Jericho demolish Cena, looks like we'll get a Cena/Jericho match at WM, that'll be another biggie

Angle talks trash on ECW, but I see him losing his match

Masters & Carlito don't like each other, a good mini fued to carry to WM for the MITB match

Test is Striker's bodyguard? Cool I guess, nice to see Test back. A mini fued set up maybe for SNME? Can't see either man making WM tbh, nor do I see Eugene there

HBK somehow picks up his win, despite having HHH around and no Austin to back him up

Good main event, but unrealistic to see Angle kick out of the Van Terminator and a roll up, wouldn't happen, apart from that nice ending to the show

Not your best, rough in patches but solid nontheless 7/10


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Matches/Booking: 6 matches is good for a normal show. Match endings weren't ridiculously long. 9/10

Length: 12 pages is great. 10/10

Promos: Promos were all good and seemed ther right length. 9/10

Entertainment: I was entertained. 9/10

Realism: Seemed like a pretty realistic show to me. 10/10

Overall: 94/100 Great Raw, once again, cannot wait for Wrestlemania.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

A pretty solid show here, nothing spectacular, but still it did its job building up Mania. Sabu as the mystery opponent was a but predictable, but still a nice main event, even if Angle did win a bit too easily, and in the process, bury ECW as a viable threat. Didnt like the RVD promo before it, and still dont think this feud is working yet, but it is getting better. The HBK/HHH feud is becoming a bit too like the HBK/Vince feud from real life with the Shane involvement, but the big match at SNME should determine where this feud goes next. Nice twist with the handicap match that Cena had, with jericho being his partner, and the match at Mania has to be the last one that they have. Test as Striker's bodyguard is clever thinking, as his name fits into the gimmick well.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Matches/Booking-Pretty good. Matches were well kept. 8/10

Length-12 pages is good for a RAW. 9/10

Promos-Loved them! Striker/Eugene was hilarious!. 10/10

Entertainment- Felt like I was at a real RAW! 9/10

Realism- Very real! That could have been a real RAW! 10/10


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News

WrestleMania 22 Update

With WrestleMania only three weeks away, many eyes have turned to what lays ahead for WrestleMania. Currently seven matches have been announced for the big show and WWE will be announcing their next few matches over the next week or so before heading into WrestleMania. WWE is hoping to round the card out with 12 matches plus a match for Heat that will feature many lower card superstars that won't be able to compete on the biggest pay per view of the year. Check out Raw and Smackdown over the course of the next few weeks to find out more WrestleMania matches being announced!

Saturday Night's Main Event This Saturday

Before the WWE rolls into Phoenix, Arizona, fans across the nation will be watching the return of Saturday Night's Main Event. A fixture back in the late '80's and early 90's, Saturday Night's Main Event had a special PPV feeling to the whole show. This Saturday, we witness the return of the epic event from Detroit, Michigan and with the huge card we have, things are certainly going to heat up, as for the card here it is.....

Champions vs Contenders Match
Edge (c) and Kurt Angle (c) vs Christian and Rob Van Dam

Triple H vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
-If SCSA Wins, he will guest referee the HBK/HHH WM Match
-If SCSA loses, Vince McMahon has a surprise for him

Hardcore Match
Randy Orton vs Mick Foley

#1 Contender's Match
Chris Benoit vs Booker T

Intercontinental Championship
Triple Threat Match
Chris Masters (c) vs Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin

Batista Presents a Funeral for The Undertaker

Highlight Reel
Chris Jericho interviews John Cena

WWE Releases Tyson Tomko

The WWE announced today that "The Problem Solver" Tyson Tomko has been released from the company. Tomko's major role was in 2004 to 2005 where he served as Christian's bodyguard. However Christian was drafted to Smackdown and that left Tomko by himself. Tomko formed a team with Snitsky but a new team has been planned for Snitsky and Tomko is no longer needed. The WWE wants to wish Tyson Tomko the best in his future endeavors.

Smackdown Preview for Friday March 17, 2006

Smackdown rolls into Providence, Rhode Island tonight and a major night is set ahead for all of the Smackdown superstars. First off, we will be witnessing a huge tag team main event where both Edge and Christian can pick their tag partners. After last week's victory over JBL, Christian seems sure to pick a partner that will make sure Edge won't try to cheat again like last week. Who will both of these WrestleMania 22 opponents pick as their tag team partners? Which one of these men will get the major victory before rolling into Saturday Night's Main Event.

For months now, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, and Booker T have all been bickering at each other. After last week's match which we saw Booker T cheat and rollup Benoit, GM Teddy Long announced at Saturday Night's Main Event, Chris Benoit meets Booker T and the winner will take on the United States Champion, Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania. However before a contender is decided, Chris Benoit finds himself in action against Booker T's partner from last week, Orlando Jordan. Benoit has embarrased Jordan before making him tap out in 25 seconds. Can Benoit gain a victory or will Booker be cheating to prevent a victory?

Tonight we witness a show making fun of The Rock and Mick Foley, we witness This is Your Life, Randy Orton. A show originally made for Mick Foley back in the '90's, Orton will be having his own show tonight on Smackdown before his Hardcore Match at Saturday Night's Main Event with the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley. Orton has promised victory over Foley at Saturday Night's Main Event and promises victory at WrestleMania 22 over Foley's former tag partner The Rock. Can Orton live up to those two major promises but first what does he have in store for Friday night?

Last week on Smackdown, we were set for a Two Out of Three Falls Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. However, MNM the WWE Tag Team Champions skipped the show and partied making their challengers, Brian Kendrick and Paul London, face The Gymini. London and Kendrick would gain the wins but Theodore Long wants an answer from MNM. Tonight, MNM's Johnny Nitro takes on Paul London as we will see if London and Kendrick can gain retribution for MNM no-showing last week's show. What role will their tag partners play in this match.

Jamie Noble has watched Kid Kash, his former friend, show a new side of himself and he wants the Cruiserweight Championship. Tonight, we see a #1 Contender's Six Man Elimination Match featuring Kid Kash, Funaki, Nunzio, and The Mexicools. Kash has told Noble he will defeat all of these men easily and head onto WrestleMania where he will become the Cruiserweight Champion. Noble will not accept that though and will not let Kid Kash snag his title from him like that, will we be seeing another man emerge with the victory though and head onto WrestleMania?
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