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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good preview for Raw KOP.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry about the delay in getting the review to you but it will be up either tonight or tomorrow morning. I've just got the last two matches to go
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday February 20, 2006
San Diego, California

*Across the Nation hits and the normal Raw video package plays before we cut out to the announcer's at ringside and we head down*

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Raw and three huge matches are set for us tonight!

Jerry Lawler: First off, Chris Masters will be in action tonight as he defends his Intercontinental Championship against Shelton Benjamin

Jonathan Coachman: The Masterpiece will claim victory once more and tonight, it will be against Shelton Benjamin!

Joey Styles: World Tag Titles on the line as the dangerous duo of Kane and the Big Show take on the team of 3 Minute Warning

Jerry Lawler: A big challenge right there for the champions but they should be able to overcome 3 Minute Warning with ease

Jonathan Coachman: And the main event, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold take on Triple H and a partner of his choice in a Lumberjack Match!

*Break the Walls Down! hits and Chris Jericho comes out all cocky and what not before making his way down the ramp, pumping his fists and then sliding into the ring before he then asks for a mic and then taps it and starts to talk*

Chris Jericho: Raw is Jericho!!!!

*Crowd Boos*

Chris Jericho: All week people have came up to me saying Chris? Chris? Tell me why did you turn on your partner Cena? Why did you do it? Well you want to know the answer, hell you all actually already know the answer

*Crowd is Confused*

Chris Jericho: Last summer here on Raw, John Cena came via the Lottery Draft and he was taking over Raw. Well I didn't like that and that's why I turned on him the first time and I was screwed out of the WWE Championship not once....not twice...but THREE times!

*Crowd Boos*

Chris Jericho: First I was screwed at Vengeance in the Triple Threat Match, then there came SummerSlam where I had the match won and the final time, the night after SummerSlam I lost and Bischoff fired me! He fired me damnit!

*Crowd Pops*

Chris Jericho: And you see I wasn't going to lay down and let that happen. I wasn't going to forget about being screwed out of the WWE Championship three times in the summer and that's why I decided to come back and unlike any assclowns in the back, I decided to do something about it and I basically stood John Cena up last week!

*Asshole Chants Break Out*

Chris Jericho: The whole time I was away here from Raw, it was basically like nobody even remembered me even being here and what the hell is up with that? I'm the ayatollah of rock and rolla people and I run the world's most famous band in Fozzy!

*You Suck Chants Break Out*

Chris Jericho: Oh so now you all think that I suck? Well why don't you shut please shut the he....

*My Time is Now blares across the speakers and John Cena comes out onto the stage, raising his hands and pumping his fists, before he then heads down to the ring not taking his eyes off of the man that turned on him last week*

John Cena: What's up San Diego Chain Gang?

*Crowd Pops*

John Cena: I'm sitting in the back, minding my own buisness and then I hear Chris Jericho, the leader of Fonzy come out here and say he was screwed last summer out of the WWE Championship three times in a row due to me

*Crowd Boos*

Chris Jericho: First off assclown my band name is Fozzy! And I was screwed out of the WWE Championship last summer three times and the first time should have been mine but Christian had to get involved, the second one you cheated, and third I got fired!

*Crowd Pops*

John Cena: Screwed out of a title? Try being stuck in a Steel Cage Match against Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship and not even know before hand! Then have Angle pick his friend, Daivari, as the referee for the match and that right there is called being screwed over, none of your title shots were "screwovers" you lost because you suck!

*You Suck Chants Break Out*

John Cena: So you talk about being screwed out still Jericho? Any time, any where if you want some, you can come get some! Because my Chain Gang has got my back 24/7 and they'll be glad to come along and kick your ass any....

Chris Jericho: Would you please shut the hell up?

*Crowd Boos*

Chris Jericho: You're telling me about your little Chain Gang over here and over there! Well nobody gives a rat's ass about you Cena. You suck in the ring and you can't compare to me Y..2..J! Because when it comes down to it, I will beat your ass down and get my revenge for what you did to me over the summer screwing me out of my ti.....

*Cena looks around, then kicks Jericho in the gut and lifts him up before smiling and then coming down with him nailing an F-U! My Time is Now hits again and Cena slides to the outside as his music plays slapping hands with the fans, then gets to the top and then holds up his necklace and makes his way to the back as we fade to commercial*


Joey Styles: Welcome back to Raw and right before the commercial we saw John Cena give Chris Jericho his finisher, the F-U!

Jerry Lawler: Jericho tried to run off with the mouth to the former champion and he ended up paying courtesy of the F-U

Jonathan Coachman: Cena had no right to touch Jericho as he was explaining to us why he attacked Cena last week on Raw

Joey Styles: Explaining? I'm sure Jericho was going to try to attack Cena here again but Cena prevented any shot of that happening

Jerry Lawler: Coach I'm sure Jericho had more stuff planned for Cena tonight and all you are doing is covering up for him

Jonathan Coachman: So what if I am covering up for him? That's how you help friends and Jericho is a good friend of mine!

Match #1
*World Tag Team Championships
Kane and The Big Show (c's) vs 3MW

Match Finish: Decent match between both teams but more of a fight as both teams have bigger men and it's an all out war towards the end. Kane and the Big Show go for the Double Chokeslam onto Rosey but Jamal comes from behind and knocks down Kane with a clothesline. Jamal and Rosey then try to pick Big Show up but aren't able to and Kane sees this. He gets back to his feet and charges at Jamal and Rosey but they duck and Kane nails Big Show with an Big Boot! Kane walks right into Jamal who slams him down onto the mat and Rosey comes off with an Moonsault! One....Two....Three

Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions: 3 Minute Warning

*Jamal and Rosey then head to the outside and grab their titles before retreating to the back and Kane looks pissed he made his team lose the titles. Kane then helps Big Show up and Big Show tells him it is alright and to not worry about it. We then cut backstage to see where Todd Grisham is standing by with none other than Carlito whom is tossing an apple in the air*

Todd Grisham: Carlito, we've been told that you requested this time to say something about WrestleMania 22 am I correct?

Carlito: WrestleMania 22 Carlito has an idea that worked out last year and well let's just say it's Money in the Bank

Todd Grisham: Carlito, are you going to let this Intercontinental Championship get in the way of your friendship with Masters?

Carlito: Friendship with Chris Masters? Das Not Cool! And what else is not cool is he is walking around with my title!

Todd Grisham: One more thing Carlito, tonight Masters defends his Intercontinental Championship against Shelton Benjamin, what do you think about this?

Carlito: I think it's not fair! Carlito didn't even have an chance to become number one contender but that all changes tonight!

*Carlito storms off, then turns back around, bites into the apple and spits it into the camera lens before we then fade to another commercial*


*We cut backstage to see Mr. McMahon in his office before Kurt Angle, the current WWE Champion, comes barging into the room*

Kurt Angle: Vince I need to talk to you about something and we need to talk about this right now and I mean, right now!

Mr. McMahon: First off it's Mr. McMahon but does this have anything to do with your match at WrestleMania against RVD?

Kurt Angle: Yeah

Mr. McMahon: Well no to whatever it is. I've got more important stuff to be doing right now than trying to change your match to please you

Kurt Angle: But Vi...I mean Mr. McM....

Mr. McMahon: Well it appears you want to face Rob Van Dam earlier than WrestleMania then Kurt, so I'll grant you that wish

Kurt Angle: No Mr. McMahon that's no....

Mr. McMahon: At the return of Saturday Night's Main Event, YOU! Kurt Angle the WWE Champion will team with the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge, to face the team of the number one contenders for the respective titles in Rob Van Dam and Christian!

Mr. McMahon: So if you now will leave, I will appreciate it

Kurt Angle: One other thing Vi...

Mr. McMahon: NOW!!!

*Angle suddenly opens the door and slams it worried and McMahon seems pissed about having to do that but he had no other choice. We then cut out to see Trish Stratus in the back before she gets interrupted by Ashley Massaro*

Ashley Massaro: Hey Trish, how's it going?

Trish Stratus: It's been going good but hey are you ready for that match tonight you've got against Victoria?

Ashley Massaro: As always but hey I wanted to ask you something about Mickie? What's been her problem this whole time?

Trish Stratus: You know Ashley I've been wondering the same thing but I can never figure out what her problem is!

Ashley Massaro: She's always interferring in your matches and it seems like she has been trying to cost you the matches too!

Trish Stratus: Ah I'm not too worried, she said she ju....

*Mickie James then comes in quickly all pumped up for tonight, jumping around, and shaking her head ready for the match*

Mickie James: Hey, what are both of you talking about?

Trish Stratus: Ah nothing! We're just talking about Ashley's match she has coming up next against Victoria

Ashley Massaro: Yeah what Trish said!

Mickie James: Where you both talking about me? Because if you were I could understand if you were talking about me

Trish Stratus: We weren't Mickie I promise we wouldn't talk about you because that is what friends are for and we're friends

Mickie James: Ok, well let's get going!

*All three of the ladies then head out and we then fade out to another commercial of the night*


Match #2
Ashley Massaro vs Victoria

Match Finish: Ashley doesn't do much throughout the match as she has Victoria carry her basically the entire match. Ending comes whenever Victoria tosses Ashley on her back for the Widow's Peak and Mickie then slides into the ring. Mickie then goes for an Mick Kick onto Victoria but Victoria drops Ashley and Ashley turns around right into the Mick Kick! Victoria then picks Mickie and throws her to the outside onto Trish before Victoria picks Ashley up and then plants her down into the mat with the Widow's Peak, One...Two....Three!

Winner: Victoria

*We then cut to ringside to the commentator's table*

Joey Styles: Mickie James just Mick Kicked Ashley on accident but once again she has interfered in another match!

Jerry Lawler: If I were Trish and Ashley, I would be saying something to Mickie because I wouldn't be able to take this.

Jonathan Coachman: Something is wrong with Mickie James and she has cost Trish and Ashley about five matches now

Joey Styles: Well earlier tonight we crowned new World Tag Team Champions as 3 Minute Warning dethroned Kane and Big Show

Jerry Lawler: I never thought Kane and Big Show would lose the titles but in the end, they did indeed lose them

Jonathan Coachman: Well it turns out that we've been told next week 3MW defend their titles against Kane and Big Show in a rematch, should be intresting.

*We cut backstage to see Eugene wandering around before he bumps into his Uncle Eric Bischoff*

Eugene: He...H...Hey Uncle Eric!

Eric Bischoff: How's it going Eugene? You know you are the right person that I have been looking for this whole time!

Eugene: Really?

Eric Bischoff: Yeah really because you see I want to apologize about last week's match you had, you shouldn't have faced that Spirit Squad member

Eugene: Yeah Uncle Eric! Why did you make me them? It was li...like a 5 on 1 match when it should have been 1 on 1

Eric Bischoff: I'm sorry about that Eugene but you know what! You go ahead and go out there because tonight I'm giving you another match!

Eugene: Really Uncle Eric? Wh...Wh...Who's my opponent?

Eric Bischoff: Well, you'll see!

*Eugene then scampers off and heads to the arena as Bischoff cracks an smile*

Eric Bischoff: What an idiot!


Joey Styles: Welcome back to Raw and still an huge night to come ahead for us as we have two more huge main event matches

Jerry Lawler: I've been waiting all week for this Lumberjack Match and I can't wait to see who Triple H's partner is going to be

Jonathan Coachman: I can guarantee you one thing whoever his partner may be, he sure is going to have chosen a great one

Joey Styles: That match still to come but what about Chris Masters defending his Intercontinental Championship?

Jerry Lawler: His toughest task yet as he takes on Shelton Benjamin but what role will Carlito play in this match?

Jonathan Coachman: Carlito added that he has an idea for WrestleMania and he said it was Money in the Bank, could we see the return of that match?

Match #3
Eugene vs ???

Match Finish: Eugene gets put this week in another match against the Spirit Squad and his opponent turns out to be Kenny (Ken Doane) Eugene gives it his all during the match and he even fights off interference from the other members of the Spirit Squad. In the end, Mitch throws the megaphone into the ring to Kenny but Eugene pulls it away and then nails Kenny right in the gut with an Stunner, however the referee is distracted by the other members and this gives Kenny times to nail Eugene with the megaphone and slide it to the outside, One....Two....Three

Winner: Kenny

*We then cut backstage to see Shelton Benjamin standing with Maria*

Maria: Tonight Shelton you are going to be facing Chris Masters for the Intercontinental Championship, are you worried?

Shelton Benjamin: Worried about Chris Masters? There's nothing to worry about him because he can't stop me from taking his title

Maria: So Shelton, you have won the Intercontinental title before, would you like winning the title again here tonight?

Shelton Benjamin: Of course I would Maria and let me say this, if Carlito wants to do Money in the Bank this year then let's do it

Maria: Money in the Bank? Can you tell me where I can go get me some money from the bank, I don't have any money right now

Shelton Benjamin: After I take the Intercontinental title from Masters and if there is an Money in the Bank Ladder Match, I will win that contract because there ain't no stopping me!


*We see the WrestleMania 22 logo flash across the screen and then we hear a voice speak*

Narrator: The following paid advertisement is to promote the upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment pay per view, WrestleMania 22. It will be live from Phoenix, Arizona in the American West Arena on Sunday April 2, 2006

*We then cut out to a bar, we hear loud rock music playing before it dies down and then we cut backstage behind the curtains to see who was performing*

Chris Jericho: Great show guys!

*Jericho keeps on walking with his guitar and then walks around the backstage before he looks around and sees some of his co-workers in the back. Jericho then goes up to them and he says hi to them all before he continues on out the door and then a beer bottle comes flying at him*

Chris Jericho: Which one of you assclowns threw this at me?

*People look around and start to worry and then all of an sudden somebody points and he then points at an little geeky man. The man starts to panic not knowing what to do and then he starts to back up but Jericho stops him from doing so*

Chris Jericho: You throw this at me?

Man: No, I would never do that to you sir. I was just try...

Chris Jericho: Save it assclown!

*The man panics and Jericho then grabs the beer bottle and smashes it over the head of the man before he then jumps into his car and drives off. Jericho's driving down the road before he sees an huge sign saying "Welcome to Arizona" Jericho then turns out and heads over to the welcome center for some details*

Chris Jericho: Mam, can you tell me exact directions to the American West Arena? I need to know how to get there for WrestleMania

Desk Attendant: I'm sorry but I just moved here and I don't know too much about Phoenix but if you need anyth....

Chris Jericho: Well then what the hell are you doing behind that booth? If you don't know your way around, then get out!

Desk Attendant: I'm sorry sir but wo....

Chris Jericho: Would you please shut the hell up?

*Jericho then gets pissed and then decides to leave and then we cut out to see him getting closer and closer to Phoenix before he gets ready to take the exit. Jericho then looks and he can see the American West Arena from the bridge. He then takes the exit and then turns and starts heading down the road but then all of an sudden, an Hummer rams into him! Jericho's car is destroyed and the Hummer is fine and stops at the redlight. Jericho jumps out of the car and kicks it*

Chris Jericho: Damn it!

*A man then sticks his head out the window and it's revealed to be...John Cena!!!

John Cena: Sorry Jericho!

Chris Jericho: You son of a.....

*We then hear the narrator cutting Jericho out on purpose and he then starts to talk*

Narrator: WrestleMania Goes Big Time! Don't miss it Sunday April 2, 2006 from the American West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona!

*We then head back to the announcer's at the booth*

Joey Styles: What an great video and that could definently be something that Cena could do to Jericho in the future!

Jerry Lawler: Well he basically ran over Jericho's ego tonight whenever Cena F-U'd him in the middle of the ring

Jonathan Coachman: But let's talk about WrestleMania! Two huge matches already announced and more to be announced!

Joey Styles: Kurt Angle defends his WWE Championship against Rob Van Dam in what should be an great wrestling match

Jerry Lawler: RVD has defied the odds as he came back from injury and won the Royal Rumble to earn his shot at WrestleMania

Jonathan Coachman: And Edge will defend the World-Heavyweight Championship against his own brother Christian, who will take the title?

*We then cut to the top of the stage where Matt Striker has his table set up at the top followed by his chalkboard and he is in his chair*

Matt Striker: Hello everybody and welcome to my classroom!

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: Now today's topic is going to be about Friendship, it's something that has certainly been overlooked in the past couple of years because you've got backstabbers that like to say stuff about you and run rumours about you.

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: For example, If I were to go say something about one of my numerous friends that I have, would he still want to be friends with an backstabber like me? Of course he wouldn't but remember I'm not a backstabber, I'm a teacher!

*You Suck Chants Break Out*

Matt Striker: I certainly do not suck! But to continue on with the lesson, why would you want to be friends with somebody that tells lies about you every day of the week and then goes and spreads them, that's just like what happens at the school I used to teach at!

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: Oh I see how it is here, you people boo me because I try to bring out the good in you and teach you something. But what do you give me, it certainly isn't your attention because if you did, then lives would be changed!

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: There would be no more backstabbers in this world and specifically this city because you turn your back on everybody. Heck, your baseball team sucks and even if they were good, you still would turn against them

*You Suck Chants Continue*

Matt Striker: Well that's all for today's lesson and remember, I am your teacher, Matt Striker!

*Striker's music hits and he walks out off the stage before he continues on and then we cut out to a commercial*


Match #4
*Intercontinental Championship
Chris Masters (c) vs Shelton Benjamin

Match Finish: Both of these men styles mix well and they put on a pretty good match between each other of them. The ending takes place whenever Masters nails Benjamin with the Polish Hammer and then taunts him with the Masterlock! Masters goes to lock it in but Benjamin kicks out and rolls through only getting a two count. Masters then gets back up but pushes Benjamin off as he goes for the T-Bone Suplex and Masters then slides to the outside of the ring. Masters keeps on walking up the ramp knowing if he gets counted out, he cannot lose the title and the ref gives the win to Benjamin

Winner via countout: Shelton Benjamin

*We then head over to the commentator's table once more*

Joey Styles: Chris Masters has gotten himself counted out tonight and he must be afraid of losing that title

Jerry Lawler: Masters knew he couldn't beat Benjamin so he just walked out on the match saving his title that way

Jonathan Coachman: What an great idea! Masters saw that Benjamin was trying to cheat to win the match and Masters just leaves

Joey Styles: Benjamin trying to cheat? WHOA! Coach you must be watching an different match because I didn't see that

Jerry Lawler: Just ignore Coach Joey. But anyways, coming up next is the huge Lumberjack Match between Austin and HBK vs HHH and a partner of his choice

Jonathan Coachman: But before the break, we are going to find out the newest member to the Class of 2006 Hall of Fame

*We then cut out and see the WrestleMania 22 logo flash across the screen again before the next time the Hall of Fame logo comes across. Then we hear the narrator starting to speak*

Narrator: This year the WWE pays tribute to an true wrestler that did all he could in his lifetime for this company

*We see flashing images of Owen Hart facing off against his brother Bret Hart at WrestleMania X*

Narrator: A man that did everything he was asked to do, and succeeded in every which way

*Flashing images of Owen Hart winning the 1994 King of the Ring are shown*

Narrator: He was an two time Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, and 3 Time World Tag Team Champion

*Flashing images of the five matches in which Owen Hart won the titles in are shown*

Narrator: And at WrestleMania XXII, we remember the legacy that he paved for all of the wrestlers that followed him

*Images of Owen Hart smiling, joking around, and lots of other stuff are shown*

Narrator: We proudly announce the next inductee into the 2006 Hall of Fame....

Narrator: Owen Hart!!!

*We then fade out as the WrestleMania 22 logo comes across the screen, then the Hall of Fame logo followed by a picture of Owen Hart*


Match #5
Lumberjack Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels vs Triple H and ???

Lumberjacks: Carlito, Chris Masters, Daivari, Danny Basham, Gene Snitsky, Gregory Helms, Jamal, Spirit Squad, Johnny Parisi, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Matt Striker, Rene Dupree, Rob Conway, Rosey, and Tyson Tomko

Match Finish: Decent match with Triple H's hand picked lumberjacks (all heels) interfering throughout the match. Triple H's partner turns out to be none other than the current WWE Champion, Kurt Angle. Towards the end, Austin and Angle are fighting and Austin tags in Michaels. Michaels comes in, ducks an clothesline then sends Angle into the corner. Angle ducks, then comes back and Michaels nails a Sweet Chin Music straight to the face of Angle! Michaels then drops down to the mat for the cover but Carlito pulls Michaels off and all of the heels go after him as part of Triple H's demand. Michaels fights them off and then slides back into the ring and then now it's an big brawl. Rob Van Dam runs down and him and Angle brawl across the arena before we fade out for the night

Winner: No Contest

*Triple H grabs a mic and then waits for security to get everybody out of the ring before he slides back in as Michaels and Austin are heading up the ramp*

Triple H: Shawn Michaels!

*Crowd Pops*

Triple H: Stone Cold Steve Austin!

*Crowd Pops*

Triple H: Michaels and Austin, you two might have gotten lucky here tonight but one thing is going to be for certain! You see I talked to Mr. McMahon backstage and he said that I could choose either one of you for my opponents for Saturday Night's Main Event and WrestleMania!

*Crowd Pops*

Triple H: But under one condition....

*Crowd Boos*

Triple H: You see at Saturday Night's Main Event, I've decided that since Stone Cold would be too easy an ass whipping at WrestleMania, I'm going to face him at Saturday Night's Main Event and there is an stipulation there!

*Crowd Boos*

Triple H: If..If..Stone Cold is somehow to win whether it be DQ, Countout, whatever it may be, he will be able to be the Special Referee for the match at WrestleMania between Shawn Michaels and myself, the Game..Triple H!

*Crowd Pops*

Triple H: If he doesn't win the match though, Mr. McMahon told me that he will have an little surprise waiting for him right after the show and he probably wouldn't like to know what that surprise could be waiting for him

*Crowd Boos as Time to Play the Game hits and Triple H walks out of the arena smiling knowing the odds could be in his favor or not*

WWE Presents WrestleMania 22
Live from American West Arena
Sunday April 2, 2006
Phoenix, Arizona

WWE Championship
Kurt Angle (c) vs Rob Van Dam

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs Christian

Shawn Michaels vs Triple H

WWE Presents Saturday Night's Main Event
Live from Joe Louis Arena
Saturday March 18, 2006
Detroit, Michigan

Inter-Promotional Match
Kurt Angle and Edge vs Rob Van Dam and Christian

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H
-If Stone Cold wins, he will referee the HBK/HHH match at WrestleMania
-If Stone Cold loses, he will have an surprise waiting for him from Mr. McMahon
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice opening video which promoted the ppv well, and I sense that this will be a great lead into mania

6 man opens the show which I would have expected it to do. The opener was a tad short, but with 9 matches on the card and this being the opener I can see why it was done. This was a nice start to the show, with the match going at a quick pace and a good win for the mexicools who needed the win as they have dominated in this feud so far. Maybe a rematch on s/down though to give UKliq a win back, as I feel they could do with one

Nice JBL promo, and he sounds reasonably confident before the match with Lashley. I would hope to see a JBL win, but I donít know to be honest

JBL/Lashley was a similar kind of match to the actual one that they did have at No Way Out, but that is a good thing as the match did turn out to be a better match that it had a real right to do so. Neither man comes out of this match looking week, which is the main thing that this had to achieve. The match was well planned out and it told a good story. Ideally it would have gone a bit longer, but the card is tight for time so I can see why it was kept short. Good use of Jillian in the match as well, putting JBLís foot on the ropes after the dominator and nailing Lashley with the clipboard (the most useless weapon I have ever seen though) leading to the clothesline from hell. Good win for JBL, but he does appear to be a bit directionless at the moment, unless a rematch at mania occurs, or something like the MITB match is used

Noble/Kash is next, I expect this to be an okay match, but the better version has to be being saved for mania as I expect a rematch there. A nice cruiserweight match here to be honest, with a decent amount of action packed into the 7 minutes it was given. The action was pretty much non stop, which is how cruiserweight matches should be. Kash almost gets the win after the hurricanarana and the moonsault, but it isnít enough to beat Noble, and a tiger bomb from him gets the job done as he retains the title. A good match here, but I expect the mania rematch to be an improvement on this, as this maybe didnít have enough high flying action in it.

Tornado tag match was nicely done, which could well be a feud ender, although something like a ladder match at mania is not totally out of the question. Good opening to the match with some technical and a bit of high flying wrestling, and we get the two on one in favour of the heel situation after the snapsnot to Kendrick. London now needs to get the next fall, which he does after the shooting star press to Nitro. London tries to finish the match off with a 450 splash, but Mercury rolls out of the way and he gets the arm across and cover for the win. Good ending their, and the dominance of MNM is still there. I see them dropping the belts at mania though, to whoever that may be

Nice announcement of the cruiserweight battle royal, and I guess this is where Kash wins to get his title shot at mania

Hardy as the opponent for Kennedy makes sense as hardy needed a match on the card. But both these guys are a bit like JBL and Lashley and not really going anywhere at the moment. These two put on a solid match, but with the lack of build up it didnít have that big match feel, but what the match did have was done well, with a good story being told. Good early finishers attempts, and good to see Hardy get the foot on the ropes after the green day plunge, and then hardy hits the twist of fate. A slight delay in making the cover though means that kennedy can then kick out, and then soon after he rolls up Hardy and steals the win. Good win for Kennedy here, and after the rematch that will probably happen on s/down, I donít know where either of these two goes though

Nice short promo with Booker, and I can see him taking the title back of Rey here

Rey/Booker is next, and im sure whoever wins this will be involved in the long planned triple threat with benoit at mania, but I could see Orton being added to the match as well. Good early period of wrestling between these two, which starts the match off nicely, and a good touch to see Sharmell being ejected from the ring. Rey manages to fight his way back into the match, but he cant quite score the pinfall, but hits the 619, only to be powerbombed. Somehow though Rey kicks out and then ducks the scissors kick and rolls up Booker for the win. A good ending here, and Rey manages to steal the title, but Iím sure booker will want another match. Another few minutes on the end of this match would have made it better than it was

Orton/Booker promo was a bit weird to be honest

Orton/Benoit is next, and this should be one of the best straight wrestling matches on the card, mainly due to Benoit carrying Orton. Nice start to the match with the technical wrestling element, before Orton manages to gain a bit of control and dominates the middle part of the match. German suplexes though turn the tide, but he misses the headbutt afterwards though. RKO attempt is next, but countered into the crossface, which could be the end for Orton. Orton somehow manages to get to the ropes, and then he counters the sharpshooter into the RKO and gets the 3 count. A good match between these two here, but it could have done with being a bit longer, but with 9 matches on the card I can see why they were kept shortish. The end sequence could have been a bit longer, but what was their was good

Christian and Tomko have a nice promo, but it looks as if Tomko is tiring of CC, and could well turn on him, but probably not until after this match has happened

I think that CC will win this match at go on to mania, as somehow I donít see Taker being in the main event. Christian tries to outsmart Taker at the start of the match, and avoid having to face him, but it doesnít really work, as Taker has the huge power advantage. Tomko and CC try to cheat at every opportunity, even using powder which is a novel concept in BTB. CC kicks out of the chokeslam which is not too bad, seeing as that move rarely wins a match for Taker nowadays. Taker goes for the last ride, but CC rolls through and grabs the ropes, but it is spotted. Tombstone time is soon, but Tomko puts CC leg on the ropes, just managing to save the match. Big boot from Tomko, but Taker kicks out. Taker goes for the tombstone again, but reversed into the unprettier, which gets the match won and Christian is going to mania. This was probably the MOTN so far, which was pretty much booked to perfection. I see you have entered this is the BTB tournament, which is a good move as this match will definitely get you through. CC goes to the main event, and I am sure he will face Edge for the belt, but I donít know who will turn face yet. Taker has no opponent at the moment, but I see him facing someone on Raw

Nice Edge promo, hyping the main event a bit more

Good start to the match, and nice to see an early spear attempt by Edge, only to be thrown into the turnbuckle. Good stuff with Edge throwing Batista into the crowd, although I would have expected it to go down the other way round. Edge goes for the spear again, but gets nailed with a clothesline. Batista is worn down, but rebounds with the spinebuster, but he cannot make the cover. Edge-o-matic is hit, which automatically makes me love this match, but it only gets a two count. Edge goes for the chair, but the ref stops him and hits the ref in the face. Edge nails the concerto, and that should be the end. He goes for the spear, and Batista has the quickest recovery ever (too quick) from that move and he blasts Edge with the chair. A new ref comes, but Edge kicks out on 2. Spear is hit, but Batista kicks out. Edge goes for another spear, but the spinebuster and then the batista bomb is hit, but Edge gets his foot on the ropes, and then hits the edgecution, which is enough to get the win. A pretty good main event which was a hell of a lot better than it had any right to be, which pretty much summed up the ppv Ė good. Edge/CC at mania will be a good match, and Batista now needs an opponent, maybe Orton will be that man?
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good opening promo with Jericho and Cena, and I am sure that they will be having their one final match at Wrestlemania. Jericho explained the heel turn well, and Cena responding with some nice lines and the F-U. Good way to start the show

3 minute warning take the tag titles, which is good to see as it is a break from Kane and the Big Show holding them. Donít know where they are going yet, but it will an interesting one to watch

MITB match coming at mania then? This would have worked better on s/down, but if it is interpromotional then it would work as well. I say this as there are more guys on s/down needing a match than on raw

Nice tag match for SNME made, and it will be interesting to see what happens. By the looks of the match Christian will be turning face, and it looks as if RVD/Angle is finally getting a bit of build, if only a little

The heel turn by one of the divas has to come soon, and probably by Mickie next week after she costs Ashley her match to Victoria. This storyline has been built up well, but the turn has to happen soon

Eugene gets another match, and this time against only 1 member of the spirit squad. Another win for the Squad who appear to be on a bit of a roll, and they are doing their job well

Shelton promo was a bit short, but it got the message across

Liked the promo from Striker, and it is great to see that someone other than me is using him in a creative role. Given a few more weeks, it might be time to put him in a feud with someone, as he appears to be getting over with the fans

Masters shows the traits of a good heel by getting himself counting out, obviously leading to a rematch probably next week. Nice segment here, and it looks as if his promotion on the card continues to be done well

Angle as the partner came from nowhere to be honest, but I can see why it was done. Main event did the job of building up the HHH/HBK feuds, and the RVD run in gave the mania main event the best bit of build up it has had yet. Still needs a hell of a lot more, but at least the feud is getting a bit more interesting. HHH/Austin at SNME is a good move as it doesnít waste the feud, and HHH/HBK at mania also works well. Interesting stips to the match, and I cant see which way it will go yet. Promo from HHH was okay, but could have been a bit better with some catchphrase usage
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good promo to kick off the show with Y2J talking about how he was screwed ,but then he was F-U'ed. Goodd promo and I hope we get a match at WM22 and I hope Y2J wins.

Kane and The Big Show (c's) vs 3MW-A good match with Kane and The Big Show losing the titles. I wonder if at WM 22 we will see the end of Big Show and Kane.

Nice match made for SNME can't wait for it.

A good preview with Ashley and Trish before the match.

Ashley Massaro vs Victoria-A nice ending to the match with Mickie James costing Ashley the match.

Ahhhh man. Eugene's about to get destroyed again.

Eugene vs ???-A good match with Kenny picking up the win by cheating. I hope this is developing into a storyline for WM because this has been getting aired each week.

A quick promo for Shelton Benjamin.

A good promo building up WM 22.

A nice promo from Matt Striker to put over his character. I am glad somebody is using these segments.

Chris Masters (c) vs Shelton Benjamin-A good match with Benjamin winning thanks to Masters getting himself counted out.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels vs Triple H and ???-Nicely booked lumber jack match to end the show. Nice brawls to end the show and Triple H announces SCSA vs HHH at SNME and HHH vs HBK at WM.

Good show overall.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for the reviews and expect a review hopefully whenever you get your next shows up!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

Opening Promo- Great promo here man. I see this feud between Cena and Jericho going very far. I like Jericho as a heel and Cena as a face. It gives each man more credibility.

Kane and Show vs 3MW- WHAT THE HELL?! Kane and Big Show lose the title to 3 Minute Warning. This sucks. This better be good for Kane and Big Show. 3 Minute Warning would be horrible champions. Oh well, its your BTB and you can do whatever you want.

Carlito Promo- It was a short but sweet promo. I think that Carlito will end up winning the Intercontinental Title at WM. If Carlito wins, then das very cool.

Angle/Vince Promo- This was pretty funny. Good match announcement for SNME though. I wonder what Angle really wanted.

Girls Promo- Trish and Ashley lie to Mickie James. Not surprising. I wouldnt be surprised if Mickie screws Ashley out of her match next.

Victoria vs Ashley- I KNEW IT! I knew that Mickie would screw Ashley. I am guessing that at WM it will be Ashley vs Mickie. Im not too interested in womens matches though.

Eugene/Bischoff Promo- Im guessing that Eugene will be facing a Spirit Squad member for his match.

Eugene vs Kenny- I knew that Eugene would be facing a Spirit Squad member, but I was not expecting him to lose. Maybe the non-retarted Nick Dinsmore will expose himself.

Benjamin Promo- Nice promo here. I think that Shelton Benjamin will not win the title, but win the MITB if there is one.

WM Commercial- This was pretty funny, good job.

Strikers Classroom- Backstabbing friends? Could this be a possible spoiler for something?

Benjamin vs Masters- Benjamin won, but not the title. I think that this is it for Benjamins chance for the IC Title and he will focus on the MITB contract.

Owen Hart Inductee- Nice choice as an inductee. He definitely deserves it.

Main Event- All heels as the lumber jacks? That is not good at all. This match was flowing well for the summary. A lot of different feuds are building up very well. I am excited for Stone Cold vs Triple H at Saturday Nights Main Event though.

Grade- 8.5/10. Great show dude.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

RAW review

Solid opening promo between Cena & Jericho. It furthered the feud and opened the show really good. You maybe could have had Jericho give a few more stabs at Cena£.

Average tagteam match with Big Show/Kane & Three Minute Warning winning the tag titles. The match part where Three Minute Warning couldnít pick up Show was not very realistic as Jamal and Rosey are both 300+ pounds. I think the 2 of them should be able to pick up Big Show. I predict that the finish will lead to a feud between Kane and Big Show.

The Carlito interview felt a lil rushed and half assed IMO. You should have talked more about the Money In The Bank and all Carlitoís lines were to short. You should have made him talk more and leave the interview looking cocky instead of angry.

Angle/McMahon segment. It was entertaining and Vince was very in character. Plus it set up a great match for Saturday Night's Main Event.

The mickie/trish and ashley segment just felt the same like it is on tv: boring. Sorry I just donít like women promoís or matches.

Squash match for Victoria with a predictable run-in. No further comment

Decent Eugene-style promo and an average tv match. I donít like Eugeneís character but I must say, you handle him very well.

A bland Shelton interview. The last 2 parts didnít make sense: Maria makes that dumb comment and then Benjamin doesnít react to it, he doesnít even answer the question.

A very good entertaining video with Cena and Jericho. Really I enjoyed it very much and it hypes up their Wrestlemania match.

Striker. It was OK but it didnít really serve a purpose. Striker was just getting some cheap heat. And Strikerís classroom should be backstage not on stage.

Decent Shelton/Masters bout. The countout ending was lame but it gives Masters some heel credit.

The mainevent was very chaotic. It was very unrealistic to let Shawn Michaels fight off all the lumberjacks. That was to much. And I didnít like the ending to, it just seemed that you ended it because you couldnít decide on a proper pinfall finish or something. And you say that the screen fades away after the match but then you still show a promo about Wrestlemania and Saturday Night's Main Event. Weird endingÖ.

Overall: 7/10

Decent RAW. The promoís were top notch but all the matches werenít so great

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Hello KOPV1 and BTB tourney opponent. Here is my promised review of Raw:

good opening promo with Cena and Jericho. Both seemed very much in character.

I'm somewhat shocked that 3MW won the tag titles, but it should be a new, fresh reign.

Carlito interview seemed very short. If you extended on it, it might've been a little better.

Very entertaining Angle/McMahon promo. I can't wait for SNME.

Ashley/Trish promo was decent at best.

Not really shocked that Victoria won here in this match. A very predictable run-in by Mickie James also.

Eugene promo was once again decent.

Short Benjamin promo here. I'm not really feeling these promos on this edition.

Cool Mania promo here.

I'm glad Owen Hart is in the HOF. Very well deserved.

Hmm, Benjamin wins by countout. Maybe a cage match soon?

Okay Striker promo. I agree with Crackdasher it should be backstage more often.

Great mainevent and I loved the ending with Michaels taking on all of the lumberjacks.

Overall: 86/100 Good matches, but okay promos. Nice job though and best of luck in the tournament.

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