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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for reviewing my BTB KOP, I'm always happy to review someone else's... It's time for another...

Message From The Ghetto

The announcers announce some pretty interesting things at the start of the show, everything looks orderly. The return of the Highlight Reel, Cool. The Highlight reel was decent, I would have liked to see more reactions, like instead of saying *Crowd Pops* you should explain the reactions of the people a little more. Maybe go into more detail about what they are doing, just so we can picture it.

The Women's Championship Match had a lot of interference in it, lol. I like how you do your match summaries though. Haha, you've got Eugene down well. He's going to be in a match up next, I'm guessing it's going to be a monster. Ah I was right, Gene Snitsky. Snitsky dominates, Eugene gets over as a face and this helps Vince to be more of a heel, good job.

RVD/Angle at WrestleMania, nice booking. Ah, boring Diva segment, same Mickie/Trish feud, BLAH! Er, Ashley/Mickie. Haha, Stone Cold stays on RAW! Striker/Venis... your trying to get Striker noticed, and pushed as a heel. UGH, Masters and Carlito, come on dude where's the creativity, same thing the WWE is doing. Kane & Big Show versus 3MW, obviously... Austin has a idea, hmmm...

ROFL. Nice commercial, you must have had a blast writing that one! Masters owns Ric Flair. No Promos?! You could have at least put a Cena promo in between the Masters Match and the Main Event, maybe you were in a hurry? At the end of the night the faces win, no real surprises, nothing that would leave us in suspense to make us read next week.

Average show, I was expecting more. Work on the endings to shows, and better descriptors, and more original storylines and I’m sure that grade will rise.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice to see the highlight reel to open the show, and it did a nice job moving the HHH/HBK feud along without having another brawl. Cant see anything for Jericho to do at the moment though

Good win for Trish, despite the help from Micki. Heel turn is coming soon, and I would guess Micki will turn on Trish

Eugene loses again, and this time to Snitsky, which gives him a much needed win

Okay Angle promo which never got going really, but did its job

Interesting situation with the divas, and it seems that something will kick off very soon

Austin has a contract on Raw? Very interesting situation, but other than HHH I cant see where he will wrestle

Good win for Striker, which is great to see as he has a lot of potential. Nice start for him, and I think he can pick up some wins over the next few weeks. Maybe a brief feud with Eugene?

Kane/Show vs. 3MW is definitely going to happen. Will be a horrible match when you get round to it, but I would guess it would give us new tag champs

What do HBK and Austin have planned? Who knows?

Good win for Masters and I think his feud with Flair is over. Put him over as a top champion and gives a boost as a heel going towards mania

Good main event match, and Cena gets the pinfall, which I guess he needed after losing at RR. Gives him a bit of momentum, and Carlito takes the fall, which is what I would have though. Good end to the show here
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

A good high light reel to kick off the show. Can't wait to see how the HBK/HHH feud finaly ends.

Trish Stratus (c) vs Torrie Wilson-A nice divas match with Mickie James almost costing Trish the win ,but Trish is able to beat Torrie.

A good promo backstage with Eugene and Vince. I can see Eugene about to get squashed.

Eugene vs Snitsky-A decent match with Eugene lossing to Snitsky in a basic squash.

A good promo with Kurt Angle saying there is no way he will lose the title. I am glad that it will be RVD vs Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 22.

A good promo with Mickie James/Trish Stratus/Ashley. I can see this being the Women's Championship match at Mania.

Nice promo with it being said that SCSA will stay for the remainder of his contract.

Matt Striker vs Val Venis-A nice win for Matt Striker in his debut match.

A good promo backstage with Carlito and Maria.

Kane and The Big Show (c's) vs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch-A good match which results into 3 Minute Warning have Kane and Big Show win by DQ.

Nice SCSA/HBK promo with a plan seem to be in the making.

LOL. What a promo. I though it was more funny then a serious build up promo how Joey Styles was making it seem.

Chris Masters (c) vs Ric Flair-Good match with Chris Masters getting the victory over The Nature Boy.

Main Event: Great main event to end the show with the faces picking up the win. I can't wait to see where this goes to.

A great show overall with some really good rivalries building up.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News

Saturday Night's Main Event Returns!

WWE and NBC agreed today that the famous Saturday Night's Main Event will make it's return on Saturday March 18, 2006. The show will be a two hour special for everybody to enjoy. More details will be released around the time of the show including matches and much more. So tune into WWE.com, Raw, and Smackdown for more details

Smackdown Preview for Friday February 10, 2006

Tonight, Friday Night Smackdown comes to you live from Omaha, Nebraska and with No Way Out 10 days away, there is indeed going to be an action packed show in store. In the main event, the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge will be picking an opponent for his No Way Out opponent, Batista, to face off against. Who will Edge pick and will he be victorious?

The situation between Booker T, Chris Benoit, and Rey Mysterio continues to heat up every week. Last week in the tag team main event, Booker T was able to pin Rey Mysterio in the match. Before that match, Randy Orton's music played costing Chris Benoit his match against Ken Kennedy. It was later revealed that this was a plan between Booker T and Chris Benoit. Where will this go on from here?

Christian and The Undertaker will meet in ten days for the #1 contendership of the World-Heavyweight Championship. Undertaker got inside of the head of Christian last week and Christian was worried. This week, Christian will be in one on one action agaisnt Matt Hardy. Can Christian get a big win heading into No Way Out?

After last week's victory, Paul London and Brian Kendrick feel that they should indeed be the #1 Contender's. MNM said before that match they would not interfere and they didn't. However, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble have asked for a rematch and this week, it's a #1 Contender's Match. Which team will be heading on into No Way Out to face MNM for the titles?

And finally during the Mexicools/William Regal and Paul Burchill match, a man named Finlay interfered. Finlay said that he loves to fight. Tonight, he will get that chance as he faces Juventud, the leader of the Mexicools in one on one action. Will Finlay prove to us that he belongs or is he just a one hit wonder in the WWE

Current No Way Out Card

Sunday February 19, 2006
Thomas Mack Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
Themesong: Save Me by Shinedown

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs Batista

#1 Contender's Match
Christian vs The Undertaker
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

good preview, I will be reading. At the moment KOPV1, the NWO card is looking paper thin, hopefully you load it up with the next shows.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice to see you have moved on with a new show.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday February 10, 2006
Omaha, Nebraska

*Rise Up hits and the Smackdown video package hits before we fade out to the arena to see Michael Cole and Tazz sitting at ringside*

Michael Cole: Welcome to Smackdown and such a action packed night but lots of answers will be revealed tonight

Tazz: Randy Orton is going to answer to us why he attacked Chris Benoit last night and Booker T told us it was a plan set up between both men

Michael Cole: Well I'm sure there is another reason for that but also we've got another big main event, Batista will be going one on one with JBL!

Tazz: Edge picked JBL to face Batista and I'm sure that we are going to be in for a long night full of action and surprises

Match #1
#1 Contender's Match
Jamie Noble and Kid Kash vs Brian Kendrick and Paul London

Match Finish: Rematch from last week and it turns out to be another fast paced match between both teams once again. Ending comes whenever Noble sets London up for the Tiger Bomb but Kendrick comes off the ropes and dropkicks Noble. London breaks out while Kid Kash comes into the ring. He looks to clothesline down London but London ducks and he hits Noble! London then nails a Hurricanrana sending Kid Kash to the outside and London tags in Kendrick. Kendrick hurries into the ring before Kid Kash can get back up and then goes for the Sliced Bread #2 and he nails it, One...Two...Three

Winners and #1 Contender's: Brian Kendrick and Paul London

*London and Kendrick start to celebrate their victory but then we see MNM pop up on the titantron ruining the party for London and Kendrick*

Melina: Congratulations guys!!!

*Crowd Boos*

Melina: You've both won another shot at my boys, Mercury and Nitro for the WWE Tag Team Championships at No Way Out

*Crowd Pops*

Joey Mercury: Well, since you both won the match, we just wanted to inform you of the type of match that we are going to have at No Way Out

*Crowd Pops in anticipation*

Johnny Nitro: And since we won at the Royal Rumble, Teddy Long granted us this so we have made this match a Tornado Tag Elimination Match

*Crowd Pops*

Joey Mercury: So all four men will be in the ring at once and basically, it's going to be an all out match with the winners taking the tag titles home!

*Crowd Pops*

Melina: And just to let you two know, neither one of you stand a chance against my boys of Mercury and Nitro at No Way Out

*Crowd Boos and then MNM fades off the screen to a commercial*


Michael Cole: Another match has been added to No Way Out and what a match that is going to be between those two teams

Tazz: MNM won at the Royal Rumble and at No Way Out, they will be facing off against Brian Kendrick and Paul London once more

Michael Cole: A rare match as it's going to be a Tornado Tag Elimination Match where all four men will be in the ring at once

Tazz: And with the titles up for grabs, we are surely going to see a great and highly competitive match between both teams

*We then cut backstage to see JBL standing by with Josh Matthews*

Josh Matthews: JBL, last week you had a intresting thing to say to Bobby Lashley and where is this going to go from there?

JBL: Listen Josh, the people are out there chanting my name, J...B....L! They are chanting my name because I am a Wrestling God, unlike Bobby Lashley

Josh Matthews: But you didn't ans....

JBL: Ok Josh you want an answer so here it comes. Lashley has been running around here like he's the big deal, like he's the big guy. Well I've been here on Smackdown longer than he has and what do I get in respect, nothing? So that's why come No Way Out, I will beat him down and I will head back to the top for the World-Heavyweight Championship!

Josh Matthews: One more thing JBL, before the show it was announced you will face Batista whom you feuded with last year, are you nervous?

JBL: Nervous? I'm never nervous and I'll tell you why, it's because I was the longest reigning WWE Champion in 10 years! Count them ten years and tonight, I will make sure Batista, the former World-Heavyweight Champion, doesn't make it to No Way Out

*We then cut back to the ring for the next match*

Match #2
Finlay vs Juventud

Match Finish: A very exciting debut for Finlay and he has Regal and Burchill ringside with him interfering trying to cost Juventud the match. Super Crazy and Psicosis stop some of it but aren't able to stop all of the cheating. Towards the end, Juventud is on the top rope and comes off going for a Crossbody but Finlay catches him. Finlay then lifts him into the Fireman's Carry position and then comes down with authority and Regal and Burchill attacks Super Crazy and Psicosis preventing them from coming in the ring, One...Two....Three

Winner: Finlay

*Finlay slides to the outside and grabs a mic before getting back into the ring*

Finlay: Now I just proved to you all that I am a dangerous bastard in that ring and I love to fight and take you out like that

*Finlay points to Juventud while Regal and Burchill laugh*

Finlay: But as for us, you can call us the UKliq. We all hail from the United Kingdom and we will fight for our country

*Crowd Boos*

Finlay: And don't forget, my name is Finlay....And I Love to Fight!!!

*Finlay's music hits and he backs up the ramp with Regal and Burchill smiling the whole time to loud boos before we fade out for commercial*


*Burn in my Light hits as we return from the commercial to see Randy Orton, the man who cost Chris Benoit his match last week, make his way out with a huge smirk on his face*

Randy Orton: Last week I guaranteed another impact would be made in this very ring and I certainly did deliver even thought Teddy Long banned me. All I had to do was get my music played and then bam, Benoit lost the match

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: Well let me clear up this reason as to why I attacked Chris Benoit, I could have attacked the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge, but I didn't want to. You see I attacked Chris Benoit for a certain reason and here it is

*Orton Sucks Chants start up*

Randy Orton: Booker T has been having problems with Chris Benoit recently and well, he basically wanted me to take Chris Benoit out for him. Well I agreed and with Booker T busy with Rey Mysterio now, I'm taking care of Orton for him

*Crowd Boos Loudly*

Randy Orton: And as for Booker T, well he has told me he will give me a favor sometimes down the road and he has promised that it will be a favor like no other. But as for Benoit, well he is going to be paying for a lot of things

*Orton Sucks Chants Break out again*

Randy Orton: Ever since Benoit came to Smackdown before I was drafted here, he thinks he has been the big shot here. Well he's wrong! What has he done here on Smackdown? Made Orlando Jordan tap out in 25 seconds, wooo, that's a achievement

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: And you ask what have I done here, I've beaten Undertaker twice since coming to Smackdown, I've won for Team Smackdown at Survivor Series, and I've beaten countless other superstars, far too many to count bu....

*Whatever hits and Chris Benoit comes out in his wrestling gear to loud cheers from the crowd before he slides into the ring and gets a mic*

Chris Benoit: If it isn't Randy Orton!

*Crowd Pops for Benoit as he smiles and Orton gets ready to talk but Benoit stops him*

Chris Benoit: Hold it Randy. I've came out here for one reason and that was to find out the real reason on why you attacked me. None of this Booker T crap that he put you up to this and all but tell me the real reason why you did this

*Crowd Pops waiting for the answer*

Randy Orton: Benoit you want the real answer, well I already gave it to you. I told you why I cost you the match and well, if you don't want to believe me then so be it but that's the truth and I can guarantee that for you, Benoit

*Crowd Boos knowing Orton is afraid of Benoit*

Chris Benoit: Well how about we settle this war at No Way Out, Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton one on one and I'll make you tap out!

*Crowd Pops wanting that match while Orton gives his smug look*

Randy Orton: Benoit you want the match, well I accept. But don't be surprised whenever I pin you just like One...Two...Three after I nail the RKO. And secondly, there is no way in hell that I am going to end up tapping out...to you!

*Crowd Pops and Benoit smiles before he kicks Orton in the gut and locks on the Crippler Crossface! Benoit has the Crossface on Orton but Orton rolls out of the ring quickly and he then backs up the ramp smiling and pointing to his head telling Benoit he better think about No Way Out*

Michael Cole: Another match added to the No Way Out card and No Way Out is shaping up to be a huge night so far

Tazz: So many blockbuster matches are set for that night including Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit plus JBL vs Bobby Lashley

Michael Cole: And then the Tag titles are on the line as MNM face off against Brian Kendrick and Paul London in a Tornado Tag Elimination Match

Tazz: Christian and Undertaker battle for the #1 Contendership and the main event, Batista vs Edge for the World-Heavyweight Championship

*We then cut backstage to see Christian with Theodore Long*

Christian: Listen Teddy please is there anyway that you can take me out of the match at No Way Out and just give me the #1 contendership?

*Crowd Boos wanting to see the match*

Theodore Long: Listen up playa! Now you want this match to be canceled but there is no way it can happen as it has been announced

*Crowd Pops with the match still on*

Christian: Come on Teddy, I'll do anything that is necessary to get that match canceled and award me the #1 Contendership, please!

Theodore Long: I already told you once and I'll tell you again, I can't cancel this match and at No Way Out, it will still happen

*Crowd Pops once more*

Christian: Ok I see how it is Teddy. Well I'm going to make sure that all of my peeps witness at No Way Out, the night that I beat Undertaker once again and I head onto WrestleMania 22, to face off for the World-Heavyweight Championship. The peeps will be rejoicing on the streets and they will be chanting my name as I would have won the title

*Crowd Boos*

Christian: But as for tonight, I've got a little surprise for Undertaker and you know what, I'm going to show him my surprise in my match agaisnt Matt Hardy. So listen playa...you watch me in the ring and watch me win this one for my peeps...

*Crowd Boos Loudly*

Christian: Because That's How I Roll!!!


*Mr......Kennedy!!!! Kennedy!!! hits and Kennedy walks out to the ring before sliding into the ring with his customized mic coming down*

Ken Kennedy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. I hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin! I weigh in tonight at a grand total of 244 pounds, Mistttttttttterrrrr.....Kennnnnedddddyyy!!! Kennedy!!!

Match #3
Ken Kennedy vs Steven Richards

Match Finish: Not a typical squash match for Kennedy as he is facing off against Richards in a very good match so far. Richards gives up a fight during the match but Kennedy proves to be too much for Richards during the match. Kennedy has Richards in the corner and Richards goes for a Steven Kick but Kennedy ducks and Richards is hung on the ropes. Kennedy then grabs him as he makes his way to the top and he comes off with his finisher, the Green Bay Plunge to a nice pop before he tosses Richards over and makes the cover, One....Two....Three

Winner: Ken Kennedy

*Kennedy then looks to the sky as the mic comes down and he grabs it once more*

Ken Kennedy: The winner of the match.....

*Crowd Boos*

Ken Kennedy: Misttterrrrrrrrr Kennedddddddyyyy! Kennedy!!!

*We then head to the back to see Kid Kash and Jamie Noble in the lockerroom talking about their match earlier tonight in which Kash accidentaly attacked Noble*

Jamie Noble: What the hell was that about earlier tonight? I mean we could have been the number one contenders but you attacked me

Kid Kash: Jamie, I'm sorry but I didn't attack you. I came into the ring to help you try to win the match tonight but I accidentaly hit you

Jamie Noble: Oh is that so? Well then why don't we take a look at the footage of the match from earlier tonight and see what it shows

*Footage airs of the match with Kash coming into the ring and goes to clothesline London but he ducks and Kash hits Noble instead*

Kid Kash: See I was trying to tell you the whole time I didn't attack you but you weren't wanting to listen to me this whole time

Jamie Noble: Ok I'm sorry, it's just it was like you attacked me but you have the footage to prove it and I am sorry for accusing you

*Noble then walks out the door holding his Cruiserweight Championship and we see Kash tapping his wrists up before.....

Kid Kash: He might think we are buddy buddy right now but with that Cruiserweight title he has, it's going to be mine very soon!

*We then cut over to Michael Cole and Tazz back at ringside*

Michael Cole: Looks like friendship doesn't matter as long as we are talking about the Cruiserweight Championship

Tazz: Kid Kash apologized to the champion Jamie Noble and then we saw what Kash thought afterwards on his "friend" Noble

Michael Cole: Speaking of Noble, he will be competing in the Super J Cup held in Japan which is a historic Cruiserweight tournament

Tazz: Best of luck to Noble as he represents not only Smackdown but the WWE in this tournament and maybe he could win it?


*Interview w/ Booker T*

Josh Matthews: Booker T, we heard that you have an announcement right now concering your match at No Way Out in 9 days?

Booker T: Listen up sucka, last week in that ring I pinned the United States Champion One..Two..Three and that's why Teddy Long told me that it will be Rey Mysterio vs Booker T for the United States Championship at No Way Out

Josh Matthews: A great match right there but what about you and Randy Orton? Is this plan really between you two?

Booker T: This plan was made last week whenever Orton was making his way out. Well I had the music team play Orton's music and cost Benoit the match. Orton is doing me a favor right now working on Benoit while I win the United States Championship from Mysterio

Josh Matthews: One more thing Booker, we were told that you will be at ringside for the next match which is going to be Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry

Booker T: That's right Josh and that sucka Rey Mysterio is going to be lucky if he can get past Mark Henry and go onto No Way Out because Henry is going to take Mysterio out and then Long will have to hand me the title

*We then cut back to ringside for the next match*

Match #4
Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry

Match Finish: Typical big man, little man match with Henry powering Mysterio and Mysterio using his speed to his advantage. Ending comes whenever Henry sends Mysterio into the corner and then Henry charges at him but Mysterio ducks and then knocks Henry into the ropes after a couple of times he is able to do so! Mysterio then runs off the ropes and then goes for the 619 and he connects with it and Henry starts to struggle backwards. Mysterio then comes off the ropes for the West Coast Pop but Booker T pushes him off sending him crashing to the mat. Henry then covers Mysterio but only gets a two count before he gets Mysterio up. Booker T then comes in with the title belt of Mysterio's and goes to hit Mysterio but he ducks and hits Henry! Mysterio tosses Booker out before making the cover on Henry, One...Two...Three

Winner: Rey Mysterio

*We then head back to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio did it tonight and he beat the mammoth Mark Henry in what was a very surprising match and win

Tazz: I didn't think Mysterio stood a chance but Booker T practically gave the win to the man he meets in nine days at No Way Out

Michael Cole: That feud has been going on for a month now and it has been heating up each and every week since it began

Tazz: Well, still to come tonight, Batista meets JBL but coming up next, Christian meets Matt Hardy in one on one action!


Match #5
Christian vs Matt Hardy

Match Finish: Great match between these two men as they almost steal the night in the match that they put on for the fans. A ending takes place whenever Hardy nails the Side Effect and then climbs to the top rope going for the Leg Drop. He comes off the ropes and he misses it! Christian then goes for the Unprettier but he gets reversed by Hardy and gets pushed off the ropes. Hardy then goes for the Twist of Fate but Christian is able to grab the arms of Hardy before he can nail the Twist of Fate and finally connects with the Unprettier before he tosses Hardy over and makes a cover onto Hardy, One...Two...Three

Winner: Christian

*Christian has no time to celebrate as shortly after, Gong hits and the lights go out to which they stay off for at least a minute. The lights then dim for a moment and then we see Undertaker behind Christian! Christian starts to worry and he then turns around to see Undertaker! Christian then gets ready to punch Undertaker but he blocks it and the lights go off again! They then come back on a minute later to see Undertaker laid out in the ring! We then see Christian making his way up the ramp with Tyson Tomko! Christian's Problem Solver has come back and is helping Christian once again and then we head back over to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Christian defeated Matt Hardy and then Undertaker came out but he was knocked out apparently from Tyson Tomko

Tazz: Tyson Tomko whom was Christian's problem solver on Raw has apparently came over to Smackdown to help Christian again

Michael Cole: Whatever happened to Undertaker, we know that Tyson Tomko did it but I wonder what he really did to him?

Tazz: Nobody knows but one thing is for sure and that is come No Way Out, Christian will meet Undertaker one on one at No Way Out!


*We then cut backstage to see Josh Matthews running around looking for Christian and Tyson Tomko and he eventually finds them walking down the hallway*

Josh Matthews: Christian, can you tell us why you brought back Tyson Tomko and is he here to stay on Smackdown?

Christian: Tomko's here for a little while, well you could say more like a loan from Raw because I talked to Eric Bischoff and he agreed to let Tomko come over until No Way Out. With Tomko by my side, there is no doubt I will win at No Way Out!

Josh Matthews: so with Tomko only being here until No Way Out, what are you going to do afterwards when Tomko leaves?

Christian: Look I spent the past 8 months without Tyson Tomko and I've beaten so many people that it ain't even funny. I beat The Undertaker in that very ring but I need some back up with so much on the line come No Way Out

Josh Matthews: Tomko, you got anything to say?

Tyson Tomko: Yeah, my stay might be here for only ten days but it will be a long ten days for The Undertaker because Christian and I, we are going to give him hell for the next ten days until Christian is announced the #1 contender, then I can go back to Raw and back to my own buisness

Josh Matthews: Ok thanks Christian for clearing everything up and good luck to you and Tomko come No Way Out against The Undertaker

Christian: Luck, Captain Charisma doesn't need luck. I've got pure skills and with Tomko with me for these next ten days, nobody will stop me and I mean nobody. Undertaker stands no chance against me and one more thing, That's How I Roll!!!

*We cut to Theodore Long's office where is in sitting in a chair making an announcement*

Theodore Long: Now listen up playas!

*Crowd Pops*

Theodore Long: With next week being the final stop on the road to No Way Out, a huge show is going to be in order for us next week on Smackdown and I'm going to go ahead and tell you some of the big matches for next week's show

*Crowd Pops Loudly*

Theodore Long: First off with Christian bringing his "Problem Solver" over here from Raw on a "loan", we are going to be seeing Tyson Tomko taking on The Undertaker one on one next week before Christian faces The Undertaker at No Way Out!

*Crowd Cheers for Undertaker*

Theodore Long: Plus with Booker T and Randy Orton forming a plan recently, they will be teaming together to meet their respective opponents at No Way Out in the United States Champion, Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit!

*Crowd Pops*

Theodore Long: And finally in the main event, with Edge picking Batista's opponent this week, Batista will have the chance to pick his opponent next week for Edge! And Batista can pick anybody from the Smackdown roster to face the World-Heavyweight Champion!

*Crowd Cheers Loudly*

Theodore Long: So holla back playas!


Match #6
Batista vs JBL

Match Finish: Long main event between these two men and it is an all out war from the get go with both men giving it their all and trying to take out each other. The ending takes place whenever Batista ducks a Clothesline from Hell attempt from JBL and then catches him with the Spinebuster! Batista then starts to shake the ropes and signal the end is near until...Metalingus hits and the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge, makes his way down to the ring. Batista then slides to the outside and Batista and Edge are brawling on the outside. The ref then starts to count out Batista and Batista ignores the countout and continues to brawl with Edge all the way to the back until the ref then finally counts Batista out and he awards the win to JBL via countout

Winner via countout: JBL

*We then head over to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: What a night it has been and with Edge costing Batista the match, we are sure for Batista to regain his revenge next week

Tazz: Such a blockbuster show next week with Tyson Tomko vs The Undertaker and Booker T and Randy Orton team to face Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit

Michael Cole: But the main event, Batista gets to pick the opponent for Edge next week two nights before their meeting at No Way Out

Tazz: Well it was a great night and we'll see you next week before we head on out to No Way Out, and good night everybody!

Current Card for WWE No Way Out
Sunday February 19, 2006
Live from Las Vegas, Nevada
Theme Song: Save Me by Shinedown

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs Batista

United States Championship
Rey Mysterio (c) vs Booker T

WWE Tag Team Championships
Tornado Tag Elimination Match
MNM (c's) vs Brian Kendrick and Paul London

#1 Contender's Match
Christian w/ Tyson Tomko vs The Undertaker

Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit

JBL vs Bobby Lashley
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

always a nice move to kick things off with Cruiser action, and 4 solid workers involved here. Pretty obvious however that London/Kendrick would get the win, and they now get to face MNM at NWO

Tornado tag sounds sweet

JBL is all talk, I don't see him fulfilling any of his statements tonight or at NWO!

Finlay scores a debut win, and we might be seeing a Mexicools vs UKliq match at NWO? Would be an awesome match in view.

Huge match now for NWO with Benoit/Orton, the card is really starting to take shape.

Ha Christian will still face UT and I see him pulling an upset win over the Deadman, and a push for the main event.

Kennedy gets another win and the man is still undefeated no? If so, it's about time to start giving him some solid competition and a good fued for the US title.

Weird promo, Kash seemed uneven and slightly OOC, as too did Noble, as they weren't really talking properly. Check how you type out some of your sentences.

Booker and Rey for the US belt at NWO is a cool match to have, although there aren't any gimmick matches at NWO, which shocks me to some point. I guess you're saving them for WM.

Rey goes over Henry and is rolling into the US title match with Booker.


Christian was always gonna go over Hardy, but he'll have a much tougher time against the Undertaker at NWO.

Tomko here on a loan? OK.....

Big announcements from Teddy about next weeks SD!

Nice main event to end the show. JBL gets his iwn, albeit by countout, but after NWO I see him claiming that he beat the champion, thus he deserves a title shot.

Good show, some things were weird, like the Kash/Noble promo, but it was still a good show. 7.5/10


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Kennedy gets another win and the man is still undefeated no? If so, it's about time to start giving him some solid competition and a good fued for the US title.
Nah, Kennedy is not undefeated as I'm sure he lost to Batista during the beginning of the year in my thread.

As for this, well It's just how we talk down here and I can't help but type it this way. I try not to but talking like this forever makes you seem to type that way too!

Tomko here on a loan? OK.....
I guess loan didn't really come over well. The storyline is Bischoff lent Tomko to Christian until No Way Out since Bischoff and Christian were buddy buddy. Tomko will go back to Raw following NWO.

Nice main event to end the show. JBL gets his iwn, albeit by countout, but after NWO I see him claiming that he beat the champion, thus he deserves a title shot.
As for this not sure if you know or not but Batista is not the champion. Edge used his MITB at the Royal Rumble to take the title from Batista and then went to Smackdown.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

He did? I thought that Batista was still champ. Hmm, I forgot, the RR was in the hols, and I haven't been reviewing as regulary as I used to in this thread. Sorry.

Also, where are you from?


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