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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I would guess that Orton will get a big match at Mania, but with a heel as the champion I donít see him facing off for the title

Nice to see MNM get some mic time, and I see them holding the titles for at least another month or so

Good win for London/Kendrick and it looks as if they are going to get another shot at the belts, maybe at No Way Out

Lashely beats OJ. Nothing match really but gives Lashely another win

Edge arrives and meats the big faces of the locker-room. Edge/Batista will be happening again and it looks to me that it will be the title match at mania

Christian and Taker match at NWO wont be the prettiest but for someone it will be a huge win. Had this down as a mania match to be honest, but with the number 1 contendership on the line, looks as if this isnít the case. Edge/Christian main event and then a Taker/Batista match perhaps, but really cant tell

JBL/Lashley feud is coming, which is not something I want to see that much, as JBL is well above the level of Lashley

Looks like we are having a mexicools vs. the british people feud coming up. Should be a nice match to have on the ppv card, and good to see finlay have a place in this thread

Kennedy gets the win over Benoit due to Orton. Big win for Kennedy, and it looks as if Orton/Benoit could happen at some point. Still have a triple threat down for the US belt, but not so sure now

Nice main event for the show, and a good win for Edge and Booker. Edge/Batista is now announced for NWO, which I donít mind as it gives Batista his rematch and allows a better match for mania. Booker/Rey feud carries on as well
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown

Excellent opening promo from Orton, and I guess by making a big impact tonight, we'll perhaps learn who his opponent will possibly wind up being for either No Way Out or Wrestle Mania. Or not, given Theodore Longs promo, banning Orton from the arena. Leaves The Legend Killer in limbo, but I am pretty sure you'll have something big lined up for him at Wrestle Mania.

Nice promo from the well used MNM. They've been handled very well as tag team champions, and I see a rematch between them and the London / Kendrick combo down the road, again, could be No Way Out or WM, in a Ladder Match perhaps??

Big win for London & Kendrick, especially with the CW Champion, Kid Kash getting pinned. May even lead to a double gold scenario for the ultra talented Paul London.

Expected the squash win over Orlando Jordan for Lashley. Not much to comment on really, but Lashley will need a feud soon, as the squashes are getting old.

Loved the Edge promo backstage, getting the outsider treatment from the Smackdown locker room. Possible reason for Benoit to get a title shot at some point, having eliminated Edge from the Rumble. Any of these showdowns could end up as a build for a proper feud, as Rey vs Edge in a Champion vs Champion would be cool, and Edge and Christian have an unprecedented history too. I eventually see Batista getting a rematch at WM against Edge, which would make sense, but I guess he's the only viable challenger on Smackdown right now, which makes me think it may happen at No Way Out instead.

Christian promo sounded a lot like an Orton promo half way through, saying he'll kill the legend of The Undertaker. Christian would certainly make a good opponent for Taker at Mania, but it's hard to call, with feuds needing to be built for No Way Out, which makes me think that is where these two will collide instead.
Taker on the tron should've been expected, and was nicely announced for their match at No Way Out, although, I've found it myself, that Deadman Taker promos are just too difficult. I have seen very few good ones, and never wrote a good one myself, and unfortunately, this wasnt a great one either. Job is done though, and announces a #1 Contenders Match at No Way Out.

Weird promo between Lashley and JBL. Probably one I'd like to forget. Lashley just came out of it, sounding like an idiot.

Mexicools vs Regal and Burchill is cool with me. Masked man forcing the DQ is an interesting turn of events ... FINLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm marking out like a son of a bitch. Finlay in BTB!!! He loves to fight Best part of the show so far, with the debut of FINLAYYYY!!! Six Man Tag to come at No Way Out I'd guess, and lets hope that FINLAYYY comes out with a pin fall.

Note- Anything involving Finlay will get a thumbs up from me. Seriously, anything.

Oooooo. That tells a story right there. Randy Orton basically costs Chris Benoit a match againsty Kennedy, who imo, should've got an interview to gloat over making the final four in his first ever Rumble, but this is okay too, with a win over a former World Champion.

Wonder what Ortons motive for targeting benoit is though?? Booker T is obviously loving it, and his feud with Benoit is likely to still get pushed along with this, and help it simmer up to Wrestle Mania. Booker agreeing to team with Edge is interesting, given that no one else wants anything to do with the champion. Possible title match for the help given??

Big win for Booker T, pinning the United States Champion, which should guarantee a title match for him at No Way Out. Things look to be building for possibly the best No Way Out card EVER right now. (MNM vs London & Kendrick, Mexicools vs FINLAY!!! and co, JBL vs Lashley, Taker vs Christian, Orton vs Benoit, Booker vs Rey, and Edge vs Batista.) Never known a No Way Out to shape itself together nicely, as its usually just a throw together. Great job.

All in all, there was some bad (Taker promo, JBL - Lashley) but a lot to be positive about. Good certainly outweighs the bad here, like Big Show does Funaki.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOPV1, I will review when I am done with all of my homework and stuff. So expect that up later.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks guys for the reviews and I'll hopefully have Raw up by this weekend.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Preview for Monday February 6, 2006

Tonight Raw will be emanating live from Tokyo, Japan and with such a filled card, the Japanes are going to be in for a long night! First off, Trish Stratus will defend her Women's Championship against Torrie Wilson. Wilson got an upset win over Stratus last week due to interference from Mickie James. Can Mickie not interfere tonight or will she end up costing Trish Stratus her Women's Championship?

Also after they won the Fatal 4 Way last week, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch will be taking on Kane and The Big Show for the World Tag Team Championships. Kane and Big Show have been dominant champions and have yet to be stopped. But can the former champions beat Kane and Big Show and take their titles back?

Chris Jericho made a shocking return in the Royal Rumble Match almost two weeks ago. Tonight, he will be bringing back his talk show, the Highlight Reel to all the delight of the fans. His guest will be none other than the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels! We're sure Michaels will have to say a lot about his recent actions against Triple H

The Intercontinental Champion, Chris Masters has been on a roll ever since he won the title on Night of the Champions over a month ago. Masters won the title in a Six Pack Challenge taking the title from Flair in the process. Masters and Flair hooked it up at the Royal Rumble and Masters was able to defeat Flair but after last week's actions things will be brewing as they meet in a Submission Match!

And finally, a huge main event for the night. The WWE Champion, Kurt Angle, Carlito, and Triple H all will team up to take on the team of the 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Rob Van Dam, John Cena and Shelton Benjamin. Can Angle's team pull out the win or will Van Dam's team reign supreme. For all of this and more, tune into Raw!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Looks like a great Raw KOP. I cannot wait

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday February 6, 2006
Tokyo, Japan

*Across the Nation hits and the video package for Raw hits with it being the normal video but Edge being cut out since he is now on Smackdown. We then head over to the announcers at ringside to get this night started off with*

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to a special episode of Raw tonight as we emanate from Tokyo, Japan with an action filled night!

Jerry Lawler: Four big matches tonight and with those four big matches is the return of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel!

Jonathan Coachman: But what about that main event, the WWE Champion Kurt Angle, Carlito, and Triple H all take on Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin!

Joey Styles: Plus it ends tonight, Chris Masters defends his Intercontinental Championship against Ric Flair in a Submission Match

Jerry Lawler:And that's not the only titles on the line as we have two more in Trish Stratus vs Torrie Wilson and Kane and Big Show defend their's against Cade and Murdoch

Jonathan Coachman: And with those four matches plus the huge Highlight Reel, that tells you a huge night is in store for us

*Break the Walls Down!!! hits and Chris Jericho comes out to a huge pop to open the night off with and he walks down to the ring for the Highlight Reel!!!

Chris Jericho: Welcome to Raw...Is....Jericho!!!

*Crowd Pops Loudly*

Chris Jericho: Last week at the Royal Rumble, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, Chris Jericho made his long awaited return to the WWE! And I did real well but in the end, I wasn't able to walk away the winner of the Royal Rumble

*Crowd Boos*

Chris Jericho: But I will make up for that huge loss come WrestleMania! Because no matter whom my opponent may be, I will still win. And you can guarantee that but let's get to my guest tonight...he is the Heart Break Kid....Shawn Michaels!!!

*Sexy Boy hits real loud across the arena and Michaels comes out doing his normal dances around the arena before he slides into the ring and grabs the mic in the chair*

Chris Jericho: First off Shawn, welcome to the High...Light...Reel!!!

*Crowd Pops*

Chris Jericho: But let's get down to buisness. Tonight I invited you to the Highlight Reel for one reason and one reason only. That reason is to ask you about what has been going on between you and Triple H most recently

*Crowd Pops*

Shawn Michaels: Well Chris, this is not about a match, oh no this is more than a wrestling match because this is personal. Triple H has been at me since day one when D-X was formed. He always thought he should be the leader and when I was injured, he took over. Well, he might think I forgot that but one thing is for certain and that is that I don't forget

*H...B...K chants start up*

Chris Jericho: But Shawn, can you tell us why you have started this back up with Triple H? I mean you two have been at war for the past couple of years with some breaks between there but you've fought in Hell in a Cell, Last Man Standing, and so much more against him but why restart it now?

*Crowd Pops*

Shawn Michaels: Well apparently Triple H thinks that he still has a bone to pick with the good ole' Heart Break Kid...Shawn Michaels. But this all started up about a month ago and it's been going since then and trust me, it wi....

*Suddenly we hear a voice from the titantron speak up and then we cut over to it and see Triple H*

Triple H: Shawn Michaels!!!

*Crowd Boos*

Triple H: How has it been going for you recently buddy? Oh wait I can tell, let me think about this, oh yeah, I have beaten you up twice recently and cost you a shot at the WWE Championship during the Royal Rumble so not so good huh?

*Crowd Boos and Triple H continues to laugh on the screen*

Shawn Michaels: You're real funny Hunter. But you know what else is funny, what's funny is that yes you are a ten time World-Heavyweight champion but that also means that you have lost the title that many times too

*Crowd Oooos and Triple H looks pissed*

Triple H: Shawn let's not go into this about titles and all of that because you know that I have acheived more than you in a smaller amount of time. I've won the King of the Ring, I won the Royal Rumble match and the list goes on but one thing I have done that sticks out and that is beat your ass in Hell in a Cell!

*Crowd Boos*

Shawn Michaels: I admit Hunter, you did beat me at Hell in a Cell but I didn't go down without a fight, I put up a huge fight and I should have won. But whenever we meet again, you can bet that the "Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels will be victorious

*Crowd Pops*

Triple H: Shawn, I've got to get ready for my main event later but I want you to sit back and watch that match as I beat down on Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin and I win the match for my team, then you know what you've got coming for you!

*Triple H fades off the screen while Jericho and Michaels talk in the ring while we head to commercial*


Match #1
Women's Championship
Trish Stratus (c) vs Torrie Wilson

Match Finish: We come back from commercial to see this match already in progress. Decent match between these two women as Trish mainly carries Torrie throughout the match. The ending takes place whenever Candice has the referee distracted and Victoria slides into the ring hitting Trish before she goes to grab the hand of Torrie to place on Victoria. However, Mickie James slides into the ring and then tackles down Victoria in the ring. Trish tries to get Mickie out but Mickie slaps Trish surprisingly! Trish then ignores it because she sees Torrie getting up and then knocks Torrie down with the Chick Kick and Ashley prevents Candice from getting in, One...Two...Three

Winner and STILL Women's Champion: Trish Stratus

Joey Styles: What the hell is Mickie James's problem? She almost cost Trish Stratus her Women's Championship

Jerry Lawler: Trish has been telling Mickie and Ashley to stop interfering and Ashley did but Mickie continues to do so

Jonathan Coachman: What must Mickie James be thinking to just slap her friend Trish Stratus for no apparent reason

Joey Styles: I'm not sure Coach but what a night still to come and Chris Masters will defend his Intercontinental Championship!

Jerry Lawler: It will be a tough task though as he faces Ric Flair in a Submission Match. Can Masters walk away with the title?

Jonathan Coachman: But our main event, Kurt Angle, Carlito, and Triple H all team up to face Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin

*We then cut backstage to see Eugene standing at the CEO's door, Mr. McMahon!!!*


*Crowd Pops seeing Eugene*

Mr. McMahon: Who is it?

Eugene: It's me....Eugene!!!

*Crowd Pops as Mr. McMahon swings the door wide open stepping out*

Mr. McMahon: So Eugene, you still feeling the effects from last week during your match with 3 Minute Warning?

*Mr. McMahon laughs while Eugene is sucking his thumb and looking mad*

Eugene: Well you see, I wanted to see i..if you could give me another match tonight? I'd like another match against somebody!

*Eugene is looking happy while Mr. McMahon smiles*

Mr. McMahon: Well Eugene, I do have somebody in mind for you to face and you know what, you go ahead and go down to the ring and get ready because your match is next!

*Eugene is jumping up and down in joy and he leaves*

Eugene: Thanks Mr. McMahon!!!

*Mr. McMahon then opens his door again and walks in before he lets out an laugh and then closes the door hard while the camera stares at his door*


Joey Styles: Well Eugene is making his way to the ring as he gets ready for a match but who did Mr. McMahon pick?

Jerry Lawler: With Mr. McMahon picking 3 Minute Warning last week in their return, I think Eugene will be in for a hard match

Jonathan Coachman: Well one thing is for sure and that is Eugene is a dumbass. He knows he is going to not get an easy opponent but yet he asks for a match

Joey Styles: Come on Coach, let off on him. I mean he can't help that he is "special" in his own unique way of things

Jerry Lawler: Coach, you're special but we don't make fun of you! Well sometimes we do but that is not the point right now

Jonathan Coachman: Very funny King, I am laughing my pants off but let's go ahead and see whom Eugene will be facing

Match #2
Eugene vs Gene Snitsky

Match Finish: Eugene's opponent turns out to be Snitsky. Snitsky beats down on Eugene throughout the match and Eugene tries to hulk up. He eventually does and stops a right from Snitsky. Eugene points and says "You!" Eugene then kicks Snitsky in the gut and goes for a Stunner but Snitsky pushes Eugene into the ropes. Eugene bounces off and Snitsky catches him with a Pump Handle Slam but Snitsky doesn't cover. He goes to the corner and then waits for Eugene to get back to his feet. Eugene slowly gets up and Snitsky charges and connects with a Big Boot! One....Two....Three

Winner: Gene Snitsky

*We cut backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with Kurt Angle*

Todd Grisham: Kurt tonight, you will be teaming with Carlito and Triple H to face Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin, your thoughts?

Kurt Angle: I shouldn't even be wrestling tonight as I have yet to fully recover from Hell in a Cell at the Royal Rumble but I get pushed back into the pool basically and now I've got to get ready to face the Royal Rumble winner, RVD at WrestleMania 22

Todd Grisham: And speaking of Rob Van Dam, we've been told that next week is the official contract signing for the WWE Championship

Kurt Angle: RVD thinks that this is going to be his fantasy world. He returns from injury, he wins the Royal Rumble and now he thinks he is going to win the WWE Championship? Please, he stands no chance against a Olympic Gold Medalist!

Todd Grisham: One more thing Kurt, are you at any concern about if Rob Van Dam was to win the title from you at WrestleMania?

Kurt Angle: Todd I just told you, Rob Van Dam stands no chance at WrestleMania. There is no way that he can beat me and he won't beat me. So go ahead and move on past that Todd because RVD stands no chance, Oh it's true...It's Damn true!!!


*We see Trish Stratus sitting down while Ashley looks mad and then Mickie James comes barging in*

Mickie James: Trish, I'm so sorry about tonight! I didn't mean to slap you, I thought you were Candice and I just turned around and let go

Trish Stratus: Mickie, calm down! I understand but please don't continue to interfere, I told you last week but yet you do it anyways

Ashley Massaro: Mickie, you interfered two weeks in a row while Trish told you not to, maybe you need to start thinking

*Mickie James then turns around and stares at Ashley while Ashley stands up*

Mickie James: What is that suppose to mean Ashley? I've helped Trish retain her title numerous times and what have you done for her?

Ashley Massaro: At least I didn't almost cost her the title tonight? You know Trish, I think she is up to something interfering each time

Trish Stratus: Ashley, stop accusing her. She's probably just wanting to help me win matches, if that's it then I understand Mickie

Mickie James: Thanks Trish and next week, I won't let you down plus I promise I will not interfere during your match!

*We then cut backstage to see Mr. McMahon and Eric Bischoff talking in Bischoff's office*

Eric Bischoff: Vince, thanks for the past couple of weeks with you helping me win at the Royal Rumble and subbing in GM for me

*Crowd Boos*

Vince McMahon: Hey, it was no problem Eric. But if you need me to do anything for you, just tell me and I can do it

*Crowd Boos*

Eric Bischoff: Well, I heard Stone Cold Steve Austin was still here? If that's true can you somehow fire him for me?

*Crowd Pops at mentioning of Stone Cold*

Vince McMahon: Well....uhhh...

*Bischoff looks on confused waiting for McMahon's answer*

Eric Bischoff: Well what Vince? Come on tell me that you can get rid of him somehow because if not, go ahead and tell me

*Crowd Boos*

Vince McMahon: Well you see the problem is that whenever he signed on to wrestle you at the Royal Rumble he signed a contract to stay here on Raw. Sorry I never told you this but I thought you already knew this whole time.

*Crowd Pops*

Eric Bischoff: You've got to be kidding me? Why did you let him sign a contract for him to stay here on Raw Vince?

*Crowd Boos*

Vince McMahon: He said that he was going to need something extra to sign just in case and I let him sign that contract. So sorry Eric but it looks like Stone Cold is going to be around here on Raw for a while now until his contract runs out

*We then see Bischoff pissed while McMahon continues to explain to him while we head to commercial*


Joey Styles: Welcome back to Raw and it's been a long night but we've still got some more great matches to come here tonight

Jerry Lawler: We've got Kurt Angle, Carlito, and Triple H all taking on Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin

Jonathan Coachman: Plus Chris Masters defends his Intercontinental Championship against Ric Flair in a Submission Match

Joey Styles: But next week, it will be made official for WrestleMania 22 as Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam have a Contract Signing

Jerry Lawler: That match is going to be huge come WrestleMania 22 and if any other match turns out like that, then we are in for a huge night

Jonathan Coachman: WrestleMania is going to be great this year but right now, here comes a great man making his official debut, Matt Striker!

Match #3
Matt Striker vs Val Venis

Match Finish: This match is billed as Striker's official debut and he turns out to do well in this matchup. Striker takes control early on but Venis fights back towards the end. Venis nails his spinning powerbomb onto Striker before he climbs to the top rope. Venis looks set to launch for the Money Splash but Striker moves and he connects with the mat hard. Striker then gets Venis up and hooks the arms of Venis before he lifts him up into the air. Striker holds Venis in the air for a little bit making the blood rush down and comes back launching Venis into the mat face first, One....Two....Three

Winner: Matt Striker

*Striker then slides to the outside of the ring this time not saying anything but letting the crowd look on in awe after he won the match. Striker then taunts to boos before we head to the back with Maria standing by with Carlito*

Maria: Right now I am standing by with Carlito and Carlito, tonight you will be wrestling in the main event, are you worried?

Carlito: Carlito...worried? The words Carlito and worried don't belong together as they never have and they never will belong

Maria: Last week Chris Masters interrupted you, do you think he is going to interrupt you this week again?

Carlito: Maria, what kind of questions are these? Masters thinks he is the big shot around here carrying the Intercontinental championship, my Intercontinental Championship around but when he carries, it's not cool and neither is Chris Masters

Maria: One more thing Carlpito you wil....

Carlito: Carlpito? Dat's Not Cool!!!

*Carlito walks away tossing a apple into the air bitting into it and taunts spitting it at Maria but spits it at the ground before continuing on*


Match #4
World Tag Team Championships
Kane and The Big Show (c's) vs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

Match Finish: Decent match between both teams as Kane and Big Show play the power role while Cade and Murdoch slow it down a little. The ending takes place whenever Cade has a title belt and slides it into the ring looking to hit Kane with it but the referee quickly grabs the title from Cade allowing Murdoch to come into the ring and nail a lowblow. Big Show comes over and clotheslines Murdoch sending himself over too but then we see 3MW jump over the barricade and then they beat down on Kane and Big Show getting the DQ

Winners via DQ: Kane and The Big Show

*The beatdown on Kane and Big Show from 3 Minute Warning continues. Jamal gets a table from under the ring and tosses it inside of the ring. He sets the table up and tosses Big Show onto the table while Rosey clotheslines Kane out of the ring. Rosey then climbs to the top rope while Jamal beats down on Big Show keeping him down on the table. Rosey then comes off the ropes and connects with the Moonsault through the table and Big Show and Kane are down. Rosey and Jamal then grab the titles and taunt with them saying they will be the next champions*

Joey Styles: 3 Minute Warning made their presence known today as they attack Kane and Big Show and in a surprising fashion

Jerry Lawler: Rosey pulled off his moonsault through the table onto Big Show and it's been a while since he did that but it was amazing

Jonathan Coachman: Well seems like Kane and Big Show's three minutes were up as they were attacked by Rosey and Jamal!

Joey Styles: You're so funny Coach but we've still got two huge matches to come and boy I cannot wait for those matches!

Jerry Lawler: We've been waiting all week and tonight Masters will finally put up or shut up as he faces Ric Flair in a Submission Match for his Intercontinental title

Jonathan Coachman: And Kurt Angle, Carlito, and Triple H will all face Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin later tonight!

*We cut backstage to see Shawn Michaels walking and he bumps into...Stone Cold Steve Austin*

Shawn Michaels: Steve, how has it been going for you? I heard that you are going after Triple H too after he cost you the match at the Royal Rumble


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Triple H....


Stone Cold Steve Austin: though he would be able to take down the Rattlesnake


Stone Cold Steve Austin: But he wasn't able to


Stone Cold Steve Austin: And now Shawn, I know that you have been going after Triple H recently but I think I have an idea for both of us to get our way


*Austin then whispers something to Michaels and Michaels smiles agreeing with what Austin had to say apparently*

Shawn Michaels: Steve, that was a brilliant idea. You know I'll go talk with McMahon about this and I'll see you next week here on Raw. And I'm sure that Vince will agree with what you had to say because it is brilliant


*Michaels then walks off and Austin walks his seperate way before he gets into his black truck and then pulls off with the camera staring at Austin's truck leaving*


*We see the WrestleMania 22 logo flash across the screen and then we hear a voice speak*

Voice: The following paid advertisment is to promote the upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment pay per view, WrestleMania 22. It will be live from Phoenix, Arizona in the American West Arena on Sunday April 2, 2006

*We then cut out to a theater to see many people sitting down watching a movie. It has yet to start and we hear people talking but don't see anybody yet. All of a sudden, the previews start up and then we cut out to the first preview to be....The Pink Panther. It plays for a little while and then we hear somebody start to speak and the camera cuts over to reveal....Rene Dupree*

Rene Dupree: Pink Panther eh? Where did they get this guy from? They should have picked Rene Dupree for the job

*Dupree does the French Tickler and then people start to throw popcorn and other food at Dupree making him sit down so they can watch the previews. The next preview turns out to be...Curious George and people start to boo this but then we hear another voice*

Eugene: YAAAAAHHH! It's Curious George! I wa...want to see Curious George because he is a hero for me and my friends

*We then see Eugene get nachos thrown at him and he runs off crying and everybody cheers as the next commercial starts up. The next commercial turns out to be Big Momma's House 2 and everybody starts to laugh until....*

Simon Dean: That woman looks just like Shelton Benjamin's momma. Maybe we can help both of them with my patented Simon System

*We then see Shelton Benjamin stand up looking pissed*

Shelton Benjamin: What'd you say about my momma?

*Benjamin then leaps over the seats and starts to beat down on Simon Dean screaming to him to never make fun of his momma again before he goes back down and sits down so the next commercial can start up and it turns out to be....Fun with Dick and Jane*

Antonio: Romeo, did you hear that Fun with Dick....

Romeo: And Jane? But who's Jane? Oh well at least it is called Fun With Dick, we need to go see that movie sometim....

*The Dicks then interrupts The Heart Throbs*

Chad Dick: James, they stole our name? I mean who thinks it could be fun with us? Other than those men we saw the other night?

James Dick: Chad, I don't even know why they stole our name? Maybe we need to go talk with them but first put some oil on!

*Both Dicks rub oil on each other and then we cut back to the screen to see the next and final preview before the movie starts....Brokeback Mountain and then two people interrupt once more*

Lance Cade: WHHHOOO! Ride 'em cowboy! Come on Murdoch, we're leaving, I'm getting tired of these dumb previews

Trevor Murdoch: Wait Cade, I'm kinda liking this preview. Let's just stay and watch it because I might want to see this movie

*We then see somebody throw candy at Murdoch and this ignites a war. Murdoch and Cade then start to brawl with Val Venis and Viscera, Viscera gets Murdoch on the ground and starts to do his hump. We see Hardcore Holly Alabama Slam Tyson Tomko and then Funaki throws some coke onto Snitsky and it looks like he pissed in his pants*

Gene Snitsky: That Wasn't My Fault

*We then cut back over to see Gregory Helms nailing the Shining Wizard onto Orlando Jordan while Kid Kash nails his backbreaker onto Steven Richards. Mark Henry then grabs Scotty 2 Hotty and nails him with a World's Strongest Slam and we see London on the top where the movie is being shown with Kendrick. They then look set to jump but then we see another commercial....and this time it is being shown for WrestleMania 22*

Voice: WrestleMania 22, it's where legends become icons and icons become sollidifed into the WWE Hall of Fame, don't miss WrestleMania this year*

*All of the superstars look on confused and then they all continue to brawl once more and then the screen starts to rip. We see red smoke coming from behind the screen and then out steps the Boogeyman!*

The Boogeyman: I'm the Boogeyman, and I'm coming to Getcha!!!

*We then fade out with all of the superstars still brawling across the theatre and then we head back to the announce team*

Joey Styles: What a great commercial and it makes me even more psyched up for WrestleMania 22 coming in two months

Jerry Lawler: Only seven weeks remain until WrestleMania and you can be guaranteed it will be a wild ride this year

Jonathan Coachman: Why did the Boogeyman have to ruin the commercial? Everything was going well until the Boogeyman appeared

Joey Styles: I think he did a good job but coming up next, Chris Masters will be going one on one with Ric Flair for the Intercontinental title

Jerry Lawler: And it's not just any match, it is going to be a Submission Match and what a match that is going to be

Jonathan Coachman: The month long war must come to an end and Masters will sure make it come to an end when he beats Flair, next!


Match #5
Intercontinental Championship
Submission Match
Chris Masters (c) vs Ric Flair

Match Finish: Very technical match with both men breaking this match down into a very good match and lots of holds applied. The ending happens whenever Flair nails Masters with a chop block. Flair then looks to apply the Figure Four Leg Lock but Masters pushes Flair off quickly before he is able to get the move applied on Masters. Flair comes back right into the Polish Hammer from Masters nearly knocking Flair's head off! Masters then quickly grabs Flair and applies the Masterlock! Masters is spinning Flair around like crazy trying to get him to give it up. The ref then checks the arm of Flair and it drops giving Chris Masters the win tonight

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Chris Masters

Joey Styles: Chris Masters has walken away with the win tonight over Ric Flair and that makes Masters a tough champion

Jerry Lawler: I didn't think Masters was going to be able to do it but he did and Masters has retained his Intercontinental title

Jonathan Coachman: You both doubted me and I said Masters would win but you didn't believe me and he was able to get the win

Joey Styles: Masters proved me wrong and whoever he will be facing next is going to have to step their game up if they want the title

Jerry Lawler: After that match, I'm not sure if anybody is going to be able to take the title off of the Masterpiece now

Jonathan Coachman: Well guys after the commercial break, we have our huge six man tag main event and I can't wait for it


Match #6
Kurt Angle, Carlito, and Triple H vs Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin

Match Finish: Long fast paced match and it keeps the night going along good with this great match between all six men. Van Dam wants Angle in the ring numerous times but Angle refuses to come in leaving it down to Carlito and Van Dam. Carlito goes for the spinning neckbreaker but Van Dam pushes him off and tags in Cena! Cena comes in cleaning house knocking Triple H off the apron and Angle backs down before Cena can knock him off. Van Dam and Benjamin then take the opprotunity and then run across the ring and nail a double plancha with Van Dam falling onto Angle and Benjamin landing on Triple H. It comes down to Carlito and Cena. Carlito ducks a right from Cena and then goes for a DDT but Cena pushes Carlito off and nails the Throwback!!! Cena then runs across the ropes to pops from the crowd and connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle!!! Cena then pumps up and then picks Carlito up with all of the other four men still on the outside and lifts Carlito up before coming down and connecting with his finisher, the F-U for the three count, One...Two...Three

Winners: Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


Highlight Reel definately looks to be building up a Michaels - Hunter showdown at Wrestle Mania. Thats a match I would like to see, as They've never met one on one at WM, which would definately be something worthwhile seeing. Looks to be the direction you are going in too.

Pleased Trish retained the title, despite Mickie James nearly costing her the belt. That feud looks to be building right on cue for a blow off match at Wrestle Mania.

Wonder what is going on with Eugene lately and McMahon?? Hard to see where this is going, as I doubt Eugene will be finding himself in a top WM match, or on the card of Wrestle Mania at all.

Snitsky beats Eugene. Decent win for Snitsky, and giving him a win, makes him look like a bigger threat to the rest of the roster, when it comes time for him to do a job, rather than just a big guy who loses all the time.

Okay interview from Angle, and the contract signing next week should be an explosive moment. Angle and RVD as the WM Main Event should make for an awesome match.

Hard to tell where this situation with Trish - Mickie - Ashley is going. Is Trish really believing Mickie??

Heh, Bischoff is screwed. My guess is that Austin makes the General Managers life a living hell on the road to Mania.

Decent debut win for Striker, over everyones favourite jobber, Val Venis. I definately see him getting a solid mid card place on the roster.

Maria screws up her lines again, lol. At first I just thought it was a typo Hinting towards Masters vs Carlito???

Well, there is good and bad from this next match...

Good: It looks like Kane and Slow are going to drop the belts.
Bad: It may lead to a Wrestle Mania Match against Three Minute Warning.

I hope the title switch takes place before WM, and it allows Kane and Show to move on elsewhere for the big event.

Wonder what Austins idea was for HBK. A Tag Team Match for them to face Triple H and someone else?? Hard to call right now.

Decent little WM preview, with plenty of the gimmicks getting ripped to shreds, lol. Didnt know you had Sheltons momma in this thread

BIG TIME win for Masters, defeating the legendary Ric Flair, and retaining the Intercontinental Title. I'd guess it'll be CCC and Masters now at Wrestle Mania for the belt, with their recent troubles coming to the forefront.

Surprised it was John Cena that got the three count, as I was expecting RVD to get the pin fall. Pleased though that you went with Cena, as he could do with a few victories coming off his loss to Angle in HIAC at The Royal Rumble, but there doesnt appear to be a definate opponent for Cena right now at Wrestle Mania.

Decent show in general, but I expect everything to start to heat up in a week or so, to try and clear up where the main guys are heading for WM, as for the majority it appears to be rather blurry on that front.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Here's the answer to some questions....

Wonder what is going on with Eugene lately and McMahon?? Hard to see where this is going, as I doubt Eugene will be finding himself in a top WM match, or on the card of Wrestle Mania at all.
The Eugene/McMahon feud is more of just a side feud, it's just for Eugene to be doing something and to put some other stars over in the process. So basically it's just a side feud, nothing special

Hard to tell where this situation with Trish - Mickie - Ashley is going. Is Trish really believing Mickie??
Just to clear it up, the storyline right now is that Trish told Ashley and Mickie to stop interfering. Mickie just wants to help Trish win and she accidentaly interferers each time through.

Decent little WM preview, with plenty of the gimmicks getting ripped to shreds, lol. Didnt know you had Sheltons momma in this thread
About the video, I was looking at the movie listing and saw those and looked at them with an idea. It might not be the best video but eh, I thought it was a decent one. As for momma, no she is not here but I just wanted to do a little joke about that
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review:

Great Highlight Reel to start off Raw.

Good to see Trish pick up the victory.

Poor Eugene loses to Snitsky.

Angle interview should have been a little longer.

This Trish/Ashley/Mickie thing is very intriguing to say the least.

Haha, Bischoff is screwed.

Striker picks up the victory in his debut is good. Very good.

Maria screwing up her lines is priceless.

Big Show & Kane retaining is good. It will be interesting to see 3MW making impacts in the tag division that's for sure.

Hmm, I wonder what Austin's idea was?

Wow, great commercial for Wrestlemania. I loved that one.

Masters winning... meh.

Surprised to see Cena get the pin. I was expecting RVD to.

Overall: 8.5/10 good job.

Please review my BTB

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