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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP I am going to review tomorrow, it looks really good from the skim I did of it, but I would like you to step up the plethora of reviews you "owe" me.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Royal Rumble:

Personally, I think it would be better for Joey Styles to be the first voice you hear, rather than Kings, but it’s the commentary that shows are judged on.

Alright, Tag titles to kick off the show. I expect this one to be a rock buster.

MNM vs. London and Kendrick
As expected, was a fast paced opener, with only a few tags, but plenty of action, and not just quick tags, which was good, as we got into the action more, rather than the usual quick tagging in and out, which admittedly, is something I’d normally do.
Good use of Melina at ringside, having her distract the referee, to allow Mercury to take the padding off the turnbuckle, and I fully expect that to play a pivotal part in the end of the match. Working down on London was good from MNM, but would’ve been perfect if you’d have kept them focusing on the stomach, rather than going for the ankle too. Pleased to see you showing the fight in London, with him consistently kicking out at everything thrown at him, but nothing you couldn’t picture him kicking out of. Works for the realism factor.
Finally, we see Kendrick get back into the match, picking the pace right back up after the hot opening, with the challengers hitting a suicide plancha and corkscrew on the champions. This could well be the turning point, if London & Kendrick are to win the belts, with a near fall on Nitro. Superplex from Nitro should get the heat back on the champions now towards the finish.
London misses the 450 Splash?? Uh oh. That could be ominous for the challengers here. Finish was kinda flat to be honest, as I expected with four great athletes, there would be a much more of a frenetic finish.
Match Rating: **¾ - Solid, formula tag match, but the finish was a let down, as with these four, you could’ve done something better. Wonder if this ends the feud, or if London and Kendrick will seek out a rematch … Ladders at WM maybe??

No complaints with the Ric Flair interview. Good work, and solid in building Flair, for what I can only assume was a hard match to write.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Opening was typical Flair with the chops, and out doing Masters at every turn, before the bigger, younger man takes control, although it was very back and forth after Flairs initial domination, which I found surprising. Good to see Flair having to dig into his bag of tricks to stay on a level par with Masters, with the eye rake etc. Up to now, it’s been a pretty entertaining match, despite being fairly uneventful, in terms of near falls etc.
Took Masters quite a while to get in control, and that back submission sounded pretty weird. Probably something used before, but I cant picture it right now. Flair showed plenty of fight, which kept this one as an entertaining contest, as Masters never really got a period of total dominance, although I still fully expect him to retain the belts in this one.
Figure Four was a close call, as Masters had to hang on for quite a while. Well described, chain of events during the time the Figure Four was locked on. Finish eventually comes from the deadly Masterlock. Have to say, when he first debuted, I totally wrote off Masters, mocked the Master lock … nearly a year later, I admit the Masterlock is a credible submission, and Masters is a fair wrestler. Great defence, with a pass out victory over The Nature Boy.
Match Rating: *** ¼ - Extraordinarily decent match. Was expecting to hand out a low grade, and despite it being fair at best, I’ve rated it higher, due to how you made it entertaining.

Mr. McMahon giving Eric Bischoff a pep talk?? Interesting. … accompanying him to the ring?? Very interesting.

General Manager of Raw Match:
Excellent start, with Austin giving out the beating of a lifetime, as it should be, as picturing Eric Bischoff beating up Austin would be just wrong. I suspect the majority of the match will be favouring Austin. Nice comedy spots with Austin, pretending that Bischoff is giving him trouble, then putting Eric’s foot on the rope. Stunner to Vince was cool, and if Homecoming was anything to go by, Vince should wake up sometime on Tuesday morning, lol.
Quite surprised to see Bischoff take such a violent battering. Expected to see him take a beating, but he is getting battered in this one, being badly busted open. More comedy from Austin, having him lift the shoulder, and then take a beer break. Pretty funny stuff, to cover up the lack of competition. McMahon saving Bischoff was a bit of a twist, albeit expected, after the stunner, and the soaking. Triple H running in though, costing Austin the match was a heck of a surprise, and a potential build up for a WM showdown. Should’ve guessed Austin would get screwed, as it’d be hard to imagine him as sole GM.
Match Rating: N/A - Cant really rate a match like this, as it was more entertainment than actually wrestling. Nice addition to the card though.

Nice Wrestle Mania VP, hyping Phoenix and the desert. I can imagine another couple of funny WM situation promos with the desert theme.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Good booking early on, having Christian playing his chicken shit role perfectly, whilst Batista as the fearless champion, shows no fear of Taker. Decent action, with Taker hitting one of my favourite moves, his running DDT. Always loved that one, getting a near fall. Note to Christian; Slapping Batista is not advised, lol. Was pleasantly surprised that the match continued for so long with everyone in and out, rather the the formula triple threat matches, when one guy is out for ages.
Nice introduction of the steel chair, and I suspect that could be the difference maker in the match. Had to expect the chair to be used at some point, and should’ve put money on it being Christian. Towards the end though, you had a couple of lengthy one on one fights, especially Taker and Christian. I enjoyed that, as a prolonged one on one fight is a good gap to have in there too.
Awesome spot, with Christian hitting a body splash onto the two opponents, and he’s coming out of this one looking good right now, win lose or draw. From there, for me the match died down a little for a bit, before picking up again for the finish. Good to see Christian trying to stoop to any length to win the belt, using the title itself as a weapon, although it backfired.
Chokeslam was protected well here, with Christian having to put his foot on the rope, rather than kick out of it. Surprised to see so much Taker - Christian in this match, with Batista barely being in the ring for a good period now, although he got back just in time to save the match after Taker hit the Tombstone. Leading to the inevitable Batista Bomb, on an already weakened Christian, getting the victory.
Match Rating: ***½ - Like the opener, the finish was a little flat, and Batista had little part for a good 30% of the match towards the end. However, the first ½ of the match was terrific, and the rest was solid.

What the- Edge?? That was interesting. Never saw a new champion coming in the shape of Edge at this show, but that makes things ultra awesome. Shock of the Month here perhaps.

I guess this was Edges plan after all, to set up a champion vs. champion showdown at WM. That could definitely happen, and I expect Edge will be one of the final four or so in the RR.

Strong Cena promo, ahead of the Hell in a Cell Match, which will undoubtedly be the brutal match of the evening.

WWE Championship Match:
Furious opening, with Cena looking to be the aggressor, which he should, as he is chasing the title, and Angle is looking to keep it. Pleased to see the use of weaponry early on, as HIAC matches shouldn’t be about wrestling. Chair backfiring on Cena is usually something I’d look for Angle to do. Cena regaining control, before introducing the table should start to a proper breakdown.
Cena busted open, after the countless shots into the Cell wall is good, as the match begins to take its toll, with blood becoming an issue. Excellent fight back from the bloodied Cena, and a close FU, quickly countered though into the cradle. Surprised to see the Ankle Lock come into play so early in the match, but had to expect Cena to survive it, as the match was only beginning to pick up pace. Interesting that Cena is limping, and I wonder how much of an impact that will make.
Angle remains in control, despite Cenas slight comeback, and that’s the way it should be, as Cena needs to be chasing the heel, rather than giving out the punishment all the time. Nice use of Angles medal, with Cena using it against its owner. ANGLE SLAM THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Oh my. As J.R would say, business is picking up. Barbed Wire Steel Chair could end up being a traditional HIAC weapon, and I’m pleased to see it used here. Ladder now brought in by Cena?? Awesome see saw type move, bouncing it into Angles face. What the heck does Cena have in mind?? Is he insane. TBH though, I doubt the fans would be asking him not to do it … they’d probably be willing him on, lol.
Surprised to see Cena go for a splash … not surprised he missed. I don’t know if Cena would hit one, but I guess for HIAC, he’d step his game up. Cena needing to put his foot on the ropes after crashing and burning was good booking, as it would’ve looked a little bit too much to kick out, so soon after nearly killing himself.
Now its Angle with the ideas. Oh my goodness. Taking the fight to the outside of the Cell is a bold move, and I hope this doesn’t leave the realms of reality, as can tend to be the case sometimes. Well, the only person I know of that went through the cell before was Mick Foley, and he was a sick SOB. I don’t know about Angle taking an FU through it. He’s had big time neck problems in the past, and it’s just a very dangerous one to pull off. However, on the flip side, Kurt Angle, albeit through internet reports, it seems he’s willing to do anything, in order to be given the chance to get a run. It’s done now anyway, but I don’t know whether or not I can see it happening for real. Hard call, as an FU isn’t exactly a Chokeslam, in terms of impact, though an FU through a cell would be a different matter.
The match looks to be taking its toll now on both men, with the action seemingly slowing down, which makes sense. Referee bumped. Don’t like the sound of that, as I fully expect some sort of interference now, which I hope doesn’t happen, as the final Angle - Cena confrontation should be kept between them. Nice to see the chair finally used too, and it should make for a memorable cell match with the presentation of Thumbtacks. I guess that’ll be Cena going into them, as Angle already got put through the thing. Bit of a swerve with the turnbuckle being bare, and Cena just surviving, but it looks like Angle is going to take control now. Comeback from Cena is short lived, and that’s how I like it, with short bursts, before the tide is turned back over again.
Ankle Lock is applied for the second time, and it seems to be for an eternity, with the challenger not set to tap out. Seems like the Ankle Lock is getting buried quite a lot in threads recently. Excellent finish, with the victory for Angle, done alone, and an awesome way to end it with the Angle Slam on the Tacks. Incredible job, and a fitting end to the long running rivalry.
Match Rating: ****½ - Contender for MOTM right here. The only thing that let it down slightly was the FU through the Cell, which I’m still 50/50 on. Angle is on his way to Wrestle Mania, but who will he face?? … Rumble winner perhaps??

Nice backstage confrontation between Edge and Theodore Long.

Jerry Lawler and Tazz commentating on the Rumble?? Not keen on that duo, but I guess you’re using King in more of a play by play role now.

Royal Rumble Match:
Benoit and Mysterio to open the match up is fine by me. Excellent way to kick things off, with two fairly big names on the roster, and two men who have been inter twined recently, involving Booker T. All we need now is for him to draw numero 3 … but its not to be with Rene Dupree making his entrance. I see Benoit and Mysterio going far, maybe even as far as Final 4, but I suspect Dupree will be having a short stay. Quite shocked Benoit and Rey didn’t eliminate him before the next entrant, but good double teaming from them, making the two minute period more enjoyable, and vastly different to the usual Rumble goings on.

Another Raw no-hoper enters, in Gregory Hellms, and I suspect we’ll see Rey and Benoit get one elimination each early on … nope. At least not yet. Hellms and Dupree hold on for the two minute period, but with another Smackdown star, and the so-called toughest guy, or whatever, Hardcore Holly, I see the eliminating getting under way very soon.

Hellms eliminated first, by Rey. Nice start for what I predict to be a long night for the United States Champion. Funny to see Holly and Dupree fight it out given their old history in real life, lol. Dupree gone, and a good time to get rid of the French Phenom, and it gives Benoit an elimination under his belt. Another fairly big name, with Carlito entering early, but I get the feeling he’ll not have a great night.

Chop fest on Carlito made for some entertainment, and light relief given all the seriousness there is due to be later on. Here he comes, my pick … SNITSKY!!! Well, I can hope, lol. Snitsky, being a big man will make for a good elimination later on for someone, despite his win / loss record. And hey, Snitsky gets himself a nice elimination, getting rid of Holly. I like that. I have a feeling it will be Lashley to eliminate Snitsky, as he’s an up and comer, he’s big, and he’s likely to get a good run in this match.

Whoa. Unexpected early entry for Edge. Was sure he’d feature late on. Starting to wonder now how he’ll fare, as I don’t see too many early entries making it to the last six or so. Perhaps a run in from Batista to cost Edge his plans?? I called the Snitsky elimination a moment or so ago, so I’m quite pleased about that. Good elimination too, and it makes Lashley look more dominant, getting rid of a big, big man.

Another early cruiserweight entry, with the first of the Mexicools to join the match, as the first third of entrants is now complete. Super Crazy is my favourite out of them all btw, so I hope he outlasts the others, if they are in it. Surprising to see Edge going so early, having just won the World Title earlier in the show. I see him screwing the two men who teamed to get him out, by costing Benoit and Mysterio the U.S Title to Booker T in a future SD.
O.J is here to make up the numbers, and just as I was thinking about the ‘classic’ matches between Benoit and OJ, I get a flashback, with Jordan getting eliminated in almost record time by the Wolverine. Funny stuff. Very good mix of entertainment and seriousness in this one so far. Loving it. I’m doing rather well for my predictions in this match, with Benoit eliminating OJ in emphatic fashion, and Carlito not getting a terribly long run.

Adding a second Mexicool into the match so soon after Super Crazy makes me think that we’ll see some double teaming here, or a backstabbing. Bit disappointed they got to do neither, at least from the get go, with Lashley imposing his power on the two smaller men. Now comes the true test for the big man Lashley, with Kane entering the fray. I see Lashley disposing of Kane, and making a huge mark on this Rumble, like Yokozuna in ‘93, Diesel in ‘94, Rikishi in ‘00, Kane in ‘01 and so on. Well, I didn’t expect that. If Lashley had eliminated Kane, it could’ve been a huge boost for the up and comer, but the opposite doesn’t really do much good for Kane, and although it doesn’t hurt Lashley, it doesn’t really help him either.

Kane appears to be the one who will own the Rumble once again, mowing through the other competitors, before eliminating Super Crazy. Would’ve loved Booker to draw Number Three, although I guess that would’ve been a little unrealistic. Pleased that both Benoit and Rey are still there though, so that rivalry can still go on during this match. Another CW gone thanks to Kane, and that’s all she wrote for the Mexicools this evening. I hope Kane doesn’t dominate though, as he had his run a few years back, and a run could do wonders for someone else this time around, pushing them into the spotlight.

Benoit and Booker team together for all of three seconds to knock down Kane, before they fight again. Glad to see their rivalry getting time to develop through the Rumble match. RVD gets Number 15, and with him being a fresh face, after a long injury lay off, I see RVD getting a nice long run. Could be totally wrong though, as Kane takes him down with a Chokeslam. I hope RVD doesn’t get eliminated this early, that would be bad. RVD hangs on, but Kane is dominating this match right now, with the chokeslams seemingly falling off a production truck … and I suspect they’ll come thicker and faster with the inclusion of Big Slow.

Show and Kane look to dominate, but things go awry, with them beginning to fight it out between them instead, lol. BOOOOO. Didn’t want Benoit to leave the match so early, but I’ll live to fight another day, with the Benoit - Booker rivalry set to roar on for another month or so, at least up until No Way Out, possibly WM with a 3 Way including Mysterio hopefully.

Mark Henry gets #17, and we get a ring full of barely mobile big men basically … well three big men. Henry is made to look really tough here, with Kane and Big Show having to team together to get him down. Kane with a second power bomb to Rey Mysterio in the same match?? A little unoriginal imo, as I’m sure you could’ve found another power spot for them to do.
JERICHO!!!!! Awesome. Chris Jericho finally back in the WWE. That should definitely add some big time star power to the Raw roster. The elimination of Kane seemed very strange. Kane dominates for a long period, then gets put out by someone like Booker T?? Expected a hot face to eliminate Kane, and get himself a big push from it.

Chavo and Striker add a few bodies to the ring, but I don’t expect them to do much, except make up the numbers. Nice elimination of Mark Henry for Mr. PPV, RVD, who is keeping a fairly low profile thus far, which has me thinking he could feature late on in the match. Booker T is being pushed pretty hard in this match, which I find surprising, as he’s been used well lately, but after his career, a big run in the Rumble isn’t exactly something he needs. JBL entering now, and that’s a good number for him imo, and he could definitely feature heavily, although I doubt we’ll see him win it. Funny to read Striker getting the better of Big Show, albeit for a short time. Hard to picture that, lol.

Forgot about Juvi, lol. Towards this point now though, definitely cant expect much from the mid carders, as the main players begin to take over. Bit of a shock to see Striker last as long as he did, but inevitably, he’s out of there. A little shocked, but pleased to see Show not dominant. Now, this is a good number for HBK. Definitely a contender to win, but the time just might not be right for Michaels. I could be wrong though. Juvi is gone, and maybe I spoke too soon about Big Show.

Mysterio gone with a bit of a whimper, but had an awesome run, entering at the beginning, and lasting a long amount of time, before eventually getting dumped out by The Whole Damn Show. Good run for Rey though. A heel of a lot of cruiserweights getting a shot in this Rumble, and I guess the current champion is as good as any to qualify. Elimination of the night goes to JBL by HBK. Nicely done, and put over the athleticism of Michaels. Very short run for JBL though, which I find a little bit of a surprise.

Would love to see Rob Conway eliminate a big name to elevate himself in this Rumble match. I don’t see it though, and I suspect he’ll just be there to make up the numbers, like all late entries that aren’t main event material. Funny stuff with The Con Man, having no one look at him. Gave me a chuckle. Kennedy getting a late entry now too, and with someone like him, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was there or thereabouts as a shock final four entrant. Would be a further boost for him, that’s for sure.

Could well have made another big prediction, as Kennedy gets off to a flying start, taking down Jericho, and eliminating Chavo from the match, to build up some steam for himself. Disappointed to see Conway go this quickly, courtesy of Matt Hardy, who is another guy who could build momentum from a good showing in the Rumble Match. Shelton Benjamin getting Number 28 could bode well for a final four run if he’s lucky. Yet to see my personal pick, Randy Orton enter, and if he gets #30, my prediction will change immediately.
Very frenetic start for Shelton, eliminating Jamie Noble, as well as making his mark on a certain number of other stars, including HBK, stealing the super kick to put HBK down. Eliminations could well start coming thick and fast, with Booker being tossed over the top by RVD.

And here comes the favourite to win, at least in my eyes, Randy Orton. However, now that I think about it, I was predicting Orton would win and face Batista, but now that Batista isn’t champion, I don’t see Orton vs. Edge or Orton vs. Angle at WM, but I wont change my mind, just in case. Glad to see the odds in Triple H’s favour, as it’ll make it a bigger surprise to see him lose. My pick for the final four now has to be HHH, HBK, Orton and possibly RVD or maybe Big Show.

Intensity levels look to have risen now, with the final competitors battling it out for the title shot. Hardy beaten by Orton, Benjamin was a cert to go after falling victim to the Green Bay Plunge too. Loving this run for Kennedy right now. He could be elevated big time if he managed another elimination, or made the final four or final five even. Finishing manoeuvres are starting to make the difference now, with The Big Slow being taken down by The Pedigree of HHH, and I expect that to spell the beginning of the end for Show.
Idea from Triple H to get everyone to eliminate Show wasn’t exactly the last thing I’d think of, but was a wise move for HHH to make, and it gets rid of the Whale. Y2J is eliminated by Orton, but Jericho had a good night to return, with a fairly decent run in the RR Match. Michaels gone now too?? Didn’t expect to see that … but Kennedy has reached the final four!!!! Odds are against RVD, with him being the only face left in the match, but it should also guarantee that he reaches the final two. I’m starting to think Van Dam will do it, to complete a remarkable return story, similar to HHH in 2002.

Awesome performance from Kennedy. Wasn’t in the match too long, but being part of the final four is an incredible achievement, and I expect you to fully play up on it in the coming weeks, and months to push him into the upper mid card on Smackdown. HHH, Orton and RVD left. Could be anyone’s match imo, but right now, I’m predicting Van Dam. The story seems to fit perfectly with WM, and it’s always better to have a face chase the champion into WM. Nice stuff with Orton and Hunter battling to see who can do more damage to RVD. Excellent comeback too from The Whole Damn Show, leading to the elimination of Triple H, bringing us down to the final two … my original pick, Randy Orton, and my In Progress pick, RVD.

Extremely nail biting finish, with a couple of close calls either way … but a very creative ending does it FOR ROB VAN DAM!!!!! Big twist in the tale, as about 90% of people who left predictions must’ve voted Orton, me included. Very inventive finish, with RVD being the shock Royal Rumble winner, lasting a long, long time, to make his victory that much sweeter.

Match Rating: **** - Very enjoyable RR Match. Always a favourite to watch in real life, and read in BTB. This was no different. Couple of minor things that weren’t too good, but nothing incredibly bad, more just things I would’ve liked to have seen, rather than the actual booking.

Well … that does it for this review. Has to have been one of, if not, the longest review I’ve ever completed. Without a doubt, the best PPV that you’ve ever put together. Be proud, and I’ll anxiously wait for WM.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Wolfy, thanks for the review and I like all of the comments you have said about the show so far. Anyways, I'm expecting Raw to maybe be posted either tomorrow or Wednesday so get ready because there are some big plans in store for it
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Guys, I might have told some of you on MSN or AIM about me soon being grounded and well, that time has come. My parents are very strict on grades and I was so close to having a C for not being grounded but hey, things happen and we move on. So what I'm getting at is that I'm not going to be on the forums full time. I might be able to sneak on some days and maybe just maybe work on a show to get posted. But as for now, I better get going and I wanted to let everybody know this.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Stupid D. Wellthings happen. Hope you gt back on soon (not sure how long you'll be off). Well when you come back on do something like what Arjun did in his thread when he returned from vacation. . Anyway See you around.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

What did I do??

Must be terrible that you are not receiving the grades you and your parents expect. It is good to have austere and stringent parents when it comes to grades, it will help you. Trust me, my parents are beyond austere.

I am anticipating your return, only when your grades ameliorate.

Oh, I get it Eboy, you mean Wrestlemania.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Originally Posted by arjun14626rko
What did I do??

Must be terrible that you are not receiving the grades you and your parents expect. It is good to have austere and stringent parents when it comes to grades, it will help you. Trust me, my parents are beyond austere.

I am anticipating your return, only when your grades ameliorate.

Oh, I get it Eboy, you mean Wrestlemania.
I meant when you did that "Burn in the Light" plays and Arjun comes back. It went something like that but it really doesn't matter. Hope he gets back on soon.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday January 30, 2006
Dallas, Texas

*Across the Nation hits and the normal Raw video package hits before we fade out to the Raw announce team at ringside*

Joey Styles: Hello and welcome all to a jam packed episode of Raw tonight and with such a night, we need to get underway!

Jerry Lawler: But what about last night at the Royal Rumble, we had a huge night and Raw's own Rob Van Dam won the Royal Rumble!

Jonathan Coachman: Plus after a hellacious Hell in a Cell match, we will be getting an update from our WWE Champion, Kurt Angle!

Joey Styles: And the new World-Heavyweight Champion will be here on Raw tonight to adress his current situation with the title

Jerry Lawler: Oh man, Edge shocked the world when he used Money in the Bank after the Triple Threat Match and he won!

Jonathan Coachman: That was the smart thing to do for Edge and he took advantage of the match and when Batista was down, he took the title!

*Metalingus hits and Edge comes out carrying the World-Heavyweight Championship to loud boos and he tosses it over his shoulder before tapping it and walking down to the ring and holding hands with his wife, Lita in progress*

Edge: All day long people have been asking me, Edge, why did you challenge for the World-Heavyweight Championship? Why didn't you just go after the WWE Championship and you could have been the champion on Raw

*Crowd Boos*

Edge: And I've responded all day long and I'll tell you right now! It was my choice and I decided to go ahead and take out Batista. I wanted to take out Batista and I wanted to become the World-Heavyweight Champion but that's not the only reason why!

*Crowd Boos while Edge smiles and looks around the arena*

Edge: Because in my contract that I won at WrestleMania 21, it clearly stated that the winner of the match would receive a World-Heavyweight Championship shot for any time for a year. So therefore, I couldn't have went after the WWE Championship

*Batista Chants start up and Edge starts to get pissed*

Edge: You can cheer Batista all you want and quite frankly, it doesn't matter to me because he is never going to get another shot at my title, whether he has a rematch in his clause or he doesn't because he simply is not worth it

*Crowd Boos more and Edge smiles*

Edge: But as for tonight, this will indeed be my last night here on Raw and I am wanting to make something memorable about it. I want my name to be written down here in the book of champions and for being the greatest champion and nobody will take the title away from me. Because first of all I defend this title whenever I want to!

*Edge Sucks Chants start up*

Edge: You might think I suck but in all real......

*No Chance hits to loud boos and Mr. McMahon walks out onto the stage before holding his microphone up and starting to talk*

Mr. McMahon: You see last night at the Royal Rumble, Eric Bischoff beat Stone Cold Steve Austin in a No Disqualification Match to retain his job. But since Eric could not be here tonight, I am going to be the interim GM for tonight

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: But Edge, I was listening to your little speech you were giving and I thought I heard something about defending the title when you want to? That's not going to happen and as a matter of fact you will be in action tonight!

*Crowd Boos and Edge Sucks Chants continue on*

Mr. McMahon: And as a matter of fact, since you will be in action tonight, you will be defending your newly won World-Heavyweight Championship also! And I've been thinking about this all day and I came up with the man you will defend against and he is

*Crowd Pops for a WHC Match tonight*

Mr. McMahon: TRIPLE H!!!

*Crowd Boos as No Chance hits and McMahon leaves to the back and Edge stands in the ring looking a little concerned about tonight*


Match #1
Ric Flair vs Rob Conway

Match Finish: Decent opening match between both men and it starts out as a slow match but the pace picks up towards the end. Conway has Flair in position for the Ego Trip but Flair is able to push off Conway and then Conway comes back into a chopblock from Flair. Flair then lets out a huge WOOO and then wraps his legs around Conway. Flair has the Figure Four Leglock locked in on Conway but out of nowhere, the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Masters hits the ring and then beats down Ric Flair with his title belt handing the DQ win to Flair

Winner via Disqualification: Ric Flair

*Chris Masters then grabs the Intercontinental championship belt and then goes to hit Flair with it again but Flair gets a thumb to the eye. Flair then heads down south and nails a lowblow onto the champion and gets ready to head to the back whenever......

*We hear Mr. McMahon come up on the screen*

Mr. McMahon: Whoa! Hold it Ric because since it looks like you want another chance at the Intercontinental Champion, well you will get it!

*Crowd Pops*

Mr. McMahon: But it won't be tonight.

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: Because you see next week, we have a very special show in store for everybody as Raw will be eminating live from Japan!

*Crowd has mixed emotions*

Mr. McMahon: And that is why next week, we will see the "Masterpiece" Chris Masters defending his Intercontinental Championship against you, Ric Flair

*Crowd Pops*

Mr. McMahon: In a Submission Match!!!

*Crowd Pops Louder and some WOOOS are let out*

Mr. McMahon: Good luck next week Ric, because you are going to need all the luck that you can get for that match!

*We then cut over to the commentators at ringside*

Joey Styles: Big announcement there as next week, Ric Flair will get another chance at the Intercontinental Championship!

Jonathan Coachman: But he stands no chance as he will be facing Chris Masters but this time in a Submission Match

Jerry Lawler: Flair's specialty is submission style wrestling as is Masters's so this should be a match for the ages

Joey Styles: I'm expecting a lot to come from this match and if it's anything like their match at the Royal Rumble, it will be a classic

Jonathan Coachman: Masters held his own at the Royal Rumble and he is going to do it next Monday night in Japan too!

Jerry Lawler: We'll find out about that next week but still to come, Edge defends his newly won World-Heavyweight Championship against Triple H!


*We cut backstage to see Mickie James, Trish Stratus, and Ashley Massaro*

Trish Stratus: Ok ladies, now the past few weeks, we have had some miscommunications in the ring and we need to clear that up

Ashley Massaro: Look Trish, I've been trying to help you this whole time and I know that I might have messed up ever......

*Trish interrupts Ashley and then starts to talk*

Trish Stratus: Ashley, I never said it was you. I just wanted to say that we need to get our heads back into the game and fo.....

Mickie James: Trish, I'm sorry! I know that you have been talking about me the whole time and I am sorry that I did ruin the matches

Trish Stratus: Listen, I'm not accusing you either but girls, as I said, just get prepared and let's not let anything happen this week

*All three nod in agreement and then head out the door*

Trish Stratus: Ok, Let's Go!!!

*We then cut back to ringside for the next match*

Match #2
Trish Stratus vs Torrie Wilson

Match Finish: Short but decent women's match and got the point across with the ladies getting their spot on the card as normal. Ending comes whenever Trish has Torrie and goes for the Stratusfaction but Candice grabs the leg of Trish preventing so. Mickie and Ashley slide into the ring and Victoria comes in. Mickie goes for a dropkick onto Candice but Candice ducks and ends up dropkicking Trish! Victoria then grabs Mickie and throws her to the outside. Candice then gets Ashley and throws her out while Torrie makes the cover, One....Two.....Three

Winner: Torrie Wilson

*Torrie then slides to the outside of the ring and Victoria and Candice help her up while Trish has gotten back up and Mickie comes in and starts to apologize. Trish looks angry but ends up calming down and tells Mickie it is alright. Mickie helps up Trish and then they help up Ashley before they start to make their way to the back*

Joey Styles: Mickie James has cost Trish another match tonight but we know, it was indeed an accident that happened

Jonathan Coachman: I'm not so sure now. It's been for the past three weeks Mickie has been costing either women the matches

Jerry Lawler: I'm sure Mickie hasn't meant to cost both Trish and Ashley the matches, she's just been wanting to help get the win

Joey Styles: Well this just in, we have been told that next week on Raw live from Japan, it will be Trish Stratus vs Torrie Wilson for the Women's title

Jonathan Coachman: Big news right there and with Torrie already owning a pinfall over the Women's champion, will she do it again?

Jerry Lawler: But most importantly, will Mickie end up interfering once more and end up costing Trish another match?


*Interview w/ Shawn Michaels*

Todd Grisham: Shawn, last night at the Royal Rumble, you had a long stay in it but in the end, you were eliminated by Triple H

Shawn Michaels: Todd, Triple H doesn't know what he has coming to him and I promise that it won't be a pleasant surprise when he receives it.

Todd Grisham: You two have developed a hatred for each other and it's been going on ever since D-X kicked you out, any thoughts?

Shawn Michaels: Triple H is the one person I despise the most. I would do anything and everything that is needed to take him out. Whatever it takes and I guarantee whatever it takes, I will do just that to take down him and become the man on Raw

Todd Grisham: One more thing Shawn, later tonight, Triple H will be taking on Edge for the World-Heavyweight Championship, what will you be doing?

Shawn Michaels: What will I be doing? Well I will be do.....

*We then hear Triple H cut in and then snatches the mic out of the hand of Shawn Michaels*

Triple H: He'll be doing absolutely nothing!

*Crowd Boos*

Triple H: You see, I received a favor from Mr. McMahon for taking out Stone Cold Steve Austin last night at the Royal Rumble and saving Bischoff's job. And tonight I'm using that favor to win over the World-Heavyweight Championship from Edge!

*Crowd Boos*

Triple H: And you can try to do anything and everything that is possible to stop that from happening but this is no fantasy Shawn. This is not your little dream life where you say you will do it and then at the snap of a button, it's done. No, I guarantee this is not like that and after I win the title, it's straight onto you because you will be my next enemy

*Triple H Sucks Chants start up*

Triple H: And Shawn, I gua......

*Michaels then rares back and then starts to brawl with Triple H and now they are rolling on the floor. Michaels and Triple trade blows with each other and Grisham calls in the security who comes down and grabs HBK and starts to escort him out. Triple H then gets back to his feet and then tells Michaels that he is going to be next*

*We then cut backstage to see Eugene wandering around and he bumps into Mr. McMahon!*

Eugene: Hi...My Name's Eugene!

*Crowd Pops and Mr. McMahon looks mad*

Mr. McMahon: Look Eugene, I'm not really in the mood for this playing games and all but what would you like to know?

Eugene: I...I....I'd like a match for tonight. I want to wrestle somebody, i...it doesn't matter who, just give me a match!

*Crowd Pops as Eugene scratches his head and Mr. McMahon smiles*

Mr. McMahon: Ok Eugene! You want a match, huh? You will be getting a match and it will be against a tag team that is returning tonight!

*Eugene looks confused and starts to talk again*

Eugene: I...wanted a regular match, not a Ha....Ha....Handicap Match. Please, can you change it to a regular match?

Mr. McMahon: Sorry, no can do Eugene. So go ahead and get out there and get ready because your match is going to be next

*Eugene then walks off while Mr. McMahon puts on his evil smile and continues on*


Joey Styles: Well tonight, Raw is coming to you live from Dallas, Texas and it is being brought to you by The Con for PS2

Jonathan Coachman: Lots still to come tonight with a update from Kurt Angle plus our huge main event to come also!

Jerry Lawler: Edge will be defending his World-Heavyweight Championship against Triple H and can he retain it after just winning it?

Joey Styles: It's going to be a rough road ahead for Edge holding the World-Heavyweight Championship shall he retain it tonight

Jonathan Coachman: I'm high on both men but the roll Edge has been on recently, you can't ignore that and it might help him

Jerry Lawler: Well, we are about to find out who Eugene will be facing as this tag team is making their return to the WWE

Match #3
Handicap Match
Eugene vs ???

Match Finish: Before the match Eugene gets attacked and the camera cuts over to reveal Rosey and Jamal, 3 Minute Warning! 3MW ends up being the mystery team and they beat down on Eugene for a little bit. This is also no tags, just a straight handicap match. So the ending takes place after Jamal plants Eugene with a Samoan Drop. Rosey ascends to the top and then comes off and connects with the Moonsault and knocks Eugene out for the pin, One...Two....Three

Winners: 3 Minute Warning

*We cut backstage to see Matt Striker sitting at a desk and see a chalkboard with the word "Respect" written across the board in big white letters*

Matt Striker: Respect, it's what every kid here in the United States doesn't know about because their parents show none

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: It's something that kids should have grown up with but they get their disrespect from their parents and their parents don't know a thing about respect. Parents wouldn't know what respect is if it came up to them and slapped them in the face!

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: But on a serious note, I wasn't able to win the Royal Rumble match to the surprise of everybody here on Raw

*Striker Sucks Chants start up*

Matt Striker: See, there's no respect right there. But let's make this short, Raw is going to be in Japan next week and with such a huge night lined up, I felt since the American's dont respect me, then maybe the Japanese will

*USA Chants break out*

Matt Striker: So next week on Raw, I will be making my official wrestling debut as the Royal Rumble didn't count. I was cheated out of that and I deserve another chance which Mr. McMahon has decided to give me next week

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: So go home, look up the word "Respect" in a dictionary and come to your tv sets and be ready next week to respect me when I come out to the arena, beat down whomever I face and then am declared the winner

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: Class is dismissed!


*One of a Kind hits and the 2006 Royal Rumble winner walks out to loud pops from the crowd before doing his R-V-D taunt and heading down the ramp grabing a mic before sliding into the ring*

Rob Van Dam: Last night, I went through hell to get where I am tonight and I stand here in front of you all as the 2006 Royal Rumble winner! I'm going to be going onto WrestleMania 22 to main event and become either the World-Heavyweight Champion or WWE Champion

*Crowd Pops*

Rob Van Dam: And all week people have been saying, RVD....what title are you going to end up challenging for? Well, that will be decided at a later time but as for tonight, I just wanted to come out here and adress both men that their titles are not safe!

*Crowd Pops*

Rob Van Dam: It doesn't matter who is the champion come WrestleMania for either titles because I've worked too hard to lose my shot now. At WrestleMania 22, I will indeed become a champion whether it is WWE or World-Heavyweight

*R-V-D Chants break out and RVD smiles*

Rob Van Dam: I guarantee that whomever I may face at WrestleMa.....

*We then hear a voice come out and we see Kurt Angle laying down in a bed in a hospital after the brutal Hell in a Cell last night*

Kurt Angle: Well, well, well! If it isn't my good friend, Rob Van Dam. How has life been treating you lately buddy other than winning the Royal Rumble Match?

*Crowd Pops at mention of RVD winning Royal Rumble*

Kurt Angle: I was listening here on Raw and I heard something about you saying that you will win either the World-Heavyweight Championship or the WWE Championship at WrestleMania and either way, you will win them

*Crowd Pops*

Kurt Angle: Well, You're Wrong!!!

*Crowd Boos*

Kurt Angle: You see, you stand no chance against me, I'm a five time WWE Champion, King of the Ring and a Gold Medalist! I've wrestled and won just about every match in the WWE and last night, I literally went through hell

*Angle Sucks chants start up and Angle sits up pissed but RVD cuts him off*

Rob Van Dam: Listen Kurt, nobody wants to listen to your I won a gold medal with a broken fricking neck. That's getting old. But what they do want to listen to is what Rob Van Dam has to say about winning the Royal Rumble last night!

*R-V-D Chants break out*

Kurt Angle: You know Rob, I'm going to be here on Raw next week in Japan and you better have made an announcement by then because if you decide to challenge for the WWE Championship, then your ass is mine and I will break your ankle

*You Suck chants break out now and Angle looks pissed off before grabbing his title bed by his bed and holding it up*

Kurt Angle: Or you can take the low road, you can go over to Smackdown and challenge for their second rate championship, the World-Heavyweight Championship. But either way, you will not stand a chance winning either title, oh it's true, it's damn true!

Rob Van Dam: I'll be there next week Kurt, so you be there and just be prepared because I'm going to be ready for you. And I'll be deciding on what title I do want to go after. So show up and you can find out next week, if I decide

*One of a Kind hits and RVD rolls out of the ring to huge pops before heading to the back and fading over to the announcers*

Joey Styles: Well Rob Van Dam came out here and he wanted everybody to know that he is not sure what title he will challenge for

Jonathan Coachman: Like Angle said, it really doesn't matter what title he goes after because he doesn't stand a chance for either

Jerry Lawler: But our WWE Champion will indeed be back next week on Raw after the hellacious match at the Royal Rumble

Joey Styles: It was indeed hellacious because it was Hell in a Cell but he'll be here next week waiting for an announcement

Jonathan Coachman: But still to come, the World-Heavyweight Championship is on the line as Edge defends against Triple H

Jerry Lawler: That's right, Smackdown's championship on the line on a Raw show and who will be able to get the title?


Match #4
#1 Contender's Fatal 4 Way
The Heart Throbs vs Gene Snitsky and Tyson Tomko
vs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs Val Venis and Viscera

Match Finish: The winning team gets a title shot next week on Raw in Japan. Kane and Big Show are down on the ramp watching this match and it breaks down toward the end. Viscera nailed a Samoan Drop onto Romeo which Venis climbs to the top rope for the Money Shot but he gets pushed off by Antonio and hits the mat hard. Antonio then goes for the pin but Snitsky comes in and takes out Antonio with a huge big boot! Tomko then grabs Romeo and press slams him to the outside. Viscera comes in and clotheslines Snitsky and Tomko before Cade and Murdoch nail their finisher, the Sweet and Sour, Murdoch jumps on Viscera and gets the pin, One....Two....Three

Winner's and #1 Contender's: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

*We head over to the announcers again*

Joey Styles: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch pick up the huge win and that gives them a title shot next week on Raw

Jonathan Coachman: Cade and Murdoch are going to try to take the titles from the men who took them from them almost 3 months ago

Jerry Lawler: But also next week, Trish Stratus will be defending her Women's Championship against Torrie Wilson

Joey Styles: Torrie was able to beat Trish earlier tonight and she gets a title shot next week but will Mickie James cost her the title?

Jonathan Coachman: Plus Chris Masters defends his Intercontinental Championship against Ric Flair in a Submission Match

Jerry Lawler: A rematch from the Royal Rumble but just added to next week, a huge six man tag match as Kurt Angle, Carlito, and Chris Masters face Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin!

*We then cut backstage to see Carlito standing by with Maria*

Maria: Right now, I am standing by with somebody who is definently cool, he is Carlito the former Women's Champion!

*Crowd Pops and Carlito looks pissed off now*

Carlito: Women's Champion? Dat's Not Cool Maria. But what is cool is that you are looking at the next Intercontinental Champion

Maria: Next week on Raw in Japan, you will be teaming with the WWE Champion, Kurt Angle and the Triple H to face Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin, what do you think?

Carlito: What do I think? I think that I shouldn't be teaming with either one of them but that I should be facing Chris Masters for the Intercontinental title, not Ric Flair

*Masters walks in patting his Intercontinental Championship and smiling*

Chris Masters: Oh is that so, Carlito?

*Crowd Boos*

Carlito: Oh that's so. Because I've waited too long to get another shot at that title and basically, you are embarrasing that title. I might be your friend but somebody else needs that title to be completely honest about it, and that person should be me!

*Crowd Pops*

Chris Masters: Oh I see how it is Carlito. You think that you could beat me for my title? You think that you could beat me just like that

*Masters snaps his fingers and then taps the belt again*

Chris Masters: One day, we'll find out. But as for next week, I've got Ric Flair in a Submission Match, So how about you get your head back into the game and focus on next week, then we can decided when you get a title shot

*Masters then walks off and Carlito stares at the IC champion looking ticked off but keeping his cool and then bites into an apple. Carlito looks to spit it at Maria but then stops and spits it at the ground before walking off to his lockerroom*


Joey Styles: We're back from the commercial and before the commercial, there was an intresting meeting between two friends

Jonathan Coachman: Carlito and Masters sure did share words with each other and it's all over the Intercontinental Championship

Jerry Lawler: Championships can get in the way of friendships and it looks like that could be happening with those two

Joey Styles: I'm sure it will be behind each other next week and boy, do we have a huge week next week and I can't wait!

Jonathan Coachman: Four huge matches already announced and I'm sure more will be in store for us live from Japan

Jerry Lawler: Well coming up right now is our main event and it is for the World-Heavyweight Championship between Edge and Triple H!

Match #5
*World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs Triple H

Match Finish: Long main event and a very good match putting both men over for tonight and great way to end the night off with. The match starts to break down whenever Triple H goes for a clothesline onto the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge but he ducks and takes out the ref with that vicious shot. The ref lay down on the mat hard and Triple H slides to the outside. He grabs a sledgehammer and tosses it inside of the ring while Edge sits up. Triple H then goes to swing it at Edge but out of nowhere, Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to the ring! Stone Cold is looking for revenge after last night and he lays a beating down on the challenger before picking him up and "saluting" him. Austin then connects with the Stone Cold Stunner before grabbing Edge's arm and placing it over the fallen Triple H to a surprise and the referee notices Edge's arm and he makes the count, One....Two....Three

Winner and Still World-Heavyweight Champion: Edge

*Stone Cold then helps Edge back up to a surprise and then offers him a beer to which Edge accepts. He takes a chug and then out of nowhere....*Unleashed hits* and Smackdown's Batista and the former World-Heavyweight Champion comes running down to the ring. Batista and Edge exchange blows the whole time and Edge goes for a Spear onto Batista but Batista moves and Edge hits the turnbuckle. Edge then walks right around into a Spinebuster from the Animal. Batista then shakes the ropes to a nice pop before motioning the end is near. Batista then lifts Edge up and comes down hard with the Batista Bomb and then gets back up to his feet and Batista and Stone Cold Steve Austin celebrate to end the show both getting their revenge over their respective enemies now*
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Awsome Show.eview in tommorow

I'm watching you...

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


Good idea to keep Angle and Cena off the show to sell the brutality of HIAC that much more. It also gives Edge a chance to shine as the new WHC without having to share the spotlight with the other champion of the show.

Nice intense promo from the champion, and I guess it makes sense for this to be his final night on Raw. I dont think he'll get an easy ride though, especially with McMahon interrupting. Heel vs Heel tonight?? Face vs Face can work, but 9 times out of 10, heel vs heel just stinks up the joint.

Looks like the Flair - Masters feud will continue for now then. Thats ok, as you had a surprisingly good match between them at RR. It doesnt seem like a WM match though imo, so I hope it doesnt drag out until then.

And I get that querie answered in record time, as McMahon announces a submission match for next week in Japan. Masters to win with the Masterlock would be a major win for Masters, and give the hold even more legitimacy.

Women get a bit of time to talk, but I wonder what type of twist you'll put on the Mickie / Trish angle. Note to KOP - Get more women who can wrestle on your roster

Mickie screws up, costing Trish the match. Doesnt bode well for that relationship. Should result in a title match for Torrie beating the champion ... ugh.

Interview with Shawn Michaels seems to be leading to a match with The Game at Wrestle Mania, which I'd be a fan of seeing. It's been a while, and they've never met 1 on 1 at the big one. Never remembered DX kicking HBK out of the group though. Nice comments from Triple H, but the brawl was unneccesary this week imo, as it could've ended with Triple H walking off, and HBK irate, leading to another showdown next week.

Eugene finds out not to cross the boss, and gets squashed by the returning 3 Minute Warning. Seems like everyone is bringing them back now, but I dont see that as a bad thing. I see them obviously challenging for the tag titles VERY soon. Loss doesnt make Eugene look bad either, because he was beaten by two bigger men, in a 2 on 1 environment.

Striker to make his official in ring debut next week, lol. RR not counting is typical heel comments. I see Matt Striker being a strong mid card heel on the show, as the promos he has cut have been some of your best.

That promo looks to be the start of build up between Angle and Van Dam as the main event of Wrestle Mania. I dont see RVD switching brands now, and facing Edge, as I'd expect Batista to challenge him.

Best team wins the 4 Way tag match, and get themselves a title shot next week. I like the team of Murdoch and Cade, but I dont see them taking the titles, as I beleive that will be reserved for 3MW.

Looks to be a major show next week, with three titles on the line, and a huge 6 Man Tag. Good build for the overseas show.

Enjoyable Carlito promo, which suggests a feud coming in the next few weeks with Masters, possibly up to Wrestle Mania. Masters pulling double duty next week seems kinda weird, unless its just slipped your mind.

Austin makes a grand return, and scres Triple H out of the World Title against Edge. Big question mark as to who faces Triple H at WM right now, with both Austin and Michaels as solid candidates for that role.

Batista shows up on Raw?? AWESOME. Terrific way to close the show with a SD star making a huge impact, taking out Edge, and sharing a beer with The Rattlesnake.
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