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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Shane McMahon being at Raw is enough to have me watching tbh. Add an angry Batista to the mix, and well, we're in for a treat.

Another McMahon, Stephanie will also be attendance, and will be offering Eric Bischoff something. This is going to be another terrific situation.

Sadistic Orton for number one contender please.

Well only one match announced and it will be a great match, but besides that the rest probably won't be anything special, maybe a womens match and a few squashes. However, i can live with this as the McMahon's being around and the attacker situation proves for grade A entertainment on Raw.

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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw – August 20, 2007
Crown Center Coliseum – Fayetteville, North Carolina

A video hyping SummerSlam last night is shown showcasing the Raw side of thing with Triple H winning the WWE title, Matt Hardy winning the Brand Supremacy Match, Mr. Kennedy defeating the Undertaker, Beth Phoenix capturing the Women’s title and the Hell in a Cell that saw Randy Orton put Chris Jericho out for a while. Now we see Batista going nuts attacking Shane McMahon with the sledgehammer before Mr. McMahon almost getting ran over is shown. The final thing we see is Mr. McMahon laid out in the ring after the lights cut back on last week with a steel pipe laying beside the body.

Jim Ross: Hello everybody and welcome to a jam-packed edition of Raw tonight and with only four weeks left to go until Raw’s next pay-per-view Unforgiven, you can damn well guarantee that the superstars of Raw are going to be coming out tonight gunning for perhaps a “new start” as summer has just ended.

Jerry Lawler: What a SummerSlam it was JR! Raw definitely has came out of SummerSlam looking a lot different than it did before with two new champions, an injured superstar in Chris Jericho, a young and brash Mr. Kennedy continuing to brag but the one thing that has remained the same is that sadly Eric Bischoff is still our GM after Matt Hardy proceeded to win the Brand Supremacy Match costing Smackdown’s GM JBL his job.

Jim Ross: Well Bischoff might not be here too long as it really all depends on what this so called special offer Stephanie McMahon is going to present to Eric later on tonight. Something tells me that Eric might not be able to refuse it if I think it is what it is after Stephanie hinted towards it last night at SummerSlam.

Jerry Lawler: Well let’s hope he does but JR I know that you’re excited for this huge night because we will crown a number one contender, that huge announcement from Stephanie McMahon is still to come later, Shane McMahon is supposed to be in the house plus we’ve got a lot more stuff going on here tonight. Let’s go ahead and get this night kicked off!

And with that…cue the music of Batista…***I Walk Alone*** hits across the arena as the FORMER WWE Champion Batista makes his way towards the ring. The Animal looks in a clearly pissed off mood after losing his title last night but it doesn’t seem as if he’s in the mood even to try and go after the title tonight. Batista is dressed in his street clothes as he makes his way down the ramp before stepping in and grabbing a mic from Lilian at ringside. The Animal looks around the arena as its clear the Animal is certainly pissed off after last night and the You Suck chants coming in certainly don’t help make him happy.

Batista: I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe the stupidity of some of you fans.

The fans boo Batista after the direct insult towards them.

Batista: The fact that you all think that I suck is what makes me laugh is that you all think that I’m “scared” of the fact that your boy Triple H is now the champion that I’ll never get my title back. Well let me tell you that each and every one of you is WRONG! The fact that anybody thinks I’m even concerned about Triple H right now is a joke because right now I can’t believe I’m saying this but the WWE Championship is not my priority right now.

The fans are confused as normally the former champion wants a rematch immediately.

Batista: It’s clear I’ve got too many other “things” going on right now that I’m not even concerned about what Triple H does in the next few months with the title or whoever wins it because I’ll still have my rematch. It’s in my clause and there’s no time set for when I have to use it again so just let it be known that whoever’s champion whenever I choose to revoke my rematch clause, that the Animal is coming to get back on top and that I will be a TWO-TIME WWE CHAMPION! Now enough of that…

The fans seem confused as Batista isn’t going about the normal way of using his rematch clause which is weird for a heel but seems very smart in the same time.

Batista: Now let’s get this out of the way….I’m not here to waste my time all night so Shane McMahon if you’re even here, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!

After a few minutes of pausing for dramatic effect…***Here Comes the Money*** hits across the arena as Shane McMahon makes his way down towards the ring. Mr. McMahon’s son walks down the ring with a limp and also wearing a bandage around his head selling the attack that he took a few weeks ago from Batista in the parking lot. Shane McMahon clearly is in no mood to play games with Batista and it’s clear from the get go after he grabs a microphone.

Shane McMahon: Batista it’s good and all that you’re willing to sacrifice your title shot but let it be known that if you sacrifice your title shot and don’t cash it in between now and Unforgiven, that you are going to have to deal with me at Unforgiven and really right now, I don’t think you want to deal with me.

The crowd pops as Shane McMahon stands up looking rather confident as Batista looks at him as if he is a joke. Batista is trying not to laugh as Shane hasn’t competed in nearly a year so surely he’s got a lot of rust on him.

Batista: Are…are you serious?

Batista looks straight at Shane not laughing as it’s clear that Shane is serious as hell.

Shane McMahon: Does it look like I’m playing? Do I need to remind you what you did to me just a few weeks ago in that back parking lot? Does it look like I’m in any mood to take your bullcrap about how I’m not “serious” right now? Batista look around, if you haven’t noticed there’s been a few attacks recently here in the WWE and well it’s rather ironic that you just happened to be leaving the arena right whenever my dad was ran over. Or the fact that you’ve denied any chance that you were involved in these attacks and continued to talk about it. Seems like someone has something stuck in their conscious…

Batista looks at Shane pissed that he’s being accused of attacking Mr. McMahon.

Batista: Look I laid your ass out but that’s because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time, you had no business being back there and you paid the price for it. So I mean if you want to sit here and accuse me of attacking your father then do so but know that it wasn’t me. You can try and say it was me all you want but I was long gone from the arena by then. But hell, what do you know? Your ass was laid out on the ground because of ME! It could have been anybody that tried to run over your father but it seems that it didn’t matter that they missed because apparently somebody got the right idea and beat the hell out of him with that steel pole.

Batista shows a smug smile as Shane takes offense to the comments as its clear Batista has just struck a vein in Shane.

Shane McMahon: Every time you talk about it, it just becomes clearer that you were the one that attacked my father. It’s clear that you’re out to get us-the McMahon’s- for some reason and I’ll be damned if I don’t stop you before you get to my sister or possibly my mother. It’s not going to happen Dave.

Batista rocks from side to side as it’s clear that he’s tired of listening to Shane accuse him.

Batista: Shane I don’t know how much more clear I can make it be for you but I DID NOT attack your father, I DID NOT run over your father but what I did do was beat the living hell out of you. I don’t know if you remember because I did hit you pretty hard with that sledgehammer, I did knock the ever living crap out of you, and I do know that you were rushed to the hospital pretty quick. But regardless of who attacked your dad, it wasn’t me. I could c…

Shane interrupts Batista as he is making it very clear to Batista what he feels about the attack a few weeks ago and where it could lead to.

Shane McMahon: This isn’t about just my father. This is about the fact that you took me out and by doing that you basically disrespected the family, you disrespected the name McMahon. You basically spit all over the legacy that my grandfather and father have built up here for the WWE and by doing so, you’ve basically said that in a way you run this place. Hell if you can take out one McMahon, what’s stopping you from taking out the other three?

Batista stands there looking at Shane as if he is dumb.

Batista: I ca…

Shane McMahon: You think that you can just do whatever you want here on Raw? That’s not going to happen. Since you feel that you can just break the rules and do whatever you want, I guess I’ll say that I can “break the rules” in a way.

Batista looks at Shane as if he’s almost confused about what Shane’s talking about.

Shane McMahon: By doing this….

Shane charges at Batista as a brawl breaks out. Shane and Batista brawl around ringside with Shane getting a few punches in but it’s clear that Batista dominated most of the brawl. Security finally was able to run down and break up the brawl with both Batista and Shane both staring down one another as it’s clear that this is not done yet. Both Batista and Shane can be seen staring one another down as the attack just a few weeks ago has sparked something that may be continuing on for a very long time depending on if it’s ever revealed who the mystery attacker is.

Jim Ross: Shane-o-Mac standing up for his family is definitely something great to see as it’s very evident and clear that there is a big mismatch between him and the Animal Batista as far as size is concerned.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe Shane McMahon is stupid enough to want to mess with Batista. I wouldn’t want to mess with him if he wasn’t pissed off and it’s clear that he’s still pissed off about losing the title but he’s going to hold his rematch clause for a later date which may be a smart thing considering the mood he is in.

Jim Ross: All Shane is doing is defending the family honor and that is good for him. It’s good to see that he’s not going to let things get out of hand and let someone like Batista think they can just run the show because they can’t.

Jerry Lawler: Oh hush JR! You know if it was someone like Triple H you’d be kissing up to him but since its Batista your opinion is different. It’s a shame that you sit here and kiss the ass of people such as Shane McMahon.

***Commercial Break***

Match #1 – Mixed Tag Team Match
Kenny Dykstra and Kelly Kelly vs. Hardcore Holly and Michelle McCool

We get a mixed tag team match to kick the night off as the on-going feud between Kenny Dykstra and Hardcore Holly seems like it will take a halt after tonight as there is only so much that can be done with it and pretty much it already has been. So basically it’s clear that this match was used for Dykstra to once again get another win over Holly but in another method. Three huge wins over a veteran such as Holly definitely helps the stock of Dykstra. Dykstra and Kelly picked up the victory after Kelly distracted Michelle which distracted Holly in return. Dykstra quickly rolled up Holly with a small package getting the victory and in the process picking up his third straight win over the veteran of the ring and it’s clear that Dykstra is on a roll now.

Winners – Kenny Dykstra and Kelly Kelly

Dykstra slides out of the ring with his girlfriend as he makes his way up the ramp having finally ended that feud with Hardcore Holly with another win. We now head backstage as we see Matt Hardy walking backstage meeting up with Eric Bischoff.

Matt Hardy: Eric what is this about a Triple Threat Match?

Eric looks at Matt smiling as he knows Matt is talking about the match tonight.

Eric Bischoff: What about it?

Matt Hardy: You know what. You promised me if I won that I’d have a “huge surprise” and well I figured it’d be a title shot. So how come I don’t get a straight one on one title shot?

Eric Bischoff: This is your “surprise.” Listen Matt I didn’t have to give you this title shot but I figured that you deserved it and that you earned it. After all you, Randy, and Mr. Kennedy all won your matches last night and well I think it’s clear that all three of you should and will be contending for the WWE title. Now is there a problem with that?

Hardy looks at Bischoff as Bischoff is basically saying “If there’s a problem, I can pull you out of the match” pretty much but not literally saying it.

Matt Hardy: I just find it funny that you sat there and offered me a “surprise” and when things finally go your way you go and change them? Eric, I saved your job! I didn’t have to go into that match for you but I did. I did it for you. Hell I attacked my brother and now we’re not even talking because of you. I me…

Eric Bischoff: If you really don’t want the title shot, I’ll have no problem taking it away from you if that’s what you’re trying to get at?

Hardy looks at Bischoff trying to find a way to “get to him” but it’s clear that Bischoff is in full on “prick” mode and won’t listen to Hardy.

Eric Bischoff: So Matt if you don’t mind, I’ve got a few things to do tonight before I meet up with Stephanie McMahon.

Eric gets ready to walk off but he stops. He looks at Matt showing a smile as he turns around.

Eric Bischoff: Oh and by the way…good luck.

Matt Hardy is left standing there looking on confused as Eric Bischoff walks off from the scene. We now head to another commercial break.

***Commercial Break***

Match #2 – Singles Match
Mickie James vs. Candice Michelle

These two divas actually wrestle a decent match with the much improved Candice (okay not really that much) but they do put on a good match. The new Women’s Champion in Beth Phoenix is at ringside watching her former friend and current rival Mickie James wrestle. It seemed clear that Mickie was going to win the match. Mickie almost had the match won towards the end thanks for a Mick Kick that was about to occur but after Candice dodged the kick, Beth quickly ran over tripping up Mickie which then provoked an argument between the two divas. Beth shoved Mickie right into Candice who rolled up Mickie getting a pin fall victory over the former Women’s Champion tonight.

Winner – Candice Michelle

The new Women’s Champion stands and laughs as Mickie James has possibly just suffered her biggest defeat in her career tonight. Beth looks at Candice for a moment and in a way to show her dominance runs over knocking the diva down with a hard clothesline. Candice falls down onto the mat as Beth stands over Candice and Mickie in the ring as the fans boo the new Women’s Champion as it’s clear that she apparently runs the Women’s division.

Jim Ross: And just like that Beth Phoenix has shown her dominance by first costing Mickie James the match and then taking out Candice. It’s clear that this diva has no friends and apparently has no desire to have any either.

Jerry Lawler: Why have friends JR when you have the Women’s title? She’s a two-time Women’s Champion for a reason and it’s because of the fact that she won’t let anybody run over her. Mickie James got lucky a month back in winning the title but now that the Glamazon is back on top, nobody is going to be able to stop her.

Jim Ross: I bet Mickie James begs to differ with those comments King.

Jerry Lawler: What would you know about women and what they beg to differ about JR? Your wife hasn’t agreed with anything that you’ve said to her since you married her!

We’re sent backstage almost immediately after with the World Tag Team Champions CM Punk and Brian Kendrick standing in the back talking to one another.

CM Punk: So Brian listen I was thinking about how Pricele…

Brian Kendrick: Aw man…look…

Kendrick looks straight at Priceless as they are making their way towards the champions right now as we speak.

Ted DiBiase: Well, well, well if it isn’t the champions or should I say the soon to be FORMER champions.

DiBiase and Rhodes share a quick laugh but their laughter suddenly becomes seriousness as they came to tell Punk and Kendrick something apparently.

Cody Rhodes: You two have marked us off as contenders ever since we arrived her just two months ago but I want it to be known that Ted and myself, we don’t have to worry about paying our dues and what not to try and get ahead of the business. Our fathers had to pay their dues but we’re different from them. They had to get their names out there but our names are already out there, how do you think we’ve risen so quick to the top?

Rhodes points to DiBiase as if almost telling him that it’s his turn to speak.

Ted DiBiase: But the difference between our fathers and ourselves is that we’re not jokes like they were. Sure you’ve heard it enough about them being legendary wrestlers and all that crap but really Cody and I, we don’t give a crap. We’re in this business for ourselves and we’re not in it to continue the legacy, we’re in it to try and redeem our last names in the business. Rhodes and DiBiase certainly aren’t associated with the great names in wrestling like the Austin’s, the Helmsley’s, the McMahon’s, the Hogan’s and all of those names, so why ride the coat tails of it when we can recreate it?

Brian Kendrick: We respect you two and we’re not afraid of a challenge but the fact that you two have come in here thinking you immediately deserve a title shot definitely shows some arrogance because there’s other tag teams here on Raw that have been here longer than you and have worked harder than you already.

Cody Rhodes: Oh really?

Rhodes and Kendrick come face to face as Punk holds Kendrick back while DiBiase holds Rhodes back from one another as they’re trying to prevent a fight.

Cody Rhodes: I guess we’ll find out if we deserve a title shot or not later…

Brian Kendrick: I’ll see you there….

Both Priceless and Punk and Kendrick walk their separate ways as Rhodes will be meeting Kendrick one on one later on tonight.

***Commercial Break***

As soon as Raw comes back from commercial break we hear ***Turn up the Treble*** as Mr. Kennedy walks out on the ramp and stops at the top of the ramp. Mr. Kennedy looks across the arena as the lights come down and he has a mic in hand.

Mr. Kennedy: Right now you are looking at the ONLY man to defeat both John Cena and the Undertaker in consecutive Pay-Per-Views in the entire history of the WWE! That’s two…count them….TWO former WWE Champions that I have slayed within the duration of a month. Not many…hell I’m the only superstar that can claim that and I must say that it feels great to know that the one person that did it is named….

Mr. Kennedy yells into the mic.

Mr. Kennedy: Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Mr. Kennedy cools himself down afterwards as it’s apparent he’s got something to address as the fans boo the brash and arrogant superstar.

Mr. Kennedy: Now later on tonight as a result of winning just last night I will be in action in a Triple Threat Match later tonight in which I will defeat both Matt Hardy and Randy Orton and go on to claim my title shot at Unforgiven in which I will beat once again ANOTHER WWE Champion and finally be crowned the NEW WWE Champion.

Mr. Kennedy throws his hands in the air as if he’s celebrating the fact that he just won the WWE title in a way to try and create a vision for it.

Mr. Kennedy: But there seems to be something going on around here despite the fact that I am one of the single handed hottest superstars right now on the roster. Nobody can deny that I’ve racked up constant victory after victory but yet there still seems to be some form of disrespect coming from superstars around here in the WWE and really someone like myself don’t deserve to be disrespected like this and quite frankly I’m not going to take it. That’s why I’m announcing that if I do not win the Triple Threat Match tonight, which will most likely of course happen, that I will NOT WRESTLE ANOTHER MATCH until I finally am given the respect I deserve!

The crowd boos at Kennedy going out far enough to do something as silly as boycott the WWE.

Mr. Kennedy: Why you ask?

The crowd starts a large “You Suck” Chant directed towards the brash and arrogant superstar as he continues on speaking ignoring the masses of fans.

Mr. Kennedy: It’s simple. It’s the fact that since day one that I came into the WWE that I have yet to be respected and it’s going to stop now. I figure if I boycott wrestling in the WWE and stand for everything against it, then how can I be disrespected if I’m not appearing in the ring? Now really all of this can be stopped simply if I do go out there and win tonight or if I get some “help” from either Mick Foley or Eric Bischoff but really I seriously doubt that is going to happen.

The crowd boos Kennedy bad mouthing Foley but not really caring about what Kennedy had to say about Bischoff.

Mr. Kennedy: But the fact that I can and will get the respect that I deserve. I’ve been here for two years and I’ve already achieved a whole hell of a lot more than some superstars have done in their ten plus year careers here in the WWE but still, still I can’t get the respect that I deserve. Well that’s over…it’s done. Mark my words….I will be respected….

The crowd boos Kennedy as it seems that he is about to wrap up his speech.

Mr. Kennedy: Or I will walk out. It’s your choice.

***Turn up the Treble*** hits across the arena as Mr. Kennedy makes his way to the back as he has a match to get ready for later on tonight. Shortly after Mr. Kennedy leaves the ramp, we’re sent backstage into the office of Mick Foley and Eric Bischoff as Bischoff is nowhere to be seen but Foley is sitting there playing with two action figures (one a Mankind, the other a Dude Love.) Suddenly a knock is heard on the door before we see the Brit, William Regal walk through the door.

Mick Foley: Well hello there William; how may I help you?

Regal has a smug look on his face (when does he never?) as he looks at Foley knowing that Foley is trying to be funny.

William Regal: Watch it sunshine. Listen I’ve been here on Raw for nearly a month now and I’ve yet to actually wrestle a formidable opponent here. When am I going to be finally get that chance?

Foley sits back pondering in his chair and he thinks about it for quite a while that he almost falls asleep. The fans are laughing but Regal doesn’t find it funny one bit.

William Regal: Wake up ya’ dirty devil!

Foley jumps up almost acting surprised as he puts a smile on his face as Regal looks pretty pissed off.

Mick Foley: Oh…oh my bad. Okay well after consulting with myself over the past couple of minutes I’ve thought about every possibly opponent that you could possibly face that is not busy next week and after scattering my mind I’ve found just the perfect opponent for you William…

William Regal: And…

Mick Foley: I think you’re going to love this….

Regal looks pissed off at Foley as Foley continues to smile.

William Regal: Just cut to the chase you bloody imbecile.

Mick Foley: The Undertaker!

Regal stands back looking shocked as Foley looks straight at Regal with a smile on his face. Regal looks straight at Foley not even moving as Regal can’t believe that he has to go toe to toe next week with the Deadman. Foley looks at Regal as Regal is stood still not moving.

Mick Foley: Oh and Mr. Regal…

Regal is still stood there frozen in disbelief but he finally wakes himself up from it. He turns around heading towards the door but Foley stops him.

Mick Foley: Have a nice day!

We’re sent back down to ringside to the commentating duo of JR and King.

Jim Ross: Oh my. Two huge announcements there first off with Mr. Kennedy threatening a boycott if he doesn’t win his match tonight and well I must say that it would be a good riddance if he doesn’t win tonight. I’m seriously tired of hearing this brash superstar talk about how he’s already something big here.

Jerry Lawler
: He’s only been on Raw for four months but I’d argue that he truly is one of the top superstars in the history of Raw right now. It’s clear that he is the real deal and I’d probably walk out too and boycott if I didn’t get the rightful respect that I deserved. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same JR?

Jim Ross: That’s something completely different though King. And next week we just learned that William Regal will be meeting the Undertaker one on one. I guess this has a lot to do with the attitude that Regal came in showing towards our co-GM Mick Foley and well if I was Foley I would have done the same exact thing!

Jerry Lawler: Regal did nothing wrong at all and to throw him against an angry Deadman like the Undertaker is wrong. It’s clear Undertaker is going to be pissed off about losing last night and to just throw someone who had nothing to do with it such as Regal into the mix is wrong and this proves that Mick Foley is abusing his powers.

Jim Ross: Oh please King.

***Commercial Break***

Match #3 – Singles Match
Santino Marella vs. Mark Henry

Really didn’t get much time as the World’s Strongest Man used his power to pretty much run right over the fiery Italian Santino Marella. Santino didn’t get much offense in either as this was basically to just continue the losing streak and to try and bring out the fiery side of him as a result. Henry was able to close the match away with a big World’s Strongest Slam to seal the victory and put Santino’s losses in a row at five now.

Winner – Mark Henry

***Somebodies’ Gonna Get It*** hit across the arena as Mark Henry made his exit with Santino Marella left laying in the ring. Santino finally got back up realizing that he had lost another match before yelling out Sona’magun as there may be no cure to his losing streak at all. The fans tried to cheer Santino up but he walked up the ramp with his head hanging low.

Jim Ross: It seems no matter what Santino tries he just isn’t able to get a victory here on Raw right now ever since he got that first one when he debuted.

Jerry Lawler: I think no matter what he tries he is still going to come out here and get his butt handed to him every week by these Raw superstars. Santino’s got heart but after some of these stars get done with him it might not be too much left!

Jim Ross: One day Santino’s finally going to get that win he needs and hopefully it will come soon because I hate to see such a young and upcoming superstar not be able to pull out a victory but it might be as soon as next week that he finally wins.

Jerry Lawler: I doubt it JR (laughing).

We’re sent backstage after the commentators are done speaking to see Todd Grisham standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen at this time please welcome my guest…Randy Orton.

The crowd boos as Randy Orton walks into the scene all bruised up from the Hell in a Cell last night but still he must go at it tonight if he wants to main event Unforgiven.

Todd Grisham: Last night you endured probably the most hellacious match of your career and tonight you’ve got to come out here and wrestle again. Now last night you punted Chris Jericho in the head putting him out of action for at least a couple of months and I must ask you what were you thinking whenever you punted Jericho’s head into the Cell?

Randy Orton: Thinking Todd? I wasn’t thinking. I acted upon instinct and instinct told me to punt Jericho’s head into the cell. Thinking is no longer in my nature Todd just in case that hasn’t been seen yet. I’m not here to please the fans and I’m not here to care about what they think. I’m here because of what I’ve done in the past few months and that’s change my attitude. Some people say I’ve turned into a sick and twisted man but really all I’ve done is reveal my real self. Just look at last week as an example of what people think of as me being “sick and twisted”

Footage of the Highlight Reel where Randy Orton came out dropping his own father Cowboy Bob Orton with an RKO is shown.

Randy Orton: People have been wondering how I could drop my own dad with an RKO and I simply responded with “Because I had to” and it seems people don’t understand why. It’s the fact that I’ve been doubted my whole life. People have asked if I need help, if I need to be brought back to my old self but I don’t need that nor do I want it. This is me…this is myself and this is how it’s going to be from now on. I told you all that I felt at home inside of that Cell and I sure as hell did whenever I punted Chris Jericho right in between the eyes crushing his head into the Cell. Chris Jericho is a prime example of being a doubter…he doubted me ever since the beginning of the year but if there ever was a since of doubt in me now…it should be gone.

Todd Grisham: Randy I don’t think it’s that anyone doubts you, I thi…

Randy Orton: Don’t get me started Todd. It’s clear that people think I’m a lunatic and that I need help. It’s clear that people think I’m on a serious medication or something but once again I let you all know that I’m not. This is me and what you see is what you get. This is the real Randy Orton and tonight I go out there and do to Mr. Kennedy and Matt Hardy just what I did to Chris Jericho and that is run right over them and then finally…finally I make my ascend back towards the top. I’ll head back towards where I belong and that Todd….that day will be very “sick and disturbing” for all of the WWE fans and public whenever I dethrone “your” champion Triple and once again…am your WWE Champion!

With that Randy Orton walks off as Todd looks at Randy as if he’s gone crazy (which apparently he has) despite the fact Orton has denied it. Todd stands there looking at Orton as we head off to another commercial break.

***Commercial Break***

We’re sent backstage into a dark secluded area as we see a red light come on with Kane sitting in the corner with his head down.

Kane: One day…one day all of you will understand me. One day I will finally be understood by everyone and I will finally be not misunderstood. One day is all that it takes for you all to realize that I…am just like each and every one of you. That just because I’ve lived a scarred life doesn’t mean that I can’t survive here on my own. Just one day…one day is all that it will take until you all realize just how deadly, how maniacal of a monster I am. That one day…is nearing.

We hear the laughter of Kane as he rares his head back and continues to laugh pretty loud in a rather disturbing way before we head back into the arena.

Jim Ross: Rather disturbing talk there from the Big Red Monster Kane and I’m wondering what he’s been referring to over the past month. It’s been a while but I remember when he first came back that he was talking about something similar just like this. What can it be?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know JR. Why don’t you go ask your buddy Kane and see what he has to say? I know that you’ve had a few experiences up and close with him so you might be able to talk to him because I want nothing to do with him at all.

Jim Ross: Very funny King. Well we’re about to see right now one half of the World Tag Champs Brian Kendrick take on one half of Priceless in Cody Rhodes and one has to think should Rhodes pull out the victory for his team that they just may become number one contenders if the two GM’s are watching this match.

Jerry Lawler: Personally in my opinion I think that Priceless should already be the number one contenders but whether or not that happens I don’t know.

Match #4 – Singles Match
Brian Kendrick w/ CM Punk vs. Cody Rhodes w/ Ted DiBiase

We get probably the longest match of the night so far right here between these two young guns as they are duking it out in what will most likely be a future tag team feud between all four of these young superstars. Kendrick’s heart and Rhodes’ desire to try and win a tag title shot for his team is what really comes through in the match and makes a great story. Kendrick came so close to winning the match and possibly shutting down any hopes of title shots for Priceless after hitting a huge dropkick and looking to follow it up with The Kendrick but Rhodes had an assist from DiBiase as DiBiase pushed Kendrick off the ropes as he went up for the Kendrick as Kendrick was thrown back down onto the mat. Rhodes fell down onto the mat as well but got back up quickly taking advantage after DiBiase and Punk got into a scuffle outside the ring as Rhodes wasted no time in hitting the Cross Rhodes before covering for the victory.

Winner – Cody Rhodes

***Priceless*** hits across the arena as DiBiase and Punk stopped the scuffling on the outside while Rhodes slid to the outside. Rhodes and DiBiase shared a quick hug as DiBiase held Rhodes’ hand high in the air making sure the fans knew Rhodes won. Punk slid in checking on his tag partner Kendrick as Kendrick was okay but just angry that he lost the match. Punk assures Kendrick that it’s okay and that Priceless still is not a huge threat to them. Punk helps Kendrick up as we’re sent back to the commentators.

Jim Ross: Well if Priceless hasn’t made their statements any clearer than that, it seems that they have made a statement that they very well could be the next number one contenders for the titles if Eric Bischoff and Mick Foley have anything to say about it soon.

Jerry Lawler: They should have been number one contenders on the fact that their names are DiBiase and Rhodes. That right there should qualify them for it just because of the fact that their fathers are legends.

Jim Ross: If you only knew how much that did not make sense. Well coming up next we’ll be crowning a number one contender for Unforgiven and Triple H’s WWE title whenever Mr. Kennedy meets Matt Hardy and Randy Orton in a big Triple Threat Match.

Jerry Lawler: I hope for the WWE’s sake that Kennedy wins this so we don’t have to witness a boycott. Boy that would be bad and the ratings would drop pretty quick.

***Commercial Break***

We come back from the break once again to see Todd Grisham standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen at this time my guest…please welcome the NEW WWE Champion…Triple H!

The new WWE Champion Triple H walks into the scene with the WWE title slung over his shoulder as he has a smile on his face.

Todd Grisham: Just last night you won your eleventh WWE Championship and it’s been over two years since you won the title. How does it feel to finally be back on top?

Triple H: Todd it feels good…really it does to know that all of the hard work, all of the dedication to coming here to work my ass off has finally paid off again and that for the eleventh time I can say that I am a WWE champion. Not many people can say it but I’m one of the few and I think this proves right there that I am a threat to anybody on the roster.

Todd Grisham: Earlier Batista announced that he is saving his rematch clause, what do you think of that? And who do you think is going to win the Triple Threat later on?

Triple H: Batista can save his rematch clause all he wants because really all its saying is that he’s afraid of taking me on once again.

The crowd pops for these comments as Triple H is enjoying himself.

Triple H: Many people have tried me but many people have also failed as well. Todd they call me the King of Kings for a reason and you’re looking at it right now (points to the WWE title) Only a few select people have held the title over 10 times and I’m one of them. I’m one of the few that has been in almost every situation and almost every type of match you can think of and almost ninety-nine percent of the time I’ve came out on top. Just this past Sunday I was thrown into a match against Batista who I had never beaten one on one before but I did the unthinkable, I finally stopped the Animal and my reward? This baby right here (slaps the title once again)

The crowd goes nuts enjoying Triple H as it seems he’s having fun tonight finally being the champion once again in his first face title reign in a long time.

Triple H: But don’t think I’m going to sit back and just have fun all of the time. This title requires a lot of effort, a lot of time, and a lot of sacrifice. I’ve sacrificed a lot of stuff to get back to the top of the mountain and re-claim this title and let me say that it’s been all worth it. Every single second that I’ve wrestled the past two years I’ve thought about this WWE title and now that it’s finally in my hands, there isn’t a single superstar that is going to be able to take away this title from me. It doesn’t matter who wins the Triple Threat next whether it’s Orton, Kennedy, or Hardy. Because I promise you when one of those men step up and realize that they have to play the Game…they’ll immediately realize that it’ll be…

Triple H pauses for a moment looking deep into the camera.

Triple H: Game Over!

With that Triple H walks towards the arena as JR and King hype the Triple Threat Match that is about to occur for one final time. ***Time to Play the Game*** hits across the arena as Triple H makes his way down the ramp taking a seat watching the match at ringside. Triple H sits down as JR and King welcome him as he’s getting ready to find out just who he is going to have to defend the title against at Unforgiven very soon.

Match #5 - #1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match
Winner faces Triple H at Unforgiven
Randy Orton vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

All three men earned a spot in this match by winning their matches at SummerSlam and they do not disappoint as all three men are out there to make a statement as to why they should be facing Triple H at Unforgiven. Triple H was at ringside to discuss winning the title last night and how he’s already got to go out and defend it in just a couple of weeks which he said doesn’t bother him. Back to the ring as each man got about the same amount of offense in but towards the end the match really made it’s turn thanks to the No DQ rules (due to it being a Triple Threat) that saw the Gold Standards make their way down to the ring as the United States Champion Shelton Benjamin and his tag partner Elijah Burke attacked the former champion that Benjamin beat just a few weeks ago in Matt Hardy. Benjamin and Burke beat down on Hardy with the US title pretty much taking Hardy out of the match for now at least; which left it up to Kennedy and Orton. Kennedy and Orton brawled for a bit before the Gold Standards left ringside having done damage to Hardy it seems (at least in their minds). Hardy was down for a bit while Kennedy and Orton fought but neither man was able to secure the victory while Hardy was down. Right at the end of the match after Hardy recovered, Orton hit Kennedy with a huge snap DDT before Hardy hit the ring. Hardy stumbled right into an RKO from Orton before Orton threw Hardy over making the cover.

Winner and #1 Contender – Randy Orton

***Burn in my Light*** hits across the arena as Triple H stands up at the commentary table with his mic still on looking directly at Randy Orton. These two men are going to be meeting at Unforgiven in just a few short weeks for the big prize in the industry. Meanwhile in the ring Mr. Kennedy is sitting down looking around the arena (as now the boycott is most likely going to come into effect) due to what he said earlier tonight but needless to say there are a lot of stories coming out of this match.

Jim Ross: It’s going to happen in jus a few weeks at Unforgiven as Randy Orton will meet Triple H for the WWE title. These two men haven’t clashed with one another in nearly two and a half years but they will at Unforgiven with the big prize on the line.

Triple H: I used to have nothing but respect for Randy but now that I’m the champion I’m only in this for myself JR. I mean I’ve shed the blood, fought back the tears, the injuries, and everything else to try and get back to the top and finally I did it just last night. It’s my time once again J.R. and I’ll be damned if I let Randy stop me from holding this title for a long time.

Jerry Lawler: Well as a result of this it seems Mr. Kennedy is not going to be wrestling for a while as he said he was going to boycott if he lost and well he did. What a shame to see someone like Mr. Kennedy have to give up what he loves because nobody respects him.

Jim Ross: Well it seems that Matt Hardy is not done with the Gold Standards just yet while it does indeed seem that Mr. Kennedy is going to be boycotting the WWE for now at least after what he said earlier but once again the biggest news to come out of this is that Triple H will meet Randy Orton with the WWE title on the line in just a few weeks.

Jerry Lawler: So much to take out of this but really I think I’ll miss Mr. Kennedy the most. Wait I hear Stephanie McMahon is just arriving to the arena!

The camera shifts backstage to see Stephanie stepping out of the limo all dressed up. Stephanie is making her way towards the arena as we hear JR.

Jim Ross: Stephanie McMahon is hear ladies and gentlemen! And when we come back Stephanie presents her offer to Raw co-GM Eric Bischoff that he may just not be able to resist according to Mrs. McMahon herself. We’ll find out when we come back.

***Commercial Break***

***All Grown Up*** hits across the arena as the music of Stephanie McMahon fills the arena as Stephanie makes her way down towards the ring. Stephanie steps into the ring as she looks around and quickly receives a mic.

Stephanie McMahon: Eric Bischoff if you could come out here right now please…

***I’m Back*** hits rather quickly as time seems to be running out on the show as Eric Bischoff makes his way down to the ring as Stephanie looks on greeting Eric with a smile. Normally Foley would have came down but apparently Stephanie had asked only Bischoff come down to the ring for this so it’s only Bischoff. Bischoff gets into the ring and grabs a mic as well.

Stephanie McMahon: Now Eric we’re going to keep this pretty short. Last night I presented you an offer at SummerSlam that you may not be able to resist and well I definitely think you are going to like this offer. You’ve proven that in the past that you are a very demanding but also good general manager that knows how to handle situations fair and do them before things explode and that is why I am presenting this offer to you.

Eric Bischoff: Thanks Stephanie. I mean after all of our past history (laughs) I didn’t think you liked me at all but well…

Stephanie pauses for a bit after Eric’s reference to the HLA storyline just a few years ago between the two when Stephanie was Smackdown GM.

Stephanie McMahon: The past is the past Eric. This is now and the future needs to be someone that is brave enough to “hold down” this position well. If you don’t know what I’m talking about Eric…I’m referring to the Smackdown General Manager spot.

Bischoff pauses for a moment thinking about it as the fans gasp (as if they’re really shocked)

Stephanie McMahon: With the firing last night of John Bradshaw Layfield as the Smackdown General Manager, Smackdown needs someone to step in there almost immediately and fill the void because there’s way too many superstars to just let them “run the asylum” so to speak so I’m putting this ultimatum to you. You don’t have to accept if you don’t want to Eric but just know that Smackdown definitely has a lot of potential in it and that you could be known as the first ever GM of both Raw and Smackdown. Eric this is all up to you…

Bischoff pauses once again showing a smile on his face as he thinks about it.

Eric Bischoff: I’m not so sure Steph, I mean I’ve been here on Raw on and off for nearly five years so it’s like my new home to me. I mean I basically brought Raw back to what it was in the old days and I have pretty much molded it into what it is today. It’d be so hard to just leave Raw like that Stephanie but I definitely agree with you in that it just might be an offer that I may not be able to resist.

Stephanie nods her head in agreeance as she looks at Eric wanting an answer.

Stephanie McMahon: On behalf of the entire McMahon family Eric, I am offering this Smackdown General Manager job to you because we, the McMahon’s know that you are a very capable man of taking care of the Smackdown roster. We need somebody right now in this time that is capable of taking care of both brands right now and you seem to be the man. We're placing our trust in you Eric, please don't let us down. We know you will make fair decisions, treat each superstar equally, and that you will also make smart decisions that will help the brand and not hinder it in the future. Am I correct Eric?

The crowd is chanting “Bullshit” as it’s clear that Bischoff is the exact opposite of what Stephanie is describing him as.

Stephanie McMahon: I am very confident that you are the man that we are looking for. Otherwise we wouldn’t have offered you the job this quick after having just fired JBL last night. So I’ve got one last question for you Eric? Do you accept the job?

Bischoff looks around the arena as the fans are booing him and it’s clear they don’t want Bischoff to take the job.

Eric Bischoff: I…I don't know…

Stephanie McMahon: Listen Eric. Because of the fact Mick Foley is co-GM here on Raw along with you, we can let you stay here on Raw and remain as co-GM if you’d like but also be the head GM over on Smackdown. Mick would have more of an important role but no doubt you’d still be the co-GM here as well so what do you say?

The fans are booing loud and clear as it’s pretty much clear what they think about Bischoff taking the job.

Stephanie McMahon: You don’t have to make the decision tonight if you don’t want to, if you want you can get back with me on it, but you do whatever you want Eric. My dad, even though he couldn’t be here tonight due to the attack last week wanted you as well to be the number one choice should JBL get fired so Eric…you do what is best for you.

Bischoff looks around as the fans are sick of hearing this now it seems.

Eric Bischoff: Stephanie…I…

Stephanie pauses looking at Eric waiting to see what he’s going to say.

Eric Bischoff: I ACCEPT!

And with that Eric Bischoff has perhaps the most power right now in the WWE as he remains co-GM here on Raw (at least for now) and will become the new GM on Smackdown. Stephanie and Eric shake hands as there is many flash photographers at ringside taking pictures with Eric and Stephanie shaking hands as Stephanie hands Eric a special blue Smackdown t-shirt just as a present for accepting the job. Stephanie and Eric continue to take pictures in the ring as we listen to JR and King talk about this interesting scenario.

Jim Ross: I can’t believe I’d say this but Eric Bischoff may indeed be the most powerful man here in the WWE. Not only will he remain co-GM on Raw but he’ll also be the new head General Manager on Smackdown. I’ve never heard of someone having this much power.

Jerry Lawler: Someone such as Eric Bischoff deserves this JR. He’s worked hard the past five years or so here on Raw and it’s great to see that he gets even more power!

Jim Ross: It’s already bad enough that he’s got a big head but now all of this power surely is going to go to his head right?

Jerry Lawler: Not necessarily. I mean sure he’s not the “fairest” of people but Stephanie seemed to disagree. She said that he’s a good GM basically and I must agree with her. Controversy Creates Cash JR and this definitely is controversial.

Jim Ross: We’ll see you next week here on Raw, goodnight everybody!


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September 16, 2007
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WWE Championship
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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Raw Feedback

Nice opening video package showing me exactly what has been going on as of late, as for some reason it seems like its been ages since Sumemrslam, when in all fairness it really hasn’t been all that long.

Okay, so opening the show with Batista was something I didn’t expect as I thought you would start the show focusing on the new WWE Champion Triple H. Anyway Triple H seemed I don’t know good but something seemed a little off. Not out of character or anything but it just seemed certain words were out of place and what not. Read it back anyway and then see if you can tell what I mean.

I found it hilarious how when Shane said that he would fight ‘Tista at Unforgiven then Batista laughed because Shane had a lot of rust in him. I know it’s only small but would you not mention the fact that Shane is not an active wrestler or anything like that? This was my last bit of nit picking anyway… Unless I see something that really stands out of course.

The rest of the promo got across a nice story but well I don’t know what to say it just didn’t click. I said I wasn’t going to nit pick but if something is standing out like a sore thumb, I am going to tell you. Batista and Shane will meet and well I don’t think Batista had anything to do with the attack of Vince McMahon. \

Also the brawl was a tad unrealistic as I understand you’re probably going to make a match out of these two and you want to keep it even but, well, Batista would have absolutely destroyed Shane in the brawl. I understand that security came down and broke everything up, however, I just feel as if things sounded like the brawl went for a while, therefore perhaps Batista should have dominated a little bit more rather than just being told that Batista slightly dominated.

Kenny Dykstra finally puts Hardcore Holly to bed. I wanted last weeks match to be the last between them so hopefully this is it. Kenny, right now, has a good looking girlfriend, is winning matches and is decent in the ring. It’s a bout time you push him up the card a bit before his momentum dies down. I am not a big fan of Kenny, however, in this thread I feel as if he really can be something big, so yeah, make it happen.

Wow, Eric Bischoff screwed Matt Hardy… What a surprise. I guess Matt Hardy’s heel turn was only temporary which well is a bit silly in one way, but I guess it helps put across the fact that Bischoff is a complete asshole. Triple Threat should be good but I am definitely expecting Randy Orton to be the number one contender by the end of the night.

I don’t care if there is interference or not but the next time you put Candice Michelle over Mickie James I am going to hurt you. Even though there was interference from Beth Phoenix, which continues storylines, this result should never happen, especially if Mickie is going to continue a feud with the womens champion, we don’t want Mickie to look to weak.

Nice confrontation between the World Tag Team Champions and Priceless. I loved the spin you put on Priceless here, rather than playing on their fathers’ names they feel embarrassed by them and this is a great turn on their characters to make them super heel. Early stages I wasn’t so sure, but right now I see Priceless doing great things in this thread.

Mr Kennedy coming out for well, a somewhat random promo. The whole disrespect thing is a bit cliché but it really works for Kennedy therefore I have no problems with it. This promo was pretty spot on, I just didn’t like the way you used MISTTTERRR KENNEDY at the beginning instead of at the end, yes the catchphrase may be stale but it doesn’t sounds good if you change where it goes.

LMAO @ Regal going against The Undertaker next week. He could be in trouble, unless of course he is the one who attacked The Undertaker.

Mark Henry now squashes Santino Marella and I must say this show has been pretty weak in regards to matches so far. Hopefully things pick up from here in the match department.

Randy Orton interview was nice as the process of this sadistic Orton continues. I think the punt has made him fully sadistic but now it is about keeping him like that and this interview started that off in a good way.

Hmmmm, Kane equals interesting at the moment. Intrigued to see where you go with him from here.

Cody Rhodes gets the win in well the first good match of this show. It is a great thing to see and it will be interesting to see how long it takes until Priceless get the titles. Good to have a quality match on the show, tbh.

Triple H equals a tad generic and this interview has me worried that his title reign can be dull. That is why he must face Orton because Orton’s new character will make it more entertaining.

Awesome main event, after a lack luster start it was good to see the show finish with two solid matches. Actually, this match would have been better then solid. Burke and Benjamin taking out Hardy is good for something for Hardy to do for a while where as Kennedy is having the boycott. This left sadistic bastard to pick up the victory and even though it doesn’t happen often, I could see Trips losing the title straight away because Orton’s character is not ready to lose yet. Anyway, I will have to wait and see where you go with it, I guess.

The Stephanie/Bischoff thing I was hoping was something much more exciting but oh well. Anyway the thing I am interested about, is how Bischoff will go with power over both brands. It will be good to see where you go from here as there are so many options.

Overall KOP, a better show then what I was reading before S’Slam but still not the best. I know you got the talent in you, you show glimpses of it, but you haven’t had a fully blown consistent show in a while.

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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw – August 20, 2007
Crown Center Coliseum – Fayetteville, North Carolina

Always a good idea to kick off with the recap of the PPV the night before. Always makes the non-buyers feel like they missed something excellent.

Starting out with Batista (feels like déjà vu tbh, just read TKO’s latest show and he had Batista opening proceedings ) is a good move, saying as he just lost his title = big news.

Focus off the title now?? Interesting. Well, I had expected him to veer off the title hunt for the inevitable Shane feud, but I didn’t expect him to admit that the title wasn’t his priority. Definitely needed more full stops and commas here…

Batista: It’s clear I’ve got too many other “things” going on right now that I’m not even concerned about what Triple H does in the next few months with the title or whoever wins it because I’ll still have my rematch. It’s in my clause and there’s no time set for when I have to use it again so just let it be known that whoever’s champion whenever I choose to revoke my rematch clause, that the Animal is coming to get back on top and that I will be a TWO-TIME WWE CHAMPION! Now enough of that…
More spacing of the promo would’ve been nice too, rather than rushing through. Break it up with fan reactions, or Batistas reaction every few sentences even.

Few minutes of pausing?? Too long, right?? Guessing you didn’t actually mean minutes of waiting, and more like it felt like minutes??

No wasting time anyway, just getting right into the Shane / Batista angle, no dancing around Big Dave taking his rematch. Different approach, and something that feels fresh to me, because we all know this is where things were heading anyway.

I thought you played the roles nicely in this promo, with Shane ‘trying’ to be tough, but Batista laughing it off. 100% the right way to play it out. We all saw how awful the Shane / Orton reactions were in that real life feud, so it’s good that Big Dave isn’t showing any kind of respect to Shane-O. If I had one complaint, it might be that Shane came off a little too tough, although it worked that he was looking to protect his family.

Less said about Shane surviving the fist fight the better. I can understand him putting up a fight, but you should’ve put more detail into Batista owning the fight, with Shane just keeping coming at him.

Pleased that King and J.R have also questioned Shanes chances against The Animal, which they should. I’d assume the announcement for a gimmick match at Unforgiven next week. Seems like the logical step.

Another ego building win for young Dykstra. Plenty of victories over Holly has elevated him slightly, and it looks like the natural progression for him is to now move on and take on a more relevant name in this day and age.

Hopefully this is only the tip of the iceberg for Hardy, and not the blow-off to his big Summerslam angle. If it is, it’ll be very disappointing, and such a flat pay-off after investing time into what should have been a much bigger deal with brother facing brother. Bischoff seems like he’s back to his best though as the weasel GM.

Umm… you’ve just had Candice wrestle two matches . Unforgivable tbh. Surprising loss for Mickie here, and I wonder if this will lead to Candice entering the feud to keep James and Beth apart for a month after a few months of one on one meetings.

Enjoyed the tag team showdown backstage. Rhodes and DiBiase could have some big upside to them if you continue in the same vein, with both men not wanting to emulate their fathers. Two cocky silver spooned wannabes, who believe the wrestling business owes them a living = ratings.

YAY!!! Kennedy plays up the fact he’s beaten Cena and Taker in consecutive months. Inspired booking. Kennedy has most definitely been on the rise in recent months, and a title match at Unforgiven could well be on the card if you ask me.

Umm, Kennedys rant really came out of left field imo. Felt forced, and didn’t make sense to me. If he’d even just complained about having to earn the shot after his two back to back PPV victories, and then refused to wrestle again if he lost, I’d have responded to it a lot better. Just didn’t click with me. But I do like the refusal to wrestle if he loses. That one has potential. Just a shame you went the direction you did to reach that point.

Regal vs. Undertaker next week I assume?? Meh. Nice to see Regal get a big of screen time, but he’s not winning next week; that’s a fact.

Matches have been somewhat weak thus far, and this one was no different. Losing streak continues for Santino. Not sure where you’ll eventually take this angle, but at least it keeps Marella in the spotlight.

Was wondering when Orton would get his moment to talk up his sick win over Jericho at Summerslam. And after the wait, this did not disappoint. Right now, Orton is without doubt the hottest commodity you’ve got. You’ve taken his character in a direction different to everyone else, and I like it a lot. If The Game hadn’t just won the title, I’d say this was a perfect time to put the belt on Orton, but after such a long chase, The Game needs the belt for a while at least. Tough call, but I’d say Orton wins tonight, just for the pure fact we’ve heard from all three guys, and only one has mentioned the champion, lol.

Kane = Lost in the shuffle. Just too many people on Raw at the moment imo, but it appears Kane is about to be thrust into something. The promo was nicely delivered; another ‘out there’ promo, that worked nicely, and fit the Kane character. I’m intrigued, just for the pure fact the promo was pretty sweet. If this results in Kane vs. Undertaker #214, I’ll not be impressed.

No shit win for Cody Rhodes. Cross Rhodes owns as a finisher name btw. What is the actual move though?? I get the feeling that the champs are going to lose the titles soon, which I’m on the fence about. Priceless have been a good fit on Raw thus far, but Punk & Kendrick deserve a run with the titles imo.

Triple H interview felt like it was just thrown into the mix and get The Game on screen. You might’ve been better served to have him come to the ring at the top of the second hour and talk up his title win. Interview served it’s purpose though.

Orton winning was no surprise really, and ultimately was the best direction to take. Hardy has the Gold Standards to feud with (cue run in), and Kennedy now begins his protest. With Orton so fresh now as a character, he seems like a genuine threat to the title. And how poetic would it be for Orton to dethrone Triple H, at Unforgiven, one month after The Game won the belt; just like Trips did to Orton in ‘04.

Don’t know if the Bischoff / Stephanie segment was something strong enough to close the show with. The #1 Contenders match might’ve been a better choice to close the show imo. Bischoff getting the SD GM gig is fine and dandy with me, as it could lead to all sorts of possibilities. I think we caught of glimpse of what to expect earlier with his meeting with Matt Hardy, and I suspect we’ll see a lot more of a smug GM, knowing he has ALL the power on Raw and Smackdown. Should make for an interesting ride in the next few months. Huge position of power for Eric now.

Glad to see you back writing full shows, you've been missed. And you're starting to get things moving again, especially if the Orton direction is anything to go by. Hopefully you're coming out of that 'funk', and back into your element.
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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown – August 24, 2007
Carolina Coliseum – Columbia, South Carolina

Eric Bischoff started the night off addressing the fans and reminding them that he now is the head General Manager of Smackdown but that he also has power on Raw. Bischoff explains this to the “dumb fans” in that he pretty much runs the WWE right now as he has a whole lot of power. First off Eric says that he’s got to right some wrongs that JBL did in just his last few weeks and that he’s got some decisions to make. Bischoff confirmed Big Show and Christian’s title shots that they earned, then announced Edge vs. Finlay, and the Six Man Tag with Big Show, Jeff Hardy, and Christian vs. MVP, Ezekiel Jackson, and Umaga. Bischoff went for a bit taking every second he had to remind the fans of all the power he has now as the fans didn’t want to listen to it and showed it with the constant boos that were echoing across the arena. Bischoff was about to continue on before he was interrupted by FORMER General Manager John Bradshaw Layfield. Bischoff is laughing right now as JBL is not laughing at all. JBL comes out here saying that he simply wanted Jeff Hardy to win but Jeff Hardy didn’t do that. JBL tells Bischoff that he needs to do what is right and first off suspend Jeff Hardy and then sign JBL to a contract here on Smackdown. Bischoff says he’s not going to do either here tonight and that if JBL wants a contract, he’ll have to earn it. Bischoff tells JBL that he’s in charge now of both brands and that he does things the way he wants to. Bischoff wishes JBL luck but JBL seems confused. Bischoff informs JBL that next week he’ll have a “try-out” match here on Smackdown before leaving.

The number one contendership for the WWE Tag Team titles was on the line next as The Miz and John Morrison teamed together to take on Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore and finally Deuce and Domino in a Triple Threat Match. Yang and Moore looked like they stood a chance at winning the match but thanks to a timely interference from the Miz, Morrison was able to catch Yang off guard with the Moonlight Drive to secure the win and the title shot for next week here on Smackdown against the WWE Tag Team Champs Jesse and Festus.

Backstage the World-Heavyweight Champion MVP runs into Eric Bischoff. MVP and Bischoff shake hands as at first it seems they are going to be on the same page. MVP then asks Bischoff why he’s in a match after winning last Sunday. Bischoff looks at MVP and says “tough luck” to MVP and tells the champion that if he wants to wear the title, he’ll have to wrestle in matches and also go out and defend his title on nights as well. MVP looks at Bischoff after saying “Man, this is bullshit” as Bischoff walks off with Ezekiel Jackson calming down the arrogant and cocky champion before something big was to go down.

“The Prototype” debuted next and it was revealed to be Matt Morgan making his return to the WWE. Morgan will simply go by “The Prototype” for now at least to see how it works out. Morgan wrestled Funaki tonight running quickly through Funaki and hitting a Sit-out Powerbomb that was referred to as the Proto-Bomb. “The Prototype” left the arena after several weeks of hype with the fans booing the large mammoth of a man.

Christian was interviewed backstage about his future World-Heavyweight title shot. Christian told Josh Matthews that he doesn’t care when he gets his World title shot but that when he finally does he is going to make the most of the opportunity that he hasn’t had since WrestleMania 22 last year! Christian reminds the fans of the match that he lost to his brother Edge but tells the fans that this time Captain Charisma will strike gold. Big Show or not, Christian says that if the giant is the champion or he has to face Big Show in the title match with MVP, it won’t matter because Captain Charisma is going to find a way to walk out champion. Christian says tonight they’re tag partners (referring to Big Show) but in just a few weeks, they may be facing off for the title as bitter enemies.

The Intercontinental Champion Brent Albright found himself in action next as he went one on one tonight with Kid Kash. Kash and Albright wrestled a pretty good nine minute match but it was Albright that found himself on top tonight after catching Kash off guard with a series of suplexes before successfully locking in the Crowbar forcing Kash to tap out. The champion once again won another match and remains on a roll still carrying the title he won just two months ago.

After the match we were given an update on Rob Van Dam who was attacked last Sunday at SummerSlam by presumably the mystery superstar that has been attacking numerous people such as Mr. McMahon, possibly the Undertaker, and now Rob Van Dam. The announcers say that we must find out soon who this person is doing these attacks. It was also announced that RVD will not be here next week but will make his return to action in two weeks time!

Backstage Gregory Helms was standing in front of the interview area. He says that for months the Cruiserweights have been at one another’s throats literally and that now is the time that it finally comes to an end. Helms proposes that despite the fact that he was the man that is responsible for getting rid of the Cruiserweight title and “ending the division” that he would love nothing more to win the title again so he can get rid of it once more! Helms says that he’s spoke to Eric Bischoff and in the next few weeks we’ll be having a series of qualifying matches with a final match ultimately called Cruiserweight Chaos to ensue after all the qualifiers are announced. Helms says this will be his chance to expose the division for what it really is, and he laughs before saying “or what it was”

Jamie Noble was in action next against Shawn Michaels in what was sure to be a squash match for the Heart Break Kid to win right? WRONG! Halfway through the match “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair hit the ring and started going crazy on Shawn Michaels hitting him with numerous chop blocks. Suddenly Jamie Noble joined in on the action as Flair didn’t stop him. Noble and Flair went nuts on HBK before Chris Masters hit the ring? Masters came in with a steel chair knocking Michaels back down onto the mat before Masters locked in the Masterlock on a bloody HBK. HBK fell to the mat after Masters relinquished the move. It was then revealed thanks to a promo cut by Ric Flair that it was him all along that was talking to Jamie Noble over the past few weeks. Flair says he realizes that his time is nearing and despite the fact that he knows that he’s still got it in him, he needs some people that can carry the torch when he is done. But first off he has to end the career of Shawn Michaels and that’s why he’s enlisted Noble and Masters to help him out. Noble, a tenacious submission and wrestling specialist, reminds Flair of himself at a young age and Masters is the big man that will help out the group. Flair says that it’s time now for these two young men to rise to the top and with the Nature Boy by their side, they sure as hell will. Flair lets out a big WOOOOO while all three men raise their hands in the ring as this (different) group is now set.

Edge took on Finlay next in a rather short match that was used to get the Rated R Superstar a win after failing to defeat MVP to win back his World-Heavyweight title that he lost last month. Edge won the rather competitive match with a huge Spear that took Finlay out of the match and got Edge the one-two-three. After the match Edge cut a brief promo talking about not being able to get back his title but that doesn’t mean that he is going to sit back and just let MVP run around here with the title. Edge says that he is going to do anything possible to earn back another title shot no matter what it takes and that he will be a three time World-Heavyweight champion soon.

Carlito was backstage before he walked right into Paul London. Carlito and London argued with one another about how neither one was able to take the title off Albright last Sunday and it really got heated as both men argued about their feud. It was basically a “No, I’m better than you” argument to just cheaply set up a match for next week to blow off the feud between the two.

Charlie Haas cut a brief segment from his locker room next also discussing the Fatal 4 Way last Sunday which he failed to win but said that once again "His time is nearing" Haas told the fans that despite the fact that he's fell short in his few recent attempts at his former title, he will once again be champion soon. Haas hyped himself up as a double threat being a Submission and Suplex specialist before going on to end it with "It's my time" as his famous catchphrase.

And in the main event the duo of the number one contenders in Christian, the Big Show, and their partner Jeff Hardy took on the World-Heavyweight Champ MVP, his bodyguard Ezekiel Jackson, and Umaga. It was a rather decent tag team match between all six men that went around thirteen minutes or so and it ended with the baby face duo of Jeff Hardy, Christian, and The Big Show getting the win thanks to Big Show catching Umaga with a huge Chokeslam before Christian and Hardy both prevented the champion MVP and Big Zeke from entering the ring. All three of the faces celebrated their big victory here tonight on Smackdown as the show came to a close.


Booker's Notes: Ok well as you can see this Smackdown didn't really have much going on in it. It explained Bischoff's power that he has (plus continued his old arrogant side) and started something with JBL. Flair formed a faction for now at least and well the Cruiserweight division thing was solved for now as well. Really it's one of those weeks as I don't want to rush into things heading into No Mercy as there is plenty of time to not have to rush into it. I tell you this though with Smackdown having a lot of stars I'm going to try and develop it into more of a wrestling-oriented show than Raw is as Raw normally has a lot of storylines. Look for things to pick up in a few weeks as No Mercy nears closer.
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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Smackdown Feedback

I thought that we would start off tonight with Eric Bischoff, just for the fact that he had a very good night at Summerslam, and he also has power over both brands at the moment. Bischoff did the normal heel shit really, just bagging the crowd and what not. Perfectly acceptable considering he HAS all the power.

JBL interrupting was a tad expected I was expecting him to suck up to Bischoff but he didn’t. Bischoff had all the power here and it would have been fun to see JBL struggle, try out match is going to be a punishment right? Either way I see a tough time ahead for JBL in this thread (rhymes tbh), and this really could turn out to be a good storyline, so I pray its not just one match and then he gets in.

John Morrison and The Miz are the only teams good enough to deserve a tag title shot tbh, so glad that they got the win and well, with your realistic ways I really can’t see any other tag team challenging them for a long time coming. Long live Mizorrison in this thread me thinks.

MVP and Eric Bischoff chatting here was quite weird. I really expected these two to get along like a house on fire, so this was a shock to say the least. It will be interesting to see if anything grows of this, and well this hints to me that Bischoff could become a tweener but I really don’t want that. Something has to come of this though, as it would seem rather random just throwing this segment in here for nothing.

The Prototype is a name that I don’t really like as it has been used for John Cena in his early days. Just feels like a cheap rip off, hopefully Morgan doesn’t win all his matches like Superman does.

Nice little Christian interview and it looks as if you are trying to re vamp the WWE Title picture. It needs it as MVP and Edge were the only ones I could see competing for it, now hopefully things will change a little.

Brent Albright and Kid Kash both OWN, this would have seriously been an epic weekly television show match. Not surprised to see the IC Champ to get the win, however I would lie if I say I wouldn’t have marked for a Kid Kash win, leading to a feud between Kash and Albright,

RVD out injured, this attacker storyline is gold.

Gregory Helms with an interesting interview. As much as you are using this for Helms’ ego to try and rid the division again, it is very unlikely that will be happening, and it is more than likely that you are just using this as a way to get the C’Weight title back. I am not saying this is a bad thing, I am just saying.

Wow. Flair building a stable ay? This should be quite good learning experience for Masters and Noble. This “faction” is cream worthy and well I can see a Survivor Series elimination match coming out of this already with Team Flair vs Team HBK. Yes, it is a mile away but that’s what makes me so awesome.

Ohhh Edge can talk as tough as he likes but I can not see him getting a title shot any time soon and I will stand by that for a long time.

‘Lito and London… Should be a quality match up.

Charlie Haas not just falling off the face of the earth is a good thing. (y)

Nice win in the main event by the faces, obviously leading to MVP being under pressure, however I can not see him losing the title anytime soon. Can’t really comment on anything else things are moving very slowly.

Things are moving very slowly KOP. This show was meh due to the lack of storyline advancement but you gotta’ build shit first, so I comment you for not rushing, I expect things to heat up inch by inch, week by week.

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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Eric is most certainly enjoying himself right now. He's without a doubt, the most powerful man on TV right now, and really, all he needs to do is eliminate Foley from the equation. With Eric running the showS, it wouldnt seem so odd for a lot of Raw and Smackdown talent to crossover imo. Bischoff certainly enjoys having JBL at his mercy, and a try-out match next week sounds extremely humiliating for the Wrestling Gawd.

You need more tag teams on Smackdown. Yang and Moore just dont cut the mustard.

Who did MVP beat 'last night' then?? . Guessing you meant Summerslam . Doesnt look like he and Bischoff are going to hit it off all that well. Could be a tough time for Porter whilst Eric is in charge.

Not liking the Prototype gimmick. Mainly because it was Cenas before he made the jump to the big leagues, so Morgan can never really go anywhere, as most people will always be aware that Cena had the gimmick first. Don't get me wrong, Morgan fits the bill for the gimmick, but it's just not his gimmick to have. Keep Morgan; ditch the gimmick plz.

About time that Christian had direction. Shocking that he hasnt had a title shot for like 18 months. I dont see him being the one to dethrone MVP, but he should hopefully get some sort of direction and validation as a top tier player, rather than someone that hovers toward main events from time to time. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that's exactly what'll happen. He'll lose his shot, then slip back into mid card / upper mid card purgatory, feuding over nothing with guys like Show and Finlay. Prove me wrong .

Good win for Albright.

Again, unless Smackdown is now on Mondays, Summerslam didnt happen last night .

RVD coming back in two weeks is something to look forward too, and it'll be interesting to see where you slot him in here.

Impressed with Helms character, and his war against the cruiserweight division. More explanation please on how CW Chaos works, when it rolls round. Definately predicting Helms to reach the final, but lose out, and see someone else win the title.

Certainly is a different group. Noble and Masters with Flair does strike me as a little bit odd, but we'll see where it goes before I pass judgement. Good to see Noble getting the rub of mixing it up with Flair, and Masters can work as a good 'enforcer', but I'd like to see another member added, who can slot into the IC title scene, and eventually step up to main events. Very excited to see the Flair / HBK angle continue past Summerslam too.

Edge could well be joining Christian in purgatory, as I dont envisage him getting a title shot for quite some time to come. He'll most certainly need a good feud to sink his teeth into so that he doesnt become an afterthought.

Three referalls to 'last night' now. Carlito and London to settle their issue next week is sweet, and should be a great contest between two terrific athletes.

4th reference to 'last night'. Haas getting promo time - nice. Imagining him coming after Albright again, in what should be a great feud, at least on the wrestling side of things. Best of 5?? Just hoping .

Umaga losing clean on TV in a throwaway match?? No ratings. That should've been Jackson eating the chokeslam and a three count. Not a good night for MVP, as Show and Christian are likely to be looking for their title shots soon.

By the numbers show, but you explained that afterwards. Expecting things to sizzle though next week.
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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw – August 27, 2007
TD Banknorth Garden – Boston, Massachusetts

A recap of last week’s show opens up this week’s as we see first off Batista and Shane McMahon’s argument and then their scuffle. Next up was Mr. Kennedy announcing that he was going to boycott the WWE if he doesn’t earn the respect that he gets and if he doesn’t win the Triple Threat that would occur later on that night. Eric Bischoff being announced as the new Smackdown General Manager was confirmed later on that night with Stephanie McMahon giving the brash and arrogant Bischoff the position. Finally, we close out the opening video package with Randy Orton winning the Triple Threat Match to earn his match at Unforgiven mainly in part thanks to the Gold Standards attacking Matt Hardy while Mr. Kennedy had no time to react. Orton and Triple H staring directly down one another at the conclusion of Raw is what end the video package.

***To Be Loved*** hits as the Raw video package plays before we cut into the famous TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, MA. The fans are going nuts tonight as there is a big night ahead of us here on Raw and we send it down to the commentators at ringside to get the night kicked off.

Jim Ross: Hello everybody and welcome to Monday Night Raw here live from the TD Banknorth Garden here in Boston, Massachusetts! What a night we have planned for you all as we’re going to be seeing two HUGE matches tonight as first off announced last week William Regal is going to be meeting the Undertaker one on one later on tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Regal did nothing wrong to deserve this match but it was your boy JR, Mick Foley, that felt the need to put Regal into this match. If anything it should be Foley out there having to wrestle the Undertaker tonight!

Jim Ross: Next up after the conclusion of Raw last week Eric Bischoff announced that the new WWE Champion Triple H will be in action tonight as he is going to be teaming with his brother-in-law Shane McMahon to take on former WWE champion Batista and the new number one contender in Randy Orton!

Jerry Lawler: Three fourths of Evolution will be wrestling in that match tonight and I hate to think that Shane McMahon is going to be receiving a free butt whooping’ from the Animal tonight as Batista and Randy Orton are going to run right over Triple H and Shane o’ Mac tonight.

***My Time is Now*** hits across the arena to a DEAFENING OVATION as John Cena steps out into the arena for the first time since the Great American Bash. Cena makes his way down to the ring with the fans going nuts as John Cena stops at the top of the ramp and bends down pumping his shoes up before throwing his hands up in the air. Cena stands at the ramp a bit longer with the fans going nuts to see Cena return in his hometown here tonight as he makes his way down to the ring. Cena slaps hands with the fans before sliding into the ring and going to each side getting a huge ovation as it doesn’t seem to stop. He gets a mic as “CENA” chants are echoing around the arena right now.


The crowd goes nuts once more as JR and King can barely believe that Cena is back.

John Cena: It’s been a long month not being able to be here on Raw and I found out right after I got injured that Raw was going to be coming to my hometown here of Boston…

The fans go nuts for the cheap pop as Cena shows a smile.

John Cena: I knew that I had to be ready to make my return to Raw come August 27th and I’m standing here right now in this very ring! Mr. Kennedy thought that at the Great American Bash that he was going to rid Raw of me but he was wrong! Dead wrong! The only thing that arrogant self centered son of a bitch has done is piss me off even more than I was in the first place with him! You’ve messed with the wrong person now!

The crowd is still going nuts as Cena continues speaking trying to speak over the loud fans.

John Cena: But what I find rather funny is that there was rumors backstage going around of my return apparently and well, I find it rather appropriate that Mr. Kennedy felt the need to “go on strike” after he lost last week because he felt that he didn’t have the respect of the fans. And well really how do you think you can possibly have the respect of these fans when you treat them like crap each and every week?

The fans agree as they pop loudly with Cena continuing on.

John Cena: So take it how you want to Mr. Kennedy but the fact is that you’re clearly a coward running away from me because you know that I’m back. You know that I’m looking for revenge and you know that you’re not man enough to stand up face to face with me. I know it, you know it, the fans know it, and hell the entire WWE locker room knows it!

The fans cheer Cena’s comments as he sways from side to side trying to work up the fans.

John Cena: The fact remains though that you are not ma…

***Turn up the Treble*** hits across the arena as Mr. Kennedy makes his way down to the ring obviously not wearing his ring gear since he is boycotting wrestling matches right now. Mr. Kennedy walks down to the ring with a mic in hand as he stops right in front of the ring before walking up the steps and into the ring.

Mr. Kennedy: I heard that you were out here talking up a storm about how you wanted revenge and all that good stuff but why do you need revenge? Why are you stupid enough to try and mess with me after what I did to you the past few months before putting you out of action? And need I remind you that I have beaten two former WWE Champions at two consecutive Pay-Per-Views. Not only did I beat you but I also beat the Undertaker just last week!

The crowd boos Kennedy as he once again reminds them of his track record recently.

John Cena: And need I remind you that I’m back here on Raw and ready to whip your ass all across this ring?

The crowd laughs at Cena’s obviously smartass comment that was directed towards Kennedy’s last few comments when he said “Need I remind you.”

Mr. Kennedy: Very funny John but the fact remains that I am the one that was responsible for putting you out of action for a month. Not many people can claim that not only did they beat John Cena but they INJURED him. I know I can count on one hand how many people can say that and well the only one that comes to mind right now is ME!

The crowd boos Kennedy as he continues to show his arrogance tonight.

John Cena: The thing is though Kennedy that you did injure me but you didn’t keep me down for long. I’ve been injured before but I haven’t been down for long and that remained the case here. I was only out for one month and the one month I was away I was sitting back watching Raw and realizing just how much of a selfish, arrogant, self centered s-o-b you’ve become. And really it should come as no surprise because before you injured me at the ‘Bash, you were pretty much the same person then.

The crowd agrees with Cena as Kennedy looks to argue with that point.

Mr. Kennedy: If you haven’t noticed I don’t really care what you say John and really I don’t care what these fans or you even think about me. That’s why I’m boycotting wrestling a match ever again in the WWE right now! It’s because people like you can’t learn to respect me despite all that I’ve accomplished in just two years here in the WWE! Not many people can say that they’ve done all that I’ve done here but I can! I’m the rare breed of superstars that gets the call up and actually makes something of their career and I’ll be dam…

John Cena: So I didn’t Kennedy? I didn’t do anything with my career because last time I checked I am the one that is a former WWE champion? I am the one that has been through hell and back in my nearly five years in the WWE but still I haven’t made something of my career? See this is where you start talking crap and you can’t back it up because you don’t have enough reasons to try and “prove your points.” Face it, you’re boycotting the WWE because you knew that I was coming back and you didn’t want to have to mess with me when I got back. Am I Right?

The crowd cheers as Cena shows a smile on his face awaiting an answer from Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy: No that’s not why I’m boycotting. I’m boycotting because of these fans that cheer people like you even though you haven’t done anything since you lost the WWE title last year but yet I’m here on Raw beating former WWE champions and perhaps making the biggest impact since I arrived here on Raw in April and yet still no respect! That’s what eats me up.

The fans boo Kennedy showing no respect obviously as they don’t think he deserves any.

Mr. Kennedy: Just like right now! None of you idiotic fans have a clue what talent is because if you did you wouldn’t be cheering your little “hero” John Cena right now.

The fans boo Kennedy as Cena comes face to face with Kennedy right now.

John Cena: Well Kennedy, if you were man enough you’d end this boycott right now and meet me one on one here tonight!

The fans cheer wanting to see Kennedy take on Cena once again tonight but Kennedy stops himself.

Mr. Kennedy: See John I can’t do that. I promised myself that I was going to go through with this until my respect was earned and well, I don’t feel like it’s been earned yet. But I do know somebody that is wanting to “earn some more respect” right now and that’s ME. The thing is until I finally get my respect, you’re not going to be getting what you want…and I know that it’s me John.

The fans boo as ***Turn up the Treble*** hits as Mr. Kennedy makes his way back towards the top of the ramp. The fans boo as Kennedy walks out with Cena not even getting the last word as Cena looks on pissed about this boycott of Kennedy’s just appropriately happening right whenever Cena made his return to Raw. Cena looks on as Kennedy turns around smiling as he mouths “Thing just happen” before he walks out.

Jim Ross: I don’t see how Mr. Kennedy can remain here on Raw if he is going to be boycotting the wrestling part. After all this is World WRESTLING Entertainment! Either get in the ring or go find another job is all I’ve got to say.

Jerry Lawler: Its people like you JR; is why we’re being deprived right now of seeing Mr. Kennedy in action. If you wouldn’t be so selfish and actually respect Mr. Kennedy then he wouldn’t be boycotting the WWE right now.

Jim Ross: Mr. Kennedy doesn’t deserve respect for what’s he been doing to numerous people since he made his debut. He’s a brash and arrogant superstar that needs to take a good ole’ fashioned Oklahoma ass whoopin’ and then he’ll understand that’s how respect is earned.

Jerry Lawler: Oh save it JR! You know that Mr. Kennedy is one of the biggest stars around today and that he needs to be respected. You’re just not man enough to admit that it is the truth. When you finally do that, you will feel better about yourself.

***Commercial Break***

Match #1 – Singles Match
Matt Hardy vs. Elijah Burke w/ Shelton Benjamin and Theodore Long

The first match of the night kicks off with Matt Hardy (having a somewhat new attitude) but remaining a tweener for right now is taking on Elijah Burke. Hardy is going to be playing the face part of his character right now but the future remains to be seen. Anyways, back to the match this was made after the Gold Standards attacked Hardy last week in the Triple Threat match costing Hardy his chance at the WWE Championship. Hardy and Burke went for about nine minutes in the ring as Burke had help from Benjamin and Long on the outside but the referee got smart and ejected Long and the United States Champion Benjamin before anything else could occur. This allowed Hardy to get an rather easy win after Burke was pretty much distracted from there on out and Burke tried putting up a fight but it was all Hardy now. Hardy quickly caught Burke with a Side Effect before teasing Burke and following it up with the Twist of Fate to get the victory and send a statement to the Gold Standards tonight.

Winner – Matt Hardy

***Live for the Moment*** hit across the arena as Matt Hardy stood up after pinning Burke and pointing to Benjamin’s US title he had around his shoulder. Its clear Matt wants back what he just lost earlier this month being his title. Theodore Long is yelling at Hardy in the ring as Burke rolls out of the ring and Benjamin helps him to the back. The Gold Standards all make their way to the back with Hardy celebrating in the ring right now as we head to ringside.

Jim Ross: Although Matt Hardy has certainly had a new attitude recently, I must say that I’m glad that he is back in the hunt for the United States title.

Jerry Lawler: He could have been in the hunt for the WWE title had the Gold Standards not interfered last week but either way I’m confident that if and when Shelton meets Matt again, Shelton has got this match wrapped up!

Jim Ross: I wouldn’t necessarily go that far as when Shelton won the title he had to get a little bit of help from his partner Elijah Burke and his manager Theodore Long. So really King, if he’s going to win we know he’s going to have to cheat!

Jerry Lawler: Don’t tell me Matt Hardy has never cheated a day of his life? If you say no then you’re lying out of your ass JR!

Immediately after the commentators get done speaking we’re sent backstage to see Shane McMahon pulling up in his limo right now. Shane McMahon steps out and looks around as he checks his cell phone and starts heading towards the locker room preparing for the main event tonight! All of a sudden Batista comes out of nowhere clothes lining Shane McMahon down to the ground as he does a bloody beat down on Shane in the back. Batista can be heard yelling “That’s for last week” as Batista has a rather sadistic look on his face. Batista is beating the hell out of Shane as security has to come and break it up as we see WWE road agents in the back trying to hold back Batista. A doctor immediately comes in and checks on Shane McMahon as we see Eric Bischoff come up.

Eric Bischoff: Doc…what’s going on?

Bischoff looks at the Doctor as the doctor is checking out Shane McMahon.

Doctor: Mr. Bischoff, I’m afraid that he cannot compete tonight.

Bischoff shows a sly smile for a moment but then as the doctor turns around he wipes it off.

Eric Bischoff: Ok, I’ll have to regretfully inform his tag partner of that. Thank you, Doc.

Bischoff walks away from the scene as he turns his back and walks off with a smile as he’s apparently heading towards the locker room of Triple H.

***Commercial Break***

We come back from the commercial break to see Eric Bischoff knocking on the locker room door of the WWE champion Triple H! Triple H opens the door and sees Eric Bischoff standing at the door. Triple H walks back rather dejected that he wasted his time on opening the door for such a jackass as Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Listen Hunter I know we’re not like we used to be but really I’ve got to tell you something important.

Triple H looks at Bischoff wondering really if he had to say what he did.

Triple H: Come on Eric; cut to the chase.

Eric Bischoff: Well you know you were supposed to be teaming with your brother-in-law Shane McMahon tonight right?

Triple H nods his head telling Bischoff he knew.

Eric Bischoff: Well Batista felt the “need” to attack and beat the living hell out of Shane as he arrived and well the doctor told me that he cannot team with you tonight. Now I know that you’re thinking that I can just go out and find you a new tag partner but I can’t. That’s the thing. I’ve tried looking all around for one already (lying his ass of right now) and everyone is already busy tonight. So Hun…

Triple H interjects himself in as he interrupts Bischoff.

Triple H: Eric I really don’t want to listen to your crap. I know you’re full of shit right now and that you probably had something to do with this but I don’t want anything to do with you at all. All you are now is a pompous jackass just because you hold a little bit of “power” in your hands since you’re the General Manager on Smackdown too. Well congratulations Eric (claps his hands.) Would you like a cookie?

The crowd laughs as Triple H keeps his serious face on right now. Bischoff looks clearly pissed that Hunter is teasing him as he’s getting ready to leave.

Eric Bischoff: You know I actually had someone in mind to be your tag partner but now I don’t think I’m going to bother at all. Good luck in your Handicap Match tonight, you’re going to need it!

Bischoff walks out slamming the door behind him as Triple H just pretty much made him look like a little bitch. Triple H sits back down putting on his wrist tape and fixing his pads for later on tonight whenever he has to face BOTH Batista and Randy Orton now in a Handicap Match. The WWE Champion doesn’t look a bit concerned right now really about it at all though. We head back into the arena as we’re sent to the commentators.

Jim Ross: Well I’ll be damned King! First off Batista felt the need to attack Shane o’ Mac and now we just appropriately have a Handicap Match tonight pitting the fan favorite WWE champion against two of his former Evolution running buddies in Batista and Randy Orton? I think it’s clear that Bischoff is getting the big head after only his first week!

Jerry Lawler: It’s not the big head JR! It’s effectiveness in drawing fans to your show. Bischoff now has two shows and he has to do the best he can to get all of these fans! I think he’s doing a real good job right now.

Jim Ross: I don’t think it’s fair at all that Triple H now has to take on Batista AND Orton just because Bischoff is not man enough to admit that he’s letting people run around here crazy.

Jerry Lawler: He doesn’t have to admit anything JR! I support Eric Bischoff fully and hope that he remains the GM of our show until I retire!

Match #2 – Singles Match
Santino Marella vs. Kenny Dykstra w/ Kelly Kelly

Santino is in action again this week looking to finally break out and capture a win but of course it doesn’t seem as if it’s going to go his way. Dykstra didn’t even need the help of his girlfriend Kelly Kelly tonight as he was able to throw Santino around the ring as if he was a rag doll. It was clear Santino was not in the right state of mind after having suffered so many embarrassing losses and this was going to be another one. Dykstra caught Santino with a rather nice clothesline knocking Santino down onto the mat before Dykstra made his way towards the top rope. Kenny looked around the arena before leaping off and hitting the Sky High Leg Drop before throwing Santino over and making the cover as he gets another big win.

Winner – Kenny Dykstra

***Pure Control A*** hits across the arena as Kenny Dykstra has his girlfriend slide out of the ring and make their way to the back. Kenny and Kelly walk out of the arena holding hands with one another as Santino slaps the mat in disgust. The Italian Stallion just cannot catch a break at all and maybe just one day he’ll finally end this losing streak.

***Commercial Break***

We come back after the break to see Mick Foley sitting at his desk and in walks Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy: What is it now Foley?

Mick Foley: Ken…listen I heard about your boycott and well….I can’t say I’m fond of it but what you do to your own career is up to you. You decide that yourself and well if you want to waste valuable in-ring time then feel free. I’m not going to stop you and wel…

Mr. Kennedy intervenes as Foley tried to finish up.

Mr. Kennedy: What I do is none of your business Mick! You need to worry about actually trying to do your job now and not being overshadowed by Eric Bischoff. You’re too worried about pleasing the fans and when you finally realize that they really don’t give a damn about you anymore Mick, then maybe, just MAYBE you’ll realize how much you’re “appreciated” just like me.

Mick Foley: That’s nice and all Ken that you think that but that’s not why you’re here. With Cena back now that opens a spot for a match for him at Unforgiven and with you “boycotting” the show there is no way that spot can be filled by you obviously. So I ne…

Mr. Kennedy: You want me to drop the boycott Mick? There’s no chance in hell of that happening because until respect is earned, I don’t wrestle!

Mick looks at Mr. Kennedy angrily.

Mick Foley: That’s not what I was going to say. But what I was going to say was that after speaking with Bischoff about this; we’ve decided that you’re going to pick an opponent for Cena at Unforgiven since you’re not going to be wrestling. We need your decision by next week before Raw goes off the air so think wisely Ken.

Mr. Kennedy shows a smug smile on his face.

Mick Foley: Oh and since you’re boycotting wrestling right now…there’s no need to worry about booking your flight to Memphis in just a few weeks because you won’t be needed at Unforgiven.

Mick shows a smile as Kennedy looks on enraged. Kennedy starts kicking stuff as apparently he had something planned for the big show in a few weeks before he gets ready to leave Foley stops him.

Mick Foley: Oh…and HAVE A NICE DAY!

We head once again backstage as we’re sent to the divas locker room this time as Mickie James is seen talking to Michelle McCool. Mickie stands up after the two times and current Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix walks in as its clear these two can’t stand one another.

Beth Phoenix: Well look who it is…I’m trying to remember but aren’t you the FORMER Women’s Champion?

Mickie James: Very funny Beth…it seems that you got jokes whenever you won the title off me at SummerSlam. Am I right?

Phoenix points to her title as if to say “my title?” before she looks at Mickie.

Beth Phoenix: Mickie the thing is I’m not a pushover like you. I’m not going to stand around and just let some of these pathetic divas such as Candice beat me in that ring. It’s just not going to happen and as long as I’m champion…you’re never going to beat me again.

Mickie James: Oh really?

Mickie and Beth come face to face as Michelle jumps in before Melina walks in trying to break it up as well.

Mickie James: Why don’t we do it one more time at Unforgiven? You and me…one on one…the last time?

Beth pauses to think about it for a few seconds but makes up her mind.

Beth Phoenix: NO! You’ve got to earn another title shot and I just don’t think you’re ready for another title shot. Do something to prove it and I might change my mind Mickie but right now, it’s a definite NO.

Beth throws the title over her shoulder as she walks out of the room as Mickie stands there looking at Beth with a rather disgusted look on her face. It’s clear that Beth seems to be “afraid” that she may lose once again to Mickie and Mickie seems to know that as well.

Jim Ross: Well we just learned that John Cena will make his in-ring return at Unforgiven but he won’t know his opponent until next week whenever Mr. Kennedy gets to choose an opponent for Cena. There’s no telling who Cena just may end up picking.

Jerry Lawler: We know it won’t be Kennedy though because he’s still yet to get that respect JR! Until he does, you might as well kiss him goodbye!

Jim Ross: That’s fine with me as I’m tired of hearing his mouth run. But also the story between Mickie James and Beth Phoenix took another interesting turn as Mickie James who lost the title to Beth at SummerSlam has yet to re-use her rematch clause and well it seems that Beth is not going to let her until she “proves” herself worthy of it.

Jerry Lawler: I completely agree with the Glamazon on that one. If you can’t hang with the best, then why try and be the best? It makes no sense JR and Mickie James needs to stay on the sidelines and let the Glamazon dominate the “game.”

***Commercial Break***

Match #3 – Singles Match
The Undertaker vs. William Regal

We get a rather decent match thanks to last week where Regal came into co-GM’s Mick Foley’s office with a rather disgusting attitude that got him into this situation. However the match did not end up having a proper ending as it seems we’re going to get a mini-feud for right now to keep Undertaker busy at least for the next month. ‘Taker came close to closing the match out after hitting a Chokeslam but Regal refused to bow down as he slid to the outside of the ring. Regal wasted a bit of time on the outside as fumbled around (without the fans and commentators knowing) with a pair of brass knucks as he grabbed them from underneath the apron. ‘Taker came to the outside to pick Regal up but as ‘Taker picked the Brit up, Regal met ‘Taker in the forehead with the pair of knucks knocking the Deadman down onto the mat and giving him the DQ win.

Winner via DQ – The Undertaker

Regal went crazy as if to prove a point as he bloodied the dead man with the brass knucks. Regal thought he had finished off ‘Taker but ‘Taker grabbed Regal by the throat as Regal tried to escape but didn’t at first. ‘Taker went to stand up but Regal kicked ‘Taker in the side as Regal escaped and made his way to the back. Regal looked at the bloody pair of brass knucks as he stared down Undertaker who was sitting on the floor on the outside. ***Born Naughty*** hit across the arena as Regal pointed to the knucks while looking at ‘Taker and it seems we have a small feud set up now.

Jim Ross: I’m wondering what has gotten into the mind of William Regal? Why in the hell would you attack the Undertaker with brass knucks to end a match and then beat him after the match with the brass knucks?

Jerry Lawler: William Regal’s never been a “bright” character but he’s definitely one of the toughest men on the Raw roster today. I do know that he’s perhaps one of smartest veterans we’ve got and he must have reasons to be doing this.

Jim Ross: I certainly hope so because if not he may end up paying the price of being another victim to fall to the Undertaker.

Jerry Lawler: I doubt that’s going to happen to Regal as he’s too smart for the Undertaker but I’m sure that this isn’t the last that we’ve seen of these two take on one another.

We’re sent backstage after the break to see a red light shining on the face of Kane. The scarred face of Kane is shown in the camera up and close as he speaks.

Kane: Darkness…it’s what I live in. People think of darkness as evil…it is. There is nothing good about darkness as it brings down everything. There’s many ways to describe darkness but evil is one of them. Evil…deception…darkness! It’s what I live for. It’s what describes me. I live in the shadow of darkness…yet I fear no evil! FOR I AM EVIL!

Kane lets out a maniacal laugh as he cocks his head back going crazy as we head off to another commercial break.

***Commercial Break***

When we come back from the break we see Todd Grisham standing by with Randy Orton.

Todd Grisham: Randy just last week you defeated Matt Hardy and Mr. Kennedy in the Triple Threat to earn the number one contendership. Now in just a few short weeks you face Triple H for the WWE title at Unforgiven? What are you going to be planning in the lead up to the Pay-Per-View to try and dethrone Triple H of his title run?

Randy Orton: Todd…really? I would never give my plans away to anyone such as you. But really I’ve been criticized all week with people asking how a “lunatic” such as Randy Orton can be the number one contender when he’s not even in the right state of mind. THIS ISN’T A STATE OF MIND! THIS IS ME! This is the real Randy Orton and this is how I’ve always been. I’ve always had that dark side of me but it’s decided to just be revealed to the entire world. I did what I had to do to prove my point at SummerSlam when I punted Jericho’s head into the Cell but that’s over. That’s done and dusted and now my next victim is in the form of the WWE champion…Triple H.

Todd Grisham: Triple H and you have a storied history as you’ve met previously at an Unforgiven in 2004 where Triple H ended your one month title reign after you were dumped from Evolution. Do you think that is going to play into how you go into this match?

Randy Orton: I’m so sick and tired of hearing about Evolution. I’ve heard Batista and Triple H claim they were Evolution but they weren’t. I WAS. I’ve listened to it for months and it’s clear that I’m the one that has not only evolved from the group but I have helped evolve the entire WWE. I’ve sat back too long trying to be understood but the thing is I can’t be. I can’t be understood and really that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing that Triple H won’t be able to understand why I think like I do. But the thing is I don’t think. It’s all instinct. Everything I do is based on my first instinct and whenever I punt Triple H in the head just like I did to Jericho that will be natural instinct as well.

Todd Grisham: Later tonight you’re teaming with Batista to take on Triple H. Originally it was supposed to be Shane McMahon but he was attacked earlier in the night by Batista so he won’t be here. What’s your tho…

Randy Orton: Tonight is step one in securing the WWE title. It’s conquer and divide for now on and first off is to eliminate any other “challengers.” Batista’s been eliminated as he’s got problems with Shane McMahon right now but step two is to take down the opponent. Phase two begins tonight whenever I begin to eliminate Triple H from “The game” (pun intended) and step three will be securing the WWE title at Unforgiven. People doubt I can do it but that’s what I like. I like being doubted as it pushes me on. It makes me better than I already am and being doubted has gotten me to where I am today. I enjoy doubters and right now…my number one doubter is Triple H.

Randy Orton walks off as he heads off to the locker room getting prepared for later on tonight. We head down to the commentators briefly before our next match.

Jim Ross: I’m really starting to wonder if there truly is something wrong with Randy Orton. It’s definitely got to be something wrong with him as he’s never been like this before, well as long as I’ve known him.

Jerry Lawler: He just said it JR! It’s not a state of mind, it’s him! He’s always been like this and he can’t help it. It’s clear that it’s gotten him somewhere though or otherwise he wouldn’t be the number one contender now would he?

Jim Ross: I guess not but either way he’s certainly not making friends right now with this weird and different attitude of his that has just evolved recently.

Jerry Lawler: Either way if Randy does what he has been doing the past few months, we may just be looking at our next WWE champion if he has anything to say about it.

Match #4 – Singles Match
CM Punk w/ Brian Kendrick vs. Ted DiBiase w/ Cody Rhodes

We get a match that runs very similar to last week’s singles match between Rhodes and Kendrick as it’s used to further the feud between these two teams. This week it seems as though Punk is going to win the match but thanks to a bit of interference from Rhodes, he was able to knock Kendrick off the apron and distract the referee which allowed DiBiase to grab one of the title. DiBiase knocked Punk square out with the title while Rhodes was arguing with the referee. Seems like the very fundamental ending and it definitely ended that way as it further pushed the feud along. DiBiase wasted no time in covering Punk and getting the victory as Priceless is 2 for 2 in singles matches against the tag team champions.

Winner – Ted DiBiase

***Priceless*** hits across the arena as DiBiase and Rhodes quickly celebrated their big win over the tag team champions CM Punk and Brian Kendrick. DiBiase grabbed a mic from ringside as it seemed as if Priceless had something very important to say.

Ted DiBiase: Just like we said last week before my boy Cody came out here and beat Kendrick, we are the real deal and we are here to become the next World Tag Team Champions. Unlike our fathers we plan on doing something with our careers and the first step in furthering our careers begins at Unforgiven!

DiBiase hands the mic over to Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes: See, we spoke to Eric Bischoff earlier and well despite being a very busy man, he did inform us that we would earn World Tag Team title shots at Unforgiven if DiBiase won his match tonight, and well I do believe Ted won (showing sarcasm) so just like we promised whenever we debuted only two months ago, we’re already halfway there in capturing the gold and making our names known. We’re not here to ride the coat tails of our father’s names because really what names did they make for themselves?

Rhodes nods to DiBiase as he hands the mic back over.

Ted DiBiase: So Punk…Kendrick, your days with the tag team titles are numbered. You won them just a week before we debuted. We came to the WWE right after you won them and we’re going to end them just like that. We’re not pushovers and we’re not going to back down. We’re two of the most talented up and coming superstars in the business today even without our last names. The fact that two legend’s sons are teaming together means nothing in the long run because Cody and myself are easily the most dominant and definitely the most Priceless tag team ever!

***Priceless*** hits across the arena again as the new number one contenders make their way to the back as Kendrick consoles Punk after their loss. It seems as though despite being knocked down two weeks in a row, the tag champions are not going to go down without a fight. Punk and Kendrick get up and leave ringside after Priceless leave before we’re sent to the commentators at ringside.

Jim Ross: Another new match has been added to Unforgiven and this time we’re going to be seeing the World Tag Team Champions CM Punk and Brian Kendrick defend their gold against Raw’s newest tag team in Priceless.

Jerry Lawler: If Priceless doesn’t walk away with the titles I’d be very disappointed. I do know that for the past few weeks they’ve been talking all of this “game” and I’ve got a feeling that they can back it up come Unforgiven.

Jim Ross: Another match added earlier in the night was John Cena’s return to the ring at Unforgiven and he’ll get to take on an opponent of Mr. Kennedy’s choosing but the deal is that Mr. Kennedy is banned from the show.

Jerry Lawler: That is not right at all that Mr. Kennedy is being punished just because he wants a little bit of respect. Hopefully Kennedy picks the right opponent for Cena come Unforgiven and Cena will get what he deserves.

Jim Ross: As a result of the actions earlier tonight of Batista, we’ve been informed that Mick Foley has booked a No Holds Barred Match between Batista and Shane McMahon as well for Unforgiven. Can the Animal finally end these troubles he’s had with Shane McMahon?

Jerry Lawler: Troubles? He’s had no troubles other than trying to clear his name from this all. Its clear Batista wasn’t the one who’s been administering all of these attacks and he’s just being blamed for it in the end.

Jim Ross: And our main event will be Triple H putting his newly won WWE Championship on the line against the number one contender Randy Orton. Things don’t look so good for the champion Triple H if Orton remains in the state of mind that he is in right now.

Jerry Lawler: Orton has to be the odds on favorite to take the title from Triple H and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it come Unforgiven. Triple H has fought hard for the title of course but Orton is too dangerous of a man to not have the title in his possession.

Jim Ross: In just three short weeks Unforgiven will come to you live on Sunday September 16, 2007 live from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee! You can order from your local cable or pay-per-view provider!

Jerry Lawler: When we come back from the break, we’ll be having our main event which will see WWE Champion Triple H take on former Evolution running mates Randy Orton and Batista in a Handicap Match! Don’t miss it…it’s all next!

***Commercial Break***

Match #5 – Handicap Match
Triple H vs. Batista and Randy Orton

The Handicap Match took a big toll on WWE champion Triple H from the get go as Batista and Orton did their best to wear down the champion. It was pretty much corporal punishment for Triple H as he took a hell of a beating from both men. Batista and Orton both hit many of their trademark moves and it seemed towards the end whenever Batista caught Triple H with a Spinebuster that the match was nearing it’s end. It seemed as if though the duo of Batista and Orton were going to put away the champion as he had too much to fight off but suddenly ***Here Comes the Money*** hit over the loud speakers and out came Shane McMahon wielding a steel chair! Shane o Mac slid into the ring swinging the chair and connecting with Batista as Batista went down. The referee lost control of the match and didn’t hesitate to call it a No Contest immediately.

Winner – No Contest

Shane O’ Mac continued beating down Batista with the steel chair for revenge after being attacked earlier in the night but suddenly Randy Orton came from out of nowhere and dropped McMahon with an RKO in the middle of the ring. Batista rolled out of the ring grabbing his shoulder as that’s where he took most of the brunt of the steel chair hits. Triple H attacked Orton as both men brawled around for a bit with Triple H and Orton exchanging blows. Both made their way over to the announcer’s table where Triple H threw Orton’s head onto the table numerous times bashing it on and off the table. Triple H seems to have gotten the best of Orton on the outside before he threw Orton back into the ring. Triple H went to set up for the Pedigree but immediately Orton broke out of the hold knowing Triple H well due to their past history and slid out of the ring. Orton backed his way up the ramp as Triple H stood in the ring holding his WWE title with his right hand as Batista was backing his way up as well. Triple H and Shane McMahon look at one another as they both stare down their respective opponents come Unforgiven as both men got the “better” of their opponents here tonight to close the show.

Jim Ross: What a night it has been! Triple H and Shane McMahon have just gotten the best of their Unforgiven opponents I guess you could say and with only a few weeks left I've got to wonder what's going to go down here on next week's Raw?

Jerry Lawler: If I was Shane McMahon I'd be praying for my life because I've got a good feeling that the Animal is going to one day get his hands on Shane o Mac and throw him around like a rag doll.

Jim Ross: Regardless it was another crazy night here in the WWE and as for me I'm Jim Ross and he's my partner Jerry Lawler. We're signing off tonight from Boston! Good night everybody!


WWE Unforgiven
September 16, 2007
FedEx Forum - Memphis, Tennessee

WWE Championship
Triple H defends against Randy Orton

No Holds Barred Grudge Match
Batista versus Shane McMahon

John Cena's Return to Pay-Per-View
John Cena versus Opponent of Mr. Kennedy's Choosing

World Tag Team Championships
CM Punk and Brian Kendrick defend against Priceless


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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Skimmed the last two episodes of Raw, and they were good. Unforgiven's card is very nice and I hope that the rest of this matches my high expectations of this thread! Keep going buddy!
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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw

Kicking off with a shock return from John Cena?? I like it. Kicking things off with a massive bang, as the hometown hero makes his return. Thankfully, his focus is straight on Kennedy, and that’s the way it should be. Glad he called him out for picking a lame excuse to sit out on Raw, accusing Kennedy of going on strike in order to avoid him.

To be honest, the speech from both men - whilst spot on, and delivered well - was all just too bunched up together. Personally, I’d rather see a few more breaks, either just to pause, or to look for a fan reaction. Too much talking in between the fan responses imo.

Excellent interaction between the pair overall, but the long blocks of dialogue sort of put me off at times. Broken up with a few more crowd interactions, this promo was pretty much gold. Most certainly a feud I’m interested in, with plenty of avenues to explore. Nice job.

Looks like we’re building towards Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin for the U.S Title at Unforgiven. With Matt beating Burke here, he’s well on course to earning his rematch. The direction of Hardy is curious, as it’s obvious he’s been headed towards a heel turn, but for the time being, it looks like that’s on hold.

Bit of a generic beating for Shane, which is a let down, following the pretty strong angle you pulled off between the pair last week. Booking handicap matches Bisch?? That must be what got you the job on Smackdown . Handicap matches suck. And where is Foley to act as voice of reason, and put Eric in his place??

Marella vs. Dykstra served it’s purpose for both men. Santino continues to head in his downward spiral, and Dykstra keeps up his winning streak. Two birds killed with one stone. The sooner Santino starts doing something comedic, the better imo. I’m hoping this is where the losing streak angle is going.

The Foley - Kennedy segment was hit and miss. Foley didn’t really seem bothered that one of his top stars is on a sit down protest, telling him that it’s his decision. Surely he’s contracted to wrestle?? . Kennedy picking Cenas opponent at Unforgiven sounds pretty sweet, and I’ll go for a sneaky pick, like the Undertaker, pitting the two men Kennedy has beaten on PPV for the last two months against each other.

Mickie having to earn her rematch the hard way sounds fair. Should be worth the wait when Mickie and Beth collide again.

Giving Regal a bit of a mini-push should go down well with the UK bookers, but I’m not so sure. As far as I remember Regal has done nothing in the thread for … ever?? Then suddenly he owns the Undertaker?? Seems a bit random to me, even if you did say that the feud is here to keep Taker busy for a bit.

Nice promo. Shame it was Kane … but a very nice, eerie promo from Kane, and with Taker seemingly caught up with Regal, Kane could be a good choice to face Cena at Unfrogiven.

Man, you are booking yourself into a tough spot at the moment. Putting Orton up against Triple H at this point is a real risk, as Orton is without a doubt your top character at the moment. By a mile. Generally, it’d be thought that with him on such a roll, and you booking him so perfectly, he should be a lock to be winning the belt … but Triple H only just won the belt. Tricky situation if you ask me. Orton was tremendous and HIGHLY original again here. Loving the direction you’re going with him.

No shocks that DiBiase went over. Looks like this is building towards an inevitable showdown for the tag titles at Unforgiven. Priceless seem to be on a hot streak right now, much like Orton, but it’d be disappointing if you pulled the plug on Punk and Kendrick as champs. Much like the world title picture, this is a tough one to book imo.

Pretty bland promo afterwards, that was bordering on robotic at times. Less said about it the better tbh.

A fan of Super Shane then, eh?? Handicap match went how you’d expect it, but I didn’t think we’d see Shane show up to save The Game. I’d have rather seen Shane not show up, but I cant say it’s not something I couldn’t imagine happening, as the McMahons have a tendency to book themselves as tough SOB’s.

Faces standing tall at the end (despite an RKO to Shane) was an okay way to close proceedings. I’d suspect we’ll see the roles reversed next week though, ad I’d predict Orton vs. Shane on Raw at some point after that RKO.

Solid Raw, helped greatly by the opening promo between Kennedy and Cena. Most of the other stuff going on is okay, all pretty solid, whilst the world title situation is pretty interesting to say the least, with Orton being the highlight of the thread right now, but Triple H only just being crowned champion two weeks ago.
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