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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Originally Posted by The Notorious K.O.P
Let me first go ahead and say that this probably isn't one of my best shows. It's my first full show in a few months or so and I must say that it didn't really come out well as planned. Anyways I'm going to go towards the GAB in full now on all three shows mainly because I've got some big plans for the next few weeks in the thread.

Some comments are welcomed as I really don't "review" anymore but I probably would drop some comments on your show, etc. It won't be a full fledged review but I'd try to comment, etc.
It wasn't your best show but it was still a nice read (storyline-wise). I like the storylines progressing such as the Batista/Jericho/Triple H situation, Foley as Co-GM and the Cena/Kennedy feud. I guess somehow Bischoff will keep his job as I don't see Foley only being Co-GM for a week before being promoted to GM. A few things though.

Firstly, I read the Night of Champions Results, and presumably Matt Hardy is a Raw superstar with the United States Championship. Why wasn't he on Raw the night after a win at the PPV? People would be expecting to see him, and tbh he should've had priority over the guys like Nic Nemeth and Priceless.

Also I'm not sure I liked the T.Long/Burke/Shelton segment. It seemed like they should've either criticised T.Lo or Eric Bischoff - I'm not sure if combining both really worked. It sort of made Shelton and Burke look stupid.

Nonetheless, as I said it was a good read, and I'll continue to follow this thread.
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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

ECW on Sci-Fi – June 26, 2007
Corpus Christi, Texas

Don’t Question My Heart hits across the arena as the new ECW video package plays now with it ending as the Great Khali holding the ECW championship in the air. Shortly after we head into the arena panning across the arena as we head down to the commentators.

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to ECW tonight as we are coming to you live from Corpus Christi, Texas and what a night it is going to be.

Tazz: It’s great to be back here in Corpus Christi and I’m sure that we’ve got a big night ahead of us just like we had at Night of Champions two nights ago.

Joey Styles: We all know how big of a night that was but tonight ECW is going to be bringing you all of the action and more plus we’re going to hear from our GM Paul Heyman concerning the firing of Rob Van Dam.

Tazz: We’ve been told that will be later on tonight but right now our new ECW champion The Great Khali is in the ring and ready for action.

The camera cuts into the ring with Khali holding the ECW title over his shoulder as Ranjin Singh grabs two mics. One for Khali to yell in and the other for Singh. Khali yells for a few moments before Singh translates what Khali says.

Ranjin Singh: The Great Khali says that he’s very happy to represent ECW as your champion and that he is going to go down as the best champion in history.

The crowd boos for a few moments before Khali shows a smug look on his face. He yells once again before Singh translates it.

Ranjin Singh: The Great Khali says he will not take this disrespect from you fans. Khali has worked hard to become the ECW champion despite what any of you think and that is why he is here tonight to show you just why he is the most dangerous man in the history of ECW.

Khali nods his head before speaking once again in his native language.

Ranjin Singh: Finally, the Great Khali says that there is not a single man that can stop the movement of Khali here in ECW! Nobody can or will end the reign of the Great Khali as the ECW champion!

Khali hands his title over as suddenly the music of Eugene fills the arena. Eugene comes wandering down the aisle rather nervous as he’s about to take on The Great Khali in a non-title match.

Match #1 – Singles Match (Non-Title)
The Great Khali w/ Ranjin Singh vs. Eugene

A massive squash is all this match turns out to be. Of course this was used for Khali to get over tonight and prove just how much of a force he can be as the champion which seems very evident if he indeed is capable of carrying the title for the brand. But poor Eugene didn’t even get a chance to even get a strike in as Khali went on the attack hitting numerous head butts before dropping Eugene with a big Khali Bomb before covering Eugene with his foot!

Winner – The Great Khali

The Great Khali is handed his title as Ranjin Singh claps for the new champion as the fans can’t help but boo. It’s just natural as you’ve got this massive of a man in there.

Joey Styles: Poor Eugene. He put up a good fight here tonight but there was no way that he even stood a chance at winning that match.

Tazz: Put up a fight Joey? He didn’t even get a single blow on Khali! Khali completely murdered Eugene tonight!

Joey Styles: This Khali is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone this dangerous in the history of ECW!

Tazz: Are you forgetting about me Joey? Well we’re about to take a break but don’t forget still to come, we’ll hear later tonight why Paul Heyman fired Rob Van Dam from ECW.

---Commercial Break---

Back from the break we head backstage to see Jamie Noble walk towards the locker room. Noble opens the door walking in before he comes face to face with ECW Original Sandman.

Jamie Noble: So uh…Sandman! Heard that you’ve been talking some trash about old Jamie Noble right here. Is that true?

Noble looks all serious at Sandman as Sandman simply keeps on smoking his cigarette.

Jamie Noble: I didn’t stutter…

Noble walks up getting into the face of Sandman as if he’s ready for a fight right now.

Jamie Noble: Well since it seems ‘dat you won’t answer me, it seems like you want a match with the Most Extreme Superstar in ECW?

Noble looks at Sandman as Sandman strokes his Singapore cane with his hand before standing up. Sandman gets ready to speak but doesn’t say anything at all.

Jamie Noble: Well meet me in that ring out there next week and you’ll get a good ole’ country butt whippin’ courtesy of Jamie Noble.

Noble makes his way to exit the locker room as Sandman yells at Noble. Sandman swings the Singapore Cane knocking Noble down as Sandman stands over Noble as the ever so cocky Noble is down and out right now. We now head back into the arena where we see Joey Styles and Tazz at ringside.

Joey Styles: ECW is going to be in for some big changes around here now that we’ve got a new champion, an insane general manager, and just one less ECW original now that Rob Van Dam has been fired!

Tazz: It’s been seeing changes ever since it came back but now it really is getting some drastic changes. Speaking of changes, right now we’re about to see Kenny Dykstra and his new girlfriend Kelly Kelly in the ring as Kelly Kelly is about to finally go one on one with Ashley!

Joey Styles: Ashley’s been waiting for her chance to go one on one with Kelly for nearly two months as this all started back in early May whenever Kelly Kelly showed her true colors forcing Kenny Dykstra to dump his now ex-girlfriend in Ashley Massaro.

Tazz: It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride and now it seems like it’s only beginning since Kofi Kingston has found himself in the situation.

Match #2 – Singles Match
Kelly Kelly w/ Kenny Dykstra vs. Ashley w/ Kofi Kingston

Kofi, ECW’s newest superstar is in the corner with Ashley tonight to make sure that Kenny won’t try and cheat to help Kelly Kelly win here tonight. It’s really nothing special other than to move the storyline along as Kelly Kelly and Ashley really don’t have much wrestling talent but the match has been being looked at for nearly two months so it had to happen eventually. Anyways, it was Kelly who got the win thanks to Kenny taking Kofi out on the outside with a big fall-out clothesline hitting the K2 on Ashley getting the victory.

Winner – Kelly Kelly

Kenny and Kelly celebrate her victory in her first ever in-ring match as the former interviewer has came a long way since debuting earlier this year. Kenny and Kelly leave to boos as Kofi helps Ashley up in the ring. Ashley can’t help but stare at Kofi now as Kofi really does seem to have a problem with Kenny forming.

---Commercial Break---

A video plays hyping the tough lifestyle of a Puerto Rican superstar that is soon to be coming to ECW via the NTI (New Talent Initiative) and he goes by the name of Eric Perez. Perez is shown carrying the Puerto Rican flag on his back through the streets before he says in Spanish “¡Estoy aquí y soy mi tiempo ahora!” which means I’m here and it’s my time now. Perez walks off with the sun shining down on the Puerto Rican flag as the video package ends.

The camera cuts backstage to see Matt Striker being interviewed by Steve Romero.

Steve Romero: At this time please welcome my guest, Matt Striker!

Matt Striker walks into the picture along with Test, Big Daddy V, and Michelle McCool.

Steve Romero: Matt. This past Sunday both Test and Big Daddy V competed in the Gauntlet but fai..

Matt Striker: Failed is not what it was Steve. Failing is acquiring the letter grade of "F". My clients did not do this at all this past Sunday. No if I were still teaching I would have given them an A+ on their performance despite the fact they came up short. It's the fact that they put their bodies through extrenous pain that amazed not only myself but my escort in Michelle McCool.

Steve Romero: Well it's safe to say that neither one of them are the champion right now so how could they have gotten an A+?

Matt Striker: It is none of your buisness Mr. Romero. There is a reason why I do what I do Mr. Romero. It is because I am canny, clever, and shrewd. How about you go look those words up in a dictionary and tell me what they mean? Or better yet I can give you a lesson right here and tell you that each one of them means that I am the smartest person here in the WWE. That's exactly what it means.

Steve Romero: Um...I'm sorry Mr. Str...

Matt Striker: Being sorry is nothing. Just because Test nor Big Daddy V won this past Sunday doesn't mean that neither one of them are not capable of taking the title away from our new champion in the Great Khali. As a matter of fact I am absolutely assuring you that the next ECW champion will be one of my proteges in Test or Big Daddy V.

Striker points to Test, Big Daddy V, and Michelle McCool as they all leave and head towards the hallway.

Joey Styles: Well it’s been a long night so far but now it’s just about to get kicked off with a bit of tag team action here tonight.

Tazz: These four men are four of ECW’s best that we’ve got to offer and I have a feeling that we’re going to see someone make a name for themselves here tonight.

Joey Styles: I certainly hope so because I’d love to see somebody take our new champion down despite how hard that is going to be!

Tazz: Indeed Joey but whoever does do it certainly will be remembered around here for a very long time to come!

Match #3 – Tag Team Main Event
Kane and Tommy Dreamer vs. Mark Henry and William Regal

A decent tag team match that gets about twelve or thirteen minutes and that is why so far the night has been cut short. But still there is a big promo to come so really the show is running just on time. Anyways the match shows who might step up in the future and make a run for the ECW title with all four men proving their mettle as to why they should be the possible number one contenders. But it was the team of Dreamer and Kane that reigned successful whenever Regal got caught off guard by Tommy Dreamer who hit a nice DDT on the legal man in Regal. Dreamer went to cover but Henry broke it up before Kane came into the ring. Kane and Henry brawled around for a bit before Henry charged at Kane with a clothesline but Kane moved causing Henry to hit his tag partner Regal! Kane then simply dumped Henry to the outside of the ring before Dreamer hit another DDT for good measure to get the win for his team tonight.

Winners – Tommy Dreamer and Kane

Joey Styles and Tazz talk about the match for a few moments before we see ECW General Manager Paul Heyman making his way through the corridor. Styles and Tazz hype the big discussion of Rob Van Dam’s firing as we see the superstars of ECW fill around the ring before we go to commercial.

---Commercial Break---

This is Extreme hits across the arena as ECW General Manager Paul Heyman makes his way through the crowd entrance. Heyman slowly walks towards the ramp as he gets shattered with boos across the arena as they clearly see Heyman has a smug smile on his face. Heyman gets into the ring with many ECW originals eyeing down their one-time friend but now traitor as they don’t take their eyes off Heyman. Other people such as Matt Striker and his group are clapping for the GM simply sucking up to be a smartass.

Paul Heyman: Well now’s the time and it seems like there couldn’t be a better time to do it than right here on ECW on Sci-Fi!

The crowd boos Heyman as he has a clipboard in hand as he slaps it on his waist.

Paul Heyman: See I’ve been waiting for this day ever since April first whenever Rob Van Dam finally won the title and became the first ECW champion since ECW re-opened for business back in January. I can’t say that I would have believed that it would have only taken me two months and twenty four days to do so but I was able to successfully strip Mr. Van Dam of the title and THEN fire him just because I can!

The crowd says “This is bullshit” as Heyman simply ignores them and continues on speaking.

Paul Heyman: Whenever one of you imbeciles become a General Manager then you can all freely feel to make comments about the “top honcho” but until then you can all shut up!

The crowd boos and starts chants directed at Heyman making their thoughts clear on what they think about their GM.

Paul Heyman: But the thing is that none of you are capable of being in my position. See I brought each and every one of these ECW superstars out here tonight for a reason. I needed them out here to know just how this “new” ECW is going to work. See first off I’m going to lay it down like I see it and well….if you like it or not, you’ll learn to respect my decisions!

The crowd continues to boo s the camera focuses on many ECW originals showing their displeasure in Heyman’s comments.

Paul Heyman: First off with the Great Khali being ushered in as the new ECW champion here, let me go ahead and make it clear that I do endorse the new champion and I officially am going out of my way to state that he is the BEST ECW Champion I’ve ever had in my company. That’s right I said MY company. ECW is my child and when it’s your child, you do whatever the hell you want to do with it! So I’m changing the way things are run about here.

The crowd can’t believe Heyman’s thinking tonight as he continues speaking.

Paul Heyman: Secondly, let me say that since there is a new direction being taken about in here and I really want to do something about it. I’ve thought long and hard about what to do with Rob Van Dam’s contract and well…I think I know exactly just what I’m going to do. I know that I did rip up Van Dam’s contract BUT I am hereby allowing Mr. Van Dam to go and sign with either his former brand Raw or a brand he hasn’t been on in nearly two and a half years in Smackdown. It’s your call Mr. Van Dam…

The crowd boos Heyman but RVD heading to a different brand is rather intriguing for them too.

Paul Heyman: So here in lies the fact that we’ve got a bunch of angry ECW Originals wanting to take me out of my position. Well the problem is that I’m tired of all the moaning and groaning that you have been throwing at me. Plus you can’t stop there because you’ve got to come harass me in my office and try to complain about Van Dam’s firing and the situation. It is not any of your business no matter who you are. I don’t care if you’re Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, or even Balls freaking’ Mahoney…I don’t give a damn about you. Remember, I don’t work for you…you work for me!

Heyman looks directly into the eyes of all the ECW Originals who are hunched around one side as it seems Heyman is trying to make himself clear.

Paul Heyman: So quit, leave, do whatever is necessary. I don’t give a crap if every single one of you leave MY show. It doesn’t bother me what any of you think of me because this is a new side of Paul Heyman. No longer do I care about ECW…I could care less. But the fact is that I’m not going to be denied in my quest and that is to rid not only Mr. Van Dam but every single one of you Originals from my roster.

With those words Heyman walks out of the arena as he leaves the Originals and the new superstars at ringside to brawl. Chaos is breaking out as indeed it is a new day here in the land of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Never before has a man had his words felt more than tonight.

Joey Styles: It’s mass chaos out here and somebody has to do something about it.

Tazz: It’s clear that our General Manager is going crazy so as to who is going to break this up, well I guess nobody is!

Joey Styles: It’s been a long night here Tazz and well I must say that I can’t wait until next week to see what Heyman has up his sleeve next.

Tazz: Having known that sadistic man for many years, there really is no telling what he has planned for the rest of ECW. Good night everybody from Corpus Christi!


Friday Night Smackdown
June 29, 2007 – Corpus Christi, Texas

Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits across the arena as the Smackdown video package plays for a bit before we head into the arena with the fans going nuts. Smackdown is on the air now as the camera ends up panning over to Michael Cole and Josh Matthews within a few minutes.

Michael Cole: Welcome to another edition of Friday Night Smackdown as we are here tonight in Corpus Christi, Texas! A lot happened at Night of Champions for our Smackdown superstars including the crowning of a new Intercontinental Champion in Brent Albright.

Josh Matthews: The other three champions all retained their titles but it might not be too long either before they end up losing them. They all came close to losing their titles last night.

Michael Cole: But there was one person that did not lose their title and that was our World-Heavyweight Champion in Edge. And speaking of Edge, his friend and Smackdown General Manager JBL along with Christian and their new found ally in Finlay will be discussing just how Finlay came into their group tonight.

Josh Matthews: I’m sure we’ll be hearing from all of our champions and former champion in Charlie Haas tonight but as far as Edge goes, it makes me just wonder if anybody can stop this man from retaining the gold.

Metalingus rings throughout the crowd as the familiar image of Edge carrying the World-Heavyweight title into the arena appears as his brother Christian, the new ally in Finlay, and the Smackdown General Manager John Bradshaw Layfield follow behind. Edge and co. make their way down the ramp before they all get into the ring as Edge is handed a mic.

Edge: This past Sunday I put not only a stop to Ric Flair’s title aspirations but also Shawn Michaels. So in the words of Ric Flair….WOOOOO!!!

Edge mocks the Nature Boy with his “Wooo!” as JBL, Christian, and Finlay all share a laugh.

Edge: So now that I’ve been through all the challenges that lay ahead of me here on Smackdown…it’s about time that we got some new competition. Let me sum up everybody that I’ve beaten in the past eight and a half months since I won this title. I’ve beat Kurt Angle for the title, I beat Rey Mysterio, Kane, and Kurt Angle again to make him say I Quit, Shawn Michaels, and now his friend Ric Flair. So now that there are no more challenges, it might just be time for me to go back to Raw and bring my title over there to beat everybody over there once again.

The crowd boos Edge as Edge hoists the title high in the air.

Edge: But people have asked me…why add one more person in Finlay to this already dangerous Power Trip that you’ve got going Edge? Why do it? Well it’s simple. We’ve got a tough Irish bastard that is springing for a fight and he’s clearly willing and able to take down everybody for not only myself but Christian and JBL. It’s plain to see and Finlay clearly is the man that is capable of taking every single Smackdown superstar on the roster down if need be…

JBL asks for the mic from Edge now as he hands it over.

JBL: Edge, you don’t need to tell these imbeciles why we added Finlay! If they can’t see why then they are clearly dumb and too ignorant to see just why. See when you’ve got money like me, you buy what you want and when you want. Finlay was willing to join up and we’re going to end up putting him to the test here tonight….

JBL looks at Finlay as Finlay nods holding the shillelagh.

JBL: It’s clear as day that we are clearly the most dominant group not only on Smackdown but in the entire history of the WWE. So any Smackdown…hell any Raw or ECW superstar that wants to step up…

Well…It’s the Big Show! Hits across the arena as the Big Show makes his way down the aisle. All four men keep their eyes on the World’s Largest Athlete as he makes his way towards the ring before stepping over the ropes and into the ring. Big Show walks over grabbing a mic as he stares down Edge right now.

The Big Show: So any superstar huh? I’d like to see one of you try and take down me right here and right now.

The crowd pops for the cocky Big Show but with good reasoning. Who in the hell would want to mess with this massive of a giant.

Edge: Don’t be coming out here acting like you’re something special Big Show. You’re no different than any other superstar that came before you in the fact that if you even try to take my title, you’ll fail mi…

The Big Show: It’s awful hard to take a title from you whenever you’ve got three of your “friends” helping you in every match. But even if you had it four on one, you still wouldn’t be capable of stopping me from taking that title!

The crowd pops as an angry Edge looks pissed off as JBL snatches the mic out of his hand.

JBL: We’re not here tonight to listen to someone bad mouth us like you Big Show. So you want a challenge? Well here you go. How about tonight you go one on one with the newest member of the Power Trip in Finlay. If you beat Finlay, you get Edge next week for the World-Heavyweight Championship.

The Big Show nods his head in favor before Edge suddenly spears the monster down to the mat. Edge, Christian, and Finlay all pounce on the Big Show as they put a beating to the big monster in the ring. Big Show however was able to shove Finlay off of him before shoving Christian off as well. Christian, Finlay, and JBL all look on from the outside as Big Show is on one knee and grabs Edge by the throat. Big Show is back up now and drops Edge with a big Showstopper in the middle of the ring!

The Big Show: I’m coming for your title…

Well…It’s the Big Show fills the arena once again as the World’s Largest Athlete leaves the ring as Christian, JBL, and Finlay all watched on as they didn’t even help Edge back up. Whenever Edge regains his composure he asks JBL why in the hell he didn’t interfere. The four men argue for a bit before Edge slaps the mat in anger since he’s got two big problems on his plate now.

---Commercial Break---

Match #1 – Tag Team Match
Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy vs. MVP and Marcus Cor Von

These four superstars kick off Smackdown’s night of action in style as all four of these are mid-card wrestlers that can wrestle rather well in the ring. MVP and Cor Von both double team Mysterio for a bit continuing the MVP/Mysterio saga that has been going on for nearly three months now. MVP and Cor Von both take turns stomping away at the smaller Mysterio before Mysterio made the hot tag bringing in Hardy. Hardy quickly took down the legal man Cor Von with a huge dropkick off the ropes before getting a two count. Cor Von shoved Hardy off into the ropes hitting Mysterio as Mysterio fell off the ropes. Cor Von sprung off the ropes hitting the Pounce on Hardy so hard he goes flying through the middle rope to the outside (Damn!) as Hardy falls on the mat on the outside. MVP quickly throws Mysterio back into the ring before getting Cor Von to tag him in! MVP quickly runs in and hits Mysterio with the Drive By Kick before covering and getting the victory here tonight over his rival in the tag team match.

Winners – MVP and Marcus Cor Von

MVP celebrates his victory here tonight after having lost to Mysterio back at Judgment Day a month ago. MVP quickly grabs the microphone on the outside from Justin Roberts after the match is done.

MVP: Tick tock Mysterio….your time with the Money in the Bank briefcase is running out.

MVP throws the mic at Roberts before making his way out of the arena. Right after the match is done with we head backstage to see Paul London walking backstage looking a bit disgruntled about his loss this Sunday at Night of Champions before he bumps into Carlito. Carlito is tossing an apple in the air as he looks at the former Cruiserweight Champion.

Carlito: Aren’t you da’ former Cruiserweight champion?

London nods his head before speaking.

Paul London: Yeah…that’s me.

Carlito: So um, Carlito wants to know just why you couldn’t get it done this past Sunday. Hell Carlito didn’t even have a match at Night of Champions which was an outrage but if I did, Carlito guarantees you he would have beaten whomever he fought against.

London looks at Carlito trying to fully comprehend what he just said.

Paul London: Look I had a ro…

Carlito: Carlito doesn’t want to hear any excuses. Carlito might be new here on Smackdown but I’ve already made a name for myself in the past two months that I’ve been here. I mean after all I am the most successful Caribbean superstar to wrestle in the WWE! But not only that…I’m the coolest superstar to wrestle in the WWE!

The crowd laughs at Carlito as he throws the apple into the air before taking a bite.

Paul London: I could beat you easily any day…

Carlito almost chokes on his apple as he spits it out and starts to laugh. Carlito seems to have hysteria as he just can’t stop laughing. He finally regains his composure and looks at London as if he is serious?

Carlito: You. Beat Carlito? (Carlito continues to laugh briefly) Carlito says if you can’t even beat Gregory Helms, then how can you beat Carlito? ‘Tell you what. Carlito’s free so Carlito will wrestle you out in that ring tonight. ‘Dat cool?

Carlito waits for a response from London.

Paul London: It’s on.

London and Carlito have a brief stare down as we now head to a commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

We come back from the break backstage to see “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair backstage. Flair is yelling at the top of his lungs right now for some reason but nobody knows why?

Ric Flair: What in the hell?

Flair is hurrying around asking for security as the fans are left confused as to what is going on?

Ric Flair: Security! I need security to come to my locker room.

Flair finally finds a security worker as they rush with him down the hallway. Quickly Flair brings the security into his locker room as he brings them over into the corner where a bloody Shawn Michaels is sprawled out in the corner.

Security Worker: Somebody get help…

A random worker happened to be walking by as we see paramedics run into the locker room. Flair is looking down at his friend wondering who in the hell did this? Suddenly in walks the Smackdown General Manager John Bradshaw Layfield.

JBL: What in the hell is going on in here?

JBL looks in the corner at Shawn Michaels having no clue what is going on.

Ric Flair: Don’t act like you’ve got a damn clue with what just happened. I know it was one of your three little cronies you’ve got.

JBL looks at Flair innocently claiming to know nothing about this incident at all. JBL then suddenly starts questioning Flair about it.

JBL: Aren’t you the one that has been having trouble with Shawn Michaels recently? I mean he did throw Edge right into you at Judgment Day? Then this past Sunday you could say he cost you the title. It doesn’t take a genius to know that YOU did this Ric Flair.

Flair gets into the face of JBL as Flair is turning a beet red clearly pissed that JBL is accusing him of doing something of this nature.

Ric Flair: Don’t you EVER accuse me of doing something like this ever again. I NEVER could do something like this to harm a friend no matter what our differences are. You had something to do with this you sick son of a bitch.

Flair leaves the room clearly angry as JBL leaves as well leaving the paramedics to take care of the situation. Shortly after we head into the arena to the commentating team at ringside.

Michael Cole: Strange things continue to happen around here and now with Shawn Michaels being laid out, it really makes me wonder who did this.

Josh Matthews: All fingers point right now to the Power Trip but whether or not it is them is the question. I can’t put a finger on it but I’ve got to believe it has to be one of them.

Michael Cole: That would be the obvious answer but as far as we know it could be any superstar on the Smackdown roster!

Josh Matthews: Indeed it could be Michael. Well regardless right now it’s time to see the Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms, in action.

Match #2 – Singles Match
Gregory Helms vs. Sabu

Helms quickly takes advantage of Sabu as he really shows why he is one of the more dominant champions in the history of the title. Helms really didn’t give Sabu much of a chance after he hit a nice swinging neckbreaker onto the canvas. Helms only got a two count but didn’t stop there as he quickly went back onto the offense. Helms didn’t waste any time afterwards as he quickly went for and successfully hit the Shining Wizard on the ECW Original before covering Sabu and getting the victory.

Winner – Gregory Helms

Helms walks over grabbing a microphone from Roberts (wow Roberts is having the microphone stolen from a lot tonight, huh?) as he stands on the outside before grasping his Cruiserweight Championship. Helms walks towards the back with the microphone carrying his title as he begins to speak.

Gregory Helms: So anyways as most of you know. I’ve been labeling myself as the “Savior of the Cruiserweight division” but after a few weeks of being the champion I realized something…

Helms continues walking toward the back as he gets out towards the exit of the arena after walking for a bit and staying silent as the camera follows him towards the outside of the arena. Helms opens the door walking outside as he makes his way towards the Gulf of Mexico which is ironically right across from the arena. Helms grabs the title looking around before speaking into the mic.

Gregory Helms: How can I be the “savior” of something that is already dead? The division is done with and with that….I am done with it.

Helms rares back chunking the Cruiserweight title into the Gulf of Mexico! The fans look on in shock as Helms has just pretty much forfeited his title over and now the title is gone! It’s floating down the Gulf of Mexico as we speak as Smackdown heads to a commercial break with Helms looking at the Gulf with the camera focusing on Helms facing the Gulf.

---Commercial Break---

Michael Cole: Well before the break if you missed it. Gregory Helms took his Cruiserweight Championship and proceeded to the outside of the arena before chunking the title into the Gulf of Mexico! Yes I did say the Gulf of Mexico!

Josh Matthews: I…I’m shocked Michael. Well it seems now that we don’t have a Cruiserweight title anymore and I still can’t believe that Helms would just throw away a title, GOLD, just like that!

Michael Cole: I’ve seen crazier things happen here in the WWE but man this just might end up taking the cake as far as I’m concerned. Well now we can safely say that there are only three championships here on Smackdown for the time being.

Josh Matthews: I just hate to know what our General Manager JBL is going to think about that. I’d hate to have to tell the GM about what just occurred.

Pay the Price hits across the arena as an angry Charlie Haas makes his way to the top of the ramp without the Intercontinental title. Fans are booing Haas as he stops at the top clearly pissed off at what happened at Night of Champions ending his brief one month run with the Intercontinental title. Haas has a mic in hand right now as he begins to speak.

Charlie Haas: Shut up…each and every one of you.

The crowd boos and starts a big “You lost” Chant as Haas clearly and verbally looks pissed.

Charlie Haas: It was a fluke…a damn fluke! Never before have I been more embarrassed in my professional wrestling career than I was this past Sunday at Night of Champions. Never before have I lost a match that close! Never before have I been so embarrassed that I have contemplated quitting my job just because I can’t handle the fact that I lost my title this past Sunday!

The crowd begins another chant of “Quit!” as Haas ignores them.

Charlie Haas: Chant anything at me that you want. It won’t stop the fact that I am pissed off to the degree that I am willing to snap and just injure anybody right now. It could be Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Justin Roberts, hell even a fan!

Many fans jump at the opportunity of facing off against Haas.

Charlie Haas: But none of you are even worthy of being in the arena much less in the same ring as the “Suplex and Submission Specialist” Charlie Haas!

Haas still can’t put a smile on his face despite the fact he’s got these fans really pissed off. Haas moves from side to side trying to control his anger.

Charlie Haas: I said it this past Sunday and that is that I am not done with you Brent Albright. I’ve wanted to announce it and now’s the time. Next week…meet me in this ring because I’m cashing in my rematch clause. When I’m done with you…you’ll have had the shortest reign with the Intercontinental title in history.

Haas drops the mic making his exit as Michael Cole and Josh Matthews come back on to discuss Haas’s comments.

Michael Cole: A man of few words is Charlie Haas and really I can’t blame him because he lets his actions and talent do the speaking for him.

Josh Matthews: Charlie Haas really is a dangerous man Michael and I have a feeling that Albright may be in trouble next week.

Michael Cole: I’m not so sure Josh. Brent’s a good kid and I have a feeling that he just might pull out another win over the former champion.

Josh Matthews: I certainly hope so because as you said Albright is a good kid but I’m not so sure if he can make another miracle happen like he did this past Sunday at Night of Champions! But I guess we’ll see next week won’t we?

We now get ready to head to a commercial break but before that we see a video package begin to play.

Narrator: He goes by the nickname of “Friday Night Delight”…

Shots of Johnny Nitro in action is shown.

Narrator: “The Guru of Greatness”…

Nitro attacking his former partner Joey Mercury on his last appearance on Raw is shown back in March.

Narrator: “The Shaman of Sexy”

Nitro posing on the top rope in numerous matches is shown to the fans.

Narrator: And finally the “A-list Elitist”

Nitro meeting up with many famous superstars in snapshot pictures is the last images shown in the video. Many moves of Nitro’s diverse repertoire is shown right now before it shows Nitro at the top of the ramp. The video slows down (just like his current entrance video) and shows him raising his hand in the air. It ends with the words John Morrison.

Narrator: His name is John Morrison…and he’s debuting on Smackdown…next week!

The final thing seen in the video package is “John Morrison – Next Week” before we head off to a commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

Match #3 – Singles Match
Carlito vs. Paul London

These two superstars meet for the first time ever one on one as London and Carlito get about eight or nine minutes to showcase what they’ve both got. It’s an even match and it goes down to the wire towards the end but it seems to favor Carlito. Carlito was able to capitalize after London hit the Dropsault and got a two count but shook the ropes knocking London off after London went for a Mushroom Stomp onto Carlito. Carlito watched London fall onto the mat before Carlito walked over to London dragging him back into the middle of the ring. London ended up fighting back with some hard rights though as London kneed Carlito in the gut before running off the ropes. Carlito missed London with a clothesline before London leaped onto the shoulders of Carlito hitting a big Hurricanrana but only got a two count! This angered Carlito as Carlito clotheslines London from behind before dragging London into the middle of the ring. Carlito tries for a Back Stabber but London quickly got away from Carlito before it was too late. London dropped Carlito with a big enzuiguri before heading to the top ropes and hitting a big 450 Splash for the victory!

Winner – Paul London

Paul London is going nuts on the outside as he runs around ringside slapping hands with the fans. Carlito slaps the mat in anger as he pulls his hair out in disbelief that he just lost the match to Paul London. London clearly is on fire despite having lost his match at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole: WOW! Paul London just upset Carlito and this has to be the biggest victory in young Paul London’s career!

Josh Matthews: He’s steadily making his way to the top Michael and I always knew that he had it in him! After all he’s a two time Cruiserweight champion and he’s been one half of the WWE Tag Team champions!

Michael Cole: I know that Josh but wow! I never would have expected London to pull off this upset here tonight on Friday Night Smackdown!

Josh Matthews: Well one thing is for certain Michael. Paul London has the heart of a lion and with that heart, it just may carry him all the way to the top of the mountain!

We head backstage once again to see Brent Albright standing by with Maria.

Maria: Brent. Next week you’ve got a big match here on Smackdown with Charlie Haas and your Intercontinental title is going to be on the line. Are you nervous since this will be your first title defense as the new champion?

Brent Albright: I’ve only been here two short months but nervous is certainly not how I’m going to be feeling next week. That’s the last thing I will ever feel when I’m in that ring because I’m always excited to go out there and wrestle my butt off for these fans.

Maria: Brent you are one of quickest superstars to ever earn a singles title after shortly coming to the WWE. How does this feel to know you’ve already got a hold of one of the most prestigious titles here in the WWE?

Brent Albright: It’s great to know I’ve got the same title that the Honky Tonk Man, Ricky Steamboat, and many others have held. But at the same time, I want to defend this title as much as often so I can try and get my name to be remembered at the time along with the other great champions that have held this title.

Maria: One final question Brent. With many people going to be gunning for your title – including Haas- does this concern you at all?

Brent Albright: Once again this goes back to the nervousness Maria. I’m not at all concerned about anybody wanting to take my title away. I’m going to be a fighting champion and put my title on the line wherever and whenever I see fit. If I want to defend it every week, then so be it. If it’ll make me remembered forever, then I just may have to do so.

Albright walks out of the scene as Maria looks at Albright as Smackdown heads to another commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

Match #4 – Singles Match
Chuck Palumbo vs. Kid Kash

Palumbo has been on a roll recently since turning face and using his biker gimmick. It seems Kid Kash very well may be his next victim here tonight. Kash did put in a good match but of course it was Palumbo that dominated the match. Kash tried to put up a good fight but once Palumbo hit him with the Big Boot it was pretty much over. Palumbo went on a string of offense hitting Kash with numerous clotheslines, etc. before finally dropping Kash in the middle of the ring with his finisher, the Full Throttle, before covering Kash and getting another victory here on Smackdown.

Winner – Chuck Palumbo

Palumbo gets back on his bike revving it back up before riding out of the arena with his fist clenched high in the air. Palumbo finally rides out of the way before we head backstage once again this time to see WWE Tag Team Champions, the Mexicools, talking to each other before in walks the tag team of Jesse and Festus.

Jesse: Hey Psicosis, Super Crazy! What do you two say to a challenge next week? Festus and myself are looking for a bit of tag team action and well we thought it wouldn’t be too bad to see if the champs were up for some action next week?

Jesse slaps Festus in the back as Festus is standing there with his blank look. Super Crazy looks at Psicosis as they both nod their heads in agreeance.

Super Crazy: Si.

Jesse shows a smile to Festus as he’s happy.

Jesse: Alright that’s great! Well thanks guys. We’ll se…

The tag team of Fashion Inc. walks in interrupting this so called “challenge” as they clearly don’t look happy about it.

Danny Doring: Hold it right there.

Doring looks as Jesse stops in his tracks as all three teams come face to face with one another.

Danny Doring: I think it’s clear that Sylvan and I deserve another title shot after what happened this past Sunday…

Doring and Sylvan argue for a bit with the Mexicools and Jesse and Festus before Deuce and Domino enter the argument.

Deuce: Yo…I think that Domino and myself also deserve another title shot. After all we’re da’ former champions out of all of the other teams. I can’t recall seeing any of you jerks being the champions here.

Deuce and Domino both make their case for why they should be champions as suddenly in walks the GM John Bradshaw Layfield (who was making his way to the arena for the main event)

JBL: Stop this bickering right now! Listen I’ve got an idea. How about next week on Smackdown…we have a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match with the Mexicools defending the titles against Deuce and Domino, Jesse and Festus, and finally Fashion Inc.

All four teams nod in agreeance as JBL walks off as he yells at Christian, Edge, and Finlay to come on as they make their way towards the arena.

Michael Cole: Coming up next! Finlay goes one on one with the Big Show and if the Big Show wins, he gets a title shot next week here on Friday Night Smackdown!

---Commercial Break---

Match #5 – Singles Match
Finlay vs. The Big Show

A lot is on the line for the Big Show as he knows he has a possible title shot riding on the line for him in tonight’s main event. But the match really is about Finlay proving his worth to the group and showing just what he is capable of doing. Finlay was able to take Big Show down thanks to a distraction from Christian in the get go as Finlay took the shillelagh to the leg of the Big Show getting the World’s Largest Athlete down on one knee. Finlay would later get another chance to take advantage with the shillelagh this time whenever his leprechaun friend in Hornswoggle would come running into the ring. However Hornswoggle came face to face with the Big Show who went to go pick up Hornswoggle and he threw the leprechaun out of the ring into the arms of Christian. Edge was at ringside on commentary watching the match as he felt the need to get up and interfere. Edge came onto the apron distracting the Big Show before the Big Show head butted Edge off of the top ropes. Big Show turned around as the referee was distracted with Edge as JBL checked on the champion. Finlay had the shillelagh in hand but he dropped it? What in the hell is going on? Finlay doesn’t swing the shillelagh at Big Show but instead walks right into the Showstopper (it looked as if he did it on purpose) as Big Show covers Finlay for the victory.

Winner – The Big Show

The Big Show celebrates his victory confused as to what Finlay did. He looks towards the outside as JBL has a big smirk on his face. JBL doesn’t show this smirk to Edge though as Edge had his back turned. The Big Show looks at JBL as if he is confused before JBL helps Edge back up showing concern for the champion. Christian looks on as he heads in to “help” Finlay back onto his feet. JBL helps Edge back up as Smackdown ends with the Power Trip making their way up the aisle with the Big Show looking on confused but confident heading into next week’s big title match.

Michael Cole: I’m shocked Josh. What a night it has been but next week’s Smackdown may be the biggest in recent history! Three titles are up for grabs and well…I guess you can say it’s going to be another edition of Night of Champions here on Friday Night Smackdown!

Josh Matthews: Why would Finlay just give up the match like that? I’m certainly confused but this night has been rather confusing as well.

Michael Cole: Indeed it has been Josh. But next week is going to be big as I’ve already mentioned because first off we’ve got a Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Tag Team titles, Brent Albright defends the Intercontinental title against Charlie Haas in a Night of Champions rematch, and then finally we’ve got Edge putting his World-Heavyweight title on the line against The Big Show! What an amazing show it is going to be next week!

Josh Matthews: So much has happened this week from what occurred in the main event to the Cruiserweight title being thrown into the Gulf to Shawn Michaels being laid out. I just can’t imagine what is going to happen next week here on Smackdown. Good night everybody!
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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Still can't quite believe you put any title on The Great Khai. You truly are the biggest realism buff walking the face of the earth He just ... doesn't do anything for me, and this opening segment was not a good sign of things to come. Nonsensical rambling from a less than awesome manager, followed by a squash match. It doesn't really matter who turns out to be Khali's first real challenger for the belt. No on, not even HBK or Eddie could get even a ** match of this train wreck.

Jamie 'OWNS' Noble. Now here's the guy you should put the ECW strap on. He's just so good and pretty darn good on the mic to boot. The ECW Originals are always good at being mere fodder, so hopefully ole' Jamie Noble whups Sandman's ass next week & keeps on moving up.

Nice little feud forming between Kofi Kingston & Kenny Dykstra. Just the kind of low-level affair that this new ECW needs. I can't remember when Kenny broke from Ashley, but I don't really care; I was never all that into their partnership anyway.

Eric Perez?

I'm loving Matt Striker's little stable at the moment. It has a real old school, almost 'Camp Cornette' feel to it. It'd be even better if you gave them a stabl name too. Lol @ McCool being Striker's "escort", that just sounds so wrong. Even though Big Daddy V is quite awful, if it means we keep getting the awesomeness that is Matt Striker on the micevery week, I wouldn't mind a push.

Pretty good main event {or as good as you can get on ECW} with 4 of its biggest stars. Quite surprised {and sickened} to see that jobber Tommy Dreamer pinning the greatness of William Regal. I'm hoping for some swift revenge from the Englishman.

Really interesting way to close the show with Paul Heyman's grand speech. I kind of like the fact that Rob will probably just jump back to SmackDown, as it would be such a waste to just let him go like others have done. Nothing really too special about Paul E.'s declaration of war on the ECW Originals since that's basically what went down in real life, but expect you to put your own unique twist on it or something at least, which should make it quite fun.


Once again, much like with Striker's group on ECW, I'm quite liking this little stable you're putting together on SD, with Edge, Christian, JBL & now Finlay. Quite the power group. Solid opening segment from the group with Edge & Bradshaw basically talking shit about everyone & everything. I wish you would let Captain Charisma actually do some talking for once. He's the best mic worker of the bunch in all honesty. So Big Show's the next challenger for Edge? We're at the point now, because Edge has been champion for something like 9 months now, that he could drop the belt at any time, so it could be Show. The big man was a tad generic in his usual "I'm a giant" schtick, but the main event sounds good. I'd mark if Dave ctually won, but I doubt it's going to happen.

I thought you {foolishly} released Cor Von? No mind, he's awesome, so I'm glad he's back. Pretty good tag team match to get things underway, with it really all about Mysterio|Porter & MITB. 'VP pinning Rey almost guarantees that we will see those two go at it one-on-one again soon, and this time for th briefcase, which Montel better win.

Pretty generic segment from Carlito & Paul London to be honest. Nothing really special about it at all, except that I'm sure 'Lito's burial {} will be continuing tonight.

Woah, pretty intense stuff going down backstage to poor Shawn Michaels. It would be a nice twist if Naitch turned heel and it transpired that it actually was him who attacked Shawn a la Triple H in '02. Odds are it'll probably just end up being JBL & co, though.

Pretty weird shit from Gregory Helms. Quite a big win for a guy like him, killing Sabu {who ain't no slouch in the eyes of the fans} clean as a whistle, before going mental and lobbing the Cruiserweight strap into the sea. I hope this is the start of some great storyline about the revival of the CW division & not just away to do away with the division like in real life. It has some great potential.

Yeah, I'll admit it, I was a little pissed when Haas lost the Intercontinental title after barely a month with it. I waited so long. Lol. Anyway, quite a nice, intense, short rant from Haas, not regarded as the greatest mic worker around. He & Albright could have some truly amazing matches if you do it right.

Hi, Morrison.

No real surprise to see London go over 'Lito. I guess London could become the guy who tries to save the CW division from Helms?

Wow, Albright's only been here two months? That is quick for him to get a big title so soon. Decent interview from he quite underrated mic worker. He'll probably retain next week, unless you plan on pulling an Attitude Era swerve on us, which I doubt.

Ugh, Palumbo going over Kash make me sad.

Big match made for next for the tag team titles. Not the greatest of tag team divisions on SD currently. Raw at least has one quite awesome team in in The Gold Standard, but I'm sure you'll surprise us with a title change next week.

Crazy main event for sure, and I'm equally confused as Big Show as to what the hell was going on at the end. After all that interference supposedly to get Finlay the duke, the Irishman just ... loses? And JBL seems to be happy about that, but not Edge or Christian? What on earth? Maybe Bradshaw's going to turn on E&C and align himself with someone else perhaps. We'll have to wait and see. Next week really is a stacked show with all the titles on the line.

Solid stuff from your first full shows in AAAAAGES, KOP. You haven't really lost it, but I think you could still produce so much more if you really put in the effort.
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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Monday Night Raw – July 2, 2007
American Airlines Center – Dallas, Texas

Raw opens tonight with a video package focusing on the big tag team match last week that featured WWE Champion Batista teaming with ECW champion The Great Khali to take on Triple H and Chris Jericho. The video shows Triple H pinning Batista to win the match. Right after though it shows footage from earlier in the night with Mick Foley being named co-General Manager for now at least since Eric Bischoff is going to be “graded” tonight on his performance so far. If Bischoff passes then Foley will be his Co-GM. If Bischoff fails then Foley simply is the sole GM of Raw. Finally Chris Jericho being added into the Triple Threat by Foley is shown with Jericho and HHH staring one another down after the tag team match closing the video out.

Across the Nation hits as the Raw video package plays before we are brought into the American Airlines Center where the fans are going wild in the arena. Many signs are shown before we head down to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: Hello one and all and welcome to another exciting edition of Raw tonight which is sure to be a great show.

Jerry Lawler: I’m positive it will be JR and we’ll be finding out tonight whether we’re going to have two GM’s or if we’re going to just have Mick Foley as our General Manager.

Jim Ross: I’d rather have just Foley but I guess Bischoff is going to try his best to convince Mr. McMahon that he has done a good job since coming back earlier in the year.

Jerry Lawler: He’ll have a lot of convincing to do because Mr. McMahon is not exactly in the best of moods considering what has occurred on Smackdown this past Friday. That place seems out of control over there!

Match #1 – Tag Team Rematch - Non-title
The Gold Standards vs. CM Punk and Brian Kendrick

A huge tag team match kicks off Raw tonight as the duo of the Burke and Benjamin are going to try and get their tag team titles back from the team of Punk and Kendrick in their condition IF they win their tag team match tonight. It was reported on WWE.com that Burke and Benjamin cashed their rematch in for the Great American Bash and that this match was going to take place tonight on Raw to determine who was going to get the choice of the stipulation to end this almost four month feud. Back to the match, Burke and Benjamin worked over Punk for a long amount of time trying to take down one of the most resilient superstars on the WWE roster but Punk kept on fighting back not wanting to lose the match for his team. Punk broke through eventually making the hot tag into Kendrick. Kendrick quickly leapt onto the top rope for a flying clothesline but Benjamin ducked and Kendrick flew right into a dropkick from Burke! The fans looked on in awe as Benjamin (the legal man) ran over kicking Punk off the apron before grabbing Kendrick quickly and hitting the Paydirt. Quickly Benjamin made the cover and getting the win assuring that his team will get to pick the stipulation for their tag team match at the ‘Bash.

Winners- The Gold Standards

Burke and Benjamin talk about it for a bit with their manager Theodore Long on the outside as Long asks for a mic.

Theodore Long: Listen up!

The crowd pours in boos as Long clearly looks irritated.

Theodore Long: We’re not going to have me getting booed just because of my skin color. That ain’t how it works around here playas! Now I know these gentlemen aren’t exactly the well most liked superstars around here but by god they better be the most respected ones. They were the tag team champs for nearly half a year. They ran by many tag teams here on Raw and they gained my trust and respect.

Long pauses for a bit as Benjamin and Burke tell him to “Go ahead” and announce it.

Theodore Long: And well that’s why these two gentlemen are hereby challenging CM Punk and Brian Kendrick to a Ladder Match at the Great American Bash! Shelton Benjamin has excelled in many ladder matches while Elijah Burke has yet to compete in one. But it doesn’t hide the fact that the more talented and the right team will come out the winners. And when we do win…Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley, and all you white “playas” will have to respect us.

Long leads his team back up the ramp as we head over to the duo of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler right now.

Jim Ross: By god King. The Great American Bash keeps on getting even better. First off we’ve already got two huge matches but man the card is getting stacked more and more each show! Three huge matches are now set for the ‘Bash.

Jerry Lawler: JR we very well may be looking at one of the hottest Pay-Per-Views of the year if the superstars of Raw come out and bring out their best. I have a feeling this might be one of our best shows yet JR!

---Commercial Break---

We come back from the commercial break to see Todd Grisham standing by backstage in the interviewing area.

Todd Grisham: Hello everybody. At this time please welcome my guest, John Cena!

Cena walks into the scene showing a smile as all of the fans go nuts in the arena.

Todd Grisham: So John as you know last week Mr. Kennedy attacked you in your match with Chavo Guerr…

John Cena: Todd we don’t need a rundown of what happened. I’m sure everybody knows exactly what happened and well let me go ahead and answer a question that I already know you are going to ask me. Yes. Mr. Kennedy challenged me to a First Blood Match at the Great American Bash and my answer? You would very well like to know what my answer is wouldn’t you Todd?

Todd looks at Cena pretty much nodding his head in agreeance.

Todd Grisham: Well…yeah!

John Cena: Well it’s YES!

The crowd pops loudly as Cena looks right into the camera.

John Cena: And as for you Mr. Kennedy. I’m sick and tired of all this “hit and run” crap that you’ve been doing recently. You’ve been doing this ever since April and I’m sick and tired of it. That’s why in just less than three weeks I am going to finally end this and prove why I am the better and the more talented man here on Raw. You claim to be the biggest thing to hit Monday nights Mr. Kennedy but I beg to differ. Let’s ask the fans their opinion shall we?

The crowd pops for crowd involvement as Cena shows a smile.

John Cena: So start yelling if you like Mr. Kennedy and think he is the top superstar on Raw.

Very few people cheer and most of them are smartasses anyways.

John Cena: And what about me?

The crowd goes nuts for Cena (in real life they wouldn’t though. ) But anyways just pretend they are going nuts.

John Cena: I think that gets my point across Todd. My motto is never back down and I never will back down as long as I am active in that ring. I can’t and I won’t. It’s not in my vocabulary and I will make sure that I succeed in this business no matter what it takes. Whether it’s taking out “top dog” wannabes like you or having to go with the best. I’ll do just about whatever it takes to prove that I am the top one here on not only Raw but in the entire WWE. So Kennedy….be prepared because I’m 100 positive that it’ll be your blood on the canvas at the ‘Bash.

Cena leaves and gets out of the camera way before we see Mr. Kennedy walk in now as Cena seems long gone from the interview area.

Mr. Kennedy: Tell me Todd…what did John Cena say?

Todd Grisham: Well he accepted the challenge.

Mr. Kennedy: WRONG DECISION! Cena doesn’t know what he’s got coming for him at the ‘Bash. Hell maybe I’m going to have to give him some lessons in making right and wrong decisions because right now he’s already backed himself into a corner. Todd I can’t stay long because I’ve got to get prepared…

Todd Grisham: Well you weren’t even in this interview?

Mr. Kennedy walks back and this week once again whispers into the mic.

Mr. Kennedy: KENNEDY.

We now head backstage to see Hardcore Holly, Joey Mercury, The Miz, and people of that nature standing by backstage. Suddenly in walks the familiar face of one of Raw’s newest superstars in “The Natural” Nic Nemeth.

“The Natural” Nic Nemeth: Let me introduce myself…

The Miz looks at Nemeth with a rather weird look on his face.

“The Natural” Nic Nemeth: I said, “Let me introduce myself…”

Nemeth tries to get the attention of Holly, Mercury, and the Miz but they pay no attention to him. Nemeth instead gives Holly a shove which Holly turns around to.

Hardcore Holly: Boy…just who do you think you are?

Holly looks Nemeth straight in the eyes as it seems Holly is about to snap and just go off on the “Natural” here tonight.

“The Natural” Nic Nemeth: Since you asked, you can just call me “The Natural” or better yet Nic Nemeth!

Holly looks at Nemeth as if he is supposed to be something special.

Hardcore Holly: Well tell you what “Natural” (sarcastically) you don’t come about here trying to force yourself upon these superstars. That’s not how things work around here. You EARN respect and by god you will respect me to not touch me like that again.

Nemeth pretends as if he didn’t even hear Holly.

Hardcore Holly: And if you don’t respect me, then I guess I’ll beat it into you.

Nemeth seems speechless as he walks off heading towards the back of the arena. Nemeth stops as the camera catches a few words from him.

“The Natural” Nic Nemeth: The people around here…wow!

---Commercial Break---

La Vittoria' e' Mia hits across the arena as The “Italian Stallion” Santino Marella makes his way down the ramp. Marella comes walking down rather cocky after getting his first victory last week here on Raw. Marella rolls into the ring (despite having beat Rene Dupree) which isn’t really that big of a win but still. Marella grabs a microphone.

Santino Marella: Once again if you do not know me, my name is Santino Marella, International superstar and soon to be WWE Champion!

The crowd laughs at Marella as if he really has a chance at the WWE title (at least now in his career)

Santino Marella: Thanka’ you! See now Santino in my country means “great” and that is exactly what I’a am. There are many fine Italian superstars but I am the finest of them all. I am the one that hasa’ led the way for the future of the professional wrest’alers of Italy. Now many people wisha’ to give me thanks but I decline. I cannot take all of the credit because if it werea’ not for the fine fans of WWE, then I Santino Marella would simply nota’ be here on Raw.

The crowd pops as Santino is showing appreciation for what the fans do for him.

Santino Marella: But I ama’ not here for action tonight. No-no! I am here to watch your United States Champion in action. Matt Hardly! You see I’ve watched Meester Hardly for manya’ weeks but Santino says that clearly he stands a better chance ata’ being the United States Champion than Hardy does at keeping his girlfriend Clita. I heard this girl Clita (Lita) had um…(Marella pauses to think here) a fun time with de’ World Heavyweight Champion Edge?

The crowd “ooo’s” as Santino looks shocked at what the crowd thinks about what he said. Santino walks over sitting at the commentating booth to watch the upcoming singles match. Santino sits down as Hardy makes his way out looking angry at the comments that Santino mad. But it seems apparent that Santino doesn’t know much about the entire situation.

Match #2 – Singles Match
Matt Hardy vs. Snitsky

The United States champion gets a hard task tonight in taking on the daunting Snitsky but it seems Hardy has enough gas behind him to get him over Snitsky tonight. Or at least he hopes so. Snitsky does dominate Hardy in the get go after Hardy leapt off the middle rope but Snitsky caught him with a Bear hug nearly squeezing the life out of Hardy. Hardy fought back though breaking free of the Bear hug but Snitsky wasted no time in ramming Hardy back first into the turnbuckles. Snitsky quickly pulled Hardy back down towards the mat with a clothesline before covering for two. Snitsky pulled Hardy back up sending him off into the ropes before Hardy came running back at a Big Boot but once again got only a two count. Hardy seemed to be in trouble as Snitsky pulled Hardy up trying for the Pumphandle Slam but Hardy slid off the shoulders before quickly dropping Snitsky with a Side Effect! Hardy fought back despite all of the pain and beating he took earlier in the match before dropping Snitsky with a Twist of Fate. Quickly Hardy covered getting a win here tonight in this non-title match over Snitsky.

Winner- Matt Hardy

Hardy is handed his United States title as he celebrates for a bit as Santino talks on commentary. Santino stays in his “tweener” role acting all innocent about the “Clita” situation but in the meantime also talking about how he wants a shot at the United States title (despite having wrestled only one match on Raw so far which was last week)

---Commercial Break---

After the break we come backstage to see Eric Bischoff sitting in his office as in walks Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely. Guerrero and Neely walk over towards Mr. Bischoff as they both shake hands with Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Ah…gentlemen. Good to see you tonight.

Neely nudges Guerrero.

Chavo Guerrero: You too Mr. Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Listen I appreciate you two coming here tonight because Chavo you really impressed me last week here on Raw when you beat John Cena in that match (the crowd boos knowing that Mr. Kennedy interfered to help Chavo).

Guerrero shows a smile.

Chavo Guerrero: Well thank you Mr. Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: No need to thank me. I thank you. And why do I thank you? Because tonight I’ve got to be “graded” here on Raw on my performance and well I’m going to be a little busy with that so I thought I could rely on you and your friend Bam here to do some…well how do I say it?

Chavo Guerrero: Favors?

Eric Bischoff: I guess you can call it that. See I’m sure you know that Chris Jericho has been causing me trouble the past few months here on Raw ever since WrestleMania and well now he’s on my case about what happened at Night of Champions last week. So I need somebody that is capable of doing these “favors” for me tonight.

Chavo Guerrero: Mr. Bischoff, it’d be my honor to do this for you.

Bischoff shows a smile on his face.

Eric Bischoff: Okay that’s great because tonight you AND Bam Neely are going to take on Jericho later on in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match!

Guerrero stands up getting ready to leave with Bam before Bischoff stops him.

Eric Bischoff: Chavo…

Chavo Guerrero: Sir?

Bischoff looks at Guerrero directly in the eyes.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t let me down!

With that Chavo and Bam leave the office walking out as we scan the arena with the fans going nuts right now. A shot outside of the American Airlines Center is shown before we head back into the arena to our veteran commentating team.

Jim Ross: It’s been a great night here so far on Raw and well it keeps on getting even better. Chavo and Bam Neely tonight are going to team up and take on former WWE Champion Chris Jericho! What a match that is going to be!

Jerry Lawler: Something tells me this just might not be Jericho’s night. He had a great week last week but if Bischoff has his way then Jericho could very well be in trouble.

Jim Ross: We’ve still got a lot more to come including a special Fourth of July Divas Match plus Bischoff gets graded tonight on his Raw performance!

Jerry Lawler: But now it’s time for one of the number one contenders in Triple H to be in action! Is the Game going to be on “top of his game” no pun intended.

Match #3 – Singles Match
Triple H vs. Trevor Murdoch

This turned out to be a decent match as it wasn’t just your normal squash match mainly because of Lance Cade’s presence at ringside helping to interfere and help his partner Murdoch in the process too. Cade tripped up Hunter later on in the match which angered Triple H enough to go outside and punch Cade down onto the mat. Of course this distracted the Game which allowed Murdoch to attack Triple H from behind. Murdoch got Triple H back into the ring after ramming him back first into the steel pole but only got a two count. Triple H fought back a lot in the match though as he had to overcome the challenge of these two superstars but he was able to do so after he caught Murdoch off guard with a Spinebuster. Shortly after Triple H dropped Murdoch with the Pedigree before knocking Cade off the apron who was trying to get into the ring. Quickly Triple H made the cover getting another victory here on Raw this week.

Winner – Triple H

Triple H’s music hits across the arena right after the match BUT suddenly it stops. The music of the Animal hits across the arena as Batista walks out onto stage in a nice suit and with mic in hand. Batista is clapping and doesn’t stop getting the attention of Triple H.

Batista: Very good job Hunter…

The crowd boos the obvious sarcasm of the Animal.

Batista: You beat another nobody. It’s nice to see that you can always face off with the nobodies of Raw and beat them but you can never really face off with the real competition around here. Now sure I know you are going to say that you pinned me last week in that ring BUT the fact is that you’ve never beaten me one on one and really Hunter…that’s the only time that matters when this baby (slaps his WWE title) is on the line.

Batista adjusts his title as Triple H is hanging on the ropes listening as he receives a mic but doesn’t speak just yet.

Batista: Hunter, you’re only a sheer mortal of what you used to be. You’re NOTHING like what you were when you had Evolution on top of Raw. It’s funny that I leave Raw two years ago after beating you THREE times to retain my World-Heavyweight title and well, nothing’s changed. As a matter of fact you haven’t even held a title since then. You’ve came so close but the fact remains that you still are sitting at 10 world championships and you’ve been there for nearly two and a half years.

The crowd looks on as Hunter can’t help but listen but he intervenes.

Triple H: And within that time Dave I’ve been injured. I was out right after you left for nea…

Batista: Don’t give me that Hunter. You were out for what? Maybe four months? Then you magically come here and attack your supposed friend Ric Flair? Bullshit Hunter!

The crowd boos as Batista takes his sunglasses off.

Batista: The fact is that you are literally full of shit when it comes down to it. You’ve sat here and tried to say that you’re changed person. That you’re going to be back on top very soon and well you’re lying not only to all of these fans but also yourself. Why don’t you think about that for a week and get back to me next week on that one?

I Walk Alone hits across the arena as Batista makes his way back through the curtain with his WWE title around his shoulder. The camera focuses in on Triple H who appears to be thinking some deep thoughts right now as we head to another commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

A video hyping the Great American Bash plays before we cut over to the commentators once again at ringside.

Jim Ross: The theme song you just heard was “The Church of Hot Addiction” by Cobra Starship and it is the official theme song of the Great American Bash.

Jerry Lawler: Speaking of the ‘Bash JR let’s talk about what all is going to be going down at Raw’s first time to ever host the Great American Bash. We’ve already got three huge matches and something tells me this might be one great card!

Jim Ross: As announced earlier tonight by Teddy Long, the team of the former World Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke or better known as the Gold Standards will meet the champs CM Punk and Brian Kendrick in a Ladder Match!

Jerry Lawler: These two teams have been battling it out for nearly three months and GM Eric Bischoff awarded whoever won tonight’s tag team match the right to pick the stipulation and well the Gold Standards won and picked a Ladder Match. Benjamin has a lot of history in Ladder Matches but the other three not so much.

Jim Ross: John Cena accepted the challenge earlier tonight and now he finds himself in a battle against “Raw’s top superstar” in his own mind in Mr. Kennedy in a First Blood Match. It’s not going to be pretty but it’s going to be one hell of a slobber knocker guaranteed.

Jerry Lawler: Cena seems intent on proving his worth on being the top superstar and is especially looking for redemption after all the hell that Kennedy has put him through these past few months. Especially last week after Kennedy attacked Cena during his match and forcing Cena to bleed in the ring.

Jim Ross: And finally our main event has been set. It’s going to perhaps be not only one of Raw’s but one of maybe the WWE’s biggest matches of the year. The new WWE Champion Batista finds himself backed into a corner in his first title defense against two of Raw’s top talents in two former champions Triple H and Chris Jericho.

Jerry Lawler: Jericho seems to be on a headhunt trying to get his title back but Triple H certainly has some things on his mind after what Batista said to him tonight. It seems like Batista might be trying to mess with both of their heads before the big Triple Threat Match at the ‘Bash.

Jim Ross: It’s less than three weeks away! Eighteen days as a matter of fact! Do whatever is necessary because you are not going to want to miss this epic show. Raw’s first ever presentation of the Great American Bash will be live Sunday July 22, 2007 from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California!

Jerry Lawler: And now it’s time for a bit of puppies! A special Fourth of July match here tonight and I’m so pumped!

Glamazon hits across the arena as the music of the Women's Champion hits across the arena as Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix makes her way down the ramp. She walks over taking a seat with the commentators at ringside.

Jim Ross: Well I see we’ve got the Women’s Champion here with us tonight and I had no clue she was going to be here.

Jerry Lawler: Beth…please sit down.

Phoenix sits down as he looks at JR and King.

Beth Phoenix: I’m here tonight to watch all four of these bimbos embarrass themselves in this so called wrestling match. Especially Mickie James.

Match #4 – Fourth of July Bra and Panties Tag Team Match
Mickie James and Candice vs. Melina and Jillian

Four of Raw’s top divas face off tonight in a special Bra and Panties match which hasn’t been seen on Raw or in the WWE for that matter in years. (Sad isn’t it?) But anyways it doesn’t get much time as it’s not really that big of a match but anyways Jillian was the first to be stripped of her clothes by Candice so if Melina is stripped her team will lose. The first two divas to be stripped lose and well Candice was stripped next (but seemed to like it) as she did a little dance before Jillian kicked her in the stomach sending Candice flying out of the ring. Mickie quickly turned around to see Jillian running at her before Mickie dumped Jillian out of the ring. Mickie turned around to see Melina before Mickie ducked underneath a punch from Melina before Mickie dropped Melina with the Mick Kick before stripping Melina of her clothes and getting the win for her team.

Winners – Mickie James and Candice

Mickie and Candice celebrate as Beth Phoenix stands up looking at Mickie. Mickie tells Beth to come into the ring to which Beth does do so. Candice tries to break it up between these two former friends before Beth slugs Candice right across the face. Candice falls down onto the mat as Mickie jumps on Beth hitting her with numerous rights. It’s out of control just like it was last week as Mickie is pouncing on Beth. Beth escapes out of the ring as Mickie is left in the ring by herself right now as she helps Candice back up onto her feet. Beth barely escaped this week as she clutches her title daring Mickie to mess with her again.

---Commercial Break---

After the break we are sent backstage to see new Raw interviewer Lena Yada standing by with the new team of Priceless.

Lena Yada: Ladies and gentlemen I’m Lena Yada and at this time…please welcome my guests…Priceless!

The duo of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase walk into the interview area.

Ted DiBiase: Lena you need to treat us as if we are already legends because actually we are! Just because our fathers weren’t nearly as good as us doesn’t mean that we don’t need to get the respect they received. We need to be respected more than they were and that’s a whole lot of respect we should be getting.

Cody Rhodes: But all I’ve heard is boos and people saying that we are whining because we haven’t gotten it our way yet. I’ve heard people say that we’re spoiled and rotten but that is the farthest thing from the truth. People think we are going to ride our last name and our father’s legacy but that is not going to happen.

Ted DiBiase: Because already we’ve made a bigger name for ourselves in only our first two weeks on Raw and in those two weeks, we’ve only wrestled once.

Lena Yada: Gentlemen you’ve yet to really face a challe…

Ted DiBiase: Yet to face a challenge? We’re facing a challenge already because we’re expected to live up to our father’s legacy when in reality we’re already above it!

Cody Rhodes: The fact is Lena that we’re two of the hottest superstars in the WWE and there really is no stopping us if we get our way. It’s only a short amount of time before you see Ted and myself wearing those coveted World Tag Team Championships.

Ted DiBiase: It’s a simple statement Lena. We’re simply the best and we’re simply…

DiBiase and Rhodes: Priceless!

DiBiase and Rhodes walk out of the scene as we head backstage to see Mick Foley sitting in his own separate office tonight as he is setting things up (why in reality because it’s only for one night?) but anyways suddenly a knock is heard at the door.

Mick Foley: Come in?

Foley turns around after he was digging in a box before he sees Paul Burchill walk in.

Mick Foley: Um….Paul how can I help you?

Paul Burchill: I did it.

Foley looks confused as to what Burchill is saying.

Mick Foley: You did what?

Paul Burchill: I did it Mick. I DID IT!

Mick Foley: Well what did you do? I mean there are a lot of things you could have done.

Burchill looks at Mick in a “stop ridiculing” me way.

Paul Burchill: Don’t you understand? I DID IT! Its my’ fault. They’re coming for me Mick. I can’t take it anymore. I DID IT.

And with that last quote Burchill leaves out of the office of Mick Foley as Foley doesn’t know what in the hell to think about what just occurred.

Jim Ross: Well Paul Burchill did something but what did he do? He never really came straight out and said what he did.

Jerry Lawler: Who knows JR? There have been a lot of strange things going on in the WWE and this just might be another one of them.

Jim Ross: Well when we come back from the break, it’ll be time for our main event! Chavo Guerrero teams with his bodyguard Bam Neely to take on former WWE Champion Chris Jericho. Don’t change the channel because it’s next!

---Commercial Break---

Match #5 – Handicap Match - Main Event
Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely vs. Chris Jericho

Guerrero and Bam’s job tonight is to simply wear down Jericho and do Bischoff’s dirty work of course as it was revealed earlier in their segment. Anyways Chavo and Bam both do work over Jericho rather well taking turns tagging in but halfway through the match Triple H came down to watch and he sat at the commentating booth. This distracted Jericho allowing Chavo to hit the Three Amigos before ascending to the top rope. Chavo pointed to the sky as he leapt off the top rope for the Frog Splash but Jericho got his knees up. Bam quickly hits the ring as Chavo rolls over making the tag and Bam starts kneeing away at Jericho. Jericho however was able to get back onto his feet as he fought back hitting Bam before suddenly out of nowhere dropping Bam with a nice dropkick. Chavo tried to get back into the ring but a nice springboard dropkick knocked Guerrero back down onto the mat. Bam turned around as Jericho ran at him but Bam missed with a swinging fist. Jericho quickly grabbed Bam hitting the Codebreaker. Jericho scurried over making a cover on Bam as Guerrero is down on the outside. 1…2…3!

Winner – Chris Jericho

Triple H congratulates Jericho on his win as “The Game” remains sitting at the booth as Jericho and Triple H do nothing but have a brief stare down with one another. Triple H was getting ready to leave before Batista ambushed Triple H from behind through the crowd. Despite Batista wanting to hear Hunter’s comments next week, Batista went ahead and took action. Jericho quickly ran outside going at it with Batista as Jericho and Batista brawl before Hunter fights back into it. Security runs out breaking all three men apart from one another as the camera focuses on all three men before cutting over to the commentators.

Jim Ross: It seems evident to me that we’re going to be in for one big and wild Triple Threat Match whenever the ‘Bash rolls around in less than three weeks.

Jerry Lawler: This has the possibility of being one of the biggest matches in Raw history and with the way things are going, we might even have a new champion to boot!

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen! You’ve waited all night to find out what the verdict was going to be, you’ve been waiting to hear what Mr. McMahon’s ruling on our General Manager Eric Bischoff was and well, you’ll get to hear it next!

Jerry Lawler: I’m so excited JR. We might just have Foley as our General Manager.

---Commercial Break---

No Chance plays across the arena as the music of the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment hits across the arena as Mr. McMahon makes his way down towards the ring with an intent look on his face. McMahon does his power walk down the ramp before he gets into the ring and walks over receiving a mic. Mr. McMahon has a table set up in the ring along with two chairs. One for Bischoff and the other apparently for the new Co-General Manager in Mick Foley.

Mr. McMahon: As I announced last week I am here tonight to get the verdict on whether Mr. Eric Bischoff has done his job in a correct manner that has not benefited select superstars but the entire roster here on Raw. If so Mr. Bischoff will keep his job but if it is found that he has picked select superstars to “favor” then I will have no choice but to fire Mr. Bischoff here tonight. So without further ado let me first go ahead and get the new Raw co-General Manager Mick Foley out here…

Wrecked hits as Foley walks down towards the ring. Foley gets into the ring shaking hands briefly with Mr. McMahon before taking a seat.

Mr. McMahon: And now Eric Bischoff…

I'm Back hits as the ever familiar music of Eric Bischoff is heard now as he makes his way down to the ring. Bischoff looks a bit hesitant about what he is going to go through tonight but it doesn’t make him seem like he’s completely worried about it. Bischoff takes a seat as he doesn’t shake the hand of McMahon but instead looks straight at Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: Now that both of you are here let’s go ahead and get this started. First off for all of the fans that forgot. Last year Mr. Bischoff left Raw for an unknown reason in February. He took a break and came back earlier this year and well, I’ve been sensing that there has been some favoritism being played here on Raw. I’ve felt that possibly Mr. Bischoff has not been performing his duties to the full max and doing not what is right for a few select superstars but for ALL of the Raw wrestlers. Any comments you’d like to make now Eric?

Eric Bischoff: First off I’d like to state that at no time has there EVER been any favoritism shown towards a superstar. I’ve never picked a certain superstar out of a crowd to earn a WWE title shot or anything of that nature. Secondly I’ve never tried to “attack” a superstar and throw challenges against him constantly because I did not like him…

Mick Foley: What about Chris Jericho?

Eric Bischoff: Foley, this isn’t any of your business. Now back to what I was saying. Never before have I just singled out one sup…

A big “Bullshit” chant breaks out across the arena as they know Bischoff is lying.

Mr. McMahon: Shhh! Now let the man finish his story. Continue…

Eric Bischoff: Thanks. Now as I was saying. I’ve never just singled out one person for the hell of it. IF I have ever singled someone out it was most likely bec…

Mick Foley: You just said earlier that you’ve never singled someone out? Now you’re saying you are but you have reasons?

Eric Bischoff: Foley! Shut up and get out of this. I’ve been here longer than you and that means that this is my business and not yours. Now if I may continue? I must ask why it’s me that’s getting graded whenever you’ve got Paul Heyman forming a rebellion against the ECW Originals over on ECW and then JBL’s got himself a big Power Trip going over there but it’s ME that is getting questioned for my job?

The crowd ponders about that one for a bit before Mr. McMahon stops him.

Mr. McMahon: Well Eric…if you would have let me continued on earlier then you would have known that I am possibly planning on reviewing the Smackdown and ECW General Managers and well it’s very likely that also one of them will be getting possibly fired. I mean I understand the fact that you’re angry at the fact that you’re being pointed out first but still you’ve got to prove to me that you’re not favoring one or another superstar or anything of that nature.

Eric Bischoff: It seems rather clear to me that I’m doing my job and well I hate to say it but maybe Foley could help “keep me in order” if something were to happen. But it’s the fact that never before have I, Eric Bischoff, taken advantage of another superstar while being the General Manager of Raw and then get questioned for it? It just doesn’t work like that.

Mr. McMahon: Eric don’t sit here and question my job. All you need to be worried about is yourself and what is going on here on Raw. Is that understood?

"Longhorn" The music of the Smackdown General Manager sounds across the arena as John Bradshaw Layfield makes his way down to the ring barring the Power Trip duo. JBL walks down the ramp in a nice suit as he gets into the ring and looks at Bischoff and Foley before directing Mr. McMahon.

JBL: What is this about possibly firing ME? I’ve yet to do anything wrong for Smackdown as I’ve taken it in a higher direction than it was before with that stupid “playa” Teddy Long and now I’m getting blamed for it? Smackdown is at it’s highest ratings it’s been at in years and it’s all because of my leadership skills, my experience with the superstars, and the fact that I’ve got a load of money invested right now on Wall Street is what has helped me become easily the best general manager that this company has seen.

The crowd boos JBL knowing he is full of shit as McMahon goes to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Listen I don’t know why in the hell you are here because this was only supposed to be about Raw but you know what? Since you’re here then we can talk about Smackdown right now too. It seems that you’ve been taking advantage of other superstars on that brand in recent times such as Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair and I must think that one of your cronies was the one to take Shawn Michaels out this week. Who knows? Ric Flair might be next?

JBL: Blasphemy! There is no way that I have been involved with the Shawn Michaels situation this past week on Smackdown. I’m too busy right now leading my brand into war with these two other “poser” brands that clearly are not worthy of even being in the same company as Smackdown. But it’s the fact that I’ve been disrespected from the first day that I stepped into that office until this very moment from people like you Vince.

The crowd looks on in intrigue as McMahon gets in JBL’s face.

Mr. McMahon: We…

Extreme hits as the music of the ECW General Manager now sounds across the arena as it’s clear Mr. McMahon is now getting angry. Heyman makes his way down the ramp before stepping into the ring as he’s got a clipboard in hand before stepping in and grabbing a mic.

Paul Heyman: I don’t know what in the hell is going on out here...

Eric Bischoff: This is a conversation between three real General Managers and the Chairman. Not a GM of a show that is already dead ever since it was revived.

Paul Heyman: That's funny becuase all I've heard was that ECW was being ran by myself in a direction that is “favoring other superstars” and well that is wrong Eric Bischoff. You know for years you’ve ran your mouth at me trying to bury my company and well it seems rather funny that ECW is the one standing again and not WCW.

JBL: What about Smackdown? Clearly we're the top brand here no matter what anyone of you wants to say?

Eric Bischoff: Well maybe if you stopped jumping on Edge, Christian, and Finlay's dicks for a while you'd realize that it clearly is not.

The crowd “OOO’s” as Mr. McMahon intervenes into this argument.

Mr. McMahon: ENOUGH!

McMahon stops the bickering between JBL, Heyman, and Bischoff as Foley was simply sitting back and watching being a good General Manager.

Mr. McMahon: I’m tired of all of this crap. Somebody’s clearly got to go because we’ve got three of the biggest egos here in wrestling and it’s just not working. It’s clear that each and every one of you have done something wrong here to your brands but also you’ve helped it. Well I’ve got to right the wrongs and that’s why I’m deciding that one of you will be fired here next month.

The crowd pops loudly but wonders why it’s got to be next month.

Mr. McMahon: Now I know the Great American Bash is soon but I’ve got a bigger announcement right now for SummerSlam. See I’m tired of all of this bickering between all three of you every time you all get together for a Pay-Per-View and television show. So I’m ending it tonight. That’s why I’m deciding that at SummerSlam in a little less than eight weeks, we’re going to have a Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match.

Eric Bischoff: Wh…

Mr. McMahon: Don’t interrupt me Eric or I won’t hesitate right now to fire you.

The crowd pops loudly as Bischoff slumps in his chair.

Mr. McMahon: Each brand will pick one superstar to represent their brand in this match. Let’s say that the Raw superstar pins the ECW Superstar. This would mean that Paul Heyman would be fired there right on the spot! But what if the Smackdown star pins the Raw superstar? Well since Mick Foley is the new co-General Manager he is protected in this match BUT Eric Bischoff would be fired right there on the spot as well.

The crowd goes nuts at the announcement of this big match.

Mr. McMahon: So gentlemen pick wisely because your careers…

Mr. McMahon pauses briefly.

Mr. McMahon: Well they are up in the air!

Mr. McMahon makes his way out of the arena now as it’s clear that he is indeed pissed off at all of the ranting and raving he saw here tonight. The three GM’s still remain in the ring bickering as Raw’s co-GM Foley made his way out of the ring. The last scene we see is all three arguing about the big match at SummerSlam.

Jim Ross: I can’t believe I’d say this but I’m hoping that Eric Bischoff picks a Raw superstar well enough to save his job because I think that JBL and Paul Heyman are TEN times as annoying as Bischoff himself.

Jerry Lawler: Well I don’t think it’ll matter because we’re not on those brands but I must say I’d love to see Raw pull this one out. It’d be great to see us pull out a big win and then be able to fire one of those other loudmouths.

Jim Ross: It’s a long time away but in effect it seems oh so close. Next month these three brands will meet and one man will lose his job. But eighteen days is left and we’ll be seeing the Great American Bash in those short eighteen days.

Jerry Lawler: As for myself I’m Jerry Lawler and he’s “Good Ole’ JR” We’ll see you next week here live on Raw!


WWE The Great American Bash
July 22, 2007 - San Jose, California - HP Pavilion
Official Theme Song - "Church of Hot Addiction" by Cobra Starship

WWE Championship - Triple Threat Match
Batista (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Triple H

First Blood Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena

World Tag Team Championships - Ladder Match
CM Punk and Brian Kendrick (c's) vs. The Gold Standards
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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

ECW on Sci-Fi – July 3, 2007
American Airlines Center – Dallas, Texas

Don’t Question My Heart plays across the arena as the ECW video package airs before we scan across the arena looking at the fans. We hear the voices of the commentators at ringside shortly afterwards.

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting edition of ECW on Sci-Fi tonight as we’re live from the American Airlines Center here in Dallas, Texas! What a night it is going to be here as we just heard from Mr. McMahon last night on Monday Night Raw that at SummerSlam in less than eight weeks we’ll be having a Triple Threat Match where the brand’s superstar that gets pinned will cost his General Manager his job!

Tazz: If Paul Heyman was smart enough he wouldn’t pick an ECW Original because at this rate something tells me that not one single ECW Original is going to try and fight to keep Paul Heyman’s job after the stunts he’s pulled.

Joey Styles: Our General Manager will talk about that big match later tonight but also we’ve got a few big and exciting matches tonight. First off Jamie Noble challenged the Sandman last week to a match and well he’s gotten it here tonight! Plus after Tommy Dreamer pinned William Regal in their tag match last week, Regal asked for and has received a rematch here tonight.

Tazz: Oh my! What a night it is going to be! Let’s go ahead and get this big night kicked off with a bit of action shall we?

Match #1 – Singles Match
Kofi Kingston w/ Ashley vs. Kenny Dykstra w/ Kelly Kelly

Kingston and Dykstra meet in their first ever singles encounter here tonight on ECW for the first time ever. Kingston is riding an undefeated streak which totals about five wins or so ever since making his debut here on ECW. But it seems that Kelly Kelly is trying to stop that streak as she constantly is interfering trying to help her man here tonight win a big match. Kenny took advantage shortly after Kelly interfered but Ashley pounced on Kelly as they both got into a catfight here tonight. This of course distracted Kenny as he made his way outside to pull his ex-girlfriend (Ashley) off of his current girlfriend in Kelly Kelly. Kenny shoved Ashley before Kofi quickly leaped over the ropes hitting a nice Crossbody over the ropes. Kofi checked on Ashley helping her back up before Kofi grabbed Dykstra throwing him back into the ring. Kofi slid back in but was met with a barrage of kicks from Dykstra trying to take Kofi out of the equation. Kenny quickly picked Kofi up dropping him with a nice vertical suplex before coming off the ropes and dropping a knee on Kofi. Kenny didn’t get anything out of the cover but Kenny headed to the top rope trying for the Diving Leg Drop but just as he leapt off the top rope, Kofi moved as Kenny landed right on his butt! Kofi got back onto his feet quickly dropping Dykstra with the Trouble in Paradise before quickly covering Dykstra for a victory.

Winner – Kofi Kingston

Kingston slid out of the ring celebrating his victory tonight as he had his hand raised by the referee before he helped Ashley up, Kofi and Ashley exit the arena as Kenny is consoled by his girlfriend Kelly Kelly in the ring before we head to a commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

We are sent backstage after the break to see Steve Romero standing by backstage.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen at this time please welcome my guest, he is the ECW Champion, The Great Khali!

The Great Khali walks in carrying the ECW title as Ranjin Singh walks in with him.

Steve Romero: Ok Ranjin. The Great Khali has already gotten off to a hot start here on ECW after his debut victory last week but can we get thoughts about when Khali will defend the title for the first time?

Ranjin translates the words to the Great Khali as The Great Khali yells out in his language to Singh.

Ranjin Singh: The Great Khali says that he is a fighting champion but only fights the best that ECW has to offer! That is why tonight the Great Khali will put the ECW Championship on the line against any person that is brave enough to step into the ring with the Great Khali!

Steve Romero: So basically any ECW superstar that is willing to fight Khali can get a title shot tonight?

Ranjin Singh: That is right Steve. See we’ve already talked to Paul Heyman tonight and he glad fully accepted our challenge. Now whether or not anybody is brave enough to step into the ring with Khali is a different question but that’s for that superstar to decide.

Steve Romero: So is there a possibility that you think Khali may lose his title here tonight?

Ranjin Singh: The Great Khali stands no chance of losing his newly-won ECW title tonight at all. This is going to prove to you that Khali is simply the biggest and the strongest superstar to ever wrestle here in ECW. Any person on the roster that wants to fight, then step up because Khali is always ready for a challenge!

Steve Romero: You heard him! Later on tonight the Great Khali defends his ECW championship against any ECW superstar willing for the challenge!

The Great Khali leaves out after yelling some of his foreign language as Singh guides him down to the hallway. The camera then heads back into the arena to the commentating team at ringside right now.

Joey Styles: Well three big matches still to come tonight but wouldn’t that be something if Khali actually lost his title here tonight?

Tazz: I think whoever actually takes the title from Khali will simply be an amazing person just because of the fact that they actually overcame this huge goliath. But really is anyone capable of beating the Great Khali?

Joey Styles: I’m sure there’s somebody out there Tazz that can come in here and beat him but whether or not somebody steps up tonight is beyond me?

Tazz: Well we’ll find out later tonight but right now we’re about to have ourselves another big match as Jamie Noble is going to take on the Sandman!

Match #2 – Singles Match
Jamie Noble vs. The Sandman

This turns out to be a rather quick match as Noble works against the Sandman tonight since this is not an Extreme Rules Match. The odds seem to be in the favor of the more technical wrestler in Jamie Noble and he really works the match for himself. Noble wasted no time going on the attack of Sandman despite Sandman trying to fight back. Noble easily embarrassed Sandman in the match taking advantage of the ECW Original numerous times during the match with a series of suplexes. It might have had something to do with Sandman being intoxicated or either he just lost it but Noble did not use that as an excuse. Noble quickly caught Sandman with a nice DDT before hitting the Nobilizer (the new name for the Tiger Bomb) before covering and getting the victory.

Winner – Jamie Noble

Noble celebrated his victory by shouting “I told you so” at Sandman before making his way up the ramp pointing to himself. The former Cruiserweight champion seems to be on a roll here on ECW as he makes his way out of the arena before we head to a commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

A video plays hyping the tough lifestyle of a Puerto Rican superstar that is soon to be coming to ECW via the NTI (New Talent Initiative) and he goes by the name of Eric Perez. Perez is shown carrying the Puerto Rican flag on his back through the streets before he says in Spanish “¡Estoy aquí y soy mi tiempo ahora!” which means I’m here and it’s my time now. Perez walks off with the sun shining down on the Puerto Rican flag as the video package ends.

Shortly after the video package airs we head backstage to the office of the ECW General Manager Paul Heyman as he is sitting down apparently wanting to make an announcement.

Paul Heyman: Good evening. Now I know I’m not the most well liked person here on ECW but we must agree on one thing. In just eight weeks at SummerSlam it was announced that there will be an Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match where the superstar representing his brand is pinned, he will lose the match for his brand and then his General Manager will be fired as a result!

The crowd pops loudly for this hoping that Heyman is gone.

Paul Heyman: So this is why I want the ECW superstars to know that I will be watching their performances in the next few weeks very closely. I am going to be keeping an eye on every ECW superstar BUT the ECW Originals! I cannot and will not put an ECW Original out there putting my job at risk and it just won’t happen.

The crowd boos wanting to see a few ECW Originals possibly in the match.

Paul Heyman: There are many superstars here on ECW that I am considering from Kane, Big Daddy V, William Regal, Test, Mark Henry, and even the ECW Champion The Great Khali. Now those are just a few names here but many of these stand a good chance at representing ECW come SummerSlam. I am letting you all know that in just three weeks time I will have made my decision and we will all know who is representing ECW at SummerSlam.

The crowd pops for the big announcement coming in three weeks.

Paul Heyman: So do what you must to impress me but just know that if you’re an ECW Original…well…

Heyman pauses for a moment.

Paul Heyman: In the words of Mr. McMahon…

Paul Heyman: You’ve got “No Chance in Hell”

Heyman shows a brief smile to the camera.

Paul Heyman: Thank you and enjoy the rest of ECW on Sci-Fi!

We head back into the arena to the commentating team.

Joey Styles: Well there you have it! In just three weeks time we’ll have an announcement as to whom the ECW representative is going to be for the match but I must say that Paul Heyman sounded a rather bit different tonight than he did last week.

Tazz: I think it’s got a lot to do with the fact that he knows his job is riding on the line come SummerSlam and that he must take this serious. It’s going to be hard for him to pick from our talented ECW pool of superstars but hopefully he picks the right one.

Joey Styles: To be honest I’d rather our superstar lose so we can finally get rid of Heyman but maybe that’s just my own personal opinion. Anyways coming up next we’re about to see William Regal go one on one with Tommy Dreamer!

Tazz: Both of these men…well Dreamer can’t because of Heyman, but Regal stands a good chance at possibly representing ECW come SummerSlam. After all Regal has done a bit of dirty work for Heyman before since coming to ECW anyways.

Match #3 – Singles Match
William Regal vs. Tommy Dreamer

Regal and Dreamer actually wrestle a decent match with Dreamer trying his best to fend off Regal but Regal seems intent on getting back revenge from their big tag match last week here on ECW. Dreamer fought back towards the end of the match after hitting Regal loopy with a big series of punches but Regal caught Dreamer off guard with a big knee to the face. Dreamer grabbed his face as Regal quickly tried for the Running Knee Striker but Dreamer ducked underneath scooping in Regal for a DDT but Regal countered before Dreamer could do anything to end the match. Regal shoved Dreamer towards the referee but Dreamer caught himself on the ropes as the ref’s back was turned which allowed Regal to hit Dreamer with the brass knucks from his tights and quickly tuck them back in before covering for the victory.

Winner – William Regal

Regal slides out of the ring victorious here tonight as the referee raises his hand. Regal celebrates his victory here tonight as blood is dripping out of the forehead of Dreamer in the ring. The fans look on as Regal shows a smirk on his face before we head to another commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

We come back from the break to see Eugene “ECW’s Extremely Special Superstar” walking around backstage before he bumps into Striker’s Students (Test, Big Daddy V, and Michelle McCool) as Striker is standing by.

Eugene: Hi…m…my name is Eugene!

Matt Striker: Yes Eugene we know who you are.

Eugene: I…I wan…I want to represent ECW at SummerSlam! I want to do it!

Striker looks at Test as he laughs.

Matt Striker: See Eugene. The thing is that to represent ECW at SummerSlam, you’ve got to be capable of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Something Eugene that I am very positive you are not capable of doing.

Eugene: But I can re…read! My mommy helped me read Curi…Curious Ge…George!

Matt Striker: That is nice Eugene but see you need to be on the level of reading literature such as Julius Caesar, To Kill a Mockingbird, and things of that nature. I just have a feeling that you deep down are not capable of achieving these easy feats.

Eugene: But…but I kn…

Matt Striker: Tell you what Eugene. How about next week you step into the ring and take the “Test” next week and we’ll see whether you pass or whether you…well…

Striker looks at Test laughing right now.

Matt Striker: Fail!

Striker’s Students all walk off now with Striker leading the way before we head out to the commentating booth at ringside.

Joey Styles: I don’t think Eugene knows what kind of “Test” he is getting into but I’m well aware that many of us know what “Test” Striker is referring to.

Tazz: Poor Eugene. The kid’s been here on ECW for nearly four months and has taken the beating of a lifetime ever since he came here. But I guess its better that he’s away from the sadistic uncle of his in Eric Bischoff.

Joey Styles: Well when we come back, The Great Khali hosts an Open Challenge for his ECW Championship! Who’s going to step up and challenge the champion? It’s next!

---Commercial Break---

Dan.gar hits across the arena as the Great Khali makes his way out towards the ramp carrying his ECW championship around his shoulder since he clearly can’t wear it around his waist. His manager Ranjin Singh follows behind him as Khali steps over the ropes and stands in the ring posing with the title.

Ranjin Singh: It is now time for the Great Khali’s Open Challenge here tonight on ECW! Now the Great Khali has issued this challenge to each and every superstar on the ECW roster and well anybody that feels they are capable of beating Khali, then come on right down.

“I’ll Show You…You’ll See” hits across the arena as ECW Original Stevie Richards makes his way down the ramp. Richards rolls into the ring as he stands straight up with Khali.

Match #4 – Singles Match – ECW Championship
The Great Khali (c) vs. Stevie Richards

It’s over just like that! Khali chops Richards right across the head just as the bell rings and throws his foot on top of Richards for the pin fall victory!

Winner – The Great Khali

The Great Khali has his hand raised in victory (What a main event huh?) as The Great Khali just made the quickest pin in ECW on Sci-Fi history! The Great Khali raises his title in the air before…

Somebodies’ Gonna Get It hits across the arena as “the World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry makes his way down the ramp. Henry stands straight up with Khali as Henry is yelling at Khali stating that he wants a title shot soon. Khali looks at Henry and gets ready to fight before…

Slow Chemical hits and Kane comes running down the ramp. Khali abandons the ring as Kane and Mark Henry are going at it in the ring. Kane and Henry still have bad blood with one another as it doesn’t seem like it’s going to end here tonight. Kane and Henry trade blows with one another as the fans are going wild as Khali is making his way out of the arena through the crowd (the old exit just like ECW had when it first started) before BAM! Khali turned around right into a Spear? The fans look on in awe as wait…its BOBBY LASHLEY! Lashley is standing tall over the ECW Champion as we haven’t seen Lashley in nearly seven months! Lashley took a break from wrestling. Singh got out of the way leaving Lashley alone as Henry and Kane continue to go at it and ECW is out of control.

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD! I thought Bobby Lashley was done with wrestling! I, I can’t believe it! It seems his Smackdown contract ended and now he’s here on ECW! The Great Khali better be concerned for his well being and his title!

Tazz: I remember watching Lashley whenever he was on Smackdown and he’s nicknamed “The Real Deal” for a reason. You don’t want to mess with Bobby Lashley!

Joey Styles: What a night it’s been! From Khali’s challenge to the announcement of the superstar in three weeks to now! Bobby Lashley is back in the WWE and it seems that he’s here to be an ECW superstar!

Tazz: Good night everybody here from the American Airlines Center in Dallas! We’ll see you next week in the Big Easy!


Friday Night Smackdown – July 6, 2007
American Airlines Center – Dallas, Texas

A video package focusing on the events of last week’s wild and crazy Friday Night Smackdown airs. The video shows first off the Big Show confronting the Power Trip in the ring before the main event was announced. Gregory Helms throwing his Cruiserweight title into the river was then shown next which was one of the most confusing moments of the night. Shawn Michaels being laid out in the back with Flair discovering him followed by the confusing events of the Main Event where Finlay had the shillelagh in hand but pulled back before being choke slammed by The Big Show to give Show the title match here tonight. JBL smiling with Edge and Christian not seeing his smile was shown as the last thing before we head backstage immediately ignoring the video package and all.

Edge: What in the hell was that?

Edge comes busting into the office of JBL where Finlay and Christian were already backstage talking to the General Manager. Edge has his World-Heavyweight Championship with him as JBL throws him a look.

JBL: What are you talking about?

Edge: You know what I’m talking about! I get knocked down from the Big Show and all of a sudden you think you’re going to pull one over on me! I saw what happened! I saw Finlay had a chance to knock Show out but he stopped! And why? Well who knows why other than you because you sat there and smiled the whole time!

JBL: Listen! Don’t come in here yelling at me because I’m not the one that was in the ring. And as a matter of fact do I need to remind you that I am the General Manager around here and just because we’re in this group doesn’t mean I won’t strip you of that World-Heavyweight title right here and right now! But you know what? I’ll let you…wait no! You’re going to defend that title right here and right now! We’re not waiting till the main event.

Edge is infuriated as he is steaming from what occurred last week and now this.

Edge: You know what I don’t need any of you out there tonight! I don’t need a damn one of you! Because either way I’m sure you’ll have a way to try and cost me my title so don’t even bo…

Christian: Come on bro. At leas…

Edge: You either. You’re in on this too aren’t you? I thought blood would stick together here but it’s clear that your “brothers” here are more important than your blood brother.

Christian: Edge! Edge!

Edge makes his way out of the office still pissed off as JBL looks at Christian. Neither one really say anything to one another as the video package now plays. The video ends as Rise Up starts to fade off as we cut down to ringside.

Michael Cole: What a start already to Smackdown as we were just informed that Edge does not want JBL, Finlay, or Christian at ringside with him here tonight for his big title match against the Big Show in the Main Event which is about to happen!

Josh Matthews: After what happened last week I would have to echo the sentiments of Edge too. I mean it’s pretty obvious that he’s too smart to know that something is up because of what happened in the match last week.

Michael Cole: That’s not the only title match here tonight as we’ve got two other big title matches and as a matter of fact we’re kicking off Smackdown with a big one here tonight!

Josh Matthews: The WWE tag team titles are on the line in the Fatal 4 Way Match! Can the champions, the Mexicools, retain their gold against three of the best teams on Smackdown? But right now we’ve been told our main event is going on first! Edge is about to defend his World-Heavyweight Championship to kick off the night per order of Smackdown GM John Bradshaw Layfield.

Match #1 – World-Heavyweight Championship – Singles Match
Edge (c) vs. The Big Show

Edge came stomping down to the ring clearly pissed after finding out what occurred last week and now he’s taken his frustrations out on his teammates which may cost him. This throws Edge off early in the match despite the fact he did get an early attack in the match but it was Big Show who took advantage of the clearly distraught champion. Big Show caught Edge off guard with a series of head butts and knife-edge chops across the chest to throw the champion loopy and out of it. Surprisingly sure enough JBL and co. kept their orders from the champion and stayed backstage as constant shots of them watching the match on a monitor was shown. Big Show knocked Edge down towards the end of the match with a big clothesline before he dragged Edge back onto his feet! The Big Show picked Edge up possibly looking for the Show Stopper but Edge kicked Big Show in the stomach before springing off the ropes and missing a chance to Spear Big Show after Big Show swung at Edge with a big right fist but he came charging off the ropes once again and this time dropped the number one contender with a big Spear! The fans boo as Edge rolls over making the cover on Big Show. One…Two…Three! Edge retains the gold here tonight in another big challenge.

Winner – STILL World-Heavyweight Champion – Edge

Edge snuck away with his title barely as he clutches his title falling on his knees on the ramp. Edge is raising his title high in the air as a very pissed off Big Show gets back onto his feet knowing he had his chance here tonight. Edge clutches the title yelling “I did it” as he makes his way out of the arena.

Michael Cole: I’m rather shocked that he pulled it off but he was able to do the unthinkable and that was retain the World-Heavyweight title here tonight.

Josh Matthews: Very rarely do we kick off Smackdown with a big World title match but tonight’s match proved that Smackdown rolls deep with superstars and is capable of putting on a World title match early in the show!

Michael Cole: That is very true Josh and now Edge’s list of superstars he’s defeated in his title reign continues to grown. It’s amazing that he’s held the title this long!

Josh Matthews: He certainly has a lot longer to go before he can break JBL’s long reign that he had back in mid 2004 but still it’s getting awful close.

---Commercial Break---

We are sent backstage after the break to see Maria standing by backstage.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen at this time please welcome the FORMER Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms!

That’s right. The former champion makes his way into the interview area as Maria looks on wanting to find out about what occurred last week.

Maria: As many of the fans saw, last week here on Friday Night Smackdown you were in action against Sabu and you beat the ECW Original. Shortly afterwards though you decided to throw your Cruiserweight title into the Gulf of Mexico and well, can you tell us why you did so?

Gregory Helms: Maria, it’s simple…

Helms pauses as Maria looks at Helms.

Gregory Helms: I don’t need the Cruiserweight title and neither does the WWE. It’s singling out superstars saying “since you’re less than two hundred twenty five pounds; you’re not good enough to be a World Heavyweight Champion, so here you go. You can have the Cruiserweight title!” It’s a joke Maria and it should be obvious. Look at the people that have held the title recently. I mean Jamie Noble had the title for 14 months! That should alone be enough to say something.

Maria: But the Cruiserweight title is a storied title and it deserves respect Gregory. It shouldn’t be thrown into the Gulf of Mexico just because you think that you’re “above” it.

Gregory Helms: That’s the thing Maria. I KNOW I’m above it without a shadow of a doubt. I contended for the Intercontinental title constantly on Raw and now I come over here and I get thrown into the Cruiserweight division? What a joke! By now I should be the one that faced Edge tonight for the title but since I’m a “cruiserweight” I’m not capable of main eventing. That’s pretty much what the General Manager is saying by having that title on this brand.

Maria: So rea…

Gregory Helms: I’m not done yet. It’s all about respect Maria. You’ve got to earn it around here and being Cruiserweight Champion wasn’t getting me respect. So I did not only myself a favor but the entire division a favor. We don’t need a Cruiserweight division around here because it’s like the Women’s division. It’s dying. It needs life and really there isn’t a person that is capable of helping it. I know I claimed I was the “Savior of the Cruiserweight Division” but really…what was there to save?

With that said Helms walks off leaving Maria backstage as it seems we got somewhat of an answer to Helms’ actions last week on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: Rather confusing words there from Gregory Helms but it seems that he doesn’t think that Smackdown needs a Cruiserweight division.

Josh Matthews: I absolutely love the cruiserweights because it’s something that is exclusive to Smackdown and it brings out the best in all of our talented and younger cruiserweights that can be future main eventers!

Michael Cole: Exactly and for example look at “Mr. Money in the Bank” Rey Mysterio! He was a numerous times Cruiserweight champion and now he’s got a Money in the Bank title shot guaranteed at any time!

Josh Matthews: Great example! Well when we come back we’ll have our second title match of the night whenever the Mexicools put their WWE Tag Team titles on the line in a big Fatal 4 Way Match here against three of Smackdown’s best and brightest tag teams.

---Commercial Break---

Match #2 – WWE Tag Team Championships – Fatal 4 Way Match
The Mexicools (c’s) vs. Fashion Inc. vs. Deuce and Domino vs. Jesse and Festus

A real fast paced tag team match here tonight is what we get from the champions as they face their biggest challenge yet since winning the titles the weekend before WrestleMania. Not many people thought the Mexicools could carry the titles this long but they’ve done a good job at doing so. Regardless Fashion Inc. got a lot of time in the ring trying to prove their worth as potential champions but their downfall was Doring being tagged out by Domino. Domino slapped Doring bringing himself into the match since anyone can be tagged out as Doring was in the ring with Jesse. Jesse quickly fought back against Doring as Super Crazy tried his best to get back into the ring for his team as they knew the titles were on the line. Doring was caught up by Jesse who hit nice DDT before tagging in Festus! Sylvan ran over knocking both Psicosis and Super Crazy off the ropes before Deuce and Domino tried to interfere. The referee was distracted which allowed Deuce to run in and knock Jesse down to the mat! Deuce charged at Jesse for the “Crack ‘em in da mouth” but he missed and kicked Doring instead! Festus clotheslined Deuce out of the ring before knocking Domino off the ropes! Sylvan came running in but Jesse knocked him off the ropes as well before Festus scooped Doring up and hit the Fireman’s Carry Flapjack! Festus covered as Jesse watched as all of the other five men were down on the outside. The referee counted as we’ve got new champions!

Winners – NEW WWE Tag Team Champions – Jesse and Festus

Jesse grabs the titles as the ref rings the bell as Festus goes back to his out of it state. Jesse hands the title to Festus who drops it so Jesse apparently has to carry the title for Festus! Jesse is yelling at Festus as they’ve won their first taste of gold here in the WWE but Festus doesn’t seem to understand what is going on. The Mexicools exit the arena on their Juan Deere’s as the other two teams in Deuce and Domino plus Fashion Inc. look on pissed knowing they stood a good chance tonight at winning gold but failed.

Michael Cole: We’ve got new champions here tonight! Jesse and Festus have hit the jackpot and ended the reigns of the champions the Mexicools.

Josh Matthews: The Mexicools weren’t even pinned and that shows you just how easy it is to lose your titles in a match like this. But Jesse and Festus were the better team here tonight and now they begin their first title run.

Michael Cole: With Jesse and the “Corn Fed Colossus” running around on Smackdown with the tag titles we can say that our tag team division is heating up! Many great teams are making their way over to be a part of this talented division.

We head backstage right after Cole’s last line to see JBL and co. standing by backstage.

JBL: Very good…

JBL is clapping for Edge as he walks into the scene carrying his World-Heavyweight title.

JBL: Listen I know you’re still pissed about what happened but Christian, Finlay, and me decided we’d make it up to you and well, we’re going to throw you a Championship Celebration here tonight.

Edge doesn’t say anything as he clearly doesn’t want anything to do with this.

JBL: So just be out there after the main event and we’ll drink, eat, and party like there’s no tomorrow!

JBL, Finlay, and Christian all walk off as Christian looks at Edge quickly before walking off along with JBL and Finlay.

---Commercial Break---

Michael Cole: We’re back from the break now and it seems Christian is torn in between what is right and wrong. He knows his brother is the champion and wants to help him but he’s got JBL and Finlay also on his side still since it seems Edge is starting to break away from them possibly.

Josh Matthews: It is very confusing but right now we are about to send it backstage as we’ve got Paul London standing by to talk about his big victory last week.

Paul London is shown standing in the interview area as Michael and Josh are going to conduct this interview.

Michael Cole: First off congrats on the big win over Carlito but let me ask you first off your thoughts about what is going down in the Cruiserweight division?

Paul London: It’s a shame that Gregory Helms just chunked the title out like that because I worked hard for that same exact title that I just recently won at WrestleMania and I can’t just let him throw it out like that. I want to make a name for myself in the same time but also I know I have to stand up for the Cruiserweights as well.

Josh Matthews: So basically you’re torn between what you can do? It’s either yourself or the Cruiserweights and I know that’s going to be a hard decision.

Paul London: Exactly! I know that I’ve got tons of friends backstage that I’ve wrestled with for years in the Cruiserweight division but also I can’t just stay in there forever. I’ve got to try and move up and try and reach my goal of becoming World-Heavyweight Champion.

Michael Cole: Paul last week you pulled off perhaps the biggest upset of your career when you beat Carlito. How did it feel to know that you got the biggest win of your short four year career here in the WWE just last week?

Paul London: It felt great Michael. I mean I’ve worked hard for this. I’ve been a two time tag champion, two times Cruiserweight champion, but nothing compared to that big win last week. It was a hard match but when I had my hand raised I knew I put a great fight into the match and was the better man…

Carlito comes into the scene interrupting London which easily could have been expected.

Carlito: Better man? Carlito laughs at you because you think you were the better man! Carlito says that you should know you robbed Carlito of a victory last week. Carlito had that one in the bag but you got lucky.

Paul London: Lucky? That was talent Carlito. Something you might need to consider trying to get.

The crowd “ooo’s” as London shows a grin on his face.

Carlito: Talent? Carlito’s full of talent and charisma and it’s shining through right now. But Carlito’s not going to sit here and talk about that tonight. No, no! Carlito’s got a big tag team match tonight against you and well Carlito’s got revenge on his mind. Carlito’s going to get revenge for that fluke of a win that you pulled off last week.

Paul London: Well Car…

Carlito: You can talk about how you were the “better man” but Carlito knows that he’s the better superstars. Carlito has fought against the best this brand has to offer plus what Raw had. But now that Carlito’s made his home once again on Smackdown, Carlito is rising to the top. And when you’re at the top, you always stay at the top!

Paul London: Carlito I’m si…

Carlito: And ‘dat…

Paul London: …

Carlito: ‘Dat’s cool!

Carlito walks off as we now we catch a video package before the debut of John Morrison is about to take place after the break.

Narrator: He goes by the name of “Friday Night Delight”

Shots of Johnny Nitro in action is shown.

Narrator: “The Guru of Greatness”…

Nitro attacking and betraying his former MNM partner in Joey Mercury on his last appearance on Raw in March is shown.

Narrator: “The Shaman of Sexy”…

Nitro posing on the top rope with his fur jacket.

Narrator: And finally “the A-list Elitist”…

Nitro meeting up with many famous superstars in snapshot photos are the last images shown in the video. Many moves of Nitro’s diverse repertoire are shown right before the last image is Nitro raising his hand at the top of the ramp. The video slows down (just like his current entrance video) and ends with the words “John Morrison”

Narrator: His name is John Morrison…and he’s debuting on Smackdown…NEXT!

---Commercial Break---

Match #3 – Singles Match
John Morrison vs. Funaki

Morrison takes on Smackdown veteran Funaki in his “debut” match. Morrison is actually no stranger to Smackdown since he wrestled here last year actually before moving to Raw during Open Season but it was under Nitro instead. Morrison pulled off many amazing moves hitting a picture perfect dropkick on Funaki before hitting a nice Corkscrew Moonsault onto a standing Funaki in the ring. Morrison could have covered but opted not to as he dragged Funaki back into the middle of the ring before dropping “Smackdown’s Native Jobber” with the Moonlight Drive! Morrison cockily threw Funaki over making the cover.

Winner – John Morrison

Ain’t No Make Believe hits across the arena as Morrison stands up after his first victory here on Smackdown (at least under the Morrison name) Morrison has his hand raised by the referee but Morrison jerks his hand away. He grabs a mic shortly after asking for one from Justin Roberts.

John Morrison: You people need to take notes because “The Friday Night Delight” has arrived and is on the scene about to make a name for himself.

The crowd boos Morrison as he seems to be even fuller of himself than before.

John Morrison: I’m a new person and with new brings change. No longer will I be the laughingstock of the tag team division but now I, John Morrison, will be your next World-Heavyweight Champion? Why you ask? Well first I’ve got the talent, the good looks, the charisma, and everything else that is needed to be a top star.

The crowd boos Morrison even more.

John Morrison: And each and every one of you will know that I am no “make believe” and that I am the real deal.

Morrison drops the mic after his short speech as he leaves the arena. We head over to the commentating team at ringside who takes it away.

Michael Cole: Well there you have it! The former Johnny Nitro is now referring to himself as John Morrison and he’s hoping it brings a lot of change with him because he didn’t exactly have the best run on Raw after losing his Tag team titles last year.

Josh Matthews: No he didn’t and well it might have been Joey Mercury that was holding him down but I think Nitro has always held himself down. He’s certainly got talent and that’s just one more talented superstar we’ve got on Smackdown now.

Michael Cole: Morrison certainly could be a threat here in the future but still to come we’ve got a big night ahead of us. A big tag team match between Paul London and Jeff Hardy teaming to take on Carlito and Marcus Cor Von plus Charlie Haas meets Brent Albright in a rematch of Night of Champions! What a night!

Josh Matthews: It indeed is going to be a special night and well I’m hoping for the best tonight whenever London and Hardy team together for the first time ever!

We head backstage after the commentating team is done to see Ric Flair walking down the hallway. Flair walks towards the office of the General Manager JBL but doesn’t knock because he gets interrupted by Maria.

Maria: Ric…Ric.

Ric Flair: Yes Maria?

Maria: Ric, I wanted to get your thoughts on who laid Shawn Michaels out last week? I mean I know you found him in your locker-room and well do you have any ideas who could have done it.

Ric Flair: I know exactly who did it Maria and it’s one of those three back behind that door. But you know what? I’m going to put this into my own hands because I know JBL and his buddies are going to deny this all. So next week when Shawn comes back to Smackdown, we’re going to find out the truth because when Shawn gets here we will make sure we find out who attacked him…

Maria: Really? There’s been rumors going around that it could be anybody from Edge to JBL to even you Ric? Would you like to defend yourself in these rumors?

Ric Flair: Maria you can be positive that it was not me. I never could do this to Shawn despite what he’s done the past few months to me. He threw Edge into me at Judgment Day and then cost me a shot at my 17th….WOOOO!!!

Ric Flair: …World title.

Flair pauses for a bit more.

Ric Flair: But despite all that he’s stuck with me through it all and I can’t do that to Shawn Michaels. I know people are going to think that I did it but trust me, I would never do this to Shawn. Shawn’s helped me too much in my career for me to trust betray him like that and that’s why next week I want to meet with Shawn in that very ring…mano e’ mano to talk about what happened. We’ve got to find out who did this to Shawn…

Maria: Ri…

Flair walks off as we head to another commercial break here on Smackdown tonight.

---Commercial Break---

Raw Rebound – July 2, 2007

John Cena accepts Mr. Kennedy’s First Blood Match Challenge for Great American Bash
Batista questions Triple H about the past history between the two men
Paul Burchill admits to “doing something” but won’t tell what it was.
Eric Bischoff gets Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely to do his dirty work, and to wrestle Jericho in the Main Event. Guerrero and Neely lose to Jericho.
The announcement of the Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match for SummerSlam ends the Raw Rebound.

Michael Cole: Well as mentioned on Raw only eight short weeks remain until “The Biggest Party of the Summer” and Smackdown looks to be rolling into the annual SummerSlam with a bang but has to find a superstar soon to protect themselves in the big Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match!

Josh Matthews: I think it could be anybody Michael but if JBL was smart, he’d pick a very smart person that he knows is capable of protecting his job.

Michael Cole: Well I’m sure JBL isn’t going to just pick a random person so we know he’ll think about it hard but for our own brand sake it would be nice to see the Smackdown superstar pull off a victory.

Josh Matthews: True and well we’ve still got one big title match right now which will be our main event when Brent Albright puts the Intercontinental title on the line against the former champion in Charlie Haas!

Match #4 – Tag Team Match
Paul London and Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito and Marcus Cor Von

Cor Von is the odd man out in the match as he was just thrown in for the hell of it. He’s not feuding with Jeff Hardy but then again Hardy seems to be directionless at least for right now. But London and Hardy team together tonight to take on Carlito and Cor Von which turns out to be a rather decent tag team match. These four men impress the Smackdown fans as really they get into the match. It was London though who helped his team through victory whenever he caught Cor Von off guard with a big Hurricanrana which send Cor Von flying into the corner. London tagged in Hardy as Hardy headed to the top for the Swanton Bomb before London dropkicked Carlito off the ropes before leaping over with a big Plancha! Hardy covered Cor Von wasting no time as the young team of London and Hardy got the win here tonight.

Winners – Jeff Hardy and Paul London

London and Hardy celebrate their victory as Carlito is on the outside angry. Carlito looks on at Cor Von who was in the ring as it was Cor Von that cost his team the victory. Carlito yells in Spanish at London as London continues to celebrate. Carlito leaves the arena looking on in envy as the fans cheer on London and Hardy’s big victory.

---Commercial Break---

After the break we are sent backstage to where all of the Cruiserweights are gathering to talk about what happened to the Cruiserweight title. We see Super Crazy, Psicosis, Shannon Moore, Jimmy Wang Yang, Funaki (still showing a bit of effect from the match earlier against Morrison) and Juventud from ECW. Kid Kash walks into the area rather cockily.

Kid Kash: Make way for the real Cruiserweight around here…

All of the Cruiserweights that were talking laugh at Kid Kash.

Kid Kash: The one difference that I have between each and every one of you is the fact that I am an actual legit talent here in the WWE. You all just thrive off of being in the Cruiserweight but I just like Gregory Helms and Paul London can step up and play with the big boys.

Shannon Moore: So that’s why you last week to Chuck Palumbo.

Kid Kash: Listen…(pauses) freak! You and your little homo cowboy friend here can go off and do whatever you two do in your spare time and leave the in-ring time to me. Nobody wants to see any of you out in the ring anyways!

All of the cruiserweights get into a big argument as it doesn’t seem order is going to be restored. All of the cruiserweights backstage get into a bitter argument as Kash walks off. Super Crazy and Psicosis say something to one another.

Kid Kash: What are you two talking about?

Psicosis: Nada…

Kid Kash: Huh? I think you two need to be more focused on trying to get those tag team titles back before even thinking about trying to restore a Cruiserweight division.

Kid Kash walks off looking at all of the Cruiserweights that were left as he stops.

Kid Kash: Just know that “The Notorious K.I.D.” is here…and I am the Cruiserweight division.

Kash walks off right after his last comment as we head into the arena to the commentating team who are getting prepared for the main event match.

Michael Cole: Well it’s been a long night and we’ve seen a lot of crazy things so far but we’ve got one more big match still to come!

Josh Matthews: We’ve waited all night to see Brent Albright put his title on the line and now it’s time! Albright versus Haas, the Night of Champions rematch! Here we go!

Match #5 – Intercontinental Championship – Singles Match
Brent Albright (c) vs. Charlie Haas

Albright and Haas wrestle in the main event tonight as creative seems rather confident throwing these two technical wrestlers into the scene here tonight. Haas and Albright don’t disappoint though as they get about thirteen minutes or so to show just what they’ve got and what they are capable of doing. Albright was worked over by Haas in the beginning of the match after Haas reversed a nice suplex before hitting a German of his own. Haas was able to ground Albright from there on as he had a few chances to lock in the Haas of Pain but never was able to successfully get it locked in. Haas’s chance at winning gold was denied whenever he hit a quick Snap Suplex before going for his third attempt at the Haas of Pain but Albright rolled through. Albright picked Haas up right after he rolled through and he uses his strength to hit a nice Bridging German! Albright keeps the bridge but Haas kicks out. Albright fights off Haas who tries to grab Albright from behind but Albright knees Haas in the stomach before charging off the ropes. Haas tried for a drop toe hold but Albright stopped before he ran into Haas’s trap. Albright quickly pulled Haas toward him scooping him up and out of nowhere dropping Haas with a nice Half Nelson Suplex! Albright threw his rival over and he hooks the leg of Haas covering and retaining his title in the main event.

Winner – STILL Intercontinental Champion – Brent Albright

Albright is handed his title after fending off the former champion as Haas slaps the mat in anger. Haas looks on still not believing that he lost once again to Albright but he has to believe it now as he lost his rematch clause tonight. Haas looks on as Albright celebrates with the title for a bit longer before we head over to the commentators.

Michael Cole: Well Brent Albright has done it and proved just why he might be a future World champion here tonight but speaking of World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge will be having a special Championship Celebration next!

Josh Matthews: JBL claims that he’s going to drink and party like there’s no tomorrow but really I wonder just how this is going to work especially since Edge exploded earlier tonight on the Power Trip. I guess we’ll find out next!

---Commercial Break---

Longhorn rings throughout the arena as John Bradshaw Layfield makes his way down to the ring in a nice expensive tux as Christian follows in street clothes followed by Finlay also in street clothes. JBL and co. make their way down the ramp towards the ring which is nicely set up and has balloons, champagne, a nice black carpet with the “Rated R Superstar” logo which is actually the mat used for the Cutting Edge but still, it looks very nice! Anyways, it’s the normal party scene as you can tell. JBL receives a mic as he begins to speak.

JBL: Now earlier tonight I made a mistake and I must say that it was my fault. I didn’t admit to what happened last week which was a big miscommunication…

The crowd boos since it seems JBL is full of shit.

JBL: But regardless Edge retained his title here tonight and that is why we are here to party and to celebrate the big title reign that the Rated R Superstar has had so far. I’ve put my trust into Edge ever since I found out Shawn Michaels was coming to Smackdown and that was because I saw something special in Edge and well I knew he could be just like me. I knew he could be a multi-millionaire and talented wrestler just like I am…

The crowd laughs at the “talented wrestler” comment.

JBL: Very funny. But moving on I knew Edge had what it takes but his brother knows Edge even better than I do. So take it away Christian.

JBL hands the mic over to Christian.

Christian: Listen up my peeps! Now Edge and myself haven’t exactly seen eye to eye in the past few years and I’ve had my troubles too but still he’s my brother and that fact will always remain true. We came into this business together and we’ll go out together which won’t be any time soon! But the fact is that Edge truly is one of the greatest World-Heavyweight Champions that we have seen recently and that is why I want to introduce you all to my brother…the World-Heavyweight Champion….Edge!

Metalingus hits across the arena as a rather unhappy Edge makes his way down to the ring. Edge clearly looks pissed he’s got to come to this “party” thing but it was requested he appear tonight. Edge receives a mixed reaction mainly for standing up to JBL tonight.

Edge: Christian thanks for the nice comments but JBL, I’m tired of your bullshit!

JBL pauses as Edge looks at him straight in the eyes.

Edge: You try and feed me this bullshit about how I’m a great champion and all that and it’s just because you want the ratings to protect your job. You know that if I wasn’t here on Smackdown along with my brother and other superstars, then you’d be stuck with people like Finlay…

Edge points to Finlay as Finlay looks clearly angry as he points the shillelagh at Edge as JBL restrains Finlay.

Edge: So it’s nice to see you throw a party here tonight…but I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore! You’ve lied to me for the past six months and manipulated me into trying to help you save your job. And now that it’s on the line at SummerSlam I don’t want anything to do with you…or your little “Power Trip” that you’ve got going.

JBL: Don’t come out here trying to ruin this party. I threw this for you Edge! For YOU! I didn’t do this just for the hell of it. I wasted a lot of money for this party and I’ll be damned if it just goes to waste. But since you’re the most selfish champion that I’ve seen since my reign here as the General Mana…

Edge: I’m the only champion that’s been here since you became the General Manager! Nobody’s won the title from me yet and it’s going to remain that way!

JBL: That’s because of ME! I helped you out in each and every one of these situations. I brought in Christian for WrestleMania! I interfered at Judgment Day and Night of Champions! What else could you say Edge? I mean if it wasn’t for me, you sure as hell wouldn’t be standing here right now with that title around your waist. Now would you?

Edge and JBL get into one another’s faces as Christian steps in and breaks it up!

Christian: Stop it! I’m tired of you tw…

JBL: Shut up! I’ll fire you right here and right now! You know what? Go ahead and get out of here. Your welcome here at this party is long overdue. Security!

Christian leaves the ring after thinking about hitting JBL but he stops. Christian exits the arena as security surrounds him assuring that he is escorted out.

JBL: Now since you don’t have your brother out here, let’s talk about this Edge. You run around here bitching and moaning about how you don’t get everything your way and then when you finally do so, you want to betray me? That’s not how it works.

Edge: Oh really? Then tell me how it works “Mr. Wall Street”

The crowd laughs at the corny insult as Edge and JBL continue their bickering.

JBL: I’ve worked hard these past few months that I’ve been the Smackdown General Manager to insure that Smackdown is the top brand. I worked my ass off whenever I wrestled in that ring and I expected the same from you but apparently you’re not capable of doing that. You think that you can just come out here and do whatever the hell you want? It doesn’t work like that and I’m surely not going to let you get away with that.

Edge: See John the thing is that I used to care what you say and now I could give less of a crap. I’ve proven that I don’t need anybody to help me retain my title and that you’re just an obstacle blocking me from being better than I already am. It’s clear that I’m the top superstar on Smackdown whether you or anybody else wants to admit that. That’s fine to me because I know that I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am today and I won’t stop for anybody.

JBL: That’s nice and all Edge but the fact is that you are the biggest son of a bit…

Edge charges across the ring and hits a big Spear on the Smackdown General Manager JBL! JBL is knocked out on the mat as he rolls around as the table falls in the ring. Finlay looks at Edge as he charges at Edge with the shillelagh but Edge ducks underneath and hits a nice Impaler DDT on Finlay dropping Finlay in the middle of the ring. Edge kicks Finlay and JBL out of the ring as he picks up his World-Heavyweight Championship as big “Edge! Edge! Edge!” chants ring throughout the arena.

Michael Cole: Edge just did what he has needed to do for months! He took out JBL and then took out his new “teammate” in the Power Trip in Finlay! I think it’s safe to say that this group certainly has disbanded.

Josh Matthews: I’m almost positive that you can say that too Michael. I have a feeling that we’re going to hear something from the GM JBL concerning him being Speared in the ring next week as he won’t take this situation lightly…

Edge has his title in his hand as he makes his way out of the arena with the title raised in the air before BAM! MVP LAYS OUT EDGE WITH THE MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE? What in the hell is going on? MVP has a referee with him as MVP drags Edge down towards the ring with him. JBL is sitting up now as he starts to regain his footing as he looks on confused as to what is going on (or is he?) as MVP holds Edge in the ring looking towards the referee at the referee. MVP hits Edge once again with the briefcase before hitting the Drive By Kick! MVP covers Edge quickly as the referee counts.


The referee runs over telling Justin Roberts.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen…here is your winner via Money in the Bank and the NEW WORLD-HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….M…V…P!!!

MVP is handed the World-Heavyweight Championship as he throws it around his shoulder. The superstar has hit the jackpot tonight as he’s acquired the MITB briefcase and the World title in the same night! MVP does a celebration dance as he taps the mat and throws up the 305 sign as he goes crazy in the ring with the title.

Michael Cole: What in the hell is going on? How did MVP cash in Money in the Bank if Rey Mysterio was the holder of the briefcase?

Josh Matthews: I’m getting word right now that Rey Mysterio has just been found laid out backstage. We're going to head backstage briefly...

We are sent backstage as we see Rey Mysterio laid out backstage. Nothing else is shown besides the fact that the MITB briefcase is not beside him as it’s already been cashed in of course!

Michael Cole: What is going on? He didn’t win the briefcase from Mysterio but simply he stole it and cashed it in? It seems MVP ambushed Rey and then used his briefcase? How can JBL let this be done? This can’t be happening!

Josh Matthews: The thing is though that it’s already done and that no matter what the case is, MVP is our World-Heavyweight Champion!

Michael Cole: I can’t believe it! I’ve got to believe that JBL had something to do with this but he might not have. I mean why else would be have thrown a party here tonight if there was dissension between the Power Trip already?

Josh Matthews: Who knows Michael? But I do know this. This night is going to go down as one of the most historic but also infamous nights in Smackdown history. MVP literally steals the Money in the Bank briefcase and you can say steals the World-Heavyweight title too! We’ve got a new champion here in Dallas and with that we’re going to say good night!

The last image we see is MVP holding his World-Heavyweight title high as JBL is walking up the ramp with a sly smile on his face as Edge is on the outside of the ring looking up at MVP in the ring.
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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Monday Night Raw – July 9, 2007
The Cajun Dome – Lafayette, Louisiana

Raw kicked off this week with the WWE Champion Batista making his way to the ring. Batista showed clips of last week after Triple H beat Trevor Murdoch when he asked Triple H a few questions. Batista mainly points out where he claims Triple H is not only lying to himself but to the fans about why he hasn’t been champion in nearly two and a half years. Batista said he wanted Triple H to “get back with him” on those comments and well now seems to be a good time for that! With that said Triple H makes his way down to the ring (barring long entrance which is very rare) but anyways Triple H and Batista get straight to the point. Triple H poses the question as to why Batista is so concerned about not only him but he needs to also be worried about Chris Jericho. Batista said he proved Jericho is a “pushover” whenever he ran through him in the Championship Scramble back at Night of Champions. Batista then asks Hunter why he’s avoiding all of these questions to which Hunter responds with “I’m not avoiding them, I’m just waiting for the right time to answer them” to which Hunter strikes Batista and a big brawl breaks out. Jericho comes running down as all three men get into it before Eric Bischoff interrupts the brawl. Bischoff said he’s tired of all the arguing, fighting, and crap that’s been going on in the past few weeks leading up to next Sunday’s big match. That’s why tonight he’s decided he’s putting each one of them in a match tonight. And Bischoff drops the bomb stating that Jericho is kicking off the night after the break!

Chris Jericho kicks off the ring action tonight against “The Bayou Beast” Rodney Mack whom is making his return to his home state. Jericho and Mack work a decent eight minute match with Theodore Long trying to intervene on the outside but thanks to a nice springboard dropkick Long got knocked back down to the outside. Mack quickly hit a big lariat on Jericho before trying to hit Jericho with the Blackout but it was Jericho that fought back with a series of punches before dropping Mack with a big enzuiguri, followed by the Lionsault, and then he forced Mack to tap out to the Walls of Jericho to get the victory tonight.

Backstage the United States Champion Matt Hardy is seen walking before he bumps into Santino Marella. Santino says he’s sorry about the “Clita” (Lita) comments he made last week as he had no idea about her and Edge. Matt doesn’t say anything before Santino says “that title sure looks nice, Ida’ bet it would looka’ even betta’ on my waist” as Santino exits leaving it at that.

We come back from the break to see the Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix on commentary again for the second week in a row as now we’re about to crown a number one contender for the Great American Bash. We have a Triple Threat Match this week with Mickie James taking on Melina and Jillian. Melina and Jillian do a good job of double teaming Mickie but Mickie fought back knocking Melina out of the ring with a big dropkick before hitting Jillian with the Mick Kick to get the victory and earn herself another title shot against Beth. Mickie and Beth mouth off at one another as it’s clear this former friendship turned feud is certainly going to heat up soon.

Cryme Tyme is backstage tonight having a special sale tonight auctioning off anything and everything. Their special is the bra and panties from all four divas in the Fourth of July Bra and Panties Match last week! Many superstars and workers walk by backstage but it mainly draws the eyes of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Cade and Murdoch act as if they want to buy it but simply the thongs out of the hands of JTG. JTG takes it offensive as Shad holds him back. Cade and Murdoch make fun of Cryme Tyme saying they’ve been here for nearly a year and still haven’t amounted to anything but Cade and Murdoch won the tag team titles in their debut match nearly two years ago. Shad goes to speak but Cade interrupts him and says “You two wannabe thugs can get back to business, we’ve got somewhere to be” as Cade and Murdoch walk off.

After another break we see Paul Burchill standing by backstage. Todd Grisham tries to find out what “Paul Burchill did” and shows footage last week of Burchill running into Co-GM Mick Foley’s office and yelling repeatedly “I did it! They’re coming after me” as Grisham tries to get an answer out of Burchill. Burchill doesn’t say much but does tell us that he’s asked for a match at the Great American Bash with…The Undertaker! The Undertaker hasn’t been seen since Backlash so there is no telling if the Deadman will show up or not! Burchill looks as if he has lost it! Why would he ask for a match with the Deadman?

John Cena is standing by backstage in front of the interview area as he talks about Mr. Kennedy. Cena says he doesn’t have one ounce of respect for Kennedy because of the fact Kennedy came in simply to run his mouth here on Raw and that he’s rather good at it. But Kennedy is all talk and no action and that is why Cena has to do what must be done. Knock some damn sense into Mr. Kennedy and make him bleed in the process! Cena says it’s only thirteen short days until he finally ends this feud with Kennedy once and for all.

Our third match of the night sees Batista in action as he goes one on one with the Miz. It seems Bischoff favored Batista here tonight in the argument as Batista does very little work to run right through the Miz and drops him with a quick Batista Bomb for the victory!

Theodore Long gives his boys a pep talk as they make their way to the arena. JR and King talk about how coming up after the break, the former tag champs in The Gold Standards team with Chavo Guerrero to take on the current World Tag Team Champions CM Punk and Brian Kendrick plus the United States Champion Matt Hardy.

Our fourth match of the night is the big six man tag match that was hyped before the break. All six men get a lot of in-ring action tonight but it was Burke and Benjamin that did their best job to isolate Kendrick but Kendrick made the hot tag bringing in Hardy. Hardy came in quickly knocking down Benjamin before pushing Burke off to the outside of the ring. Guerrero ran into the ring after Hardy before Hardy dropped Guerrero with a nice back body drop! Guerrero rolls to the outside as Bam Neely helps him up. Benjamin, the legal man drops Hardy from behind though with a big Paydirt! Benjamin runs over knocking Punk off the apron to the outside. Benjamin walked over towards Hardy in the corner for the cover but Guerrero slapped Benjamin on the back. Guerrero leapt off the top rope hitting Hardy with a big Frog Splash but Hardy rolled out of the way! Guerrero landed hard in the ring as Benjamin was waiting for a tag but Hardy made the tag into Punk who quickly disposed of Guerrero in the ring hitting the Go to Sleep before Kendrick ran over sending Burke and Benjamin off to the outside as the faces got the victory tonight.

Matt Hardy is shown backstage walking around before Mick Foley stops him. Foley said he was watching the match and got a great idea for The Great American Bash. He said he was inspired by watching Santino so far and that is why he’s giving the undefeated Santino a shot at the United States title at the ‘Bash. Hardy seems to laugh it off (but staying reasonable for a face) as Hardy seems to dismiss the match as being hard as he walks off. Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely bump into Foley next as Guerrero demands he gets a US title shot! Foley says Guerrero could have had a shot but he missed the Frog Splash and well with that went his chance! Guerrero throws a hissy fit to which Foley responds by giving Guerrero a shot next week to get into the match IF he beats Santino Marella, he can have Santino’s spot in the match. Foley then says since Bischoff hasn’t come up with an opponent for Triple H yet that Bam Neely can face him.

Mr. Kennedy is shown backstage being interviewed by Todd Grisham. Kennedy says he heard Cena had some comments to make tonight but Kennedy said he’s already dismissed them. Kennedy then grabs the mic Grisham is interviewing him with before he says “look at this Cena, this is where your blood is going to be at come the ‘Bash” Kennedy says he’s going to knock Cena out with the microphone and then proclaim his name across the arena as the best superstar Raw has ever had! Kennedy yells his name out to demonstrate it as he walks off heading towards the locker room.

A video package hypes the "Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match" at SummerSlam (the only match announced so far) with it stating that in just two weeks Raw's superstar will be announced!

Raw’s main event sees Bam Neely with Chavo Guerrero at ringside with him taking on “the Game” Triple H. The match doesn’t really go long as you can imagine because Triple H works over Neely rather quickly. But the time it does last it’s a decent match but nothing else. Triple H caught Neely off guard with a nice Spine buster before hitting the Pedigree for the victory! Triple H made his exit up the ramp before from behind Batista blasts him with the title! Triple H falls onto the stage before Jericho runs down the ramp ambushing Batista. Jericho yells “Are you forgetting me Big Dave” to which the crowd seems to enjoy seeing the Animal get beaten up. Raw ends with Jericho looking down this week over his competition at the ‘Bash as he looks down at the title laying beside Batista that used to be his (Jericho’s).

Quick Match Results:

Chris Jericho def. Rodney Mack via submission
Mickie James def. Melina and Jillian to become #1 Contender
Batista def. The Miz
Matt Hardy, CM Punk, and Brian Kendrick def. Chavo Guerrero and the Gold Standards
Triple H def. Bam Neely


WWE The Great American Bash
July 22, 2007 - San Jose, California - HP Pavilion
Official Theme Song - "Church of Hot Addiction" by Cobra Starship

WWE Championship - Triple Threat Match
Batista (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Triple H

First Blood Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena

World Tag Team Championships - Ladder Match
CM Punk and Brian Kendrick (c's) vs. The Gold Standards

Women's Championship
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Mickie James

The Undertaker's Return
The Undertaker vs. Paul Burchill

United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Santino Marella or Chavo Guerrero
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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Raw Feedback

Okay so first off I just want to mention this is the first time I am reviewing your show so if I am a bit off on some story lines please don’t grouch at me just deal with it until I catch up I guess

Anyway enough of me covering up for my mistakes and lets get this review on the road. Okay so starting the show with WWE Champion Batista is the right option and he is heel right? If so that is good as he is much better in the heel persona. Anyway I like how Batista is trying to ask these questions of Triple H about why he has not been champion in so long and what not it makes for quite a compelling situation as Triple H has failed many times and still wants to prove he can get the job done. Triple H coming down was of course going to happen. Then when Batista called Jericho a push over I expected him to say something but he did not. Then a brawl ensues and Bischoff interrupts. I say good opening promo and glad that all three men are going to be in action as sometimes bookers leave the top talent off of weekly shows to often. You are not doing that here which is a good sign

Lets not kid ourselves Jericho was always going to go over Mack and if you made Mack win I would have had to hurt you Umm so just wondering since Mack is with Teddy Long does that mean that you are doing the whole against the white people thing and how the blacks are always being held down. I hope you are because I like that gimmick and eventually plan to use it in one of my BTB’s if I could actually finally get some decent planning done

Ummm Marella I guess stating his desire to become the US Champion. I really can not say much more about this topic as it was small and I don’t know much more. However I believe Hardy would have been steamed after the Lita comments.

Nice to have Mickie get the win in my opinion. Right option and the former friends Beth and Mickie could become one of those massive long feuds that you really need to get your Diva scene over. Unless of course you already have a good Diva scene I really wouldn’t know

LOL at Cryme Tyme selling the Divas Bra and Panties that just really made me laugh to be honest. Murdoch and Cade coming along and getting smart could begin some kind of rivalry I guess.

Okay interesting Paul Burchill stuff with him saying they are coming for him. I don’t know who they are but Burchill against Taker would be an insane match and please I beg you please at least let Burchill get one win over the Deadman. In my opinion Burchill equals ratings

Cena and Kennedy feud sounds good as they are two terrific superstars to use in BTB period. I mark for Kennedy hugely also so I hope he gets the victory but anyway I guess we will see what happens ay?

Batista pretty much squashes The Miz which I don’t like. The Miz is a great talent and okay Batista had to win pretty convincingly you should have still made The Miz get some offence in there

Faces winning here well okay then. It would have been an awesome match to read or watch I reckon but at the same time I am really not going to comment on how this match was for rivalries and what not because I really would not know :S

Okay so Marella vs Hardy for the Bash could be fun. Wait hang on a second now it could be Guerrero against Hardy. I am hoping for Guerrero to go against Hardy it would be a much better technical affair. Okay so now we have a main event also set up tonight with Foley setting up Neely vs Triple H. Oooohhh I wonder who will win

Nice Kennedy interview as well and I don’t know I guess you gave Kennedy and Cena both backstage interviews just to get on the show. But I doubt they would just be on the show to do backstage interviews they would have done something else as well. But I guess you had the show full and needed to squeeze them on there some how. Still didn’t really like it.

Okay so main event of course just as I thought Triple H got the win over Neely. Then having Batista attack The Game from behind was very good and confirms my suspicions that Batista is heel Then Jericho came out and attacked Batista and got the upper hand and the momentum and It looks like overall it was a great night for Chris Jericho.

Overall mate it was an okay show. I have seen better but I have also seen much worst. You are pretty good I hear so I believe you can do better. But then again this was recap so it can be forgiven. Now for the story lines if I got any wrong or made some stupid comments forgive my ignorance but I am to lazy to read previous shows. Now onto the Bash card it looks pretty nice and it is an event I will make sure to check out.

Also is Bash going to be In full????

That is all for now
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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Looks like a bit of build up for this triple threat at Vengeance. Not sure what the deal is with Batista and Triple H. What were the questions?? Long time for The Game to be beltless. Is he starting to doubt himself?? Is that why the questions remain unanswered?? Jericho - the forgotten man in the equation - gets involved, predictable brawl, before being broken up with Eric putting all three men in action tonight.

No shocks win for Jericho over Mack. Just a vehicle to get momentum built for Y2J.

Glad to see you’re using Marella - SANTINO = GOLD!!!. Tell me if I’m out of line saying this (I’ve not been following for like 6 months, so I could be wrong), but is Marella a strong enough contender for the U.S Title?? I’m assuming he hasn’t been booked like a clown (in real life), which is why he is a genuine contender. More Marella magic please, plenty of jokes, one liners, everything.

Mickie vs. Phoenix is just about the best feud you can get in the womens division, so it makes sense to build towards that for a long term feud. Seeds were planted long ago it seems as they were former friends. Nice.

Cryme Tyme = No Ratingzzz. Sorry, just don’t like them.

This one looks interesting. I’m always a fan of intrigue, so Burchills little mysterious angle will be one worth watching. Personally, I think he shit on Eric Bischoffs porch, but what the heck. Why would he want to face the Deadman?? Interesting…

Cena & Kennedy is a feud that can damn sure work. Two men that can carry a feud with the mic, and I’m sure that’s where most of this one has been done. Glad to see the match carrying a stipulation, and I see Kennedy stealing it in some fashion, possibly being busted open himself first, but managing to cover it in some way before screwing Cena. This one SHOULD go on to a big event like Summerslam.

Disappointing matches for the three guys in the PPV main event. Basically glorified squashes throughout, which renders the night useless for real feud development between the three. It would seem that Bischoff possibly has some sort of alignment with Batista here … or possibly building towards one.

Athletic six man contest, with a couple of hot tag teams, especially the Gold Standards, who I remember from the last time I visited the thread. Glad they are still in the mix.

So, Santino gets his shot, but Chavo could well throw a spanner in the works. Santino still gets it if you ask me, but Chavo suddenly stepping in could well prove to be a surprise swerve.

By the numbers promo from Kennedy. Basic build for Vengeance.

Liking the sound of this triple threat match at Summerslam for brand supremacy. It’s like an extra title match really, and there will be plenty of interest in it, as long as it’s built up correctly.

Again, like I said earlier, these matches are a waste of time. Neely was never going to beat The Game, Miz was never going to beat Batista, Mack was never beating Jericho. Aftermath was okay, but I would’ve liked more mind games from Batista towards HHH, rather than the predictable assault. Nice ending though, with Jericho the one standing tall, having been forgotten about by Batista at the top of the show. That’ll be a hellacious triple threat match.
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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

ECW on Sci-Fi – July 10, 2007
New Orleans Arena – New Orleans, Louisiana

A video package showing the events that transpired after the main event squash is shown with Bobby Lashley coming through the crowd entrance and spearing the ECW Champion The Great Khali down to the mat. Kane and Mark Henry brawling is also shown with ECW on Sci-Fi last week ending in total chaos. Joey Styles and Tazz hype up tonight’s ECW on Sci-Fi which will feature an Extreme Rules Match between Tommy Dreamer and William Regal, Eugene in action against Test, the mixed tag team match with Kofi Kingston and Ashley teaming up to take on Kenny Dykstra and Kelly Kelly and right now the in-ring return of Bobby Lashley!

Bobby Lashley makes his way down to the ring ready for action tonight as he’s set to take on “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters one on one. Lashley and Masters wrestle a decent seven or eight minute match with Masters getting a decent amount of offense in but it was Lashley that came through in the end fighting back against Masters and hitting him with a hard shoulder block before taking over with a big power slam followed by the Dominator for the victory! Lashley was handed a mic after the match and said that it was great to be back and that he couldn’t just let the Great Khali wreck havoc on the superstars of ECW. Lashley said it’s been tough being away these past seven months but he’s back and better than ever! Lashley calls out the Great Khali to which Khali and his manager Ranjin Singh appear at the crowd entrance set up. Singh says that Khali was blindsided last week and that he’s not going to fall for that this week. Singh says that if Lashley wants Khali’s ECW title that he is going to have to earn his way to the title. And with so many challengers lining up including Kane and Mark Henry, Lashley’s chances just don’t look so good.

Kane is shown backstage in a dark and secluded area speaking to himself saying “The ECW title is mine…I want it!” as the camera leaves Kane to continue talking to himself.

Back from the break Eugene is in the ring ready for the big “Test” that he is about to receive due to last week’s backstage meeting. Test, as you can imagine, runs right through Eugene as Eugene was cuddled up with fear in the corner before Test hit him with the Big Boot to finish him off! Test along with Big Daddy V, Striker, and Michelle McCool all show their dominance as they are the ones left standing in the ring with Eugene down in the corner.

Jamie Noble is shown backstage bragging to a stagehand about his big win over an ECW Original in “The Sandman” last week. Noble then tells the stagehand that next week he is challenging another ECW Original to a match where he personally guarantees he will defeat this superstar. Noble walks off showing his cockiness.

A video plays hyping the tough lifestyle of a Puerto Rican superstar that is soon to be coming to ECW via the NTI (New Talent Initiative) and he goes by the name of Eric Escobar. Escobar is shown carrying the Puerto Rican flag on his back through the streets before he says in Spanish “¡Estoy aquí y soy mi tiempo ahora!” which means I’m here and it’s my time now. Escobar walks off with the sun shining down on the Puerto Rican flag as the video package ends.

Tag team action ensues next as we’ve got the blow off match in the long feud with Kenny Dykstra and Kelly Kelly teaming up to take on Kofi Kingston and Ashley Massaro. The tag match goes a decent bit of time with Kenny and Kofi fighting it out but it mainly turned ugly when the divas got into it. Kelly Kelly and Ashley rolled around the ring slapping one another as Kenny ran over knocking Kofi off the ropes as they brawled on the outside. Ashley went for a clothesline on Kelly Kelly but Kelly moved and then quickly hit the K2 on Ashley before covering. Kenny helped his girlfriend Kelly Kelly up the ramp as Ashley was left in the ring. Kofi went in to check on her and then Kofi and Ashley said their “goodbyes” as they are no longer going to be appearing with one another on ECW (due to the storyline ending of course)

Mark Henry is interviewed backstage concerning his problems he’s had with Kane over the past few months. Henry dismisses Kane as a problem and says he’s just another obstacle in the road to seeing Mark Henry as the next ECW Champion. The World’s Strongest Man then says the time is getting oh so near until finally ECW gets a champion that is actually worthy of carrying the title around with him. Henry says that he’s that man and then respect will finally be his.

ECW GM Paul Heyman is backstage briefly talking to Ranjin Singh backstage as the Great Khali stands by. Heyman and Singh discuss what is going to occur of the ECW title situation before Heyman says that he’s got a great idea! Heyman says he’s thought long and hard about it and well he’ll make his announcement next week as to who will challenge for the title come SummerSlam in just seven short weeks. Singh shakes hands with Heyman before Singh and Khali walk off.

William Regal and Tommy Dreamer both wrestle in the main event tonight in an Extreme Rules Match. Regal and Dreamer have had a mini-feud the past few weeks stemming from a big tag team match a few weeks ago but regardless Dreamer and Regal put on a decent hardcore match. Dreamer pulled out all the stops being an ECW original from using the trash can, the steel chair, even a camera tripod leg! Dreamer hit Regal across the back numerous times with the camera tripod leg before grabbing a Singapore cane! Dreamer struck Regal across the back forcing blood to come out but Regal showed no quit inside of him. The Brit fought back hitting Dreamer in the stomach repeatedly before striking Dreamer in the head with a big knee! Regal quickly walked over grabbing the Singapore cane striking Dreamer for revenge before he charged across the ring and hit the Running Knee Lift to put Dreamer away for the victory to end ECW.


Friday Night Smackdown – July 13, 2007
New Orleans Arena – New Orleans, Louisiana

Smackdown opens tonight with a video package showing Edge meeting Christian, JBL, and Finlay last week backstage confused about what happened in the Finlay-Big Show match two weeks ago. Highlights are shown of that match where Finlay had the chance to blast Big Show with the shillelagh but stopped and let Big Show Chokeslam him to earn the number one contender ship for the next week. The next thing shown is the Edge/Big Show match where Edge retained the title successfully before meeting JBL backstage once again where JBL announced a big celebration tonight for Edge! The celebration is shown with Edge and JBL bickering before Christian stuck his nose into it and got kicked out! Shortly after Edge speared JBL before Edge then took out Finlay. Edge was getting ready to leave before MVP attacked him with the Money in the Bank briefcase and then cashed it in (despite not being the MITB Holder) and well all chaos broke out as MVP was proclaimed the new World-Heavyweight Champion!

Smackdown kicks off tonight with Michael Cole and Josh Matthews announcing that later tonight the Chairman of the Board, Mr. McMahon will be here to talk about last week’s controversial ending where MVP was proclaimed the new champion. But to kick off tonight, MVP is going to debut his new talk show, the VIP Lounge and he’s going to have a special guest.

I’m Comin… hits across the arena as The NEW World-Heavyweight Champion, MVP, makes his way down to the ring with his inflatable entrance and all in grand fashion. MVP’s got all of the hot girls from New Orleans in the ring tonight as it’s a big party going down. MVP walks past the bodyguard who hooks the latch back on the entrance rope before MVP walks in the ring with his newly won prize around his shoulder. MVP picks up a microphone as all eyes turn to him.

MVP: Ladies and gentlemen stand up and recognize greatness because you are looking at one of the greatest and most talented World-Heavyweight Champions that this business has ever seen!

The crowd goes nuts booing MVP as he simply shows a smile.

MVP: Say what you want. I did what was necessary and that was to steal the briefcase from Rey Mysterio when he wasn’t looking. Rey never had a guaranteed title shot as far as I was concerned. It just meant that he had to protect that briefcase and he didn’t do that. So I went in for the kill, knocked Rey out of the scene for a few months at least, and then came out here and knocked Edge out and BAM! NEW WORLD-HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! BABY!

MVP laughs as the girls all in the ring are laughing too.

MVP: Now you ask…MVP how did you get the briefcase? Well I heard there was some footage shown but what wasn’t shown was the fact that I had a referee with myself and I did pin Rey Mysterio backstage. I had a guaranteed match in my contract stating that since I pinned Rey Mysterio two weeks ago on Smackdown that I would have a match with Rey. That contract never stated it had to be in the ring and well, let’s just say I had a chance to strike gold and I did just that…

MVP slaps his newly won prize adjusting it over his shoulder as the fans really are getting tired already of the new champion’s arrogance!

MVP: Say what you want but I am ratings. I am the reason you all are here tonight and I am the reason that we’re in New Orleans tonight about to throw a party just like you’ve got parties at Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street. But I’m MVP! And I know how to party. So really you haven’t seen a party yet…

MVP walks over popping the champagne bottle as he pours some champagne for the ladies.

MVP: Big things poppin’ ladies….and little things stoppin’ here on the VIP Lounge.

MVP hands out glasses of champagne as he continues speaking.

MVP: I’ve risen to the top quicker than any WWE superstar has before. Very few superstars come in and win a title within their first year here in the WWE but that’s just why I am one of the top and hottest things going here on Friday nights. Nowhere else do you get entertainment, a big party, and a damn good looking man like me on Friday nights? Now I know that this is the debut episode of the VIP Lounge and I thought hard about a guest but well couldn’t come up with a better guest than myself…the NEW World-Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd boos MVP as he sips on a glass of champagne celebrating his victory.

MVP: Nawlins’ hasn’t seen a party this big in years because well the Saints haven’t amounted to anything and speaking of the Saints they’re just like Edge. They get off to a hot start, start making errors, and then just lose the game. That’s just how Edge was last week. He got off to a hot start when he defeated the Big Show, his errors was that he attacked JBL and Finlay, then turned his back on me and then he lost the “game” whenever I took out his sorry ass and took his title. End of story…

The crowd clearly hates MVP right now with all the cheap digs he is taking.

MVP: See there’s already superstars wanting to step up and take on the new champion but I just don’t think I’m ready for that big task. I’ve got bigger things to do like go ahead and start working towards an even bigger contract now that I won a World title within the first year of my WWE debut. I’ve already talked to JBL about that one and my agent will be in discussions with JBL in a few weeks about that but it’s evident that there’s many people wanting my gold but there isn’t a single person that can hang with me.

The crowd starts a “Bullshit” chant as MVP just keeps on speaking.

MVP: Just think of all the things I’ve accomplished in the past year. First off I signed the BIGGEST lucrative contract that the WWE has ever handed out to a superstar, I made my debut on the highest rated show on the CW Network, I won Money in the Bank and then cashed it in the same night I won it to earn the World-Heavyweight Championship. How many superstars can say they’ve done all that? Much less in one year? Only one man can and he’s not only man….He’s half man, half amazing!

MVP throws his shades back as he throws his title over his other shoulder.

MVP: Many people claim they are great but there is only one MVP….

MVP walks towards the middle of the ring before Metalingus rings throughout the arena. Edge comes running down the ramp as the security guard but the big security guard pushes Edge back. Edge demands to get through…

MVP: Hey Ezekiel…don’t let him in here! Edge you better stay back because I sw…

Edge looks ready to spear the big security guard before Longhorn hits across the arena preventing Edge from doing so as he turns around with JBL shouting.

JBL: Edge! You’re not about to come out here and ruin MVP’s celebration tonight just because you’re still upset about what happened last week. Now I’ll be damned if someone like you is going to ruin the first edition of the VIP Lounge.

The crowd boos JBL who is clearly siding with JBL due to what happened last week.

JBL: I’m taking this into my own hands now and Edge…I am BANNING YOU FROM THE ARENA TONIGHT! SECURITY!

Security comes out escorting Edge out of the arena as Edge yells at JBL as Edge makes his way up the ramp. JBL smiles as he nods towards MVP giving MVP permission to continue speaking. After Edge makes his exit, JBL finally leaves the arena as MVP continues on.

MVP: No shock that there are people already coming after me but with a new leader of the top show in the WWE, the best bodyguard in the industry in Ezekiel Jackson…

MVP points to the outside at Ezekiel Jackson before continuing on.

MVP: And the hottest superstar hailing from not only the 305 but the entire United States of America, it’s time that Smackdown relies on their “Franchise Player” and I promise you that I will definitely be the biggest and hottest World-Heavyweight Champion ever!

I’m Comin’ hits across the arena as all of the girls start dancing as MVP exits the ring with his newly won prize as his bodyguard Ezekiel Jackson escorts him up the ramp. MVP stops at the ramp throwing up the 305 sign before throwing his title high in the air. MVP exits the arena finally as all eyes remained on him on his way out.

Michael Cole: Well it seems we’ve got an explanation as to how MVP at least is the champion and whether we like it or not, it seems we’re going to have to deal with the arrogant superstar as champion for at least now.

Josh Matthews: I think it’s great that MVP has quickly risen to the top and claimed the title and it definitely seems he knows what he’s doing because he’s already brought in a bodyguard for protection in Ezekiel Jackson.

Michael Cole: I think that’s just MVP being afraid of Edge and well I would say Rey Mysterio could be coming after the World title soon since MVP stole his briefcase but apparently Rey suffered injuries last week and will be out for the unforeseen future.

Josh Matthews: That’s a shame that Rey is going to be out and for now at least we are going to have to hope that someone steps up and takes his place here on Smackdown as one of the top superstars. Well still to come later tonight Mr. McMahon will be here to discuss what occurred last week with the MITB and then later on the World-Heavyweight title situation. But when will he be here?

The rest is recapped….

The Intercontinental Champion Brent Albright kicked the night off in singles action as it was Albright taking on Carlito in a non-title match. The match got a very good bit of time as Albright and Carlito put on a good match and well we see Paul London come down to cheer on Albright it seemed but mainly just to “continue” his brief feud with Carlito. London has a match later on tonight against Jeff Hardy per order of JBL (JBL’s throwing his power around recently but at the same time trying to give fans what they want to see in order to save his job) Albright got the big win over Carlito after a distraction from London cost Carlito as Albright hit Carlito with a big German and kept the bridge for the victory. Charlie Haas came out afterwards clapping for Albright sarcastically. Haas cut a brief promo afterwards as he has been in the past few weeks with Albright looking on as Haas promised that “he will be gunning for his title once again”

Backstage Finlay is talking to JBL concerning Mr. McMahon arriving later tonight. JBL and Finlay are both then shown to be in the parking lot right now waiting to see when Mr. McMahon is going to arrive. Finlay asks JBL if he is concerned about what Mr. McMahon will have to say about what happened last week. JBL says he’s not worried at all and he knows that Mr. McMahon will trust that he’s got Smackdown all under control.

John Morrison cuts a brief promo about how he is one of the biggest things to come to Smackdown in recent history. Morrison talks himself up before naming off reasons as to just why he is the “Friday Night Delight” and that the fans and mostly the ladies are going to love him very soon.

Christian is in action next for the first time in a while as he takes on Marcus Cor Von tonight. Cor Von actually works over Christian a lot in the match as Christian really does have a tough match against Cor Von. Cor Von almost caught Christian with the Pounce but Christian rolled to the outside regaining his thoughts before getting back into the ring. Cor Von stomped away at Christian before Christian fought back and eventually caught Cor Von with the Unprettier for the Victory. Afterwards Maria caught him backstage and asked him his stance on the situation with Edge. Christian said he is always going to be here for his brother and that he can’t believe that JBL would set Edge up like that. Christian says that JBL claims he didn’t know MVP was cashing in MITB but he had to since he gave MVP that match in his contract. Christian said for the past four months Edge and himself have been used by JBL and that JBL will get his payback very soon.

The Cruiserweights are shown backstage discussing what the arrogant Kid Kash had to say last week before Gregory Helms walks into the scene. Helms is asked by the cruiserweights about why he’d throw their title out before Helms calls each and every one of them ignorant. Helms tells them they’re only on the roster so they can “wow the crowd” every few weeks and then simply get fed to the big boys. Helms says he’s above that and he’s above the Cruiserweight division. Helms then tells all of the cruiserweights that they can keep on dreaming about getting their title back because things aren’t looking good right now for that title. Helms informs the cruiserweights that the title was always a joke and that maybe what he did with the title will wake the cruiserweights up.

Ric Flair came out next to the ring as he announced last week that Shawn Michaels would be here on Smackdown. Flair talked for a brief bit before introducing Shawn Michaels. HBK came out with his head bandaged before Flair shook Michaels’s hand. Flair says that we’ve got to get to the bottom of this and find out who attacked HBK. Flair says JBL and co. seemed to be the leading candidate but with their group no longer existing, it could damn well be anybody on the roster! HBK says he has no clue who it could be but he questions Flair to see if the Nature Boy did it. Flair promises HBK he could never lay out a friend like that and still stand here in the ring to talk about it. Flair says that he’s not that type of a guy and that he never can or will do that. HBK nods his head dismissing Flair and HBK says that they will get down to the bottom of this no matter what it takes. HBK and Flair shake hands for a bit as both leave the arena shortly after.

Gregory Helms is in action next as he takes on Rory McAllister of the Highlanders. McAllister never stood a chance as Helms ran right through McAllister before hitting him with a big Shining Wizard for the victory. Helms then stood up raising his hand high in victory.

The New WWE Tag Team Champions Jesse and Festus are backstage being interviewed by Maria. Maria asks Jesse what Festus thinks about being the new champions and Jesse tells Maria that Festus thinks that it is great. Jesse and Festus talk a bit more before Maria reminds them about the tag team rematch the Mexicools are cashing in next week on Smackdown. Jesse assures Maria that they are up for the challenge and that with Festus in the right state of mind, there just may not be any team that can stop these two!

The Big Show was shown backstage talking about how he’s a monster (etc.) and that he’s disappointed he didn’t win last week in the title match. (Just generic stuff really to get the big guy on the show) Big Show promises though that this won’t be the last time that he has a chance at the World-Heavyweight title and then suggests that MVP and his new friend Ezekiel Jackson watch their back because the Big Show just may be coming after them very soon. Big Show then says that he has a match with Finlay next week and that he will run right over the Irishman.

We are sent backstage to see if Mr. McMahon has arrived yet and of course he has yet to arrive.

Due to a busy night, there is only four matches tonight as most of the matches have had a good amount of time and well the main event gets a good bit of time as Jeff Hardy goes one on one tonight with Paul London tonight. London and Hardy are both fan favorites and well it seems that the fans really are enjoying this one. London and Hardy teamed together last week and it seems that JBL has decided to “give the fans what they want” since Mr. McMahon is going to be here after this match and well it seems London vs. Hardy is what they want. Both men put on a great match but it was Carlito that ruined the match after he struck London down in the ring giving Hardy the win via DQ interrupting the match at about the fourteen minute mark before Hardy knocked Carlito out of the ring with a big dropkick. Hardy helped London back to his feet as both men shook hands.

Mr. McMahon arrives finally to come out and discuss what happened last week. Mr. McMahon says first off that despite the fact that MVP cheated to win the title, he says there isn’t much he can do. (Well actually he can!) Mr. McMahon said he was tempted to strip MVP of the title but he won’t do that for one reason. First off Rey Mysterio was going to be in line for a title shot but due to being injured now that will not happen. Secondly Edge has seemingly requested that Mr. McMahon DOES NOT STRIP MVP of the title for one reason…because he wants to savor the moment whenever he does beat the living hell out of MVP and regain his title. The crowd pops for this as JBL gets into an argument with Mr. McMahon. JBL says that Edge will not receive a title shot as long as JBL is the General Manager here on Smackdown but Mr. McMahon says he begs to differ! Mr. McMahon says that he has the ultimate authority here and that Edge has requested and will receive his rematch when he wants it! JBL asks when that is and Mr. McMahon says that Edge will announce that next week when he will be in the arena and not banned from it. Mr. McMahon then tells JBL that he has been treading water these past few months as GM but Mr. McMahon won’t fire him. No he’s got an even better idea because with the Triple Threat Brand Supremacy Match coming up, he’s going to let JBL ride it out until then and hope that he can find a superstar that is willing to actually fight for him and keep JBL’s spot. The crowd laughs knowing there aren’t many people willing to do that as Mr. McMahon leaves it at that. Mr. McMahon talks about how JBL’s been playing favorites just like Eric Bischoff denied he was doing on Raw and Mr. McMahon says he won’t stop it now because well it may just cost JBL his own job. Smackdown ends with that last note with JBL and Finlay pondering what they are going to do come SummerSlam.


Just a little bit of news and notes concerning the shows before anybody says anything. I renamed Eric Perez as Eric Escobar which is the name he is using in FCW. He hasn't debuted yet so it's really nothing special but just wanted everyone to know.

As far as Smackdown I wrote out the MVP segment because I felt that it needed to be written out. Smackdown clearly is the top focus show right now as I've got so much going on it right now so I seem to be enjoying writing it more. That's why it's probably bigger than Raw was.

Anyways the Mr. McMahon promo may seem confusing but it's basically Edge saying that he doesn't want Mr. McMahon to strip MVP of the title, etc. he just wants to win it back fair and square. Edge is a face right now of course as I'm doing something different and it's just showing a different side of himself in wanting to earn back his title. Just wanted to clear that up. Also if you didn't see Rey Mysterio is injured now.

Look for recapped Raw later this week with recapped SD and ECW going up shortly after. The Bash will be in recap but after that I'll be working on putting everything in full (probably not ECW though) heading into SummerSlam which most likely will be in full format too.
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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

ECW Feedback

Lashley pretty comfortable victory over Masters is the right way to go if you ask me. Build Lashley some momentum don’t just throw him straight into the title situation Then Khali interrupts and says he has to earn his way up which is good I see Lashley maybe having to wait a month or two for a title shot and it is the right way to go mate

Kane for ECW Champion would be good but I don’t think its happening

Test over Eugene every day of the week. I really enjoy Test and I believe if used correctly he could be something big

Noble will make a challenge next week and someone will rock up and kick his ass and start some kind of rivalry or something.

Eric Escobar as in Eric Perez right??? Either way good to see your bringing in some new talent.

Smart for Kenny and Kelly to go over here as they are staying together there would have been no point making them lose to two people who are breaking up after the match regardless.

Nice Mark Henry promo he does not seem happy with Kane. They have eventually got to meet up everyone knows it but it is going to be one hell of an ugly match. Kane can not move anymore and Henry never could

Heyman to announce who will challenge Khali at Summerslam. However I was just thinking and the way things are going I could maybe see an Extreme Elimination Chamber coming to Summerslam. I sure hope so it would be off the hook and would hide some of the big guys who can’t do much

Regal over Dreamer in an Extreme Rules match was a bit of a shock to be honest. Just I don’t really see Regal as a hardcore wrestler unless I missed something so I expected Dreamer to go over. However in the long run Regal probably is the better choice as he is more flexible for future story lines

Overall ECW was nice everything seemed to be well placed there was nothing in the show that I really had a problem with. Sorry this review is so short but I found it hard to comment on because there was nothing wrong. So good effort here mate I really liked it


Smackdown Feedback

Geez nice video package to start the show keeping me up to date and I could be wrong but DAMN this show really looks like it has a lot more going on than your other two at the moment. LOL no offence

Okay before I even start reading the promo I just wanted to let you know that MVP AS CHAMNPIONS Is fucking sick I love MVP this is a great choice. Jesus push please I want a year long title reign Anyway now to the actual promo. Nice MVP doing his typical talking himself up routine and I must say I loved every second of it you had his character down and was great. I thought it was good also how he talked tough but when Edge came out he straight away called for Ezekiel. JBL coming out and getting Edge kicked out was also nice and at the moment this night can not get any better for MVP. Nice promo overall I loved every minute of it as you can tell by all the praise I agve you

Albright over Carly equals it is okay I guess but yeah nothing to special just a way to keep the champ looking strong. Nice to see London getting in Carly’s way and OMG Haas cutting a promo I don’t know about that one

Mr McMahon is in the house and please do not make JBL get the sack…Yet

John Morrison Push thank you very much

Christian having a tough time with Marcus is good as I believe Marcus is a great talent so good on you for making him be competitive. However I believe Christian was always getting the win. Christian announces that JBL will get paid back. Does Christian have a plan

Gregory Helms throwing Cruiserweight Title is pure controversy This is what I want to see and I wonder what he did to the belt. All I know is Helms is eventually going to get what is coming to him.

I wonder who attacked HBK. I think it may be Flair I believe you are trying to throw us a swerve and I picked up on it I am probably wrong though

Helms over Roy all the time. See Helms should not complain Rory is not a Cruiserweight he is just a jobber

Jesse and Festus as tag champs is a good idea they are quite entertaining at times. Match with the Mexicools will be pretty awesome. Jesse and Festus can not lose though.

Big Show did not seem very happy and wants to continue his hunt for the title and I am loving the title scene her eon Smackdown MVP really does have to watch his back. But then again he has Ezekiel

Nice to see Carlito get a bit of revenge on London however then Hardy wrecked him anyway. Carly over London okay mate

Mr McMahon promo and at first I was worried I thought MVP was losing the title but guess again the title is still BALLIN Then typical McMahon shit really bullying JBL and JBL could be in trouble and out of a job as what superstar is going to stick up for him the only one I can think of who likes him at the moment is Finlay.

Overall mate Smackdown was even better than ECW. I have now reviewed one of each of your shows and I must say Smackdown is by far my favorite. Keep up the good work and I may review more Nah just shitting with you I am going to review for sure but yeah keep up the good work KOP

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