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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Royal Rumble Review

Match #1
*WWE Tag Team Championships
MNM (c's) vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick

If you do it by nthe time thing in the BTB that is a sticky (you know what I'm taking about) this match is about 8 minutes. However I do it by 150 words a minute. So in my estimate it's 11 minutes. Not a bad first match up. It's a lot better than what I can do. Four pages. It seemed realistic to me except Paul london and Kendrick being Number 1 contenders but good to see MNM retain the tag titles.Good match to start the PPV off. 8/10

Match #2
*Intercontinental Championship
Chris Masters (c) vs Ric Flair

Nice match up here. 13 minutes. 5 pages. Flair putting Masters in the figure four nand Masters breaking it was amazing. I thought he was going to tap. Then Masters a little later puts Flair in the master lock putting Flair out of his misery. 9/10

Match #3
No Disqualification Match
Winner is GM of Raw
Eric Bischoff w/ Mr. McMahon vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

This match was three pages and 7 minutes on Word. It was a good match and better than I ex[ected. The only thing I don't like is Austin losing to Bischoff as in real wrestling Austin would never a gree to lose to Bischoff. But good match overall. 8.5/10

Match #4
*World-Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match
Batista (c) vs Christian vs The Undertaker

Ok this match was very entertaining. Although 16 minutes is kind of short guess you need a lot fo time for the Rumble and Hell in a Cell so I'll forgive you for that. I really don't agree with Batista winning however and retain the World Title. Well at least he pinned Christian and not Undertaker. 9/10

Extra Match: Edge vs. Batista World Championship!

Edge wins!!!!! Yeah!!!!! Batista is no longer the World Champion. Edge has now becoem World Champion in One of a Kind and this BTB KOPV. 10/10

Match #5
*WWE Championship
Hell in a Cell Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs John Cena

34 minutes of Hell in a Cell on the Rumble seems a bit un real to me actually. I mean having a Hell in a Cell at the Rumble makes the Rumble have two awsome matches but due to this the Rumble shortens and all of that. But I still loved the match. Kurt Angle reatining. I love the finis where Angle Angleslams Cena onto the tumbtacks. Truely a good way to end this match. I was hoping Cena would tap out though. Oh well. 9/10.

Royal Rumble Match

98 minute of hell. I can tell you this is absoultuley the Rumble Match itself is better than your Wrestlemania in One of a Kind. RVD winning is a shocker to me as when it came down to him and Orton I expected him to win.But I really loved this match and by far this match is MOTN and a possible candidate for Match of the Year. My advice is if your ever in a toruney against Wolfy and I'm the judge use this match. You'll most likely beat him although Wolfy said he wouldn't participate anymore but if he ever changes his mind and you fall in that prediciment then use this match. 10/10

Length: This was more than a 3 hour PPV but not four hour. 84 pages is amazing. 10/10.

Promo's: Your promo's were very good. I like the Masters/Csarlito commercial for Mania. That Carlito is way to slick. 8/10

Spelling/Grammer: I saw many mistakes. 8/10

Entertainment: If anyone thinks this wasn't the most enetertaining show on earth or at least doesn't think it deserves a 10/10 must be on very bad drugs. This was truely amazing. Better than any Rumble PPV WWE ever whipped up. 16/10!

Overall: 105.5/110= 95%. A+. Awsome PPV Man. I can't wait to read Mania if the Rumbke was this awsome.

I'm watching you...

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks to the guys who have posted reviews so far and I know some are working on them and will have them in soon. Anyways, thanks for the reviews and more are welcomed. As for the next show, I will post a Raw Preview most likely tomorrow and Raw will be posted sometimes next week so look out for it
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Wow. What an amazing Royal Rumble KOP.

RVD winning was awesome. I picked Orton, but I had a feeling RVD was going to win.

What a shocker with Edge coming out and becoming World Champ. That shocked me a little.

Angle wins the Hell in a Cell. It will be interesting to see where you go with Cena after this loss.

Good beginning match with MNM and Kendrick/London. Good to see MNM win.

Interesting to see Masters win. I thought Flair would pull it off.

Like I said, amazing Rumble match. Look for more reviews from me as I can't wait to see the Road to 'Mania.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

My review should be up later today, as i have made a start on it, and have a bit of time spare at the moment, so i will try and get as much done as i can
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

My review will be up later tonight, fingers crossed, depending on what time I get home at. Just the last two matches to review now, although those are the two longest.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice opening video, which emphasises that anyone can win the rumble match.

Tag titles as the opener was the obvious choice, and should get the crowd into the ppv, with a fast paced clash. MNM get the control at the start of the match, and they do a good job dominating the early going, and wearing down London. Good double teaming used in the match, and London just cant make the tag. Finally Kendrick gets the hot tag, and the match will pick up now. Plancha and the corkscrew plancha used well, but don’t quite get the job done. London hits the hurricanarana, but misses the 450, which could cost them the match, which it does after the snapsnot is hit. A very solid opener to the rumble, and I would like to a see a rematch down the line, as I think another match would be great

Nice interview with Masters hyping the IC match just that little bit more

God start to the match with them trying to out do each other, before the experience of Flair pays off as he gains an early advantage, before the power of Masters gets him back in control. Loved the stepping on the fingers spot. Good bit of submission wrestling, before the power of masters wins again, suplexing him over the ropes. Flair gets the figure 4 in, but Masters manages to power out, by nailing right hands to Flair. He then gets the masterlock in, and that is the end of the match. Big win for Masters, and with it being clean as well, puts him over as a great champion

Vince and Eric have a plan, but the question is what is the plan?

Don’t expect this to be much of a wrestling match, but somehow I see that Eric will take the win. Superplex through the table would do it for Austin, but he puts his foot on the ropes. Austin wants to inflict more damage on Eric. Stunner to Vince had to happen at some point in the match. Bischoff is busted open, as he is getting taken to shreds. And Eric “kicks out” of the ddt onto the chair, before stunnering the referee. He then takes a break, and gets a couple of beers. Austin hits the stunner, but Vince breaks the count, and then HHH comes down to the ring, pedigrees Austin, and Eric takes the win. HHH screws Austin, which I guess is going to lead to a match between them at some point, probably mania. HHH getting involved in the match is going to need some explaining as it looked as if the build up was setting him up for a match with HBK at Mania

Nice mania video, and maybe a pre-curser to a masters/carlito match at mania? Good comedy in the video whatever comes from it

Don’t expect this match to be the most technically brilliant, but it will be interesting to see how it is booked. Maybe from the looks of the way the match is going we could be seeing a taker/batista match at mania, with the two of them fighting, and Christian being taken out of the match at each point. Batista nails Taker with the chair, but there are no DQ’s. Don’t remember that being announced, but can only add to the match. Taker chokeslams Batista out of the ring, and that is a nice way to get it down to a one on one match for a while. Chair shot to Taker, but Batista breaks the count, getting up a little too quickly for my liking. Taker puts the animal through the table, which means that Batista is retaining. Normally that is the case as a rule of thumb. Foot on the ropes from the chokeslam, and then he goes for the tombstone, but Christian counters out of it. Taker hits the tombstone though, but Batista manages to break the count with yet another chair shot. Overkill on the chair methinks. Batista then nails the batista bomb on CC, and retains the title. Not a bad title match, but at times the action wasn’t quite all there, but it seems to be building to a taker/batista clash for mania.

What the hell – edge!!! Uses the MITB, and we have a new champion. I had a feeling he was using it tonight, but expected it to be in the other title match. Great to see him take the title, and maybe edge/Christian at mania?

Short promos with Edge and Cena, which did there job

Good opening to the HITC match, and it will be interesting to see how the cell is used, and if there are any big spots in the match. Angle takes the early control, and goes on a rampage, with lots of different styles of suplex used. The cell then comes into play, with the usual pushing of the head into the cell spots. Here comes the trash can, and then the F-U attempt, but it isn’t to be quite yet. Angle gets the ankle lock in, but Cena has the power to power out of the move. Angle slam through the table was a big spot, but Angle is out himself, and so therefore, Cena manages to kick out of the move. Cena leaps off the ladder, looking for a splash, but misses, and goes through another table, but Cena gets the foot on the ropes. And then we go outside the cell, and to the roof, so lets see what you have got in store for us. F-U through the cell is a huge spot, but it has to end the match, as after that, neither guy would have anything left, so I was amazed to see that Angle managed to kick out. Don’t think that it would happen, and whatever the ending is, it will now be an anticlimax. Angle then gets back to his feet quickly, completely no selling falling through a cell, and now I feel the realism of the match is being lost. Angle then gets the thumbtacks, and it looks like someone is going to land on them. Angle gets the ankle lock in, but I guess with the thumbtacks, that will not end the match. Eventually Cena manages to reverse the hold, but Angle powers out of it. Angle slam onto the thumbtacks ends the match, and Angle retains. A good match here, but it should have ended with the through the cell spot. The match after that was a bit of a letdown as nothing could top that. Plus, with Angle being so strong after it, it made the spot look as if it wasn’t as big as it should have been

Benoit and Rey start the match off. Should be a great start to the match with some big names getting an early draw. Nice early wrestling between them, although this is something about any rumble match, but why don’t the first two men not fight each other, wait for each entrant to come in, and then double team them out of the match? It’s just a general thing about rumble matches which doesn’t make any sense. Rene Dupree at 3, and I couldn’t care less about the guy. Expect to see him gone soon. Helms at 4, and I don’t see him lasting too long either, which is a bit of a shame. Holly gets his usual early draw in the match, and his entrance coincides with rey eliminating helms, and shortly afterwards, benoit taking down Dupree, as smackdown has dominated the match so far. Carlito at 6, so lets see how long a run he gets in the match. Benoit going for the diving headbutt is a good spot, but in a rumble match doesn’t make any sense really, as he could be pushed over the top rope. Snitsky is next, and he takes out Holly at the start of the match. And next it is Lashley, so how far will he go. I’m not a fan of his, but I think he was getting a nice push. It’s Mr. MITB next, and either he will go a long way, or be gone quickly, like Snitsky who is taken out of the match by Lashley, who picks up his first elimination. Super Crazy is next, as the mexicool invasion begins. Edge taunts a fan, but Rey takes him out with a reverse 619, and he is gone, but Edge is still going to mania in the main event. OJ is next, and I guess no-one cares, especially after Benoit owns him again, and then throws him over the top rope. And then he takes out Carlito as well, as Benoit is on fire in the rumble match. Psicosis comes out next, as we get more of the mexicools. Nice double teaming for a while, before Kane enters the ring, and the destruction will begin. Chokeslam to Lashley is followed by him being eliminated, which puts Kane over nicely. Double chokeslam to the mexicools, and then Crazy is gone. Booker is the next guy in the match, and it looks like he will be attack by Rey and Benoit, and he is. Meanwhile, Kane eliminates psicosis from the match. Here comes RVD, who has to be a favourite for the match, even though he hasn’t quite had the push which makes him outright favourite. Orton would still be my pick, but I don’t see him facing Edge at Mania, which tells me he might not win. Nice brawling in this section, before the big show comes out. No instant elimination was a surprise, but benoit is out, after booker pushes him off the top rope. Triple threat at mania is still on. Mark Henry is in the match, and as is Jericho, who makes a huge return to Raw, despite being fired by the gm in charge. Would have liked to have seen him return by making a quick elimination, but there was no real jobber guy in the ring at the time. He could have eliminated Kane instead of Booker doing it though. Chavo is next, but I don’t see him lasting for a long time. Just too many big names in the match already. Striker is next, so the question is who will he be fed to? Henry is out, which gets plus marks from me, and striker survives. JBL is next, and then we get juventud, before the big show eliminates Striker. It’s HBK next, and I think this means that the game aint going to be to far away. Juvi is fed to the big show, and then Rey’s long effort is over after RVD takes him down. Jamie Noble comes out next, and I don’t think he will be in the match too long. JBL surprisingly goes quite quickly after the sweet chin music, which doesn’t do a lot for him. And next is rob Conway, so it looks like some of the jobbers have got a late entry, which makes the random draw seem more realistic. It’s Kennedy…Kennedy next, and he takes out Chavo, who I had forgotten was even in the match. Hardy gets a late entry, and takes out the con man, which is good for hardy and the rumble match. Late number for Shelton, so I guess this just leaves RKO and HHH to come. T-Bone over the top rope is a brutal way to end the match for Noble, who did his job in the match, as we are down to 10. Booker finally goes, after RVD steals Hardy’s elimination, as the next guy is the legend killer. No-one has gone by the time the game enters last, and now the action really begins. Hardy goes first, courtesy of RKO, and then Shelton is taken out by kennedy. Clever thinking by everyone to team up and take out the big show, who had a long run in the match, but could have been more dominating. Orton then takes out Jericho, who it is great to see back, but he didn’t do a lot in this match. HHH cheats to take out HBK, and surely we will see a match at mania. 4 left, but then kennedy is out from RVD, and we are left with the 3 favourites to win. So who it is going to be? Suplex from RVD takes out Orton, and we are down to 2, the big 2. Nice action here between the two men, before Orton is taken out by RVD, who wins the match and goes to Wrestlemania in the main event

A very good ppv, which is probably the best you have written. The follow up from this will be great to see, and the lead into mania will be one to watch for
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

1.MNM vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick 7/10
Great match between two great tag-teams. Very nice opener.

2.Chris Masters vs. Ric Flair 5/10
Ok match. Thank God Masters won. I can't stand that old man.

3.Stone Cold vs. Eric Bishoef 8/10
I only liked this match because Eric Bishoef got the shit beat out of him

4.Batista vs. Christian vs. The Undertaker 7/10
Pretty decent match all the way through. I'm glad Edge came out and won the title.

5.Kurt Angle vs. John Cena Hell In A Cell Holy Shit 100/10
This match was brutal. Loved the F-U through the cell and the Angle Slam onto the thumbtacks.very creative.

6.Royal Rumble Match 9/10
All Royal Rumble matches are good and this was one of them.Love thr fact that RVD won.

Overall great PPV. Loved the Hell In A Cell 8/10
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Preview for Monday January 30, 2006

This Monday, Raw will be coming to us live from Dallas, Texas and we can expect a huge fallout from the Royal Rumble. What will the Royal Rumble Winner have to say about winning the long battle and will he announce which brand's title he will be going after?

Plus after a hellacious Hell in a Cell Match, the WWE Champion Kurt Angle and John Cena will not be live at RAW but the WWE Champion will be giving us a live feed from his home in Pittsburgh on how he is feeling. Could we expect more on Angle's condition and what about the Doctor of Thuganomics, how is he feeling?

What ended up being shocking was that Raw superstar, Edge ended up cashing in his Money in the Bank Contract at the Royal Rumble last night. Edge will be on Raw tonight as he explains every thing that happened and why he chose Smackdown's title. So tune in to see why Edge ended up going after the World-Heavyweight Championship!

For all of this and much more, tune into Monday Night Raw live this Monday from Dallas, Texas!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

RAW looks very good. WWE Unleash The Fury has become one of the threads I review when ever possible.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I am going to do your review KOP, I just been working all weekend man, and I have to work another double tomorrow. I haven't read the PPV or anyones review yet, so I still dont know what happens. I will get your review up by Thursday man.

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