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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Backlash
Sunday April 29, 2007
Phillips Center – Atlanta, Georgia

Backlash 2007 opens up with a video package mainly focusing on the Fatal 4 Way, the WWE title match tonight with the winner of the Fatal 4 Way, Great Khali vs. The Undertaker, and the title matches also set to take place. Shortly after “There and Back Again” by Daughtry hits across the arena as the fans are going wild for Backlash 2007 to get kicked off. The red and white pyro shoots across the titantron which has of course the trademark hooks back tonight. JR and King run down the card for tonight before the first match starts.

#1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
Winner Faces WWE Champion in Main Event Tonight
Triple H vs. Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena

The match gets a lot of time to kick the night off seeing as we have to crown a number one contender. It’s an Elimination Match as well meaning that of course you must be the last man standing after three eliminations to face Jericho later on tonight. The match really starts off well with Batista and Hunter getting into it with of course Kennedy trying to evade Cena! Kennedy was able to actually take advantage of Cena by luring him to the outside of the ring and ramming him shoulder first into the pole. Kennedy then proceeded to throw Cena back in and work on the shoulder of his rival as he needs to take advantage of the time that he has gained. The camera now focuses on Batista and Triple H going at it as Batista took down Hunter with a big clothesline but only got a two count. Batista argues with the ref for a bit of course wasting time in the process while he could be trying to actually get the victory. The match carries on as now we focus back on Cena and Kennedy which Kennedy of course had Cena grounded but Cena was able to fight back and get back onto his feet. Cena hit Kennedy with the Killswitch before hitting the 5 Knuckle Shuffle as well! The fans went wild as Cena dragged Kennedy back onto his feet before Cena threw Kennedy onto his shoulders. Cena went for the F-U but Kennedy countered it into a rollup! Kennedy only got a two count before he tried to shove Cena into the referee! Cena caught himself in the corner before Kennedy came charging at Cena only for Cena to move out of the corner! Kennedy hit the turnbuckles stomach first before stumbling into the arms of John Cena who hit the F-U on Kennedy and eliminated Kennedy in the process.

Mr. Kennedy eliminated by John Cena via pinfall – 11: 53

Kennedy looks stunned that he was eliminated and heads out of the arena promising Cena that it’s not over! It’s now down to three of Raw’s biggest players as it’s Triple H, Batista, and Cena. Triple H and Batista are still going at it before Cena comes over trying to hit Triple H. Batista and Cena exchange words with one another before Batista says “I’ve got this taken care of” but Cena pays no attention and continues to hit Triple H! Batista shoves Cena saying once again that he’s got this taken care of. Cena takes offense and shoves Batista before suddenly it’s a big mass brawl! Cena and Batista are going at it right now as Batista caught Cena off guard with a Spinebuster! The fans booed Batista as he went to throw Cena between his legs for the Batista Bomb but Triple H charged at Batista knocking him down with a clothesline which forced Batista to drop Cena. Cena fell down onto the mat before Triple H quickly scooped Cena up hitting the Pedigree to eliminate Cena.

John Cena eliminated by Triple H via pinfall – 16: 27

It’s down to two men now in Batista and Triple H. The fans are mixed for Triple H now as they clearly don’t like Batista and would rather see the Game move on than Batista (weird huh?) but either way the fans really aren’t too excited Cena got eliminated. Both Triple H and Batista circle the ring once again trying to gain an advantage as Batista and Triple H lock up. Batista gets the best of Triple H pushing him into the bottom turnbuckle flat on his butt. Batista shows a cocky smile as Triple H gets back onto his feet and locks up once again. But it’s Batista that plays dirty and catches Triple H with a knee to the gut. Batista drives Triple H back first into the turnbuckles before he hits a big shoulder thrust onto the Game. Batista is driving many shoulder thrusts to the stomach of Triple H as Triple H is having trouble blocking them. Batista drags Hunter out of the corner throwing him down onto the mat before he runs over and kicks Triple H hard in the face! The fans boo Batista as he shakes the ropes teasing the fans. Batista pulls Hunter back up before he Irish whips the Game off into the ropes possibly looking for a Spear but Hunter moves and hits a big Harley Race like high knee to the face of Batista! The Game falls down onto his knees trying to rally as the fans still are mixed for the Game. Triple H drags himself back onto his feet with the help of the ropes before he walks over trying for a Pedigree on Batista. Batista is quick to counter though before he shoves Triple H into the ropes and as Hunter turns around he is hit by a spear from Batista! Batista covers but only gets two. Batista drags Hunter up once more looking angered that he wasn’t able to pull it out there before Triple H is able to muster enough strength to hit Batista hard in the stomach before shoving him off into the ropes and knocking him down with a clothesline. Triple H catches Batista off guard hitting the Double A Spinebuster! Triple H drags Batista over and he goes for the Pedigree and isn’t able to hit it because Batista counters with a back body drop! Batista watches Triple H turn around and come at him before he grabs Hunter by the tights and throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckle as he collides with the referee! Triple H stumbles out of the corner before Batista hits a low blow! Batista gives it time for the referee to recover before he drags Triple H back onto his feet and hits the Batista Bomb as he is now moving on to face Jericho later tonight!

Triple H eliminated by Batista – 25: 57

Winner and Number One Contender - Batista

We now see a video play for Judgment Day 2007 which will be live Sunday May 20 from the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri!

MacMilitant hits across the arena whenever we come back from the break as we see Rodney Mack and his manager Theodore Long on their way to the ring. Long opens the ropes for Mack to get in before T-Lo walks over and grabs a mic. Long says that Mack is tired of being disrespected around here and that starting now it all ends. Long says Mack has only been back in the WWE since February and he still feels the disrespect from all of these “crackers” Long then goes on to issue a White Boy Challenge for tonight for any brave “cracker” that wants to come down and get his ass whipped courtesy of the Bayou Beast “Rodney Mack”

White Boy Challenge
Rodney Mack vs. The Miz

It’s really a question if you can even call this a match but still that’s not the point. The point is that Mack of course runs right through Miz in the matter of minutes as he throws Miz around as if he were a rag doll. Mack quickly proceeds to knock Miz out with the Blackout (the renamed version of the Sit out Double Underhook Powerbomb) before making the cover and of course getting the victory

Winner – Rodney Mack @ 1: 29

Long applauds Mack and yells for all the “brothas” in the crowd to stand up and recognize a man that they can finally be proud of! JR and King talk about how Mack certainly made an impact and is not a man that you want to be messing with.

Backstage after the break Maryse is standing by interviewing the World Tag Team Champions, The Golden Standards. Burke and Benjamin both talk about how they just beared witness to Theodore Long’s statements and that they agree with what Long has to say. “Ironically” Long and Mack walk by the Golden Standards before they both stop Long. Benjamin tells Long that finally somebody agrees that all of these black superstars are being denied rights despite Burke and himself being Tag Team Champions. They say that they are tired of not being recognized for their talent and that they want to join Long in his crusade! Long tells Mack to go on and go shower to get ready to leave as Long smiles and shakes the hands of Burke and Benjamin! Long says that he gladly accepts Burke and Benjamin joining Long and that Long will accompany the Golden Standards down to the ring for their match!

Tag Team Challenge Match
The Golden Standards vs. Brian Kendrick and CM Punk

This is a rather well tag team match that sees an interesting pairing of Punk and Kendrick put on a good match on PPV in one of their first tag matches together. Punk and Kendrick work well but mostly all of the focus is on the Golden Standards and their new found “friend” in Theodore Long. Long of course finds himself well involved in the match and it shows in the end when he trips up Kendrick in the ropes! Kendrick turns around looking to dropkick Long but Burke grabs him pulling him in as Burke hit the Elijah Experience! Benjamin ran over knocking Punk off the ropes as Punk flies shoulder first into the barricade as the Golden Standards pick up the win.

Winners – The Golden Standards @ 13: 31

Theodore Long grabs the World Tag Team titles handing them to Burke and Benjamin as they both have their hands raised high in the air as the crowd boos Long for cheating during the match.

We head backstage after the tag match is over to see John Cena in the doctor’s room being treated for a few nagging “injuries” per say. The doctor goes to tell Cena something before BAM! Mr. Kennedy jumps into the room literally clubbing away at Cena! Kennedy and Cena are rolling on the floor going at it before security runs in breaking this up as Cena breaks free (now that they are back on their feet) and jumps right at Kennedy! Security is able to restrain Cena once more now as all hell just broke loose.

We now head into the office of Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff who is on the phone with someone. Bischoff says that he likes “this idea” and that he’s already got the first match planned out for this “show?” What in the hell Bischoff is talking about we have no clue but Bischoff says he will reveal these plans tomorrow night on Raw!

United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Paul Burchill

Two of Raw’s newest superstars go at it with the brand’s first ever United States Championship match taking place here on PPV. It really does turn out to be a rather impressive match between these two superstars as they really prove their worth during the match. Burchill shows off that he can hang by himself despite being away from Edge now that he is on Raw. The match impresses the fans and really surprises them whenever Burchill came charging at Hardy before Hardy caught Burchill literally out of nowhere with the Side Effect! Quickly Hardy pulled Burchill up trying for the Twist of Fate but Burchill grabbed Hardy pulling him in trying for a Reverse Swinging Neck breaker but Hardy was able to kick Burchill in the gut and plant him with the Twist of Fate for the victory

Winner – Matt Hardy @ 10:04

After the break we head backstage to see Santino Marella wandering around before he bumps this time into La’ Resistance.

Santino Marella: Aha…I see it is de’ La Resistance!

Conway and Dupree look at one another wondering who this new guy is.

Santino Marella: A’ silla’ me! Leta me introduca’ myself…my name is Santino Marella, the Italian superstar of the WWE!

Conway and Dupree both throw one another a look.

Santino Marella: I uma canta’ help but aska you why do you’a French guys lika’ each other?

Conway is steaming now as Marella is just curious.

Santino Marella: What? Does Dupree nota pleasure you enough last night?

The crowd laughs as Marella is entertaining them big time now.

Santino Marella: Do not’a be mad because Italy won the Worlda Cup last year from you French um fagots’

The crowd laughs once again as Marella really doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into.

Rob Conway: You better get your ass….

Santino Marella: Whya’ are you looking at my ass (Marella pronounced it like Ahss”)

Rene Dupree: Get the hell out of here!

Santino walks off really not knowing (well okay he does) but he acts like he doesn’t know what he’s done to the French tag team by insulting them. The crowd laughs as Santino stops and yells out…

Santino Marella: Rene’ lika’ Roba’s wee-wee!

We now head backstage to see Joey Mercury making his way towards the arena before he gets laid out from behind! The camera doesn’t reveal who the man is but all we can see is the shoes of the man that laid out Mercury! The man walks away out of the camera as Torrie Wilson happened to be walking by and yelled for help! Trainers ran over to help Mercury back up and it seems he’s knocked out cold! The trainer says that he clearly can’t compete tonight. After this is said we head back into the arena to JR and King who tell the fans that Mercury vs. Chavo cannot go on tonight but now they play a video package for The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali to give them stall time.

The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali w/ Ranjin Singh

Not much of a match to be honest but more of a big fight. Singh was rallying behind his Punjabi Giant trying to get Khali to do everything in his power that he could to try and get this monstrous victory over the Deadman. The Undertaker though wasn’t about to bow down to Khali and blow this match as the Deadman tried to make his claim as one of Raw’s top superstars whenever he was able to put Khali away with a huge Chokeslam lifting Khali high into the air and taking down the Punjabi Giant. This mastodon of a man Khali was finally down on the mat as ‘Taker covered for the victory but Singh grabbed the foot of Khali putting it on the ropes! The fans clearly booed Singh as ‘Taker grabbed Singh pulling him off of the ropes and flipping him into the ring! ‘Taker goes to grab Singh to lift him into the air for a Chokeslam before The Great Khali walks over and goes to hit Undertaker with a big chop to the head but Undertaker catches it before he boots Khali in the gut and lifts Khali into the air hitting another Chokeslam before covering and getting the victory!

Winner – The Undertaker @ 8: 56

After the horror fest that was the Undertaker vs. Khali we head backstage to see Maryse walk over and stop Chavo Guerrero. Maryse asks Chavo if he knows who attacked Joey Mercury earlier and Chavo says that he doesn’t have an answer. Chavo has no clue who this man was and quite frankly had Mercury not been injured it wouldn’t have mattered because Chavo would have done like any other Guerrero would have…went out there and won!

Backstage we see CM Punk and Brian Kendrick talking to one another. Kendrick says he’s sorry that they lost the match but Punk says it’s okay. Punk says he’s going to try and reason with Bischoff tomorrow to get a rematch since Theodore Long interfered in the match. Punk says he can’t promise anything but he can say that they deserve better than what they got tonight.

Women’s Championship
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Victoria

In the WrestleMania 23 rematch these two divas put on another good match between one another. It gets a decent bit of time seeing as Mercury/Chavo was pulled off the card from earlier tonight but still it doesn’t matter as the two divas make the best of what they’ve got. Victoria makes a comeback coming so close to actually regaining her title that she held for nearly eight months but it was Phoenix that caught Victoria off guard knocking her down with a big clothesline. Victoria got back onto her feet but quickly kicked Phoenix in the sternum before trying to throw Phoenix shoulder first into the turnbuckle but Phoenix shoves Victoria into the turnbuckles herself! As Victoria stumbles out of the corner she runs right into the arms of Phoenix who hits her with the Glam Slam before locking in the modified chicken wing stretch part of the move. Victoria holds on for a bit showing her tenacity but has to submit giving Phoenix the victory and Phoenix gets a nice ovation from the fans.

Winner – Beth Phoenix @ 11: 07

A Saturday Night’s Main Event promo airs stating that for the first time in nearly a year…SNME makes it’s return live from North of the border in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Saturday June 2, 2007!

Backstage Todd Grisham catches up with Batista and asks him how he is feeling heading into his big WWE title match right now. Batista looks at Grisham like he is stupid and says how is he supposed to feel? Like as much of a loser as you Todd? Batista says that he went through hell earlier tonight to just earn this spot and no matter what he will be a champion once again. Batista says he isn’t at all worried about his former Evolution partner Randy Orton being the special referee and he says that if Randy does something sneaky, he might just have to take out Orton as well.

WWE Championship
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Batista
Special Referee – Randy Orton

The match gets a good bit of time too as both Batista and Jericho are able to put on a good match. Orton surprisingly does call it down the middle but at times Jericho and Orton almost get into a scuffle. Orton reminds Jericho that he is the referee and that he is capable of doing anything he wants during the match. Jericho and Batista then both get back into the match as Batista knocked down Jericho with a Spear right after Jericho got done with his argument with Orton. Batista quickly covered Jericho looking to get his first WWE title reign and second World title reign but Orton only got off a two count. Batista looked at Orton asking him why it wasn’t three and now Batista and Orton start to get into an argument! At this time suddenly down the ramp comes Triple H with sledgehammer in hand! Triple H slides in the ring staring down Batista as Orton promises that if Triple H hits anybody with the sledgehammer that he will have to end the match right now. Triple H clearly doesn’t give a damn as he grabs the sledgehammer swinging it at Batista and knocks down the Animal! Triple H (who receives a loud ovation from the fans) locks eyes with Orton now has called for the No Contest seeing as Batista can no longer continue on.

Winner - No Contest @ 22: 37

Orton checks on Batista as trainers come down to help Batista out of the ring as Triple H looks on receiving even more pops for taking out the Animal. Chris Jericho looks on confused wondering just what in the hell is going on? Jericho looks up the ramp at Triple H and down at the trainers helping Batista back up before Orton leaps into the air for the RKO on Jericho? Wait! Orton stopped himself from hitting the RKO! But why? Orton backs up the ramp mouthing the words “It’s getting closer…” as Backlash comes to a close.


Quick 2007 WWE Backlash Results

Batista won the Fatal 4 Way #1 Contender's Match
Rodney Mack def. The Miz in a White Boy Challenge
The Golden Standards def. CM Punk and Brian Kendrick
Matt Hardy def. Paul Burchill to retain the US title
The Undertaker def. The Great Khali
Beth Phoenix def. Victoria via submission to retain Women's title
Batista vs. Chris Jericho was a No Contest
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice mention of the trademark hooks. Backlash isn't Backlash without these hooks. I was quite surprised to see the fatal fourway kick off the show. But after thinking about it, it makes perfect sense, so that they have the rest of the night to prepare for the Championship Match. Batista winning was all right. I'm not too fond of him unless he's a heel. So if he is a heel (sorry for the lack of knowledge) then that's a great choice.

, Miz was NEVER going to win the white boy challenge. However good build for Rodney Mack, I've always been a fan of this 'racist' angle and so far you're doing a good job.

I noticed you said 'backstage after the break' well isn't this a PPV so there wouldn't be a break would there? Unles there is where you come from, not too sure, I know there isn;t in the UK. Anyway that was really just nitpicking on my part. It was great to see the Golden Standards join Long, however with them holding the Tag team Championships it doesn;t make sense with the whole 'not getting what they deserve' thing. I know you mentioned that but meh, again, nitpicking lol.

After joining with Long the Golden Standards were never going to lose the Tag team Championships here tonight. it would have been nice to see Kendrick and Punk win the gold, but to me their not established enough.

So a feud between Kennedy and Cena is begining. Good stuff. Both are great on the mic so you should be able to give them something decent to work with. Nice backstage segment for the PPV too, and it works well with what went down in the openeing match.

Good hype for RAW, I like it when at a PPV there is hype for RAW because it automatially gives us (the readers) something to look forward to, and something to rack our brains, morning, noon and night.

Dayummmn! Burchill for US Champion Nah in all seriousness, Hardy wasn't going to drop the title yet. Hopefuly they have a rematch on RAW or something where Burchill might actually win, or at least I hope so anyway.

, I think the only funny thing about the Santino segment was the bit about the 'wee wee' that was comedy gold KOP. I think the rest seemed too forcefull as if you were trying to make him funny. However that's just my views. Others probably like the segment.

I'm guessing it wasn't Chavo who attacked Mercury because this would be too obvious, so I really can;t see who it would have been. An interesting scenario you have there though so propps for that.

If Khali won I would have gave you some magical red rep like I promised in the predictions However I see you had The Deadman win which was clearly the best way to go. Hopefully Undertaker moves on to bigger and better things now, he deserves it. ( just noticed the horrorfest line, nice one)

Chavo just being Chavo I guess backstage. I'm guessing Bischoff will say no to the rematch seeing as he is a heel, but a rematch for RAW would be nice. Hopefully a title change, we don't see enough of them these days for my liking.

Pheonix returns the Women's Championship. Women's matches in BTB bore me to be honest because it's not like you can just stare at the divas throughout the match. Nah joking but a nice win here for Pheonix.

I've always loved SNME so bringing it back it awesome. Let's just hope it isn't as boring as it is in real life these days. I'm sure you'll think of something exciting to book for the show.

Damn, Batista got screwed. I can see Batista wanting sweet, sweet revenge on Triple H tomorow night on RAW, and rightfully so if I'm being honest. Maybe they'll have a match. I'm certainly looking forward to what happens with the WWE Championship scene. Nice tease there with Orton almost hitting the RKO. I wonder what happens next. great build.

I have to say, the card did look very weak on paper, but you managed to give the PPV some credability. I enjoyed the event through and through and I'm really looking forward to RAW to see the fallout. Nice job KOP.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Feedback on Backlash

Firstly I'd like to say I adore the idea of deciding the WWE Champion's opponent on the night. Only used rarely, but works really well. Really good flowing Match, the Elimination Order was understandable, although it was obvious Kennedy would be out first. The other three could have been put in any order to be honest. Quite surprised you chose Batista over Triple H and John Cena, but hey let's see how a Batista/Jericho Match works.

I didn't really find a point in this match. Wasted time that could have been used for the other matches. And I don't like Rodney Mack either, he's not really that high in my books. Very disappointing follow-up from a great start. And I'm not quite sure about this "Black" Storyline, you'll have to be really careful in how you portray it, as some Black Members on the Forum may take offence.

Magnificent follow up. Punk and Kendrick are actually an interesting pairing, I hope you keep them together for a while. Didn't expect them to win though, seeing as the Champions had their new associates with them. But yes, Punk and Kendrick could be a good team.

Two fast interesting plots. Kennedy and Cena has the potential to be a really stunning feud, but it's just that "Something" that will make it stand out. I hope you find out what it is because it really does have potential. And what about Bischoff's plan? I honestly have no idea, but it definetly makes me want to read the next Raw.

Sounded like a normal match, but still average. I was rooting for Burchill to win, but obviously Hardy takes it this time around. No real comment for this match.

Absolutely brilliant Santino Segment. It was SOOOO in character and made me laugh a few times. Please more interaction between him and La Resistance, it actually makes me want to see La Resistance's next move. And yet another twist, Joey Mercury knocked out in the back, I have no clue who it is, but another twist that I hope to find out the answer to on the next Raw.

Khali = So I automatically didn't like this match. Hopefully this is the end of Undertaker with this horrible wrestler, and he can move onto something else. I have an inkling that the attacker might have been Chavo, but then again it could be anybody. Yay! Punk and Kendrick! Give them the Rematch dammit!

Another Title Defence, I hope that means Batista takes the Belt from Jericho. Nothing noteworthy from this match, over than it was two good Women Workers putting on a decent match. Good move taking Saturday Night's Main Event to Canada, now an event in England and I'll be happy.

Firstly Todd Grisham just got OWNED! Haha. I want Batista to win more than ever just because of that. Damn! No Contest? Damn Triple H. Batista to get his revenge on Raw for sure.

Overall: As this was my first read of your BTB, I was overall pleased with it. Explained everything really well and I enjoyed reading it. Great show, can't wait for Raw. 8.5/10

ECW: The Rebirth

Post your predictions for One Night Stand 2006 now.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ECW on Sci-Fi
Tuesday April 10, 2007
Providence, Rhode Island

The new ECW opening video package plays with all of the new extremists in it. It shows a few past highlights of current ECW originals. Bodies by Drowning Pool continue to play as we head into the arena to the commentating team. Joey Styles and Tazz break down the night for us tonight as ECW GM Paul Heyman has booked a big tag match tonight that will see ECW champion Rob Van Dam team with new ECW superstar Kane to take on the other two new ECW superstars Mark Henry and William Regal.

Chris Masters kicks the night off by hosting the first MasterLock challenge that has been seen on WWE television for months. Masters says that now that he is away from Raw he can finally get a fresh start here on ECW where he certainly will look to become the next ECW champion. Masters gets interrupted by Sandman who comes down to the ring before he bashes himself across the head with the beer can. Sandman grabs his Singapore Cane and says that all of this new blood around ECW is making him sick to his stomach. Masters challenges Sandman to take the MasterLock challenge and Sandman accepts. Masters goes to lock in the MasterLock but he can’t get it locked in on Sandman. Masters seems to be nervous before he finally gives up and attacks Sandman from behind with a big clubbed fist. Masters grabs the Singapore Cane beating the hell out of Sandman before he finally picks Sandman up and locks in the MasterLock with no problems. Masters throws Sandman around like a rag doll before dropping him in the middle of the ring.

Backstage ECW champion Rob Van Dam is walking around before he bumps into one of ECW’s newest superstars…one of his opponent’s tonight in Mark Henry. Henry says that he was held back on Smackdown and despite him coming so close to being World-Heavyweight Champion, he will be the next ECW champion. Henry says that he won’t have any problem running right through RVD tonight. RVD reminds Henry of the challenges he’s been through and that it’s going to take a whole hell of a lot to get rid of RVD as champion.

ECW General Manager Paul Heyman is shown backstage rather impressed by Chris Masters earlier tonight. Heyman says that he just might have found the man that could become the next ECW champion. Heyman reminds Masters that he is going to “hand pick” the next challenger and that if Masters impresses in his match next week with Sandman (the crowd pops) that he might be looking at a ECW title shot.

ECW’s newest special superstar Eugene comes down to the ring shooting ECW t-shirts out with a gun before he gets interrupted by another one of ECW’s newest superstars, the former Cruiserweight champion, Jamie Noble. Noble comes down not saying much before he attacks Eugene. Noble calls for a referee before the match get underway. Noble beats the holy hell out of Eugene doing everything in his power to try and close this match out early. Eugene fought back with a bit of offense but Noble caught Eugene on the mat with a Modified Dragon Sleeper causing Eugene to pass out and lose the match via submission.

The newest teacher on ECW comes down along with Test and a fellow teacher (Michelle McCool) who is making her debut. Matt Striker introduces Michelle to the fans and says that Michelle has a few things to teach them about respect. Michelle says that she is not any normal lady but that she is a very special teacher. Michelle says that unlike most WWE divas she won’t sit her and flaunt her body around for these pathetic human beings. Michelle continues on before Tommy Dreamer interrupts. Dreamer comes down saying that he’s tired of hearing about all of this crap about how lessons need to be taught to ECW fans. The only thing that needs to be taught is that the fans want to see these three get their asses kicked tonight! Striker says that’s not going to happen but that if Dreamer wants competition, then he can wrestle Test right now!

The match between Test and Dreamer gets underway as it turns out to be a decent match. Both men put their all into the match and Striker and McCool are cheering on Test at ringside. Dreamer catches Test by surprise with a DDT but only gets a two count thanks to Michelle putting the foot of Test on the ropes. Dreamer drags Michelle by the hair up onto the ropes before Dreamer turns around right into a Big Boot from Test! Test quickly drags Dreamer back onto his feet and hits the Pumphandle Slam before he throws Dreamer over for the victory! Striker comes in and helps Michelle back up before all three raise their hands in victory in the ring.

Backstage Kenny Dykstra and his dysfunctional girlfriend Ashley Massaro walk around before they bump into ECW’s backstage interviewer Kelly Kelly. Dykstra gives Kelly a look as Kelly smiles rather innocently before Ashley says that she does not really want to talk right now because she is tired. Dykstra says that Ashley will do whatever the hell he tells her to do (receives a big boo from the crowd) Dykstra says that it was nice meeting you (towards Kelly Kelly) and that he’ll see her next week. Dykstra drags Ashley off with him saying that she will never embarrass him again like that.

The main event takes place as ECW champion Rob Van Dam teams with Kane to take on Mark Henry and William Regal. It’s really a clash of styles to be honest but it’s just a match to get some of the newer superstars on the card tonight. Regal and Henry work well isolating RVD but RVD was able to make the hot tag bringing in Kane. Kane and Henry go at it before Kane catches Henry and knocks him down with a huge clothesline! Kane drags Henry back onto his feet trying for a Choke slam but Henry shoves Kane off into the ropes! Kane accidentally hits RVD and RVD is now the legal man! Henry clotheslines Kane to the outside before RVD leaps onto the top rope! Regal shakes the ropes causing RVD to jump off and miss before he lands into the arms of Henry! Henry throws RVD down onto the mat with a thud hitting the World’s Strongest Slam before covering and getting the victory! ECW General Manager Paul Heyman whom was sitting at ringside commends Mark Henry and William Regal for the huge victory and says that they too might have a shot at the ECW world title in the near future. ECW goes off the air with Henry and Regal standing tall over RVD in the ring with Heyman at ringside showing a smile.

Quick Results:

The MasterLock Challenge between Chris Masters and Sandman was a No Contest
Jamie Noble def. Eugene via submission
Test def. Tommy Dreamer
Mark Henry and William Regal def. Rob Van Dam and Kane


ECW on Sci-Fi
Tuesday April 17, 2007
Milan, Italy

ECW GM Paul Heyman kicks off the show by stating that after last week’s first episode featuring all of the new draftees he is still having a hard decision on trying to decide who he should pick to “take the title” from RVD. Heyman says his list is long but that he still won’t have an announcement here tonight but says a few names have impressed him like Mark Henry, Chris Masters, William Regal, and many more.

The first match of the night pits Kenny Dykstra making his in-ring ECW debut as he goes one on one with Stevie Richards. Richards and Dykstra have a decent match but of course it’s mainly just to get Dykstra a win. Dykstra picks up the victory over Richards after his Guillotine Leg Drop off the top rope and gets the pin fall. Dykstra and his girl Ashley leave as Ashley has a sad look on her face.

After the break Dykstra meets up with Kelly Kelly once again last week as it’s clear Dykstra has a “thing” for Kelly Kelly. Ashley stands there looking away not wanting to watch this before all of a sudden Dykstra plants a kiss on Kelly! Ashley looks on amazed as she slaps the taste out of Kenny’s mouth.

A video plays hyping the debut of new ECW extremist – Viscera – ECW’s Biggest Love Machine making his debut next week!

After the break Chris Masters takes on Sandman one on one in an Extreme Rules Match. This of course implies Sandman that he can use his Singapore Cane and Masters does feel the wrath of the cane for a bit. But Masters was able to duck one shot and then take a chair to the head of Sandman before locking in the MasterLock for the victory over the ECW original.

A video package plays showing Jamie Noble’s match last week where he locked in the Modified Dragon Sleeper on Eugene and it ends with the text “Jamie Noble – ECW’s Most Dangerous and Talented Extremist”

Rob Van Dam is interviewed backstage by Steve Romero concerning his fate. RVD says that no matter who comes at him next for the ECW title that he will be a fighting champion and will not back down from a fight. Van Dam says that he’s been in this spot before just one year ago when he was WWE champion and look how long his reign lasted! But Van Dam says that now he is in his own environment and that you better damn believe that he’s going to come up gunning whenever his prized title is on the line.

In the main event, William Regal takes on Kane in what is a somewhat rematch from last week in which these two men met in the tag team main event. Regal and Kane both put on a decent watch able match but it was Mark Henry who made the biggest impact whenever Regal had the ref distracted Henry hit a World’s Strongest Slam on the outside before rolling Kane back into the ring and letting Regal pick up the victory.

Quick Results:

Kenny Dykstra def. Stevie Richards
Chris Masters def. The Sandman in an Extreme Rules Match
William Regal def. Kane


ECW on Sci-Fi
Tuesday April 24, 2007
London, England

ECW kicked off tonight with the Royal Superstar William Regal making his way down to the ring. Regal actually came out to a pop of course since he was in England. Regal talked about how it was great to be home and all and that tonight he’s going to make an impact once again like he’s done the past two weeks here on ECW. ECW GM Paul Heyman interrupts though to boos of course before Heyman says “wait…” Heyman says that he’s rather proud of Mr. Regal and that he’s been impressed with what Regal has pulled off the past two weeks. Heyman then announces Regal vs. RVD in a non-title match tonight!

Backstage Ashley is sitting down in her locker-room crying after what happened last week in which her boyfriend kissed Kelly Kelly right in front of her. Kelly Kelly walks in saying that Kenny just wants a real man! Ashley takes offense and pounces on Kelly attacking her as Kelly and Ashley go at it before security breaks them up!

Matt Striker, Test, and Michelle McCool all come down talking about Test’s victory over ECW original Tommy Dreamer two weeks ago. Striker says that Test is ready to take on any Original in a match before suddenly THREE originals come out. Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Balls Mahoney make their way down to ringside as it’s announced that Test is going to be taking on Sandman in the Extreme Rules Match! Dreamer and Mahoney support Sandman at ringside while Striker and McCool are of course with Test. The match goes on for a bit before Chris Masters hits ringside and attacks Sandman from behind forcing an ensuing brawl!

Backstage after the break we see Paul Heyman announce two big matches for Judgment Day! First off after what we just witnessed Matt Striker, Test, and Chris Masters will all team together to take on the ECW originals in Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and Balls Mahoney in an Extreme Rules Tag Match! Shortly after this is announced Kane walks in dragging Heyman out of his seat and throwing him against the wall saying “I want Henry” and Heyman books the match for Judgment Day.

Jamie Noble is in action next as he goes one on one with Juventud. Juventud puts up a good fight against Noble and actually comes close to winning on a rollup from behind but Noble caught Juvy with a big kick to the sternum followed by a Tiger Bomb before locking in the Modified Dragon Sleeper forcing Juvy to submit.

After the break we see Viscera – ECW’s Biggest Love Machine in action as he quickly is thrown into action against Justin Credible. Viscera makes quick work of Credible running right through him with the Visagra Bomb before covering and getting the victory.

Backstage we see ECW’s “extremely special” superstar Eugene walking around talking before he bumps into Viscera. Eugene says he’s glad he got to watch Viscera’s match and that he wants to learn how to perform Vis-agra like Viscera does! Viscera laughs as Eugene walks off before we see Viscera get stopped by someone. The camera doesn’t show who it is but Viscera apparently blows this person off after listening for a bit as we watch the Love Machine walk off.

The main event takes place pitting Rob Van Dam fighting William Regal in a non-title match. The match gets some good time and Regal plays the face during the match (but only for this week of course) as RVD does play face too but Regal is liked more of course. Regal was able to pick up the win after several knee strikes to the head before hitting RVD with the Power of the Punch to where he hit the knee strikes and covered! Heyman came out announcing Regal as the number one contender as he knows that Regal is the “sick sadistic man” that is capable of taking the title from RVD. Heyman then announces that the match will be at Judgment Day! Regal shows a smile looking down at Van Dam who is having to be checked on by trainers as ECW cuts off.

Quick Results:

Test vs. The Sandman was a No Contest
Jamie Noble def. Juventud
Viscera def. Justin Credible
William Regal def. Rob Van Dam (Non-title match)


WWE Judgment Day 2007
Sunday May 20, 2007
Kansas City, Missouri
Official Theme Song: "I Don't Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne"

ECW Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. William Regal

The World's Strongest Man vs. The Big Red Machine
Mark Henry vs. Kane

Six Man Extreme Rules Tag Match
Matt Striker, Test, and Chris Masters w/ Michelle McCool vs. Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and Balls Mahoney


Ok well that's the first three weeks of ECW. I've still got to post the 5/1, 5/8, and 5/15 episodes of ECW and then do all six episodes of Smackdown leading into Judgment Day. Then most likely I'll start doing all three shows together in one week since One Night Stand and Night of Champions are going to be Tri-Branded. But anyways look for the next three episodes of ECW soon.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Important Events for Friday Night Smackdown

The main event situation took off big time after WrestleMania in which saw Christian make his return to the WWE after a near 6 month hiatus from the company. Christian came back helping his brother win the match at WrestleMania against Shawn Michaels. The Smackdown GM JBL decided to stick his nose into these three men’s business so now JBL is rallying behind Edge and Christian. For weeks Edge and Christian tormented Michaels before JBL ended up announcing a tag match for Judgment Day pitting Edge and Christian teaming together for the first time in six years to take on Shawn Michaels and a partner of his choosing. For weeks HBK hyped his tag partner before revealing it to be one of Smackdown’s newest superstars…RIC FLAIR! Flair and HBK both fought off Edge and Christian the last week before Judgment Day. JBL threw in a surprise though at the end of Smackdown announcing that he would be in the corner of Edge and Christian at Judgment Day which came as no shock to HBK and Flair.

As part of a WWE-wide New Talent Initiative, Smackdown saw a few additions to their roster. Raw had recently gained The Great Khali and Santino Marella while ECW picked up Michelle McCool, Smackdown earned a few new superstars. First off in the form of “The Shooter” Brent Albright who certainly is one of the more talented wrestlers to hit the scene since coming to Smackdown. Albright put on a few amazing performances on Smackdown getting wins over Marcus Cor Von, Kid Kash, and a few other superstars to boot. But the fans grew a liking to Albright quick which means he must have a bright future ahead! Also joining Smackdown was a tag team that had a rather large man by the name of Festus who when the bell rang would go berserk but once the bell rang, he went back to his normal but weird state. Jesse seemed to be the “handler” of Festus in a way and of course the fans grew a liking to this tag team.

Carlito made his return back to Friday nights stating that he was back at home and ready to once again run Smackdown. Carlito talked for a bit the first few weeks about how great it was to be back home but that Carlito didn’t like any of the Smackdown fans. For weeks Carlito was featured in a few squash matches before stating that there is clearly no competition anymore in the WWE and that’s he the biggest thing to hit the WWE. WRONG! The Big Show answered to this stating that he clearly is the biggest thing to come to the WWE and nobody seemed to disagree with him. What did Carlito get out of this? A chokeslam! The next week Carlito stated that he was wronged and that he had no clue the Big Show was back in the WWE to which he went to talk to Smackdown GM JBL. JBL stated that he resigned the Big Show months ago but Big Show just got around to coming back. Carlito says “Dat’s not cool” before JBL announces a match at Judgment Day between the two superstars. Carlito went on Smackdown the next few weeks running away from Big Show trying to stay “alive” before Judgment Day.

The on-going saga between Jeff Hardy and Charlie Haas carried over to Smackdown when both were drafted to the brand. Remember back on the Draft episode of Raw Haas stated that “His time was near” and he was right whenever on the first episode of Smackdown he picked up a victory over the Intercontinental champion Jeff Hardy. But Haas didn’t want to be handed a title shot, he wanted to earn it. Haas knew that he was better than being handed a title shot so he picked up a big victory over another one of Smackdown’s new comers in Chuck Palumbo to book the match at Judgment Day. Words have been exchanged between Hardy and Haas and Haas is intent on finally making that big impact he’s been waiting to make. Haas made sure that Hardy knew he was for real whenever Haas attacked Hardy backstage and locked in the Haas of Pain forcing the referees backstage to run and break it up.

Finally MVP has followed up with his promises to come after Rey Mysterio’s MITB briefcase. MVP was able to get on JBL’s good side and get a match at Judgment Day after showing footage of WrestleMania where he should have grabbed the briefcase but was wronged! MVP stated though at Judgment Day he doesn't want the MITB briefcase. He wants to weaken Rey and THEN take the briefcase home with him at a later date.

Some other important stuff to know...

- Chuck Palumbo is playing a face character now riding out on his custom made choppers. (Similar to his run in 2007 on Smackdown during the Summer)

- “Dashing” Danny Doring has formed a tag team with Sylvan called Fashion Inc. Both characters are very similar to one another in the fact that they both wear the stylish sun glasses, both have the long jackets (see what Helms use to wear) and both well act as if they’re models. So why not pair them together! Makes sense huh?

- At WrestleMania Trish Stratus came backstage for a brief visit before she was interrupted by the Hurricane? Shortly after Gregory Helms walked up. Well let’s just say that this is continuing as we have seen brief appearances of the Hurricane on Smackdown. However it’s not happened very often and when it did Gregory Helms didn’t appear on TV that night. Helms has been busy in a lead up running into Judgment Day where he is getting set to challenge for the Cruiserweight championship. Thanks to a victory in a Cruiserweight Fatal 4 Way Helms finds himself a match against Paul London come Judgment Day. Helms has made it verbally clear that due to his bad luck over on Raw…it’s a new day and time since he’s on a new brand.

- Of course Kurt Angle is still out injured and will be out for a period of time recovering from his re-aggravated ankle injury suffered at WrestleMania in his match against Triple H.

- Umaga suffered a set back injury that will see him out at least until after SummerSlam of this year. He wasn’t really going to be thrown into any big plans anyways so the injury wasn’t as huge at first as it seemed.

- Finally WWE has agreed to terms on the release of Dave Taylor. The WWE wishes Mr. Taylor the best in his future endeavors.


WWE Judgment Day
Sunday May 20, 2007
St. Louis, Missouri
Official Theme Song: "I Don't Wanna Stop" by Ozzy Osbourne

Tag Team Grudge Match
Edge and Christian vs. Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair

ECW Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. William Regal

Singles Match
MVP vs. Rey Mysterio

The Big Red Machine vs. The World's Strongest Man
Kane vs. Mark Henry

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Charlie Haas

Singles Match
Carlito vs. The Big Show

Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London (c) vs. Gregory Helms

Six Man Extreme Rules Tag Team Match
Matt Striker, Test, and Chris Masters w/ Michelle McCool vs. The ECW Originals (Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney, and Sandman)


Judgment Day 2006 Flashback
Sunday May 22, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri

MNM def. The Mexicools
Jamie Noble def. Chavo Guerrero to retain the Cruiserweight title
Paul London and Brian Kendrick def. UKliq (Finlay and William Regal) to retain WWE Tag Team titles
Mr. Kennedy def. Bobby Lashley
Booker T def. Matt Hardy to retain United States title
Batista def. Rey Mysterio
Kurt Angle def. Edge, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Christian, and JBL in a Six Pack Challenge to win the World-Heavyweight title


Big update of sorts I guess. Well the reason why I'm going right through Judgment Day is well as you can see nothing really BIG happened. But I'm thinking about maybe writing a show or two in full mainly leading into One Night Stand and Night of Champions. I don't know the current plans but I'd like to write a show in full soon. It's been a while so I'd like to see how it feels once again lol. But either way Judgment Day will go up soon most likely...
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well after a long run with this thread I've decided that it's now time to put an end to it. That's right. WWE Unleash the Fury is done. It's been a while since this thread has been going and it's seen it's breaks but none have been longer than two months. But still it's seen it's fair share of "glory" I guess.

Overall I want to thank the people who have reviewed the thread whether it was once or if it was consistently. You all pushed me to make the thread better and though I know it had it's low patches (probably most of the time) I think it still turned out fine.

This is not my goodbye from BTB but just this thread to clear up anything. I'll still be here between now and the time of my new thread (yes I've got one planned and you might be surprised to see what it is) but I must say that I think everyone will enjoy it.

Well that's it. So I'll still be around if anyone needs any questions answered via PM etc. Keep a look out next month.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Shame KOP. But I know how you feel when your thread just seems flat and you don't have the motivation to continue it. Yes this thread had a great run, easily one of the best in WF history, but i'm sure your next thread will be just as good. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to it, good luck buddy.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sux to see this go, KOP. I know that I didn't review a ton but I always looked to see what was going on and this was up there with Wolfy's and Mac's threads in the Top 5 of WF history. Intrigued to see what this new thread is ... I will keep an eye out for it.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well, apart from kid-o-mac's thread I believe this was the longest running thread in the section (correct me if I'm wrong) so it's disappointing to see it go. However I have to agree, maybe the time has come for a new challenge for you. I'll obviously be keeping an eye out for this "new one that might suprise me".
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

This sucks to see this thread go, as I started reading it when I first came. I loved it and I reviewed it a few times too, but maybe a new challenge is what you need? I can't wait to see what your new thread will be like. Good luck.
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