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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP’s Feedback

Seems you’re doing something similar to me at the moment with your recaps in that you’re only highlighting the important events.

Pretty stock standard post Wrestlemania opening of Raw. As expected, the new Champion kicks things off with a regulation face promo, putting over how he’s overcome adversary and beaten the odds to defeat Orton and that he couldn’t do it without the fans. Orton’s interruption was expected. Despite the limited length, you still managed to establish the character of both men with only a few words which is a good trait. The whole “Time being right” thing was a nice touch to throw in as it gives everyone a reason to keep reading. I’d love it if you pulled a swerve and drafted Orton now.

Hardy going over Striker is common sense. A loss to him would bury the credibility of your IC Champion and since Hardy couldn’t managed the win in the ladder match this puts him back on the right path.

The stuff with Cryme Tyme and Eugene is funny shit, tonight’s edition as well as what down at Wrestlemania have both been good value. I wonder if it’s actually going to build towards anything or if you’re just using it to get Cryme Tyme on TV. Haas squashing Eugene later on is fair enough and it continues his push, which is a good thing. Charlie’s line at the end though has me wondering what he’s on about? Hopefully you’ve got big things planned for him.

Victoria as a crazy bitch is the way she should be booked. I think he loss of the Women’s title will start a whole new storyline for her.

Big week next week. The draft is only a good thing. Orton to SmackDown please. Do something big. I wouldn’t be surprised if Charlie Haas got drafted either. We get a new GM next week too? That’s a good thing. Wonder who it’ll be? Better not be a dud!

Umaga selling the Casket Match is a wise decision. I wouldn’t be too shocked to see him get drafted and then you carry on his feud with the Undertaker.

Tonight is Carlito’s Wrestlemania???? Yet he gets buried by Cena? Lol. I thought you might have started to build Carlito up a bit after his little thing with Rocky last night but guess not.

Hmm. I’m not sure how I feel about this angle with Shelton & Elijah. I think it could looked upon from fans with varying opinions. I don’t think they’ll be drafted though. I think they’ll stay on Raw and continue to whinge.

No Contest was probably the best decision to finish this match with four of your biggest names. I liked the fact that you alluded to that possibility that any of them could be drafted. Hopefully at least one of them will be.

Khali? No. Disappointing. This makes me sad. I hope you bury him.

Solid recap. I LOVED that it was short and to the point. It didn’t bode well for a length review but that doesn’t matter because it was still quite an effective recap imo.

Hmmm. ECW opens in a similar fashion to the way Raw did with RVD and a victory speech type thing. Heyman wanting to be rid of Van Dam is no real earth shattering surprise, what is surprising though is that Heyman wants to find someone worthy of taking the title from him, I would’ve thought Heyman would’ve been prepared to throw anyone and everyone at him.

What’s the deal??? Interesting. Another reason to keep reading and a good enough reason for Kennedy not to be drafted. He’s not going anywhere. KK rolling Al Snow is just common sense stuff, so you obviously made the right decision there.

Another squash? Danny Doring irritates me. I hope you’re not pushing him to the moon.

Sandman beats the crap out of the referee and gets cheered??? I would’ve thought that might have bought about an indifferent reaction from the fans. Anyway, solid win for Monty. I wouldn’t be too shocked if he gets drafted. Thankfully this didn’t come across as a squash

Easy win for Van Dam. Rodney Mack was never going to win. I would’ve marked big if Kennedy had come out and screwed RVD one night after his big win. Wouldv’ve been brilliant. Good way for RVD to continue his momentum.

More draft hype to end the show – you’re giving it a big push man.

Overall, okay show. 3 of the 4 matches came across as squashes and no storylines really got advanced, other than the draft but you’ve got me intrigued with Kennedy’s “deal” with Heyman.

GREAT way to kick SD off, well it was until you told me you were likely to release Christian from the thread. Gay. No ratings. Etc. Good reasoning for CC to make his return though and I loved the fact that E & C are already on the same page as JBL, just because of their heel persona. HBK however, isn’t so lucky as we’ve got a big Main Event booked and it seems Michales is in trouble.

I still can’t believe you took the title off Noble. You picked the right place for it though and made a good choice for his successor. The fact Noble remained unpinned was a nice touch and I wonder how long it will take for Noble to actually get pinned. Part of me thinks he might get drafted to Raw or ECW and compete for another title which would be nice. Never the less, solid stuff. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how this develops.

I liked that you made note of Kash putting up a fight before Punk put him away. Makes it seem as if this match was not as squash which is a positive. Hopefully you put Punk in a feud soon, US Title perhaps?

This paragraph was a little confusing. It could’ve been worded a little bit better making things a little clearer but never the less Rey picks up the win and continues on the back of his momentum from his MITB win at Wrestlemania. I know you’re a fan of Rey so I’ll be looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

Squash for Finlay. Probably fair enough given his loss at Wrestlemania. You need to find something for him to do though.

Woah. Henry beats Michaels. DIdn’t expect that. I expected the interference from E&C but I thought HBK would over come it. This storyline between the three of them is probably the most interesting one you have going at the moment. It would be moronic if you drafted one of them imo.

Batista and Kane to go again? Oh boy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Batista ends up on Raw and feuds with Jericho for the title for a while. It’d be something different which is good.

Angle’s out for a while huh? Probably a good idea to freshen him up. Kurt getting drafted wouldn’t exactly shock me either.

Good decision to involve MVP in a feud with Rey. I’m a big fan of Porter being involved in a feud for MITB as I think it suits his character, whether he wins or not it (which I definitely don’t expect him to) it’ll be a good feud.

Another solid recap. The only problem I can find is that they’re not in the order that they would’ve been on the show other than that, I enjoyed them. Again, I apologise I couldn’t review Wrestlemania mate.

Again, I like your recaps. Not to long and straight to the point. Next weeks Draft should be good or it better be since you pushed it so strong although there was surprisingly a less amount of hype for the draft on SD then on the other two shows.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday April 9, 2007
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Across the Nation plays across the arena as the Raw video package will air for the last time as it is tonight but will have new superstars in it next week! Shortly after the video package ends we head head into the arena to see the pyro set off before we cut over to the ringside commentating team from Raw.

Jim Ross: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw! Tonight it is going to be a big night as this will be the last night for a many of Raw’s superstars to be here on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: But in the same turn we will be gaining new superstars from Smackdown and ECW in the process to take the place of the losses of other superstars.

Jim Ross: It’s going to be a wild night indeed because also Mr. McMahon has promised the announcement of a new Raw General Manager in the process as well!

Jerry Lawler: Two huge things, one big night! Joining us here tonight is Michael Cole and Josh Matthews from Smackdown!

We cut over to the Smackdown commentating team briefly.

Michael Cole: Thank you King and Josh it’s time for the fourth ever Draft Lottery. Normally this is an annual event but WWE took a break from it last year and instead simply ran “Open Season”

Josh Matthews: Well the Draft has made it’s return and tonight Smackdown will lose a few coveted superstars but in the end we might gain a “jewel”

Michael Cole: Don’t forget that the Draft will also continue right after Raw goes off the air as the WWE Supplemental Draft will take place!

Josh Matthews: This will run all the way up until ECW goes on the air and hell ECW might not even know a few of their superstars until they are on the air!

We now cut over to ringside to the ECW commentating team.

Joey Styles: Tazz it’s been a year since I’ve been here on Raw and let me say that it’s good enough of a reason to make a return tonight!

Tazz: Something tells me ECW is going to strike the pot tonight with a few superstars but hopefully we don’t lose anybody “too big” around ECW.

Joey Styles: To me any Original leaving is going to be a big loss but we’re going to see an infusion of new blood into the brand possibly.

Tazz: New blood is always good and hopefully we’ll strike a few surprises in the draft that will help ECW in the very near future!

No Chance hits across the arena as out steps Mr. McMahon! Instead of heading down towards the ring he stops at the top of the ramp where he then begins to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Welcome to the 2007 WWE Draft!

The crowd goes nuts here in Bridgeport as they know there is a VERY big night ahead of them.

Mr. McMahon: Now we’ve got a very big and long night ahead of us because first off as you all know this is the WWE Draft and well we’re going to see a lot of surprises in store for us. But first off before we start the draft I’ve got to get to a very important announcement…

The crowd knows immediately Mr. McMahon is talking about the Raw GM vacancy.

Mr. McMahon: Due to your new WWE champion…Chris Jericho…

The crowd lets out a huge cheer as Mr. McMahon can’t help but smile a bit.

Mr. McMahon: The former Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman was attacked and forced to miss the road towards WrestleMania. The Coach has already stated that he does not have any wishes to come back as the Raw General Manager and I quote “put himself in danger” of the superstars so that is why tonight I am here to name a NEW RAW GENERAL MANAGER!

The crowd goes wild as not only will they get a Draft but will get the announcement of a new GM.

Mr. McMahon: Now I’ve sat back thinking long and hard who deserved to run the ship of Raw. Remember there has only been two General Managers before in the history of Raw since we broke off into the brand extension and I knew we had to get someone better than the Coach.

The crowd laughs as the obvious dig at Coach.

Mr. McMahon: Many names came to mind at first such as…

Mr. McMahon: Mick Foley…

The crowd cheers at the mention of Foley.

Mr. McMahon: My son…Shane McMahon…

The crowd lets out a decent ovation.

Mr. McMahon: My daughter…Stephanie McMahon…

The crowd boos Stephanie tremendously as McMahon looks offended.

Mr. McMahon: Hey…watch it! Another name was… Stone Cold Steve Austin

The crowd lets out the biggest pop of the night.

Mr. McMahon: But I sure as hell wasn’t about to make “him” the Raw GM. There would be no control around this place and he’d be drunk on the job!

A big Austin chant breaks out as McMahon continues on.

Mr. McMahon: So after thinking for a while I opted to bring back a familiar face…a man that has lead a show and a company before. A man that brought this well known company to great heights…a man that certainly knows controversy when he sees it…

The crowd boos quickly knowing who McMahon is referring to.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen without further ado…your new Raw general manager…

I’m Back hits across the arena as out steps Eric Bischoff! Bischoff walks over shaking hands with Mr. McMahon as he stops at the ramp and looks around the arena. A big “This is bullshit” chant breaks out to which Bischoff shows a smile! Bischoff walks over to the podium looking at the tumblers that are set in front of him before he speaks into the mic.

Mr. McMahon: Eric Bischoff!

Bischoff thanks McMahon as he starts to speak.

Eric Bischoff: Let me say that first off it is indeed true that controversy does create…cash! And cash is what I just like Mr. McMahon likes!

The crowd boos not even wanting to hear Bischoff run his mouth.

Eric Bischoff: I’m not going to give some long speech but let me go ahead and make something very clear towards the WWE champion Chris Jericho!

The crowd lets out another decent pop for Jericho.

Eric Bischoff: Chris I am the reason you were fired two years ago here on Raw! I am also the reason that you were reinstated this time last year! But Chris I am neither your friend nor your enemy. I am simply the Raw General Manager once again so I don’t wan…

Bullshit chants break out across the arena as Bischoff tries to keep on talking.

Eric Bischoff: Seriously!

The crowd laughs as Bischoff tries to continue once more.

Eric Bischoff: As far as tonight goes….let me just say that since we are close to the WWE capitol headquarters it would make GREAT SENSE for a WWE title match to take place here tonight on Monday Night Raw!

The crowd cheers thanking Bischoff for the big announcement.

Eric Bischoff: But too bad that is not going to happen!

The crowd boos the hell out of Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve got bright ideas ahead for Raw but pleasing each and every one of you fans is not on my agenda. It never has been and it never will be! So let’s just put it this way! I run this show and I run it how I WANT TO!

The crowd boos Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: And seeing how I don’t want to have the title on the line I won’t. But mark my words Chris Jericho will be in action tonight but I’ve yet to determine his opponent. So Chris just be ready because you never know what I’ve got planned for you.

I’m Back hits across the arena as Bischoff exits the arena before we head off to our first commercial break.


Match #1
Winner Earns Draft Pick for Brand
Jeff Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero

Match Overview: The night kicks off with two high flyers going at it as both men are veterans and respected in the ring. The match goes about seven minutes before Guerrero quickly misses a Frog Splash which turns the match in the odds of Hardy. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but Guerrero shoved him off into the ropes. Guerrero quickly kneed Hardy in the stomach before backing him into the corner. Guerrero lifted Hardy up onto the ropes as Hardy is kneeling in the corner before Guerrero charges back at Hardy! Hardy quickly jumps onto the ropes leaping off with the Whisper in the Wind catching Guerrero off guard! Hardy hooks the leg covering but only gets a two count! The fans look on in awe as Hardy picks Guerrero back up whipping him off into the ropes once more before Guerrero runs right into a Twist of Fate from the Intercontinental Champion! Hardy leaps onto the top rope before connecting with the Swanton Bomb to cover and get the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy
Raw Earns First Draft Pick

Jim Ross: YES! Raw has earned the first draft pick and it is all thanks to one of the biggest names here on Raw!

Jerry Lawler: Well I’m just curious to see whether our newest superstar is going to be from Raw or Smackdown?

Jim Ross: Huge win there for Jeff Hardy and I hate to say it but that might have just been his last match on Raw!

Jerry Lawler: It would definitely be a shame to have to watch Jeff Hardy leave but what if our pick was Chavo Guerrero? Now wouldn’t that be interesting?

Suddenly the 2007 WWE Draft logo comes across the screen before we see images of all ECW and Smackdown superstars start to speed up. You can see the pictures of the superstars before suddenly it comes to rest on…

Draft Pick #1 – To Raw – Matt Hardy

Suddenly the camera cuts backstage to see Matt Hardy leave the Smackdown locker-room with a big smile on his face as he takes off his blue Smackdown shirt and is handed a red Raw shirt from a worker backstage. Hardy slips the red Raw shirt on before he heads down to the ring and celebrates Jeff’s victory here tonight! Matt and Jeff both celebrate for a bit in the ring before we cut over towards ringside.

Jim Ross: OH MY GAWD! Business has just picked up here on Raw and it’s all because we have just earned one of the best superstars in the business!

Jerry Lawler: What an addition to Raw JR! The United States Champion is coming to Raw but what does this mean about the US title?

Jim Ross: I’m so excited to see that Matt Hardy is coming back to Monday nights as it’s been nearly two years since he’s been here on Raw!

Jerry Lawler: What an exciting addition JR! Let’s just hope this isn’t our only draft pick of the night!


We head backstage to see Smackdown General Manager JBL seething that he’s already lost a top pick as Eric Bischoff is laughing at him.

JBL: Vince…what in the hell happens to my United States title?

Mr. McMahon walks over towards JBL as he was sitting in a chair.

Mr. McMahon: First off for the thousandth time it’s….Mr. McMahon! Secondly I’ll be addressing all of those problems this week on Smackdown once the Supplemental Draft has taken place and what not….

JBL looks mega pissed that he’s got to wait until Friday.

JBL: Listen…I’m not going to let some bozo like Eric Bischoff take MY SUPERSTARS and run them into the ground just like he did WCW. Smackdown’s only got three titles now and it’s all because of this retarted Draft! This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen before!

Mr. McMahon looks at JBL trying to get him to calm down.

Mr. McMahon: First off these superstars are contracted to me…not YOU! So get that one right. Secondly…if I want to strip all of the titles I have the power to do so! So you are not going to sit here and argue with me unless you want to find yourself without a job…do you unders…

Eric Bischoff: Mr. McMahon I’ll take care of this one.

Bischoff pulls JBL to the side.

Eric Bischoff: Listen John… you worry about yourself and I’ll worry about myself. Is that und…

JBL looks mega pissed now that Bischoff is trying to tell him stuff.

JBL: I’m certainly in hell not about to take orders or even listen to anything you have to say bucko. So don’t even try telling me anything because I’m not going to listen to your dumbass!

JBL walks out of the room as Bischoff and McMahon throw one another a look.

We head back into the arena to the commentating teams at ringside.

Michael Cole: Well a superstar from Smackdown is about to meet one from ECW and of course the second draft pick is on the line!

Josh Matthews: I’m kind of hoping Smackdown can make up for the first match and we can gain a big superstar back to make up for Matt Hardy leaving to Raw.

Joey Styles: No worries Josh because ECW’s already got this match wrapped up. There’s no doubt in my mind that ECW is going to take this one.

Tazz: That’s right Joe and I love Smackdown and I’ve been there for many years but ECW is my new home and I’m looking for a big superstar to come to ECW!

Match #2
Winner Earns Draft Pick for Brand
MVP vs. Sabu

Match Overview: Nothing major really takes place in this first match as both men go about six or seven minutes with a decent match going on. Sabu almost pulled one out of the bag for ECW before MVP caught him by surprise with a big boot! MVP quickly went on the offense hitting numerous turnbuckle thrusts in the corner before he grabbed Sabu and threw him off into the ropes. Sabu comes charging back at MVP before MVP trips Sabu up face first into the mat with a drop toe hold! Sabu runs at MVP once again before MVP knees him in the stomach and then proceeds to hit the Playmaker before ending the match!

Winner: MVP
Smackdown Earns Second Draft Pick

Michael Cole: MVP has pulled a win out for Smackdown and we’re about to see our first draft pick of the night!

Josh Matthews: I’m so excited to see who it is! Let’s hope it’s someone like John Cena!

The WWE draft logo is shown again before the screen of superstars from Raw and ECW comes on. The video is shown selecting random superstars before it selects…

Draft Pick #2 – To Smackdown – Carlito

MVP quickly throws a look up at the ramp as out comes Carlito. Carlito walks down the ramp cockily as he looks at MVP. MVP doesn’t really look concerned about Carlito as Carlito stops at the top of the ramp before looking around knowing that he’s heading back “home” to Smackdown where he debuted at.

Michael Cole: All right! Smackdown has just dug into the Raw well and taken out Carlito who is a former Smackdown superstar!

Josh Matthews: An exciting pick nevertheless Michael and hopefully Carlito will be able to fill the void that Matt Hardy left when he went to Raw earlier tonight!

Michael Cole: I have no doubt that we are going to see some big things from Carlito here on Smackdown but let’s hope we’ve got more draft picks coming our way tonight!

Josh Matthews: Something tells me that with all these talented superstars that we have on Smackdown that we’ll be able to pull in a lot more picks!


We head backstage to see Maria standing by with Raw’s newest superstar Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff Hardy is beside Matt.

Maria: Matt, it’s been nearly two years since you’ve been here on Raw so how does it feel to know that you’re back here on Monday nights?

Matt Hardy: Maria there’s nothing better than being here on Raw. The atmosphere, the fans, everything makes it feel special! But now that I’m here as the United States Champion and my brother is here as Intercontinental Champion…you can bet that we are going to rock this show to it’s core.

Maria: Matt you and Jeff haven’t teamed together in years so do you think there is a possibility we could see you two team together once again in the near future?

Matt Hardy: Of course. That’s if Jeff survives the draft tonight but I mean I’m all up for competing in a tag team again.

Jeff Hardy: Yea…

Suddenly a voice is heard as in walks Charlie Haas?

Charlie Haas: Excuse me Maria.

Maria walks out of the scene as Haas looks at the Intercontinental title that is on Jeff Hardy’s shoulder.

Charlie Haas: Listen Jeff I hate to ruin this “feel good moment” for you and Matt but well I needed to get something off of my chest.

Matt Hardy: Charlie I su..

Charlie Haas: Shut up!

Matt almost hits Haas but Jeff holds him back.

Charlie Haas: Personally I don’t care which one of you it is now. Since we have the United States title and the Intercontinental title on one show, I don’t have a problem taking one or BOTH titles off of your hands.

Jeff goes to talk but Haas stops him.

Charlie Haas: Just think about it.

Haas walks out of the scene after ending the segment in a rather peculiar way before we head out to a commercial.


Match #3
Winner Earns Draft Pick for Brand
The Mexicools (c’s) vs. The Golden Standard’s (c’s)

Match Overview: We get special champions versus champions tag match as both of these teams are current WWE Tag champions and World Tag champions respectively. The match gets a bit more time than the previous two matches as WWE wants to showcase their tag division (shock!) but either way it’s a decent quality match. Burke and Benjamin came oh so close to pulling out a win after Benjamin hit a big T-Bone suplex before Super Crazy came in and broke the hold up. Benjamin pulled Psicosis back onto his feet before he tagged in Burke. Burke charges at Psicosis but Psicosis ducks underneath Burke before he hit a spinning heel kick. Psicosis quickly tags in Super Crazy as Super Crazy comes charging in at Burke but Burke ducks and grabs Super Crazy by the neck hitting a reverse neck breaker. Burke grabs Super Crazy pushing him into the corner before he tries for the Elijah Express but Crazy moves and gets out of the way! Benjamin pulls Psicosis off of the ropes and knocks Juvy down with a clothesline. Super Crazy leaps off the top rope trying for a Moonsault but Burke moves and Super Crazy connects with the mat. Burke quickly tags in Benjamin who runs in and hits the Leaping Reverse STO! Benjamin throws Super Crazy over hooking the leg and getting the win for Raw!

Winners: The Golden Standards
Raw Earns Third Draft Pick

Jim Ross: Raw gets another draft pick tonight and I’m hoping that it’s just as big if not even bigger than our first draft pick earlier tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Matt Hardy coming back home to Raw certainly was a big addition but let’s see if we can get Edge to come back to Raw now!

Jim Ross: Anything’s possible King…

The 2007 WWE draft logo comes back across the screen before it randomly shuffles a bunch of the superstars for a bit. Suddenly it comes to stop on Raw’s newest superstar which is…

Draft Pick #3 – To Raw – Mr. Kennedy

Suddenly Turn up the Treble blasts across the arena as out walks Mr. Kennedy. The Golden Standards make their way out of the arena as Mr. Kennedy walks down the ramp. The newest superstar here on Raw rolls into the ring before pointing to the sky as his mic comes descending down.

Mr. Kennedy: It’s about time….

Kennedy moves around from place to place.

Mr. Kennedy: That Mr. Kennedy brightens things up here on Monday nights!

The crowd boos Kennedy as he looks around the arena as the crowd hushes down.

Mr. Kennedy: I never wanted to be on ECW….that deal with Paul Heyman is off now! See it’s new things and a bright future ahead for Mr. Kennedy here on Raw. I’ve got plans already laid out for what is going to go down here on Monday nights now that I run the show!

The crowd boos Kennedy as he continues speaking.

Mr. Kennedy: And it doesn’t matter whether it’s Chris Jericho, Edge, or Rob Van Dam…whoever ends up here on Raw with their title….will fall to the fastest rising star now on Monday nights…

Kennedy climbs up the turnbuckles.

Mr. Kennedy: Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Kennedy gets ready to throw the mic back but pulls it towards him again.

Mr. Kennedy: KENNEDY!!!

Kennedy exits the ring as we cut over to JR and The King at ringside.

Jim Ross: Raw has seen it’s fair share of loud mouths but perhaps this man right here is the biggest one to ever step foot on Monday Night Raw!

Jerry Lawler: Come on JR! Say it loud and say it proud….KENNEDY! I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Kennedy on Monday nights!

Jim Ross: Of course you do because you have to disagree with me! But either way I can’t help but enjoy the fact that Raw is earning a lot of upcoming “blue chippers”

Jerry Lawler: And just think…the night is just getting started JR!


We head backstage after the break to see Maria standing by with WWE champion Chris Jericho.

Maria: Chris how are your thoughts and feelings about Eric Bischoff coming back and him throwing you into a match tonight?

Chris Jericho: That’s right Maria and despite Eric Jackoff saying that he’s not wanting to stack the odds or bring up any bad history he’s already managed to do that tonight. He’s thrown me into the fire in the first night just because of what happened two years ago on Raw. See Eric can’t get over the past. It consumes his every day thoughts about how WCW would be, how anything would be if it were still around…

Maria: …

Chris Jericho: And well Eric needs to realize that this is 2007! That this is the reign of the greatest World champion in WWE history…

The crowd pops rather loud for Jericho.

Chris Jericho: And that now that I have “saved” you fans from the terrible reign of Randy Boreton…the time is now! The time is now for Y2J Chris Jericho to “save” all of the fans from crappy programming and to rid the WWE of many of it’s problems…

The crowd waits for Jericho to speak again.

Chris Jericho: And the newest problem seems to be Eric Bischoff!

The crowd laughs for Jericho.

Chris Jericho: I’ve defied the odds Maria, I’ve done what I’ve had to do, and that is why I am standing here tonight your WWE champion…

The crowd gives a rather loud ovation for the champ.

Chris Jericho: But I’ll be damn if I go down without a fight and whether I end up on Smackdown, ECW, or stay here on Raw I promise all of my Jerichoholics that I will save and rid the WWE of it’s problems!

Jericho walks off with a smile patting his WWE title before we head down to ringside.

Jim Ross: A rather interesting segment there from our current WWE champion and right now it’s time to see another match to determine the next draft pick.

Jerry Lawler: Let’s hope Raw strikes gold again and earns once again another draft pick to go along with Matt Hardy and Mr. Kennedy coming to Monday nights!

Joey Styles: Not so fast JR because I have a feeling that ECW is due for a draft pick and we just might get it right now!

Tazz: We need something as we came oh so close in our first match up tonight but I think that we’ll make it here and get our first pick!

Match #4
Winner Earns Draft Pick for Brand
Snitsky vs. Rob Van Dam

Match Overview: The match is really set up for ECW to earn a draft pick here tonight and in good reasoning as they really need someone now. RVD takes a bit of offense from Snitsky who is representing Raw and in good form but RVD catches Snitsky off guard with a dropkick to the knee! The ECW champion Van Dam works over the knee of Snitsky slowly chopping him down bit by bit before he runs off the ropes and hits another big dropkick taking Snitsky down! Van Dam charges at Snitsky before Snitsky ducks underneath a clothesline attempt and throws RVD onto his shoulders for a Running Powerslam! But Van Dam is quick to reverse the move as he sends Snitsky shoulder first into the turnbuckles before greeting Snitsky with a Spinning Heel Kick! RVD quickly hits the Rolling Thunder followed by a Five Star Frog Splash for the victory.

Winner: Rob Van Dam
ECW Earns Fourth Draft Pick

Joey Styles: Luck is on our sides Tazz and now ECW has officially earned it’s first ever draft pick in the Annual WWE draft! Let’s just hope we can pull out a big name to join us on Tuesday nights!

Tazz: I’m really excited to see who our first draft pick is! Something tells me we are going to pull in a big name like you mentioned!

The Draft logo comes up on the screen as it randomly shuffles the superstars for a bit as the ECW announcers are getting excited to see who it is going to be. Suddenly the video stops and lands on…

Draft Pick #4 - To ECW – Mark Henry

Mark Henry walks out onto the ramp throwing his hands around his waist signaling that the ECW title could very well be his in the near future if he gets his way.

Joey Styles: OH MY! ECW has just gained a big monster indeed as now we have gained the World’s Strongest Man!

Tazz: I’ve seen Henry wrestle on Smackdown of course and as I’ve said before the name is not a moniker. He really is the “World’s Strongest Man”

Joey Styles: Well the superstars of ECW will put that to test whenever he gets a chance to step into the ring with all of the superstars!

Tazz: I have a feeling that we might have just earned literally the BIGGEST pick so far in the Draft but let’s hope we can pull in another few picks!


We head backstage after the break to see Cryme Tyme walking around before they bump into the WWE Tag Team Champions, the Mexicools.

JTG: Yo Shad…we got us a couple of potential customers!

Shad looks at JTG rather weird

Shad: Do they even speak English?

JTG: I don’t know…let’s find out.

JTG walks over with Shad towards Juvy, Psicosis, and Super Crazy.

JTG: (In a loud voice) DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?

Super Crazy: Nada

JTG: Yo Shad is that a yes?

Shad: I don’t know man!

JTG: Wait I’ve got an idea…

JTG tells Shad something. JTG pulls out a Mexican soccer jersey.

JTG: Do you want this jersey?

Super Crazy and Psicosis show a smile as Juvy holds them back.

Shad: We accept pesos!

The crowd laughs as Super Crazy and Psicosis both want the jersey but apparently want three of them.

JTG: Three…we don’t have three…ah Shad go g..

Shad: Wait where’d they go?

The Mexicools all walked off while JTG and Shad were trying to bargain with them.

JTG: I guess they don’t understand English?

Shad: Oh well…we’ve still got Eugene’s money!

JTG: Money…money…


JTG: That money…money…


We now head back down to the ring as we’re getting ready for our fifth draft pick match of the night that is about to get underway.

Match #5
Winner Earns Draft Pick for Brand
MNM vs. Brian Kendrick and Paul London

Match Overview: A flashback match for good ole’ times as these two teams feuded for nearly four months last year over on Smackdown. Either way the match really doesn’t go too long as there are other matches that need to take place but still it goes about six or seven minutes. The ending of the match takes place whenever the Cruiserweight champion Paul London catches Mercury off guard and hits him with a big Hurricanrana that flips him right into a dropkick from Kendrick! London runs over dropkicking Nitro off the ropes before he tags in Kendrick. Kendrick grabs Mercury flying off the top rope hitting the Sliced Bread #2 before he throws Mercury over and gets the cover! This must be it! The referee slaps the mat for the three count.

Winners: Brian Kendrick and Paul London
Smackdown Earns Fifth Draft Pick

London and Kendrick celebrate for a bit as MNM both try to recoup from the match. Nitro grabs Mercury and shoves him asking him what the hell just happened? Mercury takes offense to it before Nitro kicks Mercury square in the head knocking Mercury out. Melina holds Nitro back trying to restrain him! Melina walks over helping Mercury back onto his feet before she low blows him with a kick down low! Melina holds Nitro’s hand up saying “This team is over”

Michael Cole: Wow that certainly is not what I expected to happen after this match but regardless we’ve got another draft pick in our favor!

Josh Matthews: Let’s make it another great pick as bringing Carlito back home to Smackdown sure did bring some excitement for me.

Michael Cole: Who knows we might be getting Nitro and Melina if it could go our way?

The 2007 WWE Draft logo appears on the main screen again before the randomizing starts up once more. Suddenly it ends up stopping on…

Draft Pick #5 – To Smackdown – Charlie Haas

Charlie Haas walks out onto the ramp with a microphone in hand.

Charlie Haas: My time is here…the time of Charlie Haas has finally arrived.

Michael Cole: Wow! Charlie Haas is as well coming back to Friday nights just where he started his career off and this new attitude of his certainly might get him far on the blue brand.

Josh Matthews: I think him wrestling on Raw has held him back recently but now that he’s here on Smackdown it should let him shine.

Michael Cole: Smackdown has done wonders for many superstars careers and Haas being a former Tag Team champion knows that as well.

Josh Matthews: Haas coming to Smackdown sure does add some excitement to the new brand and I’m looking forward to seeing what goes down when he steps into the ring for his first match.


We head backstage into the locker room where the General Managers are meeting at right now as they mingle and watch TV while enjoying some food and drinks.

Eric Bischoff: Charlie Haas?

Bischoff lets out a laugh before he takes a sip of coke.

Eric Bischoff: Please! You can have him John… I’ve already earned two big stars that are going to bring in even MORE ratings for the superior show here in the WWE!

JBL spits out his drink as he laughs.

JBL: Oh really Eric? Is that why you’ve been sitting at your home for the past year and a half sitting on your ass? Because if this is the superior show then I should be the one running it…not you! You don’t know what superior is and it showed whenever you ran the sinking ship that was WCW right into the ground.

Heyman intervenes as he has something to say.

Paul Heyman: Personally I don’t like either one of you and I probably never will but clearly it’s ECW that is the superior brand. We’ve only been around for four months and already we’ve made the biggest impact in the history of the WWE!

Both Bischoff and JBL laugh.

Eric Bischoff: Well since we can’t decide on what the superior brand is how about tonight we have a Battle Royal that has five superstars from each brand! Whatever brand wins gets two draft picks for their brand tonight?

Paul Heyman: Eric as much as I hate your guts I have to say I like your idea.

JBL sits his drink down as he looks at Eric.

JBL: Eric I must say I like it too.

Eric Bischoff: Okay well then it’s set.

We now head back into the arena for once again another match that is about to take place as we’ve still got a bit of time left with a few more matches needing to take place.

Match #6
Winner Earns Draft Pick for Brand
Batista vs. Tommy Dreamer

Match Overview: A rather quick match seeing as there still is a handful of matches needing to take place but really more of a glorified squash match to be honest. Batista pretty much runs right through Dreamer despite a bit of a comeback from Dreamer. But Dreamer’s biggest mistake was trying for a DDT as Batista quickly picked Dreamer up flipping him over back first onto the mat. Batista quickly charged across the ring knocking Dreamer out with a Spear before setting up for and hitting the Batista Bomb despite the chagrin of the fans. Batista quickly covers Dreamer and gets the cover getting Smackdown another draft pick.

Winner: Batista
Smackdown Earns Six Draft Pick

Michael Cole: Well I’ll be damn! That’s our third draft pick out of the six that have taken place and Smackdown is just gaining all of the talent now it seems!

Josh Matthews: We might even be able to pull in a gem like WWE champion Chris Jericho if we get just lucky enough.

Once again the 2007 WWE draft logo comes across the screen before it randomly selects superstars. It continues picking superstars before it stops on…

Draft Pick #6 – To Smackdown – Umaga and Armando Estrada

Estrada leads Umaga out onto the stage as Batista looks at the man he teamed up with at No Way Out. Batista shows a smile knowing that if he stays with Smackdown he might have some good back up for himself.

Michael Cole: Smackdown probably has just earned perhaps one of the biggest superstars on Raw once again and I have a feeling that we have been put on notice.

Josh Matthews: Now that Umaga and Estrada are together here on Smackdown once again, I just can’t help but believe that somewhere the Undertaker is watching.

Michael Cole: Of course the Undertaker is probably watching but you have to wonder just what he is thinking right now about this.


Jim Ross: We’re back from the break and now it’s time for once again another match to see who is going to earn another draft pick tonight.

Jerry Lawler: I hate to be selfish JR but I think that we need to gain another pick tonight despite how many we’ve already earned.

Jim Ross: I’m certainly hoping that we can pull out another win because we certainly could use another pick.

Jerry Lawler: Well if things go our way JR then we could be having two World champions on our brand if Edge or RVD were to come over.

Joey Styles: Not so fast gentlemen because I think ECW stands a good chance at earning another pick tonight in the draft.

Tazz: That’s right Joe. Mark Henry certainly is one nasty beast and I think that he could do wonders for our brand.

Joey Styles: So getting another pick certainly wouldn’t hurt us and I feel now is a good time to go ahead and get another one.

Match #7
Winner Earns Draft Pick for Brand
Randy Orton vs. Balls Mahoney

Match Overview: Orton makes it clear from the get go that he doesn’t give a damn about the brand and really he only wants to screw it over. He makes his intentions clear whenever before the match even starts he takes a steel chair to the back of Balls Mahoney giving Mahoney the win by disqualification. Orton teases Mahoney before he runs and hits the Running Punt knocking Balls out of it pretty much. Orton stands over Mahoney as the fans look on in disgust of the former WWE Champion.

Winner via DQ: Balls Mahoney
ECW Earns Seventh Draft Pick

Joey Styles: Well I think that shows us that Raw’s Randy Orton certainly is one crazy man and I must say thanks for that pick JR and King!

Tazz: It’s nice to see that your superstars just give away matches like that but I can’t complain because it’s another pick in our favor.

Jim Ross: Well I’ll be damn King. Randy Orton is one sick sadistic freak and he needs to be stopped right now before someone seriously gets injured here on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: It’s all because of Orton that we don’t have another draft pick. Normally I’m a fan of Orton but this is uncalled for.

The 2007 WWE Draft logo once again comes across the screen before it randomly selects superstars from Raw and Smackdown before it lands on…

Draft Pick #7 – To ECW – Kane

Slow Chemical hits as Kane walks out onto the stage as the pyro sets off. Kane stares at the top of the ramp around the arena as ECW’s biggest monster is glad to be headed home. He lets out a laugh before leaving to a decent ovation from the fans.

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD! With Mark Henry and Kane both on ECW you can pretty much look at it as the land of monsters now.

Tazz: Two of the biggest men in the WWE have just found their way over to ECW and the originals of ECW better take notice.

Joey Styles: I know I’m taking notice right now as the ECW locker room continues to suffer severe shake ups.

Tazz: I know that we’ve only lost one superstar from ECW tonight that being Mr. Kennedy but still the repercussions of Henry and Kane coming over more than enough makes up for Kennedy’s loss.


We head backstage to see World-Heavyweight Champion Edge and his brother Christian talking.

Edge: Listen Christian…

Christian turns around as he was talking to a lady stage hand backstage.

Christian: Yeah bro?

Edge: I know we have our differences and all but like we’ve been doing in the past few weeks we need to come together. JBL told me that we’re representing Smackdown tonight in this Battle Royal and that if we win it for Smackdown that we might have a surprise waiting for us.

Christian: That’s great and all but what about Shawn?

Edge: What about him?

Christian: Well isn’t he going to be in it too?

Edge: Damn it I didn’t know that? Who in the hell told you that?

Christian: Well I’m not sure if he is or not but wh..

Edge: He’s not in it! JBL would have told me if he was. Trust me I know that’s he not in the Battle Royal because John knows that HBK would screw him over. He doesn’t want to take any of these chances with these draft picks.

Christian: Well sho…

Edge: Let’s just do what we’ve been asked to do…

Christian: Okay.

Edge: Okay I’ll see you out there later.

We now head back down towards the ring to the Raw and Smackdown commentating teams.

Jim Ross: Well interesting words there from Edge and Christian from Smackdown as they seem to think they’ve already got the Battle Royal locked up.

Jerry Lawler: Well regardless of that it’s time for some divas action! I’m ready to see some puppies here tonight JR!

Michael Cole: I’m ready to see another draft pick come to Smackdown to be honest King. Maybe we can steal another pick from Raw?

Josh Matthews: That’d be nice seeing as they’ve taken already one of our biggest stars here but I think we’ll earn our fourth superstar tonight right now.

Match #8
Winner Earns Draft Pick for Brand
Beth Phoenix vs. Jillian

Match Overview: A rather okay divas match between these two talented women but really it doesn’t last long seeing as there is still a Battle Royal to take place. However these two ladies work with the amount of time they are given and it turns out to be a decent match. About halfway during the match though Victoria makes her way down towards the ring. Victoria watches the match scouting Phoenix apparently before Victoria yells out randomly “You’re mine” and stuff of that nature which distracts Beth. Jillian catches Beth off guard before Jillian ends up hitting a DDT onto the Women’s Champion covering and getting the win! Jillian from Smackdown has just pinned the Women’s Champion!

Winner: Jillian
Smackdown Earns Eighth Draft Pick

Michael Cole: Wow I’m amazed! Smackdown’s Jillian has just pinned Raw’s Beth Phoenix here tonight who is the Women’s champion.

Josh Matthews: I certainly didn’t see that coming but what is positive is the fact that now we’ve earned ANOTHER draft pick tonight to boot.

The 2007 WWE Draft logo screen comes across once again before it flashes superstars from Raw and ECW. The screen finally stops on…

Draft Pick #8 – To Smackdown – “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair

The Nature Boy walks out onto the ramp letting out a big WOOO before he walks out.

Michael Cole: (Best impersonation) WOOOO! The Nature Boy is coming to Friday nights and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what he brings.

Josh Matthews: I’m really happy to see that Smackdown has earned four quality picks tonight in Carlito, Umaga, Haas, and now the Nature Boy!

Michael Cole: Ric Flair is going to be wheelin’ and dealin’ now on Friday nights where he belongs at! On the A brand!

Josh Matthews: I’m really looking forward to seeing what Flair can offer us and all of the superstars here on Smackdown now.


We now head into the arena to the commentating team after we get a shot outside of the arena.

Jim Ross: Well the night is almost over but don’t forget that tomorrow on WWE.com there will be a Supplemental Draft.

Jerry Lawler: Even more superstars coming and leaving Raw makes me even more depressed than I am right now! Mainly because of the ones we’re going to lose! Like the Nature Boy!

Michael Cole: Well the night is still young JR because we’ve got a Battle Royal about to take place with the final two picks in store.

Josh Matthews: One brand is going to earn these final two picks and I’m of course pulling for Smackdown to take them.

Joey Styles: No chance Josh because ECW has already got these two spots wrapped up and in the bag for our brand.

Tazz: That’s right Joey and something tells me that we could very well be picking up two more superstars to add to our brand

Match #9
Winner Earns Two Draft Picks for Brand
Inter-Promotional Battle Royal

Representing Raw: WWE Champion Chris Jericho, United States Champion Matt Hardy, Triple H, John Cena, and Mr. Kennedy

Representing Smackdown: World-Heavyweight Champion Edge, Christian, MVP, Money in the Bank holder Rey Mysterio, and Batista

Representing ECW: ECW Champion Rob Van Dam, Mark Henry, Kane, Marcus Cor Von, and Rodney Mack

Elimination #1: Rodney Mack (ECW) by John Cena (Raw)
Elimination #2: MVP (Smackdown) by Kane (ECW)
Elimination #3: Marcus Cor Von (ECW) by Triple H (Raw)
Elimination #4: Mr. Kennedy (Raw) by John Cena (Raw) after Kennedy randomly attacked Cena for no reason; Cena had no choice but to eliminate his own partner
Elimination #5: Matt Hardy (Raw) by Mark Henry (ECW)
Elimination #6: Mark Henry (ECW) by Everybody in the ring bar ECW wrestlers
Elimination #7: Christian (Smackdown) by Shawn Michaels interfering and via Sweet Chin Music
Elimination #8: Edge (Smackdown) by Shawn Michaels interfering and via Sweet Chin Music
Elimination #9: Kane (ECW) by Triple H (Raw)
Elimination #10: Rey Mysterio (Smackdown) by Chris Jericho (Raw)
Elimination #11: Rob Van Dam (ECW) by John Cena (Raw)
Elimination #12: Batista (Smackdown) by John Cena, Triple H, and Chris Jericho (Raw)

Winners: Team Raw (Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Triple H, John Cena, and Mr. Kennedy)
Raw Earns Ninth and Tenth Draft Picks

Jim Ross: Well we’ve just earned the final two draft picks of the evening and I’m hoping we can earn two big names here on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: We’ve been waiting a while to get our next draft pick and it’s great to see that we’re going to have two more now!

The 2007 WWE Draft logo comes across the screen once more before it flashes across the superstars of Smackdown and ECW before it lands on…

Draft Pick #9 – To Raw – Batista

Batista is already at ringside having been the last man eliminated as he stands up and looks around the arena as if he is in shock.

Jim Ross: Alright! Despite me not liking Batista’s attitude he has shown in the past I certainly am glad to see the Animal back on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: It’s been a long two years without Batista here on Raw and I know he’s glad to be back where he made his name.

Jim Ross: And our final pick is about to take place…

The 2007 WWE Draft logo comes across the screen for the final time tonight as it shifts the superstars across the screen before it finally selects…

Draft Pick #10 – To Raw – The Undertaker

Suddenly the lights go out! In the arena the fans don’t know who it is until Gong hits across the arena! The fans go nuts before a lighting bolt strikes the stage! A burning symbol (the Undertaker’s symbol) is shown hanging from the arena before out of nowhere the Undertaker is shown kneeling on the stage! The Undertaker throws his hand up in the air while he’s on his knees.

Jim Ross: OH MY GAWD! Business has just picked up here on Raw because the Deadman finds himself now on Monday nights.

Jerry Lawler: I’m shocked JR! I can’t believe it! The Deadman is coming to Raw! The Deadman is making his home here on Monday nights!

Jim Ross: Well what a night it has been and the landscape of Raw certainly has changed but tune in to the Supplemental Draft tomorrow on WWE.com

Jerry Lawler: Good night everybody from JR and myself the King and we’ll see you next week on an all new Raw!


Quick Results:

Jeff Hardy def. Chavo Guerrero
MVP def. Sabu
The Golden Standards def. The Mexicools
Rob Van Dam def. Snitsky
Brian Kendrick and Paul London def. MNM
Batista def. Tommy Dreamer
Balls Mahoney def. Randy Orton via DQ
Jillian def. Beth Phoenix
Team Raw won the 15 Man Battle Royal


Quick Draft Results:

Draft Pick #1 – Matt Hardy to Raw
Draft Pick #2 – Carlito to Smackdown
Draft Pick #3 – Mr. Kennedy to Raw
Draft Pick #4 – Mark Henry to ECW
Draft Pick #5 – Charlie Haas to Smackdown
Draft Pick #6 – Umaga and Armando Estrada to Smackdown
Draft Pick #7 – Kane to ECW
Draft Pick #8 – Ric Flair to Smackdown
Draft Pick #9 – Batista to Raw
Draft Pick #10 – The Undertaker to Raw


I know that it might not seem like many promos but that's because I really wanted to focus mainly on the Draft, etc. The Supplemental Draft I don't have a date set for. Who knows I might even start it tonight. I'm not really sure how I'm still going to do it but if I start it tonight it'll probably be so all of your comments can be thrown in at one time concerning the Draft overall. Also I'm going to be working on trying to get feedback done for you Lashley and Paranoir whenever I get a chance. Thanks a lot and enjoy the Draft!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP, I just thought I'd leave some comments for you.

First of all, I had no idea you were planning a draft seeing as I have rarely come into this thread, however when I saw that it was up, I decided to check it out. First off, it looks like Raw has got the upper hand in the draft picks. I mean with The Undertaker, Batista, Kennedy and Hardy. That certainly spices things up, not just on the Raw roster but on the rosters they came from.

I have not seen a thread where The Undertaker is on Raw, so it will be exciting to see how you do this. There is just something about having Undertaker on Raw that suckers me in all the time, so I think you can expect some regular comments from now on KOP.

ECW didn't do bad by any means. Mark Henry and Kane are two great characters in my mind. Well in real life anyway, I'm not too sure what they're like in your thread, but I guess I'll get to see now, seeing as the draft is almost like a fresh start. Or at least I like to think of it like that. Henry is great because he can be used to write people out, but he could also be used as a cresible champion, which many people don't seem to agree on. I hope you do Then you have Kane who if you repackage him a bit, can work wonders. Plz don't use him as a jobber machine. Make him the old Big Red Machine. Hell even go as far as giving him the mask back. It's BTB fuck the haters. I'd love to see that, I don't think it's ever been done since I've been reading BTB here at WF.

Now onto the Smackdown side of things. I love that Umaga has gome to the 'ble brand' I was hoping to see that way before WWE sent him there in the real draft. There is just something about it, I thin he's done all he can on Raw. Also I'm loving Carlito's swap to Smackdown. It's a better place for him than Raw in my honest opinion. Let's hope you don't do a WWE on his ass, and you actually give him a decent character, and a decent rise to the top. Carlito for WWE Champion in five years plz Haas to Smackdown is meh. I know you bum him, but I don;t see the attraction. Well not with the way the WWE use him anyway, maybe if you treat him different he can go from laughable to credible. Maybe the move to Smackdosn is the beggining of something. We'll see. Then finally Flair to Smackdown. Prefer him on Raw to be honest, but maybe a fresh start on Smackdown is what's needed. Hopefully he leaves your thread in a gracious way when the time is right. I expect him to stay a good few more years yet though.

So yeah, KOP, I just thought I'd give a little overview of the draft. My thoughts and feelings. I will more than likely pop in sometime during the week for some comments on the show. But untill then, hopefully that can keep you occupied

See you soon
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Hey KOP, always been following this thread but I never reviewed it before, so I guess I’ll start now. By the way, great job on Wrestlemania!

Opening Promo: Vince out to open the show is always a good thing, he is one of my favorite on-screen characters. New GM is a good idea, I was hoping you wouldn’t bring back Coach, he’s so bland and boring. All four names mentioned are people I would love to see be the GM. Foley was great when he was the commish’, Shane is great all the time, Stephanie was a good GM, and well Austin is….Austin. I was hoping you would go with Foley, but Bischoff was a great choice as well. Bischoff saying that the WWE title match deserved to happen but would not was gold. Classic Eric Bischoff. I kind of hope you get a small Jericho/Bischoff feud coming, even if it doesn’t go on for very long. Great opening segment.

Match 1: Jeff vs. Chavo looks good on paper. Two big highflyers always make for an entertaining match. The ending of the match was typical Hardy style, its usually the same. Combination of the three moves, and BAM match over. Good to see Jeff win. RAW gets first pick….Matt Hardy! IMO the more talented of the brothers. Please don’t push Jeff and hold back Matt. Will you be making them a full time tag team? I guess we wait and see. So now both the IC and US title are on RAW? Interesting.

JBL Promo: I was wondering what would happen. I forgot about the supplemental draft. I’m guessing Jeff makes the move over to Smackdown. Everything good here in terms of character. Not much else to say about this one.

MVP vs. Sabu: Once again, looks good on paper. I was rooting for Sabu to win with a big spot, but MVP winning is understandable. Now its Smackdown to get a pick….Carlito. Nice pick I suppose. I doubt Carlito ever makes it to main event status, but maybe a little bit of a push is coming.

Hardy interview: This was your basic interview segment. Gotta say, I like the idea of Jeff and Matt teaming up again. However, you really cant go wrong here. They are both good teamed up or single. Charlie Haas is one thing I don’t like though. Maybe its because I just see him as a lifetime jobber. I guess your going for a Haas/Matt feud here. Good segment.

Match 3: The match gets a bit more time than the previous two matches as WWE wants to showcase their tag division (shock!). Quite a shock indeed, but not a bad one. This was seemingly the most entertaining match so far. Glad the Golden Standard’s picked up the win, not a big fan of the Mexicools. RAW’s third pick is the biggest so far. Mr. Kennedy! Kennedy pushes seem to be a big thing in BTB, wouldn’t be a bad thing if it happened in this thread too.

Jericho interview: Maria again? Usually when people do more than interview they use Todd Grisham. No complaints here though, I find Maria easier on the eyes. This segment was much better than the last interview. Jericho is in character. Can’t wait to see who his opponent will be tonight.
Match 4: This one was the most obvious match of the night. The way Van Dam won was excellent and right down to the wire. ECW now gets a pick…Mark Henry…meh. I figured they would get someone bigger with their first pick. Let’s see if he can make an impact on ECW.

Cryme Tyme segment: Cryme Tyme is always funny and this segment was no different. Made me laugh on more than one occasion, but seemed a little bit scrapped together at the last minute. The end of the promo had me losing some interest so it was probably the worst segment of the night, but still was not a bad one.

Match 5: Good to see another rematch between these two teams. This was one of your best booked feuds in my opinion. Good to see L and K pick up the victory. The big story was what happened after! MNM splits up! Sad to see such a great team go, but I see Nitro being repackaged into Morrison after a feud with Mercury. Anyway, SD gets a pick….Charlie Haas. As I said before I’m not to fond of Haas so I don’t see this as such a huge pick.

GM’s segment: I feel the same as Bischoff, Haas wont really effect RAW. JBL disses Eric pretty hard in this segment. Heyman is the best GM of the bunch. He has the best ideas and the balls to go with anything. Battle royal tonight is a good idea, I see RAW winning that one.

Match 6: Using Dreamer to job . I like Dreamer, I think you could have found somebody worse for him to beat up. So Smackdown! Will get another pick…Umaga! Good idea, giving him some fresh feuds on Smackdown. Umaga joining Undertaker signals the feud continuing I hope.

Match7: Well at first I didn’t bother reading this after I saw the match-up of the two competitors. I figured Orton would destroy Balls and win…well he destroyed Balls and lost. ECW gets a pick. Hopefully its bigger than ECW’s first pick….and it is! Kane is extreme! ECW is indeed the land of monsters now. Wonder where you’re going with this.

Edge/Christian segment- This segment was a little lacking for me but I cant seem to find out why. Edge saying HBK is not in the battle royal pretty much signals he is in the battle royal. I hope to see the HBK/Edge feud continue, as it is a dream feud for me.

Match 8: I don’t really read Divas matches…but Jillian pinning Beth! What a shock! I can’t tell if this is a push for her or a foreshadowing of Beth’s demise. Smackdown! Gets another pick…WOOO! I want Ric to be used good wherever he goes, and maybe even pick up a 17th title reign. Probably won’t happen but I guess you never know.

Match 9: RAW winning was not a surprise for me, as Smackdown! Has had many picks tonight. One thing that did surprise me was Cena eliminating Kennedy. A feud between them would be good. Also Shawn interfering is only a good thing. As I said, I hope to see their feud continue. RAW gets two picks….Batista! That’s got to be the biggest pick of the night. Smackdown is a little bit short on main eventers now though…Undertaker!! Wow! That’s the shock of the night for me. It makes RAW’s roster stacked, but it also seems like Smackdown’s young talent will get a chance to shine and become main event status.

Overall: Great show KOP. There was a lack of promos, but as you said, you wanted to focus on the draft. That’s what WWE does IRL anyway. I’ve read three or four draft show but I have to say this was the most shocking. Cant wait to see how Undertaker gets used on RAW, and if the Edge/HBK feud will continue for at least one more match.

2008 MLB playoff predictions (made on 7/20)

AL East- Boston Red Sox
Al Central- Chicago White Sox
AL West- Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Wild Card- New York Yankees

NL East- New York Mets
NL Central- Chicago Cubs
NL West- Los Angeles Dodgers
Wild Card- Milwaukee Brewers
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

2007 WWE Supplemental Draft

Draft Pick #1 - Jamie Noble to ECW

The former Cruiserweight champion finds himself heading to a new home with the Extreme brand. A fresh new start could be what Noble needs after suffering a small setback since losing the title at WrestleMania. Now that Noble is on ECW, have any of the superstars been put on notice now that one of WWE's toughest little men is coming to the extreme side?

Draft Pick #2 - Gregory Helms to Smackdown

Now that Jamie Noble is gone Gregory Helms may very well be able to establish himself as the new Cruiserweight over on Smackdown. Helms had a good run in 2006 on Raw coming close to winning the Intercontinental championship but never did get it. Certainly Helms will feel right at home with the Cruiserweight gold lingering on the blue brand.

Draft Pick #3 - Rodney Mack w/ Theodore Long to Raw

Back the Mack! The words have been mouthed many a times by Theodore Long and just like he said on Raw back in 2003, he'll be booming the words once again on Monday nights now. Thanks to the Draft, Rodney Mack and T-Lo have been brought over to Raw where Mack first got his start. "The Bayou Beast" as he is referred to now certainly must feel great to be back where he first started out destroying white boys in the White Boy Challenge.

Draft Pick #4 - Eugene to ECW

ECW just got EXTREMELY SPECIAL! The newest superstar to the extreme brand finds himself making his way to one of his favorite promotions back in the day. Eugene has stated that he loved watching ECW before in the past and now he gets a chance to fight with some of the most talented Extremists and Originals that ECW offers.

Draft Pick #5 - Danny Doring to Smackdown

"Dashing" Danny Doring has been on somewhat of a role recently over on ECW having earned a few victories over some fellow ECW originals but Doring finds himself away from the Extreme brand now. What lies ahead for the ECW Original is unknown but certainly he will remind everybody of his "dashing looks" every chance he gets.

Draft Pick #6 - Hardcore Holly to Raw

It's time for Raw to get a bit more Hardcore. Hardcore Holly makes his way to Raw for the first time ever now since before the Brand Extension. Holly has been a member of Smackdown ever since 2002 and will now find himself over with the red brand. What challenges lie ahead for Bob Holly?

Draft Pick #7 - Chris Masters to ECW

The Masterpiece will get his chance to shine once again as he's found a new home over on ECW. Masters certainly brings a bit of intensity to ECW with his famous Masterlock that could very well get him some big wins over his new comrades in the locker room. But the attitude that he brings in might not fit too well with the ECW originals.

Draft Pick #8 - Marcus Cor Von to Smackdown

The beast is on the prowl now that Marcus Cor Von is pouncing his way onto Smackdown. Cor Von, one of ECW's newest superstars introduced earlier in the year will look to make a big impression now that he is heading to Smackdown. Cor Von certainly has loads of talent but the Pounce is what makes him known across the WWE locker rooms.

Draft Pick #9 - Paul Burchill to Raw

Edge's former protege finds himself a new home now on Monday nights. Burchill has been in the WWE for about a year and a half and has made an impact already. Now that he is away from Edge and his brother Christian he should be able to stand out more and make even bigger of an impact.

Draft Pick #10 - Test w/ Matt Striker to ECW

This is a test! Matt Striker, formerly Raw's "favorite" teacher now finds himself heading over to the Extreme brand all thanks to his "Test." Test and Striker have had some troubles the past few months not winning many matches but now that they are on ECW you better believe that Striker will put the ECW roster to the "Test"

Draft Pick #11 - Johnny Nitro w/ Melina

After breaking up just last night with his former tag partner Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro and his girlfriend Melina find themselves heading back to Friday Night Smackdown where they first debuted together back in 2005. Nitro had appeared on Raw in 2004 but he got his name as part of MNM in 2005. So now that Nitro is by himself along with Melina, what does Nitro and Melina have up their sleeves for all of the Smackdown superstars?

Draft Pick #12 - Brian Kendrick to Raw

One of WWE's most succesful tag teams has just been broken up and it's due to the Draft's next pick in Brian Kendrick. Kendrick had been out of action for about two months before making his return to Smackdown this past week to team with partner and Cruiserweight champion Paul London. Little did Kendrick know that it would be his last tag match with London for at least now.

Draft Pick #13 - Viscera to ECW

Viscera has found himself a new home courtesy of the Supplemental Draft. Viscera has been lingering on the Raw roster since his return in 2004 but hopefully a fresh change will help him rediscover himself now that he is heading over to the extreme brand.

Draft Pick #14 - Sabu to Smackdown

A shock to the ECW originals lockerroom is that Sabu will now be wrestling on Friday nights. Sabu has wrestled on Raw prior to joining ECW earlier this year and now heads over to brighten things up for the blue brand. What will Sabu think now that he is no longer in a locker room with the ECW originals?

Draft Pick #15 - Chavo Guerrero to Raw

Chavo Guerrero finds himself back on the Raw brand after leaving Raw just a year ago. Guerrero is yearning to find a new home after not having such a good year over on Smackdown. But now that Chavo is back on Raw things might just be looking up for Guerrero.

Draft Pick #16 - William Regal to ECW

The hard hitting Brit has found a new home thanks to the Supplemental Draft. Regal has had an up and down year on Smackdown but his run on Smackdown that started in 2005 has now ended. The wily veteran will look to make his name known among the ECW locker room if it already isn't.

Draft Pick #17 - Chuck Palumbo to Smackdown

No longer cast in the shadows of his former friend and the man he guarded Chris Jericho, Palumbo now will head to Smackdown on the brand he hasn't been on since 2004. But Palumbo will need to "rediscover" himself and take an evaluation if he wants to step up and tangle with the big boys.

Draft Pick #18 - Jillian to Raw

Fresh off her victory over the Women's Champion on Raw last night, Jillian makes her way over to Raw where she might be immediately thrusted into the Women's title picture. Jillian has been on Smackdown since late 2005 but now that she is on Raw you might just be looking at the next Women's Champion.

Draft Pick #19 - Juventud to ECW

The WWE Tag Team Champions have just lost one of their tag team members as now Juventud makes his way over to the ECW brand where he first made his name in many of his famous ECW cruiserweight bouts. Now that he is seperated from Psicosis and Super Crazy he might have a chance to get back towards the top.

Draft Pick #20 - The Highlanders to Smackdown

Smackdown earned a pleasant surprise when they found out that not only did they earn one Scottish wrestler...they earned two! Rory and Robbie McAllister will find themselves new homes on Smackdown and they have been moved together due to Eric Bischoff's wish. Smackdown originally drafted Robbie but Bischoff agreed to send Rory along with him. The Highlanders now have new stomping grounds on Friday nights.

Draft Pick #21 - The Miz to Raw

HOORAH! The Miz declared when he first found out that he would be heading to Monday Night Raw. The Miz really hasn't competed much on Smackdown but now that he's on Raw he has a good chance of getting some in-ring time. The former Real World star is no stranger to having the lights shine bright on him and it won't be any different now that he's on Raw.

Draft Pick #22 - Kenny Dykstra w/ Ashley to ECW

The most confusing tandem in the WWE makes it's way towards ECW but what will take place once they get there is only one's guess? It's no secret that Dykstra and his so called "girlfriend" Ashley have had a dysfunctional relationship but now that they are in the ECW locker room there is no telling what guys will try and go after her! Will their relationship be able to last that long?

Draft Pick #23 - Jeff Hardy to Smackdown

Jeff Hardy quickly has found himself a new home and along with him apparently he brings the Intercontinental Championship. Hardy had only been reunited with his brother for a night but now he has many challenges since he finds himself on the blue brand.

Draft Pick #24 - CM Punk to Raw

With the final pick Raw has earned a keeper in Straight Edge Superstar CM Punk has now found a new home as he will now be wrestling on Monday nights. Punk will now find new opponents despite having only been on Smackdown for a few months. But Punk has already won over the fans and now he looks to win over a new fanbase on Raw.


This is the final draft results. Just a small note that there will be a shakeup of somewhat in the commentating department as all three GM's agreed to "freshen up" the interviewers and ring announcers.

Lilian Garcia will stay on Raw while Justin Roberts will head to Smackdown from ECW and Tony Chimmel will head to ECW from Smackdown.

Backstage interviewers for Raw will now be Maryse (moving from Smackdown) and Todd Grisham, for Smackdown it will be Maria (moving from Raw)and Funaki (still will wrestle) and for ECW it will be Kelly Kelly and Steve Romero
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Noble to ECW wasn't expected, I can tell ya'. If he was going anywhere I would of thought it would have been RAW. Helms to SmackDown! is a good move and hopefully you'll have him as CW champ soon

Can't wait to see the rest of the draft picks.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw – Buildup to Backlash

Monday April 16, 2007 – Milan, Italy

Raw kicked off with Randy Orton making his way down to the ring. Orton talked about how he still has the rematch in his clause since losing the WWE title but will NOT use it at Backlash. Orton says that instead he’s struck a deal with new Raw GM Eric Bischoff that will allow him to be the Special Referee for the WWE title match. Chris Jericho interrupts halfway through asking Orton why he is chickening out but Orton says that due to doctor’s warning, he cannot compete until after Backlash. Jericho says sure before he gets cut off by Triple H. Triple H runs the normal shtick about how he should challenge for the WWE title, etc. since he beat Angle at WrestleMania, blah blah blah! John Cena comes down disagreeing with Hunter and says that he should be the one. Shortly after Mr. Kennedy comes out vowing revenge from last week whenever Cena dumped him out (Kennedy attacked Cena during the Battle Royal which gave Cena no choice but to throw his own teammate out) before Kennedy says that now is the time for him to break out into the limelight here on Raw. Finally Batista comes out saying that he had to get off Smackdown so he could come back to Raw and run right through all of the competition here. Something he had already done on Smackdown. Of course Eric Bischoff comes out and announces that instead of naming a number one contender tonight or having a match, we are going to have a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Number One Contender’s Match at Backlash! It’ll see Batista vs. Triple H vs. John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy and the winner will move onto the main event later that night against Chris Jericho and the Special Referee will be Randy Orton. Bischoff then announces that as a preview of Backlash we will see WWE Champion Chris Jericho team with John Cena to fight Triple H, Batista, and Mr. Kennedy in a 3 on 2 Handicap Match tonight.

Matt Hardy kicks off the night taking on Rene Dupree in one on one action in a non-title match. The United States champion gets a good fight from Dupree (who has Conway at ringside with him) but Hardy was able to put away Dupree with the Twist of Fate and gain the victory. Hardy celebrated the victory for a bit before he gets attacked by Paul Burchill? Burchill hits a Curb Stomp on Hardy before grabbing a mic and saying that he was held back on Smackdown in the shadows of Edge but now that he’s on Raw he WILL make US title match at Backlash and says he wants an answer next week.

Backstage The Golden Standards say that the reason they weren’t drafted last week was because they were black. They said that they couldn’t move to another brand because of the skin of their color and that it was clear from all of the superstars that moved. Benjamin says that he won’t let the politics on Raw hold him and Burke back though because they’ve got a job to do. That is why they are challenging any team to face them at Backlash in a NON-TITLE match. If they win the match, they will then put the titles on the line afterwards.

The divas are in action next as Beth Phoenix takes on Jillian one on one putting the Women’s title on the line. Jillian works hard over Beth trying to earn a win in her official Raw debut tonight and pick up the title. Victoria stumbles out onto the stage afterwards yelling “You can’t do this to me” as Beth is once again distracted. Jillian catches Beth off guard but Beth quickly throws Jillian into the corner. Beth hits Jillian with a turnbuckle thrust before Victoria leaps onto the ropes. Victoria is trying to interfere in the match but the referee makes sure she can’t get in. Jillian charges at Beth but Beth (despite the distraction) ducks underneath Jillian and throws her into her arms before Beth hits the Delayed Fisherman Suplex for the victory. Victoria is yelling on the outside “You’re mine” as Beth looks on at the deranged Victoria.

A promo airs hyping the debut of the Undertaker on Raw – TONIGHT!

In the ring after the break is Ranjin Singh with the Great Khali. Singh translates words for Khali as he yells random words. Singh says that Khali is not impressed with what the Undertaker did last week and that he could easily take out the Undertaker. The crowd boos Khali’s words (from Singh of course) This goes on for a bit more as Khali ultimately challenges ‘Taker to a match at Backlash. Suddenly the arena goes pitch black before ‘Taker comes over the loud speakers. Undertaker says that since Khali is new here in the WWE he will get his first chance to “stare into the eyes of the dragon” at Backlash. ‘Taker talks a bit longer before saying “At Backlash…you will rest in peace”

Backstage Eric Bischoff confirms the two earlier matches made for Backlash (The tag match and now the ‘Taker/Khali match) before in walks a rather smaller man. He introduces himself to Bischoff as Santino Marella, International and now WWE superstar! Bischoff says it’s great to see Mr. Marella! Santino thanks Mr. Bitchoff (as he sounds when he speaks) for the opportunity and that he will not regret it. Santino finally walks out before he walks into a few of the smaller name superstars. He looks at Val Venis and says “Haha…it is the porny star…Val Penis!) before he walks over to Hardcore Holly and introduces himself and then calls Holly (Hardcore Horny) as Santino walks off.

Chavo Guerrero makes his Raw debut going one on one with Joey Mercury who just recently turned face after being beaten down last week by former partner Johnny Nitro. Mercury puts on a good match in his first one as a face here in WWE but clearly it’s Guerrero that dominates the match for a bit. Guerrero came oh so close to losing after Mercury tried for a Spinning Neckbreaker but Guerrero pushed Mercury into the ropes before rolling up Mercury with a schoolboy and the tights for the victory.

After the break we see Maryse (the new Raw interviewer) backstage interviewing Chris Jericho concerning his WWE title match at Backlash. Jericho says he’s never liked uncertainty but that is he is certain that he will retain the title at Backlash. Jericho says that he’s got four good quality possible opponents but that he can pull one out for the Jerichoholics. Jericho gets interrupted by Randy Orton who comes face to face with Jericho. Jericho and Orton have a brief stare down before Orton mutters “The time is near”

CM Punk makes his Raw debut going one on one with Elijah Burke, one half of the World Tag Team Champions. Punk and Burke put on a good match which is their first between one another and they really impress the crowd. Punk catches Burke off guard after he hits the GTS and despite Benjamin trying to help his partner Burke, Punk closes the match out and gets the win. Punk grabs a mic afterwards as he says that he’ll gladly accept tag challenge for Backlash and that he’ll have a tag partner announced next week.

Backstage before the main event is about to go on we see Batista, Triple H, and Mr. Kennedy all heading towards the arena in three separate split screens. Shortly after John Cena and Jericho are shown in a split screen heading towards the arena as JR and King hype the 3 on 2 Handicap Main Event next!

The main event pitting Batista, Triple H, and Mr. Kennedy teaming up against John Cena and WWE champ Chris Jericho goes on next. It goes a decent amount of time. Orton is at ringside watching the match (for whatever reason) it slowly dwindles down as Batista catches Cena off guard with a Spear before he tags in Hunter. Hunter comes in after Cena and soon Mr. Kennedy and Batista empty back into the ring. It turns into a big melee with all five men beating the hell out of one another as Orton looks on smiling as Raw ends.

Quick Results:

Matt Hardy def. Rene Dupree
Beth Phoenix def. Jillian to retain the Women’s Championship via countout
Chavo Guerrero def. Joey Mercury
CM Punk def. Elijah Burke
Batista, Triple H, and Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena and Chris Jericho was a No Contest


Monday April 23, 2007 – London, England

Raw starts off with Eric Bischoff standing in the ring. Bischoff says that he’s already sick of having to see all of these Brits and that he’s ready to return to American soil. Bischoff says that he’s got a few announcements to make. First off he books Beth Phoenix putting her title on the line this Sunday at Backlash against Victoria in a WrestleMania 23 rematch. Secondly after last week’s five man melee in the ring he’s decided that Chris Jericho will have the night off (wrestling wise) BUT he must be in the ring later tonight whenever Bischoff has all four of the possible number one contender’s together in the ring.

The night kicks off with divas this time as Victoria goes one on one with Candice. Victoria rolls through Candice dropping her with the Widow’s Peak before yelling “That’s it” as she motions that her “baby” (the Women’s title) will be coming back home with her now. The Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix watched on at ringside trying to figure out what was wrong with the crazy Victoria.

Backstage CM Punk is warming up for later before the Golden Standards bump into him. Burke and Benjamin share a laugh at Punk’s expense at all the tattoos he has on him. Burke and Benjamin say that Punk can be “straight-edge” all that he wants but he won’t have the tag titles after Backlash. Punk laughs as Burke and Benjamin ask who his partner is going to be before Punk says “You’ll see”

CM Punk and his apparent tag partner Brian Kendrick take on Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Both men actually gel well together as they put on a good watchable match with Cade and Murdoch. Punk and Kendrick quickly get the victory after Kendrick hit Cade with Sliced Bread #2 before Punk knocked Murdoch off the ropes with a roundhouse kick as Kendrick covered for the win! Benjamin and Burke looked on at the top of the ramp as Punk and Kendrick celebrate in their first tag match together.

Matt Hardy is interviewed backstage by Maryse for a bit before he says that he DOES accept Paul Burchill’s challenge for this Sunday at Backlash. Hardy says that he’s fended off many challengers and Burchill will be just another one.

Chavo Guerrero teams up with Paul Burchill to take on Matt Hardy and Joey Mercury in this week’s random pairing tag match! Mercury gets the pin over Chavo returning the favor after last week whenever Hardy dropped Chavo with a Twist of Fate before Burchill tried to pull Hardy to the outside. Hardy however kicked Burchill and hit a big Crossbody to the outside as Mercury got the cover. It was announced afterwards that Chavo and Mercury would fight one on one at Backlash.

Santino Marella is backstage and talks about the culture of Italy for a bit before he bumps this week into some more Raw superstars. Santino walks over towards Torrie Wilson and introduces himself before kissing her on her hand. Torrie blushes as Santino says that it’s great to be able to meet you “Whorey Wilson” Torrie looks angry and reaches back to slap Santino but Santino jumps back and yells “Nota so fast! Aha!”

The Great Khali next goes one on one with Val Venis. We all know what happens. Khali chops Venis in the head and gets the win. The end. Khali shortly afterwards with the help of Ranjin talks for a bit before saying that he will take out the Deadman this Sunday. Singh’s final words are that the Deadman will finally be put to rest after Khali is done with him.

Backlash is hyped by the Raw commentators as both men talk about how big of a night it will be as they run down the card. The theme song “There and Back Again” by Daughtry plays as they continue to run down the card.

Backstage Rodney Mack and Theodore Long are standing by the interview area. Long says that he is here for everybody to know that Rodney Mack is set to make an impact here on Raw. Mack has stood behind the “big dawgs” for too long playa and that starting soon, everybody here will be forced to Back the Mack! Holla!

In the ring Eric Bischoff introduces first off WWE champion Chris Jericho. Shortly afterwards all four of the possible number one contender’s in Triple H, Batista, Mr. Kennedy, and John Cena come down. It turns out to be like a press conference with each man getting a chance to talk about why they will be number one contender, etc. Of course some personal words come into play which causes a big scene. Cena throws the podium over before jumping on Kennedy as Triple H and Batista (despite both being heels) get into it. Jericho watches on before Randy Orton comes from out of nowhere and RKO’s the WWE champion? The Special Guest referee stands over Jericho as Raw comes to a close.

Quick Results:

Victoria def. Candice
CM Punk and Brian Kendrick def. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
Matt Hardy and Joey Mercury def. Paul Burchill and Chavo Guerrero
The Great Khali def. Val Venis


Official Card for WWE Backlash
Sunday April 29, 2007
Phillips Center - Atlanta, Georgia
Official Theme Song: "There and Back Again" by Daughtry

WWE Championship
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Winner of Fatal 4 Way
Special Referee: Randy Orton

#1 Contender's Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
Winner Faces WWE Champion in the Main Event
Triple H vs. Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena

The Deadman vs. The Punjabi Giant
The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali w/ Ranjin Singh

United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Paul Burchill

Women's Championship
WrestleMania 23 Rematch
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Victoria

Tag Team Challenge Match
The Golden Standards vs. CM Punk and Brian Kendrick

Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury


GIF Credit: Lashley™

So this is probably how I'm going to do most shows leading into PPV's. Except they probably won't be as detailed or will be broken down a bit more. Predictions are welcome if you'd like to post them and Backlash will be started on soon. I might write a match or two in full but I doubt it right now.

Oh and by the way I realized the card for the Raw 4/23 was week but it was because I didn't want to book three straight tag matches as the main events on Raw. So yeah hope It's understandable.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

shows seem good this is the first time i have read your thread so i will not give an in depth review because i have not had the chance to get into it yet. But here are my predictions for Backlash.

WWE Championship
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Triple H
Special Referee: Randy Orton

#1 Contender's Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
Winner Faces WWE Champion in the Main Event
Triple H vs. Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena

The Deadman vs. The Punjabi Giant
The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali w/ Ranjin Singh

United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Paul Burchill

Women's Championship
WrestleMania 23 Rematch
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Victoria

Tag Team Challenge Match
The Golden Standards vs. CM Punk and Brian Kendrick

Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Championship
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Winner of Fatal 4 Way
Special Referee: Randy Orton

You won't have him lose it yet.

#1 Contender's Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
Winner Faces WWE Champion in the Main Event

Triple H vs. Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena

Wishful thinking to be honest, would mark the fuck if it was him.

The Deadman vs. The Punjabi Giant
The Undertakervs. The Great Khali w/ Ranjin Singh

Khali has just came and a win over 'Taker would give him a good push.
United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Paul Burchill

Hardy to retain, IMO.

Women's Championship
WrestleMania 23 Rematch
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Victoria

Victoria to win, plz.
Tag Team Challenge Match
The Golden Standards vs. CM Punk and Brian Kendrick

They have more credibility from what I have seen.

Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury

Chavo > Mercury.

Looks a solid PPV, KOP. Will try and get some comments up for RAW, sometime.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Backstage News and Notes Prior to Backlash

Backstage the mood is rather fine seeing as this is going to be the first PPV since the big shakeup that the 2007 Draft brought to the WWE. An interesting note of fact is that only four wrestlers who wrestled at last year's Backlash (Shelton Benjamin, Triple H, John Cena, and Chris Jericho) will be on the card tonight. Last year saw 21 talents wrestle and to see only four is showing just how big of a shakeup the Draft brought.

There is no doubt in what the opener is going to be and that is going to be the Fatal 4 Way Match. WWE wanted to do something different than the standard WM rematch at Backlash so came up with this plan at the last minute. Orton is not really injured but WWE wanted to give him a bit of time off after his title run.

Names are being tossed about for who as to whom could be winning the Fatal 4 Way tonight and really no name has been pre-determined on yet. Really it could be any one of the four talents as each certainly are capable of main eventing for the WWE title.

Backlash is going to go a long way in determining if WWE wants to keep single brand PPV's or not. Originally Backlash was going to be the start of Tri-Brand PPV's year round but WWE really does want to push their mid-carders and etc. more than ever now.

The next time Raw will be on PPV will be on June 3 whenever WWE presents it's first Tri-Brand PPV since WrestleMania which will be One Night Stand. Shortly following that will be Night of Champions on the 24th which will also be an Inter-Promotional PPV.


Backlash Flashback
Sunday April 30, 2006
Boston, Massachusetts

Matt Striker def. Charlie Haas
3 Minute Warning def. Eugene and Goldust to retain World Tag Titles
Mickie James def. Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro in a Handicap Match to retain Women's title
Carlito def. Chris Masters
Shelton Benjamin def. Gregory Helms to retain Intercontinental title
John Cena def. Chris Jericho in a Steel Cage Match
Triple H and Kane def. Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold (Special Ref and Enforcer: Shane and Vince McMahon)
Rob Van Dam def. Kurt Angle to retain WWE title


When will Backlash go up? Not really sure as of this time. I'm trying to get back into things by trying to get myself to read more BTB's. It's been hard as I've been slumping on reviews for months now. But hopefully I can get back into a routine of things.

Well regardless I'm not sure how after Backlash I'll do shows. I just wanted to get to Backlash since I only had two Raw's before. I had though about doing kind of like how I posted the Raw's but breaking it into smaller shows. Really I've yet to decide but something will come to mind soon of how I'll do it.

Anyways predictions are still welcome for Backlash.
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