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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll definetely try and get a review up ASAP. School's been very hard on me, they're piling us up with work. I'll be reviewing the latest show you've posted so please be patient. The review will come soon.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Opening Promo:I expected a brawl and we got it, well kind of. Was cool to see Jericho get the better of both Jonathon Coachman and the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Match 1: Great match to have in my opinion, just to clarify is a Bakersfield Street Fight, just a street fight? Was upset to see Cryme Tyme not win but was a good read, nice finish with the Elijah Experience on the steel chair.

Promo 2: I like what you have going with Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke, feeling discriminated because of the color of their skin.

Match 2: Pleased to see Melina and Victoria win as most people would allow Mickie and Maria to pick up the victory Good to see that it is Maria who is hit with the paddle and not Mickie.

Promo 3: Excellent!! Just excellent! Triple H and Angle were in character and Triple H was awesome, pleased to see Triple H got the better of Angle eventually as that is more realistic in my opinion.

Match 3: Squash, not much to say tbh. It makes Umaga look strong.

Promo 4: Carlito seems confident but I doubt he will win if I'm honest, he kind of seemed out of character and he was saying it is unfair, sort of like Bejamin & Burke.

Match 4:
Hardy vs. Carlito in a Steel Cage Match? Nice! Hardy needs to get the win like I see he does so good work, nice clean finish from Jeff too!

Promo 5: I like this feud with Cena and Finlay and I hope Finlay does come to RAW next week.

Match 5: Orton vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Orton should win this as it would be an outrage if he didn't unless Jericho made an appearance. Pleased to see Orton win, and I love the RKO.

Promo 6: Nice to see Dusty Rhodes in the Hall Of Fame, and a nice little promo from Jericho!

Main Event: First Blood matches are always awesome, and it will be even better since these two have a little history. Orton making an appearance is cool, and I like how you made Orton cost Palumbo the match.

Overall - A very good raw my friend, I enjoyed all the matches especially Orton's and Jericho's. I think you have a good thing going with the Finlay/Cena and Orton/Jericho feud. I hope Finlay comes to RAW next week! 8/10.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ECW on Sci-Fi Preview
Tuesday February 20, 2007
San Diego, California

Wrath of Heyman

Paul Heyman shocked many fans two nights ago at No Way Out whenever he turned against Rob Van Dam and Sabu during their Extreme Rules Match against Mr. Kennedy and Marcus Cor Von. Nobody could have seen it coming but tonight Mr. Heyman has vouched that he will give us his reason as to why he he did what he did at No Way Out.

Battle of the Originals

Tonight Rob Van Dam and Stevie Richards will do battle in the Semi-Finals of the ECW Extreme Rules Championship Tournament. RVD had to overcome Balls Mahoney in the first round while Richards got a shock upset victory over Sabu thanks to the debuting Marcus Cor Von. But tonight both men look for the ultimate goal: To move onto the finals to face Mr. Kennedy. Will RVD reign supreme or will Richards find himself the ultimate victor.

All of this and more this Tuesday at 10/9 CT on Sci-Fi!


Friday Night Smackdown Preview
Friday February 23, 2007
San Diego, California

Explanation Needed

In the span of three nights JBL made perhaps one of the biggest impacts a General Manager has made to this date. On last week's Smackdown JBL took Edge out of the big eight man tag match throwing himself into the pot to compete and thus sending a message to Shawn Michaels. Despite the big Clothesline from Hell HBK's team was able to still pick up the win. But at No Way Out JBL slowly creeped down towards the ring in the big Champions versus Contender's match taking out HBK with another clothesline from hell. What is the reasoning of this madman General Manager?

Fallen Brothers?

At No Way Out, the Brothers of Destruction suffered defeat in their first tag match in six years whenever Umaga was able to hit Undertaker with the Samoan Spike and get the clean victory. Tonight Raw's Umaga will make a special appearance on Smackdown along with his manager Armando Estrada. For what reason? We do not know but we do know that the Deadman is a very angry man!

Protect This Ring

MVP did just that this past Sunday whenever he pulled off one of the biggest upsets in history whenever he pinned John Cena in the middle of the ring. However the match did have it's fair share of controversy in the fact that Finlay and Hornswoggle both helped MVP big time during the match. But that won't matter because MVP tonight has promised us that he will be throwing a big celebration party and that everybody is invited. What will go down on this big monumental night for MVP?

Cruiserweight Chaos

Two weeks ago Chavo Guerrero went to General Manager JBL asking for something big. What he got in return wasn't really what he "wanted" but he certainly won't complain. Because tonight on Smackdown JBL has booked a Cruiserweight Open. Two men will start out the match and once one is eliminated another will enter. The eventual winner of the match will then be named the Number One Contender!

For all of this and more tune into Friday Night Smackdown this Friday at 8/7 CT on the CW.


Okay. There is a good possibility that Smackdown/ECW will go up tommorrow night. ECW is in full recap bar the Heyman promo. Really there won't be much leading into WrestleMania 23 so it doesn't make sense to write out the whole show for now.

So just be looking for all of this tommorow but if not then it'll be Monday to Wednesday when it gets up.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

The ECW and Smackdown previews look interesting, to say the least. Seems like there's been a lot of unexpected twists and upsets over the past few weeks, and the descriptive preview really helps for those who haven't followed this thread that often. (Me, for instance.) I can only assume that Heyman will say something about wanting fresh superstars on ECW and wating to support them, but that's just a guess. In the Semi-Final match you have set up, I hope RVD wins this one...but with Cor Von lurking around, there's no telling if the match will even finish clean out. I look forward to seeing that match, I'd imagine it to be spotty and intense for sure.

As far as Smackdown, looks like JBL's going on a mean streak with HBK, wonder why. I also wonder what woll go down when Umaga comes to Smackdown...I'm almost sure this will be leading to a feud, but I guess you're the only one who knows. I'll defiitely be reading to see what happens there if nothing else. The cruiserweight open sounds pretty cool, as does the celebration with MVP.

Looking good with the previews, it really helps me to catch up a bit on the thread, and boosts my expectations for the two shows. I'll be back to read them man.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

The SmackDown and ECW preview looks good, will be good to read why Heyman did that to Rob Van Dam and I will definitely read both shows when they are posted.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

This is Awesome, cant wait for mania!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

SD! and ECW previews look pretty good. I'm interested to see what happens with Heyman, and it should be fun to see where MVP begins to go after beating Cena at NWO. Looking forward to the shows being posted KOP, I'll be reading.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

Effective opening segment to open the show. I thought it went by a little too quickly, but it continued to successfully set out the parameters of this WWE Title feud, with Jericho looking to ‘redeem’ himself so to speak. Raw Roulette is always interesting, and it sets up a couple of nice matches here. Jericho’s attacks on both Orton and Coach got him what heat he lost last night back. Nice.

‘The Golden Standards?’ You could’ve just called them ‘The Gold Standard’. Flows better, imo. No real shock to see the champions retain in a throwaway match (though they were given a run) to kick off Raw; gives them momentum.

Paddle? Mickie win plz. Usually I’m not really a fan of race-based angles, but anything involving Benjamin showing a little personality is a plus in my book.

Mickie loss = No ratings, but understandable since the Women’s Champion is the one who needs the build at the moment. Beth/Victoria at WrestleMania is a pretty sweet women’s match by the way.

‘twas kinda weird to hear Hunter trashing Angle for some of the very same things that he’s been accused of in the past. don’t know if that was on purpose or not (I think it was because you STRESSED the things I’m talking about), but it was surreal to read. Hunter-Angle is a solid WM match clearly in the making. Angle showing balls and attacking H even with the injured shoulder kept him looking pretty strong, but I thought he should’ve done that from the start instead of giving a crap about why H attacked him. Still, solid segment.

Umaga owns. That is all … Oh, yeah, Estrada promo.

Lol @ Carlito. I thought for sure that he’d manage to get into the MITB Match, even with the odds ‘against him’. Nice swerve. Last time I read this thread, Jeff Hardy was the Intercontinental Champion, so it’s nice to see that build hasn’t gone to waste.

Finlay’s not exactly the big name opponent that you expect somebody like John Cena to be involved with heading into WrestleMania. It is a nice way to give a bump to the SD guys, Finlay & MVP, which has already started with MVP’s win at NWO, so it just about works out. Next week should be quite interesting.

Orton over Piper is clearly the right move. Not much to say on that one.

Not sure what exactly is that you see in Chucky P., but he didn't come out of this match as bad off as one would assume considering he's facing the number one contender. Orton busts Palumbo open, and hopefully this has consequences for TLK. If not, I don't think it helped either party out too much. Still very much in the opening stages of this feud, however.

Good show, KOP.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Feedback

Sorry this is late, KOP Pretty solid way to kick of the show with the contract signing. Coach is awesome as your GM, especially when he's being a classless, tasteless heel like he was here. What I especially liked though was/is the way you have avoided turning Jericho face with the old 'comedy' route, which he has used in the past. Jericho can get fan support with that routine, but as it's all about the WrestleMania Main Event, it's only fitting that you've had him be much, much more serious. The only stuff I don't like is his constant references to fan support. Makes him seem like a bit of a whining wannabe; as in the past, even as a face, he never really referenced the fans so overtly. Orton was pretty much bang on too, dead-pan, serious, confident, the perfect heel really leading into their match. Great tension. Excellent booking already for tonight's Roulette matches, especially with Palumbo/Jericho in a First Blood war. I knew they would meet eventually, but this is the perfect way to do it, making it quite a vicious end to their relationship as well. I expected Y2J to come out on top at the END of the show, but he certainly got revenge for No Way Out right away. Perhaps Randy going through the table was overkill, but Coach having the Walls slapped on him is going to lead to some serious repercussion, I'm sure.

Despite Coach's awesomeness, I'm glad Vinnie Mac is getting the chance to run wild tonight, as he's usually in his element with something like this. Another well booked match, this time between Cryme Time and The Gold Standards. I thought this feud miht heat up a bit more over the comin weeks, but this Street Fight already took it to the next level. Glad the GS got the clean win, as it keeps them looking like beasts in this division, but they are rapidly running out of challengers me thinks

Unless Teddy Long becomes their manager, I'm never really going to get into this racial thing with Burke and Benjamin. Neither of their characters really needs the angle, as they've both got other gimmicks that fit perfectly {e.g. amateur athletes}, which would be fine on its own. Still, an angry Shelton is better than a normal Shelton on the mic any day of the week.

@ a Paddle on a Pole match. It also amuses me that Mickie James was completely jobbed out. Mac loved that Anyway, I'm really liking this build to Victoria/Beth, as Vickie looks a psycho monster here by killing Maria until Beth makes the save. Should be a VERY hard hitting match at W'Mania.

Nice segement next with the showdown between Hunter and Angle happening at last. As Mac expressed, I found the theme of Trips' rant on Angle rather ... intriguing. It makes it personal, and it damn sure touches the borders of kayfabe, but as I think you are doing it to stress a point about what Helmsley has been like in the past, I think it actually works. I don't actually think that Anle would have attacked Triple H right off the bat, so good job there, as it was probably tempting to have that happen. Angle's badly injured, but he's usually billed as being pretty smart in these situations. Shows it well with the use of his left arm and comes out of this first face-to-face meeting looking pretty strong. If I take anything from Hunter's comments at the close of this show, it's that this match WILL be a gimmick, most likely just No DQ, since Hunter would excell in that, and it's a COMPLETELY different kind of feud from the "who's the best wrestler" schtick of Angle/Michaels two years ago.

Great stuff from Umaga, looking like the awesome beast he is. I guess there wasn't room for any build to his match with Taker tonight, but I look forward to reading Estrada's promos with the Deadman later.

Glad to see Carlito's heel turn continuing in his interview with Grisham. He's so much better as a heek it's scary. The Cage match was perfectly booked {yet again}, as the No Way Out rematch HAD to happen. However, you know my thoughts on this over MSN I never liked Jeff, and CCC > most, but I know he's still in line for a push so i'll be happy with that. I doubt Jeff will win MITB though, and he seriously needs to drop the IC title soon. He's been stale since winning it at Unforgiven.

Still enjoying Cena giving the Mid-card of SmackDown! a HUGE rub with this feud. Intense Cena is so much better than comedy Cena, and he's really picked up his game in the last few weeks. This is the only other match {other than Angle/Trips} that could be some kind of Hardcore match, but this one might not need it, as Cena and Finlay's styles will likely turn it into a crazy brawl anyway. Next week should be fun; with Finlay not exactly the talkative kind, I expect a nice fight to hype us for 'Mania.

I was sure you would just continue Ric Flair's decline by having him be the one to go down to Orton, so props for actually pulling out a somewhat 'unusual' Legend in Piper. Only way to go was a clean, impressive win for Orton.

Another well booked contest for the Main Event. I expected Orton to stay out there, looking to take advantage, but I was quite surprised that Palumbo did so well. Only busted open after Orton fucked up?? Maybe Chuck could slot into the IC division after this. Might as well, considering you only have Jeff, Carlito, Haas and ... no one else in that division right now. Nicely poised now are Jericho and Orton, with the staredown afterwards
rather than one man standing tall. I expect this feud to heat up even further in the comin weeks.

I missed Haas but it was still an impressive Raw Roulette, KOP.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ECW on Sci-Fi
Tuesday February 20, 2007
San Diego, California

Bodies by Drowning Pool hits across the arena as ECW on Sci-Fi gets kicked off tonight with the normal video package. Shortly after we head down to ringside to the commentating team.

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting edition of ECW on Sci-Fi and after No Way Out two nights ago the road to WrestleMania is heating up!

Tazz: Literally Joe and tonight we’ve got some questions that need to be answered! Why did Paul Heyman screw over Rob Van Dam is the question?

Joey Styles: Well I have a feeling we’ll find out that answer tonight but as well we’ve got to find out who will meet Mr. Kennedy in the Tournament Finals of the ECW Championship tourney.

Wrecked hits across the arena as out steps Mick Foley! Foley walks out to a nice ovation from the fans as he walks down the ramp clad in his normal flannel shirt and pants. Foley rolls into the ring before walking over and grabbing a mic from Justin Roberts.

Mick Foley: Well if I didn’t say it was great to be back in San Diego, California then I need to go ahead and apologize for that!

Cheap pop as always for Foley as he shows the thumbs up.

Mick Foley: I was getting ready to sit down and watch No Way Out the other night at my home and something caught my eye about halfway through the show. Now if you remember last week a good friend of mine decided to invite me to ECW this week in Paul Heyman….

The crowd showers Heyman’s name with boos.

Mick Foley: And well I got to watching No Way Out and saw something that didn’t really “shock” me so much. See I knew Heyman was a thinker. I knew he was a very smart man and that’s how ECW came to be back in the day. He knew what he had to do to bring in fans and sadly enough he just did that this past Sunday but they turned in for ECW….not for him!

The crowd once again boos mention of Heyman.

Mick Foley: But as I saw what happened I had to double think about this. I mean after all a good friend in Paul Heyman…turning on his good friend Rob Van Dam? It made no sense at all but then I th…

Extreme hits as Heyman comes out to one of the loudest showers of boo in a while. Heyman walks down the ramp before he makes his way into the ring. Heyman climbs up the steps before receiving a mic as well.

Paul Heyman: Boo me all you want but each and every one of you damn well know that I did what was best for this show!

The crowd boos as Heyman smirks.

Paul Heyman: Mick if you’ll give me a few seconds I’ve got something to explain.

Foley nods agreeing as Heyman steps back.

Paul Heyman: See this past Sunday I had a feeling nobody knew what I was going to do. I went out there and I shocked each and every one of you! Nobody thought I’d do what I did but it’s over! I DID IT! I screwed Rob Van Dam and Sabu over! But this isn’t about anything between them….NO! It’s more than just that….

Heyman sucks chants break out across the arena.

Paul Heyman: See I knew what I was doing when I picked Mister Kennedy to be my first draft pick a month ago. I had it all planned out! For months I had sat in my living room watching Smackdown and noticed that Mr. Kennedy was a diamond in the rough, that he could be a star one-day and well know he is thanks to Paul Heyman! Mister Kennedy is the man that I knew I could lead into war against ECW and come out standing….

Heyman looks at Foley as Foley looks on with no emotions.

Paul Heyman: Let’s face it! Rob Van Dam, Sandman, Sabu, Stevie Richards and all of the originals, they’re all jokes! They cannot compare to what ECW has now in Mister Kennedy, Danny Doring, Rodney Mack and many more upcoming names! It’s a complete joke how each and every one of you fans sit here and think that this is the REAL ECW! BULLSHIT! This is a different age and different year. The only thing that is the same is that I’M RUNNING THE SHOW!

Heyman smiles as the crowd looks on.

Paul Heyman: And this brings me to you Mick Foley….

Heyman points to Foley.

Paul Heyman: I’ve got a job for you in these tournament finals. Mick I know that you’re going to be a loyal friend and do what is right. See it doesn’t matter if it’s Rob Van Dam or Stevie Richards in the finals because there is only going to be one man standing and that is Mister Kennedy. So Mick I want to give you a chance to referee the match at WrestleMania!

The crowd pops, as Foley looks on intrigued.

Mick Foley: Paul you know I’ve got to thi…

Paul Heyman: It’s either yes or no Mick…

Foley looks at Heyman and shakes his hand!


Heyman leaves on that note as Foley is left standing in the ring to ponder what Heyman is talking about. We head off to a commercial break shortly after.


The first match of the night kicks off as it pits Marcus Cor Von going one on one against one of Sabu’s fellow ECW originals in Sandman. Cor Von and Sabu have had their differences recently in a mini-feud of types per say. Cor Von and Sandman get about seven to eight minutes during this match but still the quality of it is okay. Of course Sandman in a normal wrestling match is nothing special but still, the fact of the matter is Cor Von and Sandman put on a decent watchable match on TV. Shocker huh? Cor Von came close to ending it with a big Pounce before Sabu came down to the ring. Sabu tried to jump onto the ring apron but he got met with a POUNCE off of the ropes! Sabu lands hard on the barricade hitting his shoulder. Cor Von turns around to charge at Sandman who kicks Cor Von down in the sternum. Sandman tries for a DDT but Cor Von pushes Sandman off before exploding off the ropes with the Pounce! Cor Von hooks the leg getting the win.

Right after the match we head backstage to see Rob Van Dam getting prepped for his match tonight. Kelly Kelly walks into his locker room to ask a few questions about the match. Kelly asks RVD his thoughts on if he’ll be able to get to WrestleMania 23 and wrestle for the ECW title. RVD shakes his head saying he’s confident that he’s going. RVD is asked about the intangible now with Mick Foley and what will go down there. RVD says he’s been friends with Foley for a while and is positive Foley will do the right thing contrary to what Heyman said.

Another commercial break happens and when we come back “Dashing” Danny Doring is in the ring. Doring cuts a small promo about how he’s undefeated so far since ECW came back and how tonight he’ll gain another big win. Doring ends up taking on Tony Mamaluke of the FBI. Doring makes easy work of Mamaluke hitting him quickly with the Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am! Before getting the cover to end it. Doring throws his long coat back on before leaving.

The video package for Rodney Mack airs with the number seven on it. It slowly starts counting down until it gets to 0. The same highlight package from last week with Mack running through his opponents back in 2003 on Raw are shown. The video ends with Back the Mack and underneath it says Coming – 7 Days!

Mr. Kennedy is in the ring next talking about how he’s already booked himself a ticket to WrestleMania in a month and how he’s guaranteed to win the ECW title. Kennedy said he hated it since the moment he got here but now that he’s got Heyman on his side, he will take the title and start a new legacy of ECW! Kennedy talks about just how big of a year 2007 has been for him already. Kennedy says he was in the top four in the Royal Rumble, won a big match at No Way Out and now has Heyman on his side. Kennedy ends it yelling Mr. Kennedy….Kennedy….followed by ECW…..ECW….Champion!

The main event takes place and it gets about ten minutes or so. Richards and Van Dam go back and forth in this Extreme Rules Semi-Final match that sees RVD and Richards both get equal amounts of offense in. Richards clearly is being used better than he has been in the past few years on Raw and Smackdown so he is getting showcased a bit more than you’d think. However it was Van Dam that was able to turn the tide of the match after RVD threw a chair to Richards and then proceeded to hit a spinning heel kick into the chair! RVD shortly after hit the Five Star Frog Splash to get the win and face Mr. Kennedy at WrestleMania 23!

Right after the match Paul Heyman comes on the screen. Heyman says this is just what he wanted! RVD vs. Mr. Kennedy at WrestleMania is perfect. Because now Mick Foley has to either side with his good friend Paul Heyman or his good friend Rob Van Dam! Heyman then announces that the riddance of the ECW originals will begin next week. Because Rob Van Dam MUST take on the rookie Marcus Cor Von and ALL ECW ORIGINALS ARE BARRED FROM RINGSIDE!

Quick Results:

Marcus Cor Von def. Sandman
Danny Doring def. Tony Mamaluke
Rob Van Dam def. Stevie Richards in the Semi-Finals of the ECW Championship tournament


Friday Night Smackdown
Friday February 23, 2007
San Diego, California

Smackdown opens up tonight not heading to a video package or to the commentators but instead straight into the ring where Smackdown General Manager JBL is standing by with the World-Heavyweight Champion Edge and his backup in Paul Burchill. JBL says that Last week on Smackdown he made his return into the ring for the first time since last November. Nobody saw it coming but he knew that it was the right time. JBL says that he knew that he had to go out there and just like his old running days with Ron Simmons that he had to “protect” somebody and that is just what he did by taking Edge out of the match and putting himself in. JBL says he notices that there is a side of Edge that reminds him of a young version of himself in that he’s not afraid to speak his mind. JBL says he knew that he had the future of Smackdown right there in his hand. He knew that he had a star that was going to continue to rise up and become a Hall of Famer. And last month at the Royal Rumble when Shawn Michaels kicked him in the throat and then went on to win the match JBL realized that he had to stand up and do something about this! JBL talks about how much he hates Shawn and all until good ole ‘HBK interrupts him. Michaels says that he can’t wait to get his hands on JBL but JBL says that won’t be happening at all. JBL says that tonight however he will be at ringside to watch the main event because it’ll be Shawn Michaels teaming with San Diego’s own Rey Mysterio to face Edge and Paul Burchill. HBK gets in the face of Edge and Burchill and they almost get into it. Edge tells Burchill to calm down but Burchill instead strikes HBK. Edge and Burchill do a beat down on HBK as JBL slides out of the ring to watch. Mysterio runs down the ramp causing Burchill and Edge to slide out. Mysterio who fought Burchill last week one on one helps HBK back to his feet.

The first match to kick the night off is the big Cruiserweight Contender’s Open Challenge. The match is going to get a lot of time tonight, which is a rarity on Smackdown for the Cruiserweights. Nine men are competing in the match tonight and they are (Chavo Guerrero, Funaki, Jimmy Wang Yang, Juventud, Kid Kash, Paul London, Psicosis, Shannon Moore, and Super Crazy) Noble is at ringside watching the match as he is now been the champion for thirteen months. The first two men to start the night off are Kid Kash and Shannon Moore. Moore and Kash go about three or four minutes before Kash uses the tights to catch Moore and get the win. The next opponent in is Funaki. Kash makes quick work of Funaki despite Funaki getting a slight bit of offense in. Funaki tried for the Rising Sun but Kash was able to land on his feet before lifting up Funaki and hitting the Dead Level. Shortly after in comes Psicosis. Psicosis was able to catch Kash by surprise with a quick schoolboy to get the win. Psicosis has to take on Super Crazy next which is his fellow Mexicools. Super Crazy tried for a Moonsault a few minutes in but Psicosis moved out of the way before hitting a Leg Drop of his own! Juventud quickly rolled into the ring hitting his own partner with quick DDT out of nowhere to advance on! Psicosis looks on grabbing at his hair and bandana wondering what just happened! This leaves four men in the match and the next man in is Paul London. London and Juvy go at it for about four minutes or so before London quickly hits Juvy with a big Mushroom Stomp. Juvy’s head hits the turnbuckle hard before London hits a Hurricanrana keeping the pin and moving on. Jimmy Wang Yang comes in going at it with London for a few moments before he attempts a big all or nothing Moonsault before he misses! London takes advantage climbing the ropes and hitting the London Calling. The last man in is Chavo Guerrero and Guerrero quickly attacks London. Guerrero and London go at it for a bit. Guerrero beats down London for a bit before loading London up onto his shoulders for the Gory Bomb. London almost takes the big fall but was able to prevent himself from getting hit. London knocks down Guerrero with a big Enzuigiri before heading back to the top rope! London this time hits the 450 Splash getting the cover and the win! London’s going on to WrestleMania or so we think? A ref comes down showing replay of footage that Chavo Guerrero’s foot was on the rope. The refs argue back and forth before we head off to a commercial.

After the break Chavo Guerrero and Paul London are shown shouting backstage. We see a referee come out of the office of JBL and says that he’s been told that next week we will see Chavo Guerrero take on Paul London one on one and the winner will then move onto WrestleMania! London and Guerrero mouth words at one another for a bit before we head off into the arena.

CM Punk is in action next as he gets a rather quick match one on one against the Miz. Punk is fresh off a victory over William Regal this Sunday so Punk easily takes care of Miz. Miz didn’t get much offense in but it was Punk who caught Miz quickly with a big running bulldog! Shortly after Punk hit the Flying Clothesline before locking in the Anaconda Vise forcing Miz to tap out and give the win to Punk who is still yet to be defeated.

After the break we head backstage to see Maryse interviewing Batista. Maryse asks Batista about his tag team victory this past Sunday at No Way Out and Batista says that it was great but that he still has some unfinished business to take care of with Kane. Batista says that there is only one real “big man” around here and that is him. The Animal says that when he gets his hands on the Big Red Machine once again he will rip and tear through Kane.

A WrestleMania 23 video package plays stating that WrestleMania is 37 days away! Shortly after a small video for the first inductee into the 2007 Hall of Fame – Dusty Rhodes is shown.

We head off into the arena to see MVP throwing a party in the ring. MVP has many of his friends and “associates” as he likes to call them. MVP touts for a while about his big win over John Cena this past Sunday and how he couldn’t have done it without Finlay. MVP says that however now that he has a big win under his belt that he’s moving up to play with the big boys. MVP talks about how next week he’s already been given a spot in Money in the Bank Qualifying Match for WrestleMania 23. MVP says it should be no problem because it’ll just be “more cash” for him. MVP continues to brag for a little bit before he pops open the champagne and has a party with his friends. MVP’s friends drink for a few moments before he yells out Big things poppin’ little thing stoppin’ and yells out Ballin as the scene comes to an end.

The third match of the night takes place promptly when we come back as it’s Mark Henry going one on one with Kane. The match goes for about seven or eight minutes before suddenly the Animal sprints down towards the ring. Kane had accidentally squashed the referee in the corner so this distraction gave Batista time to slide in. Batista charged at Kane for a Spear but Kane moved and threw Batista right into Mark Henry! Batista turns around right into the arms of Kane as Kane hits a big Chokeslam! Kane rolls Henry over as Batista rolls out of the ring and gets the win! Batista watches on from the outside ready to climb back into the ring before Kane sets his pyro off as Batista steps back a little not wanting to get into the ring now.

Backstage Finlay is interviewed concerning his supposed appearance this Monday on Raw. Finlay says that he has no obligations to go and that HE WILL NOT BE AT RAW this upcoming Monday. Finlay says that if Cena wants him then he can come over to Smackdown and settle his problems over here.

A video package plays for the Undertaker talking warning Umaga not to mess with the Deadman again. The video hypes previous opponents of the Undertaker and him laying them out, beating them down to a bloody pulp, etc. The video ends with ‘Taker Returns – Next Week on Smackdown to a nice pop from the fans.

Back into the ring we see the United States Champion Matt Hardy go one on one with Kenny Dykstra in a rematch from No Way Out but tonight it’s for a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The match goes about seven to eight minutes as Dykstra gets a bit more offense in than he did last night but still it’s a decent match. Ashley tried so hard to help Dykstra at ringside but once again she messed up and this time accidentally tripped up Kenny! Dykstra got distracted and looked at Ashley wondering why she tripped him before he of course turns around right into a Twist of Fate and Hardy gets the win moving onto WrestleMania 23! Dykstra yells at Ashley a bit afterwards but shortly after he consoles her.

Backstage the WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce and Domino are taunting a few wrestlers backstage such as Jimmy Wang Yang, Funaki, etc. Deuce and Domino said that if they were cruiserweights they’d have won the match tonight. Deuce and Domino walk over towards the Mexicools and flash them a look. Deuce looks at Psicosis, Juvy, and Super Crazy before laughing and walking off along with Domino and Cherry. The Mexicools stand there wondering what was so funny.

The main event takes place as Rey Mysterio teams along with Shawn Michaels in his hometown to take on Edge and his lackey Paul Burchill. The main event gets about fifteen minutes as the fans really get into the action especially the fans of Mysterio. They are eating him up tonight in his hometown and the match really does do well. However of course all of the focus is on the WrestleMania main event and that is shown as Smackdown GM JBL is sitting at ringside. The match ends up finally ending whenever Mysterio attempting a 619 but missed. Instead Mysterio leaped onto the top rope flying off at Burchill for a Seated Senton but in mid-air he runs right into a Spear from the legal man Edge! Burchill knocks HBK off the ropes as Edge pins the hometown hero to get the win for his team! Edge disposes of Mysterio as HBK slides back into the ring! JBL gets on the microphone and stops HBK from doing anything. JBL gets into the ring and gets right into the face of Michaels. JBL says that if HBK ever touches him (bar if JBL wrestles) then he will strip him of his contract right at WrestleMania and then fire his ass from the WWE! JBL closes out by announcing that next week right here on Smackdown…Shawn Michaels is going to have to run the Gauntlet to keep his WrestleMania 23 title shot intact! HBK is left standing in the middle of the ring as Edge and Burchill leave to loud boos as HBK looks worried about next week.

Quick Results:

The Number One Contender’s Cruiserweight Open was a No Contest
CM Punk def. The Miz via submission
Kane def. Mark Henry
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Matt Hardy def. Kenny Dykstra
Edge and Paul Burchill def. Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio


WWE WrestleMania 23
Sunday April 1, 2007
Miami, Florida
Official Theme Song: Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Women's Championship
Victoria (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. ??? vs. ???
vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Class of 2007 Hall of Fame
"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
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