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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE No Way Out
Sunday February 18, 2007
Sacramento, California
Official Theme Song: Powertrip by Monster Magnet

2nd Annual Champions versus Contender's Match
Randy Orton (c) and Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho

Inter-Promotional Tag Match
The Brothers of Destruction vs. Batista and Umaga

Extreme Rules Tag Match
Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Mr. Kennedy and Marcus Cor Von

Inter-Promotional Match
John Cena vs. MVP w/ Finlay

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Carlito

Inter-Promotional #1 Contender's Divas Battle Royal
Winner Faces Victoria at WrestleMania 23
Candice vs. Maria vs. Melina vs. Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Ashley Massaro vs. Jillian vs. Kristal vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Trinity

Submission Match
"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. "The Suplex Specialist" Charlie Haas

United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Kenny Dykstra

Grudge Match
CM Punk vs. William Regal

Questions - 2 Points a Piece

1. Who will take the fall in the Champions versus Contenders Match?
Chris Jericho

2. Will any titles change hands? If so which ones?
Carlito win the IC Title

3. Will there be any surprise apperances? If so whom?
Can't think of any so no

4. Guess the card order in the order you feel they will take place. (One Point a Piece)
IC Championship Match
Punk vs. Regal
Submission Match
Divas Battle Royal
US Championship Match
Extreme Rules Tag Team Match
Cena vs. MVP
Brothers of Destruction vs. Batista/Umaga
Champions vs. Contenders


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

The video package starts off with a rather dark scene as we hear the voices of Edge and Randy Orton. Clips of their Con-Chair-To to Shawn Michaels are shown.

Randy Orton: Just like we said last year…we were going to be the World champions on both brands and we are just that

Edge: We’re more than just THAT Randy. We’ve got the whole WWE roster resting in our palms…under our control!

Randy Orton: To 2007…the year of the Legend Killer…

Edge: And the Rated R Superstar!

Clips of Edge and Orton toasting at the first Smackdown of the New Year is shown.

Shawn Michaels: It feels great to know that I’m going back to WrestleMania to headline the biggest show of the year only like Mr. WrestleMania could!

Chris Jericho: The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla has made a bigger impact than anyone before him and now I’m going to WrestleMania!

Clips of Michaels and Jericho doing battle last year but now making peace.

Armando Estrada: Undertaker ju’ have no clue what lies ahead for ju’. My Samoan Bulldozer…OOMAGA will rip you apart and expose you like the real dare I say fraud that ju’ are!

Batista: Kane you messed with me in the past and now its time for you to pay. I’ll not only take down your brother once again but I’ll take you down as well!

Kane: Batista…somewhere in the fiery pits of hell people are laughing…laughing at you for thinking that you can mess with me. You can’t stop the Big Red Machine…

The Undertaker: Umaga you will…Rest in Peace!

Clips of Undertaker and Umaga fighting as well as Batista and Kane.

Sabu is shown pointing to the sky afterwards to not break character and have him speak.

Rob Van Dam: I’ve fought hard to get back to the top. I’ve came up on top of ECW and now Mr. Kennedy I’m sorry but tonight is my night! Tonight is the night that I prove nobody gets higher than Rob..Van…Dam!!!

Mr. Kennedy: I hate ECW…it’s a load of crap why I’m on this show but if I’m going to be stuck here you can guarantee that title will be MINE!

Marcus Cor Von: Someone will feel the pounce…PERIOD!!!

Shortly after we see a prison walkway (place where the WrestleMania 23 promo videos were shot at) as we see a few superstars walk up down the walkway. We notice some such as Batista, The Undertaker, Umaga, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Randy Orton, and Chris Jericho mainly.

Narrator: Tonight the WWE superstar will merge together..…

We see Rated RKO walk down the hallway carrying their titles.

Narrator: Tonight they are powerless…

In walks Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho together down the dark hallway.

Narrator: That they cannot control what is happening….

We notice that the prison starts to shake a bit as we see more superstars walk down the empty prison walkway.

Narrator: That they have no choice…

The prison starts to shake a bit more…

Narrator: But to “weather the storm”

The prison continues to rumble as we notice a few more superstars walk down the hallway such as The Undertaker and Kane together.

Narrator: Because they have come to realize that tonight there is…

The prison won’t stop rumbling as it continues to shake as the camera’s view is getting messed up since the building is shaking.

Randy Orton: No Way Out!

Edge: No Way Out!

Shawn Michaels: No Way Out

Chris Jericho: No Way Out!

Kurt Angle: No Way Out!

Finlay: No Way Out!

The Undertaker: No…Way…Out!

Kane: No Way Out

Batista: No Way Out

John Cena: No Way Out!

Narrator: And now Raw, Smackdown, ECW, and WWE Mobile proudly present…No Way Out!

We head into the arena as the pyro goes off around the stage. The stage this year has of course the chain links across the screen covering it with a big lock once again. We now head down to the commentating team at ringside as Power Trip by Monster Magnet plays across the arena.

Jim Ross: About 20 thousand fans are jam packed into the Arco Arena here tonight because we’ve got nine big matches ahead of us tonight!

Jerry Lawler: For the first time ever this will be the first ever tri-brand PPV and I have a feeling this is going to be a wild night!

Jim Ross: Raw certainly has some big matches ahead of us tonight including Jeff Hardy defending his Intercontinental title against Carlito and Ric Flair meets Charlie Haas in a Submission Match!

Jerry Lawler: It certainly is going to be a wild night JR but let’s go ahead and pass it over to Joey Styles and Tazz, the voices of ECW!

Joey Styles: Thanks King and Tazz it feels great to be back on PPV for the first time since last June at One Night Stand!

Tazz: Joey tonight I have a feeling ECW is going to rock the house because of our big Extreme Rules tag match that was made last week on ECW!

Joey Styles: The match will be seeing best friends Rob Van Dam and Sabu team together to take on Mr. Kennedy who has already advanced to the tournament finals and the newcomer in Marcus Cor Von.

Tazz: Cor Von has only been around for two weeks but damn did he make an impact when he pounced the living hell out of Sabu taking Sabu out of the tournament two weeks ago!

Joey Styles: And now let’s pass it over to the Smackdown commentating team of Michael Cole and Josh Matthews!

Michael Cole: It’s going to be a wild ride tonight here in Sacramento and we’ve got some big inter-promotional matches lying ahead of us tonight.

Josh Matthews: First off the Brothers of Destruction reunite for the first time in SIX years to team together to take on Batista and Umaga!

Michael Cole: I have no doubt that is going to be a hard hitting match but also John Cena must take on MVP tonight with Finlay in his corner!

Josh Matthews: MVP knows this is a big chance for his career if he can get this win but in the main event is what we’ve all been waiting for! The second annual Champions versus Contender’s match pitting Rated RKO teaming up to take on Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho!

Michael Cole: It’s going to be a wild night Josh and let’s go ahead and get it kicked off with the help of Smackdown!

Match #1
CM Punk vs. William Regal w/ Dave Taylor

Match Overview: Punk and Regal kick off the night just like Regal kicked off last year’s No Way Out when Ukliq teamed up to take on The Mexicools. This year though Regal finds himself separated from Ukliq and now he has a new friend in Dave Taylor backing him up. Regal and Punk kick the match off trying to lock up but Punk keeps on teasing with Regal as he keeps on pushing the wily veteran does on his butt. Regal pulls himself back up not wanting to play these games and shortly after Regal answers with some clubbing left blows. Punk and Regal continued to fight it out for a bit before Dave Taylor was “surprisingly” kicked out about halfway through the match for interfering and the ref wanted no more of it. Regal got distracted long enough for him to turn around right into a Roundhouse kick from Punk! Punk capitalized from there on hitting a big knee to the face in the corner before hitting the running bulldog. Punk pulled himself over to the corner trying for the Flying Clothesline off the top rope but Regal moved out of the way! Regal charges at Punk trying for the High Knee strike but Punk ducks underneath before scooping Regal up and hitting the Go to Sleep! But Punk doesn’t stop there as he locks Regal in the Anaconda Vice and within seconds Regal taps out giving the victory to Punk

Winner: CM Punk

Shortly after the match Michael Cole and Josh Matthews hype the main event once more as both the World-Heavyweight Champion Edge and the WWE Champion Randy Orton arrive together. Todd Grisham tries to catch up to the former tandem of Rated RKO to get words but Orton and Edge shrug Grisham off and make their way towards their locker room.

Backstage Maria is standing by with Carlito. Maria questions Carlito a bit about his match coming up next with Jeff Hardy for the Intercontinental Championship. Carlito reminds the fans once more how he’s already been the Intercontinental champion but that tonight he makes it two for two. Carlito says that he’s watched Jeff Hardy’s run as champion for nearly six months and that he’s not impressed. Carlito says that he can take the title tonight “just like that” and he will do it. Carlito says they don’t call him the “bad apple” for nothing.

Match #2
Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Carlito

Match Overview: The match really didn’t get too much time to be honest considering the two men that are involved but still they make the best out of what they get. Both Carlito and Hardy duke it out in their third match up of this mini-feud that started before the Royal Rumble. Carlito gets a lot of offense in tonight showing that he stands a good chance of taking the title tonight if he can overcome Hardy. Carlito got a lot of time to take down Hardy but ultimately it hurt him in the end when he couldn’t put Hardy away. Carlito hit a big swinging neckbreaker only getting a two count that could have won him the championship. Carlito clearly looked angry with the referee as he got up exchanging some words with the referee before Hardy ran behind Carlito rolling him up with a bridge! Hardy came so close to regaining the title there but he only got a two count! The fans wait to see who will win as Hardy stumbles back onto his feet before hitting Carlito with a big Hurricanrana! Hardy stumbles back up charging at Carlito before wrapping his arm around the neck of Carlito bringing him crashing down to the mat with a neckbreaker. Hardy quickly scoops Carlito up trying for the Twist of Fate but Carlito shoves Hardy into the corner. Hardy almost gets shoved into the referee but Hardy stops himself from doing so. Hardy tries to back out of the corner but with his back turned Carlito grabbed an apple he brought with him to ringside before taking a bite and spiting it at Hardy but he misses and Carlito spits the apple on the referee! Carlito looks very concerned as the ref wipes the apple off his face before Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Carlito! Hardy makes his way to the top rope jumping off and hitting the Swanton Bomb! The ref gets all of the apple out of his eyes before making the count and Hardy retains the gold.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy

Backstage The Golden Standards are walking around with their World Tag Team Championships around their shoulders. Benjamin and Burke wander around for a bit before they finally come to a stop. They bump into a few lower superstars backstage. Otherwise Benjamin and Burke rally up everybody around them, as there are many people that don’t have matches tonight. Benjamin says that there is a reason why everybody does not have a match tonight. Benjamin says that Val’s reason is he was too busy making movies with Jimmy Yang’s Wang! The crowd laughs at this as Burke follows up by saying that the Mexicools had a few yards they had to cut earlier today to make their money. Benjamin looks at the Miz and tells him that he just downright sucks but Burke stops him there. Burke says he realized why the Golden Standards, the World Tag Team Champions don’t have a match! Benjamin asks him why this is (obviously Benjamin knows so he acts sarcastic) Burke follows up with “It’s because we’re black!” Benjamin shakes his head in anger as all of the lower superstars open their mouths and wonder why Burke and Benjamin think that is the reason. Benjamin and Burke walk off saying that they are taking this to the higher authorities in the WWE. They say that their Raw GM Jonathan Coachman should be “down with the brown” but Benjamin and Burke say they will not let this rest.

A video package runs afterwards hyping the Ric Flair vs. Charlie Haas match, which is six months in the making. The package shows Flair “signing up” to be Haas’s partner, their tag team title victory at Unforgiven, a few of their tag team title defenses and ultimately the loss at the Royal Rumble before Haas turning on Flair. Shortly after it shows Haas beating down on Ric’s son this past week on Raw.

Match #3
Submission Match
Ric Flair vs. Charlie Haas

Match Overview: Overall the match gets a lot of time that is surprising but is showing that the WWE is very intent on trying to get Haas over as a heel. Haas and Flair work the match very well and very many submission moves are applied during the match of course considering the stipulation of the match is a submission match. Flair gets an Indian Deathlock locked in on Haas, which Haas comes so close to tapping out but Flair simply rolls back over locking in the Figure Four Leg Lock! The fans go nuts, as Haas is so close to having give up. Haas is able to pull himself towards the ropes and pull himself out of the ring. Haas is lying halfway outside of the ring and the ref forces Flair to break the hold since Haas had the ropes. Haas is able to pull himself up on the outside before sliding back into the ring. Haas baited Flair to the outside of the ring as Flair slide outside after Haas. As Flair slides back in he steps right back into the boots from Haas before Haas scoops Flair up and hits three consecutive German Suplexes proving why he is the “Suplex Specialist” Haas grabs Flair trying to lock in the Haas of Pain and he does so successfully! Haas has the hold locked in on Flair as Flair is trying desperately to get towards the ropes as he tries his best to reach out but Flair can’t grab the ropes! He gives it one more attempt before he grabs the ropes! The fans watch on as Haas looks on in disgust! Haas drags Flair back onto his feet before hitting him with a European Uppercut and sending Flair off into the ropes. Flair runs back at Haas but Haas ducks underneath and runs right into some big chops from Flair. Haas tries to fend off the chops but he has to take them. Flair goes to whip Haas into the corner but as he does so Haas stops before pulling Flair towards him and hitting the Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Haas quickly hurries over before locking in the Figure Four Leg Lock! Haas had already done enough damage on Flair earlier in the match for it to amount to something now as Flair is locked in on his own submission move! Flair tries grabbing the ropes but this time is unsuccessful and Flair is forced to tap out to the Figure four!

Winner: Charlie Haas

Haas celebrates his win with the Nature Boy down on the mat. The “Suplex Specialist” has shown tonight that he can hang with the big boys as JR and King hype up Haas and just how big of a threat he could be in the near future.

Backstage Triple H is shown walking about before he bumps into Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman. Hunter goes on a rampage talking about how it’s bullshit he doesn’t have a match tonight and what not but that he is actually okay with it now that he thinks about it. Hunter has got to draw out this big surprise for Kurt Angle tomorrow night and that is why he is personally inviting Kurt Angle to show up tomorrow night on Raw! Hunter says that Kurt will not want to miss this special occasion!

Shortly after backstage we cut out to see Edge talking with the Smackdown General Manager JBL. Edge thanks JBL for taking his spot in the big eight man tag match this week and said that he really does appreciate JBL “taking out” Michaels for him. JBL said it was no problem on his part and that he has to protect his big time investment. JBL says he’s confident the right team will win tonight.

Match #4
United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Kenny Dykstra

Match Overview: The match honestly does not get much time as it goes maybe about seven or eight minutes as Dykstra got a little bit of offense in but since he’s still at an early age in his career it doesn’t seem that WWE is confident just yet putting the title on him. Hardy however is able to work a good match out of Dykstra with the time permitted. Dykstra dropped Hardy with a big clothesline turning the tide in the process before heading towards the top rope! Ashley climbs on the top rope for whatever reason and the referee comes over! The referee tries to get Ashley off the ropes but Matt Hardy runs over pushing the referee into Ashley and as Ashley falls off the apron she shakes the ropes in the process. Kenny falls flat onto his privates possibly hurting them big time! Hardy scoops Dykstra up off the mat dragging him towards the middle of the ring before planting the up and comer with a big Twist of Fate to gain the win and retain his championship.

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Matt Hardy

Hardy grabs his title celebrating with the fans for a moment before Kenny walks over helping Ashley up. Kenny looks confused as to why Ashley tried to help him and he blames it all on Ashley! Ashley almost gets into an argument with Kenny but stops trying not to cause anything in this very early going relationship between the two.

Right after the match is over we head backstage once more to see Chris Jericho walking up and trying to talk to Shawn Michaels. HBK and Jericho know they have a lot of history between them but know they must put it aside tonight. Michaels and Jericho both shake one another’s hands signaling that there will be no problems here tonight.

Shortly after a video package plays hyping the Extreme Rules Tag Match tonight which pits RVD and Sabu taking on Mr. Kennedy and the newcomer, Marcus Cor Von. The video mainly hypes RVD and Kennedy’s draft picks over to ECW, Cor Von pouncing the hell out of Sabu in his debut and then the many quarrels between RVD and Kennedy so far.

Match #5
Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Mr. Kennedy and Marcus Cor Von

Match Overview: Overall the fans really get into this match, as it is a break off of what has happened so far tonight as it’s really nonstop hardcore action. The fans really enjoy the match as RVD and Sabu pretty much just let everything go and it shows throughout the match. Sabu was able to take his rival Cor Von down for a bit thanks to an Atomic Arabian Facebuster but before Sabu could cover Kennedy swiftly greeted Sabu with a kick to the head. Sabu slid to the outside of the ring before RVD came from behind on Kennedy swiping him off of his feet. RVD looked down at Kennedy charging across the ring for Rolling Thunder but Kennedy moves and places a chair right where RVD lands back first! The crowd goes nuts as RVD rolls around the ring in pain. Kennedy drags RVD over into the corner mounting him with some hard rights before out to the ring comes Paul Heyman. Heyman is watching the match for a bit cheering on the ECW originals, as Kennedy gets distracted! Kennedy watches Heyman climb onto the apron and Kennedy proceeds to slap the piss out of Heyman! Heyman wipes his mouth (checking for blood) before he steps into the ring) Heyman gets ready to strike Kennedy before RVD charges across the ring and takes down Kennedy with a big shoulder block! Heyman points to RVD as RVD charges off the ropes and this time successfully hits the Rolling Thunder! Van Dam points to the top rope as Heyman picks a chair up pointing to Kennedy as Heyman is going to throw the chair on Kennedy whenever Van Dam leaps off! Heyman tells RVD to go up top and RVD does so. RVD looks down at Kennedy and leaps off the top rope for the Five Star Frog Splash but HEYMAN THROWS THE CHAIR AT VAN DAM IN MID-AIR! The chair collapses with Van Dam’s skull as RVD falls down onto the mat! It has been a while since Cor Von and Sabu were in on the action and Cor Von notices Sabu trying to climb back into the ring. Cor Von pulls the foot of Sabu out of the ring as Kennedy drags Van Dam to the middle of the ring. Kennedy opens a steel chair setting it up in the middle of the ring before moving over a bit and hits the Mic Check! Kennedy didn’t hit the chair at all since he positioned himself to cause RVD to hit face first onto the chair! RVD has to be knocked out as Kennedy covers Van Dam getting the win!

Winners: Mr. Kennedy and Marcus Cor Von

The fans wonder what in the hell has just happened! Paul Heyman has sold himself to the devil it seems in Mr. Kennedy! Heyman helps Kennedy back up holding his hand high in the air as Heyman looks down at Van Dam on the mat. Heyman gets right down in the face of Van Dam and SPITS IN RVD’s FACE! The fans give a loud boo as Heyman points to Kennedy yelling “He’s the future” as a big You Sold Out chant breaks out among the fans.

Joey Styles and Tazz at ringside can’t comprehend what just happened as they look on in amazement. Styles says he wonders if Heyman is going to address why he turned himself against RVD and the Originals apparently on ECW this week.

A video package airs showing clips of past Wrestle Mania’s. The video shows many big time moments before it closes out saying….WrestleMania 23…42 Days Away!

Right after this happens we head backstage once more to see Rey Mysterio standing by with Todd Grisham. Todd asks Rey how it feels to not have a match tonight and Rey says that it’s fine. He needed a little bit of recovering time anyways. Mysterio says that he’s had a few rough months here as he’s came so close to winning the Royal Rumble and what not but now that WrestleMania 23 is here he is going to be able to live his dream. Rey talks about how last year he opened up WrestleMania and retained the United States title but that this year he has bigger dreams ahead of him.

Match #6
#1 Contender’s Divas Battle Royal
Beth Phoenix vs. Candice vs. Maria vs. Melina vs. Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Ashley vs. Jillian vs. Kristal vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Trinity

Match Overview: The match introduced all ten announced divas before down came the returning Beth Phoenix to a nice pop. Phoenix hasn’t been seen since June when she challenged for the Women’s title at Vengeance. Phoenix pretty much woman-handled all of the divas in the match in the early on throwing out Ashley, Kelly Kelly, Trinity, and Kristal all by herself. This brought the match down to Melina, Mickie, Beth, Candice, Torrie, Maria and Jillian. All seven ladies brought their best out there now knowing that they have a shot to challenge for the Women’s title if they can win the match tonight. Mickie was able to eliminate Melina surprisingly early on per say in the match after Melina tried her split legged bulldog but Mickie quickly dropped Melina with the Mick DDT before dumping Melina out of the ring. Victoria watched on from the outside knowing that she has a lot of future competition possibly for her title. Shortly after Jillian made short work of Torrie throwing her between her legs trying for a Powerbomb before dumping Torrie out of the ring. This brings it now down to five divas in Candice, Jillian, Maria, Beth, and Mickie. Maria was able to avoid elimination from Jillian but found herself in trouble from Candice after Candice surprised her by running up behind her and dumping her out! Candice did her famous Go Daddy dance but didn’t last long because Jillian gave Candice the boot to the gut before throwing her out! Now it’s down to three top divas in the WWE in Jillian, Mickie, and Beth. Beth and Mickie both go after Jillian and both team up on her being able to throw her out. Beth and Mickie shortly afterwards both go one on one for a bit before Mickie came so close to winning. Mickie had Beth in the corner trying for the Spinning DDT off the ropes but Beth grabbed Mickie picking her up with amazing strength while Mickie was spinning around and hurled Mickie out of the ring! Mickie falls down on the outside and we have a number one contender!

Winner and #1 Contender: Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix celebrates her win as Victoria stands up. Victoria grabs her Women’s Championship before she slides into the ring. Victoria shares some words with Beth saying that she’s nothing compared to the champion. Victoria says Beth can bring it but she’ll prove just why she is the ultimate diva in the WWE. Beth laughs this off as Victoria gets up in the face of Beth. Victoria pushes Beth before Beth grabs Victoria and hits the Down in Flames! The fans give a loud pop as Beth Phoenix stands over Victoria looking down at the Women’s Championship in the process too as the fans cheer Phoenix as she exits the ring.

We head backstage to see Paul Heyman grabbing his bags and Mr. Kennedy leaving with him. Todd Grisham runs up trying to get words from Paul concerning what happened earlier tonight but Paul ignores him as Kennedy and Heyman get into the limo and speed off. Grisham watches as the limo pulls out of sight.

After this we head out to see a video package focusing on the long Undertaker/Batista feud but now focusing on the Undertaker/Umaga feud plus the Batista/Kane feuds. The video shows a lot of recent stuff that has happened with Undertaker and Kane prevailing but doesn’t limit it to that. It also shows Batista and Umaga coming out on top.

Match #7
The Brothers of Destruction vs. Batista and Umaga

Match Overview: Overall the match gets a decent bit of time but was never really meant to be anything special between these two teams. It was mainly meant to be a “hype match” per say just to hype the two feuds. However the teaming of the Brothers of Destruction certainly made it a special match too as it saw BOD dominate their opponents for a while. Batista and Umaga however did get their turns in during the match too though as Batista got a big period of offense in on his former rival in the Undertaker. Batista seemed to walk all over Undertaker for a bit before he tags in the current rival of the Undertaker in Umaga. Umaga comes in and runs wild on Undertaker hitting big move after big move. Umaga knocked Undertaker down with a big clothesline. Umaga dragged the Undertaker over towards the corner as Armando Estrada told him to get ready to end the match. Umaga dragged Undertaker out of the corner before throwing him on top of his shoulders trying for the Samoan Drop! Umaga tries to bring Undertaker crashing down into the mat but Undertaker instead is able to swing off of the shoulders of Umaga before throwing Umaga between his legs! Undertaker tries for the Last Ride but Umaga hits a big Back Body Drop on Undertaker! Umaga runs over knocking Kane off the ropes as Kane stumbles onto the outside! Kane however gets back up rather quickly before sliding into the ring! Batista gets into the ring charging at Kane but Kane side steps Batista and then clotheslines Batista to the outside! All of this chaos distracts Umaga in the process who turns around right into a big Chokeslam from the Undertaker! Undertaker lifts Umaga onto his shoulders trying for the Tombstone Piledriver but before he can hit the move Umaga slides off of the shoulders of the Undertaker! Umaga spins Undertaker around before hitting the big Samoan Drop! Umaga drags ‘Taker back onto his feet before planting ‘Taker with the Samoan Spike! Kane and Batista are still brawling on the outside and distracted as the ref counts and UMAGA HAS PINNED ‘TAKER CLEANLY!

Winners: Batista and Umaga

Estrada slides into the ring as Umaga stands up slapping his chest in celebration! Umaga and Estrada celebrate Umaga’s big win tonight as they head out of the ring as JR and King talk about how big this has been for Umaga’s career.

Backstage Finlay is giving MVP a big pep talk concerning his match next against John Cena. Finlay reminds MVP just how big this could be for his career if he could somehow get the win. MVP says that Finlay doesn’t need to worry because he’s got this one in the bag. MVP says that he’s sat back and made the big bucks but tonight he makes an impact in the process of making the big bucks. Ballin!

Match #8
John Cena vs. MVP w/ Finlay

Match Overview: Overall the match didn’t go as long as you would think it would but it’s a break from the big tag match that just happened though. It gets slowed down a lot and the fans seem to enjoy it despite it being a mixture of styles. Finlay found himself getting kicked out about a few minutes into the match thanks to Hornswoggle who felt the need to try and interfere in the match which concerned MVP for a while. MVP has been saying that it was all about him but it seems he’s worried that Finlay isn’t out there now. Finlay tells MVP it’ll be ok and MVP gets distracted of course! MVP turns around right into an F-U attempt from Cena but MVP slides off the shoulders before booting Cena in the stomach and hitting a big DDT! MVP looks down at Cena before coming off the ropes and hitting the Ballin’ elbow. MVP got the cover getting a two count but he knew he had a good chance of taking the win there. MVP slowly pulled himself back up before dragging MVP back onto his feet! MVP put his foot on the head of Cena trying for the Playmaker but Cena was able to pull MVP up and somehow reverse the Playmaker by flipping MVP over onto his stomach. Cena lifts MVP into the air bringing him crashing down with the F-U! Cena doesn’t cover but instead looks set to lock in the STFU and he does so! Cena however didn’t notice that MVP’s foot was so close to the ropes as MVP reached out and touched the ropes with his foot forcing the hold to be broken. Cena dragged MVP back up trying to lift MVP back onto his feet before he Irish whipped Cena off into the ropes! Cena gets distracted though as out runs Hornswoggle from underneath the ring! The ref of course gets distracted which gives MVP time to grab his “MVP” necklace from ringside and bust Cena across the head with the necklace! MVP quickly calls the ref over before throwing the chain to the outside. MVP hooks the leg of Cena and gets the surprise win!

Winner: MVP

MVP jumps up and down celebrating this huge win tonight as Finlay comes down to the ring. Finlay grabs a shillelagh before sliding into the ring and beats the ankle of Cena to death! Finlay has to be restrained because he won’t stop beating the hell out of Cena! Once Finlay is out, Cena is helped to the back as he is showing a limp thanks to Finlay!

Once we head backstage we see Rated RKO standing by with Todd Grisham. Both Edge and Orton talk about how big tonight is and that they will fulfill their promise at WrestleMania 23. They both said the first week of the New Year that they would remain champs throughout 2007 and that they will. Orton says tonight he proves just why the champs are superior to the contender and it’s all thanks to three little letters…R…K…O!

A video package plays hyping the big Second Annual Champs vs. Contender’s match with past highlights of what has went down the past few weeks. The video ends with Orton and Edge toasting in the middle of the ring in their promise to keep the titles in ’07.

Match #9
2nd Annual Champions vs. Contender’s Match
Randy Orton (c) and Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho

Match Overview: The match goes about a bit over twenty minutes which is no shock as all four of these men are in good shape to go that long. The match gets given a lot of time and each man gets a fair share of offense in during the match which is to assure that in no way do they look weak after this big match tonight. It is Edge that is taking advantage of Jericho as the match starts to draw towards the ending of it. However both men were able to make the hot tags bringing in both HBK and Orton! HBK explodes on offense on Orton knocking down Orton with a flying shoulder before kipping back up and hitting Orton with a few big rights knocking Orton back down. HBK leans against Orton before Irish whipping Orton off into the ropes! HBK watches Orton charge back at him but Orton quickly runs around HBK and hits the big neckbreaker onto Orton’s back! Orton watches the Heart Break Kid fall onto the mat as Orton tags in Edge! Edge taunts HBK in the corner as he is preparing to knock HBK back down onto the mat with the Spear! Edge charges across the ring as Michaels slowly gets back onto his feet but HBK side steps Edge and sends Edge shoulder first into the pole! Edge drags himself out of the corner holding his shoulder before he backs right into Sweet Chin Music! HBK falls on top of Edge looking for the cover before Longhorn hits across the arena! The music of the Smackdown GM sounds as JBL is nowhere to be seen. HBK looks around the arena checking to see where JBL is at but of course this gives Edge time to tag in Orton! Orton shoves HBK into Jericho as Jericho is now the legal man! Jericho stumbles into the ring right at Orton as Orton and Jericho go at it! Edge distracts the referee which during this time JBL runs from out of the crowd and knocks HBK down on the outside of the ring with a thunderous Clothesline from Hell just like last Friday on Smackdown! HBK had no clue JBL was in the crowd and JBL quickly runs back into the crowd trying not to be spotted! The Smackdown announcers are having a fit that the GM interfered like that. Orton and Jericho are still getting into it as Jericho tried to turn Orton around for the Walls of Jericho but Orton rolled through with a cradle! Orton quickly got back onto his feet and as soon as Jericho did Orton struck Jericho with the RKO bringing his WrestleMania 23 opponent down onto the mat. Orton hooks both legs covering Jericho and getting the win booking the win for Rated RKO

Winners: Edge and Randy Orton

Orton has his hand raised as Edge comes back into the ring as well! Orton and Edge both celebrate their wins holding their titles in the air before JBL comes in through the crowd. Of course the referee knows nothing about JBL being out here earlier and JBL rolls into the ring holding the hands of Edge and Orton high. JBL tells Edge something in his ear as the show comes to an end with the cameras focusing on Orton and Edge winning here tonight.


WWE WrestleMania XXIII
Sunday April 1, 2007
Miami, Florida
Official Theme Song: Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Women's Championship
Victoria (c) vs. Beth Phoenix


Look for some News and Notes to explain some events that happened at No Way Out probably Saturday. Raw won't go up until mid week next week or so as I have no interest on working on it now. Overall though I'm happy with how NWO went off. Originally it was planned to not have a title match at all but of course the card got tweaked a bit.

Also I know there was a lot of "interferences" etc. in the US title, the MVP/Cena match (somehwat with Hornswoggle), the Main Event, and plus the ECW match but I think each one served it's own purpose. So really I don't think it was overdone per say.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice stuff. Comments will come, in a few days.



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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

No Way Out Review:

Great opening video, as it fit well with the theme of No Way Out. The event being a tri-branded event is a great idea as well. Decent opening match between Punk and Regal. At first look, I thought that it was too much to have Regal be hit with the GTS and then tap out to the Anaconda Vice, but it works as it effectively puts over Punk, and I guess ends the feud between the two.

Rated RKO has arrived! The Main Event should be a great match. As far as Carlito's comments before his upcoming match, while good I see Jeff retaining the title here tonight.

Not surprised to see Jeff get the win and retain the title. Also due to the amount of matches on the card, not surprised that this match wasn't given much time.

Benjamin/Burke as a tag team and champions=Ratings! Great name for the team as well. I saw that you mentioned that you plan to do this storyline with the two of them back in the discussion thread. This should be an interesting storyline based on how you book it.

Surprised to see Hass get the win over Flair in this type of match, but like you mentioned the point was to get Hass over in this thread.

I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow on Raw between Hunter and Angle. I see a possible Mania match between the two to take place though, imo.

Matt and Kenny's match while good and for a title, seemed more like a filler match. Hardy wins as expected, as really it never seemed like either of the two titles that were on the line tonight were going to change hands.

What a tag match! Heyman turning on Van Dam was kind of expected, as honestly it is starting to become the norm recently in BTBs with ECW coming in as a third brand or team, with Heyman turning on the originals and aligning himself with the heels. With that said Kennedy and Cor Von getting the win is huge, and it looks like Kennedy vs. Van Dam might take place at Mania 23.

Beth Phoenix is back in this thread and...she is going to Mania to face Victoria for the Women's Championship! What a match that is going to be, IMO! After the post match showdown between the two, it looks like Beth might just become the NEW Women's Champion.

Heyman and company quickly high tail it out of the arena via limo. Hopefully a good promo will come from them on the next ECW show in this thread.

The tag match was as you put it simply a way to hype up the two feuds between the four men involved in the match! Umaga pinning Taker was huge, but really in a sense makes it certain that the two will face off at Mania, in which should be a huge match!

MVP gets the huge win in this match over Cena! Should MVP be in MITB at Mania, I think that he should win it, because he deserves it, IMO.

Excellent Main Event! Smackdown GM, JBL, interfering and hitting the CLH to Michaels was great booking. Great counter from Orton to Jericho leading to the RKO and the 1-2-3 pinfall and victory for the champs! Great way to end the show with the champs and JBL standing tall to end the show.

Even though this PPV was in recap form, it still was well booked and progressed the feuds in a great way. Looking forward to the buildup for Mania in this thread, and then Mania 23 which I'm sure is going to be an excellent PPV here in BTB!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Another top of the range video package. A lot of No Way Outs at the end, lol.

Nice to mention that it's the first ever tri brand event. History in the making.

Punk and Regal opening was an odd choice imo, as there were many matches that had potential to kick this shin dig off. It's a prominent spot for Punk though, with the responsibility of opening a PPV, and it's a good win too, beating a veteran figure like Regal, and in style.

Good touch to have Orton & Edge arrive together. Shows their bond as a unit.

Carlito & Hardy would certainly be a match to whet the appetite. Strong pre match promo from CCC, and sets the seeds of doubt over Hardys ability to retain the title, given how well put together the heel turn has been. Had a feeling once you made the point of saying the match didnt get much time that Hardy would keep the gold. This feud certainly has a lot more mileage in it before it's all said and done. Both men should get a MITB spot at WM, then their feud will likely explode after that for a month or two.

Was the Golden Standard skit ssupposed to be a piss take of Cryme Tyme?? If so, that'd be cool, and we might even see the usual laid back Cryme Tyme get a little worked up ... or not. Thinking or not .

Whoa. Haas gets the submission win ... with the patented Figure Four. MITB beckons for Haas surely @ WM, but god knows what is next for Flair now. If this is the start of a major push for Haas, it better be kept up as good as it's started. Whether he'll have longevity in the upper tier is questionable, and will likely be the greatest challenge you'll face in this push.

Given it's hype, the HHH - Angle showdown on Raw damn sure better not disappoint.

So, was the JBL in ring return a one off?? And surely as SD GM, his investment is the main event of WM, not just Edge?? EXPLANATIONS REQUIRED~!!

No surprises that Matt Hardy holds onto the U.S Championship, but big things lie ahead for Dykstra. I dont think he'll be in for a WM spot, unless there is a big battle royal, but his push will steadily continue following the big one. Hardy I'd guess has a spot in MITB waiting for him, and he wouldnt surprise me as a winner. Hope you arent breaking up Dykstra and Ashley so soon. I'd love to see a volatile relationship between the two for a long period, where they just yell at each other all the time. Would be like a real life relationship

Lots of backstage shenanigans this evening it seems. Good to see interaction between HBK & Y2J though since it's obvious Edge & Orton are on the same page.

Now, now. There's a shocker. Didnt see the Heyman heel turn coming. This could be the shot in the arm that the ECW brand needs, even if a Heyman heel turn isnt exactly earth shattering. It could well build a spark to make the ECW show a must see piece of television each week. The explanation though will be what makes or breaks the heel turn and the whole angle itself imo. From the aftermath, I'd guess that Heyman has a new vision for ECW and it doesnt include Originals. Good win to add credibility to Kennedy & Cor Von, and surely Kennedy will be the first to hold the ECW Title.

MITB for Mysterio anyone?? He'd be an awesome addition to the pack imo.

Now, this came as a huge surprise. I fully expected Mickie James to get the nod, but it's the Glamazon going to WM instead. Not complaining. I like the element of surprise as much as anyone, and it's not like Phoenix is inferior to Mickie in terms of ability (unless you're Mac). Could be a real barn burner of a womens match at WM with two tremendous female grapplers going for the gold. New champion imo.

Big man tag match is up, and indeedy, I called it as it went ... clean win for Youmanga (If your name is Willy Regal). As you said, it wasnt meant to be a special match, just more for the purpose of hype for Mania. Please god dont let Batista & Kane loose one on one at WM. That match alone kills the show for me (overstating it a bit maybe ). Kane is done, plain and simple. Put the guy out to pasture. Taker & Youmanga at Mania reeks of RATINGS!!! Streak remains in tact, but Umaga to really give the Deadman a fright methinks.

Pleased that MVP didnt want to listen to Finlays words of advice. This could well be his break out match.

AND BALLIN!!! MVP with an enormous win to boost his SD profile. Certain to get a spot at WM (MITB anyone??), and with this win, he could instantly perch himself into position for a U.S Title shot (although a Hardy - MVP BTB feud wouldnt go down well atm, given their really long rivalry). In the end, despite predicting it, I didnt think MVP would win once Finlay was kicked out, but you gave us a surprise, and MVP, thanks in part to Hornswoggle scores the biggest of wins for his fledgling career, taking out Cena.

Aftermath with Finlay making his opresence felt just about telegraphs a bout with Cena at Mania, which I'll look forward to. It;s not quite a headline making match that you'd expect Cena to get, but it shouldnt disappoint, that's for sure.

BTW, as a sidenote - MITB predictions; Carlito, Jeff, Haas, Matt, MVP, Rey. All six predictions made on this show .

NOW IT'S TIME FOR OUR MAIIIIIIN EVENT. TM Todd Grisham. Adamle>Grisham>Cole>J.R . Hmmmm. Back to the point. This could certainly become an annual tradition, with champions vs challengers, although maybe next year it could be at SNME, rather than the PPV. All seems to be your by the numbers big tag main event ... until JBL interjects himself. Firstly no showing to his music, just as it seems Michaels has it wrapped up, then a sneak attack. Just what is his motive for this vendetta though?? . I <3 you. Clean Orton win over Jericho was just what the doctor ordered, and hey presto, we now have a strong champion on Raw heading into Mania. THAT QUICK, THAT SUDDEN!!! Orton with an RKO ends this as quick as a flash, and sets up the chase nicely for Jericho over on Raw now. But we need answers as JBL's involvement. It's extremely interesting to say the least right now, but why JBL?? WHY??? Looking forward to answers.

Gotta say, you're just hitting form at the right time KOP. Plenty of talking points coming from this badboy; Heyman heel turn, Umaga pinning Taker clean, MVP over Cena, JBL involving himself with Edge & HBK. The interest is beginning to suddenly peak, and you can blow the roof off the WM build up if the Angle - HHH showdown goes down well. It;s looking rosy in the garden of UTF, just at the right time
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry this is a bit late, KOP

Good video package to kick things off. I would have liked a little more emphasis on the Rated RKO domination of the WWE, but I expect we might get that at WrestleMania.

Yeah, like Wolfy, I had Carlito/Hardy or Hardy/Dykstra down as the match that would kick off the show, so a strange choice with Punk and Regal getting that honour. I say that because it is essentially a glorified squash match, and there was never any doubt that Punk would go over. One thing I don't like is the way you have Punk use the GTS and then lock in the Anacona Vise. It seems like you're making the GTS look a bit weak. One or the other should win the match I feel.

Wow, Rated RKO really do > the WWE right now. The fact that this stable is still together and on different shows is awesome. Shouldn't Paul Burchill be with them though??

I'm glad that you're actually making Carlito's heel turn more of a gradual thing, rather than just rush it right away. You did the same with Batista last year. Nice little tweenerish interview with Maria before the IC match with Hardy. I'm a bit gutted that 'Lito didn't get the win and the title, but I loved the way he couldn't put Jeff away and so had to resort to heelish tactics {spitting apple} which ended up costing him the match in the end. This feud isn't over I imagine, as, like Wolfy said, these two are essentials for Raw's MITB entrants {along with Haas or Flair}. Hardy is a bit stale as the Champ too, so I hope a heel Carly gets the belt soon.

Bit of a wierd segment from Benjamin and Burke to be honest. You should bring in Teddy Long to be their manager if this is the roaf you're taking with them. "down with the brown" I guess these kind of skits is all The Gold Standards will have until they get some genuine competition for the titles.

Yes, yes, yes, YES, it's so good to see Charlie Haas finally getting the kind of push in this thread that you've hinted at doing before. Wolfy pushed him but ended it quickly, and now, me, you, and Mac are all pushing him, so Haas > BTB now. Loved the way you mixed up the Submissions in the match, as Haas is probably more technically sound that Flair in terms of how many holds he knows. Making Flair tap out clean to the Figure Four is absolutely huge for Charlie, and if he isn't in MITB now it'll be a huge, huge waste. Flair will probably start to fade out now, but the future sure does look bright for the Submission Specialist

Interesting boast from Hunter. I'll be interested to see this promo with Angle on Raw, as it will be the first time they've been in the same ring since Trips attacked Kurt on SmackDown!

Wierd and intriguing situation between JBL and Edge. I know JBL is heel and all, and still technically active, but would he really go to that much effort to protect Edge??

No real surprise that Hardy retains the U.S Championship, and does so with relative ease. Dykstra isn't at Matt's level yet, so he was never really in with a chance. Not sure why Kenny and Ashley are arguing already in their relationship, but at least Ashley seems to have turned heel. Either man could be in MITB, although I find that unlikely for Kenny at this early point of his career. Perhaps Matt will face off against Rey at 'Mania for the U.S title, giving you the chance to put someone else in the MITB match from SD??

Nice to see Jericho and HBK get some interraction. I'd prefer some more tension between the two of them, but, honestly, I can't see them winning tonight at all.

Wow, I think I knew a heel turn was on the cards for Heyman ... but I thought it would come much later in the year Awesome way for him to do it as well, nailing RVD in mid-air. Could this be the start of the whole 'New Breed' angle again?? Kennedy and Cor Von really don't need a mouthpiece so let them keep talking on ECW please. With KK pinning RVD, I can see Van Dam getting revenge at WM by pinning Ken to win the belt. As for Cor Von, did you say there will be ECW superstars in the MITB match?? Get The Alpha Male in there now

Oh, right, with Mysterio saying he's "moving on to better things" tahn the U.S title, I would imagine he'll be going after the MITB briefcase this year. I hope he doesn't win it though

I really love the idea of Victoria-Beth Phoenix getting it on at WrestleMania. This could very well be one of the most physical women's matches in ages. I thought Mickie would get the duke, but her and Vickie has been done to death, and Beth is definately fresh. I hotly anticipate their 'Mania encounter now.

Semi-Main Event time with BOD versus 'Mags/'Tista. at how Batista and Kane were only there to make up the numbers. This was all about Umaga and Taker, plain and simple. I though Kane would be pinned by 'Maga, but the beast pinning the Deadman was absolutely awesome. Taker is obviously coming out on top come 'Mania, but the weeks up to that event will likely feature the Samoan just straight up murdering the Phenom's ass. The Kane/Batista situation needs to end NOW Batista just has way too much credibility to have a 'Mania feud with Kane, as the BRM is washed up beyond belief. End it quick.

WOAAAAHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!! Porter beat Cena????? Damn, that is so awesome, KOP, and I never saw it coming. I thought MVP would just be a stepping stone for Cena to Finlay, not the other way around. The finished worked excellently too, with Hornswoggle taking one for the team and Montel using his $ chain. The beat down to Cena's leg afterwards was brutal too, really giving Finlay an almighty push too. I'm torn between which match I want to be a Street Fight {any kind of Hardcore really}, Finlay-Cena or Angle-Hunter?? Either will be brilliant. As for MVP, if he's not in MITB or at least at 'Mania after this huge win, it'll be an injustice. He could realistically win MITB after a result like this.

Wolfy made his predictions, so I'll make mine too: Carlito, Jeff, and Haas from Raw; Mysterio, MVP and Punk from SD!; and Cor Von and Sabu from ECW

Another wild Main Event, just like on SmackDown! I would have preferred a match like this on SNME, with Edge having a title defence on this show rather. Jericho the sacrificial lamb and all that jazz until JBL gets involved again Just what the hell is going on with him?? Assaulting HBK twice in three days?? His agenda should be made clear on Friday Night. Another big story though, as Orton pins Jericho clean as a whistle. Orton's a complete beast at the moment; I'd even say more so than Edge. I actually thought that Orton would retain at 'Mania, since he only just won the title at Survivor Series, but with thising owning of Y2J, could we see the King of the World on top of the world again???

A very, very solide NWO recap, KOP, with you sublime booking skills showing yet again. Everything has me intrigued leading into 'Mania now, especially the JBL situation. You also gave some huge pushes tonight to Cor Von, MVP and Finlay. I can't wait for Raw Roulette
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview
Monday February 19, 2007
Bakersfield, California

Raw Roulette

For the first time since 2003 Raw Roulette returns to television and promises us to be a promising night. At the spin of a wheel Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman will determine the fate of a superstar's match for that night. Every match will be determined by the wheel and there are many types of matches including a Steel Cage Match, Ladder Match, Anything Goes Match, Coach's Choice, Bra and Panties, and many many more choices! What will be the fate of the superstars and divas on Raw?

Contract Signing

Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman will also have a busy night ahead of him despite Raw Roulette in the fact that he has to host a Contract Signing for the WWE championship match at WrestleMania 23. It has already been confirmed that the signing will kick off Raw. Just a night off of No Way Out which saw the WWE champion Randy Orton pin Chris Jericho, things are bound to explode. What will both men have to say now that WrestleMania is only 41 days away!

Fallen Chain Gang Soldier

John Cena suffered the ultimate defeat at No Way Out last night which saw MVP pull off the big upset win over Cena. However had it not been for Finlay and Hornswoggle we never would have seen MVP pull off the win. Cena is set to be in action here on Raw come Monday night and knowing the Chain Gang Solider you can bet he will not be in a good mood come this Monday!

A Visit from Angle

Kurt Angle is set to appear on Raw this Monday thanks to the invitation from Triple H. Triple H brutally attacked Angle on Smackdown at the beginning of the month and Angle has not been seen in a ring since. But tonight Angle pays a visit to Raw for the first time in nearly nine months. What will the Olympic Gold Medalist say when he meets Hunter face to face in the ring?

"We've Been Wronged"

Last night at No Way Out Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke made a statement that could have shook the foundation of the WWE. They said they were being held back because they were black. But the thing is tonight on Raw Benjamin and Burke have to defend their titles against Cryme Tyme since Cryme Tyme won a Battle Royal to earn the spot. What will Benjamin and Burke have to say tonight on Raw?

Money in the Bank

The third annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 23 has been confirmed and we've been told that eight of the WWE's top superstars will compete this year. However on Raw we get the privilege of finding out the first person in this year's match.

All of this plus the first inductee into the Class of 2007 WWE Hall of Fame is announced. Don't miss this historic Monday Night Raw live this Monday at 9/8 CT.


Well I'm looking at Raw most likely being up later this weekend or what not. I've got a project due mid-week so of course that will be my priority for the beginning of the week. I had typed up some news and notes concerning the NWO PPV but I lost them. So I don't really care...they were nothing big anyways. If I don't have to work too much later this weekend it'll be up but I'm not going to rush it to get it up.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw looks the business as usual, KOP. The Raw Roulette is something I haven't seen from an experienced booker before, soit should be a treat to read. I've got my money on at least one kind of brutal match in the night' Steel Cage match I think actually.

After Orton pinned Jericho clean at NWO, their confrontation should be intriguing, but hopefully it's a bit more exciting than most stock standard contract signings.

Looking forward to it
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday February 19, 2007
Bakersfield, California

Raw opens tonight with a special video package highlighting the previous two Raw Roulettes and many matches that went down on both shows. Shortly after this video package ends we head off to see another video package this time focusing on instead the rivalry between Randy Orton and Chris Jericho. The video shows Orton RKO’ing Jericho at No Way Out and getting the clean pin before it fades off with Orton standing over Jericho.

Shortly after this Across the Nation by Union Underground plays and the normal Raw video package airs before we head into the arena.

Jim Ross: Hello everybody and welcome tonight to perhaps the biggest episode of Raw EVER! Many things are going to take place tonight plus it’s the return of an all time favorite here on Raw!

Jerry Lawler: Raw Roulette makes it’s return tonight which means EVERY SINGLE MATCH will be determined by the spin of a wheel!

Jim Ross: Plus kicking off Raw tonight we’ve got the Contract Signing for WrestleMania 23 with our General Manager watching the proceedings.

Jerry Lawler: And that’s not all because also marks the return of Kurt Angle to Raw for the first time since last May! And tonight he’s going to go face to face with the man that has been giving him trouble for the past few weeks…”The Game” Triple H!

Hard Hittin’ hits across the arena as out steps Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman. Coach makes his way down the ramp before making his way up the steps. Inside the ring are the contract, the table, two chairs, and the big Raw Roulette wheel. Nobody is really certain why the wheel is in the ring but still…it’s situated there for at least now.

Jonathan Coachman: Now I know many of you are wondering why the Raw Roulette wheel is out here but let’s go ahead and get down to business. Tonight is perhaps one of the biggest Raw’s in years! We’ve got Raw Roulette returning….

The crowd gives a decent pop.

Jonathan Coachman: The return to Raw of Kurt Angle…

The crowd gives a LOUD POP.

Jonathan Coachman: And finally right now the Contract Signing for WrestleMania 23!

The crowd gives another LOUD POP.

Jonathan Coachman: But now that I look back I’m wondering just why I gave such a big night away to such a terrible city in Bakersfield! Hell the Coach didn’t even know that Bakersfield existed until my co-workers told me about it!

The crowd gives a showering of boos towards Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: But that’s enough for now. We need to go ahead and get this big night kicked off and first let me introduce to you the man that will be challenging for the WWE Championship come WrestleMania 23…. he is the “Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla” Chris Jericho!

Break the Walls Down hits across the arena as out steps the challenger Chris Jericho. Jericho comes out to a big ovation from the fans as he slowly makes his way down the ramp. Jericho jumps onto the ropes before of course doing his trademark taunt by bouncing against the ropes before he gets into the ring. Jericho, whom is clad in ring gear, walks over before taking a seat.

Jonathan Coachman: And his opponent…he has held the WWE Championship since Survivor Series…please welcome the WWE Champion…. Randy Orton!

Burn in my Light hits across the arena as out steps Randy Orton arrogantly onto the stage. Orton signals for the sparks to fall behind him as he throws his hands up taunting everybody. Orton makes his way down the ramp now not taking his eyes off Jericho as Jericho is staring coldly at Orton as if he just committed a crime. Orton rolls into the ring throwing the title off of his shoulder and onto the table for Jericho to look right at it! Coach gets everything under order before he grabs the contract.

Jonathan Coachman: Okay gentlemen. Both of your attorney’s have already looked over the contract and said that it is safe for both of you to sign. Once you both sign the contract then we can have some comments from each one of you concerning the match. Randy, you’re first….

Coach hands the contract over to Orton who fakes flipping through the papers but signs it rather quickly.

Jonathan Coachman: Chris…now it’s your turn…

Coach grabs the contract from Orton as Jericho looks at it getting ready to sign but as always Orton stops Jericho before he can sign it.

Randy Orton: Chris think about what you’re doing. Think about what you’re having to put your family through Chris! For weeks I’ve been running rampant on you here on Raw and you’re going to put your career at risk just for MY title?

The crowd boos Orton loudly.

Randy Orton: I mean you can do whatever you want but it’s like…

Jericho interrupts him.

Chris Jericho: It’s like what?

Randy Orton: Well it’s like s…

Jericho once again interrupts Orton

Chris Jericho: It’s like nothing Randy. I’ve sat back and disappointed those fans, MY JERICHOHOLICS! For years because I had to make stupid choices. I had to go stab people in the back but now it’s my time Randy. I’ve sat back on the sidelines for years and I haven’t main evented a WrestleMania in FIVE YEARS! You know how much that hurts Randy?

Randy Orton: Chris I’m warning you…

Jericho flips through the contract once more and SIGNS IT!

Randy Orton: I’d like you to know Chris that you just signed your career death warrant!

Jericho laughs at these comments.

Randy Orton: Flashback to No Way Out last night and if you remember I pinned you in that ring one…two…three. Hell why take it for words…let’s look at it ourselves shall we?

Orton calls for the footage to be played as it shows Orton hitting the RKO on Jericho and pinning him to get the win for his team.

Randy Orton: It’s not only clear to me but it’s clear to everybody Chris. You’re the former shell of a man that you used to be. You have to run and hide behind these so-called “Jerichoholics” that you call them because you know that your career is a joke. You know that you’ve haven’t done a damn thing in your career to make an impact at all!

Orton watches as Jericho stands up.

Chris Jericho: Oh really Randy…then what do you call this?

Jericho shoves Orton before Orton falls back. Orton looks ready to come back at Jericho but Coach stops it.

Jonathan Coachman: CALM DOWN! I know both of you want to take your anger out right now but now is not the time. Because tonight you’ve both got big matches ahead of you…

The crowd pops wanting to see both men in action.

Jonathan Coachman: Chris you’ve got a big task ahead of you because you’ve got to face your former friend and bodyguard later tonight and well why don’t we go ahead and find out what kind of match that is going to be tonight?

Coach walks over before spinning the wheel and the wheel lands on…

Jonathan Coachman: A First Blood Match!

The crowd pops for the big match, as Jericho looks a little worried but not too much.

Jonathan Coachman: And as for you Randy…let’s go ahead and spin the wheel to find out…

Coach spins the wheel as it goes round and round before it lands on…

Jonathan Coachman: How appropriate! A Legend vs. Legend Killer Match!

Orton shows a smile, as he seems very intrigued by this idea.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ve got one legend waiting in the back right now that is ready to take you on tonight so you’ll just have to wait till later…

Jonathan Coachman: Now g…

Shortly after this Orton and Jericho get back into each other’s face. It seems Orton said something to provoke Jericho but it wasn’t said into the mic. Orton and Jericho both badmouth one another before Coach tries to break it up again! Orton tries to RKO Jericho but Jericho is able to move out of the way before throwing Orton through the table! Coach looks at Jericho before he pushes Jericho asking him why he did that! Jericho quickly swipes Coach off of his feet before he locks in the Walls of Jericho! Jericho has the hold locked in on Coach, as Coach has no hope! Jericho keeps the hold in for about a minute and Coach passes out! King and JR talk about why didn’t Palumbo come down and save Coach but apparently King tells JR that Palumbo has yet to arrive to the arena.


Jim Ross: And before the break Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman had to be wheeled out of the arena on a stretcher. It seems as if he was having trouble being brought back after he passed out!

Jerry Lawler: Well I have no clue who is in charge right now but apparently we’re heading backstage to find out right now!

The camera heads backstage to see the Raw Roulette wheel being placed in the General Manager’s Office before the camera is moved over to reveal…Mr. McMahon!

Mr. McMahon: Right there!

Mr. McMahon smiles as he looks at the workers who brought the wheel in.

Mr. McMahon: Okay that’s perfect! Now get the hell out of my office!

The workers leave as we head into the arena to see Cryme Tyme already waiting in the arena. Mr. McMahon comes on the big Jumbotron looking at Cryme Tyme saying that we’re about to decide their type of match right now for the World Tag Team Titles! Mr. McMahon spins the wheel and it lands on Bakersfield Street Fight!

Match #1
World Tag Team Championships
Bakersfield Street Fight
The Golden Standards (c’s) vs. Cryme Tyme

Match Overview: This match gets about ten minutes or so to put some good focus back into the tag team division. The match takes a turn for the interesting once Burke slide a garbage can into the ring to Benjamin who proceeded to dropkick the garbage can into the face of Shad! Big Shad fell down onto the mat with a thud before Burke came into the ring. Burke grabbed a 2x4 beating JTG over the back with it repeatedly. Burke yells at Benjamin to pick JTG up and hold him in the corner and Benjamin does so making sure that Burke is ready. Burke charges across the ring for the Elijah Experience but JTG was able to elbow out of the corner and Burke collides with the corner! JTG quickly runs over hitting a big clothesline onto Benjamin knocking him down. Shad is slowly pulling himself back up now. Shad scoops Burke up looking for the G-9 but Benjamin chop blocks Shad from behind! Shad falls down onto one knee and as JTG runs he runs right back at Burke! Burke scoops JTG up hitting a big Elijah Express appropriately onto a steel chair that was in the middle of the ring. Benjamin puts the boot to Shad assuring he can’t get up as Burke covers to retain the gold.

Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions: The Golden Standards

Benjamin and Burke grab their titles stumbling up the stage knowing they were so close to possibly losing them tonight. Shortly after we head off to a commercial.


We head into the office of Mr. McMahon who is filling in for Coach tonight since he was injured earlier on Raw at the hands of Chris Jericho! Mr. McMahon is talking right now to Mickie James and Maria.

Mr. McMahon: Okay ladies let’s go ahead and spin this wheel to see what your tag match is going to be tonight….

Mr. McMahon spins the wheel and it lands on…


Mr. McMahon shows a smile as Mickie and Maria smile before walking off heading towards the arena one must presume. Mr. McMahon looks set to sit back and watch the match before in walks the World Tag Team Champions, The Golden Standards!

Shelton Benjamin: What the hell was that about?

Mr. McMahon turns around startled to see one of his employees yelling at him.

Mr. McMahon: Listen! Tonight is not the night to be coming in here and yelling at me! I could just as easily strip of you those tag titles right now if I very damn well felt like it!

Elijah Burke: It’s kind of ironic that first off we didn’t get to wrestle at No Way Out last night and now…we’re put in a Street Fight? Is this some kind of hint or something?

Shelton Benjamin: Oh it’s not a hint Elijah…it has to do with the color of our skin!

Mr. McMahon looks taken a back at the comments these two are throwing at him.

Mr. McMahon: I spun the wheel and it landed on Street Fight. It’s not r…

Elijah Burke: Sure…you just wanted to see four black men all fighting in a Street Fight. We know how you run things around here…

Mr. McMahon gets into the face of Elijah Burke


Burke steps back nodding towards McMahon he understands as Benjamin steps up now.

Shelton Benjamin: I thought we were going to be able to take this to the higher powers of the WWE but it seems that even Vincent Kennedy McMahon himself has a problem with the Golden Standards just because we’re black!

Benjamin and Burke walk off after that comment as Mr. McMahon is left alone pondering what in the hell just went down. We shortly head back into the arena to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: I think that the Golden Standards are taking this a bit too far because I don’t think their match tonight has anything to do with skin color.

Jerry Lawler: I’ve got to agree here with Benjamin and Burke JR. It’s awfully ironic that they’ve been done wrong twice already in one week? What’s next?

Match #2
Paddle on a Pole Match
Mickie James and Maria vs. Victoria and Melina

Match Overview: The match obviously doesn’t go very long but it used to showcase the Women’s champion before heading into WrestleMania. Victoria gets a lot of offense in and starts to breakdown the match once she is able to throw Mickie James out of the ring. This leaves Maria alone to Victoria and Melina as Victoria gets Melina to climb the ropes and grab the paddle! Melina grabs the paddle and hands it to Victoria! Victoria starts beating the hell out of Maria with the paddle and she gets the win for her team.

Winners: Victoria and Melina

Victoria yells at Melina to watch Mickie as Mickie tries to come back into the ring but Melina uses the middle rope to her advantage and hits a swinging dropkick knocking Mickie down onto the outside. Victoria throws the paddle down before scooping Maria up and dropping her with a Widow’s Peak! But Victoria doesn’t stop there as she scoops Maria up for another Widow’s Peak! The fans are booing the hell out of the champion as Victoria picks Maria up looking for the third consecutive Widow’s Peak but Beth Phoenix comes running down to the ring. Melina was on the outside and gets greeted with a thunderous clothesline before Beth hits the ring. Beth watches as Victoria slides to the outside not wanting any of Beth after what happened at No Way Out last night.

Jim Ross: Victoria is one sick and twisted women King. There really is no other way to say it about our Women’s Champion.

Jerry Lawler: I tell you what though JR. I can promise you that when these two divas get into the ring together it’s not going to be a pretty sight.


Time to Play the Game hits across the arena as out steps Triple H walking down the ramp. The Game comes down the stage. Triple H walks out to a resounding chorus of boos from the fans as he walks down the ramp. Hunter rolls into the ring before not hesitating to walk over and grab a mic. Triple H taps the mic making sure it’s working before he looks around the arena and yells for his music to be cut off.

Triple H: You’ve all waited for week’s…weeks to find out just why I had to take down perhaps one of the most successful wrestlers here in the WWE. He’s perhaps one of the most decorated champions to step foot in the ring…

The crowd pops for Angle.

Triple H: But yet he’s just not as damn good as me!

The crowd boos as Hunter smirks.

Triple H: I’ve had to listen for the past few years about Kurt Angle this, Kurt Angle that, oh my he broke somebody’s ankle! He’s so great! Well if he was so damn great he’d be over here on Raw right now trying to break my ankle!

The crowd boos as Hunter circles around continuing to talk.

Triple H: Let’s face it. Kurt Angle is perhaps the MOST OVERRATED wrestler that has ever stepped foot in a WWE ring? What has he done other than win an Olympic Gold Medal? What has he done to even be deserving of your appreciation? Not a damn thing! But a few weeks ago when I hit Kurt Angle hard in the head with a sledgehammer I know I made the biggest impact on his career that anybody ever has done!

HHH walks around continuing as the crowd pays attention.

Triple H: I knew that I struck a vein inside of him. I knew that I had woken up a beast inside of him that hasn’t been seen in years. A side of Kurt Angle that nobody knew even existed. But I think Kurt might want the fans to know something that I’ve known for a little while…

The crowd wonders what Hunter is talking about.

Triple H: So Kurt go ahead and come on out here now…

Medal hits as out steps Kurt Angle. Angle walks down the ramp with a big icepack on his shoulder as the fans cheer on in support for Angle. Angle walks down the ramp with their being a big obvious target on his shoulder still. Angle climbs up the steps before getting into the ring. Angle stares down Hunter not taking his eyes off of the Game as he walks over and receive a mic but not turning his back on the Game.

Triple H: Kurt its gre…

Kurt Angle: Hunter I’m not here to play these games with you. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines for the past three weeks and I haven’t been able to do a damn thing since! So whatever made you feel the need to just come on Smackdown and hit me with the Sledgehammer really makes me wonder something? Are you angry Hunter? Are you angry because it’s not you in the main event at WrestleMania once again?

Hunter looks on as the crowd “OOO’s” at him.

Triple H: As a matter of fact I am pretty damn angry that I’m not in the main event but that’s a different story. You see I’ve been listening for a little while backstage and I heard there are some rumors going on about you. Some rumors that you’re neck is bothering you, of course your shoulder is injured and well…you’re just not the same. Is that right?

Angle nods his head in agreement.

Triple H: Well we don’t need somebody like you dragging everybody down backstage. It’s selfish people like you that feel the need to carry on and STEAL OTHER PEOPLE’s SPOTLIGHT! You came here last year on Raw and stole my spotlight and what happened to you? You lost at WrestleMania! But flash forward a year and it’s a completely different story Kurt. You have to sit at home with that icepack on your shoulder wondering if you’re ever going to wrestle again. It’s really sad K…

Kurt Angle: I didn’t come here to listen to you play these games. I know that I have problems right now Hunter. Twenty thousand people have told me that and you’re just another doubter. I know that I can still carry on and hang with the best of them. I know that I can go out there and steal the show despite my injuries…

Triple H: See that’s my point! Your injuries Kurt! That is what is holding you back. That is what is not allowing you to compete to your full capability and well even though you have a full capability it’s still not damn near as high as mine!

The crowd “OOO’s” this time towards Angle as he gets into the face of the Game.

Triple H: So maybe it’s time that you sat back and thought about who all you are hurting around here. Just how many people you are hurting including your family. Maybe you need to stop being selfish and let the real stars of the WWE take over for you. Because Kurt you’re nothing but a washed up, lazy, and injured son of a bitch!

Angle gets into the face as Hunter pushes him back.

Kurt Angle: You say one more thing and I promise to God that I will knock your ass out right here….

Hunter looks at Angle as if he is serious.

Triple H: What are you going to knock me out with? You’ve got an injured shoulder…so what are you going to do Kurt?

Kurt Angle: THIS!

Angle kicks Hunter down low before he hits him hard with his good arm…the left arm! Angle is clubbing hard at Hunter’s back but it becomes obvious that Hunter is too much for Angle as he spears Angle down onto the mat. Security runs down breaking it up as Hunter looks ready to get another piece but security is able to hold them apart. Hunter picks up a mic yelling into it.

Triple H: I’ll end your misery Kurt! I’ll end your damn career!!!

Shortly after Triple H gets taken out of the ring as Angle is helped out of the ring. We head over to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: All hell broke loose and I must wonder what the future holds for both Kurt Angle and Triple H!

Jerry Lawler: I had no clue that Kurt was having so many problems with his health and it might be better if he holds off from wrestling ever again.

Jim Ross: I know Kurt Angle and I know that he’ll have his mind made up in a few weeks but we’ve still got a wild night ahead of us.

Jerry Lawler: We’ve still got two blockbuster matches in the First Blood Match and the Legend vs. Legend Killer Match!

Jim Ross: But up next…Umaga is in action!


It is shown that during the break Mr. McMahon spun the wheel and it landed on Handicap Match. Umaga doesn’t show a bit of concern at all about this match.

Match #3
3 on 1 Handicap Match
Umaga vs. Ryan Alstead, Chris Candetzky, and John Johnson

Match Overview: Umaga runs rough shed through the three jobbers from the Bakersfield area, as he shows no remorse for the three jobbers. Umaga throws Candetzky over the ropes with authority as Candetzky lands with a thud on the mat! Alstead runs right at Umaga who catches him with a big Samoan Drop! Umaga yells at Estrada as Estrada slides Candetzky back into the ring. Umaga knocks Johnson down with a thunderous clothesline before he positions each one of the three men in a separate corner. Umaga charges in hitting the Samoan Wrecking Ball in each corner of each of his three opponents. Umaga then proceeds to drag Candetzky up before hitting the Samoan Spike on him! Umaga throws Candetzky into the middle of the ring on top of Johnson and Alstead before covering and getting the win in about a little less than two minutes.

Winner: Umaga

Estrada slides into the ring as Umaga stands over the three jobbers! The Samoan Bulldozer looks around the arena as Estrada holds Umaga’s hand up in the air! We shortly after head backstage to see Carlito prepping for his match as he is standing by with Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Carlito in the matter of a few moments you will be getting a shot at heading into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 23.

Carlito: A shot Todd? A shot? Carlito pretty much has this spot wrapped up! Carlito last year competed in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match but didn’t come out with the briefcase. But this year is a different year for Carlito. 2007 is better known as the year of Carlito and Carlito can promise you that not only will Carlito be winning his match tonight but also he’ll be winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania.

Todd Grisham: Now tonight you do not have any clue who you are competing against but right now I’ve been told that Mr. McMahon is ready to spin the wheel to see what match you will be competing in.

At this moment the screen splits into a split screen and shows Carlito on the left with Todd and Mr. McMahon on the right. Mr. McMahon spins the wheel and it lands on…

Todd Grisham: A Steel Cage Match!

Carlito’s eyes almost pop back in his head, as he is completely shocked that he has to compete in this match.

Carlito: This is not fair to Carlito. Carlito had no clue that he had to get ready for a Steel Cage Match! Carlito says this is a load of crap and that Carlito is not competing tonight!

Todd Grisham: Well if you don’t compete tonight then you can…

Carlito: Carlito doesn’t care! Carlito knows this is an outrage and since I have to go out there Carlito can promise you it won’t be a very long match. Carlito has been wronged here tonight and it’s all because Carlito had no clue he had to compete in this Steel Cage Match.

Carlito walks off angrily before he heads off into the arena.

Jim Ross: Carlito competes in a Steel Cage Match for the first Money in the Bank Qualifying Match and it’s next!


Match #4
Money in the Bank Qualifying Steel Cage Match
Carlito vs. Jeff Hardy

Match Overview: Jeff Hardy is revealed to be the mystery opponent for Carlito as both men go at it for about ten minutes. Carlito had an early attempt to escape the cage early on but Hardy was able to pull Carlito back into the ring. Hardy hit Carlito with the Twist of Fate before making his way over to the cage looking ready to climb but Carlito was able to pull Hardy off of the cage. Carlito grabbed Hardy Irish whipping him off into the ropes before Hardy ran right back into a swinging backbreaker from Carlito! Carlito stomped away on Hardy before yelling at the refs to open the cage door again. Hardy pulls Carlito back into the ring once more before tripping Carlito up! Hardy then proceeds to dropkick Carlito in the face before dragging Carlito back onto his feet. Hardy whipped Carlito into the ropes but as Hardy runs back Carlito moves out of the way! Hardy almost jumps into the steel cage but he stopped himself. Hardy turns around as Carlito attemps the Back Stabber onto Hardy but Hardy holds onto the cage causing Carlito to fall onto the mat. Hardy quickly leaps onto the top rope scaling the turnbuckles before leaping off and hitting the Swanton Bomb! Hardy was going to cover but instead scales the cage before making his descend down and booking his spot in the match at WrestleMania

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jim Ross: Jeff Hardy has quickly just earned himself a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 23 just like that!

Jerry Lawler: The Insane Daredevil had to pull out all the stops tonight but at least he has a guaranteed spot at WrestleMania.

Jim Ross: But now we’ve got to wonder what is going on with Carlito? Will he even be able to appear at WrestleMania?

We head backstage to see John Cena standing by in the interview area.

John Cena: What happened this past Sunday at No Way Out had to of been the most embarrassing night of my career ever. A rookie, a young up and comer, in the brash and arrogant MVP, beat me! But it took three men to hold me down! Wait let me correct that! Two men and a midget.

The crowd laughs but Cena goes back to being serious.

John Cena: I’ve had enough of Finlay running around making my life a living hell for the past month. That’s why next week I want Finlay to come to Raw for the first time ever! I want Finlay to come here to my home! I want Finlay to come here and get a little taste of what it’s like to get your ass beat courtesy of John Cena!

The crowd pops loudly for Cena.

John Cena: Finlay I want you next week in this ring….

Cena stares blatantly into the camera with a scary look.

John Cena: No more games, no more hiding. We’ve been at it for a month and I’m tired of these games. I promise you that if you have the balls to show up next Monday that you will never ever mess with the Doctor of Thuganomics again!

Cena gets a decent pop from the fans.

John Cena: Be ready because you’ve awoken the true soldier inside of me. Bring MVP, bring Hornswoggle, hell bring the whole damn Smackdown roster if you’re that uncomfortable but be prepared because I promise you that if you come here next week you won’t make it out of this arena in one shape! I promise you that you’ll have to be carried out of this arena on a stretcher when I get my hands on you!

The crowd cheers loudly as Cena continues on.

John Cena: You’ve made this personal Finlay.

Cena gets ready to close it off.

John Cena: Just know that you’ve got a big target on your back right now and I’m the one person that is ready to take you down.

Cena walks off with a mission as we head off to a commercial break.


Match #5
Legend vs. Legend Killer Match
Randy Orton vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Match Overview: Orton’s match ends up being a surprise in that he has to face Roddy Piper. The match gets a bit of time but not much (probably about seven or eight minutes) in total since there is still one more match to come. But still the fans get a good treat in seeing Piper here tonight. Piper came oh so close to winning the match after he locked in the Sleeper Hold but Orton was able to elbow out of the move and strike Piper with a big Inverted headlock Backbreaker. Piper falls onto the mat as Orton stalks his opponent waiting for Piper to get back up. Orton teases Piper as Piper slowly gets back onto his feet and stumbles right into a thunderous RKO out of nowhere! Orton throws Piper over covering to get the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

Orton stands over the fallen body of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper as he has his hand raised by the referee! Orton has his title handed to him but he looks down at Piper. Orton makes his way over to the commentary booth to watch the main event soon.

Jim Ross: Our WWE champion is on a roll and Jericho might be in trouble come WrestleMania. But right now it’s time to celebrate because we are about to announce our first Hall of Fame inductee!

Jerry Lawler: I’ve been waiting all evening to find out who it is JR so let’s go ahead and roll the tape shall we?


(Note: Credit goes to codyrhodesdotcom for this video)

Class of 2007 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee – “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes

After the video airs we head backstage to see Todd Grisham chasing down Chris Jericho.

Todd Grisham: Chris I’ve been told that Jonathan Coachman will not be able to appear here on Raw until after WrestleMania….

Chris Jericho: It’s that own assclown’s fault! (The crowd pops loudly)

Todd Grisham: Is there anything you want to say about it? I mean Mr. McMahon has said he is going to address the situation next week.

Chris Jericho: That’s next week Todd. Right now I’ve got a First Blood Match coming up against another assclown in Chuck Palumbo. We can talk about this later because I’ve got to go out there right now!

Jericho walks off, as Todd didn’t really get to ask what he wanted.


Match #6
First Blood Match
Chris Jericho vs. Chuck Palumbo

Match Overview: Randy Orton stayed at ringside after his match to scout his opponent for WrestleMania. Palumbo gets oh so close to making Jericho bleed as Palumbo man handled Jericho for a bit during the match. Palumbo however stumbles big time after attempting a Running Powerslam before Jericho slid off the shoulders! Jericho was able to push Palumbo head first into the steel pole before dragging him to the outside of the ring. At this time Orton took notice and tried to interfere because Orton walked over grabbing a steel chair from ringside where Lilian Garcia is situated. Orton grabbed the chair going to swing it at Jericho but naturally he misses and hits Palumbo right in the face. The camera cuts over to show Palumbo is busted open! Palumbo is laying on the outside of the ring still as the referee comes over to see the blood and calls for the bell.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Orton dropped the chair the moment he hit Palumbo with it! The fans watch as Orton and Jericho stare one another down once more tonight. Orton thinks about striking Jericho but instead slowly backs up away from Jericho. Jericho has his hand raised on the outside as the fans are going nuts with these two just having had another confrontation.

Jim Ross: Well Chris Jericho picked up the win and it seemed Randy Orton wanted to do something about it to Jericho but wisely changed his mind.

Jerry Lawler: Indeed it was for the best and JR next week here on Raw is going to be one big show!

Jim Ross: Indeed it is because we’ve been told that our GM will not be able to return until after WrestleMania so what will Mr. McMahon have to say about this

The show ends with Jericho in the ring celebrating as Orton eyes Jericho with Orton’s eyes looking very sickening and disturbed.

Quick Results:

The Golden Standards def. Cryme Tyme in a Street Fight to retain the World Tag Team Championships
Victoria and Melina def. Mickie James and Maria in a Paddle on a Pole Match
Umaga def. Ryan Alstead, Chris Candetzky, and John Johnson in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match
Jeff Hardy def. Carlito in a Money in the Bank Steel Cage Qualifying Match
Randy Orton def. Roddy Piper in a Legend vs. Legend Killer Match
Chris Jericho def. Chuck Palumbo in a First Blood Match


WWE WrestleMania 23
Sunday April 1, 2007
Miami, Florida
Official Theme Song: Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Women's Championship
Victoria (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???
vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Class of 2007 Hall of Fame
"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
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Skimmed through and it seemed an awesome RAW, I will get a review up tomorrow sometime.
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