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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

First off, WM - Hotter than Hell. I. Dont. Believe. It. Sorta like it, but really hate it, and soon enough you'll see why

Surely Jericho would say 'all the Jerichoholics'rather than just 'the fans' when he was talking about what he lost. Wasnt too keen on Jericho playing the suck up, he just seemed to get a little too kissy with the fans, but you rescued the promo with Palumbo, who was awesome here. I guess a star could be made out of this little scenario, and a side feud between Palumbo and Jericho. I'll look forward to seeing more of this develop, but less of Jericho being a little bitch please .

Good. That appears to be a firm answer on the possibility of Maria feuding with Victoria over the title. I sense a Trish Stratus return approaching to stop the evil champion. Maybe.

Enjoyed the interview with the tag champs. Sorry, the next tag champs . Has to happen imo. Fresh and exciting duo on Raw imo, and they need to freshen the division pronto. Could've done without the corny now at the end. Aint no stoppin us was good enough .

I'd say if Cryme Tyme are your second to top face team, then your face side of the division needs rebuilt immediately to compliment your next champions . Faces win this one, and I guess Flair and Haas needed it after the last couple of weeks.

Decent promo from Heyman, and I like Sandman getting the nod tonight, as it would;ve been too obvious had it been Sabu. Any word on ECW getting places in the Rumble match??

Test continues to slide down the roster again . No Christmas presents for you. Carlito advances to the Rumble, and hopefully this qualification process quickens up, as the matches have been predictable.

Raw needs a GM with a bit of backbone :@. I'm pleased to see plenty of focus - but not overexposure of the ECW brand on Raw.

Enjoyed the tag match, with all four guys already in the Rumble, with Cena and HHH genuine contenders. Looking for those two to be in the final four - at least - come Rumble time.

Cheesy old man HBK pisses me off. Do something with him please. Not just a corny nice guy.

No shocks, and Michaels is heading to the Rumble. Trevor Murdoch never stood a chance.

Change your WM tag ... now. ~_~

Would've preferred the tag match to be the main event to give the Rumble contenders proper spotlight, rather than the undercard title match. Regardless, a different little main event, and no surprises that Orton wins, but the DQ was a shock. Sandman made to look impressive, as the ECW bandwagon marches on.

Really awesome finish to the show with the 5 Star through the table to Orton, sending an extreme message to the champion. Makes sense now why that was the main event.

By the numbers Raw, as you motor towards Royal Rumble. The RR Qualifiers have been a little dull though and took away from this show too.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for the two reviews. Better than getting twenty imo. Anyways I'll drop some comments to explain stuff better.

The Jericho thing is kind of confusing but will be dragged out over the next few weeks. He is not a face right now. Mainly the reasoning for Jericho "apologizing" is that he is coming to a reality that he misses the fans and he misses what it felt like mainly because of being with Fozzy. Just stay tuned over the next few Raws.

The tag team division I've worked on for a bit the past few months and I really think it's going to get better after WrestleMania. Or I'd like to think that. Haha. But either way I think it's going to be good. And yes Reney the current teams on Raw right now are listed here...

Benjamin and Burke, Flair and Haas, Highlanders, Cade and Murdoch, Cryme Tyme, and MNM.

(BTW all of this is on the first page and the first post of the thread as I update that post fairly often. So go check it out if you haven't)

ECW is not going to have any parts in the Rumble match Wolfy. It's mainly because of their focus on the WWE title match and trying to help RVD win. Well actually I take that back Sabu is in the match haha. And he's on the ECW roster but I think I billed him as a Raw superstar in the match.

I like Test. Despite what it has been shown in the past few weeks. But please bare with me. You'll see what happens.

LMAO. Wolfy I guess I have your WM tagline. I MIGHT consider changing it. Doubt it tho. Haha.


Ok look in here tomorrow for the Smackdown Preview and then a little bit of news and notes (maybe but not much)

Good news concerning the Royal Rumble. I've got three matches done already (US, Tag Titles, and the Royal Rumble match in itself) so this means of course only two remain. Therefore I am setting a tentative prediction for the Royal Rumble to go up and I'd like it up around Sunday March 9th. Most likely I'll have Smackdown up this week (in full) and then I'll probably just recap Raw and Smackdown in the last week before the Royal Rumble. That way I can focus on getting the last two matches done. So I'm aiming to get the Rumble up come one week from this Sunday. We'll see how it goes but I think it's very achievable.

Check back tomorrow.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Feedback

JERICHO~!! It was gutting to see him job to the inferior Shawn Michaels last week, but at least out of all the Rumble participants thus far, Y2J has seemed to get the most hype. Very, very interesting segment from him though, as he (or so it would appear) begins to turn face. I'm always a little wary of these kind of face turns, as it makes it appear as though Jericho has been possessed by some kind of evil demon for this past year. I think it might have been better had you hinted at him growing envious of HBK's crowd support or something like that. I hope he doesn't turn completely face though, as he is so much better at playing the kind of cocky jackass that the fans hate so much they love him. This the first time Palumbo has actually spoken in this thread? Ha ha, he's nothing special on the mic, but his anger towards his boss adds a little spice to his character. The split is clearly coming, but I hope this doesn't become a proper feud, as Jericho is a WWE title contender and Palumbo is only just an IC title one. Still, I can definately see them getting into a scuffle during the Rumble match. Just make sure Chuck is in it.

I think I speak for the sane world when I say thank God that you didn't develop Victoria/Maria into a proper feud for the title. Victoria has been awesome in her reign thus far and Maria is a jobber for life. I wonder who Vicky will take on at WM though? Mickie has had her fued, and so has Trish. Hmmmm....

I love the tag team of Burke and Benjamin already. Great idea to put these two together. They should really take the belts at the Rumble so Haas and Flair can go back to singles competition. Burke owning the mic is the way forward; he's going to make this team great from an entertainment standpoint. One thing though, didn't Flair actually beat Shelton last week?

Like others have said, this next eight-man tag match highlights the growing strength in the division. Highlanders and C&M too make for a good mix, especially since I can't see Flair and Haas sticking together for much longer. Just don't job any of them out Benjy suffers another loss to Naitch? Dayum, I can definately see Shelton getting the pin on Flair at the Rumble now.

Short but sweet segment from the ECW boyos. I can't ever really like Paul E. as a face, so I think it would be awesome if he turned on RVD soon. Sandman is a smart choice for tonight I reckon, since he is a more scary name than Sabu or Dreamer, and will obviously go down swinging. Clean victory for The Champ though plz.

Test jobbing again? No ratings for what has become of him and his manager Striker. I actually like Test when he is pushed as a monster heel, and with the greatness of Matt Striker as his manager ... endless possibilities. Carlito is the man though, and if he doesn't make to at least the Final Four at the Rumble I will hunt you down. He's under 30. Book it

LMAO Coach is awesome. I mark for chicken shit GM's. McMahon is always a bonus too. The idea of Heyman being allowed to draft whoever he wants is nice, but I would think it's fairly obvious that he's going to pick Van Dam. Bad move for RVD there, since he is THE TOP FACE on Raw right now, and on ECW he'll just be amongst a load of washed up ECW Originals. Ugh

A Main Event calibre match up next. Four great workers in the ring together working pretty seamlessly. Like Wolfy said, Cena and Hunter are definite contenders for the Rumble, although either of them winning would suck in my opinion. It'd be a case of been there, done that. Hardy could do well, but I actually expect Umaga to be the MVP of the Rumble, as he should just dominate the holy hell out of everyone until The Undertaker makes some kind of grand return.

Not really sure what the point of this RVD/HBK segment was. Pretty bland stuff it seemed. I guess it hints at Michaels helping Van Dam out in some way, but honestly I have no idea.

No surprises there then. HBK polishes off Murdoch easily {no marks for jobbing out the Wrecking Crew} and will probably put in another solid Rumble showing. Carlito to throw him out plz.

Come on, of all the great taglines you were given in the BT, you go with "Hotter Than Hell"? Only an American would use such a poor line You want a good one, ask us Brits...

Solid interview from Orton, even though I prefer him as the sociopath he is now, it's still easier to write when he's cocky. The Main Event was a little disappointing, as I reckon Randy should have taken Sandman down relatively easily. Wild aftermath though with RVD putting Orton through the table. This is shaping up like the recent feud Randy had with Jeff Hardy, as Orton was owned every week until the actual event when he won. He had better win.

Overall I have to agree with Wolfy and Reney when they that all of these RR Qualifiers have made the run up to the Rumble rather tedious. Thankfully, solid work from Jericho, and two great Main Event feuds have sustained me. Good job
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown Preview
Friday January 19, 2007
Little Rock, Arkansas

Wrestling Machine Stopped?

Kurt Angle took a huge step back this past week on Smackdown after he was suplexed right through a table during the Contract Signing. Angle however will be at Smackdown this week as only nine days remain until the I Quit Match at the Royal Rumble. Angle is going to be a guest this week on the Cutting Edge which is of course appropriately the talk show of his opponent at the Royal Rumble, Edge! What will go down when the Rated R Superstar and the Wrestling Machine get back into the ring together once again?

Hard Knocks

Matt Hardy has been on a roll as of recent and it has shown in 2007 as he has two wins already over the United States Champion Mr. Kennedy! One is in a singles match and the other is in a tag match last week where the Hardy's reunited to take on Kennedy and Chavo Guerrero. This week Matt finds himself in one on one action against Chavo Guerrero. Chavo has been certainly looking to make his name known around here on Smackdown in the past few weeks but has fell short recently. Can Chavo get that big win needed or will Mr. Kennedy have something to say about it?

One Year Anniversary

Friday January 20, 2006 was the night that Jamie Noble defeated then Cruiserweight Champion Juventud of the Mexicools to win the title. Fast forward a year to Friday January 19, 2007 and Jamie Noble still has the title around his waist. He has become the longest Cruiserweight champion and the current longest reigning champion in the WWE. Noble has run roughshed through the division but tonight he must defend the title against one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London! London is a former Cruiserweight champion himself and he'd like nothing more than to win that title back again. Will Noble's reign continue and make the one year mark or will London end it and become a two-time champion?


Expect Smackdown up this week. Maybe even tomorrow. Then I'd like to get some news and notes up Sunday about some stuff in Raw and Smackdown. Shortly after that I'd like to get Raw and SD recapped up about Tuesday or Wednesday. I've still got those two matches to do in the Royal Rumble but I'd love to get it up by Sunday March 8th. I've never really set a date for a show but I'm just ready to get it over with and pretty much roll into NWO and then go into WrestleMania. So look for a busy week in the thread. There will be a lot of updates next week with the preview plus backstage news and notes for the show and a lot more.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday January 19, 2007
Little Rock, Arkansas

Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits across the arena as the Smackdown video package plays before ending with Edge having the World-Heavyweight title around his waist.

Michael Cole: Hello everybody once again and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown as we are now only nine days away from the Royal Rumble.

Tazz: Nine days until the official road to WrestleMania gets kicked off and I can promise you that we are going to be in for one big night.

Michael Cole: We’ve got some big matches tonight but first off to kick the show off Edge will be out here for the Cutting Edge!

Tazz: His guest certainly is going to want to talk because his guest will be the man he will meet at the Royal Rumble in nine days…Kurt Angle!!!

Metalingus rings throughout the arena, as the first man to step out onto the stage tonight is the World-Heavyweight Champion Edge! Edge makes his way down the ramp carrying his title with him as he throws it onto his shoulders and slides into the ring. Edge climbs the turnbuckles holding his title in the air before he gets down and walks over to take a seat.

Edge: Welcome to the Cutting Edge.

The crowd boos Edge as he shows a weird smile.

Edge: This is not like the Highlight Reel where we have some little sissy break down and cry because of the fact that he “lost” the fans. This isn’t like Carlito’s Cabana because well hell, where has he been at on Raw anyways recently?

The crowd boos the fact that Edge is taunting Jericho and Carlito.

Edge: And this show is most definitely not some little cheap version called MizTV because we all really deep down inside know that Miz sucks.

The crowd gives a small pop for Miz but not much.

Edge: But this is the Cutting Edge! Where we get right down to things. I’m not going to beat around the questions. I’m going to come straightforward and hit my guests hard with the questions. It’s called the Cutting Edge for a reason because what I am doing is cutting edge. I’m not only walking the walk but I am talking the talk. I’ve had this title since October. Four months and there is not a damn soul back there that will take this title from me.

The crowd boos Edge as he laughs at them.

Edge: Oh really? Who do you think is going to take my title?

The crowd starts a big Angle chant, as Edge can’t help but laugh.

Edge: Kurt Angle? Please. Need we less look at last week.

Edge points to the screens as the clips come on of Edge attacking Angle after the Contract Signing. Edge then drops Angle through the table with a Suplex as Smackdown ends with Angle down in the ring in a pile of rubble.

Edge: Brilliant! That was great!

Edge is clapping his hands as the fans boo him.

Edge: Kurt Angle stands no chance at the Royal Rumble. Why? Well it’s because I said so.

The crowd boos Edge as they await Angle to come out.

Edge: Kurt Angle is a fluke. He is the biggest fluke to happen to not only Smackdown but to the WWE in the past 50 years. Why you cheer this moron is beyond me? The fa…

Medal hits across the arena as out steps the challenger for the title Kurt Angle! Angle makes his way down the ramp after his pyro goes off. Angle gets into the ring and stares down Edge before he climbs the turnbuckles and holds his hands high. Angle gets down off the turnbuckles and walks over to grab a mic.

Edge: Just what in the hell do you think you are doing? I didn…

Kurt Angle: Shut up!

Edge: What the he…

Angle interrupts him again.

Kurt Angle: I’m only here on the Cutting Edge for one reason. And that reason is simple. To kick your ass!

The crowd pops as Edge stands up and we have a stare down between the champion and the challenger.

Kurt Angle: I’m tired of hearing all your damn rambling on about how you can’t be stopped and all of that is crap. Sure you’ve beaten people like Rey Mysterio and Kane to keep your title but there is one person you’ve never beaten to keep your title and you’re looking at him right now!

The crowd pops as Angle and Edge get into one another’s face.

Edge: Kurt sure I’ve never defended my title and kept it against you but things will change at the Royal Rumble. You see I got JBL to make this an I Quit Match so I could further prove to not only your fans but also the entire world that you are nothing more than a little bitch.

The crowd boos Edge as he steps back as Angle looks further pissed off.

Edge: Kurt I knew all along that you were going to be the one that was going to have to say I Quit. I didn’t have to hesitate to ask JBL to bring this match back because there is no doubt in my mind that you will h..

Kurt Angle: I’m tired of hearing you run your mouth every week. It’s the same damn thing every week about how you’re going to make me say I Quit and all this crap. Well that’s bullcrap because once I get you in that ring or outside of it. Whatever the circumstances I’ll be sure to break your ankle and you won’t be able to walk. I don’t think you know just HOW MUCH I want this title back in my hands. How much I’d love to walk into WrestleMania again like I did last year as a champion. I’ll do damn near anything and trust me breaking your ankle will not concern me. In fact I’ll snap that bitch in half and you’ll never walk again!

The crowd pops, as Angle gets further into the face of Edge.

Edge: You are no concern of mine Kurt. I’ve got this match in the bag. Just trust me. You’re just one more stepping stone on my path to greatness. I’ll walk into WrestleMania and I have no doubt in my m…

Kurt Angle: Stepping-stone? Edge maybe you don’t realize what I’ve done in my career. The number of ankles that I’ve threatened to break and have broken. The number of times that I’ve been a champion out doubles yours. And can you say that you won a Gold Medal with a broken frickin’ neck. I don’t think so Edge. Face the facts Edge. I AM BETTER THAN YOU! I’ve proved that since I came back to Smackdown last summer already and if I have to do that again at the Royal Rumble I will. You fail to realize that I’ll do damn near anything to wear that title once again. No matter what it takes Edge I will come out on top this Sunday.

Edge takes a long look at Angle.

Edge: Are you sure about that?

Angle looks at Edge as if he is serious.

Kurt Angle: Oh I’m positive.

Edge laughs at Angle for a moment. Angle asks Edge what does he think is so funny. Edge then looks Angle straight in the eyes.

Edge: Let’s ask a friend of mine what he thinks about that.

Angle is blindsided from behind. Edge goes on the attack with this friend of his who is wearing a black mask showing only his eyes and mouth. Edge tells the man to pick Angle up as the man drops Angle in the ring with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Edge proceeds to order the rather large man to get Angle up once more. Edge charges across the ring and connects with a big Spear to Angle as the man looks down at Angle. The man in the mask pulls the mask off and it is revealed to be…


Burchill throws the mask down as he looks at Angle and picks Angle up before dropping him with the C-4! The fans boo Burchill as he has turned his back on the fans once again after a short face run. Burchill picks Angle up and locks in the Royal Mutilation. Burchill lets go after a bit as Angle is yelling out in pain. Edge walks over and holds Burchill’s hand high.

Edge: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the “British Nightmare” Paul Burchill!

Edge and Burchill both make their way out of the arena to loud boos as they are shown exiting the arena as we head to a commercial break.

Michael Cole: What has gotten into Paul Burchill?

Tazz: It’s simple Cole. Burchill knows that Edge is big and if Edge is big than Edge can make Burchill a big name here on Smackdown as well.


Match #1
Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero

Match Overview: Smackdown kicks off with a match that gets a good decent bit of time tonight to start the show off with. Kennedy is at ringside watching the match as he knows that he has a big match in nine days at the Royal Rumble. Chavo was able to take advantage on Hardy after he was able to reverse a Vertical Suplex and drop Hardy with a neck breaker. Chavo then proceeded to hit the Three Amigos on Hardy before heading to the top rope. Chavo looked down at Matt Hardy and then leapt off the top rope trying for the Frog Splash but Chavo ended up crashing and burning. Matt then got back onto his feet as he pulled Chavo back up. Chavo attempted a DDT on Hardy but Matt shoved Chavo off into the ropes. Mr. Kennedy got on the apron but Chavo ended up hitting Kennedy. Chavo turns back around right into the Twist of Fate from Hardy as Hardy covers and gets the big win tonight.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Hardy celebrates in the ring as Kennedy pulls himself back up holding his US title on his shoulder. Kennedy gives Hardy a brief stare straight to his face. Kennedy then makes his way back up the ramp as Hardy continues to celebrate with the fans.

Michael Cole: A big win tonight for Matt Hardy as he gets ready to roll into the Royal Rumble in just nine days.

Tazz: Hardy has a tough task against him as he has been having on and off problems with Mr. Kennedy for nearly a year so he looks to end it at the Rumble in nine days.


We head backstage to see Kenny Dykstra walking around before he coincidentally bumps into Ashley Massaro again.

Kenny Dykstra: Ashley listen. I wanted to ask you som..

Kenny notices that Ashley was talking to another lady as he turns around.

Ashley: Oh hey Kenny!

Kenny Dykstra: Well I was wanting to see if well you’d want to um…

Ashley: Well…

Kenny Dykstra: If you’d come to the ring with me next week?

The crowd boos Dykstra as they try and get Ashley not to give in.

Ashley: Well um…

Ashley thinks about it for a bit.

Ashley: Sure I’ll go with you next week.

Dykstra pumps his fist.

Ashley: What was that all about? Are you trying to use me or something?

Kenny Dykstra: NO! Not at all! That’s not it I’m just happy that you’re going to be going with me next week. That is it!

Ashley looks at Kenny wondering why he pumped his fist still.

Kenny Dykstra: (Changing the subject) So hey well I’ll come and get you next week. Is that fine?

Ashley: Sounds like a plan.

Kenny leans toward Ashley but Ashley steps back.

Ashley: Um…

Dykstra looks completely embarrassed as the crowd laughs at him.

Ashley: I’ve got to go!

Ashley walks off as Kenny is left standing there. The crowd boos “The Ladies Man” as he stands there knowing he got what he wanted tonight. He lets out a big yes before we head back into the arena.

Michael Cole: Well coming up right now we’ve got one big Cruiserweight match and probably one of the biggest in Smackdown history.

Tazz: So much is riding on the line tonight as Jamie Noble has been champion for 364 days but his goal is to make it to 365 days. Can he do that tonight?

Michael Cole: Let’s go back and take a look at how Noble won the title.

Clips of Jamie Noble vs. Juventud on Smackdown a year ago are shown. In Noble’s return match to television he was able to capture the Cruiserweight championship. Juventud missed a big 450 Splash to which Noble capitalized and hit the Tiger Bomb to win the title. Some more clips are shown of Noble having defended the title since then in his successful matches against Kid Kash, Jimmy Wang Yang, Psicosis, Super Crazy, and many many more!

Match #2
Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Noble (c) vs. Paul London

Match Overview: A big match with so much riding on the line. Appropriately WWE puts this match the second one on the card just like when Noble won the title on last year’s Smackdown a year ago. Noble and London both put up a physical contest as Kash and Kendrick are at ringside cheering them on. Kash gets kicked out a bit halfway through the match after tripping London up face first into the mat. So now it’s left to Kendrick at ringside. London turns the tide in the match after he hits a big missile dropkick off the turnbuckles sending Noble down onto the mat. London hits a Standing Shooting Star Press but only gets a two count. London gets back up and springs off the ropes but Noble trips him up face first. Noble picks London back up off the mat trying to hit the Tiger Bomb but London slides off the shoulders into a cover. London springs back up onto his feet as he hits a big Hurricanrana sending Noble into the middle of the ring. London makes his way onto the top rope as we see Kid Kash run back down the ramp. The referee has to try and restrain Kash as London is on the top rope trying for the London Calling but two men (wearing plain white t-shirts and black pants) come down and push London off the ropes. London collides with the mat as Noble gets back up and throws London between his legs to hit the big Tiger Bomb to get the win.

Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Jamie Noble

The two mysterious men are making their way up the ramp as Noble has no clue who these two are. Kash slides into the ring to help Noble back up as he hands him his title. Kendrick pulls London to the outside as Kendrick tries to console London after a big match and losing the match. Kendrick helps London to the back as Noble celebrates in the ring after having held the title for a year starting tomorrow.

Michael Cole: Well I’ll be damned Tazz. Paul London came oh so close and those two men had to interfere and we don’t even know who they are!

Tazz: I hope we get an explanation and quick because right now Noble is still the champion and it can be credited to those two random guys.


We head backstage to see Kristal Marshall running up to the two men in the white t-shirts and the black jeans. Apparently they have a woman with them as she rolls over on roller blades.

Kristal: Hi I’m Kristal. First off guys you two randomly interfered in the Cruiserweight title match costing Paul London his shot at the Cruiserweight title. First off who are you two.

Random Guy #1: OOO! First off I’m Domino…

Domino looks over at the other guy and the girl.

Domino: He’s DEUCE!!!…And that is my sister and Deuce’s girlfriend Cherry!

Deuce and Cherry share a quick kiss.

Domino: We’ve been watching and waiting because we’ noticed somethin’. We noticed that London and Kendrick have seemed to forget that they are the Tag Team Champions but we’re going to change that for them.

Domino and Deuce give each other a quick high five.

Domino: Next week Deuce and myself will be in the ring and if somebody happens to even look at my sister the wrong way then you are in for a big surprise.

Deuce: If any of you think that you are going to mess with my girl then you are all in for a big wake up.

Domino: Nobody and I mean a’ nobody messes with my sister.

Deuce: …Or I’ll have to crack ‘em in da’ mouth!

Domino: OOOH!!!

Deuce and Cherry walk off (well Cherry skates off) as Domino walks beside them. We head backstage to see JBL’s office as in walks Edge and Paul Burchill.

JBL: Edge listen I’m glad that you’ve found some help in Paul Burchill and that’s nice and all but Kurt Angle has told me that he wants you next week before the Royal Rumble.

Edge looks at JBL as if he is serious.

Edge: Are you serious?

JBL: As serious as I could be. But I’ve got an idea for you. How about you throw your new backup in there against him?

Edge looks at Burchill as Burchill nods.

Edge: That’s fine. Listen I’ve got another favor I need to ask of you. I think you’re really going to like it since it’s coming from the mind of the Rated R Superstar himself.

Edge tells JBL something secretly as Burchill stands back to make sure nobody comes in.

JBL: How do…

Suddenly in comes Kurt Angle! Angle ambushes Burchill throwing him into the door as Angle goes right after Edge. Angle spears Edge down onto the ground, as JBL has to pull Angle off of Edge. Security comes running down as Angle and Edge are separated, as JBL looks ultra pissed.

JBL: DAMN IT! Damn it to hell. There is not a damn thing I can do between you two to keep you apart from one another so here is what I am going to do. Whoever loses this Sunday at the Royal Rumble WILL NOT get another title shot at the champion as long as he is the champion. Is that understood?

Edge nods as Angle looks ready to break free but security holds him back.

JBL: And Mr. Angle we were just talking about you. You’re going to be in action next week whenever you take on “The British Nightmare” Paul Burchill. So good luck and oh it’s true…it’s damn true!

The crowd boos JBL mocking Angle as security takes Angle out first as JBL tells security to let Edge go. JBL keeps Edge calm as they laugh at Angle being taken away. Edge helps Burchill back up as they both regain their composure.

Michael Cole: A big match has been signed for next week’s main event because Kurt Angle is going to meet the British Nightmare one on one in the ring!

Tazz: That’s going to be one big rocket buster. Angle vs. Burchill!


Match #3
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Batista vs. Stevie Richards

Match Overview: Batista takes on Stevie Richards (who will be heading to ECW soon) in a quick match that is of course pretty much just to get Batista into the Royal Rumble match. Richards never really got into the match that much because of the fact that Batista pretty much manhandled him throughout most of the match. Batista was able to drop Richards with a big Spear sending Richards down onto the mat. Batista then picked Richards back up and dropped him with the Batista Bomb that shakes the ring with power. Batista throws Richards over on his side hooking the leg and moving onto the Royal Rumble!

Winner: Batista

Michael Cole: Batista has just shown just why he is going to be such a force come the Royal Rumble match in nine days!

Tazz: There definitely is no reason to rule Batista out from becoming a two time Royal Rumble winner whether the fans like him or not.

Michael Cole: We’ve still got one big match to come up later tonight as Kane goes one on one with Mark Henry and much more still left to come.

We head backstage to see Rey Mysterio standing by with Maryse.

Maryse: Rey in nine days you get a chance to win the Royal Rumble and become the lightest superstar ever to win. Are you feeling good heading into the Royal Rumble.

Rey Mysterio: Yes I am. I know that I am the lightest superstar that is going to be in the match but I’ve won many battles before in my career. I’ve never been the World-Heavyweight champion but now is my time to show the world what I am made of. I will not let my size get in my way of having my dreams come true.

Maryse: Rey you entered last year at number two and went the distance for a bit but found yourself out later on in the match. Where do you see yourself at in this year’s match?

Rey Mysterio: Anything can happen Maryse and that is my motto. Size doesn’t matter anymore and I’ve shown that in the past. I might be the underdog but it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. I’ve got more heart than just about anybody in the WWE and I will walk out of the Royal Rumble as the winner.

Maryse: Rey, finally one more thing. You’re at such a disadvantage at only being one hundred sixty five pounds so it’s very easy to throw you over. What are you going to do to try to avoid being thrown over?

Rey Mysterio: I can’t use the ropes to my advantage of course Maryse but I’ve got to go out there and give it my all. I know that when I am at my best I am one of the best here on Smackdown. I’ve never given up and I won’t do that to my fans come the Royal Rumble. Believe in your dreams and they will come true is all I can say. My dreams are to be the World-Heavyweight Champion and that is exactly what I will be come WrestleMania 23.

Mysterio walks off as we head to another commercial break.


A black screen comes across before the WrestleMania 23 logo flashes across the screen. After the logo disappears we see shots of Rob Van Dam leaping off the top ropes of the turnbuckle.

Narrator: The desire to compete and win…

Shots of superstars hitting their maneuvers and having their hands held high.

Narrator: The burning desire and feeling inside of you that wants out…

Shots of superstars doing their trademark taunt moves.

Narrator: The need to know that you are the best in this business…

Shots of past champions holding their titles in the air such as Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and many others.

Narrator: The fact that you are willing to lay it all on the line…

Shots of great matches in WrestleMania history such as Jericho vs. HBK, Warrior vs. Hogan, Hart vs. Michaels, and many others.

Narrator: For that one night that comes only once a year…

Shots of each WrestleMania are briefly shown as they start to speed up.

Narrator: For the chance that your name could become embarked in the archives of history…

Shots of legends such as Hogan, Savage, Hart, DiBiase and many more are shown.

Narrator: Or the chance that you get to wrestle on the biggest stage of them all…

Shots of up and comers are shown with a few having wrestled at last year’s WrestleMania.

Narrator: WrestleMania 23 “Hotter than Hell”

The WrestleMania 23 logo comes back across

Narrator: Live Sunday April 1, 2007 from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida!

We head back into the arena to the commentating team at ringside.

Michael Cole: WrestleMania 23 is coming up very soon and I get this feeling that it might just be one of the biggest WrestleMania’s yet!

Tazz: We look forward to that one night every year and I am confident that this year’s will be just as good as the first 22 that took place before it!

Michael Cole: Well right now we’re about to see one of Smackdown’s newest superstars CM Punk once again in action!

Tazz: Punk has impressed me a lot in the past weeks and I have a feeling that it will continue right into the Royal Rumble if he can get into the match.

Match #4
CM Punk vs. Dave Taylor

Match Overview: This is certainly not a squash match as Taylor gives Punk his first real tough match here in the WWE. Punk gets taken down a bit early in the match as the veteran skills of Taylor shine through as he works over the arm of Punk. Taylor throws the arm into the turnbuckles as he then grabs Punk and hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Taylor covers but Punk kicks out. Taylor drags Punk back onto his feet but Punk replies with a knee to the face. Punk proceeds to throw Taylor into the corner as he charges off into the corner and hits the running knee to the face. Punk is back on the mat as he grabs Taylor and tries for the Running Bulldog but Taylor pushes him off. Taylor runs at Punk with a clothesline but CM Punk ducks underneath the clothesline and then hits the GTS! Punk doesn’t cover but instead locks in the Anaconda Vice as he forces Taylor to tap out as CM Punk is victorious here tonight once again.

Winner via submission: CM Punk

CM Punk has his hand raised to the fans as he receives a decent pop from the crowd. William Regal pulls Dave Taylor to the outside as Regal helps Taylor back up. Punk looks at Regal and Taylor as they leave the arena but Punk is simply relishing his victory here tonight.

Michael Cole: A big win here tonight for the Straight Edge Superstar CM Punk garnering a win over the veteran Dave Taylor!

Tazz: What not a better way to make an impact on Smackdown than beating a seasoned veteran and Punk is making himself known here.

Michael Cole: I definitely see gold in his future but the question is what title would it be if he ever gets a shot?

Tazz: I think he might be a future World champion but anything is possible. Well when we come back our main event will take place. Mark Henry meets Kane! That’s next!


We head backstage to see Mark Henry standing in front of the interview area.

Mark Henry: In just nine days I will be taking my spot atop the jungle of Smackdown. I will show each and everyone of you just why I am the most dominant force to be reckoned with not only here on Smackdown but in the WWE. Many giants have came before me such as Andre the Giant, Yokozuna, and many others but none of them were called “The World’s Strongest Man” and for good reason.

Henry throws his hair back as water goes everywhere.

Mark Henry: I’ve done a lot in my career here in the WWE but I’ve never held a World title. That’s why at the Royal Rumble I will be the one that will walk out of San Antonio in my home state the winner of the Royal Rumble. I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since SummerSlam whenever I was robbed of my title shot.

The crowd boos knowing Henry is lying and that he lost in a fair match.

Mark Henry: Tonight is the wrong night for you Kane. You picked the wrong person to mess with tonight. Tonight I prove to each and every one of the fans including you Kane just why I am the Silverback of the Smackdown Jungle and that I will not only beat you tonight but that I will win at the Royal Rumble.

The crowd boos as Henry sucks chants start.

Mark Henry: Kane you’ll find out tonight just why they call me the World’s Strongest Man. I’ll show you that it’s not just a moniker to add to my name but that it is true. I’ve man handled many a men before you and I will do just the same to you tonight.

Henry walks off heading into the arena as we head to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Mark Henry is all business tonight and you can tell that he really wants to win the Royal Rumble.

Tazz: Well of course he wants to win it. All thirty men that are going to be in it are going to want to win it. Come on Cole that was retarted on your part.

Michael Cole: Oh never mind!

Match #5
Mark Henry vs. Kane

Match Overview: In a battle of two monsters that have already qualified for the Royal Rumble these two get a decent bit of time. This is mainly to mix things up and showcase a bit of the other talent on Smackdown in the main event. Henry and Kane both get even amounts of domination during the match and towards the end it seems Henry has a bit of it going for him. Henry was able to lock in a big Bear Hug onto Kane. Henry picked Kane up looking for the World’s Strongest Slam but Kane was able to prevent that. Kane hit Henry with a big European Uppercut before dropping the World’s Strongest Man with a series of clotheslines finally getting him down onto the mat. Kane then heads to the top rope as he looks down at Henry and leaps off connecting with the Flying Clothesline knocking Henry down. Kane gets back up and goes to guzzle Henry for the chokeslam but Henry blocks it by elbowing Kane in the head. Henry turns around to grab Kane once again but Kane grabs him by the throat this time and connects with a Chokeslam. Kane wasn’t able to get Henry very high up but the chokeslam shakes the ring as Kane covers and gets the win.

Winner: Kane

Kane celebrates his win as he sets his pyro off around the ring. Kane makes his way out of the arena as the camera looks at Henry down on the mat before it focuses once more on Kane.

Michael Cole: Kane was able to stop the World’s Strongest Man here tonight and he is looking good heading into the Royal Rumble.

Tazz: Tune into Smackdown here next week because we have one big rocket buster of a main event for you.

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle will be going one on one with none other than “The British Nightmare” Paul Burchill

Tazz: It’s been a wild and long night but good night everybody from Little Rock, Arkansas!


WWE Royal Rumble
Sunday January 28, 2007
San Antonio, Texas

The Royal Rumble Match
Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Umaga, John Cena, Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury, Carlito, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Mark Henry, Kenny Dykstra, MVP, Rey Mysterio, Batista

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

World-Heavyweight Championship
I Quit Match
Edge (c) vs. Kurt Angle

United States Championship
Mr. Kennedy (c) vs. Matt Hardy

World Tag Team Championships
Ric Flair and Charlie Haas (c's) vs. Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


Nice to have the cutting Edge open the show. Blatant cheap heat from Edge gets it going, and I actually chuckled at the childish stab at Miz. Edge goes on to put himself over, and despite one line that made no sense, it was actually quite an entertaining read. Lackluster delivery of the word bitch. Not a ‘wrong’ cuss to use, but at least capitalize the thing! Give it some oomph! Edge however, remained solid throughout. Angle was decent, but nothing more really. And Burchill? Love the British Nightmare gimmick, and would love to see him brought in elsewhere, but honestly, I have no desire for him to be immediately attached to the World Champ, and fogging up a perfectly good rivalry.

Good formula win for Matt Hardy, roaring into his US Title match with Kennedy at RR. Don’t have enough of a feel for the thread to make a reasonable prediction, but I’ll say Kennedy wins, retaining against a reputable opponent. He takes the belt to Mania, imo.

Interesting interaction between Dykstra and Ashley. Relationship in the making I guess. Too bad they’re both utter shyte.

LOVE Noble having a one year reign. Awesome. Deuce and Domino? Perhaps a tag feud with L & K to start?

So it was. Nice little first promo from the team. Realism ass jobber ... Create a team already!

Okay, okay I forgot about Burke/Benjamin. And they are the shit for sure.

Nice backstage segment. JBL makes a decent ruling, and Angle – Burchill should be decent enough. God, Burchill wins his ‘first’ match … against Kurt? Meh.

Batista over Richards for shocker of the year, plz. LOL, good to see the Animal in the Rumble.

Well the Rey promo was pretty good, and he’s not a stic guy. Afraid that by having Rey cut this promo - and no one else cut one – that you’ve given it away that he’s the winner. Fine with me, but I already feel like I know the Rumble outcome due to one promo.

Mania video package was fine, and I could see “Hotter than Hell” as a realistic tagline. One of those you figure would’ve been used forever ago, but wasn’t. Kind of a timeless type tagline, seems old, but it’s new. LOL at you and Wolfy.

Nice win for Punk, as he continues to make waves. Pretty sure he’ll be in a Rumble qualifier next week. Perhaps against Regal.

Now while I still think Rey is gonna win the Rumble after his earlier comments, I am glad to see someone else talk about it. But I don’t think he’ll even make it past Kane, and surely, he won't actually win the Rumble.

And as I thought, Henry doesn’t even win! Really should have let Kane get the promo, and then had him totally decimate Henry! That way, when Rey wins the Rumble, it wouldn’t be soo predictable, because Kane would’ve made a statement. And not just Kane, but all kinds of guys need to be making statements. I see that the Game and Cena are listed for the Rumble, and HBK made it in too, but to me, they feel like names in the match. Granted I only skimmed Raw. But am I right in thinking Cena and the Game were not even on the show? Not gaining them any steam if that's the case. At least one of them will likely end up in the WWE Title match @ Mania, but as for the Rumble, it's Rey who gains the Mania title shot methinks. Gotta get guys over as possible candidates to win. For example, Batista should have grabbed the mic and talked trash after his match, so as to solidify his want/need/desire to win. I’m in no way trying to be spiteful, honest. You know I consider you a friend, and I wouldn’t do that. But really, relatively dull matches throughout, okay promos, and a meh'ish main event is what Smackdown gave tonight. Major action for next weeks show, plz. It is two days pre-Rumble and all.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News and Notes

This past Monday on Raw Chris Jericho started talking about how bad he has felt since he lost the fans. Jericho is not a full fledged face but it does seem that he will be going back down that road very soon. Not much has been said concerning it otherwise though.

The "relationship" between Ashley Massaro and Kenny Dykstra on-screen is mainly going to be played off of trust. It kind of showed this week on Smackdown as Ashley was wondering just why Kenny "pumped his fist" so it's going to slowly start to build up.

Management likes Paul Burchill and felt that his pirate gimmick was good but that it wasn't getting him anywhere. Creative feels that pairing him with the World-Heavyweight Champion for at least now will get his name "out there" and then eventually later he can break off.

A little bit of House Show results from the weekend shows that a bunch of superstars have qualified for the Royal Rumble match from Raw and Smackdown. Raw had the following superstars qualify this weekend to round out the match: Sabu, Chris Jericho, and Gregory Helms all booked their way into the match in qualifying singles wins. On an intersting note on the Friday house show Ric Flair and Charlie Haas beat Cade and Murdoch to get into the Royal Rumble match and then on Saturday, Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke beat the Highlanders to get in as well. This means that all four of these men will be doing double duty in the Rumble match along with their tag title match.

On the Smackdown side of things in House Shows saw the following superstars qualify. All of these matches were spread out over the weekend. Finlay, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, CM Punk, Jamie Noble all booked their way in. Mr. Kennedy and Matt Hardy also won matches and they will pull double duty just like the tag teams from Raw.

This now leaves two superstars on the Smackdown side of things that will be entered into the Royal Rumble.

Now moving on over to ECW. There currently is something interesting going on. Joey Styles hasn't been seen on WWE television since last April but that's not the big thing. Tazz will be moving over to ECW but once Tazz moves to color commentate there won't be an announcer on Smackdown to fill his spot. There are many names being thrown around but there really is no idea as to who could fill the spot. Tune in as more of this will come of it soon.

WWE is looking at changing their summer PPV's around a bit. There has been talk about bringing Bad Blood back and possibly placing that in the place of the Great American Bash. Nothing major on that note but it seems WWE isn't really happy with the Great American Bash name as it hasn't drawn very much in the past few years and it's really never been a stand out PPV ratings wise.

The Draft has been confirmed once again this year. Names are already being thrown around and it is being rumored that this could be the biggest draft to date yet. Much more on this when it gets closer to WrestleMania.

Speaking of WrestleMania 23, No Way Out is only a few weeks away and that is expected to be a big launching pad towards WrestleMania this year. The No Way Out card has been set with the possiblity of one more match being added.

Once again concerning WrestleMania 23. There had been talks about the card being changed up a lot but the card has remained the same for about a week now. The only likely thing that will change is possibly a few superstars switching spots feud wise in a match or so. But right now everything is set.

Finally the last note. With WWE looking to test out once again Inter-Promotional PPV's there has been talks about adding an extra 30 minutes and making the PPV's 3 Hours and 30 Minutes. PPV's are rather expensive anyways and they would start at 7:30 ET/6:30 CT instead of the normal 8/7 CT. That would mean that the PPV would be over at the same time as normal. Nothing is certain but that way there could be possibly one more match added and total most PPV matches to 9. It's a plan that is being talked about but not certain.


WWE Royal Rumble
Sunday January 28, 2007
San Antonio, Texas

The Royal Rumble Match
Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Umaga, John Cena, Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury, Carlito, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Elijah Burke, Sabu, Chris Jericho, Gregory Helms, Kane, Mark Henry, Kenny Dykstra, MVP, Rey Mysterio, Batista, Finlay, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Jamie Noble, CM Punk, Matt Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, ??? and ???

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

World-Heavyweight Championship
I Quit Match
Edge (c) vs. Kurt Angle

United States Championship
Mr. Kennedy (c) vs. Matt Hardy

World Tag Team Championships
Ric Flair and Charlie Haas (c's) vs. Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke


Thanks for the review Naitch. Look I've still got a few reviews I need to do. (Naitch, Paranoir, Wolfy and I think that's it) and I'll get on those hopefully this week. Here is a schedule breaking everything down.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Post Raw and Smackdown recapped together. I'm leaning towards Wednesday but I might throw this up Tuesday.

Friday: The 2007 Royal Rumble Preview w/ Predictions Contest

Saturday: Backstage News, Notes, and Rumors Prior to the Royal Rumble

Sunday: The 2007 20th Annual Royal Rumble goes up!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good news bit there KOP. But most of all, CONGRATS! Much deserved spot methinks. Can't believe WF would hire a sex offender, but hell, who cares.Can't wait for Royal Rumble. Shockers plz? Plz? SummerSlam...?

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Congrats on the mod spot!

Will review the Royal Rumble, good luck.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday January 22, 2007
Lafayette, Louisiana

Raw kicks off tonight with the WWE Champion Randy Orton making his way down the ramp. Orton comes down to address last week’s situation in which he was attacked post match and then frog splashed through a table by Rob Van Dam. Orton pulls his shirt up to show his stomach wrapped (lightly) not heavily as he’s just playing it off for this week. Randy however says that he doesn’t have to worry about any of this going down this Sunday at the Royal Rumble because he reminds the fans that they have been barred from the arena come Sunday so that they cannot interfere in the match. Randy continues blabbing his mouth until Paul Heyman comes out. Heyman talks about how it doesn’t matter if ECW won’t be allowed in the arena because the impact of ECW will still be felt once Rob Van Dam wins the WWE title and then brings it over to ECW the following Tuesday. Randy says that Paul can dream but that’s he going to ruin those dreams just like he will kill the legend of ECW too! Paul looks at Randy rather interesting as Paul then issues a challenge to Randy that since he “feels” he can beat anybody in an ECW environment that he pick a tag partner for tonight and they team up to take on Rob Van Dam and his tag partner making a one night appearance…Mick Foley in an Extreme Rules Match!!! Orton says, “You’re on” as he says he has just the perfect partner in mind. Randy then gets ready to leave whenever Coach comes on the screen and books the match officially for tonight’s main event.

The night gets kicked off with Sabu in one on one action tonight against a fellow participant in the Royal Rumble Match in Gregory Helms. Sabu and Helms both get the night started off with in a very good highflying match. Helms tries to keep Sabu grounded after Sabu hit the Triple Jump Moonsault on Helms for a two count that nearly got him the win. Gregory was able to turn the tide after pushing Sabu into the turnbuckle shoulder first before hitting a big neck breaker. Helms worked on the neck of Sabu as he tried to hit a DDT in the ring but Sabu pushed Helms off into the ropes. Helms comes charging back at Sabu as Sabu trips him up face first and then hits the Triple Jump Moonsault to get the win in a very quick and flashy opening match.

We head backstage after the match to get a promo from John Cena. Cena talks about last week’s lost in the tag match to Triple H and Umaga but he says that he’s past that. Cena says that he is no longer worried because he has a major task ahead of him. Cena says that he hasn’t had a title shot since last summer and that he’s damn near overdue one! The Doctor of Thuganomics continues on about just how the Royal Rumble is his perfect opportunity. He says that the other twenty-nine men better realize how hungry Cena really is for this. Cena closes it out with a Word Life as he walks off.

We come back after the commercial break to our second match of the evening which is Ric Flair and Charlie Haas teaming up to take on MNM. MNM puts up a good fight but of course this is really just about trying to get the tag champs to look good before heading into the Royal Rumble. Burke and Benjamin are sitting at ringside scouting the match with just six days to go before the Rumble. The end of the match sees Haas get whipped into the ropes to which Mercury knees him in the back. Flair tries to yell at the ref that MNM is cheating but of course the ref gets distracted. This gives time for Burke to run over and pull Haas’s neck down on the ropes as he bounces off right into the arms of Nitro who tries for the Spinning Neckbreaker but Haas gets out of it and hits a big German Suplex! Haas breaks free and tags in his tag partner Flair! Flair gets into the ring throwing chops left and right before he knocks Mercury off the ring apron. Flair gets back up and chop blocks Nitro from behind before locking in the Figure Four Leg Lock. Nitro holds on for a bit but ends up tapping out. Flair breaks the hold as Benjamin and Burke slide into the ring. Both men begin to stomp away at Flair before they see Haas slide into the ring to which they slide out. Burke and Benjamin both give one another a high five as they look at Haas help Flair up onto his feet.

After another break we head backstage to see Chris Jericho standing by with Maria. Jericho is questioned about Palumbo leaving him before Jericho replies that he has no clue what is wrong with Chuck. However Chris says that he still is missing all of the Jerichoholics yelling his name. Jericho says he remembers those days well and that he would do anything to have them back. Jericho tries to talk again but all of a sudden he gets blindsided from a big boot to the face. The camera moves over to reveal Palumbo as Chuck is standing over the body of Jericho. Palumbo looks at Jericho and does not say a thing as he continues to stare at Jericho.

We notice Mick Foley walk into the arena. Foley walks over and shakes hands with Paul Heyman as Paul says that it’s great to see Mick back here in the WWE. Mick says that he hasn’t been here on Raw in almost a year (his last appearance was WrestleMania 22.) Mick says that it’s great to see all the wonderful people in the great city of Lafayette (cheap pop of course!) Heyman says that they need to go over some stuff tonight as Heyman and Foley walk off before we head to another break.

Our third match of the night is the Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy, in action to redeem his loss from last week. Jeff goes one on one tonight with Carlito. Jeff and Carlito both have a friendly match with one another as they get a decent bit of time in the ring. Jeff was able to take advantage of Carlito after Carlito missed a big clothesline. Hardy flew off the ropes with a Springboard Moonsault knocking Carlito down. Hardy rolled right back onto his feet before hitting the Mule Kick knocking Carlito back down. Jeff walked over and kicked Carlito in the sternum possibly looking for a Twist of Fate but Carlito shoved Jeff into the turnbuckle. Jeff turns around into an attempt for the Back Cracker from Carlito before Hardy grabs the ropes. Jeff quickly climbs to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb for the win. Jeff celebrates with the fans as he holds his title up as the camera notices Carlito slap the mat and look a bit angry.

The camera heads backstage to see that the WWE Champion Randy Orton is walking to a locker room. Orton walks in and opens the door to reveal Umaga! Orton walks over and talks to Armando Estrada about how he wants Umaga to be his tag partner tonight. Estrada tells Umaga something as Umaga shakes his head in agreeance. Estrada says that he’d be glad to do business again with Mr. Orton. (Reminder: Orton and Umaga teamed together on the New Year’s Raw.) Orton says that he’ll see them later tonight as he walks out as we head to a break.

After the break we cut backstage to see Triple H hyping himself up. Triple H says that he won the Royal Rumble match 5 years ago and that he wouldn’t love anything more than to win it again. Hunter says it’s been two years since he went into WrestleMania and wrestled in the main event and that he is hungry to get back there again. The crowd boos as Hunter says does he need to remind everybody just who he is? He’s the Game, the 10 time World Champion, and the soon to be 11 time World Champion. Triple H says that there is not a person in that ring that can scare him and that at the Royal Rumble he will be the true warrior left standing.

The fourth match of the night takes place as its Shawn Michaels in one on one action against “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters. This match gets a decent bit of time, as it’s mainly to showcase Michaels during the match but Masters who’s not in the Rumble match gets a bit of offense in too. Masters got so close to locking in the Masterlock during the match and had he done that it would have been over. HBK was able to duck an attempt at Masters picking him back up to hit the Master Slam but Michaels was however able to fly off the ropes and hit a Flying forearm! HBK nipped back up as he came off and hit an Atomic Drop before punching Masters sending him back onto the mat. HBK headed into the corner as he tuned the band up and then connected with the Sweet Chin Music to get the win. After the match HBK grabs a mic and states a few reasons as to why he will win the Royal Rumble. He talks about how he’s went on to main event past WrestleMania’s after winning the Royal Rumble and that he would love nothing more than to “steal the show” once again!

The WrestleMania 23 promo airs.

We head to Todd Grisham standing by with Rob Van Dam and Mick Foley! RVD and Foley talk about their big tag match coming up next as RVD says that Orton will pay the price tonight. RVD doesn’t talk much as he says that he uses actions not words. The contender talks about how Randy Orton’s ass is grass and that he is going to smoke it. RVD closes out by saying that he proved just last week that nobody gets higher than R…V…D! RVD then hands it over to Foley as Foley talks about how tonight he finds himself in a big predicament. Foley says that he comes back to Raw and he finds himself having to be in an Extreme Rules match! But he likes it! Foley says that he loves to bleed blood and that he’d do anything to make Randy Orton pay the price once again as well. (Note: Foley wrestled Orton last year at Saturday Night’s Main Event in a Hardcore Match) Foley says that he way too much history with Randy to let him sit there and trash ECW. Foley says that he will not let that crap fly by as both RVD and Foley walk off.

The main event takes place as it’s an all out brawl but not “too” extreme considering RVD and Orton both have a big match this Sunday. Foley and Umaga mainly do the brawling for a bit and oh yeah its tornado tag rules! Anything goes so all of the men are legal in the ring! Things get wild as Foley introduces a table into the ring once again as he sets it up and wants RVD to frog splash Orton through the table again! Orton however attacks Foley from behind. RVD makes his way to the top rope as he flies off trying to hit a Flying Kick to Orton but Orton instead shoves Foley right into the path of RVD. RVD looks at Foley trying to help his tag partner back up. Orton blindsides RVD before he throws RVD into the corner and places him on the ropes. Orton then proceeds to drop RVD with a big DDT onto the mat from the top rope as RVD is out of it! Orton proceeds to let Umaga charge into the corner and hit the Samoan Wrecking Ball if that wasn’t bad enough on RVD. Orton gets Umaga to throw Foley onto the table as Umaga makes his way onto the top rope. Umaga flies off the rope trying for the Big Splash through the table but Foley rolls away. Foley gets off the table in time as Orton however notices Foley turn around. Orton charges across the ring and hits the RKO dropping Foley face first onto an open steel chair in the ring! Orton covers and gets the win! Orton holds his WWE title high as he looks at RVD in the corner who is out of it and Foley down in the middle of the ring. Orton walks out of the arena to a loud chorus of boos as Raw ends.

Quick Results:

Sabu def. Gregory Helms
Ric Flair and Charlie Haas def. MNM
Jeff Hardy def. Carlito
Shawn Michaels def. Chris Masters
ECW Extreme Rules Match: Randy Orton and Umaga def. Rob Van Dam and Mick Foley


Friday Night Smackdown
Friday January 26, 2007
Mobile, Alabama

Smackdown kicks off tonight with JBL announcing that there will be a special preview before the Royal Rumble match this Sunday. Five of Smackdown’s top superstars will all be in the ring as for a preview in an Over the Top Rope Challenge! JBL says that tonight it will be Batista, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Finlay, and Mark Henry all competing in the match. JBL says that not only could this be a preview for the match but also it could go a long way in seeing who could win the Royal Rumble this Sunday. JBL talks about how in tonight’s main event we’ll be seeing Kurt Angle vs. Paul Burchill as he hypes that match too. He then goes on to hint about the two mystery superstars in the Royal Rumble match and says that they will not disappoint.

We come back after the break for our first match. The first match sees CM Punk this week take on the tag partner of Dave Taylor, William Regal! Punk is fresh off a win over Taylor last week and this week Punk and Regal both have a big technical contest. Punk is still relatively knew to the WWE since he’s only been here since the beginning of the month. However he has garnered a few impressive wins here and this looks even better tonight as he was able to duck underneath a High Knee from Regal before rolling up Regal from behind to get the win! The fans go wild as Punk slides out of the ring pumping his fist as Regal looks as if he has lost it! The veteran just got upset by Punk as Punk has hand raised while Regal vows there will be another match!

We have a backstage promo after the break with Batista. Batista talks about tonight’s Over the Top Rope Challenge briefly before he says that it is really not that much of a concern to him tonight. Batista says he has bigger priorities and they all start with him winning the Royal Rumble. He says that he’s listened to people “hype” themselves up but that he’s not afraid of a damn person in that match. The Animal says that anybody can try and ruin his dreams but that he will run right through them if they get in his way.

The second match of the night is a quick jobber fest as Deuce and Domino make their in ring debut teaming up to take on two jobbers (KC James and Cassidy Riley) from development. Deuce and Domino make quick work (in normal debuting tag team action) of Riley and James as Domino knocks Riley down with a vertical suplex before Deuce charges across the ring knocking Riley out with the Crack ‘em in ‘da mouth! Deuce and Domino help Cherry into the ring as they both get on the mic and talk about how they are the hottest tag team in the WWE. Deuce and Domino says that those two flying idiots (London and Kendrick) better watch out because the boys from the other side of the track are here and they want those tag team titles.

After another break this time we head into the arena to a special edition of MizTV! Miz is here hosting Matt Hardy and Mr. Kennedy before their big match this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. Miz talks about just how big this match is going to be and that it’s been brewing for a year. Kennedy tells Miz to shut his mouth and that he can handle this. Mr. Kennedy reminds Matt about just how many times he has beaten Matt Hardy. Kennedy says that Matt has gotten a few fluke wins in there but that Matt Hardy is nothing but a fluke! Hardy interrupts him saying that he’s tired of hearing Kennedy say so much crap. Hardy says Kennedy has been here for a while but has never proved that he can back up his extremely large mouth. Hardy and Kennedy both get eye to eye with one another as Kennedy says that if Matt thinks he can shut him up then he needs to do something. Matt replies with a big punch to the face as the brawl is on. Miz tries to break it up but Kennedy elbows Miz as Miz flies into the corner. Security runs down breaking these two up! Security gets them pulled apart as Kennedy and Hardy both shout at one another as we head off to another break.

After the break we come back to see Edge and “The British Nightmare” Paul Burchill backstage. Edge hypes Burchill up saying that Kurt Angle should not be the least of his concerns here tonight. Edge says that Burchill is just the perfect back up for him. Edge talks about how Burchill will win the match tonight and make it just that much more easier for him to win this Sunday. Edge tells Burchill to go and get ready because he cannot afford to lose tonight to Angle.

The third match takes place as Kenny Dykstra takes on Jimmy Wang Yang. Interestingly the main thing to come out of this is the fact that Ashley Massaro is indeed at ringside cheering on Kenny. Kenny has Yang locked in a headlock as Kenny pushes him off into the ropes. Yang comes back at Dykstra who hits a big Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Kenny rolls over and blows a kiss to Ashley at ringside, as Ashley looks confused. Kenny and Ashley aren’t dating and she’s just accompanying him to ringside. Kenny climbs the turnbuckles looking ready to leap off but Yang climbs up the ropes quickly. Yang tries to bring Dykstra back onto the mat with him with a big Superplex but Kenny pushes him off before leaping off the top rope hitting the Leg Drop to get the win! Dykstra slides out of the ring and Ashley slides in as well. Ashley helps Kenny back up as the ref raises Kenny’s hand to signal the victory.

After another break we come to see Jamie Noble standing backstage. Noble and Kash both joke about last week how London came so close to winning the title but he came up so short. London and Kendrick happen to walk in as London says that he was robbed. Noble laughs at London saying that shouldn’t they have more important things to worry about such as Deuce and Domino. London says that he wants a rematch but Noble simply replies with the words “No.” London doesn’t look too happy as they both get ready to walk off before Deuce and Domino ambushes them from behind. Deuce and Domino lay a beating on the tag champions as Noble and Kash leave. Deuce and Domino grab their titles and hold them up staring at them as they drop them on the chests of London and Kendrick as they walk off and Cherry skates off.

The fourth match is the Over the Top Rope Challenge. Batista, Kane, Finlay, Rey Mysterio, and Mark Henry all do battle during the match that doesn’t last too long but gets a decent bit of time. Finlay was the first to go after Kane grabbed him choke slamming him out of the ring. Second to go saw Mark Henry take out Kane as revenge for last week and eliminate him. This brings it down to three men in Batista, Rey Mysterio, and Mark Henry. The two monsters agree to team up on Mysterio as Mysterio’s speed came in handy, as he was able to dropkick Henry into the ropes. Batista was down in the corner as Mysterio connected with the 619 before he got onto the ropes trying to hit the Seated Senton! Henry gets back up as Mysterio flies off the ropes and catches him as if he was about to Powerbomb him but simply throws Mysterio to the outside. Henry turns around right into a big spear from the Animal as Henry flies to the outside as Batista celebrates his win!

The WrestleMania 23 promo airs.

Kurt Angle is interviewed backstage prior to his match and talks about how Burchill surprised him. Angle never thought Burchill would join forces with Edge but that shows just why Burchill is from England. Little bit of pop for that spot but Angle gets serious once again. Angle talks about how he’s on a mission and that mission begins at the Royal Rumble. Angle’s goal is to get to WrestleMania and wrestle in the main event but first he has to make Edge say I Quit. Angle says that he has never said I Quit in his life before and that he won’t this Sunday. He mentions how he’s wrestled on a broken neck and won a gold medal. Angle tells Burchill that he messed with the wrong man last week and that tonight he’ll roll right over Burchill so he can get the mission started.

The main event takes place as Angle and Burchill both put on a decent match. Both use their amateur skills as Burchill shows off some impressive moves for a big man his size. Burchill was able to ground Angle after a big clothesline before he threw Angle into the turnbuckle in the corner. Angle hit his shoulder rather hard but Burchill continues to work on it as he locks in a painful submission pulling on the shoulder of Angle. Burchill rams Angle shoulder first into the turnbuckle before he pulls him out and hits a snapmare before kicking the shoulder. Burchill pulls the opponent to Edge up as he kicks him in the stomach looking to drop Angle with maybe a DDT onto the shoulder but Angle reverses and pushes Burchill into the ropes. Burchill springs off the ropes before Angle catches him with three German Suplexes! Angle stomps the mat in the ring as he waits for Burchill to get back up. Angle gets ready to hit the Angle Slam on Burchill but as he does Burchill shoves Angle into the corner but Angle instead gets met by a BIG SPEAR by Edge! Edge came out of nowhere as he wasn’t at ringside as the ref calls the DQ. Edge look down at Angle and gets Burchill to come over. Burchill locks in the Royal Mutilation on the arm that is pulling on Angle’s shoulder as Angle lets out yelps of pain. Smackdown ends with Edge holding his title high with Burchill and Edge both standing over the number one contender.

Quick Results:

CM Punk def. William Regal
Deuce and Domino def. KC James and Cassidy Riley
Kenny Dykstra def. Jimmy Wang Yang
Batista won the Over the Top Rope Challenge
Kurt Angle def. Paul Burchill via DQ


I wasn't planning on posting this tonight but I'm going to be gone tomorrow night so I needed to get it up to coincide with getting the Rumble up this weekend. I'm really looking forward to getting the Rumble up finally so I can roll on towards WrestleMania 23!

Also I know Raw and Smackdown hasn't really been anything special recently match wise or superstar wise. Smackdown is kind of lacking in size and that's mainly due to the fact that ECW took a few stars (Mexicools, Richards, etc.) so the roster is kind of small if you look at it on the first page.

So don't be worried about the lack of star power because WrestleMania is going to have a lot. I'm sure after WrestleMania goes up you might see a few surprises to bolster the roster maybe.

Look for Preview up Friday night!
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