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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw Review

Cena opening the show with a match is kind of odd, IMO. However his match against Sntisky was decent with Cena winning as expected, as his push continues heading into the Royal Rumble. Please do not have Maria vs. Victoria at the Rumble for the title. Victoria as champion=Ratings! Hass as one of the “big dogs”. LOL moment right there, because while Hass is a great wrestler, I haven’t really ever been much of a fan of his character. Burke gets the win and it looks like he will be getting a push in this thread. The Hardys back as a team for a match on Smackdown. Should be a great match to say the least. Despite the fact that IRL during this time, Test was getting a huge push, in this case IMO, Van Dam was always going to win the match. Good way to build up Umaga for the Rumble match. I wonder who that person was Orton talking to on the phone? Cryme Tyme not in the Rumble=NO Ratings. Hunter saying his usual speech about winning the Rumble is all good and all but came off kind of generic. Benjamin winning the match gets his team a title match at the Rumble. Should be a good match. Intense segment from Y2J. MOTN with Jericho and Michaels. Great storytelling in the match and Michaels getting the clean win over Y2J is huge. What a way to end the show with the “Welcome Back Party” for Randy Orton. Orton bringing out Edge and Bob Orton was a great touch. However Heyman coming out to the ring really picked up the segment. ECW is back! Great news and I wonder how you plan to use the revival of ECW in this thread and in the current WWE Championship feud in this thread.

Friday Night Smackdown Review

Not surprised to see Teddy Long fired as the assistant to JBL as GM of Smackdown, since you mentioned that Teddy wanted to become a manager once again in the WWE. Punk defeating Funaki was not a surprise in the very least. Henry puts himself over for the Rumble match, though it’s obvious that Big Mark won’t be winning the match. MVP stating his claim for victory in the Rumble is cool, though I know he most likely he won’t win, I say he still wrestles a great match. London wins and faces Noble for the title next week on Noble’s one year anniversary as champion. That should be a great match between the two wrestlers. Kennedy and Chavo as a tag team against The Hardyz should equal a good match. Not surprised to see MVP win to get into the Rumble, but The Miz won’t be in the Rumble now. Batista promo really wasn’t needed since he doesn’t have a match scheduled for the show, but gets across his presence on Smackdown heading into the Rumble. Mysterio gets into the Rumble as expected. Not surprised to see The Hardyz win the match and Chavo to take the losing fall for his team. Suplex from Edge to Angle through the table to end the segment, was an original way to end the contract signing. Great booking.

Overall Comments: While both shows were good they kind of felt a bit bland with so many wrestlers stating their name for winning the Rumble match. Plus all of the qualifying matches on Smackdown kind of made the show a little bland as well. With that said though both shows were still good. Looking forward to the next Raw and Smackdown shows in this thread.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Originally Posted by kid o mac View Post
While both shows were good they kind of felt a bit bland with so many wrestlers stating their name for winning the Rumble match. Plus all of the qualifying matches on Smackdown kind of made the show a little bland as well.
Talk about a great case of irony and hypocrisy

Sister-Fucker, I have struggled to keep up with everything beause of Uni and Starrcade, but like I have mentioned in the IC chats on MSN, I plan on getting back into UTF at the Rumble. Ya dig?

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Originally Posted by TAFKA Szumi View Post
Talk about a great case of irony and hypocrisy

Sister-Fucker, I have struggled to keep up with everything beause of Uni and Starrcade, but like I have mentioned in the IC chats on MSN, I plan on getting back into UTF at the Rumble. Ya dig?
Oh yeah, bet KOP was really taking notice of our IC Chats when we were calling him a dirty Southern Imbred.

btw, I love the fact you added that paragraph onto the end to soften the blow of your insults.

IC insults, ftw.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

^ Both of you stop spamming and STFU plz.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw Preview
Monday January 15, 2007
Bossier City, Louisiana

Extreme Implications

Randy Orton tonight has been told that he will be in action. However what Orton didn't know is that tonight he must take on an ECW original! Last week ECW made it's return and it was announced it will return to the airwaves in only a matter of a few weeks. This week though we've been told that Paul Heyman will hand pick an ECW original on Raw to face the WWE Champion Randy Orton. This all comes due to the fact that last week ECW crashed Randy Orton's Welcome Home Party. Who will Orton face and will he reign supreme with only 13 days till the Royal Rumble?

Rumble Pre-Build

With the Royal Rumble only thirteen days away, we've been toldt that tonight here on Raw there will be two more Royal Rumble Qualifying Matches! But also there will be a Special Tag Team Match pitting 4 of the 6 superstars already qualified for the match. The match will see Triple H team with Umaga to take on John Cena and the Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy! All four men are looking to roll into the Rumble with a bang in the upcoming weeks but to do that they might need a big win tonight on Raw!

Vickie's Secret?

Victoria has not let it show to her recently but it's maybe possible that she has grown tired of the Women's division having no competition. In fact she might have kept this as a secret for a long time! But now tonight Victoria has said that she will defend her Women's Championship against none other than Raw backstage interviewer, Maria! Maria coming off a big loss to Melina two weeks ago needs to rebound and she has a major chance to become the champion tonight! Can Maria shock everybody and win the title or will Victoria's dominance on the divsion continue?


Chris Jericho has stated on WWE.com that he will be at Raw tonight but he will be there to talk about his match last week on Raw. Jericho will not be in action as he simply needs to get his mind off his loss against Shawn Michaels last week. Jericho seems to be having trouble in the ring recently and bad luck in the past few weeks as he had his Jeri-Tron broken as well. What will Jericho have to say to these fans and how pissed off he will be about losing last week?

Tune into the USA Network at 9/8 CT to catch this big edition of Monday Night Raw!


First off, I've been working on reviews and currently need to check out Paranoir, Legend, and maybe another one or two that I can't remember. But a little bit of exciting news concerning the Royal Rumble. I was able to finish the Royal Rumble match and am very happy with how it came out! So now all I need to do is get onto the other matches which won't be that long so I'm looking to have the Rumble up as early as maybe Mid-March! I'd love to get it up then! So thanks for the support so far and I'll have Raw up this weekend!

Oh first some comments to KOM about Raw and SD. Most episodes of Raw and SD pre-RR are all about who is going to win the Royal Rumble, etc. It'd be dumb to start feuds before the Royal Rumble (other than the ones that are on the card) so really most of the show's focus is of course going to be on the Royal Rumble match. I don't understand how ALL of the Qualifying Matches on SD made it seem "bland" as you say because it had two just like Raw. That makes no sense there on your part.

Look for some news and notes up this weekend after Raw too...
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry I haven't been able to review a lot KOP. Life's gotten the best of me. But I should get a review up for RAW once it's posted.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP's Raw Feedback

Apologies for the severe lateness. I'm swamped with work and I also suck as a human being, so...

I kind of hate this limbo period in between new year and the Royal Rumble when it is really tough to decide if there is any point setting up new feuds or not. Cena is a prime example of one of the flaws with this time period, as he is a MEGA star in the Rumble match but has no feud, and thus is run up is a tad dull. Killing Snitsky is always a bonus though.

Please don't start a feud between Victoria and Maria. That would be terrible in all honesty, since Maria can't wrestle to save her life and is an annoying character. Just job her out to Vicky and have her be done with

Solid match up next and it's just so obvious that you are short of credible tag teams, which is why you are pushing Burke/Benjamin into the mix so quickly. I'm a little disappointed to see Haas get jobbed out, since he has been looking strong lately, but I guess he's still got the belt.

Nice little plug for SmackDown. Ha ha. The Hardys reuniting is a first for this thread, right? Just please keep it as a special thing and don't turn them back into a full-time tag team again like certain ... other bookers have unfortunately done.

Ah, I remember the days when you were pushing Matt Striker and Test to the moon. Both men were possible contenders for the Intercontinental title, and now they're lowly jobbers. **Sigh** Oh well. Anyway, good momentum for Van Dam heading into the Rumble, where he will obviously lose.

Planting the seeds of The Undertaker's return already? I expect Umaga to completely dominate in the Rumble match until 'Taker returns in some capacity and costs him the match. The WrestleMania feud I am MOST looking forward to at least point. I wonder why

Okay, you've got me hooked and just who the hell this mystery person actually is that Randy keeps talking to. It could be his dad, but that wouldn't really be very big. Estrada/'Mags are out of the picture since tagging last week. Edge would be lame, since he should be concentrating on his own title match. Maybe someone close to Van Dam? Fonzie? I would mark if it was Foley and we got RVD/Foley at WM. I'm speculating though.

See, I think this is why you are having a lot of trouble with your tag division, KOP. You keep building up these new teams {Highlanders, Cryme Tyme, FBI etc.} and after losing their title shots, they become jobbers. It's what the WWE do in real life and it's a terrible tactic. Makes the division a joke in all honesty. Really both MNM and CT should be in the Rumble to maintain some semblance of strength.

Hunter has been doing well in this thread putting over better talent like RVD and Cena, and I hope to god he loses the Rumble. People call 'Taker stale? Get a load of this guy

I think Haas probably should have won his match, rather than Flair. It doesn't look like you have any great plans for Naitch, so it doesn't really matter. Good evening of the score though.

Jericho is alllllll awesome and needs to make Michaels his bitch for the second straight time this week. Sadly I can see him failing and HBK evening the score. This is a refreshing feud heading into the Rumble, as both men are credible threats and actually have something to do.

This calibre of Main Event should always be the Main Event in my opinion. "Classic" is the only word that should be used whenever these two are in the same ring. Gutted that Y2J didn't beat the male stripper, but it evens the score. Could we possibly see the Rubber Match in the future? I hope so.

Good ending to the show with Orton's party. Cowboy Bob and Edge joining in the lovefest effectively rule them out of being on the other end of the phone, but I think that Heyman could have been it. Did Orton recruit Paul E. to screw RVD and it has backfired? Lol, I didn't think you would bring ECW back this early, KOP, but it seems like a nice move. Hopefully you don't just turn it into the "Hardcore" show, as that would be lame.


KOP's SmackDown Feedback

This is much, much better stuff from JBL. Last week he was a very dull General Manager, but this time he actually gets to do something. Firing Long was the right way to go. It prevents you from just doing a carbon copy of the current WWE angle and it frees JBL up for some high calibre heel GM action.

Yay for Punk still winning. The Anaconda Vise definately owns the GTS, so use that more plz.

Two interviews from Mark Henry and MVP then. I think Henry could be like Umaga come the Rumble and dominate. However, even though he has been in title contention before, I wouldn't be surprised to see you job him out MVP, much like Cena earlier, is in severe need of a feud, and hopefully the RR goes some way to establishing that.

Much like on Raw, you don't really have alot of credible teams to face Londrick, which appears to be why you are making the CW Champion a tag team threat. No ratings for Noble losing, but the one year anniversary title defense next week should be great. Hopefully Jamie's reign continues.

Lol @ The Ladies Man. I really don't like this new gimmick for Dykstra. He seems like a cheap knock off of Val Venis. I'm all for his push though.

Well at least Chavo isn't as pathetic as he was last week against Kane. He and Kennedy should have a quality match with The Hardys, although Chavito will most likely end up getting squashed.

Damn right Porter is now in the Rumble. Miz is a jobber for life and MVP is a World Champion in the making. I mark for him badly.

There's been a lot of guys in both of these recaps just saying why they're going to win the Rumble. Seems a tad unimaginative if you ask me. Batista is the next in line. He won't be winning the RR, but I think we could see him establish a WretleMania feud.

NOOOOOOOO~!!! YOU JUST JOBBED REGAL~!!!! That's pretty offenseive, KOP. Not only is he English like me, but he's alllll awesome I'm going to bash you on MSN for this, boy Rey had better not win the Rumble either.

Good Main Event between Chavo/Kennedy and The Hardys. Nice to see the U.S/IC belts getting a high place on the card. No real surprise to see Chavo take the fall, since he was the jobber of the bunch unfortunately. It was also unsurprising that Matt got the pin, since he is being built on a roll heading into his U.S title match at the Rumble, where he will probably lose. I hope all four of these guys are still in the Rumble Match itself though.

Good way to finish the show with the contract signing. I can't really see a way that Angle will say "I Quit", but he must in the end, seeing as Edge will go into WrestleMania as Champion. It doesn't seem like Angle to turn his back on his opponent like that, as he usually the one doing the attacking. Nice little parallel with Edge suplexing Angle through the table. This has been a really nice feud thus far, I just hope this kind of attack by Edge isn't hinting at Angle regaining the belt. He was a little stale as the face champ in this thread in all honesty.

Overall two very nice recaps, KOP. My main complaint is that there was a lot of guys simply hyping how much they were going to win the Rumble. Also, I missed Carlito Other than that, good work
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday January 15, 2007
Bossier City, Louisiana

Across the Nation hits around the arena as the normal Raw video package plays and ends with Randy Orton holding his WWE Championship in the air.

Jim Ross: Hello one and all and welcome to Monday Night Raw down here in the southern part of America in good ole’ Louisiana!

Jerry Lawler: Bossier City is rocking for one big night here on Raw and it’s mainly because of our big main events!

Jim Ross: Two major matches have been signed in which Randy Orton MUST take on an ECW original here tonight plus a big tag match.

Jerry Lawler: That big tag match pits Triple H and Umaga teaming to take on John Cena and Jeff Hardy which will be no short of a rocket buster JR!

Break the Walls Down hits across the arena and out steps a somber looking Chris Jericho. Jericho makes his way down the ramp hanging his head in frustration as down comes Chuck Palumbo along with him. Jericho gets into the ring and grabs a mic as he looks around the arena as the crowd chants “You lost” as Jericho looks frustrated and Palumbo backs himself into a corner to stand away from Jericho as he speaks.

Chris Jericho: I felt like coming out here tonight because I need to talk about my match last week with Shawn Michaels…

Jericho looks around as the crowd laughs at Jericho for losing last week.

Chris Jericho: Two weeks ago on the first Raw of the New Year Shawn Michaels came onto the first Highlight Reel of 2007. Shawn came in there and ruined my year by destroying my Jeri-Tron and attacking me in the ring! But I didn’t complain. I lost to Shawn Michaels last week in the ring but here I am and I am not complaining. However though it seems that 2007 is not going to be very nice to me at all this year and th…

The crowd taunts Jericho by yelling “You Suck” as Jericho simply ignores them.

Chris Jericho: Now don’t get me wrong I had a great year here last year in the WWE. I never did get my first goal accomplished in beating John Cena but I was able to get wins over many top superstars. Though I didn’t walk away with the WWE championship last year in my hands, this is a new year! And even though it seems 2007 is not starting off the way I’d like it to I can promise that to each and everyone of you that 2007 will be the year of Jericho!

The crowd boos not wanting anything to do with Jericho tonight. Jericho simply shakes his head ignoring them continuing to look somber.

Chris Jericho: The one thing that I lost back in 2006 that I regret the most was each and every one of you…

The crowd is confused now and so is Palumbo.

Chris Jericho: The fans!!!

The crowd pops for Jericho mentioning them despite him being a heel.

Chris Jericho: I lost the respect and admiration from each and every one of you. It seems that to this day that I regret that day that I attacked John Cena almost a year ago. I’ve been back in the WWE for about a year now as I returned in last year’s Royal Rumble match but it seems ever since that cold day in February last year that I haven’t been “right” with myself. That I haven’t been able to sleep without knowing that every time I come into this arena that all I will ever hear is Jericho sucks and so on and so forth.

The crowd is confused as to what Jericho is doing now.

Chris Jericho: So I’m here out tonight to make a formal apology to each and everyone of you fans for each time that I have disappointed you. I am out here for the sheer fact that I am no longer the same person I was this time last year. I am not the happy go lucky Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla that I was last year before I came back to the WWE when I was touring with Fozzy! So if each and every one of you would ple…

Palumbo walks over and stops Jericho from continuing.

Chuck Palumbo: Chris just what in the hell has gotten into your head?

The crowd boos Palumbo interrupting Jericho’s apology as Palumbo shakes his head in disgust.

Chuck Palumbo: Chris I’ve been with you ever since July of last year and what you are saying right now I know is complete bullshit! You told me that you didn’t give a crap about these fans and that you were in it just to become WWE Champion.

The crowd wonders if Palumbo is telling the truth as Jericho shakes his head assuring it is not.

Chuck Palumbo: You also told me that you would never turn back to these fans for advice and here we are Chris and what are you doing?

The crowd boos Palumbo.

Chuck Palumbo: Shut up! This is between Chris and myself so stay out of it!

Palumbo kicks the ropes in fury, as Jericho looks disappointed in Palumbo interrupting him.

Chris Jericho: Listen Chuck. I a..

Chuck Palumbo: No YOU listen Chris!

The crowd “ooo’s” for Palumbo interrupting Jericho once again.

Chuck Palumbo: I am sick and tired of being lied to in this business. I’ve been lied to too much to believe anything I hear anymore and that is why I am not going to let you sit here and give your “formal apology” shit because I know that you do not mean it. So go ahead Chris and tell them what you really want them to hear!

The crowd waits for Jericho as he turns around.

Chris Jericho: I’m sorry each and everyone of you for le…

Chuck Palumbo: Chris! You can go ahead and handle this on your own because I am no longer backing you up.

Palumbo slams down the mic as he walks out and makes his way out of the arena as Jericho stands there just wondering where Palumbo is going. The crowd boos Palumbo but surprisingly cheers Jericho as he makes his way out of the arena yelling for his bodyguard to get back here. We then head to a commercial break after Jericho is out of the arena.


Match #1
Women’s Championship
Victoria (c) vs. Maria

Match Overview: For the sake of Victoria defending her Women’s title she goes one on one tonight with Maria after their interview encounter last week. Victoria pretty much woman handles Maria throughout the match despite Maria getting a bit of offense in during the match. Victoria was able to pretty much end the match after Maria missed a dropkick. Victoria grabbed Maria after knocking her down with a clothesline and then proceeded to lay out Maria for the three count with the Widow’s Peak and get the win to retain her title.

Winner: Victoria

Victoria is handed her title as she stares down at the lifeless body of Maria as Victoria puts her foot on Maria and holds her title high.

Jim Ross: Is there anybody out there that will be able to stop Victoria’s reign as the Women’s Champion in the WWE?

Jerry Lawler: Victoria has had the title with her for nearly six months and those six months have brought terror to the women’s division.

Jim Ross: She’s had a big reign but now moving on we’ve been told that standing by backstage right now are Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke.

We quickly head backstage to see Todd Grisham with Benjamin and Burke.

Todd Grisham: Guys in just two weeks both of you will be teaming to take on Ric Flair and Charlie Haas for the Tag Titles at the Royal Rumble. How excited are both of you to know that you’ve got a tag title match in your future?

Elijah Burke: We’re “excited” Todd if that’s what you’d like to call it but we’re thrilled for the fact that we’re going to be the next tag champions. You see whenever you’ve got the World’s Greatest Athlete in Shelton…

Burke points to Shelton.

Elijah Burke: And then you have the Elijah Experience himself you make for a dangerous duo. And that is exactly what we are! Dangerous! Ever since I debuted two weeks ago I promised that I was going to come in here and make an impact and I did just that last week whenever I beat the holy hell out of Charlie Haas!

Shelton Benjamin: And as Ric Flair says “To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man” Well I beat Ric Flair last week so I guess that makes me the MAN!

Todd Grisham: Guys coming up next you both must team with MNM to take on Cryme Tyme and Ric Flair and Charlie Haas. Are you bo…

Elijah Burke: Listen I’ve got no problem with MNM and neither does Shelton but this match tonight is for us. This isn’t for MNM. This is for us to wear down Flair and Haas so that in two weeks they can’t even make it to the Royal Rumble. And if they just so happen to make it there then they both can have a dose of the Elijah Experience.

Shelton Benjamin: Because there ain’t no stoppin’ us…

Benjamin looks at Burke.

Both: NOW!!!

Benjamin and Burke walk off confidently in their warm up pants and jackets as they both get ready for the match after the break.


Match #2
MNM, Shelton Benjamin, and Elijah Burke vs. Cryme Tyme, Ric Flair, and Charlie Haas

Match Overview: A rather exciting tag match to get the night really started off with in action as all eight men play an active role in this match. The match starts to breakdown towards the ending as JTG and Shad get so close to hitting the G-9 on Mercury but Nitro snuck into the ring and hit a Springboard Enziguiri knocking JTG down onto the mat. Shad was able to clothesline Nitro out but in the process Mercury was able to get over and tag in Benjamin. Benjamin gets into the ring and goes to attack and taunt JTG but JTG is finally able to break free after kicking Benjamin and tag in Flair! Flair comes in as the match starts to seriously breakdown after Flair goes on a chop fest throwing them wild at Benjamin as Burke tries to interfere in the match now. Burke however gets met with a series of Suplexes from Haas as Burke goes flying to the corner. Flair drops Benjamin with a Back Body Drop before locking in the Figure Four Leg Lock. Shad and Haas watch to make sure nobody can get back in as Flair forces Benjamin to tap out!

Winners: Cryme Tyme, Ric Flair, and Charlie Haas

Flair breaks the hold as Haas helps him up. Cryme Tyme get back onto their feet as they both have their hands raised by the refs at the same time as the tag champs do. Flair and Haas both grab their titles and make their way to the back.

Jim Ross: A big win tonight for the World Tag Team Champions plus Cryme Tyme giving Flair and Haas major momentum before the Royal Rumble.

Jerry Lawler: They’ve needed some momentum after those losses last week so congrats to the tag champs tonight.

We head backstage to see Paul Heyman standing by with a bunch of the ECW originals such as Al Snow, Balls Mahoney, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, and many others.

Paul Heyman: The rebirth of ECW has finally been realized!

Heyman smiles as the ECW superstars start a big ECW chant.

Paul Heyman: Ever since that cold night in 2001 whenever ECW closed we’ve been waiting for our dream to be realized. And here we are six years later and ECW is alive once again! I knew one day that ECW would be back and that is just what we are going to be in two weeks. But until then we need to make an impact here on Raw. An impact that will stay here while we are over on Sci-Fi! An impact that is so big that it will shake the core of the WWE.

Heyman walks around as the superstars pay close attention.

Paul Heyman: An impact such as Rob Van Dam becoming the WWE champion once again and bringing it with him to ECW.

The ECW originals cheer for this.

Paul Heyman: But that is all to happen at the Royal Rumble. Tonight however I’ve decided on which Original is going to be facing Randy Orton. I’ve thought long and hard about this but I decided to pick an Original that was there for a long time. That no matter what happened to him that he always would continue on fighting. He’s perhaps one of the biggest badasses to ever step into an ECW ring and now he can say he steps in a WWE ring…

The ECW originals wonder who it will be.

Paul Heyman: Tonight Randy Orton’s opponent will be…

They all look around at one another wondering which one of them it will be.

Paul Heyman: Sandman!

Sandman stands up and holds his Singapore Cane high. Heyman watches Sandman get crowded by the other ECW superstars as they all break out in an ECW chant as Heyman stands back and watches knowing he has something special for tonight.


Match #3
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Carlito vs. Test

Match Overview: A decent match tonight that sees Carlito make his first appearance on Raw so far in 2007 as he is thrown into the fire against an angry Test after losing to RVD last week. Test tries to work over on Carlito, as he was able to work on Carlito’s shoulder for a while but the good turned into bad for Test towards the end of the match. Test had thrown Carlito onto the turnbuckles and proceeded to charge at Carlito for a Big Boot but Carlito moved and Test got caught on the ropes! Carlito proceeded to go on the attack of Test from there on out as he was able to take Test down with a series of clotheslines and the Springboard Back Elbow before Striker tried to trip Carlito up. Carlito uses the ropes and swings through hitting Striker and sending him down onto the mat. Test got back up and ran at Carlito but Carlito moved and hit the Back Cracker for the win!

Winner: Carlito

Carlito rolls out of the ring as the ref holds his hand as the camera heads into the ring to see Test kick the turnbuckles as Striker slides into the ring to try and console Test. Test looks as if he is about to blow a gasket as Striker has to hold him back from going after Carlito.

Jim Ross: Carlito is now in the Royal Rumble match but a tough blow for Test there as he was so close to winning tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Test has had some bad luck in the past few weeks but I have a feeling that he will be back on top of his game very soon!

Jim Ross: And when Test is on his game you might want to stand back because he can be a very dangerous man as witnessed in the past before on Raw!


We head backstage to see Raw GM Jonathan Coachman sitting at his desk as in comes Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: Coach how are you doing?

Coach nearly jumps out of his seat startled that Mr. McMahon is here.

Jonathan Coachman: I um… well I had no idea you were going to be here tonight sir.

Mr. McMahon: Well that’s fine Coach but I just wanted to drop by to see how things have been going on around here. I know I was here two weeks ago and it was all chaos but I think now you might have some of these superstars under control.

Coach nods his head.

Jonathan Coachman: Indeed I do sir and I’ve given everybody f..

Mr. McMahon: That’s good. Well you see I needed you to know that in two weeks I’ll be here on Raw because that night Paul Heyman and ECW will be here as well. He is going to be here because he gets to draft a superstar from Raw and Smackdown to his ECW roster and well I think you might like to say well be prepared for that.

Coach looks up at Mr. McMahon.

Jonathan Coachman: Come on Mr. McMahon! You don’t think there is any other bet…

Mr. McMahon: Coach listen to me!

McMahon gets done yelling at Coach.

Mr. McMahon: I run the show around here! Not you! You might think just because you run Raw that you are better and superior to me but you are not! I pay you and it’s going to remain that way for a long, long time! So you might as well sit back and face facts because Mr. Heyman can get anybody even you if he wanted to.

Coach looks at Mr. McMahon confused.

Jonathan Coachman: But why would he want me?

Mr. McMahon: I have no damn clue Coach but he gets to pick anybody that he damn well pleases so just be prepared because he will be here the night after the Royal Rumble as well as I will be. So I guess I’ll see you then.

Mr. McMahon walks out and shuts the door as Coach ponders just whom he might end up losing to Paul Heyman and ECW.

Jim Ross: Big news coming from Mr. McMahon that in two weeks Paul Heyman and ECW will get to draft a star from Raw to ECW.

Jerry Lawler: We could lose anybody JR and it might just as well be you if we are not careful. Isn’t that right JR?

Jim Ross: Anything is possible and right now it’s time for our tag match in which these four men have already qualified for the Royal Rumble.

Jerry Lawler: These four men add together for some combustible elements and it might just end up showing in their match!

Match #4
Triple H and Umaga vs. John Cena and Jeff Hardy

Match Overview: These four men get a good bit of time as basically to showcase their talent as not much is riding on the line in this match other than bragging rights. But still all four men go out there and give it their all showing they want a big win here on Raw. The match takes it’s ending whenever Umaga is in the ring and looks ready to hit Cena with the Samoan Wrecking Ball but Hardy was able to move Cena out of the way. Umaga collided with the turnbuckle as Umaga makes his way over and tags in Hunter. Triple H gets into the ring as Cena tags in Hardy. Hardy quickly comes into the ring and ducks a clothesline from Hunter before running at Hunter and hitting him with a Spinning Heel Kick. Cena watches as Umaga tries to get into the ring but Cena spears Umaga right through the ropes and throws some wild rights at Umaga down on the mat. Hardy was able to drop Hunter with a Twist of Fate before heading to the top rope and attempting the Swanton Bomb but he misses and collides with the mat! Hardy rolls back onto his feet and happens to bump right into Triple H who scoops him up between his legs and drops the Intercontinental Champ with the Pedigree as he makes the cover for the win.

Winners: Triple H and Umaga


We come back after the break to see Shawn Michaels sitting in his locker room as in walks Rob Van Dam.

Rob Van Dam: Listen Shawn. I know we’ve had our differences in the past whenever I was champion but that’s the past and that’s now. I wan..

Michaels stops him.

Shawn Michaels: Differences? Rob I never had a problem with you when we were fighting one another!

RVD looks at HBK.

Shawn Michaels: Perhaps it was the other way around Rob. I’ve always respected you as a wrestler despite your background. And trust me I’m pulling for you to beat Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble because Randy is nothing but one cocky son of a gun.

Rob Van Dam: I know Shawn and I’m going to make sure that Randy won’t make it out of the Royal Rumble without the title. He’ll be lucky to make it there after Sandman is finished with him tonight. There won’t be very much left of him.

HBK smiles showing he’s glad for that.

Shawn Michaels: Well listen Rob I’ve got to go and get ready because I’ve got a Qualifying Match for the Royal Rumble next and I really need to get ready for that but you and the rest of the ECW Originals need to go out there and take care of business tonight. And that’s coming straight from the Heart Break Kid himself!

RVD smiles as they share a handshake with one another.

Rob Van Dam: Thanks Shawn.

HBK gets ready to walk off.

Shawn Michaels: No problem! Any time Rob.

We head down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels and RVD sharing a bit of old time sakes there and really it seems HBK is ready for his match tonight.

Jerry Lawler: I would sure hope so because he has a big chance to win the Rumble match this year if he can get in.

Jim Ross: HBK is always a favorite but this is the Biggest Star Studded Royal Rumble ever so there really is no telling.

Match #5
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Trevor Murdoch

Match Overview: A rather brief match takes place between these two that is simply just there to get HBK into the Rumble match as predicted. HBK and Murdoch get very little time in the ring tonight as Murdoch didn’t get much offense in on HBK. HBK was able to finish Murdoch off rather quick after the Atomic Drop and then proceeded to hit Murdoch with the Diving Elbow and then finally tune up the band before dropping him with Sweet Chin Music and advancing onto the Royal Rumble match in two weeks.

Winner: Shawn Michaels


A black screen comes across before the WrestleMania 23 logo flashes across the screen. After the logo disappears we see shots of Rob Van Dam leaping off the top ropes of the turnbuckle.

Narrator: The desire to compete and win…

Shots of superstars hitting their maneuvers and having their hands held high.

Narrator: The burning desire and feeling inside of you that wants out…

Shots of superstars doing their trademark taunt moves.

Narrator: The need to know that you are the best in this business…

Shots of past champions holding their titles in the air such as Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and many others.

Narrator: The fact that you are willing to lay it all on the line…

Shots of great matches in WrestleMania history such as Jericho vs. HBK, Warrior vs. Hogan, Hart vs. Michaels, and many others.

Narrator: For that one night that comes only once a year…

Shots of each WrestleMania are briefly shown as they start to speed up.

Narrator: For the chance that your name could become embarked in the archives of history…

Shots of legends such as Hogan, Savage, Hart, DiBiase and many more are shown.

Narrator: Or the chance that you get to wrestle on the biggest stage of them all…

Shots of up and comers are shown with a few having wrestled at last year’s WrestleMania.

Narrator: WrestleMania 23 “Hotter than Hell”

The WrestleMania 23 logo comes back across

Narrator: Live Sunday April 1, 2007 from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida!

We head backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with the WWE Champion Randy Orton!

Todd Grisham: Right now I am here with the WWE Champion Randy Orton and Randy I must ask you about your WWE title match in two weeks? How are you feeling about your odds now that RVD has ECW backing him up?

Randy Orton: Honestly Todd I feel no different than I did before about it. Rob Van Dam is not a threat to my WWE championship or me. I plan on walking into WrestleMania 23 this year as the WWE Champion and I plan on walking right out of it too as the champion. But be rest assured that Rob Van Dam will take one hell of a beating come the Royal Rumble and there won’t be a damn thing that any one of the ECW originals can do about it!

Todd Grisham: And why is this?

Randy Orton: This is because of the fact that Jonathan Coachman and myself have arranged that no ECW original will be allowed in that arena during the match because of the fact that any of those lunatics could interfere at any time and cost me MY TITLE! I can’t afford that to happen because I’ve got too much riding on the line and I’ll be damned if I lose my title because of a lunatic like Sabu or Sandman or Tommy Dreamer! It’s simply not going to happen!

Todd Grisham: After the break you will be going one on one with the Sandman. Now you’ve never faced Sandman before so how are you pr

Randy Orton: I’ve got this taken care of.

Todd stands there but Randy tells him to go away.

Randy Orton: Go away.

Todd walks off as Randy looks back at the camera.

Randy Orton: This goes out to RVD and any original that is going to be here tonight. You all think that you’ve got the odds stacked against me! Well you are all wrong. I’ve got each and every one of you in the palm of my hand. Especially RVD! I know that there is not a damn one of you that can do anything to force me to lose my WWE championship. You can’t hit me hard enough with a steel chair, drive me through a table too hard, or set me on fire even! I won’t go down and I won’t lose my WWE title at the Royal Rumble. So regardless of what any of you Originals think. You might as well give up because there is no way that I will go down.

Orton walks off heading into the arena with his WWE title looking rather confident

Jim Ross: Randy Orton meets the Sandman and that is next!


Match #6
Randy Orton vs. The Sandman

Match Overview: It doesn’t turn out to be a pretty match but it’s a decent contest as Sandman has to be able to compete without wielding his Singapore cane in the match in which he has a bit of problem. Heyman is down at ringside simply by himself as RVD is sitting and watching the match. Sandman’s offense takes a halt after Orton catches Sandman in the ropes and drops him with a DDT straight head first into the mat. Orton proceeded to kick Sandman square in the head and then drag Sandman up and hit him with a Backbreaker. Orton taunts the ECW Original as Orton looks ready to drop Sandman with the RKO. Sandman stands up and he gets ready to get dropped with the RKO from Orton but Heyman slides Sandman the Singapore Cane as he beats Orton with it as Orton looks ready for the RKO!

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton

Sandman continues the beat down with the Singapore Cane as he wields away at Orton. Sandman then calls RVD into the ring as RVD rolls a table in. RVD and Sandman both set the table up as down comes Sabu to the ramp. Sabu and Sandman both place Orton on the table as RVD makes his way to the top ropes. RVD looks down at Orton and leaps off the top rope dropping Orton through the table with the Five Star Frog Splash as Raw comes to an end with Heyman, Sabu, and Sandman helping RVD up.

Quick Results:

Victoria def. Maria to retain the Women's Championship
Cryme Tyme, Ric Flair, and Charlie Haas def. MNM, Shelton Benjamin, and Elijah Burke
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: Carlito def. Test
Triple H and Umaga def. John Cena and Jeff Hardy
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: Shawn Michaels def. Trevor Murdoch
Randy Orton def. The Sandman via DQ


WWE Royal Rumble
Sunday January 28, 2007
San Antonio, Texas

The Royal Rumble Match
Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Umaga, John Cena, Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury, Carlito, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Mark Henry, Kenny Dykstra, MVP, Rey Mysterio

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

World-Heavyweight Championship
I Quit Match
Edge (c) vs. Kurt Angle

United States Championship
Mr. Kennedy (c) vs. Matt Hardy

World Tag Team Championships
Ric Flair and Charlie Haas (c's) vs. Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP, I will try and get a review up for you although i am pretty busy with reviews for Nige and Szum


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Jericho turns face? OK. He's better as a heel, but he can be a good face too if he's actually USED. Fuck Palumbo off, have him join The FBI plz. Ratings.

Thank fucking God. Victoria had to win this. Maria can stay backstage and look plastic for all I care.

Wow, looks like we're in for one sweet 8 Man tag match. Wouldn't be surprised to see these four teams duking it out at Mania for the titles actually. I'd mark hard.

Good stuff, wasn't expecting the faces to win but either way, as long as we keep these four teams around, the Tag division looks healthy, not forgetting that The Highlanders and the Rednecks still exist rit?

Heyman's promo was good, but Sandman?
Orton squash victory plz. Or get extreme, and it'll be passable

Carlito in the Rumble is cool, but Test as a jobber ain't right. Give him something to do, good talent going to waste imo

lmao. Heyman will kick Coach in the ass with his pic I think. Big a big name, not huge, but still big. Vinnie Mac as a face = no ratings. Heel turn plz.

Cena's team lost? Well, not surprisingly, Cena wasn't pinned (when is he ever) so owell. They needed some time on a packed show and this was the best way to get it across I guess.

Wouldn't be surprised if RVD/HBK feud again down the line really, seemed a little too campy for my liking. Time will tell.

Well that was a no brainer. HBK through, thank you.

WM23 "Hotter Than Hell"? Meh, not bad. Mine was better tho...

Typical Orton promo here, really cannot get into him on the mic no matter who captures him. Was solid and I expect him to beat Sandman with relevant ease.

Wow. Orton got fucked up. Nice ending, but really, Orton prolly shoulda won this one.

Good stuff KOP, the Rumble is shaping up well and dandy.

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