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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night RAW Review (WWE Unleash the Fury)

S1 (Opening Segment, In Ring, Coach + VKM) = Okay opening segment, I felt the whole point of it was to put Coach on warning, which looked a bit like what happened before with Eric Bischoff, but, the character of the Coach beeing different than that of "Easy E", it was good nonetheless. Coach now needs to step it up I guess and his plan failed...

S2 (RR Qualifier - Masters V. J. Hardy) = Right guy got over. I don't hate Masters and I'd probably have booked this match later on in the night since I see both of these guys on a pretty much equal state as far as their wrestling abilities are concerned. Considering you have a Huge Superstar v. Jobber kind of match with Venis & HHH later on, I would have switched these matches up. Nonetheless, the finish was cool and Hardy more than deserves his spot in the Rumble.

S3 (Backstage, Cryme Tyme + Haas) = Cool little segment. I don't know if it'll lead to anything but, it was neat nonetheless.

S4 (Interview, Maria & Benjamin + Burke) = Interesting. We have not had the chance to see these two team up since Benjamin was moved to ECW, so, to actually put them in a team that will hopefully stick together for the long haul is quite awesome, plus, Benjamin/Burke v. Flair/Haas is bound to be a great match down the line.

S5 (Burke v. Jobber) = I would at least have given the jobber a name. But, the purpose of the match was understandable. Trying to put Burke over on RAW. I wouldn't have Lawler say they're the most dangerous thing to happen to RAW in a long time when they haven't done squat together yet, but, in trying to debut Burke and give him a bit of credibility, job was well done. You went with something safe and it is a technique that is time tested and that works.

S6 (Highlight Reel, Y2J & Palumbo + HBK) = Whenever you put HBK & Y2J in the ring on the mic, whether it'd be against one another or, as a team, great things are bound to happen. The promo itself was a bit shaky, but, the outcome was something that makes myself look forward for next week's RAW, Coach understood that HBK + Y2J = Ratings!

S7 (Melina v. Candice) = Couldn't particularly care for Candice, so, I'm happy to see Melina picking up a win on RAW. (p.s. If JR is to talk about what just happened, maybe, video should show what happened before the break)

S8 (Backstage, Orton) = There's really nothing I can say here, everything flowed perfectly and Orton was in character through and through.

S9 (Wrestlemania 23 Commercial, Wade + Estrada & Umaga + Shaq & Lebron James & NBA Referee + TV Interviewer) = I felt the commercial was looking like something out of the WM XXI Commercials but, is there going to be a follow up commercial to that? I mean, the story was building up nicely but, the way it ended just makes no sense....

S10 (RR Qualifier, Venis v. HHH) = What could we expect, HHH wins, as he should have, and he's in the Rumble.

S11 (Bacsktage, Flair & Haas) = Okay promo, it sets up next week's RAW nicely. I'd book Flair v. Benjamin & Haas v. Burke, but, either way, I guess anyone of these 4 men can work with each other just fine.

S12 (Interview, Grisham + RVD & Sabu) = RVD getting some mic time is nice. Without Fonzie around, it ain't as good, sure, but, what bugs me is that Sabu apparently didn't do squat and just stood there. Even though Van Dam & Sabu are friends, there's always tension between them and that wasn't apparent at all here. Although I'm ultra glad that RVD & Sabu are main eventing this RAW.

S13 (ME, Umaga/Orton v. Sabu/RVD) = Maybe the best segment of the night, four deserving individuals in the Main Event. The DQ is always mind boggling when the names RVD & Sabu are involved in the same sentence but, granted this is WWE and not ECW, I can let that pass. Orton giving RVD the RKO at the end of the show was a nice touch with the Royal Rumble coming up and Orton & Van Dam going at it for the WWE Championship. Was the spot with the steel chair the same as with Cena at SNME? Or was it just a "lying down" steel chair?

OVERALL = Overall I'd say this was your typical Monday Night RAW minus the senseless leprechaun segments. Which was nice to see, brought me back to '04-'05 on RAW when wrestling actually mattered. I tip my hat for this show's Main Event, the Orton Promo & Burke's Arrival on RAW. I don't have anything to wag my finger at, expect maybe the weird end to your WM 23 Commercial. I sometimes felt most promos were out of character but not filled with too much spelling and grammar mistakes. Nonetheless, you made your points come across quite well and you've got a solid foundation to your shows.

Realism = 9/10
Length = 9.1/10
Quality/Entertainment = 7/10
Spelling/Grammar = 5.6/10
Matches/Booking = 8/10

Overall = 77.4/100 (B)

WWWF is Coming...
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

RAW Feedback

Jonathan Coachman starting off the first RAW of 07. Not surprising to see the GM kick off the first show of the year, as it seems like the normal thing a GM would do. Coach makes some good announcements and the main event tonight sounds pretty good for the standard of the show currently. Uh oh, McMahon proves Coach wrong!! McMahon stays in character and the ultimatum sounds like we'll see a new GM after the Rumble. That however is my opinion and we'll see how that goes later on in the month.

First qualifying match here between Masters and Hardy. Hardy gets the victory, nice seeing that. Not surprised the least though. A push would be nice for Jeff here, maybe not a win at the Rumble, but an impressive performance leading to a MITB spot at WrestleMania would be cool.

Haha, nice Cryme Tyme promo .Very much in character, and their usual antics are expected. Funny to see them head into Flair's locker room to steal his robe, and then Haas coming out of nowhere seemed to add to it all. Good stuff.

Hmm, interesting pair there with Burke and Benjamin. Seems to be an attempt to strengthen the tag division, which would be pretty awesome. Benjamin seemed ok, as did Burke in this interview. And good way of putting over Burke, which isn't that surprising. Hope to see them make some noise in the tag division, as that could be pretty fun to watch.

Jericho and Michaels in the Highlight Reel. Always provides for some excitement, and this doesn't cease to do so. Liking how this interview panned out. Jericho was very in character, and a nice mini-feud up to the Rumble looks to be the case, and next week's main event should be awesome. Looking forward to it.

Divas match here, nothing really I can comment on except that it seemed to be a boosting win for Melina.

Hmmm ... Orton has someone on the phone. Sounds intriguing. Hopefully its someone that won't create a letdown. Maybe a former guy from ECW?? Looking forward to seeing how this one goes.

Hahaha, great advertisement for WrestleMania. Very creative, and Umaga was hilarious, and the stare down with Shaq at the end of it is golden. Loved it.

Big win for The Game here. Again not really surprised as obviously he'd get the win over Val Venis. He could have a fairly realistic shot at winning the Rumble imo, and if not he'll definitely have a pretty big performance after the dominating win here.

Nice promo here from Flair and Haas, which seems to be a pretty interesting pair here. Looks like we'll be getting a feud between them and Benjamin/Burke, which could be very exciting.

Main event looked good, and Umaga interfering at the end makes me think it was probably Estrada on the phone. Orton looked strong here, which probably means Van Dam will look better next week as the feud heats up to the Rumble. Things looked good overall KOP. Great to see this thread back up and running for good, and keep up the good work.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP's Raw Feedback

I usually don't like the huge segments with the General Managers because they tend to just be announcing a load of meaningless crap. Luckily, Coach is awesome and he actually had something quite important to say. This is why heel GM's are the most fun, because of things like signing a contract to stay on Raw if you win the Royal Rumble. Vinnie Mac's involvement was a nice touch as well, and I guess this pretty much confirms that McMahon is in his neutral/tweener role that he usually adopts when he isn't involved in a feud. There couldn't be a New Year's Day on Raw without the Boss, so this is realistically the best way to open the show, although there were probably more exciting ways.

Wow, Chris Masters just got squashed in a bad way. Your Rumble match is definately going to be stacked with stars if you are throwing out guys like him. Jeff Hardy keeps on his role though. Still Intercontinental Champion, am I right?

Nice little backstage segment from Cryme Time. You do seem to write them very well, and it will be quite interesting to see them pushed towards the tag titles again. Haas' appearance was either just a random appearance or a hint at a possible Cryme Time/Haas and Flair feud.

So Shelton Benjamin is bringing in Elijah Burke as his partner? Well I never would have guessed that Nice little speech from Elijah as well, and a straightfoward squash match for him. I can see Benjamin and Burke being an awesome team in this thread. All they need is a great name. Hmmmmm?

Please don't suddenly release Jericho until November for the sake of realism I'm already missing Captain Charisma to be honest Quality stuff from Y2J on The Highlight Reel. Shame he isn't the dominant heel on Raw anymore though. I'm not really sure about bringing up the HBK/Y2J feud yet AGAIN, but with the match being made next week by Coach, it looks as though it will only be a filler feud for both men as they enter the Royal Rumble. Still, you had them both bang on, KOP, and it was a VERY enjoyable promo.

I'm glad you're keeping Candice as a jobber. That's all she should ever be in my opinion. A nice push for Melina as a singles competitor is in the works. I doubt she'll be going after the title any time soon, since a heel {Victoria} is already the Champion. A Triple Threat with Mickie might be a decent choice though.

Hmmmmm, very interesting little backstage segment with Randy Orton. It looks as though he is getting himself some kind of insurance policy to make sure he beats Van Dam. Who could it be?

Pretty funny WrestleMania advertisement with Umaga and Estrada. Only problem is that I'm British and have absolutely no idea who any of those American sportsmen were

Glad that Hunter is in the Rumble, but I honestly don't think he has much chance of winning it. He usually makes it to the final four, and I reckon that will happen this time as well. I'll repeat what I said on MSN, a person under 30 to win plz

Ha ha, Haas and Flair are such a crazy tandem. Nice little promo from the Nature Boy, and it looks as though Shelton/Elijah are in title contention already. Obviously they'll get the shot at the Rumble, but I hope all four men are still in the RR match as well.

Van Dam has never been more awesome than in your thread to be honest, but this interview was a little stale actually. RVD has never been great with the mic, so I understand he is hard to write for. Still, some nice hype for the Main Event, which Van Dam should win in order to take some momentum into the Royal Rumble.

Hectic Main Event to be sure, which got a little confusing towards the end: "Orton looks ready to lock up with RVD but RVD ditches the ring and makes his way up the ramp. RVD looks up the ramp..." This didn't really make sense, but I understand that you just got confused between Van Dam and Orton. The beat down afterwards came as a bit of a shock, as I though RVD might dominate the feud leading up to the RR, where Oton will undoubtedly retain. The RKO on the chair was quite brutal, so this feud is definately picking up. I hope it gets even more intense in the coming weeks.

Overall this was a great show to come back to UTF with, KOP. The only complaints I had were minor, and you pulled out some great promos e.g. Jericho/HBK, Coach/McMahon. Also, I like the new layout, with the descriptions in italics
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP, I'll get you a Raw review tommorrow night bro. I'm so tired that I won't even be getting my own show up tonight. Just wanted you to know that I am not blowing you off man. Later.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown Preview
Friday January 5, 2007
Lakeland, Florida

Battle Royal Announced

Smackdown General Manager JBL has announced that tonight on Smackdown the number one contender for Edge's World Heavyweight Championship will be determined for the Royal Rumble in a prelude to the Royal Rumble in a 20 Man Battle Royal. "What not a better way to kick the new year off with a fan favorite Battle Royal before the Royal Rumble said JBL. Long hasn't confirmed what superstars will be in the Rumble but we wil find out this Friday on Smackdown.

Now Entering a Drug Free Era

Smackdown has been teased for weeks with video of their newest superstar coming to the WWE and now here he is, CM Punk! Punk has promised the fans that he is here for competition and not the politics. Punk comes from a Straight Edge background which means no drug, tobacco, or alcohol. But tonight Punk makes his long awaited WWE debut. Will the Straight Edge Superstar pick up a win in his debut here tonight?

Hardy Won't Back Down

Matt Hardy has promised that his run after the United States title will not end despite not having won it yet. Hardy's been in a US title match a few months back at No Mercy but now he finds himself in an interesting situation tonight on Smackdown. Hardy takes on Mr. Kennedy in a non-title match here on Friday Night Smackdown. Hardy and Kennedy have been butting heads since this time last year. In an interesting feud that has taken it's leaps and bounds, Hardy looks to finally take what he's wanted for a while, that United States title.

Gerweck.net News and Notes

CM Punk's debut was originally set for last year the week after WrestleMania 22. Well creative aired videos but decided that instead it would be best to hold him off for a year or so more. Now Punk has had videos airing for the past few weeks on Smackdown and now his dream becomes a reality this week on Smackdown.

Bobby Lashley has been in contractual talks with WWE as really he has been disappointed since Armageddon. Lashley has yet to be used since then due to him expressing his anger backstage about this. WWE wants to keep Lashley but it's evident that Lashley doesn't want to be here anymore. Don't look for Lashley to be on TV before WrestleMania 23 if he decides to stay. That is a BIG IF as well.

In a follow up to the update last week on ECW, Vince is still considering bringing it back as it's third brand of the WWE. Vince seems pretty confident that it would work as well as spread out the superstar on all three rosters. Vince has said it'd be a mixture of Extreme and Upcoming Superstars. Vince has been in talks with former ECW superstars and already has back up from Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer who both work backstage. Both seem excited for the plans Vince is bringing to the table and if ECW does return, look for it after WrestleMania but nothing is for sure as of now.

Ok. I've already started work on Smackdown so look for that up before the end of the weekend or so. Secondly I'm going to start on those reviews either tonight or tomorrow so look for those whenever I get a chance. Until then, later.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Quality preview for SmackDown, KOP. The Battle Royal is obviously the main attraction, and I'm intrigued to see who might get it. The obvious favourites would be faces like Angle, Mysterio, and Kane, but I hope you take this opportunity to push a younger guy (like Jeff Hardy this year and Kennedy last year), by giving him a shot. My personal pick? Matt Hardy. But it looks as though he is going to be HEAVILY involved in the U.S title scene.

CM Punk entering the roster can only be a good thing.

Everything is looking awesome, KOP. Can't wait
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

lmao. Punk. Squashes galore!

I kid. Preview looks solid.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP’s RAW Feedback.

Fair enough way to open the first Raw of the new year with the GM. The promo though was kinda bland, as it really didn’t draw any excitement out of me. The whole deal with each Rumble entrant from Raw signing a contract to stay on Raw should they win was different, but I knew it’d always end up being null and void. Vince was good, his character was pretty much right on the money. Good to see him making the threats to the GM, it’s definitely a very Vince-like thing to do. Solid enough start to proceedings.

This is the thing I’ve always liked about your shows and especially your match recaps – they don’t drag on and they aren’t filled with useless crap I don’t need to know about. This was no exception. You obviously made the right decision having Jeff go over. Masters got jobbed the fuck out and rightfully so. Jeff’s worked up some good momentum and I’m sure you’ll build him towards MITB @ Wrestlemania and a solid showing in the rumble will do nothing but establish him even more.

Hahaha. Cryme Tyme were awesome. You captured their character perfectly, you write them very well. They actually made me giggle a little here. Nice to see you bring Haas into it at the end, hinting towards a possible feud between Cryme Tyme and Haas/Naitch as well as giving the tag division some good exposure.

More Tag Division hype, good stuff. Benjamin was fairly bland, no real edge to either of him, but that’s how he always is so that’s okay. Burke was a little better, what he had to say was interesting and it’ll be good to see how the feud between these two and Haas/Flair develops.

The squash match was fair enough. Gives Elijah a bit of exposure which is good. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two have the tag belts quite soon.

Highlight Reel time. Jericho for the most part was spot on, some of his lines had some structural mistakes in them, but nothing major. Michaels on the other hand, for the most part he was good but he just felt a little flat and his dialogue seemed limited. I would’ve liked to have seem him have a little more to say before he jumped Jericho and kicked Palumbo’s teeth down his throat. Good segment though, nice way to create a bit of a filler feud for these two heading into the Rumble.

Divas. Fair enough. Strong win for Melina. If I said I was interested to see where you go with the divas division, I would be lying.

Strange segment from Orton, all it really does is get the levels of intrigue up as it really gets me wondering just what the hell he’s up to.

Haha. The Wrestlemania video was great. Definitely something different which is nice.

Obvious win for Hunter. As if he was ever gonna lose to Val. Triple H looks strong heading into the rumble following this win but it was only Val Venis. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Hunter pick up the win in the rumble but I dare say there are a few other options that you use before him. Surprise return for Christian in the rumble, plz.

Well, Shelton and Burke are sky-rocketed into title contention. I would’ve actually liked to have seen a couple of matches for them first but alas, not to be. I hope you pull a big swerve and have either Elijah or Shelton lose next week, but I don’t think you will. The promo itself was okay, Flair was pretty much spot on but I didn’t like him just randomly rattling off “to be the man, you gotta beat the man” at the end of the promo and then Haas following it up with “literally”. I dunno why, it just didn’t appeal to me at all.

Hm. There was one part in the recap that totally confused the hell out of me. You said RVD ditched the ring? I assume you meant Orton but after that it was hard to get a grip on the match to be honest. Obviously following this it becomes apparent that Orton was on the phone to Armando earlier tonight. The DQ decision was probably the right one to keep everyone looking strong. But the beat down at the end ensures that this feud is now much more than just about the title, it’s personal. Obviously Orton will pull off the victory at the Rumble, so hopefully in the coming weeks RVD builds some good momentum.

Overall, this was a strong come back show KOP. Everything flowed along quite nicely and nothing dragged on which is great. Your shows are just about the easiest around to review because they’re an easy read and for me they take half the time of most others around. Good job. Looking forward to SmackDown. Oh, btw. Bring back Christian.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday January 5, 2007
Lakeland, Florida

Rise Up hits and the Smackdown video package plays before we head down to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to the first Smackdown of 2007 and let me say that 2007 is going to be a big year for Smackdown.

Tazz: I have a feeling it will be to Cole but what not a better way to start that off tonight than with a good old Battle Royal.

Michael Cole: 20 men tonight fighting for a shot at the World-Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble.

Tazz: Plus CM Punk will be making his long awaited debut here tonight on Smackdown and let’s go ahead and kick this night off with the Cutting Edge!

Metalingus hits throughout the arena and the first man to make an appearance in 2007 on Smackdown is none other than the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge! Edge makes his way down the ramp to his talk show as he gets into the ring and springs on the ropes bouncing up and down and taunting them with his World title in hand. Edge then gets off the ropes and walks over before grabbing a mic and taking a seat.

Edge: To think that this time last year that I was Mr. Money in the Bank but now I stand here World-Heavyweight Champion. That is two-time World-Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd boos the fact that Edge is still the champion.

Edge: But let’s go ahead and get down to business. First off, this is the first Cutting Edge of the New Year! The first chance that any of you have gotten to see your World-Heavyweight Champion and what not a better way to kick Smackdown off than with me? That’s right kicking the show off with the one and the only superstar that is worthy of doing so…ME!

The crowd boos the fact that Edge is being selfish.

Edge: Oh you all seem to disagree don’t you? Well let me go ahead and say that whoever wins this Battle Royal tonight might as well call it quits because there is no damn way that they are going to beat me and ruin my dream of main eventing WrestleMania once again. And if you all seem to have forgotten about last year, I won at WrestleMania. I went in as World-Heavyweight Champion and I came out as World-Heavyweight Champion and that is exactly what is going to happen this year! One year later, the same result!

Edge cracks a smile as the fans boo Edge.

Edge: If any one of you disagrees then you can come and take it up with me because I promise that 2007 will be the year of the Rated R Superstar. 2006 was great for me but 2007 is going to be even bigger for me! Two World title reigns was great but I promise that there will only be one World-Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown in 2007 and you are looking at him.

Edge holds his title up as the fans boo.

Edge: I’m sure most of you are wondering whom my guest is going to be tonight and well I searched and searched and searched and couldn’t find a damn person backstage that was worthy of being on the Cutting Edge tonight! So I called up a friend and he agreed that he’d come here tonight so ladies and gentlemen please stand and welcome please your WWE Champion….

The crowd boos the champion.

Edge: Randy Orton!!!

Burn in my Light hits across the arena as out steps the WWE Champion from Raw Randy Orton! Orton makes his way down the ramp as he stops at the top and lets his pyro come down after he carries his title with him down to the ring. Orton quickly makes his way into the ring and shakes hands with his former tag partner as he takes a seat.

Edge: Welcome Randy and I must thank you for coming to Smackdown tonight because like I said earlier there was not a damn person backstage worthy of being on the Cutting Edge tonight. Randy let’s go ahead and get down to business.

The crowd boos knowing this is going to be a bore fest.

Edge: First off I just happened to notice the other night on Raw that Rob Van Dam will be challenging for your WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. RVD has his little (mocks) “Suicidal, Genocidal, and Homicidal” friend that runs around with him so Randy please tell me what you have planned for the Royal Rumble.

Randy Orton: Well Edge I can’t really say much but let’s just say that I was on the phone the other night with a good “friend” and he offered his services for me at the Royal Rumble. Whether or not I accept them will be another question but trust me Edge, there is no way in HELL that Rob Van Dam will be touching this WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. Hell, he’ll be lucky if he can even walk out of the arena that night!

The crowd starts RVD chants as Orton just ignores them.

Edge: Thanks for that Randy. Why are you fans booing Orton and me? This is a monumental moment tonight because you have BOTH World Champions in the ring at the same time and you’re going to sit here and boo us?

You are A**holes chants start up as Edge gets pissed.

Edge: Really all of you are the true a**holes!

The fans boo as Edge smirks and shakes his head as Orton shows a smile.

Edge: If ANY of you have a problem with Randy and myself than you can come in this ring and take it up with me. If you even dare step into this ring, it’ll be your head. I’ll spear your ass right in half if any of you dare have the balls to step in this ring. Anybody backstage can come out too because now that Randy and myself are back on the same page, there is no stopping us! Isn’t that right Randy?

Edge turns to Orton.

Randy Orton: That’s right and just like Edge and myself promised seven months ago when we formed Rated RKO that’d we both be World Champions by the end of 2006 and that is what happened isn’t it? Here we are both standing in the ring at the same time as champions and there is not a thing that you (points to a fan) or you (points to another fan) or even you (points to Tazz and Cole) can do or say about it!

Orton turns it over to Edge once again.

Edge: Randy said it just about right. Whether Rey Mysterio, Batista, or even someone like The Miz that wins that Battle Royal tonight, I don’t give a DAMN! I am not scared of a soul on the Smackdown roster. There is not a person back there that can or will stop my title reign and you can bank on it!

Edge looks back at Orton once more.

Randy Orton: So if there is anybody that wants to take our titles away from us, then you might as well give up. We made a promise last year and we are going to stick to it. We promised both of us would make it out of 2007 as World Champions and we will do so. So Edge you do the honors…

Edge walks over and receives a bottle of champagne as he pops it open and receives glasses from ringside. Edge and Orton both pour their champagne into their glasses before both get ready.

Edge: To 2007….

Edge: The year of the Rated R Superstar…

Randy Orton: And the year of the Legend Killer!

Both Edge and Orton give a toast as the crowd boos with both men holding their titles on their shoulders in this rare appearance for both champions together. We head to a commercial break now that Edge and Orton are done.


Match #1
Brian Kendrick vs. Kid Kash

Match Overview: Both men put on an exciting match as Kendrick’s partner and fellow tag team champion, Paul London, is at ringside as well is Kash’s friend and partner Jamie Noble. Kendrick and Kash both get a decent amount of time to showcase their skills and mainly show that they are both talented Cruiserweights. Kendrick gets caught whenever he’s going for Sliced Bread #2 but Noble quickly jumped onto the ropes to distract Kendrick. London quickly jumped up onto the apron and pulled Noble off but it was too late as Kendrick got caught on the top rope before Kash dragged him down off the top ropes and then drops Kendrick with the Dead Level in the middle of the ring. Kash quickly covers Kendrick and gets the win!

Winner: Kid Kash

Kash celebrates his win as Noble comes over and both Noble and Kash both hold each other’s hands high! Noble and Kash celebrate as if they have just won the Tag Titles from London and Kendrick as Noble grabs his Cruiserweight title in which he’s held for nearly one year in three weeks!

Michael Cole: A big win for Kid Kash tonight and we’ve been informed that next week on Smackdown, Paul London will take on Jamie Noble!

Tazz: Kash got a big win but had it not been for Noble I really think Kendrick would have been walking out of here the victorious one.

Michael Cole: Oh I could have told you that too Tazz.

Tazz: Well why didn’t you Cole? But right now I hear that our correspondent Kristal Marshal is backstage for an interview.

We head backstage to see Kristal standing by with MVP.

Kristal: MVP, tonight you are one of the twenty men that will be competing in the Number One Contender’s Battle Royal so what do you think your odds are?

MVP: My odds Kristal? Look at me! I am the biggest superstar here on Smackdown and you’re going to ask me such a dumb question! I don’t get paid the big bucks for no reason Kristal. I get paid the big bucks because of the fact that I draw the crowds in. I’m the reason those butts are in those seats because I am half man, half amazing!

Kristal: Or so you say? But anyways moving on. Do you have your eyes set on the Royal Rumble for the title match or the Royal Rumble match itself?

MVP: That’s hard Kristal because if I don’t win the Battle Royal tonight, then well I’ll just win the Royal Rumble. But that’s a big IF because tonight MVP is going to go out there and show each of the other nineteen superstars just why I am so talented in that ring. I’ve got the flash, the bling bling, and the talent and that is why I am Smackdown’s Top Player.

Kristal: Finally MVP is there anybo…

MVP: Let me go ahead and finish this off before you say something stupid again Kristal. When you’re MVP, you’re the best. It’s not easy being the best but it’s something I must go out and do and that’s why Smackdown General Manager JBL shows me the love by the money. That’s something his assistant Theodore Long didn’t do when he was General Manager but JBL “feels” me. He realizes that I am the biggest player that he has on Smackdown and I’ll show each and every one of you why I am THE biggest draw Smackdown has.

Kristal: …

MVP: Ballin’

MVP makes the ballin’ symbol before he walks off and we head to a break.


We head backstage after the break to see Smackdown GM JBL at his desk.

JBL: Teddy where are you at?

JBL looks around to see where his assistant is.

JBL: Teddy! DAMN IT! Where are you?

JBL looks as in comes his assistant Theodore Long. Long brings JBL’s beer that he requested and JBL looks at him. Long pops it open as JBL then drinks the beer.

JBL: Listen did you talk to you know who about tonight’s Battle Royal?

Theodore Long: Yes.

Long shows a disgruntled face as JBL looks at him.

JBL: What’s wrong Teddy?

Theodore Long: Well it’s the f…

JBL: Ya’ know what Teddy it doesn’t matter. Listen next week I need you to arrange me a Contract Signing in that ring for the winner of the Battle Royal and Edge. So just get on top of that and we’ll be just fine? Do you understand Teddy?

Theodore Long: Yes JBL.

Long walks off as JBL rares back in his seat and smiles as he looks around his office and gets back to work before he gets interrupted as in comes Chavo Guerrero.

Chavo Guerrero: JBL ese’ what’s going on?

JBL: Nothing much Chavo. How’s things going for you?

Chavo Guerrero: Fine. Listen I want a big favor from you. Last year I was in the Royal Rumble and well let’s just say things didn’t go as planned. Well ese’ I was wondering if you could um… well um…

JBL: Put you in the Royal Rumble?

Chavo Guerrero: I guess that’s it!

JBL: Well Chavo I would but…

Chavo Guerrero: But what JBL?

JBL: Mr. McMahon said that each superstar has to qualify this year and well I’ve got one other superstar that already asked for a Qualifying Match tonight.

Chavo Guerrero: So what put me in that match against him!

JBL: Are you sure about that. I me…

Chavo Guerrero: I’m positive.

JBL: Ok good luck.

Chavo Guerrero: Listen JBL. Guerrero’s don’t need luck. We lie, we cheat, and we steal! We are naturals at that. So don’t worry I’ll make you proud.

JBL: Ok.

JBL shrugs as Chavo Guerrero walks off as we head into the arena to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Wow I wonder whom Chavo will be facing tonight but right now I’ve been told that Mr. Kennedy is about to meet Matt Hardy.

Tazz: Both men have personal reasons in this match as Kennedy wants to finally end his yearlong feud with Hardy but Hardy has different thoughts.

Michael Cole: Hardy wants that US title and tonight just might be his chance to finally earn that title if he gets lucky.

Tazz: Exactly luck is what Hardy needs.

Match #2
Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

Match Overview: Kennedy and Hardy both put on a decent match that gets about ten minutes but they don’t put too much into it. Kennedy and Hardy both will be competing in the Battle Royal tonight as well so they “don’t push it” as hard as they normally would. However it results in a decent contest from both men that sees Kennedy hit the Mic Check but then proceed to get too cocky. Kennedy heads up top for the Kenton Bomb but he misses and ends up colliding with the mat as Hardy was able to get back to his feet. Kennedy charges at Hardy but Hardy pushes Kennedy into the turnbuckle and then rolls him up before getting the win!

Winner: Matt Hardy

Hardy quickly rolls to the outside as Kennedy slaps the mat in frustration. Kennedy looks around the arena and looks pissed but he holds his title in the air as Hardy has his hand raised by the referee as Hardy makes his way up the ramp. Hardy taunts Kennedy, as Kennedy still looks pissed after the loss he just suffered.


We come back after the break to see Batista standing by in front of the interview area.

Batista: Tonight is MY night.

The crowd boos Batista’s confidence.

Batista: Tonight is the night that my climb to the top begins again. I’ve sat back and haven’t had a World title shot since February of last year! I’ve waited my turn and yet to receive it but tonight I take what is mine! I take what was wrongfully taken away from me at last year’s Royal Rumble. I should have never lost my World-Heavyweight Championship and every one of you idiots know that is true.

The crowd boos Batista as Batista simply shrugs them off.

Batista: That’s why I don’t give a crap about any of you fans anymore. None of you fans ever got me anywhere in this business. The one thing that was done good to me was Evolution and I thank Hunter every day for what he did for my career. But as far as anybody here on Smackdown goes you might as well stand back because I will be the one going to the Royal Rumble this year and getting my title back.

Batista looks at the camera intent now.

Batista: Edge, I don’t give a crap who you think you are. You talk about somebody challenging you, well I just might be that person that will step up and beat your ass!

The crowd gives a small pop but not much considering its Batista that said it.

Batista: Just know that any one of you nineteen men that gets in my way tonight will be finding themselves on the ground picking themselves back up. I didn’t come to play games tonight. I came here to win a Battle and I will go through hell to get that title back if I have to. Anybody that wants to think otherwise then they can take it up with me.

Batista stands back and crosses his arms.

Batista: In that ring tonight!

Batista then proceeds to walk off as we cut out to a black screen, we then see quick highlights flash across before they stop, they then start to slow down and we see CM Punk!

Narrator: You’ve heard his name….

Images of Punk delivering the Pepsi Plunger to opponents is shown, Punk has his hand raised high after victory repeatedly amounts of times.

Narrator: You’ve seen his matches….

Images of Punk’s matches in OVW are shown, Punk is shown defeating Brent Albright for the World-Heavyweight title.

Narrator: You’ve seen him around….

Images of Punk talking in the ring are shown; the fans are chanting C.M. Punk! C.M Punk! C.M Punk! C.M Punk!

Narrator: Now it’s a whole new experience….

Images of Punk doing highflying moves such as the Flying Corkscrew, Moonsaults, and many more moves are shown.

Narrator: He’s straight edge, drug free!

Images of Punk once again doing the Pepsi Plunge are shown; images of Punk coming out to the ring are shown and climbing on the top rope

Narrator: His name…C.M Punk!

A final shot is caught of Punk in the ring holding his hands high!

Narrator: He’s coming to Smackdown…Next!

We head back to the commentating team briefly.

Michael Cole: And when we get back, it’ll be time for the debut of the newest Smackdown superstar, CM Punk!


Match #3
CM Punk vs. Cassidy Riley

Match Overview: Punk dominates in his debut tonight against the OVW household name in Cassidy Riley. Riley doesn’t really get much of a chance to put up a fight but Punk takes it too Riley early on in the match up. Punk quickly took advantage of Riley after leaping off the top rope and hitting a Springboard Clothesline knocking Riley down. Punk quickly gets back onto his feet and throws Riley onto his shoulders before hitting the GTS (Go to Sleep) on Riley. Punk then gets down on the mat and quickly locks in the Anaconda Vice forcing Cassidy Riley to tap out as Punk rolls over and gets back onto his feet celebrating his win.

Winner: CM Punk

Michael Cole: A great win for Punk in his debut here tonight and he’s got big things ahead of him in his future.

Tazz: I can’t say too much about Punk now but after witnessing his first match here on Smackdown I must say the fans like him.

Michael Cole: I would think so too Tazz as there is just that “it factor” that Punk has that might help him here in the WWE.

Tazz: True ‘dat Cole. True ‘dat.

We quickly cut backstage to see young Kenny Dykstra standing by with Kristal.

Kristal: Kenny, you’ve been here on Smackdown for about three months now and I must say that I like the fact that you are one of the most talented superstars we have.

Kenny Dykstra: Thanks Kristal. I get that from a lot of people and mainly the ladies. But Kristal, all joking aside. Tonight is the night that I want to show to every pretty face back there that I am just more than the “ladies man” but that I am the toughest superstar that we have here on Friday Night Smackdown.

Kristal: Oh that’s great Kenny. You’ve had a few decent wins so far in your singles run here on Smackdown but how big of a chance tonight do you think you will win the Battle Royal?

Kenny Dykstra: Listen Kristal, I’m one hundred percent sure that tonight is my night. I’ve been waiting for this shot since this time last year whenever I first came in. I’m only at the ripe age of 20 years old so I’ve got SO much ahead of me. But why not become the youngest champion in WWE history at the Royal Rumble now?

Kristal: Finally Kenny what do you see happening in 2007 for you?

Kenny Dykstra: Kristal there is no doubt in my mind that 2007 is going to be an exciting year for the “Ladies Man” himself because I’m promising that this year I will become the youngest World-Heavyweight Champion in history.

Dykstra walks off as Kristal smiles as we head to a break.


Match #4
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero

Match Overview: Chavo made his way out to the ring confident but was shocked to see that his opponent tonight was going to have to be Kane! Chavo gets a bit of offense in actually but his downfall comes whenever he goes to lift Kane for a Suplex but Kane won’t go up, as Chavo isn’t strong enough to lift Kane up. Kane however was able to reverse and hit a Suplex of his own sending Guerrero down onto the mat. Kane then proceeded to make his way to the top rope before Guerrero got back onto his feet and Kane leaped off the top rope hitting a Flying Clothesline knocking Kane back down onto his feet. The fans get on their feet as Kane grabs Chavo by the throat and proceeds to hit the Chokeslam and close the match out. Kane gets the cover and is the first superstar from Smackdown to qualify for the Royal Rumble.

Winner: Kane

Michael Cole: It seems like Chavo Guerrero bit off more than he could chew and for that he won’t be in this year’s Rumble.

Tazz: It’s a shame too that a talent such as Chavo couldn’t be featured in this year’s Royal Rumble.

Michael Cole: And speaking of the Royal Rumble, WWE and Castrol GTX Present The Royal Rumble.

Tazz: And right now we know two big matches with a third to come later tonight. But first off on Raw the WWE Championship will be decided as Rob Van Dam gets his shot against the champion Randy Orton!

Michael Cole: RVD has been fighting for two months to earn that rematch and he finally has but the main event will be the Biggest Star Studded Royal Rumble ever!

Tazz: 30 men, 2 brands, 1 winner and the winner will earn a title shot of their choice and move onto the main event at WrestleMania 23!

We quickly cut backstage to see JBL sitting in his office before in comes barging Mr. Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy: I want Matt Hardy!

JBL: Whoa Ken calm down. Listen I’ve already decided on what I’m going to do.

Mr. Kennedy: I don’t care where, I don’t care when. Just give me Matt Hardy!

JBL assures Kennedy that he will get Hardy.

JBL: Listen like I said, I’ve already gotten this taken care of. Now since Matt won the match earlier tonight, well that kind of means that he has qualified for a title shot at your United States Championship but we…

Mr. Kennedy: Put the title on the line, I don’t give a crap. I just want that overrated sob and I want him ASAP!

JBL: Ok here is what we are going to do. I’ve already booked a big match for next week. What we’ll do is you pick a partner to team with you against Matt Hardy and a partner of his choosing. If Matt beats you next week, he earns a title shot at the Royal Rumble.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh yes!

Kennedy smiles knowing he gets Hardy next week.

JBL: So good luck finding that tag partner next week. I’ll see you later Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy: Kennedy!!!

Kennedy walks off as he heads out of the office as JBL throws his feet on top of his desk and puts his hands on his head after a long night.


Michael Cole: And now it’s time for the Battle Royal to determine the number one contender at the Royal Rumble!

Tazz: A great prelude to the Royal Rumble in a Battle Royal in which there is no telling who might win this bad boy.

Match #5
#1 Contender’s Battle Royal
Winner Moves onto The Royal Rumble to face Edge

Participants: Batista, Brian Kendrick, Dave Taylor, Finlay, Jamie Noble, Jimmy Wang Yang, Mr. Kennedy, Kenny Dykstra, Kid Kash, Kurt Angle, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, MVP, Paul Burchill, Paul London, Psicosis, Rey Mysterio, Super Crazy, The Miz, and William Regal

Match Overview: The first ten superstars out of the match are Dave Taylor, William Regal, Paul Burchill, Kenny Dykstra, Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick, Super Crazy, Psicosis, Jimmy Wang Yang, and The Miz. The next five to go take place after Batista takes out Finlay out of the equation with a monstrous clothesline before Henry throws London out. This leaves in the match Batista, Noble, Kennedy, Angle, Henry, Hardy, MVP, and Mysterio. The next to go is the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble who put on a good run but gets sent out of the ring via dropkick from Rey Mysterio. Mysterio quickly got thrown out himself by Mark Henry after Henry quickly scooped Mysterio up from behind and chunked him out. MVP was next to go after Hardy hit him with a Twist of Fate and then threw MVP out of the ring. It’s now down to five in Henry, Hardy, Kennedy, Batista and Angle. Angle got the next elimination throwing Henry out making a monstrous elimination after Angle hit a German Suplex sending Henry right to the outside of the ring. Kennedy and Hardy both end up eliminating one another at the same time by a simultaneous clothesline knocking one another out at the same time. It’s now down to Batista and Angle and Batista and Angle fight for a bit. Batista caught Angle with a Spine buster and then prepares to throw Angle out but Angle holds onto the ropes. Angle quickly gets back up and then charges at Batista before taking him down with a shoulder block and then goes to lock in the Ankle Lock but Batista breaks free. Batista gets back to his feet and charges at Angle but Angle ducks underneath Batista and picks Batista up hitting an Angle Slam and sending Batista to the outside of the ring.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Angle slides to the outside of the ring exhausted as he goes over and grabs a mic. Angle looks around the arena as Edge is at ringside.

Kurt Angle: Woo it’s true!

The crowd pops for the Olympian.

Kurt Angle: It’s true that Kurt Angle is going on to face Edge at the Royal Rumble for the World-Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd pops for the monstrous match.

Kurt Angle: Edge ever since you took my title from me back in October I’ve been gunning for it. I took your title way back in May of last year and you turned around and took mine. So now we need to have a blow off match.

The crowd pops for Angle’s comments.

Kurt Angle: They say the third time’s the charm and at the Royal Rumble, I’ll be making it my sixth world title. Edge, one thing I have over you is the three I’s…Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence! But an…

Edge: Whoa hold it there Kurt. Listen I was talking to GM JBL earlier and well we came up with a conclusion for the Royal Rumble. I want this match to be something special like you said. It’s the third time we’ve meet one on one and well since you like the “I’s” so much I think you’d like to know about our match at the Royal Rumble!

The crowd wonders just what the hell Edge is talking about.

Edge: Ya’ see Kurt, I’ve arranged for our match at the Royal Rumble to be an “I Quit” Match! Where the match cannot end until one of us has to give in and yell “I Quit” into a mic. Now talk about your I’s Kurt. Because at the Royal Rumble it will be all about “you” Kurt because you will be the one saying “I Quit”

The crowd boos as Edge shakes his head mimicking Kurt.

Edge: (mocking Angle) Oh it’s true…it’s damn true!!!

Smackdown comes to an end as Edge holds his World title high in the face of Angle as Edge is on the commentary table and Angle is in the ring.

Quick Results:

Kid Kash def. Brian Kendrick
Matt Hardy def. Mr. Kennedy
CM Punk def. Cassidy Riley
Royal Rumble Qualfying Match: Kane def. Chavo Guerrero
Kurt Angle won a #1 Contender's Battle Royal

WWE Royal Rumble
Sunday January 28, 2007
San Antonio, Texas

The Royal Rumble Match - Winner Earns Title Shot at WrestleMania 23
Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Kane

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

World-Heavyweight Championship Match
I Quit Match
Edge (c) vs. Kurt Angle
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP, I've just got finished reading and skimming through the show. The show was very well booked and realistic, which is the norm for your shows. Edge v. Angle at the Rumble in an I Quit Match is going to be huge. I'll be editing in my review for this show sometime over the next few days.
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