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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Wow, I never had Randy Orton pegged as the man who would be the one to finally end the monster reign of Van Dam as WWE Champion. Orton has not really done anything particularly special in this thread up until now {except beating The Rock }, so it came as a surprise. Nice that it took an Elimination Chamber to finally get the title away from RVD, but odds are he'll be feuding with Orton still at the Royal Rumble.

Edge's feud with Mysterio and Kane over the WHC reeked of filler if you ask me. Neither man is really at that level, so the results were never in doubt. I can see Edge {and probably Orton} holding their respective straps until WrestleMania.

JBL becoming the SmackDown GM is fantastic. Everyone was commenting in the lead up to SummerSlam that there was a definite program starting between him and Teddy Long, but you kept trying to deny it. Silly KOP You should know us better than that. Hopefully Bradshaw has a reign of terror on Friday Night.

This business with Flair/Haas and Shelton Benjamin is a bit wierd to be honest. The World Tag Team Champions aren't even in a tag team feud, and Benjamin, after an IC title reign that could have propelled him into the Main Event scene, is now stuck in mid card hell. Hopefully this angle gets some kind of direction soon.

Also, just like PARANoIR said, the fact the Jamie Noble's reign as CW Champion is still going is great. Soon it will be a full year since he won the belt, right? Brilliant. Just like Gregory Helms in reality, Noble has dominated the division over the year, and done a brilliant job.

Bring back Christian though plz
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview
Monday January 1, 2007
Orlando, Florida

Five Star Challenge?

Rob Van Dam has confirmed that he will be cashing in his opportunity at the WWE Championship against Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble. But tonight, RVD must end up teaming with his long time good friend Sabu to take on the team of Umaga and the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. RVD is ready to finally get his hands on Orton once again since he hasn't been in the same ring as Orton since Survivor Series. Can RVD get a big win before rolling into the Royal Rumble or will Orton find another way to get into the head of RVD?

Ready to Rumble?

Two Royal Rumble Qualifying Matches will take place tonight on Raw. It has yet to be disclosed who will be participating in them but one has to wonder what two men will be the first two men to enter the 2007 Royal Rumble? Will these two men have a tough task having to earn their way into the Rumble? Will one of these two eventually be the winner of the big match? Tune into Raw to see who is the first two to qualify for the Royal Rumble!

Shelton's Surprise?

Two weeks ago on Raw, Shelton Benjamin stated that he would be bringing backup with him to take on the tag champions. Benjamin said that now he has backup that Ric Flair and Charlie Haas better be concerned for the future of their World Tag Team titles? Tonight, Benjamin's friend will be making his debut on Raw and one has to wonder what kind of an impact that this "friend" will make?

All of this and more plus Raw GM Jonathan Coachman runs down his plans for Raw in the year 2007! Tune into the first Raw of 2007 this Monday live on the USA Network at 9/8 CT.


Gerweck.net News and Notes

Booker T has been granted his release from the company today. We here at World Wrestling Entertainment wish Booker T the best in his future endeavors.

Bobby Lashley's profile has been taken down off of WWE.com and it seems as if Lashley could possibly be leaving the company. Lashley had a bit of a fall out with the company recently and it's mainly due to how he's been treated since his little run in the summer. Lashley felt he deserves better than how he's been treated and the final straw was said to be whenever he had to put over MVP at Armageddon. It's very unlikely that Bobby Lashley will be with the WWE for very much of 2007.

It has been announced that in 2007 the WWE will go back to the former PPV format they have used in the past. Ratings have been down for PPV's that are single branded and WWE feels they can do better with both brands appearing together. The first PPV that will appear with both brands that was formerly single branded will be No Way Out.

There have been talks about WWE bringing back ECW possibly as its own company or maybe just as a third brand. If so, look for it to mainly push the younger superstars since WWE is now resorting to the co-branded PPV's. This seems like a wise move on WWE's part if they do indeed bring back ECW.

The Royal Rumble match will have all superstars have to qualify for their matches once again this year. WWE however won't be able to fit all of the matches on TV in that period of time so stay tuned as Gerweck will be bringing you House Show results featuring Royal Rumble Qualfying Match Results. Stay tuned for the qualifiers that aren't shown on TV.

WrestleMania 23 feuds seem as if they will be getting a strong start at The Royal Rumble as it normally is. Currently WWE has nine matches on the card with a possiblity of ten. However, the card has been changed around a lot and nothing will be set in stone until No Way Out is over with. A relative idea of what will go down is set for WrestleMania but nothing is sure as of right now.

WWE had their latest releases towards the summer of last year and there is a possiblity that there could be small cleanup before WrestleMania takes place. Many debuts have taken place since the summer and more are still to come so there is a possiblity that some wrestlers will be gone before WrestleMania rolls around.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Just read through all the recaps and all looked to be very good, shame to see that Survivor Series and Cyber Sunday were in recap as they looked to be hell of a shows.

Very surprised to see that it was Orton to end RVD’s long title reign. Expect Orton to face RVD at Royal Rumble but will be interesting to see who goes up against him at Wrestlemania, my first guess would be John Cena. Good to see that Edge is still the Champ as he deserves a long reign with the belt, but I expect both him and Orton to lose their belts at Mania. JBL as General Manager sounds pretty damn awesome tbh and I can’t wait to see what goes down with JBL as GM. Am also liking the fact that you have Haas teaming up with Flair, as Haas is talented but he needs a mouthpiece and Ric Flair can be that man.

Raw preview sounds very promising, am looking forward to the main event and the two Royal Rumble qualifiers should also be good. Will be sure to review
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Crikey, KOP, you really are the realism buff around here aren't you? Releasing Lashley AND Booker seems like a bit of a waste of talent, especially with someone as young as Lashley, but that remains to be seen.

RVD/Orton should be a pretty decent feud heading into the Rumble, but I expect Randy to retain. I'm really interested to see what Van Dam does at WrestleMania. After an 8 1/2 month reign as WWE Champion, he HAS to do something good.

Question, will everything be in full from now?
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I´m looking forward for the Orton/RVD/WWE Title feud. I think Orton´s going to retain... but maybe RVD can pull it off. The rumble is heating up, that should be a great match (of course).
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP, reading through the recaps I'm liking Orton as being the guy to end RVD's long reign, although I definitely did not see it coming. RVD/Orton at the Rumble should be pretty good, at least from what I expect. Nice news report at the end of the RAW preview which looks very solid. Booker and Lashley being released really is not a surprise, imo. Looking forward to RAW KOP, I'll be reading.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Originally Posted by Legend View Post
Crikey, KOP, you really are the realism buff around here aren't you? Releasing Lashley AND Booker seems like a bit of a waste of talent, especially with someone as young as Lashley, but that remains to be seen.

RVD/Orton should be a pretty decent feud heading into the Rumble, but I expect Randy to retain. I'm really interested to see what Van Dam does at WrestleMania. After an 8 1/2 month reign as WWE Champion, he HAS to do something good.

Question, will everything be in full from now?
Yes everything is pretty much going to be in full from now on.I might have the occasional recapped SD or Raw every now and then but It'll be full for the majority.

As for Booker and Lashley, well that mainly comes down to the fact that one, I've never been their biggest fans. And two there simply is nothing to do with Booker and Lashley. Lashley is a sort of wrestler that he's "hard" so to speak to "Match up" with the others to set a true chemistry in the ring. That and I've never really enjoyed him. He's yet to be released as right now it's more of a "extended break" for him so to speak.

I'm kind of excited for the replies that Orton has gotten about taking the title off of RVD. RVD's reign indeed was something great and it was the longest title reign I had ever done for a World title in BTB since I started. I felt that RVD's reign went over well and that he certainly established himself in the process as one of Raw's biggest names. Orton came over from Raw after he defeated Edge in a match that Mr. McMahon offered one of them to be able to stay on Raw but the man that won would be able to stay.

Edge becoming the champion was a last minute plan tbh as Angle's reign had become "boring" so to speak and I must admit that.

The WrestleMania 23 card hasn't been decided on but about five matches for sure. The two title matches are still up in the air as I have no clue what I'm wanting to do at all as of right now. I do know for sure that there will only be about 9 or 10 matches on the card as I'm wanting to focus more on the quality and time of the matches than quantity this year.

Look for Raw eary next week.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Lashley leaving is good. He was total shit. But Bookah! BOOKAH! Re hire plz. Great, underrated worker. Sad to see him go.

Realism = no ratings imo.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday January 1, 2007
Orlando, Florida

Across the Nation hits around the arena as the Raw video package plays before we head down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Hello one and all and welcome to the first edition of Monday Night Raw of 2007. We welcome you and we must first off say Happy New Year!

Jerry Lawler: 2006 was a wild year here in the WWE and saw many stars break out but I’m confident 2007 will be even better!

Jim Ross: That’s right King and we are only three months away from WrestleMania 23 as of today and the Road to WrestleMania will begin later this month.

Jerry Lawler: Speaking of the Royal Rumble, we’ve already got two Qualifying Matches tonight plus our main event pits RVD and Sabu teaming to take on Randy Orton and Umaga!

Hard Hittin’ by Homebwoi hits across the arena as out steps the Raw GM Jonathan Coachman. Coachman makes his way down the ramp to jeers from the fans as he makes his way up the steps and into the ring. Coachman walks over and grabs a mic with the clipboard that he has in his hand before he waits for the crowd to be silent.

Jonathan Coachman: Welcome to the first Raw of 2007…

The crowd cheers.

Jonathan Coachman: Now tonight I’m here out simply to make my statement for the year of 2007. I’m here to not only announce but also promise to you all that if you thought 2006 was going to be great, then 2007 will be even better!

The crowd cheers for this as well.

Jonathan Coachman: Let me go ahead and start this off by saying that tonight here on Raw, we’ve already got a huge main event between Rob Van Dam and Sabu teaming up to take on the WWE Champion Randy Orton and Umaga. Now as all of you already know, Rob Van Dam has already announced his plans to fight Randy Orton for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble.

The crowd pops for the mention of RVD as RVD chants break out.

Jonathan Coachman: But enough of that, I need to go ahead and state something concerning the Royal Rumble. Now this week it’s already been announced that we’re going to have two Royal Rumble Qualifying Matches. And in order to keep the winner of the Royal Rumble which will be from Raw….

The crowd cheers for the confidence of Coachman

Jonathan Coachman: to stay here on Raw. I’ve decided that every superstar from Raw that qualifies for the Royal Rumble must sign a contract stating that they will stay on Raw to challenge for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

The crowd boos for Coachman’s plan to try and keep the possible winner here on Raw.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ve received the OK from Vince McMahon and he is perfectly fine with it.

The crowd doesn’t like Coachman’s selfishness as the whole point of the Royal Rumble is for the winner to pick his title to get a shot at.

Jonathan Coachman: So that’s why after each superstar qualifies, they MUST sign the sheet stating that they will NOT leave to go to Smackdown. If a superstar were to win the Rumble and does not abide by the rules, then they will have a form of SEVERE punishment.

The crowd doesn’t take too kind to Coachman’s attitude.

Jonathan Coachman: Is that understood?

The crowd yells “NO” as Coachman shows a disgruntled look.

Jonathan Coachman: Enough of that. Let’s go ahead and move onto something else important at the Royal Rumble and th…

No Chance hits across the arena as out steps the WWE CEO, Vince McMahon. Mr. McMahon makes his way down the ramp doing the normal power walk before he gets into the ring. Mr. McMahon walks over and grabs a mic.

Mr. McMahon: What in the hell are you talking about Coachman?

The crowd pops for McMahon’s reaction.

Mr. McMahon: I most certainly in hell DID NOT give you the right to make the Raw superstars sign a contract before they enter the Royal Rumble. The whole point of the Royal Rumble is to be able to let the superstar that wins the match be able to choose whatever title he wants to go after and what you are doing is preventing that rule from having a chance to take place.

The crowd pops for McMahon catching Coachman lying.

Jonathan Coachman: But Mr. McMahon, I was positive that y…

Mr. McMahon: You weren’t positive about anything Mr. Coachman. You had to lie to the fans just to try and make them hate you even more than they already do! Well that’s not going to fly around here Coach. You know something Coach, I’m going to have to issue you an ultimatum here for Raw because quite frankly I can’t say I’ve been impressed with what you’ve done as of recent.

The crowd pops for the ultimatum having not even heard it yet.

Mr. McMahon: Coach if you can keep the ratings up here on Raw and not make any biased decisions like you have in the past, you can keep your job. But if I hear or see about any biased decision in the favor of any certain superstar just because you like them, than you can kiss your job goodbye. Because quite frankly Coach, that’s what you’ve done in your run here as the General Manager of Raw.

The crowd cheers for Mr. McMahon “revealing” Coach on Raw.

Mr. McMahon: Just know that I’ve got a list of men that are willing to “step up” and become the new general manager of Raw should you falter.

The crowd cheers for the possibility of a new GM.

Mr. McMahon: So Coach if I were you I wouldn’t be so concerned about what is going to happen in a few weeks at the Royal Rumble and whether or not a Raw superstar wins it or not. But I think I’d rather be concerned that your job could be on the line if you keep on making these decisions you’ve made in the past. Fair warning Coach. It’s your call now! You can either continue on or you can be one of the next victims to hear my famous phrase.

The crowd pops at the possibility of Coachman being fired.

Mr. McMahon: So just remember that 2007 is a long year Coach and whenever we close out 2007, you might just not be the GM of Raw.

No Chance hits across the arena as Mr. McMahon steps out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp before he heads back up to the top. Coachman shakes his head in disappointment showing that he knows that he is basically been put on warning as the GM of Raw. The fans cheer as Coachman makes his way out of the ring shaking his head as if he is confused as the fans love that Coach knows he is backed into a corner now.


Jim Ross: Welcome back from the break and before we went to a break, Raw GM Jonathan Coachman was put on notice.

Jerry Lawler: Coach needs to be careful with some of the decisions he makes and right now he’s backed into a corner.

Jim Ross: Well enough of that, we’re going to move on and kick off the New Year with our first Royal Rumble Qualifying Match!

Match #1
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Masters

Match Overview: Hardy and Masters kick off the New Year in the ring in a fairly decent contest to see what superstar is going to move onto the Royal Rumble match later this month. Hardy almost gets caught in the Master Lock after Masters had hit Hardy with the Master Slam. But towards the end of the match with his former rival, Hardy was able to roll through and dropkick Masters into the ropes. As Masters came back off the ropes, the Charismatic Enigma was able to drop Masters in the middle of the ring with the Twist of Fate before making his way to the top ropes and hitting a huge Swanton Bomb to earn the win and become the first superstar in the WWE to qualify for the Royal Rumble match.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Hardy celebrates with the fans for a bit as he makes his way out of the arena shaking hands with the fans as we cut backstage.

JTG: Yo..Yo..Yo..Yo..yo.yo..yo!

Shad: YO!

JTG: Wassup? It’s Cryme Tyme back here right now and we’re currently going around backstage trying to find some “prized goods” that could possibly be ours

Shad: ‘Dat’s right!

JTG: So tell my homeboy Shad what we’ve already gotten in our hands as of right now!

Shad: BAM!

Shad pulls out a laptop out of a bag that he’s carrying around.

Shad: That right there is all thanks to our homie Raw GM Jonathan Coachman. We stole that tonight after he was getting yelled at out there by tha’ boss.

JTG: Dat’s right! Dat’s right! And what else did we get Shad?

Shad: BAM!

Shad once more pulls out something interesting, bra and panties!

JTG: And where did those fine things come from?

Shad: Straight off of Melina’s fine a**

The crowd cheers as JTG and Shad continue walking around.

JTG: So tell ‘em what’s next Shad!

Shad: I don’t know J, what is next?

JTG and Shad both stop at a door and look at the name. The door says “Ric Flair” on it. Both JTG and Shad open the door and try to sneak in as apparently Flair is not in there right now.

JTG: Yo Shad, look!

JTG points at Flair’s robe as Shad gets ready to go in the door and go grab the robe but Charlie Haas walks in at the nick of time and looks rather suspicious of Cryme Tyme. Haas has his tag title on his shoulder as he looks at Shad and JTG.

Charlie Haas: What are you two doing in here?

JTG: Yo’ um my homeboy Haas, ya’ know we jus’ came in here to check on Ric, see how he’s doin. That’s ‘bout it.

Shad: Well um…

JTG: We need to get rollin’

Shad: Yeh…

JTG: Later…

JTG and Shad run off, as Haas looks around in the lockerroom and just shrugs it off as we head to another break.


We head backstage to see Maria standing by with Shelton Benjamin.

Maria: Shelton, I’ve been told that tonight you have brought some “backup” with you. You’ve had your differences with Ric Flair and Charlie Haas for the past few months but apparently you’re set on ending that soon?

Shelton Benjamin: Exactly Maria. You know ever since I found out Charlie was going to team with Ric Flair, I was disgusted! I knew something had to be done about it and that’s why I’ve brought in some help. That’s why tonight and as a matter of fact next, you are all going to witness the next big superstar here on Raw. That’s why you should all welcome to Raw…

Shelton Benjamin: Elijah Burke!

Elijah Burke walks in as Shelton shakes hands with Elijah who is wearing a warm up suit and jacket with braids and beads in his hair.

Shelton Benjamin: Elijah here has agreed to be my “backup” of sorts but together we’re here for one reason. We’re here because those World Tag Team titles that Ric and Charlie have, those are going to be OURS! I’m tired of standing around and not having anybody to help me get to where I wanted to be and now that Elijah is here, that is exactly where we’re going. To the top!

Elijah Burke: Raw has no clue what you have on your hands now. Right here you have the “Greatest Athlete in the WWE” Shelton Benjamin and you have the “Elijah Experience” here in me, Elijah Burke. And together we make the most dominant tag team in the WWE.

Elijah Burke: So Raw, you’ve all been put on warning because now that I’m here, I can promise you that those tag titles are ours. And whomever steps into that ring with me next, will be the first to taste the wrath of the Elijah Experience!

We head down to ringside for the match.

Match #2
Elijah Burke w/ Shelton Benjamin vs. Jobber

Match Overview: A quick match to get Burke over tonight in his debut as Burke works fairly quickly over the local jobber. Benjamin is on the outside yelling at the referee and distracting him and every now and then so that Burke can cheat. Burke hits the jobber with his 4-Up combo before he hurls the jobber back down onto the mat with an Inverted Atomic Drop. The jobber backs himself into the corner before Burke heads into the opposing corner and pulls the pads off of his knees down to his ankles. Burke charges into the corner and hits a move that he calls the Elijah Express before Burke watches the jobber come out of the corner as Burke hits the jobber with the Elijah Experience! The fans boo as Burke confidently hooks the leg of the jobber.

Winner: Elijah Burke

Shelton Benjamin slides into the ring as he hands Burke his towel as Burke wipes his head with the towel acting as if he actually just had a challenge. Burke and Benjamin both have their hands raised by the refs as the fans boo Benjamin and Burke.

Jim Ross: What an impact Elijah Burke has made already here on Raw as he has joined up with Shelton Benjamin!

Jerry Lawler: You can’t deny it JR. This tandem of Burke and Benjamin are one of the best and the most dangerous things to happen on Raw in a while!

Jim Ross: The tag team division has been put on warning as well because with these two together, there might just be no stopping them.

Jerry Lawler: Flair and Haas need to seriously reconsider their stance as the champions because they may not be any longer the champs very soon!


Break the Walls Down hits across the arena as out steps Chris Jericho and his bodyguard Chuck Palumbo. Jericho and Palumbo make their way down the ramp to the ring as they both get into the ring. Jericho walks over and takes a seat as Palumbo stands in the corner, as the Highlight Reel is about to begin.

Chris Jericho: Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!!

The crowd boos Jericho as Jericho shows an arrogant smile.

Chris Jericho: No but seriously, tonight is the first Highlight Reel of the new year and I knew that something big was going to have to happen on it tonight. I knew that we were going to need that one “big star” tonight here on the Highlight Reel.

The crowd cheers wondering whom this “big star” is.

Chris Jericho: I looked hard and wide trying to find a superstar that was “worthy” of appearing here on the Highlight Reel. Hell I thought about even interviewing Palumbo but then I changed my mind…

The crowd gives a small laugh as Palumbo stands in the corner with a straight look on his face acting as if it didn’t affect him.

Chris Jericho: This superstar that will be appearing here on the Highlight Reel certainly doesn’t need an introduction. He’s won many titles in his long run here in the WWE but in the past few years has yet to “gain” the big one. He hasn’t seen the World title in nearly five years but nevertheless, he’s still “loved” by you fans for some reason.

The crowd wonders who Jericho is talking about.

Chris Jericho: So ladies and gentlemen without further ado please welcome to the ring….

Chris Jericho: “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels!!!

Sexy Boy hits across the arena as out steps Shawn Michaels. Michaels makes his way down the ramp playing to the fans as he throws his shirt into the crowd and makes his way into the ring. HBK walks over and takes a seat on the Highlight Reel as Jericho welcomes him.

Chris Jericho: Shawn it’s great to see you again and it’s been a while since we were in the same ring, about two months. But Shawn, I just wanted to see how you’re feeling right now. Do you have any regrets about 2006? Is there anything that bugs you that went down last year?

HBK ponders the question as he looks at Jericho.

Shawn Michaels: Yes there is one thing I regret. That was not kicking your teeth down your throat last year and shutting you up for good. Bu…

Chris Jericho: Correction Shawn. Let’s just go back about say seven months ago to Vengeance and see what went down there. I can’t seem to recall what happened?

Jericho’s Jeri-Tron 5000 shows the match between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho at last year’s Vengeance. It shows a bit of the match but not much and it shows no offense from Michaels since Jericho apparently edited it out. However it ends up showing Michaels tapping to the Walls of Jericho in the ring.

Chris Jericho: Oh that’s what happened, I couldn’t seem to remember!

The crowd boos knowing that Jericho is lying and doing this just to piss off HBK. HBK rubs his hand on his chin all the while looking at the video.

Chris Jericho: Was that not good for you Shawn? Let me slow it down for you!

Jericho slows it down to slow motion as it shows Michaels raising his hand in the air and tapping out losing to Jericho.

Chris Jericho: Thanks to all you monkeys in the production truck!

Jericho turns the Jeri-Tron 5000 off as he walks back over and takes a seat.

Chris Jericho: So Shawn I know 2006 was a rough year for you but I know 2007 won’t get any better. So how do you plan on starting off your year?

Shawn Michaels: Chris, if there’s one thing I can’t stand its people like you. People that try to provoke me into doing bad things. I don’t like doing bad things but at times it’s got to happen. At ti…

Chris Jericho: Come on Shawn! What are you going to do to me?

Shawn Michaels: Chr…

Chris Jericho: I’m tired of all these fans cheering you on just because of your name. Ooo look at me “I’m the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels” Look at me! That’s bull crap and you know it Shawn. If you hadn’t turned against your friend Marty Jannetty a few years back and thrown him into that window you’d never amounted to anything.

The crowd boos Jericho bringing back up Michaels’s past.

Chris Jericho: But that sounds about like you Shawn. Always turning on the fans, your friends, your family, and other important people in your life. That’s all you’ve ever done. You got them to believe that you were on their side but first thing they look away or leave, BAM! You turn on them. Whether it’s a kick, being thrown the window or something else. Shawn Michaels, you can’t be trusted in anything you do.

The crowd boos Jericho continuing on talking about HBK.

Shawn Michaels: Chris my past was hell. But I don’t need to be reminded of that. I don’t need to be reminded of that time of my life. But y…

Chris Jericho: That’s about right Shawn. You make excuses as well. You say all this crap about how it was the past and all this other stuff but really you’re lying. Shawn, you’ve been exposed as a lying “friend” if you would so call it because really I don’t think you can say that you have any “friends” here on Raw. But Shawn, the one thing I have to ask you is what are you going to do about it?

Shawn Michaels: This.

Michaels quickly pounces on Jericho as Palumbo gets in on the fray and tries to join in but Michaels quickly hits Sweet Chin Music on Palumbo sending him flying to the outside of the ring! Michaels then proceeds to grab Jericho and throw Jericho straight into the Jeri-Tron 5000, which comes crashing down onto the mat as sparks go everywhere. HBK looks down at Jericho and proceeds to make his way back to the top of the ramp before Raw’s GM Jonathan Coachman makes his way out.

Jonathan Coachman: Shawn since you feel that you can get away with anything here on Raw, I’m going to go ahead and book you in a match next week for the main event.

The crowd pops as HBK shows a smug.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s going to be a rematch of Vengeance last year because you Shawn Michaels will go one on one against Chris Jericho next week on Raw.

The crowd cheers for the huge announcement as HBK looks down at Jericho as we head to a commercial break.


Jim Ross: What a match set up for next week here on Raw but coming up right now we’ve got a bit of ladies action!

Jerry Lawler: Ooo! My favorite part of Raw JR. It’s like going to be puppies galore around here tonight with this big match.

Match #3
Melina vs. Candice Michelle

Match Overview: A decent match between these two divas that gives the divas other than the Women’s champion some ring time. Also it’s mainly to push the fact that the women’s champion really doesn’t have anyone to feud with right now. But anyways back onto the match, Melina and Candice get a small amount of time in the ring since the show is running a little bit behind schedule right now. Melina was able to hit the Extreme Makeover on Candice before getting the pin and sending a message to the ladies backstage.

Winner: Melina

We then proceed to head backstage to see Randy Orton on his cell phone.

Randy Orton: Oh no that’s completely fine.

Orton nods his head.

Randy Orton: Ok.

Orton looks around and thinks about something.

Randy Orton: Well um. What can I say? Great plan on your part and I’m looking forward to seeing it go through. Hey but don’t worry because he’ll be lucky if he can make it to the Royal Rumble after I’m done with him tonight.

Orton shows a smug on his face.

Randy Orton: This will just be the icing on the cake.

Orton goes to end the conversation.

Randy Orton: Hey well I need to get going. Listen it’s a great plan and I KNOW it will come through in the end. I’ll talk to you later.

Orton hangs his phone up and gets back onto his feet. He slides his phone back into his pocket as he sits back down and looks around knowing he’s got something good in his advantage. We then proceed to head to another commercial break.

---Commercial Break---

Narrator: The following commercial is to advertise the upcoming event WrestleMania 23. Nobody was harmed in the making of this video.

We open up convincingly to the Miami Heat game. The Heat are currently playing the Cavaliers right now and in the crowd happens to be a few WWE superstars those being Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada. Umaga and Estrada are down at courtside and are watching the game whenever the ball happens to bounce over to Umaga. Umaga looks at the ball before over comes Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat.

Dwayne Wade: Yo man, can we get the ball back?

Umaga looks at the ball and starts pushing it together with both hands.

Umaga: UMAGA!!!

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Como esta…mi name es Armando Alejandro Estrada and his name is OOOMAGA!

Wade looks furious as now the ref is trying to get the ball back.

Dwayne Wade: Look that’s cool and all but can we just get the ball back. We’ve got a game to play.

Umaga: UMAGA!!!

Armando Alejandro Estrada: How much eh, money are ju willing to offer up?

Dwayne Wade: Look I’m not going to pay you money to get the ball back. Security?

Wade called for Security but nobody came down. Umaga notices a few other players coming over including Shaq and LeBron James.

Referee: Sir I’m going to have to ask your friend to give the ball up now.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Umaga, no!

Umaga goes crazy as he throws the ball higher into the stands and looks ready to hit a Samoan Spike onto the referee in the game. However Umaga calms himself down and sits down and finishes watching the game. Well for a bit…

With about 2 minutes left in the game…

The ball just happens to bounce back to Umaga out of bounds once again.

Umaga: UMAGA!!!

Dwayne Wade: Not again!

Umaga: UMAGA!!!

Umaga this time simply chunks the ball once again across the court once more.

After the game….

Interviewer: Dwayne that was one heck of a game you played tonight. You put up 23 points, 5 assis…

Umaga: UMAGA!

Umaga attacks the interviewer from behind and hits the Samoan Spike. Umaga looks around the arena and sticks his face into the camera.

Umaga: UMAGA!!!

Umaga then gets back to his feet and happens to bump into Shaquille O'Neal in an awkward moment where both have a stare down.

Narrator: WrestleMania 23 live Sunday April 1, 2007 from Miami, Florida

We head down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: A great commercial there King and we thank everybody with the Miami Heat for letting us tape that video for WrestleMania

Jerry Lawler: Indeed true sports over there and we know they will be at WrestleMania 23 whenever we invade Miami.

Jim Ross: But right now, we’ve got our next Royal Rumble Qualifying Match and I must say that this man might be the odds on favorite to win the Rumble.

Jerry Lawler: He came so close to winning last year after entering at number 30 but he didn’t win. This year might be different for the Game.

Match #4
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Triple H vs. Val Venis

Match Overview: A rather quick match that sees Triple H pretty much dismantle and destroy Val Venis in the ring. It was of course one of the easiest matches for Triple H to qualify for the Rumble in and he doesn’t waste much time in the ring. Why should he? Triple H quickly finishes off Venis with a Spinebuster before he then proceeds to head back over to Venis. Hunter drags the body of the poor Val Venis up before throwing him between his legs and finishing him off with the Pedigree in the ring. Hunter quickly covers and gets the win sending himself into the Royal Rumble and becoming the second man to qualify for the Rumble.

Winner: Triple H


We head backstage after the break to see Ric Flair and Charlie Haas standing by backstage.

Ric Flair: WOOO!!!

The crowd pops seeing Flair on the TV.

Ric Flair: The Nature Boy is here to make something very clear to what happened earlier tonight. Shelton Benjamin!

The crowd boos the mention of Benjamin.

Ric Flair: You’ve dug yourself a big hole now. You’re playing with the elite here on Raw now and since you’ve brought in Elijah Burke with you, you can bet that Charlie and myself were watching the match tonight.

Charlie Haas: Shelton you’re really not much of a concern of ours. We’ve got other important things to do like winning the Royal Rumble but since both of you think that you are both worthy of tag title shots, well Ric go ahead and tell them.

Ric Flair: IF and that’s IF you can beat both of us next week in singles matches, then you both get a title match at the Royal Rumble. We talked to Coach about it and he said it was ok. But since you got the “Nature Boy” and the “Suplex Specialist” Charlie Haas together those odds don’t look very good. WOOO!!!

Flair looks around and yells it again.

Ric Flair: WOOO!!!

Charlie Haas: Good luck boys because you’ll need it.

Ric Flair: To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man!

Charlie Haas: Literally.

Ric Flair: WOOOO!!!!

Haas and Flair walk off with their tag titles around their shoulders as we head backstage once again this time to see Todd Grisham standing by.

Todd Grisham: Right now I am standing by with the two men that in just a matter of moments will be teaming together to take on the tandem of the WWE Champion and the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer Umaga. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam and his partner Sabu!

RVD and Sabu walk in as Sabu points to the sky for Shiek as RVD does as well.

Rob Van Dam: Todd wow I don’t think you know how great I feel right now.

Todd Grisham: Rob first off I wanted to get your thoughts in your WWE Championship Match at the Royal Rumble against Randy Orton. You have yet to be able to be in the same ring with Orton since Survivor Series and I know that you are finally ready to “put some respect” into Orton come the Royal Rumble. Am I right?

Rob Van Dam: Of course you are Todd because that’s my number one goal right now. Everybody else’s is simply to win the Royal Rumble but my goal right now is to become the WWE Champion once again. I KNOW that my back is against the wall Todd but now that Sabu will be out there to help me once again, everything will be fine.

Todd Grisham: Tonight you get your first chance though to finally face off against Randy Orton tonight so we all have to wonder do you think he’ll actually go face to face with you?

Rob Van Dam: I really don’t know Todd but what I do know is that tonight my mission to becoming the next WWE Champion begins once again. Just think that this time last year I was injured and then came back and won the Royal Rumble. Anything is possible Todd and just like last year, I will be victorious at the Royal Rumble. It’s just that only this time I’ll be the WWE Champion going into WrestleMania.

Todd Grisham: Rob, just one more question concerning tonight. You’ve never been in the ring with Umaga but Sabu has. Do you think Umaga could possible throw your plans off before you head into the Royal Rumble?

Rob Van Dam: Of course not Todd. I’m R-V-D. Mr. Monday Night and tonight like I mentioned earlier I prove that I do deserve to be the WWE champion once more. And I’ll show just why nobody gets higher than RVD!

RVD and Sabu make their way into the arena as we head to a break before the main event


Match #5
Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Randy Orton and Umaga

Match Overview: We get a long main event between both teams but Orton and RVD get very limited time in the ring with one another to play off the feud before we head into the Royal Rumble. Apparently they don’t want to give away too much before their big match on the PPV. Sabu was in trouble about mid way through the match by his old rival in Umaga but Umaga proceeded to miss the Samoan Wrecking Ball before Sabu leaped off the ropes and was able to hit Spinning DDT off the top rope sending Umaga head first into the mat. Both men were down before Sabu was able to make the fresh tag and bring in RVD! RVD leaps over the ropes but Umaga tags in Orton. Orton looks ready to lock up with RVD but RVD ditches the ring and makes his way up the ramp. RVD looks up the ramp as Umaga, the illegal man charges at RVD and pushes him stomach first into the turnbuckles. Umaga grabs Van Dam before proceeding to hit RVD with a Samoan Spike before Orton runs back down and grabs a steel chair. Orton proceeds to hit Sabu with the steel chair before sliding into the ring and hitting RVD with the chair as well as the ref calls for the bell

Winners via DQ: Rob Van Dam and Sabu

Orton tells Umaga to pick up RVD and Orton tells Umaga that he has this taken care of. Umaga makes his way out of the ring with Armando Estrada as Orton looks at RVD who looks motionless. Orton then grabs the neck of RVD and leaps into the air connecting with an RKO face planting RVD onto the steel chair face first. Orton gets down in the face of RVD and stares down RVD as the show comes to an end with Orton lying right beside RVD with his eyes locked on his challenger.

Quick Results:

Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: Jeff Hardy def. Chris Masters
Elijah Burke def. Jobber
Melina def. Candice Michelle
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: Triple H def. Val Venis
Rob Van Dam and Sabu def. Randy Orton and Umaga via DQ


WWE Royal Rumble
Sunday January 28, 2007
San Antonio, Texas

The Royal Rumble Match - Winner Earns Title Shot at WrestleMania 23
Triple H, Jeff Hardy

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Rob Van Dam
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King Booker as an overall superstar > Most. Bad move there. Lashley = meh. So no biggie honestly. I think Orton made for a good choice to take the belt off RVD. And I feel Legend was incorrect calling RVD's reign a "monster". Sure he got established by beating some top stars, but he only had it since Mania 22 rit? I mean, that's solid no doubt, but not "monster".

I owe you a review, and once again, thanks for dropping in on me the other day. Working on Mac's now, but I'll get to you next KOP. Wednesday or so, imo.

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