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Jushin Liger 03-01-2006 09:30 PM

JLA Puroresu
Right well with the Super J Cup going so well and getting a pretty good response off it Iíve decided to start a new thread. At the moment Iím writing JLA Combat Wrestling but this has come to a halt for a couple of reasons one being ever since my partner left, itís been hard to get the show going the way I wanted it too. We had many plans for the show but when he suddenly went it basically went too pot! Anyway well as you can tell Iím a fan of Japanese wrestling and the puroresu style and basically I write all my matches in this puroresu style. And with TNA threads, ROH threads and WWE threads along with the usual own federations Iíve decided to start a Japanese fed. Iíll keep the JLA name like always for two reasons.

One being that Iíve always had the JLA name ever since I started here on BTB and thereís not really a reason to change!

The other being that this wonít be a Japanese fed like NJPW or Noah, it will be a culmination of wrestlers from all companies in Japan including a few foreigners who have made a name for themselves in Japan.

There will be a weekly show called LiveWire like always with a PPV every five weeks. Sometimes there will be a tournament instead of a PPV. Like there is in most Japanese organisations. Here is the PPV schedule

March- G1 Climax Tournament (T)

April- Capital Carnage

May- Bad Blood

June- Best Of The Super Juniors (T)

July- The Royal Rumble

August- Tokyo Dome Show (Wrestlemania)

September- Aftermath

October- Armageddon

November- No Mercy

December- G1 America Climax (T)

January- Survivor Series

February- Resurrection

The G1 Climax is usually a tournament to decide the number one contender for the IWGP Title (JLA Title) but the first one will decide the JLA Champion instead of who will be the number one contender.


JLA Title

JLA United States Title

JLA Junior Heavyweight Title

JLA U-30 Title


JLA Heavyweight Division:

Riki Chosu (H)
The Great Muta (F)
Sting (F)
Kojima (H)
Yuji Nagata (H)
Chris Benoit (F)
Masahiro Chono (H)
Jun Akiyama (F)
Kenta Kobashi (F)
Shinsuke Nakamura (H)

JLA United States Division:

Chris Jericho (F)
Low Ki (F)
Matt Morgan (H)
Psicosis (H)
Juventud Guerrera (F)
Abismo Negro (H)
Scott Steiner (H)
Super Crazy (F)
Lance Storm (F)
Spanky Brian Kendrick (F)

JLA Junior Heavyweight Division:

The Great Sasuke (F)
Taka Michinoku (H)
Jushin Liger (H)
Ultimo Dragon (F)
Minoru Tanaka (H)
Tiger Mask IV (F)
Black Tiger IV (H)
Super Delfin (F)

JLA U-30 Division

Minoru Tanaka (H)
Hiroshi Tanahashi (F)
Spanky Brian Kendrick (F)
Low Ki (F)
Dragon Kid (F)
Matt Morgan (H)


CTU (Control Terrorism Unit)
Jushin Liger
Minoru Tanaka
Black Tiger
Matt Morgan

Wrestlers can fight for different belts if they meet the requirements. Hence Minoru Tanaka can fight for the JLA U-30 Title along with the JLA Junior Heavyweight Title.

Well thatís about it! Even though this is a Japanese thread there will still be storylines even though the wrestlers would speak in Japanese I will write it in English seen as though I canít read or write Japanese.

ChainGangRed 03-01-2006 10:23 PM

Re: JLA Puroresu
Great idea. I hope we get a Tiger Mask/Jushin Liger feud seeing that Tiger will be face and Liger will be heel in this thread. I will support your show as I am a huge fan of Japanease wrestling.

I am not sure many people will support this thread as many of them don't get the chance to watch Japan wrestling ,but I have watched and researched it. But you are a great booker so you may even draw in people who only know the American wrestlers.

I hope this sticks around no matter how big your fan base is.

Good luck.

3 Questions.

1. Are you going to have face vs face and heel vs heel matches as well just like in real life or not?

2. What are the requirements to be in the U-30 Division?

3. When will the first LiveWire be up?

WINNING DA BASED GAWD 03-01-2006 10:27 PM

Re: JLA Puroresu
Nice to see this thread and hopefully I see some of these unknown Japanese wrestlers in this thread. Who knows? I might consider getting some of my World Domination PPV event in December.

brownpimp 03-02-2006 02:01 AM

Re: JLA Puroresu
dynamite kid vs jushin lyger would be the ultimate dream match.

Renegadeô 03-02-2006 02:58 AM

Re: JLA Puroresu
hmm interesting concept JL, I always enjoyed JLA, but this seems different, which I'm not too keen on, but please, prove me wrong, and show me that unknown chinamen are good for BTB.

the_dreamer 03-02-2006 05:34 AM

Re: JLA Puroresu
All I can say is that Japanese wrestling is a pure entertainment in its finest.

Jushin Liger 03-02-2006 08:56 AM

Re: JLA Puroresu

3 Questions.

1. Are you going to have face vs face and heel vs heel matches as well just like in real life or not?

2. What are the requirements to be in the U-30 Division?

3. When will the first LiveWire be up?

Great to hear you like the idea ChainGangRed.

1. Yes i'll have the usual heel vs. heel and face vs. face matches, but I might try and add something different to the process. The best thing about Japan is that you get to see two faces compete when in the WWE you have to wait until one turns heel.

2. The requirements for the U-30 title is that the wreslter has to be under the age of 30.

3. I'm planning LiveWire at the moment and deciding who will compete in the G1 -Climax. I'll get a preview up in a few days stating when the show will be up.

I'm glad people are on board with this and I understand what you're saying Renegade. If you're not on key with some Japanese wrestlers it can be hard to get on board. It will probably be hard to attract readers but hopefully i can make this work.

ChainGangRed 03-02-2006 09:06 AM

Re: JLA Puroresu
Good to hear about question 1 with there being face vs face and heel vs heel. There are a lot of matches I want to see in the U-30 and Junior Heavyweight Division.

BTW, for your titles it says that there is a JLA European Championship and on the roster it says there is a JLA United States Division.

Jushin Liger 03-02-2006 09:11 AM

Re: JLA Puroresu
Oh yeah must of missed that ChainGang, i'll edit it out. The actual title is the United States Title not the European.

Forever-Delayed 03-02-2006 11:44 AM

Re: JLA Puroresu
Interesting idea that you have here, and even though i dont know most of the japanese names, im sure this will work and i will quickly become aware of them. Good luck with this

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