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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Preview looks good mate, I'll be sure to hook you up with a review.

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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

WWE RAW – February 20th

How better to start the show than with the WWE Champion coming to the ring for the Highlight Reel, and with none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin as the guest. But before all that, Jericho decides it is the time to promote himself a bit, and he gives us the stick that he is the best champion of all time, before he runs down all of the 8 men left in the tournament, going through them one by one and saying why he is better than all of them, and why they will face no threat to him at Wrestlemania, if they even bother to show up and face him. He says that Christian is just a Chris Jericho wannabe for instance, and that he hopes that Hassan beats him tonight, just to stop Christian going on about how great he is, and how much he is going to get the title off him. We then get our first video of the night, obviously to be shown on the Jeritro-5000, which shows Jericho getting the edge over all 8 men left in the tournament, and beating them down at some point, just to prove a point that he is better than them, and of course, this is set to a Fozzy song. He then shows John Cena being screwed by Austin on the Jeritron-5000, and then introduces Stone Cold Steve Austin to the crowd, who comes to a mixed reception, with some people still unwilling to boo Austin. Jericho then gets straight to the point, and asks Austin the key question that everyone wants to know about – what did he think of the latest Fozzy gig? The crowd boo, as Austin in full heel mode says that he loved every second of it, especially as there was free beer on offer. Jericho then thinks about asking about what happened with John Cena, but changes his mind and then asks Austin about all kinds of topics, such as his political standpoint, and what he thinks about his film career, but none of them to do with the screwjob of Cena. Austin eventually brings it up, but Jericho immediately lambastes him for bringing down the quality of Raw, and losing millions of viewers because of Cena’s name. Eric Bischoff then comes out, and says what we have hear is a disgrace, as he brought Austin here tonight to explain himself. Eric appears to be acting as a face, but then shows that it is all a scam, and the 3 men out there start to smile and laugh, when they confirm that it was all a set up. Eric then reminds people that next week, in John Cena’s home town, John Cena’s career will be buried for good, and invites every single on of you to come and watch it. He then invites Austin to give a eulogy, as the man who ended Cena for good. Austin then says that he is the biggest star in the WWE ever, and Cena has never come close to being as big as him, and that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold Said So

After a commercial break, Christian and Hassan come out to the ring, as the first Quarter Final match is about to begin. We also see that Jericho has stayed ringside at the announce table, and he is commentating on the rest of the show with JR and the King it appears, and for the whole night, Jericho puts himself over by constantly saying how good he is, and he puts down anyone else in the Road to Wrestlemania tournament, by saying how he is better than them. We get a good match between Hassan and Christian, although it is not the best match in the ring, the fact that Christian and Hassan are both over with the crowds, and that Tomko and Daivari are at ringside make the match seem better than it was. The end of the match comes when Christian and Hassan are battling on the outside of the ring after a drawn out match, and the referee is starting to count both men out. Earlier in the match there have been some near falls, but neither man has managed to get the win, including the Unprettier from Christian, which was broken up after Daivari pulled the referee out of the ring, leading to Tomko blasting him with the big boot. Christian and Hassan start to battle near the barricades, as the countout is nearing 10, and Hassan goes for the flatliner, only to have Christian reverse it, and then nail the snake eyes to Hassan onto the barricade. Christian then crawls back into the ring, and makes it before then 10, and Hassan tries to, and he gets his body half into the ring on 9, when Christian dropkicks him out of the ring to the floor, and then the referee makes the 10 count, and declares Christian the winner by countout.

Christian then takes the microphone, and he cuts a quick promo to put himself over, saying that he has beaten Hassan and is on the road to Wrestlemania. He stares straight at Jericho who is at the announce table while making the promo, just to show that he is focused on taking the title off him if he gets the chance to do so. He says that it doesn’t matter who he has to face next, because everything is going for him, and he feels that he can beat anyone, because that’s how he rolls

We then arrive backstage and we see Triple H arriving in the building, only to bump into Shawn Michaels, and the two of them act all friendly as they have been in the last few weeks since HBK returned. We get another promo where the two of them talk, and there are more hints at a possible DX Re-union, as both of them plug the new t-shirts that they are wearing, just like DX used to do. HBK states that he still has heard nothing from Bret Hart, who doesn’t seem to be interested in a match against him, and he gives him 1 more week to accept the challenge, or HBK will go and make Bret Hart accept the challenge. They laugh, and then say that Bret Hart really should just say yes, as otherwise, he will regret it. HHH then brings up the fact they didn’t show up on Smackdown this week, and says that he will go to Smackdown when he is ready to, and not just on JBL’s beckon call. They then wish each other luck in their matches this evening, and walk off, smiling as if they have a plan

We then see a taped video of the actions of the newly named Gregory Helms from the last few weeks, and then we see him cut a brief promo backstage, telling everyone that tonight Rosey will be the first victim of the new and improved Gregory Helms

The next match on the show is the mixed tag match between CM Punk and Trish Stratus vs. Christopher Nowinski and Alexis Laree, with Kid Kash and Matt Striker at ringside for the respective teams. On a night where there is a lot to pack in, the match is short and sweet, but does the job of building up the respective feuds that are going on here, and as usual, it is the heels who dominate the mid part of the match, with Punk playing the face in peril, until he fights back with the backbreaker, and makes the tag to Trish, who then comes in an unloads on Alexis, to a good pop. She hits the Stratusfaction, but only gets a 2 when Nowinski breaks it up, and then he goes for the impaler ddt to her, only for Punk to jump off the top rope and connect with the diving hurricanarana. Alexis then goes for the powerbomb to Trish, but she slips out of it, and then nails the chick kick, and pins the women’s champion to get the win. PFK and Trish then celebrate the win, which gets them over the Teachers again, and must put them back in with a shot of having another match for the title

We then see Todd Grisham interviewing Rob Van Dam, and he asks him about the controversial situation surrounding his win over Kurt Angle last week, to which RVD replies that he doesn’t care how he won the match, all that he cares about is that he did win the match, and that is all that should matter to anyone. So what if Rey Mysterio’s music distracted Angle, and so what if it allowed me back into the match. All that matters to RVD is that he won the match, and he still has his chance to be the next WWE Champion and to go to Wrestlemania and take the belt which he needs to complete his career, and prove that once and for all he is the whole damn show

The next match is AJ Styles vs. Shawn Michaels, with the winner facing Christian in the semi finals next week, and what he get here is a classic wrestling match, with AJ providing all the high flying antics, and HBK keeping the match going with his psychology, and the fact he wrestles in a very technical fashion. After AJ’s opens the match with a series of high flying attacks, HBK counters one of them with the rocker dropper, and from then on, he starts to wear down AJ, working on the leg to take him out of the game and to stop his aerial attacks, but the match doesn’t slow down too much while he does this. The tide turns when HBK goes for the SCM, only to have AJ duck it, and then nail the Styles Clash to HBK, but the fact he is inured means it takes him a while to make the cover, and when he does, HBK kicks out on two. However, this allows AJ to retake the advantage in the match, and he scores a near fall after the pele kick, but he misses the spinal tap. This brings HBK into his 5 moves of doom set, after nipping up, and then he hits the clothesline, the atomic drop, bodyslam and then the elbow, and goes for the sweet chin music, only for AJ to move out of the way by jumping onto the top rope. AJ then goes for the standing shooting star press off the top rope, but HBK nails the sweet chin music to him while he is in mid-air, and covers to get the academic win. HBK thus faces Christian next week, and as AJ is out of the tournament, he will defend the IC title against Shelton Benjamin next week, who is the number 1 contender. There is still no Bret Hart though, as once again, he hasn’t shown up, or had any sign of him making an appearance to accept the challenge of Shawn Michaels

After a commercial break, Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and he cuts a promo on Rey Mysterio, basically blaming him for the fact he lost his match to RVD last week. He says that everyone knows that he is better than RVD and would have won the match, and everyone knows that he is better than Rey Mysterio as well. He then throws in the fact that he is an Olympic gold medallist, and he doesn’t deserve to be screwed last week in the way he was. He then brings up No Way Out, which was last Sunday, and reminds everyone just what happened, when he turned up and taught Rey Mysterio a lesson in how to screw someone out of a match, and how to really kick someone’s ass. He talks about how Rey Mysterio will pay even more for what he did to me last week. He says that the fact Kurt Angle won’t be in the Wrestlemania main event is an outrage, and will lessen the quality of the show, as everyone wants to see Kurt Angle wrestle. However, he then says that Wrestlemania will still be such a great quality show, because Kurt Angle will definitely be on the card, and then he issues a challenge to Rey Mysterio for a match at Wrestlemania, so he can kick his ass back to Mexico, and break his freaking ankle. Angle then implores Rey to accept the challenge, and face him like a man would at Mania, but do also expect to get the kicking ass kicking of his lifetime as well. Kurt Angle then throws down the mic, and leaves the ring, as the challenge for the Mania match is on

We have another commercial break, and then afterwards, Triple H takes on Matt Hardy in the third of the quarter final matches. We get a good contest here, with Matt coming off as an equal to HHH, which makes him look good again, but HHH still manages to take control of the match, and wear Hardy down in the middle of the match. HHH starts to take a few shots at JBL as well, as he uses some of his move, trying to out psyche him, but it backfires when he goes for the clothesline from hell, as Hardy ducks it, and then nails the side effect, which turns the momentum of the match around, and then Hardy scores some near falls after the northern lights suplex and the leg drop. He goes for the twist of fate, but HHH counters and then nails the spinebuster, but he can only get a 2 count from it. He goes for the pedigree, but Hardy wriggles out of it, and connects with the twist of fate, and covers, but HHH puts his foot on the bottom rope. Hardy then goes for another twist of fate, but HHH scores with a low blow, and then the pedigree, and he covers to get the win to move him into the semi-finals of the Road to Wrestlemania tournament

After a commercial, we get the Rosey vs. Gregory Helms match, which is short on the show where space is at a premium. Helms dominates the majority of the match, and shows that he can work as a singles star, as he gets a solid heel reaction from the crowd, although it could be bigger. He gets the win after the shining wizard, and then he grabs the mic and cuts a promo saying that this win just backs up that he has been held down all these years, and he says that he wants to be the next great superstar, and will start by challenging for the IC title

We go backstage, and we see Mohammed Hassan and Daivari storm into Eric Bischoff’s office, and complain about what happened to them earlier tonight against Christian, when he was clearly screwed out of the match because he was an Arab-American, and the authorities wouldn’t want an Arab-American to be on the Wrestlemania card, let alone be in the main event. Hassan then complains about the constant prejudice that he is facing, and the Eric (in a rare face moment) tells Hassan to shut up and to stop complaining, and he was the only one who caused him to lose the match earlier tonight, not some biased referee, as that would only happen to you if you are Canadian. Eric then tells Hassan if he wants to be on the Wrestlemania card then stop complaining about it, and go and do something about it. Hassan then smirks, and says he knows exactly what he needs to do, and after it is done, everything will have to respect him as the Great Mohammed Hassan!

The next match is a match between Chris Masters and Charlie Haas, which is in a sense a filler match, but both men could really do with a win to put them back in the hunt for the IC title, and to do something to impress the general manager with Wrestlemania looming large. The match is reasonably short, with there being a lot of the show that evening, but is still a passable match. The end comes when Haas is on the attack, and he has just scored a 2 count with the superkick. He goes for the Haas of Pain, but Masters powers out of it, only to have Haas nail the german suplex, which can only get a 2 count as well, as Masters got a foot on the ropes. He goes for another superkick to Masters, but he ducks it, and then locks in the Masterlock, which Haas cannot survive, and he is forced to give up, giving Masters the win

We then have a backstage promo with Todd Grisham and Shelton Benjamin, who asks him about his match for the IC title next week with AJ Styles, and how he is feeling in the run up to Wrestlemania. He cockily responds by saying that this is the last Raw you will Shelton Benjamin without the IC title, as next week he takes back the title that is rightfully his. He says that last time AJ Styles got lucky, but luck doesn’t strike twice, and that he will defeat AJ Styles, 1, 2, 3, for the IC title

Finally, it is time for the main event, which is Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker, with the winner facing HHH next week. The fans are behind both men in the match with them both being fan favourites, but Taker got a bigger reaction at the start of the match, and the power that he has allows his to dominate in the early going. However, RVD wrestles back the advantage when he nails Taker with the ring bell behind the back of the referee, and he manages to wear him down by focusing on the legs on Taker, taking away his base so he cannot stand up. RVD however cannot get the 3 count, and eventually, Taker fights back with the running ddt, and then the momentum swings towards him, and he scores a near fall with the sidewalk slam and then the old school, and then he goes for the chokeslam, but RVD counters it with the ddt, and then he hits the rolling thunder, but he only gets 2. He then goes for the 5 star frog splash, but Taker gets out of the way, and RVD crashes into the mat. Taker then goes for the chokeslam again, and he hits it, but RVD kicks out at 2. Taker then goes for the tombstone to RVD, but he slips out the back of it, and then he dropkicks Taker in the back of the head, and then nails a series of kicks to Taker, before going to the top rope. He looks for a diving clothesline, but Taker catches him, and then he lifts him up and nails the Last Ride to RVD, and covers, which gets the 3 count. Taker picks up the win and moves onto the semi-finals, which gets a good pop from the crowd, who would love to see Taker in a mania main event, while RVD looks to be a broken man in the middle of the ring, as he realises that he has lost his chance to be the WWE Champion. Chris Jericho then gets up from the commentary table where he has been all evening, and he stands up, and holds the title in the air, signifying that he is still the WWE Champion


Christian def. Mohammed Hassan via countout in a Road to Wrestlemania quarter final
CM Punk and Trish Stratus def. Christopher Nowinski and Alexis Laree via pinfall
Shawn Michaels def. AJ Styles via pinfall in a Road to Wrestlemania quarter final
Triple H def. Matt Hardy via pinfall in a Road to Wrestlemania quarter final
Gregory Helms def. Rosey via pinfall
Chris Masters def. Charlie Haas via submission
The Undertaker def. Rob Van Dam via pinfall in a Road to Wrestlemania quarter final

Reviews will either be returned tomorrow night, or early next week, as i am away all weekend

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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Very nice Raw F-D, I'm liking how this tournament is shaping out after the quarterfinals. I liked the opening promo with Austin calling out Cena. I like that feud. Looking forward to the Road to Wrestlmania as it should be great.

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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

WWE RAW – February 20th

Looked to be a funny promo to kick the show off, with Jericho in proper dick head mode. Austins jealousy of Cena is perhaps his reasoning for the screwjob I guess, given the last few lines from Austin. Cena return next week is certainly on the cards, and I am expecting something really electric.

Weak finish for the Hassan - Christian match up, but I guess you wanted to keep Hassan strong. Christian advances as you'd expect, but with a lame win like that, I dont see him building tonnes of momentum for a WM title shot.

I'm guessing Michaels must have a motive beside making friends with Triple H to go to SD with him. It'll be worth the wait to see Triple H finally work a Tuesday night, but the question has to be - when??

Arrgghhh!!! The never ending feud continues to rumble on. Hopefully they both end before WM, but if not, good luck keeping it going.

Wouldnt have been a slightly heelish RVD promo?? Probably not, as you didnt make any mention about the attitude. Van Dam and Christian are still my picks.

Michaels advances with the awesome Sweet Chin Music spot on AJ. No surprises here, HBK moves on in the tournament, and Styles now finds himself bidding to keep his belt.

Nice. Angle cuts to the chase and challenges Mysterio to face him at Wrestle Mania. Cannot wait for Rey to accept, and then we'll have to wait and see what twists or turns this feud takes on the Road to the Big One.

Triple H finds himself in the final four of the WM tournament, going over Matt Hardy who comes out looking awesome, despite the loss. Enjoyed Triple H copying JBL's trademarks moves, as it keeps that feud in our mind at the same time. Strange to have two men destined for other things at WM in the final four of a title tournament though.

Hellms looking to immediately shoot up the ranks and take the IC title?? This push is definately developing at a quick rate. Not complaining though, Helms deserves something decent.

Hassans promo definately has given him the inspiration to travel to SD and make his own luck into getting a place at WM, against a certain Peoples Champion, right??

Just sensing we're gearing up for some sort of multi man match at WM, with Styles, Hardy, Benjamin, Haas, Masters and Hellms. Whether it be for the I.C Title or MITB, we'll have to find out. Just seems that in some way all those men have an issue in there with someone else. Giving Masters a win over Haas - who had been n a roll, just goes to show that for me.

I'm really starting to sense an RVD heel turn now, with what I thought was a slightly heelish promo, and now heelish tactics with the ring bell. I could be well off, and it might just be to put over Takers hard to beat persona, but I'm sticking my neck out, and predicting he's on course to turn heel. Taker advances, which leaves it down to him or Christian as a realistic winner of the tournament. Really is a toss up right now to be honest. Could see RVD cement his heel turn, and screw Taker, setting up a WM rematch, or Taker might just go and win the belt at WM. Very hard to call.

Oh, and in the results bit, you had Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart by pinfall.
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

The opening promo sounded very good, Jericho runs down the 8 men in the tourny before bringing up any other topic but John Cena. They do not give the reason for why Austin attacked him, the funeral of John Cena's career should be interesting next week.

Wasn't too keen on the ending of this match, but it keeps Hassan strong however while getting Christian to advance.

Good promo here by building both of HBK's and HHH's feuds. And don't expect HHH to come because he is too much of a coward.

RVD looks very focused on becoming the new champion. Will be interesting to see if he can get past Taker.

This sounded like a great match and i love the ending with HBK catching AJ in mid air with the SCM. Still no Bret Hart however.

Angle challenges Rey Mysterio, and to find out the answer tune into Friday Night Smackdown.

Good victory for HHH advancing to the next round past Matt Hardy, he has to cheat however which makes Hardy look strong from this match.

Filler match just to Get Helms on the show and he gets a good win continuing his very quick push as of late.

Interesting segment here and will be interesting to see what Hassan is stalking about.

Too many matches on this show really. Another filler match here and Masters gets the big win just a few weeks ahead of Mania.

Taker advances to the next round after beating RVD who looks down about being eliminated and, have a feeling that we might see RVD try and screw Taker out of his Semi Final Match to get some revenge.

Overalll this was a good recap. Smackdown will be posted on Monday i would think..
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

WWE RAW –- February 20th – Comments
Highlight Reel was looking very good. I would’ve loved to read this in full. I was expecting someone to ruin Bischoff, Jericho, and Austin’s promo though. Impressive victory for Christian. And a nice ending to a good match there. Christian’s promo was sweet and I think that he might win this tourney. Another sweet promo from HHH and HBK. DX is coming up and a heel DX would be interesting. Hurricane > Helms. I hope that you push Helms into the mid-carders. Mixed tag-team match seemed very good but I am feeling boring with this one. Hope that this ends-up soon or maybe ends-up at Wrestlemania. Please don’t carry it after Wrestlemania. RVD’s promo was good. It basically hyped his character even more. RVD or Christian is my tip to win this tourney. Amazing match, Match of the night so far. I imagined the standing shooting star press from the top rope, which was countered by HBK’s Sweet Chin Music. Great stuff there. Now I predict that next week, Bret Hart will show up and cost his match and it will give Christian another victory. Kurt Angle issues a challenge to Rey. Rey Rey would gladly accept though. Mysterio vs. Kurt at Mania could be good. Triple H beats Hardy in an average match and now advances to the semi’s. Helms wins and a great win for him. Good promo aftermath and yes! It will be good to see him going up in the mid-carders. Hell yeah! Hassan again complains? Oh my gawd. I am a bit tired of that. Anyway, promo ended in a good way and I wonder what Hassan has in his mind. Filler match. Glad that Masters beat AJ Styles. Maybe it means that Masters would get his chance again to fight for the IC belt? I can see that happening because you have given him some time and that just proves it. Wow, I thought that RVD would win this one but I was wrong. Great victory for Taker in an exciting match.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Raw looks great man, I'll hook you up with a review as soon as I can mate.

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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Raw, febuary 20th review

highlight reel - seemed very realistic, including the crowds standpoint. even though Austin was a heel i was still suprised about the fozzy comment, but atleast it kept his position straight.

Christian/Hassan - after the unprettier was stopped by davari i had a feeling that this match would have a different finish. good match, making it still hard to tell who will come out of this tournament.

HHH/HBK promo - i liked this alot as it seemed very genuine. Both men will obviously end up with their match, but this was one of the better gap-fillers.

mixed tag match - i'm glad you pointed out that this match had to be short and sweet as otherwise this would have been just average. good to see the fueds building but would have thought punk would be fueding with someone higher than chris nowinski and striker.

RVD promo - proving a good point atleast, but still didnt give a proper explanation.

HBK/AJ - Seems like a great match which is a shame that its in recap and doesn't mean a whole lot. Still no Bret? Next week really should have more interaction by him.

angle promo - in character and done well. should be a pretty good match at WM but I just hope theres something more special to this match, as its happened enough times in real life already.

HHH/Matt - glad to see matt is being seen as HHH's equal in this tournament, as he needs something going into WM. Good finish despite the JBL mimicks.

helms/rosey - again short and sweet, but the IC announcement was kinda sudden. how will he fit in with AJ and Shelton who face next week?

Hassan promo - good to see eric stand up to him and tell him to make a difference himself. I'm now just thinking about who's left for him to face at WM (unless ofcourse theres a MITB)

masters/haas - never really thought much of haas so it was good to see masters pick up the win. your IC division is really warming up now so whoever does get the nod at WM will have to impress.

shelton promo - short but semi-realistic. suprised he didnt comment on helms' claim earlier.

Taker/RVD - good to see taker win and advance because it'd be hard for him to get a WM opponent on such short notice. i liked the ending and the tournaments final four look really good going into next week.

realism: very realistic, could have easily been the real thing. 9/10
spelling: i spotted one or two mistakes, but nothing to throw a fit over. 8/10
entertainment: the tournament made this entertaing enough, cant fail from there. 9/10.
length: a bit too packed in my opinion, not sure if it was all 100% needed. 8/10.
booking: matches were booked sensibly, but could have had more action. 8.5/10
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Seemed like a good Highlight Reel with Jericho & Austin being morons, and then Bischoff shows up and joins in, I haven't seen an Austin heel for a while around BTB, so it's refreshing, and it seems like they all have something in common, and that is too see the demise of Cena

Christian advances thanks to a count out over Hassan, I can live with it, CLB should always go through over that kinda opposition

I swear from the last few weeks DX is coming back, HHH feuding with JBL and HBK with Hart, it's odd to see a face and a heel being so friendly to each other, unless of course, they were bringing the X back

Yay, ANOTHER Gregory Helms debut and push coming.....

PFK & Trish seem to have the numbers over the Teachers in recent weeks, and as stated, they should get a title shot again by now

As Wolfy said, from these signs, it seems as if RVD may be turning heel, as the promo seemed a little heelish from an RVD face standpoint, or perhaps your gonna play him as a tweener. I dunno

HBK goes over AJ Styles, so next week AJ defends against Shelton for the IC belt, and HBk meets Christian, I can sense Hart showing up in some form then, as HBK is facing another Canadian

Angle challenges Rey to a match at WM, I hope Angle wins, I will be dissapointed if Rey gets a win, I can't stand the little guy and have always liked Angle, Angle could do with the win to push back into the main event scene too

HHH beats Hardy, but HHH can't it as JBL will be making an unexpected call soon to screw him up in someway

O yay, Helms will ALREADY go for the IC belt. I hate all the instant pushes this guy gets in BTB, but, with AJ & Shelton around, atleast we'll see some good matches from it

Wonder what Hassan is gonna do to get on the WM card?

Masters goes over Haas in a filler match. Maybe these guys and Hassan will get put into your MITB match you said you were gonna have earlier

Shelton seems confident ahead of next week, I think it's time for these two to finish their feud, which has been going on and on since September time I think

Taker beats RVD, who seems shattered that he's lost. I thought RVD might win this one, but not to be. I can see RVD turning a heel now, after this, and maybe taking his frustration out on Taker next week or on Jericho soon, because you can't leave a guy like RVD off WM altogether

Nice recap, wow, I fully reviewed it and didn't realize lol.


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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Hey man. Here is my return review from when you reviewed my latest RAW. Can't wait for next wek and Mania!

HBKicon Reviews RAW 2/20

Highlight Reel: Nice way to start the show. I lved it. Also, I am glad you have gone the other way with Austin as a heel. It works perfectly.

Christian/Hassan: Nice Match to start things on RAW. davari stopping the unprettier, I wonder how this tounrament will play out. Nice job.

HHH/HBK Promo: Great promo here. I can't wait til you face these two off in a match.

Mixed Tag Match: Short and sweet, what it had to be.

RVD Promo: Decent promo. To me, it seemed a little off. Oh well, for the most part, the point was made.

HBK/Styles: Awesome match. I wish this was a fued and everything. Anyway, HBK goes over and still no sign of Bret. This will come to a head at mania, IMO.

ANgle Promo: Great promo to hype up the match at Mania.

HHH/Matt - Nice match here. I am happy to see Hardy up in the card liek this but sadly, we all knew who was going to win.

Helms/Rosey: Nice little match here. Seemed to be a filler. The announcement was good too. Can't wait for next week.

Hassan Promo: Nice job here. Eric motivating Hassan. I see him winning the MITB match? ( If there is one ) or facing someone high on the card, possibly a legend?

Masters/Haas: Nice match here. Masters picks up the win. I somehow expected it.

Taker/RVD: Great main event. I like how Taker advances. I hope he wins the thing. We'll just have to wait and see.

Overall: 9/10. With the exception of a few promos, everything was right on target as we head into WRESTLEMANIA!
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