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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

hey FD, I will have a review up tomorrow for you. Looks really good.


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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

I just saved Taboo Tuesday onto Miscrosoft word and will review it over the next few days. Exepect it up on the weekend maybe a little earlier. I just read through the results though and got 8/10 right, who won the Taboo Tuesday predictions? Exellent effort with 81 pages too!
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Taboo Tuesday Review

Opening Match- I was not expecting Striker and Nowinski at all to be the mystery tag team. I also was not expecting them to win the titles. I thought that you were going to keep the titles with Kid Kash and CM Punk since they seemed to be getting a push. This was a good written match and had some high spots to it.

Coach vs Sandman- I had a feeling that the man would be The Sandman. I thought that it would be either him or Sabu. Anyway, I am a bit surprised that Coach won the match. This is kind of funny because Coach is reminding me of Norman Smiley in ECW. This match had a lot of hardcore spots and I enjoyed it.

Benjamin vs Haas- I had a feeling that Shelton was going to win this. I have another feeling that he is in for a big push in the future. This was a great techinal match-up. I guess it is all downhill for Charlie Haas from here. Oh well.

Intercontinental Triple Threat Match- Great match here. I knew that Daivari would be the one pinned because Hassan is too powerful. I liked the fact that people voted for a Triple Threat Match. This match was good when it focused on Hassan and Styles facing each other. I would love to see this match in real life.

RVD vs Angle- Great match here! I enjoy both RVD and Kurt Angle in the ring. Although, the match did seem pretty short. I am glad that RVD won. I would have been glad if Kurt Angle won also because I am a big fan of these guys. Good job with this match. I think that RVD has a bright future ahead of him in this thread.

Heyman vs Bischoff- This match was longer than I expected it to be. This was a pretty decent match-up. I am glad that Heyman got the win. There is not much to say about this match so I will just stop here.

Edge vs Hardy- Of course Edge is going to win. There is no way that Hardy is able to go to the World Title picture. This was a good match. Even though I hate Edge, I am glad that he won. This was a very good ladder match and it was very enjoyable. I am guessing that Edge will use his Money in the Bank contract soon.

Melina vs Trish- Yes! Melina won. I think that she has every right in the world to win. She is a great competitor and should have the Women's Title for a long time. I hope you go well with her having the title.

Elimination Chamber- I knew that it would be an Elimination Chamber match. Anyway, I cannot believe that Chris Jericho retained the title. I thought that the Undertaker would have won the title. This match was bloody and enjoyable. I hope that you have Chris Jericho hold the title for a long time. I like this push that you are giving him. Good luck with this and GREAT WAY TO END THE PPV!

MOTN- Definitely Elimination Chamber.

Grade- 9/10. Great PPV.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Taboo Tuesday Review

World Tag Team Champions
CM Punk & Kid Kash © vs. Matt Striker & Christopher Nowinski

I really didn't except the Tag Team of Matt Striker & Christopher Nowinski coming out. I think that they'll make an Impact tonight. It was a great opening match for a PPV. The Legnth was Excellent for Tag Team Match IMO. Nice to see New Tag Team Champions but with some help from M-N-M. I can see a Three Way Tag Team Match coming soon.

Hardcore Championship
The Coach © vs. The Sandman

Well, as everyone thought. I also thought that Sandman is gonna win but It was the Coach who retained. Well, Jonathan Coachman, Hardcore Champion. lol. The Aftermath was something good.

Pure & NoDQ Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

My Money was really on Benjamin to winning this match. This match was very well written and It was huge. This match was pure Entertaining. Weapons used were good. Well, Shelton Benjamin won. Now, I won the bet!.

Intercontinental Championship
AJ Styles © vs. Muhammad Hassan vs. Daivari

Wow!, It's Triple Threat. I also voted for this. This time my bet was on Muhammad Hassan. I think he's the man that gonna win the IC Title but w/ some help from his sidekick Daivari. Well, this match was again good and It really enjoys me very much. Now, this time I got screwed. AJ retained was a good choice. Lol, I have a question. Question is that Why everytime Hassan don't get the Title lol

30 Man Iron Man Match - ECW Rules
Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam

This match was really worth but It was short. Short because the First Two matches were too Big in Length. Good to see RVD winning the match but Oh It was 5 Seconds Left. Good thinking though. I can see RVD getting push from this on...

Special Guest Ref. Stone Cold
Paul Heyman vs. Eric Bischoff

Again, A good match but this was short. But, Heyman and Bischoff are not wrestlers so the Length is Excellent for this match. Coach interfering was something Good. Nice to see Heyman winning in the End.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Edge vs. Matt Hardy

Good win for Edge in the End. I expected Edge to win. It was again a good match and Ladder was used good in this match and I really enjoyed it.

Women's Championship
Trish Stratus © vs. Melina
Yes, I also don't wanted Melina to win but well, It was a nice win for her and I can see her getting the Legendary Title Reign in the future. Well, a good lengthy match and the men interfering in this match really entertained me.

WWE Championship - Elimination Chamber
Chris Jericho © vs. John Cena vs. Undertaker vs. Michaels vs. Triple H vs. Christan

Oh My GOD!, Yes nice to see Triple H eliminated first by Y2J and Christian. I also don't wanted him to be in the Final Five. Triple H just sucks for me. Taker eliminating second was a bit strange for me because I wanted him to be long in that match but I think it was a Comedy in the End. Cena nailing the F-U on him and covering him. It looks likes all guys covered Taker. lol. It was a good comic thing . Christian eliminated was a good thing, I love how he got eliminated by Sweet Chin Music from The Heart Break Kid, It was nice though. John Cena got eliminated. Wow!. I really enjoyed it because he sucks in Wrestling Ability but again he has been Eliminated by the One, The Only, The Show Stoppa. Well, Last Two Men! Down. Now, I wanted HBK to be the New WWE Champion. But, oh well. Y2J Retained was good also. The Chamber match was really the MOTN and It really entertained me. You worked really hard. Man Keep up the hard work.


Well, Your Writing Ability is your Power. All Promos were good and the Matches were very good IMO. I loved all the Show man. Overall, [93/100] from me. It really entertained me alot.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Please pay back respectively because this took me quite a while. 81 pages is tremendous but hard to read through so stay with me.

The show kicks off with the news that the fans have voted for a new debuting tag team convincingly. Striker and Nowinski are the new team and great choice, they blend well together gimmick wise. Nice promo from Striker with some big words being used by the former school teacher. Exellent opener and we have new tag team champions in Striker/Nowinski after using the title belts to an advantage. The match flowed well throughout and the final result made the fans choice seem important.

You put The Coach over strong in the Hardcore title match! He seemed like he actually knew how to wrestle but I guess all he has to do is use weapons to beat Sandman down. Shocked with the ending where the referee nails Sandman and counts the three for Coach and it turns out to be none other than Steven Richards! Test and Conway join them and we have a reunited right to Censor maybe.

How can a match be pure and no disqualifications? That confused me but well written match anyway even if I would have liked it to be a one on one wrestling contest. I remember a spot where Haas flipped over from a T-Bone suplex, that was just tremendous. Haas misses a splash and Benjamin nails the T-Bone suplex onto a steel chair. Great match and an even better ending which made both men look strong.

Yes, we have a triple threat match and I wonder if Daivari is going to have a little bit of a disagreement with working for Hassan? Lots of pinfalls in this match with some nice manuevers used by AJ Styles. Daivari hits Hassan by mistake with the flying carpet! AJ executes the Styles Clash which I saw the other day and retains the title! No pushing around of Daivari by Hassan after the match? Wonder where these two will be going next.

What an ironman match competed by two superb athletes and written by one superb writer! The length was incredible and the booking was exciting because the result was never certain even with one second to go. Angle gets the first fall via ECW rules after an Angle slam through the table and a pin on the outside. Angle is dominating until Benjamin executes one small package and gets the second fall at 1-1! RVD hits the frogsplash for three and there is only 43 seconds left, I see an Angle lock coming. Yep, Angle locks in his deadly submission but wait he used the Angle slam and covers but can only get two before the buzzer! RVD picks up the victory in a crazy match up! Match of the night so far by far.

Loser has to wrestle an opponent of the others choice edges it out and we have a bit of a coll down after that last match. Very short match but what I expected between two General Managers. The Coach pulls Austin after I thought Heyman had three with the spinebuster. Austin gives him the stunner for good measure and nails Bischoff with the title belt! Heyman covers and wins the match so I guess Bischoff is going to get his ass kicked on Raw.

Well set out ladder match, I like how you made the match that little bit more exciting by using rungs. Some amazing high risk spots in the match performed by both men, Hardy was so close on numerous occasions! Well booked ending with the breif case not budging and Lita pushing Hardy off the ladder straight into a spear! Edge climbs the ladder and I knew that one was over. I’m glad Edge kept the Money In The Bank contract but Hardy deserved it in my opinion. I guess I’m getting into this too much seem it’s not even real and it’s like I’m watching a live Pay-Per-View!

Trish and Melina was one of the best Women’s matches I have read here in Be The Booker before. Punk and Kash and MNM fight on the outside as Trish lines up the chick chick but Melian ducks and hit her with the championship belt. How many times has that happened tonight? Melina is the new Women’s champion and that is going to be a refreshing change.

Time for the elimination chamber as voted by us, the fans with 100% of the votes! First off I have to say that 18 pages for the main event is phonominal and too be quite honest I have no idea where you found the time to complete it so quickly. Michaels and Jericho start off the match but no one can reach a decision before the ten count begins and The Undertaker is next in. Taker dominates the two original competitors until Triple H makes his entrance into the chamber. What a beating all men take and they are all down as the fith man enters and it is Christian who you are using well in this BTB. Cena is the last man to enter who nails some signature moves before falling victim to the pedigree but he kicked out! Jericho nails the lionsault on Triple H and Christian covers for the first fall. Taker kicks out of every finisher until Cena hits the FU and everybody jumps on top of him for the evntual three! Very creative elimination here which made Taker look unbeatable. I was behind Christian but he had to attempt a crossbody didn’t he, Cena ducks and HBK nails sweet chim music in mid air and Captain Charismas is gone from lack of experience. FU of the chamber to Jericho but Michaels intercepts the pin with sweet chin music and Cena is gone. We are down to Jericho and Shawn Michaels who I see clashing again at Survivor Series. Michaels tries to take advantage of the work by Cena but Y2J won’t stay down! Exciting final leg but in the end Michaels is forced to tap out to the walls of Jericho and Jericho retains the WWE Championship as I predicted.

Overall, blockbuster of a Pay-Per-View with the ironman match and the Elimination Chmaber stealing the show. Nothing can beat the Chamber though, 18 pages of brilliance and well booked throughout. I enjoyed every moment of the show and I don’t think there was a bad match except the GM one but that had a meaning to it atleast. 9/10 for a Pay-Per-View but very, very close to a ten. More backstage segments building the upcoming matches would have been benificial seem I haven’t read every one of the build up shows. Exellent job!
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Heat did its job as always, getting the PPV it’s last big hype attack. Could Chris Jerichos phone pal show up tonight?? I’m predicting with all the Montreal stuff being brought up lately that it might just be Bret Hart that Jericho is speaking with.

Good win for the Masterpiece too, defeating Big Vis with the Masterlock.

Nice opening video, fitting for Taboo Tuesday.

Striker and Nowinski the new team on Raw. That’s cool. I always thought Nowinski had potential, and this team could go together pretty well. Handing out pencils to the fans was awesome too.

Kid Kash & CM Punk vs. Matt Striker & Christopher Nowinski
Nice opener, and probably the best bet to do so. Interesting to see you giving the new comers the edge at the beginning, out smarting the champs, but that works, with them playing into the smartness gimmick. Good to see Kash and Punk getting back in control for a bit, before Nowinski and Striker took back the momentum.
Double hot tag works too, with Nowinski backing off from Kash. Great to see the champions taking control, but I was shocked to see MNM run in, and cost the champions the victory. Was expecting MNM to cause a double DQ or something like that, to prolong the reign of Kash and Punk as champions. Decent opener though, and a terrific way to start off the night, with a title change from a debuting team that could have some real potential.
Match Rating: (Out of *****) **¾ - Above Average Opener, with a nice title change to kick off the show, which also leaves a number of possibilities left to look at for where the tag division goes from here.

6 on 6 Survivor Series Elimination Match?? That’s unique. A nice new twist on the match, and with the GM spot on the line, it’ll be a very worthwhile match. Should be a great couple of weeks to determine who makes it onto each team.

Sandman wins the vote J loving that. This should be a hell of a funny match to read. Minibar spot was great, with Coach stealing the cane and nailing Sandman. Totally awesome. Nice to see Sandman going for the mini bar instead of the cover too. Lovely stuff. Surprised to see The Coach get so much offence in the match, but even with that, I still found the mini bar stuff throughout the match to be hilarious. Good finish, with Steven Richards costing Sandman the win, dressed up as the referee.
Match Rating: **½ - For the comedy alone, it was good. Not sure how long you’ll be able to keep Coach as the champion for though.

Okay interview with Y2J, but it wasn’t quite as good as the top class promos you’ve been producing as of late.

A No DQ, Pure Wrestling Match?? That sounds weird. How can a Pure Match take place with No DQ, especially with the rope break rules etc, saying as there are No DQ anyway. I’ll have to just see what happens I guess to grasp the rules of this mixture match.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas
Nice opening exchange, leading to Benjamin wasting his first rope break, by instinctively grabbing them. Good story telling, with Benjamin being thrown off his game for a short spell after wasting his rope break. Glad to see the No DQ ruling coming into play on the outside, with the match finally breaking down into a brawl, after a decent wrestling start.
Benjamin finally taking full control of the match was well timed, after a very even start, slightly favouring Haas. Excellent spell of dominance too, which didn’t drag, before giving Charlie a big comeback, which is abruptly ended, with the lovely suplex counter from Benjamin into the neck breaker, which right now is one of my favourite moves in wrestling.
Terrific last page or so, building to the finish, with a lot of near falls from both men, which made the match very hard to call, with some terrific counters, namely the T-Bone countered into the DDT from Haas. Spot of the night so far. The rope break rule really came into play too, which added even more drama to the match, with Benjamin using his last rope break to break Haas submission. Finish worked well too, with Shelton forced to hit the T-Bone onto the chair to pick up the three count.
Match Rating: **** - Excellent encounter, between two amazing wrestlers. You worked the No DQ and Pure Rules pretty well together in the end, but I see a final match between these two now, especially with Haas getting the last laugh so to speak after the match, with both scoring one victory on the other in matches. Final encounter at Survivor Series??

Cena interview with Maria was kinda weak imo. Wasn’t as funny as past Maria interviews you’ve done imo. Really picked up though, with a surprising showdown between Cena and Austin. Possibly the first glimpse at an Austin - Cena showdown at WM?? That would be a terrific match to build up, and I’m sure with a hot crowd, it would lead to a good match too.

Triple Threat Match then for the Intercontinental Title. That’s cool.
A.J Styles vs. Muhammed Hassan vs. Daivari
Opening was good, with Hassan and Styles getting at it, after throwing Daivari out for a moment. Basically turned into a handicap match from that point though, which makes sense, but wasn’t terribly exciting for the most part, apart from the brief comebacks made by Styles. I did smile though when Daivari decided to try and gain the victory himself, before he and Hassan go back to dominating the champion.
Glad to see the relationship between Daivari and Hassan crumble towards the end, as the match was really just starting to get a bit tedious with a continuous 2 on 1 beat down. Proper triple threat ruling brought some much needed life to the match, with Styles starting to fire up, taking control over both men, leading to a quick roll up from Daivari on Hassan which was great, although I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end of the Hassan / Daivari relationship, as they are good with each other. Finish was decent too, with Styles in total in the match hitting 3 Styles Clashes, with two in quick succession at the end, after Daivari messed up the Magic Carpet Ride. I’ve never actually seen the move, but it sounds pretty good. Styles pins Daivari, which probably means Hassan will still get a title shot at Styles again.
Match Rating: **¼ - A disappointment imo. Seemed to drag too much, and the 2 on 1 for the majority, albeit the sensible thing, was just too borish for me. The finish was good, with all three men out for themselves, but the first 2/3 of the match was just quite poor. Hopefully AJ moves on from here, but with Daivari being pinned, I think we might have another Hassan / Styles match to come.

Now, Angle vs. RVD. This is one of the matches I am really hyped for, and I’m pleased that the 30 Minute Iron Man was chosen.

Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam
Tremendous counter wrestling early on, with both guys showing how much they know the other now. Surprised to see Van Dam go for the 5* so early on in the match, and miss, but that had to be expected. Very hard hitting contest, even in the early going, with a diving neck breaker, which I couldn’t picture when I read it, but it sounded spectacular. Belly to Belly on the concrete floor is a nice move too, before a pinfall coming early, with Angle scoring the Angle Slam through the table, picking up the three count.
Glad to see Angle going straight for another cover, as an Angle Slam through a table could definitely do it for 2 falls. Good work on the ankle from Angle, using a shopping trolley, which was a pretty unique way to work down a body part, before Angle went for a sleeper. Thought he would’ve continued to work on the Ankle, but I guess not.
Surprised to see RVD get the equalizer in the manner he did, but it worked for me, as at that point RVD was on the receiving end of a beating from Angle. Would’ve loved to see RVD get two quick successive roll ups on Angle for a three count, but one was enough.
Good to give RVD a run on top of the match, giving Angle plenty of problems, as up to that point, the match was definitely being controlled by Angle, which was starting to make it look like RVD had fluked his way into a level position. Ouch was my thoughts on the power bomb onto the barricade. Very brutal move, and like Angle, I couldn’t believe RVD was able to kick out. Great spot there.
I’m expecting the table to play an integral part in the ending to the match, with Angle brining the weapon inside the ring. LOL, at RVD literally throwing the kitchen sink at Angle. I was expecting the ECW Rules to maybe tarnish the match, but in actual fact you’ve used the ECW Rules very well, not over doing it, so now towards the end it means more. Van Terminator onto the Kitchen Sink was incredible. Totally expecting a three count from that.
RVD missing the 5 Star through the table was something I expected to be RVDs downfall, but somehow, he kicked out, as the match hit’s the final 5 minutes, locked at 1-1. Angle Slam doesn’t get it done, and then Angle misses the Moonsault!!!! This starts to build now towards an incredible finishing few minutes, with roll ups, and many other near falls, each one looking closer to getting the pin fall. Thought the Ankle Lock would get it done, but you portrayed RVD really well, battling in the hold for a long period, before reaching the ropes, which surely gives RVD the advantage to get the fall, or this will maybe be a time limit draw … which was wrong, with Van Dam picking up the victory, and the 2-1 lead, hitting the 5* onto the chair.
Good finish too, with Angle looking for the tap out again, but RVD still refusing to tap. Ankle Lock got pretty buried in this match, with Angle using it twice to no avail, and RVD kicking out of a second Angle Slam to hold on and win a great match.
Match Rating: **** - RVD has to be a main eventer now. If he isn’t going to be pushed into the main events, then he was pushed far too hard in this match, twice not tapping to the Ankle Lock, and twice kicking out of the Angle Slam. I guess this will be the end of this feud, but Kurt Angle definitely needs a big push of momentum, after having his two main moves buried.

Good picking from the voters for the GM vs. GM match, as imo, it was the best possible pick.

Paul Heyman vs. Eric Bischoff
Surprised you had the match actually go so long, with two non wrestlers, especially Heyman, who isn’t exactly in fighting shape. Made sense for Coach to run in, and save Bischoff, but that wasn’t a great idea for Coach, as he felt the wrath of Steve Austin, leading to a Heyman win.
Match Rating: No Rating - Cant really rate a match like this one, as it isn’t exactly going to be good enough to get a positive score. Good finish though, and I wonder what the future holds for SCSA.

Decent Edge / Lita promo, and a cameo from The Boogeyman, lol.

Edge vs. Matt Hardy
Awesome start, with Matt coming through the crowd, whilst Edge waited at the top for Matt, then Matt going for the contract right away. Fast paced opening, with a few exciting spots, especially the flapjack countered by Hardy, into climbing up the ladder.
Was wondering what was gonna happen, as Matt had one rung to go, with Edge still out. Lita saving Edge was good, and kept the match alive. Plenty of close calls in the match too, but one of the best moments had to be Hardy pushing Lita into the ladder, stopping Edge from winning, then hitting a Twist of Fate on her too.
Intensity level rose a couple of notches too, with Edge looking to end Hardys career with the chair, only for Matt to move, and eventually hit the Leg Drop onto Edge. Great back and forth action again, leading to the Twist of Fate off the ladder. Incredible stuff. Nice use of the contract too, hitting Edge with the briefcase, before the move.
Surprised to see use of a submission hold in a Ladder match, but it was something different I guess. Finish was done well, with Lita recovering, and eventually being the deciding factor, stopping Matt from winning, then stopping him from stopping Edge.
Match Rating: **** - Three 4 Star matches is an amazing effort for one PPV, and I’m sure the Chamber will be in and around 4 stars too. Have to wonder what is next for Hardy now, after losing to Edge, ending the feud.

Very interested to see the surprise in store for Triple H. Whatever it is, I’m guessing it’s something good, that’ll have us talking. Could be Flair, with all the instances he talked about with Flair costing him the title.

Melina wins the vote?? I can dig that. I also predict a new champion here.

Trish vs. Melina
Nice little open contest, with MNM constantly coming to the aide of Melina, which eventually was the deciding factor, leading to a new champion on Raw for the womens division. Glad to see Kash and Punk back up Trish though, not forgetting what happened to them earlier in the night.
Match Rating: **½ - Nothing wrong with the match. Quite long for a womens match, especially in a BTB, but good job none the less, and a new champion is something I can live with, especially with it being Melina.

The Christian interview was classic. One of the very best. Christian and Tomko make an awesome double act imo, and you proved it here, with some terrific one liners. Another appearance from HBK?? He’s starting to get really over used in recent weeks, with what seems like at least 3 appearances per show.

Good way to determine the first two entrants for the match, by picking straws. Liked that added touch. Jericho and Michaels the first two. Didn’t expect that at all.

Elimination Chamber Match:
Strong opening, with HBK and Y2J kicking it off, giving us a fast paced opening, and a possible first look at Survivor Series, before The Undertaker entered the fray. Made sense for HBK and Y2J to team together for a short while against Taker, before Triple H is introduced into the match.
Good spell, with the four men in there, going back and forth. Surprised to see Jericho and Triple H working in tandem, especially with the comments from earlier in the night.
Great start for Cena in the match, on a roll, being the fresh man. I’m liking Christians chances right now too, being the last man, although I suppose being last is carnie for he’s gonna lose. Pedigree on Cena only gets a two?? Good logic behind it though, with Cena in the chamber less than 5 minutes … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!?? Cant believe Triple H kicked out of that, followed by the Breakdown from Jericho on Michaels for a two too. Then a Chokeslam from Taker, only gets a two count aswell.
Nice spot with Christian going for a cover on all the competitors, with all of them kicking out. You did a good job having all 6 men in the match for a period of time, without things getting too out of control, before Ric Flair cost Triple H his spot. Good elimination for Christian over Hunter, which allows another Flair - Hunter match at Survivor Series. Brawl between Triple H and Flair works for me too.
Great momentum shift between Michaels and Cena with both coming close to eliminating the other in quick succession. Kudos for the German Suplex spot on Cena, just as he was going for the FU. Loved that one. The build up towards Takers elimination was done really well, with Christian kicking out of one of Takers most well known finishers, before sitting up after SCM, before Undertaker was dominated in a 4 on 1 attack, with all the finishers, and a pile on being needed to finish him off. Probably a bit too much, especially the pile on, when you could’ve had everyone hit their finishers, without going for a pin each time. As good as the show has been, the finishers have all been buried on this show.
Hassan and Daivari attacking Taker?? Didn’t expect to see that. Wonder where you’ll go with this angle. Could be good if handled correctly. The SCM spot on Christian brought a smile to my face, with him flying through the air. It’s definitely one of the great spots to do these days, and I cant blame you for using it.
Holy crap. FU off the Chamber!!! That should end Jerichos reign as Champion, but Michaels finishes off Cena with Sweet Chin Music!!!! Awesome decision to have HBK and Y2J go from start to finish, which gives us a glimpse of whats to come at Survivor Series. Another Sweet Chin Music?? Seen a heck of a lot of it tonight.
Moonsault off the Chamber?? Not sure if he could do it, now that I think back to the first ever Chamber match, when he was barely able to hit the Flying Elbow properly, given the space up the top. Hell of a spot though. Jericho retains, in an incredible encounter. And with a coast to coast performance, he comes out looking like a true champion, which he needed.
Match Rating: ****½ - Match of the Night. Couple of spots in there I wasn’t sure if they could happen, but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt for an incredible effort in writing this match. Plenty of talking points with Flair returning, Hassan attacking Taker, HBK and Jericho lasting the whole match, and HBK tapping out to Jericho, leading into Survivor Series.

Best PPV you’ve produced yet, and it’s a shoe in for PPV of the Month, it’s likely to have the Match of the Month, and probably the funniest promo of the month too. Main problem was the burial of the finishing moves, and over use of some finishing moves. It’s okay for one big match, but not two or three. Hopefully something comes of it for RVD, as it would be a waste for him to kick out of 2 Angle Slams, survive the ankle lock twice, and just stick around the mid card / upper mid card.

I’m guessing Survivor Series will be your best event to date though, as good as this was.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Thanks for all the reviews so far, but i was thinking that there could be a few more (21 votes to 5 reviews doesnt seem to fit - i know i wont get 21 reviews because of who voted, but a few more would be liked. i know a couple more are on the way, so i suppose that could add a few on)

The Shelton/Haas match took place under pure and no dq rules solely because that it what you voted for. They were tied, so i had to think of something to do with that without fixing the vote, so i decided to combine them, even though it technically couldnt happen.

When i look back over this, i can actually see that there maybe was a match too many which ended with outside interference, so maybe that was a negative of the ppv

Wolfy - i can actually see your point about maybe burying finishers a bit too much, especially in the chamber, as when i look back over the match again, i can see that i did use too many of them, which is not something that i usually do, so i guess i will have to rectify that for the next ppv. Havent seen the first chamber, so cant comment on that, but i just presumed that you could do a moonsault off the chamber, but i have seen benoit do the diving headbutt, which is where the spot mainly came from. Bret Hart as the phone guy you say? I guess you will have to wait and see, but i think by the time SS comes around, it may become obvious who it is.

MBLegend - RTC were already formed with Steven, Test and Conway, with Stacy Kiebler part of the group as well.

Raw will be up at some point, and i am just waiting for Kane01 to finish and then post Smackdown. The next Raw will mainly be in the report form that i used for the last Raw before TT, as i have AS level exams in the next 10 days, so i dont really have the time to write 3 full shows before SS, without falling too far behind schedule, and i decided that this one being the furthest from SS could probably be summerised the most. I will write at least 1 segment in full (didnt make any sense even to me when i read my summerisation of it), and maybe another key segment if i have the time. Full shows will be resumed for the 14th november edition of Raw
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Taboo Tuesday Review

Heat did its Job Nicely and built up the show very well

Whoa! Would of never guessed that Styker and Nowlsinski would be the mystery tag team. Good promo before the match intoducing both superstars well. Great opening contest and the new Boyz win the Tag Titles in their first match thanks to MNM.

Great match announced for Surviver Series here and i look forward to it.

Sandman gets the vote, this should be good. A good Humorous match here with Coach Dominating most part! Good ending with Steven Richards apperaring to be the ref and costing Sandman the match

Good interview here by Y2J running down his opponents

Intresting concept here with it being a pure and NO DQ match. Great match here with some good spots and Shelton gets a big win.

Good promo here and looks like a Austin/Cena match might happen in the future, that should be very good.

A pretty good match here with AJ fighting all the odds to retain his title. With his Hassan ending it will be intresting to see who you put him in a feud with now

Ironman match, this should be great. A great match between the two with RVD just edging out Kurt Angle by 2-1. Will be intresting what you do with both men from here.

Good short promo here with Trish, hyping her match nicely

Good match here which was thankfully short. Coach tries to save Bischoff but gets stunnered and Heyman gets the win.

Good promo here from Edge and nice to see the Boogeyman appear at the end

Good to see the Ladder Match happen, was the best option there. A great match overall with some nice spots. Goodf ending to the match and Edge winning was the right decision since Matt Hardy is not a Main Eventer.

Good HBK/HHH promo here and will be interesting to see what HBK is talking about.

Intresting to see you put this match so high up on the card.Nice to see Melina winning the Womens Title,looks like there will be a 6 man tag sometime in the future.

Great promo here, POTN. Some great lines with Christian trying to chat up Maria but Tomko saying the two have plans and then HBK appearing once more and a bit of tension shown between the rivals.

A bit of an easy guess here with the Elimination Chamber match being picked. Nice to see Triple H's run of winning Elimination Chamber matches ending here with he being the first one eliminated thanks to Ric Flair. Kind of shocked to see Taker eliminated this early but it makes sense with every one hitting their finishing move and then of them pinning Taker. So that was Hassan's was talking about, and he ambushes Taker which leads to a match in the near future possibly at Mania? There goes Captain Charisma, eliminated by his rival HBK. HBK is on a roll here now eliminating Cena. Now we are down to Y2J and HBK who will possibly meet up at SS. Nice ending with HBK knowing that he will get a second chance at the title at SS and tapping out to the Walls of Jericho. MOTN, very well written and very enjoyable

Overall a fantastic PPV here which was very enjoyable. 95/100
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Sorry it's a little late

Taboo Tuesday Review

Match 1 – CM Punk and Kid Kash © vs. Matt Striker and Christopher Nowinski – Raw Tag Team Titles

Great choice by the fans, and it’ll probably be a good choice knowing you. Sure enough, great choice. Don’t know way that much about Nowinski, but anyway. As predicted, the new tag team wins. It was pretty good for a tag team match, but not the greatest considering it was a tag team match. 8.7 /10

Match 2 – The Coach © vs. The Sandman - Hardcore Title

SANDMAN!!!! One more man I don’t know a lot about lol. Good to see the match stay short, as Coach cannot wrestle one bit. A bit of a shock that Coach retains again, but shocks are good…sometimes. I don’t know about Sandman, so I’d say good shock lol. 8.6/10

Match 3 – Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas – Pure and No DQ match

Should be a classic here. Surprised to see it come so early though. Nothing bad to say about this match. So far MOTN. Benjamin winning pretty much tells me that they will have another classic at Survivor Series. Great match F-D and great combination! 9.4/10

Match 4 – AJ Styles © vs. Mohammed Hassan vs. Daivari – Intercontinental title

Oh boy. A whole match of mainly double-teaming! Good choice kind of. I think Hassan vs. Styles would have been better. This was still ok though. Nowhere near as well as the Benjamin/Haas match though. Could’ve been better. Good finish with Davari attacking Hassan. I see a rematch at SS. 8.5/10

Match 5 – Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam – 30 minute iron man – ECW Rules

Oh yeah. This should be a classic too. And it is! Not as great as Benjamin/Haas, but it’s is still good. With RVD’s win here, I can see him feud for the WWE Title soon. Not at SS, but maybe RR? This was just sweet. Rob winning was the right choice. 9.2/10

Match 6 – Paul Heyman vs. Eric Bischoff – Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee

Honestly, not a great match. You can’t expect this match to be good either though. No favorite moves or anything like that. Not a surprise to see Coach interfere. Good finish with Austin screwing Eric. Doesn’t it say Team Bischoff vs. Team Heyman in your sig? Austin is on Heyman probably. 7/10

Match 7 – Edge vs. Matt Hardy – Ladder Match – MITB Contract

I love Ladder matches. Especially from a writer like you. This match was MOTN by far so far. Way better than the Haas/Benjamin match. Not much better, but still better. Good finish and good decision with Edge winning. When will Edge use MITB? That’ll be cool to find out. 9.5/10

Match 8 – Trish Stratus © vs. Melina w/Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury – Women’s Title

Oh no! Melina takes the belt from Trish! You are really building your tag division though. I can see a #1 contender’s match on Raw. MNM vs. Punk and Kash. The match was pretty good…………for a women’s match. 8.1/10

Match 9 - Chris Jericho (c) vs John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Christian - Elimination Chamber- Raw Heavyweight Championship

This match was just MOTN. Contender for MOTY! Jericho/HBK should be great at SS. I can see HBK winning possibly. Great choice to have Jericho retain. He can just have more new feuds than HBK can. 9.8/10

Nothing to say. 10/10

All promo’s can use improvement. Yours are pretty good though. 9/10

8.89=9/10 – Overall a great PPV. You get better each PPV. By Mania, you should be one of the best bookers here aside Wolfy.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE Smackdown-Los Angeles California Staples Centre-4th November 2005

Some Pyros go off from the ramp as the Smackdown theme music plays. We pan around the arena before going over to Cole and Tazz

Cole: The Road to Survivor Series continues as Smackdown stops off at the Staples Centre here in Los Angles California . I’m Michael Cole and alongside me is Tazz, and Tazz what a night we have in store tonight.

Tazz: Yes quite possibly the biggest Main Event on Smackdown of all time as it will be Brock Lesner one on one against the Rock.

Cole: That should be an explosive encounter but also we get to see a 4 way Tag Team Number 1 Contender match and Chris Benoit teams up with Booker to face the team of JBL and Mike Awesome.

“Animal” Batista’s music hits and he comes out to a massive pop. He makes his way down to the ring and takes a mic off Tony Chimmel

Batista: It was only a few weeks ago when I got screwed out of my title match once again. My chance of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion was tarnished thanks to Brock Lesner.

Crowd boos

Batista: And then that punk has the guts to ambush the Rock backstage. He thinks he can just attack people from behind with no one doing anything about it. Well Brock you have got it all wrong Brock, cause at the moment there is a big target on your back, and a lot of people will want to strike it. And one of those people is me

Crowd cheers

Batista: Brock you had your time a little while back. You had your fair share of title runs. But then you sold out, you sold out because you knew haven’t got what it takes anymore. So you put on one of the most piss poorest matches of all time, got your ass whooped and then went to play Football. But just like in the WWE you were piss poor so you came back thinking that you will have some success like the good ol day. Well Brock things have changed since you were here, because now I am the big thing, now I am the toughest SOB on this planet.

Crowd cheers

Batista: You might be able to beat up another man from behind Brock. But what will happen when you go face to face with the man. What will happen when you go face to face with me Batista!

The crowd cheers

Batista: Yes Brock I am challenging you to a match Brock.

The crowd cheers excited about the proposal.

Batista: But the only question is Brock, do you have the guts to go face to face with Ba…………..

“Here comes the Pain” Brock Lesner’s music interrupts Batista and he comes out to some big heat. He brings out a microphone with him and stands hallway up the ramp

Brock Lesner: Look who we have here, Batista. Batista, you the Big thing around here must be the biggest joke that has come from your steroided body. Batista I never selled out

You sold out chants are heard from the Los Angeles Crowd which slightly angers Brock Lesner

Brock Lesner: I was just too good for the Business, it was just too easy. Batista I won my first World Title 5 months into my Career. I held the title three times in just under two years. It was getting boring, the competition was too easy. So I joined Football so I could actually get some good competition.

Crowd boos

Brock: And the only reason I didn’t make it there was because I was too Damn Good. I was so good I would of made the best Football stars look like Retarded Monkeys. They were just scared of me whooping everyone’s ass. So I decided… reluctantly. To come back to this crap and kick some more ass.

Crowd boos

Brock: And that’s what I am doing. You complain about me attacking people from behind but the last time we were in the same ring I looked you in the face, got you onto my shoulders and hit you with the F-5 in the centre of the ring.

Crowd boos Lesner some more and start an asshole chant.

Brock: And to your challenge. I reject it.

Crowd boos Lesner who smirks and stares down Batista

Brock: You see Batista simply out of my league, and wrestling someone like you would be the biggest mismatch of all time. I would whoop your ass pillow to Post and get the easiest victory of all time. And wrestling you would just ruin my Reputation because your….

Batista: SHUT UP!

Crowd cheers

Batista: Your not all so big now aren’t you Brock. You can attack a man from behind but you can’t accept a challenge for a match, face to face one on one. You have just proved what a big bitch you are.

Crowd cheers

Brock: Batista you have made the biggest mistake of your life. Batista………………..Here comes the Pain.

Lesner throws his mic down and starts walking to the ring as Batista takes off his shirt begging Lesner to get in the ring. Brock is about to get into the ring but suddenly stops. And he pulls out a Steel Chair from under the ring, and he brings it in with him. Brock then goes to hit Batista with the Chair, but Batista ducks and Batista starts nailing Lesner with hard right hands. He then starts hitting a series of shoulder thrusts to the sternum of Lesner. He then whips Brock off the ropes and catches him with a Spinebuster. Lesner then quickly rolls out of the ring and retreats down the ramp looking angry that Batista got one over him.

“Car Crash” We hear a Car Crash and then we see GM Mick Foley come out to a big reception. Foley grabs the mic which Lesner used earlier.

Mick Foley: Now I am not going to let the Asylum rule the show. You two want a match so badly

Crowd cheers as Lesner shakes his head not wanting it

Mick: Well your going to get one at Survivor Series. But it will not be a singles Match. You see there will be one team led by Batista to face another team led by Brock Lesner. As it will be a 10 Man Elimination Tag Team Match.

Crowd cheers as Batista nods his head liking the idea

Mick: Finding Four partners will be up to you. Have a Nice Day

Cole: By god a 10 man Elimination Tag Team match has been made for Survivor Series.

Tazz: Yes it will be a team led by Batista to face a team led by Brock Lesner. That match will be off the hook


“ The Mexicool’s music hits and Psychosis comes out to the ring accompanied by his fellow Mexicools and Tajiri.

“Ohhhh Chavo” Chavo Guerrero’s music hits and he comes out to a good pop. He comes out surprisingly on his own as now it looks like Psychosis could take control due to a 4 on one situation

Cole: Well I give Chavo credit for coming out on his own despite Psychosis coming out with three men.

Tazz: That’s a stupid decision on Chavo’s behalf. Psychosis has definitely the upper hand in this match due to the numbers game

Match 1
Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero v Psychosis with the Mexicools and Tajiri

Summary: A great Cruiserweight match to start off the show. Chavo Guerrero dominated the opening part of the match up until he went up top, he was signalling for a missile dropkick but Super Crazy interfered and pushed Chavo to the outside and Chavo came down face first off the ring apron. Psychosis then bounced off the ropes and hit a Somersault plancha onto the outside onto Chavo. Psychosis then does a lot of taunting to the crowd, and runs up at Chavo who catches him with a flapjack type move sending Psychosis face first into the steel ring post. Chavo rolls Psychosis into the ring and goes for the cover but Super Crazy puts Psychosis’s foot on the rope. Chavo goes after Crazy and chases him around the ring. Crazy then leads him into the ring and into Psychosis who catches him with a spinning wheel kick to the jaw of Chavo.

Finish: Chavo bounces off the ropes but Super Crazy trips him up from the outside. Chavo then shouts at Super Crazy what the hell he is doing. Psychosis comes from behind and hits a dropkick to the back of Chavo, forcing him off the ropes and then he staggers back into Psychosis who leaps onto his shoulders. He swivels around on Chavo’s shoulders and then hits a Hurricarana pin onto Chavo 1……………………2…………….Kickout. Both men get up and Psychosis hits him with some hard right hands. He then gets him into a front facelock and hits Chavo with a Tornado DDT. He then climbs up onto the top rope, but takes too long and Chavo gets up and arm drags Psychosis off the top rope. Psychosis gets up and walks into a kick to the mid section by Chavo. Chavo then nails Psychosis with a Gory Bomb. He goes to pin Psychosis but notices Super Crazy get into the ring so he takes him down with a dropkick. He then turns around straight into Juvi Guerrera and Tajiri who start double teaming on Chavo. But the ref can’t see what is happening and SC has the referee tied up. Juvi holds back Chavo as Tajiri goes to spit mist in his face. But Chavo ducks and the mist goes in Juvi’s eyes. And then Kidman, London and Kazarian get into the ring and take care of Juvi, Chavo and Super Crazy. The ref now pays attention on the brawl, and Chavo uses some tactics from his days teaming up with Eddie and low Blows Psychosis who had just got onto his feet. Chavo notices the referee turning around and he then falls onto his knees and holds onto his crown jewels. The referee looks confused as both Chavo and Psychosis are on their knees holding onto their crown jewels. Chavo then gets up still pretending to sell a supposed Low Blow, and hits a Tornado DDT onto Psychosis. He then rolls him up and holds onto the tights 1……………..2………….3!

Winner of the Match Chavo Guerrero

Cole: What a win for Chavo Guerrero. Lying Cheating and Stealing his way to Victory here over Psychosis

Tazz: Well a big win for Chavo here despite cheating Cole.

We then see the Mexicools and Tajiri arriving backstage. Josh Matthews comes up and goes to interview them but Tajiri spits mist in his face! Tajiri then kicks Matthews in the Stomach taking him down.

Tajiri: (Cuts a promo in Japanese running down Chavo, Kidman, Kazarian and London)

The Mexicools look at each other very confused on what Chavo just said.

Juvi: What he meant in was that those American Scum’s will not get away with this. The next time they meet us the Mexicools will prevail.

The Four then walk away as we see Josh Matthews holding onto his eyes

Cole: How Disgusting

Tazz: I have always wanted to see that happen to Josh Matthews

Cole: Will you stop.

“ I spit in the face of people who don’t wanna be cool” Carlito’s music hits and he comes out to big heat on his first appearance since No Mercy. He is using crutches to help him down to the ring and he has a neck brace on. He has to get help from a production person to get into the ring. The Carlito Cabana set is up and he takes a mic off his hammock.

Carlito: Carlito has come back……………………….And what a crap place to do it

The crowd boos

Carlito: Los Angles California…is not cool. If you want to find a place which is cool. Go to Sunny San Juan.

Crowd boos

Carlito: There is a lot of pluses about San Juan. It has great beaches, it has Good Looking woman unlike the Sluts here in Los Angeles. The Place is just …………………………Cool.

Crowd boos

Carlito: I shouldn’t even be here right now. I am badly injured. I was brutally savage by that…..thing at No Mercy. The Match shouldn’t of continued as long as it did. But nobody did anything about it and that’s why I have a broken neck.

Crowd cheers

Carlito: You think it’s funny huh. Well I spit in your faces because not only is it not funny but your not cool.

Crowd boos.

Carlito: Anyway……………Like the true hero that I am though. Despite all my injuries I have come back and dat………….das cool. Anyway onto my guest for the Cabana. This is a man who shouldn’t be holding the title he is holding. He should be in some midget promotion in Mexico. He is the WWE Champion……………Rey Mysterio!

“Booyaka 619” Rey Mysterio’s music hits and he comes out to a big pop. He makes his way down to the ring and grabs a mic.

Carlito: Rey welcome to the Cabana.

Rey: Thanks Holmes

Carlito: First rule when you are on the Cabana………………….We speak English on the Cabana not Mexican ok Rey. Anyway I got to admit I respect ya for what you have done Rey. For being that Small and doing so much in the business, it’s great. Being the Smallest Thing alive, and becoming the WWE Champion that’s cool.

Rey: I know….

Carlito: Second rule…don’t interrupt Carlito. Anyway where was I…oh yeah. Oh yeah being that small and becoming WWE Champion, Das cool. But the only problem is that you…………..are not cool. That title has a long history of Cool Champions. But you are the Worst Champion of all time

The crowd boos

Carlito: The only reason that your still holding that title, is that all your title defences were fluke victories. You wouldn’t of beat Batista if it wasn’t for Brock Lesner. Everybody is after you Rey, and one day soon that title will be rightfully of your waist and onto someone else’s. I would take it off you right now if I could but I am currently injured and the doctors say I can’t wrestle.

A Bullshit chant echoes the arena.

Carlito: And the one person who is after you at the moment is Randy Orton

Crowd boos

Carlito: In the last few weeks that guy has virtually owned you Rey. He hit the. RKO onto the man who brought you into Wrestling. By god what a Cool Moment that was. So Cool I think we just need to remember it

We then see a video clip of Randy Orton attacking Rey Mysterio’s uncle Rey Mysterio Sr two weeks ago, and hitting him with the RKO.

Carlito: Now that is a way to make a Statement if you know I mean. A Cool Statement. And then he beats you not once but twice in the last two weeks. My question to you is how does it feel to know your pathetic title run is coming to the end?

Rey Mysterio: No it’s not coming to an end Carlito. It’s just beginning.

Crowd cheers

Rey: Randy Orton might have beaten me twice. But both wins were in Tag Matches. But if that punk Randy Orton goes one on one with me Holmes. It will be a whole different ending.

Carlito: Yeah he will take your title

Rey: No……………He will suffer the biggest ass kicking of his career. And I will dedicate it to my family. He thinks he can attack my familia and get away with it. Well it might do with some one like you but it won’t do with Rey Mysterio.

Crowd cheers

Carlito: Hang on, you think you can beat Randy Orton. Das wrong. Your about the size of his little finger. Your weak Rey……

Rey: Well if I am so weak how come I am the one with WWE Gold and not you.

The crowd cheers as Carlito looks around, shocked at Rey’s comment.

Rey: Carlito I have heard you running your mouth since I came out here, showing footage of Randy attacking my Uncle. Well I will show some footage of my own. Roll the Tape

A video Clip plays showing the ending of the Kane v Carlito match at No Mercy. Includes footage of Kane tossing Carlito through a Glass Window backstage, Kane choke slamming Carlito from the top rope through the Spanish Announce Table on the outside, hitting Carlito with Steel Chair and ring bell shots, and then Kane Tombstoning Carlito on the Steel Chair wrapped around with Barbed Wire.

We then cut back to the ring with the crowd cheering as Carlito looks furious, angry about the footage.

Carlito: Das….Da…..Das not cool. You don’t disrespect Carlito..

Carlito furiously picks up an Apple and Starts chewing it. Rey knows what is about to happen though and he nails Carlito with a hard right hand. Rey then starts pounding away at Carlito with repeatedly hard right hands. But Carlito quickly low Blows Rey with his crutch. Carlito then nails Rey with a Crutch shot to the face, and Rey in pain stagers around into an RKO by Randy Orton! Randy Orton came out of nowhere to hit the RKO. Carlito then celebrates with Randy Orton on the set up as we go to Commercial


“Longhorn” JBL’s music hits and he comes down to the ring with his tag team partner Mike Awesome

“Can you dig it Sucka?” Booker T’s music hits and he comes out to a decent pop accompanied by his wife Sharmell

“Whatever” Chris Benoit’s music hits and he comes out to a Thunderous ovation. He comes down to the ring looking very confident about the match ahead.

Match 2
Tag Team Match
Mike Awesome and JBL v Chris benoit and Booker T with Sharmell

Summary: A pretty good Tag team Encounter between the two teams here. As soon as the ringbell went off the two teams had a brawl. When things calmed down Booker T and Mike Awesome started off the match. Booker T was all over Awesome in the early parts of the match but when he went for the Scissors kick, JBL drived his knee into the back of Booker who staggered into a Big Boot from Mike Awesome. Awesome and JBL then started double teaming Booker for the next few minutes with the two making quick tags and distracting the referee while the Illegal man Pounded away at Booker T. JBL went for the Fall away slam to Booker, but Booker somehow countered into a crossbody block landing on JBL. Booker then went to tag in Benoit but JBL yanked his leg stopping him. Booker then hit an Enzuigiri to JBL and tagged in Benoit. Benoit then started cleaning house taking care of both men. Benoit went for the quick win as he attempted to lock on the Cross face to JBL but Awesome saved his partner and hit benoit with a hard punch to the back forcing Benoit onto his knees. JBL then hit Benoit with the Powerbomb and went for the cover 1……………..2………….Benoit kicked out. After a few minutes of the Cabinet working over Benoit, Benoit fought back and took Awesome down with a German Superlex. Benoit then went to tag in Booker but JBL pulled at booker’s legs and Booker fell face first onto the ring apron not allowing Benoit to make the tag.

Finish: Benoit starts hitting some stiff chops to the chest of JBL. He then bounces JBL off the ropes, JBL comes back off the ropes with a clothesline but Benoit ducks and he hits a German Superlex to JBL. He keeps the waist locked and he hits a second, and then a third German Superlex. Benoit then does the Cut Throat signal and he climbs up onto the top rope. He goes for the Diving Headbutt but Mike Awesome pushes him off the top rope. Booker tries to help out Benoit but the referee doesn’t allow him, and with the refs back turned, Awesome and JBL start to team up on Chris Benoit. They hit Benoit with some stinging hard right hands, they then whip benoit off the rope and go for a double clothesline but Benoit ducks, and Benoit then comes back off the ropes with a clothesline to Awesome and JBL. Benoit throws Awesome over the top to the outside. He then locks on the Crippler Cross face onto JBL. It looks like JBL will tap out but Awesome gets in the ring at the right time and drops an elbow onto Benoit. Booker tries to interfere once more but the referee dis-allows him again. Awesome and JBL then again go to double team Benoit who again fights back. Benoit hits a dropkick to the knees of Awesome. He then runs up at JBL who throws him into Booker T. Benoit then turns around into JBL who goes for the Clothesline from Hell but Benoit ducks and he then hits a back body superlex onto JBL. Benoit then goes to check up on Booker T who is holding his face. He taps Booker on the back, but Booker quickly turns and hits Benoit with a stinging hard right hand. Benoit then staggers around into JBL who takes him down with a Clothesline From Hell. Booker T turns around and notices he makes a mistake, he goes to break the count but then stops and smirks while the referee counts 1………………2……………3

Winners of the Match Mike Awesome and JBL.

After the match the crowd boos as JBL and Awesome then celebrate their win. Sharmell gets into the ring and she and Booker hug. Sharmell then orders Booker to do something. Booker then picks up Benoit and holds him back as Sharmell nails Benoit with a kick to the crown jewels. Booker then bounces off the ropes and hits a Scissors kick to Chris Benoit. Booker then lock eyes with JBL. They then smile and hug. JBL points at Booker telling the crowd that he is the new Member of the Cabinet. Mike Awesome then hands Booker T the chair, Benoit gets up and turns around into Booker who smashes his head with a steel chair. Booker then gets onto his knees and starts talking trash at Benoit, he then slaps Benoit’s head a few times as Blood Pours down it.

Cole: By god Booker T and Sharmell are the new members of the Cabinet!

Tazz: Now that is what you call a replacement.

Cole: Booker t has turned his back on Benoit has joined those scumbags JBL and Mike Awesome.

Backstage we see Randy Orton and Carlito backstage happy about what they just did and General Manager Mick Foley walks up to him

Randy: Oh Mick how you doing

Mick: Not too good

Randy: Oh your too washed up…what a shame

Carlito: Now that was cool

Mick: Yeah very cool……..just like your hairstyle. Anyway Randy the problem with me is that everyone thinks they run the show and can just attack anyone anytime. The thing is that the thing between yourself and Rey Mysterio has gone too far. I wouldn’t normally do this to a person who just attacked our current Champion but I think it is time to give it ya. At Survivor Series Randy you will go one on one with Rey Mysterio for the WWE Title.

Crowd boos as Orton looks very happy

Randy: Thanks man you will never regret it.

Mick: But if you touch Rey Mysterio any time between now and Survivor Series. Not only will you get fined heavily but you will not have your title shot at Surviver Series

Randy: Y..Ye…Yeah whatever

Randy and Carlito start to walk off but Mick Foley walks off back to them

Mick: And Carlito I haven’t forgotten you. Bring your wrestling trunks in next week

Carlito: Why?

Mick: Because next week you will be going one on one with Rey Mysterio. Have a nice day.

Backstage we see The Rock warming up for his match later on with Brock Lesner and Batista walks up to him.

Batista: How you doing Rock

Rock: Fine Dave how come

Batista: Well I know how much you hate Brock Lesner. Come on that’s why your facing him tonight. And I would love to kick his ass just as much. And I have to pick four partners to go to Survivor Series and face Brock Lesner and four people of his choice. So I am asking you to be part of my team.

Rock: Batista at Survivor Series I am going to whoop Brock Lesner’s candy ass just like tonight, I’m in.

The two men shake hands

Batista: Good news Man and Good luck for your match

Batista walks off as Rock looks on and he carries on Warming up.

Cole: Randy Orton will meet Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series. What a match that will be

Tazz: Well I think the title run of Rey Mysterio is dying because Randy Orton is destined to be the next WWE Champion.

Cole: Well Survivor Series is building up very nicely so far and also Carlito will make his first wrestling appearance since No Mercy as he goes one on one with Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: That’s unfair the man is clearly injured.

Cole: Well he didn’t look injured when he attacked Mysterio with those crutches. And also the Rock has joined Batista for the 10 man tag at Survivor Series.

Tazz: Well that is one damn good partner and Batista should have a very strong team come Surviver Series

“ Random generic music” Mark Jindrak’s music hits and he comes out to a little reaction.

“Mr Kennneddyy….Kennedddy” Ken Kennedy’s music hits and he comes out to big heat. Before Tony Chimmel can announce him, Ken Kennedy points at him and tells him to get out of the ring. He then stands in the Middle of the ring and a Flashlight comes over him, and he takes a mic.

Kennedy: Tony Chimmel never say a word, never appear on TV, your damn too ugly. The Following Contest is for ONE FALL! And now for the Man you have rioted to see, but please no more your savoir is here. The only riot which should happen is the Paramedics getting into the ring to get this chump (points at Jindrak) to the hospital……..I hail from GREEN BAY WISSCONSSIN (Crowd boos)…….and I weigh in at a Phenomenal 249 pounds…………….Mrrrrrrrrrr Kennnnnnnnnedddddyyyy…………………Kennnnnnnnnnnneeddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Match 3
Singles Match
Ken Kennedy v Mark Jindrak

Summary: A decent match between the two men which showed off Ken Kennedy’s abilities. Ken Kennedy dominated the opening part of the match over the more experienced Mark Jindrak, not letting Jindrak a chance of getting into the match. But Kenned started taunting too much and after he hit a Powerslam to Jindrak, he started insulting the fans, he then turned around into Mark Jindrak who started nailing him with some hard right hands. Jindrak then hit a Powerslam of his own which got a two count.

Finish: Jindrak hits a superlex to Kennedy and then sets him up for the Mark of Excellence, but Kennedy blocks it by elbowing Jindrak in the gut. Kennedy then kicks Jindrak in the mid section and plants him with a DDT. Kennedy then bounces off the ropes and takes down Jindrak with a clothesline. He then hits some stiff chops to the chest of Jindrak backing him into the corner. Kennedy then goes to whip Jindrak into the corner but Jindrak reverses it and sends Kennedy into the corner. Jindrak then charges up at Kennedy but gets a face full of boot. Jindrak staggers away from the corner, but then charges up at Kennedy again, who trips him face first onto the turnbuckle. Jindrak then staggers back into Kennedy who rolls him up 1………………2…………….Kickout. Both men get up and Kennedy pounds away at Jindrak to the ropes. He then goes to whip Jindrak off the ropes but Jindrak reverses it, Kennedy holds onto the ropes not letting him bounce back into Jindrak. Jindrak charges up at Kennedy who ducks down and back body drops him over the top rope. But Jindrak lands on the ring apron. Jindrak then hits a hard right hand to Kennedy and then climbs onto the top rope. But Kennedy bounces off the ropes causing Jindrak to fall onto his crown jewels. Kennedy then climbs onto the top rope and gets Jindrak onto his shoulders, and he hits Jindrak with the Green Bay Plunge. Kennedy hooks the leg 1……………..2…………….3

Winner of the Match Ken Kennedy

Cole: And another impressive performance………….

Kennedy grabs a mic

Kennedy: And the winner of the match, via pinfall……….the most extraordinary human being on Gods Green Earth. Come on, say it loud, say it proud………………….Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennnnnnnnneddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy………..Kennnnnnnnneedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Tazz: That was just great


Backstage we see Steve Romero standing by JBL, Booker T and Sharmell

Steve: Booker early tonight you turned your back on Chris Benoit. Why did you turn on Benoit and join the Cabinet?

Booker: Well Sucka………It is all about the money. You see when JBL met up with me a few weeks ago and gave me a big money deal to join the Cabinet. I couldn’t refuse. For too long now I have been hanging around with nobody’s like Chris Benoit. That was the reason that brought me to my downfall. The reason why I didn’t want a match for so long was because of people like Chris Benoit. I am a 5 time…5 time…5 Time World Heavyweight Champion sucka. But people like Benoit made me a loser. But I god damn well saw the light. JBL offered me a chance to Join the Cabinet a few weeks back probably about three weeks before No Mercy. And I fooled the world that I had beef with the Cabinet. But really I was setting up a Master Plan to Join the Cabinet. Joining the Cabinet will be the greatest career move I will ever make. You see we have Mike Awesome, one of the greatest talents in the Wrestling Industry today. And we have the Longest WWE Champion in the last decade, the Wrestling God, John Bradshaw Layfield. And now with Booker T the newest member, we will become the elite group in Sports Entertainment today. Forget the 4 Horsemen, forget Degeneration X, forget The New World Order. We are the best in the entire World. And with the lovely Sharmell at our sides, making sure nothing goes wrong, we will be Untouchable and unbeatable. When my Career is over, no one will remember the run of loses that I had, but the winning streak I had after it which led me to Glory. Now can you dig that Suckkkkaaaa?

The Cabinet then walk away from Steve Romero and Brock Lesner walks up to them.

Brock: I agree man. You will be the greatest group of all time. But to prove yourselves you have to beat the best. So JBL, Booker I am offering you a spot in Team Lesner. at Surviver Series, how bout it

JBL: I would say yes to your proposal Brock if it involved money.

Brock: You want me to pay you to get you and Booker in my team.

JBL: Yeah come on your asking a Wrestling Goooddd, and a Wrestling God in Training to join your team so I think we deserve it. We’re big name stars

Brock: Oh I am pretty loaded so go on then……Deal

JBL and Booker: Deal

Lesner then shakes Booker T and JBL’s hand before walking off

Cole:Well next up we have some Tag Team Action as we find out who will face the Mexicools next week on Smackdown for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

“Kids Music” Eugene and Heidenreich’s music hits and they come out to a good pop as they would love to be Tag Team Champions once more

“ Bashams” The Basham brother’s music hits and they come out to some heat.

“ Dudlyz” The Dudlyz Boyz music hits and they come out to a big pop. They signal to their opponents that they will become the Next Tag Team Champions

Frankie Kazarian and Billy Kidman’s music hits and they come out to a good pop

Match 4
4 Way elimination Tag Team Match to become Number one contender for the Tag Team Titles
Frankie Kazarian and Billy Kidman v Bashams v Dudlyz v Eugene and Heidenreich

Summary: A pretty good match between the four teams, all 8 men looking very good, showing why they want a title shot. The 4 teams had a brawl to start off the match, with Kidman and Kazarian hitting a double somersault suicida over the top rope onto the Basham Brothers. Things start to calm down and the match finally begins with the Dudlyz Boyz starting off with the Basham Brothers. After a little while of the Bashams double teaming on Bubu Ray Dudley, Bubu begins to fight back and then tags in Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian and Kidman then start to dominate the match hitting some high flying manoeuvres. But when Kazarian went up top to go for the 450 splash on Doug Basham, Danny Basham distracted the referee and out from the back came the Mexicools, Psychosis pushed Kazarian off the top while Juvi Guerrera attacked Billy Kidman. And then Super Crazy nailed Kazarian with his Tag Title belt. The Mexicools then got out of the ring as Doug Basham hooked Kazarian’s leg and got the three count to eliminate Kazarian and Kidman. We then saw some action with the three remaining teams with Eugene and Heidenreich teamed up with the Dudlyz against the Basham Brothers. But the Dudlyz double crossed Eugene and Heidenreich, when Eugene bounced off the ropes to go for the People’s elbow, but Bubu hit Eugene with a knee to the back and then Danny Basham rolled up Eugene and held onto the tights and getting the three count, to eliminate them from the match.

Finish: Bubu ray signals for the Bubba Bomb on Doug Basham but on the outside, Danny Basham starts distracting him. Bubu leans over the rope and threatens to hit Danny as the ref tries to get Danny back into his corner. And from behind Doug Basham nails Bubu with a low blow and he rolls him up 1………………..2…………….Kickout. Doug Basham picks Bubu onto his feet and drags him to his corner and he tags in Danny. The two men start pounding away at Bubu in the corner. Dvon tries to get in the ring but the referee blocks his attempt leaving the two Bashams pounding at Bubu Ray. Danny grabs the Tag Rope and starts choking out Bubu with it. This angers Dvon, who can’t take anymore and he barges into the ring past the referee and starts attacking the Basham Brothers. He starts pounding away at Doug in the corner, the referee gets between the two however, and with the referee bending over, Doug cheap shots Dvon. And when the refs out the way he clotheslines him to the outside. Meanwhile Danny slams Bubu to the mat and he tells Doug to climb to the top. Danny holds his legs and the two Bashams Mock the Dudley Boy by shouting whazupppppp. Doug goes to hit the whazup headbutt but Bubu Ray reverses it and holds onto Danny’s legs. Danny tries not to fall of but Dvon comes and pushes him off the top rope and he hits the whazup headbutt to his own partner. Danny holds onto his crown jewels as Bubu picks up Doug and tosses him to the outside. Bubu then picks up Danny and whips him off the ropes, and he and Dvon catch him with the 3-D. Bubu hooks the leg 1……………..2………………3

Winners of the match and the Number 1 Contenders to the Tag Team titles, the Dudley Boyz

Cole: And those darn Dudlyz have become the Number 1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles. And they will go on to face the Mexicools in Indianapolis next week here on Smackdown.

Tazz: The Mexicools title reign is in big danger as when those Dudlyz are in form like tonight they are unbeatable and they might become Tag Team Champions once again

Survivor Series commercial

Cole: Well the card for Survivor Series is building up very nicely so far Tazz and it will take place live on the 27th November in Montreal Canada.

Tazz: Well Survivor Series is one of the biggest events of the year and I tell you fans at home. Don’t miss it, it is gonna be great

Cole: Sure Tazz but that can also be said about our Main Even. Stay tuned because after the Break it will be Brock v Rock

Tazz: This will be off the hook


“ Here comes the Pain” Brock Lesner’s music hits and he comes out to the biggest heat of the night so far. He jumps side to side before Jumping onto the ring apron when pyros shoot up from the turnbuckles. He then gets in the ring and gets ready for his match

“ If ya smelllll” The Rock’s music hits and he comes out to a Thunderous ovation. He walks down to the ring looking very intense having one goal in Mind and that’s to beat Brock Lesner. He gets onto the turnbuckle and poses to the crowd.

Match 5
Singles Match
Brock Lesner v The Rock

Summary: A great match between the two fantastic athletes, as both men did their best to get a victory over one another. The match started with Rock standing on the turnbuckle raising his arm in the air and Brock Lesner attacking him from behind. Brock Lesner showed his strength at the start, overpowering Rock hitting him with a Gorilla Press slam. But Lesner started to act a bit too cocky which let the Great One get back in the match taking Lesner down with a clothesline. After about one and a half minutes of some back and forth action, Rock caught Lesner’s foot and took him down with a dragon screw whip and he then locked on the Sharpshooter. But Lesner used his leg strength to get to the ropes. When Lesner got up, Rock bounced off the rope and went for a clothesline but Lesner caught him onto his shoulders and dropped him over the top rope to the outside with Rock landing awkwardly on his knee. Lesner noticed Rock’s is in pain over his knee and he started working over it, smashing it against the ring post. Lesner then went for Rock’s move the Sharpshooter but Rock quickly grabbed his head and rolled him over, Lesner kicked out at 2, and immediately got to his feet and hit a chop block to the back of Rock’s knee. Lesner then started to show his powerful side hitting Rock with some big impact moves. Lesner went for the Belly to Belly Superlex, but Rock punched himself free and bounced off the ropes. But Lesner caught him in a Bear Hug submission move. As Rock tried to fight out of it, Lesner quickly dropped him with a spinebuster which got a 2 Count.

Finish: Rock bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Lesner ducks and eases Rock onto his shoulders, setting him up for the F-5. But Rock slides off Lesner’s shoulders, spins him around and plants him face first with a DDT. Both men are down so the referee starts counting 1………………..2…………..3………….4………..5………6……Both men get up onto their feet and exchange some hard right hands with Lesner getting the advantage over Rock pounding away at him against the ropes. Lesner then whips Rock off the ropes but the Rock comes back with a flying forearm smash. Rock then takes Lesner down with a clothesline, followed by another one. He then hits some multiple hard right hands before hitting a spit punch to Lesner taking the big man down. Rock then whips Lesner of the ropes and he catches him with a Samoan Drop and he hooks Lesner’s leg 1…………………2………………Kickout by Lesner. Rock then goes to pick up Lesner but Lesner elbows him in the face. Lesner then goes for a clothesline, but Rock and he sets him up for the Rock Bottom. But Lesner elbows him away. Lesner goes for another clothesline, but once more Rock ducks and this time hits a back drop to Lesner. Rock waits for Lesner to get up, he then charges up at Lesner, who catches him and hits a rib breaker. He keeps hold of Rock and hits another two before hitting Rock with a fall away slam. Rock immediately gets to his feet and walks straight into Lesner, who hits him with a Belly to Belly Overhead superlex. Lesner then pushes Rock into the corner with a shoulder thrust. And he then hits a series of shoulder thrusts to the sternum. He then hits Rock with another Belly to Belly Superlex. He then signals for the end and eases Rock onto his shoulder. He goes for the F-5 but once more Rock slides off Lesner’s shoulders. He spins Lesner around and hits the big man with a Rock Bottom. But as soon as he gets back onto his feet he is taken down with a Clothesline from Hell by JBL! And the referee immediately rings the bell

Winner of the match via DQ The Rock

After the match JBL and Brock Lesner start attacking the Rock. JBL holds back Rock, as Lesner hits him with some cheap shots not letting him have a chance to fight back. JBL then pushes Rock into Lesner, who gets Rock onto his shoulders and hits him with an F-5. But the ambush does not stop from there as JBL grabs a Steel Chair from the outside. He goes to hit Rock with it but then Batista’s music hits and he charges down to the ring. JBL quickly smashes the steel chair off the Rock’s skull and then he and Lesner go after Batista. Batista fights both men off for a little while but then Booker T comes down and the numbers game comes to play as JBL, Booker and Lesner start to triple team on Batista. But then an Explosion is heard and Kane comes out. Kane comes down to the ring and starts fighting off Lesner, Booker and JBL. The three men then quickly get out of the ring as Kane raises his US Title in the air. The show ends with Batista, Kane and the recovering Rock staring down JBL, Booker and Lesner down the ramp.

The WWE Logo is shown and Smackdown fades to Black

Survivor Series Card-27th November from Montreal Canada

-World Heavyweight Title Chris Jericho v “HBK” Shawn Michaels

-Team Eric Bischoff v Team Paul Heyman 6 on 6 Elimination Tag

-WWE Title Rey Mysterio v Randy Orton

- Team Lesner (Brock Lesner, JBL, Booker T,? , ?) v Team Batista (Batista, Rock, ?, ?, ?) in 5 on 5 Elimination Tag
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