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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

WWE Smackdown-2nd June 2006 from Portland Oregon

After the traditional opening to Smackdown, Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring to some big heat with a mic in hand. Randy Orton says that ever since Mick Foley made the Gm, they have been at each other’s throats. He says that he has grown tired of Mick Foley overusing his authority and thinking he can do whatever the hell he wants. He says that at Wrestlemania 22, Mick Foley screwed him out of becoming the World Champion and then suspended him. He then calls out Mick Foley, because he has an issue which he needs to talk to his face. Moments later Mick Foley’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Randy Orton tells Mick that they can’t cope like this for ever, so he CHALLENGES MICK FOLEY TO A MATCH! That wasn’t the biggest surprise however as MICK FOLEY REJECTED ORTON’S CHALLENGE! Foley then cuts a very intense promo saying how he started spilling blood for 20 years when Orton was latched to his mother’s breast. He says how his body has taken too much of a physical beating and that is why he is General Manager and not still a wrestler. He says as though he would live to kick Randy Orton’s ass it just won’t happen. Randy Orton calls Mick Foley a coward and says that if he has any respect for him and his half witted fans he would accept the challenge like a man. Mick Foley then snaps telling Orton to shut his mouth and saying how dare Orton call him a coward. He says that Orton has made a living using legendary names to help him to where he is today, reminding him of Evolution and his father Bob Orton. He says that if Randy was not an Orton he wouldn’t be where he is today. He then that he on the otherhand got to the top by risking his body day in day out and that has lead to where he is. Randy Orton replies by laughing sarcastically saying that he might be in the business because of hiss father, but he is better than his father could ever be. He then says that the only reason Mick Foley got to the top was because he was a circus act for people to mock and laugh at, he then hypes himself saying that he is greatness and he is somebody who people can look up to and call their hero. Foley replies by saying that if he is a hero then he can go in the ring and fight evil tonight as he goes one on one with KANE! Foley then sarcastically tells Orton to have a nice day as we go to a commercial break.

In the ring we see the Chris Daniels awaiting his King of the Ring opponent whom is the fifth and final man to be drafted over to Smackdown which turns out to be ROB VAN DAM!! RVD makes his way down to the ring with Paul Heyman as Michael Cole reminds us that RVD quit Raw earlier this week and he is now on Smackdown. The crowd goes wild despite RVD being a heel as they are glad he is now on Smackdown. RVD’s Smackdown debut isn’t as easy as he thought it might be as Chris Daniels off tag team champions Triple X gave RVD a tough fight and this proved to be a great match to start RVD’s career on Smackdown. The match starts with some action packed opening few minutes with Chris Daniels hitting a somersault plancha over the top rope onto RVD on the outside. RVD hitting a spinning leg drop off the ring apron over the throat of Chris Daniels over the barricade. Paul Heyman introduced himself to Chris Daniels by shaking the top rope when he was about to hit a moonsault onto RVD. The ending of the match saw Chris Daniels set up RVD for the Angels Wings, only for Heyman to slide in a chair and distract the referee. RVD tossed the chair to Daniels and hit the Van Daminator followed by a Five Star Frog Splash and picks up the victory advancing to the second round of the King of the Ring where he will meet Cruiserweight Champion Paul London next week.

We then go backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by Finlay and Paul Burchill. Finlay issues a statement that he and Burchill are getting fed up of the easy competition that Mick Foley are giving them. He says that nobody can beat them and that it is time that they have some gold around their waist. He says that they are gonna start running through every championship in the WWE. He says that there first two victims will be the tag team champions Triple X, Paul Burchill then interrupts Finlay saying what a ridiculous name Triple X and he is about to say are they pornstars or something when Finlay shuts him up telling him to never interrupt him again. He then hypes the upcoming tables match with the Dudley Boys saying it might be their type of match, but he and Burchill have a history of putting people through tables in local Irish pubs and he goes to say his trademark line when Paul Burchill interrupts and says that we love to fight. Finlay then tells Burchill that is his line, and Burchill says that they can share the line and that he likes to fight much more than Finlay. Finlay shakes his head in disgust before saying that we have a match and they walk off.

King of the Ring Commercial

The second match of the night saw Finlay and Paul Burchill team up to take on tag team legends The Dudley Boys in their type of match a tables match. It was a decent brawl between the two teams with both teams coming close to putting their opponents through tables. After a brawl between the two teams, The Dudley Boys started the match off brightly working over Finlay hitting some of their traditional tag team moves like the 3D Whazzap headbutt. Finlay eventually fought back and he tagged in Paul Burchill who started to clean house. That was until Burchill put D-Von on a table and went for a moonsault but D-Von moved and Burchill crashed through the table but it didn’t count as Burchill put himself through it. Moments later The Dudley Boys went to hit the 3-D on Burchill through the table when Finlay made the save. The ending of the match saw D-Von Dudley take Paul Burchill to the outside and with the referee’s attention on them on the outside, Finlay hit Bubba Ray with the Shillelagh followed by a Death Valley Driver through the table beating the Dudley’s at their own game. After the match Finlay and Burchill celebrate their victory with Burchill once again signalling they want to become Tag Team Champions.

Backstage we see Steve Romero standing by RVD and Paul Heyman. Romero goes to ask RVD about making his debut on Smackdown when Paul Heyman cuts in. Paul Heyman says his client and him had been waiting to leave Raw for a long time as they could not stand that village idiot Eric Bischoff and that coming to Smackdown was the best thing that could of happened. He then says that Rob Van Dam is going to add something which Smackdown hasn’t had since RVD left a couple of years ago and that is talent. He then promises that his client will win the King of the Ring. Rob Van Dam then cuts in and says as great as it is to be back on Smackdown, he is pissed off it had to happen in Portland Oregon. He says that he has got sick and tired of people overlooking him and he says that is all about to come to end as even though we are nearly halfway through the year, this year will be the year of Rob Van Dam. He then says that if anybody has a problem with that they can go kiss his ass. He says he doesn’t care who he has to face at King of the Ring, but he is gonna go through them all he will be the man who goes onto Great American Bash and he will beat whomever who his opponent will be to become the whole f’n World Heavyweight Champion.

After a commercial break we go backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by The Rock. The Rock does a typical promo of his hyping the five pack challenge and running down the competitors in it and when he runs down Batista, Batista walks into the frame. Batista says that Rock can make as funny jokes as he wants, it doesn’t matter because Batista will make a joke out of the Rock when he destroys him at the King of the Ring and becomes World Heavyweight Champion. Rock says the only thing funny about that, is that complete statement was complete bullshit. Rock says that Batista has had about three chances to become the World Heavyweight Championship in the last eight months and he lost them all. He says that Batista was a one trick pony, and that at King of the Ring the animal will lose to a man that is as quick as a Cheetah, stronger than a bear and a man who lays the Smackdown on everyone’s candy ass. He says that Batista is a tough cat, but he says that at King of the Ring it will be The Rock who walks out as a 10 time World Heavyweight Champion if ya smellllllll what the Rock is cooking.

The next match of the night saw the second King of the Ring Match of the evening as Elix Skipper of Triple X took on Shelton Benjamin in what was a match between quite possibly the two most athletic wrestlers in the whole of the WWE. Just like his tag team partner earlier tonight, Elix Skipper puts on a great valiant performance against a more established name in this situation Shelton Benjamin. Both men showed off their athleticism early on in the match with Skipper landing on his feet after Benjamin went for a belly to belly suplex, and then doing the Matrix ducking a clothesline by Benjamin and then hitting a crescent kick. Elix Skipper later on went to hit a Hurricarana off the top rope but Shelton blocked it and then hit a Sunset Flip Powerbomb off the top rope and flipped over into a bridge but somehow Skipper kicked out at two. The end of the match saw Shelton Benjamin somehow catch Skipper in mid air when he came off the top rope with a diving clothesline and connecting with a T-Bone Suplex and he picks up the victory and will face the winner of the Kid Kash v Matt Morgan match next week.

Backstage we see Edge with Lita walking backstage when they stop outside a door with a sign on it which says “Kane”. Edge and Lita enter it and we see Kane and Paul Bearer in their and Kane immediately gets into Edge’s face. An intimidated Edge tries to win over Kane hyping him up before saying that they are buddies and buddies help out one another. Edge tells Kane that if at King of the Ring they team up and he helps Edge become the champion, Edge will give Kane the first title shot. Kane stays quiet so Edge tries to persuade him a little more by saying that if he does so maybe Lita will do him a favour. Lita looks like she is going to vomit before Edge quickly calms her down and then Kane grabs him by the throat and he shoves him against the wall and starts choking him as Paul Bearer gets into his face. Bearer says that the best thing to do is to stay out of Kane’s path, because Kane will destroy him if he does so and Kane will be the next World Champion. Bearer tells Edge that Kane doesn’t want Lita but there will be no problem with him having Lita. Lita throws up in her mouth and she tells Edge that she is going to go to the bathroom as Bearer tells Kane to let go of Edge which he does so and Edge then quickly escapes.

The final match in the first round of King of the Ring Qualifiers took place as one of Smackdowns newest editions Kid Kash took on the in form Monstrous Matt Morgan. This was a typical big man v small man match with Kid Kash giving all he can, but Matt Morgan proved to be more powerful and dominating, and the only thing which prevented him from victory was a resilient Kid Kash who would not give up. Kid Kash had his moments aswell where he could of stole the match, coming closest after a frog splash from the top rope only for Morgan to kick out at two. The ending saw Matt Morgan attempt a powerbomb only for Kid Kash to counter it into a Hurricarana taking Morgan to the outside. Kash then bounced off the ropes and he came and went for a springboard plancha onto Morgan on the outside only for MORGAN TO HIT KASH WITH A STEEL CHAIR causing the ref to give Kid Kash the win via DQ, and this means that next week Kid Kash will take on Shelton Benjamin in the second round of the King of the Ring. Morgan was absolutely furious at the ruling and he rolled Kid Kash into the ring and he hit the Mount Morgan Drop onto Kid Kash showing his frustration, as Kash lies on the mat in agony will he be ready for his match with Shelton Benjamin next week?

A video package plays hyping up the debut of the “Alpha Male” Monty Brown who will be debuting soon.

The next match saw Randy Orton facing off against the big red machine Kane, which was a punishment by Mick Foley earlier on in the match. This match turned to be a solid contest, with Randy Orton doing all he can to try and get the better of the big red machine Kane. In the middle of the match Orton ducked a big boot by Kane, and the referee got struck by Kane’s boot taking him down. Randy Orton then hit the RKO but there was no referee. Suddenly THE ROCK started sprinting down to the ring and he hit Randy Orton with the Rock Bottom getting revenge for Judgement Day when Orton distracted Rock leading to Kane beating The Rock. Rock was about to leave the ring when he saw one of his four opponents at King of the Ring Kane getting up to his feet. Rock and Kane went at it with Rock getting the better and hitting Kane with the Rock Bottom before leaving the ring allowing Kane and Orton to continue their match. After some back and forth action where both men could of picked up the victory, the ending saw Kane go for the Choke slam but Orton hit Kane with a big elbow to the head and he then went for the RKO but Kane pushed Orton off the ropes. Orton came back off the ropes and the next thing he knew, he was upside down in the air and Kane dropped him head first onto the mat with a Tombstone Piledriver. Kane made the cover and gets the three count getting another huge win.

Backstage we see Carlito in the backstage area and his nemesis Ken Kennedy walks up to him gaining huge heat. Kennedy says well done to Carlito for beating him at Judgement Day for the United States Championship and he says that he deserves it as that will be the furthest he ever gets in his WWE career. He says that Carlito might have the US Title, but Ken Kennedy has bigger plans like the King of the Ring. He says that after King of the Ring you can call him King Kennedy……Kennedy and that at Great American Bash he will become the World Heavyweight Champion. Carlito says that everything Ken Kennedy said was not cool. He says that at Judgement Day Carlito proved that he was better than Ken Kennedy as he beat him fair and square in the centre of the ring. He says that after he beats that fat ugly ape Chris Masters he will advance to the King of the Ring and he will become the King of the Caribbean. He says that he will then become King of the World when he becomes World Heavyweight Champion at Great American Bash and das cool. Carlito then walks off as Kennedy looks on shaking his head at Carlito’s comments.

We then go to another area backstage where we see Edge on his phone. He says to whomever he is speaking to on the phone that he has to do something about it. Edge then notices Brock Lesnar coming into the frame, and he says to the person on the phone he will speak to him about it next week before hanging up. Brock Lesnar gets in Edge’s face and says that even though they might be partners tonight, at King of the Ring they will be opponents and says that he will become the World Champion. Brock Lesnar then walks off leaving Edge something to think about.

After a commercial we go backstage to see AJ Styles standing by Kristal Marshall. AJ Styles basically does a quick hype promo with their being no room on the card for him to have a match saying that he never got his chance to rise to the main event level on Raw and he says that now he is on Smackdown he is going to start make an impact and he says that he is going to go through the Smackdown roster one by one and he says that will lead the phenomenal one to where he belongs and that is with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

It was now time for the main event as The Rock teamed up with Batista to take on the team of Brock Lesnar and Edge. There was no problems between Rock and Batista whom seemed to be on the same page, but there however seemed to be a lot of problems with the team of Edge and Brock Lesnar. After a big brawl between the two teams at the start of the match, Batista played the face in peril as Brock Lesnar and Edge despite their differences dominated Batista not letting him get anywhere near his partner. The momentum switched however when Lesnar held Batista for Edge to hit the spear, but Batista moved out of the way and Edge hit his partner with the Spear. Batista then tagged in the Rock who started to clean house on both Edge and Brock Lesnar. Rock looked to finish Edge off when he went for the People’s Elbow but Brock Lesnar made the save hitting a devastating clothesline. The ending of the match saw Brock Lesnar get Rock onto his shoulders for the F-5 but the legal man Batista whipped Edge straight into Brock Lesnar taking him and Lesnar down. Lesnar was furious as he believed Edge did it on purpose and they started arguing which led to Brock Lesnar hitting the F-5 on Edge. Lesnar then turned around into the Rock Bottom as Batista picked Edge back up to his feet and hit him with a devastating Batista Bomb and he hooks the legs to pick up the victory getting some momentum going into King of the Ring. Post match saw Kane come down to the ring and he went started beating down The Rock and when Batista went to help his partner Brock Lesnar and Edge who had just conflicted started beating down Batista. Batista and Rock fought back against all three men however, with Batista sending Edge and Brock Lesnar to the outside and Rock doing the same to Kane. Batista looked down at Lesnar and Edge on the outside before turning into a ROCK BOTTOM BY THE ROCK! The Rock then started trash talking Batista before Mick Foley’s music hits and he appears at the top of the ramp. Mick Foley announces that next week it will be THE ROCK VERSUS BATISTA! The Rock smiles at the decision as Smackdown ends.

WWE Smackdown Results
RVD beats Chris Daniels in 8:13
Finlay and Paul Burchill beat the Dudley Boys in a tables match in 5:07
Shelton Benjamin beats Elix Skipper in 6:34
Kid Kash beats Matt Morgan via DQ in 5:43
Kane beats Randy Orton in 9:21
Rock and Batista beat Edge and Brock Lesnar in 11:56

Velocity Results
Chavo Guerrero defeated Billy Kidman after the Gory Special
Chris Masters defeated Eugene in a Masterlock Challenge
AJ Styles defeated Tajiri after the Styles Clash

King of the Ring - June 11th

WWE Title – 3 stages of hell match
1st fall – 1 on 1 match
2nd fall – street fight
3rd fall – ladder match
Christian © w/Tyson Tomko and Maria vs. Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Title
Edge w/Lita vs. The Rock vs. Kane vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Batista

D-Generation X vs. John Cena and the Undertaker

KOTR QF’s, SF’s, and the Final

Gregory Helms
JBL or CM Punk
Matt Hardy or Booker T
Rey Mysterio or Umaga

Ken Kennedy
Carlito or Chris Masters
Kid Kash or Shelton Benjamin
Paul London or Rob Van Dam
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

The way the opening promo came across was tops and this would've been excellent to read in full, Orton has his challenge to Foley rejected, you can sense the hatred between the two, and it seems that Foley is gonna get payback on Orton by booking him to face Kane tonight! Orton will most likely win, but come out a bruised man

RVD! On SmackDown! just like that after quitting RAW days ago, and he's gone over Daniels as you'd expect him to, moving on in the KOTR. Finlay & Burchill ay? Kinda sense they could split following this confusing promo, but maybe that's just their gimmick to interrupt and piss each other off. Well, the Dudleyz are turning into BTB's preverbial squash Tag Team at the moment which is saddening, but Finlay/Burchill can't win the titles, I want Finlay to go solo!

Power promo from RVD, he's a man with an attitude and a plan now, and I can see him reaching the final of the KOTR at this rate, but not winning, becauase he's gotta have one more match with The Undertaker. Rock as always seemed gold and right on the mic. Verbal confrontation with Batista leads to Rock burning The Animal and I gotta say Rock is a chance for the title, but I dunno if he'll take it yet, if at all. Shelton looking strong after beating Elix Skipper, that would be a sweet match to view in real life. I can easily see Shelton going over his opponent next week, whether it's Kash or Morgan

Edge trying to bargain using a title shot, then his own wife as the chips! Ouch, Kane dejects him in fashion, liking the build the title scene is getting at the moment. Kash wins via DQ over Morgan who loses the plot and attacks Kash afterwards. Kash should be OK for next week, but he'll lose and have to wrestle with taping around his ribs as one finisher won't put a wrestler out for a week later. Orton/Kane is interrupted mid match by The Rock who gets a measure of revenge on both men and it leads to Kane beating Orton which in a way is a surprise, but in another it keeps Kane strong heading into the title match at KOTR

Carlito/Kennedy has been going for a while and I'd expect it to end soon, but when is a mystery to me they always seem to find time to get at each other. Edge on the phone to some help ahead of the KOTR? Seems like it. Lesnar/Edge will struggle to be on the same page methinks tonight. AJ Styles could do well in the US, Tag or CW divisions on SmackDown! but I too would like to see him given a push up the ladder in the future perhaps

Main event was well done and a catastrphical ending to the show with Batista winning the match, then all five men get into a brawl and the faces end up ontop, then Rock attacks Batista with a Rock Bottom! Good measure after their run in earlier tonight, Rock vs Batista next week should be good

Good stuff as always Kane01. 8/10


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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Kane01's SmackDown! Review

~ The opening of the show sounded extremely nice, as the brewing feud between Mick Foley and Randy Orton continues to escalate. I would have loved to have such a segment in full, as it sounded very intense indeed; firstly with Orton believing Foley to have a vendetta against him, and then Foley making a very emotional case for why he can no longer get in the ring. With Foley rejecting Orton's challenge of a one-on-one match, I can only think that this is because it is being delayed until a major PPV such as SummerSlam or Survivor Series at the latest. But what Orton will be doing at King Of The Ring now, I really have no idea now. His match with Kane should be good tonight though.

~ What a match to kick off the show with, Christopher Daniels versus Rob Van Dam. At this point in time, although I think I may have said it on Raw also, I have RVD marked down as my favourite to win the KOTR tournament. This is mainly because he has been getting a rather large push as a heel under the tutelage of Paul Heyman of late, and with all this exposure of late, being the KOTR could really propel him into the World title scene. Sounded like a great match with Daniels, but I always expected RVD to win, setting up yet another great match with Paul London next week.

~ A hint of some dissention in the ranks between Finlay and Paul Burchill backstage, as they both argue about who is the tougher. I would of course like them to pick up tag team gold, since they are both favourites of mine, but since they are both favourites of mine, I also prefer them as singles competitors, so a break up would not be so bad. However, I doubt that they will actually break up, since they look to be the next in line for the tag title after this.

~ Brutal match up between The Dudleys and Finlay/Burchill, which I guess certainly confirms that Finlay/Burchill will be the next in line for the Tag title shot. Beating the Dudleys in a Table Match too really gets over the dominance of the British team. The Death Valley Driver through the table though? I reckon Finlay calls it the Celtic Cross.

~ My confidence in Rob Van Dam winning the King Of The Ring increases after this promo. Of all the guys featured in the tournament, he has been getting the most hype, that's fairly clear, and here is another blatant example of that. Oh, I can really see it happening now.

~ The Rock gets in typical weekly promo like you said, but surprisingly enough it was actually rather nice to see Batista get involved and get in Rocky's face, showing a bit of tension between the two faces involved in the World Heavyweight Championship match. I don't really think that either of these men will pick up the win come KOTR, as I've actually got my money on Edge, although it would be more unique to see Kane get the win.

~ Damn, another very hot match up next between Elix Skipper and Shelton Benjamin. You're really giving us a treat tonight It's not turning into the greatest of nights for Triple X is it, as Shelton picks up the win with a very nice mid-air counter. I hope Kid Kash gets the win tonight, since Kash/Shelton would be a real treat.

~ A wierd little segment from Edge and Kane here, though it fits in with Edge's cowardly heel character, as he tries to form an alliance. He'll probably try it on with Brock Lesnar too also I reckon. Lita really doesn't like Kane does she, judging by the amount of vomiting she seemed to be doing Strange, Edge is my favourite for the WHC match at KOTR, but I think a reign for Kane would be the best.

~ Yay, Kid Kash goes through! Thank God for that. I'm not really much of a fan when it comes to Matt Morgan, but I am when it comes to Kid Kash. I wonder whether the chair shot and injury to Kash will develop into a storyline for perhaps why Kash either loses next week or manages to overcome to odds.

~ This was a very chaotic match up next between Kane and Randy Orton, with a plethora of run ins really adding to the excitement. It was quite funny how The Rock came in to attacks Orton but then saw Kane and started going at it with him too. With Kane getting the win, it seems as though Mick Foley is getting his wish, with Orton tumbling down the card. I hope this momentum doesn't mean that Kane is out of the running for the title.

~ Now I am a fan of Carlito, but I don't really think he works as well as a face, but luckily you have him in a good feud with Ken Kennedy. I think, out of the two, Kennedy has the best chance of winning the KOTR tournament, since he could actually pull of a title reign at some point. However, I could possibly see both of them screwing each other out of their respective tournament matches and setting up a rematch at The Great American Bash.

~ I thought as much; Edge is really on the game tonight isn't he? Brock Lesnar is a bit of nut job, so he probably isn't the best person to ask. I can see some kind of probelm emerging from the tag match tonight.

~ Heh heh, I'd love to see AJ Styles as the World Heavyweight Champion one day in the future, but unfortunately for him, despite this interview, I don't think he'll be winning the KOTR tournament, although he might go far.

~ Yet another crazy match up tonight (in what has been a night filled with exciting and hectic encounters). As I thought there is no communication from the heel teams, even leading to Lesnar F-5ing Edge, which was rather amusing. The faces get the win, with Edge taking a hell of a beating tonight, although Kane lends the heels a hand and all hell breaks loose. Batista and Rock clean house, but the Rock Bottom finally leads to tension between the two and a huge match up net week, which I doubt will get a clean finish. Edge suffered the most tonight, which is why he is my clear favourite to get the title come King Of The Ring.

Overall this was another nice show, although I still think the presentation could be tidied up a bit to make it easier on the eye. Your spelling and grammar was fine, and your feuds/booking are some of the best I have read.

7 Out Of 10 - Keep It Up
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Sorry for the lateness...

SmackDown May 26th Recap Review
Don’t really feel ‘up’ to commenting on the Chris Benoit situation - in real life or in BTB - so I’ll just say that the opening segment was well done and felt lifelike, circumstance permitting. ‘tis all. Kash picks up the victory and is looking to be in position for a CW title shot. Seems like both London and Kash are faces at the moment. Not too sure Kid could work as a face. Kennedy in the KOTR tournament? I see him taking the whole thing as a few bookers take it as an opportunity to take him up the card. Nice exchange between Orton and Foley and having the Legend Killer threaten Mick in such a cool and calm manner makes him come off like a legit badass. Looking forward to seeing how this develops. Rock promises revenge on his three ‘enemies’. Guess we can expect Edge to make an appearance in the Rock-Kane match. As expected, KK advances. No shock there. Daniels puts over the possibility of a XXX split but I don’t see it happening. Glue of the tag division. Lesnar showing some tremendous intensity and regaining some of his heat after his HIAC loss. Double count out and KK gets the bye. Not sure if I’m a fan of this move. Would’ve liked to see Kennedy go over someone to advance but meh, no biggie. I love how the World Title seems to be on every big stars mind. Adds prestige to the title and all those around it. A count out and DQ finish in the same show, back-to-back nevertheless, not a good thing. Looks like some sort of five man will be in order for the next PPV. Surprised Orton isn’t in the match. Guess he’ll be feuding with Foley. Orton puts himself into the KOTR? Not sure how that’s possible or even feasible with Foley as the GM. He doesn’t win anyway and Carlito advances. Nice match with fast paced action to end things. Even with the moral implications, Edge shouldn’t have tapped out to a non-wrestler. Understandable though.

As has been said, the show was rather long and a couple of the booking decisions made me scratch my head but everything was well written. Solid recap.

Raw May 29th Recap Review
Opening segment sets up the gimmick rematch to Christian-Jericho. The Captain will be the victor but it should be interesting all the same. Hardy wins a squash, continuing his roll. Pretty big news coming from the RVD-Bischoff segment. I guess Van Dam is on his way to SmackDown. Surprised that Umaga didn’t pick up the clean victory here. Would’ve liked to see him run right through Holly, whom has never struck me as a threat. Guess this feud will continue down the line. Bradshaw and Booker advance in the tag tourney. Not sure if I like the idea of two tourneys going on at the same time though. Seems to deprive attention from each other. Two DQ finishes involving a chair on the same night? Not a fan and I think the earlier finish bit you a bit here. That said, it was a great match and I like how it was a bit more written than the other matches on the card. Anyway, Rey advances but not before getting a beat down from Angle and after the promo from Angle, it seems this will be continuing. I’m glad Punk didn’t just run through the SS as that would have been unrealistic. That said, it was right for him to pick up the in as his new singles push continues. Christian and Tomko smoke the Teachers but I would expect them to be eliminated shortly, with Christian as the WWE Champion. DX do their usual spiel but eventually we get the big news which is The Undertaker is now Cena’s partner. Not sure if I could see the Undertaker volunteering to step up and be someone’s partner but it will most certainly make for an interesting match.

Nice recap. Only problem I had were the two disqualification finishes. Outside of that, a really solid show.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

WWE RAW Preview – June 5th

Just 6 days away from King of the Ring, what will happen when Raw rolls into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

And already set for the show is a fantastic main event, which brings together the 6 men who have been at the top of Raw recently, as WWE Champion Christian teams up with John Cena and the Undertaker to take on D-Generation X and Chris Jericho. With Christian and Jericho having a 3 stages of hell match at the ppv, and DX taking on Cena and the Undertaker, who will gain a psychological edge before the matches take place?

We will also see the Raw half of the line up for the King of the Ring tournament completed. Rey Mysterio takes on Umaga, Matt Hardy faces Booker T and JBL takes on CM Punk as they try to join Gregory Helms in the quarter finals. Who will take 1 more step towards being crowned king, and who will fall 1 step short of the quarter finals?

We will also hear from Kurt Angle, who finally got his wish when Rey Mysterio was drafted to Raw last week. What will Kurt have to say this week, in his home town none the less. after his ramblings over the last few weeks have got progressively stranger?

And finally, just 14 days away from his steel cage match with John Cena, and with just 14 days of his Raw GM contract left, what will Eric Bischoff do to try and impress Vince McMahon and show him that he is worthy of keeping his job?

Find out, only, on Monday Night Raw
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

RAW looks sweet FD, four massive matches. The main event will be a blockbuster, and the KOTR matches all look good.

Bischoff might try and pull something out of the bag, but I don't know what...

I'll be checking it out, as always.


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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Great preview F-D, Raw is set to be particularly good this week. The main event should be off the charts no doubt, and I am very much looking forward to the respective KOTR Matches, especially the Hardy/Booker clash. I'll ve reviewing as per usual mate.

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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

I can't wait to get back into this, as I've skimmed for weeks, and this should be fun. I enjoyed the preview very much so, JBL vs. CM Punk and the main event are by far my favorites, with the booking of the card this week impeccable. Everything seems to be going well and rolling into King of the Ring, which I hope goes well and possibly is in full? (Not sure, I haven't read lately, if you've commented on this and I haven't noticed, I apologize).
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

WWE: Friday Night SmackDown -- 2nd June 2006 -- Review
It looked like a great promo to me in the start and finish, but the middle part could've been better. Other than that, I would have loved to read this promo in full because I know what you're capable of. And although Foley rejected Orton's challenge, I still believe Orton will somehow manage to have a match with Foley. Let's see how you deal with this one, and I sense that alot of surprises will be there in this feud. I'm sure actually. Anyway, Kane vs. Orton looks okay, and I guess it is a better way to add more heat into the rivalry of Orton and Foley.

What better way to kick off the SmackDown action with Chris Daniels, and Rob Van Dam, who just quit RAW, and draft back to SmackDown. It was a good fast-paced match to kick off the show, and the Paul Heyman moment was fine as well. Rob Van Dam wins the match, and advances in the King of the Ring tournament, and you know: Rob Van Dam is my pick to win the King of the Ring, and that's only because you've built him greatly, after having such an intense feud with The Undertaker on the RAW brand.

I just founded small errors in the grammatical division for this promo between Finlay and Burchill. This promo here was just fine: nothing really special. You know, I like seeing both of these tough wrestlers being a tag team, and I think that if you build them up nicely, they might become the tag team champions. But... but the arguing of both wrestlers also make me feel that we might see someone turning on the other, and if that's the case, then that 'someone' has to be Finlay because Finlay is better as a heel. Let's see.

It was a good match up between the tag team legends, Dudleys, and (the upcoming tag team champs?) Finlay and Burchill. All of the highlights were good, but I've never seen Finlay using the Death Valley Driver. Anyway, the team of Finlay and Burchill win, and now it seems to me that they will have a good run as a tag team. That's definitely good.

I don't know why... but I'm really loving seeing Rob Van Dam as a heel. And Paul Heyman being at the side of Rob Van Dam is even making me love Rob Van Dam as a heel more, and more. Amazing promo here, which makes me believe that Rob Van Dam will surely win this King of the Ring. Great intensity showed by Rob Van Dam here.

You know what, I really liked seeing The Rock cutting somewhat a series promo. Batista then interrupted, and both men get into a heated confrontation, but the king of the trash talking, The Rock himself gets the best of Batista. The Rock just said few funny words, and they're fine to me. Anytime I read The Rock's promo, I only see a funny promo, but this time it wasn't the case, which is definitely original and fresh. So yeah, good promo, and you know, I'm picking Edge to win the title at the pay per view, and then I can see The Rock and Batista feuding with each other. Am I wrong? I don't think so.

Another impressive match, which makes me excited for the next week's show already. Shelton Benjamin picking up a victory over Triple X's Elix Skipper, and advancing to the King of the Ring was an obvious, and a good booking decision to me. Nice match here let me tell you once again, but the next week's situation looks even more interesting, with either Kash or Matt Morgan facing Shelton Benjamin.

Haha, I liked this promo here between Kane, Paul Bearer, Edge, and Lita. Edge was definitely in character, and so were Paul Bearer and Kane (Only by actions because he actually didn't speak, which was good). It was a funny, but in a good way, and on the other side, it actually hypes the WHC match. So yeah, a nice promo here.

Oops, Matt Morgan completely demonstrated Kid Kash here, but luckily enough, Kash wins through the disqualification ending, and advances in the King of the Ring tournament, and now he'll have to face Shelton Benjamin next week. The last line of this paragraph makes me confuse because I can't really predict that Kash will be able to face Shelton or not, so I guess I'll keep quiet, and just wait for the next week's show.

Monty Brown to this thread? Ugh. I don't know why, but I really don't like seeing TNA guys in a WWE thread.

By the booking of this match, Orton vs. Kane, just looks alright to me, but this match was actually interesting, with The Rock surprisingly coming down, and attacking both, Orton and Kane. The Rock leaves, but Kane gets up, and destroys Orton with a Tombstone Piledriver for a victory. It seems to me that Kane will get a nice push in this thread after his win over Orton, which definitely is good, whilst on the other hand, I sense Orton screwing The Rock at GAB, and then have a feud with The Rock with Foley on his side? Damn! I'm getting alot of theories, and there are so much feuds that can happen, so I'm getting confused. I think I'll just wait and see what happens, right?

It just looked like an okay promo to me here between a face Carlito, and a heel Kennedy. And much like Legend, I also predict Carlito and Kennedy screwing each others in their respective matches, and having a rematch at the GAB. I say, let's find out what happens.

Interesting promo here between both heels, Edge and Brock Lesnar. But before they confrontated each other, Edge was talking on the phone, but to whom? That's the question I'd like to find out. But anyway, the tag team main event looks fine, but I don't expect Brock and Edge lasting long as a tag team, and I expect both of them to screw each others, only to leave the faces pick up the victory?

AJ Styles for the World Heavyweight Championship? I highly doubt it. Anyway, it was just an okay promo, only because I don't really like TNA guys in WWE threads because that breaks realism. Don't worry though: it's your BTB, and you have every right to do whatever you want. But that was just my opinion.

A classical tag team main event here, and as expected, Brock Lesnar and Edge have really big miscommunications with each other, which leads to the faces picking up a victory. Aftermath was much more better, as all chaos happened, untill The Rock and Batista cleared the house. The Rock vs. Batista for the next week's SmackDown looks pretty interesting to me, and I expect that match to end in a no contest or something like that (Only because the heels will most likely interfere).

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

WWE RAW – June 5th

The show begins with the commentators hyping up what an incredible night we have tonight, as we are just 6 days away from the King of the Ring, and tonight we will find out who the 4 men competing from Raw will be. They also remind us that at KOTR, John Cena and the Undertaker will face D-Generation X, and Christian defends the WWE Title in a 2/3 falls match against Chris Jericho, and tonight it will be John Cena/Christian/The Undertaker vs. DX/Chris Jericho

The show then opens with the first R16 match in the KOTR competition, as Rey Mysterio comes out to the ring to face Umaga. Rey’s speed gives him the advantage in the early few moments of the match as he catches Umaga off balance, and almost scores the win with the tornado ddt off the top rope, but then the power of Umaga takes over, as he appears to dissect Mysterio
However, Rey manages to fight back, showing all his heart when he moves out of the way of the splash to the corner, and then nails Umaga with 3 dropkicks, which finally knock him off his feet. Rey then manages to drop the dime, but Umaga kicks out of 2. Rey then goes for the drop toe hold, but Umaga reverses it and throws Rey off him… but straight into the referee, knocking him out
Umaga then nails the Samoan Spike to Rey, but there is no referee to make the count. Umaga is furious, and he goes for another Samoan Spike to Rey, BUT HARDCORE HOLLY COMES DOWN TO THE RING, AND BLASTS UMAGA OVER THE HEAD WITH THE CHAIR. Holly gets a huge pop from the crowd, as his mini-feud with Umaga isn’t over yet it seems, but very quickly, Umaga manages to stagger to his feet
Umaga doesn’t know what to do, and eventually decides that instead of finishing the match with Rey, he is going to chase after Holly. He goes outside the ring, and the two of them start to brawl, as the referee gets to his feet. The referee starts to count Umaga out, as he beats down Holly outside the ring… and by the time Estrada convinces Umaga to go to the ring, the referee has counted to 10, and Rey Mysterio is the first man to beat Umaga, albeit by countout, and he takes his place in the QF of the KOTR
Rey celebrates the win, as he knows he is just 3 matches away from a shot at the WWE Title at Vengeance


We come back from the commercial, and we see John Cena, who is standing with Todd Grisham who wants to get a few words on the 6 man tag tonight, and then the tag team match at KOTR
Cena says that until last week, he was preparing himself for a handicap match against one of the best tag teams of all time in D-Generation X, and to be honest, it was a match that he was thinking that he may struggle to win. He says that he thought to himself that this could finally be the end of John Cena… but we will never know if that will be the case or not, because he was allowed a tag team partner, and at that very moment, the Undertaker walked past.
Cena says you could call it a coincidence, you could call it an extreme case of luck, but you could also call it justice. Cena says that Taker was more than happy to join him in taking on DX at KOTR and tonight as well.
Cena tells DX that they may be one of the best teams of all time, but they don’t have 1 thing… and that is JOHN CENA. Cena tells DX that he will see them at KOTR, and has a simple message for them… IF YOU WANT SOME, COME FREAKING GET SOME!

We go back to the ring, and it is time for the second KOTR match of the evening, as Booker T takes on Matt Hardy for a spot in the quarter finals. We get a decent match between the two of them, with Booker using his experience to put together his best singles match for a few months, and Hardy continuing to show an improvement in the ring. Booker works on the legs of Hardy for a while, knowing that it would be a way to negate the speed of Hardy, but he doesn’t manage to do enough to get the 3 count at any point. He does go for the scissors kick, but Hardy manages to counter it by nailing the side effect, which brings us to the face comeback
Hardy starts his comeback by nailing a series of right hands to Booker, and gets a 2 count when he nails a ddt. He goes for the twist of fate, but Booker counters it, and goes for the Bookend, but Hardy counters back with the side effect. Hardy then goes to the top rope and looks for the leg drop, but Booker manages to move out of the way.
Hardy stumbles to his feet, but Booker nails him with the Scissors Kick…. BUT HARDY KICKS OUT ON TWO. Booker cannot believe it, and he goes for the Scissors Kick again, but this time Hardy MANAGES TO CATCH HIM WITH THE TWIST OF FATE, and that is enough to get the 3 count
Hardy celebrates the win, as he joins Rey Mysterio, Gregory Helms and Mr. Kennedy in the QF of the KOTR, and continues his run of not having lost a match since he won the MITB contract at Wrestlemania.


CM Punk is then seen backstage, and Todd Grisham happens to run into him, and asks on him on his thoughts about taking on JBL later tonight. Punk replies by telling Todd that JBL may be a former WWE champion, but that means nothing to him, because he will be a future WWE champion. He says that the last year he proved he belonged in the WWE when he was a 2 time Tag Champion, but now is his chance to shine as a singles wrestler.
He tells JBL that he may be able to talk a big game, but talk means nothing to him. He says that JBL can run his mouth as much as he likes about how he is going to be the KOTR, but Punk says that he will tell JBL everything he needs to know in the ring tonight

Gregory Helms is then in action ahead of his match at the King of the Ring as he takes on William Regal in a singles match. The match is mainly all about giving Helms something to do ahead of the KOTR QF, but is also a decent match for the crowd with both men looking to put in a decent performance.
Helms dominates most of the match though, with the emphasis on making him look like someone who could win the KOTR tournament, and he ends the match reasonably quickly when he nails the top rope ddt finisher which he has been using a lot recently.
Helms celebrates his win, as JR and the King say he could be a decent outside bet to win the KOTR.


We return from the commercial, as Chris Jericho makes his way out to the ring for an unannounced appearance, as he obviously wants to say a few words about the WWE Title match at KOTR
Jericho starts by saying that over the last few weeks he has come to respect Christian, and tells the crowd that Christian has proved to him that he can be the WWE champion. He says that Christian can be the best in the business, but that will not be the case while Jericho is still around. He says that he still respects Christian, but is focused 100% on taking his title back this Sunday
He tells Christian that he may have won at Wrestlemania, but that isn’t going to mean anything when they lock up at KOTR. He says that this time Christian has to get 2 falls over him in a match, and Jericho mentions that no-one has done that to him for years (stating the blindingly obvious), and not only does he have to do that, he has to deal with him in a street fight and then a ladder match
Jericho then reminds Christian of their previous ladder match with the use of the Jeritron-500, a match where Chris Jericho won. He then reminds Christian of the last time they were involved in a street fight, a match that Chris Jericho also won. He asks Christian if he senses a pattern here, and tells him that using the power of logic, it is only logical to suggest that Jericho will win those matches on Sunday
Jericho then tells Christian that he wishes him the best of luck for Sunday, because he is definitely going to need it. He says he hopes that it will be a classic match, but all classic matches have to have a great story to them… and in this case it will be the story of Chris Jericho getting back the title that is rightfully his… a title that he will never, ever, lose again!


We will now find out who the final man from Raw to enter the KOTR will be, as JBL takes on CM Punk. Punk starts the match with a flourish, and nails a lot of offence to JBL, who doesn’t seem able to cope with the youngsters attacks, and he seems surprised that this is happening to him. JBL is almost beaten when Punk rolls him up, but JBL manages to kick out at the very last, and then he rolls away from the ring, wanting a time out to try and gather himself.
JBL returns to the ring, and Punk starts to dominate him again, until JBL rakes the eyes of Punk, and then nails him with a massive body slam, and this changes the momentum of the match, getting JBL back into it. JBL then continues to work on Punk, and gets a near fall after nailing the fallaway slam, but Punk manages to get a foot on the ropes. JBL goes for the CFH, but Punk ducks it and then nails a hurricanarana to JBL to get him back into the match, and the crowd go wild for this.
Punk then starts to gain the offensive again, and is taking JBL apart, and gets a 2 count when he connects with an elbow drop off the top rope. Punk then sets up JBL for the shining wizard, but JBL manages to duck it, and then nails Punk with the powerbomb… but Punk kicks out at the count of two. JBL cannot believe it, as he starts to stomp away on Punk. JBL then seems to signal something to the back, as he goes for another CFH to Punk, but again, Punk ducks it, and then he HITS JBL WITH THE SHINING WIZARD. He covers…. BUT BOOKER T PULLS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING. The crowd boo as JBL’s Cabinet member has come out here to save him.
The referee tries to get Booker T to go to the back, as Sharmell comes out to the ring as well, as the odds stack up against CM Punk. Punk cannot believe this, and he charges out of the ring after Booker T, who starts to run away from him… but he runs back into the ring, WHERE JBL NAILS THE INCOMING CM PUNK WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL. JBL falls on top of Punk, and gets the 3 count.
The crowd boo, as Punk has been screwed out of this match, and JBL has progressed to the next round of the KOTR


We come back from the commercial, and we see Kurt Angle coming down to the ring, as he gets a decent pop from his home crowd, but unfortunately for hi, he goes and ruins it quite quickly by shooting on Pittsburgh, and saying how glad he is that he no longer has to spend much of his time there
Angle then says that he has something important to talk about, and that is Rey Mysterio. He says that he felt vindicated that Rey Mysterio finally came to Raw last week, and he showed him exactly what Raw is about when he assaulted him after their match last week. He says that he showed Rey Mysterio why he beat him at Wrestlemania, and why he will beat him again and again and again.
Angle then starts to shoot on Rey, saying that he doesn’t deserve to be on Raw, which is interrupted by Rey Mysterio’s music, which gets a good pop from the crowd.
Angle starts off by congratulating Rey on getting his win earlier tonight against Umaga, and he wishes him luck in the KOTR tournament on Sunday, as he says that Rey is going to need it
Rey lets out a small laugh at that, and tells Angle that he appreciates the good will, but says that luck isn’t going to take him to the KOTR, it is his skill that will enable him to be the KOTR. He says that no-one will stop him achieving this dream and going on to regain the WWE Title, and he says that included you.
Angle replies, saying that he doesn’t need the KOTR title, as he has done that already in the past, and was more than happy to let Rey go through to the next round… to give him a chance to prove himself. Angle says that he showed Rey what we could do after the match, and tells Rey that when he proves himself worthy, he’ll do that to him again in an official match
Rey responds, telling Angle that he is more than willing to face him at any moment, and even offers to take on Angle, right here, right now. Angle says he isn’t ready for a match now, but Rey responds by challenging Kurt Angle to a match at Vengeance. Angle thinks about it, and then tells Rey he’ll give him an answer at KOTR.
Rey says that he can him see win the KOTR. He then tells Angle that a match at Vengeance will be a perfect build up to the WWE Title match, and IT’S TRUE KURT, IT’S DAMN TRUE!
Kurt is furious that his catchphrase had been stolen, and goes to attack Rey, ONLY FOR REY TO DUCK AND DROPKICK HIM OUT OF THE RING. Kurt is furious as he walks back up the ramp, while Rey goads him to come back and fight him in the ring


We then get ready for a 1 on 1 match between the diva’s, as Britney Stratus will go 1 on 1 with Angel Williams, both of them making their singles debuts on Raw, and as expected, Trish Stratus is at ringside, along with Candice Michelle and Shelley Martinez
We get a brief match between the two divas, as we are running out of time on the show with the big 6 man main event to come, and the match ends after only a couple of minutes as Angel is destroying Britney in the ring, much to the delight of the crowd. Trish gets fed up of this, and she enters the ring and smacks Angel over the head with her title belt to draw the DQ
The crowd boo, as Trish and Britney leave the ring, but not having won the war tonight it seems, as they were outwrestled.

JR and the King then start to run down the card for the King of the Ring, and give us a detailed explanation of all the matches that are going to be happening at the ppv. They start by talking about the Smackdown match...., before returning to Raw to talk about the special attraction tag team match, as John Cena and the Undertaker take on D-Generation X. They then talk about the 3 stages of hell match between Chris Jericho and Christian for the WWE title, before going to the KOTR tournament. They remind us that Matt Hardy, JBL, Gregory Helms and Rey Mysterio are the 4 men qualified from Raw….

Then, Eric Bischoff’s music hits, and he comes out to the ring as it appears that the general manager has something he wants to talk about.
Eric starts off by congratulating himself on all the work that he has done for Raw over the last 4 years, and tells the crowd that no-one has been a better general manager than he has.
He then reminds the 4 superstars from Raw that if they win the KOTR competition, they will challenge for the WWE Title at Vengeance. He then continues to talk about Vengeance, which is only 20 days away by announcing that we will crown new WWE Tag Team champions at the event. He also announces that Matt Hardy will defend the Intercontinental Championship at the event, and says that he has also decided to see a Wrestlemania rematch, as Rey Mysterio will go one on one with Kurt Angle!
He then says that in 2 weeks from now he will take on John Cena inside a steel cage, and mentions that Raw will be 3 hours long that week… just like it was when he scored the upset over John Cena 6 months ago. He admits that last time, he may have got a little bit lucky as Stone Cold kind of helped him win that match, but this time he doesn’t have Austin… BUT HE DOESN’T NEED HIM. Bischoff then reels off some of the biggest upsets in sport, before adding a new one to the list… ERIC BISCHOFF DEFEATS JOHN CENA INSIDE A 15 FOOT HIGH STEEL CAGE. He tells Cena that in 2 weeks time, his life will be made a living hell again, as it will mean that he is able to do what he wants… which brings out VINCE MCMAHON
Vince comes out and reminds Eric that there is something that he appears to have forgotten… his contract as Raw GM expires in 2 weeks time, AND EVEN BEATING JOHN CENA MAY NOT ALLOW HIM TO SAVE HIS JOB. The crowd pop at this, as Eric is shocked. Vince says that he has been monitoring his work as GM over the last month and says that he isn’t YET convinced that he is the man for the job. He tells Eric that in 2 weeks time, he will have to undergo 2 challenges… his match with Cena, and the challenge of keeping his job. He tells Eric that he has the next week to impress him, and Vince will be backstage, or at the end of his match with Cena, he could hear the words, ERIC BISCHOFF, YOU’RE FIRED!


Main event time, as Cena/Taker/Christian take on DX and Jericho in a preview of the matches that will happen at the KOTR this Sunday in what is the usual pre-ppv hype match that almost always ends in a massive brawl and a no contest….so anyone want to guess what is going to happen here?
The match starts off with Christian and HHH facing off, and the two of them wrestle for a few minutes, HHH wanting to prove that he can take Christian and should be the champion, but he is unable to do so, and eventually tags in HBK, who always has an unsuccessful go at Christian
The match then breaks down a bit with all 6 men getting a brief go in the ring, including the Undertaker who actually wrestlers for the first time since April, and spends a couple of minutes beating down Jericho who thinks that he can take him on, and eventually manages to take him down, as Taker is the man who plays the face in peril for a brief period of time here, as DX work on his legs.
Taker eventually makes the tag to Cena though, who comes in with the hot tag, and goes after HBK who is the other legal man in the match, and takes him down with the shoulder block as he goes into the 5 moves of doom on him, and then to HHH as well as he tries to get involved. Cena nails them both with the killswitch, and then he hits a double 5 knuckle shuffle to DX. Cena then goes for the FU… but Jericho jumps him from behind and nails him with the bulldog.
Jericho then goes for the lionsault to Cena, which he hits, but he is taken down from behind by Christian, as we finally get to see Christian and Jericho go at it, as Christian clotheslines Jericho over the top rope.
Cena then struggles to his feet…. BUT WALKS STRAIGHT INTO A SWEET CHIN MUSIC FROM HBK FROM NOWHERE, and HBK covers him… and gets the 3 count to steal the win here.
The crowd are shocked as Cena is pinned for the first time since the Supershow when Eric Bischoff pinned him, and HBK and HHH are loving this, as they have all the momentum going into the match at KOTR, with Cena being pinned, and Taker with an injured. DX do the suck it taunt over the top of Cena, as Jericho re-enters the ring to join in the celebration.
Jericho is standing in the ring, as Christian picks up his title belt and holds it in the air. Christian takes it into the ring, and holds it in front of Jericho’s face, signalling that he will keep the title this Sunday. Jericho offers out a handshake to Christian, telling him may the best man win, which Christian accepts… and then…. Nothing happens... the double cross would have been too easy to predict…
The show closes with Jericho and Christian looking eye to eye, with Christian holding the title in the air.


Rey Mysterio def. Umaga via countout at 8:21 to reach the QF of the KOTR tournament
Matt Hardy def. Booker T via the twist of fate at 7:39 to reach the QF of the KOTR tournament
Gregory Helms def. William Regal via the top rope ddt at 4:20
JBL def. CM Punk via the Clothesline from Hell at 12:01 to reach the QF of the KOTR tournament
Angel Williams def. Britney Stratus via DQ at 2:30
John Cena, The Undertaker and Christian vs. Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho went to a no contest at 14:59

WWE HEAT – June 11th

Charlie Haas def. Rene Dupree when Haas locked in the Haas of Pain and forced Rene to tap out
The Teachers def. The Highlanders when Striker nailed Rory McAllister over the head with the ring bell to steal the win
Gene Snitsky def. The Sandman when Snitksy nailed the Sandman with the Big Boot
Throughout Heat there was an angle running where CM Punk had to find a new tag team partner to team up with him in the tag tournament, after AJ Styles was drafted to Smackdown, and Eric Bischoff had only informed him at the start of the show his match was the main event tonight. After a show long search, CM Punk managed to find a tag team partner… REY MYSTERIO!
Rey Mysterio and CM Punk def. JBL and Booker T when Punk nailed the double arm backbreaker to Booker T to advance to the semi finals of the Tag Team tournament

King of the Ring - June 12th

WWE Title – 3 stages of hell match
1st fall – 1 on 1 match
2nd fall – street fight
3rd fall – ladder match
Christian © w/Tyson Tomko and Maria vs. Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Title
Edge w/Lita vs. Batista vs. The Rock vs. Kane vs. Brock Lesnar

D-Generation X vs. John Cena and the Undertaker

KOTR QF’s, SF’s, and the Final
Matt Hardy
Gregory Helms
Rey Mysterio
Ken Kennedy
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