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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

yeh well I understand that Rock vs Warrior was short and the DQ was a bit shoddy, but this all will build up to something great, trust me....

I am hoping to here from Mr.W soon, and maybe some other people.....High Voltage will be up probably 2day or tomorrow


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Well, Mr. W is here. Wow. Man this PPV and my PPV, Global Warming, should be a good way for people to check out our WIWA/UWEF Supershow coming this AUgust. Anyway, let us see how you did.......

Surprised Carlito came in as you said he was cut in a News and Rumor page. Don't like the fact that Macho Man was here, seeing how he looks now and how he acts but it's all good.

The lightweight match was perfect and a good job letting CM Punk keep the belt. I though Punk was the better man here.

Hardcore match was great. cactus keeping the belt was also a good idea and lets hope someone takes it off soon.

Flamming Flag match was ok. Neiderhart and Hogan shouldn't have been in this match but the match made up for this.

Rock vs. Warrior wasn't the match I expected it to be. As others said, it was short and weak but here's another reason why. The flow was nothing. Basically, Warriror ain't no Hogan, Steamboat, or Bret Hart. That is why he was nothing special. Also, it looked like ROck carried him the whole time and one Rock Bottom did it. Dissapointing match.

Haas vs. Benjamin made up for the match I read above. It wasn't what I expected from your last one you did with these two but it so wicked awesome. I wanted Haas to win but looking at how the match was being, I shifted to Benjamin and good job he won

Dumpster match was all right. NAO were funny in this match. Glad to see we have new champions as Stasiak and Sanders actually deserve it.

FINALLY! RHYNO HAS WON THE MONEY IN THE BANK MATCH! I LOVE YOU MAN! (thinks for a moment) Um..............anyway, the match was fast paced and one of the MOTN canidates. Angle looked a little weak in there but i didn't care, I was focusing on Rhyno. Great to see Rhyno and Cena having respect. You don't see that in ladder matches these days anymore.

Here we go. This was the match. Austin vs. Orton was a sick match. It made your Hardcore match earlier look like a joke. Seriopusly. These two WERE hardcore. Loved how they went to different places. I expected Orton to win so he could be leveled but this match was awesome so I didn't care about the outcome.

Benoit vs. Hart was good untill the finish. Three reasons why I had a bad feeling on my gut on this match. One - Too many constant brawls and gang-ups. This was about Benoit and Hart. I mean one gangup and brawl would be fine but there was way to much. Two - The match finish which leads me to Three - The referee. I mean what was his purpose? Was he payed? Did he have personal beef with Benoit? What? I mean Benoit was screwed but in the wrong way. Better than Rock vs. Warrior but another almost dissapointing match.

The War Games was the best match I have ever read in this thread. The only problem was the Triple H turn. I was thinking that HHH would help and get the Kliq win. Triple H would be jealous since Hall got the win but HHH helped him. Then there, HHH/Hall fued with HHH turning on them. The turn was wrong but that wasn't the point. This match kicked all sorts of ass and I hope you will use the War Games matches even more.

So, out of all this, I give WIWA Wrestlemania by Someguy999..............

94/100 = A! Nice grade and can't wait for Hog Wild. STURGIS BABY!

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

High Voltage
Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, England

Heymans music hits and the crowd gives him a mixed reaction as he struts to the ring.

Heyman- Hello England, I hope you are all ready for a blockbuster night! Well Bret Hart won the title last night (crowd boos). Yes I know we are all dissapointed, but we are going to have ouselves a little "Next Contenders" tournament, where 4 hand picked superstars be my personally, will take on 4 men that I have signed up in the last week, and no-one, not even the contenders, will know who they are facing! And we are gonna kick it off tonight with 2 matches, which will feature Scott Hall and Chris Benoit (huge pops) Goodnight England!

JR: Hello and welcome everybody to High Voltage, live from ye merry old England, just 2 days off the heels of Wrestlemania, one of the most memorable nights of the year, Benoit getting screwed by a referee, The Kliq defeating the NBT although HHH turned his back on them, Stone Cold winning a brutal No Holds Barred match, title changes and retains, and so much more!

King: Yes JR, and I have a feeling that tonight will be explosive episode of High Voltage!

JR: Folks we are.......

As JR is about to continue, *METALINGUS* fills the soundsystem to a chorus of boos. Edge comes out with taped ribs and has a mic. He gets in the ring and looks around.

Edge- Cut the damn music. Last night at Wrestlemania, Rhyno won the Money in the Bank Ladder match!

The crowd starts chanting *RHYNO*

SHUTUP! Listen to me dammit! I deserve that damn contract, not Rhyno! Rhyno is a joke, I mean there is his name, there is his height misadvantage and then theres the fact that he isnt good enough!

*MANBEAST* hits and the crowd explodes, out comes Rhyno in a pruple/maroon suit and tie, wearing glasses and looking pleased with himself. He plays to the crowd to get some huge pops. Rhyno raises his briefcase high for another huge pop right in Edges face. Edge gets annoyed and backs away. Rhyno gets a mic.

Rhyno- Edge, I, I think that these people are telling you something.....they are......yes, they are telling you to SHUTUP! No-one cares about you whining and winging evryweek because you arent at the top, and quite frankly, EVERYONE IS SICK OF YOUR S**T!

The crowd roars at this comment and then starts a heavy *RHYNO* chant.

Edge- You think thats funny, well punk, I still want MY damn contract for the damn title, which YOU are holding in your hands, so hand it over!

Rhyno- He....he...he....HELL NO!

The crowd erupts with a huge pop for that.

Rhyno- I tell you what Edge, I will give you one more chance, tonight, if you can beat me in a one on one match, then I will give you a rematch, you and me, one on one, anytime, anywhere!

Edge- Great, get ready to hand that contract over boy!

*MANBEAST* plays again and the crowd pops loudly as Rhyno exits and we fade to a commercial break with Edge leaving a smile on his face as he exits.

[Commercial Break

We come back to see Mike Sanders and Shawn Stasiak walking down the hallways. They stop and enter Heymans office.

Heyman- Hello there fellas, congratulations on your win last night, although I am still a little confused as how you smuggled a glass jar and a mop into that dumpster.

Sanders- Thats in the past Paul, all the way back in the past! We are looking to the future, we are the future, the new tag team champs, The NBT's! (crowd boos)

Stasiak- Yeah and we just want to say that we are ready to take on all comers, so we have a sheet of paper here, if ANY tag team wants a shot, just sign up and we will give you your shot.

They place the sheet on Heymans desk, and before they can leave in walk Konnan and Rey Mysterio.

Konnan- We are up first eses, the Filthy Animalz are taking the gold off the NBT tonight!

Mysterio- So guys, later on, the Filthy Animalz versus the NBT for the tag titles.

Mysterio and Konnan stare at the titles on the shoulders of the NBT, then they exit.

JR: Well folks an invertational for the tag titles has started tonight, it will be Filthy Animalz vs NBT for the tag titles, plus Rhyno will face Edge in the main event, if Edge wins, then Edge gets a rematch for the MITB contract anytime, anywhere!

King: Thats not all JR, there is gonna be a triple threat to see who will face Y2J at Hog Wild for the International title, as Hardcore Holly vs Test vs ???, who will this 3rd man be?

JR: Could be anyone King, I really dont know. But what I do know is that there is a man standing backstage that almost cost the Kliq their War Games match 2 night ago, HHH!

HHH is standing by smiling evily as the English crowd boo heavily. HHH just waves them away.

Roger- Well Hunter, just 2 days after you almost reuined your so-called Kliq reunion, here you are, once again turning away from the fans, and your friends.

HHH- Well Roger, you see, that assault that the Thrillers gave me earlier, that woke me up, I dont have to doing this crap, I DESERVE to be the champ, I dont need to back up washed up old timers in some fight, I need to be at the top, and thats how it will always be!

HHH turns and goes to walk off, but a hand grabs him by the shoulder. Hunter stops and....

HHH- Roger take your hand off........me......

HHH's eyes open wide as he stares right into the eyes of Scott Hall. The crowd erupts when they see Hall.

Hall- What the hell are you doing man? You almost reuined the Kliq reunion you SELFISH BASTARD!

HHH- I have better things to do than hang around with worthless, washed up crap like you, Nash, HBK, Syxx and even those damn New Age Outlaws, I have a life I live, and that life centers around wrestling gold!

Hall- Yeah?

HHH- Yeah!

Hall- Lets see how washed up I am.....

Hall socks HHH with a right and the 2 erupt into a huge brawl, Hall getting the upper hand and throws HHH into the wall, then backdrops him through the coffee table behind him. HHH boots Hall then he hammers away as security and backstage officials break the 2 up. As security take the 2 away HHH yells out

HHH- Its not over Hall, you're a deadman!

The camera cuts back to ringside.

JR: Wow, HHH got what he had coming to him, he deseerved all of that!

King: How can you say that JR, HHH is a great legendary figure in wrestling, he dosent have to be relegated to saving old timers!

JR: King, the man was the main figure in igniting the Kliq/NBT feud!

King: Well thats all good JR, and lets hope that this match will be, its the Filthy Animalz vs NBT for the tag titles!

Tag Team Championship Match
Filthy Animalz vs Mike Sanders & Shawn Stasiak (c)

The crowd get behind the Animalz all the match, Mysterio carves up the champs with cruiserweight moves.

Finish: Konnan is tagged in and gets the upper hand on both men. He takes down Sanders with a clothesline, then works on Stasiak in the corner. Sanders backdrops Konnan from behind for a 2 count. Mysterio soars off the top rope with a crossbody, but Sanders catches him and nails him with a boot to the face. Konnan sledges Sanders out of the ring, but Stasiak lowblows Konnan from behind and rolls him up for the 3!

Winners and still Tag Team Champs - Mike Sanders & Shawn Stasiak

JR: Damn it, the Thrillers cheated to win that one!

King: Yeah right JR, the Animalz had that one in the bag....that was sarcasm JR!

JR: Obviously King.

The camera fades back to see Benoit warming up for his match which is up after the break. The camera cuts out on a determined looking Benoit.

Commercial Break
WIWA Hog Wild
British Telecom
News Report
WIWA World Tour
Coca Cola

JR: We're back folks, and up now is the first match in the Next Contenders tournament!

Next Contenders Tournament QuaterFinals
Chris Benoit vs ???

Benoit gets a large reaction from the English crowd. Benoit eagerly awaits his opponent with a determined look as drum beats fill the arena and a certain music hits to get a huge pop from the crowd........

Its Goldberg! The crowd roars as Benoits face changes to a look of uncertainty. Goldberg walks into the pyro, then sets it off to a big pop. He does his regular thing down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Goldberg dominates early on, but Benoit dodges an attempted Spear into the corner and works on his injured left shoulder.

Finish: Goldberg blocks Benoits attempted Crossface and sideslams Benoit hard. Both men take their time getting up. Benoit goes for Goldberg and Goldberg drives the air out of Benoit with a Spear! Goldberg then signals for the Jackhammer. He lifts Benoit up but Benoit gets out of it and locks the Crossface on Goldberg! Goldberg tries so hard to get out of it or hold off but the pain is getting to him. He is about to tap when Bret Hart shows up and yanks the ref out of the ring. Benoit releases the Crossface on Goldberg and goes for Hart. He tackles Hart back into the barricade, and hammers away at him but Storm, Neidhart and Christian jump from the crowd and they beat down on Benoit They roll Benoit back in the ring and Hart revives the referee as Neidhart drags Goldberg on top of Benoit. The ref counts the 3!

He raises Goldbergs hand and hart slides in the ring with the title belt, and goes to hit Goldberg with it, but Goldberg counters it and Spears Bret Hart! He then boots Storm off the apron into the barricade, turns around and powerslams Christian, then Spears Neidhart. He then looks at Hart, the crowd pops loudly as Goldberg Jackhammers Hart to hell. Goldberg exits as the crowd it going crazy, Benoit is in the ring and he stares at Hart and locks the Sharpshooter on Hart! More pops from the fans! Benoit leaves it on, but eventually officials break him off and take him to the back.

Winner and advancing to the Semifinals - Goldberg

JR: It was Goldberg! He came, and unfortunatley for Benoit, won! But those damn Canadian Connection members had no business out there, they ruined a good match!

King: Bret Hart must be afraid of losing to Benoit further on so he cost him this match, because Bret Hart has become a coward as of late.

JR: Well folks, up after the break, a triple threat for the International title! Its next

Commercial Break
Virgin Megastores
Local Weather Report
Best Buys
Smoking Kills

We come back and see Benoit walking through the hallways, irate and p***ed off. He barges into Heymans office.

Benoit- Did you see that Paul? I had the match won and Hart interfered, give me him on Explosion!

Heyman- Now Chris I know you are angry with what happened, but I cannot give you a match against Bret on Explosion, however, I can give you a match against Jim Neidhart!

Benoit- I dont want his personal lapdog, I want him, lets see how he goes in a rematch!

Heyman- Sorry Chris, take the offer or leave it.

Benoit- Fine, I'll take it.

Benoit leaves with a bad attitude, Heyman shakes his head.

JR: Well on Explosion, its gonna be Benoit vs Neidhart!

King: Explosion will be coming to you live from Sydney, Australia!

JR: And we cant wait to get out to Australia, tremendous fans out there, and we are always welcome, no matter who we travel ith isnt that right King?

King: Sure is JR, and now its triple threat time to see who Jericho will face at Hog Wild for the International title.

Triple Threat Number 1 Contenders Match
Hardcore Holly vs Test vs ???

Holly and Test await their mystery opponent, but no-one comes through thee curtain when Lillian makes the announcement. Holly and Test start to brawl with each other when....

*MY TIME* fills the soundsystem and the crowd explodes as out comes John Cena, taped ribs and all. He gets in the ring and the fight really starts.

Finish: Cena was powerbombed by Test off the top rope and had been out of action for a while, as Test isolated Holly. Holly fights back but Test hits him with an elbow and whips him off the ropes. Test goes for a back body drop, but Hardcore counters and then hoists Test up and plants him with an Alabamaslam. Holly covers Test but Cena manages to break it up somehow. Cena fires up on Holly, nailing a scoop slam, then the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. Cena covers but Holly kicks out. Cena whips Holly to the ropes and hits him with a diving shoulder block sending Holly backwards through the ropes to the floor. Cena pumps it up and turns around, Test goes for a big boot, Cena ducks and plants Test with an FU. Cover made by Cena for an easy 3.

Winner and Number 1 Contender - John Cena

JR: Cena did it, the surprise entrant wins!

King: I dont believe he did it JR, he just got out of hospital, literally!

JR: It takes a tremendous amount of bravery and courage to come back just 2 days after a brutal 6 man ladder match and win a triple threat like that.

Cena exits playing to the fans.

*BURN IN MY LIGHT* hits and the crowd boos as out comes Randy Orton. He gets in the ring and swipes the mic from Lillian Garcia.

Orton- I am fed up with this crap, Steve Austin was a waste of time going after, I mean, I was the youngest Worlds Heavyweight Champion in the WWE, and now Im here the closest I came was being the Gauntlet for the Gold match at our opeining PPV back in March in Miami! I am a LEGEND, and I am a LEGEND KILLER! I dont have to bother with Steve Austin, there are tons of other legend sout there to kill, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, The Rock, Mach Man Randy Savage, Sting, the list goes on, I can beat them all, hell I should just add every legend to my list anyways, not like I cant beat them. Randy Orton is sick of people saying to me, Randy why did you turn your back on us? I'll tell you why, because the fans are not important (crowd boos) SHUTUP! I dont care what anyone thinks I am Randy orton and I......

*GLASS SHATTERS* blasts and the crowd explodes and out comes Stone Cold to a thunderous ovation from the English crowd. Austin flips the finger to orton, then climbs aboard all 4 tunrbuckles and salutes the fans. He grabs a mic.

Austin- BLAH BLAH BLAH! You know what son?

Crowd- WHAT?

Austin- I arrived here tonight and was walking backstage and everyone back there was asleep. It was dead quiet.

Crowd- WHAT?

Austin- I looked everywhere, officials, superstars, referees, hell even Paul Heyman was getting some shut eye.

Crowd- WHAT?

Austin- So I thought what the hell could be boring everyone so much, then I saw something, I saw you blabbering your mouth off out here and I instantly thought that you were the one who had literally stopped time backstage, because I checked my watch and it was running up to ASS WHUPPIN TIME! (crowd pops) Anyways I thought I might just watch your little segment, but hell after a couple of seconds I too almost fell asleep. Hell boy do you know how boring your are, I mean you've done more than half the sleeping pills I have taken in my life, in about 5 seconds! (crowd roars) And I...

Orton- SHUTUP Austin, show some respect, you are in the presence of the Legend Killer, Randy Orton! (crowd boos)

Austin- Son interrupt me again and I will not hesitate to shove my foot in your ass and pull it out your thoat! (crowd pops) 2 nights ago, I whipped your ass all over New Orleans boy, and hell if I have to, I will whip your ass all over Manchester! (crowd pops)

Orton- Is that so?

Austin- You bet your scrawny little ass it is!

Orton steps back and slaps Austin across the face. Austin looks at the ground, then flips Orton the finger and plants him with a Stunner! Austin then downs a couple of cold ones before leaving to a huge ovation from the crowd.

JR: By gawd Austin just Stunnered Randy Orton straight to hell!

King: He shouldnt be allowed to put his hands on the great Randy Orton. Austin had no business Stunning Orton.

Camera cuts to a commercial break

Commercial Break
Lottery Results
UWEF Highway 2 Hell
GAP Sales
NIKE sport
WIWA/UWEF 2 Worldz Collide Supershow

Next Contender Tournament QuaterFinals Match
Scott Hall vs ???

Hall gets a massive pop from the crowd. Hall awaits his opponent.

*YO ITS ME, ITS ME, ITS D-D-P!* hits and the crowd raises to their feet and out comes DDP. He does the cutter sign and the pyros explode, the crowd are on their feet. Hall snickers a little bit, then nods his head in acceptance.

Finish:The crowd have been torn between who to cheer for in this one. DDP has been on top for a while, he has a headlock on Hall. Hall fights out and whips Page to the ropes and nails a belly to belly throw on Page. Hall fights with rights and whips DDP to the corner. Hall follows in with a clothesline, then elevates Page over the shoulder, followed by an elbow drop. Cover for a near fall. Hall hits a suplex on page. Hall then does his signature taunt to get a big pop. Hall sets page up for the Razors Edge, but HHH runs in and distracts Hall. Hall drops Page to the floor and dares HHH to get in the ring. Hall goes for HHH when he gets on the apron, but HHH ducks and hangs Hall out on the ropes. Hall then stumbles around into the Diamond Cutter! Page covers for the 3! Page wins.

Winner and advances to the Semifinals - DDP

Hall is recovering and he stares at HHH who is on the stage, HHH is laughing hard at Hall. Hall slaps the canvas hard in frustration. He stares coldly back at HHH.

JR: Damn it HHH had to go and ruin Halls chance at the title.

King: Well Hall had that coming after his comments earlier, good move by the Game!

JR: Its pathetic, there will be hell to pay for HHH I gurauntee it!

The screen fades black, then a music video airs of all the Wrestlemania highlights, its played to by Fozzy-Enemy.

Backstage Roger Walker is standing by with AJ Styles, who gets a huge pop when his name is announced.

Roger- AJ, you came so close at Wrestlemania to winning the Lightweight title, but you lost it to CM Punk.

Styles- I lost, yes I will admit it, but I am no longer concerned with the Lightweight title, I want my revenge on Billy Kidman. So Kidman, if you can here me, on Explosion, you and me 1 on 1, if you have the balls, which you probably dont!

JR: Wow, a short but sweet message to Billy Kidman, Styles wants revenge and he wants it soon!

King: I would love to see a Styles vs Kidman matchup, that would be great stuff.

JR: So will this match, our main event, coming up after our final commercial break, Rhyno vs Edge, and if Edge wins he gets another chance at the MITB contract, anywhere and anytime he wants, 1 on 1.

Commercial Break
Star Wars Episode 3 Advert
Manchester Cabs
Macnhester United Advert

Main Event: MITB Second Chance Match
Rhyno vs Edge

Rhyno dominated until Edge took out his leg and worked on it for about 10 minutes.

Finish:Rhyno whips Edge to the ropes, Edge dodges the Gore attempt and Rhyno lands on the middle rope. Edge goes for a stryder but Rhyno moves and Edge hangs himslef out the ropes. Rhyno then plants Edge with a backbreaker. Cover for 2. Rhyno sets Edge up for a suplex but Edge blocks it and plants Rhyno with an Edgeacution! Cover but Rhyno just kicks out. Edge cant believe it. He poises himself in the corner for a Spear. Rhyno gets up and as Edge goes to him Rhyno boots him in the face. Rhyno then sets Edge up for the Gore. Rhyno charges at Edge, Edge moves and Rhyno thwocks into the ringpost. Edge then rolls Rhyno up from behind and uses the ropes to get a 3 count in a hellacious match!

Winner - Edge

JR: Hey ref, Edge used the ropes, that shouldnt be counted as the win!

King: Ingenius work by Edge, he controlled and tamed the manbeast, then did whatever it took to win the match, I like it

Edge grabs a mic

Edge- I suppose everyone is wondering when I will invoke this rematch clause, and at Hog Wild, in a Steel Cage, Rhyno vs Edge for the MITB contract!

JR: Wow, our first match for Hog Wild signed up already, Edge vs Rhyno in a Steel Cage! Folks we gotta go, we'll see you on Friday in Sydney, Australia for Explosion!



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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Looking good, Edge/Rhyno feud seems interesting; a battle with their respective finishers will be interesting. I’m not fully up to date but I tried to understand things as much as possible. Benoit losing to Goldberg seems like a bit of a setback, hopefully the wolverine can recover. So now that’s Goldberg and Hall through, interesting. Orton and Austin was interesting, I was kinda disappointed to see it for reasons I don’t want to give away at the moment so leave that at that. A steel cage match for the MITB Contract, I wonder where I’ve seen that before lol

All in all I don’t want to grade it fully as I’m not up to date and it would be unfair to give you a low mark because I don’t understand it. Nice show. I’ll try read more in the future if you continue to return the favour
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

lol Im sorry I forgot you had done it in a cage too, I couldnt remember if you did cage or HIAC, so I wen with what I felt was right.

Thx to Mr.W, Main Event, kid o mac & King of Pain V.1 for the reviews, a few more to come maybe

WIWA News and Rumour Page

As UWEF confirmed that Bret Hart, The Rock, Lance Storm & Randy Orton to stick with the UWEF in the upcoming mega show 2 Worldz Collide, the WIWA has confirmed that Scott Hall, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rhyno and John Cena will be definates for the WIWA brand, more info will come your way in the coming weeks and months

Carlito Carribean Cool was found backstage at a WIWA live event in London, England, no detail as of what he was dojng back there.

Eddie Guerrero is nursing numerous light rib injuries and will be out of action for 2 weeks.

Kevin Nash expressed in a sit down interview, the hope of representing the WIWA at the WIWA/UWEF supershow, and sais that it will be a great move from both companies.


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

pretty good edge/rhyno segment and i knew there would be a rematch for the money in the bank contract

like the Tag Team Invitational idea that you came up with. intresting to see who will win the titles of Sanders and Stasiak

pretty good tag title match between the NBT's and the Filthy Animalz, and you did the right thing with the NBT's retaining

goldberg vs benoit match was good, i am now thinking that goldberg willl be the winner of the tourney

heyman/benoit segment was nothing special but was needed to build up for the nedihart/benoit match on Explosion

suprise to see cena appear but the triple threat match was good. i have a feeling that we are in for a good match at hog wild

pretty good austin/orton segment, im hoping there will be a rematch at Hog Wild

hall/ddp match was ok, the hhh interference was good. wonder if we will see a hhh/hall match at hogwild?

styles segment could have been longer but got point across

very good rhyno/edge match, can't wait till hogwild for the steel cage match
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Hey man, it was a OK show. Not our best, but it was still good. I did like that Goldberg won, but I hope that Benoit can stay strong . I like the tag sign-up sheet.

Glad to hear that Bret Hart, The Rock, Lance Storm & Randy Orton are going to stick around.

Originally Posted by breaksilence View Post
Hey.. this isn't where I parked my car.
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

^^^Stick around in UWEF. Anyway, an ok show. I know how it feels to make a show, coming off from a PPV. Edge vs. Rhyno was good and these two would be great to fued with each other. Hope the right man wins, The Benoit/Bret fued continues and a great way for it to continue. Didn't like the fact that Goldberg was the man to beat Benoit but it was all right. Again, not your best but this was a post-PPV show so I'll let you slide with an 8/10.

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Sorry I miss read the news. That was my fault. Can't wait for 2 Worldz Collide.

Originally Posted by breaksilence View Post
Hey.. this isn't where I parked my car.
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

it's all right.

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