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Re: JLA Wrestling

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Re: JLA Wrestling

[/B]JLA LiveWire Recap

First Match- Akio vs Jyushin Liger- Number 1 contedors match Cruiserweight Title

Ultimo Dragon starts the match off well, hitting a dropkick and getting a 1 count. He gets to 6 on a 10 punch until Akio hits an atomic drop. Akio hits a Pele kick and DDT resulting in a 2 count. Ultimo surprises with a school boy pin getting a 2 count. Akio hits an runing enzigure, followed by some excellent suplexes and cruiserweight moves. With Ultimo Dragon down on the canvass Akio hits the corkscrew. The referee makes the count to 2 untill Akio's rival Jyushin Liger drags the referee out of the ring. Akio thinking he got the win is surpised by the Japanese legend behind him, shock is followed by pain when the Liger Bomb connects. With Liger out of the ring and Ultimo Dragon covering Akio Earl Hebner instinctivly makes a slow 3 count.

Winner- Ultimo Dragon

Second Match- Rikishi vs Hardcore Holly

Rikishi makes short work out of Hardcore Holly hitting a Samoan drop, Belly to Belly and Leg drop.After a humiliating stink face, Hardcore Holly is driven head first into the canvaas with a Rikishi Driver. Rikishi's arm is lifted as the winner and he celebrates in front of the crowd. Rikishi's opponent at the bash at the beach Taz enters the ring armed with a steal chair. Concentrating on the leg, Taz leaves the ring satisfied when Rikishi is seen to by EMT's.

Winner- Rikishi

Fourth Match- Tag Team Turmoil- Intercontinental Title Match

1st elimination- The Superheroes.

2nd elimination- The Headbangers.

3rd elimination- The Hardy Boys.

4th elimination- Edge and Christian.

5th elimination- The Dudley Boys.

Winners- New Tag Team Champion- The New Age Outlaws.

Main Event- HHH vs Chris Benoit- JLA Tournament Semi Final

[/I]The match kicks off with a test of strengh which Benoit is winning untill HHH hits a low kick on Benoit. HHH takes controll of the match executing a fine snap suplex. He concentrates on causing a gash in the head of the Rabid Wolverine with out success. After a vertical supplex Chris Benoit suffers extreme pain in his back. Triple H see's this and concentrates on causing as much pain as possible on Benoits back. After hitting an aray of moves including a backbreaker and side walk slam, The Game gets a long 2 count. With HHH getting more and more frustrated with every count he decides to use a long sleeper hold to weaken his opponent. Benoit manages to fight from the sleeper and hits a dropkick and snap suplex. After both men exchange punches Triple H connects with the Pedigree and wins the match.

Winner- Triple H[CENTER][B]

If you have any veiws on LiveWire please post them in this thread.
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Re: JLA Wrestling


"My sacrifice" by creed plays in the background, while the JLA superstars show what they can do. The video ends with Eric Bischoff smilling. The crowd erupt as the camera shows the vast aray of signs and masks. We go to ringside with JR and Jerry the King Lawler.

JR- Hello and welcome to JLA LiveWire we're only 3 days away from The Bash at the Beach.

Jerry Lawler- Your right JR and tonight we're going to see who's going to be in the main event with Triple H for the JLA World Heavyweight Title. When Sting steps into the ring with The Undetaker.

JR- I'm looking forward to that one King.

[/I]"Time to play the game" Triple H enters the ring accompined by DX.

Triple H Last night, I showed everyone that I am the best damn wrestler in the JLA. Everyone said "Triple H, you cant win the best technical wrestler without cheating." Well for anyone who ever doubted me, I beat Chris Benoit 1...2...3... I did'nt hit Benoit with a chair to get the 3 count. Hell, I did'nt even need the help of DX. You see, the title is as good as mine. I dont care if The Undertaker wins tonight, or even Sting, at The Bash at the Beach I will hit the Pedigree and get the 3 count, because I am that damn good.

[/B]JR- He's confident is'nt he King.

Jerry Lawler He should be confident JR, he's the Game.

JR- I'm not sure if its confidence or arrogance King.

Tazz vs Viscera

Before the match they show footage of taz hitting Rikishi with a steel chair

Match- Tazz begins to throw lefts and rights before an irish whip sets the big man up for a big clothesline. After dropping an elbow to the chest of Viscera, Taz goes for a belly to belly suplex but to no avail. Viscera's weight is too much for Taz and decides to hit a belly to belly of his own. With Taz gasping for air, Viscera goes for a leg drop off the ropes which connects well. Taz crawls to the ropes in hope of losing Viscera as the big man taunts the crowd. Spotting Taz, who has found refuge in leaning on the turnbuckle, Viscera charges at his opponent and connects with a stinger splash, causing Taz to fall to the canvaas. Viscera goes for the pin 1...2. Taz raises his right elbow, Viscera complains with the referee over what he thinks is a slow count. The angry Viscera whips Taz into the ropes looking to connect with a big boot, Taz who has had time to rest see's this and hits a dropkick. Taz begins to build in confidence against the big man after hitting a tazplex which results in a 2 count. Taz hits an aray of punches and kicks trying to keep the big man down for the 3 count. A scruffy German suplex by Taz is followed by an unbelievable belly to belly by on Viscera. Taz begins to stalk Viscera who try's hard to get his feet. The big man finaly gets to his enormous feet, Taz who has been waiting patiently by the right side turnbuckle pounces on Viscera and locks the Tazmission. The force of Taz's arms around Viscera neck begins to take its toll on the big man, the pain is too much for Viscera and begins to tap. Taz is resiliant to break the hold and keeps the devastating manouver locked in for as long as possible. Road agents finaly manage to pull Taz off Viscera. Taz, looking pleased with himself, walks slowly to the locker rooms smiling.


JR- Taz is one sick individual King.

Jerry Lawler- I'm glad i'm not Rikishi. If I were him, i'd stay at home for the Bash at the Beach and give Taz the Intercontinental title.

JR- Rikishi will never do that king. I'd bet my life on it.


Interview with Tazz

Michael Cole- Tazz, we've just seen what your capable of by winning your match with Viscera, do you think you'll win your match at Bash at the Beach for the Intercontinental Title with Rikishi, and do you have any words for your opponent.

Tazz- Cole, Rikishi's sitting at home right now resting his leg, probably watching LiveWire while he eats a family portion of Mars Bars. I did that Cole.Rikishi, I can beat them all, fat guys, skinny guys, even guys with chicken pox. I'm not afraid of you Rikishi, hell I've not been afraid since that prick of a doctor slapped me across the ass. That IC title is mine and i'm taking it at Bash at the Beach.

Dudley Boys vs Edge and Christian- Number 1 contendors match for the Tag Team Titles

Match- D'von and Christian start the match with Christian hitting D'von with a right uppercut followed by a strong clothesline knocking D'von to the canvaas. Christian begins stomping on the head of the D'von followed by a big elbow drop to the chest. Christian makes the tag to Edge who keeps controll of the match hitting a side Russian leg sweep and snap suplex in the process. After hitting a DDT Edge goes for the count, for it to be interupted by Bub Buh Ray Dudley. Edge makes the tag to Christian who connects with a German suplex and vertical suplex followed by another pin 1...2..Bub Buh Ray interupts the count. The match goes in The Broods way with Edge and Christian making frequent tags and keeping D'von from making the tag. Edge, who is getting frustrated by Bub Buh Ray constantly breaking his pins, decides to try and hit a sphere. With Edge lurking by the turnbuckle D'von slowly gets to his feet and turns to see Edge running with force straight at him, D'von reacts quickly and dodges Edge's finisher. Edge runs straght into the turnbuckle smashing his shoulder causing him to scream in pain. D'von crawls to his corner and makes a tag to Bub Buh Ray Dudley, Bub Buh runs into the ring filled with momentom and uses this to hit a superb clothesline on the illegal Christian who rolls out of the ring in pain. Bub Buh pulls Edge to his feet and hits a side walk slam planting Edge's back into the canvaas. Bub Buh Ray completes a Bubba Bomb on Edge, he hooks the leg 1...2..Christian drops an albow on Bub Buh's head causing the referee to stop the count. Christian and Bub Buh Ray Dudley square up hitting each over with lefts and right, until a forcefull right hand by Christian is ducked By Bub Buh setting Christian up for a Bubba Cutter. The pain in Christians skull is too much to bear and he rolls out of the ring. D'von enters the ring and pulls Edge to his feet, he irish whips the injured Edge into the ropes setting him up for a painfull Dudley Death Drop. The leagal Bub Buh Ray hooks the leg 1...2...3.

Winners- Dudley Boys.


We come back to a commercial about the upcoming Bash at the Beach. The film shows the Quarter final of the JLA Tournament with clips from the Akio/Jushin feud also with Taz/Rikishi and the Intercontinental title. The film finishes with a shot of the JLA Worls Heavyweight title.

Post match interview with The Undertaker and Paul Heyman

Michael Cole- Last week we saw Brock Lesnar confront both you and The Undertaker. Do you think this will affect you semi final match with Sting?

Paul Heyman- Michael Cole, nothing can stop The Undertaker from winning this match with Sting. So what if Brock says he's got freinds, so what if he's sad I turned my back on the big oath. The Undertaker is focused and nothing can brake his focus, not Brock not Triple H not even Chris Benoit. Brock Lesnar can try and tinker with the mind of the Phenom, but Brock, you can knock and you can knock but the door's not gonna open.

Michael Cole- Undertaker do you think you can beat Sting tonight?

Undertaker- Sting you did well to get this far, and I congratulate you, but your run ends here. I will get to the final of this tournament and I will win the JLA Title. Sting, your just in the way of my title, so just lie down and i'll make it easy on you.

Paul Heyman- Triple H get ready, the Phenom is coming, and your in his way.

JR- I dont even think The Undertaker counts Sting as a threat.

Jerry Lawler- I know JR, The Undertaker truly believes he will be the JLA Champion.


We return with Raven and Michael Cole just after Eric Bischoff anounces he will defend his title against Al Snow at Bash at the Beach.

Michael Cole- Raven how do you feel about defending your title against Al Snow.

Raven- How do I feel, how do I feel Cole. Well let me take you back 2 weeks ago, right here on LiveWire. I sacrificed my body for this title, I was hit by trash cans, judo sticks, stop signs and even a manuquen head. Now I have to do it all over again. Well Cole, I cant wait. Quote the Raven nevermore.

Sting vs The Undertaker- JLA tournament semi final.

Match The Undertaker takes the early advantage using his right uppercut to good use. The irish whip sets Sting up for a side walk slam, followed by an elbow drop to the heart of Sting. The Undertaker hits a big backbreaker causing Sting to rive in pain. The smell of succes looks imminent for the Undertaker so early in the match and the Phenom know it. He begins to club the back of Sting causing Stings body to crash to the floor. After a leg drop and a knee Undertaker picks the limp body of Sting and begins a bearhug. Sting screams in pain as his body is crushed by the powerful arms of the Phenom. After several minuites of pure agony, The Undertaker slams his opponents body hard to the canvaas. Undertaker hooks the leg 1...2...Sting raises an arm to the amazement of the Phenom. The confussed Undertaker whips Sting to the ropes looking to connect with a big boot, Sting graps hold of the ropes for dear life. Taker charges at the limp body of Sting, who reacts quickly and connects with a dropkick. Both men lie to the floor before the Undertaker collect his bearings. Taker grabs hold of Sting and goes for the Last Ride, slamming Stings lifeless body to the mat.

JR- Its over, its over.

Taker hooks the leg, 1...2...Sting raises a shoulder.

JR-[B] How the hell did he kick out. He should be at the hospital, not in a wrestling ring.

Heyman shouts encouragement at the side of the ring. The astonished Undertaker looks at his opponent unbelieving of what he as just seen. He gets to his feet and takes Sting with him, he raises his arm and slaps his enourmas hand around the throat of Sting.The chokeslam looks imminent, until a bruised Sting raises a foot to the mid section of the Phenom. With his last ounce of strengh, Sting grabs hold of Takers head and connects with a DDT. Both men stay glued to the canvaas breathing heavily. After several minuites both superstars get to their feet. Sting hits a right hand follwed by a left, he continues to punch Taker until he fall to the canvaas. Sting starts to build up momentum and hits Taker with a snap suplex. Taker finds refuge on on the turnbuckle as he breath heavily. Sting see's an opening and charges at the Phenom, he leaps with full might at Taker who grabs the unsuspecting Earl Hebner to block the full force of the Stinger Splash. The referee falls to the canvaas as Sting tries to help him to his feet. Heyman sees an opening and grabs a chair from the announcers table. He enters the ring and heads towards Sting, he swings the chair at full force towards the skull. Sting sensces Heyman and ducks the shot, he grabs the chair off Heyman and hits the Phenoms manager over the head. Heyman lays still outside the ride. Sting throws the chair out of the ring, he turns straight into Taker and the hand wraps round the neck of sting. Taker looks likely to complete the chokeslam until another kick to the gut sends him crashing to the mat. Sting uses his last bit of stregth complete the Scorpion Death Lock. Taker begins to rive in pain as he try's hard to get to the bottom rope. The pain shoots down the back of Taker making it too difficult to get to the ropes. Earl Hebner Begins to collect his bearings just in time to see The Undertaker tap. The bell rings and Stings hand is raised in triumpth.

JR- He did it, Sting did it. He's going to the final at the Bash at the Beach.

Winner- Sting[CENTER][B]

[I]If you have any opinions about LiveWire please leave them in this thread./I]

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Re: JLA Wrestling

Sorry about the mix up with Bold, italics. I did the latest edition of LiveWire late at night and was half asleep when i had finished. Please look beyond the mistakes and concentrate on the actuall writing. Please take the time to comment on my show, it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!
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Re: JLA Wrestling

The Bash at the Beach- Final Card

The first ever JLA pay per veiw is just 2 days away, where the first ever JLA World Heaveyweight Title match will take place. The new Cruiseweight Champion will make his first title defence against the Ultimo Dragon. Also, Jyushin Liger will finaly get his revenge on Akio as they go head to head at the Bash. Raven will defend his title against the deranged Al Snow, as always there's no holds barred or count outs, just pure hardcore rules. With the first ever JLA battle boyal ending in a draw, the last 2 compititors will fight for the prestigous Intercontinental Championship. The battle royal wasnt the only first for JLA, the first ever tag team turmoil match was thought with The New Age Outlaws collecting the Tag Team Titles. After a great bout with the Brood's Edge and Christian, the Dudley Boys were announced as the new number one contendors for DX's titles. Eric Bishoff made a late announcement after LiveWire, confirming that Chris Benoit will be fighting The Undertaker. Tune in on Saturday to see the onlything worth watching on TV......JLA's Bash at the Beach.

Chris Benoit vs The Undertaker.

Jyushin Liger vs Akio

The Dudley Boys vs The New Age Outlaws- Tag Team Championship Match.

Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio jr- Cruiserweight Title Match.

Taz vs Rikishi- Intercontinental Title Match.

Raven vs Al Snow- Hardcore Title Match.

Sting vs Triple H- World Heavyweight Title Match.

If you have any veiws on The Bash at the Beach, feel free to post them here.
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Re: JLA Wrestling

Sorry this is really late. My computer has been screwing up allot recently and Iíve not had time to post this.

The Bash at the Beach

The fireworks begin in front of the titan tron creating a loud reaction from the crowd.

JR- Hello and welcome to JLA's Bash at the Beach. We've got one hell of a show for you tonight.

Jerry Lawler- I cant believe it's here JR, The Bash at the Beach is our first PPV and we've got all the titles on the line.

JR- your right King but Iíve got to say, the main event is the match Iím looking forward to.

Jerry Lawler- I know what you mean JR, tonight history will be made when the first ever JLA World Heavyweight Champion will be named, when The Game Triple H faces the master of the Scorpion Death Lock...Sting.

JR- I get Goosebumps thinking about it.

Chris Benoit's music blast over the PA to a loud reaction. He walks down the ramp looking straight and focused. As he enters the ring, he heads for the nearest turnbuckle and climbs to the second rope raising both arms and clenching his fists.

The Undertakers music causes the fans cheers into jeers as he walks down to the ring accompanied by his manager Paul Heyman. Heyman begins to talk frequently to the Phnom, preparing him for the task ahead.

Benoit show no fear as The Undertaker steps into the ring.

The Undertaker vs Chris Benoit

Match- Benoit and Taker circle the ring staring at each over intently before they hook up in a test of strength. The Undertakers muscles bulge as he weakens Benoit to his knees, he kicks Benoit square in the chest. Undertaker drops an elbow to his opponents chest before making the pin 1...Benoit kicks out. He picks Benoit to his feet then whips him onto the ropes setting him up for a clothesline. Heyman smiles as he chants "you got him Taker, he's all yours." The Undertaker uses his forearm to best use as he traps Benoit in a corner. Taker begins to brutally kick Benoit using the ropes to balance himself. With Benoit in pain after the savage attack, Taker power slams Chris onto the canvass followed by a big leg drop. An Irish whip sets the Rabid Wolverine up for a side walk slam, followed by knee to the head. Taker hooks the leg 1...2...Benoit raises a shoulder. Heyman begins to slap the canvass shouting "Come on Taker stay focused, you got him." With the encouragement of his manager helping, The Phnom wraps an arm around Benoits neck and head creating a tight sleeper hold. Benoit begins to lose consciousness resulting in the referee raising his arm with it dropping to the canvass. "1" shouts the referee, Heyman begins to jump on spot as he hears the call, "keep it locked, keep it locked" he shouts. The official raises the right arm again with it followed by the same result, "2" the referee calls. Heyman stops jumping to shout "It's over, it's over ring the bell."

JR- It's not over yet Heyman.

Jerry Lawler- Of course it is JR, he's out, no one can get out of that sleeper.

The referee raised Benoit's arm until it could go no further, then let go preparing to signal the bell. The Undertaker watched intently as Benoits arm stopped inches away from the canvass. The crowd irrupts as The Rabid Wolverine begins slowly to rise to his feet, using his elbow to smash the rib cage of the Phnom. 1 thrust, Takers grip loosened, the second made the Phnom let go. With his neck and head free and his body filled with momentum Benoit began to unleash lefts and right to the head of the Undertaker. "Taker, what are you doing, come on" Heyman wasnít jumping with joy now, but with anger and fear. A dropkick caused Taker to fall hard on the floor, followed by an Irish whip creating a strong clothesline. The crowd began chanting Benoits name as he hit a snap suplex on his opponent. Taker was unprepared when Benoit hit 3 German suplexes resulting in a pin 1...2..The Undertaker raised an elbow. Heyman begins to realize that the win wasnít going to be that simple and decides to shout even more encouragement from the side of the ring. After a DDT on the Phnom, Benoit begins to climb the turnbuckle. Heyman decides that shouting from the sidelines isnít the answer, so takes action on Benoit by snatching his leg, resulting in the Rabid Wolverine falling hard on the turnbuckle. With Benoit gasping for air, the Undertaker finally gets to his feet and sees Chris stranded on the turnbuckle. The referee begins to talk to Paul Heyman about his interference in the match. Heyman manages to stay at ringside with a little help from the Undertaker. The Phnom than climbs the ropes hoping to connect the superplex. He hits Benoit with a right forearm, then hooks his head and connects a big superplex. Benoit struggles to breath as he lies on the canvass, and isnít helped when Undertaker hits an elbow to his throat. Heyman begins to smile again. The Undertaker sits upright before hitting a chokeslam on the unsuspecting Benoit. Heyman begins shouting instructions which consists of one word... Tombstone. The Undertaker hears loud and clear and slams Benoit head first. With the Tombstone connected, The Undertaker hooks the leg, the referee makes the count 1...2...3.

Jerry Lawler- the Undertaker wins it, he wins Benoit with one hell of a Tombstone.

JR- He wins with a little help from Paul Heyman for the record.

The Undertaker's arm is raised as the winner. Paul Heyman looks at Taker "Your not finished yet, oh no, your not finished yet". Taker grabs Benoit and hits another Tombstone. Paul Heyman looks at Taker again ďthatís it, thatís it, think about the title Taker, and think about Sting Taker...Think about Brock Lesnar." Taker's eyes widen with anger as he picks Benoit up looking for a third Tombstone piledriver. The crowd erupt as a figure comes running down the runway with speed. Taker and Heyman flee the ring leaving Benoit on the canvass. The figure is made clear....Brock Lesnar stands in front of Benoit looking straight at his ex manager and his new client. EMT's see to Benoit with Lesnar helping him on the stretcher.

JR- Thank God, Brock Lesnar came down to stop this, who knows what those 2 sick individuals would have done.

Winner- The Undertaker

A Donít try this at home commercial is shown

Interview with Al Snow.

Michael Cole- Al Snow how do you feel going in to this match against Raven for the Hardcore title.

Al Snow- Michael Cole, Raven talks about how he is looking forward to the stop signs, the kendo sticks and my good friend head. Well Cole, I better not disappoint him.

"What does everybody want?". "HEAD," the crowd shout with enthusiasm as Al Snow enter the ring accompanied by his good friend Head. He climbs the ropes and begins shaking the mannequin head to the crowds excitement.

The sound of a crow fills the arena with boo's and jeers. Raven appears on the titan tron with a trolley filled with an assortment of objects. He begins throwing the objects into the ring, leaving a few in the trolley which Raven leaves by the side of the ring.

Raven vs Al Snow- Hardcore Title Match

Match- Raven begins jeering the crowd as he holds up his Hardcore title outside the ring. Al Snow sees this and hits a suicidal dive of the top rope, the unsuspecting Raven is hit with the full force of Al Snows body. Both men lie on the floor until Al gets to his feet and drags Raven into the ring. He grabs the nearest thing which is a metal trash can, which he hits full on Raven head. The force of the blow causes Raven to scream in pain and isnít helped when another swing connects square on his head. All drops the can to the canvass and powerslams the Hardcore champ onto the rigid ends of the metal cylinder. With Ravens frail body still lying on the metal base, Al Snow bounces off the ropes to hit a big leg drop. The metal can is now no more than scrap of heap, which Snow throws into the crowd. He hooks the leg 1...2.Raven raises a shoulder. Al searches the ring and finds a red stop sign which he smacks over the head of Raven. Raven feels his head to check for signs of blood, luckly for him there is no such sign. While this is happening Al Snow lodges another trash can between the 2 middle ropes. Al Irish whips Raven for it to be reversed, this causes Snow to crash head first into the can. Raven takes his advantage to hit a snap suplex followed by a head lock bulldog. With Al Snow out on the canvass, Raven slides outside of the ring to throw the trolley and the rest of its contents into the ring. With an assortment of goodies to choose from, Raven picks a large kendo stick which he uses to hit Al over the back, this causes an array of red marks on the back of his opponent. Raven grabs the head of Al Snow, Snow grabs a fire extinguisher which he turns on Raven causing a puff of white vapour into the eyes of the Hardcore champ. He then turns the red can into the nose of Raven causing him to scream in pain. Al Snow hooks the leg of Raven, the referee makes the count 1...2..Raven raises a shoulder. Snow begins to stomp angrily on Ravens head using the ropes for balance. Al continues furiously until the referee decides to stop Snow by standing in front of both competitors. Snow looks at the left turnbuckle under the bottom rope, the camera focuses on the mannequin head. The crowd begin to erupt shouting "we want head, we want head." Al gives in to the crowds demands, and picks up Head. He stalks Raven from behind looking to hit the Hardcore champion with Head, Raven turns and swings a baseball bat with him, hitting Head out of the hands of Snow. The mannequin head falls to the back of the titan tron to Al Snows dismay. With Al staring intently screaming "Head come back, Head come back" Raven swings the baseball bat over the unarmed head of Al Snow. Al hits the canvass hard with his head smacking a near by chair, Raven hooks the leg 1...2...3. Raven is handed back the Hardcore title which he slaps round his shoulder. He spits on Al Snow as he leaves the ring. Al is then taken backstage on a stretcher.

JR- Al Snow could be dead and Raven doesnít care King.

Jerry Lawler- Oh dont be such a dram queen JR, Al just took a bump over the head.

JR- A bump, a bump King. Al snow could have brain damage.

Jerry Lawler- Well there won't be much of a difference if he did JR. HA HA HA HA god I kill myself.

Winner- Raven

Interview with Jyushin Liger.

Michael Cole- Jyushin Liger your match with Akio is next. How do you feel going into this match.

Jyushin Liger- Akio, you didnít make any friends when you came to JLA. You've pissed off a lot of people especially me. Akio, when you decided to hit me with a steel chair you made one hell of an enemy. An enemy that will cause you so much pain, that you will wish you'd never been born. An enemy that will make Satan look like one little bitch. So Akio, say that one last prayer before you enter the ring tonight, because it's going to be the last thing you ever say.

Jyushin Liger enters the ring to a loud reaction of cheers. He stands on the top rope with his usual metallic gold chest protector, the crowd erupt. He then removes the protector as it is not needed for his following match.

Akio cautiously walks down the ramp to a loud reaction of jeers. As soon as Akio enters the ring he quickly slides back out. The sight of his opponent keeps him outside the ring for another minute, until he resiliently slides back into the squared circle.

Akio vs Jyushin Liger

Match- As soon as Akio enters the ring, he gets pummelled by the boot of Jyushin Liger. After some brutal kicks to the head and chest, Jyushin Irish whips Akio into the ropes setting him up for a big clothesline. After 3 continues clotheslines, Jyushin hits the dropkick which makes Akio drop hard to the canvass. An elbow knocks the wind out of Akio, which he follows up with a big leg drop. Jyushin Liger Irish whips Akio setting him up for a spinning backbreaker, which is followed by a vertical suplex. Akio lays still on the canvass, Jyushin jumps onto the top rope and after a moment of preparation he leaps with full force into the air connecting with a perfect moonsault. With the full force of the splash, Jyushin holds his stomach with pain. He manages to shake off the pain, and hits a brainbuster suplex. Jyushin pins Akio 1...2...Akio kicks out. Jyushin Liger slowly gets to his feet and connects with a DDT, with Akio on his back Jyushin locks the arm bar submission. After several minutes of excruciating pain around his arm and shoulder, Akio manages to power out of the submission. With the pain still in Akio's arm, Jyushin hits an arm bar take down followed by a knee drop to the skull.

JR- It's gonna take allot from Akio to win the match King.

Jerry Lawler- I know JR, Jyushin Liger is on fire, and he's getting some payback.

Akio is pulled to his feet then driven back into the Canvass by a power slam. Akio slowly rises to his withering feet when he is hit by a running enzigure. The force of Jyushin boot to his face leaves Akio screaming in pain. Akio finds refuge on the ropes until he sees Jyushin Liger running at him looking for a clothesline. Akio reacts quickly and drops to the canvass whilst holding the top rope. Jyushin falls over the rope falling hard on the outside mat. Akio follows Jyushin Liger outside the ring after a few deep breaths. Akio grabs hold of Jyushin's mask until the masked legend hits a dropkick. Akio falls to the mat and begins crawling under the ring.

JR- What is he doing down there?

Akio is pulled from under the ring by Jyushin Liger. Akio brings a steel chair with him and swings it hard at Jyushin Ligers face, it connects. The referee rings the bell and Jyushin Liger is announced as the winner by DQ. Akio is not happy and continuously hits Jyushin with the solid steel chair. Road agents manage to take the chair off Akio who after a big struggle, walks backstage slowly smiling and clapping himself.

JR- what a despicable human being, he knew he couldnít win the match so he cheated. And when he was caught he took his anger out on Jyushin Liger.

Jerry Lawler- he could of injured Jyushin and he doesnít care JR. I'll tell you something, this feud is far from over between Akio and Jyushin Liger.

Jyushin Liger is helped backstage by the road agents to a standing ovation.

Winner- Jyushin Liger

JLA LiveWire's official sponsors Budweiser and KFC are advertised.

JR- Ladies and Gentleman, I've just got confirmation that Rikishi is backstage and......yes Michael Cole is with him.
We go backstage to Rikishi and Michael Cole.

Interview with Rikishi.

Michael Cole- Rikishi, two weeks ago we saw Taz attack you with a steel chair. It's amazing that you've made it here tonight. Now, do you have any words for the man your going to fight for the Intercontinental Title.

Rikishi- Taz, my leg is bandaged, my arm is bandaged, my wrist is bandaged. Tonight Taz, at the end of our match, you'll be lucky if you can wrap your injuries in a badage. Tonight Taz, you'll be lucky if you dont leave in a casket. That title is mine and so is your ass.

JR- Strong words from Rikishi.

The Intercontinental Title belt is shown to the crowd by Stacy Kiebler, as she holds the belt over her head.

The lights go out and the Taz symbol is shown on the Titon Tron Screen. Smoke filled the runway and Taz comes walking down to the ring with a black tattered towel over his head. The crowds boo's are defining as he struts to the squared circle.

The smoke clears the runway and the dark, dulcet music ends and the up beating hip-hop blasts over the PA system. The crowd cheers as Rikishi limps to the ring.

Both men are shown the title before the bell sounds.

Rikishi vs Taz- Intercontinental Title Match

Match- Both men circle the ring several times until Taz sweeps Rikishi's leg causing him to fall hard to the floor. Taz quickly grabs hold of Rikishi's head locking a sleeper hold. The Samoan is too fresh and manages to fight his way out of the hold quickly, then planting a right hand to the head of Taz. Rikishi's left is blocked and Taz hooks a right hand followed by a quick left. A quick succession of punches leaves Rikishi stranded on the ropes, Taz hits a dropkick causing the Big Samoan to go over the top rope and smacking his head on the mat. Taz follows his opponent and drops an elbow. He grabs hold of his opponents head and rams it into the turnbuckle repeatedly until Rikishi falls to the mat. Rikishi is pushed back into the ring and hit with an enzigure. Taz goes for the pin 1...2. Rikishi kicks out. After a couple of stomps to the head, Taz hits an awesome belly to belly suplex. Taz looking confident hits a neck breaker followed by a leg drop, Taz goes for another pin 1...2.Rikishi Kicks out again. Taz complains with the referee about a slow count but to no avail, he turns straight into Rikishi who completes a belly to belly of his own. Rikishi follows up with 2 consecutive clotheslines, and drops a big elbow. The Samoan is filled with momentum and connects with a superb Samoan Drop, then hits a leg drop. Rikishi covers Taz 1...2..Taz kicks out. Rikishi pulls his opponent to his feat then hits a DDT.

JR- Rikishi is on fire King.

Jerry Lawler- Come on Taz, hit him.

Rikishi Irish whips Taz into the ropes creating more force into the powerslam, which results into a cover 1...2..Taz raises a shoulder. The big man keeps a sleeper on Taz to slow him down, after several minutes he stops the hold to stomp on the back of his opponent. With control of the match Rikishi Irish Whips Taz into the corner setting him up for the full force of his butt. He connects resulting in Taz falling to the floor gasping for air. Rikishi see's Taz's position and smiles to the crowd who erupt in cheers. He slowly walks to the corner ass first.

Jerry Lawler- Nooooo, not the stink face, move Taz move.

Taz smells the scent of Rikishi's fat ass and quickly ducks under the legs of the big Samoan. Taz regains his bearings and looks for a big clothesline. The arm is ducked by Rikishi and Taz is hit by the left and rights of the Samoan. With Taz stunned, Rikishi Irish whips him into to the right turnbuckle followed by the same conclusion as before. The rear of Rikishi knocks the wind out of Taz causing him to fall to floor again. The crowd go crazy as Rikishi stands inches away from the face of his opponent. Taz knows what's coming and low blows Rikishi causing him to fall to his knees in pain. Both men lie on the floor for several minutes until Taz finally stands. He pulls Rikishi to his feet and hits him with a forearm followed by chop to the chest, with Rikishi stumbling Taz grips the waist of Rikishi and miraculously hits a Tazplex. Taz manages to cover Rikishi 1...2...Rikishi raises his right shoulder to the amazement of the crowd.

Jerry Lawler- How the hell did he kick out JR.

Taz picks Rikishi to his feet and hits a belly to belly suplex, followed by another.

JR- How the hell is Taz doing this. He has managed to pick up the three hundred plus Rikishi, and he's still going.

Taz drops an elbow to the chest of Rikishi followed by an excellent German suplex. Taz slowly stalks Rikishi who struggles to his feet. Taz breathes heavily as he waits slowly behind Rikishi. After several minutes The Samoan gets to his feet and is met by a Tazmission. The submission locks in on Rikishi's neck blocking the oxygen from his head. Rikishi falls to the floor and Taz's legs lock around the body of Rikishi. Taz begins to jerk the head of Rikishi around like a sack of spuds, the pain and lack od air is too much for Rikishi and he begins to tap. The bell rings but Taz still keeps the hold locked in. Road agents enter the ring to try and pry Taz away.

JR- He's won the match God damn it, break the hold.

Taz keeps the hold locked in for a long time until the agents get the better of him. Taz is given the Intercontinental belt which he shoves in front of Rikishi's face and says "you'll never have this you piece of shit, you hear me, this is the closest your ever going to get to this title." Taz leaves the ring with the crowd's jeers unnafecting the new Intercontinental champion. Rikishi is seen to by the road agents.

Jerry Lawler- He did it JR, Taz did it, what a man.

JR- I wouldnít call him a man King, Iíd call him a coward.

Winner- Taz- New Intercontinental Champion

Interview with Triple H.

Triple H looks focused as he holds a bottle of volvic water, which he takes frequent drinks of.

Michael Cole- Triple H, your match with Sting is not that long away how are you feeling, and what do you think the outcome of this match will be.

Triple H- Michael Cole, I'm two matches away from the most important match of my life. I'm fighting for the JLA World Heavyweight Championship, In front of millions of people. If I win this match, my name will be engraved into the history books forever as the first ever JLA Champion. Sting your in for one hell of a match, because that title is in my blood, it's in my heart.....It's my destiny.

"Oh you didnt know" Road Dogg Jessy James and his partner Bad Ass Billy Gun enter the ring with the Tag Team Titles around there waists. Road Dogg uses the microphone to the best of it's abilities as he struts with the DX logo proudly stitched into the back of his tank top.

Road Dogg pumps the crowd as he boasts in rhyme.

"Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages.
D Generation X proudly bring to you the Tag Team Champions of the woooooorld. The Road Dogg Jessy James the Bas Assssss Bily Gun, the New Age Outlaws.

The Dudleyís music begins to a surprising reaction. The crowd cheer with might, and begin chanting "Dudley Boys," The Dudleyís walk to the ring accompanied by a table which they both help to carry.

JR- It seem as if the crowd have warmed the Dudleys.

Jerry Lawler- Well they're fighting the Outlaws JR, and nobody likes the Outlaws.

Dudley Boys vs The New Age Outlaws- Tag Team Championship Match.

Match- The match kicks off with a quick toe kick by Road Dogg, hitting D'Von in the mid section. Road Dogg hits with a right forearm followed by an Irish Whip creating even more force in the dropkick. Road Dog makes a tag to Billy Gun, who shoots straight in with a kick to the gut. He makes the pin 1..D'Von kicks out. Bad Ass hits a perfect vertical suplex which keeps D'Von in the air for a good thirty seconds. With the Dudley on the floor Billy hits an elbow drop the skull. After hitting a sidewalk slam he Bad Ass makes the tag. Road Dogg uses the neckbreaker continued by a DDT, planting D'Vons face into the canvass. Road Dogg hooks the leg 1...2 Bub Buh Ray interupts the pin. Road Dogg keeps control of the match hitting a back suplex and side walk slam before making the tag to Bad Ass. Bad Ass is welcomed back into the ring with a last gasp dropkick by D'Von, who finaly makes the tag to Bub Buh Ray. The second Dudley flyís into the ring with momentum to every punch. Bub Buh hits a vertical suplex on Billy Gun followed up by a side walk slam. After a right forearm to the face, Bub Buh hits a Bubba Cutter, planting Billy Gunns face into his shoulder. Bub Buh makes the cover 1...2..Road Dogg enters the ring armed with a steel chair, which he uses to break the count. The referee signals the bell. "Here are your winners by disqualification the Dudley Boys".

JR- Road Dogg delibretly got his team disqualified, and now the New Age Outlaws keep the belts.

Jerry Lawler- What a smart move by Road Dogg, you just cant get one over on this guy.

The New Age Outlaws leave the ring quickly holding the Tag Belts, with The Dudleys staring at the glistening gold knowing they have been screwed.

Winners- The Dudley Boys- By DQ

A clip is shown, showing the past events of The JLA Tournament.

Interview with Sting.

Michael Cole- Sting, the biggest match of your career so far is only one more match away, how are you feeling and what do you think the outcome of the match will be.

Sting- You know what Cole, Triple H talks about how it's in his blood to win the JLA Title, how nothing is gonna stop him, how nothing is going to get in his way. Well H that kind of rings a bell, yeah it does, i remember Paul Heyman saying the same thing on LiveWire. The Undertaker didnít take me seriously, big mistake.

We go backstage with Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon.

Rey Mysterio- I know were going to have a good match tonight Jyushin and I just want to wish you the best of luck.

Ultimo Dragon- I couldnít put it any better Rey. Good Luck.

Ultimo walks to the ring greeted by a loud reaction of cheers. He looks focused when he walks to the second turnbuckle and soaks up the emotion from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio is greeted by the same reaction with the prestigious cruiserweight title around his waist.

Match- Both men circle the ring with there eyes locked both fired up by the crowd. Rey Mysterio stops and holds out a hand which Ultimo willingly shakes. Both men lock up, with Rey dropping to the ground and snatching the leg causing Ultimo to drop down hard. Rey scrambles to connect with a head lock which Ultimo quickly fight out of. Both men get to there feet with Ultimo reacting quickly with a dropkick. Rey gets hit with an enzigure followed by an elbow to the head. Ultimo tries to pull Rey to his feet but to no avail, he is surprised by a school boy pin out of nowhere. 1...2.Ultimo kicks out. Again, both men get to there feet, but this time Rey reacts first and hits a spinning wheel kick. Rey follows up with a hurricarana which has Ultimo scurrying out of the ring, to gather his marbles. Rey runs at Ultimo and connects with a suicide dive over the top rope. Both men lie still on the mat until Rey begins to struggle to his feet. He finally drags Ultimo into the ring, which he follows with a snap suplex. He drops a quick elbow and a spinning necks breaker, then Irish whips Ultimo into the turnbuckle. He runs with momentum at the turnbuckle and flips midway looking for some sort of hurricarana, Rey has his legs locked around the neck and is surprised when his own body is slammed hard into the canvass.

JR- a powerbomb, a powerbomb out of nowhere.

Both men lie still on the canvass, breathing heavily. Ultimo finally gets to his feet and pulls Rey also. After a few forearms and a big right uppercut, Ultimo Irish whips Rey into the ropes setting him up for a spinning backbreaker. Ultimo looks tired as he pulls off a great brainbuster suplex, planting the champions head straight into the ground. Ultimo slowly makes the pin 1...2..Rey Mysterio jr raises a shoulder. Ultimo looks bewildered as he kneels next to the Cruiseweight Champion's lifeless body. Ultimo picks Rey to his feet and connects with a dropkick, hitting Mysterio square in the chin. Ultimo decides to forget about the pin, and hoists Rey into the Tombstone position. He drops hard to his knees, planting Rey's head hard into the canvass. Ultimo hooks the leg 1...2...Rey raises his right shoulder inches off.

JR- Rey kicked out.

Jerry Lawler- He must have taken too many bumps to the head, because any sane person would of just stayed down.

Ultimo stares into the sky, his mask cant cover his frustration as he begins to stomp frequently on Rey Mysterio jr's head. After the savage stomps, Ultimo picks Rey slowly to his feet. He throws a right hand followed by a DDT. Ultimo looks at the crowd and moves his arms signallingĒ Itís overĒ. He hoists Rey into a powerbomb, looking to smash the Cruiserweight Champion into the canvass. Rey flips over the shoulders of Ultimo Dragon and holds the legs creating a solid pin 1...2...3

JR- Rey did it, he pinned Ultimo Dragon to retain his Cruiserweight Title.

Jerry Lawler- How did he do that JR, he looked certain to lose.

JR- I dont know JR, but one thing I do know is that these two superstars have gave it their all tonight.

Rey falls out of the ring in shock and lack of strength. His arm is raised as he holds his title over his head, stumbling as he walks backwards to the backstage. Ultimo Dragon sits upwards on the canvass, eyes glued to Rey Mysterio and the Cruiserweight Championship.

Winner- Rey Mysterio- Regains Cruiserweight Championship.

JR- Ladies and Gentleman, we are only moments away from the main event. Sting and Triple H will go head to head for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Jerry Lawler- The first ever JLA World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned JR, I cant wait. Letís get um out here.

"Time to play the game"

JR- you got your wish king, here's the Game-Triple H. And we've just got news that DX will be banned from ringside or from entering the ring at any part of the match.

Triple H looks nervous as he slowly walks to the ring, with his usual bottle of water in hand. He enters the ring after he spits the water, and throws the bottle of water into the crowd. He walks to two of the turnbuckles and looks at the crowd; he then tests the ropes by pulling down hard on the top ropes then running at them to test the slack. The arena goes pitch black. The silence is defining as the crowd wonder what is happening. A beam of light reaches the top of the arena; a figure drops from the rafters at speed.

JR- Thatís Sting, he's coming down from the rafters.

Triple H looks scared as Sting reaches the ground next to the ring. Sting removes his leather jacket and the arena comes alight. Both men are now in the ring, looking focused yet nervous at the humongous task ahead. The JLA World Heavy Title is shown to both competitors, the gold glistens throughout the arena. Both men are checked by the referee for illegal objects, both are clean. The referee checks that both superstars are ready, and then rings the bell.

JR- Here we go, history in the making.

Match- Both men circle the ring staring intently into each others eyes. Both breathing heavily as they try to syke each other out. Sting raises an arm looking for a test of strength, Triple H accepts and both stars begin to use their arms to their best of ability. Both arms are used with their muscles bulging heavily. Triple H looks to gain the advantage until Sting fights back to have Triple H squirming. Sting's strength is too much for Triple H who is pushed to his knees. With the test completed and won, Sting hits a hard kick the chest of HHH. Triple H gets up being greeted by a right hook to the face, the force knocks Triple H to the ground. He quickly get up being greeted by another right, this time the force just knocks him to the ropes. Sting hits a dropkick causing the Game to go over the top rope and fall hard to the mat. Triple H looks dazed as he begins to walk outside the ring, trying to find focus. Triple H isnít helped when Sting climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps to hit a suicidal dive, the force of Stings body has the Game out on the floor. Sting throws HHH back into the ring. He stomps down hard on the HHH chest, weakening him for a snap suplex. Sting hooks the leg1...Triple H kicks out. Sting hits Triple H with a left hook connecting hard to the face, the force dazes Triple H, Sting see's this and hits an enzigure. The force of the kick has Triple H screaming in pain. After a couple right hands Sting Irish whips HHH into the ropes, he raises an arm looking for a clothesline which is ducked by the Game who connects with a clothesline of his own. Both men lie still on the canvass and take a good minute for both stars to get to there feet. Triple H reacts first and hits a toe kick, followed by frequent forearms to the back. An Irish whip sets Sting up for another clothesline followed by an elbow drop to the chest. HHH picks Sting to his feet, he uses his elbow to smash the rib cage, causing sting to gasp for breath. DDT from HHH is followed by a pin 1...2 Sting kicks out. Triple H holds Stings head and begins to hit right hands frequently cursing Stings name. After some savage blows Triple H drops a knee to the Forehead, he follows up with another. He keeps dropping a knee looking for any sign of blood. When the attempts fail he picks Sting to his feet and hits an inverted atomic drop. An elbow to the head still doesnít causes Sting to bleed. Triple H compensates with a snap suplex, which has Sting riving in pain. HHH goes for the pin 1...2...Sting kicks out again. Triple H looks aggravated and takes his anger out on the head of Sting. Right and lefts a used to good affect with Sting helpless on the floor. Stings face paint is now withered away in some places, due to the blows by The Game. An Irish whip has Sting set up for a side walk slam. Triple H smiles as he knows the match is firmly in his favour. A leg drop crushes Sting's windpipe, resulting in him gasping for air. Triple H picks Sting to his feet and follows up with a toe kick, a vertical suplex has Sting upside down for what seems like minutes before slamming him down hard. HHH makes the pin 1...2..Sting raises his right shoulder. Triple H looks aggravated as he connects with a back suplex. HHH hooks the leg again 1...2..Sting kicks out again. Triple H screams out in frustration and begins to club the head of Sting. After five clubbing blows to the forehead, Sting begins to bleed heavily. Triple H smiles a sadistic smile as he sees the gash and pool of blood pouring onto the canvass. The Game see's an opportunity and locks a tight sleeper hold over the head of Sting. After three long minutes, Sting begins to lose conciseness. The referee raises the arm, and as soon as he lets go the lifeless arm drops to the ground. "1! the referee shouts. The arm is raised again with the same results. "2" The referee shouts.

JR- We're only one count away from a new Champion.

The senior official raises the blood soaked arm of Sting, he releases the arm. The lifeless arm suddenly awakens inches away from the canvass. Sting's body fills with momentum as he begins to fight his way out of the hold.

JR- Stings fighting back. There's still something left in that frail body of his.

Sting is free from the hold and begins to use an array of left and rights, connecting with the face of the Game. HHH looks for a clothesline which is ducked by Sting setting him up for a big dropkick. The force knocks the Game to the ground who quickly get back up looking to regain the advantage he had. Another clothesline is ducked by Sting and connects with a German suplex perfectly. The momentum sticks with Sting as he connects with a snap suplex. Triple H looks hurt as he is hit by chop after chop, followed up with brainbuster suplex. Sting feels the emotion from the crowd and shouts "WHOOOOOOO," the crowd go buzz arc. After a DDT and belt to belly suplex, Sting goes for the pin 1...2..Triple H just kicks out. Sting looks at the crowd and nods, he picks HHH to his feet and hits a scorpion death drop. The pin looks imminent, but no. Sting grabs hold of both legs and shouts "WHOOOOO".

Jerry Lawler- No, not the Scorpion Death Lock, anything but that.

The King is right and Sting locks in the finishing submission. The pain is excruciating as the manoeuvre pushes deep into the back of The Game. HHH screams in pain as he tries hard to get to the ropes. He slowly scrambles his way to the bottom rope and grabs the bottom rope. Sting keeps the move locked in as he walks away from the ropes. The Death Lock looks likely to win the match for Sting, until HHH uses his amazing leg strength to break out of the hold. Sting goes flying into the ropes and bounces to the canvass. Both superstars stay glued to the ground breathing heavily and trying to get to their feet. After several minutes of struggling both competitors get to their feet. Triple H hits a right, Sting hits a left, both stars dig into each others faces. Triple H begins to bleed, and isnít helped when he is hit with an enzigure. Sting grabs hold of the blood soaked hair of The Game, looking to pull him to his feet. Triple H thinks fast and hits an illegal low blow. Sting crumbles to the ground trying to find breath. Triple H finally gets to his feet and uses his advantage to connect with a deadly pedigree.

Jerry Lawler- It's over, it's over, Triple H is the new champion.

HHH slowly hooks the leg 1...2...Sting raises his weak shoulder inches away from the canvass.

JR- He kicked out Sting kicked out, the son of a bitch did it.

Triple H falls to the ground in pain and anger. He begins to scream "just stay down, just stay the fuck down Sting." Triple H manages to get to his feet and connects with another pedigree. He covers sting 1...2...3

Jerry Lawler- He did it JR, Triple H won, he's the new JLA Champion.

Triple H falls to the ground. The bell rings and Triple H is announced as the winner. Sting is seen by EMT's as Triple H is joined by DX in the ring. His group help him up to his feet and he is given the JLA World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H can hardly stand without DX, but those his best as he stumbles in the middle of the ring. The PPV ends with Triple H in the middle of the ring on his knees looking at the title.

Winner-Triple H- New JLA World Heavyweight Champion
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Re: JLA Wrestling

Excellent PPV.

Don't have time to review it all but


-Great matches
-Great booking
-Good commentary

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Re: JLA Wrestling

Thanks Clash. Anyone else.
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Re: JLA Wrestling

Exellent show booking wise with some well written matches. Try to add some colour and more spaces in matches to make it more attractive to read. Other than that, a job well done!
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Re: JLA Wrestling


I'd love some full reviews if anyone can. I'd really appreciate it.
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