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Re: WWE: Afterlife

This is not Spam, just to inform you that after tense discussions with my colleague (CM Fanatic - Upcoming Booker) we both decided to change the name of our thread from Being The Booker - TGO08 to WWE: Afterlife. The content will not be spoiled, rest assured.

I would like to thank A-Dust for helping me with the change, and Smackdown as stated will be posted tonight

Thank You

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Guess who changed the name of their thread like we(Wolf Beast and I) did!!!
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Well we both were talking on MSN and we thought that it was selfish of me hogging all the credit when it is a Team Thread. This has nothing to do with yours and Wolf Beast's decision.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Footage of last week’s Smackdown is shown, showing the rope match between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker, where Brock choked the Undertaker to what looked like his death, but he rose up and chokeslamed a nearby EMT.

The Smackdown pyro hits, along with a massive cheer from the crowd

ColeGood evening and welcome to Smackdown!!! It’s only 3 days until SummerSlam and already things are being to boil up.

TazzThat’s right Cole. Last week, for a few minutes it looked as if there wasn’t going to be a match between Lesnar and the Undertaker. Hell, it looked as if there wasn’t going to be any Undertaker! But the Undertaker proved why he is labelled the Deadman.

ColeYes, as you saw in the footage before this show started, Lesnar choked the Undertaker to what looked like his death, but he rose up, with enough strength to chokeslam a helpless EMT. No doubt the Undertaker will be looking for revenge tonight.But also from last week, we have the tag team tables match for the WWE Tag Titles between the Dudleyz and Too Cool.. But last week, the Dudleyz injured Grandmaster Sexay giving him what looked like a broken arm. Do you think he’ll well enough for tonights match?

TazzI hope so. I’d hate to see Scotty go against the Dudleyz solo. He wouldn’t stand a chance. But also scheduled tonight is a match between John Cena and Batista. Batista has asked Shane to schedule this match as he so badly wants to destroy Cena. And we’ll also be seeing Kurt Angle going head to head against the Big Show in some pre-SummerSlam practice. But do you know what I’m really looking forward to tonight Cole?

ColeWhat’s that Tazz?

Tazz - Tonight we will see the FOURTH EVER segment of “If Ya Smell”, hosted by the Peoples’ Champ, The Rock!!!

ColeWell after last week, the Rock should be looking for some revenge on Booker T, after he beat him up on the set of the new film he is due to appear in. He should be here tonigh……

*A.J Styles’ music starts* A.J Styles comes out, a massive crowd cheer

TazzA.J is scheduled to fight tonight. This must be about his shot at the Cruiserweight title.

StylesLast week, I battled Rey Mysterio for a shot at the Cruiserweight title and I came out on top. Now I want my match against Chavo for the title. I came out here to ask Shane to schedule me a match for the Cruiserweight title. I don’t care when it is, tonight, Summerslam, next week, next month, I don’t care, just schedule my match!!! Shane, I…..

*Shane McMahon’s music starts* Shane McMahon comes out to a huge cheer

ShaneWell Styles, you’re doing well for yourself. You recently joined the WWE and you’re already number one contender for the Cruiserweight title. You couldn’t definitely go places in the future. Since you’re got so much potential, I think you should get the experience you need in the WWE, so I’m gonna book your match against Chavo for the Cruiserweight title at SummerSlam.

Crowd cheer

*Chavo Guerrero’s music starts* Chavo comes out to loud boos

ChavoHey, hold up homes. Styles is no way good enough to challenge me for the title. He beat one high profile wrestler then suddenly he gets a shot at the…..

ShaneShut up Chavo!!!! Who’d you think you are? You may be the Cruiserweight champ, but I’M THE G.M!!!! Don’t forget your role Chavo!!! Now you two are gonna have a match this Sunday. If you wanna keep your title, then win your match. Now please take it easy tonight, I want both of you to be in good condition for Sunday’s match, we need SummerSlam to be as good as possible.

Shane leaves the ring, leaving Chavo and Styles in a face off.

StylesI’d kick your ass all over this ring right now Chavo. But Shane is right; I’d need to be fit for my first big match in the WWE. Be ready Chavo.

Styles leaves the ring, leaving Chavo alone in the ring.

ColeI wonder what’s going through his head.

TazzFear Cole. He fears that he’s going to lose the Cruiserweight title. And what’s worse is that he could lose it to someone who hasn’t even been in the WWE for at least a month. A.J is good Cole, but I don’t he’s ready to play with the big boys. And he's beginning to get a bit too cocky for my liking.

ColeWell we better go onto our first match Tazz.

*Test’s music starts* Test comes out

*Goldust’s music starts* Goldust comes out

This going to be a singles match. Disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

Test dominates most of the match.

Test lifts Goldust off the mat, and sends him back down with a scoop slam. Test taunts towards the crowd then goes to pick up Goldust again. But Goldust counters with a low blow, unseen by the ref, and then gets up and lands a falling neckbreaker. Goldust taunts towards the crowd, then lifts Test off the mat and lands the Curtain Call. He goes for the pin. 1…2…3 Goldust wins.

ColeWell the crowd seems warmed up after that match. The next match is really gonna get them excited. It’s time for the WWE Tag Titles to be put on the line in a tables match.

*The Dudley Boyz’ music starts* The Dudley Boyz come out

ColeBubba Ray’s grabbing a mic. He sure looks happy.

Bubba Ray(Laughs) I just got word backstage that Grandmaster’s Sexay’s arm is broken and he can’t be in this match! (Laughs) I guess Scotty’s gonna have to go this match alone! And be warned Scotty, this time, we won’t take it easy like we did last week.

ColeTake it easy? They broke Grandmaster Sexay’s arm!!!

*Too Cool’s music start* Scotty comes out to a big cheer

TazzScotty’s a brave man, maybe too brave. Wait, he’s got a mic in his hand.

ScottyDon’t think I’m gonna go this match alone Dudleyz! It seems that everyone has forgotten that Too Cool is a trio! We still have another member who is fit and raring to go!

Massive crowd cheer

TazzYou know who that is, don’t you Cole!!!!

ColeI think I do Tazz, it’s….

*Too Cool’s music starts* Rikishi comes out to a massive crowd cheer

ColeRikishi!!! The Dudleyz aren’t smiling now! This match will start right after this short break!

Commercial break

ColeWe’re back and it’s time for the tag team tables match!

This will be a tornado tag team tables match for the WWE Tag Team Titles. There will be no disqualifications or count outs.

D-Von slides out of the ring and goes to get a table. Scotty goes out as well to attack D-Von. Rikishi and Bubba Ray are in the ring locked in a grapple. Rikishi gains the advantage and lands a belly-to-belly suplex. Bubba Ray gets up straight away and receives a running clothesline. Rikishi goes to pick up Bubba Ray but he hits him in the gut. Bubba Ray then lands a swinging neckbreaker on the bent over Rikishi. Bubba Ray lifts him up, but receives a double axe handle to the back of the head. Scotty picks Bubba Ray off the mat, whips him into the ropes and lands a dropkick off the rebound. Scotty lifts him to his feet, and then Rikishi comes along to help and they land a double flapjack on Bubba Ray. While they are standing over Bubba Ray, D-Von comes in and lands a bulldog on the unexpecting Rikishi. D-Von gets up and Scotty goes for a clothesline on him but D-Von ducks, kicks Scotty in the gut and lands a DDT.

The match is evenly fought throughout.

Rikishi goes out to get the table while Scotty watches over Bubba Ray and D-Von who are lying on the ringmat. Rikishi places the table in the turnbuckle and goes over to D-Von. He picks up D-Von and goes for an irish whip into the table, but D-Von reverses it and whips Rikishi into the table. D-Von runs at Rikishi but Rikishi catches him with a big boot in the face. Meanwhile Bubba Ray has got to his feet and he and Scotty have taken their fight outside the ring. Scotty and Bubba Ray are exchanging blows to the face. Bubba Ray gains the advantage causing Scotty’s knees to buckle from a hard shot to the head. He grabs Scotty and irish whips him into the steel steps. Scotty hits the steps hard and knocks them away from the ring post. Bubba Ray goes over to him and gets a few stomps on him then rolls him back into the ring. Bubba Ray looks under the ring, pulls out a table, and then takes into the ring. When he slides in he receives a few stomps from Rikishi. Rikishi then helps him to his feet and whips him into an empty turnbuckle. D-Von hits Rikishi from behind, but Rikishi hits him back and whips him into the turnbuckle opposite Bubba Ray. Rikishi then runs and jumps bum-first into Bubba Ray, and then does the same to D-Von in the opposite turnbuckle. Both D-Von and Bubba Ray fall down sitting in the turnbuckle. Rikishi the goes over to Bubba Ray and gives him the stinkface, and then goes over to D-Von and also gives him the stinkface. Scotty has managed to get to his feet and sets up a table near the turnbuckle. Rikishi sees the table, and picks up D-Von and drags him to that turnbuckle. Rikishi gets a few punches to the head of D-Von then places him on top of the table. Rikishi climbs the top turnbuckle and prepares for the BANZAI drop, but Bubba Ray pulls D-Von off the table, and then pushes Rikishi off the top turnbuckle sending him out of the ring. Scotty then hits Bubba Ray on the back of the head sending him on top of the table, and then whips D-Von out of the ring. Scotty sees and opportunity and goes for the Worm. W-O-R-M, UH-UH-UH-UH. Scotty lands the Worm, sending Bubba Ray through the table. Scotty and Rikishi are the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

ColeWhat a match. The Dudleyz have lost the tag titles.

TazzThey lost at their own game, a tables match. That’s just goes to show you can never be sure about the result. You can never be sure whether it’s going to be “your day”.

ColeHold on Tazz… I just got word that Paul Heyman’s limo has arrived backstage. It is believed that the Undertaker is in the limo with his “master” Paul Heyman. We’re sending a camera backstage where Josh Matthews is going to try and get an interview with the Deadman.

TazzI doubt that’s going to happen Cole.

Camera switches to backstage where Josh Matthews is running towards a limo.

TazzWhat a minute, Paul Heyman’s limo? That looks like the limo of….

The limo door opens and out steps Vince McMahon.

TazzI knew it. Our boss Mr McMahon.

MatthewsUhh, good evening Mr McMahon. We weren’t really….

VinceWhat? You weren’t expecting me to be at my own show. I just came to check on the progress of my son’s work. Oh yes, and to make an announcement about Summerslam. I feel I should be involved in SummerSlam on Sunday, so I have taken it upon myself to make alterations to the Intercontinental title match between Edge and Randy Orton. I’ve decided to make myself the special referee for that match.

Huge crowd cheer

MatthewsWow, Mr McMahon. Would you like to further comment on….

VinceSorry son but there’s no time. I don’t want to hold the show any longer. I’ve gotta go that my seat.

Vince rushes away to his skybox.

ColeWell it seems we were wrong about the limo, but we still got some big news. Mr McMahon will be special referee in the Intercontinental match at SummerSlam!

TazzThat match is really gonna need someone to keep Orton and Edge under control, and I think Mr McMahon is the right person to do it.

ColeThat’s right Tazz. Well it’s time for our weekly dosage of “If Ya Smell” with the Rock.

TazzI hope he shows up. I hope Booker T really got through to him with that beating.

*The Rock’s music starts* Booker T comes out to boos

TazzWhat’s he doing here? Where’s the Rock?


Loud boos

Booker TAs you can see, the Rock’s punk ass has yet again sold out on you wrestling fans. But don’t worry, the REAL Great One is here and ready to give you a show. Now I’m not like the Rock. I never grew up in the posh suburbs of Miami. I grew up on the rough streets. I was harsh life, but it was on the streets where I learnt to fight. I do my best fighting in the street. So to really give it to the Rock, I’ve asked Shane if he could add a stipulation to our match at SummerSlam. And that stipulation was granted. At SummerSlam, me the Rock will go at it in a street fight. But there’s more Rock. Since you love your movies and you can’t seem to decide whether or not to stay in wrestling, I’m gonna help you with that decision. If you lose in our match at SummerSlam, you can keep on staring in your movies…. But don’t come back to the WWE. I want you gone for good you sell-out. If you love wrestling, you better be prepared. NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT…… SUCKA!!!!

The Rock’s music starts* The Rock runs out to the ring ready to fight. The Rock jumps in the ring and he and Booker T exchange punches. Booker T grabs the Rock’s arm, whips him into the ropes, but the Rock counters, and lands the spinebuster. He then looks towards the crowd and signals the peoples’ Elbow. He runs to the ropes, rebounds, jumps over Booker T, rebounds off the ropes again, and then lands the Peoples’ Elbow.

TazzI guess the Rock didn’t sell-out, he was just late.

ColeWell there’s no time for “If Ya Smell” anymore, we have to go to a commercial break. But when we come back, John Cena and Batista will go at it in the ring.

Josh Matthews’ SummerSlam promo

Commercial break

RAW REBOUND of the 6 man of Randy Orton, Triple H and Kane v Edge, Stone Cold and Goldberg and the aftermath where Goldberg speared Stone Cold.

ColeBoth Cena and Batista are in the ring and raring to go!

This will be a singles match. Disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

Batista gets the upper hand in this match with a running clothesline. Batista then gets a few stomps on his head to weaken him, then picks him up and lands a powerbomb-into-pin. 1...2 Cena kicks out.

Batista aggressively dominates this match.

Batista whips Cena into the ropes and goes for the big boot but Cena ducks, then gets a few shots into the face of Batista and lands a clothesline sending Batista to the floor. Cena then runs to the ropes, rebounds and lands an elbow drop. Cena lifts Batista off the mat and lands a fine execution of the Spinning Fisherman Suplex. Cena taunts by pumping up his sneaks. He waits for Batista to get to his feet, and then runs at him for a clothesline. But Batista ducks, turns around a gives Cena a big boot to the face. Batista lifts Cena to his feet and then onto his shoulders to get him into position for his finisher. But Cena gets a few punches to the head of Batista who manages to lose grip on Cena. Cena manages to jump down and lift the dazed Batista onto his shoulders, and then lands the F-U. Cena goes for the pin. 1…2…3. Cena wins.

ColeIt looks like Cena has finally put Batista in his place and has come out on top in this feud.

TazzThis feud with Batista will really help Cena when it come to facing either Eddie Guerrero, JBL or Kurt Angle to defend his U.S Title. I think he….

Camera and sound switches to backstage where Josh Matthews is running up to yet another limo.

TazzHey, that’s Paul Heyman’s limo!

ColeI wonder if the Undertaker is in that limo….

MatthewsOk, Heyman’s limo has finally arrived and we are about to find out if the Undertaker is inside.

The limo stops and the driver steps out and goes to open the back door. Paul Heyman steps out.

The crowd boo

MatthewsPaul, Paul. Is the Undertaker in the limo? We’d like to get a few words from him.

HeymanIs the Undertaker in this limo? Of course he’s in this limo! You didn’t think he’d just stay at home after what that animal Lesnar did to him last week, did you? But it’s not just the Undertaker in there, oh no! The Undertaker was so upset after last week, he decided to take out some aggression. But not on Brock…..

The Undertaker steps out, and then pulls a tied up and gagged Sable out of the limo.

Mix of cheers and boos

ColeOh my God!!! There’s the Undertaker! And he’s got Sable, Lesnar’s fiancé!

TazzLesnar will not be happy about this!!! I sure hope he’s here tonight, for Sable’s sake.

ColeWell it’s time for Kurt Angle to face off against the Big Show.

*The Big Show’s music starts* The Big Show comes out

*Kurt Angle’s music starts* Kurt Angle comes out

This is going to be a singles match. Disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

The two wrestlers start the match off in a grapple which the Big Show gets the upper hand in and hits Angle with a big knee smash that sends him to the floor. Kurt Angle manages to get up and sees the Big Show running towards him and ducks into the leg trip. Angle lifts up his leg and stomps him on the groin. Angle then goes to the head of the Big Show and applies a headlock. He locks it on for around 15 seconds but realises it has no effect so releases the Big Show.

The match is evenly fought.

The Big Show whips Angle into the turnbuckle and follows it up with a clothesline. Angle then falls to the floor and sits in the turnbuckle. Big Show then applies the foot choke to Angle. He then goes to pick up Angle but receives an eye rake, followed by a suplex. Angle then removes the straps of his attire. He grabs the leg of the Big Show, drags him into the centre of the ring, and puts him in the Ankle Lock. The Big Show shouts in pain but manages to slowly crawl to the ropes. The ref manages to get Angle to let go. Angle stands behind the Big Show waiting for him to get up. The Big Show gets to his feet and turns around straight into an Angle Slam. He covers the Big Show. 1…2…3 Angle wins.

*JBL’s music starts* JBL comes out to the ramp with a mic

JBLYou call that a match? I’m definitely going to win that triple threat match at SummerSlam. You couldn’t wrestle your way out of a greasy paper bag! I should come down to that ring and show you how to wrestle.

TazzWhoa, I think JBL’s mouth’s writing a check his ass can’t cash.

Angle signals for a mic.

AngleJBL, why don’t you come down here and show us what kind of wrestling they teach you down there in Yamakra.

Crowd laugh

JBL walks down to ring and rolls up his sleeves. He slides in and receives stomps to the head from Angle. He gets to his feet, but walks right into a German Suplex. Angle then applies the Ankle Lock to JBL, who screams in pain and struggles to get free. Suddenly Eddie Guerrero comes out of the crowd and enters the ring. He knocks Angle to the floor with a dropkick to the back of the head and Angle lands on top of JBL. Eddie climbs to the top turnbuckle then lands the Frog Splash on both Angle and JBL.

ColeWow, it looks like we just got a preview of the triple threat match at SummerSlam and what a preview it was!

TazzIf Eddie can keep up this form, we might see a Mexican U.S Champion!

Camera switches to backstage where the Paul Heyman is leading droids followed by the Undertaker and Sable to the ring.

ColeIt looks like the Undertaker is coming to the ring! I wonder what he’s going to do with Sable.

TazzI think I have a pretty good idea of what he has in store for Sable, I just hope Lesnar is here tonight…

ColeWe’ll find out what happens after this short break.

Don’t Try This At Home Commercial

*The Undertaker’s music starts* Paul Heyman comes out with the urn, followed by 10 druids, followed by the Undertaker with Sable. The druids line up on the ramp while Heyman, Undertaker and Sable enter the ring.

TazzLesnar better get here soon…

HeymanLast week we all saw Lesnar try to kill the Undertaker, foolishly forgetting that the Deadman is dead. The actions of Lesnar have deeply hurt the Undertaker who needed deep consoling, While I was consoling the Undertaker, it popped into my head, hey, the Undertaker hasn’t made any sacrifices lately. Maybe if he makes a sacrifice, he can get over his depression. So I started to think, who would be an ideal sacrifice? And then it came to me, Sable, Lesnar’s fiancé. If you sacrifice Sable the Undertaker would come out of his depression, and the depression would be passed onto Lesnar, who wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the fight at SummerSlam. We’d be killing two birds with one sacrifice!!!

ColeWhat a sick, sadistic man….

TazzWhere the hell is Lesnar?

HeymanWell Taker, it’s time to get down to business.

A gong sounds the lights dim. Taker lays the tied up Sable in the centre of the ring and then gets on one knee beside her. He lowers his head and raises his arm, then lightning strikes the ring. Sable’s body begins to rise.

TazzThe Undertaker better get out here now!!!

The Undertaker gets to his feet and raises both hands in the arm. Suddenly Lesnar comes through the curtains and runs into the 10 druids. Lesnar punches and F-5’s his way through them then makes his way to the ring. Heyman rushes out and leaves Lesnar and the Undertaker in the ring with the floating Sable. Lesnar and the Undertaker begin to exchange punches as the lights go back to normal and Sable slowly falls back to the ringmat. The Undertaker irish whips Lesnar into the ropes and hits him with a big boot to the face off the rebound. He then picks him up and lifts him onto his shoulder and then into position for his finisher. The Undertaker hits Lesnar with the tombstone and then crosses Lesnar arms over his chest and Taker sticks his tongue out to the crowd and rolls his eyes back in his head.

TazzTaker really gave it the Lesnar, but at least Sable is still alive.

ColeThis is definitely a taster of what’s to come on Sunday!!! Join us in three days time at SummerSlam to see the outcome of Lesnar and the Deadman’s match! Goodnight everybody!

Show ends with camera on Taker’s face with his tongue out and eyes rolled back in his head.

Goldust defeated Test
Too Cool defeated The Dudley Boyz for the WWE Tag Team Titles
John Cena defeated Batista
Kurt Angle defeated the Big Show

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Lovely stuff. Very impressive. Both you guys really have the knack for BTB.

Great show, build up superbly for SummerSlam, with many feuds nearly a settlement, it really is shaping up to be a great event.


RAW Matches:
Elimination Chamber: I'll go with Benoit, but this is anyones match.
I.C: Vince to screw Orton out of the title.
Tag: Cant see TWGTT losing so early into their title reign.
Hardcore: Steiner to mangle Matt Hardy into next year.

SD Matches:
WWE: I'll go with Lesnar after Taker got the final blow on SD
Rock to beat Booker T, and maybe go on to feud with Lesnar over the title.
J.B.L to be the #1 Contender for the US title.
Chavo Guerrero to cheat to victory over A.J, leading to a rematch somewhere down the line.

All in all, this PPV has been built up superbly, good luck to both of you for this Sunday, and I will be sure to take a look!!! Well done guys.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Wow, CMF, I didn't know you could even write like that lol!

I like the bit where we were waiting for the first Limo, I was expecting it to be Heyman and out popped Mr McMahon announcing himself as the Special Guest Referee in the I.C Match at SummerSlam

Overall I think it was a great show that hyped SummerSlam from a Smackdown perspective very well.

Just to let all of you know A Full SummerSlam Preview should be up in the next 24hrs, possibly by midnight tonight, I'll see how it goes. If you want to wait for the Preview BEFORE making your Predictions you are very welcome to do so.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Yeah, I might make a few changes to my predictions then after I see the preview.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

and are proud to Present

WWE SummerSlam

August 15th 2004,
Air Canada Centre,
Toronto – Canada

‘When men aspire, envy greets their enemies,
Cold hearts pump out cold blood,
‘Matt Hardy, I will end you’re career’,

The need to win holds no boundaries,
Injuries caused by harmful aggression,
Ego’s dented by the thought of victory,

No man can ever bear a grudge,
‘Only A Street Fight can settle this’,
Jealousy defeats the point of pride,

Heritage mocked by those weak in soul,
Only those bold and brave will come through,

Then there are those who seek no comfort,
Men who have their own needs cared for,
Resilience will always be noted,

One man who came for Gold,
A new start against a seasoned Veteran,

Persons who strive for no end,
‘I will take you’re Title away’,
‘This will be the Final Encounter’,
‘The only man who will be able to Referee this is me’,

Then there is hope…
‘Chris Benoit, you’re mine’,
‘Triple H, I will never defend my Title against you again’,
‘Goldberg, if it’s you, and me I wont back down’,
‘Austin, That was for WrestleMania XX’,
‘Jericho, you will see fit to compete tonight’,
‘Kane, I will make you’re life hell’,

Six Men, One Chamber, One Prize, The World Heavyweight Championship,
Welcome To SummerSlam…’

Official SummerSlam Theme SongThis Time’s For Real by Ill Nino

WWE Championship

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker
Since Shane McMahon was announced Smackdown General Manager, the top belt on Smackdown, the WWE Title has been vacant. The night of his arrival, Shane McMahon decided to hold an open tournament, with the last two remaining Superstars squaring off against each other for the Title. These last two Superstars turned out to be ‘The Next Big Thing’, Brock Lesnar, and ‘The Deadman’, The Undertaker. These two will square off in the Elimination Chamber after the Raw Main Event has finished. After the events of this past week will Brock Lesnar can’t be 100% going into this epic encounter, and ‘Taker can’t be too happy with losing to Brock Lesnar only two weeks ago on Smackdown. But when the dust settles, whose arm will the Referee raise and declare the New WWE Champion, The Undertaker or Brock Lesnar?

World Heavyweight Championship - Elimination Chamber

Chris Benoit © v Triple H v Goldberg v Stone Cold v Kane v Chris Jericho

WrestleMania XX was the greatest night in the mind of our World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit. For it was then, that he defeated not only ‘The Heart Break Kid’, Shawn Michaels but also ‘The Game’, Triple H in what many people consider to be the Greatest WrestleMania Main Event of all time. Since then countless times has Benoit had to defend the title and every time he has emerged with the gold firmly around his waist. This time, he will not defend his Title against one or two men, but five different Raw Superstars in the most demonic structure to be used in the WWE, The Elimination Chamber. Not all the Participants are on the same wave length as we saw this past week on Raw when Goldberg Speared Stone Cold. Will this play to Benoit’s advantage? Or will we see a new Champion crowned at SummerSlam?

United States Championship – Number One Contender Match

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield v Eddie Guerrero v Kurt Angle
Since the whole WWE Title saga, the United States Championship has been currently overshadowed. However, GM Shane McMahon has decided that the U.S Title needs to be fought for with the winner facing the Champion John Cena. The patriotic John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield looks to add the U.S Title to a list of Titles which contains the WWE Championship, multiple Tag Team Championships and the Hardcore Title to name but a few. Layfield had famously quoted a line from former deceased American President Ronald Reagan R.I.P and said that it was ‘Morning Again’ in America after his WWE Title victory. Ironically the man he pinned to win the WWE Championship is the only one out of the three to be a former U.S Champion, that man is ‘Latino Heat’, Eddie Guerrero. Eddie has been on a warpath lately destroying both JBL and Kurt Angle, but can Eddie take that anger over with him to SummerSlam? Last but certainly not least; you can’t count the ‘Olympic Hero’ Kurt Angle out. The 1996 Gold Medallist is looking for Gold after dropping the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar in an Iron Man Match, Last September on Smackdown. You have to think that Kurt Angle will want to win the Title, to show the whole watching World that he can be a U.S Champion to be proud of…

Intercontinental Title Special Guest Referee Match – The Final Encounter

Edge © v Randy Orton
Vince McMahon is the Special Guest Referee

Ever since Edge defeated Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship at Vengeance of this year, Orton has been on a warpath, trying in a way that only Randy Orton can, to regain the Intercontinental Championship, even trying for the World Heavyweight Championship. But one thing that you don’t do in the WWE is ‘Cross The Boss’ and that is what Randy Orton has done on many occasions. Vince McMahon even granting Randy Orton this Title match so that he could ‘shut his punk ass up’. With Orton so hell-bent on regaining the Title, someone has to control this match, not any old official, but the most senior man in the WWE, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Edge must feel that Psychological advantage going into what could be a pivotal point in his career, and Randy Orton better watch his step at SummerSlam, because put one foot wrong, and Orton could never see the Intercontinental Title again…

Street Fight

Booker T v The Rock
If Rock loses he leaves WWE
This match is no ordinary match, this match is not about Titles, this match is not about Number One Contenderships, this match is about Respect. Booker T has shown The Rock no Respect, even dropping as low as attacking The Rock on the set of his new Film, mocking The Rock on countless occasions. Well Booker T challenged The Rock and his ‘double lifestyle’ by putting an ultimatum to The Great One. If Rocky loses that will be it. Rock will never be seen in the WWE again. Rock accepted, but then Shane McMahon made the added stipulation of a Street Fight. Which man has the advantage? And will August 15th 2004 be the last time where we see The Rock in a WWE Ring?

Hardcore Championship Match

Scott Steiner © v Matt Hardy
This match came out of the evil mind of General Manager Eric Bischoff. Knowing that Matt Hardy was injured and could have had a possible Broken Leg, Bischoff makes the match at SummerSlam, Hardy v Steiner. But gave Hardy something to aim for…The Hardcore Title. There have been fierce words exchanged from both mouths as Hardy insists he will ‘win the Hardcore Title on Sunday’ and Stiener uttering the words ‘I failed to end his career before, this time Matt Hardy will never be seen on Raw again’. Will Hardy never be seen again, Steiner is undefeated as Champion. The odds are stacked in Hardy’s corner; only a miracle can save Matt Hardy now…

Cruiserweight Title Match

Chavo Guerrero © v A.J Styles
What a shock, Smackdown viewers had over a month ago when none other than A.J Styles, showman of the NWA/TNA Flagship production showed up on Smackdown and immediately made his presence known to Chavo Guerrero. A.J then defeated Rey Mysterio to become the Number One Contender to Guerrero’s Title. Chavo seemed completely dumbfounded and shocked. Will Styles capture his first Championship in his first WWE PPV, or will Guerrero find a way to ‘Lie, Cheat and Steal his way to a victory?’

World Tag Team Titles

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin © v La Resistance

The emergence of The Self Proclaimed World’s Greatest Tag Team over the past half year has been astonishing, they have emerged as successful Singles competitors but even more successful as Tag-Team partners, for they have won now only the Smackdown, Tag Titles but now the Raw ones as well, defeating the former Champions, the Frenchmen, La Resistsnce. Eric Bischoff has already given a motivational speech to La Resistance urging them to ‘Make Them Pay’. The falls are already decided at 1-1 from singles competition on Raw this past week, but who will get the decisive victory this Sunday?

Join us on Sunday for all this and hopefully a whole lot more!

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Great preview. Sets things up perfectly for this Sunday. I am really pumped for this event. BTB is really brimming now with top quality, and this one is right around the top!!

Looking forward to SummerSlam!!
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Yeah I'm with Wolf, it should be a showdown.

Pretty good preveiw..... I'm with the rest I'll re-post my predictions later.

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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