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Re: WWE: Afterlife

The tension and anxiety mounts even more......
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Is Unforgiven gonna be up tonight??

No rush, just anxious to read it!!
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Im getting impatient!!!!!
I've got goosebumps, this is gunna be HUGE!!!!
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

The fans begin to get restless, and a "Why Are We Waiting?" chant breaks out...
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

LOL, why are you waiting????

I'm trying my best to get it done as soon as possible, it should be up anytime soon.

This is not the Full PPV as I have yet to write out the full main event, so if you want to skip, please do so. If not, enjoy! I'll tell you tomorrow when the next Raw will be up, oh and i still need to do Bold/Italics

Unforgiven – September 12th

Heat Results

The New Age Outlaws defeated William Regal and Eugene


12th September
Rose Garden,
Portland, Oregon

Official Theme Tune - By My Side by Three Doors Down

The show begins with a Video promo containing these words…

Tonight will be a night like no other,
Dreams will come true, realities will come face to face with harsh facts,
Enemies wage war on heroes…

Footage of Goldberg and Stone Cold

Narrator: The first time in the history of the WWE that these two have met one-on-one. This could also be…the last time…

Footage of Benoit and Triple H

Narrator: Does Chris Benoit have what it takes to end a Game? A Game otherwise known as Triple H?

Footage of Edge and Christian and Orton and McMahon

Narrator: Two Men looking for revenge. One man who controls everything in this company…and one man who kills Legends

Footage of HBK and Kane

Narrator: A returning legend looking to take out a seasoned monster.

Footage of Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho

Narrator: A rivalry brewed out of jealousy, two seasoned professionals pitted against each other

Footage of Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash

Narrator: A feud that has been carried on from wCw. This time it has no rules, and it is for the Hardcore Title.

Footage of The World’s Greatest Tag Team

Narrator: A team that has risen to the top, has climbed to the summit. What will it take to defeat them?

Which man or woman has what it takes to prevail?

Tonight will end not feuds but possibly…careers

Men will shed tears, for these will be tears of the…Unforgiven

Narrator – And now join us as WWE Raw and Clearasil present Unforgiven.

Huge pyro explodes around the TitanTron welcoming us to Unforgiven.

J.R – The WWE is here for the first time ever in Portland, Oregon and we would like to welcome you to Unforgiven. Jim Ross alongside my colleague Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and King if you look up above the Ring, you will be able to see that demonic structure known to us as ‘Hell In A Cell’.

King – J.R, I know that you have been looking forward to this night all week!

J.R – You’re damn right!

King – Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg are going to battle it out in a 2-out-of-3 falls match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

J.R – That match is going to be a slobberknocker!!

The camera’s turn to the Parking Lot, we see a Limousine pull up. Out of it come the Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton and the Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon

Vince – You ready Randy?

Orton – As ready as I will always be, Mr. McMahon.

Vince – You do know that this is one of the most important matches of your young career.

Orton pauses

Orton – I know. And that’s why I wanna make it clear to everyone that Randy Orton is the real deal. Vince let me ask you, let me remind you. Why did you choose Randy Orton to lead Raw into the next generation?

Vince – Because you are young, have athletic ability. Not to mention, talent with the ladies…

Orton – That’s exactly right, meaning that it would be foolish to bet against a Randy Orton victory tonight…

The camera’s turn back to J.R and King

King – The Intercontinental Champion and Mr. McMahon sound very confident, and they should be!

J.R – Why’s that?

King – Because they have the Intercontinental Title!

J.R – Well that match is set to be explosive as is the rest of the card, and of course the Main Event!

King – Stone Cold had the last laugh on Raw, but will he have the last laugh tonight in the Main Event?

Kane’s Theme Plays

Lillian – The following match is scheduled for one fall. Approaching the Ring, weighing in at 345lbs. Kane.

J.R – Folks, here is one sadistic human being, also known as Kane.

Shawn Michaels’ Theme Plays

Lillian – And his opponent, from San Antonio, Texas. Weighing in at 234lbs, The Heart Break Kid. Shawn Michaels

J.R – Here comes the Heart Break Kid, in his first competitive PPV match since that epic encounter he had against Triple H at Bad Blood.

King – J.R, that match was one of the best I had ever seen, both men gave their all and quite frankly Shawn Michaels wrestled one of the best matches that I had ever seen.

J.R – King, I have to agree with all that you just said, Shawn Michaels is a phenomenal athlete and one of the greatest ever to grace us with his presence.

King – But it’s going to take a hell of a lot to beat the Big Red Machine, Kane.

Singles Match

Kane vs. Shawn Michaels

The crowd start off with a huge HBK chant. Kane doesn’t like this and starts to get mad. He then charges at Michaels but Michaels counters with a Drop Toe Hold, which sends Kane flying into the second rope on the Turnbuckle. Michaels is soaking up the atmosphere and another HBK chant sends Kane flying into Michaels again, this time HBK throws Kane over the Top Rope. Michaels escapes the Ring and makes his way to the outside in search of Kane. He picks Kane up off the floor and punches him once in the face temporarily knocking the Big Red Machine down. Michaels then re-enters the Ring temporarily as the Referee is counting both men. Michaels then tries to chit Kane on the back but Kane resists and then throws HBK into the guardrail. He then picks him up and slams him again spine-first into the guardrail. The referee is at 7 and this time Kane breaks up the referee’s count. He then turns back to the helpless HBK, picks him up by his hair and tosses him back into the Ring. He goes for the cover…

1…2…HBK kicks out

Kane picks up Michaels and whips him into the corner following it up with a splash in the corner. Kane then lifts him up in position for the Tombstone but Michaels rolls out and dropkicks Kane to the back of the head. Both men are knocked to the canvas. Both men get up to their feet and exchange punches, then Kane runs to the Ropes and looks for a running Clothesline until HBK ducks and lands him with the Sweet Chin Music!! Shawn Michaels goes for the cover…

1…2…Kane kicks out!

Remarkably Kane kicks out. HBK picks up Kane and swings him into the ropes, and tries to Big Back Body Drop him, but Kane kicks him and sets him up for the Chokeslam, he goes for the cover until suddenly the lights go out and a huge explosion emanates from the TitanTron. Standing on the TitanTron is Abyss!!

J.R - Wait a minute, that’s, that’s Abyss from TNA!!!!

Abyss runs to the Ring and stands on the Apron, Kane stares at him. Kane then forgets that he is in his match with HBK, HBK turns around and Sweet Chin Music’s Kane. He goes for the cover…

1…2…3…Shawn Michaels wins

Here is your winner – Shawn Michaels

J.R – I can’t believe what I just saw.


J.R – Abyss has made an impact here in the WWE. Abyss is here at Unforgiven, Abyss has signed for Raw!

Abyss stands on the Ramp, whilst Kane sits up and stares at him with a vile look on his Face.

A Promo with these words comes onto our screens…

These people were brave but in their own minds were cowards,
These people sent out thousands to fight hundreds,
Will we ever know our true destiny?
My Grandparents fought for our rights,
But lost,
Now I’m coming to vanquish the suffering that this has caused,
I will show no remorse to those who conquered…

Hirohito is coming…

King – It’s that man again, Hirohito.

J.R – This man calling himself Hirohito is coming soon to Raw.

King – Well we know one man who joined Raw just moments ago.

J.R – TNA’s own Abyss just cost Kane his match against Shawn Michaels, I can see major fireworks between these two. Well King, The New Age Outlaws beat William Regal and Eugene to face The World’s Greatest Tag Team later on tonight.

Footage from Heat is shown

King – Eugene nailed William Regal with the ‘Clothesline From Hell’ instead of Billy Gunn, whom he was aiming for.

J.R – That’s right, an inconsolable Eugene looked distressed as he saw the body of William Regal lying in the middle of the Ring.

King – But that’s history, we’re looking to the future, and the World Tag Team Title Match between The World’s Greatest Tag Team and The New Age Outlaws.

J.R – Well folks, the next time that the WWE has the privilege of bringing a PPV to you will be on October 3rd as the Smackdown brand presents No Mercy from the Continental Airlines Arena, in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

King – Seats are still available for that one, it should be a classic PPV from the Smackdown Superstars, but you know what J.R?

J.R – What?

King – We’re not even half way through Unforgiven!

William Regal is backstage in the Medical Room. Eugene walks in.

Eugene – William, are you mad at me?

Regal – Eugene, I’m not mad at you. It was a simple mistake that could have happened to anyone.

Eric Bischoff walks in

Eugene – Uncle Eric, we didn’t win.

Eric – I know, Eugene how many times have I told you that the WWE is not for you.

Eugene – But Uncle Eric, William thinks that I’m good enough to be a Raw Superstar.

Regal nods

Eugene – And I’m sure the fans think that I’m good.

Crowd cheer

Eugene – I’m going to show you Uncle Eric, look. If you think that Eugene is good enough to be a WWE Superstar, give me a Hell Yeah!!

Huge ‘Hell Yeah’ chant

Eugene – You see Uncle Eric, Eugene is staying right here in the WWE, If ya smell what Eugene and William are cooking...!

Eric Bischoff walks away in total disbelief

The Camera’s turn back to J.R and King

King – I can’t believe that Eugene spoke like that to his Uncle!!!

J.R – Eugene has been victimised by his Uncle and General Manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff.

King – Victimised??? Eugene is a disgrace to the Bischoff and Dinsmore family.

J.R – Well, you’re entitled to your own opinion but I don’t necessarily agree with you, but Ladies and Gentlemen coming up next is the Hardcore Championship Match between Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash

King – Two former stars of the now extinct ‘wCw’ production go at it here in the WWE.

J.R – Let’s show you how this one all came about on Raw, just a few weeks ago…

A highlight package of the feud is shown.

Lillian – The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE Hardcore Championship.

Scott Steiner’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Making his way to the Ring, from Bay City, Michigan, he weighs in at 265lbs; he is the WWE Hardcore Champion, Scott Steiner.

Scott Steiner picks up the Microphone

Scott – Now I’ve heard a lot of talk over the past week, of how I don’t defend my title enough on Raw. Well I say to them, come and take the spot of the Genetic Freak. Tonight, I go up against Big Sexy, Kevin Nash. Now we’ve had our times both in WWE and in wCw, but Nash, remember, I am better than you. I always was and I always will be. You decided to mess with the wrong man. You decided to go for the wrong title, because my friend after tonight, you will be out on that injured list again. So this goes to all my freaks out there in Portland, Big Poppa Pump’s your hook-up, Holla If Ya Hear Me.

Kevin Nash’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing the challenger. From Scottsdale, Arizona, weighing in at 356 lbs, Kevin Nash

WWE Hardcore Championship

Scott Steiner © vs. Kevin Nash

Scott Steiner immediately crawls out of the Ring, and grabs a Trash Can from under the Ring. He then enters the Ring, and runs at Kevin Nash with the Trash Can above his Head. Nash punches the Can and makes a dent in it. Steiner drops the Can and looks at Nash with a look of amazement. Nash then runs at Steiner with a vicious Boot. Steiner is knocked down. Nash grabs the Trash Can and waits for Steiner to get up, as he does, he smashes the Can over the head of Steiner. He goes for the cover…

1…2…Steiner kicks out

Nash climbs out of the Ring and throws a Steel Chair into the Ring, followed by a road sign and a fire extinguisher. He sets up the Steel Chair and makes Steiner sit on it, then he gets the Road Sign and smacks Steiner over the head. Steiner falls backwards over his chair. He then takes Steiner’s body and tosses him over the Top Rope. The referee follows them. Nash tries to swing Steiner into the Steel Steps but it is countered and instead Nash goes flying into them. Steiner goes for the pin on the outside…

1…2…Nash kicks out.

Steiner goes to the TitanTron and finds a trolley. He wheels it to Nash and throws him into it. He then races the trolley and dumps it on the Concrete floor. Steiner then walks back to the Apron and finds a Table. He sets this up on the concrete floor. He also finds a ladder. He takes this ladder and rams it into the Ribs of Kevin Nash. Nash writhes around in pain on the floor. Steiner goes for the cover…

1…2…Nash kicks out.

Steiner then climbs into the Ring and brings out the Fire Extinguisher previously brought into the Ring by Kevin Nash. He tries to hit Nash in the mid-section with the Extinguisher but is kicked in the groin by Nash. He then drops the extinguisher and Nash pick it up. Nash then hits Steiner in the back of the head, and then releases the Foam from the Extinguisher. Steiner writhe around blindly, Nash then sets up Steiner for the powerbomb through the Table. Steiner crashes through the Table and lands on the concrete on the outside. He goes for the cover…

1…2…3…Kevin Nash wins

Here is your winner and the new WWE Hardcore Champion – Kevin Nash

J.R – Nash done it! Kevin Nash has beaten Scott Steiner

King –J.R, I’m shocked. Steiner’s reign as Hardcore Champion is over.

J.R – Kevin Nash has left Scott Steiner in a pool of his own blood.

King – Nash will have hell to pay, I can assure you that.

J.R – We can worry about that at another time, because Kevin Nash has become the new WWE Hardcore Champion, and rightly so…

Goldberg is shown walking through the corridors to his Dressing Room

J.R – Folks, there is the World Heavyweight Champion, who in just under one hour and a half’s time will be going up against the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Title, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

King – 2 out of 3 falls J.R, don’t forget that!

J.R – Yes, 2 out of 3 falls, in what is the most anticipated match in wrestling history.

King – And we will be commentating on it!

J.R – Damn right, well Ladies and Gentlemen whilst the Ring is cleared of the carnage in the Ring, our next scheduled match is for the Women’s Championship as the newly crowned champion Molly Holly takes on the former champion Trish Stratus in a grudge match.

King – My beautiful Trish lost

J.R – Let’s see just how it all escalated to this match, here tonight….

Footage is shown of the escalating feud

Lillian – The following match is scheduled for one-fall and it is for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Trish Stratus’ Theme Plays

Lillian – Making her way to the Ring, from Toronto, Canada, Trish Stratus.

Molly Holly’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And making her way to the Ring, accompanied by Diamond Dallas Page, she is the WWE Raw Women’s Champion. Molly Holly.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly ©

Trish seems wary of DDP on the outside, this means she does not concentrate on her opponent and is attacked from behind by Molly. Molly hits Trish from behind with a forearm that knocks Trish down. She then stomps furiously on the body of Trish. She goes for a quick cover…

1…Trish kicks out.

Molly kicks Trish in the mid-section and looks to knock Trish down with a straight right hand, but Trish counters and knocks her down with a sweeping kick. She then picks her up and lands a Russian Leg Sweep onto Molly. Page looks on from the outside with a weird expression on his face. Trish goes for the pin…

1…2…Molly kicks out.

Trish then taunts Page on the outside telling him not to interfere. She then locks Molly in a sleeper hold. Molly is gasping for air, after a good minute or so, Trish lets go and motions towards the Turnbuckle. Whilst the Referee is distracted by checking to see if Molly is all right, Page knocks Trish off the Top Rope. Both women are down, the Referee starts his count up to 10, he gets to 8 and Trish is back up. She looks to land the Stratusfaction but Page knocks her off her path. The referee cannot see because Molly was in the way. This then leaves the path clear for Molly to land the Molly Go Round and pin Trish to regain her Title…

1…2…3…Molly Holly wins

Here is your winner and still WWE Raw Women’s Champion – Molly Holly

J.R – That damn Diamond Dallas Page cost Trish the match yet again.

King – Molly wins again, but more importantly keeps her title…

J.R – Thanks to DDP. But folks, in just over one hours time, Bill Goldberg will go one-on-one with Stone Cold Steve Austin in a best of 2-out-of-3 falls match.

King – Well J.R, let’s relive the moment when Stone Cold, stunnered Goldberg at WrestleMania XX.

Footage is shown of the Match between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, followed by the aftermath and both Stunners on both men

J.R – I don’t know King, both of these two men have personal issues, and they’re going to settle this tonight…

Smackdown Rebound

· Chyna returning to Smackdown
John Bradshaw Layfield winning the United States Championship
· The debut of Stevie Ray on Smackdown
· The ‘Latino World Order’ reforming

King – Wow, J.R. What a week it was on Smackdown.

J.R – Thursday Night Television definitely brimming with high quality.

King – I can’t wait to see Booker T and Stevie Ray on Smackdown…Sucka!!

Lillian – The following match is scheduled for one fall.

Rob Van Dam’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Introducing first, making his way to the Ring, from Battle Creek, Michigan. He weighs in at 237lbs. Rob Van Dam

Chris Jericho’s Theme Plays

Lillian - And introducing his opponent, from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. He weighs in at 225lbs. Chris Jericho.

Singles Match

Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho starts off by swinging RVD into the Ropes. Van Dam counters by landing a left footed Martial Arts kick on Jericho. Van Dam picks up Jericho and swings him into the Turnbuckle and then gives him a few Knife Edge Chops, followed by Jericho giving Van Dam a few Knife Edge Chops. Jericho swings Van Dam into the Ropes and Big Back Body Drops him. He then goes for a Bridge-pin…

1…Van Dam kicks out

Jericho lands a backbreaker on Van Dam, and then climbs to the Top Rope, he jumps off it and lands a Moonsault. Jericho goes for another pin…

1…2…Van Dam kicks out again.

Jericho the Irish Whip’s Van Dam into the ropes and looks to connect with the Spinning Heel Kick, but he misses, RVD takes advantage by landing a Rolling Thunder on Jericho. Van Dam then climbs to the top rope and jumps all the way to the other Turnbuckle! It was the Van-Terminator! But RVD says it’s not enough, so he climbs to the top rope and signals for the 5 Star Frog Splash, which he nails, but Jericho rolls though, he’s got the cover with both feet on the ropes for leverage…

1…2…3…Chris Jericho wins

Here is your winner – Chris Jericho

J.R – Chris Jericho clearly had two feet on the ropes for leverage.

King – But it’s not cheating unless you get caught.

Eric Bischoff’s Theme Plays

J.R – What does Bischoff want out here?

Eric – RVD, I just saw you getting robbed out of a victory so being the kind heated man that I am, I’m going to try and make it up to you.

RVD stands up and looks at Bischoff bemused. He then picks up a Microphone.

RVD – How Bischoff, how are you gonna do that?

Eric – Well, I could just give you a rematch against Chris Jericho…

RVD nods his head profoundly

Eric -…but not tonight

RVD doesn’t like the idea and starts to get angry

Eric – Rob, Rob, I can’t get the match done tonight, but I’ll tell ya what. Live, in 2 weeks on Monday Night Raw it will be…Chris Jericho vs. RVD…in a Ladder Match!!

J.R – Oh My God, in 15 days time on Raw it’s going to be RVD vs. Y2J in a Ladder Match

King – Everyone hail King Bischoff

J.R – King Bischoff my ass.

RVD celebrates in the Ring

J.R – Well it looks like RVD is happy with his end of the bargain.

King – But not Chris Jericho, he’s gotta go up against RVD in another match in 2 weeks!

J.R – But this time in a Ladder Match. What a night so far…

Christian and Edge are in the Locker Room

Edge – Dude, tonight you’re gonna like totally become the new Intercontinental Champion. Like the greatest Champion since Edge.

Christian – Are you kidding? That man Edge was never the greatest Champion. It was that dude Christian.

Edge – So are you ready?

Christian – The Intercontinental Title Rules!!

Edge – Let’s go and kick some ass…Canadian style of course.

J.R – Randy Orton vs. Christian for the Intercontinental Title is up next.

Don’t Try This At Home Commercial

The coach then brings us news of the WWE Raw, Live and Loaded Tour in the U.K as well as the WWE bringing Raw to Manchester, England on October 11th

Lillian – The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Intercontinental Championship

Christian’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Please welcome, being accompanied to the Ring by his brother Edge. From Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is the Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Title; he weighs in at 225lbs. Christian.

Christian takes a Microphone and starts to speak

Christian – Now, we don’t want all our fans around the World and especially here in Portland, Oregon to feel left out, so we have taken time out of our busy schedules…

Edge – Five seconds to be precise…

Christian – Of our time for you to take photos of us and of Christian especially without the addition of the Intercontinental Title.

Edge – So get your cameras ready, for this final opportunity, are you ready…

5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

Christian – Thank you very much, you are all very kind people and enjoy Christian whoop Randy Orton and Mr. McMahon’s asses

Randy Orton’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Making his way to the Ring, being accompanied by Mr. McMahon. He comes from St. Louis, Missouri. He weighs in at 245lbs. He is the Intercontinental Champion. Randy Orton.

Intercontinental Championship
Randy Orton © w/Mr. McMahon vs. Christian w/Edge

[color=red]Randy Orton and Christian circle the Ring, they then lock up in the centre. Orton pushes Christian away. They then have a test of strength with Christian winning, but Orton kicks him in the groin and the following up with an uppercut and then a punch to the face knocking Christian down. Christian gets up straight away but gets knocked down again with a vicious right fist. Meanwhile Edge is trying to will his brother back on. Mr. McMahon shouts at Orton to stay on Christian. Orton lands a quick elbow drop on Christian followed by a knee drop to the Face. He goes for a cover…

1…2…Christian kicks out

Edge shouts to Christian to get back up, whilst Orton trades insults with him. Edge steps up to the apron but does not punch Orton. McMahon walks over to Edge and tells him not to interefere. Meanwhile in the Ring, Christian lands a dropkick on Orton, he follows this up with a Boston Crab Submission hold. Orton is struggling to get to the ropes. Finally he manages to get there and Christian breaks the hold. Christian then picks Orton up by the neck and tosses his shoulder first into the Turnbuckle. Mr. McMahon is pacing the outside of the Ring, whilst Christian manages to land the Impaler, it should be all over but Mr. McMahon distracts the Referee. Edge runs around and punches McMahon; all hell breaks loose on the outside between those two men, Christian thinks of going to help his brother, but stays in the ring. Little does he realise that Randy Orton is standing on his feet. Orton lands the RKO, and covers Christian. Edge tries to interfere but McMahon holds him back.

1…2…3…Randy Orton wins

Here is your winner and still Intercontinental Champion – Randy Orton

King – I knew it, I knew he would do it Randy Orton has beaten Christian!

J.R – Orton caught Christian off guard and nailed him with that vicious RKO.

King – And with that RKO, Randy Keith Orton remains our WWE Intercontinental Champion…

Camera’s turn to the back with Todd Grisham

Todd – I am here with The Game Triple H and Hunter what thoughts are going through your mind as you try to defeat Chris Benoit, one-on-one for the first time in, well…many months!

Triple H – Who do you think you are, are you some sort of Historian?

Todd – Well…no, but I know the past between you and Chris Benoit has been….

Triple H – Has been what? Go on spit it out, I SAID TELL EVERYONE!!

Todd – The past between Triple H and Chris Benoit has been pretty one-sided, in Benoit’s favour…I mean he was the former World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H – What you, and all the idiots here fail to recognise is that I am better than Chris Benoit, and I will prove the World that no-one messes with….

Suddenly Stone Cold appears with a gift

Triple H – What do you want?

Austin – I came here to wish you luck in your match tonight, now I know how you’ve been having a hard time ‘winning’ lately against Benoit so I’m going to give you a present…

Triple H opens the gift

Triple H – Austin what’s this, some sort of sick joke?

The gift is a Steel Cage, with a figure of Triple H pinning Chris Benoit.

Austin – So did it cheer you up?

Triple H – Jeez Steve, I’m glad that you thought I could beat Benoit, but what’s all that Red stuff draw all over my body…?

Austin – Oh that’s how little Timmy imagined you’d look like after the match, when Benoit beats you to a bloody pulp! And that’s the bottom line, cos Stone Cold Said So!

Austin walks out of view whilst an angry Triple H throws the toy Wrestling Cage through a window.

King – How rude of Austin…! How could little Timmy do that to Triple H???

J.R – Well Ladies and Gentlemen coming up next is the climax of the ‘World’s Greatest Search’ as the winners, The New Age Outlaws take on The World’s Greatest Tag Team, for the World Tag Team Titles, and folks, this is how the ‘World’s Greatest Search’ ended after 3 long Tag Team battling weeks…

Footage of the World’s Greatest Search is shown

Lillian – The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Tag Team Championships

The New Age Outlaws’ Theme Plays

Lillian – Introducing first, the challengers, at a combined weight of 4 88lbs, Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg Jesse James, they are the New Age Outlaws

World’s Greatest Theme Plays

Lillian – And their opponents, accompanied to the Ring by the World’s Greatest Manager, Theodore R. Long, at a combined weight of 485lbs, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

World Tag Team Championships
The New Age Outlaws vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team © w/Theodore R. Long

Billy Gunn and Charlie Haas start in the Ring. Haas applies a few College Wrestling techniques, which leaves Billy Gunn puzzled. Gunn goes for a straight Clothesline, which is ducked by Haas and is countered with a Suplex followed by a quick DDT. Haas goes for the cover…

1…2…Gunn kicks out

Haas goes to his corner to tag in Benjamin whilst Gunn crawls to his corner and tags in the Road Dogg Jesse James. Road Dogg lands a few jabs on Benjamin followed by a Pumphandle Slam. Benjamin is knocked down flat on the Canvas.

Here are your winners and still World Tag Team Champions – The World’s Greatest Tag Team

J.R – The World’s Greatest Tag Team have retained after a mix up between Road Dogg and Billy Gunn

King – I’m sure that they’ll be kicking themselves; with opportunities like these you can’t afford to blow them…

J.R – I’m sure that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the Outlaws and challenging for the Tag Team Titles, but folks coming up next one of the most eagerly charged one-on-one matches I have been called up to commentate on.

King – Triple H, Chris Benoit and one word…revenge

J.R – Let’s show you how these two men got to boiling point…

Highlight Package of Chris Benoit and Triple H is shown

Lillian – The following match is scheduled for one fall.

Triple H’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Introducing first, from Greenwich, Connecticut. He weighs in at 275lbs; he is The Game, Triple H.

Chris Benoit’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing his opponent, from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He weighs in at 247lbs. He is the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit.

J.R – An eagerly charged match as I am ever going to call.

Singles Match

Triple H vs. Chris Benoit

FinishTriple H grabs a steel chair and knocks Benoit out with it. He hits him numerous times with it.

Here is your winner by Disqualification – Chris Benoit

J.R – Triple H has snapped.

King – What’s he gone to get now?

Triple H looks for a sledgehammer; he finds one and gets back into the Ring

J.R – Don’t do this Triple H, don’t do it!!

Triple H launches a wave of vicious Sledgehammer shots to Chris Benoit; Benoit falls to the ground unconscious with blood pouring out from his forehead.

J.R – Get some EMT’s out here now, someone do something, Benoit is lifeless, Triple H you sick bastard how could you do this, this is uncalled for, this is sick.

Triple H raises both arms whilst covered in Chris Benoit’s blood

Don’t Try This at Home Commercial

J.R – I, in all my years of announcing have not seen anything like what we just witnessed. Triple H openly trying to end the career of Chris Benoit once and for all.

King – To be honest with you, even I’m shocked.

J.R – Well we understand that Chris Benoit has been taken to the nearest medical facility for MRI Scans and let’s just hope that Chris Benoit makes a swift return to Raw.

King – Our wishes go out to Benoit himself and his family.

J.R – But coming up next it’s the moment you have all been waiting for, one of these men will walk out…

King – I doubt that even one of these two will be able to ‘walk’ out of here

J.R – Well anyway one of these two men will be at Raw tomorrow, The World Heavyweight Champion, but who will it be, will it be Goldberg, or will it be ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ Stone Cold Steve Austin. All will be revealed as this match is coming up next…

King – But let’s see how this match turned out to be one of the most eagerly anticipated in a long, long time…

Package of the feud is shown

Lillian – The following match is two-out-of-three falls and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship

Stone Cold’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Introducing first, he is the number one contender, from Austin, Texas, he weighs in at 267lbs, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Goldberg’s Theme Plays

Lillian - Introducing his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, he weighs in at 295lbs. He is the World Heavyweight Champion of the World. Goldberg

2-out-of-3 falls match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Goldberg ©

1st Fall – Austin lands a stunner on Goldberg
2nd Fall – Goldberg jackhammers Austin through the Announce Table
3rd Fall – Goldberg spears Austin through the Cell followed by a Jackhammer in the middle of the Ring for the victory

Here is your winner and still World Heavyweight Champion – Goldberg

J.R – Goldberg can barely move, Goldberg can barely stand, Goldberg has been put through hell, but one thing that Goldberg still is, is the World Heavyweight Champion, Goodnight!

The show ends with Goldberg lying in the middle of the Ring whilst the Referee places the World Heavyweight Championship over him

Match Results

Shawn Michaels defeated Kane
Kevin Nash defeated Scott Steiner to become the new WWE Hardcore Champion
Molly Holly defeated Trish Stratus to retain the Raw Women’s Championship
Chris Jericho defeated Rob Van Dam
Randy Orton defeated Christian to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship
The World’s Greatest Tag Team defeated The New Age Outlaws to retain the World Tag Team Championships
Chris Benoit defeated Triple H via DQ
Goldberg defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin to retain the World Heavyweight Championship:

First Fall/Chain Match – Stone Cold Steve Austin
Second Fall/Last Man Standing – Goldberg
Third Fall/Hell In A Cell - Goldberg

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[COLOR=Red]AWESOME SHOW i liked seeing hbk win i was hoping to see Stone cold win but its ok, great matches, i like the main event, good feud of 2 guys we never really got to see go at it in real life, between austin and goldberg,
ill keeping checking your shows out, by the way my 3rd ever show is up on awa
i just did Raw last night very good show i think, can u say divas haha,[/COLOR]

i think that goes to my league, sorry wasnt trying to promote my league just saying results are in, cause my league is pretty new once the word gets around better i wont be writing down stuff liek that in anothers thread


way awesome show 10/10

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

11/10 Man great show. I kinda wish you had the Main Event wrote out but i understand about the time and how much it takes out of you to write a match. Like I said before damn good show i especially liked to part about what we talked about early and you using it thanks man that was real cool of you to use my idea. I hope you run with it and make it into a good feud and guys if you dont know what i am talking about i am talking about the debut of Abyss to Raw well like i said before great show man it totally rocks 11/10

The Champ is Here
what?..... who?..... Mike Jones

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Good Show,
only negative things i can say is next time use bolds and italics so it is easier for the viewers to read. And the main event not being wrote by fully.

Other than that great show.

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Raw results for 13th September

Abyss defeated Scott Steiner
Kevin Nash defeated Kane to retain the WWE Hardcore Championship
Diamond Dallas Page defeated Rob Van Dam
Triple H defeated Chris Benoit in a No Disqualification Match
Goldberg and The New Age Outlaws defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and The World's Greatest Tag Team in a 6 Man Tag Team Match.

Raw Results for 20th September

Abyss defeated Maven
Scott Steiner defeated Kevin Nash in a Non-Title Hardcore Match
Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton and Mr. McMahon defeated Edge, Christian and Chris Jericho
Goldberg defeated Triple H and Stone Cold in a Triple Threat Match to regain the World Heavyweight Championship.

That brings me up to date......

A Raw preview for next week will be up soon, and Raw will resume it's normal service from Next Monday!

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Oh crap, now I have to write two Smackdowns in 4 days...
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