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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Sweet Banners.

Goldberg © vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Randy Orton © w/Mr.McMahon vs. Christian w/Edge

Scott Steiner © vs. Kevin Nash

Heat Match: William Regal & Eugene vs. NAO

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin © vsRegal and Eugene

Triple H vs. Chris Benoit

Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

Kane vs. Shawn Michaels
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Felt like posting Smackdown early....

Tulsa Convention Center
Tulsa, Olkahoma
9th September 2004

Footage of the ending of last week’s Smackdown when the Undertaker put the Rock through the announcers’ table

The regular Smackdown music and pyro hit, along with the cheer of the crowd

Cole – Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Smackdown! I'm Michael Cole alongside me is Tazz.

Tazz – That's Mr Zzat to you Cole.

Cole – Whatever you say Tazz. Anyway last week we saw the feud between the Rock and the Undertaker get even more intense when at the end of the show, the Underaker ended up putting the Rock through our announcers' table.

Tazz – But the Undertaker wasn't finished there, as we can see in this footage from when Smackdown when of the air. Check it out.

When the show went off the air, the Rock was being taken away on a stretcher by EMTs. They got the Rock through the curtains to backstage, but the Undertaker come out and beat up the EMTs. He then through the Rock off the stretcher, picked him up and Tombstoned him.

Cole – The attack from the Undertaker has left the Rock hospitalised in a Californian hospital, but he will be appearing on Smackdown, via satellite.

Tazz – Something's gonna go down Cole, I can feel it!

*Booker T's music starts* Booker T comes out to boos

Cole – Well we're just gonna have to wait and see, as Booker T is kicking off the show for us tonight.

Tazz – What does he want?

Booker – Last week, I tried out to become apart of Grandmaster Sexay's quest to win the WWE Tag Team Titles, and he dissed me right in my face!

Crowd cheer

Booker – He said Booker T wasn't good enough to be his tag partner. He chose TAKA Michinoku over Booker T!

Crowd cheer

Tazz – And over Zzat!

Booker – But no, that's not all. He said he had never heard of dynamic duo of Booker T and Stevie Ray! He had never heard of Harlem Heat!

Mix of cheers and boos from the crowd

Tazz – How can he have never heard of Harlem Heat? It doesn't even like most of this crowd has heard of Harlem Heat! Cole, please tell me you've heard of Harlem Heat?

Cole – Of course, 3 time GWF Tag Champions, 10 time WCW Champions.

Tazz – Lucky guess...

Booker – Well special thanks to Grandmaster Sexay, the most successful tag team in the history of the WCW is coming to the WWE! Now can you dig that.... SUCKA!!!!!!

*Booker T's music starts* Stevie Ray comes out

Tazz – Look Cole, it's Stevie Ray, Stevie Ray is here! This is like a Harlem Reunion!

Stevie Ray – You've heard of the Harlem Renaissance, well this is the Harlem Heat Renaissance, now can you dig that?

Tazz – I can dig it!

Stevie Ray – You suckas got to know, that Harlem Heat is about to write a new chapter to their book, as we are getting ready to become the most successful team in the WCW and WWE! Now can you dig that.....

*The Dudley Boyz music starts* The Dudley Boyz come out

Cole – Oh oh, this doesn't look good Tazz. The most successful WWE and ECW Tag Team Champions are heading towards the ring.

Bubba Ray – Well look who it is, Harlem Heat.

Booker -What the hell do you what?

Bubba Ray – Oh we're just out here to welcome you to the WWE. This must be a special moment for you, being in the WWE together for the first time, especially for you Stevie Ray. This is your debut, isn't it Stevie?

Stevie Ray – Yeah, that's right.

Bubba Ray -Oh, well I'm sorry we couldn't make this a special welcoming to the WWE for you, we're not to good at party planning.

D-Von – Hold on Bubba, I know a way we could make this special day for Harlem Heat. It been a long time since we've 3D'd someone Bubba. Tell me Harlem Heat, how do you like the taste of wood?

Crowd cheer

Booker – You didn't just say that. TELL ME you DIDN'T just say that! Well let me tell you what's gonna go down right now. Harlem Heat is gonna send a message to the you and everyone in back and in the crowd just how great we are, when we whoop your asses, right now! Now can you dig that?

Crowd cheer

Cole – Well I guess we're gonna see this match happen now, after this quick break! Stay tuned everybody!

Commercial break

The Dudley Boyz vs. Harlem Heat


Bubba Ray whips Stevie Ray into a turnbuckle and follows it up with a clothesline. Stevie stumbles out of the turnbuckle and receives a bulldog. Bubba goes for the pin. 1...2... Stevie kicks out. Bubba goes to lift Stevie Ray but receives a punch to the face. Stevie whips Bubba into the turnbuckle and hits him with a arm drag off the rebound. Both Stevie and Bubba crawl to their corners. They both tag in their partners. Booker runs in and elbows D-Von in the face, sending him down. D-Von gets up straight away and receives another elbow. He gets up straight away again and receives another elbow, this time keeping him on the ground. Booker waits for D-Von to get to his feet. D-Von gets up and Booker puts his arm around his neck getting ready to land the Book End. But D-Von knees him in the midsection. D-Von goes to irish whip him but Booker reverses it and gives him a kick to the gut followed by the Scissor Kick. Booker goes for the pin. 1...2...3 Harlem Heat win. Booker T celebrates with the spinnaroonie.

Cole – What an impact Harlem Heat have made in their first match in the WWE.

Tazz – They may have beated The Dudley Boyz tonight, but I doubt it's gonna finish here. Knowing the Dudleyz, they'll definitely be looking for revenge.

Camera goes backstage to Shane McMahon's office. His phone rings.

Shane – Oh the divas are here? Good, send them in! What? She hasn't arrived yet? Alright, the 4 woman tag team bra and panties match will go on, but one team's gonna have to have 3.

Crowd cheer

Tazz – Woah, a 4 woman tag team bra and panties match!!!! I'm getting light-headed Cole!

Cole – What a way to introduce the new divas!

A knock on Shane's door

Shane – Come in.

Jacqueline, Madusa, Gorgeous George and the Kat enter.

Shane – Great you’re here, just one missing. Alright ladies, tonight you and the divas already signed to Smackdown will be taking part in a landmark moment for the show, as you’ll all be competing a battle royal to win the new WWE Women’s World Title, exclusive to Smackdown.

Crowd cheer

Shane – This match will be a 7 woman match, unless the eighth woman manages to make it before the match finishes. So get ready ladies and head to the ring because the match is about to hegin.

Tazz – A woman’s battle royal Cole, for the Women’s World Title!

Cole – That’s right, and folks please take note, this is the Women’s World Title, not the Women’s title. This title is exclusive to Smackdown and you’ll only see it defended right here, on Smackdown!

All the divas make their way to ring.

WWE Women’s World Championship – Battle Royal
Jacqueline vs. Madusa vs. Stacy Keibler vs. Jackie Gayda vs. The Kat vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Gorgeous George


The Kat, Gorgeous George, Jacqueline and Torrie Wilson have been eliminated respectively. Madusa whips Jackie into the ropes and then follows it up with a clothesline, sending her over the rope and out of the match. Stacy then attacks Madusa trying it send her over the rope. But Madusa pushes her away and lands a spinning heel kick. Madusa then lifts Stacy, whips her into the ropes and sends her over with a clothesline. Madusa wins.

*Chyna’s music starts* Chyna comes out to loud crowd cheers

Cole – It’s Chyna! Chyna must be the eighth woman!

Chyna enters the ring and her and Madusa exchange punches. Madusa grabs Chyna and whips her into the ropes. Shes goes for a clothesline to send her over, but Chyna moves out of the way. Chyna then give Madusa a few punches leaving her on the ropes. Chyna runs to the opposite ropes, rebounds and lands a double handspring back elbow smash on Madusa sending her over the ropes. Chyna wins the Women’s World Title.

Don’t Try This At Home Commercial

Tazz –It’s time Cole, it’s time for the Rock to speak to us on satellite from a Californian hospital.

Cole – That’s right. Well as we mentioned earlier, the Rock was sent to the hospital due to the Undertaker’s actions last week on Smackdown.

Tazz – I wonder what the Rock has to say.

Cole – Well we’re about to find out. Rock, are you there?

The Rock appears on the titantron. The crowd cheer.

Rock – Finally, the Rock has come back, to Tulsa Olkahoma!

Crowd cheer

Cole – Rock, we’re glad you’re able to join us from all the way in California. We here are Smackdown are all concerned and would like to ask you about your condition?

Rock – The Rock is fine and lively the good life…

A beautiful nurse walks by

Tazz – Woah, we can sure see what you mean Rock!

Rock –Listen to yourself, you sick freak! All the Rock meant was that he is still alive and ready to fight another day and whoop some ass! But on to the real reason the Rock is here tonight, to host another edition of the “Peoples’ Show”!

Cole – Rock, no disrespect, I don’t know if that attack by the Undertaker has scrambled your memory but I believe the name of the show is “If Ya Smell”.

Rock – You thin the Rock doesn’t remember the name of his own show? The Rock knows the name of his show, but the Rock been talking to some fans down here in the hospital who’ve given me the idea of changing the name to the “Peoples’ Show”. Tulsa Olkahoma, let me know if you like the new name the “Peoples’ Show”!!!!!

Loud crowd cheer

Tazz – I love the “Peoples’ Show”!

Rock – Well now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s go to main reason of this edition of the “Peoples’ Show”, the Undertaker and the WWE Championship. Now the Rock has had a little word with the General Manager of Smackdown Shane McMahon when he came to visit the Rock in the hospital. The Rock asked Shane for a little favour and Shane has granted the Rock that favour.

Cole – What was the favour Rock?

Rock – That favour is, that at No Mercy, the Undertaker will go one on one with the Great One the Rock, for the WWE Title!

Crowd cheer

Rock – Oh but that wasn’t it. Shane also gave the Rock the chance to pick what type of match will take place at No Mercy!

Tazz – Well Rock, what type of match did you pick?

Rock – Oh no, the Rock’s not going to pick the match type. Since this is the “Peoples’ Show”, the Rock is going to the let the millions…


Rock – Of Rock fans decide the match type for him!

Crowd cheer

A doctor wearing a surgical hat and mask walks in front of the camera

Rock - Hey you! Yeah you, bring your candy ass back over here! You think you can just walk in front of the Rock, in front of the Rock’s camera when he’s address the People? Wait, do you know who the Rock is? Do you watch Smackdown?

Doctor – Err, yeah, I do.

Rock – Good. Well since you decided to walk in front of the Rock’s camera, the Rock has decided to let you pick the match type for No Mercy. What match do you think the Rock should face the Undertaker in?

Doctor – Erm, how about a buried alive match?

Loud crowd cheer

Rock – WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!!!! You want the Rock to risk his life, risk his life for the WWE Title, risk his for you and the People?

Crowd cheer

Rock – You know what, the Rock loves to please the People, so the Rock will go ahead with your suggestion. At No Mercy, it will be the Rock going against the Undertaker for the WWE Title!

Crowd cheer

Doctor – I hope you enjoy the buried alive match, because it’s going to be the last match you wrestle in!

Doctor removes surgical hat and mask to reveal that he is really Paul Heyman. The Undertaker jumps into the scene knocking over the camera and attacks the Rock. But the Rock fends him off and ends up sending him through a bed with a Rock Bottom. He then goes after Paul Heyman but he runs away. The Rock picks up the camera.


Commercial break

Cole – We’re back and as we just saw, Paul Heyman tried the Rock into picking his match with the Undertaker at No Mercy to be a buried alive match, the Undertaker’s trademark match.

Tazz – And then the Undertaker came into the scene and tried to attack the Rock, but as we saw, it wasn’t going to be his day. Did you see all the feathers flying out of the bed? The Undertaker’s going to be removing feathers from his ass for weeks!

Cole – Well back to what’s happening now on Smackdown, up next, we’ll see Kurt Angle teaming up with A-Train against Ric Flair and Batista.

Tazz – This is gonna be on intense match up. If Ric Flair and Kurt Angle get tagged in together, I bet it’ll be hard to get them both back out.

*Kurt Angle’s music starts* Kurt Angle and A-Train come out

*Ric Flair’s music starts* Ric Flair and Batista come out

Kurt Angle & A-Train vs. Ric Flair & Batista


A-Train and Batista send each other to the ring mat. They begin to slowly crawl to their corners. They both tag in their partners. Angle and Flair run in. They exchange punches in the centre of the ring. Flair goes for solid punch to knock Angle over but Angle ducks and lands a suplex on Flair. Angle quickly goes for the Ankle Lock. Flair screams in pain, but manages to get to the ropes forcing Angle to let go. Angle then takes off his straps and stalks Flair. Flair gets to his feet, turns around and Angle goes for the Angle Slam. But Flair manages to get out of it and land a low blow unseen to the ref. Flair goes for the Figure Four Leg Lock. Angle screams in pain, and slowly manages to get to the ropes. But Flair refuses to let go. The ref starts the illegal count, but Flair refuses to let go. A-Train and Angle win by disqualification. Flair continues the assault until Batista manages to get him to stop.

Cole – Wow, Ric Flair’s snapped. He’s totally lost it! This business is getting out of hand.

Tazz – Well you gotta espect that sort of thing when you’re going up against the dirtiest player in the game. I wonder if Angle’s ever going to be able to beat Ric Flair.

RAW Rebound of:
  • DDP helping Molly Holly win the Women’s title
  • NAO and William Regal & Eugene going to TWGS Finals
  • Edge-Christian/Orton-McMahon backstage brawl
  • Stone Cold picking a Last Man Standing match as the 2nd fall in his match with Goldberg
  • RVD beating HHH and Y2J

Smackdown Down and Dirty Tour Promo

Cole – Up next will be TAKA Michinoku from Too Hot going up against Scotty 2 Hotty from Too Cool.

*Too Hot’s music starts* Too Hot come out

*Too Cool’s music starts* Too Cool come out

TAKA Michinoku w/ Grandmaster Sexay vs. Scotty 2 Hotty w/ Rikishi


Scotty whips TAKA into the turnbuckle. He runs at him but receives a back elbow. TAKA then lands a swinging DDT. He goes for a pin. 1…2… Scotty kicks out. Sexay thinks that was a three count and jumps onto the apron to argue with the ref. Meanwhile TAKA tries to pick up Scotty but receives a poke in the eyes. Rikishi quickly enters the ring. Scotty tries to tell the ref to turn around be he isn’t listening. Rikishi then grabs the temporarily blinded TAKA and lands a Rikishi Driver and quickly leaves the ring. Scotty goes for a quick pin. 1…2…3 Scotty wins. Rikishi and Scotty celebrate into the ring until Sexay knocks over Scotty and attacks Rikishi. When he’s finished with Rikishi he then turns to Scotty who is still on the ring mat. But Sexay decides not to attack him and leaves the ring.

Cole – Well Grandmaster Sexay deciding to spare Scotty 2 Hotty a beating there. What do you think that was about Tazz?

Tazz – Well Grandmaster and Scotty 2 Hotty are cousins Cole. I don’t think Grandmaster feels right about ataacking him. The main reason he left Too Cool was because of Rikishi.

Cole - Well folks we have to take a short break, but when we come back it’s going to be tonight’s main event when the United States Championship goes on the line as John Cena goes up against John Bradshaw Layfield.

Tazz – I think we may see a new champion crowned tonight Cole!

Commercial break

*JBL’s music starts* JBL comes out

*John Cena’s music starts* John Cena comes out

WWE United States Championship Match
John Cena © vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield


JBL manages to dominates Cena for some of match. He then holds Cena by the head while Cena is on his knees and then gives Cena a few knee strikes. He then feels cocky and taunts toward the crowd. Then out of nowhere Cena manages to land the F-U. He goes for the pin. 1…2… JBL kicks out. Cena then gets up and lands the 5 Knuckle Shuffle on JBl. He then pumps up his sneaks and waits for JBL to get to his feet. JBL gets up, turns around and Cena picks him up for the F-U. But JBL slides out of the F-U and lands a Clothesline From Hell. He goes for the pin. 1…2…3 JBL wins and has become the United States Champion.

*Eddie Guerrero’s music starts* Eddie Guerrero runs to the ring with Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, all of them wearing LWO shirts. They slide into the ring and beat down JBL

Cole – Eddie Guerrero’s returned to Smackdown with a bang!

Tazz – And it seems while he’s been out, he’s been reforming the LWO with Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio.

Cole – JBL’s gonna have to think of something big if he’s going to keep that title.

Tazz – With the LWO behind Eddie Guerrero, it’s gonna be mighty hard for JBL to keep that title.

Show ends with the LWO raising their hands over the downed JBL.

Harlem Heat defeated The Dudley Boyz
Chyna won the 8 woman Battle Royal for the WWE Women’s World Championship
Kurt Angle and A-Train defeated Ric Flair and Batista by disqualification
Scotty 2 Hotty defeated TAKA Michinoku
JBL defeated John Cena to become the WWE United States Champion

Announced Matches

WWE Championship – Buried Alive Match
The Undertaker © w/ Paul Heyman vs. The Rock
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

nice show man i give ya a 10/10 i really like the LWO reforming thats gonna be really interesting how that plays out
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Yeah I also found LWO reforming great. 9.5/10 great smackdown.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

I loved the return of harlem heat, and lwo making an impact.
Interesting having a Womens World Title,
Great Show!

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Great show, get's better as the weeks go by...

Loved the return of the Divas + Chyna.

LWO reforming will be good to see, as is JBL as champ.

Harlem Heat in the WWE is interesting, as will be The Rock vs. Undertaker, hat's gonna be a classic.

Good Job as usual,

I'm really hoping Unforgiven will be up Sunday, but don't expect a Raw up on Monday, possibly Tuesday, but i'll keep ya updated.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

what's LWO stand for? sorry, i just don't know .

Good show though, I like harlem heat returning, and I'm happy JBL won .

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

It stands for "Latino World Order". They were in the WCW.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Great SmackDown!, nice to see a Womens Title on SD, also Harlem Heat returning, Chyna returning and JBL winning the U.S Title was great!
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

I'm sorry to inform Afterlife fans that due to a busy schedule I have not been able to complete Unforgiven.

It will be up hopefully by next Sunday.

This also means that Raw will not be up tomorrow.

So once again Unforgiven will not be up tonight.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused
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