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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Great Raw, the power trip went over smoothly on Raw as it was continued well from Vengence. Feels like there was no break as I was able to getr ight back into things from Vengence.

Sad to see Orton loose, but good to see Benjamin win. Great job on the title changing hands.

Wonder also about the hype video it didnt work for me.

Poor Christian, I wonder where you are going with this.

Great Raw and great return, cant wait for Summerslam already. 10/10.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Yeah, it's great to see all the good replies.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Nothing short of brilliant. Liked the hype vid alot. Its great to see Lance Storm back with La Resistance. The T&A/Team Canada segment was great. Very very surprized to see Christian fired and Lilian brutalized.

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Great Show!

Orton's loss sucked, but Benjamin winning was good. All in all, very good show.


PS: Sorry I couldn't e-mail you before Scott, I was pretty busy with OEW.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Thanks for all the replies, SD! should be up Thursday.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Great RAW!

I'm loving the way Lance is used. Interesting seeing Christian getting fired, i think he will be back soon though...possibly to smackdown?

And its all about the Shelton, I never expected him to win.

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

I'll probably run this once a week for RoG just to update you on news etc. It will most likely be posted Saturday's.


WWE RAW News; Kane’s attack actually scripted? WWE Announces World Tour, More Info Inside…..

Kane’s Attack on RAW Actually Scripted;
It has been told through a secure resource that Kane’s attack on Lillian Garcia during the broadcasting of WWE RAW was actually scheduled to happen, the whole ‘This wasn’t scripted’ was in fact to bring back the element of ‘Shock TV’. From a very positive response from the crowd we expect to see more of this sort of work in the weeks to come on RAW and perhaps even Smackdown!.

The whole segment was the main focus of this week’s show, showing although Kane has lost two Pay Per View matches straight that he is still the monster inside. Lillian’s cut was in fact a blood capsule that was lined in the piece of glass. Vince McMahon was believed to be impressed on how well the segment worked on TV, he hopes this will draw more fan attention over the coming months with the re-emergence of ‘Shock Television’.

Shelton Not Scheduled to Win Monday;
This past Monday we saw Shelton Benjamin pick up his first singles title in the WWE, however many internet rumors sites were actually promoting Randy Orton to win the match against Shelton. It’s believed that WWE is leaking out false information to the internet sites to stir up more interest in the company.

Brock Lesnar’s Return to the WWE, Which Brand?
As aired during RAW this week there is was a hype video for one former WWE Superstar, Brock Lesnar. This was the first we heard of this news, as WWE has become much more secretive over the past 3 months since the new writers came in. It is not know which brand Brock will sign with although obvious indications show he will be signing with RAW due to his video being aired there, but it will be official come SummerSlam that he will have made a decision.

WWE Announces World Tour;
WWE announced today in a press conference that they are starting a twelve week World Tour for both RAW and Smackdown! around the globe, we have a list below of each country and city the WWE will be traveling to. It was also released in the press conference that WWE will also be hold three Pay Per Views a month overseas as a ‘trial run for the future.’

World Wrestling Entertainment World Tour 2004

Smackdown! - Australia – Sydney – 19th August 2004
RAW - Japan – Tokyo – 23rd August 2004
Smackdown! - New Zealand – Auckland – 26th August 2004
RAW - Iraq – Baghdad – 30th August 2004
Smackdown! - England – London – 2nd September 2004
RAW - India – Bangladesh – 6th September 2004
Smackdown! / Unforgiven - Italy – Venice – 9th September 2004
RAW - Africa - Johannesburg - 13th September 2004
Smackdown! - Mexico – Mexico City – 16th September 2004
RAW - Ireland – Dublin – 20th September 2004
Smackdown! - Spain – Madrid – 23rd September 2004
RAW - Greece – Athens – 27th September 2004
Smackdown! - France – Paris – 30th September 2004
RAW - China – Beijing – 4th October 2004
Smackdown! / No Mercy - Belgium – Brussels 7th October 2004
RAW - Egypt – Cairo – 11th October 2004
Smackdown! - New Guinea – Port Moresby – 14th October 2004
RAW / Halloween Havoc - Hawaii – Honolulu – 18th October 2004
Smackdown! - Indonesia – Jakarta – 21st October 2004
RAW - Fiji – Nandi – 25th October 2004
Smackdown! - Germany – Berlin - 28th October 2004
RAW - Solomon Islands – Honiara – 1st November 2004
Smackdown! - Holland – Amsterdam - 4th November 2004
RAW - Russia – Moscow – 7th November 2004

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Loved that news wire, Grendrill. Love the idea of the world tour......(gotta get me some tickets for RAW in Dublin /LOL/)

I like that idea of three PPV's straight around the world. Nice stuff.

And Halloween Havoc......cool....
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Mmmm, Yeah, we rule..

I love the World Tour.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

....Might pop by when you're in London.....
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