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Hey everyone whats up I am the Big Evil Red Devil contray to what anyone on the WinMx chats believe(another story for another day). It has been quite some time since I have posted a show because I have had to many things to deal with(again story for another time). But hey enough about my problems lets get to the show.

Annoucers: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler & Josh Matthews
Theme(Remedy By: Cold)
Pyro explodes

New Set, New Owner, New ATTITUDE

JR: Hello everyone, and welcome to the first 2 hour show of WWE Upspring. What a night we are going to have tonight.

King: Well JR right here tonight in that ring we are going to witness the re-birth of Pipers Pit.

Josh: But wait because there is more, Brock Lesnar wants some revenge after what happened to him last week at the hands of Kurt Angle, & Charlie Haas.

JR: But Josh you have to remember that the lights did go out in that match and no one has a damn clue what happened.

King: Well lets take it down to ringside.

Match 1.
Jeff Hardy w/Matt Hardy vs Chris Jericho w/TeamCanada

Jeff and Jericho stare down one and other. Jericho trash talks him and then Jeff gets tired of it and shoves Jericho down, Jericho then gets up and attcks Jeff with lefts and rights and then a few kicks. Jericho then poses for the crowd, HaRdy gets up and dropkicks Jericho out of the ring and then does a suicide dive onto Jericho. TeamCanada goes to attack Hardy but Matt Hardy fends them off. Jeff goes back into the ring as does Jericho and they lock in a nice collar and elbow tie up with Jericho locking in a headlock, Hardy elbow smashes Jericho until Jericho lets go and then irish whips him into the corner, Matt gets into the ring and lays on all 4's and Jeff runs and hits the poetry in motion. TemaCanada attack Matt Hardy and Jeff does a plancha over the top rope onto all of them. Jericho gets up sees the damage then lays back down on the mat. Hardy gets back in and picks up Jericho but Jericho rolls him up and grabs the tights 1-2-3.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Lillian Garcia: Well Chris how do you explain the way that you won that match?

Jericho: Listen Vivian I don't have to explain nothing to you because I am the HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT!!!

Pipers Pit Moment: Frank Williams gets attack by Piper


We come back and see Hulk Hogan in his locker room getting ready for Pipers Pit later on when the telephone rings.

Hogan: Hello, Who is this? What the hell do you want? You kidnapped who? My son Nick. You Son Of A Bitch!!!! IM GUNNA KILL YOU!!!!!

We cut over The Rocks dressing room where he pulls put his guitar and sings a song and it goes like this

Well Hogans son just got taken away
Well for all I care they can throw him in Hudson Bay(In Canada)
Hogan is really old
And That Hudson Bay Will Really Be Cold!!!!

All of a sudden Roddy Piper comes in and says that he needs him to be the guest on Pipers Pit the Rock says ok.

Pipers Pit Moment: Coconut and Sunka


Match 2.
Jamal w/Rosey & Rico vs Bubba Ray Dudley w/ D-Von & Spike

Jamal and Bubba tie up and Jamal throws Bubba down and Rico goes nuts. Bubba runs at Jamal but gets toppled and again Rico acts like he won the American Gladiators or something. Bubba sees Rico and walks over and drills him in the face. Rosey then hits Bubba and D-von hits Jamal and Spike hits Rosey.

No Contest Double DQ

We see the crew setting up Pipers Pit.

Piper Pit moment: Coconut and Rikishi


We come back and see a limo arrive

Bagpipes start and Pipers them hits and here comes the "Hot Scot"

If Ya Smell.....What The Rock.....Is Cookin' plays and out comes the "Great One"

Piper: Rock good to see ya.

Rock: Good to be here.

Piper: Well you see I was going to have Hulk Hogan on th show but the glits and gama he took off for somethin.

Rock: (laughs) Well Roddy, why don't you ask me some questions.

Piper: What was it like to be The Scorpion King?

Rock: It was awsome.

Piper: Well Ro...

Honk Honk a truck revs up and here comes Kevin Nash.

Nash: Rock, Piper hows it going?

Piper: What the hell do you want?

Nash: I am here to tell everyone something.

Rock: And you interupt the Rock just because you have something to say?

Nash: Yeah I did

Rock: Let the Rock remind you of something.....You ain't nothing. Your Big Daddy Nothing, Kevin nobody, Big Nothing.

Nash kicks the Rock and Jackknives him.

Nash: My annocment was that i'm back and better then ever. And one more thing DESIEL's BACK BABY.


We come back and see the Rock being helped to the back.

Match 3.
Steven Richards w/victoria vs Maven

Maven arm drags Richards to begin the match and then Richards kicks Maven in the face and the ref talks to Richards telling him not to do that. Victoria chockes out Maven and then Richards drops a huge elbow on his chest. Victoria slides in a chair and then gets up onto the apron and distracts the ref and Richards grabs the chair and swings at Maven who ducks and Richards hits Victoria. Maven dropkicks the chair into his face and then covers him 1-2-3.

Winner: Maven

Piper: WHOA WHOA WHOA.....Clear the pool.What the hell do you think your doing? You just kicked a chair into his face and cheated to win. I hates a cheater which is why i have my own "Rule Enforcers" so lets bring them, out and enforce some rules. L.O.D come from in the crowd and attck Maven and set him up and nail a DoomsDay Devise.


We come back and see the Rock being tended to in the back and he yells for Piper who just shows up.

Rock: Piper I want Desiel next week

Piper: You got it.

We cut to the ring where Kurt Angle and charlie Haas are standing

Angle: Now know what you all are thinking. It was Kurt Angle who wanted the lights shut off last week so he could get someone to attack Brock setting up his win. Well you are all great detectives. Because that is excactly what I wanted but I coldn't of done it with out the help of the newest members of Team Angle Rhyno, Shelton Benjamin, and Paul Heyman.

They all embrace and then Piper comes out

Piper: So Kurt. Your the guy that won the olymics with a broken neck?

Kurt: Yeah with a broken freakin' neck

Piper: Don't ever innterupt me agian or i'll kick your ass. So last week your saying that you cheated to win right?

Kurt: Yes

Piper: Thats yes sir to you

Kurt: Yes sir

Piper: Well if you cheated to win last week with the help of all those people then lets see you cheat next week in a CAGE MATCH against Brock Lesnar for the Worlds Title.

Kurt: What the hell are you crazy? Listen old timer I don't have to do anything that you tel me.

Pier: Well you see thats where your wrong as I am the new owner of this show. And you wanna know whats crazy? Me putting a roof on that cage. You wanna know what else is crazy the roof has barbed wire on it. So choke on them apples. Oh ya one more thing right here tonight in the main event it is going to be Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker in a non-title match.....but if Undertaker wins the match then in 2 weeks he will get whom ever the WWE Champion is. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


Match 4.
IC Title Match
Rhyno©w/ Team Angle vs Kane

Rhyno punches Kane to begin the match but it doesn't fase the big man so he runs at him but gets taken down with a shoulder block. Rhyno goes to his corner to talk with Angle but Kane runs over and hits a knee to his face. Kane then grabs Rhyno by the neck and chokeslams him down for a 2 count. Haas jumps up onto the apron but Kane kicks him off. Rhyno hits the Gore out of no where for the 1-2-kickout. Kane sits up and Tombstones Rhyno 1-2-Angle puts his foot on the rope. Kane grabs Angle and chokes him but Shelton Benjamin hits Kane with a steel chair and then Rhyno hits another Gore 1-2-3.

Wiiner And Still IC champon: Rhyno


Main Event
Non-Title(if Taker wins he will be granted a title shot in 2 weeks)
The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle

Taker punches Angle in the mouth to begin the match and then kicks him in the guts and then Taker irish whips Angle into the turnbuckle then gives him a running clothesline. Taker laces Angle with the soup bones and then chockes him out with his boot. Taker then grabs Angle by the throat and lifts him up, then he swings him across the ring. Angle rolls out of the ring and says forget about this. But Taker gives chase to Angle up the stage but Angle pokes Taker in the eyes then he gives him an Angle slam on the stell ramp way. The ref comes out and tells Angle to get back into the ring and stay in there, Angle does so but then Brock Lesnar pops up from under the ring and delivers a devastating F-5 to Angle dropping him on his head. Taker gets back up and rolls back into the ring and sets him up for the Last Ride but Charlie Haas hits the ring and Lesnar hits Haas. The rest of Team Angle hit the ring but Tkaer and Lesnar fend them off and Paul Heyman gets an F-5 off of the stage, and Benjamin gets a Last Ride off the stage. Rhyno goes to attck Taker but Kane shows up and tombstones him on the stage. Taker rolls back into the ring picks up Angle and nails him with the Last Ride 1-2-3.

Winner: The Undertaker

JR: Wow what a show we have witnessed tonight
King: Well JR wait until next week, we are going to see Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle in a cage with a roof that is made of barbed wire.
Josh: But wait The Rock will battle it out with Big Daddy Cool Desiel.
JR: Also who kidnapped Hulk Hogans son Nick? We will have to wait until next week to find out the answers to that question, and questions to be answered another time. For Jerry"The King"Lawler nd Josh Mathews I am Good 'Ol JR saying so long and see you next week.

WWE LOGO Flashes


Hope you all like that it took me a while to write it and once again sorry i havent posted for so damn long but like I said I have had a few issues to deal with(Story for another time) so this is the Big Evil Red Devil88 saying

Taker easy and if shes easy taker twice

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Brilliant i love reading your shows

Grade A+
Promos are good
Matches are okay

An entertaining show when is your next one
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Getting ignored by SCOTT STEINER
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Thanks I'm glad you liked it...I ahve no idea when my next show will be posted because i still have somesonal issues to work out..stay tuned
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