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  1. Perfect time to change ring announcng
  2. Any chance Styles/Cena main events MiTB
  3. What Summerslam Card do you prefer/think is most likely?
  4. Dual Brand PPV's on the Network
  5. Will The Rock wrestle at Survivor Series 2016?
  6. What should be SummerSlams main event?
  7. Survivor Series 2016 Predictions and Fantasy Booking
  8. Reigns VS Lesnar- SummerSlam 2016, who wins?
  9. SummerSlam 2016: A Truly Fap-Worthy Lineup
  10. Upcoming WWE PPV 2016 Locations Revealed
  11. WWE Live In London September Special
  12. "Cashing IN Early": MITB 2016 Match Predictions
  13. 2 Dream Matches for SummerSlam 2016 that must happen!
  14. Meltzers Payback Ratings
  15. Dean should debut the Jon Moxley character at Extreme Rules
  16. Anyone else disappointed that Finn Balor didn't debut @ Payback?
  17. Payback 2016 Is The First Payback Where Cena Isn't Booked To Hurt Someones Career
  18. Anyone else have Network Issues?
  19. Bret didn't give a damn.
  20. Rate Payback 2016
  21. AJ was the first man to beat Roman clean!
  22. Is Payback one of the least exciting PPV's in recent memory?
  23. Rollins changed his Facebook Avatar
  24. That 4 way Tag Team match at Armageddon 2006 (the same match Joey Mercury damn near broke his face)
  25. Payback Snack Thread
  26. Should WWE only have the Big 4 + MITB?
  27. Payback PPV will reveal if change is really happening or just a myth
  28. Sign suggestions for Payback?
  29. Forum Championship: Payback 2016
  30. Buying tickets for Payback day of?
  31. Payback betting odds
  32. What should my sign be at Payback?
  34. Kalisto vs. Ryback (US Championship) (Kickoff Match)
  35. Mr. McMahon To Announce Which Heir Will Control RAW
  36. Kick-off Match?
  37. Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series and TLC queeries
  38. Major Spoiler for WWE Payback
  39. Is Payback setting up for massive disappointment?
  40. New WWE Extreme Rules Ad, insect sex and wrasslin'
  41. I am calling it right now. Finn Balor is going to debut at Payback
  42. Enzo & Cass vs. The VaudeVillians - # 1 Contender Match For The Tag Team Championship
  43. Natalya vs. Charlotte - Women's Title Match (Bret Hart & Ric Flair in each corner)
  44. Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho
  45. Booking SummerSlam - Mania 33
  46. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn
  47. What is the best WrestleMania main event ever and why?
  48. WM32:disappointed one
  49. Payback 2015 - 12 months on
  50. WrestleMania Weekend - Meeting the Undertaker and More!
  51. St. Louis Possibly Hosting The 2016 Hell In A Cell PPV
  52. First two Matches Officially Confirmed For WWE Payback.
  53. The Worst Pay-Per-View Match Ever
  54. The Miz vs. Cesaro - Intercontinential Championship
  55. Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles - WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  56. Best Build Ups in a LONG Time
  57. So KO-Mania was a big failure...
  58. WaleMania 2
  59. SCG Radio #79 - NXT TakeOver, Mania 32, Raw and Beyond
  60. Problems with Axxess
  61. UNCENSORED audio/video of WM32 Main Event released. Reigns v HHH
  62. WrestleMania 33 - Ticket and Item exchange thread.
  63. Worst opener on a PPV
  64. Dave Meltzer Star Ratings for WrestleMania 32 Matches
  65. Vince Russo & Disco Inferno review Wrestlemania 32.
  66. KOs entrance was badass
  67. Wrestlemania 32 chair
  69. B-Level PPVs That Felt Big Deal In Recent Times?
  70. What's the better Lesnar Vs. Undertaker 2015 rematch?
  71. Which Triple H WM main event was worse?
  72. Why does Zack Ryder hate cowboy hats?
  73. Top 3 Best Matches & Top 3 Worst Matches from Each WrestleMania
  74. Some Stats & Figures
  75. The Women stole the whole fucking show
  76. Visitors of Dallas, how was your "tourism" experience"
  77. Did Undertaker Tap?
  78. What happend in the Crowd during the Main Event?
  79. WWE Payback Projected Card
  80. Cena Vs. Undertaker
  81. WrestleMania 32 was better than 31
  82. Payback Poster Revealed - Wyatts
  83. They did a great job making a star last night.
  84. This wm sucked but it had moments worth remembering!
  85. WM32: Momentum slaughter house
  86. Undertaker's streak
  87. BecauseF**kyouthatswhyMania.... Poor Show
  88. Wrestlemania 30, 31, or 32?
  89. Zack > Bray
  90. Fuck you WWE.
  91. HBK
  92. Barrett´s last "WrestleMania moment"
  93. Did HHH almost bust his ass during his entrance???
  94. Was WM32 intended as The Authority's ultimate ego trip?
  95. Hidden Gem at Mania
  96. Was that The Rock's worst pop since he returned?
  97. Big return and big debut!!!
  98. WrestleMania 11 or WrestleMania 32
  99. Your WrestleMania 32 Match of the Night
  100. Was there any blood at all?
  101. The sad thing is people are missing the point the legitimate problem with many of the victors tonight
  102. Did Anyone Else Laugh at Roman?
  103. Cena returns!
  104. Stephanie Looked Quite Sexy At WM
  105. Why is this WrestleMania getting so much hate
  106. Why was Wrestlemania so long ???
  107. Match Outcomes - Thoughts?
  108. WWE Killed All Kinds Of Interesting Possible Storys lines
  109. The Rock vs. Erick Rowan
  110. I felt like watching Raw
  111. Official Poster For Payback
  112. Rock/Wyatt - Most Mishandled segment of the night?
  113. Stephanie's horrible opening segment before HHH entrance
  114. Zack Ryder's and the Flair's Snickers advert
  115. So sad they still have to rely on past stars to come back
  116. Your Match Ratings for WrestleMania 32?
  117. BURIALMANIA 32 : Where your favorites who should have Won get Buried. And lose
  118. WM32 Attendance Legitimate?
  119. Am I the only one thought WM32 Amazing?
  120. Tatanka and DDP
  121. So what was the big surprise planned at Mania?
  122. 3 worst moments, three best
  123. Steph on the Mic
  124. What's Rock here for?
  125. Where are the Wyatts?
  126. Worst 'Mania Ever?
  127. Tonight deserved a legendary match
  128. "Wrestlemania Moment" totally overused
  129. Axxess Videos, Superstars Interviews and Arrival videos!
  130. WrestleMania Snack Thread
  131. Every WrestleMania Ever
  132. Is WM still offered on PPV?
  133. WrestleMania Drinking Game suggestions
  134. Last minute audible
  135. Court Bauer of MLW Radio mistakenly confirms Bullet Club's debut at WM32?
  136. Rumour - Goldberg set to return?
  137. Roman Reigns entrance?
  138. So Many No DQ Matches...
  139. HBK, Stone Cold, Cena & Rock should all be at Mania, yet have no official role yet. What will they do?
  140. Forum Championship WrestleMania 32 (star)
  141. New Woman's title to be revealed at Mania.
  142. WWE Unveils Statue Honoring Dusty Rhodes At WrestleMania Axxess.
  143. Flo Rida Reportedly Performing At WWE WrestleMania 32.
  144. Reasons why WrestleMania 32 will be great
  145. If you're bitching about 'Mania
  146. Bryan Alvarez says 1 surprise is scheduled for WM
  147. Anyone actually excited for Mania?
  148. SCG Radio #78 - WrestleMania 32 Preview Supershow
  149. My Re-booking of WrestleMania cards 1 - 32
  150. Nakamura will be at axxess
  151. No "Wrestlemania Today"?
  152. Watching Mania by your lonesome.....
  153. This WrestleMania could not be as bad as we think
  154. Will Dean Ambrose use the chainsaw at wrestlemania?
  155. The Diary of The Boss: Journey to WrestleMania 32 By WWE.
  156. What's with the Negativity?
  157. I have something to say about WrestleMania 32
  158. 10 Reasons WrestleMania 32 Will Absolutely Suck
  159. Wrestlemania Sets Ranked
  160. Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Reportedly Moved To Main Card and the US title match now on the pre-show.
  161. WrestleMania Crowd & Chants
  162. What's Triple H's best WrestleMania match that he won?
  163. Big Debut And/Or Return at WrestleMania 32!!
  164. Can we expect blood at WrestleMania?
  165. How about this wwe , I choose "Lucille" over "Barbie" on Sunday night
  166. Merchandise on Wrestlemania day?
  167. Would you pop for John Cena if he was rebranded and showed up for the ME?
  168. WrestleMania Musical Performances
  169. WrestleMania 3 vs. WrestleMania 32
  170. WrestleMania 32 Scorecard 'Game'
  171. Europeans staying up for Mania
  172. WWE Network streaming issues @WM32
  173. The best WM weekend match
  175. Worst WrestleMania in the past decade?
  176. Wait....There Are FOUR Pre Show Matches?
  177. AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho
  178. Could Seth Rollins be able to appear in WM32?
  179. Reigns hints at The Rock being involved in match against HHH?
  180. WrestleMania 33 Card Predictions and Fantasy Booking
  181. Which PPV Should St. Louis Get In 2016?
  182. DC Lands Battleground July 24
  183. WrestleMania Tailgate
  184. Wrestlecon Experience
  185. Lemmy Tribute at WrestleMania?
  186. What if the Rock did a "Hogan/WM9" at WM32?
  187. So, Is Byron Saxton REALLY Going to be Calling WrestleMania?
  188. New Day vs. Y2AJ > New Day vs. LoN
  189. Wrestling Pins for next weekend
  190. MITB 2016 headed to Las Vegas
  191. WrestleMania Coming to the UK
  192. Possible run ins during the three main events
  193. Biggest Surprise Of Each WrestleMania
  194. Should WWE book WrestleMania at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum?
  195. Will they pull the trigger and turn Reigns heel?
  196. WrestleMania Week on WWE Network and USA Network
  197. 5 biggest WrestleMania "Letdown" matches
  198. Will Randy Orton Make a Comeback at WrestleMania 32?
  199. So what's the final match of WM32?
  200. Should they debut a new theme for Reigns at Mania
  201. Slightly rebooking the show
  202. So... 11 matches set for WrestleMania 32
  203. Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 32 Promo HD
  204. Shouldn't AJ vs. Jericho have some stipulation at WM?
  205. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz vs. Stardust vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara: LADDER MATCH FOR INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP
  206. Put the MITB Match back on the WrestleMania Card
  207. Fifth Harmony to perform 'America the Beautiful' at WrestleMania 32
  208. PRE-SHOW: Total Divas vs. B.A.D. & Blonde
  209. [VIDEO] Evolution of WrestleMania entrances
  210. WrestleMania betting odds
  211. Rebooking the Undertaker vs Lesnar at WM 30
  212. Top 10 B PPV matches of all time
  213. WWE's original plan for WM 32 vs. the final one
  214. Should Hulk Hogan appear at WrestleMania 32?
  215. If Reigns wins clean and no heel turn?
  216. WrestleMania Match Lengths
  217. Wm32 in New York
  218. How and where will you watch WrestleMania 32?
  219. WM 32 = 7 HRS!
  220. Comparison of this years WrestleMania card
  221. Post Mania Raw.
  222. WM32 snapback hats
  223. Is Roman Reigns the right guy for this?
  224. WWE PPVs in Chicago
  225. Are There Too Many Matches for this WrestleMania?
  226. What match will be your "Bathroom Break?"
  227. Ziggler must be having a match / Y2AJ
  228. WrestleMania 32 Axxess Lineup?
  229. What matches will go on the preshow?
  230. WrestleMania 32 is not as bad as you think
  231. The New Day vs. The League Of Nations
  232. Kalisto vs. Ryback: U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP
  233. WrestleMania 32 = five hours long?
  234. PRE-SHOW: The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz
  235. The 3rd Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
  236. WrestleMania XX, 12 years today.
  237. Why is Wyatts vs New Day not happening?
  238. Battle Royal: Pre-Show or Main Show?
  239. WM moments/botches that were edited after live broadcast
  240. Was Benoit winning 04 Rumble/going to Raw surprise?
  241. Is there an Elimination Chamber PPV this year?
  242. John Cena will be at WM 32!!!
  243. Sasha Banks Talks the Divas Revolution At WrestleMania 32, Snoop Dogg’s WM Status & Plans for Her ‘Mania Entrance
  244. Possible WrestleMania 32 Steelbook Blu-ray cover
  245. Is there anyone interested in going after any titles at WrestleMania?
  246. Match order
  247. Should WrestleMania 32 end with Shane standing on top of Hell in a Cell?
  248. 3 Matches taking each others cool spots. Best spot of WM32?
  249. What will the stage/lighting look like??
  250. Big news regarding Triple H's Entrance at WrestleMania!
  251. WM 32 has broken WWE record for most tickets sold
  252. Does WWE realize they're running out of time?
  253. What in the hell are they going to do with New Day at WM?
  254. Masterful Roadblock Main Event Booking to save a disappointing WrestleMania Card
  255. MITB Ladder Match at Mania?
  256. What's your favorite WrestleMania?
  257. Stone Cold getting his cardio up for WrestleMania 32
  258. THIS is suppose to be the BIGGEST WM YET!?!? Where is the star power? Where is the build-up?
  259. Owens vs. Zayn for the IC title at WM?
  260. Wyatts absolutely destroying The LON could get them over huge as babyfaces
  261. Rate your pump'ness for WM32!!
  262. WrestleMania 32 Weekend (What to expect)
  263. SummerSlam 2016 Card Predictions + Fantasy Booking
  264. Is Wyatts vs League of Nations a possibility?
  265. Kalisto Defending US Title @ Mania
  266. Big E Says The New Day Will Have A Big Entrance At WrestleMania
  267. The Rock teasing "an electrifying 'heart stoppin' elbow droppin' #WrestleMania32"
  268. Betting Odds
  269. WrestleMania 32 will be FREE for new WWE Network subscribers!
  271. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch: TRIPLE THREAT MATCH FOR NEW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP
  272. Wrestlemania 32 Buildup Ideas
  273. Which is the biggest match of this WrestleMania?
  274. Which is more likely to have Special Guest Referee?
  275. What match should Main Event WM32?
  276. Who's going against the Undertaker @ Wrestlemania?
  277. New Day at WrestleMania will defend their Titles vs Multiple Teams
  278. HHH will retain at WM32 and Reigns will win the title at Payback
  279. Wrestlemania 32 Hotel & Accommodations
  280. So, will the roof of AT&T Stadium be open??
  281. We are in front of worst WrestleMania ever
  282. Triple H vs Roman Reings Wrestlemania 32 Promo HD
  283. The non-title Divas match
  284. Here is what needs too happen.
  285. How bad will it look if we see empty seats at WM?
  286. Shane V Taker Pitch (The Battle Of Houston)
  287. Andre the Giant BR idea
  288. Triple H or Roman Reigns: Who bleeds first at WrestleMania?
  289. Meltzer ratings for Fastlane
  290. Would you be down with Jericho vs. Kalisto for the US title at Mania?
  291. Who do you give a chance to win at WM32? Shane or Dean
  292. WrestleMania 32 is Very likely to end up the biggest most profitable Mania in WWE history!
  293. SummerSlam 2014 had a WM card.
  294. You think they will ever do a 50 men Royal Rumble match?
  295. Payback Moved To May 1 And Extreme Rules To May 22
  296. Shane, The Rock, Roman, Undertaker
  297. WrestleMania Entrances
  298. What kind of stage set will they have for wm this year.
  299. Will the Mean Street Posse help Shane
  300. Any idea on what The Rock's WrestleMania involvement is going to be?
  301. WrestleMania 33 Comes to Toronto- The Case for it
  302. What will the Rock do at WM32?
  303. Bleacher Report grade for Lesnar vs Reigns vs Ambrose
  305. Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar: NO HOLDS BARRED STREET FIGHT
  306. Shane vs undertaker
  307. Its so unfair Dean was robbed of his WM moment
  308. Possible Location For This Year's Extreme Rules PPV
  309. Fast lane....live impressions
  310. WWE Official Poll: 20,000+ Thumbs Down vs 3000 Thumbs Up
  311. WWE FastLane 2/21/16 Live Report / News & Notes
  312. My Idea For SummerSlam and Next Year's WrestleMania
  313. One of the worst booked ppv's of all time
  314. Ryback has another thing in common with Goldberg
  315. I guess I'm the one of the few who liked Fastlane
  316. So HHH vs Reigns will be the "new" Hogan vs Andre? LOL What a joke!
  317. Remember CM Punk said that Vince should be a billionaire but he is a millionaire.
  318. WWE Facebook Poll - Did you enjoy WWE Fastlane?
  319. Fast Lane - A Hive Of Missed Opportunities
  320. #CancelWrestleMania
  321. So The League of Nations over Enzo and Cass? Really?
  323. Real talk that was the worst ending to a ppv I've ever seen
  324. Rate that shit
  325. How do you get good stream quality on your PC?
  326. Pre-recorded chants? Really?
  327. Styles & Jericho to go for tag titles at Mania?
  328. #WeWantMauro
  329. What kind of reaction is Reigns expected to get?
  330. The Fastlane "What Are You Eating?" Thread
  331. Official WrestleMania 32 posters
  332. Heel turn in main event makes no sense
  333. Ultimate WrestleMania Card
  334. The Success of WrestleMania 32 Will Be Determined By The Undercard
  335. What city should host the 2017 Royal Rumble PPV?
  336. Kudos to WWE for their awesome troll move! (minor Fastlane spoiler)
  337. WWE should utilize the AE to sell out Mania
  338. Forum Championship - Fastlane 2016
  339. Any doubt Ambrose is turning heel @ FL?
  340. WWE Fastlane 2016 Struggling To Draw A Full Crowd
  341. Your personal top 10 WrestleMania matches
  342. AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho
  343. Owens vs. Ambrose for the IC title at WrestleMania
  344. Ryback, Big Show & Kane vs. The Wyatt Family
  345. Edge & Christian's 'The Cutting Edge Peep Show' with special guests The New Day
  346. WWE Fastlane 2016 - Official PPV Discussion Thread
  347. Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler - Intercontinental Championship
  348. Triple H's entrance is going to be ridiculous
  349. Realest Debut in the Room
  350. SummerSlam 2016 - Ultimate Travel Thread
  351. Your Top 10 Favorite WM Main Events
  352. Fastlane will make Brock V The Wyatts and Ambrose turning on Reigns
  353. What is more likely?
  354. Royal Rumble 2017
  355. 2016 Extreme Rules Projected Card
  356. Recommend a ppv
  357. Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch vs. Tamina & Naomi
  358. Charlotte vs. Brie Bella - Divas Championship
  359. Swerve for Fast Lane should start tonight
  360. What about Bryan vs. Owens at Mania?
  361. WrestleMania 31 one of the best of all time?
  362. Royal Rumble Big Reactions
  363. HHH/Michaels SummerSlam 2002 Buildup
  364. Seth Rollins return?
  365. Batista was backstage at the Royal Rumble
  366. Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio - 2 out of 3 Falls Match for United States Championship (Kickoff Match)
  367. Wyatt Family Fast Lane
  368. If you're going to make the Ultimate PPV card
  369. Date and location WM 33?
  370. Who will Dean Ambrose face?
  371. Fastlane 2016 Official Poster
  372. The winner of the PPV prior to WM never wins at WM.
  373. SCG Radio #70 - 2016 Royal Rumble, WrestleMania 32 and Beyond
  374. In hindsight, Survivor Series 2014.
  375. Booking the Royal Rumble, Fastlane and WrestleMania better than the WWE without having to think too hard.
  376. AJ Styles @ WrestleMania
  377. Early Betting Odds
  378. Report - Big Show vs. Brawn Strowman match planned
  379. Travel Insurance?
  380. Meltzer ratings for Royal Rumble
  381. Fastlane will build up Lesnar vs. Ambrose for Mania
  382. Booking Dean Ambrose Strong at Fastlane
  383. Is the main event at Fastlane a back up plan?
  384. HHH should defend the title at Fastlane
  385. Why did WWE have the beaming lights over the ring at the Royal Rumble?
  386. Could this be the worst WM since WM27?
  387. Don't tell me The Rock's involvement at WrestleMania...
  388. At Fastlane WWE needs to capitalize.
  389. Aj styles could have been worse
  390. Lesnar decking Strowman
  391. Jericho did nothing
  392. Bret Hart did not like the Royal Rumble: "Too easy to figure out"
  393. Reigns vs. Ambrose vs. Lesnar - #1 Contender's Triple Threat Match
  394. So...Why Does The Rumble Match Have No Rules?
  395. Roman Walking out of the Rumble.....
  396. Big Show Getting Tossed Over Way Too Easily
  397. Can we all take a moment to acknowledge the fact that this has been the best Rumble match in a long long time?
  398. Dean was robbed of a big moment
  399. Announcers Actually ... Good
  400. Make up your damn mind
  401. Might be looking too far into this but Brocks guillontine choke on ADR looked legit
  402. Was giving back the title to Kalisto the right decision ?
  403. Reigns booked like a wimpy idiot?
  404. Royal Rumble Match - Booking Flaws
  405. Your Royal Rumble match ratings?
  406. Royal Rumble match needs a count out rule...
  407. Jericho Was useless in the Rumble!
  408. If there's a sunny side to all this...
  409. Why on earth did Swagger and Henry win that tag match?
  410. So now how will they fix the WM32 main event?
  411. Ranking who came out looking strongest from 30-1
  412. The Rumble needs an overhaul
  413. Heaven forbid we actually get someone new in the main event scene
  414. This Rumble was booked to have HHH cheered and Reigns booed.
  415. Ric Flair The Predator
  416. Rate the Royal Rumble 2016 PPV
  417. Lesnar NOT destroying Wyatt made no sense.
  418. Royal Rumble - A good show totally ruined by the final 2 matches.
  419. Anyone Think They'll Go With HHH/Roman/Ambrose @ Mania??
  420. Was i the only one who hoped or thought that this guy would return toward the end ?
  421. So much for 'One Vs All'.
  422. Any botched eliminations?
  423. No hating allowed, most solid all round Rumble of the last 5 years.
  424. WWE Gives Up
  425. Raw HD set again?A global company can't afford a Beautiful Deign set?
  426. Should they play the music for each entrant?
  427. What time does the pre show start?
  428. Royal rumble winner possibly revealed (spoiler)
  429. Is Brock Lesnar creating history tonight?
  430. Why hasn't the WWE sold the fact that an instant elimination of RR?
  431. if betting odds are reality
  432. WWE got lucky the last 2 rumbles. Will it happen again?
  433. If Undertaker shows up, respect angle with Lesnar?
  434. [Spoilers]John Morrison tweets his rumble status
  435. Will their be a NXT guy in the Rumble?
  436. The following is the best way to book the Royal Rumble and set up WM32...
  437. WWE Royal Rumble Interesting Stats And Facts: Records, Owen Wins, WCW Champions, TNA, Broken Rules
  438. Final Rumble betting info/news, who's favored to win?
  439. Want to watch Royal Rumble in a bar
  440. Royal Rumble Ironman
  441. Possible Spoiler for Royal Rumble
  442. a few things of my thoughs about Royal Rumble Match over the years and more...
  443. Vince and the Royal Rumble script do you think hes changed it so many times?
  444. AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32?
  445. i run two different pools for the rumble
  446. 1 year ago #CancelWWENetwork happened
  447. 30 ways to fuck up the Royal Rumble
  448. What would be the point of Triple H entering?
  449. Choose Your Royal Rumble winner
  450. Vince to approve colour for tonight?
  451. Tonight is the night I start watching again
  452. Let us not Forget: The 2015 Royal Rumble
  453. They should let Sandow plays all currently injured wrestlers during Royal Rumble match
  454. "We want Bryan" chants and hijack expected at The Rumble again?
  455. The Royal Rumble Promo
  456. Top 10 Worst Royal Rumble Matches
  457. Brock Wins The Rumble, Who Do You Have Him Face at Mania?
  458. Best Royal Rumble since 2010? This is hard.
  459. Snacks for Royal Rumble?!
  460. NXT Stars in the Rumble
  461. Match of the Night?
  462. You can actually bet on the Royal Rumble
  463. The Winner has to be Triple H.... If Bryan enters the Royal Rumble
  464. Batista to walk out champion?
  465. Will Cena actually miss WrestleMania?
  466. If DB returns at the RR should turn heel
  467. The Rock should fund a WWE invasion.
  468. Dudley Boyz
  469. Bray in the final 4?
  470. Forum Championship Royal Rumble 2016
  471. What's the biggest swerve that you could think of?
  472. Brock is gonna be suplexing everyone out of the Royal Rumble
  473. Who will eliminate the maximum number of Superstars in 2016 ROYAL RUMBLE?
  474. Royal Rumble Phoenix?
  475. My Royal Rumble and Road to WrestleMania
  476. Cool potential Rumble scenarios?
  477. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Ascension vs. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger vs. Darren Young & Damien Sandow (Royal Rumble Kick Off)
  478. If Daniel Bryan doesnt return
  479. Over/Under #superstars Roman eliminates this Sunday
  480. Theme Song?
  481. Surprise Entrants in the Royal Rumble
  482. A clear clue who the final five and final two will be in the Rumble (from last RAW)
  483. I Wish I Was There: Royal Rumble Edition
  484. These Wrestlers' chances of being in the Royal Rumble?
  485. So, what I would do with the Royal Rumble...
  486. Even the by the numbers video is bored of the Rumble
  487. Have we ever had this many factions/tag teams/alliances in the Royal Rumble match before?
  488. Rumble, FastLane, and Mania Prediction
  490. Ric Flair Says WWE Wants Shawn Michaels To Wrestle In The 30-Man WWE Royal Rumble Main Event
  491. How would you book the Royal Rumble PPV?
  492. Royal Rumble booked wrong and needs change!
  493. Hidden 31st entrant
  494. The one time WWE admitted the Rumble draw is rigged
  495. Outlandish ideas for Royal Rumble entrants
  496. How many of you want to see Triple H vs. Roman Reigns WrestleMania main event?
  497. AJ Styles Teases He’ll Be In The Royal Rumble
  498. Brock and Roman to draw in Rumble finish?
  499. Top 5 Royal Rumble Matches
  500. WF WWE PPV Prediction Game 2016 - Royal Rumble
  501. Shane McMahon should enter the Royal Rumble
  502. Who SHOULD be the commentary team at the Rumble?
  503. This is months in advance, but what about John Cena vs. The Undertaker at SummerSlam?
  504. Would you prefer a WM with 8 or 9 matches like yesteryear instead of a Mania with few matches but MITB or Andre Battle Royal like today's?
  505. Royal Rumble Comedy/Big Moments Expecations
  506. What should happen at RR.. And leading to WM 32...
  507. HHH a Certainty to win
  508. Current planned RR finish & Fast lane ME
  509. Will Curtis Axel Be The (Second) Last Man Standing?!?
  510. WWE Looking to Rebuild “Fastlane” PPV Into Major PPV
  511. Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens in Last Man Standing Match for Intercontinental Championship
  512. I think Triple H will return at the Rumble and screw over Reigns
  513. I predict 40 man rumble
  514. Who do you think will enter the Royal Rumble match at 1 and 2?
  515. Who else thinks AJ Styles is gonna get a huge "pop" at the Rumble?
  516. Undertaker winning Royal Rumble ?!
  517. Kevin Owens vs. The Undertaker
  518. New Royal Rumble Rule?
  519. Possible Royal Rumble scenario
  520. Your Top 5 Opening WWE PPV Matches
  521. Booker T
  522. Its time for Batista vs Brock at Mania
  523. How about a fatal-four way for the WrestleMania main event?
  524. Royal Rumble injury returns.
  525. AJ Styles or Shinsuke Nakamura should win the Royal Rumble.
  526. Why don't they do a women's mini-rumble match?
  527. The Rumble is now unpredictable!
  528. Book the Rumble match for fun (participants, order, eliminations)
  529. Undertaker WrestleMania 32 opponent
  530. Favorite WrestleMania Arenas
  531. Why The Rock Should Win the World Title at WWE Royal Rumble 2016
  532. 5 Keys To a Successful Royal Rumble 2016
  533. Will Ambrose sacrifice himself to save Roman in the Rumble?
  534. Early Updated Betting Odds
  535. Forbes.com: "Triple H Winning The WWE Royal Rumble Is Best For Business"
  536. The 30 RR entries
  537. Royal Rumble Party Games?
  538. Predict the 1st 2 entries
  539. Guess the top 3 matches for WM 32
  540. Is Daniel Bryan's return being saved for the Royal Rumble?
  541. I am marking out! Reigns is not going to be in the main event at Mania!
  542. Do you like the 'winner takes the belt' stipulation?
  543. Lesnar should NOT win the Rumble.
  544. If Roman wins the Rumble will he get booed again?
  545. Top WWE Royal Rumble Matches, PPVs & Moments
  546. AJ Styles deserves to debut in the Rumble
  547. Name one music artist / group you'd like to see appear / perform at Mania
  548. WM31 Crowd Edits on the WWE Network
  549. Who Will Enter The 2016 Rumble Match In The Dreaded #14 Spot?
  550. Cena,Triple h,Lesnar, Reigns..All terrible choices for Rumble winners.