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  1. Bret Hart saying nice things about HHH and other things? THE HUMANITY!!
  2. Breeze and Fandango need to thank R-truth and Goldust.
  3. 2006 DX....analysis
  4. Backstage Updates On Seth Rollins And Randy Orton Returning To WWE TV
  5. If the WWE decided to evolve, what mainstream TV shows/movies/entertainment could they use ideas from?
  6. there´s no need for the "Next" former superstar.
  7. You Just Woke Up From A 10-Year Coma... What Would Surprise You The Most In The Current WWE?
  8. Why Isn’t Mark Henry Being Used On WWE TV
  9. Are Cesaro's matches really entertaining??
  10. Shocking Wrestling Plans You Won't Believe Almost Happened (WhatCulture Wrestling)
  11. What kind of a character should Sami Zayn have?
  12. Of these 6 people, which one would you like to see WWE push to the main event?
  13. What is "New" in the "New Era"?
  14. Anyone want to admit Styles needs Reigns?
  15. Could Stephanie and Shane end up causing a roster split?
  16. Why HASNT Eva Marie debuted yet?
  17. WWE Planning on Doing Global Women's Tournament?
  18. Replica belts
  19. Charlotte has to be the worst talker on the entire roster
  20. When did you first 'find' wrestling?
  21. Should WWE reform the Nexus?
  22. Should the WWE Champion only wrestle on PPV?
  23. Bobby Heenan hospitalised
  24. Will AJ Styles ever hold the WWE title?
  25. Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Cesaro or AJ Styles? Who's the best in-ring wrestler today?
  26. Several WWE stars scanned for WWE 2K17.
  27. Jim Ross on Ryback’s situation with WWE, Monday’s RAW, more.
  28. Does anyone get annoyed with Byron Saxton being bullied on commentary
  29. Rusev Sit Down Interview With Michael Cole - Rusev is Awesome!
  30. Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger should join The Social Outcasts
  31. News on Upcoming WWE Live Events - John Cena To Return To MSG This Summer.
  32. Tamina undergoes Surgery – Details
  33. Chyna - Hall Of Fame Predictions
  34. If Chyna doesn't get into the HOF next year, would Sable be the next best choice?
  35. Stone Cold Steve Austin - "If this kid (AJ) is on a PPV, I want to watch him work. He's too good to be anywhere but the top"
  36. Why is Superman booking fine for some guys but not others?
  37. Women's scene
  38. Brock's feud in the Summer?
  39. So was Jericho's goodbye just a work?
  40. Any updates on Seth Rollins?
  41. When did Jericho become part time?
  42. Darren Young's New Gimmick....No
  43. What kind of fan are you?
  44. How viable would be a ''Chyna and Eddie memorial tournament''?
  45. Why Is The WWE So Reluctant To Push Wrestlers Who Are Already Over?
  46. Eddie Guerrero Vs Rey Mysterio 2005 feud
  47. Triple H Marginalized?
  48. What is up w/ WWE and completely making the US Title mean basically nothing?
  49. Adam Rose Suspended For Adderall - Deletes All His Tweets
  50. Shane McMahon tell all interview to be aired on WWE Network after the May 23rd Raw
  51. When Seth comes back, should he keep using the Pedigree as his finisher? (as a heel/HHH disciple) Or do you think he should he change things up?
  52. When will WWE present a new aesthetic to its presentation and give RAW a new set?
  53. Women's programs - We can handle more than one
  54. Your Opinion on Baron Corbin?
  55. The Search For The New Latino Star
  56. Who is next for the chop
  57. Styles/Gallows/Anderson & Uso's/Reigns - A Rare & Potential 'Double-Turn?'
  58. And what about Emma?
  59. Why are you people so miserable?
  60. Mick Foley Believes The AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns Storyline Has Potential.
  61. Rusev a much needed US champion.
  62. BIG BANTER Corbin
  63. After quite some time ..
  64. Jim Ross on Sunday’s Payback PPV, Enzo Amore’s injury, Reigns vs. Styles.
  65. Will Charlotte be able to defeat Natalya without Ric Flair?
  66. What are we calling the "New Era" ?
  67. is it time for WWE to operate as a Giant sports entertainment company ??
  68. The NEW ERA has potential
  69. Big Cass to maybe get a singles run to keep E&C relevant?
  70. Serious Queston: What Makes Roman Reigns So Special?
  71. Upper Card Guys you think.deserve to job to Reigns?
  72. Bret Hart's Final Days in WCW
  73. Big Cass is vastly underrated
  74. 'Is it me or is there a feel of electricity in the air whenever AJ and Roman are in the ring together?'
  75. Backwards booking is ridiculous
  76. Meltzer explains the current status of Reigns
  77. [Forbes] List Of Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Superstars Of 2015
  78. The McMahons feud doesn't make sense because of Roman Reigns
  79. Who would today's Rated RKO be?
  80. How to overprotect and attempt to manipulate your fans
  81. Ryback pulled from TV indefinitely
  82. I can't tell who is a great wrestler and who isn't anymore
  83. Who's at fault for Enzo's injury?
  84. The official complain about Roman Reigns thread
  85. Who's at fault for Enzo's injury?
  86. Brand split ?
  87. Do you prefer matches when you have a clear cut favourite?
  88. [VIDEO] Story time with Bray Wyatt
  89. So, how many of you sent Xavier a DM?
  90. Where is HHH?
  91. Hulk Hogan Is Suing Gawker For Allegedly Leaking His Racist Rant
  92. It's obvious that Seth Rollins will be the one to save us
  93. WWE Edits Anti Roman Reigns Sign on Their Homepage
  94. Roman Reigns Talks About His Match With AJ Styles At Payback, Zack Ryder News.
  95. Daniel Bryan in WON HOF
  96. Who's better? Roman Reigns or British Bulldog?
  97. The defenition of someone being "put over"....
  98. Stardust's haircut
  99. Jim Ross: "Being a 100% Babyface or 100% Villain In Pro Wrestling Are Likely Over"
  100. If John Cena Ever Turned Heel It Shouldn't Be On Reigns
  101. What will happen to Big Cass?
  102. Can we get a technical wrestling match from Brock WWE?
  103. Jericho's going away
  104. Enzo Amore should not be a wrestler
  105. Zayn will win the feud
  106. Spectate Owens spectate featuring Owen
  107. The WWE is actively afraid of the effect Reigns is having
  108. Did AJ's performance against Roman prove he's a main event talent to the fans and the WWE?
  109. Roman Reigns consistently puts on great matches
  110. Is Shane vs Steph within PC since they're siblings?
  111. John Cena Wants To Bring Cursing And Blood Back Into WWE
  112. Is Sami Zayn a sore loser?
  113. Roman's attire total ripoff of Rollins
  114. To anyone dissatisfied by the current product...
  115. Another 'meh" Ambrose ppv match
  116. People Power v The Authority
  117. In Ring action and spots aren't a substitute for good booking and storytelling
  118. Cody Rhodes' new tattoo
  119. Charlotte's Gotta Go
  120. I just cancelled my network subscription. Who else is doing the same?
  121. Cole on commentary is almost worth it when KO joins them
  122. A Certain Someone Took 4 Finishers and Still Won
  123. Enjoying the 'new era'?
  124. Cena is going to come back ultra babyface
  125. Should WWE sign Hirooki Goto?
  126. Owens vs. Miz? Makes no sense to me
  127. Most ridiculous booking decision your opinions)
  128. SPOLIERS Zayn vs Owens
  129. Enzo Injury - UPDATE - Released from hospital & pulled from upcoming WWE Events
  130. Well Ryback`s Career is over!
  131. Who was Bret Hart's Mystery Opponent at WCW Super Brawl?
  132. How Would You Debut Roode?
  133. Boo Or Keep Silent? What's Worse?
  134. Ideal Women From the Past to Return
  135. What do you think of AJ Styles now?
  136. Heat between HHH/Orton
  137. LOLCENAWINS Moment You Hate The Most?
  138. Harder NOW to make it as a heel or face?
  139. 10 Wrestling Heel Turns That Made No Sense Whatsoever
  140. WWE don't have hot women anymore? Why?
  141. Not a fan of Fandango, Disco Inferno, etc... But I'd love to see girl with that type of character.
  142. How much Roman Reigns lift?
  143. Should Roman Reigns inherit the John Cena gimmick?
  144. Top NXT star hurt, WWE interested in indie talent, recent WWE & NXT attendance
  145. Which jobber should get a chance
  146. Possible WWE spoilers
  147. Triple H on why Roman Reigns polarises fans, facing Dean Ambrose and NXT's UK summer tour coming to Download Festival
  148. X-Pac & Scott Hall make fun of Roman Reigns' "haters" & fans who say they’re canceling the network
  149. Is Miz the least physically gifted wrestler?
  150. How long will the AJ vs Roman feud last for?
  151. Scott Steiner Rips WWE For Bad Gimmicks & Trashes The WWE For Offering Him A Legends Contract
  152. Raw Theme Song
  153. WWE Spring Cleaning Predictions?
  154. Seth Rollins return?
  155. What was the logic behind Hunter coming back and beating Punk at NOC in 2011?
  156. WWE should revive the Hardcore Championship and make Heath Slater face of the division, who's with me?
  157. Main issue on ratings decline
  158. What was the greatest era in WWE?
  159. The Edge & Christian Show should of been a Pre-PPV hype show.
  160. They're Already Ruining Big Cass
  161. I have an idea for Stephanie & Shane
  162. Lazy eyed wrestlers
  163. Can Wrestlers actually acknowledge they are filmed & recorded? (read OP)
  164. Which WWE Superstars have "jobs for life?"
  165. Kevin Owens vs. Jerry Lawler - Piledriver Match
  166. Stephanie is the hottest woman on WWETV
  167. Undetaker and ECW's Chaiz Conspiracy
  168. Rich Brennan's wife insults Tom Phillips says he buries people.
  169. Paul Heyman Gets New Reality Show
  170. Most shocking upsets in WWE history?
  171. Kyle Edwards leaves the WWE
  172. Is Kayfabe really dead?
  173. Johnny Gargano Speaks On Possibly Wrestling At WrestleMania 33.
  174. What happened to Mark Henry?
  175. People can cheer for Reigns when he turns heel?
  176. WWE panders to the casual viewer... but do they really?
  177. Potential WWE DVD Releases For Next Year
  178. Can Balor or Rollins usurp Reigns as face of the company?
  179. Cody Is Writing A Book About Dusty!
  180. Where is Damian Sandow?
  181. Steve Austin Says Roman Reigns Isn’t A Traditional Babyface
  182. Why R-Truth never made it?
  183. Ric Flair's Woo! Nation Podcast Is Going On Hiatus.
  184. Does X-Pac know what 'X-Pac Heat' is?
  185. What is the greatest hardcore wrestling match ever?
  186. Roman Reign NEEDS to be beat Brock Lesnar
  187. When is it a good time to retire takers career???
  188. Ric Flairs Title Record ?
  189. The route wwe is going with show???
  190. Who does Vince and HHH think is "real" future?
  191. What wrestlers will or should return!!@
  192. Would a Kaval/Low-Ki return to the WWE work today?
  193. Almost 2 years now since AJ won the IWGP title and now he's fighting for the WWE Title
  194. Whats up with Bray Wyatt
  195. Top 15 Wrestlers You (Probably) Didn’t Know Were Actually American
  196. Without Bray the Wyatts dont exist.
  197. Edge appearing on TV show, WWE files new trademark for Enzo Amore.
  198. Bret Hart on Future Concerns of Triple H Running The Product
  199. What is so great about AJ styles?
  200. Twitter made fun of Roman's jeans…
  201. The Four Horsewomen - who's best?
  202. Ric Flair telling Natty " kill yourself " Video
  203. Will there be another Chyna?
  204. "AJ Styles and Roman Reigns can't talk, their feud will suck"
  205. Who do YOU tune in for each week?
  206. Does anyone miss 2009 Randy Orton and Legacy?
  207. Dolph's Brother Wanted for Murder
  208. Why do fans cheer for some Wrestlers when they get booked bad, but boo others when they're booked bad?
  209. Your Top 3 Mic Workers & In Ring Workers On The Current Roster
  210. Jim Ross: On Undertaker being a McMahon Pawn, Global Cruiserweight Series.
  211. In all combat sports, big guys sell
  212. Sinclair Broadcasting wants to expand WWE Network Catalogue
  213. Rich Brennan Released(?)
  214. WWE needs more specialization
  215. 'The Rock' invited to play rugby for NZ
  216. Steroids In Pro Wrestling (Current Era)
  217. New Day: The future of pro wrestling?
  218. 10 Dumbest Names For Modern WWE Wrestlers
  219. Here's Stephanie dodging the " why fans boo Roman all the time ? " question
  220. Fam Owens Fam!
  221. why Sandow went back to "the savior of the masses" gimmick?
  222. Enzo & Cass On Which WWE Star They Ride With, If They Are Heels, Enzo Injury, Kevin Owens Twitter
  223. Bret Hart on the way WWE has booked Roman Reigns: It’s been lousy.
  224. Documenting John Cena’s Insane Recovery Time Throughout His Career
  226. A New Short Film Featuring Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly
  227. What Kind of Gimmicks Would You Like To See?
  228. Give Reigns a standalone gimmick/character
  229. Reigns vs. Rollins vs. Ambrose - WrestleMania 33 Main Event
  230. Bret Hart Says Roman Reigns Has Potential But Is The Product Of Lousy Booking
  231. What did we learn from the League of Nations?
  232. Is Reigns injured ?
  233. Roman Reigns Sends Message To AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson’s Theme Song Released.
  234. WWE should make it a routine to send main roster jobbers back to NXT
  235. Tyler Breeze Responds To Fans Criticizing Him For Appearing On WWE Superstars.
  236. Your thoughts on the "new era" (post-WM32 era) so far?
  237. Is Cesaro ready to be the IC Champion?
  238. Jerry McDevitt On The WWE Network Royalties Lawsuit Being Dismissed & Vince McMahon
  239. Vince Russo Says Roman Reigns’ Push Problems Fall on Vince McMahon
  240. Roman "isn't that bad!"
  241. Initial impressions of Gallows and Anderson - surprised
  242. The Downturn Starts Now - 1 Year Later
  243. Is the WWE trolling Sandow?
  244. What IS this "New Era"?
  245. The Ambrose Situation
  246. Why did Vince choose Cena over Batista
  247. To all HHH critics...
  248. They should use Make-A-Wish and tribute to the troops for Roman Reigns
  249. Was CM Punk character an extended version of Bret Hart??
  250. And Now, Professional Wrestling Maneuver that you LOVE as much as you can !
  251. Bret Hart had a more succesful career than Shawn Michaels
  252. Sheamus takes a jab at Conor McGregor.
  253. WWE Studios Signs Deal With Wesley Snipes' Company
  254. Alberto Del Rio Says League Of Nations Will Be Separating Soon.
  255. Is Undertaker competing again this year?
  256. Jim Ross talks about Samoa Joe, possible opponents for Brock Lesnar, Cena and Taker being pulled from the WWE UK tour.
  257. Bret Hart talks about CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and people calling wrestling fake.
  258. John Cena talks about being against marriage, WWE, his acting career.
  259. The Rock on Time's 100 most influential people.
  260. Professional Wrestling Maneuver that you hate as much as you can !
  261. How long should New Day hold the tag titles?
  262. Future vs present, the feud well want to see, or dont' want to see?
  263. Is Undertaker vs Shane the worst storyline of the PG era?
  264. Renee Young About The Odds Of Becoming A Wrestler.
  265. WWE Teasing Showdown Between The Authority And Shane McMahon.
  266. WF's Favorite PG Era Women (2010's) - Final
  267. Vince Russo Honors Friend Chyna
  268. Favorite Powerbomb?
  269. would have been a money match austin vs goldberg in 2003??
  270. Roman's reaction to Zayn's entrance chants
  271. WWE Explains Zayn/Owens Feud On Twitter
  272. Miz and Bubba and Devon are the best Active heels
  273. Will there ever be a true competitor to WWE?
  274. 10 WWE Divas With Salaries You Won't Believe
  275. Does becoming a great wrestler help?
  276. New Paige photoshoot draws the attention of playboy and brobible
  277. What is next for Lesnar?
  278. More Title Matches on TV?
  279. Roman-Most Protected Champ?
  280. When is Randy Orton returning?
  281. Finn Balor is to stay at NXT: Sorry Bullet Club fans!
  282. WWE put Goldberg in 6 moments we would like to see in WrestleMania 33?
  283. How would u break up New Day?
  284. WWE Live Event Results: Glasgow, Scotland (04/23)
  285. What Did You Mark Out For More?
  286. Is Bret Hart the safest worker????
  287. WF's Favorite PG Era Women (2010's) - Semi Finals
  288. Why do the WWE try to play off Triple H as a superior performer to HBK?
  289. Wellness Policy Violations
  290. When do you guys think Finn Balor will make it to the main roster?
  291. You can be one WWE/WWF Superstar at any moment in time. Who are you?
  292. Why doesn't Bobby Heenan have a twitter/facebook... etc
  293. WWE doesn't properly hype its PPVS
  294. Jack Swagger's Cryptic Tweet: WWE Departure Imminent?
  295. What does Ambrose do after feud with Y2J?
  296. Agree or disagree that Bret says Triple H is a midcarder?
  297. Is there any training system in place for main roster wrestlers?
  298. I don't get it??
  299. Whatever happened to inter-gender and mixed tags?
  300. MITB winner
  301. Help me book the rest of 2016 in the WWE
  302. WF's Favorite PG Era Women (2010's) - Quarter Finals
  303. Who Should Take the US Title Off Kalisto?
  304. [Step into the future with me] Cesaro/Kidd in 2017
  305. 10 Best Wrestlers Who Never Held The WWE Title (And When They Should Have Won)
  306. Would you care for a more "toned down" version of Bray Wyatt?
  307. They had Randy Orton wait his turn
  308. This is interesting
  309. JTG on WWE HOFer Being a Racist, Triple H, Curtis Axel hating his gimmick‏
  310. Belfast House Show Results + Cesaro on McGregor *Credit to Belfast Live*
  311. Will we ever see Owens/Zayn tag team?
  312. Who's the third man?
  313. 6 moments we want to see at WrestleMania 33
  314. Bad in-ring wrestlers who were awesome anyway.?
  315. Most Hostile crowd at a WWE event.
  316. Lana getting ripped.
  317. Should the Women do a Hardcore match?
  318. Are we just hecklers? Should the WWE care about hecklers?
  319. Who would be the next free agent you'd want the WWE to sign?
  320. A Very Interesting Reason For The Undertaker Not Appearing On WWE European Tour.
  321. Bret Hart on his cancer battle/wanting to work with Lesnar and Punk/thoughts on UFC/his match with Austin/criticism of today's wrestling style
  322. London Always Gets The Red Phone Booth and Taxi. If Raw Was In Your City What Would WWE Put On The Stage?
  323. Will the WWE do the right thing this Monday and do "In loving memory of Chyna"
  324. John Cena says he misses blood and "fighting words" plus talks about injuries and turning heel.
  325. Wyatt Family, Social Outcasts, Bullet Club, League of Nations and the rumored Empire.
  327. Finn Balor is obviously going to be involved in this Bullet Club storyline
  328. Specialty Matches?
  329. GOAT Owens tweet
  330. Why is 30 considered old for divas?
  331. Baron Corbin - Son of Undertaker?
  332. Would you be up for another Rock vs Jericho feud?
  333. Fans leave during Roman Reigns Vs. Sheamus house show match
  334. WF's Favorite PG Era Women (2010's) - Round 2
  335. Various opinions on how WWE should be presented
  336. the whole "he deserves to be champion" thing.
  337. Will a Reigns heel turn get him cheered?
  338. Who's worst: Stephanie McMahon vs Hillary Clinton
  339. Update On Bray Wyatt’s Injury & WWE Return
  340. Why Did Kofi Kingston Leave WWE’s International Tour?
  341. Why do people believe AJ should be champ?
  342. WF's Favorite PG Era Women - Round 1
  343. Viktor Joins the "Social Outcasts" .
  344. Uhaa Nation was cool and Apollo Crews is a corny mfer
  345. WWE website article - 6 moments we want to see at WM33
  346. So..Where is the whole Puerto Rico thing headed?
  347. Well played
  348. Media coverage of UK tour
  349. R.I.P. Chyna
  350. 10 WWE Superstars Who Were The Best At Putting Over Young Talent
  351. Vince Russo suggests making Sami Zayn's character a former weekday cab driver
  352. If Cena is booked to face Reigns
  353. (4/20) WWE Newcastle Live Event Results: Triple H Makes In-Ring Return
  354. Adam Rose responds to his Suspension.
  355. AJ Styles going over Reigns at payback opens up for alot of great stuff
  356. AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins ...Already happened back in 2006
  357. Bandwagoner Fan vs Die Hard Fan
  358. The Tag Team division could use some female managers
  359. Is match length burying wrestlers in wwe
  360. Who is the worst announcer of the 3?
  361. Teddy Hart On John Cena, praises HHH and the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series.
  362. Bret Hart Thinks The UFC Does Better Pro Wrestling Than Pro Wrestling.
  363. The New Day Discusses The Origins of BootyO’s
  364. Jake Roberts Speaks On Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt And WWE.
  365. Hard to blame Roman when almost the entire show is filled indy talents!
  366. Mick Foley is a piece of shit
  367. Sasha Banks On If She Will Join Total Divas
  368. Who gets the win(s) in the Jericho - Ambrose feud?
  369. Is Kane the example of when sometimes its good to "politic?"
  370. Feed'em to The Lone Wolf...
  371. Booker T on The New Day, WM32 and getting back in the ring.
  372. Jim Ross:WWE’s Booking Of Baron Corbin, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows, Sami Zayn.
  373. Where do The Wyatt's go from here.
  374. Daniel Bryan the number 2 merch seller in 2015 according to Dave Meltzer
  376. What is WWE going to do with Kalisto?
  377. Conor McGregor to WWE?
  378. Where is the Intercontinental Champion?
  379. The backstage interviewers are so awful
  380. So, was WWE right about John Cena?
  381. Chris Jericho and Mick Foley donate to Former WWE Wrestler Balls Mahoney's Funeral
  382. Paige was apparently 'very sad' the term 'diva' was retired
  383. Leader of Bullet Club shouldn't be Styles, Reigns, or Balor
  384. Conor McGregor to WWE?
  385. Am I the only one that thinks Renee Young is overrated?
  386. Is being a weak talent + having strong booking what makes a good heel?
  387. Heel Roman will prove many people wrong.
  388. Strowman, the main eventer monster that never was.
  389. Reddit Unknown Insider Posts Huge WWE Spoilers
  390. Why did they change the Hell in a Cell to 20 feet?
  391. Jim Cornette On Dolph Ziggler: “WWE Doesn’t Do Jack With Him”
  392. How much of a draw would Austin vs Goldberg have been?
  393. Ever since the days of kayfabe existing, has there ever been a better heel than Roman Reigns?
  394. Anderson and Gallows should turn on AJ/Join Reigns
  395. Biggest scandals in wrestling not counting Benoit´s?
  396. Interesting little fact I learned today.
  397. Roman Doesn't Drink Coffee In The Morning Apparently
  398. Roman Reigns Sends Message To AJ Styles, News On Mauro Ranallo.
  399. Steve Austin On WWE Women's Championship Triple Threat, Sasha Banks Being Cooled Off & Bray Wyatt As A Face
  400. What's so special with Baron Corbin..?
  401. John Cena first feud when he returns?
  402. Steve Austin Says Reigns vs. Triple H At WrestleMania 32 Was Too Long
  403. Content Listing For The Upcoming US Title DVD.
  404. Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals He Was Injured Prior To WWE WrestleMania 32 Appearance.
  405. We should be booing Shane McMahon right now!
  406. Best In Ring Worker On The Current Roster?
  407. Why did they promote these NXT jobbers?
  408. Is it just me or does this.....
  409. Does anybody want to really see an Ambrose/Jericho feud?
  410. The Daniel Bryan Memorial Ladder Match @ WM.
  411. Bret Hart Has Recently Been On A Streak Of Bashing WWE and WrestleMania Yet He's Back For This Angle?
  412. Titus O'Neil is back!
  413. Are you guys buying t-shirts tonight at wweshop?
  414. Do you wish WWE would use WrestleMania to blowoff most of their feuds instead of starting them?
  415. I'm not cool with WWE using the Bullet Club.
  416. Why is being charismatic and great in the ring considered mutually exclusive here?
  417. 2016 will have the best roster in ages
  418. United States Tag Team Championships?
  419. How would the fans react if the WWE rehashed the NWO storyline
  420. When is catering to fans acceptable?
  421. Former WWE Star To Appear On “Botched”
  422. WWE Pulls The Undertaker From Remainder Of The Company's European Tour.
  423. How many chances are they gonna give Primo & Epico?
  424. The Real Outsiders...
  425. Bella Twins Get E! Spinoff Series "Total Bellas"
  426. Kevin Dunn's view on Roman Reigns
  427. JBL is unbearable
  428. Appreciation thread for the unappreciated.
  429. Lana says "I will be the greatest woman to ever enter WWE, and I will leave the greatest legacy that WWE has ever seen".
  430. Justin Credible on WrestleMania 32, NXT and more:
  431. Mick Foley shoots down rumors of Triple H not liking him.
  432. Jim Cornette comments on Nakamura and says Vince is not racist.
  433. Charlotte & Paige On ITV This Morning
  434. Alicia Fox Makes History For WWE In Dubai.
  435. MITB - Any wrestler who cashed in and won the title twice?
  436. Jim Ross Says Sami Zayn’s A Main Eventer In Waiting
  437. Why don't we get the surprising "Jobber vs Top Star" matches anymore?
  438. Rumor about Triple H/Steph and Shane
  439. Claire Lynch in WWE?
  440. Since WrestleMania has anyone's WWE interest declined?
  441. New Day #1 on Merch sales over WrestleMania weekend
  442. What Makes a Good Theme Song?
  443. Roman Reigns is not a good handpicked champion, he's not a bad handpicked champion
  444. Roman gets trashed for his "bad" promo skills yet Shinsuke Nakamura doesn't even speak English
  445. Roman's USA commercial
  446. Reigns should spend more time in the Performance Center
  447. The Curious List of Wellness Policy Suspensions
  448. When did "Wrestlemania weekend" start?
  449. John Cena Reveals Which One Wrestler IS WWE to him
  450. How has The Rock vs. Triple H never main evented WrestleMania
  451. There Should Be More World Title Changes In B-Level PPVs
  452. Best Gimmick Change
  453. Remember The Stat Where Only 5 WWE Title Matches On PPV Happened Since WM21 Without Cena/HHH/Orton/Punk? See How Much Did That Change This Past Year
  454. THE GUY, and that guy
  455. Favourite Podcasts on WWE?
  456. Damien Sandow Talks His Connection With Fans
  457. ​Ryback Says He's Very Frustrated With His Current Role In WWE
  458. Memorable Debuts/Returns On Raw After WrestleMania
  459. Roman Reigns' new catchphrase bugs me
  460. Has Brock been booked badly in the last year?
  461. HHH should abuse his power...
  462. Character evolution of Seth Rollins
  463. Charlotte's WrestleMania Revenge Tour Schedule
  464. Taker - London and Newcastle Dates.
  465. ITT: We discuss Midcard feuds that got wrestlers over(without a major title)
  466. John Cena's new show debut's with disappointing viewership
  467. CM Punk Greatest Rival
  468. Here's what I would do with Roman
  469. Why do wrestlers do that thing in interviews where...
  470. Do you agree that dead wrestlers are being overrated by WWE? (For milking money)
  471. Are Stone Cold a hypocrisy backing up Hulk Hogan?
  472. Has this been the worst year for WWE in regards to injuries?
  473. Adam Rose and Konnor suspended!
  474. It's about characters and booking
  475. Amazing Bray Wyatt Story From JTG's Book
  476. Shane McMahon's credibility amongst this board?
  477. would WWE benefit from an off season?
  478. Why doesn't Bo join the Wyatts?
  479. I think Angle is coming...
  480. Sheamus Calls out...
  481. WWE using #BulletClub on Social Media
  482. Nicotrel :>
  483. The origin of Roman Reigns' name.
  484. Leaked audio clip from Hogan's racist rant
  485. Wrestlers that don't have haters
  486. Bray Wyatt, the hero we deserve (excerpt from JTG's Book)
  487. Triple H doing live events
  488. Why does the IWC want title changes only at Wrestlemania/Summerslam?
  489. Do Enzo & Cass need new finisher?
  490. WWE European Tour: Florence, Italy Results; Tyler Breeze defeated twice on Italy plus other results:
  491. Samoan americans vs Luchadores vs Japanese wrestlers??
  492. Wrestlers who had the total package
  493. Make your own New Japan Vs WWE Card.
  494. If the WWE characters were real in actual life,which candidate would they vote for in the upcoming United States elections?
  495. The Shield vs. Bullet Club
  496. Pro wrestling clinics? (List your 5 best examples)
  497. Lets invent some chants that fit the entrance of a wrestler
  498. Aj styles working stiff?
  499. Roman, AJ & The Bullet Club
  500. Why do people hate the Usos?
  501. Can a women's brand work?
  502. So Brock just got dropped out storywise?
  503. If you do one good deed today..
  504. 10 Steps to Improve WWE
  505. Talent flow
  506. Call me insane, but Baron Corbin vs Bullet Club is MONEY.
  507. Kota Ibushi coming to WWE/NXT??
  508. Next 1# Contender for WWE World Heavyweight Champion?
  509. WWE Reportedly Breaking Up The League of Nations
  510. Tommy Dreamer Talks about being a Fan of Roman Reigns
  511. Who´s the victim of the worst booking? Wyatt or Ambrose?
  512. Serious question how the hell did the Miz marry someone like Maryse?
  513. Current Superstars, Classic Championships
  514. Big Show on HHH Running NXT, WWE Crowds vs NXT Crowds, More
  515. Do you think Lesnar is worth the $6 million a year he is apparently making?
  516. How many "legends" will it take to make Ambrose a real threat?
  517. Wrestling Birthday – April 14.
  518. Ronda Rousey - How about a 4vs4 Mania match, instead of a single bout?
  519. The Rock With Words Of Support For Bray Wyatt
  520. Is AJ Styles the next victim?
  521. Just how big do you think The Bullet Club can be in the WWE?
  522. WWE must incorporate murder to compete w/Lucha Underground
  523. Repackage New Day as murderers.
  524. Can Finn Balor become a top star in the WWE?
  525. The ODDS of **The Bullet Club** on WWE TV.
  526. Backstage Talk Of Next Women’s Champion, Program Details.
  527. WHEN do we see Bullet Club formed?
  528. Roman Reigns' "limited moveset" is hogwash
  529. Who YOU want in Bullet Club
  530. New stars
  531. Cena Q&A on most underrated wrestler today, greatest WWE champ and best pound to pound wrestler
  532. Best English wrestlers?
  533. Bray Wyatt Injured In Italy - Update; Video Surfaces Of Incident
  534. Dean Ambrose desperately needs a heel turn.
  535. Triple H/Roman Reigns feud could have gone on a bit longer
  536. Paige reveals she had a miscarriage at 18yrs old in England
  537. Scott Steiner
  538. Why is swearing such a no no?
  539. How is Roman Reigns doing on house shows? Short answer: Not great. But The long answer...
  540. Ken Anderson On Balls Mahoney And The Original Plans For His MITB Win.
  541. Zack Ryder WWE.COM Interview with Michael Cole
  542. Are they finally going to make Roman look really strong?
  543. AJ Styles Suffers Injury Scare At Tuesday Night's WWE SmackDown Television Taping.
  544. If you could bring back one stable
  545. Dolph Ziggler On His WWE Career, John Cena and The Rock.
  546. The best technical wrestler in WWE since the 2000s?
  547. Do you think WWE would even know what to do with riccochet
  548. Win/Loss % For Current Roster + Comparison With Older Stars (Warning: Your Head Might Explode)
  549. Enzo & Cass On The Steve Austin Show
  550. Greatest Heel of the past 2 decades.