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  1. Rollins Wants Indie Star Signed, WWE Wellness Tests, More Bad Neville News
  2. Vince Wants Top Babyface Diva, Backstage Talk on WrestleMania and Top Stars
  3. A wrestling union would be a disaster
  4. Future IWC GAWD rants on John Cena and Vince
  5. Roman Reigns should win the WWE Title at Wm31 by turning heel
  6. What if...?
  7. DOES Anyone else miss Paul Heyman on commentary, god he was good.
  8. Could John Cena have been one of the all time great heels?
  9. 12/27 Cincinnati - Hulk Hogan, Reigns/Rusev, & Ambrose Having Fun
  10. WWE Diva AJ Lee Making Lots of Enemies With Her 'Slammy Speech'
  11. Was Orton given as much as Reigns when he started?
  12. Most underrated mic workers
  13. Wwe live cincinnati
  14. Question
  15. Will John Cena get #16?
  16. If Bryan was Healthy
  17. When will the torch be passed?
  18. Randy Orton Reportedly Injured (Update: It was a work)
  19. Orton returned last night
  20. Is 2014 the worst year?
  21. Sting needs to go back to the Neon Color Paint
  22. Could Karl Anderson make it in the WWE
  23. Next Wrestling Boom - Streaming & SmartTV's
  24. Baron Corbin
  25. cesaro to austin "we're not allowed to do a mule kick"
  26. Top 10 Moments of 2014
  27. Is it me or did Seth Rollins get REALLY tall next to Hogan?
  28. WWE Top 10: Quotes of 2014
  29. Most Overused Tropes in WWE Television?
  30. Do any podcasts do phone ins?
  31. So know when we know why CM Punk left - who did the worst walkout Austin or CM Punk?
  32. Nobody cares about us INTERNET FANS ANYMORE :(
  33. 12/26 Holiday Tour NY - Orton Returns; Adrian & Sami Make MSG Debut
  34. 12/26 Holiday Tour Chicago - Reigns/Rusev; Barrett Returns; & Ambrose/Wyatt
  35. WWE Live Event Results – Madison Square Garden, New York City 12/26/2014
  36. WWE Live Results Chicago, Illinois 12/26/2014 + News on Superstar Return
  37. Don't be an kiwi be a sunflower!
  38. I have to thank WWE
  39. How many WWE events have you been to in person?
  40. Who would run WWE better? Vince Jr. or Vince Sr.?
  41. Have you seen The Rock heel promo at SS 2002?
  42. Seating recommendations for Amalie Arena, Tampa FL (formally Tampa Bay Times Forum)
  43. jesse the body ventura was soooo right about vince mcmahon.
  44. Would you rather have great technical ring skills or extreme charisma?
  45. What happened to (big) backstage segments/fights?
  46. I know what WWE is doing with Reigns!
  47. Watched Vince's interview today to seee what this brass ring meme was and DAMN
  48. Vince is the best booker of all time
  49. Ambrose matches are booring
  50. Most underutilized wrestler of each era
  51. The Viper returns
  52. Roman Reigns debuts new move
  53. Who do you think is the best "big man" on the current roster (270+ pounds)?
  54. WTF is this?
  55. Worse gimmick in WWE
  56. Future Hall of Famers On The Current Roster And Who Inducts Them
  57. Roman just outpopped Hogan and Ziggler
  58. Do the fans or the WWE make stars?
  59. Lamest finisher by top WWE wrestlers.
  60. [Report] WWE wants superstar to break CM Punk’s Record as WWE Champion
  61. Perfect opponent to help Reigns improve?
  62. who do you want making the decisions in WWE. who should be the head guy after Vince
  63. Who do you think should have been Brock opponents from SS to WM?
  64. Where's Bo Dallas ?
  65. Mcfarlane toys should be doing wwes action figures.
  66. Change Lesnar's opponents and results since 2012
  67. Report: Brock Lesnar is heading back to the UFC once his contract expires
  68. Daniel Bryan in 2015. your thoughts.
  69. The Undertaker to headline 2015 HOF class (according to Meltzer)
  70. Top 25 Matches of 2014
  71. Do WWE Matches Feel Like Fights?
  72. Damm Vince really hated Zack Ryder...
  73. Steve Austin: Bray and Dean's Promos Have Become Hollow
  74. Ambrose has lost his "cool" factor
  75. Who is more over Rollins or Ziggler?
  76. Would you buy an album of Bray Wyatt songs?
  77. Alternative idea #3 for the main event of WM31
  78. Rusev vs Erick Rowan feud
  79. Why Luke Harper is/should be WWE'S future
  80. Ambrose/Wyatt is example of why WWE shouldn't listen to IWC
  81. Underrated blade jobs?
  82. Is it better to be champion in TNA or jobber/midcard in WWE
  83. Who are the top 5 most charismatic wrestlers in WWE today?
  84. Active roster, not part timers. Who would you pay money to see?
  85. Ziggler, what am i missing.
  86. Title vs Title is the way to go at WM 31
  87. Recent WWE attendance figures
  88. Idea For a Ladder match
  89. Was The Rock on steroids during his WWF days?
  90. Ziggler vs. Harper Should Have Closed TLC
  91. Randy Orton gets RKO'd by a kid lol
  92. Pick One Of These Scenarios
  93. Perry Saturn tells some really crazy stories
  94. Has John Cena ever put someone over?
  95. Sami Zayns debut...
  96. Double scorpion deathdrop on J and J is a moment we need to see
  97. Why IWC always complain if something new happens?
  98. Was Ruthless Agression and PG era both were affected by Attitude era?
  99. With The Ascension coming up what do you do with Cesaro and Kidd?
  100. Will People Miss Cena After He's Gone?
  101. So Cena announced Bin Laden's death to WWE fans?
  102. This week's Observer coverage: Lesnar, AJ, morale, Total Divas, Neville, business
  103. AJ Lee reportedly out with an Injury
  104. Do members of the Shield make up the perfect wrestler?
  105. Make a wrestler
  106. Last time a heel won a rivalry?
  107. Update on The Backstage Morale in WWE
  108. WWE suspends Kevin Nash's legends contract
  109. Domestic House Shows Attendance (Ambrose vs Kane Main Events Top List For The Fall)
  110. Would you rather be booed/hated or get no reaction?
  111. WWE PG heels are bitches
  112. don't hate Michael Cole
  113. The Ramifications of "Sports-Entertainment"
  114. WWE Fast Lane poster
  115. Be honest, have you even noticed Orton's absence.
  116. Did Batista get lucky with movie roles?
  117. The Rock Sings "Here Comes Santa Claus" in a Onesie on The Kelly & Michael Show
  118. Cyberfights
  119. how long cena would've held the title if he didn't got injured in 2007
  120. what was the story behind CM Punk's heel turn in 12'
  121. What exactly has Cena done to "grab the brass ring"?
  122. The Hate For Reigns?
  123. Should Ambrose stay in the midcard for a while?
  124. Kevin Nash's son does what Goldberg couldn't do (KICKS HIS FUCKING ASS)
  125. new next stars but familiar faces
  126. Damien sandow vs the genius
  127. Moments in wrestling that made you cry
  128. Saw NXT Takeover: R Evolution and.....sorry but no
  129. Glad that "fan" was kicked out of RAW...
  130. Please let Randy Orton win the Royal Rumble.
  131. Big Update on WWE’s CM Punk Sign & Attire Policy at Live Events, Fans Ejected During
  132. Youtube Chant and Pop video question
  133. Vince Russo: Why The Casual Fans Have Stopped Watching Wrestling
  134. Who do you think is the best wrestler in wwe today?
  135. wwe hollywood skits for wm21
  136. Why won't Vince McMahon turn Cena heel?!?!
  137. Future wrestlers present at (legendary) matches
  138. Dean Ambrose Needs to Turn Heel at Wrestlemania
  139. Stephanie McMahon hottest women in the WWE?
  140. WWE Planning On Having Seth Rollins Win The WWE Championship At The Royal Rumble?
  141. Luke Harper's the best wrestler in WWE
  142. miss the ole jobbers in WWE/F
  143. John Cena needs an overhaul fast
  144. A wrestler Cena never beat?
  145. Ascension Old Debut Promo vs New Debut Promo
  146. Delaying Reigns' push
  147. Have Roman Join With Paul Heyman After Winning The Title At Wrestlemania!
  148. The Mizdow thing needs to end
  149. Miz was really over with fans back in 2011
  150. Should Zack Ryder face Brock Lesnar @ Wrestlemania?
  151. Would WWE have the balls to turn Bryan heel so...
  152. Am I the only one who doesn't care about wins/losses?
  153. How would you book the RTWM?
  154. Why do we have better ideas than creative?
  155. How do you think this whole Reigns-Lesnar-WWE Title RTWM situation will play out?
  156. Feuds you want to see in 2015
  157. Rumor Mill: Seth Rollins cash in news.
  158. If cm punk had gone over Rock, taker and brock, where would he stand amongst the grea
  159. Lesnar's contract up in Jan and not Mania?
  160. Will Roman Reigns Become A Cena, Sheamus, Or Orton?
  161. When I think about it, it's surprising how many WWE titles Kane only managed to win..
  162. Shawn Michaels: Mr. WrestleMania
  163. It is the IWCs fault we get CENA CENA CENA
  164. Punk Talks On How WWE Treats AJ Lee, Not Main Eventing PPVS, Injuries/WWE, More
  165. Why does WWE employ so much deadwood?
  166. Stone cold 1998 vs Stone cold 2001
  167. my main problem with Reigns
  168. Do you want to see this feud?
  169. I hate Bray
  170. What is going on with Swagger?
  171. Pay Per Views are Pointless
  172. Dolph Ziggler and the Intercontinental Title
  173. Silverdome is now just an empty stadium left to rot
  174. Do you like the current product?
  175. If not Reigns, it'll be The Rock
  176. The WWE has botched Reigns booking horribly..
  177. Cole during Ziggler vs Harper
  178. Running out of reasons to keep watching
  179. Rumor: Vince Wants Sting/Taker, but Hunter Wants Sting + Idea Floated For Taker
  180. AJ Styles Rejects The Idea of Joining "Struggling" WWE
  181. Why doesn't WWE just bring back the Real Americans?
  182. Bray wyatt taken to hospital
  183. An Idea For A Storyline
  184. Rollins keeps getting better and better
  185. What Are These Fluke Wins Doing for Wyatt?
  186. Which former Wrestlers would make a great announcers
  187. In your opinion who is hotter: Nikki Bella or Trish Stratus?
  188. Who had the most charisma: Hulk Hogan or The Rock?
  189. Again, Ambrose is done..
  190. Do you think the WWE superstars like that one day Steph/HHH might run the company?
  191. Did The Rock have a better "look" than Roman Reigns?
  192. Best dark/psycho gimmicks
  193. Vince needs to pull Cena from the Main Event picture and put him in a Tag Team
  194. Did Attitude Era ruin the wrestling business?
  195. The botching of the Shield break up
  196. Is John Cena a Mainstream-Star in the USA?
  197. Vince McMahon's - Favorite Wrestler
  198. An interactive WWE Adventure w/ full walkthrough by WBL
  199. The only positive that can come out of this Cena/Lesnar feud
  200. Warrior's politics
  201. An interesting segment with two most hated people on IWC
  202. Feud that Cena lost ?
  203. What genre is this theme song?
  204. Gimmicks Are Dead
  205. Cena NEEDS to defeat Lesnar.
  206. WWE needs to create another Promotion like NXT
  207. Update On Adrian Neville's Main Roster Gimmick + 1st Day Of Holiday Tour
  208. The differnece between ALL-TIME GREAT and LEGEND?
  209. Top 10 best wrestlers of all time - unbiased
  210. Should more story lines break the fourth wall? or should it be strictly kayfabe.
  211. Batista Agrees Titus O’Neil Should Have a Bigger Role in WWE
  212. "Classic wrestling"
  213. Rumor Roundup: Major Raw Angle, Randy Orton Return, Bad News Barrett, More!
  214. Survivor Series Did 100,000 PPV Buys
  215. Seth Rollins vs Sting at WrestleMania 31, needs to happen
  216. The Undertaker - The Biggest Babyface
  217. WWE beginning huge storyline on first Raw of 2015?
  218. Characters - Based on RIBS
  219. Most Under-rated worker???
  220. What Titles do you consider World Championships
  221. New Painting: Macho Man
  222. Biggest Vince McMahon Wrestling Mistakes
  223. app not working
  224. What if all top WCW wrestlers were there during WWF vs WCW/ECW Invasion storyline?
  225. Does John Cena pull the strings in the WWE?
  226. 3v3/4v4 Tag "Team Cena"/Authority
  227. Why do males care about how Roman Reigns look?
  228. Kane's War Of The Roses
  229. Kharma needs to come back
  230. Worst Crowds For Wrestling
  231. Most Shocking things you have seen on watching wrestling?
  232. Orton says Hi
  233. Jed Shaffer-Invasion Angle
  234. Reigns looks pretty big to me
  235. What Happened with Chyna?
  236. Fandango has a new theme song ??!!
  237. "john cena fears Haruka" would you want haruka to wrestle in wwe?
  238. UFC / MMA Section
  239. Finn Balor's T-Shirt Sold Out Before It Even Got Stocked
  240. Biggest mark out ever?
  241. 12/20 Winnipeg House Show results
  242. 12/20 Live Event Sioux Falls: Flair Guest Ref Reigns/Kane + NXT Stars Impress
  243. WWE has just posted HHH vs Sting as a fantasy matchup..
  244. A new Monday Night War need to happen in 2015.
  245. New Age Outlaws were fired?
  246. Leaving Sting vs Taker fro WM32 is the right choice
  247. Stone Cold's skin tight cut off shorts
  248. WWE Star Returning from injury tonight is Da...
  249. 2014 superstar's singles win/loss ratio
  250. Would Daniel Bryan be over if it wasn't for HBK
  251. What is John Cena's and CM Punk's Gimmick exactly?
  252. Hmm. WWE foreshadowing Daniel Bryan v Rusev?
  253. speculation: 2 possible wrestlemania matches & DANIEL BRYAN'S return.
  254. Do you think John Cena vs Roman Reigns will happen?
  255. How will CM Punk lose/win his first MMA fight?
  256. Ways to fix the commentary for WWE which would make a better product as well
  257. Favourite Elimination Chamber Match?
  258. Stone cold on Hulk Hogan: He's trying to stir shit up
  259. Was the Del Rio/Ziggler double-turn planned?
  260. No PS Top 50 this year and why
  261. Superstar most in need of a re-packaging
  262. why do u consider that wrestler as the GOAT ?
  263. Tag Ropes part of the reason for decline of tag team wrestling
  264. What is the live experience like in upper tier?
  265. Whos gonna get released in 2015?!
  266. 33 Heel Titantrons of Wrestling Superstars after They Turned
  267. If the IWC wants Cena to go away
  268. Did Big Show Get Fired?
  269. Where would Orton, Sheamus and Bryan fit in the WWE chain when they return?
  270. Best Superkick
  271. Cm Punk interview #8712: Talks WWE Exit, UFC debut, Wrestling The Undertaker, Possibl
  272. What Would've happened if Brock Lesnar hadn't left?
  273. How to save the WWE - Turn Cena Heel
  274. Does Reigns wear a tactical vest or a girdle?
  275. WWE Top 10: The Best Superstar Taunts
  276. Put the Tag Titles on Hogan & Partner at WM.
  277. Do You Think Brock Will Wrestle At The February PPV?
  278. Will we see Yoshihiko in WWE?
  279. Baron Corbin is the future of the WWE.
  280. Would it be useful for Bray Wyatt to win a championship?
  281. Is the rumor about HHH not wanting to lose Steph to Kurt Angle true ?
  282. "This is AWESOME!"
  283. Stardust has really grown on me
  284. Will Reigns reach Rock's level in mic skills?
  285. Rumor Roundup: Sting, The Authority Return, Hulk Hogan WrestleMania Match, More!
  286. I believe Reigns really does appeal to casuals
  287. Identity of The Bunny Revealed
  288. Rybaxel - breaking up was great
  289. Did Vince McMahon Screw up - Flair, HBK, and Hogan
  290. If Vince Russo stayed in WWF/E, would WWE have been better and more popular now?
  291. History of Dean Ambrose?
  292. Why isn't R-Truth in the New Day?
  293. Something Stephanie said about women wrestling.
  294. Ryback on Talk is Jericho, addresses CM Punks lies
  295. WTF Has happened to Kane???
  296. Would Reigns vs Lesnar In Non-Title Match Bother Anyone?
  297. WWE has never had a guy with the 'look' more so than Roman Reigns.
  298. Cm Punk says Cena and Rock kissed Vince's ass, talks UFC debut, Pipebomb promo, etc.
  299. The Best Matches of 2014: According to 5SK
  300. Is Reigns still getting superpushed?
  301. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are a must watch tag team
  302. 10 stars and divas who would thrive in the attitude era by
  303. Damien Sandow/Mizdow is a real star that needs an opportunity.
  304. What are your thoughts on Lesnar being the WWE champion
  305. Seth Rollins Says Randy Orton Has Always Been Jealous Of Him
  306. Lets talk about Roman Reigns
  307. Hulk Hogan Reveals One Key Reason Why He Wants One More Match
  308. WWE is now a breeding ground for Hollywood.
  309. WWE Cancelled Moments and Storylines
  310. The Cena/Lesnar feud
  311. Anyone getting their hopes up for A Rollins' title reign during the Summer
  312. Dave Meltzer's ratings for R Evolution & TLC!
  313. One Problem With WWE's Presentation
  314. Is the rumor about HHH not wanting to lose Steph to Kurt Angle true ?
  315. Favorite wrestler reincarnation
  316. app not working
  317. Invasion 3.0 Inc Oh NO!
  318. Would you mark out if Vince Russo appeared on WWE TV?
  319. So once sting is defeated
  320. documentaries you would like to see.
  321. Question for those who ever attended a live WWE event...
  322. How Can WWE Change For The Better?
  323. Gimmicks - You'd like to see in the WWE and who would play them
  324. Article: 12 Worst World Champions in WWE's History
  325. is john cena still in his prime?
  326. Roman Reigns attire looks stupid and has to slow him down.
  327. My theory on how The Authority could come back and how it affects WM31 main event
  328. From 2002 to 2006 which brand was better?
  329. So, will Sting drop from the ceiling?
  330. Perspective on WWE Pay
  331. No one grabbing the Brass Ring? BS!
  332. Wasnt Daniel stripped of the title for not defending within 30 days
  333. WWE sabotaged Batista on purpose?
  334. What's the longest a wrestler should hold a title?
  335. Miz owned Cena last night
  336. seriously I will be very mad if orton/lesnar doesnt happen
  337. Top-5 matches of Steve Austin
  338. How many times must we watch Jack Swagger get his ass kicked by Rusev
  339. Want to know who wrote NXT R Evolution?
  340. Tribute To The Troops... don't go overseas anymore
  342. Sting or Ultimate Warrior
  343. For Australians.... How do you get your WWE Merchandise?
  344. The Drastic Differences Between RAW and Smackdown
  345. Cena Jumping Before The Curb Stomp
  346. Who will beat Rusev?
  347. So does Adam Rose still hate the bunny...or...what?
  348. Reigns vs (Heel) Cena at Mania?
  349. Which wrestlers do you think WWE Creative has let down most?
  350. Funniest Color Commentary?
  351. Bryan vs Rusev for 31
  352. With the way Ziggler is being pushed...
  353. Would it be worth it to learn spanish?
  354. **The Official "Roman Reigns Will Be A Star And I Cannot Deal" Thread**
  355. Interesting Cena insight
  356. Update On Roman Reigns’ Position in WWE
  357. WWE takes shot at CM Punk
  358. Enough with the porn names WWE
  359. Great Prince Devitt/ Finn Bálor Documentary Link
  360. This week's Observer coverage: WM32, NXT TRE + TLC reviews, WM31 plans, star returns
  361. Daily reminder
  362. Best In The Business- 2014
  363. Has the Cody Rhodes character been retired for good?
  364. Titus is "The Solution"
  365. Seth Rollins Talks About CM Punk Leaving
  366. Kevins Owens vs Sami Zayn NXT title @Wrestlemania?
  367. Roman Reigns calls CM Punk 'skinny fat'
  368. Roman Reigns is the worst, is there any way he doesn't win the Rumble?
  369. Top Ten Wrestlers of the last decade
  370. We're Never Happy
  371. Promo Of The Year?
  372. What the hell happened to Jericho?
  373. Brock Lesnar's Schedule
  374. After Two years, who is your favorite Shield member? Comparison to last year's votes
  375. Dolph Ziggler's new sit down interview with Michael Cole
  376. Rusev, and his United States title reign...
  377. The Undertaker looks done(link)...
  378. Alicia fox doing what the majority of the roster wants to do to creative (Picture)
  379. Test post please delete!
  380. Fatal Four way at WM 31
  381. Legit heat between Roman Reigns and Big Show???
  382. Rolling stone gives its annual awards for wrestlers and divas awards
  383. Happy Holidays From WWE
  384. Ambrose's gimmick matches
  385. Why is Brock Lesnar reduced to cameos?
  386. Top 30 Matches of 2014:
  387. Dream matches that could happen in 2015
  388. Rollingstone calls Dolph Ziggler the WWE Wrestler of the Year!
  389. The Rock reveals his favorite promo of all time (on Twitta)
  390. The Legacy of Sting
  391. Best wwe match of 2014?
  392. Kane and Undertaker just got upstaged
  393. Thread for a picture that is too awesome
  394. Meltzer Ratings
  395. Any word on Bad News Barrett's return?
  396. Roman Reigns slow and rusty
  397. TLC >>> NXT:Revolution
  398. This New Day team slowly but surely is starting to get over. Minus the corny dancing
  399. Rumor Roundup: Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena, Randy Orton Return, Roman Reigns, More!
  400. Men's Health: WWE Has Fired The Rock For Using Illegal Substances
  401. Do you think Roman Reigns is being overpushed due to Rock's influence?
  402. Would anybody be down with a debut in the Rumble match, and actually win?
  403. Cena Bringing Back The Authority
  404. Where is Paige?
  405. What is the Song name played after a commercial break when the announcer speak
  406. Ambrose is mediocre in the ring
  407. What would your reaction be if this tune comes on during Royal Rumble 2015?
  408. Jericho to be involved in Cena/Lesnar Match?
  409. How is Roman Reigns a badass ?
  410. Rate top 5 in ring workers right now.
  411. The Bellas need to gtfo.
  412. Recent photo of The Undertaker
  413. The Ascension sucks
  414. Hall of fame
  415. Does Roman Reigns deserve to be at the main event at WrestleMania 31?
  416. Will Lesnar really make Reigns "look strong"?
  417. My passion for Paul...
  418. WM30 Main Event: Everyone is out right now
  419. Possible reason for why AJ Lee doesn't want to be in WWE anymore
  420. Won't hear me say this much when it comes to The Miz
  421. How long before The New Day turns heel?
  422. In Regards To Dolph Ziggler
  423. Worst wrestlers on the current roster?
  424. So whatever happened to Cesaro?
  425. Big E Langston is special
  426. Will Ryback Be The First To Pin/Submit Rusev?
  427. Seth Rollins has alot in common with HHH
  428. Poor Y2j
  429. Update on Randy Orton's Return Feud
  430. The "Rematch Clause"
  431. How much money do wrestlers make in a WrestleMania card?
  432. A Show that is worth a listen...
  433. Ambrose Rollins or Reigns?
  434. Something to consider, not a bad listen
  435. WWE Presentation Style Over The Years
  436. People need to stop blaming the writers
  437. There's only one man that can return & end the disaster RAWs we've witness
  438. Rollins in cahoots with Heyman
  439. What poor gimmicks of the past could work if you tweak them
  440. Corporate Kane hilarious custom titantron
  441. Harper and Ziggler: Match of the night?
  442. Best wrestling books?
  443. Big Show, Mark Henry and Kane... Please just go.
  444. Paul Heyman is staler than people say John Cena is
  445. Backstage Update On Brock Lesnar's WWE Future, Injured WWE Superstar Getting Pushed?
  446. The WWE Universe turned their backs on Zach Ryder
  447. More Backstage News on The Undertaker Possibly Facing Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 31
  448. Why do female wrestlers get paid less than Men?
  449. I think this would be the best booking for Cesaro
  450. Nikki vs Aj TLC WMOTY?
  451. Who was your first wrestling crush?
  452. The REAL talents that have to go
  453. Brock Lesnar Scheduled Appearances
  454. 1st Post!! Undertaker illness?
  455. RAW vs NXT - Storyline?
  456. Obama smells what The Rock is cooking
  457. Roster Climate Post-TLC, John Cena Holds Talent Meeting Regarding NXT
  458. Does Roman Reigns wear colored eye contact lenses?
  459. Sting on Why He Turned Down WWE's Offer to Wrestle The Undertaker at WrestleMania 27
  460. FCW Invasion part 2
  461. Sting's new nickname
  462. The BEST Roman Reigns Promo Ever!!!!!
  463. So, what's next-Rollins vs. Reigns or Rollins vs. Orton
  464. Roman Reigns needs to fire his acting coach
  465. WWE never changed-Turtle franchise
  466. Are There Any Legitimate Cena Fans On Here?
  467. BNB responds to Jon Stewart
  468. Michael Cole = Greatest Seller in history.
  469. Which current young talent can be a main eventer ?
  470. Backstage News on Possible Plans for Adrian Neville, Ziggler Reacts to Title Win, Law
  471. Ultimate list: Top Ten Best matches of the year
  472. Vince actually got what he wanted at TLC.
  473. Should Seth Rollins change his entrance theme?
  474. rollins cashing in tonight?
  475. The tag team division....
  476. Rusev will cost Cena his match with Lesnar at the RR
  477. Was Ambrose's shirt @ TLC a tribute to 'Sons Of Anarchy'?
  478. Tired of WWE but still watching in case something good happens? Here's an idea...
  479. Greatest man to re-enter WWE?
  480. Fav WWE hardcore title match?
  481. Bring back Ministry of Darkness?
  482. Hulk Hogan - sexuality in professional wrestling
  483. By the way what was up with Paul Heyman last night?
  484. Let's go Wyatt
  485. Update on Bryan's possible return
  486. How bad is Philly gonna shit on Cena vs Lensar IV?
  487. When you were watching wrestling back in the day did you ever envision....
  488. Did overpushing ADR and Sheamus hurt them?
  489. Cena beating Lesnar would be the dumbest case of CENAWINSLOL yet
  490. Something bugging me...
  491. So Lesnar's entire title reign gets wasted on Cena
  492. I finally figured out who Sasha Banks looks like
  493. John Cena once again proves why he's the GOAT
  494. Daniel Bryan Wins MLB Award
  495. Wrong TLC results.
  496. Best PPV/Special Event Of The Year (Including NXT)
  497. What an absolute waste...
  498. Is the overall theme of the Monday night wars some how an inside joke to Vince?
  499. Is Dean ruined yet?
  500. your thoughts on the main event, bray vs ambrose?
  501. Wyatt vs Ambrose was the best in-ring psychology seen in years.
  502. Missing : Charles Robinson
  503. Roman Reigns Promo
  504. I'm Officially sold on Roman Reigns.
  505. So Cena wins.............
  506. Say Cena wins the WWE WHC at the Royal Rumble...
  507. What if rollins won the rumble.
  508. BREAKING NEWS: Dolph Ziggler wins WWE Intercontinental Championship
  509. The Onion Attempts to Take The Piss out of Cena/WWE
  510. When WWE does something that pisses you off do you scream or facepalm
  511. What was the point in Sting at Survivor Series?
  512. Do you think Brock lesnar is aware that there is a ppv tonight?
  513. Do the Mcmahon family care about their fans or money?
  514. If the World Wildlife Fund were to go away would McMahon go back to WWF
  515. Anybody ever hear of Tag Me A Date?
  516. Will Sting make an apperance or tease tonight?
  517. Aj Lee is not female version of John Cena
  518. FCW Invasion
  519. PPVs that have become long in the tooth for you.
  520. Now that's power.
  521. Have you noticed that when Vince McMahon laughs, he shaves 10+ years off his age?
  522. Best Spear
  523. Who was the face of the company in 2002?
  524. So what will it take for us to get a new JR in the WWE?
  525. 10 stars the WWE needs to be gone from the WWE by WM33
  526. Is it not safe to say pro-wrestling around Vince McMahon?
  527. 8 Fixes the WWE needs to make
  528. Why has tag-team wrestling died out?
  529. Who should be the next talent to break through into the main event?
  530. Wrestler you were surprised VKM never signed
  531. The WWE should have ran ECW just like they're running NXT
  532. 2015 Royal Rumble: The Final Four
  533. Is it more forgivable by the IWC when...
  534. Backstage Talk On WWE's Main Roster Being Frustrated After NXT Takeover: R Evolution
  535. The Secrecy Behind Daniel Bryan's Health
  536. if wwe collapsed whhere would the talent go and work?
  537. How much longer do you think hulk hogan will live?
  538. Ambrose not authentic lunatic
  539. Matches/Feuds you'd like to see between NXT and Main Roster Talent?
  540. Which wrestler is genuinely a 'tortured soul'?
  541. Please wwe. Bring back
  542. Is WWE bad or you happen to get old? (Bray Wyatt College Story)
  543. Most Underrated Performers of All-Time
  544. The WWE needs a NEW SuperNatural Monster to Rival Undertaker
  545. The WWE blew it with Corey Graves
  546. Lana and Rusev Are Bringing Back the European Championship
  547. Will Orton return at TLC?
  548. WWE Hiring Brian Kendrick as a Trainer?
  549. How the main event of Mania should go down.
  550. I can't be the only one right? Taker WM future