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  1. What is your favorite Jericho's list moment/s?
  2. Seeing Wrestlers Live- Experiences
  3. Adam Copeland *EDGE* Appreciation thread. (WARNING: Contains lots of entertaining videos)
  4. Who's your personal favorite between Rock, Austin, and Hogan.
  5. Summer Rae Makes Maxim Hot 100 List for 2017
  6. No September India Tour+WWE PPV Is On Free TV In India. How WWE Are Going To Make Any Money From India?
  7. Isn't WWE kind of breaking the law?
  8. What is your ultimate dream match in current WWE?
  9. Do you still Dislike Cena because of his past booking.
  10. Talk Is Jericho w/ Jeff Hardy & Dean Ambrose
  11. Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles is happening!
  12. Two year old child dies after being hit with a Batista Bomb, WWE releases statement
  13. Renee Dupree Trashes Randy Orton!
  14. Unpopular Opinion: Cheering For Heels Is Corny
  15. Do RKO out of nowhere videos/meme prove that WWE still relevant?
  16. Mark Calaway was almost The Berserker before John Nord was?
  17. Pete Dunne Would Love to Wrestle Brock Lesnar & William Regal
  18. Goldust was on Fox Sports
  19. Meltzer debunks Asuka WWE record, catches heat from fanboys
  20. 6 AJ Styles matches we wish we could see
  21. Talk is Jericho with Jeff Hardy and Dean Ambrose
  22. Who is the most hated wrestler on Wrestling Forum?
  23. Foreign heel gimmicks are lame and racists
  24. Are you rooting for WWE to fail? If so, why?
  25. If you had to guess at least 3 WWE wrestlers who are secretly members of this forum who would they be?
  26. The Jinder Mahal win has to drive Ziggler over the edge
  27. Edge vs. Matt Hardy - Which career would you want to have?
  28. Roman Reigns won't be FOTC for much longer at his current age
  29. At what age range does a wrestler hit his/her prime?
  30. Best heel in the company right now
  31. How hard would it be to build a big time independent card?
  32. Does a wrestler need to be good on the mic to be charismatic?
  33. Happy Birthday Roman Reigns!!!
  34. PWInsider's Dave Scherer: Vince McMahon is Under Fire. WWE Have Lost 20% of Their Audience
  35. Is Jinder the most surprising champion ever?
  36. Update on Emma And Her Return
  37. Rob Van Dam Best Theme
  38. In retrospect would you have preferred Undertaker to have retired with the streak unbeaten?
  39. Val Venis Opens Up About Serious Concussion He Suffered in the WWE
  40. Meltzer on the last ever 5 star match in WWE
  41. Things that your favorite/s wrestlers did but you didn't like it
  42. A Jinder Mahal Thread.
  43. would Eddie Guerrero be held in high regard at all if he were still alive
  44. Stephanie McMahon Talks Equality and No Sexualization in WWE
  45. WWE Star Trashes A Fan for Using His Phone During Match
  46. Stephanie McMahon Talks Equality, Superstar Outfits.
  47. Update on Raven/Bagwell lawsuit
  48. Dr. Fred Hatfield passes away at 74
  49. Jericho reveals original plans for Universal Championship at WrestleMania
  50. Update on Adam Cole
  51. Reason for all the multiple person matches being booked
  52. Jinder Mahal vs. Brock Lesnar - which champion do you prefer?
  53. Sean O'Haire - The Devil's Advocate Character
  54. Who of these superstars are future WWE/Universal Champions?
  55. If you were in a room with Vince McMahon, Vince Russo, Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman and Eric Bishoff......
  56. Are we close to getting a Chinese world champion?
  57. It's surprising that adults booing top faces has so little effect on kids
  58. Is Orton the only one allowed to break character during a match?
  59. A theory on why Reigns is still a top guy despite protests and why Jinder has now emerged as champion.
  60. Time to complete the masterpiece
  61. Tony Nese calling fan a loser in front seat for using his mobile instead of watching the show
  62. Did Jinder Mahal's Push Lead To WWE Backlash 2017 Ticket Sales Stalling?
  63. Why the 30 days title defense rule doesnt apply to Lesnar?
  64. What are your feelings on WWE becoming more global? How far can they grow?
  65. Will Del Rio and Paige release a sex tape?
  66. Killing Ziggler's momentum: Which was the worse?
  67. They really need to get rid of the champions advantage rule
  68. Can You Take Em'? Featuring AJ, KO, Nakamura, Braun and Sasha
  69. IWC Rebellion against any Wrestler that looks the part
  70. Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal in India would be BOX OFFICE!!!
  71. Guys like Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne and the Cruiserweights should be jobbers for bigger guys
  72. Is Jindermania bigger than Hulkamania?
  73. Top 5 Favorite Matches
  74. WWE Show in Manchester on June 6th has been cancelled
  75. Backstage reaction to Jinder wining the title was very good. Vince McMahon was very happy
  76. Heyman's 2010 ideas for TNA would work wonders for WWE today (getting rid of everyone over 40)
  77. Josh Mathews has internal malfunction
  78. Michael Cole greatest hits
  79. Worst commentary team in WWE history?
  80. Are we the worst fans this industry has known?
  81. WWE Officials Planning Big Push For Carmella
  82. Does this Jinder push prove the theory about Roman Reigns right?
  83. Kane unmasking, was it a bad decision?
  84. Is pretending you are a Jinder mark the cool thing to do now?
  85. New Commentator Vic Joseph Debuts on Main Event
  86. What's the point if the titles mean nothing, the stories suck and matches suck?
  87. Vince Wants To Devalue The WWE Title To Make The Weak Universal Title Look More Legit.
  88. WF's Favourite Smackdown Star Results (May '17)
  89. What do you think the ceiling of Mordecai was?
  90. People claiming they're going to stop watching -> good sign
  91. Who else misses old Promo themes like these?
  92. WF's Favourite NXT Superstar Results (May '17)
  93. Met Goldberg again
  94. Why WWE has never had an English WWE Champion? Why did they choose India over the UK?
  95. Get Grado to WWE
  96. Former WWE Diva Retires From Wrestling, Blames Batista
  97. Details on What’s Really Happening With The Broken Universe Trademark
  98. Jinder Mahal on Winning the WWE Championship, His Goals as Champion,and wants to beat John Cena
  99. theory: Roman Reigns has been turned heel ever since the night after WM32
  100. Is "go away" heat real?
  101. Is Tyler Breeze the new Damien Sandow
  102. Universal title has best linage in WWE history
  103. The WWE US Title's greatest hits
  104. From jobber to world champion, more surprising: Swagger or Mahal
  105. Jinders match with Orton was miles better than all three Wyatt matches
  106. How should they book Asuka on the main roster?
  107. What the hell happened
  108. WWE has balls
  109. "This is awesome" trigger
  110. Would you support a brawler gimmick where their music plays during matches?
  111. Why do people want Batista back?
  112. Cm punk at takeover chicago?
  113. Grammar nazi Kevin Owens exposes himself
  114. Christian Says He Almost Played a Rock Knockoff Character in WWE
  115. Ideas to make IC and US titles more interesting
  116. WF's Favourites of Raw and 205 Results (May '17)
  117. Question about Sitting Ringside
  118. if you watched a wrestling show today after previously never watched wrestling , would you be hooked?
  119. Another reason to love the GOAT
  120. If anything were to happen to Lesnar for the next year, WWE Wrtiers would be f*cked
  121. Sports Illustrated ranks Top 101 wrestlers of all time
  122. The "American Badass" was not a bad gimmick
  123. Why in the hell is Goldberg hated but Lesnar is liked?
  124. Nia Jax vs Gabi Garcia
  125. Bring Bobby Roode to the main roster already
  126. CM Punk was Offered 1 Million USD to Return to the Ring
  127. The kayfabe worst finisher of all time.
  128. When The Lone Wolf enters The Big Dog's yard, shit is gonna get real.
  129. Eric Bischoff Says It Is OK For WWE To “Work” Their Audience By Releasing Misinformation On Injuries
  130. Voting Closed
  131. Reby Hardy caught lying about Anthem talks after previous Meltzer scoop
  132. Christian reveals that the WWE wanted him to imitate The Rock
  133. Too many wrestlers using a strike or submission finisher,This isn't MMA people.
  134. Would Eva Maria have been more successful than Alexa Bliss had she received her push?
  135. Does the WWE still have a creative-team?
  136. Why are there 2 CW titles in the WWE?
  137. Vince hated the Austin 3:16 shirt at first didn't think they would sell
  138. Vince Russo calls Bart Gun Bart Simpson lulz
  139. Would Roman still have been their guy if Lesnar, Batista or Orton were options?
  140. If Ratings Keep Going Down Will The WWE Get Rid Of The Brand Split?
  141. The List of Jericho and why it worked...
  142. Rumored match for Summerslam
  143. The Ringer on why Jinder Mahal is working as a big time heel
  144. Chris Jericho Says He Was Supposed To Win Universal Title At WrestleMania 33, Comments On Cruiserweight Division
  145. Lesnar Ambrose Heat
  146. Christian vs. Randy Orton feud
  147. Kurt Angle wrestling to be held off until Wrestlemania34 - Triple H likely to go over Angle at Wrestlemania
  148. Voting Closed
  149. Del Rio on WWE: "The new talent joining NXT is taking pay cuts to work there, sometimes even 80 percent less."
  150. Legit or no legit Lesnar is killing WWE.
  151. A wrestler without a finisher
  152. Will Jinder Mahal ever win a world title in WWE?
  153. RAW & SD in Manchester, Nov 2017
  154. How and where would you debut AOP?
  155. Bubba Ray Dudley is a better heel than Orton...
  156. Changing your gimmick, can a complete 180 work in 2017?
  157. A new muddled finish
  158. CM Punk Offered Whopping $1 Million To Return To The Ring.
  159. Met Ezekiel Jackson last night
  160. X-Pac interviews Dr. Shawn Stasiak!
  161. YOU JUST MADE THE LIST - Top 10
  162. Dean Ambrose on doing a MMA fight: "I'll fight anyone for enough money. Give me half-a-million dollars. I'll do it right now, I'll do it tonight"
  163. How would AE icons get over in WWE 2017?
  164. WWE Sets
  165. Bray Wyatt Attended Jury Duty In Character
  166. News On Summer Rae & Paige's WWE Status
  167. Anyone else tired of Meltzer?
  168. WON: Already Talks of Wanting to Bring Mauro Ranallo Back
  169. Question for you all... (Game of Favourites)
  170. Classic botches
  171. Public Policy Polling: Dwayne Johnson could beat Trump if elections were held today
  172. Notes on Io Shirai and Kairi Hojo's signings
  173. Terrible Ideas For and By WWE
  174. Lilian Garcia opens up about bulimia issues and turning down bikini contests for WWE
  175. Zack Ryder no longer dating Emma
  176. Meltzer on "dive"
  177. WON - Kairi Hojo has been told to come up with a new finisher because the elbow drop "is Bayley's move"
  178. WWE weekend preview, ratings notes, more
  179. Would you like to see proper face vs heels or pseudo fave vs heels.
  180. What do you think would happen if a wrestler forgot their title belt someplace?
  181. Aries should be a Main Eventer
  182. Wasn't the Superstar Shakeup supposed to make WWE better?
  183. Which NXT star has done the best on the main roster?
  184. Al Snow Arrested, Claims It Was Due To ‘A Typo’
  185. Jinder Mahal on Talk Is Jericho: Impact Wrestling Wanted to Sign Him, Relationship With Vince McMahon, Claims Him & Kahli drew 60,000
  186. Looking back why did they have Ambrose face and Rollins heel?
  187. Which NXT star flopped the hardest on the main roster?
  188. Why doesn't WWE bring Rey Mysterio in a last run with the Cruiserweights?
  189. Why Indian people always think WWE is real?
  190. Interview with Delilah Doom
  191. WWE needs to get Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes back
  192. Best/Favorite talent under 30 on the current roster?
  193. Does the Cruiserweight Division need specials?
  194. Which diva would look the worst bald?
  195. "The boys didn't beat the shit out of each other, people thought it was real. The boys now beat the shit out of each other and people know its fake."
  196. Ambrose's new shirt on WWE Shop is awful
  197. When was Randy Orton's peak?
  198. What's your favorite Randy Orton look?
  199. Eva Marie Not Returning To Total Divas Next Season, Producers Interviewing Potential Replacements
  200. The biggest challenge with Roman Reigns
  201. Which ruthless agression superstar do you want back the most?
  202. Have they modified some entrances and arena effects?
  203. Hulk Hogan Planning International Bus Tour
  204. Samoa Joe Discusses Adapting to The WWE Style
  205. How would WWE fare if RAW and Smackdown are cancelled by NBCU?
  206. If WWE were to air Raw and SmackDown LIVE on the Network...
  207. The importance of a good theme music.
  208. Paige claims that Alberto Del Rio saved a 18 year old boys life
  209. WOR: Cruiserweight Classic beat NXT every week in viewership, 205 Live having hard time making it in top 20 most watched weekly network list
  210. WF's Favourite Female May '17 Results.
  211. Your Favorite Promo Cutters
  212. According to Meltzer, the Strowman 6 month injury is a work. He will be back to face Lesnar at Summerslam
  213. Bubba/Bully Ray said that he buried the hatchet with Randy and the tweet got bigger than Randy expected
  214. Io Shirai accepts offer to join WWE
  215. A Triple Crown winner?
  216. Rumored Women's Match for Extreme Rules
  217. Io Shirai Accepts WWE Offer - Wrestling Observer
  218. Vince Russo/Glenn Gilberti Make Good Points on the WWE Product. Rips on McMahon, HHH, current talent, etc.
  219. Out of Randy Orton's 13 title reigns.....
  220. CM Punk implies Orton is insecure
  221. WWE.COM: Braun Strowman to Miss Up to 6 Months with Shattered Elbow
  222. Hall of Fame for off screen talent
  223. Why is Austin still so hell-bent on his walking out 15 years ago?
  224. Why do you care about "realism" in wrestling?
  225. Why aren't "face" talents creating monsters?
  226. Superstars you used to like and then you turned (don't like anymore)
  227. Were The Shield Split Up Too Quick?
  228. Paige Says The Ring Alberto El Patron Got Her Was Stolen From Their Hotel Room.
  229. Randy Orton Shoots On Twitter; Trashes Bully/Bubba Ray, Shoots on the 'Indies'
  230. Will there ever be a time when WWE will be accepted by mainstream society again?
  231. Rivalries You Wished Lasted Longer
  232. AJ thinks every new talent needs to go through NXT
  233. What's the deal with Retirements?
  234. Who will have the most successful career out of all the nxt call-ups?
  235. The worst burial by a part timer
  236. If you could book one major storyline today, what and with whom would it be?
  237. What would you do if you were the CEO of WWE?
  238. Is Undertaker & Kane the greatest story ever told by WWE?
  239. Molly Holly
  240. Randy shits on indy wrestling
  241. Post your Men's wrestlers ranking
  242. Championship Scramble: Should it Return?
  243. Charlotte and AJ
  244. Kurt Angle Sees Neville as a Future Main Eventer, Thinks Christian is a Future Hall of Famer
  245. What if you were to wrestle in the WWE?
  246. Paige appears at her parents WAW show and somewhat explains where she's at...
  247. What money matches can WWE make?
  248. Will the roster ever recover, once the legends are gone once and for all?
  249. Brock Lesnar Set To Return To WWE Television Soon.
  250. WWE Announces New Television Deal In Turkey.
  251. Do you think that Dave Meltzer hates Randy Orton?
  252. Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss will be a big WrestleMania match one day.
  253. Former OVW trainer critical of current indy matches
  254. Would you rather: Short career but amazing wrestler VS Long career but average wrestler
  255. Please close
  256. Jinder Mahal should be an example to every lower card guy in WWE
  257. Why don't we get more face vs face match ups?
  258. How to make wrestling great again
  259. Thoughts on Daniel Bryan heel run from 2011 - Team Hell No
  260. WWE needs to do rock vs brock for next wrestlemania
  261. Is Nakamura an attempt to integrate LGBT storylines?
  262. Has anyone noticed how much veterans appreciate dropkicks?
  263. Almost 10 years later: Thoughts on Chris Benoit
  264. Alexa Bliss' Talk is Jericho Interview
  265. Am I missing something? Tozawa should be on the main roster
  266. Meltzer: Use of Gran Metalik is as bad as Okada in TNA under Russo, no question.
  267. Do Dallas and Axel have what it takes to make it in the indies?
  268. WWE Reportedly Holding Meeting To Discuss Plans Regarding Universal Championship.
  269. Improvements you would make to the Brand Split?!?!
  270. The one thing I am giving credit to the WWE for...
  271. WF's Fave Tag Team Results (May '17)
  272. "When fan chants ruin wrestling"
  273. How come Vince/WWE never sued Meltzer?
  274. Post your WWE men wrestlers ranking
  275. Your favorites unneeded wins
  276. Big E, Braun Strowman and Jinder Mahal working out at the gym
  277. WWE Unreleased: 1986-1995 DVD Set Incoming
  278. Great heels who didn't work as a Face
  279. WWE lists The WWE Universe in John Cena's 10 greatest rivalries
  280. John Laurinaitis' Days As WWE's Head Of Talent
  281. Cena/Reigns Twitter Exchange | How Would You Book It?
  282. Finishers that wouldn't hurt in real life
  283. WWE list John Cena's 10 greatest rivalries
  284. Why does everybody complain about Charlotte but not about Asuka?
  285. Getting back into wrestling
  286. WWE PPV changes after SummerSlam. HIAC SD PPV. TLC RAW PPV. Full List!
  287. Predict who will still be on the roster in 2027
  288. Great theme songs for bad wrestlers
  289. Stop pretending the IC and US titles matter
  290. No Mercy to return in September as RAW PPV
  291. 2 years later, how do you regard Brock - Undertaker 2015?
  292. 15 reasons to back off JBL
  293. Freaking Braun Strowman.
  294. Why did you decide to keep watching wrestling after you found out it was scripted?
  295. People who watched the original ECW
  296. WF's Fave Tag Team Nominations May 2k17
  297. Top-level superstars who just weren't that good
  298. Last great feud in WWE?
  299. Backstage News On Reigns' Next Feud
  300. Dave Meltzer on what Triple H is doing to the indie scene
  301. I'm sick of white blonde women getting pushed to the top in WWE
  302. The Downturn Starts Now - Two Years Later
  303. Favourite wrestlers that you turned on?
  304. Hideo Itami throwing jabs at Punk
  305. An interesting note regarding Daniel Bryan and concussions
  306. Notes on Raven and Buff Bagwell's lawsuit regarding Network royalties
  307. Kairi Hojo leaves Stardom, officially WWE bound
  308. Notes on upcoming Paige movie
  309. Notes on Strowman's injury and changes in plans for upcoming PPVs
  310. WWE financials breakdown
  311. Observer: Io Shirai's visit to WWE in late March didn't go well
  313. Dave Meltzer on WOR: "Alicia Fox has the greatest northern lights suplex in wrestling history"
  314. John Cena - Do wrestling fans forget too easily?
  315. Congrats to Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella: Birdie is Born
  316. Stephanie McMahon Says She’d Love To Get Back Into The Ring
  317. The WWE roster landscape has changed so much the past 5 years
  318. New Fozzy song Judas thoughts
  319. Stephanie McMahon on This Morning.
  320. Vinne Mac hates the UK
  321. Rock considers running for president
  322. One of the biggest problems that WWE has currently/could come to haunt them in years to come if nothing is done soon/how to solve the problem
  323. Why Bother Watching Raw/Smackdown?
  324. Am I the only one who is bored with all ex-shield members?
  325. Most protected finisher in WWE History?
  326. 4th greatest wrestler of all time?
  327. Should WWE follow the NJPW template on commentary?
  328. Daniel Bryan on future: "If I feel like my health is good, I'm gonna go wrestle. There is good reason to believe I should able to wrestle."
  329. Who will be remembered as Cena biggest rival?
  330. why was undertaker merely a pit stop for reigns?
  331. Should they reference successful title defences more?
  332. Alexa vs Mickie and Becky vs Natalya match finishes.
  333. Making the women more of the focus moving forward, why not?
  334. When the boss has more ring presence than 98% of the rosters...
  335. Would anyone be annoyed if WWE had a two month hiatus?
  336. King Slayer? Seth Rollins
  337. Could Matt Go By Matt Hardy Version2 To Get Around The TNA Copyright?
  338. WWE reportedly asking Cena to come back sooner
  339. Was the idea of the shakeup to make both shows terrible?
  340. 205 Live Dropping to 30 Minutes?
  341. Buy or Sell: 05-06 Edge and Lita vs 16-17 Miz and Maryse
  342. Sometimes I feel like 2000's WCW Vince Russo is writing Roman Reigns character
  343. Steve Austin: "Roman Reigns is Going to Be a Big Star"
  344. Why isn't the WWE take advantage of the reality era and Lesnar's absence?
  345. 10 other superstars have held the WWE/Universal titles since Roman Reigns
  346. R-Truth Getting His Own WWE Network Show
  347. Is Ken Kennedy the closest thing to a perfect wrestler the WWE ever saw
  348. Kevin Nash was right when he said
  349. Is size really that important?
  350. Are the WWE headed towards a future with no male smarks?
  351. Braun Strowman Reportedly Legit Injured; Possibly Out 4-8 Weeks
  352. CM PUNK on MTV's the Challenge
  353. Wrestling talk shows live on Raw and SD...
  354. WWE Offseason/TV Tourneys
  355. Announce Team Revealed for WWE UK Live
  356. The Rock's relationship with WWE from 2005-2010
  357. Impact Wrestling files trademark for everything "Broken"
  358. Fuck realism. Where is the fiction?
  359. It's stupid to see Reigns' overness as a success
  360. Who are your top 2 performers from each brand and division?
  361. Chris Jericho promo from 2008
  362. "All you have to do is win them over."
  363. must watch, if you want to help make crowds great again
  364. WWE as an international entity - what direction do they go promotionally?
  365. Kind of curious on these wrestling labels
  366. When I Met: The Hardy Boyz
  367. Wrestlers should cry when they lose a feud
  368. Playing Politics in 2017
  369. Do you want to see more powerhouse women?
  370. Payback REVIEW
  371. Most entertaining wrestler of 2016?
  372. Least Knowledgeable Wrestling fans you have met?
  373. Are wrestling fans the worst fanbase of all?
  374. Emma injured at house show
  375. Will there ever be a wrestler holding the world title for a year again?
  376. Titus O'Neil Accused of Beating Up WWE Photographer
  377. HHH WrestleMania 34 Opponent Will Be Kurt Angle
  378. Matt Hardy: "Ed Nordholm does not care about fans or MY creation"
  379. Coaches/Trainers
  380. Imagine the numbers keep decreasing and the WWE starts losing money: What would they change within the shows?
  381. Speaking for myself...
  382. Alexa Bliss, Miz, Maryse, Nia Jax & Titus O'Neil dance to Tight Pants (Jimmy Fallon segment)
  383. One choice, revisited
  384. Hulk and Brooke Should Return & Feud With Miz
  385. Io Shirai has not signed with WWE at this point - Meltzer
  386. Undertaker’s Deadman Themes: Which Is The Best?
  387. Kairi Hojo officially announces her departure​ from Stardom wrestling for WWE
  388. Frank Shamrock Addresses Rumors of Mauro Ranallo Leaving WWE Due to Bullying Culture
  389. Who Retires Cena?
  390. WWE Mocking Mauro Ranallo Through Aiden English
  391. Five Biggest Threats to the WWE in the next decade
  392. Lawn Chairs at Ringside for UK Championship Live in Norwich
  393. Favorite WWE match From Each Era
  394. Honest opinion is Trish Stratus really the GOAT of all GOATS in WWE women's wrestling?
  395. Is Lesnar adding anything to the business?
  396. Favorite John Cena match?
  397. One of the worst things about today's WWE...
  398. Who draws you to watch weekly show or PPV ?
  399. Should WWE women's wrestling be more sex oriented or wrestling oriented?
  400. Another Reason Why WWE Has Booked Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton
  401. According to Forbes the Biggest Female WWE Superstar is..
  402. Anyone else get weirded out when Jericho does his babyface smile?
  403. 1 choice?
  404. Top 5 favorite terrible wrestlers
  405. Poll: Would of Kazuchika Okada been a better fit in WWE than Nakamura
  406. Batista On TIJ; Talks Missing Wrestling, Only Wanting To Come Back To Face HHH
  407. Who wants to see Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor in a House of Midgets match?
  408. At what point did CM Punk's 434 day reign turn to shit? (Or did it ever?)
  409. If You Really Want To Make A Statement With Braun Have Him Squash Lesnar When They Meet.
  410. Bray Wyatt comments on being compared to The Undertaker & Memories Of Ultimate Warrior/Papa Shango Feud
  411. AJ Styles talks about him going to RAW in WWE Superstar Shakeup
  412. Austin shoots on the House of Horrors match
  413. Who is the best wrestler in the world right now to have never wrestled for WWE
  414. Womens wrestling in WWE mostly sucks
  415. Charlotte Nudes Leaked
  416. Dave Meltzer Payback ratings + RAW Main Event
  417. WON: Hardys tried to bring in Jeremy Borash to WWE due to his influence in the Broken storyline
  418. Update on Adam Cole
  419. Cena/Nikki wedding will be on E!
  420. Meltzer: Can't confirm a deal has been reached regarding Broken Hardy gimmick
  421. Plans for Brock Lesnar
  422. Notes on the original script for the Vince McMahon movie
  423. Triple Threat Matches
  424. Who is the most handsome guy in wrestling?
  425. The Paradox of People Claiming Chris Jericho's Latest Run "The Best Yet"
  427. Whose nudes do you wanna see leaked next? (WWE women ONLY!!!!)
  428. Vince not at Payback
  429. UK appearances/signings in may 2017 location and what to do and bring a long?
  430. If Vince is obsessed with crowd reaction, why is the product bad?
  431. Charlotte Flair Nudes Leak
  432. If CM Punk were to ever return. Should he have the same gimmick
  433. Brock vs. Dan "The Beast" Severn could still draw some money for WWE.
  434. The Undertaker, Hall Of Fame Sole Inductee, 2018
  435. Fix the tag team division
  436. Rate the Classic Superstar: The Undertaker Edition
  437. Mark Henry Hits Mascot with Steel Chair at Basketball Game
  438. WWE® Reports First Quarter 2017 Results
  439. WWE UK Tour
  440. Charlotte Nude Photos Leaked
  441. Wrestlers you used to like when you were a casual fan
  442. Next step in WWE title booking
  443. The case for Brock Lesnar vs Mcgregor
  444. Hall of Fame wrestlers that would be rejected by today's WWF
  445. Roman and Braun hangout in Rome, Italy.
  446. Former WWE Creative Writer: Five Pitches That Were Rejected
  447. Chris benoit mentioned on!!
  448. Kurt Angle Thinks He Will Wrestle For WWE, Feels They Are Testing Him
  449. Worst ever No 1 contendor for World Title?
  450. Five years since Lesnar came back to WWE
  451. I'd like something like the ROH Pure championship in WWE
  452. Rate the Classic Superstar: Shawn Michaels Edition
  453. What WWE wrestling do you watch with your girlfriend?
  454. Is anyone else getting numb for in ring action?
  455. Your favourites biggest win,most emotional moment,and most disappointing loss
  456. Former World Champs going After Mid-Card Belts
  457. I now watch all of Raw & SmackDown in less than 15 minutes...
  458. What can make WWE relevant again?
  459. What is your own personal definition of a wrestling push!
  460. More Random Crowd Reaction Shots Than Ever Before!
  461. Broken Matt is evidence of what happens when wrestlers are given creative freedom
  462. Thank You Y2J
  463. Mid Card Belts now the Main Show
  464. Bray Wyatt talks about his disappointing role at WrestleMania 32 and his favorite WrestleMania entrance
  465. Which wrestlers don't have tattoos?
  466. Should WWE bring back Sunday Night Heat?
  467. Lesnar WWE Lawsuit
  468. Has WWE used up their nostalgia acts?
  469. Why is the Crusierweight division not as exciting as it was in the past?
  470. Why are so many people complaining about fuckery?
  471. Aj Styles is the most overrated wrestler of the last decade
  472. Pop up adverts....
  473. Ken Shamrock Talks Brock Lesnar, Him Returning To WWF & Wanting a Title Opportunity
  474. Sean Waltman Arrested for Meth & Weed - UPDATED: Charges Dropped
  475. Great wrestling minds
  476. Will Seth Rollins have ACL problems in the future?
  477. Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton was one of the worst feuds of all time
  478. Why is AJ getting cheered as a heel good, but Roman getting booed as a face bad?
  479. WWE selling house of horrors property
  480. This needs to happen.
  481. Styles or HBK
  482. Awkward Billy Gunn interview
  483. Who was your favorite superstar from each wrestling era that you have watched?
  484. GOAT of all time?
  485. Do you think Asuka can be a star on the main roster?
  486. Ex WWE stars - Why do they whine once they leave the company?
  487. Meltzer and Alvarez on Hardys vs She-saro: To me the only story of this match is how horrible Sheamus is at his job and as a worker
  488. Roman getting destroyed by Braun - WWE Logic
  489. Bruce Prichard Talks About CM Punk’s Backstage Heat in WWE and what he did to try get him over with Vince McMahon
  490. Cesaro Surprises Tyler Breeze Fan on Local Morning Show
  491. When Did 'Word Life' Cena End?
  492. Post your Women's wrestlers ranking
  493. Best Male performer in WWE?
  494. 10 Years of Zack Ryder
  495. My thoughts, just sharing
  496. WWE Needs Carlito back
  497. As of today, Adam Cole is a free agent. Where do you see him going?
  498. Where do you see these guys in 5 years? (II)
  499. 5 years ago I made a thread asking users here where they think certain wrestlers would be today. Here's a look back.
  500. Sunny on the night she hooked up with Dolph Ziggler, and the rumours about her and Seth Rollins
  501. House of Horrors Match
  502. Would a Ring of Honor-inspired faction work in WWE?
  503. From an in ring standpoint, Becky is the weakest of the 4HW
  504. The Women's Division for both shows need more..
  505. Future Wrestlemania Main Events
  506. hoh vs gogglebox
  507. Instead of capitalizing on the Undertaker-victory, thy are making Roman the ultimate underdog? That's inorganic character development.
  508. Meltzer: Reaction to Reigns is backfiring on people who hate him
  509. Who remembers the Rock vs Brock, Punk vs Austin and Cena vs Undertaker dream card?
  510. So is Wyatt champion now or what?
  511. WWE Sucks
  512. What's The Point Of Everyone Losing In Their Hometown?
  513. There is no "women's revolution" in the WWE
  514. Hypocrisy of IWC
  515. Goldberg....?
  516. Scott Steiner Has Some Harsh Words For WWE And Triple H
  517. The Rock's New Shoe Sells Out in Under 24 Hours
  518. Imagining the WWE in five years...
  519. Reigns/SHIELD - Why are they allowed to wear vests in the ring?
  520. X Pac is reportedly missing...
  521. WWE Appreciation Post: WWE was able to build new stars for their New Era
  522. WWE & Wembley Stadium? Would be great if another SummerSlam was held there
  523. If Punk Comes Back Can He Wrestle?
  524. No interest in WWE guys anymore from mainstream media?
  525. Bring back intergender matches-Feuds
  526. what era do you think you could create the best ppv card from?
  527. Wrestlers you feel were very versatile to working different styles (IE They could adapt to Rey Mysterio to Andre The Giant to Foley to Kurt Angle etc)
  528. TOP 10 WWE THEME SONGS 2017
  529. One month after Wrestlemania and it seems like everbody has lost their momentum
  530. Wrestlers Having Passion for Wrestling
  531. WWE Youtube Channel
  532. The Modern Day Brand Split Needs To Have Its Version of HBK and Taker as staples.
  533. Let's face it, Reigns is better than Cena as the face of WWE
  534. How satisfied are you with WWE as a whole?
  535. Sean Waltman No Shows Event
  536. Why is bullying a mentally ill man OK in the WWE?
  537. Sunny is Selling Sex Again.
  538. Why did Jeff Hardy win his first WWE title at a B-PPV?
  539. WON: A major JBL/WWE bullying expose on a number of major news outlets to be put out soon and a whos who of interviews
  540. Mauro Ranallo put on a masterclass in boxing main event
  541. Which wrestlers have the most unique entrance themes?
  542. Congratulations to Xavier Woods!
  543. Best inring year of the past 20 years?
  544. Greatest Women of the past 20 years?
  545. WWE Kayfabe Power Rankings: Women's Edition
  546. Bryan and Vinny bury Raw for 20 minutes - "Are they trying to kill Bayley?"
  547. ALEXA BLISS Leaked???
  548. Who will be the one that gets the rub from Brock
  549. I will finally say it, There is no woman on main roster that is on Charlotte's level
  550. Jindar is example of the biggest thing wwe is lacking right now