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  1. Will we see the Elimination Chamber at some point this year?
  2. Did i miss something with PG?
  3. Vince McMahon the most overdue hall of famer?
  4. How to get larger crowds
  5. If you could make one booking decision, what would it be?
  6. Cena's entrance at WrestleMania 31
  7. Floyd Mayweather vs Brock Lesnar WM 32?
  8. Old people and wrestling
  9. Smark Crowds Have Lost Their Lusters
  10. At one time Vince put Cornette on WWE to rant about wrestling vs sorts entertainment
  11. rusev isn't from russia
  12. Has Seth Rollins Solidified Himself As A Main Eventer?
  13. What are things that make WWE not entertaining and horrible to watch right now ?
  14.'s Another Top 10 Female Wrestlers
  15. How would you have booked Randy Orton after winning the World Title in 2004?
  16. This stable would work?
  17. Some forgotton funny gems here :D
  18. Make the divas valets, and bring back bra and panties matches
  19. Great matches that got overshadowed by the aftermath that occurred in them
  20. Is commentary the biggest issue right now with the WWE product?
  21. Why does WWE not see Seth Rollins as a vanilla midget?
  22. Where would you place Dolph Ziggler in WWE's current hierarchy of superstars?
  23. The Problem with Trying to Make The Midcard Titles Credible Again
  24. Do you think Roman Reigns is legit pissed off at the IWC for changing the outcome of WrestleMania? Would you be if you were him?
  25. Here is the winner of the 'best spear' competition...
  26. Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston - Package them individually?
  27. The Corny WWE Joke Thread
  28. When should Seth drop his belt and versus who ?
  29. WWE should change the Warrior award to Bobby Heenan award or Connor award.
  30. Shouldn't we have a female graduate from NXT too?
  31. If Roman Reigns Would Have Had a Cup of Coffee in Japan, Many more Smarks Would Love Him
  32. Why don't they bring back the cruiserweight championship belt.
  33. The Pussification of Heels and Inconsistencies in WWE's Booking
  34. Randy Orton went from muscular,to fat,to skinny,to muscular again
  35. The red machine- the forgotten legend
  36. Is Daniel Bryan right where he belongs? IC Champ
  37. ROH Star refuses to become Rosebud and New Day gimmick is offensive
  38. More shows going international, being televised for the WWE network as new specials
  39. Cesaro getting a little love on the European Tour
  40. Roman and The Miz is a perfect partnership
  41. Why are Reigns fans making "why do you hate Reigns" threads?
  42. WWE Divas Tag Team Championship
  43. WWE.COM Poll: Which current champion is representing their title the best?
  44. A Dean Ambrose theory
  45. Would you rather the champ/top dog be a super heel or a super face
  46. Awesome lesser appreciated entrance music?
  47. I miss the Dean Ambrose....
  48. Eliminate the divas and bring back midget wrestling
  49. It can't be... Am i the only one who thinks that Daniel Bryan is the most overrated wrestler in the history of the WWE?
  50. Would you like to see more of this guy on WWE TV?
  51. FBF to Brock Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero segment- Smackdown 2004
  52. If Reigns isn't "ready" now, why was he "ready" 7 months ago?
  53. Longer and better backstage promos
  54. Why do so much people like Daniel Bryan?
  55. WWE are blocking WWE fans that knows the truth about Ultimate Warrior
  56. Stiffest wrestler (superstar) in the wwe
  57. Bret shoots on bichoff
  58. D-Von! Get the
  59. Is geek culture turning off the casual fan?
  60. Making Neville Unique and Endearing
  61. Is WWE Today Really as Bad as WCW was in its Dying Days?
  62. No wrestler is "shoved down your throat".
  63. VKM to relaunch the XFL
  64. Replace MITB with King of the Ring
  65. Neville's DDT Sell. Really?
  66. How the Ambrose/Harper feud should have been booked.
  67. Bring Back Great American Bash, War Games or Starrcade and Get Rid Of TLC Pay Per View
  68. Does Big Show Really Have An Iron Clad Contract?
  69. What if............
  70. Should The Authority Be Forced To Join The Kiss My Ass Club?
  71. Is John Cena going bald?
  72. It's a shame that Neville and Lesnar are the only must see wrestler on the roster
  73. Is WWE going to try to bury Brisco Bros like Young Bucks?
  74. Daniel Bryan Pulled from the European Tour -- Doesn't IWC Owe WWE an apology? (Again)
  75. Why the hell are people hating Roman Reigns?
  76. Can they please change Roman's gear
  77. WWE should consider another *kayfabe* injury angle for Bryan so he can heal.
  78. With hindsight was the Rock/Cena rematch a bad idea
  79. Breakout Superstar of the 2015?
  80. Randy Orton´s best matches were against Chris Benoit
  81. Attitude Era Watch Parties
  82. Aggressive or Push-over?
  83. The Rock's movies?
  84. WWE on Sky Sports in England
  85. Could Cena using the Stunner be the beginning of a feud with Austin?
  86. Shawn Michaels Says WWE Wants Him to Wrestle at WrestleMania 32, Reveals Why He Turned Down an Offer to Join the WWE Creative Team & More
  87. Which wrestler, tag-team, or faction had the coolest entrance of all time? (the whole package... not just entrance song)
  88. Non-finishers that could be legit match enders
  89. Cena is not the draw he used to be
  90. Who was the face of the company in 2003?
  91. Crowd reaction back in 2009/2010
  92. Most (and least) devastating finisher if done for real?
  93. Are Most Of WWE's Main Eventers Built Somewhere Else?
  94. Are WWE and Stone Cold really on good terms?
  95. Favourite Year of WWE
  96. How fast should Finn Balor lose his first match?
  97. Steve Austin Has Criticisms for the Neville/Ziggler Match, Tells Daniel Bryan to Slow Down, Comments on Cena's Springboard Stunner
  98. Next for Damien Sandow?
  99. Wade Barrett & Finn Balor Interview
  100. New "Director of Communications" ?
  101. 4 lost US title reigns - I need your help to change history!
  102. Did the WWE miss the mark with the direction of The Shield?
  103. Is Bryan going to drop the IC at ER?
  104. Should've Ambrose aligned himself with Wyatt?
  105. SHIELD Triple Threat For WWE-WHC at WM32...Book it?
  106. Last person to win their FIRST World title CLEAN without MITB?
  107. If Test was still alive would he have been WWE Champion?
  108. Since Undertaker lost at Mania 30 and won at 31...
  109. Possible Face Turn For The Bella Twins Coming Soon?
  110. Who I think Bray Wyatt is Talking Too
  111. WWE toying with 3D technology, fans rush ring at smackdown taping
  112. Booking is dreadful...
  113. Where is Erik Rowan?
  114. Brock Lesnar's Greatest Win
  115. WWE’s European Tour A Big Success
  116. If Paige vs Charlotte happens...
  117. Do you think we will ever see AJ and Punk in the WWE again?
  118. Do you love Daniel Bryan like me!?
  119. [15/04] CM Punk vs Eddie Guerrero Dream Match Promo
  120. Taz Return To WWE?
  121. Ruthless Aggression
  122. Backstage News on the WWE Tag Team Division, One Reason For Naomi's Heel Turn
  123. Original Plans for John Cena on Last Monday's WWE RAW, More on Daniel Bryan Concern
  124. Still worried about Reigns
  125. What do you honestly think of the constant WWE gushing of The Ultimate Warrior?
  126. HHH due back on tv Monday + UK tour Attendance
  127. Power Plant vs Peformance Center
  128. Do you think vince was at daniel bryan and brie bellas wedding?
  129. Am I the only one that feels like everybody are going through the motions?
  130. Should Daniel Bryan retire?
  131. Is Wyatt calling out Orton!?
  132. What do you want to see?
  133. Edge/Orton feud from 2010
  134. how would a modern day John Cena vs Undertaker promo go?
  135. When you look at wrestlers and hear them talk, what is the first thing that comes to mind.
  136. strange cena question
  137. strange cena question
  138. I worry Adrian Neville is gonna end up like Kofi
  139. Daniel Bryan Apparently Pulled From WWE European Tour
  140. Moment in wrestling that make u cry
  141. WWE 5 Things: Matches That Really Happened
  142. When do you think Ambrose will turn heel?
  143. What has more credibility in kayfabe: WWE World Heavyweight Championship or UFC Heavyweight Title?
  144. CREATE Your Own PPV
  145. Problem with Road To Wrestlemania
  146. Sheamus is going to have a great heel run! Underrated.
  147. Bryan-Ziggler IC Title in Best of 7 Series .
  148. WrestleMania 31 finally crossed the line
  149. WWE dream
  150. Why Does Randy Orton Keep Burying the Tag Team Division
  151. Vince finally aknowledges the ISEC
  152. Crossroads: A transformation, then A wrestling stable.
  153. Vince McMahon pays tribute to Ultimate Warrior
  154. No matter how bad the wrestler is, you shouldn't chant "please retire".
  155. Would PPVs be better quality if there were only 6 per year instead of 12?
  156. What should be the Main Event of SummerSlam?
  157. Wyatt vs Reigns: SummerSlam instead of Extreme Rules
  158. Celebs that look like wrestlers redeux
  159. Exclusive: WWE Passes On Offering Briscoes A Deal
  160. Would You Ever Like to See Michael Schiavello Commentate for the WWE?
  161. WWE has to sign Brian Cage
  162. An idea for how to use the New Day.
  163. John Cena Saying London Deserves To Host A WrestleMania: Hint or Just Pandering?
  164. Shouldn't WWE replace Jey with Roman as Jimmy's tag-team partner till Jey recovers?
  165. Who Was The Better Part-Time Champion: The Rock or Brock Lesnar?
  166. Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt
  167. Why does Bryon Saxton sound like Joey Styles?
  168. What happened to the Edge/Christian suing the WWE ange?
  169. WWE.COM: Jey Uso Undergoes Shoulder Surgery; Out 6 Months
  170. Some people just wanna see the world... EXPOSED
  171. Kayfabe Moments that Brought Out Your Real Emotion?
  172. Do you think Orton vs. Cena will main event a Wrestlemania?
  173. A dream suplex city match
  174. UK fans chanted " you're a ..... " at Naomi
  175. Great News About Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan
  176. Why some ppl see Roman as a main event talent ?
  177. Dear God Coles Back >.>
  178. Let's play WWE cupid
  179. Ronda Rousey on What Draws People to WWE
  180. Triple H future may not be what's NXT fans expect?
  181. So how exactly is Bray Wyatt the new face of fear?
  182. Daniel Bryan reported to be in bad shape physically + Note on Daniel Bryan's Autobiography
  183. Why is Orton cheered as face but Cena and Reigns boo'd?
  184. Mania 32: Brock Vs Rollins, Brock Vs Roman 2 or Triple Threat?
  185. Raw London UK Editing Segments
  186. Tag Team Division Might Actually Be Good By WM32
  187. Can John Cena make up his mind?
  188. Amazing wrestler vs amazing mic skills
  189. The Miz - Once this Sandow thing is over?
  190. Did Cena / Orton ever have a gd match together?
  191. Do you respect John Cena?
  192. Can "Please retire" be a chant more often please?
  193. Can We Stop Putting Cena Against IC Title Rejects?
  194. It absolutely DISGUSTS me seeing how much protection Randy Orton is going to get
  195. WWE needs to stop embarrassing their tag champs
  196. Dean Ambrose kills crowds
  197. Predict which main roster belt these guys will win first.
  198. Will Lesnar ever lose again by clean pinfall, and if so to whom?
  199. Why are the "Special Attraction" stars a USA only exclusive?
  200. The Most Surprising Gimmick to get Over in the last 5 years?
  201. Smark crowds vs casual crowds
  202. After a year there is no denying it
  203. Kalisto the next Rey Mysterio Jr.?
  204. Randy Orton is doing the same as Roman Reigns in the main event scene
  205. Wish WWE had more voluptuous divas
  206. Where is Daniel Bryan?!
  207. New Renee Young t-shirt.
  208. Would Kevin Nash and Batista be a good tag team at burying Vanilla Midgets!?
  209. WWE now giving Cities they visit Grades
  210. Who should retire? Henry, Kane or Big Show?
  211. Top-10 Matches in the history of WWE according to
  212. WWE Raw Ticket Question
  213. 120 + Gimmicks Vince McMahon would like us to forget.
  214. Some people just wanna see the world... EXPOSED
  215. Big E on the Payback poster
  216. HHH vs Roman Reigns
  217. The most IMPORTANT thing to be A GREAT WRESTLER?
  218. Bray Wyatt booking...
  219. Show Hulk Hogan some damn respect. We all owe it to him
  220. Why does Hogan accept this shit?
  221. How I would've booked Kane's unmasking back in 03..
  222. Remember when you go online to and be hyped for RAW?
  223. New Roman Reigns t-shirt
  224. Your favorite rivalry of this decade (2005-2015)
  225. Who are the nicest guys in the locker room?
  226. What if WWE let the public vote for Lesnar's opponent at WrestleMania - would AxelMania be running wild?
  227. Who could return as a good manager?
  228. Hilarious Video Of Paige, Rollins, Bryan & Woods Playing 'Gang Beasts' at WrestleMania Axxess
  229. When did house shows stop to mean anything?
  230. Best Spear?
  231. Undertaker's burial of DDP in 2001
  232. Vince McMahon - Did he make wrestling great? - Discussion
  233. Vickie Guerrero Reveals Radicalz Meeting With Vince McMahon Before Leaving WCW
  234. CM Punk Says "Shut The F*ck Up" If You Don't Want To See Him Inside The Octagon
  235. The wackiness of Vince McMahon
  236. Guys who made a MISTAKE by choosing WWE/pro wrestling
  237. Why isn't Bryan feuding for World title with Rollins?
  238. Old fan's view on current talent
  239. Best chemistry in WWE
  240. Ric Flair signs a deal for his own podcast
  241. Give a current wrestler a new theme song
  242. Why does Edge always get a pass for stealing a wife?
  243. I'm never going to say anything bad about HHH again.
  244. was best for bussiness to take the title off randy orton at unforgiven 2004?
  245. will rollins pins orton clean at extreme rules?
  246. Would you like to see John Cena bring back his spinner United States Championship?
  247. Bray Wyatt faceturn storyline idea
  248. Best Underdog title win.
  249. Wrestlers you miss seeing on TV.
  250. Has the Scottrade Center replaced MSG as WWE's top venue?
  251. Wade Barrett brings half a football team to Manchester
  252. Zeb Colter
  253. Houses of WWE: 'Game of Thrones'-style Superstar crests
  254. Guys you didn't like at first, but ending up becoming a fan of them?
  255. This Forum, Vince and WCW.
  256. Should Rollins turn babyface?
  257. Jack Swagger: Wasted opportunity
  258. What is a good heel for you ?
  259. Talent contract question
  260. New Brand Split/Roster Draft
  261. Can the WWE survive without the Authority angle?
  262. Randy Orton Comments On John Cena Shirts
  263. I thought promos were scripted?
  264. Daily Reminder: Michael Cole can sell an F-5 better than Roman Reigns
  265. Have you ever been turned on by a WWE superstar that's the same gender as you?
  266. Do you think fans would get behind a Dean Ambrose push?
  267. Wrestlers who claim real wrongdoing in WWE
  268. The challenges between wrestlers
  269. The Promo That Reigns Should Have Cut After WrestleMania
  270. Best 2 out of 3 falls matches in last 10 years?
  271. Most extreme wrestling moments that will never escape your head.
  272. Should "The Authority" go away?
  273. Who Should Sting Wrestle at SummerSlam
  274. Championships' records at Mania
  275. Who is the biggest DOUCHEBAG in wrestling in real life?
  276. Royal Rumble 16 in Orlando means
  277. Top 5 most charismatic wrestlers of all time?
  278. Bad News Barrett to retire at the end of his contract
  279. Would Roman Reigns get the Daniel Bryan treatment until he wins the title?
  280. What moves or "things" are overused in WWE today?
  281. Best Spinebuster
  282. Anyone hate the little side spin chokeslam counter?
  283. The most thing you want to happen at WM32?
  284. Lesnar vs Rock needs to happen at WM32.
  285. Why do tag teams even break up?
  286. Battle of the Billionaires or Mayweather vs Big Show
  287. Is This The Real Reason WWE Can't Hand Pick A Top Face?
  288. do you believe cent does not use roids
  289. CM Punk calls wrestling a "phony world"
  290. Best submission move?
  291. Next Main Event Heel Push
  292. How come bigger and faster guys fail to live up to their potential?
  293. Matches you think deserve 5 stars
  294. How can WWE afford Brock by re sigining him after all the budget cuts?
  295. so... this is the new face of the WWE?
  296. I thought Jericho hated Cena?
  297. Why are WWE burying their own movie?
  298. WWE.COM Poll: Which NXT Diva Should Move To Main Roster Following AJ Lee's Retirement?
  299. Lance Storm & Chris Jericho as The Thrillseekers in WWE?
  300. Cena from 2005-2010 was AWFUL in the ring
  301. WWE Top 10: Gravity - Defying Maneuvers
  302. If HHH booked himself over The Great Muta, would you mind?
  303. What's the point of keeping faces who get booed faces?
  304. Phantom Champions
  305. Rocky Marks
  306. Best Brock Lesner Match Since His Return?
  307. Zack Ryder
  308. Ending the Cena Burial Invitational
  309. Fit series by Steph is fucking hot
  310. If Austin Comes Back To Wrestle At WrestleMania, He Has 2 Choices. Either Face Orton or Lesnar.
  311. dream match legend killer match, randy orton vs the rock
  312. the rock is boring now, he should return as hollywood heel rock
  313. You know what if someone looks down on you for being a wrestling fan fuck them
  314. When should Roman Reigns win the WWE title?
  315. Rumor Roundup: WWE Supposedly Planning Major Angle For The UK RAW, Sandow/Miz, WWE 2K16, More!
  316. Shield Break up Botched?
  317. Flashback to Stone Cold Calling Lance Storm Boring
  318. Matches where the atmosphere was better than/made the match
  319. Rollins-Orton Feud
  320. Chant coincidences?
  321. Do you think \/\/\/\/E Rasslers or Corporate read the Forum?
  322. Is Roman Reigns a legitimate draw
  323. Brock mic skills are underrated
  324. How long will Hunico play the Sin Cara character?
  325. Who would you like to see Sting fight next?
  326. Favorite Feuds of 2000-2005 by Year?
  327. Will there ever be a WrestleMania that will out do WrestleMania 17?
  328. Repeated post. Please delete.
  329. Honestly think HHH and Stephanie will be great ownerd of WWE?
  330. Seth Rollins Interview: Names His "Must-See" Current Wrestlers; Talks Which Wrestlers He Has Best Chemistry With & More
  331. What I don't like about current commentary.
  332. Bring Kurt Angle back to Face Triple H at WM32
  333. Who can beat Brock Lesnar? Randy Orton.
  334. Brock Lesnar vs. Uhaa Nation will be huge
  335. Sexism? Stupidity? Both?
  336. We should thank The Miz for what he did to Sandow
  338. Little things you would like to be brought back?
  339. No Big Post-WM Storyline This Year?
  340. Reigns more entertaining than Orton for title chase
  341. What's the purpose of "special attractions" in the network era?
  342. Daniel Bryan Proposed match with Nakamura
  343. Is There An Interview Of Vince Or Stephanie Where They Are '0wned' By The Interviewer?
  344. CM Punk On Pro Wrestlers Moving To MMA: 'Half Of Them Talk About It; None Of Them Do It'
  345. Editors' Choice: 8 predictions for WrestleMania 32
  346. The Matthew Jason Bloom Appreciation Thread
  347. What do you value most as a wrestling fan?
  348. How about bringing in Mauro Ranallo ?
  349. What Warranted Test's Push?
  350. Does anyone know the story of why the Wyatt family split up?
  351. Who's no.2 star behind Cena on the active roster right now?
  352. Most amazing streak in pro wrestling history
  353. Anyone else LOVE the new Sheamus?
  354. Big Show should turn face and main event
  355. Top 5 biggest wrestling promotions currently in terms of global reach?
  356. Dean Ambrose is being wasted
  357. Lord Tensai is life
  358. Writer for The National Sports Journalism Center Criticizes ESPN Covering WWE
  359. Are they really brothers?
  360. Wrestlers Sue WWE
  361. Do we have a Mr Robot thread?
  362. Watchmojo's Top 10 Wrestlemania Matches
  363. people who had a better career than cm punk
  364. 4/9 Dublin, Irleand - Reigns/Big Show, Balor & Sheamus Return Home, Etc.
  365. Difference between an attitude era RAW and today.
  366. The reasons we left
  367. What rematches were better than the first match up?
  368. Every wrestlemania Is a klique reunion now.
  369. HHH was pathetic at WM31 and i have lost more respect.
  370. Rumor Roundup: SSLAM Main Event, Daniel Bryan Heat, More!
  371. guys explain me why randy orton was better in 2004 2005 than now?
  372. Next Paul Heyman Guy...?
  373. Rank Lesnar's WM matches
  374. Why did people hate Tensai so much?
  375. Best matches for each title in the last 15 years
  376. Who is "in your opinion" the most overrated wrestler?
  377. The Great Khali Returning To WWE Soon?
  378. Which match would be the biggest draw?
  379. Is Adrian Neville the new Rob Van Dam?
  380. Would you want to see a Sheamus vs Brock match?
  381. Is Meltzer full of crap?
  382. If you had to rewrite WM XX what would be the ending?
  383. When Would Have Been the Best Time for Sting to Debut in WWE/WWF?
  384. Hogan wants a title match or retirement match at Mania 32.
  385. Was Steve Austin the only face of the company that the fans didnt turn on?
  386. Nikki and Brie Bella interview: 'Sexist Raw chants were disrespectful', talks AJ Lee, Paige, Emma, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Total Divas and more.
  387. What is your favorite wrestling move ever?
  388. A HHH/Seth program in the near future ?
  389. My New Top 10
  390. WWE Live (Newcastle) Pictures
  391. Why didn't CM Punk get his win back against Brock Lesnar?
  392. The Red Arrow is the greatest wrestling move of all time
  393. Perspective: The "vocal minority" does matter
  394. The Rock vs Triple H at WM32
  395. Paul Bearer's 2014 Hall of Fame ring sold on eBay.
  396. Question about John Cena
  397. Dolph Ziggler has changed.
  398. Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Returning Soon?
  399. How can a dark skinned wrestler get over in 2015?
  400. WWE Running Stardust vs Goldust on the UK Live Events
  401. The Top Spot: Why does it matter?
  402. A planned Summerslam match leaked?
  403. Would Stephanie Mcmahon been a good movie actress?
  404. What happened to funny faces?
  405. Is this the worst match ever?
  406. Anyone Read Daniel Bryan's Book Yet?
  407. Will Goldberg ever have one last run?
  408. Does anyone know if there are planning to do any signings in London?
  409. Ryback .... does he deserve more?
  410. Why didn't Austin get any real heat from playing the political game and not putting young talent over.
  411. Before they were famous
  412. How the business has changed, for the talent and for the fans! (A great discussion!)
  413. The most complete promos in your eyes
  414. Subtle things WWE do that make them look stupid and corny?
  415. Scott Hall's murder case, do you think he did it?
  416. Has Anyone Seen 'The Marine 4 Moving Target' Yet?
  417. Wrestling sucks so much is not even funny
  418. How would you debut Hideo Itami on the main roster?
  419. HHH's recent Wrestlemania opponents
  420. Bill DeMott: kicking Mexicans in the groin, telling Blacks to go back to Africa, sexually harassing women
  421. Brock Lesnar would injure Randy Orton, that's why the fight hasnt happened
  422. Roman Reigns, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and ect... who actually deserves the hate?
  423. What would make you seriously stop watching WWE ?
  424. Who has a better look, Seth Rollins or CM Punk?
  425. Who will have their first WWE World Heavyweight Champion reign in the next 10 years?
  426. Wrestlers' heel personas an excuse for not bothering with fans?
  427. More On Reigns/Lesnar Finish + Backstage Reaction From Most Wrestlers On WM 31 Main Event
  428. Backstage Update on WrestleMania 32 Plans for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, WWE Network Expansion, WWE Attendance
  429. SHOW RESULTS - 4/8 WWE in Glasgow, Scotland: European Tour kicks off with Orton vs. Rollins, Cena vs. Rusev, Rhodes Bros., more
  430. DirecTV Reportedly In Negotiations With WWE Over Pay-Per-View Events
  431. WWE/NXT superstars: TP under/over and is a hot dog a sandwich?
  432. Would you smarks see red with anger if...
  433. If you can name one superstar who can be a movie star, who would it be?
  434. Will Extreme Rules be worse than Fastlane?
  435. Zach Ryder and female wrestler, wrestles NAKED, and receives "nude stink face".
  436. Where do all these CONSPIRACY theories on Vince McMahon come from?
  437. Who if retired, you would stop watching WWE?
  438. It's Adrian Neville, stupid.
  439. who was more handaome randy orton (o3-o4 or roman reigns ???
  440. Hulk Hogan interview: Talks working with Sting and nWo at Wm31, Inducting Macho Man, Lobbying "real hard" for a match at wm32 in Dallas, more
  441. John Cena has a Black Eye
  442. Dana Warrior Remembers Her Husband One Year After His Death
  443. Kurt Angle reveals why he did not return to WWE - did a meeting even take place?, talks Triple H vs. McMahon, Match with Daniel Bryan, more
  444. Would of WWE been better off signing Okada instead of Kenta/Itami?
  445. Sandow should beat Cena for the title after his feud with Miz
  446. Hunter the B+ Player should not face A+ The Rock at Wrestlemania
  447. The Difference: Rollins with briefcase vs. Rollins with WHC
  448. Scott Steiner shits on Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair
  449. Name 1 wrestler you will never turn on no matter what!
  450. Vivid Cabaret In NYC wants Paige; Is outside provocative exposure good for business?
  451. Name the best wrestlers to never win a world title in WWF/E or WCW
  452. WWE 5 THINGS: 5 Superstars You Won't Believe Had World Title Matches
  453. Which Move Is Better: Superman Punch or Flying Headbutt?
  454. What would the last two weeks of storyline have been if Reigns won at Mania?
  455. Fun Matchups for Current Wrestlers
  456. It's embarrassing to tell people I watch wrestling now. Unlike 15 yrs ago when it was cool to watch
  457. When did you start watching pro wrestling?
  458. Bray Wyatt were to now.
  459. Roman was better during the Shield era
  460. raw presale in san antonio?
  461. Candice Larae Almost did a deal with WWE.
  462. Is Bret Hart the only legend to escape jobbing to Trips?
  463. Bray Wyatt has really bad matches
  464. Is John Cena still considered the face of WWE?
  465. THE MYTH, WWE won't push small guys?
  466. Justin Roberts 'Good Friends' With Brie & Daniel Bryan
  467. Neville Overrted
  468. The obedience of Southern crowds
  469. How would you book Rollins?
  470. Who is better, Rocky or Austin?
  471. World Tag Team Championship?
  472. WWE Battle of the Gods
  473. Why do people say Roman Reigns can't wrestle?
  474. Steve Austin Refutes Rumors of Heat with WWE
  475. Shawn Michaels = Overrated
  476. Raw needs to be 2 hours again
  477. Are wrestling fans supposed to feel ashamed for liking professional wrestling?
  478. 12 Wrestlers Who Legitimately Dislike John Cena
  479. Rumor Roundup: More On Smackdown Move, Tough Enough Format, Bella Twins To Break Up Again?, More!
  480. How a Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns Feud Can Be Beneficial for Both Parties
  481. SICK of Six-Man Tag Team matches main eventing/involving Kane and Big Show
  482. Main Event Mafia in WWE?
  483. Weird moments in WWE's history.
  484. My favorite must win (every match)!!!
  485. What is WWE doing wrong?
  486. Will Stardust ever cease and Cody return?
  487. WWE's main roster if they didn't hire talents that have been trained elsewhere
  488. Help me Define "Burial".
  489. The Rock (w/Ronda Rousey) vs Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon) as WM32 Main Event...Do you approve it?
  490. ....I must ask, what is the point of Tough Enough these days?
  491. Top 10 Future Endeavours List
  492. When was the last time that big show was entertaining / relevant (you cared about him)?
  494. Match of the Year so far
  495. Cena just cant go heel he doesnt wanna upset the kids
  496. Which wrestler has entertained you the most in history and why?
  497. What is your Top 3, Top 5, and Top 10 wrestlers of all time?
  498. Kurt Angle returning to answer Cenas challenge would be perfect
  499. Should The Big Show chokeslam Steph?
  500. What are your favourite John Cena matches?
  501. Do you get as hyped for other PPV's as much as you do the yearly Wrestlemania?
  502. For the Cena honest.
  503. will hulk hogan have antoher wrestlemania match??
  504. WWE Post-Mania Landscape: The FAQ
  505. How good is a show from the cheap seats?
  506. Cena's Rebound Stunner
  507. How about they scrap signature moves?
  508. SmackDown is moving from SyFy to USA Network
  509. Stephanie McMahon off WWE TV for a month?
  510. Hypothetical WWE vs. New Japan Interpromotional Card: What Are Your Dream Matches?
  511. do you fans that only really watch wwe actually want competition for wwe?
  512. Roman Reigns = over, cool and good worker
  513. Jobbing Neville to Rollins cleanly was a Major Mistake
  514. Paige's Pentagram?
  515. WWE directionless already?
  516. Will Daniel Bryan Get A Title Fued With Rollins?
  517. Scott Steiner Reveals Why He Confronted Hulk Hogan's Wife At An Airport During WrestleMania Week
  518. CM Punk 434 most impressive reign ever?
  519. Cena will be top 3 of all time..
  520. Backstage Talk On AJ Lee Retiring From WWE, More On Roman Reigns' Family Being Upset At WrestleMania
  521. Should Bork come back with his beard?
  522. The thing that annoys me most about first name dropping.
  523. Do you prefer supernatural gimmicks?
  524. A Rollins/Kane feud after Extreme Rules?
  525. Lesnar a face... who are you kidding?
  526. Does Connor deserve a spot in WWE HALL OF FAME?!
  527. John Cena: I was going to go HEEL vs The Rock.
  528. Can Anyone SAVE Me!?
  529. Bray Wyatt should learn from Cody Rhodes how to cut a promo
  530. Mizdow is done
  531. Why do you think Dean Ambrose didn't make it like Rollins or Reigns?
  532. I just realize Roman is ridiculously handsome
  533. No mention of Undertaker
  534. Is John Cena overrated or underrated by the IWC?!
  535. Steve Austin addresses rumours about his fallout with WWE.
  536. Cena interview with Jericho shows why Rollins is the future
  537. When did Roman Reigns grow wings???
  538. So let me see if I got WWE straight
  539. Scott Hall Asked Why nWo Helped Sting
  540. Watching John Cena's interview, cemented my belief that WWE screwed Shelton Benjamin
  541. It was Easter and he didn't make appearance
  542. I have no respect for Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, William Regal or Jim Ross as men
  543. Sheamus' New Look Inspired by Kevin Nash's "Master Blaster" Character After HOF Mention
  544. Brock Lesnar with the hoverhand on NXT Diva?
  545. 21-1: One Year Later, a mistake or not?
  546. Seth Rollins WWE title reign already a failure thanks to The Authority?
  547. Guys Stone Cold is playing us all..
  548. We need young and hungry testosterone filled fresh faces on the roster
  549. Reigns' jump kick
  550. Is Neville going places or he's destined to be a jobber