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  1. Do you care about the midcarder scene?
  2. Rumor: Increased Talk of Roman Reigns Turning Heel
  3. Your choice for Triple H's match at a future PPV?
  4. Jesse 'the Body' Ventura: 30 for 30 Short on how he became Governor of Minnesota.
  5. I would love to see Brock Lesnar give suplex city to Randy Orton
  6. Whatever happened to Triple H's weekly interviews with Michael Cole?
  7. Kane's Best Theme
  9. Wade Barrett Should Already Been WWE Champion By Now.
  10. Do you think we will ever see Steph take a finisher from a male superstar again?
  11. Should Ambrose tweak his look a bit?
  12. The Rock is overrated on the mic
  13. What if WWE buy TNA
  14. Batista or Goldberg?
  15. Natalya joins in with triple suplex
  16. NXT women delusional interview!
  17. Rusev injured at Smackdown taping?
  18. Who's the most popular diva in modern history of WWE?
  19. Why did Lita and Edge get backlash for cheating but Stephanie and Triple H didn't?
  20. Am I the only one who like the Tensai gimmick
  21. Rollins and Ambrose just don't have the star power!
  22. Why do WWE celebrate their own incompetence?
  23. so are wwe currently without a monster heel?
  24. Write/Rewrite/Book The 2015/2016 year of WWE from WM31 to WM32.
  25. Sign any 3 workers to WWE and why
  26. Why was Cena booed in 05/06 and Batista wasn't?
  27. Scrap The Authority stable, give me an Indy Stable...
  28. will randy orton continue his acting career one day?
  29. Taker can still put Wyatt over...
  30. Very unimpressive NXT debuts on main roster...
  31. Any news about the next MSG show?
  32. Does WWE actually listen?
  33. So similar, yet so different..
  34. J&J Security
  35. WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Kevin Nash Wants One Final Match
  36. Roman Reigns is copying Cena's tactics
  37. How does vince feel that he..
  38. Why Owens will be going over Cena clean
  39. The angle we saw last night is offensive to fans
  40. CM PUNK - "its fake" comments
  41. Owens is going over Cena?
  42. Elimination chamber surprise
  43. Hulk Hogan might be in next Expendables
  44. Would the "Summer of Punk" have happened if Edge didn't retire?
  45. Dean Ambrose should never be a maineventer - he's a midcarder at best
  46. Kevin Owens sucks and this is why
  47. Evolution sucks
  48. What can Kevin Owens do that Big E cannot (except a front flip)
  49. Owens vs Cena is the next big rivalry
  50. Natalya looks very out of place next to Cesaro and TJ
  51. Interesting story of how Dbry and AJ came to be.
  52. So How Long Before Owens & Neville Lose Their Characters?
  53. WM 32: Shawn Michaels vs Daniel Bryan
  54. Hats off to Lana and Rusev
  55. What's next for Bray and Orton?
  56. WWE and Ronda Rousey
  57. WWE should move Sandow to Full-Time Commentary
  58. Why is there no World War 3 PPV?
  59. Sami Zayn and Big Show poster during TA interview
  60. Rusev/Lana to recreate Savage/Ms. Elizabeth?
  61. Does anyone think there is a Roman Reigns heel turn in the near future?
  62. Would you like to see Stephanie wrestle at SummerSlam this year?
  63. Neville Becoming WWE Champ
  64. Who is looking forwards to Cena Burying another superstars career?
  65. The indie formula is ruining WWE
  66. CM Punk vs American Airlines
  67. WWE without the social media boom?
  68. No more content on the app during RAW and Smackdown
  69. WWE takes a shot at Punk on Shop site
  70. JTG comments on Racism and The Rock
  71. What Happened To
  72. JTG shoots hard on prevailing Racism in WWE and The Rock not being Identified as Black!
  73. A Day in the Life of Darren Young (Mini-Documentary)
  74. Finn Balor
  75. Discussion about those multi-tag team matches
  76. New Neville "Altitude Era" Shirt
  77. Chris Jericho's instagram/twitter accounts hacked Updated: 05/26
  78. Kevin Owens should go over John Cena and Randy Orton
  79. Kevin Owens debut Storyline
  80. Does Seth Rollins deserve to use the Pedigree?
  81. Most reliable wrestling sites
  82. Scott Steiner buries WWE!
  83. WWE bring back belts?
  84. Does Big Show/Kane really need to retire?
  85. Old wrestling forum link
  86. Worse case of a career ending early due to injury?
  87. NXT vs WWE PPV
  88. Royal Rumble odds
  89. 2015... a year of improvement, IMO
  90. Favorite Elimination Chamber Match?
  91. WF's Favourite WWE Superstar: Quarter Finals (2014/2015)
  92. WWE Refuses to shut up about The Shield
  93. WWE Superstars Crash Wedding
  94. With PPVS Being Free On The Network I Don't See Why Women Can't Main Event If The Story Right.
  95. Rowan, 3rd Vaudevillian?
  96. Two things WWE do that are killing the product
  97. The stigma attached to TNA/NXT
  98. Ultimate Warrior shoot on British Bulldog, Owen Hart and Hart family
  99. If WWE Showed NXT instead of Raw...
  100. Do you like / dislike wrestlers because of their age?
  101. Who are the MOST popular superstars in 2015?
  102. Booker T on CM Punk and WWE Doctors!
  103. Kurt Angle on if he has issues with Triple H!
  104. Best Moments of The Nexus
  105. The Fat POS Era is Here!
  106. Kevin Owens is not the next mega star but the next BIG SHOW!
  107. Bray Wyatt's gimmick doesn't even make sense
  108. Heels you actually dislike
  109. Kevin Owens-Babyface prospects
  110. How do you guys think Cena did in his first WWE Title feud?
  111. If The Shield were never formed...
  112. Cena vs Taker Vengeance 03
  113. Every ring announcer sounds like Justin Roberts
  114. Name the best of each category on the current roster
  115. HHH/Rollins soon?
  116. Harper & Rowan v The Dudley Boys
  117. Wrestlers ages
  118. Sting's Best Look
  119. WWE needs to try a better formula..engage the audience more into the characters
  120. Stupid IWC Myths Vol 6: The Reality of NXT
  121. Bray Wyatt's attire
  122. My problems with the product
  123. Eva Marie getting heat
  124. The Usos - Their time off screen, their return to the product and as singles competitors.
  125. Who in your opinion is the ugliest male wrestler from the active roster?
  126. Will Samoa Joe ever be WWE World Heaveyweight Champ?
  127. Lana and Rusev are swerving us
  128. Why is people shitting on Austin when HBK was a bigger jerk?
  129. Why do the new theme songs suck?
  130. Would you like to see RR/ER/QOTR/EC/MITB/HIAC/SS Diva's matches?
  131. ​Trish Stratus Praises The WWE NXT Divas
  132. Your favourite WWE storyline
  133. A positive Triple H thread
  134. Which of these matches has the highest chance of happening soonest?
  135. Who would you like to see form a tag team this year?
  136. Your top 10 Shawn Michaels matches
  137. How deep to gimmicks go?
  138. R.I.P. Shield, Or Not?
  139. Stone Cold vs The Rock
  140. Out of all of the talent on Main roster and NXT, who deserves a WWE title win at mania?
  141. The Rock was on Graham Norton show
  142. Official Kayfabe Thread
  143. Roman Reigns could be the biggest heel in the company
  144. If Edge was still in the WWE, so many things would've been done differently
  145. When vince first wrestled
  146. Owen Hart anniversary tomorrow
  147. 10 years this year since Eddie passed away, fucking hell!
  148. WWE's 2006 MVP
  149. Cena. WrestleMania. Change the outcome: Wyatt or Rusev?
  150. Unite the Shield..push these guys are faces.......
  151. We'll most likely see new talents in the main event scene very soon
  152. Former WWE Diva Sunny Allegedly Eats Shit For Cash
  153. Dean Ambrose: Still badly booked or salvaged?
  154. Rusev dropping Russian Alliance?
  155. IWC is the third man!!!! In this picture! Roman Reigns just got stabbed by IWC!
  156. To child fans or to adult fans...? That must be their question
  157. Credible Book of Heels
  158. Who's worker of the decade?
  159. Question about Bo Dallas' old theme
  160. Mic work freedom?
  161. A Wyatt/Reigns feud
  162. Is it just me who think Lana is the hottest woman on TV?
  163. Rumor Roundup: Money in the Bank Winner, Lana Plans, Big Show Return, More!
  164. internatinol flavour
  165. Christian new Director of Operations
  166. Is Christian injured or is he just done with wrestling?
  167. Is Kevin Owens only impressive because he is fat?
  168. Former WWE announcer takes a shot at NXT!
  169. *** NXT TAPE SPOILERS ***
  170. Is Sandow Another Example of "Grabbing the Brass Ring" Being Utter Bullshit?
  171. Something that has bothered me about wrestlers
  172. The Mountain should be signed
  173. Melissa Coates
  174. What's Ryback's weakness and strenghs?
  175. Who would you like Samoa Joe to face on the main roster?
  176. I know where the Stardust-R-Truth feud is going...
  177. Does anyone else feel like Cena/Rusev was left unfinished?
  178. Best pedigree of all time?
  179. Most likey main event for next WrestleMania?? WWE wants to break attendance record
  180. Which of these matches would be better on paper?
  181. Elvis character in the WWE?
  182. Should all tag teams have a finisher consisting of both members?
  183. Can The Miz ever be relevant again?
  184. Bray Wyatt needs a sinister calling card
  185. Superstars Who Should Defeat John Cena For US Title
  186. I believe Roman Reigns is to win the Money in the Bank
  187. Gail Kim insults Vince McMahon
  188. Conspiracy Theory On Darren Young
  189. WWE Superstars Don "Red Noses"
  190. Main roster "Cut bait"? Who needs to fired?
  191. ANOTHER new Roman Reigns T Shirt
  192. What Other wrestling promotions do you watch right now?
  193. Footage of the D-Lo Brown vs Droz powerbomb botch?
  194. old school
  195. Who's really to blame?
  196. Let's examine WWE's track record with NXT call-ups...
  197. Booking decisions the WWE did right since 2014
  198. Being reported that Samoa Joe has signed a non-exclusive deal.
  199. New Wyatt Family
  200. Would you welcome Mr.Kennedy back on to WWE?
  201. Where are all the obese wrestlers?
  202. Can TNA be NXT?
  203. What's your WWE entrance theme?
  204. TNA is toast, so what happens to Kurt Angle now? Work the indies?
  205. Which current TNA talents do you want to see in WWE/NXT?
  206. Is HBK's status beyond argument?
  207. Should Vince McMahon buy TNA and add to Network?
  208. Stephanie And Triple H Working On Changing How Women In WWE Are Featured!
  209. Explaining Wrestling to Non-Fans
  210. How Would You Book Raw's Final Episode?
  211. I don't blame Rusev, Lana is a slut
  212. Backstage Injury News On Bryan, Itami, & Zayn
  213. Prediction time: The next 5 NEW WWE Champions after Rollins
  214. Vince has to step down and leave WWE forever. HHH is the man with NXT
  215. Underwhelming Debuts
  216. JTG Shawn Michaels story
  217. What was the problem with Orton and the divas years ago?
  218. Scott Steiner calls out Hulk Hogan - 1 Million Dollar Challenge
  219. a quick WWE moment
  220. What does Seth Rollins have that a guy like Ziggler doesn't?
  221. Who's Your Least Favorite Wrestler?
  222. Can you name all the people in the hall of fame?
  223. If Daniel Bryan would ever come back to wrestle...he should start in NXT
  224. The Shield Best Matches
  225. takers in ring performance - ?
  226. It's time for Jon Moxley folks...
  227. Was Reigns a Rocky Maivia?
  228. Vince Russo says Vince McMahon forgot how to make stars
  229. I can't believe this ''authority'' angle is on since 2013...
  230. Goldberg Reveals How He's Different from The Rock
  232. Kevin Owens is the Roy "Big Country" Nelson of the WWE
  233. Is it too evil to laugh at this?
  234. Cesaro has no potential outside the Tag Team Division
  235. Is it just the nature of the wrestling fan to complain?
  236. NXT or Tough Enough?
  237. The "PUSH": Overrated?
  238. John Cena costs Kevin Owens the NXT title?
  239. Wrestling Territory you wish you would've lived in?
  240. POLL: Who is the face of WWE for the long haul?
  241. Did WWE buy Memphis?
  242. Who would you LOVE to see get a NWO-beatdown of todays WWE wrestlers?
  243. The Rock on WrestleMania 32, the reaction Roman Reigns received at the Royal Rumble and more
  244. NWO today
  245. Is wrestling better now?
  246. Repackaging Jack Swagger on his return?
  247. Jack Swagger?
  248. Jobbers
  249. Hogan being alive
  250. Rollins Special?
  251. Did anyobody else lol at JBL going "Fear The Bull!" at El Torito?
  252. Ascension is the most annoying gimmick right now! Illuminati henchmen?
  253. Name something you want to happen before the end of the year
  254. Sheamus is like Ahmad Johnson how they both work stiff
  255. Favorite Elimination Chamber.
  256. Kevin Owens joining The Authority?
  257. Owens and Neville proof that NXT is starting to "take over"
  258. I hope Orton wins the IC title so he can stay away from the main event
  259. Will she ever make a reapperance again in WWE?
  260. mitb prediction?
  261. Neville: How far can he go?
  262. Would you all freak out if Seth Rollins was paired with a female valet.... guess who I'm going to say before you enter.
  263. Why do people not understand coward heel booking?
  264. Justin Gabriel's ideas for the Bunny were shot down
  265. So WWE is trying to bring meaning to the other belts ?
  266. I'm a big Ambrose mark, but PLEASE take him out of the main event after Chamber
  267. Let's discuss Roman Reigns moveset
  268. Seth Rollins new FINISHING MOVE should be?
  269. Dean Ambrose? What's the deal?
  270. Dream Tag Teams?
  271. Biggest heel ending to the end of a match?
  272. Do you think if offered a good amount of money, Vince would sell NXT?
  273. Ziggler Marks Might Not Like To Hear This....He Needs Lana
  274. Just one promo of Kevin Owens made me realize how random it's Wyatt
  275. The Rock on Steve Austin, Roman, The Philly crowd, Vince, Macho Man & WrestleMania 32
  276. Can Someone Please Explain Kevin Owens To Me?
  277. Why Are The Bella Twins Faces?
  278. NXT opinions?
  279. After watching last night, I firmly believe Roman Reigns will win Money in the Bank
  280. Dave Meltzer throwing a bitch fit on Twitter!
  281. Mid card is dead
  282. First PPV Advice
  283. 10 Reasons Sandow Should Be Champion
  284. The Decline of the Gimmick match
  285. Kevin Owens' Son Reacting To His Dad On Raw
  286. Undertaker sting and hogan on the steve austin show
  287. WWE murdered Owen Hart
  288. Lana and Popularity
  289. Who Was The Fat Bray Wyatt Lookin Guy Challenging Cena?
  290. Anyone else think Ryback is destined to be buried in the midcard?
  291. I don't understand the Rowan/Harper reunion and the WWE's inability to pay things off properly
  292. Who Is Stronger, Cesaro or Chris Masters?
  293. What are Orton and Reigns gonna do at EC?
  294. Seeing Kevin Owens beat up Cena...
  295. Vince murder plot
  296. The Myth That All Heels Are Total Pussies Needs to Die Right Now
  297. Sheamus is an indy superstar so why isn't he an IWC darling?
  298. What are they doing to Lana?
  299. Role for Bo Dallas
  300. Calling it right NOWWWW. Roman Reigns accepts John Cena's open challenge and wins the U.S title!
  301. Big E and Xavier Woods tag team
  302. You've got to appreciate what New Day's doing...
  303. Scott Hall off the wagon, kicked out of wrestling event
  304. What are you most excited for?
  305. Fill me in?
  306. Is the administrator of WrestleZone Forums delusional or was he dropped on his head as a kid?
  307. Which superstar has the best move-set in WWE in your opinion?
  308. Will Sting come back?
  309. Kanes abs must be huge for him to have a 6 pack, despite the belly
  310. Anyone know when RVD is returning?
  311. WWE signs MMA fighter
  312. Bullied for being a wrestling fan
  313. Stop Holding Entertaining Guys Back
  314. If the Authority storyline ends with someone stopping them, who will it most likely be?
  315. Best Athlete in the WWE
  316. How would you feel with a Heel Sheamus run in the Main event scene..
  317. Somethings Gotta Give - Swerve and New Storylines Coming?
  318. Do you consider The Rock as WWE's first ever black WWE champion in history?
  319. Do you think Vince will ever let a IWC favourite become the face of company?
  320. Was the Fatal 4-way a test run for Shield Triple Threat at Mania?
  321. Competition For WWE
  322. Why is Sandow being buried?
  323. Rollins' curb stomp was overrated.
  324. That Shield reunion was so awesome
  325. Who throws the best lariat?
  326. That tag team match
  327. I have changed my mind about Reigns
  328. Why have they turned Shaemus into
  329. Chinese
  330. 플러스카지노【立】 NES449.COM 【立】플러스카지노
  331. the authority needs to end
  332. The Authority needs to end
  333. Ambrose/Reigns bromance, hottest thing going right now.
  334. Would it really be an issue if The Shield had a stint again?
  335. "Hey, if you would have told me 5-10 years ago"
  336. RIP 'Bo Dallas'. Its a New Day.
  337. Wasn't X-PAC in a porn?
  338. The Shield members should be the faces of the company.
  339. Where to from here?
  340. The car wreck ring worker Botchnomi returned
  341. Lawler sets record for most obscure pop culture reference?
  342. Rollins Pedigree Intentional?
  343. Face Reality Reigns fans, he will never be more over than Dean Ambrose
  344. Seth Rollins officially inherits the Pedigree
  345. HBK epic baby face moment
  346. New WWE Championships and Rankings?
  347. Stonecold/PaulHeyman june first= podcast/network
  348. The Shield needs to renunite
  349. Have you ever bought a piece of WWE merchandise and been disappointed in it?
  350. UPDATE - Sunny very close to sign MONSTER deal to do Hardcore PORN
  351. Who do you think should beat Cena for the US title?
  352. 7 Reasons WWE Hiring Indy/International Stars Is Bad For Business
  353. The Authority just a poor version of the corporation
  354. The most underwhelming signature/finishers
  355. Logic Of A Someone's Opponents Doing Moves Outside Their Moveset
  356. WWE Poll: Which former member of The Shield has the most talent?
  357. Reigns vs Brock 2 Would Be Great For Survivor Series.
  358. Biggest let down in double u double u e history?
  359. What is it about Dean's Rebound Clothesline that gets all the stick?
  360. WWE needs to bring Dudley Boys back for SummerSlam
  361. Bad News Barrett ... no longer dropping bad news?
  362. Daniel Bryan vs C.M punk
  363. Why do you worship Daniel Trollface?
  364. Pick your dream announce team.
  365. Kevin Owens 5 knuckle shuffle crowd pop
  366. Who has the best move-set?
  367. From : Batista Takes A Shot At WWE Creative
  368. Nikki sings to Cena on toilet
  369. Lesnar In The Chamber Would Kick Ass!!
  370. Love their Persona / Gimmick but Hate their Style & Moveset?
  371. IF Daniel Bryan Never Wrestles again, is he a Hall of Famer AND Legend?
  372. Anyone remember "Tim that's not wise!
  373. Wrestlers Who Significantly Improved Their Reputations As Workers
  374. Roman Reigns: Criminally underrated
  375. Midcard talents NOT aiming for the top, not talking about going for the main title?
  376. WF's Favourite WWE Superstar: Round Three (2014/2015)
  377. orton vs lesnar at summerslam for the wwe world heavyweight championship?
  378. So excited for WWE 10 years from now, when all the part-timers right now are already crippled
  379. Anyone else miss lesnar
  380. If both Rock and Austin wrestle at WM 32, who do you want them to wrestle?
  381. Longer title reigns make for boring PPVs
  382. Someone Stole Rusev's Medals
  383. A wasteland of draws
  384. Teens Vandalize 8 Cars With the Letters "DX"
  385. Pranking WWE & NXT Superstars
  386. Former WWE creative writer passes away!
  387. The biggest question concerning Samoa Joe coming to WWE...
  388. William Regal dropping knowledge...
  389. Update On When Paige And The Big Show Will Return To WWE TV
  390. WWE are going to blow it with Ambrose
  391. Curt Hawkins opinion on banned terms in WWE
  392. Cringe Worthy WWE Moments before PG
  393. Cena's WWE HOF speech
  394. which was your favourite incarnation of Mick Foley?
  395. Which title design do you want changed the most?
  396. WWE edited a video to remove Roman Reigns' botched promo
  397. Why can't the WWE bring back the Ruthless Aggression Era?
  398. NXT or Tough Enough?
  399. Does Sheamus look stupid?
  400. Good strategy adding exclusive "PPVs" to the network like King Of The Ring and Elimination Chamber?
  401. It Will Never Be The Same...
  402. Idea for the lumberjack match
  403. NXT vs WWE
  404. Thoughts on Naomi?
  405. Connor
  406. Does being world champion equate to a Hall of Fame place?
  407. with lesnar 3 years more , when will wwe do brock lesnar vs randy orton?
  408. Lesnar should still be champ
  409. Fans who want Daniel Bryan as THE guy are asking for another John Cena.
  410. Wow how times have changed ...
  411. Do we have a potential Jamie Noble vs Joey Mercury fued on the horizon?
  412. Ambrose/Reigns feud
  413. Who had the better WWE career?
  414. Dolph Ziggler Appears On Stage with Britney Spears
  415. Wrestlers who do (or don't) have real passion for the business
  416. How can I get high quality diva pics ripped off from the wwe community site?
  417. PG Moments That Upset You/Insult Your Intelligence?
  418. Why Are People Complaining About ROLLINS Run? He's a HEEL!
  419. Favorite super star round three...
  420. Happy Birthday Big Van Vader!!
  421. Is Sami Zayn Being "Daniel Bryan Lite" Necessarily a Bad Thing?
  422. Best match that never happened but could have?
  423. Daniel Bryan To Be Moved to Non-Wrestling Role?
  424. WrestlingForums Monthy NewsLetter starting 5/15
  425. WWE's biggest shock results
  426. When is the last time WWE did something that really surprised you, in a good way?
  427. How great of a performer Kevin Nash was compared to someone like Shawn Michaels?
  428. What champions do you think looked the most credible?
  429. Rollins still looks weak
  430. Would The Undertaker still recognise Kane if he saw him now
  431. Do you guys think WWE will be PG forever?
  432. Can WWE be any more predictable?
  433. Favorite RVD match?
  434. When is the last time the WWE Title:
  435. Who should take the title from Seth Rollins?
  436. Smarks/Adults/Social Media are a blessing for WWE in my opinion.
  437. Famous JR Call - Where's it from???
  438. Paige Backstage At WWE Events, Mick Foley Endorses New WWE Tag Team
  439. Ronda Rousey Talks WWE Return: Says ‘Somehow, Some Way’ She’ll Be Back
  440. More news on the most watched network shows
  441. Give Cesaro the IC title...
  442. Possible Intercontinental Title Spoilers
  443. Mark Henry Tweets Michelle Beadle
  444. Isn't Big Show considered a top star?
  445. Report: DEATH possibly returning next week
  446. From reddit: "I am bookseller and I just finished Daniel Bryan's new book. Here's some good bits!"
  447. Report: Fans leaving during Orton and Rollins main event on RAW
  448. What's up with so many people using superkicks?
  449. How much money will I need for wrestlemania (WM33)
  450. Dean Ambrose discusses his career-changing opportunity at WWE Payback:
  451. Brock Lesnar impressed by NXT star, trains with him
  452. Major Concern In WWE regarding B+ players
  453. It Just Feels Rollins Is Just Keeping The Belt Warm For Brock.
  454. TRIPLE H booked himself to beat all the greats?!
  455. Summerslam 2015 Will Be Held In The Same Arena/City As TLC 2012 Was
  456. Is it fair to assume Sami Zayn will be the effective replacement of Bryan on the roster following his retirement?
  457. Creative Match Endings
  458. Is Daniel Bryans career at the top level over?
  459. Wyatt/Kane alliance?
  460. Cesaro could be only credible opponent for Lesnar
  461. Problem with Orton vs Reigns SS14
  462. How likely is it The Shield reunite at Payback?
  463. 'What's best for business'
  464. Why did Brisco and Patterson used Real American
  465. Report: Top Babyface Turn
  466. Dafuq?
  467. Most impressive signature spots in WWE?
  468. Wrestling's Bloodiest Matches
  469. Best matches at 10 minutes or less?
  470. Ziggler is almost there with the "look"...
  471. WWE cancels live event opposing Elimination Chamber
  472. Triple H feeds Lesnar Rollins
  473. Can you ever see WrestlMania being on anything other than PPV?
  474. If Bryan Could Just Wrestle One More Match...
  475. What wrestlers do you think are better off in the mid-card?
  476. What is the most mental you have gone over wrestling?
  477. Funniest Entrance Botches
  478. Best feud of all-time?
  479. Team Hell No should reunite until D-Bry is 100%
  480. Do WWE Superstars get punished if they reject WWE's crappy movie roles?
  481. What are your thoughts on the Miz/Sandow feud?
  482. Daniel Bryan retires
  483. Brock Lesnar in latest Assassins Creed: Syndicate?
  484. How much longer can you honestly see WWE being around?
  485. The Problem With Dean Ambrose
  486. What if Batista won the RR and was cheered?
  487. Which career I missed was the best?
  488. 3 Months Spent Sabotaging Roman Reigns...
  489. Wyatt Family reunion
  490. Why did HHH knock Punk for his physique but not Kevin Owens?
  491. The fall of the IC Belt
  492. If I told you in 2013 ....
  493. Am I the only one that sees Rollins as a new Edge?
  494. Triple H is not hall of fame worthy
  495. I really really like the US open challenge
  496. Bob Backlund denies report! Dave Meltzer false reporting?
  497. Neville is so amazing
  498. Most hated Cole-isms
  499. The Shield in 5 years?
  500. Should WWE go back to having more jobbers?
  501. The art of selling is truly dead
  502. Why Take Daniel Bryan Off TV Completely Though?
  503. Who should be the next IC Champion
  504. Can someone do me a favor and recap/and or explain this years KOTR?
  505. One Name Wrestlers
  506. After 17 years, Chris Jericho finally finishes his list of 1,004 Holds!
  507. Favorite/Shocking Moments for all years
  508. How will you react if we legit see a dancing Rusev in the future?
  509. Alberto Del Rio shoots on sex and drugs in the WWE and wrestling in general
  510. When Did You Find Out Wrestling Was Fixed?
  511. Seth Rollins sides with Russia ;-)
  512. Ambrose vs Reigns, has the potential to be the best feud in years
  513. Dammit ! i miss The Miz
  514. T-shirts from eBay.
  515. Best WRESTLER of all time?
  516. Does the Whole Stars Rating Ruin Wrestling For You?
  517. Physical Presence - An overlooked attribute
  518. John Bradshaw Layfield
  519. Mick Foley’s Comedy Tour Dates Revealed
  520. Is Adam Rose's story from E60 authentic?
  521. How do you spend your time watching the PPV's and do you make a big thing out of it?
  522. Who do you see as the next champions?
  523. Did WWE change Elimination Chamber rules?
  524. Possible 2016 WWE DVD Releases
  525. Where do The Shield rank on the list of greatest stables of all time ?
  526. The next stable(s)?
  527. The PROMOS suck now before matches Smh...
  528. WWE Babies
  529. WWE's reason for lack of old footage!
  530. Los Matadores
  531. lOS
  532. Shield Reunion
  533. If Shane McMahon was the current "Mr. McMahon" character in WWE today
  534. Is there a Tag team resurgence?
  535. Why isn't Luke Harper one of the top heels?
  536. Is there anyone on the roster you can realistically see being the next face of WWE?
  537. Sabu - As a wrestling mind Heyman is a genius, as a person he's the devil & a cry baby, WWE lying to him and people who knock Cena are jealous?
  538. Seth Rollins invited his ex-girlfriend to a TV taping to show her he's a star now
  539. Introducing tag teams AS tag teams to us that have made it to the WWE as opposed to throwing two talents together?
  540. What do you think would've happen if the Reigns vs Rollins at NOC 2014 had taken place ?
  541. What do you think was the worst year for wrestling?
  542. Is John Cena a hypocrit?
  543. JTG Talks Dropped Muppet Gimmick "I thought I was a rich man..." Could it have worked?
  544. One-man Tag Team Champion. Could it happen?
  545. Do "NXT marks" of the IWC annoy you?
  546. Favourite wrestler in the WWE and why?
  547. The guess who's got heat with JTG game
  548. Who do you think Lesnar will face at WrestleMania?
  549. Orton without his RKO ?
  550. JTG interview w/ Solomonster