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  1. WWE Director explains why Vince McMahon stopped being a commentator
  2. The Miz could've been a better option than Sheamus
  3. Jim Ross on doctors not clearing Daniel Bryan and WrestleMania 32
  4. Former WWE Talent Facing Eviction from Her Home
  5. Calaway needs to let Bray retire his career at WM for what he did to him!
  6. Divide the title again
  7. Raven On Why He Recently Sued WWE, Drinking With Shane McMahon, Impressing Vince McMahon
  8. Why don't they give Dean the ball
  9. Bray Wyatt is the next Kane not the next Undertaker (booking wise)
  10. The WWE title, what would you do?
  11. Do you people really like Beckys looks
  12. Would the ______ save the WWE?
  13. the star quality and perception of wrestlers today
  14. Would a anti-PC/SJW gimmick work?
  15. Who would make the biggest impact on casuals once they're called up from NXT?
  16. Why does there have to be a face of the company?
  17. Swagger and Del Rio putting on a fantastic match on Smackdown - Swagger showing hunger here, potentially a good PPV match ahead.
  18. Are people old enough to remember the Attitude Era when they say they want it back?
  19. Replace the commentators!
  20. The potential of Braun Strowman outside of The Wyatts?
  21. Reigns + Ambrose: Authority takeover.
  22. News on why WWE had Charlotte take the bullet for last week’s controversial angle
  23. If Sheamus goes down, what's the mainevent feud?
  24. Look at Dory Funk Jr. still wrestling... And they say Flair's too old lol
  25. Jim Ross talks about today’s WWE commentators and if his style of commentary could work in 2015
  26. Owens/Heyman
  27. WWE NewsNovember 27, 2015 Dolph Ziggler on being paired with Lana and Tyler Breeze
  28. Vince hates small guys Myth
  29. Scrap taker/cena and do taker/Orton instead
  30. You know things are bad even when Dwayne doesnt want to show up lol
  31. what do you use to watch wwe?
  32. Surprised or Happy that Orton vs Cena never happened at WM?
  34. Ric Flair on when he knew Shawn Michaels was special and how Evolution came together
  35. Do you agree with Bret Hart when he said Triple H is a piece of shit and Shawn Michaels was cancer
  36. I CALLED IT: WWE Are Booking Reigns Like Stone Cold
  37. Are you excited about ADR vs Swagger at WM32?
  38. Who should the Undertaker fight against for next year's WrestleMania
  39. Wrestling Docs
  40. These stars should be the top heels in the WWE
  41. WWE 2016 UK tour tickets now on sale who is going?
  42. Happy birthday to the late, great British Bulldog - would've been 53 today!
  43. (27/11)Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho Wrestlemania 32 Promo HD
  44. Screw the haters! Sheamus is AWESOME!!
  45. Chris Jericho tells it like it is about today's status of WWE...16 YEARS AGO
  46. The best way to tell the Reigns story through Wrestlemania 32
  47. WWE should hire Zlatan ASAP !!!!!
  48. what does everyone prefer?
  49. 2016 WWE Predictions
  50. Vince McMahon Reportedly Not Concerned With Low Ratings
  51. Beyond The Ring Docs
  52. Taker/Cena @ WM 32: Perfect time or Too little too late?
  53. What makes people think Reigns will be any better as a heel?
  54. Does Randy Orton dislike/hate humans as much as Brock Lesnar does?
  55. Top 15 Most Drastic Wrestler Appearance Changes
  56. WWE Title Update: Cheer for Roman Reigns, pretty pretty PLEASE!!
  57. Wrestling Exposed
  58. Your NXT Diva of the year?
  59. Thanksgiving memories in Wrestling
  60. I don't think the WWE can ever recover
  61. BUILD THE BEST STABLE using 6 or less people to help ratings.
  62. Rank these charisma vacuums
  63. Banks and Rollins Best High Quality match Workers in their Genders?
  64. Of everyone on the roster, why Sheamus?
  65. Your WWE match of the year?
  66. WWE releasing talents, building their progression to then release them, not allowing them to evolve on TV and your thoughts?
  67. who would you like to see beat lesnar?
  68. Happy Birthday to Maven and Ivory!
  69. ESPN losing subscribers
  70. Sheamus main eventing the biggest Mania ever with the title?
  72. Which one is the bigger match ? Sting vs Taker or Taker vs Cena ?
  73. You think Paige is condemned to dark attires for her entire career?
  74. Sami Zayn
  75. Casket / Buried Alive
  76. How much money has Lesnar generated?
  77. When the WWE actually LISTENS to the fans and goes with them it is actually beautiful...
  78. This is the reason why WWE's ratings are fucked
  79. Sheamus really improved
  80. what happened to the ring post HD cameras?
  81. Why are the Dudley Boys not in the tag title picture anymore?
  82. Video of erratic behavior of a man outside WWE training facility.
  83. Jim Ross gives his views on Daniel Bryan's WWE future
  84. Can't believe WWE is willing to pass up Taker/Sting for Cena/Taker at WM 32
  85. What can WWE do to fix everything right now (Realistically)
  86. WWE is the most miserable company in the world.
  87. On this day 1 year ago: Punk on Colt's podcast
  88. Double turn in wrestling
  89. Can You Take Sheamus seriously as Main Event Material, He too Goofy
  90. Maybe John Cena and Nikki Bella Should Consider Retirement
  91. Most overrated superstar of 2015
  92. Brock Lesnar is selling PPV's making Vince alot of money and keeping WWE alive.
  93. The Rock in 2002...was he still at his prime?
  94. "This is awesome" chants
  95. What happened to the graphic match cards
  96. No Star Draws For WM 32
  97. WWE could have had a boom period in 2005
  98. The Resurrection of Jake The Snake
  99. Randy Orton to get neck surgery after he recovers from his shoulder injury
  100. How would you book Wrestle Mania this year?
  101. Meltzer: Creative has scrapped all WrestleMania plans, everything is up in the air
  102. This is the lifetime opportunity for Sheamus, Rusev and Barrett.
  103. WWE releases Brad Maddox
  104. Seth Rollins begins physical therapy on his knee: Exclusive, November 25, 2015
  105. Mania Rumors On Sting, Hunter, & Cena vs Taker
  106. After the recent "threats" does it feel like Vince is going full patriotic for the next month?
  107. Who do you think should Charlotte lose her title to?
  108. Underdogs vs Over Coming the odds
  109. What Cultures 12 Weakest Links in WWE Looool
  110. what happened to Curtis Axel?
  111. WWE.COM: 10 Longest Current Tenures In WWE
  112. rant...
  113. Paul Heyman is being wasted due to managing Brock
  114. Which WWE Divas have DA LOOK
  115. Should WWE be more focused on recruiting EX-Football players than indy wrestlers?
  116. WWE Creative / Booking Committee - Who are they?
  117. Why don't New Day have 3 Tag Belts?
  118. Reigns deserves the hate he gets
  119. Who's more likely to win the Rumble? Lesnar or Cena?
  120. Bray Wyatt Should Have Been Champion...?
  121. Reigns where he is at
  122. Why do people dislike Sheamus so much?
  123. After Rollins and Roman 2:16, can we finally admit that Bryan WAS a ratings draw?
  124. Injury angles - why no more?
  125. Seamus
  126. The fact that Roman Reigns gets most of the world title opportunities but Heath Slater doesn't, is extremely unfair and wrong.
  127. One way for Brock Lesnar to turn face again.
  128. The "PTO". Really?
  129. Is it time for Roman Reigns to embrace the hate?
  130. Post your reaction to...
  132. Overkill With Announcers/Interviewers At SS PPV
  133. Fav Divas from each era?
  134. How long does it take for Seth Rollins' arm to heal up?
  135. Does Brock Lesnar really hate humans?
  136. Favourite commentary line or botch?
  137. The Divas Division is failing because of Nikki Bell's absence.
  138. Does anyone here actually like Sheamus as Champion?
  139. Dudleys v Wyatts
  140. HHH should of bet on himself... WWE missed a good opportunity
  141. Bryan is our only hope.
  142. Alright, Who's Going to Be The Modern Day Vince Russo?
  143. Former NXT creative assistant drops the truth bombs on WWE
  145. Numbers are in... RAW's rating last night was the lowest rating RAW has had since before the attitude era
  146. WWE: What I Leaned In 2015
  147. The WWE needs a reboot
  148. Was Wrestlemania 31 an actual sell out?
  149. Did WWE stall Survivor Series?
  150. Does Sasha, Becky, everyone on the face of the planet get on everyones nerves
  151. I miss JR and Lawler as an announcing duo
  152. Do You Believe You Could Book Raw Better than the Entire Creative Team?
  153. Dalyxman video: "That "Don't Like It, Don't Watch it" Argument Sounds Good!"
  154. Ratings down, again
  155. This is finally the perfect time to book Sheamus vs. Bryan at Mania
  156. Why didn't Owens beat Ambrose?
  157. Please dont over expose The New Day.
  158. Great points from former WCW Announcer Scott Hudson
  159. WWE Timing Issues With PPV and Raw
  160. Who joins Rusev & Slater in the new 3MB?
  161. Mick Foley Getting Close to Tapping Out on WWE Product
  162. Does Paige legitimately get on anyone else's nerves?
  163. The best heels
  164. Heel VS Face not as crucial anymore
  165. Lana Reportedly Has “Nuclear” Backstage Heat in WWE
  166. Vince's Way Of Doing Business Would Never Work In Any Other Industry
  167. Paige vs Charlotte at TLC going to apparently be a Ladder match
  168. Kevin Owens & Dean Ambrose don't want it as bad as Roman Reigns does.
  169. 12 Years ago today....
  170. Will Reigns have a Daniel Bryan WM moment?
  171. Goldust´s Return was another disappointmet.
  172. So WWE did the national anthem as Survivor Series aired as a shot to isis?
  173. Why is Creative not giving a push to Mercedes Vernado to fight against Ashley Flheir for the Divas title?
  174. Wwe missed opportunities
  175. WWE Fans
  176. Is Tyler Breeze the next Shawn Michaels?
  178. The WWE is so bad....
  179. Bray jobbing to Undertaker (again) to look strong against Cena at WM
  180. Future of tyler breeze
  181. How WWE will sell TLC Pay Per View?
  182. In all due to respect for Undertaker, retiring would be the best option for him.
  183. Roman Reigns being the glass ceiling is what's ruining the whole show
  184. Del Rio should drop the US Title ASAP
  185. Sami Zayn?
  186. Paige
  187. For good or bad, last night was WWE utilising all levels of their roster.
  188. The first-ever Diva's only Ladder Match
  189. Where's Daniel Bryan ??
  190. Top 3 best and worst pvp's of the year so far?
  191. Favourite wrestler of all time
  192. With all the injuries, roster is terribly thinned out; WWE needs more mega-stars from past!
  193. John Morrison return ?
  194. WWE needs competition
  195. Roman Reigns vs. Authority 2.0
  196. Modern day four horsemen
  197. Sheamus as WWEWHC
  198. Boston is a smark city right?
  199. Is Dean Ambrose stuck in midcard position until at least WrestleMania?
  200. Last night proved Reigns has finally made it! People accept him.
  201. Deputy shoots man outside World Wrestling Entertainment Performance Center
  202. WWE Character Development
  203. WWE Producer Responds To WWE Creative Criticism: Stop watching and Try something else!
  204. New Russo IWC Parody
  205. WWE's main storyline for rest of the decade: "Who will be HHH's next puppet?"
  206. I miss the "Magic"
  207. WWE is shit...will it be better again? I doubt it, at least, in the short term.
  208. 445 Consecutive Days for a heel champion, and a rulebreaker holds the belt again
  209. Sheamus vs Roman Regins: The Feud Between WWE's Two Biggest Failed Projects
  210. Rusev, Barrett, Sheamus is the authority line-up we should have had all along.
  211. Rusev and Barrett Part Of The Authority Too? Where Was Ambrose?
  212. Can you just be entertained?
  213. Finally Swagger is in a feud.
  214. The New Day is the best tag team in years
  215. Greatest tag team in wwe(post 2002)
  216. triple hhs shitty shorts
  217. Shame on fans that are watching RAW tonight but still complain about the product
  218. Roman Reigns should NOT turn heel yet.
  219. Dolph Ziggler went from an epic SVS 2014 to Tyler Breeze job
  220. Fuck this company
  221. Survivor Series 2015-First PPV without Cena and Orton in a decade?
  222. Bray Wyatt doesn't need to win matches.
  223. Maybe Ziggler is a midcarder bc he never really had his own gimmick.
  224. When Should Seth Return?
  225. Sheamus is Hot Garbage
  226. Dean Ambrose is Garbage
  227. Does anybody else believe we are getting Brock vs Batista at WM 32
  228. List of big guys who can wrestle
  229. Sheamus buddies with HHH is the reason why hes champion again
  230. The world is bored of the heel Authority champion
  231. Where's "the Line"?
  232. Road Dogg (producer) gets into Twitter fights with fans over Survivor Series criticism
  233. My excitement for the product is at an all time low.
  234. WWE Post-Survivor Series: FAQ
  235. Heel Turn or Face Turn.... The Answer is..........
  236. 10 seconds that are more entertaining than Survivor Series
  237. Before Royal Rumble - WWE will drop below a 2.0 rating
  238. Injuries in 2015
  239. this is what is hurting the product
  240. Possible worst case scenario Mania cards
  241. Reigns is the biggest/best face that's active right now.... Yet they woudn't give him the title. So who is the face WWE saving it for?
  242. The Roman Reigns botch last night - Ambrose powerbomb from the top corner
  243. The WWE Title is now a very sad big joke.
  244. The Reason for the Ratings decline - The Authority/MITB
  245. Honest Question: Was WCW 2000 better than current WWE?
  246. Is there ANYTHING you're stoked on right now that's going on in the WWE?
  247. I don't think Vince et al care anymore
  248. Roman Reigns = 2015 Version Of Stone Cold???????????????
  249. On a scale of 1 - 10 how would you rate WWE's 2015?
  250. Dana White On Triple H's Phone Call, Steve Austin Coming To His Rescue
  251. IMO divas should be on last each PPV
  252. Undertaker needs to decide what his legacy will be.
  253. Why Are People Shocked About the BoD vs Wyatts Match?
  254. has ever a diva acknowledged taking steroids?
  255. Every single championship looked extremely weak last night
  256. Jerry Lawler's jokes
  257. Any Tyler Breeze marks?
  258. WWE fucked it up. This is how last night should have went.
  259. why can't the wwe tells a good story anymore ?
  260. Last Night was more Proof that only the Good-old boys club can succeed to the top.
  261. Brogue Kick City Bitch!
  262. If you could hit a Mortal Kombat fatality on any WWE superstar, who would it be?
  263. How BIG will Seth Rollins be as a face when he eventually returns?
  264. Why has WWE got so cheap???
  265. Now you know why Ambrose wears the wifebeater.
  266. Why did Paige have to lose?
  267. Someone give me a logical reason for shemus over ambrose
  268. Triple H shameless P.R tweet
  269. Reigns should have had his Moment
  270. Is Triple H secretly Straight Edge?
  271. Will Brock Lesnar win at the Rumble and face Sheamus for the world title at WM32?
  272. Somebody on WF needs to throw a party for Nikki Bella.
  273. Why WWE will never have rival like WCW again.
  274. What Cultures 8 Reasons SS was Worst PPV of 2015
  275. Who is the most overrated female wrestler in WWE currently?
  276. Its time to stop signing the American anthem
  277. Could Barrett become elevated because of Sheamus win?
  278. Could Rollins injury have resulted in Reigns v HHH at Mania?
  279. Why the fans dont complain about Taker burying The Wyatts?
  280. WWE wants to break all time record low RAW ratings
  281. Who was exactly booed in the main event? Reigns, Sheamus or both?
  282. Bryan/Lesnar idea
  283. If you could take control of the company tomorrow...
  284. Ah Good Old Predictable WWE.
  285. Should Ryback of turned last night?
  286. What if this leads to Bryan finally getting his revenge for 18 seconds?
  287. If the ratings actually went up, would you fans be objective and admit Seth was a failure?
  288. I'm really starting to think that there's a conspiracy to keep the rating down.
  289. My thoughts on Sheamus winning because they matter.
  290. Becky teasing a split with Charlotte?
  291. The Story Unfolding Around Roman Reigns Shows That WWE Is Clueless About How To Get Him Over
  292. Dean Ambrose. Its not about eras or ratings. Also some good came out of this.
  293. WWE is trying to make Roman Reigns over by...
  294. Oh WWE, what have you done?
  295. WWE needs to fire all creative staff ASAP
  296. Bets part of SS was Xavier Wood's hairdo
  297. Sheamus cashing in on Reigns: Where was Dean Ambrose?
  298. Daniel Bryan vs Corporations All Over Again...?
  299. Roman Reigns is an official WWE WHC Now and will again soon.
  300. Does HHH himself think Roman should turn heel too?
  301. Whats so wrong with Sheamus?
  302. Hope for Wyatt fans!
  303. Cena Appreciation Thread from a Cena Hater
  304. Roman spearing HHH - What does that mean?
  305. Wrestling fans think way too much about the future.
  306. Big E's thoughts on Shamo from Twitter!
  307. Then and Now
  308. Vince Russo Buries Survivor Series
  309. Vince is a marketing genius if he plans to capitalize on the Sheamus vs Conor McGregor twitter beef.
  310. Why does WWE call their wrestlers SUPERSTARS when they clearly have no superstars?
  311. I dont wanna hear anymore of the "lets go [top face name], [top face name] sucks chant!
  312. "The best survivor series of all time"
  313. Reigns still booed out of the building
  314. If you were in a coma a month and a half ago and woke up today and found out Sheamus/ADR were the top two champions - what would you think?
  315. Reigns vs Ambrose is the proof of why wrestling should always be face vs heel.
  316. Why not have the finals be Reigns/Owens?
  317. Its time to call up Samoa joe and James Storm
  318. WWE really is trying to do all they can to lose fans/lose ratings, huh?
  319. Survivor Series perfectly exemplifies 50/50 booking
  320. Ambrose is the only Shield member not to hold the world title
  321. WTF do they do with Roman Reigns
  322. That PPV was brilliant. You guys just don't get it.
  323. Who Should Sheamus Transition the Belt to on Raw?
  324. Ryback is the number one contender.
  325. Firing Drew McIntyre was one of the biggest mistakes wwe could make
  326. Ziggler tuning up the band?
  327. There is only one man who can save us now
  328. On positive note.Charlotte beat Paige which means...
  329. 2015 is Bye Far one Of THE WORST!! Years in WWE History.
  330. I CAN'T BELIEVE HHH would screw over Daniel Bryan Like that
  331. How come Undertaker never gets hate on the Internet for burying talents like Cena/Hogan/HHH do etc..?
  332. Ambrose is done. It's over
  333. Sheamus: Who Looks Stupid Now!?
  334. Well do you finally feel sympathy for Roman's journey?
  335. It feels wrong to not put Damien Sandow in the same league with Cesaro, Owens, Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins, Orton, and Cena
  336. SvS ending - how not to build for the future
  337. Money In the Bank has got to go
  338. And Your New WWE Champion....
  339. I'll have the backbone and just say it. Taker needs to be put to pasture.
  340. Is Bray Wyatt just a big joke?
  341. Is there really any other reason other than her being Ric's daughter
  342. Gold Dust is back!
  343. It would be fitting if the only two commentators tonight were JR and King.
  344. Which is your favourite out of the following PPV's?
  345. It's sad that we neve got to see another Orton/Taker feud after Orton rose to the top and was called "The Viper"
  346. 2015 The Year of Injuries
  347. Will History Repeat Itself Tonight?
  348. Update:Cesaro torn rotator cuff. Surgery might be required. Could be out 4-6 months
  349. Low ratings don't actually mean less profit
  350. WWE merchandise is NOT a big income variable for the company
  351. The legendary 3MB pre match CLAW
  352. Lets remember whoever gets the title is just keeping it warm til Seth is back
  353. Daniel Bryan being kept away so Wrestlemania plans doesn't get screwed up?
  354. Jim Duggan on working for Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper’s relationship with WWE
  355. John Cena Responds to Fan Criticism That He “Holds Everyone Down”
  356. Do you pity Kurt Angle for the way his career has ended?
  357. How did John Cena go from being a racist parody to the top star in WWE?
  358. Why the Reignbrose will live through Survivor Series.
  359. Who wants to bet they have the "same ol shit" stage AGAIN
  360. Question to WWE fans: Which wrestling promotion do you classify to be #2 in the industry currently?
  361. Interview with a guy who turned down lucrative writing deal with WWE.
  362. John Cena is the DEVIL + Proof
  363. Celebrating 25 years of The Undertaker!
  364. Dream Match? Seth Rollins VS Jeff Hardy TLC?
  365. What is your current Anti-Dream match?
  366. Sasha Banks' Shirts Sell Out in All But 4XL; Team BAD Shirts No Longer Available
  367. Why Becky heel turn would be bad.
  368. WWE should create something similar to Lucha Underground
  369. WWE 2015: Heath Slater needs to re-grow his hair longer again like he used to
  370. Ambrose will turn heel, Reigns still wins title
  371. We've had 99 (mostly pointless) multi-man matches on RAW this year
  372. Why I think WWE feel they cannot turn Roman Reigns heel
  373. Heel turn isnt coming
  374. How the fuck this guy is a legendary HOF?
  375. WWE's Charlotte & Dean Ambrose Wizard World Reno Q&A
  376. WWE News Charlotte/Paige fallout leads to WWE restricting talent radio/podcast appearances
  377. Darren young piggybacking off ISIS threat hoax to stay relevant?
  378. Backstage Report on WWE reaction to losing Seth: "No One would blink an eye"
  379. I found John Cena's Heel Theme!
  380. Final two in the next Royal Rumble?
  381. Zach Gowen Talks Brock Lesnar's Strength, Roddy Piper Pulling On His Wrong Leg, Backstage Heat
  382. Next CM Punk and Daniel Bryan...?
  383. Should Taker Be The American Badass One. More. Time?
  384. What a difference a year makes
  385. If Reigns Wins the WWE Title, Then What?
  386. ISIS to attack Roman Reigns and prevent him from winning the WWE title at Survivor Series?
  387. WWE Survivor Series – ISIS Terrorist Threat Latest( i hope it is a rummor)
  388. WWE in its most bad condition ever?
  389. CM Punk - Save_Us Please
  390. ISIS planning to Attack Survivor Series.
  391. Update On Randy Orton's Injury Status
  392. Name your 5 favorite wrestling matches and why.
  393. Why is Lawler allowed to take indy bookings?
  394. Why can't Orton exactly pose like he used to?
  395. Kevin Owens is a genuinely world class mic worker
  396. 2016 HOF
  397. Shane McMahon
  398. Did Brock Lesnar bury the Undertaker at HIAC?
  399. Returns / Debuts
  400. Dolph Ziggler only sees himself wrestling for 2 more years.
  401. Royal Rumble 2016 is WWE's opportunity to create a new mega heel
  402. Just push Harper as a solo guy
  403. Dana White talks WWE
  404. Brock Lesnar should be booked like Steiner was in WCW
  405. 5 Awkward Superstars botches
  406. Matt Hardy Angling Towards WWE Return For The Hardys?
  407. Would a PRIME Scott Hall be THE MAN if he was around right now?
  408. Im back only for Summer and Del Rio and Zeb
  409. Where were you when the streak ended vid
  410. Does Vince McMahon actually care when wrestlers die?
  411. Over used promo cliches
  412. Biggest Heel/Fqce Turns of all time
  413. I miss Randy Orton
  414. Bret Hart interview: Talks watching less wrestling since Punk/Bryan left, says Reigns is victim of bad booking, GOAT manager, Flair angle, more
  415. Who buried more talent HHH or Cena?
  416. Hypothetical Idea Regarding Next Year after Mania
  417. The third ex-Shield member shouldn't be WWE Champion until 2017
  418. Getting re-accustomed with a future World Champion
  419. Women should NEVER main event a PPV
  420. Potential survivor series 2015 results
  421. Should AJ Styles debut on the main Roster if he does debuts
  422. Criteria to be a legend
  423. Triple H hopes to bring back Hulk Hogan to the WWE
  424. Ric Flair On Seth Rollins Relocating For Rehab, Getting Cesaro Ready For a Brock Lesnar Feud & The WWE Title Tournament
  425. My wife hates wrestling.
  426. Based on look, which wrestler should've been pushed in the past?
  427. Daniel Bryan Rumour - Internal Politics preventing his rumou
  428. Since The Rock is not wrestling at Mania, the best option for him is the Hall of Fame
  429. Wrestlers that were champions only because the split brand?
  430. Remember when WWE used to be wrestling?
  431. WWE Announces WWE Week On USA Network
  432. What is up with all these wrestlers getting injured in 2015?
  433. AJ Lee Announces Book Deal
  434. I can't wait until this Undertaker crap ends!
  435. Let's Nitpick
  436. Big E? Main Eventer?
  437. Favorite Roman Reigns Move?
  438. WWE too focused on Indi Guys?
  439. Comparing every main eventer to Austin/Rock/Hogan is stupid
  440. Possible WM Cards That Could Sell Out AT&T Stadium?
  441. You're given a mic and told to roast any WWE superstar. Who do you choose and what do you say?
  442. The most repected and loved on and off screen wrestling character of all time?
  443. 50/50 Booking Needs to End!
  444. No WWE Specials on NBC This Year?
  445. I never understood why WWE turned Lesnar back into a heel during his feud with Undertaker
  446. AJ Lee Will Release Memoir in 2017
  447. Thoughts on a Roman Reigns gimmick idea.
  448. It may be time to start again #CancelWWENetwork
  449. Stephanie pitched Daivari on changing his character to a super American patriot with the name George W. Bush
  450. I think I've worked out why Roman isn't connecting...
  451. #WTFCena get that trending @Khuram_96
  452. Brazzers Offer Eva Marie A Job
  453. WWE to issue a statement today on Charlotte’s promo from Monday
  454. Melina Says John Morrison Can't Get It Up
  455. Any news on CM PUNK making comeback?
  456. former wrestler tazz says the ronda knockout was fixed!!
  457. The Big Red Machine or The Big Red Monster
  458. John Cena should beat Hollywood Hulk Hogan
  459. Wrestlers that NEVER used politics - Undertaker, Rock,
  460. WWE Week on USA - Dec 20th
  461. Was the name change from WWF to WWE a big reason for the fall of mainstream appeal?
  462. Lesnar is a scary human being, despite his looks... is he psychopathic?
  463. Becky Lynch Taking Time Off?
  464. Remembering Miss Elizabeth (November 19, 1960 - May 1, 2003)
  465. Even Hulk Hogans Survivor Series Teams have been erased from WWE website.
  466. Whatever the outcome is in the main event of Survivor Series, one new star will be established
  467. Have WWE removed 'World' from Heavyweight Championship?
  468. Is The Miz in the dog house ?
  469. Update on The Rock's Status for WWE WrestleMania 32, Latest on Randy Orton's Injury
  470. Roman Reigns needs to be WWE WorldHeavyWeight champion right now.
  471. Should the Divas ever main event Wrestlemania?
  472. WWE planning to sign more ROH and Lucha Underground talents
  473. Have Done It All Except For One Thing..
  474. The fact that The Wyatt Family...
  475. HHH as an active performer
  476. Is predictability the problem? Not really.
  477. The biggest reason why Vince McMahon is an asswipe for creating super babyfaces
  478. Backstage heat on Lana yet again over Paige twitter spat
  479. Which one is more likely to be in denial, Kidd or Bryan?
  480. Best Submission Moves
  481. Trish Stratus: It's Time Women Main Event A WWE PPV
  482. Matches Triple H Shouldn't Have Lost
  483. Damien Sandow is over, what does Vince McMahon not understand?
  485. It's never too late to turn Roman heel.
  486. Why did WWE take the belt off Eddie?
  487. Kevin Owens' Sit Down Interview with Michael Cole Discusses Upcoming Match with Ambrose, Blocking Melissa Joan Hart, & His Quest to Be World Champion
  488. Here's what needs to happen.
  489. wwe is shit
  490. John Cena Announces His New TV Project For Fox
  491. Steve Austin On Why Roman Reigns Should Turn Heel, WWE Not Helping Cesaro, Seth Rollins Return and more
  492. WWE Should Do Way More Face vs Face and Heel vs Heel Matches
  493. Why Fandando is Over has hell in the UK but no in the US?
  494. Whats the status of Lana?
  495. Will a babyface Roman Reigns be able to recover from the Royal Rumble fiasco?
  496. So Dolph Ziggler is a former WWE WHC now?
  497. Idea for Wyatt to win the WWEWHC tournament
  498. How long until we have a Divas Royal Rumble?
  499. 2 years ago today - Big E won the WWE Intercontinental Title
  500. Ric Flair Breaks Silence On Paige/Charlotte Angle - UPDATED With Podcast Information
  501. the rock was never on stone cold's lvl
  502. Is it just me or is consistent selling throughtout a match dying?
  503. The IWC acronym needs to retire
  504. KO becoming IC and WWE WHC champ?
  505. Owens is a HHH guy and we musn't forget that
  506. Kevin Owens blocks celebrity Melissa Joan Hart on Twitter, other WWE superstars comment and block her too
  507. 2013, 2014, 2015 Vacant WWE title
  508. Random superstars who will be pushed into big matches at mania season?
  509. Do WWE Superstars get sick pay?
  510. Why did wwe change the ropes to all white ?
  511. The Divas close the show? RIP WWE.
  512. Why do they keep getting Reigns to recap his own feuds?
  513. If you couldn't handle what Paige said last night...
  514. Why did wwe change from team undertaker vs team wyatt to undertaker and kane vs 2 wyatts only?
  515. All of Cena's effort
  516. Whoops! Ziggler did it again!
  517. Has this been the most predictable world title tournament ever so far?
  518. New Twist in Hogan Sex Tape Investigation
  519. WWE rumoured to debut new Roman Reigns entrance music on Raw after Survivor Series.
  520. "Anti Smarks" who will you blame when the ratings do not come up when Reigns wins the title?
  521. The difference between good heels and bad heels.
  522. How much better would it been if last night if at the contract signing... HBK's music hit
  523. WWE PPVs you thought would suck and you were proven wrong
  524. Braun Strowman needs to change his pants
  525. WWE.COM Poll: Who Faces The Toughest Test at Survivor Series?
  526. I want Sasha Banks.
  527. Did we just witness the worst ending of raw in history?
  528. Not trolling, but honestly, what does Reigns bring to the table?
  529. Charlotte's Mother Speaks Out Against Deceased Brother Mention During Contract Signing
  530. Paige and Lana Twitter fight
  531. Ambrose is losing muscle
  532. where did my thread go?
  533. Jbl legends show with scsa hhh hbk
  534. I think Seth will return in 2017
  535. Undertaker still has a great deal of strength
  536. New roles for Color Commentary Team?
  537. What happened to Ziggler v Breeze feud?
  538. Mark wars?
  539. Will Chris Benoit ever be in the Hall Of Fame
  540. Cesaro What to do
  541. Del Rio botch unmasks Kalisto
  542. Dean Ambrose Needs To Change His Look/Outfit
  543. XPac and Trish Stratus Awkward Moment?
  544. USOs worst Tag Team mic skills of all time?
  545. Catch me up
  546. Reigns is over as fuck
  547. Cesaro vs. Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble 2016
  548. Can you imagine
  549. Can WWE Mesh Traditional Wrestling With Sports Entertainment?
  550. Freddie Prinze Jr