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  1. Why is Bo Dallas,Konnor,Hawkins other jobbers ETC in armbar
  2. Dave Meltzer: Roman Reigns is Selling More Merch Than Any Full Time Wrestler
  3. Is it me or has this forum become barron?
  4. WON: A wrestling company called Middle Kingdom Wrestling just managed to get insane tv deal, even bigger than WWE
  5. did finn balor quit?
  6. Birth of the Reality Queen (Paige return angle)
  7. Kevin Owens to get his own DVD in July
  8. Who should Taker have faced at WM 33?
  9. Randy Orton on how many years he wants to wrestle,which match he think should close Wrestlemania,and more
  10. The Undertaker's Last Ride?
  11. Silly Finn Balor question
  12. PROGRESS Talent Being Looked at This Week for WWE's UK Promotion
  13. Hulk Hogan: Road To Redemption
  14. I don't remember a scripted promo for John Cena in recent years
  15. Goldberg Admits To Being Miserable During Current WWE Run
  16. Who do you think are the best Sports Entertainers ever?
  17. Charlotte is destined to main event WrestleMania, says Paul Heyman
  18. Triple H Says He Got Constant Requests From NXT Trainers To Cut Enzo Amore
  19. Am I bad for not feeling sorry for Big Show? lol
  20. Goldberg On Current WWE Run, What He Told Vince McMahon After Door Headbutt, Extreme Training Schedule + More
  21. top 5 most over women right now?
  22. Its Funny They Booking AJ Styles As A Heel And Roman Reigns As A Face.
  23. Brock Lesnar: The Monster He Became
  24. Paul Heyman wants Ronda Rousey to join WWE
  25. Talk Is Jericho - Big Cass
  26. Will Randy Orton Eventually Pass John Cena For Most World Title Reigns?
  27. A reviewing of hate
  28. Anyone ever gotten an autograph from a heel?
  29. Rebuild the two Womens Divisions Post-Mania
  30. a lot of moves, not enough moves..does it really matter?
  31. John Cena is Ferdinand
  32. Would you still watch smackdown if....
  33. Without Taker, Goldberg, and Lesnar what would they do?
  34. If Not For All The Money Pouring in From Global Expansion, Would WWE be TNA 2.0?
  35. Triple H On Randy Orton Not Being As Great As He Can Be, Orton Being 'A Bit Of A Self-destructor'
  36. Terry Funk in Poor Health - Pulls Out of WrestleCon Weekend Appearances
  37. Anyone better than Kurt Angle?
  38. Sasha Banks is totally lovely!!! - Video Inside!!
  39. After April 2nd, will Roman Reigns be the new "Phenom of the WWE"?
  40. What if WWE are actually completely self aware...
  41. How many Wrestlemania Roman Reigns will main event in his career?
  42. Keeping away from the forum
  43. For Those Prepared to Be Outraged if Angle Gets Cleared to Wrestle
  44. AJ finally gets a new shirt released
  45. Steve Austin Wrestlemania 33 Preview Podcast
  46. Paige Issues Statement On Leaks
  47. Roman Reigns will be on Talk Is Jericho this Friday
  48. Dr. Shawn Stasiak joins PWMania!
  49. Triple H on Roman Reigns: “Isn’t he already the biggest heel we have? If 70 percent of that crowd is booing him, then he’s a heel."
  50. Hey Vince? No one cares about ten years ago!!
  51. Wrestlers Who Need a New Attire
  52. WWE Bringing Back Eve Torres For WrestleMania 33 Weekend.
  53. Former WWE Writer On Backup Plan For Triple H At WrestleMania
  54. Did WWE purposely leak the Paige tapes?
  55. NXT class of 2016
  56. Eva Marie's WWE Contract Reportedly Won't Be Renewed
  57. Paige and Alberto Allegedly Getting Married on Wednesday
  58. What Cruiserweights not in WWE have the potential to revamp the scene
  59. WWE Hires New Host/Broadcaster
  60. Randy Orton on the Bray Wyatt Storyline, the Popularity of the RKO, Jim Cornette & More
  61. Neville Feels He Is The Rightful UK Champion
  62. Triple H On Vince McMahon Once Getting Upset With Braun Strowman, Reigns Vs. Taker, Goldberg, Lesnar
  63. Kurt Freakin' Angle Appreciation Thread!
  64. So a Chris Benoit Match got featured on
  65. A hint to a Hardys WWE return?
  66. Do you think competition is needed or unneeded for WWE?
  67. Tammy "Sunny" Sytch Says Another WWE Superstar Has Been Hacked.
  68. Rich Swann Married Independent Wrestler This Weekend
  69. Fan Dies After Collapsing On The Floor At WWE Live Event
  70. Former WWE writer reveals that Vince was so close accepting Cena turn in 2012
  71. A Viable Face Of The Company Coronation Trajectory?
  72. Where WWE would be without John Cena and otherwise?
  73. Does Steph McMahon have any talent after being in the WWE for 20 years?
  74. Who are the best in putting wrestlers over?
  75. I've been thinking...and you can move this if you want...
  76. AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle at Summerslam
  77. Change of Power storyline
  78. WWE worried about Undertaker's health
  79. WWE needs to re-sign Drew Galloway
  80. Part Timers and Legends help full time wrestlers
  81. Brock Lesnar served a lawsuit from Mark Hunt
  82. Will Pete Dunne join the main roster anytime soon?
  83. Should the Authority disband after Wrestlemania?
  84. The Face of the Company Is Doomed And It's Inevitable
  85. Meltzer: Cody leaving and making great money on his own terms tells every midcarder with guts that they don't have to be so scared.
  86. Which past/major star will return next year to boost WM34?
  87. Radio Scanner At WWE Events
  88. More On Matt And Jeff Hardy To WWE, One Of The Issues Regarding A New Deal
  89. Kyle O'Reilly signs on with EVOLVE Wrestling. One step away from WWE?
  90. Do you think Adam Cole's moveset will be nerfed if/when he comes to the WWE?
  91. Kane Running for Office in Tennessee
  92. Which Wrestler/Finisher Do You Want Steph to Get?
  93. What's your favourite Hulk Hogan lie?
  94. Bas Rutten indicates JBL has been giving Mauro a rough time
  95. Would you rather be a Part Timer or a Full Timer?
  96. Jim Ross' wife passes after accident
  97. The Undertaker Gives Speech At Texas Football Practice (Video + Text)
  98. Roman Reigns watched bootleg version of Moana
  99. Will Natalya ever be Women's Champion again?
  100. Wrestlers Snap chat
  101. Maria Kanellis Reportedly Heading Back To WWE
  102. That bodybuilder´s nonsense.
  103. Ever notice how Roman Reigns career is similar to The Rock's?
  104. Who will make a suprise return to the WWE after WrestleMania 33 (not Injured or NXT)
  105. Best Times When Legends Should Have Retired
  106. Paul Orndorff on The Swerve
  107. Where ever you are WrestleMania Sunday ....
  108. Alberto Del Rio pulls out of WrestleCon, citing the recent Paige situation
  109. So, what was the point of the UK Championship Tournament?
  110. Update on the concussion lawsuit against WWE
  111. Shawn Michaels was approached by WWE to face AJ Styles
  112. New Raw PPV announced for July
  113. Is AJ vs Y2J last year at Mania a viable and Fair way to measure what AJ vs Shane this Mania will be..
  114. Jerry Lawler to sell the Memphis tape library he owns to WWE
  115. More notes on the WM32 numbers
  116. tag team wrestling
  117. January/February business numbers
  118. Wrestler positions coming out of the 2002 brand extension
  119. 10 Most Over Tag Teams In WWE History!
  120. Why weren't the Dudleys pushed this last run?
  121. WWE in talks to buyout ROH - Mainly for the Library
  122. WM33 Axxess - NXT, UK, 205, Progress, and ICW Featured
  123. Will seth rollins show up on next monday night raw ?
  124. Will Jeff Hardy win a world title in WWE?
  125. Who had the best retirement ever?
  126. Ken Shamrock on The Swerve
  127. What is the most loaded Hall of Fame class
  128. Becky Lynch on Her Struggles with Body Image & Bulimia, Training Under Finn Balor
  129. How do people feel about Part-Timers in WWE?
  130. 3 years later, I tell you why Brock's ending the streak has been successful
  131. WWE Bad Blood returning after 13 years
  132. Jericho Podcast On Southpaw Regional Wrestling
  133. Why isn't the WWE booking non-title tag team rivalries anymore?
  134. Why are people pissed at Shane vs AJ, but don't mind Lesnar vs Goldberg?
  135. Brand splits are always a fail. End the brand split.
  136. Closed-Door Meeting Took Place At Last Week's RAW In Brooklyn Regarding Paige Photo/Video Leak
  137. Matt Hardy And Jeff Hardy Reportedly Offered New WWE Contracts
  138. Some Fans Disliking the Undertaker?
  139. Are there any two people in the world who hold less of a grudge against people than Vince and HHH?
  140. Hardy Boyz Symbol
  141. WWE & Puma Team Up
  142. Vince McMahon crashed his Bentley today (no injuries)
  143. Worst recent move you remember
  144. WrestleMania Axxess to Feature Stars from Progress, ICW, 205 Live, NXT & the UK Tournament
  145. Triple H Appears on ESPN's First Take
  146. Why is wrestling so cheesy
  147. Summer Rae & Emma Training at the Performance Center
  148. Dave Meltzer says WWE won't be doing anything to anyone regarding the Paige situation
  149. Wrestlers whose appearances distracted you?
  150. could WWE outdo Mayweather/McGregor ?
  151. Clean wins for heels...
  152. Ryback Claims He Came Up with The Shield's finisher
  153. WWE is disabled comments on new youtube videos of Xavier woods
  154. Jim Ross's wife Jan passes away after accident
  155. Adam Cole interview
  156. That Cena Downgrade
  157. Who Sells Better???
  158. Which one that benefited from Triple H the most?
  159. When is Mickey Gall gonna join WWE?
  160. Paige's parents plead with people to "back off", imply Paige might be suicidal
  161. Brad Maddox cuts a promo on Paige
  162. The notion that Randy Orton is a good in-ring worker?
  163. Roman Reigns confirms fathering twins
  164. Vince McMahon Congratulates Xavier Woods
  165. Ask yourself this question:
  166. Former WWE Diva Needs Your Help Getting Tickets for the WWE HOF & WM 33
  167. What happens to the Paige movie that WWE and Dwayne Johnson are involved with?
  168. Favorite Women's Wrestlers Past and Present
  169. Anyone riding to WrestleMania?
  170. Kurt Angle Comments on Taking on a On-Screen General Manager in WWE.
  171. Who should retire The Undertaker?
  172. Dave Meltzer Opines That Sasha Banks or Asuka Is The Best Women's Wrestler in US History
  173. Poll: Who is a bigger draw in the WWE right now. AJ Styles or Roman Reigns
  174. Xavier Woods made a "delete your twitter" joke at SXSW Gaming Awards
  175. Best Storylines ever?
  176. WWE Teases That The Undertaker May Retire At WrestleMania With A Poll.
  177. Is this whole Paige/Xavier/Maddox thing completely destructive to WWE or is there light to this? I would love to hear your thoughts and vibes on this?
  178. Worst Promos of the last decade
  179. Kane 2003 heel run was so badass
  180. Vince McMahon Congratulates Xavier Woods And Says New Day Rocks Hours Before Sex Tape Scandal.
  181. AJ Styles side plates
  182. Seth Rollins DVD Coming Out. Match Listing + Cover.
  183. Dream matches that you can't believe has never happened?
  184. The Miz vs. CM Punk might be a legendary feud that never happened....(long read)
  185. WWE Wrestlers who have 5 Titles/Big Wins in their career?
  186. What's The Story Of Why The Undertaker Was So Mad In This Gif?
  187. AJ, Reigns or Orton are the second biggest FT draws in the company (big drop off from Cena) - Meltzer
  188. What do you want to see the most in 2017?
  189. How much does Stephanie McMahon actually weigh?
  190. Vince and Dave Meltzer on Donahue on the topic of Gay sex (1992)
  191. One thing I noticed about WWE Women's Division
  192. Seriously, why did Undertakers appearance decline so suddenly in 2015?
  193. Fapplemania 2017
  194. What was the point of Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble?
  195. Paige chants for raw
  196. Why a Potential Roman Reigns and AJ Styles Trade is Best for Business
  197. Bray Wyatt tweets Jimmy Fallon
  198. Roman Reigns is really becoming the best in the roster
  199. Bring Paige back and make her Top Babyface of the Raw division
  200. What if pro wrestling doesn't exist in real life, but in a format similar to to fighting games.
  201. The "find me a silver lining in wrestling" thread
  202. Kurt Angle for Color Commentary?
  203. Biggest/best bumps Stephanie McMahon has taken?
  204. "What's Inside" Channel Cuts Open Wingled Eagle Championship Title Belt with Signatures of Bret Hart, Undertaker and Howard Finkel
  205. Who do you rank second after Cena of the past decade?
  206. Sasha V Bayley 4 [VIDEO]
  207. The Rock Says Cena Beating Him Was Bullish
  208. WWE officials unhappy with Alexa Bliss' in ring ability
  209. PWINSIDER ELITE - Top two names have been discussed by WWE to move to opposite brands
  210. Buy or Sell:Tna Knockout division late 07 to 2010 vs Current WWE women division
  211. Is Roman one of the top Wrestlers in WWE?
  212. WWE Wrestlers Health-What is true and what is not?
  213. What's with all the beard love?
  214. Meltzer on Vince not caring about TV ratings anymore
  215. "All reaction is good reaction" thread
  216. Rumors - Top Brand Stars To Switch Shows?
  217. Stone Cold podcast
  218. What's Marc Mero upto these days?
  219. Mick Foley finally on TIJ !!!
  220. Do You Think Ambrose Holds Any Resentment Towards His Shield Brothers?
  221. DX a racist group?
  222. JBL not happy with Ranello
  223. John Cena to induct Kurt Angle into HOF
  224. Meltzer: WWE thought Daniel Bryan would get booed after WM30
  225. Latest on Paige ?
  226. The Roman Reigns Experiment?
  227. NXT star expected to be called up soon
  228. Is there any title changes happened in house shows in the modern era?
  229. Comparing Rock & Charlotte. What's missing in her persona & why she should take a break after Mania
  230. This whole Rollins Knee Kayfabe
  231. Is there really a better man in WWE to carry their brand than Roman Reigns?
  232. Gimmicks or storylines WWE should ripoff/borrow
  233. Undertaker Should Retire Wearing The Black and Grey Attire
  234. Molly Holly, Jacqueline, Ivory, Jazz - why are they ignored by today's fans?
  235. Deleted Sasha Tumblr Post on AJ Lee
  236. Wrestlers With Poor Genetics
  237. Notes on Hall of Fame, William Regal, Jim Cornette rumors, more
  238. Injury updates: Rusev and Cedric Alexander
  239. Notes on McMahon salaries and other earnings, WWE Network goals, more
  240. Do you guys ever think CM Punk will go to TNA?
  241. Long-term plans for Roman Reigns and WrestleMania 34
  242. Did you ever notice Miz and Roode's gimmick is so similar?
  243. AJ Styles Moved To WWE Alumni Section, keeping kayfabe alive.
  244. Would WWE be better off if Roman had won the title at WM 31?
  245. Can somebody explain to me the celebrity thing to be in the WWE Hall Of Fame?
  246. JR believes Adam Cole is WWE bound
  247. AJ Styles Moved to WWE’s Alumni Section
  248. If We Have Another Draft The Women Div Needs To Go Like This
  249. Stephanie McMahon on UpUpDownDown
  250. Would you rather walk into WrestleMania as the champion or win the championship at WrestleMania?
  251. AJ Styles On If He Carried Roman Reigns And John Cena To Great Matches
  252. Naom Dar vs Brock Lesnar
  253. WWE RAW and Sky+ (UK Viewers)
  254. The McMahons are really tough
  255. How I'd book John Cena from 2005-2006
  256. Why do people keep posting stuff about Ryback?
  257. Top WWE Guy: Finn Balor or Noam Dar
  258. Bayley & Sami Zayn as Monster Heels?
  259. Most Handsome WWE Superstar?
  260. Have you noticed that the WWE operates like Congress?
  261. A Formidable Male/Female Tandem
  262. pics in HQ
  263. Kurt Angle Arrives Backstage For Tonight's WWE SmackDown Live In Pittsburgh.
  264. Too many wrestlers in WWE use these moves
  265. WWE (Wrestling) Match Analysis
  266. Once Angle wrestles a match Bryan is gone.
  267. J.R. Comments On WrestleMania 34 Main Event, Kickboxing Champ Receives Another WWE Tryout.
  268. Why Big Show vs. Shaq Isn't Happening At WM33, Update on Erick Rowan.
  269. To those who attended Axxess in SF in '15 or Dallas in '16
  270. What if Cena didn't turn face in 2003?
  271. Triple H & Vince McMahon welcome back Kurt Angle to WWE
  272. WWE has a serious issue
  273. Corey Graves Doesn't Want To See Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles "That match does nothing for me".
  274. Ryback Says Goldberg Returned Because He Left.
  275. Which WWE Superstar will be the next Top Guy in 2017?( On Either Brand )
  276. A fact about Lawler/Bayley coincidence or deliberate decision by WWE?
  277. Rollins WM Status Questionable - Is Management Rushing Him Back?
  278. Cena vs. Undertaker will go down as the most doable mega match to never happen
  279. How cool does Finn Balor look when he pops the leather jacket?
  280. Sasha Banks Says She Hid Her Marriage Fearing Negative Online Reactions From Fans
  281. What's happened to Alex Riley?
  282. Cedric Alexander injured. 3-5 months
  283. Cedric Alexander Injured - Out Of Action For Up To 5 Months
  284. Has anyone aside from HHH pinned Goldberg in WWE?
  285. WWE Poll doesn't show Punk's name in "Favorite Taker WM Match"
  286. Undertaker talks about retiring
  287. Warrior Award Recipient Announced For WWE Hall of Fame 2017 Class
  288. Another 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Revealed.
  289. Caught up in the Wrestling-Bubble
  290. When was the last time you ever "Marked out" while watching anything with WWE?
  291. Dr. Shawn Stasiak on The Swerve!
  292. Backstage News on Chris Jericho's Future After WrestleMania 33.
  293. WWE Reportedly Ending Sami Zayn’s Babyface Push.
  294. WF's Favorite Female WM Edition Results
  295. Rusev out of action
  296. Big E wastes no time after Kaitlyn's divorce
  297. Did WWE stop creating mega stars because they are always leaving?
  298. John Cena Brings Back Doctor Of Thuganomics For 2017 Kids Choice Awards
  299. Former WWE Superstar Adam Rose Announces He's Leaving Professional Wrestling.
  300. Video: Goldberg Calls Heckling Fans "Lowlifes" After Winning WWE Universal Title
  301. Who will get drafted this year?
  302. Stephanie McMahon on Building WWE Network and Listening to Their Audience
  303. Could Kota Ibushi have saved the Cruiserweight division?
  304. Will Vince McMahon sing at his HOF Induction
  305. These multi-women matches at 'Mania devalue the division
  306. Is Goldberg as Current Heavyweight Champ a bigger joke then D. Arquette as WCW Champ
  307. Which one you would be looking for his ring return more?
  308. So, why are Cena and Nikki Bella still together?
  309. Bullet Club v The Shield match ups
  310. Buy or Sell: Current Brock Lesnar vs Current Bobby Lashley
  311. Would the streak still be here if Lesnar hadn't lost to Triple H and John Cena?
  312. Roman Reigns' clean FCW 1v1 losses
  313. Imagining Classic Wrestlers in Today's WWE
  314. Why does WWE insist on having their champions lose on free TV?
  315. Would Vince have booked Reigns to break the streak if it was still around?
  316. Paul Heyman on IF Nakamura will be successful on WWE's main roster
  317. Building the pedigrees of the IC/US titles using niche PPV's and matches
  318. Who should induct each hall of fame member this year so far
  319. Can you imagine Undertaker appearances after Retiring?
  320. Cena taking time off after Wrestlemania
  321. Can WWE get mainstream without Part Timers?
  322. What did you do when Eric Bischoff appeared on WWE camera?
  323. What signature moves should be finishers?
  324. WWE Wrestlers at their maximum
  325. Finn Balor Returns to the Ring at WWE Live Buffalo
  326. Women's Tournament Update: Taping In May 2017
  327. Luke Harper grew frustrated with The Wyatt Family + He Doesn't Miss Being A Member
  328. Reason for Cena's Upcoming Post-Wrestlemania Departure
  329. Pete Gas Tells Sickening Jeff Hardy Story!
  330. Why is almost 99% of wrestlers who began wrestling 2001 and beyond a no name?
  331. Carmella Believes Smackdown Gives More Opportunities Than NXT...
  332. Paige's Dad Claims There Is A 'Conspiracy' By WWE Against His Indy Promotion.
  333. WWE's Plans For The Universal Title Beyond WrestleMania 33 (Spoilers).
  334. Bully Ray Almost Debuted In WWE
  335. Jake Roberts - "WWE has watered down Bray Wyatt's Character"
  336. Titus O’Neil Honored As Lightning Community Hero.
  337. Edge & Christian Launch Their Own Podcast: E&C's Pod of Awesomeness
  338. What if Sting won the title from Seth Rollins?
  339. Long and short matches, where is the line?
  340. WWE to Run Standalone UK Championship Live Events in May
  341. How would you fix the tag team divisions?
  342. Konnor of The Ascension is Having a Baby
  343. People in WWE say Vince is great, but why does he piss off his customers?
  344. If WWE forced everyone on the roster to undergo the same tests as Daniel Bryan, how many would be forced to retire?
  345. AJ Styles interview with Lilian Garcia
  346. Why isint Reigns the Champ heading into mania?
  347. WWE smashed Roman Reigns?
  348. Kurt Angle Reveals He Met Vince McMahon For The First Time In Eleven Years Last Week.
  349. Kurt Angle WWE Departure
  350. Adam Cole On Possible WWE Debut, Kenny Omega & More.
  351. Dean Ambrose Responds To Steve Austin Saying He's Resting On His Laurels.
  352. Dave Meltzer Says Daniel Bryan Is "Going To Do What Few Would Do".
  353. Meltzer: Brock got himself out of a match with Shane at WM
  354. Matt Hardy threatens to DELETE Meekmahan
  355. They shouldn't have split the women division and tag team division
  356. Has TJ Perkins left Cruiserweight division?
  357. Times when Vince was right about releasing a wrestler.
  358. Backstage news from WWE Fastlane - late change made to Bayley vs Charlotte Flair Title match
  359. Since the brand split, which stars have been the biggest over and under achievers?
  360. Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Announce Baby Name
  361. Rate the Superstar: Rusev Edition
  362. With WWE signing more and more international talent, really need to revolutionize the way they do promos
  363. AJ Styles hates "you deserve it" chants
  364. Interesting stat regarding WWE's value vs. UFC
  365. WWE wanted to cut The Rock's mic when he called CM Punk
  366. Where the WWE is today all started in 2000, pisses me off
  367. Who is the main guilty in CM Punk quit?
  368. WFs Fave Female WM edition
  369. Kairi Hojo signs WWE contract, Io Shirai also reconsidering
  370. Huge 12-Foot Tall WWE Title Belt Unveiled To Kickoff WrestleMania 33 Season.
  371. Would it be better if some of the women still did bikini contests/food fights/bra&panties?
  372. WWE Hammond Presale Code
  373. Daniel Bryan Hints At Wrestling Outside WWE In 2018.
  374. If you could choose ONE talent in the last 5 years that the WWE wasted, who would it be?
  375. Does WWE remain highly profitable because the product is good or are fans stupid?
  376. Nearly 4 years later, still Brock's best feud + match
  377. WWE now uses the method of heels become the victims
  378. Has WWE Ruined the Undertaker's Character?
  379. Do You Remember Downtown Bruno?
  380. Promo Cutting is more important than Wrestling
  381. Who will be remembered as the leader of DX? Shawn Michaels or Triple H?
  382. Was CM Punk at the A+ level he believed himself to be?
  383. What's the worst chant in WWE?
  384. "Women's Revolution": Cramming each roster into multi-person title matches at Mania
  385. So are we just going to ignore
  386. Shelton Benjamin Hints At Possible WWE Return Date.
  387. Rene Dupree on The Swerve!
  388. Big Show: “I Know I’m Done February 2018”
  389. Today I learned......
  390. Question about Attitude Era and In Ring product?
  391. Wrestlers who have blocked you on Twitter
  392. Marty Jannetty Considering Career In Adult Films
  393. Goldberg Responds To Negative Fan On Twitter
  394. How do people usually react when you tell them where you are a wrestling fan?
  395. Why dont wrestlers ever 'punch themselves out'?
  396. WWE Hall Of Fame 2017 Official Discussion Thread
  397. Lesnar's failed drug test
  398. Boxer walks out to Undertaker Theme Music
  399. I'd like to see Undertaker let his hair go gray.
  400. So.. Reigns Retires Taker @ WM33, Lesnar @ WM34?
  401. Which wrestlers have you met?
  402. Crazy enough to work? If Raw and SD went head-to-head on Mondays...
  403. Part Timers/30 second spots
  404. WM Wiki page matches
  405. Current Card For This Sunday's WWE Live Event At Madison Square Garden.
  406. Big Show vs Shaq still happening more than likely
  407. So many "best in the world" in WWE...
  408. Worst WWE themes 2016-17 edition.
  409. Who would you want to see...
  410. Jerry Lawler is a cunt
  411. It WILL be OK
  412. Rick Rude Announced For WWE Hall of Fame 2017 Class
  413. Could the Hanging DDT get banned?
  414. So Goldberg won
  415. Vince will make you WANT Roman
  416. Just bring back the World Heavyweight title for SmackDown
  417. Shaq Says Mania Discussions Are Back On
  418. Buff Bagwell on The Swerve!
  419. "The Rematch"
  420. Anyone else find it funny the timing with Goldberg resigning?
  421. So We should believe that RAW and Smackdown are under the same company
  422. How many years does Goldberg have left?
  423. Vince needs to call Rock, and gets on his knees
  424. What will be Lesnar's last match (Very likely to happen at WM34)?
  425. Who has never tapped in WWE?
  426. WOR: Hardys are not coming to WWE at all
  427. Do you want Kurt Angle to win the big one, one more time?
  428. Road Dogg: We made limited Steve Austin important
  429. Time for WWE to sign Wonderboy Stephen Thompson?
  430. Pro Wrestling Illustrated has AJ Styles as the 2016 Wrestler Of The Year in a landslide
  431. Gun to your head. Will Daniel Bryan ever wrestle again?
  432. Worst ring attires 2016-17 edition.
  433. What will the fans do when it's Cena vs. Reigns down the line?
  434. Nakamura Is Ready To Be The Guy
  435. Maniacrawl and alternatives
  436. The four horse women still havent evolved and their finishers...
  437. How did WWE fall behind other companies when it comes to creating stars?
  438. Dana Brooke competed at the Arnold Classic last night for the second year in a row.
  439. Major WWE Name Returning This Week
  440. Underrated promo's from the last 5 years.
  441. What happened to Shelton Benjamin? When is he due back?
  442. Major Name Expected Back This Week (Spoiler)
  443. I am meeting Seth Rollins today what should I ask him?
  444. WWE Hall of Famer Lita Returns to the Ring in Rare Independent Appearance
  445. Punk's pipe bomb or Eddie's addiction promo - which sold you more on a feud?
  446. Favorite Title Win?
  447. John Cena: Will Be A 3-Time Rumble Winner By 2019
  448. Is it possible that the Owen Hart tragedy was a suicide?
  449. CM Punk walk out vs. Montreal Screwjob
  450. The Hardys Reportedly In Talks With WWE
  451. Why Hasn't WWE Implemented a Homosexual Character?
  452. If the Attitude Era happened today it wouldn't get the same success
  453. Kanye West Sends Ric Flair a Massive YEEZY Boost Haul
  454. Do people not see the difference between Cena and The Rock
  455. Arsenio Hall for... WWE Hall of Fame?
  456. Handsome Rusev (?)
  457. Favourite Theme Songs
  458. WWE Hall Of Famer Mr. T Announced For Latest Season Of Dancing With The Stars.
  459. Favorite Tag Team Match?
  460. Dean Ambrose & Renee Young on Fan Fiction, Death Threats & Crazy Fans
  461. sooo wwe just randomly posted a matt hardy match on FB
  462. Randy Orton Shoots on Dolph Ziggler & Shawn Michaels
  463. Results: Top Favourite Wrestlers of All Times
  464. When did Undertaker start sticking out his tongue (and why does he do it)?
  465. Sportscenter: Face to Face with Kurt Angle
  466. John Cena Says He Regrets Calling Out The Rock For Being A 'Part Timer' During Their Feud
  467. Undertaker is at a point...
  468. How has the main roster's tag team scene gotten so bad?
  469. So with the Wyatt compound gone...
  470. Orton & Wyatt Split or Jericho & Owens Split?
  471. Edge is on a movie on t.v. right now!
  472. "The Drifter" Elias Samson expected to debut on main roster soon
  473. Notes on WrestleMania ticket sales and WrestleMania weekend shows
  474. 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards (Update: Meltzer comments on the awards)
  475. I just watched the 30 for 30 on the XFL
  476. From WORLD CHAMPION to JOBBER; who had the hardest fall from grace?
  477. One thing I didn't like about Brock Lesnar...
  478. Chyna Apologizes To X-Pac Through A Medium
  479. What Tag Team/Faction Do You Want To See In WWE?
  480. Buy or Sell: Face Lita 04 vs NXT-Now Bayley
  481. Goldberg's diet
  482. Jack Swagger Released. UPDATE: WWE Grants Swagger His Release
  483. Segments that make you laugh because they were so bad?
  484. Matt Hardy Sends Bray Wyatt A Message.
  485. [Sneak Peak] "The Kevin Owens Story", DVD coming this July.
  486. John Cena seems legitmately angry that he didn't get the match with Undertaker
  487. If Roman beats Taker...
  488. Podcasts
  489. Your favorite WWE/WCW match in Milwaukee?
  490. The commercials
  491. WWE Superstar Erick Rowan Medically Cleared To Return.
  492. Is the full time rosters inability to draw bigger numbers on B PPVs why Vince doesn't trust them for Mania.
  493. WWE talents in Lucha Underground (or other organisations) - Interesting Topic
  494. Braun Strowman rapping
  495. *Updated* Huge Spoiler regarding top star returning after WrestleMania
  496. Which wrestlers are past their prime (and which are in their prime)?
  497. Alberto Del Rio - How much of a solid hand do you think he was to the WWE?
  498. Buy or Sell: '04 Heel Trish Stratus or '16 Heel Charlotte
  499. Roman Reign's push is similar to Alberto Del Rio, never made it to the next level
  500. When Will The Rock Go In The WWE Hall Of Fame?
  501. Roman Reigns IS NOT even the Top 5 most pushed guys in WWE
  502. who has THE LOOK, the sexiest man in WWE
  503. Is Noam Dar the worst talent in the WWE ever?
  504. Lilian Garcia welcomes her guest The Brian Kendrick on "Making Their Way To The Ring"
  505. Suggesting Future WWE Hall of Famers
  506. Things Wrestling Fans Hate :D
  507. Latest Rumors On The Hardy Boyz Returning To WWE.
  508. Triple H Is Returning To The Ring Before WrestleMania 33.
  509. Pathetic response to Oscars is why I miss real PRO WRESTLING so much
  510. According to Road Dogg, you're in the "antiestablishment minority" if you don't like Roman Reigns.
  511. Last real Iron-Man match was 8 years ago.
  512. Ric Flair Best Theme
  513. Getting to Interview Wrestlers at @WrestleMania skit
  514. Drew Galloway WWE Return?
  515. Strowman & Corbin should form a tag team
  516. If they introduced a new DX...
  517. If they're talking about bringing diva's back to WrestleMania. Thoughts on Eve Torres, Beth Phoenix, Layla & Kaitlyn?
  518. Do you consider Cena a top 5 GOAT? (question is only for people below 20)
  519. Fill this space: If Reigns turns Heel by beating and brutalizing Taker at WM, he'd become the biggest Heel since _____________
  520. Young Bucks take shots at The Revival
  521. Why did they briefly give Big Show "Yes"?
  522. Top 10 iconic moments
  523. How far could Angelico go in the WWE?
  524. WWE signs 22yr old Canadian Weightlifter Isabel Lahela
  525. *Updated* Big Show Says Shaq Is Trying To Back Out Of WrestleMania, Shaq Comments, Big Show On Why Shaq Might Be Trying To Get Out Of Match
  526. Dave Meltzer sure seems popular late
  527. AJ Lee was told by a certain Director of Talent Relations she "unfuckable and ugly" after she debuted on the old NXT show
  528. The Rock getting injured at Wrestlemania in 2013
  529. Best workers who did NOT rely on high-flying or submissions?
  530. Dave Meltzer: Undertaker vs. Shane was WrestleMania's Biggest Draw
  531. Would Stephanie and HHH become billionaires once Vince passes and becomes owners of WWE?
  532. WWE's top 10 matches to see before you die
  533. An all Japanese team
  534. Stardust an Album Cover
  535. WWE finally pushing home-grown talent over indy talent!
  536. Why is AJ Styles more over with casual crowds compared to other indy guys?
  537. Who is better in your opinion, Kevin Owens or Bobby Roode?
  538. Why a Workrate Prioritized product cannot draw
  539. The Top 5 biggest heel/baby face turns that can happen
  540. Who in your opinion is the best all around WWE superstar of all time?
  541. Turn them heel, but why not bad ass face?
  542. Why Are New Day Hosts For WM33?
  543. Tom Phillips Scandal Incoming
  544. Everyone's favorite ring rat spills the tea on Dolph Ziggler, Chris Masters and British Bulldog
  545. WWE keeps hiring so many indy wrestlers, yet they keep missing the most valuable ones.
  546. Who would you rather see Styles fight at Wrestlemania 33?
  547. WWE's Latest Video - 4 Records Roman Reigns Owns
  548. Nintendo Partners Up With John Cena To Promote Nintendo Switch.
  549. Do you think Erick Rowan will come back or get released?
  550. Kelly Kelly Confirms WWE Return at WrestleMania