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  1. Seeing The Fratellis at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, Sunday, October 4
  2. Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Etc. Thread.
  3. PMRC and the "Filthy Fifteen"- 30 Years Later
  4. 80's Songs
  5. Blur or Oasis?
  6. Your 10 favorite bands/musicians
  7. Top 5 G.O.A.T Rappers
  8. Adult purlieus
  9. Loose galleries
  10. Boy Bands that were actually GOOD .... come on ... admit it!! lol
  11. Experimental Poke out
  12. Cover songs that are better than the original
  13. Anybody record their own music?
  14. Royal Concept - Smile EP
  15. Will Taylor Swift go down in history as a legend?
  16. Favourite Queen Songs
  17. Favourite 90's tracks? (Inspired by ZRC)
  18. Lil Dicky Professional Rapper album review
  19. Favourite 80s tracks?
  20. Do you think a new artist can break Britney Spears Guinness world records?
  21. Post genres and receive recommendations from other users for artists/albums within said genre
  22. Why isn't Britney Spears seen as a legend/icon?
  23. 10 - 8 - 2015 collection of new album
  24. Is Taylor Swift better than Mariah Carey since she had more Grammys and awards than Mariah Carey?
  25. Who is this bass player?
  26. Your wedding songs?
  27. what are your 10 fav CDs of this decade?
  28. Songs you would want played at your funeral
  29. A Dark Halo - Interest in a Return?
  31. My top 100 songs of all time, do you agree with any part of my list at all? lol
  32. The Beatles
  33. favorite CDs of the nineteen nineties?
  34. New Muse song Reapers
  35. Is Taylor Swift a globally known singer?
  36. Beastie Boys - This Government Needs A Tune Up - Rare UNRELEASED ANTI GOVERNMENT TRACK - Controversial?
  37. new Muse song Mercy
  38. Eurovision 2015
  39. R.I.P. B.B. King
  40. Songs about the Cold War.
  41. Are the Eagles considered a GOAT band anywhere other than America?
  42. Do you play any instrument?
  43. Best Nu Metal/Hard Rock/Alternative Rock single of the '00s?
  44. Concerts/Festivals in your area
  45. Orgy(band)
  46. Your favorite latin songs
  47. A question for Nirvana fans
  48. Top 16 Favorite Misfits Songs
  49. Frances Bean Cobain - Exclusive Q&A Life after Kurt's death
  50. How Do You Feel About Babymetal?
  51. The Mountain Goats' New Wrestling-Themed Album, "Beat the Champ" Streaming Now
  52. Are you excited about Britney Spears new single coming out?
  53. Drum & Bass / Crossbreed Movement
  54. Zayn Malik Leaves 1D
  55. 2nd muse single out
  56. If you were born between 1980-1989 you have to hear this album.
  57. Unreleased Songs From Movies, TV Shows, And Commercials
  58. Songs that make you cringe.
  59. Live Gigs Thread
  60. Rory Gallagher Appreciation
  61. What are your thoughts on Queen Latifah's Black Reign album?
  62. Best Hip Hop/Rap Combos?
  63. What is your favorite band t-shirt or hoodie?
  64. Mix 2 albums together (only rap and heavymetal)
  65. Bands greatest hits (with a twist) part II
  66. Rate My Album game
  67. Jordan Pundik wearing a NJPW shirt
  68. Your favourite music videos?
  69. Your favorite female-fronted bands?
  70. Your Top 10 songs from your favourite band?
  71. Anyone know of any online drum lessons?
  72. True or False: The grey chapter is Slipknots best album since Iowa
  73. Townes Van Zandt is trash
  74. Your fav rhythmic songs of the 1990's
  75. Most boring song?
  76. Wrestlemania XIV (Music Industry Version)
  77. Marilyn Manson: The Pale Emperor
  78. Lil Wayne - Sorry 4 The Wait 2 [MIXTAPE]
  79. Record Player Help
  80. Japanese Rock/Metal
  81. Hypothetical Band Reformation
  82. Moody Blues Appreciation thread!!!
  83. Hip Hop, Metal, Hard Rock, Punk, House, and 8-bit fans, please help me out ...
  84. House Music Thread
  85. Songs that evoke sadness.
  86. Have become a Charli XCX fan recently
  87. Joe Cocker Passes Away
  88. Joe Cocker dead at 70
  89. List time! Albums/Tracks of the year 2014
  90. Bedtime Ambient
  91. Revolution 9; Hate it or love it?
  92. Industrial music.
  93. Recording music
  94. Can you recommend a Frank Zappa album?
  95. Limp Bizkit underrated
  96. Your top ten songs?
  97. Thoughts?
  98. Pink Floyd
  99. Rank your fav band/artist discography
  100. Does anyone like Foreigner!!!!!
  101. Halloween Music
  102. God-tier live albums/DVDs
  103. Bands you used to like?
  104. Beautiful and creative music videos
  105. Clash fans here!
  106. CM Punk knows nothing about Punk!
  107. Any Mars Volta fans in here??
  108. Robert Ortiz [Escape the fate]. You lucky S.O.B
  109. One Album Wonders.
  110. Kanye stops show to make sure everyone is standing up, including fan in a wheelchair
  111. Name of this song?
  112. Any Slipknot Fans on here?
  113. Deep MoudGill - Reejh - Latest Punjabi Song
  114. Who was number 1 on the day you joined WF
  115. Gene Simmons: "Rock is dead... it was murdered by file sharing"
  116. Lavi Dhindsa - Chandigarh Badnaam - Latest Punjabi Song
  117. Simar Gill - Woofer - Latest Punjabi Song
  118. xSPONGExCOREx - How Tough Are Yah? [EP]
  119. Johny Seth - Beparwah - Latest Punjabi Song
  120. Tere Bina Official Video - Mumbai 125 KM 3D - Karanveer Bohra , Vedita Pratap Singh
  121. Tumba - Prince Ghuman Feat. Sain Zahoor & Debi Makhsoospuri - Latest Punjabi Song
  122. GAGAN SANDHU FT. JAXTA - COLLEGE - Latest Punjabi song
  123. Any QOTSA fans here
  124. 80 & 90s music
  125. Any Michael Jackson Fans Here?
  126. Google Play's Free Album Of The Week
  127. Yuvraj Singh - 8:25 AM - New Punjabi Song
  128. Last Artist You Saw LIVE!
  129. Prince Tejpal - Palla - Latest Punjabi song
  130. Soundwave 2015 line up
  131. a p!ss take Cliff Richard chart campaign
  132. S Club 7 reunion
  133. It Looks Like Snow And Falls Like Snow
  134. Harshit Tomar - Raafta Raafta
  135. First experiences with Music?
  136. Jawan Ho Gayi - Shipra Goyal - Promo - Police in pollywood
  137. So guys.
  138. Non Traditional Christian Music
  139. Daft Punk
  140. Anathema fans?
  141. New Slipknot: The Negative one
  142. Create your own soundtrack
  143. biggest career revivals?
  144. OASIS
  145. Ghadiya - Mannat Singh & Dakssh Ajit Singh - Latest Punjabi song
  146. Satinder Sartaaj - Zikr Tera - Rangrez - Latest Punjabi song
  147. holy fuck
  148. Jaa - Mannat Singh & Dakssh Ajit Singh - Latest Punjabi Songs
  149. Rubal Jawa - Branded - Latest Punjabi song
  150. The Beastie Boys - WF's vibes on the awesomeness!
  151. Gagan Sandhu - Challa - Latest Punjabi song
  152. What do ya'll think of this English MC in battle!
  153. HARLEY - D Sunny - Latest Punjabi Song
  154. hopsin kills it again. ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 7 discussion thread.
  155. Songs Your're Embarassed To Like
  156. Famous samples
  157. album vs album
  158. Covers
  159. Dream setlist?
  160. Worst Songs
  161. List Albums You Have
  162. Convince us that band is awesome by using 3 songs
  163. Alt-J (∆)
  164. What do you's think of Ed Sheerans "x"
  165. Favorite Dio song of All Time?
  166. I need help looking for a rock/metal song?
  167. Rank your top 5 Bands/Singers of all time?
  168. Favorite Pink Floyd Song of All Time?
  169. Favorite Black Sabbath Song of All Time?
  170. What's your rig?
  171. Bands/singers you've seen and want to see
  172. Favorite Van Halen Song of All Time?
  173. Favorite Metallica Song of All Time?
  174. Greatest Heavy Metal band tournament
  175. Midyear Album Highlights (2014)
  176. Greatest Power Metal band tournament
  177. The Twins - Will Farrell vs Chad Smith Drum Off
  178. If I could respectfully ask for recommendations...
  179. Greatest Thrash Metal band tournament
  180. 2014 Billboard Music Awards
  181. Help me find a new band to listen too
  182. Your Dream Rock Band
  183. Top Ten Springsteen Records
  184. Anyone else a huge machine head fan?
  185. Riot Fest 2014
  186. Greatest Progressive Metal band tournament
  187. Set Ipods to shuffle - What are the first 10 songs?
  188. Better singer: Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Demi, Miley Cyrus?
  189. Atone The Underdog
  190. Make a Playlist with some twists
  191. Make a bands greatest hits (with a twist)
  192. Greatest Sludge Metal band tournament
  193. Beginning to play drums.
  195. Greatest Metalcore band tournament
  196. In Your Opinion, What Is The Greatest Debut Album Of All Time? (Any Genre)
  197. What Country song was #1 on the day you were born
  198. Greatest Grindcore band tournament
  199. The Libertines to reform to play Hyde Park on 5th July (rumoured)
  200. Who Creates There own Music
  201. Greatest Doom Metal band tournament
  202. Top 5 live bands you've seen?
  203. Guns N' Roses are the greatest rock band of all time
  204. We are Nymphomax
  205. Best Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong Song?
  206. ITT: Devin "the G.O.A.T." Townsend gets the respect he deserves
  207. Greatest Death Metal band tournament
  208. Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Thread
  209. Greatest Black Metal band tournament
  210. Your favorite covers of songs?
  211. If you could resurrect one artist who would it be?
  212. Greatest Metal Band Tournament Nominations
  213. Greatest Guitar Lines/Riffs
  214. Movement - Like Lust
  215. The Smiths: Best album?
  216. Underrated Albums
  217. Easy listening?
  218. I Live In Netherlands
  219. Favorite Live Bands?
  220. Any Kid Cudi fans?
  221. Festivals 2014
  222. What are some songs you people work out to?
  223. New bands you feel need more exposure
  224. Jaydiohead
  225. Best One Direction Song?
  226. RIP Bob Casale
  227. What is in your opinion the greatest classic rock song of all time > before 1994
  228. Pretty voices, DARK songs
  229. What are your deam collabarations?
  230. Songs that unexpectedly give you dem feels?
  231. Reggae Discussion Thread
  232. favorite theme songs in the history of wrestling?
  233. Mogwai Rave Tapes.
  234. Album of the Year - Grammy's 2014
  235. What band has better B-Side songs than some of their album cuts
  236. Trip-Hop and closely related sub-genres.
  237. Why current music is awful
  239. If you're into disco music
  240. What's popular in your city/country?
  241. Good gaming music?
  242. Does music need a rebellion again.
  243. Emotional songs (dem feels...)
  244. Early 2014 music you're excited for?
  245. What music are you listening to right now?
  246. Going to my first concert
  247. favourite band/bands
  248. Funk Music - Suggestions?
  249. What was the first gig you remember going to?
  250. What are your favorite Christmas songs?
  251. Does anyone know the name of this song/music?
  252. Greatest Bond Theme Song?
  253. Favorite Country Music Vocalists
  254. Psychedelic Music
  255. Humble Singer Gets Minor Hit
  256. Rebecca Black is Back
  257. Arctic Monkeys - AM
  258. Elvis Presley: The King's 100 Greatest Songs
  259. What is your favourite dance music?
  260. Krautrock and other musical oddities thread
  261. New Artist i found
  262. A look at music in 2013
  263. Peace and Paranoia: The Flaming Lips & Tame Impala
  264. Former Lostprophets frontman pleads guilty to attempting to rape a baby, more
  265. Celtic music?
  266. Grimlord "New video clip!"
  267. The Death of CDs.
  268. Radioactive - Yelawolf
  269. Snarky Puppy
  270. Morrissey vs Fandango
  271. heavy metal
  272. Your Favorite Music Channel ?
  273. Who are your favourite singers/bands?
  274. 50 Favorite Live Albums
  275. Most anticipated gig you've not been to?
  276. Worst album covers?
  277. Calling all Techno/Electronic Peeps- I need more of this
  278. Top festival lineup (living)
  279. 100 Favorite Cover Songs
  280. RIP Lou Reed
  281. My Favourite Albums
  282. Chris Jericho - Dirty Diana released!
  283. Australian Music
  284. Have you ever traveled just to attend a concert?
  285. Metallica, U2 and Green Day Tour?
  286. 100 Favorite Songs (Sung by Women)
  287. ChaChaLaLa
  288. Tuesday is gonna kick so much ass....
  289. Portuguese music at its best
  290. Chicano/Latino Rap
  291. A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy.
  292. Do you own any instrument?
  293. Anyone heard Korn's new album "The Paradigm Shift?
  294. Opinions on Avenged Sevenfold?
  295. Chris Jericho performing on a Michael Jackson tribute album
  296. Top 5 live bands you've seen?
  297. What is the best year and decade in music?
  298. Explosions in the Sky
  299. Most over-rated musical acts of all time
  300. Last album you listened to?
  301. Hip Hop Discussion Thread
  302. Rock/Metal Discussion Thread KEEP THE EMBED VIDS TO A MINIMUM PLS THANKS
  303. What are your favorite power ballads?
  304. Most under-rated musical acts of all time
  305. Great live performers
  306. Your favorite female rock/metal bands
  307. Revisiting: Eminem
  308. Workout Music
  309. Avenged Sevenfold Official Thread
  310. New Pixies EP
  311. I Need a Crash Course in Country Music for Work
  312. Who's heard of the Halo Benders?
  313. Arcade Fire's new track! : Reflektor
  314. Has all the good music already been written?
  315. Your Greatests Albums of All Time
  316. GOAT Grohl: Nirvana or Foo Fighters?
  317. Your favorite 2013 releases.
  318. Best Modern Day Rock Bands?
  319. Labor Day Weekend!
  320. Songs that remind you of being young
  321. Looking for a song like Kiss with a Fist?
  322. Anyone have Last Fm?
  323. Best Rap Albums Or Mixtapes Of The 2000s ?
  324. Dream Supergroup
  325. Your favourite cover(s)?
  327. What Do You Think of Limp Bizkit?
  328. Country music thread
  329. 1980s rock music thread
  330. "Welcome To My Nightmare" coming soon
  331. Noted 2.0
  332. Music Question
  333. Your top 5 favorite guitarists
  334. Chiptune Music
  335. Musical guilty pleasures
  336. Heart Songs
  337. Do you think predominantly listening to one genre can be a bad thing?
  338. Michael Jackson
  339. First music video
  340. Siamese Dream turned 20 today
  341. What's your favourite lyric?
  342. The TP Demos.
  343. 1997 was the worst year for music
  344. Ska Punk
  345. [mixtape]The World As I See It by Zaze
  346. Who's going to the Fozzy concert?
  347. America's Most Wanted Festival 2013...
  348. [MIXTAPE] Lyric & Young A - From Dreams to Reality
  350. [MIXTAPE] Splurge Gang - Splurge Gang ft Waka Flocka 808
  351. Your Top 5 favorite vocalists
  352. Ex-CEO Releases Album
  353. [MIXTAPE] Cherine - JA 9.25
  354. The RIAA, for One, Is Into Jay-Z's Cell Phone Gimmickry
  355. TOOL is overrated
  356. Pink Floyd Against Pandora
  357. The kings of Pop are back!!!
  358. GOAT John Williams Theme
  359. Mona
  360. TurnTable. FM
  361. Lil Wayne going crazy
  362. Music you would NEVER listen to
  363. Rory Gallagher
  364. One-Hit Wonders
  365. Frank Zappa
  366. Oasis - Where do you rank them among the GOATs?
  367. John Cena 'BAD BAD MAN' Parody
  368. GOAT: Led Zeppelin
  369. NIN signs to Columbia; new album this year.
  370. Shaivite Metal
  371. Opinions on Spotify?
  372. 5 Songs That Sum up Your Musical Taste
  373. What do you think of todays r&b/rap music?
  374. Musicians who are too good to waste their time on tv talent shows.
  375. Your Favorite Music Videos
  376. GOAT: Musicians. Finals. Zep vs. Floyd.
  377. Most favorite/Most hated Music Identities.
  378. The Supergroup That Wasn't Meant To Be
  379. Greatest Mother Songs
  380. Mick Mars speared by Canadian moron
  381. favorite metal bandddd
  382. Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman dies at 49
  383. Covers Better Than The Original
  384. Your Top 10 Favorite Music Artists?
  385. Desert Island Discs
  386. Rank the songs on your favorite albums
  387. Britney Spears' legacy in pop music
  388. WWE Magazine tweeted about my brother's band
  389. Fastest u ever went speed wise
  390. 80s rock bands your favorite
  391. Your top 10 metal bands
  392. What Kind of Music Do You Listen?
  393. The Underrated Bands/Artists Thread
  394. The Overrated Bands/Artists Thread
  395. Anyone got a song for me to learn? (Guitar)
  396. Was loose change the most slept on diss track of all time?
  397. Recommend Me Glam Metal songs
  398. Deftones bassist dies at 42
  399. If the Rap/Hip Hop game were in a WWE environment?
  400. Symphonic Metal
  401. Your favorite albums of the 00s.
  402. what is current and all time favourite song?
  403. current song you cant get out of your head
  404. Bands/Artists you wish you could have seen live
  405. Classical Music Thread
  406. GOAT rock vocalist/singer suggestions
  407. What Is Your Favorite Metallica Album???
  408. The Song that will be UK No1 This Week
  409. Awesome Album Covers
  410. Wisefool
  411. Looking for some post-grunge reccomendations?
  412. Candlemass
  413. Best concert(s) you've been to?
  414. Led Zeppelin
  415. Legit or pirate libraries?
  416. The Festival Thread
  417. Song Named After CM Punk
  418. The Strypes
  419. AC/DC Anybody
  420. Lil Wayne hospitalised after seizures
  421. New Alice In Chains track from new album
  422. Post your favorite lyrics thread!
  423. Let's share the music that moves our souls
  424. Any electro-swing fans out there?
  425. Post 80s Rock songs and give opinions
  426. Music lovers will surely get a boner after reading this!
  427. Grunge
  428. Them Crooked Vultures
  429. Watch Oz the Great and Powerful Movie Online Free
  430. NSYNC was fun while it lasted
  431. Shameless Self Promotion
  432. Soundgarden
  433. Song my friends did (Check it out if you're into Hip Hop)
  434. Musical discoveries of 2013
  435. Bon Jovi
  436. Motorhead
  437. Most Embarrassing Song You Like
  438. Your Favourite Songs with the best Background/Meaning
  439. Recommend An Album
  440. Little Mix - DNA
  441. Movies OST
  442. Stone Temple Pilots kick out frontman Scott Weiland
  443. Inside Mad Season's 'Above' - Reissue with Unreleased Songs
  444. Sexocide - Need
  445. Sexocide - Elements (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
  446. Favorite Rapper Right Now?
  447. Nine Inch Nails RETURNS
  448. PonPonPon -Kyary Pamyu Pamyu -post obscure music videos here
  449. Is Lady Gaga just another Kyary Pamyu Pamyu?
  450. What would you listen to
  451. Question about Rat-Tat-Tat
  452. Deathcore
  453. Your Top 25 Most Played Songs
  454. Official 2013 Eurovision Song Contest thread
  455. The Raven That Refused to Sing
  456. Music Within the Public Domain
  457. Your Record Label Name
  458. Everyone should listen to this
  459. Check out the Bloodstock trailer video on youtube
  460. Your favorite Music DVD(s)
  461. War Of The Worlds - The New Generation.
  462. Biggest anticipated future releases of 2013.
  463. Strangest Band Names
  464. Anyone like 90's Industrial Metal?
  465. Punk! Oi oi oi!
  466. good recording software?
  467. Do you have a weird taste in music?
  468. Why all the hate?
  469. Dubstep
  470. Live Music 2013
  471. Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues orchestra
  472. This is the most underrated movie theme IMO
  473. Music Blog
  474. Blarg's Odyssey part two: Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile.
  475. Looking for a song
  476. Favourite piece of classical composition?
  477. The music industry and how it's completely stuffed.
  478. What's your favorite music documentary?
  479. Blarg's Odyssey part one: Depeche Mode - Violator.
  480. Ranking the Bond Theme Songs
  481. Worst song of 2012?
  482. What is the WORST song you have ever heard?
  483. Christmas Playlist Suggestions
  484. Your Personal Most Iconic Live Performance
  485. Gangnam Style gets 1 BILLION VIEWS!!!!!!!
  486. Official Metallica Appreciation Thread
  487. What love songs can you suggest?
  488. Sexiest/dirtiest song you have ever heard?
  489. Why so much backlash against Auto-Tune?
  490. Best Song of 2012?
  491. WF GOAT Rap Album Tournament - FINALS (Round 5)
  492. Favorite Christmas Songs to listen to this time of year
  493. Sad Songs/Saddest Song Ever Written
  494. WF GOAT Rap Album Tournament - SEMI-FINALS (Round 4)
  495. Putting together a playlist for a street soccer sessions but need help.
  496. Michael Jackson Al Capone Video
  497. WF GOAT Rap Album Tournament - Round 3
  498. Songs you'd play during sex?
  499. your ringtone?
  500. What kind of Country Music fan are you?
  501. Joe Budden - A Loose Quarter
  502. Michael Jackson The King Of Pop
  503. Gangnam Style
  504. Songs you listen to religiously...
  505. WF GOAT Rap Album Tournament - Round 2
  506. Roy Jones Jr.'s Heart of the Champion Lyrics
  507. What is the music played in this video?
  508. WF GOAT Rap Album Tournament - Round 1
  509. What kind of music fan are you?
  510. The Weeknd Discussion Thread
  511. Reggaeton
  512. WF GOAT Rap Album Tournament - NOMINATION ROUND
  513. One Hit Wonder of 2012
  514. Suicide Silence singer, Mitch Luker killed in car accident
  515. First, last and best gigs attended?
  516. Tracks that take on a whole new life through headphones.
  517. Is anyone a fan of Hardcore?
  518. Music you like that everyone hates, and music you hate that everyone likes?
  519. WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Final Round
  520. Azealia Banks
  521. WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 4 (FINAL FOUR)
  522. Coheed and Cambria
  523. Any prog fans around here?
  524. LIL Caught Kissing Stevie J
  525. WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 3
  526. Your Dream Hip Hop Group
  527. Some old but really good estonian for you.
  528. WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 2
  529. Official Beatbox Thread
  530. Nightwish parts with Anette Olzon
  531. WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 1
  532. WF's GOAT Rapper Tournament Qualifying Round
  533. where do you download your music from??
  534. I guess this guy was a fan of RICK RUDE
  535. WF's Greatest Rapper Ever Tournament Nomination Thread
  536. Is Taylor Swift bad for society?
  537. Thoughts on this Busta vid?
  539. WF's Favourite Genre of Music - Round 2
  540. Music You Would Be Ashamed Of Owning - Wouldn't Admit to Enjoying
  541. Webbie Arrested For Throwing Lady Down 2 Flights Of Stairs
  542. Popular music's worst year in the new millenium?
  543. Best Rock Band Tournament. Pre-Semi Finals
  544. WF's Favourite Genre of Music - Round 1
  545. Best Rock Band Tournament Round 7
  546. Best Rock Band Tournament. Round 6
  547. Best Rock Band/Artist Tournament. Round 5
  548. Best Rock Band Tournament. Round 5. THE EPIC ONE
  549. Hip Hop Discussion Thread
  550. Greatest Rock Band Tournament. Round 4.