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  1. Eric Young and Bobby Roode left because they were owed six figures.
  2. Which talent leaving has been ?
  3. TNA to announce more signings and re-signings (BRAM LOL?!) over the coming days
  4. PW247 (NBC Radio show): "TNA were not evicted, Cummins Station were increasing their rent fees, TNA couldn't afford it so they moved"
  5. TNA should start running joint-shows with small indies
  6. Bet James Storm is regretting going back to TNA
  7. Collusion?
  8. Gaburick tweets from inside Skyway Studios/TNA's new offices
  9. Bobby Roode's tweet after his last match with TNA
  10. Chyna Reflects on Her Forgotten TNA Run
  11. 4/26/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread ‐ SACRIFICE 2016
  12. Marshe Rockett
  13. TNA Interested In Bringing In EVOLVE Wrestler
  14. TNA Announces Velvet Sky Departure
  15. BIG tag team from Japan possibly backstage tonight?
  16. New Knockout Debuts at Impact tapings (not Cherry Bomb yet)
  17. FITE TV and So Cal Val backstage for taping exclusives
  18. Christy Hemme Announces TNA Departure
  19. Matt Hardy Teasing TNA Write Off
  20. 4/19/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread ‐ HARDY CONTRA HARDY
  21. TNA's show structure has vastly improved, but they need better talent
  22. TNA New Investor Thread - Update 4/27: Sinclair Broadcasting is interested
  23. Holy shit at that Al Snow promo!
  24. 35 people on a 40 man roster wearing neon?
  25. Ken Anderson explains his "F*** TNA" comment
  26. TNA Keeping Raquel Out of the Ring?
  27. TNA on
  28. When was this?!
  29. TNA's ad sale revenue
  30. 4/12/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread ‐ First Time Ever: EC3 vs some guy
  31. TNA only gets one airing on POP Tuesday Night
  32. Wade Barrett in TNA?
  33. EC3 interview with John Pollock/Fight Network, partnership, arrival/departure of talent etc.
  34. TNA evicted from headquarters & relocating + Investor News
  35. Slammiversary to be held in...
  36. Fite TV deal with the Al Snow/TNA training centre
  37. Should TNA forget Joe and Styles.
  38. Cease and desist order for Crazzy Steve from the same guy who did the same thing over Joker Sting
  39. Cherry Bomb and Pepper Parks get new names
  40. TNA PPV's
  41. Lol this Al Snow/Grado feud makes no sense
  42. New generation Knockouts (some very good old hands too)
  43. tna exhausting story lines
  44. Rockstar Spud's new heel character
  45. Former TNA Star Arrested for Domestic Incident
  46. EY on low morale
  47. Drew Galloway a jobber
  48. how to make TNA thrive!
  49. 4/5/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread ‐ Rehashed Revenge
  50. What's next for TNA Wrestling?
  51. AJ Styles Shoots On TNA; Said They Made Themselves Look Like Crap Following WWE Signing
  52. Work started on the TNA/Al Snow academy/training facility
  53. Jeremy Borash remembers the late Kris Travis
  54. Dixie Carter Reportedly Only Willing To Give Up 49% of TNA; Reason For Last Minute Taping Announcement
  55. "Slammiversary Press Conference and Weigh Ins" - April tapings announced
  56. Bram
  57. TNA changing theme music to generic
  58. 3/29/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - ONCE IN A FIRST TIME EVER
  59. TNA/Fight Network announce OTT app and digital distribution partnership
  60. Velvet Sky set to finished up with TNA
  61. TNA talking to two potential investors/partners
  62. Angelina Love no longer with TNA
  63. EC3 Pulled from UK Indie Show(s)
  64. Is Dixie only pushing The Hardys, Bobby Lashley, Drew Galloway to get at WWE
  65. Davey Richards Update
  66. Whoever is booking Bobby Lashley right now...
  67. La Ruffa, Marceau and Cherry Bomb signed and confirmed to be debuting soon
  68. TNA reportedly sign former NXT tag team
  69. James Storm...
  70. Rank the Champ and Gauntlet competitors
  71. TNA partner with Al Snow's Wrestling Academy
  72. Morale bad at the tapings - Meltzer
  73. 3/22/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - DREW GALLOWAY
  74. Drew Galloway Talks About Winning The TNA Title And His Success In WWE
  75. Kurt Angle Explains Why He Left TNA
  76. Eric Young On His Departure From TNA: ‘Things Don’t End Because They Were Good’
  77. TNA and ROH World Titles to be defended at Pro Wrestling Chaos in Bristol, England
  78. Roode speaks on departure
  79. Vince Russo made TNA great?
  80. Watched TNA For The First Time In a While This Week
  81. Drew to defend the TNA World Title outside TNA for BCW in Scotland
  82. Bob Ryder: Five new talents coming
  83. Matt and Reby need to stop bringing their baby on tv
  84. Roode & Young Gone From TNA
  85. Feat or fired storyline
  86. Angelina Love gives birth to a boy
  87. Pop president tweets that TNA will pass 500,000 viewers this week
  88. Bennett and Maria are Getting a lot Better
  89. *Spoiler* Impact Main Event
  90. *Spoilers* March/April Impact Zone Tapings
  91. Eddie Edwards attacked backstage by Crazzy Steve and Rosemary
  92. New talent to debut at Orlando tapings?
  93. 3/15/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Jeff Hardy can come back now
  95. Biggest ball drop
  96. entrance
  97. what the hell happened to sherra
  98. Will TNA be gone by summer.
  99. why the hate.
  100. smart
  101. an investor
  102. Rosemary gets into fight with YouTuber without breaking character
  103. if u were given. control of tbsp creative and asked to choose a wrestler gimmick what would be urs
  104. There was no point i having Lashley go over Kurt
  105. 3/8/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour
  106. Mike Bennett, Tommaso Ciampa and Donovan Dijak raising money for Flint
  107. TNA announce March tapings in Orlando
  108. Asylum Years now 99 cents.
  109. Dave Meltzer says Impact was the best show this week
  110. Andrew Everett returning to TNA
  111. TNA Looking to Sign ROH Talents
  112. Update on TNAs Poor UK attendance figures
  113. Dave Meltzer on Impact this week
  114. Update on Next TV Tapings, Some Talent Waiting To Be Paid, More
  115. Anderson Officially Gone From TNA
  116. 3/1/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Josh claims Matt's baby is in his faction
  117. KES actively pitching to work with Decay
  118. Kurt Angle Says He's "Pretty Much Done With TNA"
  119. Trevor Lee wins CWF Mid Atlantic title in a 105 minute wrestling match
  120. TNA to bring in outside investors, sponsorship deals and new business partners - John Gaburick
  121. TNA launch a Best of AJ Styles DVD - Out Now!
  122. Pop on AT&T Uverse
  123. New TNA KO Chelsea breaks her collar bone
  124. Davey Richards out possibly up until November
  126. TNA's viewership trend
  127. Jimmy havoc
  128. Ric Flair Says Nothing Can Save TNA
  129. RUMOR: Sami Callihan to TNA?
  130. 2/23/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - DOWN OF LOCK
  131. TNA Knockout Raquel involved in backstage incident
  132. Why Tyrus is Sh*te
  134. Actual Corgan Quote.
  135. TNA needs to get new Partnerships
  136. Babyfaced Heel, Billy Corgan interview and behind the scenes of TNA
  137. 2/16/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - We need another ROGUE Grado sighting
  138. Odarg the Great is Coming
  139. Abyss on The Decay, Steve, Rosemary/Courtney Rush who came up with what etc
  140. Why is Tyrus looking after Matt and Reby's baby?
  141. Brooke is pregnant
  142. An idea on how to book the Hardy's
  143. Put the X-Division title on Maxel Hardy
  144. Matt Hardy Twitter Thread
  145. Raquel gets stiffed
  146. 2/9/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Exit USA; Enter UK
  147. Something about Beer Money seems off to me
  148. Should TNA push Eddie Edwards as a single competitor while Richards is out?
  149. Eric Young is so great right now
  150. How much are tickets to impact?
  151. Same damn shit with Abyss over and over again
  152. Kong released
  153. Beer Money
  154. TNA Officials Reportedly Meet with Lucha Underground, TNA Pitches Combined Event Idea
  155. Best sensible singing
  156. Should TNA try to bring back Shelley and Sabin?
  157. Chavo on What TNA has to do to survive as a company
  158. 2/2/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - PUSH EVIL CLOWNS
  159. Celebrity Connections and Great Theme Music
  160. TNA hasn't spent their "AJ money" very well...
  161. Reby Sky has TNA contract
  162. Worse and Best "Big" Name Signing
  163. EC3 should be in Hardy's spot.
  164. Eli Drake is great
  165. Former TNA Star Gunner on his time with TNA
  166. Billy Corgan as heel authority figure?
  168. TNA February Spoilers
  169. Fuckery Part II: Kong sent home after a backstage altercation with Reby Sky
  170. James Storm Talks Choosing TNA Over WWE; Reby sky status
  171. Daivari Blasts TNA over Feast and Fired Gimmick
  172. TNA’s Newest Knockout Hires Former Knockout To Prepare For Wrestling Debut
  173. Locations of Slamiversary and Bound for Glory
  174. UK tour discussion thread
  175. TNA money and indie bookings - update
  176. You thoughts on Feast or Fired
  177. TNA needs to embrace Europe/UK more
  178. The Decay entrance theme song
  179. Former TNA Senior Director of Live Events returns for a week?
  180. Jeff Hardy re-signs with TNA
  181. Jeff Hardy Re-signs with TNA
  182. 1/26/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Era of the ICON (ps: plz fire Davey)
  183. Nakamura in TNA?
  184. Official WWe announcement on AJ Styles joining the promotion only hints to his TNA career
  185. The Wolves sign new and exclusive deals
  186. Biggest Opportunity Missed ?
  187. TNA wishes AJ Styles the best for his WWE debut
  188. AJ Styles agent Bill Behrens
  189. Matt Hardy twitter thread
  190. Ppvs
  191. Your TNA Mount Rushmore
  192. FUCKERY: TNA on AJ/Karl Anderson/Luke Gallows' alleged broken written agreements.
  193. TNA Set To Stop First Party Outside Booking With Exclusive Deals; Angle Leaving TNA Said To Be A Reason For Extra Money
  194. TNA Hall of Fame 2016 Entry
  195. You Know, It Really Hit me Over the Head...
  196. Free Agents - TNA should sign
  197. Best tag team in TNA history?
  198. Beer Money announce "Pints and Pounds" Pub Crawl
  199. Kurt Angle offered another TNA contract as ambassador and mentor
  200. Update On Recent Talent Talks; TNA To Produce More Merch
  201. Da Miracle is Terrible
  202. Aries to WWE?
  203. The new look heel Crazzy Steve and his new lady...
  204. TNA in talks with AJ
  205. How are you Watching Impact Tonight?
  206. Kurt speaks on retirement
  207. EY - Where do you rank him as a heel competitor?
  208. 1/19/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Matt tries to have his cake & eat it too (he's FAT)
  209. Please keep Reby Sky off TNA
  210. a pretty cool Matt Hardy video
  211. Chavo buries TNA; Unprofessional, Under-handed, Conniving company
  212. Cherry Bomb teases she's joining TNA
  213. When on earth did Jeff become decent on the mic??
  214. Explain to me why tna is rated SO MUCH worse than Raw/smackdown
  215. Xplosion
  216. Ospreay, Havoc AND Damo to ALL wrestle on the TNA UK tour
  217. Will Ospreay, Jimmy Havoc and Big Damo all on the UK Tour
  218. Angle vs Lashley announced for Birmingham
  219. Backstage Reaction To 5 Straight Days Of TNA TV Tapings, TNA Reaches Out To Free Agents For POP Debut, More
  220. SPOILER! New TNA Knockout coming soon...
  221. Angle vs. Roode announced
  222. Thoughts on TNA 2012/2013
  223. TNA upgrading contracts, offers said to be larger than WWE/NXT
  224. What happened to Aces and Eights?
  225. TNA Impact Presentation
  226. Manik released?
  227. Russo: "I went to TNA as a consultant for $2,000 a month"
  228. I just can't take Matt Hardy serious as a main eventer
  229. Two indy talent receive tryouts at Impact Wrestling tapings
  230. 1/12/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Huh?
  231. TNA clear Maria and Mike Bennett to work New Japan
  232. Report on ONO buys and Ticket sales/Attendance
  233. Fans vote for talent to be on UK tour.
  234. Jessicka Havok Needs to Come Back
  235. Will Ospreay and Jimmy Havoc join TNA?
  236. The Wolves Continues To Hint TNA Leave; Says "No More Bookings After May 1st"
  237. What was Pop's highest viewership for a show?
  238. TNA One Night Only Discussion Thread: Tonight 8pm EST
  239. New Knockout? *Xplosion Spoiler and Pics*
  240. LuFisto to debut on TNA One Night Only: Live?
  241. Dixie Carter
  242. Dixie Carter Talks WWE Taking TNA Talent and talks James Storm
  243. EC3 Winning The World Title is BS.
  244. Dixie interview with Keller: New TNA show coming, X Division, DA more.
  245. British Bootcamp III to be announced...?
  246. TNA Viewership Comparison
  247. January Impact Spoilers Thread (KEEP IT ALL IN HERE)
  248. One Night Only Live will be also on Google Play/iTunes/Smart TVs via Flipps app
  249. Pop confirms Impact will be uploaded On Demand to their website every week
  250. TNA have left Universal Studios? Seems so
  251. In terms of being over-pushed/shoved on, EC3 has become TNA's John Cena
  252. Sloppy Matches
  253. For those that don't watch TNA: What would make you change that?
  254. Brad Schwartz and Dixie talk to Borash
  255. First look at new Impact Wrestling entrance stage
  256. Bullet Club Rumours
  257. 1/5/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - INJUNCTION ends w/a POP
  258. Former World Heavyweight Champion returning to the company *SPOILER*
  259. Taryn Terrell Done with TNA
  260. Billy Corgan Debuts New Theme Song For Pop’s ‘Impact Wrestling’
  261. Why not go back to the red ropes and classic logo?
  262. New TNA Website
  263. Dollhouse vs The Beautiful People for Tuesday
  264. Bobby Roode will defend KOTM title against mystery opponent
  265. Russo blames Dixie listening to the IWC for TNA's downfall over the years
  266. On January 6, 2016, Three Months of Vacancy
  267. Question for TNA viewers..
  268. The Miracle
  269. Jeff Hardy becomes a dad for the second time
  270. What does TNA need to do in 2016
  271. Jeremy Borash on Jim Ross' podcast
  272. Best and Worst of TNA in 2015
  273. ticket sales update for January 5th?
  274. Robbie E on people saying TNA is going out of business!
  275. Inability to find great young talent
  276. Ec3
  277. TNA One Night Only: Live! (January 8th, 2016)
  278. TNA Advertises During RAW
  279. Kurt Angle Shoots on Hulk Hogan/Eric Bischoff in TNA
  280. 5 Realistic Signings For TNA
  281. TNA Lockdown 2016 to take place at Wembley Arena
  282. POP TV a New Year’s Eve TNA Special, Two Other Specials Airing Next Week
  283. "This is Impact" and X Division specials will air on New Years Day on Pop
  284. Former TNA superstar signed to YouPorn sponsorship deal
  285. New Magnus Interview: Talks GFW, Storm/James Angle, Says He Nearly Quit TNA Over Offensive Comment Made By Russo
  286. They already gave up on the Asylum Years streams?
  287. Best of Impact 2015 airs next Tuesday on Pop
  288. WWE teasting Smackdown going live in 2016
  289. The Menagerie-Decent idea that got botched?
  290. TNA 2016 Discussion: free agents, move to POP, etc
  291. Update: Hardys Contract Expires In March; Jeff To Miss Most of 2016
  292. TNA still heavily pursuing Goldberg?
  293. Kurt Angle teasing a surprise for his farewell matches
  294. 12/16/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - This probably doesn't have GRIMES on it
  295. AJ Styles speaks out on WWE, TNA, GFW, Hogan & Claire Lynch
  296. New Pop commercial for Impact
  297. Is TNA moving from Destination America to POP a step up or step down?
  298. Kurt Angle did more harm than good for TNA!!!
  299. New AJ Styles Interview: Comments on Claire Lynch Story, Says Hogan/Bischoff Didn't Know The Roster
  300. 12/15 Impact last on Destination America?
  301. Daivari\Bashir: TNA was great for me, until Russo became head of creative
  302. Why the GFW invasion was as short as it was...
  303. Start 2016 with a Bang, bring in the Bullet Club!
  304. How TNA fans can demand for more cable services in the US to pick up POP TV...
  305. Was/Is TNA a competitor to WWE?
  306. Who will be the last TNA World Champion?
  307. Nice interview with Tom "Bram" Latimer on TNA/WWE/Movie with Goldberg
  308. TNA started the Women's Revolution - Madison Rayne
  309. Pop TV on Optimum
  310. I don't think Matt Hardy will be winning the World Title Series after this...
  311. Who you want to see Angle wrestling with in his last TNA matches?
  312. 12/9/15 Impact Discussion Thread - INJUNCTION's Almost Over!!!
  313. EC3: TNA's New PopTV Deal Will Showcase Homegrown Talent
  314. EC3 interview - about his threats in the World Title Series, KO Division, NXT success, more
  315. Jeff Hardy Reportedly Stating WWE Return Interest; Now Open To Full-Time Schedule
  316. Gail Kim and Jeremy Borash on ESPN SportsCenter
  317. Dixie looking for more British/European talent
  318. TNA selling a PPV with matches 10 months old
  319. Destination America Wrestling Removal Set; Will Be Rebranded As New Paranormal Network
  320. The Legend of Fatass Hardy
  321. Pop President Brad Schwartz Talks Ratings, Tuesdays, more about TNA Impact Wrestling
  322. 12/2/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Post-Hypnotic INJUNCTION(s)
  323. Rockstar Spud becomes an Ambassador for Starlight
  324. TNA in talks with new announcers
  325. Panda Energy to put in one billion dollars???
  326. TNA officially in business longer than WCW was.
  327. Pop channel ratings
  328. TNA Wanted Tommy Dreamer To Produce India Tour Before WWE Return
  329. TNA superstar jumps ship to WWE to a huge pop!
  330. Who would you have as the Head Booker of TNA?
  331. How good/bad were these "WWE Guy"'s runs in TNA
  332. What if TNA signed some of these big NXT stars 4 years ago?
  333. Pop President Brad Schwartz discusses TNA Impact Wrestling
  334. TNA News TNA wrestlers skeptical of TNA management, rumored reason why TNA cancelled India tour
  335. Spud becomes the face of Starlight (UK childrens charity)
  336. That Lashley-Aries Match though
  337. Tyrus title shot?
  338. 10 things TNA should do
  339. Kurt Angle officially announces his retirement
  340. India Tour Postponed
  341. How many here played, bought the TNA video game that had come out?
  342. Ethan Carter III talks about his character and being a heel in wrestling
  343. 11/25/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Giving Thanks for INJUNCTION
  344. Concerned about TNA's taping schedule
  345. Sami Callihan...
  346. with so many people down on wwe what could tna do to grab viewers who wouldn't normally watch?
  347. Top 10 All Time Favorite TNA Wrestlers
  348. Jim Ross says "I'm available" for TNA
  349. Ricardo Rodriguez talks being a trainer at The Great Khali's pro-wrestling school in India, Mahabali Shera and TNA's India tour
  350. Jim Ross talks on TNA's new television deal with POP TV, whether they should revamp Impact
  351. Shoud EC3 leave TNA and join WWE or ROH?
  352. TNA announce January tapings at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center
  353. Do you think TNA can draw a million viewers again?
  354. Awesome Kong retiring from professional wrestling
  355. Will Pop TV keep the TV guide at the bottom ?
  356. With Brooke and (maybe) Taryn leaving, which Knockouts would you want TNA to sign?
  357. Jim Cornette on Kenny King: "The Biggest Lying Sack of Shit in Professional Wrestling"
  358. I have a feeling the Hardys will go back to WWE
  359. Dixie Carter on reports of TNA and Destination America having a bad relationship
  360. Favorite Moments from the Destination America run
  361. what is the countdown clock on TNA's site too??
  362. 11:59:06
  363. Josh Mathews
  364. Kurt Angle Confirms He's Done With TNA After UK Tour; Signed With Bellator As a Commentator
  365. 11/18/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Lose or Go Home INJUNCTION Special
  366. Questions for TNA viewers
  367. Update: Goldberg Not The Only Name TNA Has Contacted; Several Other Top Names Reported To Have Been Offered Deals
  368. Brooke Done With TNA?
  369. TNA should bring back Cute Kip/Kip James
  370. Ninja Queen??? WTS keeps getting worse...
  371. World Title Series so far and EC3 Rules
  372. Where the hell is Gregory Helms?
  373. John Gaburick: "Mahabali Shera has the IT factor"
  374. Taryn Terrell on Becoming a Born Again Christian, If It Conflicts with Her TNA Career, WWE & playboy
  375. 11/11/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - I missed the last one; but still comes INJUNCTION
  376. Where do you think Impact will go in the new year?
  377. World Title Series Finals Have Yet To Be Taped
  378. TNA Production now sucks
  379. TNA Wrestling Signs With POP TV; Debuts January 5, 2016
  380. Bobby Lashley Says Wrestling Has Lost Its Sense Of Realism
  381. 11/4/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Can you survive the INJUNCTION SERIES?
  382. What networks would you like to see TNA on?
  383. Rumors: TNA TV & TNA returning to NYC?
  384. So, this is what happened to Taryn Terrell
  385. Latest on TNA on DA: Mixed Signals
  386. 10/28/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - INJUNCTION per the norm
  387. Ken Shamrock vs. Kurt Angle - Bellator 145?
  388. John Gaburick Talks TNA?s India Tour & Talent Search
  389. E LI Drake reaction promo
  390. Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett added to TNA roster page, details on deal with Sony Six
  391. Aiden O'Shea
  392. A serious question how much longer can TNA survive?
  393. How many shows left worth of footage is there from July?
  394. 10/21/15 Impact Discussion Thread - INJUNCTION-MANIA continues
  395. Bram is back!
  396. TNA & Sony SIX Announce Three Live Events From India
  397. Great Khali in TNA
  398. Alberto El Patron to TNA?
  399. Kurt Angle Expected Back at TNA India Tapings
  401. Lots of TNA talents contacting other promotions (NXT, ROH, New Japan) for work
  402. 10/14/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Tournament of INJUNCTION cont.
  403. Matt's reasoning for vacating the title
  404. Ok how is Austin Aries back and why the hells he with some chick??
  405. TNA live show problem!
  406. Spoiler Alert - Sting New WWE DVD ( Please Don't Move )
  407. What is your opinion on Mahabali Shera?
  408. [POSSIBLE SPOILER???] NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion???
  409. Utterly Embarrassing Attendance #s for TNA Live Show
  410. Its obvious TNA is making money
  411. TNA doing well internationally; optimistic of a new TV deal in US
  412. Shane Helms working as an agent for TNA
  413. Billy Corgan as Senior Producer of Creative? TNA are grasping at straws!
  414. Major flaw with round robin in World Title Series
  415. TNA has no direction
  416. Update On Jakks/TNA Deal
  417. Backstage Talk On TNA Impact Wrestling Airing On Another Cable TV Network In 2016
  418. Hulk Hogan Says TNA Was a ?Rough Gig?
  419. Funny story on Hogan/Bischoff/Jarrett/Dixie politics in TNA
  420. James Storm apologies to Mickie James for Train Incident
  421. Ryan Satin of TMZ Says TNA Attempted To Re-Sign James Storm After WWE Signing Reports Came Wednesday
  422. How must Dixie feel seeing all TNA wrestlers going to WWE?
  423. TNA cancels all remaining live events/houseshows in October
  424. TNA Roster Is Stacked!
  425. Good Memories of TNA
  426. TNA Knockouts are even competing in World Title Series LMFAO
  427. 10/7/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - INJUNCTION (since July)
  428. Updated line-up for the UK TV tapings in January
  429. TNA Launches World Championship Series To Crown New Champion
  430. Dave Meltzer implies that Earl Hebner stole merchandise while in WWE.
  431. Matt Hardy Vacates TNA TITLE
  432. TNA Dream Card
  433. Gunner considering a move to WWE?
  434. Jim Ross Blogs About TNA Bound For Glory
  435. Word Going Around Is BFG Only Sold 280 Tickets
  436. when the next tapings ?
  437. Free entry into BFG tonight
  438. Jeff Hardy Recovering From Another Injury
  439. Matt Hardy should become TNA World Champion at BFG
  440. TNA: Things it did RIGHT
  441. TNA still listing Bully Ray on their roster lol
  442. Fin Balor tells TNA to "suck it"
  443. ciampo
  444. BEST TNA Matches?
  445. TNA Teasing Major Announcement
  446. 9/30/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Countdown to BFG
  447. What is TNA doing/thinking...?
  448. TNA Bound For Glory 2015 Discussion Thread
  449. Kurt Angle vs Eric Young Confirmed
  450. BFG Match Confirmed: Bound For Gold Gauntlet
  451. TNA To Debut New Commentator
  452. Why are they not using Eli Drake!?!
  453. Looking for gif of Abyss
  454. If TNA did invade WWE.
  455. 9/23/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Who needs PPV to have WORLD TITLE matches
  456. Favorite TNA matches and moments?
  457. David Angle Arrested
  458. Former TNA Star Wants To Be NXT Trainer, Talks TNA Issues After Hulk Hogan And Eric Bischoff Joined
  459. Embarrassing TNA photos from their live tour this week...
  460. TNA Impact Wrestling Pulled Off The Air In More Countries
  461. Kenny King leaves TNA.
  462. If TNA goes which talent will WWE want??
  463. Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong to take place at BFG
  464. Angelina helping Velvet makes no sense
  465. TNA on DA till end of 2015/Possible international air dates remaining
  466. Dixie Carter Is Now 100% Owner Of TNA Wrestling
  467. 9/16/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - #WinnerTakeAll
  468. Too bad TNA burned their NJPW relationship
  469. Former TNA champs: where are they now?
  470. Earl Hebner Makes History With TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction
  471. Hogan blocked Hart from coming to TNA, Bischoff's Samoa Joe ninja master plan revealed
  472. TNA to tape in India? Announcements, Dixie being Dixie
  473. Why hasn't TNA created that one wrestler, ever?
  474. TNA York, Pennsylvania card
  475. Looks like TNA will stay on destination america past september.
  476. How is The Beautiful People/Dollhouse Feud going to happen?
  477. D-Von Dudley Buries TNA on Social Media
  478. 9/9/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - EC3 w/the ASSIST
  479. Jarrett's GFW faction looks so pathetic
  480. Kurt Angle Says He Will Be At BFG; Won't Renew TNA Contract or Wrestle In 2016
  481. In your opinion, is the TNA exposure good or bad for a newest promotion like GFW?
  482. Latest On TNA And Destination America worrying concerns
  483. Mark Andrews - Please leave TNA (or USE HIM)
  484. Does TNA deserve some kind of award for their amazingly long running work?
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