: Rants

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  1. Naomi'sButtIsLife Comments Highlight Reel
  2. SHOCKING Smackdown Tonight
  3. Why does shit happen ?
  4. PPV - It's "Pay Per View" NOT "Paperview"
  5. The Random problem
  6. Ban List
  7. How can someone get 11 threads closed in less than three days and not get banned?
  8. women are no good fucking parasites
  9. How the fuck is Vince a Republican?
  10. This forum locking threads? Biased Moderators? Favourite Wrestlers? Double Standard?
  11. Bleacher Report Commenters Read This One!
  12. Takeaway vs Dining
  13. tumblr: Sailor Moon God? japanesekin/demigenderless trigger cishet (hell)
  14. What's your opinion on Fox News ?
  15. Overly sensitive and easy offended people and demographic
  16. To all my guest fans and closet smoove fans
  17. Foreigners
  18. What is the stupidest thing you have ever read on WRESTLING FORUM
  19. Hold the alphabet and mental real estate thread (freezings'cell)
  20. I'm gonna bitch about you bitches
  21. Trublez HOLD THIS L
  22. Do you do this as well?
  23. Today I witnessed a theft before my very eyes!
  24. Got my tin foil hat on....
  25. Never understood why soldiers are considered "heroes"
  27. Jack Swagger's wife's sex tape
  28. time goes by
  29. Annoying coworkers
  30. George we need to talk
  31. My Heartfelt Goodbye + Final thoughts
  32. Darkness is here
  33. Women who jump into relationship mode way too quickly.
  34. apologists need to stop sayinmg '' don't watch if you don't like it no more'' go watch this ''indy'' fed or whatever
  35. UK waterpark bans bikinis and orders visitors to wear 'Islamically appropriate' clothes
  36. ZOMBO
  37. Workplaces that claim to be different SUCK
  38. People who waste food and more
  39. Spellcheck, auto correct ... whatever you want to call it on iPhones? - Rant Debut!
  40. Hypocrisy on this forum
  41. Goodshit Bro (Oui thread) Addychu absolutely owned
  42. Oui Monsieur-hehe is Humble Heartthrob
  43. Dat right there is how you create a quality thread
  44. UM... EXCUSE ME???????
  45. ATTENTION PEASANTS! [henery debut]
  46. #TeamGoodbye
  47. How tall are you?/Manlet-shaming Discussion Thread
  48. Holy shit Chrome get a life
  49. Back to the World via Sobriety.
  50. Really Nothing More Than The Same Much Ado About Nothing
  51. #TeamHello
  52. Ok, some mod is just fucking with me now
  53. Headliner Biased Nazi Mod
  54. So this is where we can call people faggots without getting banned by nazi mods?
  55. Game of War: Fire Age
  56. Feeling pretty low at the moment.
  57. What The Fuck Is With The Troll World Order Invading The Forum?
  58. Q&A Session: Ask Me Anything with Rick Ross James NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS!
  59. Rejoiners - Whats the issue?
  60. Creepy rep message
  61. my life just peaked
  62. Your favourite feud/rivalry in WF history
  63. Disrespectful ass chaps
  64. henery
  65. hey everyone!
  66. Should I do it?
  67. Game rant - Dear ubisoft no thanks
  68. Would you hit it?
  69. Bring back Oui Monsieur-hehe please.
  70. Cheetahs are best pet
  71. So is this place shit now or what?
  72. What is the one thing that would make you quit WF forever?
  73. headliner keepin' it real
  74. how come OPs can make threads bashing the American flag but
  76. american accents in foreign films
  77. Fuck CGI
  78. You Pathetic Pieces of Trash
  79. Question
  81. <3
  83. you know what really grinds my testicles
  84. An open letter
  85. Grow some balls Tangerine
  86. Doggin' me.
  87. Whatever happened to Ashanti
  88. Boring much?
  89. everyone
  90. Things from your childhood
  92. Reflecting on Awkward Moments
  93. With which WF user you would love to form a tag team?
  94. You Fucked Up, Europe
  95. Why do wrestling fans live in 2001
  96. Listen here PoyPoy14!
  97. Official apology to Shivz
  98. Fuck platt
  99. WF user you're missing the most
  100. Spamming
  101. Road Runner is an asshole who refused to put people over
  102. Joffrey is the true king of the seven kingdoms
  103. The actual reason why rentals disapeared
  104. You should worry; this is not my last thread
  105. I like Haribo and cats, what do you like?
  106. Wow I actually made this thread?
  107. Don't worry. This is probably my last thread.
  108. I do not accept your idea of "music"
  109. Charlie Sheen pedophile?
  110. Why is WrestlingInc.com full of idiots?
  111. The One Time SHIRLEY Forgot To Close The Brackets On An Image In The Chatbox
  112. Obligatory thread is obligatory. Time to choose sides!
  113. Why is it all about premiership football?
  114. aggghhhhhhh i am so freaken bored
  115. It's pretty bad when there are even elitists on here.
  116. Guys are so pussy whipped now.
  117. The real problem in the UK.
  118. The Future Could Have Been so Beautiul For Some Of Us
  119. Likely hood of Zayn Mailk joining ISIS?
  120. Richard McLain - My case for TOUGH ENOUGH
  121. Rant about the poster above you
  122. "And I'm like" - does anyone in North America not say it?
  123. Feminists and PC brigade strike again!
  124. Most hated WF user
  125. Next years boxing game should have hugging and dancing as a feature
  126. Boxing sucks!
  127. Headliner is an Uncle Tom Bitch. Why suck up to him?
  128. Wrestling Forum Members News
  129. Most pathetic thing I have seen/heard
  130. I hate all these wwe employees we have flooding the forums lately
  131. My cutie Stax
  132. I'm In Love With Reigns - A Confession
  133. Loud noises. General Distaste for Posters.
  134. Fuck the lot of y'all
  135. Seems though it's spam on the WWE forum.. "Rollins can't draw"
  136. Is it too much to ask for a complete history of WF?
  137. Thom yorke
  138. The Real "Casual" Fans
  139. Konami ruled by amoeba's?
  140. The King of the Arcade is Dead
  141. ITT We post embarrassing stories
  142. The MrMister dedication thread
  143. Great Story
  144. My Whereabouts
  145. Terminator genesys trailer. I'm like WHAT?!
  146. Pet Peeves!
  147. the grown men who do that fandango shit look like fucking nerds
  148. Random shiz.
  149. Bloody animals.
  150. My butt hurts
  151. Hbk 3:16 -An insult to real men
  152. Meanwhile @ marvel HQ
  153. Michelle Beadle
  154. Don't sin
  155. So do you like me, hate me, why? aka PLEASE TALK ABOUT ME!!!!! thread
  156. Hayley Seydoux. Step down, pls.
  157. Chatbox Meetups?
  158. How would you cut a debut Promo!?
  159. Summer Camp Story srs
  160. WTF is wrong with young ladies?!!!!
  161. Bummed out like hell. Send cats.
  162. Thereare some first rate shits on this forum.
  163. Finally
  164. what does it take to make rants interesting?
  165. Weridest and most fucked up movie trailers
  166. Social Culture traditions; Columbia's passage into manhood.
  167. What is the craziest thing you've ever done sexually?
  168. Which WF user have grown on you?
  169. Official Threads on Topics
  170. Have you ever had a homoerotic fantasy?
  171. Thanks12: a man unhinged
  172. Why are Jews so successful? What can other races learn from them?
  173. A rant about some people from Rants
  174. Thank you!
  175. Another Thread Closed?
  176. why are there non wrestling fans on a FUCKING WRESTLING FORUM
  177. All things in moderation :grin2:
  178. A rant on every Anti-Smark/WWE dickrider on WF
  179. Black people and Crime? Why?
  180. Who is the most annoying fanbase on WF?
  182. Post fap introspection
  183. This girl wants to show me her tits!
  184. Petition to ban SMCM and report him to the authorities
  185. give me rants back now.
  186. Should Palestine be held to lower standards than Israel?
  187. People take rants too seriously.
  188. Confessing my love for Addychu
  189. Did you cry like a little bitch @ the ending of F&F 7?
  190. Maddie Army
  191. Want to stop computer hackers etc..
  192. WFMania Card
  193. Tell It Like It Is...
  194. A Decade of Decadence
  195. How the fuck do they do it?!
  196. Post your User CP
  197. WOOLCOCK, answers pls
  198. Likes or Rep?
  199. GOSH.
  200. Why Are Daniel Bryan Fans So Hostile? (Please Keep It Diplomatic)
  201. The Two Biggest Faggots I have ever stumbled upon
  202. Rants-a-TNA House Show 2015
  203. Ey Wagg I Found a Song You Might Like
  204. So wheres Elipses Corter gone?
  205. Pet Peeve
  206. Favorite WF User
  207. Thread Closed?
  208. Mr.w1......stop stalking me you moron!
  209. Most delusional WF user
  210. This is so fucking disrespectful
  211. Love Heart Sweets
  212. Was the Chris Benoit situation a work?
  213. PISSED (Headliner is a B+ Player)
  214. Should Jews give Palestinians independence ?
  215. GOAT Human FINALS
  216. Anybody missed me?
  217. Darkod
  218. Thoughts??
  219. Rantamania
  220. RugbyRat
  221. Rental discrimination
  222. I Should Have Their Job!
  223. BREEaments03 little boy?
  224. BBR aka DevilMaySpy
  225. the beatles were awesome
  226. feels like im dying
  227. Catalanotto is a piece of shit
  228. Who is the most annoying current celeb?
  229. Should INTELLECTUALLY/MENTALLY DISABLED children be segregated in schools?
  230. Yes or no
  231. Parcel Force and Customs are frikkin idiots...
  232. McQueen and Hayley Sedoux - DesolationRow
  233. Cat and Addychu
  234. Blasko and SpartanLax
  235. Will the geek squad snoop and laugh at my awesome collection of chubby porn?
  236. Reign Man...
  237. Headliner
  238. Who is the best and ugliest looking WF user? (Feels will be hurt!)
  239. Book a WF PPV card
  240. If you could fight a celebrity who would it be?
  241. Who is the one person who resembelse you the most?
  242. anyone else addicted to something?
  243. What's life?
  244. Operation: HELP OXI
  245. Hey Shep
  246. Jupes isn't a loser
  247. The amount of foot gifs
  248. Psychology Of A Cuckold
  249. i'll post a pic of catalanotto's ass if this thread gets to page 100
  250. Posters Who Curse
  251. Stan Remix for Daniel Bryan Fans
  252. Final Fantasy 15 - Square enix's last chance
  253. These mods dont know how to merge and move threads.
  254. Seriously why do you all hate LOL-ins so much
  255. Fatties
  256. Are you a nerd?
  257. Pagi is retiring
  258. Brock hates creative threads
  259. January & February 2015 Joiners
  260. Can we ban people like this on the forum please?
  261. Sup Plebeians
  262. Deezy you motherfucker, I'm calling you out!
  264. Justice 2, race baiters 0
  265. Damn i'm such a fucking loser I hate myself so depressed FUCK! FUCK! *cry* *cry*
  266. Fuck you all.
  267. Analyzing Stupid Negative Feedback
  268. Insecure people!
  269. Fuck Wayne Parnell man, Fuck Him - Cricket Rant
  270. Wallaben
  271. We're a Funny Bunch
  272. Your forum experience
  273. Obama: 'Islam Has Been Woven Into the Fabric of Our Country Since Its Founding'
  274. Pay sucks
  275. No critism of HHH's forehead will be tolerated !!
  276. The Ticketmaster scam
  277. My account named Mr W was banned for trolling
  278. You spend your who life eating from the earth yet when u die u choose to be cremated
  279. I can't like my own posts and I am dead inside so don't stop me (
  280. Would you roll?
  281. I can't stop replaying this song over and over again.19 times in a row as of now Please Help!
  282. Tweener!
  283. But What Was Kis
  284. THANOS
  286. Sorry BruceLeGorille...
  287. Pyro thinks KATY FUCKING PERRY isn't good looking!
  289. Heres my frikkin rant...
  290. let's talk about the divide between NXT fans
  291. Your Resume is a FAILBOAT
  292. I've just realized something...
  293. Your WF Shitlist
  294. who would you share your money with?
  295. Explain Yourself
  296. The Real Ass Raping Booty Warrior
  297. YouTube
  298. Black eye and swollen lip
  299. Another rep rant
  300. The Exposure of the Rejoiner Jupes
  302. Angry black woman MAD; wants free water.
  303. Wrestling Forum, GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS
  305. Where did that notion that if you are a smark you are a fatass neckbeard come from ?
  306. Guess whos fat ugly ass this is ?
  307. Pro-choice or Pro-life?
  308. MODS: Which one of you closed my thread?
  309. If You saw -Insert WF member name- in real life what would you do?
  310. No more "pretty much"
  311. I'm tired of sleeping in my parent's basement so I decided to get rich by posting on WF
  312. Last night, I had a bad dream...
  313. Jack Thwagger
  314. Fuck my boss!!!
  316. Keeping It Stylish Get Out Of My Life!!
  317. The 'like' button is garbage
  318. Going to complain to Vertical Scope.
  319. Jack Thwagger HATES me!
  320. Starting wrestling training in Toronto next month... <3
  321. The horrible media!
  322. People giving me HORRIBLE reputation!
  323. My closet case boyfriend never comitted to me
  324. The Rhetorical Question Thread
  326. So today has been a BAD day, anyone else?
  327. Gotham: Batman fans will like any crap they can get.
  328. hulksterxpac
  329. What's with the Foot Fetishers lately?
  330. Points
  331. Check out LIGHTS new single 'February Air' if you get the chance.
  332. Thread moved
  333. The Random Rant!!!
  334. I'm back and I am outraged at about 90% of this place
  335. Why Are Some Wrestling Fans So Negative?
  336. A Big thank you to everyone on WF! Note to the admins/mods!
  337. Mark_Show-Off96
  338. Who would you fuck: Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan?
  339. Just knocked out 9 men
  340. Yo if you get a chance, listen to Mark Ronson's new single "Uptown Funk"
  341. This Keepin It Stylish dude is really pissing me off
  342. Superbowl parties are terrible
  343. I Had a Gay Dream (w/Reigns)
  344. My humble request to everyone!
  345. JoeCronin (youtuber) calls out Roman Reigns
  346. It's time...
  347. Would you?
  348. Incoherent posts.
  349. I love these forums
  351. WF might just crash tonight!
  352. Keepin It Stylish - Fight ME
  353. would you beat me in a fight?
  354. Do any of you guys go to other forums?
  355. Old movies on blu ray rant.
  356. Roman Reigns Leaves the Toilet Seat Up
  357. Gay rapper and rituals - show biz exposed
  358. Leaving the forum for good.
  359. Weird Fetish Thread 2.0
  360. Back from a banning...
  361. I can NEVER sleep.
  362. Doritos are the greatest food, bar none.
  363. Love.
  364. why lc why?
  365. Craziest statements you read on this forum
  366. Which universe would you like to live in?
  367. Anyone Trying To Get Fit?
  368. Hardest man in Manchester
  369. Db gt sucked ass!
  370. That feeling when......
  371. Z Kusano
  372. How can you talk when...
  373. Dear JM
  374. 10 things learned on the "road"?
  375. How many
  377. Tai Chi Master is THE Greatest Martial Arts film of All Time
  378. Doing it for the points
  379. Should Oxi or JT's (or both) have their cb ban cut in half?
  380. If you got shit in the mail...
  381. The Interracial Relationship Thread
  382. What's the point in the TNA thread?
  383. Why Was My Lifetime Membership Cancelled?
  384. I want to write a letter
  385. Brock Lesnar's Ear Hair
  386. back for good.
  387. Stop complaining! Roman isn't even pushed!
  388. Apparently I have 11 points
  389. Roommate Friends With Benefits Have Mentally Scarring Shower Sex (srs)
  390. A day in the life of the unluckiest bitch alive ...
  391. 2014 WF Awards - Results
  392. Why Did They Fuck Around With Total Recall?
  393. "I am smart, really smart."
  394. Dear WWE Mods
  395. I WANT ANSWERS DAMMIT!!!!!!!!
  396. video: 5 hottest teachers that slept with their students. sexism?
  397. I got banned..........FOR DOING NOTHING!
  398. Cable Companies (Comcast)
  399. Did they seriously disable the tags?
  400. pick a smiley or a gif to describe the person above you.
  401. The Rep Shout Out Thread
  402. PMS/Pissed off Thread.
  403. 50 posts, then Rants
  404. Newest member of the gif/smiley family
  405. INTERVENTION: Bully's fat girlfriend
  406. Do You Trust Your Instincts When You Meet People?
  407. Typer's Block...thread
  408. Weird Fetish Thread
  409. Kiz' Daughter
  410. Is Stephanie Mcmahon THE hottest women on Earth?
  411. Free Dualshock
  412. I feel so small/insignificant after seeing this
  413. Weird WF members
  414. Remembering thelad1985
  415. So The Boy Wonder got humbled....
  416. The war of 1812
  417. Tfw you log in to no new notifications
  418. I SAW THE LIGHT!!!!!
  419. Tags! are the best thing ever!
  420. 2015 and Jesus comes packing!!!!!
  421. Back to the future promised hover boards
  422. Stop with the "make the new year your own"
  423. Chrome Sucks
  424. 2015
  425. Shut the fuck up about Rollins
  426. Predict Kofi Kingston's 2015 RR saved from elimination spot ...
  427. Fuck Patrick.
  428. Has anyone seen this Frienemiespaj4life guy?
  429. awards.yes.no.maybe.probably.yes.
  430. The digital switchover
  431. I'm a Vince Russo Guy
  432. Who invented trolling?
  433. Who is Andy3000?
  434. What if everyone was gay?
  435. Your favourite sex position?
  436. Would you fuck Sharon Osbourne?
  437. Any New year's Resolutions?
  438. Why I dislike trees so much.
  439. WTF?
  440. I don't like Mayo or Mustard
  441. Why are pickles so tasty?
  442. And on the thirteenth day of Stevemas your true love gives to you...
  443. Whatever happened to? 2014
  444. underrated posters of 2014
  445. I guess it's time to change sn's
  446. In defense of Seth Rogan
  448. Talk me through this
  449. The Cuckold Thread
  451. AMA - My 10 year anniversary gift to you all
  452. Best Christmas Song is
  453. Merry Christmas
  454. The One, Billy Gunn's Christmas Special!
  455. Naughty Noel Edmonds!
  456. If there is one fucking thing I can't stand...
  457. My suggestion? Fuck Seabs.
  458. Fuck all of you car dealers!!!!
  459. elhijodelbodallas
  460. I need to let this out
  461. On the twelfth day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  462. Arachnophobia
  463. On the eleventh day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  464. Be Honest - Cock Magic!
  465. Is me allowed to be UN politically correct?
  466. Why Don't You Guys Like Me
  467. Sydney Siege is a HOAX!
  468. Is Australia a third world country?
  469. Everybody Knows Shit Fuck
  470. On the tenth day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  471. On the ninth day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  472. We, The Fucking People?
  473. I Don't Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday!
  474. It Feels So Empty Without Me
  475. test thread
  476. Being Denied a Friend Request
  477. On the eighth day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  478. Phaedra - whats the score with this wench
  479. Its Time
  480. Why do i get getting TOKEN ERRORS
  481. Be honest, do you like the new forum?
  482. Baymax/Big Hero 6
  483. A laaaaaa long long long long???
  484. why jeff jarrett is overrated cunt
  485. On the seventh day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  486. The Drunken MS Paint Fuck You Thread
  487. The Search for Role Model 2014
  488. The mods over at Pro Wrestling Forums are a joke!
  489. Explain the user-above- you's Fetish Thread
  490. Here's the thing right
  491. Hospital Hanoi (aka Test is still over)
  492. Bloody Brock the Moderator (aka Brock's official welcoming party. Welcome Brock!)
  493. Why do all you plebs keep coming back on here.
  494. Die clothed or naked?
  495. On the sixth day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  496. HBK 3:16
  497. Would fighting a woman be considered sexist?
  498. Do you know why rants is dead?
  499. the tna marks on this board are fucked in the head
  500. any crazy ex girlfriend or boyfriend stories?
  501. Some girl slapped me for saying this in a club?
  502. On the fifth day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  503. On the fourth day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  504. I dream broken dreams
  505. Mods taking credit for everything
  506. Fuck Santander/Edinburgh city planning
  507. Send in Michael Moore
  508. Cliffy Byro's Nightmare Before Christmas. Byro's Pagan rituals EXPOSED! Asian Cock!
  509. Bad news regarding a WF member
  510. Funniest Thing You Read on WF REGARDING Wrestling
  511. Hate my job
  512. give the member above you an xmas present
  513. Doom, Regenerating Degenerate or Regeneratin' Degenerate
  514. On the third day of seabsmas my true love gave to me...
  516. Heston
  517. On the second day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  518. Chatbox gang Vic is Washed
  519. Cross One Off The Bucket List
  520. Propose an Xmas name for Super Hans
  521. Some posters have some explaining to do
  522. Just a quick word about context.
  523. On the first day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  524. Brendan Rodger's Xmas
  526. QUESTION to those posting in "CM Punk Interview Discussion Thread"
  527. ray rice wins appeal on nfl suspension and can play again, fuck this world.
  528. literally tumblr
  529. Does Anybody Here Has OCD?
  530. Why do some Americans celebrate thanksgiving but then fuck shops up on Black Friday?
  531. Can we have a collect to get CM Punk a MMA short?
  532. CM Punk
  534. When people like sad and tragic things on Facebook.
  535. Would you motorboat Big E for 10 mins if you could to Paige for 5 mins?
  536. Are you an ambroseguy?
  537. Time wasted is life wasted
  538. Moderator Offer
  539. Why do some pc people hate christmas?
  540. bray is in the spot he needs to be at the moment
  541. iS IT NOT HYPOCRITICAL of Liberals to tell people not to slut shame women
  542. Holding the smart lads back
  543. Hit-Girl on another forum, BETRAYER!!!
  544. My anger management
  545. Is the TNA section exclusively filled with smeg heads?
  546. I am sick of these abusive PM's
  547. Does Pillman's Pencil have a small penis ?
  548. Craigslist is down!
  549. Few words to WF
  550. Fans need to stop filming their impressions