: Rants

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  1. It Feels So Empty Without Me
  2. test thread
  3. Being Denied a Friend Request
  4. On the eighth day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  5. Phaedra - whats the score with this wench
  6. Its Time
  7. Why do i get getting TOKEN ERRORS
  8. Be honest, do you like the new forum?
  9. Baymax/Big Hero 6
  10. A laaaaaa long long long long???
  11. why jeff jarrett is overrated cunt
  12. On the seventh day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  13. The Drunken MS Paint Fuck You Thread
  14. The Search for Role Model 2014
  15. The mods over at Pro Wrestling Forums are a joke!
  16. Explain the user-above- you's Fetish Thread
  17. Here's the thing right
  18. Hospital Hanoi (aka Test is still over)
  19. Bloody Brock the Moderator (aka Brock's official welcoming party. Welcome Brock!)
  20. Why do all you plebs keep coming back on here.
  21. Die clothed or naked?
  22. On the sixth day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  23. HBK 3:16
  24. Would fighting a woman be considered sexist?
  25. Do you know why rants is dead?
  26. the tna marks on this board are fucked in the head
  27. any crazy ex girlfriend or boyfriend stories?
  28. Some girl slapped me for saying this in a club?
  29. On the fifth day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  30. On the fourth day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  31. I dream broken dreams
  32. Mods taking credit for everything
  33. Fuck Santander/Edinburgh city planning
  34. Send in Michael Moore
  35. Cliffy Byro's Nightmare Before Christmas. Byro's Pagan rituals EXPOSED! Asian Cock!
  36. Bad news regarding a WF member
  37. Funniest Thing You Read on WF REGARDING Wrestling
  38. Hate my job
  39. give the member above you an xmas present
  40. Doom, Regenerating Degenerate or Regeneratin' Degenerate
  41. On the third day of seabsmas my true love gave to me...
  43. Heston
  44. On the second day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  45. Chatbox gang Vic is Washed
  46. Cross One Off The Bucket List
  47. Propose an Xmas name for Super Hans
  48. Some posters have some explaining to do
  49. Just a quick word about context.
  50. On the first day of seabsmas my true love gave to me....
  51. Brendan Rodger's Xmas
  53. QUESTION to those posting in "CM Punk Interview Discussion Thread"
  54. ray rice wins appeal on nfl suspension and can play again, fuck this world.
  55. literally tumblr
  56. Does Anybody Here Has OCD?
  57. Why do some Americans celebrate thanksgiving but then fuck shops up on Black Friday?
  58. Can we have a collect to get CM Punk a MMA short?
  59. CM Punk
  61. When people like sad and tragic things on Facebook.
  62. Would you motorboat Big E for 10 mins if you could to Paige for 5 mins?
  63. Are you an ambroseguy?
  64. Time wasted is life wasted
  65. Moderator Offer
  66. Why do some pc people hate christmas?
  67. bray is in the spot he needs to be at the moment
  68. iS IT NOT HYPOCRITICAL of Liberals to tell people not to slut shame women
  69. Holding the smart lads back
  70. Hit-Girl on another forum, BETRAYER!!!
  71. My anger management
  72. Is the TNA section exclusively filled with smeg heads?
  73. I am sick of these abusive PM's
  74. Does Pillman's Pencil have a small penis ?
  75. Craigslist is down!
  76. Few words to WF
  77. Fans need to stop filming their impressions
  78. You can go to prison for trolling
  79. Why did SOR get banned?
  80. Coming out as a homophobe.
  81. Admit it, you had to ask your mum to buy you membership to a wrestling forum.
  82. People still thinks they can take on Pro wrestlers
  83. Daily General Grievance Thread
  84. why is wishing death an infractionable offence...
  85. Who else is pissed of Fox cancelled Firefly
  86. LC SHOULD Be An Admin!
  87. Family Guy hate
  88. Gays Shouldn't Be Allowed To Marry Because Then People Will Want To Marry Their Dogs
  89. Cable companies suck.
  90. I was banned for creating another account
  91. Is James Storm GAY?
  92. Nightclubs
  93. Baiting, I may be the Master
  94. You have the power to ban/unban one user!
  95. Another argument need to vent some rage
  96. Social Media/Human nature/ All that jazz
  97. whats with this spreading rep bullshit?!
  98. The Buryer is driving me insane!!!
  99. Why do people wait in lines?
  100. Who is this fuck head?
  101. Have you ever told a customer to "fuck off" ?
  102. SpecialFNK = Biggest dumbass to ever post on WF?
  103. Can we do another membership giveaway and then secretly give it to Townes Van Zandt?
  104. Describe CM Chump in 1 word.
  105. Another First-Timer Rant... on a Seriously Important Subject: NOTO
  107. Well, fuck
  108. My rep comments are full of mad
  109. First rant: die in a fire, baby boomers
  110. the dumbest invention for the future... printable food! srs
  111. Did Mr. Shadow keep the Anything/Rants threads alive?
  113. It's the 7th of November here and...
  114. US Army removes ‘negro’ as official reference to black people after public outrage
  115. Townes Van Zandt
  116. #wagg4mod
  117. Help needed black guy nearby
  118. Bigger Cena jock sniffer: SeanzViewEnt or Hulk4Rock?
  119. So basically...
  120. Ego manical pricks
  121. You can't have equality without responsibility (fuck feminism)
  122. I feel out of touch with pop culture.
  123. This fucking gif needs to go
  124. Little things that grind my gears (feel free to list yours)
  125. CMChump and DualShock shut the fuck up
  126. Faggots with .gifs of hot women...
  127. Old people are so miserable
  128. I Done Seen It All
  129. Wrestling fans its all in your imingination
  130. The Walking dead tonight was bullshit.
  131. Why does this EraofAwesome bitch go around grudge negging?
  132. self rightious metrosexuals
  133. None of you slobs have a balanced diet
  135. This video made me upset
  136. Why is neckbeard used as an insult
  137. John Goodman found guilty of vehicular homicide!
  138. Man, I miss Mr. Shadow, do you?
  139. Headliner believes in Barry.
  140. The level of bipolarity and stupidity on this site is impressive.
  141. LOL-ins, go away
  142. Cosplay
  143. Ever criticized someone in show biz for selling out? Get the fuck over yourself.
  144. I should drink more.
  145. Fashion Tips For Wrestling fans
  146. Sometimes The Most Difficult Moments Are Needed..
  147. RugbyRat, quit being a pussy!!!
  148. I'm just gonna drop this here.
  149. Hulk4Rock
  150. Seabs infracted me.............
  151. I am jealous of hipjupes
  152. ---
  153. USA. Your cops. Vile cunts before they join the force? Or trained to be vile cunts?
  154. Gender equality? What a fucking joke.
  155. Why do women that dress like skanks always complain about men staring at them
  156. The Bella Twins are better wrestlers than AJ and Paige.
  157. you wanna fuck with canada eh?!?!
  158. First Rant
  159. One day you will start to respect LOL-ins
  160. Wiping up or down?
  161. Darkstark put me in the red
  162. I have a crush on Seabs
  163. Libtards are such hypocrites...
  164. WOW Dish drops Cartoon Network and CNN other turner channels without warning.
  165. Been there since the begining.
  166. Oblivious
  167. What do you think of rape jokes?
  168. Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards MOTY 2001 rant
  169. STUPID tna fanboys make all tna fans LOOK BAD.
  170. A natural attraction to stupid people's threads on this forum?
  171. on weomen being weaker
  172. Trans Pacific Partnership
  173. Dumbest Shit You're Been Negged For
  174. Anybody troll in real life? Addiction taken too far?
  175. AMA with...me.
  176. Every time... EVERY TIME...
  177. Do not read this rant
  178. wtf happened to music
  179. illuminati
  180. SOR
  181. Jesse Jackson Fuck You..You evil fuck
  182. How do you give meaning to your existence?
  183. I'm back everyone!
  184. Assholes,Unfunny and Pity humans..
  185. WWE Network Lag Problems Online
  186. wow really got kicked out of RAW
  187. He's not Mr. Lebowski
  188. Does having a minority view, or having changing your mind impacted your social life?
  189. Citizen Kane sucks
  190. The Prodigal Asshole Rock316AE Returns
  191. I will start a revolution
  192. Some
  193. y u heff to be med?
  194. Bathroom Horror Stories
  195. Man I'm fuckin getting heated over here bros
  196. The most racist experience you've ever had?
  197. Your writing partner
  198. Would Atheists Drink Their Dad's Sperm?
  199. Rant about yourself
  200. There is a plan in place to save you all from this dump.
  201. "WBL Studios"
  202. Diva marks
  203. This is a rant, yeah, or is it? (it isn't)
  204. Stephen Collins confesses to molesting children!
  205. So many of the WWE forum users are...
  206. JM is unfair
  207. CM Punk is a God...pls respond.
  208. People complaining about The Crowd
  209. Bandwagon Fans
  210. Nerd Rant:Superman is weaker than goku
  211. Lock your doors, Dub / Oxi finally comes out
  212. Without light we have only Darkness
  213. This guy
  214. crazy woman begs for man in her life on subway. (most embarrassing thing i've seen)
  215. Got banned for calling someone a dumbass yet
  216. Those Dick Heads That Hate Everything
  217. My Wife
  218. WWE booking sucks
  219. Hi
  220. Serious Question to Mr Andrew Arbuckle aka the headliner killer
  221. JM to be Demoted as Moderator
  222. A Tribute to Headliner, "Leave The Censories Alone..."
  223. fatman vs stupidman
  224. Battle royale is better than Hunger Games
  226. I want to become fat
  227. How do I tell my mom that I want to take a semester off?
  228. Favorite fast food restaurants
  229. What drugs have you tried?
  230. I'm a ghost on WF and I will stalk you all
  231. Can we stop with these Swagger threads?
  232. I don't understand the psyche of iphone users at all
  233. Anyone else seeing these.
  234. Mr. Wrestling 1
  235. Oh My God, They Killed Vinny!
  236. What happend to my thread?
  237. Trolls
  238. Where Is Everybody?
  239. WWE Section is taken in hostage by AJ/Paige's male dyke fans
  240. The paparazzi: the scum of the earth!
  241. Naked Mideon
  242. Thought Sex Was A Life Changing Moment, First Time I Had Sex, Accomplishing Goals
  243. Naked Mideon's fate
  244. this gives me goosebumps
  245. Dear Naked Mideon
  246. I think it's time to celebrate the era of northern ireland
  247. Bo Dallas has defeated Swagger!
  248. This is evil.
  249. IWC Shame?
  250. Ask a black guy
  251. Why is Goku praised the hero of dragonball z?
  252. Finlay12
  253. Prostitution! Why is that shit illegal??
  254. Shopping center rant.
  255. Religious cuss out
  256. Seansviewent sucks.
  257. Physical Homosexual Encounter/Experience
  258. How am I a fucking troll?
  259. Trolling
  260. Stereotypes: Embrace them
  261. The all blacks are bad sportsman
  262. Good Job(s) Come To Me, Vince HIRE ME
  263. I hate fucking Acne..
  264. Too much people on earth STOP IT!
  265. "The Walker" by Fitz and The Tantrums
  266. I'm done with Wrestling Forum (Farewell speech)
  267. Worst poster currently on WF: CM Punk Is a God
  268. Maggots...
  269. make a rant about the person above you.
  270. That Paige thread in the WWE section is exactly why wrestling fans get a bad rap
  271. The Religion-Homosexuality hypocrisy in this society
  272. Attention Athesists!
  273. Winter sucks.
  274. I now know who jack the ripper was......
  275. Too many Kobe Bryant smileys!
  276. nWoWcWFan4Life.............called me a troll?
  277. Why do Moms protect Cars virginity
  278. why do father and son protect daughters virginity
  279. Celebrities dying? Who gives a rats ass.
  280. Seriously, fuck Joan Rivers!
  281. Simple question (no hate)
  282. "Prank" videos in the hood
  283. Users who don't have a profile picture or signature.
  284. do you guys think something might go down on 9/11 with ISIS?
  285. Whatever happened to Jihad Jake
  286. I can't stand DGenerationMC. He's an idiot!
  287. Ceelo Green: It’s Only Rape If The Person Is Conscious
  288. One Direction Fans Make Me Lose Hope In Humanity
  289. Homophobia Is slowly taking over this forum
  290. Hyprocrite Forum that consists of cunts
  291. What was the earliest forum you remember using.
  292. Naked Mideon is an annoying faggot.
  293. i just killed a moth and i feel bad yo = (
  294. Girls like take in the mouth
  295. Natalya
  296. Insomnia and other sleeping disorders thread.
  297. That moment...
  298. Leprechaun Origins
  299. Fucking Plug.dj
  300. COME BACK TO RANTS Klein Helmer
  301. Fuck you heat
  302. The Cheese is real!
  303. Fuck SuperHeroHype!
  304. This thread was not meant for rants and I am no longer posting in it.
  305. Truth
  306. LOL-ins official rage thread
  307. Thwagger!!!!
  310. Hayley thread
  311. shackles's Facebook friends's rants 1 - Muslims
  312. Texting while walking.
  313. That moment when it hits you
  314. The word "retarded"
  315. If any of you think the ice bucket challenge is retarded, give me a hell yeah
  316. Pizza is overrated
  317. Morality on this ebola epidemic
  318. Cookie rant.
  319. I need advice because i want to beat the shit out of someone.
  320. Calling out (just) BANTER
  321. A rant on JBL
  322. D&D Alignment Test
  323. Are you a Face or Heel?
  324. Popular Words/Phrases You Hate
  325. love is
  326. Kids doing Ice bucket challenge without donating
  327. People who drown their steaks in A1.
  328. RIP Headliner's Asshole
  330. My "shoot" on wrestlingforum.com
  331. I hate emos and liars....
  332. This $9.99 shit
  333. DualShock, get off Russo's dick.
  334. Fucking ALS Ice Bucket Challenge threads
  335. Season of the Reason is charity, everyone. Let's all pitch in and give away a PS2
  336. dragonball gt was god awful
  337. #FreeTSE
  338. My Official Return To Rants
  339. This $9.99 shit aint funny. Stop doing it.
  340. The ultimate official knobslob of Rocky and bashing of Austin thread
  341. So bad games get sequels.......
  342. People who rate anything between 1 and 5 for threads
  343. Why Cena will beat Lesnar at Summerslam
  344. Your Fav Posters?
  346. War Machine
  347. How much of a cunt are you?
  348. Rockstar games deserves to be humbled by the iron sheik.
  349. Will you buy this?
  350. Why in the flying fuck is it illegal to be a bounty hunter in canada?
  351. Suicide watch for King Kenny
  352. oh no another "depressing" thread from yours truly.
  353. ManiacMichaelMyers
  354. What's with the bitchmade pussy ass moderators overseeing the WWE wrestling forum?
  355. Duplicitous Dub=WOAT Chatbox Member Part 2
  356. The Fire Challenge
  357. The Great Khali
  358. D.N.R On blu rays.
  359. this new white rapper is making waves and will be dead by 25, calling it now
  360. jon jones really is a piece of shit.
  361. This bugs me way to much
  362. lost
  363. Religious Views of 10 Highest IQ's On Earth
  364. Dib
  365. People getting upset and angry at internet comments
  366. People keep messing me up.
  367. homophobia on this forum
  368. Hmm, 9.99 for the wwe network or 9.99 for a lifetime membership decisions decisions
  369. LOL Lou_Skunt is 12
  370. I Hate the WWE Divas
  371. Gamer Rage
  372. i hate cm punk.
  373. Recent Thread Closings
  374. King Kenny
  375. tna (Sorry, I had to do this)
  376. Why is israel/palestine an exception?
  377. where's Cat?
  378. Kim-Jong Un can Suck My Dick
  379. These Things I Learned out on the Road
  380. WFE
  382. Who was your first one?
  383. Who do you think is more to blame for the Israel-Gaza conflict?
  384. Rep makes the world go round
  385. BADASS Servers 2.0
  387. New rep titles
  388. Let us once again rejoice and honor Wrestling Forum's greatest member, DesolationRow
  389. Clique Is A Rejoiner
  390. TNA critics
  392. seabs get off of my dick and stop abusing your "power"
  393. Why does Sleep Paralysis exist??
  394. Don't You Have Pants?
  395. Dear Clique, You Suck
  396. How do some posters have 1000 posts when they have been here 1 week?
  397. an open letter to dixie carter.
  398. My tribiute to TNA, TNA goodbye
  399. The Anti-Reigns Brigade
  400. To ThePoof, SpecialFNK, and other TNA Vultures
  401. Foods you just hate.
  402. Rock 'n' roll is fucking dead
  403. Losers who think their "different" or "cool" for listening to indy music
  404. Grow Up
  405. I'm being stalked by a ghost on WF!
  406. time to ban these fucking 13ers and 14ers
  407. Anti-American rant
  408. For the people the people who are on Facebook and Twitter...
  409. Worst Generation Period Ever?
  410. NVM moderators please delete this thread
  411. motherfucker
  413. That Fucking feeling
  414. Kids of this generation are fucking weird
  415. for the rock haters...
  416. PaigeFan00 is Claire Lynch.
  417. Alberto del rio, wm 29's main event, damien sandow
  418. Are Callisto and Londrick the same person?
  419. The King Has Returned
  420. Hey Boo Radley...
  421. Marks who have stopped caring.
  422. Why is the WWE obsessed with Flo Rida?
  423. People Who Boast About Smoking Weed
  424. Glasgow - 2014 Commonwealth Games
  425. DanielWyatt Is A Fucking Scumbag!
  426. Big Poppa
  427. Call to ban the word "cringeworthy"
  428. Forum's A Lot Better With Punk and Bryan Gone
  429. Nerds
  430. I wanna get things off my chest
  431. Jehovah's Witnesses Are Illuminati!
  432. Too soon
  433. Malayasian airlines
  434. Which user that is currently active deserves to be humbled the most?
  435. Google Your Username thread
  436. STUPID propaganda from my government when it comes to alcohol
  437. Ziggler is a Spaghetti Fish
  438. the greatest mystery in Wrestling Forum history (Vince must be stopped)
  439. Ever hurt anyone so bad they stalked you outside of WF?
  440. Who is the biggest Heel on WF ?
  441. John Cena is a poo poo head
  442. seabs go fuck yourself. *'cause my dick is too short to fuck a Goddess*
  443. I'd Like To Share Something
  444. do you find benoit fans annoying with their love for a monster?
  445. Yoshimitsu Exposed As A Liar And An Ass Kisser Within One Thread
  446. Most Hostile Threads in WF History?
  447. Chicks that don't wash their pussy
  448. Bipolar disorder with psychosis fucking sucks
  449. Gaza Stuff
  450. Why does everyone on here seem to think I'm not real?
  451. Worst Thread Starter?
  452. Who Is The Blackest Poster On These Boards?
  453. Why does everyone on here seem to think I'm not real?
  454. .
  455. Those Facebook types
  456. Got a date with an old friend from college (religious girl)
  457. Why would you eat a persons heart
  458. Faggot scenes that ruined movies for you
  461. GoT cretins lied about dany shitting in the field
  462. Why doesnt anyone do anything about Gaza air strikes?
  463. What Have I Missed?
  464. Racism? RACISM?
  465. Minor Nuisances Thread
  466. Who is a better wrestler Chris Benoit or the Rock
  467. Way too many *official discussion* threads in the Raw section
  468. The Biggest A-Hole on WF ?
  469. Wilson
  470. Who is the most arrogant and patronising poster on this forum?
  473. Hmmm
  474. Rant on the South
  475. Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567
  476. Please make me a moderator
  477. Hit-Girl is an asshole
  479. What's up with all the 4th of July negativity?
  480. Wanna Catch Up?
  481. NXT83
  482. BruceLeGorrile
  483. SmarkBusters
  484. Do you think Rahil_Rage should stop making threads?
  485. The Green Rep Collection Thread!
  486. I Have Reported Brad Maddox to The FBI
  487. KIng Dio
  488. Why the fuck are there 4 Paige threads at the top of the RAW forum?
  489. Toughest 49er fan runs mouth about Seahawks and shows his fatcle
  490. My rant on ESports
  491. Jack Thwagger
  492. The Exposure of the Scared Coward Anark
  493. Who is the most biased poster in this forum?
  494. My message 2 the haters xoxox
  495. when did TV go downhill? jumped the shark?
  496. "e-sports" is the dumbest fucking thing on the planet
  497. So um.. Gertrud Stein and Barry Horrowitz are the Same Person Right
  498. Dave Scherer
  499. I hope nobody on this forum ever dies.
  500. Give Me Your Red Reps!
  501. Can I just say STOP AND SHOP
  502. So Z. Kusano and Eduard Khil might just be the same guy
  503. You're excused
  504. Notorious B.I.G - Was he large?
  505. lolusa
  506. Who is the angriest poster on this forum?
  507. wtf is wrong with people?!
  508. I think my cred is growing.
  509. I got banned for THIS?
  510. "You were too drunk to give consent, therefore you were raped"
  511. Redskins lose their patent...
  512. Every nonlifetime premium member should leave this forum
  513. Yoshimitsu = Arrogant Mog
  514. Corter's TDL LOLz
  515. Idiots Who Sound The Tornado Sirens When There Aren't Tornadoes
  516. Money.
  517. Homophobes Who Use The "They're Trying To Take My Rights Away" Argument
  518. "I'm proud to be white!"
  519. What's wrong with WWE part 16 - Camera Work
  520. Who keeps telling all these new members about long-standing WF in-jokes?
  521. I am so sick and tired of anti-science jerks
  522. Society
  523. Hospitals suck tbh
  524. Other Forums You Hate?
  526. Honesty is the Best Policy
  527. Can You Have A REAL Relationship in 2014?
  528. Just thought I'd share this
  529. Sent From
  530. Gays 1 - Homophobes 0 (Thankyou everyone and haha! Dualshock)
  531. Seriously fuck you!
  532. Prometheus
  533. Ever Been in a Rut?
  534. Wrestling Forum is the most toxic place on the internet.
  535. Elipses Corter sucks
  536. Fuck you people and fuck your violence.
  537. wtf has happened to music?!
  538. Phuck the Mods
  539. Melisa
  540. i don't hate white people anymore.
  541. Any of you remember Wasim Perviz
  542. Top 10 Christian Fails of 2013
  543. Big Shoe in the SHIELD?!
  544. Why do hipsters think this is "art"
  545. fans who don't care about wrestling's past.
  546. Now Announcing: My Ignore List!
  547. "I don't care"
  548. Cliffy Byro A.K.A. butthurt TNA section's wannabe troll
  549. I Dont Like Public Showers
  550. yeah yeah yeah