: Rants

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  1. There needs to be a closed space for fantasy booking.
  2. Horribly offended!
  3. Sick of the 9-5 grind....Thinking about starting my own charity racket..
  4. Certain Types of Vegan (Not all of them)
  5. Phil Jackson Interaction
  6. Most people on this forum are severely childish
  7. MyPillow.com's MyPillow Pillow Really Is The Key To A Good Night Sleep
  8. The Man Beast Is The Biggest Loser In The History of This Forum
  9. Girl problems / Talking to two can only choose one
  10. wtf is an irish jet?
  11. Scripted Reality TV Shows
  12. Here is your opportunity
  13. Sleep Paralysis
  14. Fucking Yahoo!
  15. I HATE we, us, and our. I love Oxford commas.
  16. Why do people that create multis make it so obvious?
  17. Why do the nicest users disappear out of nowhere?
  18. Arby's All Purpose Appreciation Destination
  19. People with bad highway driving skills shouldn't get licenses!
  20. The most retarded wrestling affiliated site
  21. Fuck Summer!
  22. I just broke the 4th wall irl
  23. How come every mod has a cult following
  24. Date From Hell
  25. Can you ignore Mods?
  26. That weird guy in the blue shirt...
  27. So, Ghandi got the Axe...
  28. Rant: Fuck dudes that say "only women and children"
  29. Vic says Rants can't draw anymore. Is this true and is it fixable?
  30. I feel like reddit is a better forum than this
  31. F-n kidney stones.
  32. When did you start hating wrestling? or prefer " Sports Entertainment" ?
  33. Chatbox rant
  34. This godforsaken, mother-whoring US Presidential Election...
  35. Pokemon Go Players
  36. A sizable flow of disdain towards you JM
  37. Morons, morons everywhere
  38. Where art thou, Drago?
  39. Can we all just please pray for obby's sister?
  40. sexual confusions
  41. Need to put this down in words somewhere.
  42. Can I post in any threads on this website?
  43. WHY?!?!?!
  44. Roast Me
  45. Kenny Chesney
  46. The neg the fuck out of each other topic
  47. Be honest about the poster above you.
  48. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!
  49. John Cena buried me!
  50. What are the people of WrestlingForum.com thoughts on the user 'Kemba'?
  51. Who is the best poster on WF?
  52. Who is the biggest troll on WF ?
  53. Fuck Dallas, Texas and Texas in General
  54. RANT: It amazes me how they under-use talent: Woman's edition
  55. WE Wish
  56. Social Justice Warriors
  57. Pipebomb
  58. Petition to get OG Jeff a raise
  59. Vertical Scope: Get your shit together
  60. eBay Sellers*
  61. Seanzviewent is a garbage YouTuber
  62. Why Do People Think All Black Guys Are Thugs?
  63. Rant on Snobby Wresting fans!
  64. Stop throwing your cigarettes out the window
  65. What's worse: IWC or metal elitists?
  66. How the Fuck can we bag On Reigns when This exists?Lol
  67. The Hate Thread
  68. Typical Triple H hater's comment
  69. Twitter account locked.
  70. It is spelled "LOSER" "LOSING" AND "LOST"; You Dumb Stupid Idiots
  71. 2edgy4me: post edgy cringe you see around the Web and IRL here
  72. Mod Bias around here
  73. Scrumptious Double Standards
  74. Game of Thrones fans are assholes
  75. Folks crying over the quality of Raw .. What a bunch of pussies!
  76. Pummy
  77. Cause I HATE my family
  78. Why is that when a girl asks a boy for a kiss,she gets a kiss but when a boy asks a girl for a kiss,he gets a slap?
  79. The biggest plot hole in a Hollywood movie can be found in The Space Jam
  80. Terra thread: ask, rant, or just shoop me into a meme
  81. What took you so long?
  82. Here's the reason you wear condoms...
  83. Things I Hate About People
  84. SeaWorld - Scum of the earth!
  85. Catalanotto
  86. Tired of Sol Katti Sneak Dissin'
  87. Jack Thwagger Thinks Vaping Is As Harmful As Cigarettes
  88. The Wrestling Forum Chatbox BRAND EXTENSION/DRAFT
  89. Gandhi vs Chump at WFMania .. It ends
  90. Fuck Spiders
  91. Define SJW (Social Justice Warrior)
  92. NeverDrewADime
  93. The "No Comparison Rule" is the stupidest thing on this forum.
  94. Seriously Ambrosegirl, are we going to go on this date?
  95. Anyone sick of the Lucha Underground fans invading every other wrestling board
  96. Gandhi
  97. "Gaming"
  98. "Food addiction"
  99. Benoit <3 disgusts me.
  100. Alcohol/drug fueled rant?
  101. General wrestling posters
  102. Calling some users out briefly
  104. Do we have to sit and tolerate this ?! Are we this helpless ?!
  105. Drunk People Thinking They Can Sing and Play Guitar When Drunk!
  106. I transferred to NY for school last year and become "homeless" this year :(
  107. Please bring back the old :woah
  108. Want The SHIV and Drago to be my tag team partners!
  109. My mom can never catch a break!!!!
  110. Hey Cash it's me JM
  112. Are You There Margret? It's me; Abunch of Drugs
  113. you know what the feck. i have drinken mqany drinks
  114. Green Rep.. why can't we be friends :)
  115. Fuck You buddy! this fuck you is for the shiv
  116. I have relapsed
  117. The GOAT Indian Video Song
  118. Official boing thread.
  119. Dating Shinsuke Nakamura?
  120. Some Technical thoughts part XXX
  121. Just random
  122. Fuck Joe Rogan!
  124. The Dead wrestler rule
  125. Resurrection
  126. Is OXITRON a fucking tool or is he misunderstood (LOL)
  127. An injury is a "Blessing in disguise."
  128. Okay Idiots, This Is How It's Done
  129. How's everybody hanging?
  130. The Rants section through the Years on Wrestlingforum
  131. NeyNey shake it out of your ass slunt and all you other fucking haters
  132. What happened to wrestling?
  133. SEABS
  134. This "YouTube Wrestling Community" Bullshit
  135. "If you understand wrestling, you know Brock needed his HIAC win......"
  136. Wwe is FUCKING IGNORANT. Worst booked mania in history.
  137. This Demon balor Stuff is becoming Annoying, Its Bullshit Tbh.
  138. Fuck all the haters and people jealous.
  139. Is arguing with wrestling fans the biggest waste of time?
  140. Roman Reigns better fucking win the WHC at WM 32
  141. Go Fuck Yourselves Nintendo
  142. Your biggest 3 pet peeves on WF
  143. Why are people so bad with computers?
  144. WWE Roadblock
  145. Roman Reigns is officially the best on the roster.
  146. A word to wrestling forum posters.
  147. RIP
  148. Politics? What a load of crap.
  149. H: A Friend Scorned
  150. FAO Headliner
  151. Asking for a friend
  152. Fuck Overlord Kobe
  153. "precious metals" I have questions!
  154. women equality.jpg
  155. Roman Reigns is a fucking badass as fuck.
  156. Facebook News Post is Dam Funny
  157. I am sorry again WF but I will not be paticipating in watching RAW tonight
  158. Swedish women has a solution for all the american problems
  159. Seems like some people on here need to earn about REAL life
  160. Okay, you can do it, Beatles! This is YOUR Rants thread, don't blow it!
  161. I am sorry WF but I will not be watching Roadblock tonight
  162. 2006 was 10 years ago
  163. I don't smoke. I don't drink. What's wrong with that?
  164. Ya know, I'm sick of people demanding WWE upload stuff to the Network
  165. I AM FREE
  166. Cyclone Attack: Fuck you.
  167. So The Gauntlet has been thrown down aye.LETS FUCKING GO.
  168. SashaXFox
  169. Maria Sharapova: The Drug Test
  170. What's the appeal of going down on a woman?
  171. Dear Ambrose Girl
  172. No wonder WWE Doesn't listen To IWC: Most of you are Wishy Washy bastards.
  173. poopoo
  174. Kool Boy FAQ to clear things up! (rant about being constantly called a troll)
  175. last time you had a loved one put down?
  176. Black sheep of the family?
  177. Something happened to me and I just have to get it out to make me feel better.
  178. Who is Kool Boy
  179. I just got to get this off of my chest, it's killing me inside
  180. YouTube sucks now
  181. Who Else Is Getting Tired of the Whole "Race Card" Movies?
  182. Loudon, please come back !
  183. LMAO WWF
  184. Somebody is obsessed with me
  185. #TEAMBALD claiming another
  186. Ive Never Missed CENA so much In my Fucking Life.And I Hate Cena
  187. ranting on the smarkbusters
  188. Hunters Deserve to Die ...
  189. I would like to issue a apology for my stupidity as of late
  190. Wagg, do you want me to make your life miserable again?
  191. truth #CATmageddon
  192. No love for the wrestling fan
  193. Meeting Scott Steiner
  194. Newlock: Struggling for Pussy and an Identity
  195. Who would you rather see banned? Magic or Oxi?
  196. The Catalanotto Catastrophe
  197. Daniel Bryan Fagboys: "the shiv" and his crew
  198. For all you premium members that don't post in the chatbox, what's your reason not to?
  199. Everyone here is my bitch
  200. Why WF Is Complete Shit - OP Flexes on WF members (Post #44)
  201. Can someone explain Twitter to me?
  202. The Aussie purge on WF.
  203. Retarded vegan commercial
  204. Did you peak in high school?
  205. Daniel Bryan Retiring
  206. Thanks alot A-hole...
  207. loreligion
  208. Gimmick Posters
  209. The most interesting man......what a crock
  210. I tried to be like Roman's Empire in real life...
  211. Have to rant on this person in my class! THE 'PC' STRIKE AGAIN!
  212. Why is Dillion Harper so popular?
  214. What are your rep standards?
  215. Steve Black Man = Tool
  216. WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIR-fuck sake people
  217. Last Fan Standing: Worse "Man" Alive
  218. Anti-Valenshit Day
  219. I'd like to ask 'Ambrose Girl' out on a date.
  220. To my Triple O.G. WF members
  221. Need Replacements
  222. "what's wrong with your genital" confession thread
  224. Lynch is obviously better than Charlotte
  225. Why is everyone in Rants so hateful and miserable?
  226. The Diva's Championship > Women's Championship
  227. beatin Hipster ass at self-checkout - the TOLD story
  228. Fuck Vending Machine!
  229. What Sex Are You?
  230. Top 3 things ruining the world
  231. Jan 2016ers
  232. You know what, fuck ISIS
  233. Matt Hardy is fucking pathetic
  234. Anime rant: Jitsu no Watashi: Would you willingly enter the friendzone
  235. C*milleP*nk has been banished to the Shadow Realm
  236. What would you tell a 25 year old male virgin?
  237. WF Race Revealing thread
  238. Ghandi.... why are you so a bitch?
  239. Quit Playing Supporting current Nintendo
  240. must be so easy being a racist
  241. The state of the United Kingdom
  242. Poor Grammar
  243. Women
  244. The Truth About Religious and Polictical Arguments
  245. Weep with the Oxman
  246. friggin grocery stores
  247. Hi guys :)
  248. Fuck Legit CRINGE
  249. What I've learnt since I last posted in rants
  250. DO i creep you guys out?
  251. Cena's Nation Rebuttal Thread
  252. Can we just ban Youtubers?
  253. Romans Empire name change to Bacon Bitch?
  254. Rabbithole Rants Part I
  255. Lets End The Vince Russo Debate Once and For All
  256. Sports Parents...Were They Always This Bad?
  257. Gandhi humbled?!
  258. Ebay - Is it getting worse?
  259. Donald Trump Would Give States the Right to Legalize Marijuana
  260. Does WWE even have 30 people to enter the RR?
  261. Is CM Chump the worst troll in WF history?
  262. Muslim Atrocities in non-Muslim countries
  263. I am pissed off my DBZ footage is flawless never before seen.
  264. Why Do Americans Still Think America Is The Best Country In The World
  265. SJW Totem Pole - Why are White folks > Black folks???
  266. Football is boring (rant)
  267. Are there any black mods?
  268. Is DesolationRow Selwyn Duke?
  269. screw social warriors!
  270. Terrorists Take Over Wildlife Refuge in Oregon
  271. Fuck Lebanon... Worst Country I've Ever Been
  273. Red rep, please or please
  274. Headliner can suck a big fat dick
  275. oh fuck
  276. Lets stop the hentai movement in Nintendo turn your back
  277. circle jerk thread
  278. New years resolution for the forum champion
  279. *WF End Of The Year Award Results*
  280. Grand Jury Brings No Charges Against Officers in Tamir Rice Shooting
  281. CM Chump the "Cowardly Made" CHUMP
  282. It has started again.
  283. Please Cheer Me Up WF
  284. I just saw a UFO
  285. I AM 9
  286. Drunk nucklehead makes a thread about MODS!
  287. Your son starts turning into an idiot nerd
  288. All the Roman Reigns fans are getting banned
  289. why are men at fault for womens actions?
  290. #Naomi'sButtIsLife humbled?
  291. Vic Strikes Again!
  293. buy's amd..........
  294. Christmas Songs Have Been Aggravating Me, As Of Now
  295. Thank You For Dogshit
  296. Is Putin the GOAT?
  297. A New Challenger Approaches!
  298. Vince Russo: Your False Prophet
  299. Calling out Chrome
  301. Pissed the fuck off at Nintendo
  302. Loudon humbled?!
  303. IWC Thread of Doom
  304. Thirst Thread
  305. Hahahahaha yes, up yours CJ!
  307. There is one member in here, besides me, who thinks he can just decide what is true buts knows nothing: DS
  308. Someone explain the significance of This green rep Bullshit lool.
  309. Someone explain the significance of This negged Bullshit lool.
  310. So None of Sasha v Bayley matches are up for MOTY? Talk about getting Fucking Snubbed
  311. Choose Better Mods
  312. Help Kenny and Gandhi find a home for their infant child
  313. why me
  314. As you can see my thread gets closed because I have a different opinion
  315. Alright, It's Time to Bring Back The Reigns Discussion Thread
  316. It's a Christmas Miracle
  317. TheLooseCanon - Fuck that guy!
  318. Concerned About Another Users Mental State
  319. Oxitron on black wrestling fans
  320. Vent/Rant About Someone or Something Bothering You
  321. Anything has fucking shit
  322. Diva fans
  323. Where is joerulz?
  324. Ambrose Hoodie cheap fucking quality!!
  325. Merry christmas and a happy new year
  326. Ban Rollins.
  327. Rollins calls out Loudon Wainwright for being the dicksucker of Roman's Empire.
  328. Beth Phoenix is Unprofessional
  329. Fuck the negativity. America is great
  330. Rants have got fucking shit
  332. Roman Empire's Feud Thread
  333. NFL Sucks
  334. Stupid ass questions
  335. [USERNAME]MELTZERMANIA[/USERNAME] is annoying as fuck
  336. Roman's bitch
  337. Rest in peace Gandhi
  338. Eva Marie Fans
  339. Need some advice
  340. MGTOW
  341. "the business is down right now" as a defense for crappy practices, stfu
  342. the people who defend The Rock's absense from wrestling with health concerns
  343. What just happened?
  344. Roman's Empire
  345. Are you people idiots to be worked by RomansEmpire so easily or what?
  346. Ambrose Girl pisses me the fuck off
  347. ISIS and the Media: feeding the trolls
  348. What do you hate about Nintendo?
  349. I fucking hate christmas
  350. How the media fools us
  351. What the fuck did Caitlyn Jenner do to deserve woman of the year
  352. Excreting Feces, I Wish I Hadn't Wiped So Darn Much
  353. Two Things Thing Worse Than the Xbox One DRM:The entitled fanboys and the backpedalling
  354. A Lot of wrestling fans think being in shape=just the biceps
  355. Seth Rollins or Borat??
  356. Real or No real
  357. I am tired of Nintendo forcing Hentai in my favorite games.
  358. A discussion for the cop-haters
  359. You're all fucking losers
  360. Can this fuckin psycho, overly sensitive movement just die already?
  361. MemeGene.Net Will Be Back!!!
  363. Merry Blissmas, Legit BOSS or whatever lame nickname you are sticking to now, would you please stop being the dicksucker of Roman Reigns?
  364. Velvet fetish
  365. Suspect
  366. All the FEET freaks on this forum
  367. Lets take a break from WWE.And Speak on People of This Forum.
  368. no homo
  369. The most random WWE conspiracy yet?
  370. Why has deanambroselover become such a little bitch lately?
  371. Skins: Big Fan of Gay Anal
  372. Rolling Coal: Seriously What the Fuck
  373. What do you think of when you think of sexy australians?
  374. Petition to discontinue the TNA section and replace it with the combined NJPW/Lucha Underground section - ??? SIGS NEEDED BY ???
  375. This is a thread to moderator Brock.
  376. Legit BOSS: WILD HOMO
  377. Thank you.
  378. Why does WF hate Shawshank redemption
  379. Enjoy life.
  380. First Snow Of The Winter...People Lose Their Minds!
  381. BkB Hulk
  382. Today I wondered how bright the Sun was.
  383. Post in this thread to be banned
  384. Banned from Sports Forum
  385. How to lose a girl in 10 days
  386. Code Geass is broken by suzaku *Contains spoilerinos*
  388. Social Media and "Spoilers"
  389. Pray for me
  390. mods silence anti terror posts
  391. Fake News
  392. Juggalos are sickos
  393. That Green Reppin'
  394. I'm calling out the one who closes my threads.
  395. What the hell is "White Privilege" anyways?
  396. What made me laugh today
  397. Loudon Wainwright User
  398. ign forums enourages racism against whites....
  399. How come rednecks cant clean their damn yard?
  400. Everyone fell for my whiney attention seeker troll LOL
  401. Millenials
  402. One last thing before I'm done with this site.
  403. Just discovered the reputation area
  404. I think it's funny everyone here all of a sudden hates me now because I thought Tyler Breeze's gimmick was gay.
  405. r.i.p. Kizwell (A celebration of the one known as Snrub)
  406. The *Official* Gandhi is a sick freak thread
  407. Who's on your Ignore List and why?
  408. The "ask anyone anything" and see if they have the fucking balls to answer thread
  409. "What" chants
  410. See Ya Everybody
  411. I'm getting fed up of the overzealous moderation
  412. The quality of weed in the Uk
  413. Star Wars: The Cold Truth
  414. Most creepy WF user
  415. If you could meet any forum member
  416. Confession
  417. Do girls get horny when bored stuck in a room with a guy?
  418. Were the Nazis really " That " Evil during WWII ?
  419. Where did Addychu go?
  420. Walking
  421. Shalashaska in Afghanistan
  423. PC sucks
  424. Who is your your best friend on WF?
  425. I confess....
  426. I'm Gonna Take A Break From WWE
  427. Sick and Tired
  428. Nintendo 64 Controllers
  429. Last Rant on why WWE is lame
  430. I don't know who you are
  431. This girl needs to be locked away
  432. tfw you feel urself becoming dumber
  433. DemonKane_Legend
  434. Seagte Hard-Drives are fucking shit
  435. Age: What's the world comingn to?
  436. A very British rant
  437. Weakness and soreness in arm after giving blood.
  438. The best named user I've seen yet...
  439. I'm unsure...
  441. Should Brock (Moderator) Be Removed?
  442. the moderator brock is a fag
  443. The Curious Case of Rusev
  444. Guys, I'm in Love with Becky Lynch
  445. Fucking hate the radio.
  446. This forum is a joke and full of adults acting like kids.
  447. Jason Gevona/Delrey Misfits
  448. Take an hour of your life...
  449. A rant about a shitty song, the music industry, and people who like this shit.
  450. Legit Boss is a legit loser.
  451. Non-Wrestling Fans on Wrestling
  452. Another reason Iran sucks!
  453. How the fuck do some of you post this much
  454. How can you hate Seaworld, but eat meat and dairy products?
  455. Your top 5 favourite people on this board
  456. Jenner files to be a legal woman
  457. Most knowledgable WF user
  458. My 101 reasons wrong with WWE (shortened to 10)
  459. Humbled Heartthrob
  460. The overusage of the word lowkey on this site.
  461. "Fat Shaming"
  462. Those you dislike
  463. Why did I bother?
  464. WWE's Marketing and Audience
  465. updated sig limits
  466. Sooooo what am I missing here?
  467. Would you class @Rush as Human?
  468. I will now make a leaving thread only to promptly return 5 minutes later
  469. Henry Hill has left the building
  470. Awful Parenting: Rant
  471. Get in here you Chris Benoit. cunt
  473. Fuck this Country
  474. Seriously mods lol
  475. Wrestlezone Forum Administrator getting out of hand ; threatening to reveal private information of a newer member. Other members join him in the bully
  476. Loudon Wainwright's pearls of wisdom...
  477. Defiance now actually good. rant by a nerd
  478. Zahra Schreiber released.
  479. Stupid shit Jesus lovers believe
  480. Elitist people/Narcissists...anyone else hate em?
  481. Can some of you nerds rep me
  482. Wasim Perviz
  483. The use of the word "glorified" before the word "jobber"
  484. Hey V 2.0
  485. My father is a piece of fucking shit!
  486. So...Why The Crackdown On Sig Length?
  487. The closing of threads. Part II
  488. Why are people losing their sense of humor?
  489. I Hate Pissing!
  490. Daniel is the real bully in the karate kid, PROOF inside LOL
  491. Snow whites a sl#t!
  492. Most Cringe-worthy posts Regarding NXT Takeover
  493. Hating where you live.
  494. Hi, you've reached the Microsoft tech support line. How may I be of assistance?
  495. Another Beatles rant (story at work)
  496. The Return Of The Mysterious Wolf
  497. Reason you played/playing The Witcher 3 [HONEST ANSWER]
  498. Petition aka Help a Junkie OUT
  499. Poor Zombo
  500. haha
  501. star wars turkish retelling
  502. I still woke up laughing about Byron Saxton's chair and was FUMING mad he sat back down on Raw mid-match
  503. Jupes, Snowman, Dualshock Appreciation thread
  504. This is a rant about NOTHING
  505. Adelaide
  506. Once again, another unfairly closed thread.
  507. One reason I hate shopping
  508. alright here we go
  509. Saying Sara Lee is an average looking, none hot woman... :lol
  510. f$#k you jessica fletcher!!
  511. Washateria rant!
  512. What are the hot "rivalries" on WrestlingForum?
  513. 2 wrongly closed threads in one day that I just can't handle.
  514. Back pain/Sciatica sucks.
  515. Call out the person above you
  516. Would you have sexual relations with the fat one?
  517. WF Official GOAT LIST #2
  518. Would you have sexual relations with Rush?
  519. Would you have sexual relations with Addychu?
  520. I mean how pathetic is boss up?
  521. WF official All time TOP 10 GOAT list #1
  522. This is for xdream
  523. Hentai Rent
  524. The phrase "could care less"
  525. Been away a long time but...
  526. What would you do if you were made the WF admin for one day?
  527. I Wanna Be Infamous
  528. Colds
  529. Why the fuck are so many people saying low key now?
  530. lace 'em up, headliner
  531. Beauty product con-artists
  532. why is zack de la rocha so angry all the time, he should take have a sit down and think about what his family thinks of him imho
  534. Green Rep Rant
  535. My sister just told me she and her husband "are trying"
  536. RIP Reddit: Coontown banned
  537. What are your thoughts on UFO's/extraterrestrial life
  538. Shit you have seen on the internet volume: fucked edition (seriously fuck)
  540. Coach is having a bad day
  541. More like Ronda ARousMEy
  542. Your controversial opinions thread
  543. Vic: HATES BEING BLACK (Also a tranny lover)
  544. Fuck the summer
  545. Circumcision
  546. who actually gives a fuck about videogames, nobody gives a fuck about videogames, nobody that's who
  547. Weirdest Negs/Green rep reasons you've ever gotten?
  548. F*** STONE COLD!!
  549. Woman Screams Rape While Being Arrested After Claiming She Doesn’t Have to Follow Laws
  550. Gifs & Smilies