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  1. Jerry Lawler's '93-'97 heel run
  2. How to fix the WWF in 1995? if we could go back?
  3. Your first memory of Pro Wrestling
  4. Greatest Mexican Wrestler of all time?
  5. Stone Cold was freaking hilarious as the leader of The Alliance
  6. Frankie Laine passed away...
  7. If a wrestler dies, do his family still get royalties?
  8. Kurt's work underrated?
  9. Update on virgil
  10. The Chris Jericho Vs. Christian Cage feud
  11. The Day Everything Changed
  12. Ecw - Bam bam tossing mikey into the croud.
  13. Strikes me as strange
  14. Who was the "Real World Champion"
  15. There was NOTHING like the 90's! Anything better than 98 RAW?
  16. Rebooking the WWF in 1991
  17. Suppose Shawn had turned face instead of Diesel at Survivor Series 94...
  18. Steiners/Royal Rumble '94
  19. Virgil Interview on Sam Roberts Podcast
  20. Question Regarding WCW PPV's
  21. Barry Horowitz...a winner after all
  22. The Who's Who Wrestling Classics Game Reborn #2
  23. There Is No One On This Level Anymore
  24. Been a while anyone game for another round of who's who in classic wrestling?
  25. Was there a better way to turn Austin heel in 2001?
  26. When the Austin/Tyson confrontation made worldwide news...
  27. Davey Boy Smith
  28. Most "over" WWWF heels and faces of the 1970's
  29. Most "over" heels of the 80's WWF
  30. Remembering Ready To Rumble
  31. Good Evening
  32. Torrie Wilson Career Analysis
  33. What makes people remember ECW as "edgy"
  34. When were Harlem Heat Cole and Kane?
  35. Silent Library - WWE Superstars
  36. Your Favourite Episode of Wrestling Television
  37. Legion of Doom-Nasty Boys, SummerSlam 1991
  38. Angle vs. Benoit Appreciation
  39. Hindsight: APA one of the greatest teams ever?
  40. The Most Popular WWF wrestlers of the 80's
  41. It's 1994, and it's the Royal Rumble (Pretend thread)
  42. Is this the real reason WCW ended.
  43. TRIPLE H as Santa Claus??? Seriously?
  44. Happy birthday Owen!
  45. Diesel Promo after Survivor Series 95
  46. Would The Rock and Stone Cold have been as big without the Attitude Era
  47. Why did fans trash the ring in WCW but not WWF?
  48. WWF RAW 289
  49. Refering to the past as WWE
  50. Vince McMahon Officially Ushers in the Attitude Era
  51. Ok imusta fell asleep for a short time during the attitude era
  52. Rick Rude's facial hair in WCW
  53. Ultimate Warrior -- Good worker or not?
  54. I fucking love Doink
  55. The Most Epic 'Yes' In History
  56. What caused Ludvig Borga to leave
  57. Million Dollar Man leaving WWF in 1996 original storyline?
  58. The Higher Power
  59. 97 WWF was kinda ruined by Ahmed Johnson
  60. best betrayal of Hulk
  61. Flair jumping over in 1988....
  62. would it have made more sense to let the Natural Disasters win the tag titles in February 1992?
  63. How popular was Randy Savage?
  64. SCG Radio #82 - The Monday Night War Timeline: May/June 1998
  65. The Rock and Billy Gunn 'feud'
  66. Your Dream WCW v WWF Card
  67. Was Chris Jericho ever primed to join the nWo Black & White to feud with the Wolfpac?
  68. Was Bret Hart really that bad cutting promos?
  69. Bret Hart vs. HBK Feud
  70. WWE Ice Cream Bars or Hulk Hogan Vitamins
  71. Was the fan running in at the end of Halloween Havoc 97 a work?
  72. Steve Blackman: "The Lethal Weapon" was kept to a low dosage
  73. Montreal Screwjob - Real or Work?
  74. Goldberg's build was so perfect
  75. If there was a Hall of Fame for matches....
  76. Classic Tag Teams that were made up by singles stars in the WWE that worked?
  77. Cart used in entrances
  78. Maven was a great heel
  79. What's Going On With The Dynamite Kid?
  80. Was Jeff Jarrett really singing?
  81. 2 Cold Scorpio as Flash Funk
  82. What If - Hall & Nash return to September 1996?
  83. WCW PPVs used to be TERRIBLE
  84. Double J vs. Benoit at Starrcade is such a little hidden Gem.
  85. Bob Backlund Goat Heel Run.
  86. Best WCW PPVs?
  87. What was WWE trying to accomplish with Fake Razor and Fake Diesel?
  88. Best invasion story line that didn't happen
  89. Kevin Nash 97 WCW shoot trailer
  90. Was there anyone worse than Mongo McMichael
  91. Virgil in the NWO
  92. Did you like Undertaker's American Bad Ass gimmick?
  93. Your Wrestling Guilty Pleasure
  94. Bret Hart on why he didn't want to work with Vader
  95. Anyone else feel sorry for Scott Steiner?
  96. Rock/Austin II story extremely overrated, only the match was good
  97. Tank Abbott knife incident (WCW 2000)
  98. Vince Russo: "Without Shawn Michaels, There Would Be No Attitude Era"
  99. Midnight Express: The Gold Standard for Tag Teams (Appreciation Thread)
  100. Why wasn't HBK at WM13?
  101. Talents that you love ... that not a lot of people give credit to?
  102. Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase - The Price Of Fame - Wow!
  103. Wrestling talent you know them as, as opposed to their most well known persona?
  104. Did anyone here actually get to enjoy the Dusty Rhodes Vs Ric Flair back in the 80s?
  105. What if WrestleMania 14 had been booked in today's fashion?
  106. Your favourite Survivor Series teams
  107. XPW invasion of ECW Heat Wave.
  108. One of HHH's most underrated promos
  109. Who is the most successful WWE midcarder in history?
  110. In what world did making DDP Undertaker's wives stalker make any sense?
  111. Macho Man bashing Hogan on Raw
  112. The Chris Jericho Stable
  113. Chris Jericho's role in the Attitude Era
  114. Hogan v. Rude in sold out Boston Garden 1988.
  115. Arn Anderson on the Stieners not messing with Ron Simmons
  116. Behind The Scenes At NWA Great American Bash Tour 1988
  117. What if - Scott Hall to WWE in 1987?
  118. Instances when Stone Cold Steve Austin was booed as a babyface.
  119. The MSG incident created The Game
  120. Starrcade 90 almost runs out of time
  121. How would you have booked the Invasion angle differently?
  122. Salvaging the 1995 Royal Rumble
  123. Classic heel tactics
  124. If you could,who would you have pushed back at the time.
  125. Taka Michinoku vs. Brian Christopher
  126. Thoughts on Ken Shamrock, Steve Blackman, and Dan Severn
  127. Was Papa Shango supposed to be a main eventer?
  128. Ray Traylor's second WCW run 1993-1998
  129. Has Goldberg ever done a clean job?
  130. Ric Flair On Who Should Be On Wrestling's Mt. Rushmore
  131. Your top 5 wrestlers of the NG Era
  132. Who do you think is the stiffest wrestler in the business & thoughts on this acclaim?
  133. Stan Hansen .... I want to learn more about this guy, what can you say?
  134. Kayfabe: American Badass Undertaker
  135. Hunter Hearst Helmsley becoming Triple H
  136. Montreal Screwjob - From who? Just as much fault on Bret Hart than Shawn Michaels/Triple H
  137. The Rock says a few "main event wrestlers" complained about him at WM15, and how Austin responded
  138. Bob Holly beats up Matt Cappotelli
  139. The most epic WrestleMania main event: Hulk Hogan Vs. Ultimate Warrior or Stone Cold Vs. Rock II?
  140. Silver doesnt sucks! most prestigious under-card championship
  141. If Vince didn't buy WCW?
  142. WCW pushing Hogan as their top guy for so long
  143. Potential HOF Candidates
  145. What really killed WCW?
  146. WWE 2000 DAMN!
  147. What is Bill Goldberg's legacy?
  148. Individual accomplishments that will never happen again
  149. Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka ECW ONS 2005
  150. Your opinions of Eric Bischoff
  151. Was ECW a bigger loss than WCW to the wrestling industry
  152. John Kronus
  153. Curiosity about the Kane vs Stone Cold match at King of the ring
  154. If WWE lost the war WCW Nitro's open would look like this...
  155. Fifteen years ago today
  156. Pre-80s Revengeaning
  157. Untrue rumors you once believed
  158. Why does Bischoff hate Mick Foley?
  159. WCW Uncensored
  160. The 80's
  161. Smackdown's role before 2002?
  162. Attitude Era 1998-2001 vs. NWO Era 1996-1998
  164. Faces you hated and heels you liked
  165. TIME WARP: Rated R Superstar Edge in Attitude Era
  166. It was so dumb when they banned the jacknife powerbomb on WCW
  167. Podcast
  168. Hogan tapped out to Angle
  169. Konnan and Juvi
  170. Bill Watts and His "Contributions" to Pro Wrestling
  171. Some Wrestling fans forgot about these 7 NWO members:
  172. Was BRAWL FOR ALL the worst idea ever conceived in the history of WWE?
  173. What if Shawn Michaels never injured his back?
  174. Dynamite Kid article RE Nine Legends
  175. Taker killed two chumps in a parking lot that tried to jump him.
  176. The career of Austin Idol...the most can't miss star of all time who never caught his break
  177. What if The Rock or HBK or Billy Gun or Chyna went to WCW?
  178. Was Lou Thesz a fake tough guy?
  179. Shawn Michaels...hard to be able to stand this guy
  180. If Sting was in 80's WWF there'd have been no Hulk Hogan?
  181. Room 101 - Wrestlers and Personalities
  182. The Beverly Brothers .... These really intrigue me ...
  183. The Patriot's 1997 WWF run
  184. WWE Wrestlers who had great WCW runs after the WWE, and one's who had bad runs after WWE?
  185. Most radical body transformations (1991 WWF vs 1992 WWF)
  186. SCG Radio #75 - The Monday Night War Timeline: March/April 1998
  187. Bret Hart in the Attitude Era
  188. NWA Wildside.
  189. Charlie Fulton has passed away
  190. Alternate Timelines - Wrestlers Receiving Contracts after Tryouts
  191. Bigger Disappointment: Warrior or Sting?
  192. Eric Embry....another in a long line of forgotten legends.
  193. Question about RAW on 4/6/98 (kinda ot)
  194. Phil Hickerson just a big, ugly, brawler....and horribly underrated.
  195. What's the Main Event of WM X if Lex Luger wins the title at SummerSlam
  196. Who was your favorite WCW World Television Champion
  197. The Rock vs Stone Cold vs HHH
  198. Did Warrior ever job cleanly?
  199. WrestleMania IX
  200. Vince Russo tells some WrestleMania stories.
  201. Wait...Sid Vicious ISN'T In the HOF?
  202. What If - Warrior is not suspended after SummerSlam '91?
  203. If Hogan was a babyface and Austin was an anti-hero...
  204. Power & Glory, missing out on the tag team titles, missed opportunity?
  206. Major WCW programs (1989-1995)
  207. Rise, Fall, and Rise of WWE (1984 - 1999)
  208. Wrestlers Out of Time, Out of Place (Part II)
  209. Raw 1993
  210. American Badass Undertaker Character/Gimmick
  211. Was there any build up for the Shawn Michaels vs. Rick Martel feud at SummerSlam?
  212. Underrated Monday Night Raw/Nitro/Smackdown Pops
  213. "Die Rocky Die"
  214. Masters of the Powerbomb Press Conference
  215. Kane's Night Of Destruction - WWF Raw 11/2/98
  217. Wrestlers you loved on character alone?
  218. What if...Montreal never happened?
  219. The World buries Bret Hart
  220. Anyone watched WCW more than WWF?
  221. Need Some Help
  222. 1991 King Of The Ring Tournament Footage
  223. What Does Jim Cornette Actually Like?
  224. Analyse this match - Ric Flair Vs Tito Santana.
  225. Battle Royal at the Royal Albert Hall
  226. WWF Royal Rumble - Madison Square Garden - 01/17/1994 - Handheld
  227. WCW Aired a Kevin Nash match even though he had already debuted in the WWF
  228. Vince Russo... I Don't Even Know...
  229. WrestleMania X Review
  230. WWF house show in Chicago back in '95
  231. Who was the best at hyping a PPV in the Control Center
  232. Bret Hart Film
  233. 100 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time
  234. Buff Bagwell fans, do they exist?
  236. How would you rate Erik Watts WCW Debut
  237. Scott Steiner
  238. A One Hour Car Ride with Scott Steiner
  239. Why is Marc Mero so universally hated by wrestlers and wrestling fans
  240. Savage vs. Warrior WM7 or Savage vs. Steamboat WM3, which one do you prefer?
  241. Bret Hart - Makin Some Noise & You Start A Fire
  242. Bret vs. Bulldog: SummerSlam 92 or IYH95
  243. Bret Hart promo the week after getting kicked in the head by Goldberg.
  244. Was a WWE DVD called "Screwed: The Bret Hart Story" meant to happen? Because it could've been used as an alternate version of a good Bret tribute DVD
  245. So much garbage thrown at first WresteMania!
  246. Who was your favorite Broadcast Partner of Tony Schiavone
  247. Did you know that Oz was going to be a big star in WWF & WCW
  248. Eric Bischoff talks about challenging Vince to a fight WCW angle
  249. Did "Dr. Death" Steve Williams try to really hurt Bart Gunn?
  250. Why is David Arquette winning the WHC so bad and not Lawrence Taylor WM11?
  251. Top guys who never bladed
  252. Was Diesel's title reign originally intended to run until 1997?
  253. Who do you think is the smoothest worker in wrestling history?
  254. WWE's Dec 1997 Offer to Ultimate Warrior
  255. What makes Savage vs. Steamboat a 5 star match?
  256. What saved WWE?
  257. Tugboat was going be an Iraqi Sympathizer before Sgt. Slaughter
  258. On today's date, Bob Backlund defeated Billy Graham for the WWE Championship. He went on to have 5 year title reign!
  259. Tag teams that split where both members found success?
  260. Raw and SD - live and taped
  261. WWE finally gives the truth about WCW's death and WCW relaunch plans revealed
  262. The nWo in 2002
  263. Why was Lex Luger pushed in WWF's small body era?
  264. Crushmore (Who should be on it?)
  265. Should Brother Love be in the Hall of Fame
  266. Hogan vs Undertaker at Mania never happend
  267. Halloween Havoc 96 shoot or worked?
  268. Lex Luger and Roman Reigns
  269. Was it the right choice of HHH to win at WrestleMania 16?
  270. Collecting wrestling figures
  271. How bad would a feud between Akeem and Saba Simba been
  272. Could anyone else have played the Attitude Era "evil authority figure?"
  273. What If - Ric Flair stays in WCW in 1991?
  274. WrestleMania VIII
  275. Shawn Michaels "Lays down for no one"
  276. Favourite ECW Entrance Themes
  277. Bob Holly Matt Capotelli incident
  278. Jamie Dundee says Ms Elizabeth was a call girl before getting into wrestling
  279. What Tag Team Member were you in the minority for preferring?
  280. Why did Ken Shamrock never win the title?
  281. Edge and Christian were overrated
  283. Survivor Series 1991 Review
  284. This what I would've done with WCW/nWo Storyline in WWF
  285. No Mercy 2001: Good God were the McMahons annoying (and still are)?
  286. Bring Back 'The Devil' Petition
  287. Mr. Perfect
  288. is this video true
  289. 1992-93 Barry Windham (heel) vs. 1999-00 Sting (heel)
  290. Name a kayfabe and a real-life reason why Barry Windham turned heel at Clash of the Champions on November 18, 1992?
  291. Nation of Domination, DX, Hart Foundation
  292. What was WCW's best PPV in the year 2000?
  293. 10 WWF/WWE Wrestlers Who Never Held The World Title But Should Have
  294. Who did you like better Doink or Kwang
  295. The Worst Gimmick Match Concept Ever
  296. WhatIfWrestling Fantasy 1-on-1 Matchup: 1989 Ric Flair vs. 2014 Brock Lesnar. Who do you want to win?
  297. What is a good starting point to watch edgy WWF 96-97???
  298. Ravishing Rick Rude
  299. Name a kayfabe and a real-life reason why Owen Hart turned heel at the Royal Rumble on January 1994
  300. WrestleMania VII
  301. Sunny Details HBK Fling in Tell-All Book
  302. WWF 1992: Vince McMahon had one out of the following six wrestlers to choose from to take over for Hulk Hogan
  303. Royal Rumble 1991 Review
  304. Why did Eric Bischoff feel the need to copy Rocky Maivia with Prince Iaukea
  305. What was the deal of the Paul Roma-Shane Douglas match
  306. Andre The Giant becoming the WWF Champion
  307. Steve Austin gives play by play on WWE's biggest "Pop"
  308. Classic NWO parody of the Four Horsemen from 1999
  309. Was Eric Bischoff a one trick pony?
  310. Did you know Brother Love could cure the Blind and Cripple?
  311. If ECW hadn't folded by 2001 and went bankrupt by 2003, would Scott Hall and Curt Hennig be viable big names ECW needed?
  312. Did you like The Barbarian
  313. The Hart Foundation were great WWF Tag Team Champions
  314. Great American Bash 1989 Review
  315. The Mega Powers
  316. Ministry of Darkness
  317. King Tonga/Haku/Meng
  318. The Trial of CM Punk
  319. Clash of Champions 1 Review
  320. Triple H Comments On Losing The Ultimate Warrior At WrestleMania 12
  321. WCW Cruiserweight Championship
  322. Fake Jesse Ventura fools the REAL Roddy Piper LIVE ON RADIO!
  323. Must See Shoot Interviews
  324. PREVIEW - Burial of The Hitman - Exposing the real Bret Hart
  325. WM 17 to SummerSlam 2001 review
  326. WrestleMania 3
  327. How highly do you rate RVD v Jeff Hardy InVasion 2001?
  328. Was Ken Patera de-pushed for changing his physique in 1988?
  329. Nikita Koloff and Who is biggest star of the 80's-90's that is already forgotten.
  330. wrestling artwork trading cards
  331. Spike Dudley sucks
  332. WCW/NBC - 1999
  333. 2000 dirtsheets: Original plan for Tank Abott as champion, Bret's concussion
  334. WrestleMania 2 Review
  335. 90's Charity
  336. Did WWE sabotage WCW wrestlers on purpose?
  337. AWA - How would you have killed it off
  338. What If - Andre the Giant
  339. Starrcade 1983 Review
  341. WWF 1995: Was Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) supposed to have a heel turn in 1995-96 instead of The 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman)?
  342. Your thoughts on JD 01?
  343. Why was there never a 1 on 1 match on TV between Bret Hart and The Anvil
  344. Was HBK supposed to miss grabbing the belt 2x at SummerSlam 95?
  345. Most Hall of Fame Worthy Out of the following Divas....
  346. Favorite Sean Waltman Character
  347. Triple H becomes an official world champion in a third decade. Who else?
  348. What WWE unaired archive matches would you like to see?
  349. What was with the audience in Backlash 2001?
  350. Triple H as WWF Intercontinental Champion
  351. What happens to Nash & Hall if there was no "Outsiders"
  352. What If - Ric Flair had become Spartacus?
  353. Will Sid ever get into the Hall of Fame?
  354. Tori's 'paranoid' gimmick
  355. What do you consider the greatest year for heels in the WWE?
  356. The Rock turned down Jim Cornette's managing services
  357. Just got word The Mongolian Stomper has passed away
  358. Where do you rank The Executioner amongst worst gimmicks
  359. Brian Pillman's Daughter Speaks Out
  360. Brutus Beefcake teases HOF induction, talks Hulk Hogan issues, wrestling's popularity, TNA & more
  361. Should Scott Norton have gotten a bigger push in the NWO
  362. Did you like Jailbird Crush
  363. Halloween Havoc 2000
  364. In Your House: Beware of Dog - HBK vs. Bulldog
  365. Bret Hart's time in WCW from 1997 to 2000
  366. Any ECW fans out there?
  367. Virgil vs Barry Horowitz who wins and why?
  368. Survivor Series 2003
  369. Great Matches Between 2 Bad Workers
  370. WrestleMania 2 Retrospective
  371. If MITB existed in the ‘80s and ‘90s
  372. Why did Diesel ultimately fail as champion?
  373. Question about Survivor Series 1991
  374. WCW 1999: Name a kayfabe and a real-life reason why Bret Hart turned face in the middle of 1999?
  375. Royal Rumble/What If??
  376. Rick Martel's match with Eddie Guerrero & his WCW run.
  377. The Kane/X-Pac partnership
  378. Iron Mike Sharpe passed away.
  379. let's pretend we're smarks in the Monday Night Wars
  380. List Your Favorite ECW Wrestlers Of All Time
  381. If Vince McMahon never bought the WWF where would wrestling be today?
  382. NWO Souled Out 1997
  383. Jobber, Chuck Ausin paralyzed in a match with the Rockers (December 1990)
  384. SCG Radio #68 - The Monday Night War Timeline: Jan and Feb 1998
  385. The Wrestlers Post 1980 U Dislike Most
  386. Brian anyone remember him?
  387. WCW 1999
  388. Watching WWF RAW from 1997
  389. Big Show's '99 WWF Champion booking
  390. Bret Hart Buries the World
  391. If Hulk had returned as planned at SummerSlam '92
  392. Best and worst Raven's Flock incarnation
  393. Pwinsider's Dave Scherer on Jeff Jarrett
  394. Hogan's 2 month title reign in 1993
  395. Here's who had the most wrestling matches ever
  396. Steve Armstrong (Lance Cassidy) not at HOF 2011 with rest of family
  397. On this day, 21 years ago, Hakushi made his WWF debut defeating Matt Hardy (jobber at the time)
  398. Andre the Giant in Herb Abram's UWF (1990)
  399. Why do they call it X-Pac heat?
  400. ECW/NWA
  401. Bret Hart talks about Tribute match for Owen
  402. Tito Santana talking about drawing and earning money & how great the Tag Team era was back then, current Tag Teams not really as over anymore?
  403. Stone Cold vs Ken Shamrock Could Have Been An Excellent Feud
  404. Post something good about a wrestler you hate
  405. Did anyone do the Piledriver any better than Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff
  406. Ahmed Johnson
  407. Memories of Ed Lewis
  408. The time when Ric Flair won the WWF Championship in a Royal Rumble match ...
  409. NWA / Smoky Mountian - Jim Cornette
  410. TRUTH OR DARE: Pick 1: A Cherished Great and Rag on Him/Her
  411. Would you have voted for Ric Flair's reinstatement to WCW in 1995
  412. Wrestling's Scummiest Moment Ever?
  413. MexAmericans Memorial Thread-Gimmicks and storylines that appeared then disappeared in very short order
  414. The most annoying announcer
  415. Wrestlers who were GREAT babyfaces and never really played a heel (or much of one at least)
  416. Should Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner have been a more successful Tag Team
  418. If X then Y
  419. What about the name WCW?
  420. Let's Talk Fireballs...A Heel Tactic I Miss
  421. "7 Habits of Highly Effective Businessmen" by Vince McMahon
  422. WCW Saturday Night July1994
  424. Where would you rank Pretty Wonderful amongst WCW Tag Team Champions
  425. I never knew Undertaker took the Tombstone from Andre the Giant.
  426. Was 1997 Kane the most powerful/strongest wrestler in WWE?
  427. Who failed harder as the "next Hogan"?
  428. If U Could B Any Great In His Prime, Who?
  429. Your least favorite wrestlers of all time....classic section style.
  431. A MUST watch Match: Earthquake vs Warlord
  432. Why was DDP buried in WWE?
  433. The match no one talks about after the Invasion Angle
  434. Would Sting have retired Flair?
  435. Triple H in WCW
  436. Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake
  437. Scott Hall in ECW, what could have been
  438. Owen Hart over Bret Hart?
  439. Ernest "The Cat" Miller's WWE Run 02-04
  440. Top 5 NWA, WCW, and AWA goats (no mark wars)
  441. Bobby Heenan predicted DDP would be a big star
  442. Bret "The Hitman" Hart wishes you all a Merry Christmas!
  443. This is hilarious
  444. Top 5 WWE GOATs (no mark wars)
  445. I hate to say it...
  446. The build to WM 18 (starting from Vengeance 01) - What it should've been if you want to keep Rock/Hogan.
  447. Favorite rivalry?
  448. Podcast interview with Jacques Rougeau - Never knew the Mountie was banned in Canada
  449. The Dream of those great forgotten stories
  450. Favorite Classic Pay-Per-View Theme?
  451. Don't lump 1993 in with the shit years!
  452. The Tipping Point in the WWE vs WCW
  453. Wrestlers Out of Place, Out of Time
  454. SCG Radio 2015 Christmas Show and a thank you to the Classic Wrestling forum
  455. Greatest NWA U.S. Champion
  456. Vince deserves More credit for attitude Era.& Is best Heel of all time.
  457. WCW in North Korea
  458. Scott Hall in the 1987 and 1990!
  459. Why didn't Triple H help Shawn Michaels? (Bad Blood 1997)
  460. Jeff Jarrett's 1997 shoot on Raw
  461. Looks matter! What were your favorites?
  462. Why did Hogan wear Red & Yellow as face when All White in 1985 was his best look.
  463. Madusa trashing the WWF Women's Championship happened today - December 18, 1995
  464. Video clip of Mean Gene calling Jake Roberts sick and should be banned, and Jake saying "Thank you very much"?
  465. Harley Race's final match
  466. Name a kayfabe and a real-life reason why Curt Hennig turned heel at The Great American Bash on June 1998?
  467. Which guy in NWO was you?
  468. Mr Wrestling 2 the second life of Johnny Walker
  469. Is Rocky 3 the single most important thing to ever happen in the history of Pro Wrestling?
  470. How do you feel about Ted Dibiase as a talker, when you consider him among the greats?
  471. Bret Hart praises Bischoff and Russo (2000)
  472. Who would win
  473. Bret Hart - Talking about wrestling in the UK in the early years, his impact around the world.
  474. "Golden Era" the current roster
  475. Did anyone like Charlie Norris
  476. Name a kayfabe and a real-life reason why Curt Hennig turned heel at Fall Brawl on September 1997
  477. Most Toxic Backstage Environments
  478. WCW Halloween Havoc 1992 Card
  479. What happened with Doc & Gordy in WCW in '92
  480. Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair WM9?
  481. Southeast Championship Wrestling the forgotten territory and the Midnight Express
  482. JR's last three podcast
  483. Terry Taylor - The Red Rooster .... was he very good?
  484. RARE moments of WWF stars being filmed backstage
  485. How is Arquette worse than Lawrence Taylor?
  486. would you have preferred it if owen lost at wm x but win the bely at summerslam?
  487. Dynamite Kid Hospitalized from a stroke
  488. The Best Hell in a Cell match happened today! The Rock vs. Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple H vs. Rikishi vs. Undertaker
  489. Classic FIRST SURVIVOR SERIES - Almost 30 years ago,Hulk Hogan Rick Rude Kong Kong Bundy Andre The Giant Bam Bam One Man Gang
  490. Marty Jannetty - The Rocker the WWE forgot?
  491. Today in WWE History: Chris Jericho defeated Stone Cold & The Rock to become the First-Ever WWE Undisputed Champion - Vengeance 2001
  492. The WrestleMania VII - Blindfold Match - Your thoughts back then and now in hindsight?
  493. Name a kayfabe and a real-life reason why Randy Savage turned face at Spring Stampede 1998
  494. The "Sacred Cows" Of Wrestling Who are Off Grounds
  495. One of the biggest WWE fuck-ups in history!
  496. nWo Wolfpac vs. nWo Hollywood backstage WAR [Nitro - 5th October 1998]
  497. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin gives Santa Claus a Stunner
  498. What did you think of WWE Velocity
  499. Name a kayfabe and a real-life reason why Barry Windham turned face at The Great American Bash in 1991?
  500. Vince Russo's Unsolved Mysteries
  501. Who has bodyslammed Yokozuna?
  502. Name a kayfabe and a real-life reason why Lex Luger turned heel at The Great American Bash in July 1991?
  503. Vince McMahon talks directly to the IWC in 1998
  504. WWF 1996: Ultimate Warrior was rumored to have feuded with Diesel
  505. Could King Mable (a.k.a Big Daddy V) Been The First African-American WWF Champion in 1995?
  506. Ric Flair
  507. Was 1995 really that bad by comparison of today?
  508. Magnificent Muraco & Ace Cowboy Bob Orton
  509. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd were an awesome team
  510. VIDEO: British Bulldog before AND after steroids!
  511. Gimmicks that looked bad on paper that got over/Looked good on paper but crashed
  512. WCW 1992: Why did Lex Luger leave after losing to Surfer Sting at SuperBrawl II?
  513. Was Luna Vachon to blame for Sable's locker room problems?
  514. Who do you think was more likeable in the locker room and up in the front office?
  515. NWO Wolfpac Elite: Why did Hollywood Hogan act as a willing ally to Lex Luger?
  516. How were Smackdown and Raw different during Attitude Era?
  517. Chris Candido
  518. WWF WhatIfWrestling Fantasy PPV
  519. Vacant stil can't beat Flair.
  520. That time Andre the Giant won the WWF Championship
  521. The Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich - His legacy and character in hindsight.
  522. Did you like WCW under Bill Watts in 1992/1993
  523. Did you like Shawn Michaels w/Sensational Sherri
  525. Of Course Flair is Greatest Ever. The Q is Who is the 2nd best Ever
  526. Why was there never a feud between Papa Shango and The Undertaker
  527. Art Donovan at KOTR '94
  528. Fixing the WWF in 1995
  529. Time Warp: Undertaker in the 80's
  530. What is Freddie Blassie's legacy for you?
  531. What do you think would have happened if AJ Styles was a part of the Attitude Era?
  532. Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin or The Rock vs. Steve Austin
  533. Hulk Hogan or Hollywood Hogan?
  534. Greatest moments and memories of the Big Boss Man?
  535. Today in Wrestling History - Survivor Series 1991
  536. Least favorite ECW legends/others
  537. Tommy Gilbert passes away at 75
  538. Spoiling Mankind's Title Wins
  539. Happy Thanksgiving - WWF SmackDown 11/23/00 (FULL SHOW)
  540. Greatest tag team of golden era(pre 1995)
  541. WWF 1997: Why were the U.S. fans cheering for Bret Hart around September 1997?
  542. Édouard Carpentier and NWA Title Controversy
  543. Eddie Gurrero vs Owen Hart
  544. Views about Pedro Morales
  545. Taz question
  546. Vince's voice
  547. NWA Territories
  548. Where to begin.. wcw fans
  549. Vince Russo produces first appearance of Mick Foley as Dude Love on Raw
  550. I need help for Recommendations from stuff from the past