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  1. Was anyone else more shocked that Eddie won the title more than Beniot
  2. Beginning of Attitude Era
  3. Should the Nasty Boys be in the WWE HOF
  4. The golden-era of wrestle mania
  5. Top 5 1980's Wrestlers That Should've Been Used Better or Became Champions?
  6. Wrestling the Curse: The Von Erich's Story
  7. Favorite Heel or Face turn at WrestleMania
  8. What was Bruno to Bob Backlund?
  9. Was The Ultimate Warrior expected to take over from Hogan after WrestleMania VI?
  10. The Trial Of Kevin Nash
  11. Hulk Hogan's wrestling skills = Underrated
  12. Coliseum Video on The Network?
  13. Did you predict The Rock was gonna join The Corporation
  14. What was your favorite John Tenta Gimmick
  15. Old School Wrestling Toy Mania!
  16. Worst WWF Cards in History
  17. A must watch for fans of the territorial era
  18. WrestleMania 17
  19. WWF Classic Merchandise catalog scan ?
  20. Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett's 1st WCW Stint
  21. How many times McMahon tried to hire Sting?
  22. No Way Out 2001
  23. Classic old commentator combos
  24. Rob Bartlett
  25. Did Mr. Perfect really have an agenda against Lex Luger at WM X
  26. Who did you think would be Owen Hart's Mystery Partner at WM XI
  27. Why didn't Bret Hart give Yokozuna a rematch after WM X
  28. USA VS Canada.
  29. when did HHH kayfabe break up with Chyna?
  30. He hasn't aged a day!
  31. Why Miss Elizabeth is one of the most culturally significant characters in wrestling history
  32. In honor of Rusev's win....Greatest "Foreign Menace" Heels of all time
  33. Did WCW Ever Have Anyone Who Would Classify as a Mega-draw?
  34. I hated the old Intercontinental belt design
  35. Would you have liked to have seen The Road Warriors feud with the NWO
  36. Do you like this edition of Worldwide in 1997
  37. The Shoot Interview Discussion thread
  38. Mario Mancini, Dave Paradise and Paul Roma
  39. How accurate is this Map of the old wrestling territories?
  40. Do you remember Yokozuna?
  41. What happens if Dustin Rhodes & Blacktop Bully aren't fired from WCW in 1995
  42. Why Sammartino never held the "national drawing record"? Was he really an elite draw?
  43. Top Rivals Game
  44. Was the road to WM 14 ME the best build to a Mania?
  45. Hey what is the deal with the wwe verison of the ic title match with jericho and rvd
  46. Matches in heaven that should have happened in RL
  47. How close did Bret come to leaving WWE in 1992?
  48. Were the police informed about the nature of kayfabe back in the old days?
  49. Who did you like better Bad Attitude or Pretty Wonderful
  50. Whose reign of terror was worse? Double J or Triple H?
  51. What was the point of One Man Gang - US Champion
  52. This match brought a tear to my eye
  53. A WrestleMania X rebook I've been tossing around in my mind
  54. If Montreal Screwjob Happened Today: Imagine the Raw Hijack!
  55. Sgt Craig Pitbull Pittman
  56. Kurt Angle/Stone Cold/Vince angle 2001
  57. Hulk Hogan defends his decision not to work with Bret Hart in 1993.
  58. What kind of role would Goldberg have had during the Attitude era?
  59. Brian Pillman/Goldust/Marlena Angle....goes too far?
  60. WCW in the UK
  61. Looking Back: Stone Cold Vs. Undertaker SummerSlam 98
  62. Would The Rock have joined the Nation if Ahmed Johnson didn't get hurt
  63. Vader vs Ric Flair (WCW Starrcade 1993)
  64. What were the most sensibly booked WCW PPV during the nWo years?
  65. Did Jeff Jarrett's Band know he was not singing
  66. What did you think when Stone Cold Steve Austin attacked Brian Pillman on WWF Superstars
  67. Shane Douglas
  68. Need Some Help With The AWA
  69. Did you like when WWF exposed Double J Jeff Jarrett
  70. Did you like when Jim Ross brought back Razor Ramon & Diesel to the WWF
  71. 10 reasons why WrestleMania 11 was complete garbage
  72. Quick 2001 wcw ppv question
  73. Luchas Expert Wanted
  74. Best wrestlers to never win the big one
  75. WWF Livewire was ahead of its time
  76. Had Razor become WWF Champion, would you of wanted him Heel or Face?
  77. Hilarious Vince McMahon clip from TNT in 1984
  78. Crow Sting
  79. WCW / Vince Russo
  80. Coliseum Home Video Exclusives List
  81. HBK 1996 Championship Run = Failure
  82. Were Mr. Perfect & Triple H in Cahoots the whole time during their feud
  83. Bad News Brown
  84. The Kings Court
  85. Where did the Vince and HBK bisexual rumor gain traction?
  86. The true story of Austin vs McMahon
  87. Top 50 Wrestlers Of The 1980's
  88. Classic Wrestlers who stayed over despite poor booking.
  89. What are some good WCW matches and PPV's?
  90. Raven: Heyman sold out.
  91. Was the Montreal screw job a work?
  92. 10 old PPVs you enjoyed (more) since getting The Network?
  93. WCW Couldn't Book PPVs
  94. Anyone else absolutely love Austin's ECW Promos
  95. Brian Pillman's Yellow Dog Gimmick in Dub See Dub
  96. Real And Fake Barbed Wire In WWE
  97. Billy Graham's "Tangled Ropes"
  98. Wrestling clips you've never seen
  99. Bret Hart would be the perfect superstar for WWE's reality era - did he come at the wrong time?
  100. The Rock claims his feud with Austin was cut short because the fans were behind him after WM 15
  101. If social media was around 15 years ago...
  102. Favorite WCW Superbrawl PPV
  103. A pivotal moment in the MNW: 1998, Halloween Havoc vs Survivor series
  104. Building The Next Face of the WWE: A History
  105. The "Other" 1994 Royal Rumble
  106. A Better 1995 Royal Rumble
  107. Question about Royal Rumble 2000
  108. BUDDY ROGERS!!!!!
  109. Did wrestling fans ever suspect a screwjob would happen at Survivor Series 1997?
  110. The WCW Epic Fail Files
  111. The Drunk History Of The NWO
  112. If Randy Savage stayed in the WWF during the Attitude Era
  113. Vince Russo's "Forgiven"
  114. Why did The Rock stop wearing his $500 shirts?
  115. Can somebody tell me one of the greatest WWE or WCW matches before 2002?
  116. What was the point of Stunning Steve Austin vs The Great Muta at Spring Stampede 94
  117. Monday Night War - January to June 1996 (Podcast Question)
  118. WrestleMania 18 - Fatal Four Way Undisputed Championship Match?
  119. Luger's 1997 Nitro title win celebration
  120. Standout TV Jobbers Appreciation Thread!
  121. Classic Wrestling from WWF & WCW on Dailymotion
  122. Did you like the team of Hardwork Bobby Walker & Jim Powers in WCW
  124. IWC Hunter Hearst Helmsley
  125. Instances of Hogan abusing his creative control in WCW?
  126. Attitude era clip need help
  127. B.S.K
  128. WWF 1980- 1985
  129. Is "The Kliq" the worst thing to ever happen to pro wrestling?
  130. WrestleMania 9: The Craziest event ever?
  131. Creative had idea for Hogan to be Leader of DX in 1997
  132. Camp Cornette Killed 1996
  133. List 500 greatest American wrestling matches of all time
  134. What was the deal with Undertaker, Big Show & Paul Bearer
  135. The Lost Shawn Michaels Comeback
  136. Why Hogan V Flair match didn't happen at WrestleMania 8?
  137. Stone Cold Steve Austin's 50 Greatest Matches.
  138. Best IC Title Ladder Match?
  139. Why and how did Buff Bagwell Get Over?
  140. 30th Anniversary of Hulkamania
  141. How did HBK feel about Diesel surpassing him in 95?
  142. What did you watch January 4th 1999
  143. The Rock's Rumble win, overlooked?
  144. AWA - How would you have liked to see it die
  145. Did you like when Undertaker & Kane attacked everyone on RAW
  146. At what point did WWE give up on Lex's push
  147. Could the AWA have been saved
  148. Did you like the team of Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne
  149. A walk down Attitude lane
  150. Shawn Michaels face turn in 1995
  151. Was HBK injured in his back on purpose in 1997?
  152. Memories of Wrestling past. Magnum TA vs Nikita Koloff Best of 7 Series
  153. Thoughts on the Debut of Narcissist Lex Luger at the 1993 Royal Rumble
  154. The Hollywood Blondes
  155. Ultimate Warrior/Goldust...someone needs to be fired
  156. Sid Justice originally the front-runner to win title at This Tuesday in Texas
  157. Where do you put Doom amongst all time WCW Tag Team Champions
  158. Jim Cornette with Jericho and Lance Storm cuss out fastfood personell (1994 video)
  159. A little conversation about Howard Finkel
  160. Could Attitude Era have lasted longer?
  161. What was your reaction to Ric Flair winning the 1992 Royal Rumble?
  162. Did you want Kane to chokeslam Drew Carey in the 2001 Royal Rumble
  163. Harley Race's time in the WWF
  164. Worst Matches at The Royal Rumble
  165. OVERRATED- Edge and Christian vs Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz
  166. Just watched Ric Flair vs Terry Funk 'I Quit' match.
  167. Were you shocked when Yokozuna defeated The Undertaker at the 1994 Royal Rumble
  168. What happened between Pam Anderson and Shawn Michaels between RR95 and WM11?
  169. Boiler Room Brawl, SummerSlam 96 - Your Thoughts?
  170. Jamie Kellner, Eric Bischoff, and Vince Mcmahon Combined Killed WCW, not Vince Russo.
  171. This day in history in 2002
  172. Your Favorite Macho Man Matches/Segments
  173. Did you like the Freebirds in WCW
  174. Remember how Vince used to go OTT with commentary for HBK matches?
  175. Did you feel like in 2002 WWE should of dragged the Raw has no world title storyline on more
  176. Best Wrestling DVD doc ever
  177. Moments that still give you goosebumps
  178. What are all the eras of WCW?
  179. What would have happened if Nash didn't tear his quad?
  180. Anyone ever been to the Pro Wrestling HOF?
  181. Whose Attitude Era angles did you enjoy more: Vince Russo or Chris Kreski?
  182. Re-book the first 10 WrestleMania main events
  183. Titantron Thread
  184. Why Sgt. Slaughter winning the WWF Title at Royal Rumble 91 was a good thing
  185. Favourite years from these defunct WWE B-PPV's?
  186. How accurate are pro wrestling autobiographies?
  187. Top 5 hardcore/extreme matches of all time.
  188. Big John Studd recommended matches?
  189. Macho Man Randy Savage should have won the 1993 Royal Rumble
  190. Why was there never a match between Macho Man and Goldberg
  191. Rank Triple H's Most Memorable Moments/Matches In Madison Square Garden (Read The OP)
  192. how Different Owen Hart career
  193. Defeats that in retrospect were great upsets (Part 2)
  194. What if Brutus Beefcake had not been injured in 1990?
  195. Left handed superstars
  196. Kane vs Jericho – The coffee incident
  197. Top 10 Favourite Feuds
  198. Kane, Jericho or Angle; more influential during AE
  199. What was the point of Macho Man's 1 day 1999 WCW Title Reign
  200. Timeline History of ECW 1999 as told by RVD trailer
  201. Was there a worst amount of Participants in a Royal Rumble than 1995
  202. Favourite Big Man/Power Wrestlers of the past?
  203. When did wrestler's start using finishers?
  204. How early on did you start following the internet wrestling websites?
  205. It's a "Conspiracy"!!
  206. Should Lex Luger have won the 1994 Royal Rumble by himself
  207. Chris Benoit main event push in 2000
  208. Wrestler Debut's That Truly Surprised You
  209. Vince Russo Re-booking WCW 2000 Project with your help
  210. Jack Brisco - Was he any good?
  211. Scott Steiner vs Tank Abbott in a locker room fight
  212. Rank these wrestlers
  213. Shouldn't Vader have beaten Hogan at Superbrawl V
  214. Back in black: Sting's return in 1999
  215. Does Snuka get off too easy for Nancy Argentino?
  216. Cactus Jack Vs. Triple H - Street Fight (with Helmsley's commentary)
  217. 1998
  218. The year was 1998
  219. Shane McMahon Commentary
  220. Marc Mero on the Vince Russo Podcast
  221. Roddy Piper's pinfall losses
  222. has wcw and wwe had a ppv on the same night
  223. Why did WWF Action Zone become a Recap Show
  224. Kane shoot interview ?
  225. Wrestlers who got over with little or no wrestling ability
  226. Anyone remember Jailbird Crush
  227. Did you like Barry "Hole in One" Darsow
  228. Should I bother watching Nitro and/or RAW from the Monday Night Wars?
  229. Jim Ross Vs. Lance Russell
  230. Anybody else appreciate the Golden Age of wrestling?
  231. Favourite year of Attitude Era
  232. 3 hour long directors cut of "Heroes of World Class" ?
  233. Worst Starrcade Main Event Ever
  234. WWE plans for The Mariner (Brutus Beefcake) in 1991
  235. Personal Preference... Hart you liked more?
  236. Was there a dark gimmick pre-Sullivan?
  237. Merry Christmas, and Classic Christmas Booking
  238. Rebook Triple H's WrestleMania Matches
  239. King Kong Bundy: Bret Hart and Shawn Micheals as champions led to the downfall
  240. Ric Flair on Worldwide
  241. How mainstream was the WWE back in the AE?
  242. Your favorite "emotional match" ?
  243. Help me re-book 1995 starting with WM11
  244. Cornette is selling copies of his 1970s Mid-Atlantic Collection for $125
  245. Comparing gimmicks: Razor Ramon v. Scott Hall
  246. When was the last time WCW beat WWF in the Monday Night Ratings
  247. Greatest WCW Champions Of All-Time [1991-2001]
  248. Squared Circle Gazette Radio 2014 Christmas Show~!
  249. The Brass Ring has been a thing for awhile
  250. Why didn't the Amazing French Canadians win the WCW Tag Team Titles
  251. ___ doesn't get enough credit for _____
  252. Sting Vs. Hollywood Hogan cage match
  253. Most Over the Top Characters from each Era
  254. Why did Roma's push die in WCW?
  255. Does anyone know why Ezekiel Jackson won the ECW title and not William Regal?
  256. NWA Great American Bash Tour 1987 (Behind The Scenes)
  257. What was the best match in the history of WCW/NWO Souled Out
  258. Should Hulk Hogan have fought Zeus more?
  259. Glaciers WCW debut?
  260. Make A Survivor Series Team of wrestlers from one state
  262. Who was the best Sheik?
  263. Fantasy Warfare: Andre Vs. Vader
  264. Last Watched PPV (80/90's)
  265. Lowest Attendance in WCW
  266. All 50 states and THE wrestler each is most identified with.
  267. Did you like when Austin & The Undertaker won the Tag Team Titles
  268. Favorite Bobby Heenan Quote
  269. During the AE, did they really "sell out" every show?
  270. Monday Nitro Before it went on the air
  271. Stone Cold - McMahon - Flair contract signing 2002
  272. Hogan to the AWA - In 1990!
  273. Favorite Steve Austin Match in WCW
  274. Remaking WM Matches
  275. What are some of the Greatest Heel WM Wins
  276. Did WCW have repetitive main events?
  277. Who would you have wanted the Greater Power to be?
  278. Did you ever think RAW would get cancelled during the Monday Night Wars?
  279. What if Kevin Nash had stayed in WWE in 1996?
  280. Do you think during the AE, Vince's favorites were Austin and Rock?
  281. What happens with Steve Mcmichael if Brian Pillman doesn't leave WCW
  282. Your Favorite Horseman
  283. Sting versus Undertaker already happened :-)
  284. Wrestling Magazines
  285. What If Angle Had Became The Undisputed Champion Instead Of Jericho?
  286. What Company had a better overall Product in 1997?
  287. What do you dislike about your favourite wrestler?
  288. Would Undertaker have made it big without the gimmick?
  289. Who should have come along at a different time or place?
  290. Who did you think would win the WWF Tag Team Title Tournament of 94-95
  291. In 2001, was Austin turning heel the problem, or did WWE not handle it well?
  292. Your least favorite wrestling personalities of all time.
  293. Would HHH be anything today if HBK hadn't been out?
  294. Austin in 2001, when "What" started, was cringeworthy.
  295. Director Kaye Fabe
  296. Best hyped PPV matches?
  297. 3rd biggest star of the AE?
  298. Should Vader have gotten a push in the Attitude Era
  299. My List of 1250 Matches at Four Stars and Above ...
  300. What is your favourite wrestling album?
  301. Valuable Wrestling Merchandise
  302. Booker T was a pretty crappy wrestler
  303. Was a proper ending for the nWo even possible?
  304. WWE Production Values Collapse in mid 90s
  305. Legit question Scott Steiner. How over was he?
  306. UK Wrestling Fans
  307. Why is Rick Rude not in the Hall Of Fame
  308. Wrestler's best/worst matches?
  309. Moment Or Accomplishment Most Associated With A Wrestler
  310. If not Kevin Nash, then who should have ended Goldberg's Streak in WCW
  311. Something that has always bothered me about Hart/Austin WM13
  312. WCW Uncensored 1997
  313. Biggest WWF star of 2001?
  314. 2003, 2004, 2005 - best episodes of RAW?
  316. "ALIAS THE CHAMP" with Gorgeous George Wagner
  317. A certain fan's meet & greet w/ wrestlers during WWF's tour of India in '96
  318. Monday Night War in 1995 (Podcast Question)
  319. Best & Worst WWF December PPV's
  320. WWE 3- Disc Lawler DVD on it's way!
  321. How well would a Warrior-Undertaker title program have drawn?
  322. Bret Hart on Eric Bischoff: "He was just a clueless idiot"
  323. Why Stone Cold didn't like Tazz
  324. Owen Hart Should've Got The Title After The Screwjob
  325. Was DDP vs. Randy Savage the best feud in 1997?
  326. Kenta Kobashi vs Mitsuharu Misawa
  327. Did WWE want to change Billy Gunn's name to Mr. Ass
  328. Was Stone Cold intimidated by HHH
  329. Did you like GTV
  330. Analyze This: Versatility
  331. remembering the blood
  332. The Rod awakening.
  333. HOW did wcw lose so much money in the late 90s?
  334. Whos better: Macho Man vs. Triple H?
  335. Wrestling injuries with the worst timing
  336. Other libraries Vince should go after
  337. How did Hulk Hogan get over with the fans in 1983?
  338. Need help to know about this black wrestlers who looks like shad and gtg
  339. Greatest Storyline of all time
  340. Skip young
  341. First Match Ever...
  342. Was it raining at every Nitro when the nWo had a segment outside?
  343. How would you have ended Goldberg's streak?
  344. Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2015 Announced
  345. Vince McMahon on Conan
  346. Randy Savage's final WWE interview
  347. Favourite Tag Team/Stable Entrance Themes
  348. Best & Worst WCW Starrcade PPV
  349. Who now takes Sting's position...
  350. Analyze This: Pro-wrestling at it's best
  351. Wrestlers who were clearly rip-offs
  352. Was Mr. Mcmahon really gonna leave WWE Forever after Fully Loaded 99
  353. Any chance?
  354. Which era of WCW did you guys enjoy more: The Crockett Era or the NWO/Bischoff Era?
  355. Worst Sting Feud in WCW
  356. What was up with the time given to IC Title matches from late '97 - mid '98?
  357. Kamala The Ugandan Giant Struggles As A Double Amputee
  358. What if Luger stayed with WCW in 1992?
  359. Shane Douglas at Heat Wave 98
  360. Is there a dedicated "classic videos / matches" thread?
  361. Pre-80s Project
  362. Failed Gimmicks Other Wrestlers Could Have Pulled Off?
  363. No Way Out 2001 Is One Of The Greatest PPV's Of All Time
  364. Survivor Series 1991: Team Justice Vs. Team Roberts
  365. Remember when the DDT was devastating?
  366. what's your favourite match
  367. Was turning the powers of pain heel wrong
  368. The Body and Gorilla
  369. Who did you think the Mystery Partner would be at Survivor Series 96
  370. What would have happened at Survivor Series 92 if Warrior wasn't fired
  371. Was WWF in late 97 lucky?
  372. What if Lex Luger had not jumped to WCW in 1995?
  373. What if Macho Man Actually Retired at WM7?
  374. Vince Russo on WWF Mania in 1994
  375. All Time Favourite Feud, And Why?
  376. Could The Nation Of Domination Ever Have Been a Face Faction?
  377. Under Rated WWF PPV's of the 90's?
  378. The real reason WCW went out of business.
  379. Why didn't Tatanka win a title in the WWF
  380. Why didn't Goldberg regain the WCW Heavyweight Title
  381. John Kronus
  382. Greatest Face in History?
  383. Konnan: Thoughts
  384. How Come Kane Didn't Have a Longer World Title Reign, During The Attitude Era?
  385. WWF Ring Dimensions
  386. Did Heat change your mind on who was going to win the Deadly Game Tournament
  387. Final WCW broadcast
  388. Best seller of all time
  389. Did Angle get shafted in 2001 w/ his 2nd title reign?
  390. Who was your favorite WCW mid card wrestler?
  391. Terrible gimmicks for all time greats
  392. Was Big Show the right guy to win the WWF Title at Survivor Series 99
  393. The Recent ECW Additions to the Network
  394. 25-Year Anniversary Upcoming...Two Words...Five Letters
  395. In this topic it is still 1995
  396. Were Ken Shamrock & Billy Gunn the right guys to win King of The Ring
  397. How Famous Was Goldberg?
  398. Most Disappointing Wrestlers in History
  399. Why disrespect Perfect?
  400. Your Survivor Series dream teams
  401. Vince Russo Did NOT Kill WCW-FACT!
  402. Don't know where to post me, mods?
  403. Your Top Ten IC Matches At Wrestlemania
  404. Strange matchups
  405. Big Show chokeslamming Undertaker through the ring
  406. IYH Canadian Stampede 1997 original main event?
  407. Andre the Giant. Face or heel?
  408. Did you like when Kane spoke with the Voice Box
  409. Who Raised the Briefcase at King of The Ring 1999
  410. Do you still hold resentment over the death of Owen Hart?
  411. Would there have been a legit riot...
  412. Best WWF PPV of 1997?
  413. Most historic event you attended
  414. What if Austin had left for Hollywood In 99?
  415. Unconventional Favorites
  416. Was Bret Hart really that misused in WCW?
  417. WWE's Brainwashing On WCW
  418. Jim Ross Interviews JJ Dillon
  419. Mean Gene calls Dean Malenko a "bonafide loser"
  420. iTunes - WWE: The Federation Years
  421. The Berzerker should have been WWF Champion
  422. Did you think Faarooq & Bradshaw would become WWF Tag Team Champions
  423. Did WCW & WWF guys hang out together?
  424. Original ECW matches we never got to see
  425. Steven Regal - A Real Man's Man Debut
  426. Your thoughts on the Million Dollar Stable in 94-95
  427. WCW Uncensored ’99 - WTF
  428. Mr. Mcmahon tells the fans to go to Hell
  429. Miss Elizabeth's Run In WCW?
  430. I love Kaientai
  431. WCW's lack of originality
  432. Give me some great Dean Malenko matches available on the Network
  433. What are the hottest crowds you can remember?
  434. How long could the Invasion storyline last?
  435. WWE.Com's Top 50 Heels in Wrestling History
  436. There's a possibility that NWO shirt in 1997 sold more than Austin 3:16 shirt in 1998
  437. Interviews about Starrcade 97
  438. Classic Promos/Segments
  439. Did WCW use Madusa well in her run from 1995-1999
  440. Monster Mash: My Top 35 Monster Heels!
  441. Yokozuna absence November 94 to March 95
  442. Was Owen Hart underrated on the mic?
  443. Storylines that should have been wrapped up in the final Nitro?
  444. Theme music question
  445. Im looking for this certain steel cage botch
  446. Talents turned busts
  447. Did guys leave WWF for WCW in 1999 due to Vince Russo
  448. 1993
  449. Rock's 1998 IC Title Reign
  450. Your favorite Million Dollar Man matches?
  451. So I've been looking through a few old HBK matches
  452. How would you counter-program to the WWF in 1997-98?
  453. When Macho Man joined Sting in 1997 was he with the NWO all along
  454. Did you like Debra better in WCW or WWE
  455. Analyze This: Star
  456. The Trial Of Eric Bischoff (Podcast Question)
  457. Shawn's match at WM 25
  458. Ric Flair stripping down to his underwear
  459. Were You on Team Wolfpac or Team Black & White?
  462. Could HBK and Austin have went on to have one of the greatest rivalries...
  463. Early Wrestlemania's Changes?
  464. Sammartino and Graham doing play by play.
  465. Big Van Vader vs. Stan Hansen
  466. Did the WWF Handle the Owen Hart Tragedy Correctly
  467. Stiffest chops of all time?
  468. Unintentionally Funny moments
  469. What was the deal with Vampiro?
  470. Analyze This: General
  471. Did they ruin the Stone Cold's character in 2001?
  472. Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle Iron Man Match
  473. Mr. Perfect's last match before retiring in 1991
  474. Undertakers worked shoot promo on Raw
  475. Top 3 wrestling minds of all time?
  476. Briscoe used Hogan's Music. WHy?
  477. Did HBK's 02-10 Run Make Up For His Politics In The Nineties?
  478. Why do people single out Eric Bishoff for WCW's demise?
  479. Best & Worst Halloween Havoc Matches/Events
  480. DX: Revisionist History, or Deserve the Rub?
  481. Dr. Ken Ramey also died this week
  482. Rowdy Roddy Piper Podcast
  483. Thoughts on Evil Doink?
  484. Why didn't Kane join The Wyatt Family?
  485. Ox Baker passes away at age 80.
  486. top 10 "what" drew in wrestling
  487. Was the Invasion always destined to fail?
  488. Analyze This: Juice
  489. Would Warrior have turned heel in 1991?
  490. Which Wrestlers Have Had The Longest In-ring Careers?
  491. What wrestling books would you like to be written?
  492. fourth biggest draw
  493. All these years later, what do you think about not protecting the business?
  494. 10 classic rivalries retweeted
  495. Did you like the feud between Austin & The Undertaker going into OTE 1999
  496. What are your thoughts on Skinner
  497. Strange Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan promo for Summerslam 1991
  498. Battle Royal at the Royal Albert Hall
  499. Stone Cold Vs. The Rock @ Wrestlemania XVII (with Austin's commentary)
  500. Thoughts on Don Muraco?
  501. Mae Young took some serious bumps as an old lady
  502. Did the Undertaker american bad ass gimmick destroy his character?
  503. Why we cheer for the guys we do?
  504. Kane, the god guy rapist storyline?
  505. Montreal Screwjob
  506. Austin's intensity as a heel from 96-97
  507. The Rock cuts a promo after getting speared by Goldberg for the first time.
  508. Why didn't Bam Bam Bigelow get a title run in 93/94?
  509. What happened to the nWo?
  510. Favourite Remixed/Cover Entrance Themes
  511. Your fav match pre AE Era?
  512. In your opinion, what is the biggest Stone Cold match that never happened?
  513. WCW in 2000 something I don't get
  514. Analyze This: Tag Team Moves
  516. Best RAW episode?
  519. Timeline History of WWE 1981 by Rick Martel (New) & Tito talking about no feud
  520. Analyze This: Mid-Card talent
  521. Most Underrated Legends
  522. "It Should Have Been _______"
  523. Any reason Brutus Beefcake has never made a cameo?
  524. Guys who you are sad/angry that you didn't see more of
  525. Who thought Steven Regal - A Real Man's Man was a good idea
  526. Analyze This: Paper Champions
  527. WCW at it's best/worst
  528. Ranking every WWWF/WWF/WWE title holder in order
  529. Help me identify this wrestler
  530. Before Hogan vs. André, What Were Some Matches Considered the Biggest Ever?
  531. Rob Van Dam vs Mike Awesome
  532. Creative Control Nightmares
  533. Bob Backlund .... His legacy, his wrestling and place in the wrestling history?
  534. Favorite matches of those damn Dudleyz?
  535. Classic Wrestling Rumours you actually believe.
  536. Biggest serial botcher of all time
  537. If you could inject one classic wrestler or tag team into the current product
  538. Favorite Rock Vs. Triple H match?
  539. Diesel's title win
  540. Booker T - Off the Record
  541. Analyze This: Archaic Rules
  542. I miss piledrivers
  543. El Santo Farewell
  544. Why did the WWF take the WWF Women's Title off of Sable
  545. Can we please take a moment to appreciate The Mountie's excellent promo skills?
  546. Could Bret Hart see through his shades?
  548. Bret Hart video series
  549. This is how you do a promo for a title match Austin vs Kane KOTR 98
  550. Rumored Monday Night War jumps?