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  1. How long were they building The Rockers feud. First impressions of Shawn Michaels as a heel? (Video Inside)
  2. How did you feel about the Wrestlemania VII match card when it came to star power and the results?
  3. Vince Russo defends putting the title on David Arquette
  4. Ready To Rumble (2000)
  5. SCG Radio #113 - The Monday Night War Timeline: January 1999
  6. Hogan vs. Sid @ WrestleMania 8 Planned All Along?
  7. Sting's change in attitude after he joined the Wolfpac
  8. Who Had More Impact On Wrestling History; Kevin Nash Or Randy Savage?
  9. Undertaker vs Colonel Mustufa very dramatic fight
  10. Wrestlemania IX
  11. How bothered are you about the Hall Of Fame in all honesty for your favourite talents?
  12. Thoughts on Booker T WWE career
  13. Your favorite tag-team-partner in each team
  14. Woman making the moves on Mean Gene
  15. Raven or Wyatt?
  16. Thoughts on Terry Funk?
  17. Glacier - Underrated Character
  18. Happy Birthday to Antonio Inoki, who turns 74 today!
  19. Is Sgt Slaughter the WWF'S most overlooked legend?
  20. Warlord talking about Road Warriors, Powers Of Pain history with them & Hawk's singles run in Smokey Mountain Wrestling?
  21. WWE ruined Lex Luger as a main event player
  22. The Russian Bear Ivan Koloff has passed
  23. WrestleMania VI
  24. WSX vs WCW 2000
  25. George Steele, Classic Wrestling Bio/Memorial
  26. Who had the better physique? The Ultimate Warrior? Or Scott Steiner?
  27. Sid Vicious should have a Bluray (or DVD) set
  28. Lex Luger Should Have A DVD
  29. Chavo Guerrero Sr. RIP
  30. Sunny says she's not into black guys
  31. Greatest Wrestling Tribute Videos - The Lonely Road of Faith, My Sacrifice etc.
  32. Classic WWF Production Themes
  33. What is your honest opinion about Eric Bischoff?
  34. Why didn't WWE repackage The Steiner Brothers?
  35. WWF Hardcore vs. Original ECW
  36. Droz's Injury?
  37. The Bret vs Shawn rematch at 'Mania 13
  38. Ultimate Warrior leaves WWF for Japan - in 1989?!
  39. Triple H's Heel Turn At WrestleMania 15
  40. Sting vs. Cactus Jack (Submit or Surrender) (WCW Power Hour 11/23/1991)
  41. Better than you remembered - worse than you remembered
  42. Double thread - Koko B Ware and The Junkyard Dog
  43. Vader, Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith vs. Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson & Sid (WWF In Your House 9: International Incident)
  44. Room 101 - Tag Teams
  45. Hulk Hogan vs. Genichiro Tenryu (SWS 12/12/91)
  46. What was O Harts ceiling?
  47. Wrestlers who have taken gimmicks or been influenced by and become more established for the gimmick?
  48. Vader vs. Sting (Strap Match) (WCW Superbrawl III)
  49. The wrestling career of Leon Spinks
  50. How Much Has Hulk Hogan Hurt Pro Wrestling As Opposed To Helping It?
  51. If Jerry the King Was 5 Years Younger When He Came to the WWF
  52. King Kong Bundy Bites Hulk Hogan's Head Off
  53. The greatest night in the history of our sport!
  54. Hercules, was he any good and what do you guys know about him?
  55. Royal Rumble 1994
  56. Great article on Royal Rumble's forgotten dress rehearsal
  57. what held davy boy smith from holding the heavyweight title
  58. WWE holding back talents, apart from Shawn Michaels did anyone else reach their potential in the WWE or were they all held back?
  59. Wrestlers who just seemed out of place
  60. Heel tactics that you loved from specific heels unique to them & their character that worked?
  61. Will WWE put Goldberg's WCW theme on ITunes?
  62. Not Sure I'd Listen To Jake Roberts' Music In The Same Manner Again
  63. Why is Davey Boy Smith vs. HBK not considered an all-time great feud?
  64. Corporation vs Ministry feud
  65. The Big Boss Man - Heel or Face?
  66. Did the Mega Powers end too early?
  67. Who is you favorite color commentator?
  68. The amount of managers in the late 80's / early 90's in the WWE that often paired with GREAT mic workers.
  69. Hogan And Austin Had A Bigger Impact On WWE History Than Rock
  70. What are some surprising matches that few people knew actually happened?
  71. Your opinion on Vince Russo
  72. Who would have been your WWE version of The Four Horsemen?
  73. Royal Rumble 1998
  74. Wrestlers or Acts You Hated But Turned The Corner On
  75. New Jack the scumbag
  76. Over The Edge 1999 ticket stub signed by Owen Hart
  77. Hulk Hogan the leader of my gang
  78. Shawn Michaels vs Sycho Sid (WWF Survivor Series 1996)
  79. Take one star from the past and pair them with a star of today to form an epic tag team.
  80. Will WWE buy old indie footage.
  81. Bret Hart vs. Diesel (WWF Championship) (WWF Survivor Series 1995)
  82. Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel (No Holds Barred) (WWF In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies)
  83. Bret Hart's Hulk Hogan tribute from 2002....huh?
  84. Guys from the past you wish would have gotten pushed?
  85. Why is Eric Bischoff credited for the Monday Night Wars when it was Ted Turner's company?
  86. Good tag teams that never were, gimmicks that worked well together but never happened.
  87. Wrestlers who got pac heat
  88. Why did Bad News Brown never win a title?
  89. The end of 1995 WWF isn't that bad
  90. Teddy Long stable of jobbers in WCW
  91. If Shawn Michaels wrestled through 1998-2002
  92. Greatest 6 Man Team in American Wrestling
  93. When Tag Teams split & one member doesn't get repackaged?
  94. Who had the better physique? Triple H? Or Scott Steiner?
  95. The Rockers - Underappreciated or appreciated by the business?
  96. The KISS Demon
  97. Which Is The Better Cell Match: Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels or Undertaker vs. Mankind?
  98. Why wouldn't Roddy Piper ever put anyone over?
  99. There Will NEVER Be Another DUSTY RHODES!!!
  100. Which country had/has the best wrestlers?
  101. Sid Justice - Insanely protected
  102. Why did people cheer for Stone Cold?
  103. How the hell were scaffold matches allowed?
  104. Bret/Vince/WWF 'Invasion' Of USWA In 1993
  105. Was the Dungeon of Doom the worst stable in the MNW era
  106. Suitable opponents for Warrior
  107. Favorite wrestler of your era to not win ANY titles?
  108. Who had the better physique? The Ultimate Warrior? Or Lex Luger?
  109. Sale of WCW to WWE
  110. Someone who should be/go into the Hall of Fame but won't?
  111. Kotr 93, Lawler/Hart feud
  112. What if Goldberg joined WWF instead of WCW in 96
  113. Better moments in WWF Monday Night Raw over WCW Monday Nitro on a whole. What do you think
  114. Has Trish ever been asked about the dog segment and how she felt?
  115. Flair & Steamboat in the WWF
  116. Jumping the shark on match concepts
  117. My WWF/WCW Wrestling Adventures Through 1990
  118. The Jesse Ventura movie
  119. Was it The Rock who made the year 2000 the best year for WWF(E) or was it the teamwork of HHH,Undertaker,Vince,Mankind, ect..?
  120. Bret "the Hypocrite" Hart?
  121. At what point did World Titles become tools to get someone over?
  122. According to Bruce Pritchard, Christopher Daniels was supposed to be the Higher Power
  123. "Battle Kat" Bob Bradley - A Career Retrospective
  124. When did WWF Raw really start getting good?
  125. Injuries/Departures That Forced Major Change
  126. 1992, Best performance, best match and which wrestler had the best year?
  127. Does anyone remember Bob Bradley (aka BattleKat II)?
  128. Did anyone ever kick out of a Rude Awakening
  129. Konstantine Kyros and the Alliance to End Vince-amania
  130. Summerslam 92 - Biggest non Wrestlemania event, bigger than most Wrestlemania's, did this PPV live up to it's success for you?
  131. The Worst 'Classic' PPV you have seen
  132. Where was the ceiling on Owen Hart?
  133. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Wildman Marc Mero - King of the Ring 1996
  134. Saturday Nights Main Event's and This Tuesday In Texas - WWE additional PPV's in the late 80's/early 90's
  135. PPVs that took place around Christmas? Christmas-themed?
  136. Would WWF's downswing have happened so soon if The Rock had continued as the FOTC after WM17
  137. A history of wrestler gimmicks that were spoofs on rival promotions
  138. Wrestlers who didn't have or need titles ... they made their mark anyway?
  139. Should IRS have had a better run in the WWE?
  140. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vader
  141. Looking back on 1991, who would you say had the best career, best performance and best match?
  142. Who remembers Randy Hogan?
  143. Why(and how) did Vince work things out with Austin in 2002-3
  144. Spoof Nitro script from 1997
  145. Nearly 6 years later, what is Edge's legacy?
  146. What year do you think that the WWE had the best talent?
  147. It's crazy to think that Hogan, Warrior, and Savage were never in the ring at the same time
  148. Flip it over: Guys who only worked as heels
  149. What if Sgt Slaughter had burned the US flag
  150. Favorite Starrcade Matches
  151. Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt Slaughter (Desert Storm Match) (MSG 6/3/1991)
  152. Was the Attitude Era really that sexist?
  153. Steve Corino
  154. How come that Shawn Michaels has never won any singles title since 2002?
  155. The -***** Stars Match to Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant is Bullshit
  156. Fabulous Moolah's "28 year reign"
  157. Why did Bret Hart fail in WCW?
  158. Royal Rumble 1997
  159. If WCW was alive today
  160. Could Hakushi have been bigger in WWE?
  161. WCW in Mid 1998
  162. One Thing That Was Disappointing About HBK's 2nd Run
  163. What if Triple H won the king of the Ring in 1996?
  164. Would it have behooved Vince to work with WCW in 96?
  165. Best match, segment or promo not on the Network yet?
  166. Main event SummerSlam 1994
  167. Did Randy Savage ever wear his Intercontinental Championship belt around his waist??
  168. What matches do you enjoy watching over and over again?
  169. Opinions you have about wrestling that goes against the casual fan...
  170. Career Retrospect - The WCW Ding Dongs
  171. Classics On Demand
  172. No Holds Barred 80's movie - Buy or sell?
  173. The burial of Shawn Michaels
  174. Wrestlers with a missing ingredient that prevented them from becoming massive stars.
  175. Why didn't Vince punish Shawn for the MSG incident?
  176. The crowd at WrestleMania 18 was horrible
  177. Was Chris Kreski the best writer WWE Creative ever had?
  178. SCG Radio #106 - The Monday Night War Timeline: December 1998
  179. The WWE Network made me respect wrestlers more.
  180. WCW Ended but never died.
  181. Articles written by Bret Hart 1997-2003 - archives
  182. What is Pro Wrestling's Ultimate one on one match?
  183. Why is the Undertaker's American Bad Ass gimmick hated so much
  184. 1992 was a weird year...but fun
  185. 1995 King of The Ring: Who should have won?
  186. Rare/Un-Broadcast Goldberg/Raven Promos from WCW Nitro 04/20/1998
  187. 1992 - 1994 WWE title changes that have never been seen
  188. Matches that are "classic" for the encounter alone
  189. Why was Money Inc's Title win over Natural Disasters Taped on Challenge but aired on Superstars
  190. Are there any Unmasked Pictures of Kane during the attitude era ?
  191. Forgotten Classics
  192. WCW Television Schedule
  193. As a wrestling fan, which have you preferred over the years in regards to the face or the heel?
  194. Classic Wrestling Nepotism Hall of Fame
  195. Matches with Split Crowds
  196. Hollywood A-Lists Gushing all over Stone Cold Steve Austin
  197. How important do you think The Harts were to the growth of the business & how different do you think the business would be without the Hart's involved
  198. Goldberg vs Chad Fortune
  199. Goldberg vs Regal - WCW Nitro 1998
  200. Bad News Brown - What can you guys tell me about him?
  201. The benefit of the unknown jobbers and why them missing today has ruined the product.
  202. How did you feel about Roddy Piper?
  203. Raw taping on a Sunday?
  204. From the following talents, how do you feel they made an impact in wrestling & it's influence today?
  205. Which one match in the WWE by Ted Dibiase would you think stood out the best?
  206. SCG Radio #104 - The Monday Night War Timeline: November 1998
  207. Mr Perfect & Macho Man working together?
  208. Interesting places that Monday Night RAW has been held at
  209. A Better Sgt Slaughter Face Turn Post SummerSlam 91
  210. Which Bret/Austin match is better? Survivor Series 1996 or WrestleMania 13?
  211. WCW loved nonsensical random heel turns didn't they?
  212. Rapid physique changes in the early 1990s
  213. Who do you like better? Sting? Or Ultimate Warrior?
  214. How close did Vince come to losing the steroid trials?
  215. Your opinions on Savio Vega
  216. Steve Lombardi - A Look Back At A 30 Year Career
  217. WWF tapings
  218. Al Snow on the disastrous Kennel From Hell Match & Vince McMahon apologizing to him for it!
  219. Shawn Michaels 1998 "WM14 Back Injury"
  220. SummerSlam 91, how well do you feel this PPV was put together & where does it rank on your SummerSlam favourites list?
  221. Might be a touchy subject but...Heaven Sent
  222. Vince McMahon on commentary
  223. Summerslam 1995
  224. Was Ricky Steamboat the only face to never turn heel?
  225. Most Over / Beloved Babyfaces
  226. Why no Mankind vs Taker at WM ever?
  227. Most Effective Heels.
  228. Who do other wrestlers/legends consider the best wrestlers of all time? Any Rankings/Interviews?
  229. Shamrock on fighting The Nasty Boys' for grabbing a friend's tit
  230. WWF Magazines - What did you think and has anyone still got these?
  231. What if - Jake Roberts stays in WWE in 1992?
  232. Good Feuds/Storylines That Fell Off A Cliff
  233. Sid Justice - His 1991/1992 run in the WWE?
  234. The heel acts of a babyface Hulk Hogan
  235. Randy Savage wanted to face Shawn Michaels in his last WWF match
  236. Things you like best about classic wrestling? Format, Promo's, Storytelling, Characters, Creativity etc.. etc..
  237. Jimmy Snuka Ever Be Accepted Back?
  238. The Fate of Eric Bischoff
  239. Did WCW change ring sizes towards the end?
  240. 10 Most influential wrestlers during MNWs
  241. Wasn't Sensational Sherri a wonderful lady? How do you feel she stands up in hindsight as a manager and wrestler?
  242. Macho King & Sensational Queen Sherri were awesome
  243. Wrestlers who are reflected upon short due to being held back by the company, many wrestlers fall into this.
  244. What if Dr. Death had won Brawl for All
  245. Your favourite classic tag team memories
  246. In defense of Ultimate Warrior
  247. What's your wrestling lifetime timeline? Your favorite decade and why
  248. How would you kayfabe save WCW 2000
  249. SCG Radio #102 - WCW Nitro April 10th 2000 Review
  250. What's your favorite all time weekly wrestling show?
  251. Royal Rumble 91 - How well do you feel the Rumble match was put together as opposed to enhancing feuds and balancing the talent?
  252. RVD won the WWE Championship from The Undertaker?
  253. Greatest WCW World Champion
  254. Top 5 greatest feuds
  255. Thoughts on The New Headshrinkers
  256. Souled Out 1998 - Is this when NWO/WCW really begins to suck?
  257. Hacksaw Jim Duggan - Greatest matches in the WWE & favourite angle?
  258. The Rock reacts on his first match
  259. Reality at the time vs. The WWF's revisionist history
  260. Bret Hart's original idea for a proposed Michaels/Hart WrestleMania rematch
  261. Which wrestlers actively wrestled the longest WITHOUT winning a title?
  262. The Undertaker's streak - The lesser known/filler streak matches?
  263. Which are your favourite old school classic Survivor Series teams?
  264. According to Jim Cornette the Freebirds were not the first moderns to use entrance music
  265. Thoughts on Tatanka as a heel working with Ted Dibiase & Jeff Jarrett, Honky Tonk Man gimmick?
  266. RIP Frenchy Martin
  267. Who are the most charismatic wrestlers fans don't remember?
  268. Some conversation about the fallen tag team members?
  269. Greatest facepainted wrestler
  270. Crush - Where was his peak and why?
  271. X-Pac / Sean Waltman .... Your favourite matches & being over shadowed in DX
  272. Anyone Remember This Stupid Shit: Concerning Brian Pillman
  273. 20 Years Ago today HHH won his first WWF IC Title
  274. Psychology 101: That Time Flair and Austin "Rassled"
  275. Wrestlers with disadvantages/disabilites, you never knew of that continued to wrestle in the ring.
  276. Let's talk about the following era's in WWF/WWE wrestling
  277. Wrestlers that you thought would become big WWE stars but ended up being wrong about.
  278. Was Sid Vicious considered a star?
  279. Eric Bischoff talks about Bill Goldberg
  280. The 1992 Exodus - Did It Change Your Perception of WWE?
  281. Can we talk about the huge roster change, from when WWE was strong to the huge drop in 95?
  282. Old favourites that you soured on...
  283. The Brother Love Show - Your favourite segments, guests and moments.
  284. Question about Stone Cold's heel turn
  285. Virgil on the Sam Roberts podcast...Human garbage
  286. Dream Tag Team Matches
  287. Triple threat matches
  288. Which Version of the Orient Express was better with Sato or Kato
  289. Interesting last WWE matches for wrestlers
  290. Why didn't The Undertaker and Chris Benoit work together?
  291. How much do you think Goldberg weighed in WCW?
  292. Your Favourite WWF PPV 1990-1996
  293. The Young Stallions - a missed opportunity?
  294. How exactly did Vince get AWA talent to jump in 1983 and 1984?
  295. Hogan in Japan
  296. Paul Roma buries the Horsemen & Triple H
  297. Who is the best American Masked Wrestler ever?
  298. Anyone else think that Royal Rumble 92 isn't the best ever?
  299. Flair turning heel and Hogan turning face at Uncensored 99
  300. When did the WWF buy Moolah's title?
  301. Macho Man hanging around with Sting in the Rafters in 1997
  302. Brian Pillman
  303. 15 Horrible WWE Characters From The ’90s We Still Hate
  304. First & Only Time I Have Seen This Done.. What Would You Call It?
  305. What if Bret Hart's 20 year deal really happened
  306. The Rock commentates on his WWE debut match at Survivor Series '96!
  307. Macho Man's longest singles match in WWF or WCW was against the Ultimate Warrior
  308. Your "Mount Rushmore" of All-Arounders
  309. What did you think of ABA Undertaker?
  310. Thoughts on Henry Godwinn's WWF Debut
  311. Why did Papa Shango interfere at WrestleMania 8
  312. Lex Luger's horrible selling
  313. Did Scott Hall throw the best punches in wrestling?
  314. Best wrestlers to never win the WWF title
  315. Jeff Jarrett on Nitro 3/26/01
  316. Bobby Heenan's commentary during this match had me rolling...
  317. Ric Flair does commentary on Chi-Town Rumble!
  318. Bret Hart's 20 Year Contract
  319. Something that NEVER gets asked about Russo
  320. Was Vince Russo WCW character just trying to copy the Mr.McMahon character
  321. Things in wrestling that Chris Jericho has destroyed!?!?
  322. With all this talk of Demolition lately...
  323. Is this the greatest 40 minute stretch in ECW history?
  324. Rebooking the WWF in 1993
  325. Who Came Up Montreal Screwjob Ending?
  326. SS '87, a Whose Who of people that could NOT beat Honky
  327. What is your opinion on Vince Russo?
  328. Meet WWE legends in 2017 - Flair, Martel, Sting, RVD, Heenan, Warlord, Tatanka, Tito & TONS MORE
  329. Would the Ding Dongs have worked in 1989 WWF?
  330. There is no doubt 100% Hogan is GOAT
  331. Earthquake - His impact in the WWE and most memorable feuds?
  332. Pro Wrestling Gimmicks You Hate The Most
  333. The night Jeff Jarrett held up WWE - Bob Holly's new book
  334. why isn't Antonio Inoki's WWE Championship "official"?
  335. Siblings of Adrian Adonis
  336. Monday Night Wars - A blog of sorts.
  337. Was Austin a big draw...
  338. Chyna Wanted $1 Million Downside From WWE
  339. Did anyone here watch Over the Edge (1999) ?
  340. Why did WCW fans hate Hogan but embrace the Macho Man
  341. How would you rate each of these wrestlers intensity on a scale of 1-10?
  342. When do you think Lex Luger physically looked his best?
  343. PPV Review Thread?
  344. Undertaker gimmick
  345. Analyzing "The Sleaze Thread" a decade later...
  346. SCG Radio #97 - The Monday Night War Timeline: October 1998
  347. Undertaker and Yokozuna friendship
  348. In your opinion, would you consider Stephanie Mcmahon one of the main players in the AE success?
  349. Were UK only PPVs real?
  350. On this day in History - WCW Fall Brawl 1995
  351. Underrated Macho Man Matches
  352. RAW after breakdown 98. The pop
  353. Analysing and breaking down the talents : Rob Van Dam
  354. Analysing and breaking down the talents : Rowdy Roddy Piper
  355. The Hart Foundation - Were they a great heel team?
  356. Survivor Series 1989 - The Hart Foundation split between teams, any reason to this?
  357. Powers Of Pain - Are they overshadowed by other teams of their era & should they be given more?
  358. New Pat Patterson Documentary
  359. The misconception of the Ultimate Warrior and his in ring work?
  360. Article : 8 Wrestlers Who Don’t Belong In The WWE Hall Of Fame And 8 Who Do
  361. What if....Bret Hart
  362. Rick Rude And Manny Fernandez
  363. What If - Rick Rude never left WWE in 1990?
  364. Lowest drawing WWE card in modern era?
  365. Matches that could have potentially been gold, but for some reason never happened.
  366. Big Sexy Kevin Nash (nWo) vs. Big Daddy Cool Diesel (WWF)
  367. Ban the "WWE" elbows!
  368. Which strengths of the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase do you think stand out the most?
  369. Bob Holly's book claims The Rock and Trish had an affair? Do you believe it?
  370. Should Lex Luger have won the WCW Title From Hulk Hogan on the 9/11/95 Nitro
  371. was the nwo the only act that got over huge but remained heels?
  372. One of the major problems the Invasion storyline failed was the McMahon's being involved in it?
  373. 10 Greatest High-Flyers Of The Pre-Attitude Era
  374. When do you think Hulk Hogan physically looked his best?
  375. Kevin Sullivan & WCW booking
  376. How do you rate Vince Russo as an on-screen character?
  377. Wrestler Gimmicks that failed due to Wellness Policy
  378. WWE discovers footage of historic match The Last Battle of Atlanta
  379. SCG Radio #96 - The Monday Night War Timeline: September 1998
  380. Honky Tonk Man - the wrestler vs. the gimmick
  381. Orient Express, why didn't they use their potential in the WWF?
  382. Opinions on Val Venis
  383. 1997 vs. 2000 - The better year for wrestling?
  384. Who is this guy with the Powers Of Pain???
  385. Double Topic Thread - Strike Force, did they achieve & after feuds potential?
  386. Razor Ramon (WWF) was much better than Scott Hall (WCW/nWo)
  387. Territories Tv
  388. Why was Bret Hart considered a small guy?
  389. Ric Flair.
  390. Was Hart vs. Luger ever planned for WrestleMania X?
  391. How come The Rock never used his power backstage to get things done the way he wanted 1999-2003?
  392. What did "the Hart family" have to do with 1997's One Night Only not being broadcast in the United States?
  393. New Day are not the longest reigning tag champs ever
  394. When did the main title start changing hands at the B shows?
  395. Steve Borden played with the Police?
  396. Is there anyone here that think the Montreal Screwjob was a complete work?
  397. Most underrated and overrated star in the Attitude Era?
  398. Why did Stephanie make Jericho her b*tch in their storyline together around WM 18?
  399. British Bulldogs, Davey Boy and Dynamite
  400. Monday Night Nitro or Monday Night Raw
  401. How many stars (out of 5 of course) would you give each of these Goldberg matches?
  402. Do you find it hard to believe the crowd used to riot over wrestling?
  403. Billy Gunn was over in 2001
  404. Bret Hart's Best Theme
  405. The Trial Of The Undertaker (Podcast Question)
  406. Marc Mero?
  407. anyone interested in writing wrestling articles?
  408. Yokozuna vs. Lex Luger Summerslam 93. What I would have done.
  409. SummerSlam '91 IC title match
  410. IYH Mind Games VHS
  411. The E's narrative
  412. How was Honky Tonk Man's IC Title reign?
  413. Lex Luger, WWF & the Human Torture Rack
  414. Mabel Could've Been The First African-American WWE Champion
  415. Fred Ottman Discusses His “Horrible Debut” As The Shockmaster.
  416. Who in your opinion should have ran over Austin
  417. What's your favorite combination of the 4 Horsemen?
  418. WWF Wrestling Observer 1997
  419. What If: 1983 Hulk Hogan paralyzed in car accident
  420. Guys that "never drew a dime" but that you liked
  421. Did the wrong Team ever win War Games in WCW
  422. NWA Wrestling
  423. WWF in the Mid 1990s Vs WWE in the Mid 2010s
  424. JR: Vince suggested including a prosthetic penis with Marlena’s costume
  425. Why were certain legends not given the WWF Title back in the day?
  426. Nwa Shows on the network
  427. Piper with a WWF Title Run in 1985?
  428. Was There Ever Any Plans for Vader to Win the WWF Title?
  429. Using other Championships
  430. Goldberg 98
  431. Ric Flair's Greatest Rival? Who is it?
  432. Bobby Eaton Missing
  433. Y2J Originator of Spitting Apple
  434. Honky Tonk Man in WCW
  435. Vince Russo: "David Arquette as WCW Champion was a success."
  436. Yokozuna's Banzai Drop.
  437. What if Austin was never fired from WCW?
  438. Mr. Perfect teaming with Randy Savage at Survivor Series 92 did not make any sense at all.
  439. Sting's Best Rival
  440. Is Bret Hart overrated?
  441. Why did Edge & Christian win all their tag team championships in less than a year?
  442. Favourite WWF PPV Intros
  443. Which exact shows was Chris Kreski head writer of WWF for?
  444. RIP Roddy Piper
  445. Undertaker's return in 2000
  446. Wrestling Observer 1996
  447. The "stupid" side of WCW?
  448. Why is The Rock N Sock connection considered one of the best tag teams in the WWE?
  449. When did the fans turn on Rocky Maivia?
  450. Best WCW Matches?
  451. Austin's absence from November 1999 to September 2000
  452. Top 5 Rivals of....
  453. Has Hulk Hogan Defeat Undertaker at Wrestlemania in a Dark Match?
  454. Top Ten Hogan Rivals
  455. Obscure Wrestler of the Month
  456. Top 10 GOAT Wrestling Characters...
  457. Wrestling Observer 1992
  458. On This day in history Hulk Hogan beat Ric Flair for the WCW Title
  459. One of the absolute worst matches EVER!!!
  460. Greatest WCW PPV...
  461. Why was Shane getting "Shane's a pu$$y" chants?
  462. The Value of Bret/HBK in the Mid 90s and MNW
  463. Was It Ever Confirmed Who Sang This Version of HBK's Theme?
  464. Wrestling industry consolidation tree
  465. Ken Shamrock
  466. SCG Radio #90 - The Monday Night War Timeline: July and August 98
  467. Did Hogan ever beat Sting?
  468. The Evil Foreigner gimmick
  469. Wcw 1994
  470. Hogan Shoot Fighting
  471. 20 Years Ago nWo was formed
  472. Wrestling Observer Awards
  473. Shane Douglas vs Raven in WCW
  474. Favorite iteration of the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair?
  475. Who did you think was going to slam Yokozuna on July 4th, 1993
  476. Marcus Bagwell Vs. Booker T - RAW July 2001
  477. Wrestling Observer 1995
  478. Shawn Michaels AOL Chat Transcript from 1995
  479. WWE denying the truth about Vince Russo
  480. Who Is The Oldest Man Ever To Wrestle?
  481. How big was the Ultimate Warrior in his prime?
  482. A very rare video showing Triple H protecting Stone Cold from a crazy fan.
  483. Macho Man Was More Hollywood Than Hogan
  484. When do you consider the end of the New Gen Era?
  485. How come Shawn Michaels never went to hollywood?
  486. What are some hilariously bad episodes of Nitro?
  487. Best Wrestlers who never wrestled during the Monday Night War
  488. Old TV Commercials with Wrestlers
  489. Van Hammer - Great Gimmick, Wrong Time?
  490. Lex Luger was taped as WWF Champion
  491. Old School Wrestlers you've seen live.
  492. Should Sting have sued Sting?
  493. Why did WCW seem cheaper/lesser?
  494. Should the WWF have hired Hugh Morrus in 1994
  495. WCW Question.
  496. Nine Years Ago Today
  497. Which version would win over the other: The Road Warriors
  498. Wrestling Observer 1994
  499. What was the biggest story of 1993 in WWF/WCW
  500. Austin vs. Undertaker feuds - general consensus?
  501. Remembering the Lex Express
  502. How big exactly was André the Giant?
  503. WCW stars in WWF during the attitude era.
  504. WM12 Iron Man Match Buildup?
  505. Does anyone remember Big Bossman coming out to "Old Times" and confronting Corporate Ministry on Raw?
  507. WCW Nitro 96 or 97 ?????
  508. Booking a better Bastion Booger
  509. Your Favourite WWE Promos of... 1997
  510. Bossman interrupting the 10 bell salute
  511. WWF 93 and 94.
  512. Reigns would be eaten alive in Attitude Era
  513. Wrestling Observer 1993
  514. Did Macho Man & Ultimate Warrior get to keep their Ultimate Maniacs Merchandise
  515. He's not a good guy, he's not THE guy, he's
  516. WWF 2001
  517. 1997 for the first time
  518. All-Time Favorite Wresting Mask
  519. Blading
  520. What if - Bill Watts does not leave WCW in 1993
  521. Late to the Nitro Party Podcast!!!!
  522. Your Favourite Cage Match Ever
  523. Raven Vs. Tommy Dreamer
  524. Who are your favorite classic Mexican Pro Wrestlers?
  525. Scotty Riggs in The Flock
  526. Hulk Hogan in 2000
  527. Favorite Goldberg opponent?
  528. What Would 2001 be like if the Alliance never happened or was delayed to later years
  529. Stone cold 2000 return
  530. When did the Undertaker turn his eyes for a first time?
  531. where can I get....
  532. Thoughts on Women's wrestling in WWE pre diva
  533. Jerry Lawler's '93-'97 heel run
  534. How to fix the WWF in 1995? if we could go back?
  535. Your First Memory of Pro Wrestling?
  536. Greatest Mexican Wrestler of all time?
  537. Stone Cold was freaking hilarious as the leader of The Alliance
  538. Frankie Laine passed away
  539. If a wrestler dies, do his family still get royalties?
  540. The Chris Jericho Vs. Christian Cage feud
  541. The Day Everything Changed
  542. Ecw - Bam bam tossing mikey into the croud.
  543. Strikes me as strange
  544. Who was the "Real World Champion"
  545. There was NOTHING like the 90's! Anything better than 98 RAW?
  546. Rebooking the WWF in 1991
  547. Suppose Shawn had turned face instead of Diesel at Survivor Series 94...
  548. Steiners/Royal Rumble '94
  549. Virgil Interview on Sam Roberts Podcast
  550. Question Regarding WCW PPV's