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  1. Least favorite ECW legends/others
  2. Tommy Gilbert passes away at 75
  3. Spoiling Mankind's Title Wins
  4. Happy Thanksgiving - WWF SmackDown 11/23/00 (FULL SHOW)
  5. Greatest tag team of golden era(pre 1995)
  6. WWF 1997: Why were the U.S. fans cheering for Bret Hart around September 1997?
  7. Édouard Carpentier and NWA Title Controversy
  8. Eddie Gurrero vs Owen Hart
  9. Views about Pedro Morales
  10. Taz question
  11. Vince's voice
  12. NWA Territories
  13. Where to begin.. wcw fans
  14. Vince Russo produces first appearance of Mick Foley as Dude Love on Raw
  15. I need help for Recommendations from stuff from the past
  16. Better Face Or Heel (Part 2)?
  17. Top Wrestling In 1980-1983
  18. Old WcW
  19. Is Ric Flair the greatest of all time?
  20. List your Greatest Evers. Here's mine with Reasons,IMO
  21. Alternate History: ECW Est. 1984
  22. Your favorite pay-per-view grudge match promo?
  23. SCG Radio #62 - The Monday Night War Timeline: 1997 Q4
  24. A look back at Austin vs Hart
  25. The mid 80's was the most important time in Wrestling History.
  26. The Rock late 98 to Mania 15
  27. Survivor Series 1997
  29. GOAT's Best Entrance Music?
  30. 'Greatest storyline ever.. Storyline of The Rock's heel turn in 1998.' Russo discusses it & the promo day after.
  31. If the internet/social media was as powerful back in 1998...
  32. WCW 1998: Did you think the British Bulldog was a bit better than Jim Neidhart in their 98 appearances together?,...
  34. 25 Facts about Undertaker
  35. November 1996 - Stone Cold / British Bulldog feud teaser
  36. 15 Years ago Today: This Scott Steiner Promo
  37. 'The Model' Rick Martel - How his career is over looked.
  38. Did Hogan/Savage at WM5 have the WRONG finish?
  39. What was the main reason you stopped watching WCW?
  40. Kurt Angle is a legend?
  41. The Mountie - Could he have been better? Could he have had a better legacy? Has his gimmicks over shadowed his talent?
  42. Was the Saba Simba character racist
  43. WWF 1999: Owen Hart once petitioned for the WWF to bring back both British Bulldog and Jim Neidhart.
  44. 2003 Smackdown: The Perfect Product?
  45. Classic Undertaker Matches that were never seen on TV
  46. Vader WCW 1999
  47. WWF 2001: Who got the biggest pop anytime they tried to show Vince McMahon's "Stand Back" song to irritate him?
  48. Why did Mean Mark miss WrestleMania XVI?
  49. How Big Could Of AWA Gotten?
  50. Favorite Survivor Series matches from the WWF era?
  51. Undertaker vs. Mankind (Buried Alive Match) is AWESOME
  52. Why did Paul Bearer leave Taker in 2004 so fast ?
  53. The Model Rick Martel On the Brother Love Show
  54. NWO Hollywood vs. NWO Wolfpac War Remake
  55. I really wish they would have made Owen Hart a full time commentator
  56. Favorite Interview Segments
  57. Bret Hart's legacy, what it consists of .... for you personally?
  58. The uncensored history of The Undertaker’s locker room group: The Bone Street Krew
  59. Nick Bockwinkel in WCW
  60. Favourite Feuds From The Year You Started Watching
  61. Favourite props or customisations of wrestling talents, that truly added to and enhanced their character?
  62. Vince Russo on The Rock (not the popular youtube video)
  63. The Rock on 'Off The Record' 1999. RARE interview.
  64. If you could bring back one wrestler from the dead
  65. Taz... Wowzaz
  66. Why are there people who claim Sting wasn't that big outside of 1997?
  67. Wrestlers with the best chemisty
  68. Top 5 To Have Never Won A World Title?
  69. Curt Hennig apprecciation thread
  70. Did You Know...
  71. The Vince Russo and Jim Cornette feud -- looking at it objectively
  72. Who do you feel is the most under appreciated manager in WWE history?
  73. Why did Triple H bury all those WCW guys in 02-03 when they could have been big stars in the WWE
  74. Greatest Wrestling Announcer of All Time?
  75. Greatest Wrestling Announcer of All Time?
  76. Saturday Night Main Event > Nitro > Attitude Era Raw
  77. Classic wrestling
  78. Austin should never ave gotten the belt in 1998...
  79. The first Bash at the Beach is the only PPV with the two biggest Stars of the 90's in classic matches.
  80. Lonely Virgil on Larry Wilmore
  81. Steel Cage I Quit match Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard
  82. Jim Ross gets trolled by WCW fans
  83. Jump The Shark Moments
  84. Was Jeff Jarrett an official Horsemen member
  85. Undertaker vs. Austin SummerSlam 98
  86. Referees' styles
  87. Why did WCW allow fans to throw garbage in the ring?
  88. Late '96 Raw's Are The Greatest (in a bizzaro world kinda way)
  89. Better Product In 1997- WCW or WWF?
  90. Shane Douglas HOF?
  91. Who would have been in your DX?
  92. Shawn Michaels is a legend
  93. The invasion angle reversed
  94. WCW ratings 1993-1994 (When Hogan came to WCW)
  95. Demolition Appreciation Thread
  96. Austin's walk out: some alternate scenarios
  97. Jason Sensation
  98. Survivor Series '98: WWE's best swerve ever?
  99. favorite Prime Time Wrestling format
  100. Hypothetically speaking if Bret Hart stayed in WWF in 1997 where do you think he would have went?
  101. The Build to Survivor Series 98
  102. The WrestleMania 8 card that we could've gotten based on the buildup
  103. WWF 2002 Question
  104. Honky Tonk Man is underrated.
  105. Nitro parties
  106. Who is this guy?!?!?!?! .... and did anything come out of this???? Any one here know???
  107. Charles Wright: Papa Shango or The Godfather
  108. The Barbarian - Is he underrated?
  109. Was The Undertakers debut a big deal at the time?
  110. Stone Cold forfeiting the Intercontinental Championship
  111. Your fondest Survivor Series memory (2000-2014)?
  112. NWA vs WCW
  113. What's Up With All The Trash Throwing In WCW?
  114. Who would you pick for trainer of talent?
  115. Sting vs. nWo or Austin vs. McMahons?
  116. What went wrong with Sting vs Jake The Snake - Spin the Wheel Make the Deal
  117. Do the WWF still win the war without MSG 1996?
  118. What happens at Survivor Series 92 if Warrior & Bulldog are not fired
  119. Questions about WWF Survivor Series 1993
  120. Forgotten generations in the WWE, is it our responsibility or WWE's, some words from Duggan on forgotten generations.
  121. What was the point of Sting vs Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc 99
  122. Did you know who the WCW Halloween Phantom was going to be
  123. Mick Foley As A Worker
  124. How Popular Were The Hollywood Blondes?
  125. NWA Halloween Havoc 1989
  126. Wrestlers' themes based on real songs
  127. Where did commishiner Shawn Micheals go in 99?
  128. Top 10 Almost IC champions
  129. Which feuds and moments stand out the most in regards to Tatanka?
  130. The very first episode of Monday Night Raw - Your thoughts for the launch of this iconic show?
  131. Greater All Time Star Randy Savage vs Steve Austin?
  132. Watching 96 Survivor Series. HBK booed
  133. Could HHH have carried the Attitude Era alone?
  134. Details on Hulk Hogan's WCW Contract
  135. If WrestleMania 18 would have been Hogan vs. Austin?
  136. Biggest Match of the 90's
  137. Your fondest Survivor Series memory (1987-1999)?
  138. How would today's fans judge Bret vs Bulldog from 1992?
  139. Austin and the 2002 Brand Extension Draft
  140. DDP's injured ribs
  141. Could Raven had been top heel in WcW after the NWO?
  142. So about the Starrcade 97 ending
  143. 'Doctor D' David Schultz
  144. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall shoot on nWo not working in WWF
  145. Hall & Nash first WCW run in 1991
  147. Name a kayfabe and a real behind-the-scenes reason why and how DDP turned heel against Bill Goldberg in the Spring of 1999?
  148. Lance Russell on Ross Report
  149. Scott Hall coolest trademark
  150. R.I.P. Yokozuna - passed away on 23 October, 2000
  151. WWE matches you may not be aware of
  152. Why did WWF hold no events in Oregon between 1993 and 2003?
  153. Austin's Opponents After WM 14
  154. Remember the times: Piledrivers
  155. Smackdown! from 2002-2003 is overrated, pales in comparison to Smackdown! from 1999-2002
  156. Were you shocked when Mr. Perfect joined forces with HHH
  157. 10 matches with the Ultimate Warrior that should have happened
  158. When Wrestling was serious.
  159. WCW Salaries 1996 - 2000 Spreadsheet (and other court documents)
  160. Was 2000 one of the greatest years in WWE history
  161. The commentators constantly thinking fake Sting's was actually Sting
  162. Arn Anderson's Best Match??
  163. Your Most Hated World Title Reign in History
  164. NWA vs AWA vs WWF circa 1975-1985
  165. Did Nash ever go over Bret clean in the WWF??
  166. LOD and Demolition
  167. Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair (c) for the WWF Championship
  168. Analyzing Vince Russo
  169. WWF vs WCW Clash Of The Titans
  170. Every Episode of WWF Superstars 1998/1999
  171. Ultimate Warrior in WCW in 1996 instead of WWF?
  172. ECW / Hardcore TV
  173. Your thoughts on why the Territories went out of business
  174. Bret Hart's last match highlights
  175. [Video] Bret Hart praises Hulk Hogan, tells funny Jerry Lawler story
  176. Matches that changed pro-wrestling
  177. The Truth and Lies of Attitude era.
  178. Steve Corino
  179. Foley Triple H feud early 2000
  180. Classic wrestling questions
  181. year in review podcasts
  182. First time discoveries of WWF/WCW-NWA/ECW
  183. Why did it take so long for Raw to go "Live" when Nitro was in '95?
  184. Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan 1992 live event FOOTAGE!
  185. In your opinion, who has the best top 10 matches based on quality in their career?
  186. Goldberg “Who’s Next?” - 1999
  187. Why did WCW take the World Title off of Sting in 1998
  188. Why did they end The Rock and Trish storyline?
  189. Stone Cold vs. Booker T
  190. Warrior in AWA
  191. Goldberg did NOT end Bret Hart's career
  192. An idea for 90's fans
  193. What Would Your nWo of Looked Like???
  194. Kendo Nagasaki & World of Sport
  195. Ultimate Warrior questions to Warrior Fans
  196. Fixing the WWF in April 2002
  197. Best Heel Version of The Rock
  198. Which was Worse: The Powers That Be or The New Blood
  199. SCG Radio #56 - The Monday Night War Timeline: 1997 Q3
  200. Barry Windham vs Steve Austin, 1996
  201. What If - No Steroid Scandal in 1991?
  202. Favorite WCW Halloween Havoc Memories
  203. Should someone other than Diesel have won the WWF Title from Bob Backlund at MSG
  204. Analyze This: Internet and Territories
  205. HBK as the corporate commissioner
  206. Pierroth Jr.
  207. WWF Super WrestleMania rosters for both Genesis and SNES versions
  208. How do you think Hulk Hogan (wrestler, ego and stature) would fit in with the following NBA teams?
  209. How would you have booked the NWO
  210. Dave Meltzer Five Star Matches list
  211. Best ECW Matches and Storylines?
  212. Woo Nation
  213. Eric Bischoff Explains Why He Changed the Sting vs. Hogan Finish at Starrcade 1997
  214. Most insane/hardcore/dangerous ECW spots
  215. The argument that "fans didn't like wcw" as reason for it's burial during invasion
  216. Recurring character archetypes - add yours
  217. Test should have the belt at Survivor Series 1999
  218. The popularity of Ric Flair
  219. better face or hel: the next generation thread
  220. fate of Mathilda/disappearance of Winston
  221. WWE not bringing Savage back with the NWO in 2002 was a travesty.
  222. Nwo
  223. On this day, 18 years ago, we lost Brian Pillman
  224. WWF 1999: Who is at fault for the heated relationship between X-Pac and Brian Gewirtz (The Rock's personal writer) being terrible?
  225. Tag Team Matches Appreciation Thread
  226. WCW 1998: How did Chris Jericho (as a Conspiracy Victim-esque crybaby heel) manage to somehow get by in WCW in 98-99 even if he was underutilized?
  227. WCW wrestlers on Bill Maher
  228. Better In-Ring Year for NWA/WCW: 1989 or 1992?
  229. Hollywood Hulk Hogan promos
  230. Watching other wrestling territories, organisations, companies etc... as opposed to WWE .... the difference?
  231. Which version of the British Bulldog do you like better?
  232. WWF 1997: Was the British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith) in line for a face turn in 1996-97 when he had the shades of grey team with Owen Hart?
  233. If Vince found out what Shawn said to Bret...
  234. Current wrestlers better suited for the past
  235. Why is the Austin-McMahon handshake at the end of WM X7 seen as the end of the wrestling boom?
  236. How big of a deal were the AWA, World Class, and Mid-South?
  237. Royal Rumble 91 - The Rumble match itself ...
  238. Your favorite/least favorite year of the Attitude era?
  239. Itchy and Scratchy perfectly defining the Attitude Era cliches
  240. Goldust 96-97 babyface run
  241. Here's a really interesting article about Flair vs Lawler
  242. Re WCW: Were Chicago, Montreal, New York, San Francisco and Toronto the only obvious cities where the crowd was full of NWO fans?
  243. WWF: Why did Earthquake change from his Blue Canadian Earthquake attire to his Red Natural Disasters attire in 1991-92?
  244. WWE RAW: August 28, 2002 - The End of the Hardcore Championship
  245. PWTs Says WWE Forced Them To Pull Jim Neidhart Shirts
  246. Earthquake ... under appreciated or just right?
  247. Booker T does his very first Spin-a-Roonie - GWF 4/17/1992
  248. Analyze This: Eye for Talent
  249. Is the Attitude Era overrated?
  250. Question about Jericho in WCW
  251. Talker Of The Year, Year By Year (Read OP)
  252. New Generation Era recommendations
  253. Worst Second Generation Wrestler
  254. Is it safe to say that TimeWarner is still at fault for the decline of wrestling.
  255. André the Giant vs. Gorilla Monsoon (Boxing Match) - Puerto Rico: September 23, 1977
  256. Wrestling's odd pairings throughout the years?
  257. Halloween Havoc 98, Hollywood Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior
  258. WWF 1996: Which of the former names did you think had the most impact during their respective WWF returns in 1996?
  259. Who would've made a Dream Team version of The Ministry of Darkness?
  260. Owen Hart's best matches?
  261. What If: WWF New Generation era had guys like Mr. Perfect (full health), Jake Roberts and Rick Rude as NG's top heels from '92-'93/'96-'97?
  262. Nitro: January 4, 1999 - "The FINGERPOKE OF DOOM"
  263. WWF 1996: Were Jake Roberts, Ultimate Warrior, Roddy Piper, and The Australian Bushwhackers there like mere wallpaper fodder?
  265. Hogan's Heel Turn
  266. How does The Ultimate Challenge at Wrestlemania VI stand for you personally as one of the biggest Wrestlemania main events?
  267. Misconceptions You Had Of Professional Wrestling
  268. Your favourite wrestlers and their attires?
  269. What was with the screwjob finish at In Your House III
  270. Thoughts on The Renegade as the WCW World Television Champion
  271. Who was better than the other in their respective prime years?,...
  272. Name a kayfabe and a real behind-the-scenes reason why and how Jake Roberts turned heel against Warrior & Randy Savage during the Summer of 1991?
  273. Why is Tatanka's Undefeated Streak So Overlooked?
  274. Did you ever think DDP would become a big Star
  275. Pre-Hulkamania Era - Greatest of All Time list?
  276. Who was better than the other in their respective prime years?,...
  277. What was the purpose of the Ultimate Warrior leaving the WWF for WCW in 1998-99?
  278. A lack of legend in the late 90's
  279. Ivan Koloff: The Most Hated Man in America
  280. Regal vs. Finlay Nitro 1996 Parking Lot Brawl..
  281. Name a kayfabe and a real behind-the-scenes reason why and how Miss Elizabeth turned heel and joined the Four Horsemen at SuperBrawl VI (6) on Feb 96?
  282. Is Dynamite Kid to blame for getting British Bulldog hooked on drugs?
  283. Bret Hart is the worst pro wrestling wrestler of all-time, it's true, it's true.
  284. 20 Years Ago Today - Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson at Fall Brawl
  285. Undertaker/Jericho promo 99
  286. Looking back at 1994 WCW in retrospect, is Ric Flair at 100% fault for vouching for the Hulk Hogan signing in WCW?
  287. How would you rebook the Rock's revenge on Austin and McMahon following Mania X-7?
  288. Good Friends, Better Enemies
  289. What if the Brainbusters had stayed in the WWF?
  290. Thoughts on Dave Sullivan
  291. WCW 1998 All-Star Match (12-on-12 tag match) between faces and heels, who should win?
  292. Stone Cold Vs. The Undertaker SummerSlam 1998 Buildup Video
  293. WCW 1998: Wrestler's overall ratings from 48-100, where would you rank them overall?
  294. Better Face or Heel?
  295. Ken Shamrock- Decade Too Soon?
  296. Bret Hart's 2nd WCW theme
  297. Randy Savage in 1999 with a new buffed up look
  298. Game Changers
  299. Tony Schiavone
  301. WCW Best Matches & Storylines please?
  302. Why is WrestleMania 17 still to this day considered the best WrestleMania of all time?
  303. Miss Elizabeth & Randy Savage
  304. WhatIfWrestling Fantasy 1-on-1 Matchup: 1987 Hulk Hogan w/1993 Sensational Sherri vs. 1997 Bret Hart w/1996 Sunny. Who do you want to win?
  305. The who's who of people Jerry Lawler beat in his career
  306. Rare unique match with a great finish ... but I'm very confused .... was this also the formation of Power & Glory? (Video Inside)
  307. Guys who never seemed to be in trouble backstage
  308. Kurt Angle vs Owen Hart actually happened!
  309. Who did you like best with Sherri
  310. Pro Wrestling legends receding hairline, subsequent short haircut and why?
  311. Name a kayfabe and a real behind-the-scenes reason why and how Randy Savage turned heel and joined the nWo at SuperBrawl VII (7) on February 1997?
  312. When did wrestlers stop partying?
  313. Why was Sable pushed over Sunny??
  314. Nwo v wcw
  315. WCW Boston Brawl January 31, 1998 iPPV
  316. Audio of Owen Hart's fall on Over The Edge Spanish broadcast
  317. Why did Sting have to become a member of the Kevin Nash-led nWo Wolfpac in June 1998?
  318. Steve ''Mongo'' McMichael
  319. Was there anyone less deserving of a push in WCW than Jeff Jarrett?
  320. A special moment in wrestling .... if only more things were like this?
  321. Why did HHH win the belt back at Judgement Day 2000?
  322. WWE Randy Savage Early 90's
  323. Mitchell: Snuka in WWF was hotter than Hogan in AWA
  324. If Vince had failed...
  325. Name a kayfabe and a real behind-the-scenes reason why and how Scott Steiner turned heel and joined the NWO at SuperBrawl VIII (8) on February 1998?
  326. Oct 1995 - was Shawn Michaels supposed to drop the IC title to Dean Douglas?
  327. Favorite refs/ ref moments
  328. Unheralded original plans for the NWO Hollywood/NWO Wolfpac in terms of members
  329. Random WCW commentator question
  330. Acolytes/Public Enemy Beatdown on Sunday Night Heat, 1999
  331. Most ridiculous gimmick match you've ever seen?
  332. Searching for full EPISODES of WCW 1997 AND 1998
  333. The Trial of Hulk Hogan (Podcast Question)
  334. Help Me! (Acolytes)
  335. New Blood Rising - Goldberg/Nash/Russo
  336. Hacksaw Jim Duggan .... his history and work within the business.
  337. Monday Night Wars
  338. WCW PPV's To Watch?
  339. Old school wwf episodes
  340. What if the Steiner Brothers had stayed in WCW?
  341. 31 years ago
  342. Are our current cultures to blame for lack of wrestling boom/popularity?
  343. which style referee's uniform do you prefer?
  344. 1997 WCW Nitro appreciation thread
  345. Rick Rude in 1997
  346. Wrestlers that should have had reigns with various WWE titles, but never did .....
  347. The British Bulldog would have made no sense in the NWO
  349. was Booker T vs Buff Bagwell really that bad?
  350. Austin vs Undertaker 1998 (with Kane hovering in the background)
  351. WCW - if you were brought in instead of Russo
  352. 1998 Appreciation Thread
  353. could more have been done with High Energy?
  354. for people who were watching during the attitude Era
  355. NWO most epic Entrance
  356. Thoughts on WCW Bash at the Beach 1994
  357. A discussion on talent who played a face and a heel, which do you prefer and your thoughts?
  358. Rank the wrestling territories
  359. The ending of Mania 2000 - ridiculous or justified?
  360. Greatest matches of the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase?
  361. Was Starrcade '97 an unmitigated disaster?
  362. Vampiro buries wCw; "If wCw had a reunion today, I would buy a ticket just to tell them to suck my dick!"
  363. 1992 Halloween Havoc
  364. Over the Edge 1999
  365. Greatest feats of strength
  366. A look back and breakdown on SummerSlam 92
  367. What Was The Best 12 Month Stretch For A Wrestling Promotion?
  368. 1992 Royal Rumble
  369. Analyze This: Referees in Hall of Fame
  370. Match quality wise, who had the greatest single year ever?
  371. Kronik
  372. Luckiest/Unluckiest Wrestlers Ever
  373. WCW 1996 - Best Tag Team Division of all time?
  374. Warrior heel turn at SummerSlam '91?
  375. why did the undertaker win the title in 91?
  376. What epsiode has shockmasters debut?
  377. This is kind of creepy
  378. Was it a Coincidence that the WCW and International Titles were combined once Hogan came in
  379. A look back at Summer Slam 91
  380. 20 biggest stars 1984
  381. Who would Triple H have feuded with during the Invasion Angle
  382. Longest 1 v 1 wrestling match went 9 hours!
  383. When it was real...
  384. Can't get over Drew Carey is in the HOF
  385. Windy City Wrestling
  386. The creativity of Tag Team finishers and your favourites in the WWE
  387. Dangerous Danny Davis
  388. 10 Biggest Stars in Wrestling 96-01
  389. Ring General Hall of Fame
  390. Picture/Wrestler Association
  391. Matches that could have happened .... but never did ... yet would have been great to have seen?
  392. Tammy Sytch facebook/twitter/skype
  393. Ravishing Rick Rude - The wrestler, the talent!
  394. Wrestling for kids
  395. Was Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna at SummerSlam the most disappointing ending of all time
  396. Watching Attitude Era. 95% of it sucks so far. Does it get better?
  397. Sunny Shares Teenage Photo W/ Shawn Michaels
  398. Superbrawl 2..Pillman vs. Liger.
  399. Undertaker vs Vader Mania 13
  400. Just met Dibiase and Duggan ... got over an hour of footage plus some Piper footage too - UPDATED ANDRE, WARRIOR STORIES AND MORE
  401. Steve Mcmichael was the worst commentator ever
  402. Your favourite Roddie Piper return?
  403. Familiar Faces Odd Places
  404. Kronick
  405. Virgil's reputation as a desperate c-level celebrity of yesteryear - elaboration
  406. Sting gorrilla press Vader?
  407. What was the point of Tatanka's Heel turn at Summerslam 1994
  408. Joey Styles - what a weasel!
  409. Special Guest Referees
  410. Mr Perfect - Curt Hennig .... Memories and matches
  411. WWE 1982
  412. Was Sting Getting Stale in 1996?
  413. Summerslam 1998 - "Highway To Hell"
  414. found extremly rare 1994 wwf belt
  415. Mordecai.
  416. Marty Jannetty solves Shawn Michaels' arrest mystery.
  417. Where do you rank Mania 14?
  418. Your thoughts on Corporate Ministry era?
  419. The Man Who Killed Kayfabe
  420. What do you miss most about WCW?
  421. Got to see my fav wrestler using my fav gimmick
  422. U.S. Champion Vs. World Champion History
  423. Nasty Boys and the NWO
  424. Bobby Heenan rulebook of professional wrestling
  425. Shawn Michaels vs. Brittish Bulldog, One Night Only '97
  426. you book the world title between WrestleManias IX and X
  427. supposing Hawk doesn't fail the drug test in 1992...
  428. Is Diesel vs King Mabel the worst Main event at Summerslam
  429. Crossed the Line
  430. Pillman/Marlena. That was a disturbing thing
  431. Really, how many guys cut better promos than Kevin Nash in WCW?
  432. What would've happened if Bret never left for WCW and HBK never got injured?
  433. Billy Gunn's Injury on RAW in Late 1996
  434. Should Vic Venom have been a bigger character in the WWF
  435. Did Jim Neidhart cut any promos in his 1997 run?
  436. The exact start/end dates for the Attitude Era?
  437. Prime Nation Farooq, would he have made a good champion in 97?
  438. Title Unification matches
  440. Who's #3?
  441. who was the BEST big man of the 90's?
  442. Is anybody else noticed how much the WWF was catering to the "IWC" in 97
  443. Original plans for Austin's IC run?
  444. Superstar Vs. Jobber
  445. WWE wrestler initial stints and forgotten gimmicks
  446. Top 10 Underrated Wrestlers
  448. Who was the first wrestler to use pyro in his entrance?
  449. How real was it to you?
  450. Top 20 Wrestler Draft
  451. Changes to Royal Rumble 92
  452. 1997 Appreciation Thread
  453. The synchronisation of The Rockers and their matches?
  454. What is the crowd reaction for Rock vs. Hogan if WM X-8 is in the U.S.?
  455. Mid Atlantic Memories
  456. Who do you consider as member of the 4Horsemen
  457. Ultimate 4 Horsemen Stable
  458. Appreciate WCW 2000
  459. Jerry Jarrett - How good was he?
  460. The Radicalz!
  461. Bigger Impact, Bigger Cultural Icon: Rowdy Piper vs. Ultimate Warrior
  462. Triple Threat Match..who takes the W?
  463. Filthy Animals
  464. Where does Cactus Jack Lost in Cleveland amongst all time worst WCW Angles
  465. When you found out it wasn't "real"...
  466. What did Sting say...
  467. Wow, what the hell happened?
  468. Why was Goldberg's WWE run considered a failure
  469. WWF 1990
  470. Jack of all trades
  471. Dont know where to post this...WWF Match game
  472. Roddy Piper's WWWF debut
  473. How would you have booked Hogans debut into WCW.
  474. The Honky Tonk Man's accent .... is it real?
  475. Rowdy Roddy Piper - Being a heel as opposed to being a face
  476. Rowdy Roddy Piper as a commentator in the WWF
  477. Would Sid have made a good babyface WCW Champion in 1993
  478. Were WWF getting sick of Hulk Hogan by 1991?
  479. McMyths
  480. SCG Radio #48 - The Monday Night War Timeline: (April-June 1997)
  481. Bossman Behaving Badly
  482. Reebook WrestleMania 7
  483. Alternate Universe Kliq
  484. Wrestling 1980 - 1984
  485. Piper and Flair were hugely over in 1997 in WCW
  486. Roddy Piper
  487. WrestleMania 6 Roster
  488. Wow, Bret '97
  489. Why didn't The Rock win the KOTR in 1998?
  490. What if Austin would've agreed with Heyman putting the title on him at November to Remember 95?
  491. Favorite NWO beatdown victims
  492. Original plan for "Higher Power" in 1999
  493. Was The Hart Foundation (1997) the greatest stable ever? (Besides the nWo)
  494. What is the exact time in 1997 you think the product really took off?
  495. Superfly Jimmy Snuka - Thoughts, memories and greatest moments
  496. Jake/Andre vs. Natural Disasters
  497. could the Berserker have been improved?
  498. Analyze This: Paying your dues
  499. "Macho Man" Randy Savage - WrestleMania
  500. Why didn't D Lo get a push?
  501. Who would you have picked to retire Ric Flair?
  502. Triple H's first shirt
  503. WrestleMania X & WrestleMania 2000
  504. Describe: H.B.K
  505. Characters Who Couldn't/Wouldn't Speak
  506. Ronnie Garvin And Greg Valentine's Submission Match At The 1990 Royal Rumble
  507. MNW Team WWF or Team WCW
  508. Remember when Andre The Giant fought the invisible man at WM3?
  509. Voiceless talents
  510. DX army 'invading' WCW in 1998- overrated
  511. Describe: Paul Heyman
  512. Should the AWA have merged their title with the WCW World Title
  513. Melanie Pillman's RAW interview in Oct. 97
  514. Discuss: Stunning Steve Austin with the WCW TV title
  515. 80s/90s WWE talents that you've forgotten about (or never knew existed)
  516. Analyze This: Preference
  517. Bret Hart seemed SO unlikable to me
  518. Describe: Bam Bam Bigelow
  519. Rebook - Flairs first run in the WWF.
  520. Favorite tag teams of bygone eras
  521. Bret Hart V. Hulk Hogan
  522. Thoughts on Rebel Dick Slater
  523. Describe: Vader
  524. Morton Downey Jr Show on Pro Wrestling
  525. How great and magical would have Sting vs Undertaker been in the late 90's?
  526. Analyze This: Second first leaving the first second
  527. Virgil on Sam Roberts
  528. What would have Triple H's role been in the invasion angle?
  529. WCW & Bret Hart: How would you have booked him?
  530. Describe: Goldberg
  531. Gene's post-match interview with Malenko in Starrcade 1997
  532. Favourite Build-Ups Ever
  533. Owen Hart as a color commentator (KOTR 1996)
  534. Why did they never put the ECW title on RVD?
  535. Why did X-Pac get X-Pac heat?
  536. Was the WWE in 1996 more cutting edge and controversial than the Attitude Era?
  537. Gorgeous George is the greatest and most influental wrestler of all time
  538. Demolition Ax
  539. Describe: The Greatest Intercontinental champion of all time or Honky Tonk Man
  540. Bret Hart's handshake obsession
  541. Old things you miss
  542. Anyone here remember Pro Wrestling This Week...
  543. Appreciating the Unlegendary
  544. Newcomers who were made to job to "test their attitude" before getting a proper push
  545. How over was Steve Austin in 1998?
  546. Andre the Giant: Not Officially a former WWF Champion
  547. Monthly Pay Per Views, Raw And Nitro Oversatuating On Storylines, Plot Progression
  548. Describe: Steiner Brothers
  549. Legends seen in the flesh
  550. Was slamming Andre really such a big thing?