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  1. Reebook WrestleMania 7
  2. Alternate Universe Kliq
  3. What if Bret stayed with the WWF ?
  4. Wrestling 1980 - 1984
  5. Piper and Flair were hugely over in 1997 in WCW
  6. Roddy Piper
  7. WrestleMania 6 Roster
  8. Wow, Bret '97
  9. Why didn't The Rock win the KOTR in 1998?
  10. How would you have booked Bret Hart's Push in the WWF
  11. What if Austin would've agreed with Heyman putting the title on him at November to Remember 95?
  12. Favorite NWO beatdown victims
  13. Original plan for "Higher Power" in 1999
  14. Was The Hart Foundation (1997) the greatest stable ever? (Besides the nWo)
  15. What is the exact time in 1997 you think the product really took off?
  16. Superfly Jimmy Snuka - Thoughts, memories and greatest moments
  17. Jake/Andre vs. Natural Disasters
  18. could the Berserker have been improved?
  19. Analyze This: Paying your dues
  20. "Macho Man" Randy Savage - WrestleMania
  21. Why didn't D Lo get a push?
  22. Who would you have picked to retire Ric Flair?
  23. Triple H's first shirt
  24. WrestleMania X & WrestleMania 2000
  25. Describe: H.B.K
  26. Characters Who Couldn't/Wouldn't Speak
  27. Ronnie Garvin And Greg Valentine's Submission Match At The 1990 Royal Rumble
  28. MNW Team WWF or Team WCW
  29. Remember when Andre The Giant fought the invisible man at WM3?
  30. Voiceless talents
  31. DX army 'invading' WCW in 1998- overrated
  32. Describe: Paul Heyman
  33. Should the AWA have merged their title with the WCW World Title
  34. Melanie Pillman's RAW interview in Oct. 97
  35. Discuss: Stunning Steve Austin with the WCW TV title
  36. 80s/90s WWE talents that you've forgotten about (or never knew existed)
  37. Analyze This: Preference
  38. Bret Hart seemed SO unlikable to me
  39. Describe: Bam Bam Bigelow
  40. Rebook - Flairs first run in the WWF.
  41. Favorite tag teams of bygone eras
  42. Bret Hart V. Hulk Hogan
  43. Thoughts on Rebel Dick Slater
  44. Describe: Vader
  45. Morton Downey Jr Show on Pro Wrestling
  46. How great and magical would have Sting vs Undertaker been in the late 90's?
  47. Analyze This: Second first leaving the first second
  48. Virgil on Sam Roberts
  49. What would have Triple H's role been in the invasion angle?
  50. WCW & Bret Hart: How would you have booked him?
  51. Describe: Goldberg
  52. Gene's post-match interview with Malenko in Starrcade 1997
  53. Favourite Build-Ups Ever
  54. Owen Hart as a color commentator (KOTR 1996)
  55. Why did they never put the ECW title on RVD?
  56. Why did X-Pac get X-Pac heat?
  57. was the WWE in 1996 more cutting edge and controversial than the Attitude Era?
  58. Gorgeous George is the greatest and most influental wrestler of all time
  59. Demolition Ax
  60. Describe: The Greatest Intercontinental champion of all time or Honky Tonk Man
  61. Bret Hart's handshake obsession
  62. Old things you miss
  63. Anyone here remember Pro Wrestling This Week...
  64. Appreciating the Unlegendary
  65. Newcomers who were made to job to "test their attitude" before getting a proper push
  66. How over was Steve Austin in 1998?
  67. Andre the Giant: Not Officially a former WWF Champion
  68. Monthly Pay Per Views, Raw And Nitro Oversatuating On Storylines, Plot Progression
  69. Describe: Steiner Brothers
  70. Legends seen in the flesh
  71. Was slamming Andre really such a big thing?
  72. Should Heels have gotten runs with the WWF Title in the late 80s
  73. Was SHOCKMASTER a Vadar Rip off?
  74. Failed Wrestling Gimmicks that were just AWFUL
  75. Failed Wrestling Gimmicks that could have worked.
  76. Could any of the National Promotions (NWA, WCW, ECW, AWA) been saved?
  77. Should Ric Flair & Sid Justice gone over on Hulk Hogan & Rowdy Roddy Piper
  78. Analyze This: Undeserving
  79. What Wrestling did you grow up watching
  80. Could the AWA have been saved? If so how would you have done it?
  81. Did Verne Gagne stop training at the end of the AWA's run.
  82. The original Minnesota Wrecking Crew
  83. Wrestlers smashing bottles over their heads & crazy things they've done for entertainment? (Video's inside)
  84. Describe: Vince Russo
  85. Who and what killed the NWA?
  86. Bret paved teh way for smaller guys...really?
  87. the best evil Soviet wrestler
  88. classic era WWF referees, today
  89. Lous Thesz vs Buddy Roggers from 1950
  90. Could Vince had made it without Hogan?
  91. Re-Watching WWF 1996
  92. Analyze This: Suprise!!!
  93. Re-Watching 1995 WWF
  94. The WWE - Late 80's - Early 90's period
  95. Describe: Mick Foley/Mankind/Cactus Jack/Dude Love
  96. Evolution of Kayfabe And How It Should Be Handled Today
  97. Analyze This: More Than One
  98. Was Akeem nicknamed the "African Dream" as a rib on Dusty the American Dream?
  99. The whole Doink situation .... is this an underrated character?
  100. Decline of the AWA - No Faces
  101. Blonde, shoulder-length haired road agent?
  102. Describe: Eric Bischoff
  103. An Analyze This or Trial Podcast idea
  104. What was the best all time roster of announcers for one company at one time?
  105. Wrestlemania VI - A Rundown and thoughts on this Wrestlemania?
  106. Your thoughts on Nick Bockwinkel
  107. Speaking of being in the minority...
  108. Heenan vs Lawler : who did YOU enjoy listening to on commentary more?
  109. What was your favourite Tito Santana feud or match?
  110. Which Bryan Clarke character did you like best
  111. Analyze This: Authority
  112. Rare Picture of Owen Hart and Alundra Blayze Together
  113. Thoughts on Henry Godwinn
  114. Brian Pillman
  115. Andre the Giant
  116. Great heels from the past .... what do you feel made them great?
  117. Describe: Jesse "The Body" Ventura
  118. The Top Ten....Stars of All Time From Each Promotion
  119. When I say ______ you think _____ Part 3
  120. What Triple H Did For Foley
  121. Analyze This: Good Old Days
  122. Did Luger's World Title Win Ruin Sting's Big Moment At Starrcade?
  123. Bash at the Beach 1996 Anniversary - Who did you think the 3rd Man was going to be
  124. Kayfabe: Why didn't McMahon fire Austin?
  125. Wrestler names you didn't spell or pronounce correctly at first
  126. Describe: Jim Cornette
  127. Should WCW have done more with M.WallStreet
  128. The Most Useless PPV Ever
  129. Wrestlers in hindsight : Bam Bam Bigelow
  130. SCG Radio - The Monday Night War Timeline: 1997 Q1
  131. Analyze This: Chemistry
  132. NWA Classics 24/7 Streaming Service
  133. Everyone says "the nWo got too big" REBUTTAL
  134. Happy Anniversary Lex Luger
  135. Describe: Mr.Fuji
  136. No mats
  137. Little Things
  138. First moment you knew WCW was in "trouble"?
  139. Greatest Title Reigns Pre-2002?
  140. Too bad there was never a match between LOD & Ax & Smash
  141. Describe: Ricky Steamboat
  142. She was a new beginning
  143. Your Promotion
  144. Are there any good NWO era WCW PPV main events?
  145. Questions about the WCW acquisition
  146. Where does Hawk falling off the Titantron rank among all time worst angles in the WWF
  147. Describe: Rick Martel
  148. Did you like the Brian Pillman/Stone Cold Steve Austin Gun Angle
  149. When Vader attacked Gorilla Monsoon...
  150. Examples of WCW booking guys better than WWF/WWE
  151. The fourth Blue Blazer?
  152. Analyze This: Title Reign
  153. What if Steve Austin gets immediate surgery after the Summerslam 97?
  154. Describe: Mouth of the South
  155. the Beverly Brothers
  156. Why is WCW so overlooked in "greatest moments/matches" lists?
  157. A breakdown of the big men - The Natural Disasters
  158. Which era of WCW had the better product: The Crockett Era or The NWO era?
  159. Giving Russo Credit in WCW '99
  160. Analyze This: Fittest Wrestler
  161. Sonny Ono lawsuit is the reason for Booker winning world title at Bash of the Beach
  162. The Saturday wrestling shows
  163. Describe: Jimmy Snuka
  164. detroit 1975
  165. Wrestlemania 17 was amazing but the build was AWFUL!!!
  166. Ricky Steamboat's last WCW Match on TV
  167. Flash in the Pan
  168. Whats up with Nature Boys
  169. Did you like the card for Fall Brawl 1994
  170. Describe: Stu Hart
  171. Rebooking Goldberg 1998-1999
  172. A man who challenged Hitler
  173. Why were they called The BodyDonnas?
  174. Disappointed
  175. "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel passes away
  176. Influential Matches
  177. Dusty Rhodes goes Hollywood
  178. Describe: Stan Hansen
  179. Overdone Pushes That Annoyed You
  180. The Rockers
  181. Austin/Taker Backlash 2002 - what makes this match so bad to you?
  182. The first ever Royal Rumble, how do you feel about this as opposed to what it became?
  183. The sudden tag title change before SummerSlam 1994
  184. NWA
  185. Vote to Power
  186. Demolition/LOD
  187. Warrior v Hogan WM6 most underrated main event ever
  188. WWE vs WCW Attitude Era - Matches that happened
  189. Scott Steiner apprication thread
  190. Describe: Curt Hennig
  191. Rebooking the Who Ran Over Austin Storyline
  192. Was DX vs Owen in 1998 a double-turn?
  193. Bret Hart tells a WCW screw up story
  194. Analyze This: StarMaker
  195. Rebooking The InVasion
  196. Was The Undertaker the most improbable success in wrestling history?
  197. The McMahons v. Steve Austin - KOTR 99 Underrated ?
  198. An in depth look at a wrestling angle : Wrestlemania VII - Hogan Vs Slaughter
  199. Which of Hulk's world title wins do you consider the most impressive?
  200. Describe: Jake The Snake Roberts
  201. Backstage Nightmares
  202. Monday Night Wars
  203. Bob Backlund going crazy on RAW 1994
  204. Wow...Has anybody seen this
  205. Steve Austin v. Chris Jericho - No Way Out 2002 what do you think of this this match?
  206. Describe: Mr.Wrestling II
  207. Can we please show some love for the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase's promo work please?
  208. What happened to Sapphire after Summerslam 1990
  209. A quick question for the old school wrestling fans from the territorial eras?
  210. Why didn't Brad Armstrong get a bigger run in WCW
  211. Wrestlers in hindsight - The Powers Of Pain
  212. Things you believed
  213. The Trial Of Paul Heyman (Podcast question)
  214. Describe: Boris Zhukov
  215. Describe: Fashion Plate of Pro-wrestling
  216. Warrior/Savage vs Flair/Perfect 1992 planned storylines
  217. How many wrestling shows WWE had on national TV during the Hogan era?
  218. Wrong Turn
  219. Lots of Dead WWF Superstars (And Celebs) from WM VI
  221. Who was LifeGuard Steve Collins
  222. Best match of Dusty Rhodes
  223. Describe: Killer Kowalski
  225. Tommy Dreamer
  226. Favorite Dusty Rhodes Matches in the WWF
  227. Who do you feel has given the best Royal Rumble stand out performance's over the years?
  228. Thoughts on Alex Wright
  229. If I were a wrestler..
  230. Do the rest of you old-timers follow current wrestling?
  231. Did you like that Kamala never knew how to pin anyone
  232. The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase .... as a face, Rob Van Dam & Tito Santana as heels?
  233. Describe: Von Erichs
  234. Did you think Money Inc was gonna keep the Tag Titles against the Mega-Maniacs
  235. How would you have capitalized on Bret Hart coming off the screwjob in WCW?
  236. Owen 3:16
  237. Was Owen Hart a better wrestler than Bret Hart?
  238. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in the Monday Night Wars era
  240. Did you like when the Intercontinental Belt was different colors
  241. Analyze This: Draw
  242. WCW vs. WWF Survivor Series match
  243. Does anybody have this magazine?
  244. Eric Bischoff: "Sting was going to be the 3rd member"
  245. Describe: Gorilla Monsoon
  246. Saving WCW in October 1999
  247. What if Hogan had turned at Main Event II instead?
  248. Best Feud of 1997
  249. Fight for life
  250. Why was Bret Hart always late showing up to work commitments?
  251. Ric Flair's 2nd WWF title run
  252. Describe: Captain Lou Albano
  253. Unseen Picture of Kane Wearing A Cape During Attitude Era
  254. Imagine if a tag team was THIS over today. R-R Express
  255. Who thought Aldo Montoya was a good idea
  256. Analyze This: Legends
  257. Favorite Eddie Guerrero match
  258. Wrestlers in hindsight : Power & Glory
  259. Describe: Savage
  260. was the Undertaker's first face turn at the right time?
  261. WWE's 1992 MVP
  262. Wrestlers in hindsight : Dino Bravo
  263. If Eddie Guerro was truly the hispanic "Steve Austin" then what????
  264. Analyze This: Mute
  265. Any cool wrestling documentaries to recommend?
  266. Highly respected classic wrestlers or teams you just don't 'get'
  267. 5 Star Rivalries and Feuds
  268. What did you think of Bunkhouse Buck?
  269. I can't believe this is what Bobby Heenan looks like now
  270. Did Vince have the Bob Backlund Heel Turn in mind the whole time from 1978
  271. Did Mr. Bob Backlund deserve such a short 2nd Title Reign
  272. Describe: Gordon Solie
  273. What we're your thoughts of Steve Austin in WCW?
  274. Tommy Rogers of The Fantastics has Passed Away.
  275. Classic promo's and rarities from wrestlers you never really saw?
  276. Analyze This: Elevate
  277. Are there any current superstars who would make your all time favorite list?
  278. Wrestling Entrance Themes/Regular Songs
  279. The classic botches thread - Share your favourites?
  280. The Giant's smoking gimmick
  281. Wrestlers in hindsight : Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake
  282. Stone Cold Steve Austin on Livewire
  283. Lex Lugers 'Lex Express' push, why do you think this didn't work?
  284. Would Ahmed Johnson have been bigger than The Rock if he wasn't always injured
  285. Describe: Mad Dog
  286. The greatness of 'The Corporation'
  287. For Steve Austin fans......
  288. Warrior should have gotten Earthquake at Summerslam, not Hogan
  289. One full year
  290. Hogan never signs - Who does Vince go with?
  291. Wrestling Confessions
  292. When did HBK become a jerk backstage?
  293. WWE European Title
  294. That Time Hulk Hogan Lost Clean To The Mountie... Wait What??
  295. I never understood Kane beating Austin for the title in 1998
  296. JJ Jeff Jarrett's Country Music gimmick in the early 90's
  297. 31 years ago today -Piper's Pit with Jimmy Snuka
  298. Describe: Verne Gagne
  299. Did you ever think The Sultan and the Real Double J would become WWF Legends
  300. Indy promotions in the 1990s
  301. Rock vs. Triple H Rivalry- What Would You Change?
  302. Analyze This: Heels to root for
  303. Mike Awesome
  304. Hog Wild 1996
  305. People saying Stone Cold Steve Austin was a product of late 90's Jerry Springer
  306. Best PPV of 2000
  307. What were your thoughts on the Headbangers
  308. Just met Flair, spoke about Banks/Charlotte, Rumble 92, Barrett/Bulldog, WWE, Heenan, Randy Savage paranoia, Martel & so much more - VIDEO INSIDE!
  309. The Longest IC Title Reign
  310. Describe: Dynamite Kid
  311. Which State Gave Birth To The Best Wrestlers?
  312. Why didn't the Flash Funk gimmick work
  313. Marc Mero
  314. Why did Paul Bearer name both of his sons Kane?
  315. Hulk Hogan vs Undertaker - Survivor Series 1991
  316. Ric Flair and Bobby Heenan pairing ... some thoughts on this unique pairing.
  317. Female Jobbers and Squashes
  319. Analyze This: Copy-cats
  320. Legend of indies is legend of pro wrestling
  322. Thoughts on DX getting back together in 1999
  323. All Time Favourite/Best Tag Team and Why?
  324. Under appreciated commentators
  325. Austin's planned feud with Dr. Death Steve Williams
  326. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's THE BIRDMAN - KOKO B. WARE!
  327. Describe: Ric Flair
  328. Legends of pro wrestling
  329. SCG Radio #40 - Timelining the Monday Night War in 1996 (October to December)
  330. Best match of The Rock Vs Triple H?
  331. gino hernandez
  332. Tag Team talents that NEVER broke out into a singles competitor in the WWE but COULD have?
  333. Did you like A Flair for the Gold
  334. Why wasn't Hulk Hogan ever involved in a romantic storyline?
  335. Analyze This: Respect the title
  336. Remembering Owen Hart
  337. WWF the best wrestlers of 1993
  338. Was anyone happy when WCW went under
  339. Okay, the first time you saw WWWF, WWF, or WWE programming?
  340. Virgil on Twitter ... don't know what to make of this lol
  341. Two things : 1990's Announcing and Random Locker Room cuts
  342. Describe: Bret Hart
  343. Monster Heels
  344. Steve Austin v. Undertaker Matches.
  345. Greatest of all time threads
  346. When do you think Raw "took off"
  347. WWF Wrestling Challenge
  348. Describe: Bobby Heenan
  349. Shane & Stephanie '99
  350. It's Good To Be The King Preview....
  351. How the locker room reacted to Edge/Lita/Hardy?
  352. When was Macho Man's peak in popularity
  353. Why did Faarooq slow down?
  354. Which is your favourite persona/era of Rick Martel? Face or heel & a couple of other questions, I'd be interested to hear from you guys on this?
  355. Analyze This: Feudal system
  356. The Big Boss Man ... Plain and simple ... a few question about the lawful one?
  357. Jerry Lawer: My pick for the GOAT
  358. Lack of coverage of the Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame ceremony last weekend?
  359. Describe: Andre The Giant
  360. SCG Radio #39 - Monday Night War in 1996 (July to September)
  361. Top 5 ECW PPV's
  362. How much was Vince smoking to allow Lawrence Taylor main event WM11
  363. Macho Man Rocked in 1986
  364. The Full Nelson - Anyone miss this submission?
  365. When did Irish Whips become a staple in Wrestling?
  366. Things I miss...
  368. Paul Orndorff coming out to Hulk Hogan's music as a heel
  369. Bash At The Beach '96
  370. Describe: Ted Dibiase Sr.
  371. Did anybody resent the RA era at the time?
  372. Who has the best active undefeated record in Mania history?
  373. Has Anyone Used The Torture Rack Since Luger?
  374. Television Champions
  375. Analyze This: Steroids
  376. Legendary moments from not-so-legendary performers
  377. Did you like the TV Time Limit in Title Matches
  378. you rebook WrestleMania VIII:
  379. Describe: Terry Funk
  380. why did taker agree to throwing foley off the cell?
  381. Shawn Michaels return after injury
  382. Who would win at WM? Austin/Rock or HHH?
  383. Did anyone still prefer Nitro over WWE in 98?
  384. Winsome Losesome
  386. HBK late 1997/early 1998 vs The Rock 1998/early 1999 vs Triple H 1999/2000
  387. The Morton Downey Jr/Roddy Piper - Pipers Pit at WrestleMania V - Times when wrestling really pissed you off.
  388. WWF Attitude Era Family Relations
  389. Jesse 'The Body' Ventura .... What do you know about him?
  390. How good do you feel the first WrestleMania actually was?
  391. Before there was ICO-PRO...
  392. Celebrating 30 years of SNME
  393. Describe: Larry Zbyszko
  394. Who was the first person to pin the Undertaker CLEANLY
  395. Rebooking the Radicalz Storyline
  396. Struck in Wrong Promotion
  397. Your Timeline as a Wrestling Fan
  398. LOD attitude era
  399. Did you prefer ECW, Nitro, or Raw is War?
  400. Who Actually Enjoyed Austin's Heel Run In 2001?
  401. Kevin Nash's PIPEBOMB
  402. The Public Enemy in the WWF
  403. Remembering Booker T & Goldust
  404. Why exactly did Undertaker join forces with Kane in 98?
  405. Honest opinion, did you like the Mcmahon-Helmsley Faction 1999-2000?
  406. How would you have booked Goldberg to keep him hot after the streak ended? Would you have ended the streak as early?
  407. Who made the Attitude Era for you?
  408. Describe: The Ultimate Warrior
  409. Happy 50th birthday Owen!
  410. Who was "The Man" in 1997
  411. Austin podcast with Bill Apter
  412. Is it just me or did Chyna get hot later on during the Attitude Era?
  413. Could the Attitude still have worked with no Stone Cold and The Rock?
  414. The DDT as a 'transition move'
  415. Bret, Vince and Shawn
  416. Worst people to win the current (singles) belts?
  417. Does Hulk Hogan's heel turn prove that wrestling fans are fickle?
  418. Is it just me that feels that Shawn Waltman (1-2-3 Kid / X-Pac) is criminally underrated?
  419. Should 1-2-3 Kid & Boby Holly have held the Tag Team belts throught WM XI
  420. Shawn Michaels
  422. Can Someone Please Explain Abduallah The Butcher
  423. Describe: Piper
  424. The career of the Ultimate Warrior
  425. HHH's Championship Reign In 2002
  426. WrestleMania 13: Could it have been better?
  427. Wrestlers that became jobbers after their big feud
  428. when did wrestling....
  429. Feuds that never happened
  430. Roddy Piper: the actor
  431. Ultimate Warrior in 1992 - A Career look back
  432. 5 most underrated matches of the Attitude Era?
  433. What would the IWC be like in the Attitude Era?
  434. Analyse the match - Rick 'The Model' Martel Vs Tito Santana - Saturday nights main event
  435. Two questions about kayfabe
  436. What was your favorite Duke The Dumpster Droese match in the WWF
  437. Why was The Rock and HHH feud in 2000 so one sided?
  438. Sid vs Nash in WCW
  439. The one piece of wrestling memorabilia you most covet?
  440. Describe: Road Warriors
  441. Kanyon was a jobber in the WWF
  442. Triple H v. Steve Austin - Survivor Series 2000 Why does this match get sh*t?
  443. The Hogan-Savage-Saga 1985-2000
  444. Top 3 Tagteams of AE and all time
  445. Did Vince Mcmahon suck up to WWF Champion Diesel too much
  446. The Second Half of Raw in 98...IS AMAZING
  447. In which territory would each of today's wrestlers fit most naturally?
  448. Steve Austin v. Kurt Angle - Summerslam 2001. Can it still be a 5 star match with a DQ Finish?
  449. Savage vs Steamboat at Mania 3 Ending Hurts The Match?
  450. Describe: Superstar Billy Graham
  451. Empty Arena Match
  452. Wrestlers who's real names HAD to be changed (Fun thread)
  453. Ric Flair vs Kerry von Erich
  454. Am I the only one who shudders at the mention of the LOD?
  455. Who would you considered the greatest ever at each spot
  456. Help! Wrestling 1970s.......
  457. Why was Konnan in the NWO
  458. Who would have Vince run with?
  459. Describe: Bruno Sammartino
  460. What was worse
  461. who devalued the world heavyweight championship more: wcw or wwe
  462. The feud that never was - The Mountie Vs The British Bulldog, could The Mountie have had another IC reign?
  463. Bad Gimmick Made Good/That You Enjoyed
  464. Do you think WWF always planned on turning Sgt. Slaughter face after his Iraqi Heel Run
  465. Most Watched
  466. Best match of WCCW
  467. Who should have run over Austin?
  468. Favorite Memories of WCW Slamboree
  469. How high do you rank The Hart Foundation?
  470. Razor Ramon being green in 1993
  471. Matches that should've taken place inside Hell in a Cell but didn't
  472. WrestleMania 12 build up
  473. Who was Joe Gomez ?
  474. If Miss Elizabeth had been inducted into the HOF alongside Savage - Alternative thoughts
  475. WWE.Com's Top 50 Talkers in Wrestling History
  476. Forgotten Feuds.....
  477. the Bushwhackers' Walkabout
  478. Wrestlemania 2000 Main-Event: Like It or Hate it?
  479. Describe: Dusty Rhodes
  480. Macho Man and Sensational Sherri
  482. Summerslam 92's attendance of over 80,000, what was the draw? Wrestlemania's attendances and more ...
  483. Shouldn't the NWO/WCW have done more with Rick Rude
  484. Favorite Steve Austin TV match?
  485. What's your take on WM 3's attendance?
  486. Database or App?
  487. Shawn Michaels in singles matches as a Rocker
  488. GOAT Heel Lawler calls
  489. Found this superb article on the legacy of Dara Singh- arguably the greatest international wrestling superstar ever!
  490. NWA programs
  491. Steve Austin vs. Eddie Guerrero - King of the Ring 2002, How good could it have been?
  492. Who Is Mr. (PPV Name)?
  493. Len Denton - "The Grappler"
  494. Who had the single greatest run as champion
  495. Why was the Main Event of Vengeance 2001 not a Fatal Four Way?
  496. Please help me... Replica Belt question
  497. Ron Wright passes away
  498. Describe: Nick Bockwinkel
  499. Should WCW have done more with Marty Jannetty
  500. ECW One night Stand 2005. Joey styles says to bad mike awsome does not take his own life
  501. Favorite top 5 PPVs of the New Generation era?
  502. Old Episodes of Raw
  503. Defunct Wresting Belts:WHERE ARE THEY NOW?
  504. Classic monster heels that could have been utilised more
  505. Why Do So Many Critics Hate on Chyna's IC Run?
  506. WrestleMania VIII - A summary and favourite match? (Poll)
  507. Ken Shamrock
  508. Did you like the All New Prime Time Wrestling in 1991
  509. Who was your favorite WCW TV Champion
  510. When you read _____ you think ______. "Part 2:
  511. Funny moment at Fall Brawl '93 (screenshot)
  512. Wrestling VHS Buying, Selling Trading
  513. Greatest of all times
  514. Describe: Bob Backlund
  515. Rate: The last six months of WCW
  516. Rowdy Roddy Piper - Favourite moments / Heel or face Piper?
  517. The greatest wrestlers of all time
  518. Who was the better heel - Eric Bischoff NWO or Mr. Mcmahon
  519. Bret Hart
  520. Bret Hart vs The Rock
  521. USWA Nation of Domination
  522. Would Austin have won the WWF Title if he wrestled at Survivor Series 1999
  523. Era gimmick or attitude era?
  524. Bobby Heenan at Hog Wild 96
  525. When you read _____ you think ______. "The Classic Wrestling Name Game:
  526. I got WWE network so I could watch WCW
  527. SummerSlam 91 - Favourite match? (Poll)
  528. Anyone remember this guy? .....
  529. Was Hogan considered goofy in the 80s?
  530. Bruno Sammartino vs Ric Flair
  531. Analyze This: Getting Personal
  532. Describe: Sgt. Slaughter
  533. WWE revising history distorts fact
  534. Greatest Mystery Opponents of all time
  535. Thoughts on Superstar Billy Graham as a commentator
  536. Does anyone remember this gem?
  537. The Rock
  538. Honky Tonk Man in WCW
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