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  1. Gimme Ya Top 10 Badasses
  2. Game of Thrones (TellTale) Choices [Spoilers]
  3. WF's Video Game Awards 2014 (Results!)
  4. My XBOX Brothas
  5. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for PS4/XO announced
  6. Resident Evil HD Finally To PS3
  7. Your Childhood Video Game
  8. Your Favorite Boss Battle Theme
  9. the new and improved Playstation Now
  10. Nova Genesis - New F2P Browser Games from R2Games
  11. Last Guardians: War of the warriors
  12. Nintendo Direct 1/14/15
  14. Evolve
  15. The newest F2P Strategy MMO Games - Siegelord
  16. Dying Light
  17. Hope you guys didn't already preorder Majora's Mask 3DS remake...
  18. SOR Is Shit
  19. Install Problem
  20. the evil within
  21. PS4 owners, Planetside 2 Beta is coming in a few weeks
  22. Fifa Glitches Discussion Thread
  23. System error with WWE 2K15
  24. If you live in the UK and want good deals on old stuff....
  25. The crew crew.
  26. wwe 2k dlc problem. Any help and feedback appreciated
  27. The crew problem
  28. Xbox Live is down. Merry Christmas.
  29. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  30. GSC Game World is BACK
  31. Rumor: The best news ever for Suikoden, Xenosaga, Dragon Quest, and FF XII fans
  32. Club Nintendo has the awesome 3DS cases back in-stock, get them while supplies last
  33. Telltale Games
  34. DCUO faction
  35. Kingdom Hearts III Discussion Thread
  36. favorite console of all time.
  37. Nintendo wants to let you all know that it makes better games than everyone else
  38. Wal-Mart: 3DS XL for $99.99!!! (Requires Price Matching)
  39. Twelvesky 2.5 US Updated with New Game Engine, Only in Hungames
  40. Minecraft: Story Mode (From Telltale)
  41. GTA 5 - Graphics Comparison (PS4/Xbox One/PS3/Xbox 360)
  42. WF's Video Game Awards 2014 (Vote Now)
  43. Capcom Announces DmC/DMC4 Next Gen Ports
  44. Epic Review of Duck Dynasty Game
  45. Need your guys' help...Best video game characters of 2014
  46. Football Manager 2015
  47. Recent Sony hack reveals big mystery video game movie starring a certain male hero...
  48. Tekken 7 Discussion Thread
  49. Street Fighter V Gameplay (PS4)
  50. Best Game of 2014 ?
  51. what is your favorite Batman game?
  52. Good News: Mirror's Edge 2 is in development; Bad News: Guess who is on the dev team
  53. Sony just won this gen
  54. Video Game Music
  55. Final Fantasy VII coming to PS4 (but don't get too excited)
  56. League Of Legends
  57. The Game Awards 2014
  58. Street Fighter V
  59. 20 Years of Playstation
  60. ZX Spectrum Vega.
  61. Is fifa world worth trying?
  62. WWE 2K15 Thoughts So Far???
  63. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX
  64. Turn based RPG for PS4 / XBONE
  65. Never Alone
  66. Best Wrestling Legend Game
  67. Game of Thrones (Telltale)
  68. Nintendo amiibos giveaway on twitch
  69. NHL 15 Thread
  70. Time to feel old: 10 years ago, 3 of the best games of all-time were released
  71. Preload GTA V to xbox one or just buy disc?
  72. 2 more major Xbox One exclusives possibly going to PC
  73. Tales From The Borderlands
  74. A twitch channel you should check out
  75. NBA Live 15 or 2K15?
  76. PSA: If you plan on buying AssCreed: Rogue, it's going to be $25 on Black Friday
  77. Are you guys playing the best game of November 2014?
  78. Curious about the Civilization games
  79. Just Cause 3 Announced For 2015 PC/PS4/Xbox One Release
  80. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  81. Best Buy Glitch - 3DS $40 games for $20 (B1G1 50% Glitch) - $20 SSB
  82. Pro Evolution Soccer - 2015
  83. Best Buy Gamer's Club Unlocked $3 or $7 (normally $120) FUCKING AMAZING DEAL
  84. Hero Commander- the F2P cute fantasy strategy game
  85. Blast from the past! Toys R us paper from 1997
  87. Conquer Online - the best chinese style MMORPG
  88. The worst Zelda meme is now the best Christmas sweater ever
  89. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties
  90. P.T. Silent Hills
  91. Endless Legend
  92. Conquer Online - the best chinese style MMORPG
  93. Five Nights at Freddy's.
  94. Record Video Game Footage/Youtube?
  95. NHL15 Might be the biggest EA fail of all time
  96. Raw vs smackdown 07
  97. Dying Light PS3/360 Officially Cancelled
  98. Sunset Overdrive
  99. top 10 WWE games
  100. Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham
  101. Playstation's Share Play
  102. The Witcher 3's Opening Cinematic, "The Trail"
  103. Fallout 3 fans, hurry up and get these Fallout 3 clothes while they are on sale
  104. Google reveals Android powered game system
  105. Lords of the fallen a dark souls clone?
  106. Deep Space Fleet : Build your Armada, Rule the galaxy
  107. Feminist vs Video games
  108. HATRED trailer
  109. Favorite Zombie Level BOPS or BOPS2 or WOW
  110. Assassin's Creed Rogue Discussion Thread, Because Why The Fuck Not?
  111. Classic gaming Rare NES Top Loader With AV Out?
  112. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Bazillion Just Got...Wait...FUCK IT (October 14, 2014)
  113. Bayonetta 2 Reviews Are In, Near Perfect To Perfect Scores
  114. Play Twelvesky 2.5 at Hungames now!
  115. Any Resident evil fans in here?
  116. Extra Life 4 Kids 2014
  117. WWE 2k question
  118. Rainbow Moon - Next Playstation Plus game you HAVE to get
  119. You have the next 24 hours left to live & get to choose ONE GAME to play till you die
  120. Your favorite level "type" or theme
  121. Styx: Master Of Shadow
  122. Assassin's Creed Unity Discussion Thread
  123. Certain long Story games that NEVER get old
  124. GOAT - Survival Horror and Thriller
  125. Wasteland 2
  126. It took me 4 years to realize that you can teleport to enemies in Bayonetta.
  127. Music on ps4
  128. Natural Doctrine
  130. Any good Racing games for next gen?
  131. IGN's 125 top Nintendo games of all time
  132. (PC gamers) love sandbox zombie survival games? love Minecraft? TRY THIS GAME
  133. Blizzard cancel Project Titan
  134. WWE Supercards
  135. far cry 4
  136. Square Enix To Gameinformer "FFXV 50-60% Completed"
  137. Top 5 games you're currently waiting for
  138. Accounts Info Thread [PSN / GAMERTAG / FRIENDCODE / etc]
  139. Sum up a game with one gif
  140. FIFA 15 and Ultimate Team Discussion
  142. Mythborne : New 2.5D Ancient Greek Mythology MMORPG
  143. Going to the TGS in a few weeks.
  144. League of Legends Official Thread
  145. Shadowbound - New F2P adventure MMORPG
  146. Shank and Shank 2 .... Anyone ever played these games before?
  147. Resident Evil: Revelations 2
  148. FIFA 15 - Demo - Graphics & TV
  149. So a buddy and I have started a Let's Play channel
  150. Alien: Isolation Discussion Thread
  151. Firefall Is Good For What It Says It Offers To You
  152. Want to smell like desperation this holiday season? Buy M$'s new Destiny Fragrance
  153. Video Games Set in the Future
  154. Horror games give me some to play
  155. Your Favourite Wrestler to be on Wrestling games
  156. Games that should have been made but never saw the light of day.
  157. Xbox One launched in Japan not with a bang, but a whimper
  158. Destiny ps4/xbox one online
  159. Velocity 2X
  160. Wii U Game Releases: 2014-2015
  161. knight's fable : Be an hero, the world needs you!
  162. Activision to buy out Take-Two?
  163. Wrestling Mpire 2008
  164. PERSONA 5, New Ys, Dragon Quest Heroes, and Disgaea 5 coming to PS4
  165. Amiibo Pre-Orders Soaring; 11 Figures In Amazon Top 20
  166. A Look At Some Cancelled RARE Games Under Microsoft
  167. Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL are getting redesigned
  168. Saints Row 5
  169. Starcraft 2
  170. Are you a gamer?/What is a gamer?
  171. More Mario Kart 8 DLC revealed <3
  172. Lucasarts and the sith lords kotor 2
  173. Xbone launching in China next month - will it be successful or a giant flop?
  174. Psycho Dad Destroys Son's Videogames
  175. Let's Talk Emulators
  176. What is your favorite fighting franchise of all time?
  177. League of Legends
  178. PSN victim of DDOS'ing AGAIN
  179. anyone playing diablo III on ps4
  180. List the games you've pre-ordered for this autumn/fall
  181. Phil Fish claims he was selling all rights to Polytron & Fez
  182. WWE 2K14 QUESTION!
  183. First Bloodborne gameplay (Gamescom Demo finally released)
  184. Hotline Miami now out for PS4 (Buy it now, also available for cross-buy)
  185. Is the PS4 worth getting?
  186. Hardest level in a videogame?
  187. Swordsman - Be an Chinese style hero you want and fight for
  188. Is anyone looking to trade a PS2?
  189. Why is PS4 better then PS3?
  190. WWE 2K15 roster. 30 still to come
  191. Anybody excited for Halo:The Master Chief Collection
  192. Empire Magazine's Greatest 100 games of all time
  193. Assassin's Creed Unity will have Microtransactions
  194. Uncharted Series, Play in order?
  195. Gamescom 2014
  196. The Order 1886
  197. We need to talk about the PT demo...MAJOR SPOILERS (please play demo before entering)
  198. Video consoles that bombed and favourite hand held console?
  199. Gamescom 2014 Discussion Thread
  200. Rise of the Tomb Raider....Xbox One Exclusive
  201. Xbox 360 game for birthday
  202. Is getting the Watch Dogs Season Pass worth it?
  203. 4 games to top off my PS4 library by the end of 2014, which games do you recommend?
  204. Fez .... has anyone played this .... bloody challenging (and addicting)
  205. Deus Ex
  206. The Elder Scrolls
  207. League Of Angels - a great browser game to play with your friends and your beloved
  208. So how is the new generation?
  209. Help remind me what exclusives Xbox One has currently
  210. Playing past games in a series first or playing the most recent game straight away?
  211. Nintendo Is The Greatest Game Company Of All Time
  212. NBA 2K15
  213. Is Naughty Dog going to crash or keep thriving?
  214. 3DS
  215. Minecraft - Can someone explain the hype?
  216. Rogue Legacy (PC, PS4, PS3, VITA) - Basically Dark Souls if it had a hard mode...
  217. Halo Discussion Thread
  218. The Crew - PS4 / Xbox One / PC (Coming Soon)
  219. Double Thread : Most underrated games and recommended car games?
  220. EA Announces Xbox One Exclusive Game Subscription Service
  221. why isn't there a sticky for PC gamers? (Steam IDs, Xfire, etc).
  222. Playstation 4 Gaystation Edition in Sweden
  223. Metal Gear Solid 4 gamesave
  224. Crystal Defenders (and similar games) - Which do you recommend/feel are underrated?
  225. What game series would you bring back?
  226. Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Question?
  227. Maisie Williams (ARYA STARK) in talks to play Ellie from The Last of Us in movie
  228. Destiny open beta for everyone starting tonight through sunday.
  229. Need help with PS1 emulator.
  230. Which games have the best soundtracks?
  231. Far Cry 4 Discussion Thread
  232. Watching Wrestling on Wii U
  233. PS3 and 360 abandoned already?
  234. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas
  235. Video game music
  236. Club Nintendo Plat/Gold Rewards Announced (Hope you like awesome physical prizes!!!)
  237. PS4 or Xbox one?
  238. Ratchet&Clank which was your favorite
  239. Tekken 7 leaked
  240. new gta 5 online info, possible lottery tickets with new update
  241. Best games purchased through PSN?
  242. The Walking Dead S1 vs The Wolf Among Us S1
  243. Evo 2014
  244. Shovel Knight
  245. Worst Video Games?
  246. who remembers 1 vs 100 on xbox live!?!?!
  247. Gran Turismo
  248. Gamestop might as well partner up with Crapcom.
  249. Anyone here used a vr headset before?
  250. Diddy Kong Racing 2 in 2015?
  251. Final Fantasy Discussion Thread
  252. Destiny Beta
  253. Shadow of mordor
  254. Fortnite Is Alive And Well; Epic Releases New Gameplay Vid & 2014 Release Date
  255. The Sims Discussion Thread
  256. Madden 15 Discussion Thread
  257. For those who want to use a PS4 controller on PS3
  258. Pro Evolution Soccer 2015: First Details - Fox Engine.
  259. New Fantasy MMORPG: Knight's Fable
  260. Who here has ever had skyrim crash on you
  261. Star Wars Battlefront (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
  262. List your backlog!
  263. Defeat The Streak - Unlocking Paul Heyman
  264. Do you think getting GTA V on the next gen consoles will be worth it?
  265. R.I.P. Playstation 2
  266. Your gaming staples?
  267. What are your favorite gaming YouTube channels?
  268. DRM well how do we feel about it?
  269. What videogame consoles do you own?
  270. New Godzilla Game announced for the PS3
  271. what is the best sports franchise right now?
  272. Jak and Daxter
  273. With video games do you just play and see or try to get everything done?
  274. Project Morpheus
  275. Metal gear rising
  276. Crytek in financial trouble rumors
  277. San Andreas Save?
  278. PS Now Prices Revealed?
  279. Last of Us not working
  280. what is your favorite arkham game?
  281. speaking of metal gear is metal gear portable ops canon?`
  282. 30 mins of the new metal gear gameplay
  283. STEAM Summer Sale 2014!!
  284. Worst Parts of your favourite games
  285. Rockstar Delays Grand Theft Auto Online Heists
  286. if you could reimagine a videogame, what would it be?
  287. EA Sports UFC Discussion Thread
  288. Capcom could be bought
  289. Nintendo Squashes ‘Patent Troll’ Triton In Wii Remote Case
  290. The Legend Of Zelda Producer Confirms Wii U Footage Was In-Game
  291. Rovio Prepares To Roll Out Angry Birds Transformers
  292. ‘Dead Island 2′ Has Motorized Weapons, Mo-Cap Cats
  293. Dev “Shocked” By Player Reactions to ‘Alien: Isolation’
  294. Rank your top 5 Video games of all time?
  295. Entwined is officially the best game of all-time
  296. Good Video Game books?
  297. Street Fighter V is in “Early Planning Stages”
  298. EA And DICE Considering Early Access For Future Battlefield Titles
  299. No Man's Sky
  300. October 2014 Most Cluster Fuck In Gaming History?
  301. Times when you didn't agree with the Reviews
  302. No mans sky is going to be amazing
  303. Your Favorite Game from a Specific Genre
  304. Do you like to use Walkthoughs ?????
  305. Great "obscure" last gen titles?
  306. Uncharted 4 Discussion Thread
  307. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  308. Hot 2 New Games
  309. PSP Battery
  310. The Last Guardian.....cancelled (not confirmed yet, but being reported)
  311. Help playing a Xbox game for Xbox 360?
  312. Mortal Kombat X trailer
  313. Defining Game of Each Console/Platform?
  314. Perhaps it's time for Final Fantasy to stop or be rebooted.
  315. Capcom announced Phoenix Wright Trilogy for 3DS
  316. CDProject Red, creators of The Witcher &, announce GALAXY (Steam competitor)
  317. What game(s) do you feel has had the best offline MP within the last 10 years?
  318. Game Genres You Just Can't Play Anymore
  319. E3 Predictions
  320. what's your favorite enemy type?
  321. Attention 3DS owners: 2 of the best e-shop games, Pushmo and Crashmo, on sale
  322. Top 5 Favorite Comic Book Games
  323. Does anyone play NBA Live 14 ?
  324. WWF(E) NO MERCY
  325. Infamous Second Son question
  326. In most AAA war shooters, do you fair better as a marksman or a close-quarters guy?
  327. BEAST'S SOULS Is Real (first footage)
  328. What's Worth Playing?: Mobile Apps
  329. Favorite and Least Favorite Special and Super Moves
  330. Mortal Kombat X
  331. Mario Kart 8 aka Life makes sense again
  332. Battlefield Hardline Confirmed; Gameplay Leaks
  333. Big name games that left you thoroughly disappointed?
  334. Have you guys seen the new Machnima Street Fighter Series?
  335. Name what you like about rpgs and what you hate
  336. Would anyone be intrested in doing a Game Night ?
  337. Lego Batman 3
  338. Man, Nintendo is in shit
  339. How come Nintendo never made a "Super Mario 64" like game?
  340. Watch Dogs Discussion Thread
  341. ps3 2 player split screen
  342. What Is Your Favorite Xbox Game Ever?
  343. Unreal Wrestling for iOS Android and Steam
  344. Halo 5 announced for Fall 2015
  345. Using a Flash Drive as an additional HDD on Xbox 360?
  346. anyone getting wolfenstein TNO? if so, on which platform?
  347. Gaming Fads
  348. Far Cry 4
  349. Free Alpha Invite - Rocket League (Car Football/Soccer)
  350. Scariest game ever?
  351. Is anyone excited for Super Smash Bros.
  352. Microsoft Announces Kinect-Less Xbox One; Set For Release Next Month
  353. MLB14 PS4
  354. Chō Aniki - Most Disturbing Bizzare Game Ever
  355. Fifa world cup.sim league.
  356. Games you need to beat or have given up on.
  357. Bound By Flame Discussion Thread
  358. E3 2014 Discussion Thread
  359. Rumor: Sony E3 Conference Details Leaked
  360. Nearly impossible games to complete
  361. Child of Light
  362. Anyone playing "Daylight"?
  363. New Sony game possibly leaked, meet Project Beast
  364. Debut trailer for the new Call of Duty game.
  365. Golden Week Sale on PSN
  366. Hardcore Gamers Can Like COD Too
  367. Call of Duty comes to....The X Games?
  368. Disney Infinity 2.0 Announced
  369. The E.T. legend is true!
  370. Mad Max
  371. Bobs game kickstarter
  372. GTA V Hackers
  373. Hearthstone
  374. Valkurm Nights Private FFXI Server
  375. Hyper Dragonball Z
  376. TMNT: Out of the Shadows Finally Hitting PSN After Nearly A Year In Development Hell
  377. An Indy Game Called Nero Just Got Announced, it Looks Amazing
  378. Little Nemo: The Dream Master
  379. Earthlock Festival of Magic
  380. Sony Announces Zombie MMO H1Z1
  381. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel announced for 360, PS3, PC; out this fall
  382. Is SvR 2011 the last Ps2 WWE game?
  383. What was Mass Effect 3's ending meant to mean
  384. Amazon Announces $139 Gaming Console
  385. Best villains in a game?
  386. Why I believe metal Gear 4 went off the rails
  387. TESO: The Elder Scrolls Online
  388. Titan Fall is amazing
  389. The Last of Us PS4 Port Announced By Playstation Manager
  390. The Official Nintendo Discussion
  391. Xbox One for sale
  392. Saints Row 4
  393. World Of Warcraft
  394. Amazing Spiderman 2
  395. Anyone here getting Reaper of Souls?
  396. Metal Gear Solid - Ground Zeroes
  397. Game Rage
  398. Question to PC gamers - Do you illegally download games?
  399. General Gaming Discussion
  400. Alien: Isolation
  401. Evil Within (Xbox 360/PC/PS4/Xbox one)
  402. prepare for titanfall
  403. Mirror's Edge 2 Info Leaks; Planned Release Date & Open Multiplayer World Revealed
  404. still play RAW??
  405. Check out my iOS Game!!
  406. Rumor: High Moon Is Developing This Year's Call of Duty
  407. Witcher 3 delayed until Feb 2015
  408. Why isn't there a Steam ID sticky?
  409. Batman: Arkham Knight
  410. Madden 13(Wii)
  411. Top 3 games that you are looking forward too in 2014.
  412. New Powerpuff Girls Game Announced For PC, and It Looks Great
  413. Haha, Ubisoft ruins Watch Dogs, downgrades graphics = fail
  414. Leaked Info about AC 5
  415. Shaq-Fu 2.
  416. Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution currently free in the X-box360 Marketplace
  417. Batman: Arkham Knight
  418. Wrestling Forum's Football Manager 2014 Journey To The Big Time
  419. Proudest gaming achievements
  420. Darks Souls II (March 11, 2014) - GO BEYOND DEATH
  421. Old console games that you loved
  422. Persona 5 coming in 2015 for NA
  423. March
  424. Far Cry 3 Ending (Obvious Spoilers for those playing it)
  425. Microsoft You Sly Dogs, New Error Code Leads To Region Locked Digital Xbox One Games
  427. Most Wanted Games of 2014 (And Beyond)
  428. Resident Evil...Collection
  429. Anyone want to start a tag team on WWE2k14?
  430. Dark Souls II - excited? GOTY candidate?
  431. For Sale Section?
  432. Anyone getting engaged soon? Well I hope you like your new Xbox One!
  433. Sony Teasing Reveal Of A "Massively Significant Series" On PS4 Next Month
  434. Favourite VGCW moment?
  435. Anyone playing the Titanfall Beta?
  436. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Discussion Thread
  437. Murdered: Soul Suspect Discussion Thread
  438. Thief Discussion Thread (No Spoilers please)
  439. What are your most prized videogames that you own
  440. South Park: Stick of Truth Discussion Thread
  441. Nintendo Direct....2/13/14
  442. Has Assassin's Creed been milked dry as a franchise?
  443. Best and Worst Gaming Moments and Endings
  444. WWE 2k15
  445. Trading Games
  446. Favorite Video Game Trailers
  447. Best vidya opening cutscenes?
  448. Elder Scrolls Online (Open BETA available from Curse now!!)
  449. Sonic Boom: New Sonic show and tie in game coming soon
  450. Rust for PC - Penis Brothers?
  451. Mortal Kombat Has Done More for Video Games Than Street Fighter Ever Did
  452. XCOM: Enemy Unknown(remake)
  453. Outlast - PS4
  454. Battlefield 4 or Assassins Creed 4?
  455. Murdered: Soul Suspect Confirmed For PS4/Xbox One
  456. Final Fantasy series
  457. Mario Kart 8 Track Predictions
  458. The Official Handheld Console Thread - Nintendo 3DS & Playstation Vita
  459. ATTENTION ALL 3DS OWNERS: Zelda 4 Swords Anniversary is FREE on E-Shop until Feb. 2!!
  460. Nintendo license their characters to new partners
  461. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate finally announced for NA
  462. Your biggest videogame dissapointments ever?
  463. Game with the Best Soundtrack?
  464. Worst game in a franchise
  465. Kingdom Come: Deliverance = Elder Scrolls, The Witcher and Mount & Blade
  466. Dragon Age Origins DLC
  467. Got one free month of xbox live gold membership from mcdonalds...
  468. Microsoft Offers To Pay YouTubers To Positively Promote Xbox One
  469. Most violent games you've played?
  470. EA UFC
  471. Disney Drops Claim on Star Wars 1313
  472. What's your favorite Pinball?
  473. Hexen
  474. Far Cry 2 vs Far Cry 3
  475. WF's Video Game Awards 2013 (Results!)
  476. Resident Evil 6
  477. Supreme Ruler
  478. Fire Emblem & Zelda
  479. WWE Network coming to PS4/PS3
  480. Who would you say is the most iconic gaming mascot behind Mario and Pikachu? (edited)
  481. Playstation Now (Gaikai) Is Sony's Answer To Backwards Comp; 2014 Launch Set
  482. The Emulator Discussion Thread
  483. The Playstation Vita Bro thread for Vita Bros.
  484. Diablo 3 Discussion
  485. Perhaps the best glitch I've ever seen
  486. Jak and Daxter! Jak 4 maybe?
  487. Should Kids play Call of Duty
  488. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010
  489. Worst Gaming moments
  490. Should I get a PS3 with my Christmas Money ?
  491. Single Deepest Franchise Mode in Sports Gaming
  492. The Playstation Plus Thread
  493. No Man's Sky (best debut at VGX this year) possibly dead due to flooded offices
  494. So how bad is it for nintendo?
  495. Dota 2
  496. A Wolf Among Us Season 1 Discussion. I wasn't expectin that *Please use Spoiler Tags*
  497. Machinima Makes Live-Action Skull Kid Video
  498. Hell has frozen over: Nintendo finally markets the WiiU correctly
  499. Favorite Bosses
  500. Your favorite NES games
  501. Nintendo Announce Zelda Hyrule Warriors
  502. Dark Souls 2, Anyone excited to get your ass handed to you once again?
  503. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
  504. Dragon's Dogma
  505. The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion Thread *Please Use Spoiler Tags*
  506. The Infamous Second Son Thread
  507. PSA: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is being pulled from PSN and XBL
  508. Here Comes the Pain Music and Movie issue
  509. XBOX - Clan sK recruiting. Platinum division.
  510. Games that were far better than expected
  511. Game that dissapointed you the most
  512. Video Game News/Review Sites
  513. Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes/Flames of Eternity
  514. Best game of the entire 7th generation (360, PS3, Wii)
  515. GTA 5 Wins GOTY Award
  516. Your Video Game Collection
  517. WF's Video Game Awards 2013 (Vote Now)
  518. Man pays $750 for a piece of paper he thought was an Xbox One
  519. Hardest Achievement/Trophy in games?
  520. DayZ (Perma death joyride)
  521. So .... Game of the Year?
  522. Starbound
  523. What are some of the innovative and revolutionary video games?
  524. Post Your Favorite 'Mid-Tier' Games From This Last Generation
  525. Do you think GTA V will be on Next Gen?
  526. Phone app called quizup
  527. Anyone here heard of Pirates of the caribbean
  528. The Noob Files
  529. A new open world Star wars game?
  530. Official Starcraft Discussion Thread
  531. fallout 4......
  532. Planning on a youtube project. Need help!
  533. A question about CS 1.6
  534. With fallout 4 probably coming lets talk about our fallout 3 experiences
  535. Club Nintendo offering Fantastic Prize!
  536. TellTale Games Working On Game of Thrones
  537. Seems Capcom has recovered financially
  538. My list of Best video game mods ever made by a community
  539. Fallout 4 trademark registered in Europe by Bethesda - Dec 7th reveal?
  540. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Season 2 Discussion Thread
  541. Angry man SMASHES PS4 to pieces in front of shocked onlookers
  542. Does PS4 feel "next gen"?
  543. Majora's Mask fans, you should buy the new Zelda game
  544. Preorder the new Zelda from Gamestop or Best Buy and get Oracle of Ages/Seasons free
  545. GTA V booty call pics?
  546. Recommended PS3 games?
  547. Hardest Video Game you have played?
  548. Heroes of the Storm
  549. Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat?
  550. Who Pre-Ordered the PS4