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  1. Rumor: Slim Xbox One in 2016, Powerful Xbox One in 2017
  2. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (2016, PS4, PC, Xbone)
  3. projets/suites that you would like
  4. Star Wars video games.
  5. Favourite video game from every console you have played.
  6. Favourite video game hero/villain of all time
  7. Vampire the Masquerade New Game News
  8. What is the point of Video Games - The Challenge or Experience/Fun?
  9. Mario or Zelda
  10. Your Most Favorite Video Game Soundtrack?
  11. Battlefield devs ridicule CoD: Infinite Warfare
  12. E3 2016 Discussion Thread
  13. Respawn will be making a Star Wars game
  14. Dawn of War III – Announcement Trailer
  15. Battleborn
  16. If they're not going to do another Batman Arkham game
  17. Battlefield 1
  18. Old World of Warcraft account giveaway thread
  19. Latest Xbox One Rumor: Xbox One II
  20. Nintendo NX & Zelda Wii U/NX Release Date Revealed!
  21. Nintendo Humble Bundle
  22. old games vs new games
  23. Outlast II
  24. What are the top 5 PS4 games to play?
  26. I am Setsuna - Square Enix tribute to conventional JRPG's
  27. Top 15 PS3 Games
  28. Amazon Forcing Gamers and Other Customers To Get Prime through New Paywall
  29. Good Racings Games for PS4?
  30. Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment)
  31. Microsoft Ends Xbox 360 Production
  32. Street Fighter X Tekken - Chun Li and Ken fight Rolento and Ibuki
  33. Batman: Arkham Collection Coming (PS4, Xbox One)
  34. Red Dead 2 map leaked
  35. Speedrunning
  36. Titanfall 2
  37. Best/Favorite obscure 2D platformers?
  38. Ratchet & Clank (2016)
  39. The Arcade Experience
  40. What games would you buy (play) VR for?
  41. This is why blackboard thinks VR will be a success
  42. Telltale To Publish Console Version Of 7 Days to Die
  43. Game Pictures/Screenshots
  44. Rumor: God of War 4 to be about Norse mythology
  45. Rumor: Microsoft working on the neXt Xbox called Xbox neXt
  46. Game Crossovers You Want To See?
  47. I never got the whole 'lets play' thing...but
  48. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare/Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered!!!!
  49. WWE SvR '08 Romhacks?
  50. Two Worlds 3 + Two Worlds 2 DLC Announced
  52. Dark Souls III (April 12th, 2016) - EMBRACE THE DARKNESS
  53. The Walking Dead Season Three (2016)
  54. Former Gametrailers staff starts EASY ALLIES (please support now!)
  55. Telltale Games BATMAN
  56. Favorite Tie-In Video Games?
  57. Will A PS4K Kill The PS4 Momentum?
  58. PC Gamers: What Are Your PC Specs?
  59. How popular will this new Nintendo system be?
  60. Best ports
  61. Playstation VR - Launching October 2016; $399/€399/£349/¥44,980
  62. Salt and Sanctuary.
  63. Who else plays Disney Infinity?
  64. Gears of War 4 Discussion Thread: 10/11/16 Launch
  65. Fifa 16 Tournament
  66. Stardew Valley
  67. Disney Infinity Games news:
  68. WWE 2K16 NFL Style League
  69. Update: Sony to Hold Recruitment Event For Lionhead Employees; Fable Legends & Another IP Cancelled; Lionhead Studios Closing
  70. Huge Report: Beyond Good and Evil 2 To Follow Bayonetta 2 As Nintendo Funded Exclusive?
  71. It's Show season
  72. Need for speed quality chart
  73. League of Legends
  74. Xbox One Question
  75. Mass Effect Andromeda
  76. Using the Strongest Characters in Games (Playing for Efficiency)
  77. Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 (PS4/Xbox One)
  78. Favourite Tomb Raider games of each era?
  79. Unravel
  80. Soccer Manager 2016 Career: Chelsea
  81. Minecraft map maker needed.
  82. the Virtua Fighter love thread
  83. Microsoft to hold Win10 and Xbox event on Feb. 25
  84. cult/forgotten Capcom & SNK fighters
  85. Gametrailers, the best fucking video game website on the internet, closes it's doors today (employees only told today)
  86. Bloody Roar
  87. Killer Instinct Xbox One - Maya
  88. RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 is coming!
  89. Dying at last second
  90. RUMOR: Mother 3 finally coming to NA and PAL regions
  91. Not getting laid in real life? No problem -- EOS and Indiegogo has you covered
  92. Bethesda have scheduled another E3 conference
  93. Games That Need A Sequel?
  94. Pokemon Showdown(Battle Simulator) FREE!***
  95. Darkest Dungeon
  96. Ghostbusters Reboot Getting A Game
  97. What are some games you've enjoyed that you'd never play again?
  98. What is the most consistantly good gaming series in your opinion?
  99. Xavier Woods on the Co-Optional Podcast
  100. Tom Clancy's The Division
  101. IS anyone excited for American Truck Simulator?
  102. Fallout 4 or star wars battlefront?
  103. The Witness
  104. Favorite demos ever?
  105. Super Smash Bros vs Traditional Fighters
  106. FYI The Witcher 2 is FREE on Xbox Live and is now Backwards Compatible!
  107. SEGA To Announce New Entry In Classic Game Series Today
  108. Huge sale on some newer games on amazon
  109. Genesis 3
  110. Favorite video game heroes?
  111. How long to beat Video Games
  112. Game Dev Tycoon discussion thread
  113. (after fallout 4 who is moving on to) WASTELAND 2
  114. How to approach an open world game effectively?
  115. XBOXONE FPS Multiplayer question
  116. Amazon Prime now offering 20% off ALL video game preorders
  117. Super Mario Bros. Z - Ep. 1 (OFFICIAL REBOOT 2016)
  118. What are gaming franchises you wish you played but never did?
  119. Is Nintendo Over?
  120. Rumor: Egyptian themed Assassin's Creed to launch in 2017
  121. Finally got Transformers Devastation .... Damn this game is GOOD!!
  122. Your most anticipated Video Games of 2016?
  123. Xavier Woods' Top 10 Games of 2015
  124. Suikoden 2, one of the best RPGs, is $5.00 (or $2.50 with PS+) right now
  125. Favorite video game villains?
  126. Do you own any Video Game Collectors Items?
  128. WWE 2k16 create an arena textures
  129. Favorite eSport
  131. Video Games that are "So Bad It's Good"
  132. Would anyone be interested in a Madden/NBA 2K tournament (for PS4)?
  133. What is your favorite Star Wars game?
  134. SashaXFox VS MerryBlissmass ONLY ON PAY PER VIEW!!!!
  135. If you could take any movie or tv show license and make a video game based on it, what would it be?
  136. Bayonetta and Corin Announced for Super Smash Brothers:WiiU
  138. Last Smash Bros. update happening tomorrow, with possible BALLOT WINNER announced!!
  139. Getting a PS4 for Christmas, What games should I get?
  140. So many games, so little time.
  141. Gauntlet - Slayer Edition - PS4 - Awesome!! (Free this month!!)
  142. Eve Online: Sampling of RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  143. WF's Video Game Awards 2015 (Vote Now)
  144. Digital download help
  145. Christmas Video Games
  146. Pokemon Nuzlocke Thread
  147. Best villains of 2015?
  148. Favorite Video Game Challenges?
  149. Top 3 greatest video game fighters of all time IYO? -- and who is your 3 favs?
  150. Doubt about PS Plus
  151. Hardest Video Game you've ever beat?
  152. Telltale's The Walking Dead: Michonne Release date now 2016
  153. Telltale's Batman
  154. PSYCHONAUTS 2 just announced
  155. Confirmation of Rumored (but eventually cancelled) Kingdom Hearts Animated Series Comes To Light
  156. Gamesmaster's Top 30 Games of 2015
  157. Rise of the tomb raider is just amazing
  158. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants of Manhattan (Summer 2016)
  159. The Game Awards 2015 Discussion Thread
  160. Playstation Experience 2015 Discussion Thread
  162. Was The Wii Underrated?
  163. Sony confirms PS2 Emulation Coming to PS4: Okage, Manhunt, and Bully available now
  164. Your Top 5 PS2 Games
  165. Let's play a game
  166. nWo gaming
  167. System Shock Remake/System Shock 3
  168. Fallout 4 settlement creations
  169. Naughty Dog best developers
  170. Starcraft II - Legacy of the Void Discussion
  171. Cloud Strife confirmed for Super Smash Bros. 4
  172. Pokemon Red, Blue AND Yellow coming to the 3DS Virtual Console
  173. Friday The 13th The Game
  174. 104 Games added to Xbox One's Backwards Compatibilty
  175. Worst game I ever seen
  176. Most addictive games
  177. Most Difficult Boss You've Faced
  178. Do we have a steam group?
  179. Fallout 4 ****NO SPOILERS****
  180. Terarria - Is this worth a buy, considering you're a fan of Minecraft?
  181. Experienced Or New COD:Zombie players
  182. Do console exclusives really matter?
  183. Classic Game room is ending as we know it
  184. Fallout: A Means to an End
  185. Konami Closes Kojima Productions; Kojima Leave Pretty Much Confirmed Without Saying It
  186. Target offering Buy 2 Get 1 Free (11/8-11/14) in time for Fallout 4, Tomb Raider, and others
  187. Underrated game
  188. Top 5 PS4 Exclusives
  189. Broken Sword 5 - The Serpents Curse - PS4 / Vita etc...
  190. Friday the 13th Kickstarter Campaign
  191. GamesRadar's Golden Joystick Awards Winners Revealed
  192. Paradox now own Vampires the Masquerade Liscence
  193. WWE 2K16
  194. Driveclub bikes
  195. Bandai Trademarks New Titles; "Tales of" HD Collection Hinted?
  196. Why are WWE 2k16 graphics SO Terrible !! What a disgrace
  197. The longest time you've played a game for?
  198. Just Cause 3 looks fun as hell
  199. Stick a fork in the PS Vita
  200. Do campaigns matter?
  201. The current state of microtransactions (aka JFC Guitar Hero)
  202. SOMA
  203. WWE 2K16
  204. WWE Immortals: What do you think would've happened if Scorpion did his promo instead of Johnny Cage?
  205. Favorite Final Fantasy Game
  206. Grinding and Microtransactions
  207. Nintendo NX: Nintendo CEO on NX "Something Unique and Different"
  208. Paris Games Week 2015 Discussion Thread
  209. Dark Souls 3 Beta/Network Stress Starts TOMORROW
  210. Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes Demo Codes
  211. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Remaster in the works? UPDATE: Coming 2016
  212. Your favorite games of all times
  213. Allison Road (Spiritual Successor to P.T.)
  214. 3 Game Series To Revive And 3 To Put To Rest
  215. Friday The 13th Video Game announced
  216. Musou/Warriors Discussion Thread
  217. Uncharted remastered
  218. Wasteland 2 console
  219. Transformers Devastation - How ace does this look?
  220. Is anyone playing MyNBA2K16
  221. Far Cry Primal
  222. PS4 Price Drop Incoming? - UPDATE: Official Price Drop OCT. 9
  223. A "Pokemon Virgin" Looking for Guidance
  224. Humongous Entertainment Games
  225. New Playstation Firmware 3.0 adds Communities (I can't count the reasons I should stay...)
  226. Pro evo 2016
  227. CM Punk's theme used in NBA 2k16
  228. NBA 2K16 Sucks
  229. Please merge into the Battlefront thread
  230. Funniest Gaming Moments / Scenes
  231. League of Legends Worlds to be broadcast by the BBC?
  232. Forza Motorsport 6
  233. Dark Souls 3 "Network Stress Test" Signup Available Now
  234. Super Smash Bros. Series
  235. Brand new playstation won't log in PSN
  236. street fighter iv Ronda vs Mayweather
  237. Bioshock Collection Remaster on the way?
  238. Konami is officially now just a Mobile & PES game maker...and multimillion dollar Pachinko juggernaut
  239. In the new Pokemon game (Pokken Tournament) Pikachu dresses like a luchador and can hit the stone cold stunner
  240. Super Mario Maker
  241. How Sony got exclusivity for The Witness aka how Microsoft shot themselves in the foot
  242. Nioh: Alpha Demo available now
  243. FIFA 16 and Ultimate Team Discussion
  244. The Crew - Xbox One
  245. Tokyo Game Show 2015
  246. Witcher 3 opinions?
  247. what videogames could've been huge successes had they been marketed properly?
  248. FIFA 16 Tournament
  249. What's The Hardest Game You've Ever Played?
  250. Nintendo Just Announced Pokemon Go For IOS/Droid And It Looks Fucking GOAT
  251. Happy 20th Anniversary Sony Playstation (9/9/95 for NA, 9/29/95 for EU, 11/15/95 for AUS)
  252. Your Top 3 Favorite RPG's Ever?
  253. Would you a buy a game based on this advert?
  254. Bandai Trademarks Possible Dark Souls Follow-Up Franchise 'Slashy Souls'
  255. NHL 16: Clubs Brehs (Release Date September 15)
  256. An Idea For A Crossover (Game Engines)
  257. Megaman Legacy Collection - PS4 / Xbox One / DS etc..
  258. Man who killed 3 people says video games made it easier
  259. what are your favorite stealth-based games?
  260. Xbox One Elite SKU w/Elite controller, 1TB SSHD
  261. Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain - STREAM TONIGHT!
  262. Do you have to keep the baby in Tomodachi Life?
  263. The Ghostbusters ps3 video game
  264. Call of Duty Black Ops III Beta - PC Users
  265. GTA V Online anyone ?
  266. Is Dragon Quest 3 considered the most popular of the series?
  267. Batman: Arkham Knight - Driving the '89 Batmobile???
  268. 20% off everything at the Bethesda Store
  269. Your Favorite Movie/Show Tie-in Games?
  270. PS4 Question....
  271. Star Fox Zero, Fatal Frame, Devil's Third, and more Nintendo News
  272. Not sure if anyone is interested but some fighting game involving Pocket Monsters is coming to Wii U for NA/EU
  273. is GTA V worth getting on NEXT GEN?
  274. Final Fantasy VIII's Triple Triad .... do you do it?
  275. Real life Mortal Kombat Fatalities - SO good! lol
  276. Old Resident Evil Style Game Better Than The New Ones
  277. Should I Buy a Nintendo 2DS
  278. Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega - Re-Release out this month?
  279. Kingdom Hearts III Discussion Thread; Release Date Leaked Through Amazon?
  280. name your top 5 games by a developer, pick a developer for the next user
  281. Three games any Harvest Moon fan can look forward to (PC)
  282. Minecraft
  283. So who actually has a Wii U? I certainly do...
  284. Dollhouse
  285. Twitch Plays Dark Souls
  286. Speculation on FF7 Remake release
  287. This is an indie game
  288. Most Anticipated Games?
  290. PAYDAY 2
  291. Mafia III
  292. Sony Says It’s ‘Very Likely’ More Remasters Are Coming
  293. Check your PSN renewal date and make sure you have your preferred setting?
  294. Broken Sword & Monkey Island Series and Discworld II - Missing Presumed
  295. What systems do you have?
  296. Any Tera players?
  297. Pokemon TCGO.... do you do it?
  298. anyone getting Everybody's Gone to the Rapture next week?
  299. 2016 Final Fantasy XV Release Confirmed By Square Enix
  300. Favourite Video Game Console
  301. Limbo is such an awesome game ... the most atmospheric game ever ... and free on PS Plus at the moment.
  302. What Difficulty Do You Play On Most?
  303. Ronda Rousey's Panda Game
  304. Konami brings Silent Hill back better than ever.
  305. Fave PS One Games of All-Time?
  306. Fallout 3 (And 1, 2, Tactics and Vegas)
  307. Crackdown 3
  308. Quantum Break
  309. Scalebound
  310. The Sims 4
  311. How often do you try before giving up?
  312. KOTOR I vs. KOTOR II
  313. Gamescom 2015 Discussion Thread
  314. what is the strangest game(s) you ever played/seen?
  315. Top 5 Favorite Video Game Characters & Why
  316. Final Fantasy XII REMAKE (probably meant Remaster) announced tonight at Distant Worlds
  317. What are the best RPGs of all-time?
  318. Here comes the money (?)
  319. FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD coming on PC!!!!
  320. What is the Worst Video Game You've Ever Played?
  321. Questions about the walking dead video game series
  322. Hearthstone .... do you do it?
  323. For Honor
  324. Defense Grid 2 - PS4 - Awesome game ... Grab this while it's cheap!!!
  325. Assassin's Creed Syndicate Thread
  326. Championship Manager 03/04
  327. Your favourite driving game on the PS4?
  328. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Trailer
  330. Red Dead Redemption
  331. Tennis in the face!! - Go on ... smash them in the face and cause some carnage
  332. Rumor: Disney To Confirm Star Wars & Possibly Marvel For Kingdom Hearts III With New Reveal @ D23
  333. What are your favourite platform games?
  334. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passed Away
  335. Video Game Hall Of Fame- Who Should Be Next Inductees?
  337. Silent Hill 4: The Room Remade in Unity Is Very P.T. like
  338. Hitman: The Season Pass (2016).....Blackbeard loves Agent 47's feet
  339. Rocket League
  340. Bored of all these remakes/reboots etc? MAKE YOUR OWN GAME thanks to Humble Bundle!
  341. Sega learns from Atlus, seeks to rebuild trust
  342. Sonic Spinball
  343. No Mans Sky
  344. Are there any good rally games for ps4?
  345. Xbox One Preview Program?
  346. Games you would like to see remastered?
  347. rare prototype of the Nintendo Playstation found
  348. question, why do you guys get so excited about HD remakes?
  349. First Mega Man spiritual successor was made (Mighty No. 9), now MEGA MAN LEGENDS spiritual successor announced
  350. Most overrated/underrated game ?
  351. Horizon: Zero Dawn
  352. WWE PS4 League
  353. if you could ressurect a gaming franchise from the dead, what would it be and what platform would it be on?
  354. Spiritual successor to P.T. being made (by fans)
  355. Ps4 price drop?
  356. We need to talk about the new Destiny expansion controversy (aka intervention for Soupbro)
  357. will PS3 and X360 End next year?
  358. 2015 In Video Games So Far
  359. Man beats Super Mario World blindfolded in under 25 minutes
  360. SMITE
  361. PSA: Suikoden 3 available now on PSN for $9.99
  362. South Park - The Fractured But Whole
  363. Gamestop officially selling retro games online NOW (NES, SNES, Genesis, PS1, N64, Dreamcast)
  364. EA's Redemption ?
  365. NHL 16
  366. Most Creative Use of Trophies/Achievements
  367. Ori And The Blind Forest (PC/Xbox One)
  368. Top Ten Hardest GTA Missions
  369. Sony Looking To Crowdfund More Games?
  370. Xavier Woods gaming channel
  371. Sony not considering backwards compatibility for the PS4 at the moment
  372. WWE2K15 Montage
  373. Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Antitribu
  374. Shenmue 3 Funded in 9 Hours
  375. The Next Walking Dead Game From Telltale Revealed
  376. Telltale's Game of Thrones Episode 1 free right now on PS4, XB1, and PC
  377. Final Fantasy VII Remake - Official Thread
  378. Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Up Now!
  379. Ghost recon: wildlands
  380. Rare Replay - 30 Hit Games One Epic Collection
  381. Beating Every Video Game In History (On Their Hardest Difficulty!)
  382. Cheap games you recommend
  383. Capcom Officially Confirms That Street Fighter V Is 100% Console Exclusive To Sony, No Future Versions Coming To Xbox One
  384. Games that still hold up over time?
  385. Breaking News: Oculus And Microsoft Announce Partnership; Every Rift Unit Comes With An Xbox One Controller, Rift Will Stream Xbox One Games
  386. Game you were the most wrong about?
  387. WWE RAW Storylines
  388. WWE 2K16 - Former WWE Superstar doing motion-capture!
  389. Elder Scrolls Online Console version
  390. What Game Franchises Do You Wish A New Developer Could Work On?
  391. The best game YOU have ever played?
  392. MAJOR News promised for Telltale Game's The Walking Dead @ E3
  393. Video game character prank calls
  394. The Original Gameboy - Who had one of these and favourite games?
  395. What would the repercussions of a fallout 4 release at e3 be?
  396. Dark Souls 3 thread
  397. LEGO Worlds
  398. Fallout 4 thread ***may contain SPOILERS*** Nov 10 2015
  399. XCOM 2
  400. Hardland
  401. Things that are unacceptable in games in 2015
  402. Silent Hills Reportedly Being Bought By Microsoft?
  403. Do People Still Play RuneScape?
  404. Have the zombie genre been milked enough?
  405. teens react to dark souls LMAO
  406. FIFA 16 to include Women's National Teams
  407. What's The Greatest/Your Favorite Boss Theme Ever?
  408. Favorite and least favorite developers of ALL TIME
  409. Video Games live
  410. Resident Evil Zero HD Announced
  411. What Type Of Choice Making Games Do You Wanna Play?
  412. FIFA 15 UT Road To Glory - RAGING BULLSEYE
  413. Need For Speed
  414. Hellraid Cancelled By Techland
  415. The best start of a video game
  416. P.T.
  417. GTA 5 for PC (friends/crews)
  418. DOOM
  419. Anyone here know about gamer gate?
  420. Minecraft .... finally I get it!!!
  421. RPGs for 3DS
  422. Worried about an all digital, all online gaming future? Well apparently Microsoft can brick your Xbox One at any time
  423. TELLTALE'S THE WALKING DEAD - Season 3 NOT Coming in 2015
  424. Konami CEO Calls Mobile ‘the Future of Gaming’ as Company Officially Shifts Focus
  425. PS3 Versus Xbox 360
  426. Dragon Quest VIII announced for 3DS
  427. Dying Light?
  428. SWERY (creator of Deadly Premonition) is trying to create the best game of all-time but publishers don't want it
  429. Ubisoft Announces The End of It's Last-Gen Support; The Division & New AAA Launching In Spring 2016
  430. Ark: Survival Evolved Dinosaur MMO (Steam, PS4, Xbox One)
  431. Anybody Else Have Parents Who Are Really Good At Video Games?
  432. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night by Koji Igarashi
  433. Guillermo Del Toro Rumored To Be Attached To Fallout 4?; Production Company Made Trailer
  434. Games That You Think Deserve a 3rd Title
  435. More HD remasters/remakes from Capcom?
  436. Project Cars - The most authentic and technically advanced racing game on the planet
  437. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
  438. Nintendo is a corporate 2face
  439. Mirror's Edge Catalyst (June 7, 2016, PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  440. Favourite Underrated Games
  441. Games that could have been great
  442. Girl was "virtually raped" in GTA online...this is a real news story...
  443. E3 2015 Discussion Thread
  444. Sword Coast Legends (PC)
  445. Favourite Lesser-Known RPG's
  446. Point and click, adventure and mystery games, which one's are your favourites?
  447. Ex-Rare employees announce spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie....Yooka-Laylee
  448. My Brand New FIFA 15 UT RTG Series
  450. Could Minecraft be the saving grace for the Xbox brand?
  451. State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Thread
  452. Following Silent Hills Cancellation Konami Delists From NY Stock Exchange
  453. Has anyone played Life is Strange
  454. Tower defence games on PS4 (and in general) and White Knight?
  455. Good New: Gears of War HD coming to Xbox One (rumor)
  456. TellTale and Marvel have partnered up for a 2017 game
  457. Toughest game you have ever played?
  458. Steam is letting people charge for mods
  459. PS4 now £299 for a limited time
  460. Video Game Endings that Tugged at Your Heartstrings (spoilers)
  461. Mad Max: The Video Game (PS4/PC/XboxOne)
  462. A Game Designer Reveals The Secret To Finding Your Perfect Game. What is your perfect game?
  463. Total War: Warhammer announced
  464. PSN name change, will it ever happen, here's why you can't ... yet according to IGN
  465. Ghost Of A Tale (PC/Xbox One)
  466. JRPG Discussion Thread: Star Ocean 5 launches June 28 in the US
  467. Favorite story in a videogame
  468. Anyone else disappointed with next gen?
  469. Favourite Sonic the Hedgehog Game
  470. Final Fantasy Characters
  471. Most played game
  472. Activision Announces Guitar Hero Live! For Consoles, Tablets, and Smartphones
  473. What do you love about video games?
  474. The ending of the last of us (spoiler)
  475. Best 2d beat 'em ups
  476. Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade developed by Team Ninja and on PS4
  477. Which game is going to be better? Dragon Age: Inquisition or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?
  478. Anyone on the latest Dragon Age game?
  479. Report: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 In The Works For Consoles?
  480. Video Game Music Thread
  481. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
  482. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  483. Twitch Thread Y'aaaaaaaaaaall
  484. Advanced Warfare
  485. The Last Games You Ever Bought
  486. Chart Wars 3/Music Wars Rebirth
  487. Brand new Playstation 4 Owner....suggestions?
  488. The last of us loading?!
  489. Nintendo Direct 4/2 (lots of news and announcements)
  490. Saddest Video Game Endings *Spoiler Alert*
  491. Favorite Fighters from your favorite fighting game franchises
  492. Final Club Nintendo Platinum/Gold Rewards Announced
  493. Do You think we will see Fallout 4 at E3?
  494. WWE 2k games announce new mobile game!
  495. Rainbow Six: Siege
  496. Songs that would work in a video game
  497. Favorite Developer
  498. Favorite bosses
  499. Shocking Zelda WiiU delayed won't be shown at E3
  500. PSA: 10% off total purchase this weekend on PSN
  501. What are your Top 3 Video Game Levels?
  502. Hell has frozen over...Obsidian has made a truly amazing game
  503. Dungeon Fighter Online have opened beta on 24 Marth
  504. What is the latest you have stayed up till playing video games?
  505. Which games would you like to see get remastered?
  506. AAA Games Are The Downfall Of The Industry
  507. Pillars Of Eternity
  508. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
  509. God of War III Remastered (This week!)
  510. New Flash Sale: PS3/PSP/Vita Titles For Under A $1!
  511. PS4/Xbox One Gamesharing
  512. Bloodborne (March 24, 2015) – HUNT YOUR NIGHTMARES
  513. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae
  514. NX - Nintendo's New Next Generation Concept
  515. LEGO Jurassic World (June 12th, 2015) "We Spared No Expense"
  516. Cancelled Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game Revealed; Confirmed Star Wars, Frozen, Tangled & More Worlds; May Be Used In KHIII
  517. How Do You Edit the Text in PSP Games?
  518. NBA Live 15
  519. Style Competition
  520. Your Gaming "Not" Pet Peeves
  521. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered Petition
  522. "Remaster MW2 for PS4 & Xbox One" -petition gets over 60,000 signatures
  523. The best game of 2015 (so far): Helldivers
  524. The last Of Us Is Overrated
  525. Final Fantasy XV Discussion Thread World Wide Release 2016 Playstation 4/Xbox One
  526. Steam tells the prices and the models of their new "machine"
  527. Madden
  528. the game that everyone should be talking about. NO MANS SKY
  529. GCU at Best Buy Now $30 (HUGE benefits for buying games like 20% off ALL new games)
  530. Community Universe Mode!
  531. "Titanic: Honor and Glory" IndieGoGo Campaign
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