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  1. Kane staying as the Demon!
  2. Sept RAW Ratings (2011-2015)
  3. Is Ru-Ru on the verge of transformation......
  4. Main Event / Smackdown spoilers (October 6, 2015)
  5. Important Plothole on Raw: Sasha threw Nikki's hat away, HOW DOES SHE GET IT BACK LATER IN THE SHOW!
  6. Sheamus cash in should look like this...
  7. I do like how they buried Naiomi and Stamina on Raw
  8. What would make you start watching raw again?
  9. Does Sheamus look to you like he is gonna cash in successfully?
  10. I CANT STAND IT! Its the same RAW every f'n week
  11. how does kane grow his hair so quickly?
  12. Braun Strowman is very talented
  13. That Brie bump on RAW last night
  14. Why not this WWE?
  15. Rate Raw tonight's
  16. Team B.A.D. promo: Raw Fallout, Oct. 5, 2015
  17. Orton and Reigns vs Wyatt and Strowman on smackdown!! yay!!
  18. Cesaro relegated to Superstars for 2nd consecutive week
  19. Becky Lynch shares her Fiery Wisdom: Raw Fallout, Oct. 5, 2015
  20. Why do Stephanie and Triple H hate Rollins?
  21. Rusev/Summer segment was Punk/AJ Lee ripoff
  22. Your Raw Reviews!
  23. Is WWE holding back D-Von?
  24. Adam Rose shares a Cryptic Message
  25. That Susan G Komen segment..
  26. Paige being punished?
  27. Rockstar should sponsor Star Dust
  28. It took Cena 13 years to ask for time off.
  29. My Prediction For The Tag Team Titles for Hell in a Cell
  30. Predict WWE RAW 10/5/15
  31. WWE Smackdown in Philadelphia - still the same ruckus crowd?
  32. Old-ass Dinosaurs aka The Dudleys are burying the tag team division!
  33. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 10/05 - The Beast Is Back In Town
  34. This is how you increase ratings.
  35. Very low fan attendance at Smackdown
  36. WWE could keep the 3hr RAW and still make it 1 & 1/2 hrs
  37. Kayfabe wise , Why Kane is feuding with Seth Rollins
  38. You Want To Give Raw a Ratings Boost? Have Rollins Drop the Belt ON Raw
  39. Is the problem with the wrestling the wrestling? Your reaction if Raw becomes a 3 hour non-wrestling drama.
  40. My idea to save WWE Ratings. (New Feuds / Storylines)
  41. Why not put Axel and Swagger together?
  42. Fresh Eyed view on Seth Rollins.
  43. I seriously can't stand any of Bray Wyatt's feuds
  44. Charlotte cant act
  45. Watched RAW...damn! we have a new wrestlecrap feud.
  46. 10/1 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers
  47. How did the Divas Revolution fail so badly?
  48. SmackDown News: Kevin Owens vs Ryback - Re-Match For The IC Title
  49. Raw Needs a 100% Makeover
  50. Orton still over even with being directionless
  51. When are they gonna turn Reigns heel?
  52. HHH being Steph's sidekick
  53. Reigns vs Wyatt Should've Been This Way From The Start.
  54. So sick of this shit with Barrett
  55. Corporate Kane is officially the best part of Raw
  56. So...How About That MizTV Segment, Guys?
  57. What's This? Short And Effective Openings 2 Weeks In a Row?
  58. Will The Authority turn on Kane or will Kane turn on The Authority?
  59. John Cena's U.S. Open Burial/Challenge returns tonight!
  60. So is Seth gonna turn up at Raw tonight and explain what happened under the ring?
  61. Alica Fox is miles ahead of all the other Divas
  62. Braun Strowman, Becky Lynch and Simon Gotch in the The Exotic Express
  63. Paige is right though Charlotte is only where she is cos of her dad
  64. Who Does Cena Move Onto Next?
  65. Raw Discussion Thread: TRASH
  66. It's official! Hell has frozen over!
  67. Sting is being buried :L more like 'The guy' backstage.
  68. Not even 2 years ago
  70. Doudleys annoy me and Stink
  72. Rusev or Owens?
  73. Why is Natalya in the Women's Division?
  74. Cena Devaluing the World Title
  75. Brock, Taker, HBK, Austin, Flair to appear on RAW on October 19
  76. Bray Wyatt and his fascination with attacking babyfaces.
  77. Dean McCain
  78. 9/24 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers
  79. Big Show's promo was solid.
  80. Heel Paige vs face Charlotte for the divas title book it Vince
  81. Ziggler's look
  82. Sasha banks & Paige are similar...
  83. Cena always has to win clean
  84. That new IC champion hype
  85. Sasha Banks pipebomb, instead?
  86. I want Demon Kane as Champ
  87. Some Notes From RAW (I Was At The Event)
  88. You guys (iwc) complain to much
  89. Cena the champion without the belt (well he has th little one)
  90. Why isn't Cena the World Champion?
  91. What Happened To Sting's Announcement?
  92. Big Show - Lesnar commentary is painful to listen to
  93. Stephanie lost Kane's mask?
  94. Holy Shit! Divas Storylines!
  95. Sin Caras Botch
  97. Why is Rollins afraid of Kane?
  98. So no Brock or Undertaker tonight?
  99. I like when Lilian Garcia hablas español.
  100. Schizophrenic Kane?
  101. One of The Best Raw Openings In a While
  102. Backstage News On Chris Jericho's WWE Status
  103. Sting will kick off Raw with a major announcement
  104. How do you feel about WWE calling John Cena a 'Legend' as a full-time active performer?
  105. Should Rusev go on rampage tonight and kill Ziggler for his win by reuniting with Lana.
  106. Possible Appearance Tonight
  107. I hope WWE learned their lesson with these has beens
  108. Cena is the reason WWE doesn't have new stars
  109. Poor Owens... IC title rant
  110. 9/21 Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread
  111. Lesnar at Hell in a Cell
  112. Strowmans voice is so epic
  113. Tickets available for RAW.
  114. Real talk: Why didn't they announce Sting's debut on Raw one week in advance and announced it on the spot instead?
  115. Have they built up this mystery partner so much that it makes the booking of the match difficult.
  116. You know its not really a divas revolution just because
  117. Rollins babyface turn needs to be a slow transition into the face role.
  118. Cesaro jobbing to Big Show clean in 2015...
  119. 2015-9-14 RAW Paige vs Sasha Again
  120. Ambrose should get rid of that retarted gimmick this sunday
  121. Smackdown Vs. Raw (Commentary)
  122. Booker T is Fucking Atrocious on Commentary.
  123. I am now able to visually enjoy the product more with the middle rope being yellow. (It's also a great cause too!!)
  124. Good guys or bad guys?
  125. WWE SmackDown Spoilers – September 17th, 2015
  126. Shouldnt the IWC be comparing Nikki's reign to Taryn's instead of AJ's?
  127. Eva Marie should replace Fox in Team Bella
  128. Cena leeching off Sting for overness now?
  129. Sooooo - Was that a Ziggler heel turn?
  130. The scary thing is, Nikki Bella probably doesn't realise that she's only the record holder because of Punk/AJ and Cena
  131. Big E upset over Nikki Bella breaking AJ Lee's Divas Championship record
  132. I am new.. is Neville wasted already?
  133. Rusev's The Face - No Debate
  134. The Integrity of WWE Divas Division
  135. The Cena-Sheamus match wasted a potential good feud for later
  136. I really, really hope
  137. Reigns and Ambrose Announce Mystery Partner
  138. Where's Swagger.
  139. Owens and Ryback were the highlight of the night
  140. RAW Positive: More People Got Promo Time And The Interactions Were Decent
  141. Can't believe WWE allow sting in the ring with that t shirt and face paint
  142. That was great Sting booking...at least up til this commercial.
  143. Nikki Bella is now the longest reigning Divas Champion in history
  144. RAW needs a "Barber Shop" scene with New Day
  145. Vince will send a message to AJ tonight and have Nikki beat her long reign
  146. Smackdown > Raw
  147. I hope Seth has security on his entrance tonight
  148. Seriously, Raw is the only TV I've Ever Watched Every Week I Have To Fast-Forward Past at Least 50% of.
  149. Bray Wyatt's Smackdown Promo...
  150. Ambrose & Reigns Shift Into A.P.A.
  151. John Cena 10 years from now
  152. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 09/14
  153. Dean Ambrose Gets Titty Master Chants From The Crowd
  154. WWE.com EXCLUSIVE: Sasha Banks and Paige comment on their match at SmackDown
  155. Sting Will Be at Raw Again
  156. WrestlingForums reaction to Orton vs. Sheamus on Raw
  157. They are NOT abandoning The Cosmic Wasteland, Smackdown shows otherwise.
  158. Great Smackdown match between Paige and Sasha
  159. Seth Rollins is the best champion since Austin
  160. WWE.com EXCLUSIVE: Sasha Banks reacts to her victory over Paige
  161. Should Divas Title Match Main Event Raw?
  162. WWE.COM Interview: Nikki Bella
  163. why guys dont do this move ?
  164. Is El-Torito joining the Dudleys?
  165. 9/10 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers.
  166. Just watching RAW. My opinions.
  167. Ryback's Tragic Backstage Raw Promo.
  168. Raw is War
  169. Abandoning The Cosmic Wasteland?
  170. Xavier Woods needs to.....
  171. Cesaro just needs to stop
  172. Most Underutilized/Misused Wrestler
  173. Trips not reacting...
  174. The US title...
  175. It has to stop, I cant take 45 minutes of Rollins...EVERY week.
  176. Randy randomly inserted into the Wyatt/Shield storyline?
  177. That fan entrance!
  178. Vince is pathetic.
  179. WWE Sting is Worse Than Joker Sting from TNA
  180. E&C, The Dudleyz, New Day & Rollins segment
  181. The Super Athlete Rusev Strikes Again
  182. New tag fued Lucha vs Matadores
  183. No more Sheamus/Orton matches. I can't take it!
  184. Bold and slightly awkward claim: Paige vs. Sasha Banks was the best 1 minute and 40 second match I've ever watched.
  185. Polling the opinion on Roman Reigns
  186. Sasha Banks vs. Paige is Happening on RAW...AGAIN!
  187. Kane no longer appearing on Monday Night Raw tonight
  188. Who's idea was it to have Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena in UK on Raw 2007 to go almost 60 minutes with little warning?
  189. OMG it's called a back suplex!
  190. Upcoming new gimmick for Bo Dallas ?
  191. Paige Heel turn soon?
  192. Sister Abigail should be Mika Rotunda
  193. Raw Thread: TRASH (But New Day is LIFE)
  194. Ok we have the Dudley boys back now bring back Spike Dudley
  195. Spoiler: Appearance for upcoming Monday Night Raw
  196. Big E busts Renee barefoot during promo on twitter
  197. I'm So Sorry All You Bolievers
  198. Paige's promos
  199. Stardust and The Ascension are now The Cosmic Wasteland
  200. Why was RAW lame this week?
  201. What time does Raw start in your region?
  202. How Much More Screen Time are the Divas Getting Now During the "Revolution" than Before Would You Say?
  203. Do you still enjoy the Wyatt Family?
  204. So you think Erick Rowan is done?
  205. Main Event/SmackDown! spoilers for 9/1/15 and 9/2/15.
  206. I thought Ryback vs. Big Show was actually a pretty dramatic match.
  207. How does creative get paid after what they did with the divas?
  208. Subtle Shield Teases on Raw
  209. It's trigger pulling time
  210. How Can Sting Hang with Seth In-Ring if Big Match John Couldn't at SummerSlam?
  211. Time to stop blaming the booking and accept the fact the Divas just suck!
  212. Will Nikki defend the title on the 9/14 Edition of RAW?
  213. Everyone Involved In The Rusev/Ziggler Feud Acts Like A Heel Except..........
  214. Sting 'The Architect' and none of you seem to get it :L
  215. Help me make sense of this...
  216. OK so what is the point of Cena gaining the US-title back again?
  217. Kevin Owens is burying Cesaro!
  218. Who Sister Abigail should be
  219. Thought Cena was advertised for tonight?
  220. RAW was good until The New Day
  221. They Aren't Gonna Let Seth Be The Face In The HHH Feud Will They?
  222. Why Is This Ryback/Show/Miz Thing Continuing?
  223. Sting's Promo
  224. More Sheamus and MITB angle...
  225. Kane Returning To Raw Tonight?
  226. Who is this new bearded dude with the Wyatts?
  227. Kane should be face of the company
  228. Ziggler vs Rusev Re-Match On RAW
  229. Divas Beat-The-Clock Challenge
  230. Could Nikki Bella Lose Her Title On The Raw Before NOC?
  231. Backstage News on Sting's Raw Appearances - Spoiler on next Appearance
  233. How Many More "He Didn't Get All of It" Springboard Stunner Botches Must We Endure?
  234. Major concern for next weeks Raw/Smackdown shows due to tropical storm Erika
  235. Analyzing Paige's run on the main roster.
  236. Sasha Banks Is The Only Good Thing About This Revolution
  237. Dean Ambrose is one of the best faces I've ever seen.
  238. Why Kevin Owens should win the IC title at Night of Champions
  239. Smackdown's Divas Promos
  240. Sting vs Seth
  241. WWE fucked over Big E
  242. Great Randy Orton Interview talking about the business, working with Chris Benoit, 02' class etc
  243. Raw Wasn't Terrible
  244. The Sting's face
  245. Sara Lee vs Paige on Raw a future match in the making
  246. Bring Back Wade Barrett
  247. Vince Russo: "Undertaker Should Have KILLED Heyman in Front of That Crowd!"
  248. Your top 2 RAW intro themes?
  249. What was SmackDown's intro when you first started watching WWE?
  250. MIZ TV with PCB
  251. 8/27 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers
  252. Anyone else would like to see The Boss's entrance be the way it was at Takeover?
  253. New Shield Member/ Back up for Reigns and Ambrose?
  254. The only disappointing thing about Raw
  255. Bo almost beating Brock was awesome
  256. Was the 8 man tag on RAW, representative of the 'new' IC division?
  257. Why don't they mention this abou the United States title?
  258. They Gave Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose Some Old-School Undertaker Booking...
  259. Jon Stewart for Color Commentary?
  260. I hope Sting becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
  261. NEW DAY _____
  262. That's it for the Cosmic King
  263. What if HHH planned...
  264. What was it?
  265. Incredible Live Experience In Brooklyn
  266. Man if it was only Bryan that came out from under that
  267. Seth Rollins title def?
  268. Will Rollins Pull Double Duty At NoC?
  269. What are the odds of Steph getting Scorpion Death dropped by Sting?
  270. Official New Day Is Awesome Discussion Thread
  271. Thats what they are doing UGH. Sting will beat Rollins and Cena beats Sting to tie Flairs record
  272. Some things that Raw has taught us tonight and/or confirmed ... and what did you take away from it?
  273. Best Raw In Like Forever
  274. The Stinger Is Here!
  275. Kane will attack Rollins...Sheamus cash in
  276. For Those Who Missed It
  277. So does this mean the end of the US Championship Open Challenge?
  278. Brooklyn buries the divas 'revolution'
  279. Sasha Not Appearing Tonight
  280. Alright guys, new Wyatt, who was it?
  281. Rip PTP
  282. THE DUDLEY BOYZ RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  283. How many of you watch the Raw pre-show as of now?
  284. Jon Stewart to Explain His Actions on RAW Tonight
  285. Spoiler: WWE Hall Of Famer Scripted In For Tonight's RAW, Update On Sting Speculation
  286. Report: The Undertaker's Status for Tonight's WWE Raw
  287. Admit it, Taker vs Lesnar is FOTY.
  288. John Cena To Address WWE SummerSlam Loss On Tonight's RAW
  289. Stardust has really grown on me
  290. Such a waste putting the US Title On Rollins
  291. Who Else Thinks Enzo & Cass vs. The New Day Would Be The Greatest Tag Feud Since The Shield vs. The Wyatts?
  292. Paige vs Noami
  293. Since it's all still in Brooklyn, they should book Amell vs. Stardust in a 1on1 match tonight on Raw for ratings.
  294. Roman Reigns is DONE — The Battle is OVER
  295. 8/24 Raw Discussion Thread: Fallout from SummerFest Fuckery
  296. Potentially HUGE Raw SPOILER
  297. Jon Stewart's Involvement in the Championship match: Good or Bad Decision?
  298. How much longer are we going to have to put up with Rollins?
  299. The big Raw angle going into wrestlemania
  300. JBL being Wikipedia.
  301. Will Brock be on Raw after SummerSlam?
  302. Eric Bischoff Is Best For Business...
  303. Ryback vs. The Big Show on Smackdown - Oh my goodness that barricade spot.
  304. Did Jerry Lawler really just name drop Dragonball Z on Smackdown?
  305. Where the hell is the Ascension?
  306. I Can't Even Watch the Lana and Ziggler Segments Anymore
  307. New Day at it again
  308. Barret And Stardust
  309. Monday the 24th is Vince's 70th Birthday
  310. No other mention of Roman Reigns daughter...
  311. Was it just another replay???
  312. Who else thinks that this Lesnar vs Taker feud is great storytelling?
  313. Anyone else tired of the randomly generated "scrambling" for booking??
  314. Lana Undermining the "Diva's Revolution".
  315. Seth Rollins never signed the contract..
  316. 8/20 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers
  317. That hometown crowd reaction for Brock was amazing
  318. Where should they go with this Reigns/Ambrose Alliance?
  319. Has Brock Lesnar's return from 2012 - present, cemented himself as a legend in WWE?
  320. Seth's been killing it on the mic...
  321. That GOAT Paul Heyman Promo.
  322. 2009 Kofi VS Heel New Day Kofi
  323. Who is the worst on the mic on the roster?
  324. Lana and Rusev
  325. Brock Lesnar's post raw promo
  326. I can't take PCB seriously unless they do another name change
  327. I Couldn't Have Been The Only One Who Noticed KO's Entrance..
  328. wwe is awful guys. why do yall keep watching each week knowing it will be awful before it even starts? JUST STOP WATCHING!!!!
  329. Is Telport>Low Blow Taker's new Finisher?
  330. When Was The Last Time The Undertaker Got This Much Heat?
  331. Assertive Booking: Why didn't Reigns and Ambrose get Bray Wyatt after the match when he was by himself?
  333. When will WWE stop creating chicken shit heels?
  334. Can Cena's promo on Rollins last night be classified as a "burial" by definition?
  335. That Nikki vs Sasha match was just....
  336. I am going to admit I loved John Cena telling Rollins YOUR GOING TO BE MY BITCH
  337. Bald Taker vs Taker with hair (now)
  338. Cosmic King Barret is relevant again
  339. Loved the way Rollins put his hands on his hip like he did't give a shit about a single word Cena said
  340. Another disgusting promo by WWE
  341. Realistically, do you see WWE programming getting better any time soon?
  342. An A-List Celebrity is backstage at Raw tonight...
  343. How do you book Kane's return to WWE?
  344. Taker/Brock showdown tonight....lame supernatural crap?
  345. WWE Stars Returning on Raw Tonight *Spoiler*
  346. I hate to say it, but Show really does need to retire.
  347. Daniel Bryan
  348. So remember when john cena and fred were champions
  349. Ok, Once We Get to Night of Champions, What Becomes of the Divas Championship?
  350. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 08/17
  351. Who do you think should beat Cena for the US title and why?
  352. Cesaro/Neville Tag Team
  353. Bo Dallas Getting Cheered On Smackdown
  354. Does Seth open up every show now or what?
  355. Reigns and Ambrose Sit-Down with Cole
  356. 8/17 RAW = Push Lloyd Boner
  357. What's More Cringe-Worthy? Brie Using Bryan's Stuff or the Crowd Actually Cheering Her Using Bryan's Stuff?
  358. How was the Orton,Cesaro,Owens match?
  359. 8/13 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers
  360. What's the point in Miz hosting Miz TV? (Kayfabe-Wise)
  361. I Take Randy Orton Over Seth Rollins Anyday
  362. Can they please keep Brie out of the ring?
  363. How entertaining was New Day last night?
  364. What I learned from Last Night's Raw... 8/10/15
  365. Let's Talk About Daniel Bryan's Mic "Skills".
  366. I Actally Wanted Orton To Win The Title.
  367. So Orton Pins Cesaro And Makes Seth Look Like A Bitch..
  368. WWE Doesn't Really Need Cena That Much
  369. Rusev shows EVEN MORE potential and talent
  370. Alicia Fox is wrestling again?
  371. WWE releases new John Cena T-Shirt.
  372. Orton/Sheamus feud needs to end
  373. Cody Rhodes Assaulted By Fan At Raw
  374. Stephen Amell is legit
  375. Was Lana About To Kiss Rusev?
  376. Why does neville wear purple?
  377. Let's take a moment to mourn the end of Ambrose's career
  378. Kevin Owens - Eat Sleep SPOT SPOT SPOT Repeat!
  379. Cesaro should have won Triple Threat
  380. Becky & Charlotte Needs To Turn On Paige!!
  381. Any current Diva tops Tamina now
  382. Which NXT diva do you think has face of the divas division potential?
  383. Breaking News: Daniel Bryan to Appear on Raw Tonight?
  384. Want a Good Laugh? Watch the first minute of the latest Smackdown. The Audio Fuckery Was Enough For Me To Turn It Right Off.
  385. Becky Lynch Needs To Lose Her Next 2 Matches As Punishment For That Botching Finish On Smackdown.
  386. Raw in Brock's home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota will be epic
  387. I'm convinced that Roman Reigns vs. Rusev will main event a PPV in 2016.
  388. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 08/10
  389. Is this divas "revolution" going anywhere?
  390. Undertaker and Lesnar Advertised For Final Raw Before SummerSlam
  391. If you were a writer, how would you turn John Cena into a heel?
  392. "And I'll Bring My Brother"
  393. Smackdown with Reigns and his many faces...
  394. Raw is that bad that...
  395. Smackdown vs. Raw - Brand Superiority
  396. What happened in that Divas match? So much confusion.
  397. Who's the GOAT and why is it Roman Reigns
  398. What finisher would you have Rollins use?
  399. Anyone else? Just me?!
  400. Smackdown Spoilers for 8/6/15
  401. Rusev's Finisher
  402. Please, enough with the pointless Mark Henry usage.
  403. Kevin Owens is finished, already
  404. A question about Cena's Canadian Destroyer type move
  405. Are Divas Required To Wear Pantyhose Now? It Looks Like Shit.
  406. How would you have booked Bo Dallas's WWE run?
  407. Have A Kevin Owens vs Cesaro #1 Contender Match For The WWE Title Next Week.
  408. Are Americans Allergic to Staying Silent for a Ceremonial 10 Count?
  409. So Seth is Now Recycling Owens' Bit From a Few Weeks Ago?
  410. Can we just talk about how good that Paul Heyman promo was for a minute?
  411. **All TV Ratings, Buys, Draw Talk Here** - THE RATINGS WAR PART IV
  412. The United States Championship After SummerSlam
  413. Why didn't WWE do full 3 hour tribute Raw to Roddy Piper?
  414. Was Sheamus being punished in the 6 man tag due to backstage heat?
  415. "Thank you Rollins!"
  416. Rusev's Mic Skills
  417. Stephen Amell / The Arrow to appear on RAW
  418. Getting sick of the Reigns and Ambrose bromance
  419. Brock Lesnar returns!
  420. New Day Carrying the Div
  421. End Of The Show: Sting Tease, New Wyatt Member, Or None of the Above?
  422. Rusev no longer wrestling barefoot?
  423. Ceasoro and Neville
  424. Screw the haters. Neville is incredible.
  425. WWE and weird noses
  426. A Certain Hugger Teased An Appearance For Tomorrow.
  427. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 08/03
  428. The one thing that I can't stand about Cena's promos
  429. Now Cena is out of the way every talent needs to step up
  430. New Day Stable
  431. For Monday's RAW
  432. New Day at it again
  433. Jack Swagger Should Have Went Over Rusev On Smackdown.
  434. Seth finally shined but that ending was horrible for him
  435. Ringside Experience?
  436. The Authority announcing matches in opening segment
  437. Can someone please put the YouTube version of Raw 3/17/1997 please
  438. Nikki Says Her Match With Becky Lynch Was Cancelled Because She Had "Emergency"
  439. I Hope Seth Meant it!
  440. Kevin Owens interview with Cole: buries his commentary :)
  441. Where is Roman Reigns?
  442. Did Cena's Broken Nose Make the Match Better?
  443. 7/30 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers
  444. Next Week Is The Perfect Place
  445. Thanks a lot NXT fans and SJW's
  446. HEY COLE! How about you call the shots huh!
  447. Paige & Sasha were talking to each other way too much
  448. Fatal 4 Way match for MitB briefcase at SummerSlam?
  449. An excellent way to build up Cena
  450. If Becky Beats Nikki On Smackdown Should That Make Her #1 Contender For The Divas Title?
  451. Ambrose cuts one of the best promos of the year on RAW Fallout
  452. Bray is love, Bray is life
  453. The new day are absolutely remarkable
  454. Ambrose vs Big Show, I actually enjoyed the match.
  455. Tamina Snuka's look...is just...scary
  456. What I learned this week in the world of wrestling
  457. Paige and Sasha play off each other really well
  458. Owens and Orton styes don't mesh well.
  459. Cena Is Now Literally The Greatest Of All Time
  460. Cena's nose Broken OUCH!!
  461. Even I cant support that f**ckery of Cena making Rollins Tap
  462. WWE are u serious super cena
  463. Why'd KO look so short and fat next to RKO?
  464. Sick of the Stardust gimmick
  465. Does anyone else love Kevin Owen's side comments while he wrestles?
  466. The Smackdown Commentary Team is Refreshing
  467. Cena open challanges
  468. No seriously, bring back The Intellectual Savior...
  469. Would you debut Enzo and Cass tonight?
  470. Raw Discussion Thread - 07/27 - US CHAMPION > WWE CHAMPION
  471. Daniel Bryans Return
  472. Is Lana gonna get in the ring and wrestle Summer Rae?
  473. Do you think this "DivasRevolution" could lead to new matches?
  474. Dear Bellas: You are heels, stop clapping for crowd support during matches.
  475. Brie Would Get Over More If She Went By Brie Bryan.
  476. Did Rusev piss off Vince to be treated in this way?
  477. People seem to say Sasha Banks is the "Best Womens wrestler in the WWE" but what about Nikki Bella?
  478. After All This Time Rusev Is Still A Badass Heel
  479. So the bellas are faces now?
  480. This Neville vs. Stardust feud is gold.
  481. Remember when Rusev Said "I have a better Lana now"?
  482. Backstage News on Possible Plans for WWE SmackDown Moving to the USA Network In 2016
  483. Will Cena vacate the US title?
  484. Rusev Should Beat Cena For The US Title This Coming Monday!
  485. Will the John Cena problem be ever solved
  486. Fuck you Kevin Dunn and Vince!
  487. Cena "Open Challenge" better start off Raw next week
  488. I supported wwe even on their worst but now i feel weird
  489. Cena is a delusional hypocrite
  490. Brock/Taker is a face vs face fued
  491. I just dont fucking get it
  492. 7/23 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers
  493. Seth, the next United States Champion?
  494. Fans were more on Brocks side... weird.. Also felt very attitude eraish
  495. Everyone Involved in the Taker/Brock Segment Looked like Jobbers
  496. face low blows
  497. So what exactly is this leading to with the divas?
  498. Sasha Bank doesn't fit in on the main roster
  499. Rusev Needed To Be Humbled For The Way He Has Treated Lana.
  500. Paige - What is going on?
  501. Time for WWE to make the Intercontinental title relevant!
  502. Undertakers Raw Dates??
  503. Congratulation John Cena on his total Burial of NXT
  504. This Seth is the Future Crap Needs To Stop.
  505. Cesaro Slingshot into the RKO!
  506. Cena trying to put himself above the world championship
  507. So what now for Owens
  508. That Ending was Awesome! most Fun Main Event in a long time
  509. Oh god Summer Rae is dressed like Lana
  510. If This Leads to Cena vs. Rollins at SummerSlam, Fuck Off
  511. Ladies n gentlemen that is how u book a fued
  512. Punch Kick -Clothesline aka Roman Reigns
  513. Brock/Taker brawl
  514. Undertaker Wrestlmania 32 question
  515. Make Ambrose The #1 Contender And Have Him Face Rollins At SummerSlam
  516. Is Rollins turning face tonight?
  517. Why does WWE feel the need to so drastically limit Brock Lesnar in the ring?
  518. Brothers of Destruction Reunion?
  519. Spoiler for tonight's Raw
  520. Becky Lynch is pretty good on the mic
  521. WWE should swerve us all and announce Lesnar the champion
  522. Is there anyone who cares about Orton anymore?
  523. Miz was able to get Big Show cheered
  524. Honestly, Seth Rollins is to blame for the Undertaker return/Brock Lesnar mess last night!
  525. Why people hate on Seth's title reign ?
  526. Are you ready?
  527. Is Brock scheduled for tomorrow?
  529. Wyatt Reigns Summerslam
  530. Who in your opinion would justify having the WWE title?
  531. Is Sheamus cashing in before SummerSlam so that HHH vs Rollins goes on without a title?
  532. Rollins next opponent for WWE title?
  533. Undertaker returns to avenge Kane!
  534. Where does Kevin Owens go from here?!?
  535. Would It Kill WWE To Let Reigns Dominate A Match ONCE???
  536. After Wyatt What's Next For Roman Reigns?
  537. This is what pisses me off with Cesaro
  538. Opinions on heel Naomi?
  539. It Should've Been LITA!!
  540. grade Raw and Smackdown at the moment?
  541. An inanimate object...
  542. Update on SmackDown's status
  543. Spoiler: Huge WWE Name Scheduled For RAW
  544. So Do Nikki Bella Fans Hate Charlotte For Those 2 Chops to the Throat?
  545. Fantastic Bray Wyatt interview with Michael Cole
  546. Triple Threat Booking Means Cena is Dropping the US Title and Those 3 Will Fued Over It?
  547. What will Wyatt's absurd, pointless reasoning to inevitably attacking Orton be?
  548. Is WWE finally listening to fans?
  549. Finally, Lita looked more feminine last night than she ever did
  550. After Thinking About It, Glad Sasha Banks Is Teaming Up With Scrubs.