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  1. Who Was The Best Seller Of The Curb Stomp?
  2. Kane's Suit Pants on Smackdown (4/23/15)
  3. Lets just hope they pick someone who actually deserves the win this time on TE
  4. The Shield 2014 vs The Shield 2015
  5. Which Upper Carder Should Get the Next Raw Rampage?
  6. Why does the New Day clap along with the "New Day sucks" chant?
  7. Rollins can't draw
  8. Is that the only way WWE knows how to build feuds anymore?
  9. Eva Marie is gonna make us eat our words when she returns
  10. Cena's punches to Kane were not connecting you could clearly see
  11. It's time to bring back the One Man Southern Rock Band, baby!
  12. Guardian of the gate? What?
  13. Why Does WWE Put Reigns In These Cookie Cutter Situations?
  14. I'll be happy with Sheamus if.....
  15. El Torito as WWE world heavyweight champion should be done for the laughs
  16. Bray lowering his standards?
  17. 4/24 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers
  18. Raw Is Just Painful To Sit Thru These Days.
  19. How about seth grabbing the mic from hunter?
  20. Did WWE Really Ban Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp?
  21. The Divas Division should be given LESS exposure.
  22. Zeb Colter
  23. Fandango is damaged goods
  24. Adam Rose should be repackage as Leo Kruger
  25. What's happening with the Bellas?
  26. OK seriously... Stop it Wyatt
  27. Which wrestler depends MOST on there finisher?
  28. Smackdown's Dubbed Pops on Raw for Roman Reigns
  29. A Smackdown Tradition
  30. May The Curbstomp Rest In Peace
  31. Is so much to ask for some good wrestling
  32. So the whole Mizdow storyline was a waste of time with no payoff?
  33. No Neville this week?
  34. Bo Dallas
  35. Is THIS How They're Bringing In Finn?
  36. How were the Divas on Raw
  37. Ring the fucking bell!
  38. Kanes' Pop Off on Seth Rollins
  39. Whatever Happened to Little Bastard?
  40. look at the nerds in the audience doing that fandango shit
  41. Daniel Bryan Update For WWE TV This Week
  42. Eva Marie Getting a Title Shot at SummerSlam?, Who Else Is Helping Her?
  43. WWE Banning the Curbstomp
  44. How can someone botch the to say "Believe that"?
  45. Just a thought. When was the last time Randy Orton botched a move?
  46. Paige's return to Raw after filming movie should feud with Charlotte
  47. I've got 3 custom Raw logos. Which one looks the best?
  48. Official Raw Discussion Thread - 4/20-15
  49. The new day...is this a sign of things to come?
  50. 5 things you want for the Divas Division this year.
  51. What will be the cause for you to stop watching WWE?
  52. Wonder what will happen this year involving the Divas.
  53. WWE Top 10: Biggest Breakups
  54. Will The New Day Actually Turn Full Blown Heel?
  55. Wait thats a DQ now?
  56. Miz v Mizdow on RAW
  57. The Miz looked pissed on Smackdown
  58. Getting tired of the Mizdow act
  59. Seth Rollins Lisp
  60. Sheamus' microphone time on Smackdown.
  61. Roman Reigns has not been over-pushed.
  62. Is Neville bound to fail?
  63. Who Should Neville Feud With First?
  64. WWE.COM: What Will Happen When Hunter Returns To RAW?
  65. Mizdow vs Miz
  66. Alicia Fox's scissors kick
  67. Cena the Copycat
  68. WWE using Wiz Khalifa/Flo Rida is worse than Kiss/Megadeth concert e in WCW
  69. Would you like to see Tazz return to commentary on RAW and take JBL Out
  70. Kane laying down for Rollins
  71. Am I the only one in Wrestling Forum Universe who likes Cesaro's and Rollins's themes?
  72. So where was Finn Balor's debut in London?
  73. WWE Raw Music Question
  74. UK show tickets are now on sale.
  75. 10 Great WWE Matches Brock Lesnar Missed Out On
  76. Paige given another divas title match over Naomi thats saying something
  77. Why Sandow is still Mizdow?
  78. I'm no longer watching RAW and SMACKDOWN!
  79. I'm sick and tired of Monday Night RAW
  80. Cesaro's Crowd Reaction On Raw
  81. Austin Offended by Cena’s New Move?
  82. All-in-All, What Did You Think of Sting's (1st?) WWE Run?
  83. What's the problem with Rollins being a chickenshit heel?
  84. Fans Rush The Ring At WWE SmackDown Tapings [Video+Pic]
  85. Fans rush SD Main-Event
  86. Why did Ziggler go over Neville? #facepalm
  87. Enough With The Finisher Fests
  88. Main Event + Smackdown SPOILERS for 4/16
  89. wtf
  90. Whats your opinion on the UK crowds?
  91. I Would Love To See Kane Snap On Rollins And Turn Back Into The Red Machine!!
  92. Quit bitching about Cena.
  93. Cena's performance on Raw
  94. WWE booking is getting worse by the week. Most over babyface not on Raw for 2 weeks & potentially the best dark heel stays in a room & does nothing
  95. Neville vs Ziggler
  96. Naomi, UK "chant" Clear Up
  97. Eden Stiles
  98. I'm sick and tired of Seth Rollins
  99. Roman Reigns' Promo
  100. The Disgusting UK fans chanting the "N" word at Naomi!
  101. So is this how Wyatt is gonna start all his feuds now?
  102. Is it just me or Kane looked even bigger?
  103. Orton/Rollins closing segment
  104. Commentary Have No Idea About Britain
  105. Is Neville's gimmick to be better than everybody he is in the ring with?
  106. Who's Next?
  107. Im sorry but the Naomi promo was one of the best of the year
  108. Tag team champs just lost to Randy Orton in a Handicap match
  109. Will Raw take a huge hit in the ratings tonight due to the network?
  110. *SPOILER* Possible debut tonight in London on Raw?
  111. WWE European Tour - November 2015
  112. Bray Wyatt's Next Feud To Be Revealed On RAW? PS. R.I.P WYATT.
  113. With AJ gone, why is Naomi being pushed as the top face?
  114. Monday Night Raw from London (4/13) Discussion Thread
  115. Divas Announced For RAW Battle Royale (One Of Them Is Brie)
  116. Stone Cold Steve Austin on: New Day
  117. Is Mizdow the new BEAST?
  118. thank you crowd!!!!
  119. Big E's Mic Skills
  120. Sister Abigale
  121. What's happening with Bryan, Sheamus and Ziggler ?
  122. Redefining Reigns
  123. Out Of These Few Who Has The Best Chance of Winning The WWE WHC Championship
  124. Ideal amount of wrestling/promos on RAW and SD
  125. Why don't Tyson Kidd & Cesaro use Kidd's Music
  126. Would you like to see The Wyatt Family reunite to cost Roman Reigns the WWE Title
  127. Stop the Smackdown tag team main events.
  128. When will Bray Wyatt be WWE World Champion?
  129. Is the Wyatt Family coming back?
  130. Ziggler's hair on Smackdown.
  131. WWE.COM: Is RAW's Divas Battle Royale Fair?
  132. Come on Orton... Rollins deserves a more interesting opponent for his first title feud
  133. The New Face Of Fear...
  134. The Ultimate WWE Experience
  135. What Would You Do With Luke Harper?
  136. So Vince jobs out Neville on his 2nd week on the main roster
  137. RAW House Show, Manchester - April 12th
  138. When was the last time we had a world title change on Smackdown or Raw?
  139. Ryback fans. What's so good about Ryback?
  140. How would YOU change smackdown and raw?
  141. Cameron was never really bad at all.
  142. Anyone else besides me starting to get into New Day finally?
  143. Raw on June 1st
  144. Reality Check About Orton as a Face: He's BORING!!!
  145. Eva Marie is trying, I give her props
  146. Orton/Wyatt feud
  147. Smackdown, 9/4 + Main Event: SPOILERS
  148. Ideas we'd like to see in WWE.
  149. Kane: Booking The Swan Song of the Big Red Machine
  150. The Cena open burial challenge
  151. Should all the Wyatts come back together?
  152. SmackDown moving to USA Network from 2016
  153. Reigns vs Big Show Is Going To Be Shit On In Chicago.
  154. So who's becoming the next Divas Champion then?
  155. Bray Wyatt - What was that?!
  156. Is WWE RAW's visual aesthetic DISGUSTING ?
  157. Just give Naomi the Divas title already
  158. A way to improve RAW - reduce the amount and length of promos
  159. Fans leaving before the Main Event?
  160. Summer Rae, Foxy and Cam'Ron steal the show
  161. So who was Wyatt calling out?
  162. Will HHH address his win over Sting?
  163. Damn face Orton sure is boring.
  164. Raw Waved the White Flag Against the NCAA
  165. New Turn for New Day and it's looking promissing!
  166. What happened to WWE announcing length of Lesnar's "suspension" and amount of fine?
  167. One of my thoughts on the Cena/Jericho Podcast
  168. Cena is a paedophile
  169. What message did the Neville/Rollins match put forward about Neville?
  170. Where was Bryan, Ziggler and Ambrose??
  171. Punch, Kick, Clothesline
  173. I don't usually criticise...
  174. Damn Natalya looking hot as hell!
  175. Damn this is AWESOME Raw!¨
  176. Should Naomi join New Day?
  177. Luke Harper jobs to Ryback?
  178. Is Naomi ready for a push, and how far?
  179. WWE Takes Fan Signs At RAW
  180. Why Byron Saxton over Tom Phillips?
  181. Let's get real, who would win if Rock and Rousey had a fight?
  182. Cena on Jericho Podcast
  183. Diva to return on RAW tonight? (Possible spoiler)
  184. What Are The Chants For Tonight's RAW @ Austin, Texas?
  185. Things in WWE that make you go Hmmm ...
  186. Best Smackdown Theme
  187. Best Raw Theme
  188. Monday Night Raw (4/6) Discussion Thread
  189. Bryans not even an attraction
  190. Seth Rollins J&J Security
  191. Randy Orton Backstage interview after WrestleMania 31
  192. Dean Has To Be A Lock To Win MITB
  193. Who is your favorite Tag Team today?
  194. The Primetime Players should be a top tag team
  195. The Prime Time Players Mock The New Day
  196. There really is no life in Wyatt as a heel is there?
  197. Bray Wyatt Needs A Change
  198. Better match this week?
  199. What's with these promos?
  200. Wyatt Family idea = Snowtowb
  201. Remember when Orton RKOed Heyman?
  202. Slammy Award: Most Hated Superstar of the Year!
  203. Sheamus working stiff - Report on getting heat for working recklessly
  204. Raw on May 4th is in Montreal: Possible Debut for Sami Zayn or/and Kevin Owens?
  205. They should reunite The Shield.
  206. Did the WWE Give up too soon on the 'Save Cody' story?
  207. New music for Sheamus
  208. So whats next for Brock?
  209. Reigns needs to be a heel before he can be a succesful face
  210. Stephanie As The Solo Authority Figure
  211. How did JBL and Booker get injured supposedly? Storyline latest on announcers!
  212. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan should take the spots of Kane & Big Show in the Authority
  213. Will Mahgul Kohl become a heel when Bork Laser comes back)
  214. Suprised nobody picked up on this line from Cole during Raw.
  215. Cena spot calling is so noticeable why does he do this?
  216. The Undertaker returns to London to face Bray Wyatt in a rematch from Wrestlemania 31?
  217. Warrior Award 2016
  218. Cena's open challenge
  219. Smackdown 11' Orton v Christian... Question
  220. Who Would You Rather Have Unify The Mid-card Championships: Daniel Bryan or John Cena?
  221. Reactions during Main Event of Raw. Let's Talk About The Big Guy...
  222. That headbutt spot though
  223. Very awkward situation in the WWE now
  224. The only bad thing about Rollins being champion
  225. Why didn't they have a Rollins promo/celebration?
  226. Smackdown SPOILERS for 4/2
  227. Would you hate on me if I said, 'I hate that we have a full-time champion again?'
  228. What Now For Ambrose?
  229. The main event last night shows the terrible direction RAW is going in still
  230. If they indeed plan to do Undertaker vs Sting next year
  231. Are they seriously going to re-book Rusev with squashes and the flag?
  232. So is Sandow gonna keep dressing like the Miz
  233. IC title match should have been the main event
  234. DB vs. DZ
  235. Who should replace Michael Cole on Commentary on RAW
  236. When will we next see Sting
  237. So how long before Cole is praising Brock on commentary?
  238. Could Brock play the Anti-Authority role?
  239. Raw and Smackdown, tag match main events?
  240. What did you think of The Lucha Dragons on RAW?
  241. Raw did a lot right but it also did some things wrong.
  242. My Favourite Roman Reigns Sign From Raw
  243. What are the odds we'll see Finn Balor in London?
  244. You guys heard what Stephanie said about Brock Lesnar backstage
  245. Why did the fans in the crowd have to chant ''this is awesome'' during the Cena/Ambrose match...
  246. King saying the crowd were chanting John Cena when they were chanting Kevin Owens...
  247. What's gonna happen with the New Day?
  248. Next Week, We Should See Damien SANDOW
  249. Could They Not Flip the Announce Table Back?
  250. Roman Reigns shouldn't be in the main event, let alone winning it.
  251. Tonight was a huge mess booking wise
  252. Why no Undertaker
  253. Bad Raws = Great PPVs... Would that make you happy?
  254. Does anyone else want Stardust to go away ?
  255. I really wish DEATH and DEATH would go away
  256. So tell me why Brock Lesnar is a badass
  257. I still say the biggest issue is 3 hour shows
  258. Roman Reigns needs a overhaul
  259. List of Chants?
  260. First Cesaro, then Big E, then Rusev, and now...
  261. Ziggler proved he can't hang with D-Bry
  262. Saxton.
  263. Is Reigns getting booed really a bad thing?
  264. Sting's Announcement on the WWE Network
  265. Is it bad taste for WWE to say Cole had a cervical fracture? A wrestler died 2 weeks ago....
  266. would lawler please just SHUT UP
  267. Worst post WM RAW ending in years
  268. Man Rollins and Orton didnt deserve that trolling from the crowd
  269. Raw: First Half Good, Second Half Lackluster?
  270. CM Punk chants SHOT DOWN!
  271. Best Post-WM Crowd Ever?
  272. That divas match nailed it.
  273. Divas Tag was Good
  275. You Suck Cena! You Suck Bryan!
  276. sit down announcers
  277. Brie is bringing Nikki down
  278. Ambrose turning heel against Cena would be the worst thing possible
  279. "Ronda Rousey, the UFC champion Bantam of The Bantamweights or whatever"
  280. Anyone else think Saxton botching Rusev coming out,changed outcome of match?
  281. Cena vs Ambrose
  282. Cena with his loud spot calling again
  283. Byron Saxton Raw Commentary
  284. Neville debut discussion
  285. Brock Update, Possible Cena RAW Spoiler, & More RAW News
  286. Who else thinks it WON'T be Rusev to answer Cenas challenge?
  287. BORK F5's Cole
  288. Stephanie McMahon is a joke
  289. Wwe just telling us to stfu and watch lol
  290. Really Sting appearing after Raw on the network
  291. Kalisto AND Adrian Neville!!!
  292. Sheamus is supposed to look intimidating?
  293. Bryan vs Ziggler MOTY?
  294. Daniel Bryan Get Jobber Entrance Is A Joke.
  295. Bryan is more than just a bunch of kicks and Ziggler is deserving.
  296. Brock back full time?
  297. has anyone found a way to mute commentary without muting the crowd or ring?
  298. This Crowd is on fire
  299. Sheamus return spoiled by Balor
  300. WWE screwed over Rusev
  301. Raw Should Start off With a Match...
  302. Is Sandow the next Daniel Bryan?
  303. Top NXT Diva to debut soon?
  304. Rollins/Orton to continue? or will Wyatt attack Orton?
  305. Who will be the one to defeat the one in 22-1?
  306. Predicting the Feuds
  307. Should Sandow go back to his old gimmick?
  308. Should Lesnar change his attire now?
  309. Summer story
  310. Paige vs Charlotte feud should start tonight on Raw
  311. Raw After Mania Drinking Game 2015
  312. Dave Meltzer - *SPOILERS* Possible debuts tonight
  313. OK, Now Can We Get The Wyatt Family Back?
  314. What do you hope for this new season.
  315. Open Raw with this...
  316. Damien Sandow, fuck Mizdow!
  317. Fresh Feud: Big Show vs Cesaro?
  318. So would anyone like to see Bray Wyatt team with the Ascension
  319. Two possible scenarios that should happen tonight w/ regard to the WHC
  320. How to enjoy a terrible Raw
  321. Chant Requests: RAW after Mania!
  322. Summary about Undertaker vs Wyatt
  323. Bryan's First IC Title Challenger should be Adrian Neville
  324. Cena causes Lana to get knocked off the apron.
  325. Orton beat Seth, and Seth is now WWE Champion, whats next?
  326. Ambrose is turning heel. Book it on Raw.
  327. Roman Reigns: What Now?
  329. Brock Gets a Rematch, Does He leave Raw as Champ?
  330. Seth Rollins - The Future Cashes In
  331. LittleKuriboh Presents The Mark Remark: Raw 3/16 - SD 3/26
  332. Did Mark Henry hurt his leg at the end of the 8 man tag team?
  333. I'm worried for Ambrose....
  334. The strange ending to Smackdown
  335. Anyone notice Cena during Reigns entrance on Smackdown?
  336. Stephanie wasnt right... For a change
  337. Remember when Smackdown was BETTER than Raw
  338. Is a "One Year" Feud possible in the Reality Era? (Mini spoiler)
  339. Two Big Names Confirmed For Post-Mania RAW
  340. So Mark Henry is face again?
  341. How I would book a Reigns loss/Heel Turn/Title win
  342. Lesnar's Contract; Reigns Out, Ambrose In
  343. Apparently Brock re signing with WWE and not going back to UFC
  344. Main Roster needs some fresh faces...
  345. If The WHC Was Still Here Who'd Be The Champion At This Moment?
  346. MITB contract needs to go
  347. What's Your perception of the TapouT brand?
  348. If Reigns turns heel, are you going to cheer him? *Insert /facepalm*
  349. Randy and Rollins made it entertaining
  350. Undertaker not being on Raw
  351. Vince Russo Slams Vince McMahon and Creative for The Ending To Raw
  352. Are you guys looking forward to a Shield reunion 4-5 years down the line?
  353. Reigns should be the one to end Rusev's streak
  354. So Someone At WWE Creative Realized People Could Just Take Titles
  355. Bill Simmons On RAW Makes Sense Now.
  356. LittleKuriboh Presents The Mark Remark: Raw 3/9 & SD 3/12
  357. Jerry Lawler Appreciation Thread
  358. Fatal 4-Way: HHH vs. CM Punk vs. Clique vs. HEADLINER
  359. Where the hell is Sheamus?
  360. Backstage News On Nikki Bella Taking a Shot at AJ Lee During SmackDown Promo, Was It Scripted?
  361. Backstage News on the WWE Intercontinental Title, Jey Uso Working WrestleMania
  362. Why do fans these days prefer vanilla midgets ?
  363. Bad News Barrett Such A Bad Ass
  364. Roman Reigns should have never started talking
  365. High pitched child - Rusev/Cena Segment -RAW
  366. Bray Wyatt is the best promo man in the WWF
  367. Is Matthew Perry's Character In 'The Odd Couple' Based On Bill Simmons?
  368. Rollins should be in the main event
  369. Snoop Dogg & Axel segment was pointless
  370. To the Haters of the Attitude Era and This Go Home Raw Segment
  371. Can Vince be Forced Step Down?
  372. House show ad WM spoiler?
  373. Natalia being pinned by El Torito
  374. Remember the final go home segment from last year....
  375. My opinion on this garbage mania build and todays raw
  376. For the Love of WWE, Please Retire Vince!!!
  377. Has Vince had a stroke?
  378. Absolutely no choice but to turn Reigns heel now
  379. Raw Review lmao
  380. The "make Roman Reigns look strong" jokes no longer make sense.
  381. Reigns got the Upper hand Tonight
  382. The beautiful irony in all this
  383. Anyone else hear that sound
  384. Rusev DESTROYS CENA
  385. I have a question about Brock/Reigns
  386. Thank you wrestling forums
  387. The abomination that is Michael Cole: The go home special
  388. Save us, Seth Rollins. You're our only hope.
  389. Did Brock Sign a New Contract tonight?
  390. Smackdown Spoilers For 3/26
  391. Worst ending before WM in the history of fucking life
  392. Daniel Bryan is an idiot for accepting Ziggler's feud
  393. Bray Wyatt Disciples Check In Here
  394. It's just me or... Bray Wyatt is one of the greatest talkers in history?'
  395. Something people need to understand about go-home RAW's (especially WrestleMania ones)
  396. Nikki vs Paige; Best divas match for the main roster this year?
  397. WWE can't do the little things right no more
  398. You gotta admit, Sting is so fucking motivated!
  399. Thanks Steph for ruining that segment
  400. Update On if Taker Will Appear @ RAW
  401. Will Brock Do Some Work Tonight?
  402. WWE.COM: Kevin Nash To Be Inducted To HOF (Announcement On RAW)
  403. RAW Spoiler For Tonight - UPDATE: Spoiler for Opening Segment
  404. HHH to respond to Sting's action, that's it?
  405. Rumor: Taker To Call Out Sting The RAW After Mania
  406. Raw start time at Staples
  408. RAW after WM 30
  409. What's Next For Rusev After This Cena Feud?
  410. Here's My Case for WWE Telling those Fans to Change
  411. Why Don't They Have More Heel Vs Heel And Face Vs Face Matches?
  412. Will We Ever See Someone Win The WWE WHC on Raw?
  413. Wish Sting had believed WWE would use him right.
  414. Sister Abigail has to be real its about time they reveal her
  415. Did you use to watch/buy more wrestling related things when you were younger?
  416. Bryan/Ziggler...
  417. Idea: The New Smackdown Six
  418. Harper or Ambrose should change their attire
  419. Smackdown 3/19
  420. D'Bry ANTI Fan Thread
  421. I do not understand how wrestling existed before Daniel Bryan
  422. Why was Dean Ambrose's finishing Move changed
  423. Another aggressive Xavier Woods promo. Another red herring or will something fruitful happen this time?
  424. Intercontinental Title
  425. Vince will push Lana now after those chants
  426. Bryan booed at SD! taping
  427. Was Sting hiding under the ring the whole show?
  428. Wyatt's promos
  429. Why Does Ambrose Get a Shot at the IC Title?
  430. Why Bryan Should Not Face Lesnar
  431. WWE has literally telegraphed a Roman Reigns victory at WrestleMania
  432. Do you reckon they will get Sting to talk more now?
  433. Next Raw in L.A. Lesnar Will Get Face Treatment Over Reigns. What Will Vince Do?
  434. So that's it for the Ascension??
  435. Spoiler: WWE Announces Another HOF Inductee On Smackdown
  436. Smackdown worth watching this week! 3/19/15.
  437. I miss Lawler on Raw
  438. Another Great Dean Ambrose YouTube Promo
  439. Jamie Noble being The Authority's secret weapon
  440. The WWE has given us no reason to care about Roman Reigns winning
  441. 3/19 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers
  442. Wrestling Isn't Wrestling
  443. Why's R Truth deserve a shot at the IC Title exactly?
  444. Rollins' Plot to Trick Orton Didn't Make Any Sense
  445. Rusev Is Going To Get Buried Even Harder Without Lana
  446. Seth Rollins is cringeworthy
  447. Was it necessary for Sting to assault a defenceless Jamie Nobel?
  448. I still cant get over I am seeing Sting in a WWE ring.
  449. Heading to Smackdown tonight in Kansas City
  450. Watching Main Roster Divas is like...
  451. News about the burial of Rusev's lawyer
  452. True Detective reference on Raw!
  453. Thank god Orton is back to being a babyface.
  454. 3/20 RAW News: Lesnar & Reigns Go Face To Face
  455. Sting looked good in the ring,no?
  456. so the Divas finally had one of the best matches on Raw...
  457. Barrett was finally booked well on RAW
  458. "SHE is the Apex Predator"
  459. JBL was all over the place tonight
  460. “One of the Greatest Moments in Raw history”
  461. Why the fuck isn't Reigns/Lesnar Main Eventing Raws?
  462. Did you know...
  463. Sting? Showed / Lesnar? No show / Undertaker? No show
  464. Orton and Sting standing side by side was goat
  465. Ok Paul Heyman needs to stop with his "Roman Reigns can't beat Brock Lesnar" promos
  466. Double post
  467. Nikki Bella is the Brock Lesnar of the divas division
  468. Front Row Costume Change
  469. cliche thread here
  470. Brock Lesnar Promo
  471. How Embarrassing Was That Cena/Rusev Segment?
  472. 4th week in a row Orton/Rollins open and close RAW
  473. Snoop Dogg To Guest Host RAW & Bill Summons To Be Guest Commentator Next Week
  474. UK fans, RAW is on at 12am again tonight!
  475. Ah yes, there will be crickets.
  476. How good will Raw be tonight on a scale from 1-10?
  477. Spoiler: Huge Name @ Tonight's WWE RAW
  478. LittleKuriboh Presents "The Mark Remark": Raw 3/2 & SD 3/5
  479. Could you see Orton/Rollins at WM ending with a handshake?
  480. If Putin dies, what should Rusev & Lana do?
  481. Rusev & Lana argument
  482. Raw Thread - Brock: I'm going to FUCK UP Roman Reigns
  483. Buy Brock Lesnar's Theme Music for Just $5 Million
  484. WWE.COM: Former World Champion To HOF Announcement On RAW
  485. Someone seriously needs to be FIRED
  486. Orton & Rollins turning crap into gold
  487. Unwritten Raw Laws
  488. How over was Daniel Bryan last year?
  489. WWE Raw Timings at London - 13th April
  490. Cena is beyond DESPERATE
  491. Are they planning a Rusev/Lana break up ?
  492. So Triple H won?
  493. Mark Henry putting over Roman Reigns was disgusting.
  494. WWE airs the part where Ambrose & Ziggler call Bryan a turd DAFUQ?
  495. Ur reaction to Orton....if
  496. Undertaker is coming back more human like
  497. Last time the divas title was defended at WM in a singles match?
  498. Damien Mizdow winning Battle Royal at WrestleMania?
  499. Randy Orton To Issue WrestleMania Challenge On Monday
  500. Where's RVD?
  501. #GiveDivasaChance! Wiz Khalifa got more airtime than the Diva's!
  502. What Can We Expect From The RAW After WrestleMania?
  503. Randy Orton sit down interview with Michael Cole
  504. Sheamus return
  505. Reasons we Watch, Analyze, and Complain. also "WWE Reboot?"
  506. WWE.com: What's in store for Randy Orton?
  507. Raw and Smackdown, smaller venues?
  508. Xavier Woods Victory Roll Botch - How Did He Make it to WWE Before Samoa Joe?
  509. Is this the worst commentary team ever?
  510. 3/12 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers
  511. Suggestions for Saving WWE(Need Suggestions from others)
  512. We all know Reigns isn't over but neither is Rollins...
  513. Wiz Khalifa High During RAW Performance!!
  514. Backstage News On Sting's Promo From Last Night's WWE RAW, More On Pre-RAW Meeting, WWE Posters
  515. Experience at Raw
  516. Why aren't fans audibly angry at Bryan, Ziggler and Ambrose's treatment going into WM?
  517. The Orton beatdown is the perfect opportunity to get rid of J and J security
  518. I love they are inducting The Crusher into the hall of fame...
  519. Raw has made me not care bout any face at all anymore
  520. Remember That Time Hogan Tortured Andre In Front of His Wife and Got his Title Shot?
  521. Lesnar with the 'upset'?
  522. Lesnar/Orton
  523. More On What Happened After RAW With Bray Wyatt, John Cena Sings
  524. Wait what about Cody vs Goldust?
  525. Why wont WWE give up on Wade Barrett?
  526. Undertaker's Return?
  527. So now that Cena is a heel...
  528. Where does Reigns buy his jheri curl juice?
  529. Raw Segment that is on Main Page of Yahoo
  530. "Anyone Involved in a Montreal Screw job On Brock Wont Be Alive"
  531. Ten things learned from Raw this week
  532. This shit with Brock is ridiculous
  533. Even though RAW sucked I think we ALL can agree there was one great moment where a man owned the mic and saved the show...
  534. is Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar really going main event wrestlemania?
  535. Paul Heyman Promo
  536. Booker T vaguely defending Bill Demott during Randy Orton beatdown?
  537. Randy's BEATDOWN on Rollins
  538. What in the fuck is up with RAW???
  539. WWE creating the female Evolution?
  540. John Cena
  541. Why does John Cena hate the Freedom of Speech?
  542. Cena looked like a heel with that smirk
  543. That "Sting" promo
  544. You guys are awesome. You help me get through Raw every week.
  545. Worst opening irrelevant segment in RAW history?
  546. The Warrior Award - Great idea!
  547. Brock's Emotional Promo Tonight
  548. For fucks sake, call the dam match.
  549. Kane new attire at Mania?
  550. Just a reminder. Raw starts an hour earlier outside the US tonight.