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  1. Sasha and Bayley being used to put Dana over for a Dana vs Charlotte feud
  2. Anyone else stop watching Raw since the split
  3. Rollins' New Theme
  4. Cesaro Wants New Entrance Music
  5. Uh Triple H & Stephaine Kayfabe?
  6. Thoughts on Dana being a babyface?
  7. Roman Reigns' ANGRY YOUNG MAN Gimmick
  8. Sasha Banks, Seth Rollins And Bayley Twitter War?
  9. The Many Faces, Heels and Hairstyles of Chris Jericho
  10. Summer Rae injured
  11. Ideas on what to do with Raw's 3rd hour
  12. Cesaro comments on his Best of Seven Series with Sheamus, Returning from injury and Wanting to be WWE Champion.
  13. When will we see Braun Strowman in an actual feud?
  14. They really don’t trust Roman Reigns much with a mic at this point, do they?
  15. Why does RAW have inferior women's division with 3 of the horse woman?
  16. Do You Think Anyone in New Day go on to have solo success after they eventually split?
  17. Russo on Raw: Stephanie putting herself over, Foley, Cruiserweights, Burying Smackdown on air
  18. Bo-Lieve In Bo
  19. WWE Raw Has Lost Their German Broadcasting Home.
  20. 3 hours not enough?! Any news on what happened after Raw ended?
  21. What did you think of the Reigns/Owens match on Raw?
  22. What's next for Cesaro and Sheamus?
  23. When Bálor returns: Face or Heel?
  24. List Of Jericho
  25. Babyface Seth Rollins is a joke
  26. Favorite Best of 7 Series Match
  27. Nothing Worst Then Watching Beginning of Raw
  28. What is your overall thoughts on Raw?
  29. Is KO a joke of a champion yet?
  30. Raw Agents/Writers Butchered the Cruiserweights
  31. Several Possible Spoilers For Raw
  32. WWE dropped the ball on Paige
  33. Mr irrelevant Curtis Axel.
  34. Rollins and Owens can't be a one time thing...
  35. Goldust needs original character back...
  36. Reigns ruled the Live event. (quick house show review)
  37. The Man That WWE Creative Forgot
  38. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 09/19 - #WhyDoWeWatch? #3HoursARRRRGH!! #CrusiersAreHere
  39. Low Attendance at Recent RAW Live Event - Pics
  40. Emma returns to WWE at Louisville house show
  41. Summer Rae's situation is just sad at this point
  42. How would you book the ending to the New Day's title reign?
  43. Season Premier of Raw?
  44. Foley calls out Bryan and offers invitation to Raw
  45. Why did Charlotte stand there and take hits like a moron?
  46. RAW Has No Drama
  47. How long before the live crowds turn on Sasha Banks?
  48. Owens should level up his mic work
  49. CW Division Impact on Raw
  50. Consequences of defying Foley decided, Rollins & Rusev must battle on Raw
  51. Turns out the ending to Sasha/Bayley/Dana was indeed botched
  52. Should Nakamura defeat Rusev for US title in his debut match?
  53. The Boss Sings Her Entrance Theme
  54. Monday night hot shot
  55. Why Monday night?
  56. Paige Returning To Raw Soon!
  57. Favourite Raw moment so far this year
  58. Raw is lacking of a true main event face.
  59. Raw has the worst main event scene in history!
  60. Injured Superstar Backstage At Raw
  61. Nia Should Fued With Bayley Now.
  62. Charlotte & Dana Should Play Out The Same Way Dibiase & Virgil Did
  63. Sami Zayn not bad on the mic?
  64. The New Day need to go away. Absolute trash.
  65. That Nia Jax beatdown on Alicia Fox was serious
  66. 23 day honeymoon
  67. When will we hear from HHH?
  68. Jack Swagger needs to turn heel and do the Donald Trump gimmick
  69. Jinder Mahal's 'Inner Peace' Gimmick
  70. Disrespectful Fans?
  71. Coward heel Kevin Owens sucks
  72. Is Rollins a heel or a face?
  73. Dana and Charlotte Storyline Similar to TNA
  74. So, why exactly is Reigns still being booed?
  75. Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens --Clash of Champions Main Event
  76. Should Jericho be pushed again? One last main event run?
  77. The "Count the many times Mick Foley shoehorns his way into segments" Game!
  78. Cesaro, WWE's 007?
  79. What is your favorite Roman Reigns match?
  80. Raw's Women Division In Trouble...who would've thought
  81. Will Stephanie McMahon take credit for inventing the Cruiserweight Division?
  82. 9/12 Raw Thread: The Big Dog takes on The Prizefighter
  83. WWE's screwing over Swagger again
  84. After the Punk fight I'm calling it now. On Raw this coming Monday......
  85. Lana not wrestling
  86. Alberto Del Rio's First Post-WWE Gig Set
  87. WWE Department Told to Stop Promoting The Boss vs Charlotte at Clash Of Champions
  88. Which Cruiserweights will be heel?
  89. Kevin Owens is a joke
  90. What to do with Nia Jax.
  91. Why Does Dana Brooke Look Fat on Raw?
  92. "The Look" I Thought Was B.S. Until That Reigns/Owens Face Off.
  93. Charlotte Time Off
  94. WWE Talent Unhappy With Sasha Banks Promo From Raw.
  95. Raw needs to dramatically change the booking of some of the talent
  96. Sasha Banks run on the main roster won’t live up to the hype
  97. Kevin Owens talks Universal Championshp, Triple H, Vince McMahon's reaction, more
  98. Kevin Owens Response To Vince Russo And Jim Cornette's Criticism.
  99. Kevin Owens proving why he's the best in his interview with Michael Cole
  100. THIS is how you turn Roman Reigns heel
  101. Possible spoiler regarding Reigns
  102. The Rollins-Owens segment
  103. WWE Changes Name of Two Titles
  104. That Alicia Fox and Nia Jax segment.....
  105. Will Cruiserweights only face each other?
  106. This Darren/Titus feud must stop.
  107. What Happened After RAW with Rollins & Reigns
  108. What Was The Point Of Sasha Losing The Title If She Was Not Going To Miss Any PPVS?
  109. Thoughts on the Shining stars defeating Enzo and Cass?
  110. Dana Brooke misuse
  111. Rusev & Lana off TV for a few more weeks?
  112. The WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Was Created On Smackdown, MY BRAIN HURTS!
  113. Do you all like Rollins as top face?
  114. So I guess all wrestlers should get thrown off airplanes now!
  115. Why all the hate for Roman Reigns?
  116. Jericho to cost Roman to set up a feud next week?
  117. Will they ever learn on Reigns?
  118. No HHH Explanation, Seth Still Using Pedigree
  119. How long is Finn out? Anyone miss him or care to? lol
  120. Fact or Fiction: Raw Would Be Much Better If It Was 2 Hours Long
  121. Can someone explain why Foley is rewarding Heels/tweeners with opportunities?
  122. Sasha's Promo, Calls Dana Miss Piggy, Reportedly Upsets Talent & Triggers Russo
  123. How the Club has been treated
  124. A split roster means we have to see garbage like Primo/Epico and Darren Young every week
  125. The Old Day, we just witnessed the worst segment in the WWE in nearly a decade
  126. There is a reason for jobber matches
  127. Kevin Owens side plates
  128. New Y2J Shirt - Drink It In Man!
  129. New Kevin Owens Shirt - WOW!
  130. We finally get what we want, The Gift of Jericho (On a T-shirt) or do we?
  131. Now it's Stephanie's turn?
  132. New music for Seth Rollins...
  133. WWE messed up trying to get Rollins sympathy
  134. Is Lesnar still a huge draw?
  135. When Owens won the championship...
  136. Rusev needs to beat Roman Reigns
  137. I guess we are never getting HHH vs. Shane
  138. What will be the reason of HHH attacking Rollins?
  139. Since KO is now part of the Authority.......
  140. The Shit Show presented by WWE Monday Night Raw
  141. Are Kevin Owens and Finn Balor world champions now?
  142. Why hasn't Titus O'Neil ever gotten a real push?
  143. So who opens Raw this week?
  144. About Lesnar's booking
  145. A shoot promo coming this Monday?
  146. What's the end game for the Jax / Strowman squash matches?
  147. Was WHC title devalued as a result they created new Universal championship?
  148. Why did Vince not do the obvious for creating a new Face of WWE?
  149. Big Cass is the Roman Reigns replacement
  150. How I Would Book The WWE Universal Title Scene Until WM33.
  151. The Boss Is Returning Tonight On Raw
  152. Sami will challenge Owens!
  153. The New Day and Bayley Segment is Cringe Worthy.
  154. Will Owens Turn On Jericho Now He With Triple H?
  155. Rusev & Lana missing Raw next week to get married in Bulgaria
  156. Head Nurse Dana Brooke
  157. Would you be interested in a Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn feud?
  158. Where is Summer Rae?
  159. The Universal Title Doesn't Look As Bad When You See It On A Raw Set
  160. Did Raw WIN?
  161. Can somebody recap WWEs last 2-3 months for me?
  162. What should Seths new finisher be?
  163. What's next for Enzo & Cass ?
  164. Anyone Listened to the Newest Wrestling Observer?
  165. Going after the Universal Title should not be Finn Balor's main feud when he comes back...
  166. I think WWE missed a great opportunity with Roman Reigns last night
  167. Cass during the opening segment
  168. When will WWE start doing Heinz endorsements?
  169. Where does the ending lead us ?
  170. HHH finally found his balls and showed up
  171. There are actually grown dudes cheering for Bayley?
  172. Rusev/Reigns
  173. Where does Jericho fit into this storyline?
  174. What the fuck was with Owens' and Reigns' titantrons?
  175. The Spam of ALL Superman Punches
  176. A year ago Cena utters a prophecy to Rollins
  177. Enzo watches Big Cass wrestle for the Universal Championship
  178. Why doesn't Roman turn heel?
  179. Looks like Finn Balor is forgotten about!
  180. Darren Young coached by Bob Backlund beats Titus O'Neal!
  181. Is Owens a face now?
  182. Triple H NXT Storyline
  183. Love the new direction but..
  184. Are we sure Seth Rollins is a babyface?
  185. Big Cass did really good in the 4-way
  186. LMFAO The Authority is Back
  187. The commercials ruined an amazing title match
  188. Could we have an NXT vs. RAW angle brewing?
  189. KEVIN FUCKING OWENS *Talk About The New Universal Champion Here*
  190. Pair up Bob Backlund with Cesaro Please
  191. Possible Spoiler WWE Universal Title
  192. The Boss Might Be Appearing on Raw
  193. New gimmick idea for Jinder Mahal.
  194. Why not align Rollins and Reigns?
  195. Bayley conundrum
  196. Finn Balor comments on his recovery from shoulder surgery.
  197. Seth Rollins reacts to “dangerous” reports, Kevin Owens hypes Monday’s RAW.
  198. Book the main event feuds one year forward
  199. I sense a huge swerve tomorrow during the title match
  200. Changes I would like to see on Raw
  201. When did people start hating Roman?
  202. Could Balor's injury be a good thing in the long run?
  203. Is there anyone here who is not a fan of The New Day?
  204. Pony Bet: Choose the next champ
  205. 8/29 Raw Thread: Vacant Just Won't Do...The WWE Universe WILL Have A Champion
  206. How Vince Felt About Bayley's Debut
  207. Call Me Crazy But I want To See Strowman vs. Big Show.
  208. Did Foley ruin Bayley's debut pop?
  209. Stephanie's real response to Lesnar...
  210. What is Strowman rambling about after his matches?
  211. Reigns was getting the Yes chant on Raw 8 months ago. How long (if ever) until that happens again?
  212. Vince McMahon Reportedly In A State Of Panic At RAW.
  213. How about Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman?
  214. Could a Raw halftime show work?
  215. Sami Zayn or Kevin Owens should be traded to Smackdown
  216. How I'd book next week's 4-way
  217. Plans For Finn Balor Prior To His Injury (+ original SummerSlam plan)
  218. My opinion on the Universal Championship
  219. Not even the brand split was able to save Cesaro.
  220. Make Raw Grea... At Least Watchable Again?
  221. Roman is winning the title next week and heres why
  222. KO should leave with the Universal Championship on RAW
  223. What do you think the deal is with Roman not repping RAW?
  224. Rusev looks great with those boots
  225. Stephanie Fines Brock Lesnar $500
  226. Reigns winning the title again would make him worse than Lesnar
  227. I'm 99% sure Seth will win the title next raw
  228. Nia Jax??
  229. Anyone think Cass is actually going to win the title?
  230. Seth should not be Universal Champion
  231. Big Cass/ Lesnar feud
  232. Lesnar heel turn?
  233. So Bayley debuts and gets a title shot?
  234. Cesaro frustrated backstage at Raw
  235. WWE Drop The Ball With That Dudley Boyz Segment.
  236. Cass v Rusev Proved Cass Is Not Main Event Material
  237. Just Put The Title On Reigns Already
  238. So...Rusev...
  239. Anyone agree that Summerslam's sets should keeping and become Raw sets?
  240. What happened between Lesnar and Stephanie?
  241. Will another NXT superstar will be called up due to Finn Balor to being hurt?
  242. Who Would You Book to Win the U-Title?
  243. Big Cass is Vince's Plan B! The Next Roman Reigns-like push?
  244. WWE.com Exclusive: Seth Rollins addresses Finn Bálor's SummerSlam injury
  245. What are the odds we get Rollins/Reigns the next 3-4 PPV's?
  246. Raw is being murdered due to Finn's injury
  247. Johnny Knockout Appreciation Thread
  248. SPOILERS - Raws Official CWC Signings -SPOILERS
  249. ITS BAYLEY!!
  250. Titus' promo
  251. Ugh! why isn't Zayn being pushed?
  252. Jericho gets into heated argument with Lesnar
  253. So who is the top face now?
  254. WTF I dont understand why Sasha lost the womens title
  255. Another Seth Rollins victim. Another buckle bomb. He needs to adjust his style.
  256. Could WWE Cut Down The Promo Introduction For Cass and Amore A Bit?
  257. Update on Lesnar/RAW and Lesnar/Goldberg
  258. Realistic Fued Ideas for Raw
  259. [US TITLE]I don't fucking get it.
  260. Charlotte Should Turn On Dana And Start A Feud
  261. Who´s gonna be the next contender for the Universal championship?
  262. Is This The End For Sasha Being The Face Of The Women's Division?
  263. Finn Balor injured. Forced to relinquish Universal Championship.
  264. Are The New Day going to surpass Demolition?
  265. Rollins needs to make Gods Last Gift his finisher
  266. It should be Sami Zayn in the best of 7 series with Cesaro
  267. 8/22 Raw Discussion: A New King In Town
  268. Why can't Reigns stay like that?
  269. The U.S. Championship is Raw's main title
  270. Enzo & Big Cass Routine
  271. U.S. and Universal unification match?
  272. Mic Foley 2016 = Garbage
  273. RAW is struggling with only 3 main eventers with limited mic ability!
  274. Finn Balor on Roman Reigns (From Talk Is Jericho)
  275. Seth Rollins is the most over person on the entire Roster since Bryan
  276. Interesting Big Cass article
  277. Instead of Roman Reigns it should be Sami Zayn feuding with Rusev
  278. Reigns/Rusev feels miles ahead of Rollins/Balor
  279. Kevin Owens is not 6 ft tall
  280. WWE seriously need to step up their security for tv tapings
  281. Stephanie's random heel and face turns are beyond annoying
  282. This Lesnar/Orton feud is totally backwards
  283. Best of 7 Series: Cesaro vs. Sheamus Discussion Thread
  284. Did RAW blow its load right before SummerSlam?
  285. Why doesn't Lana get involved in matches?
  286. What do Primo & Epico have to do to get a tag team title match?
  287. Sasha Banks On Commentary
  288. Reigns vs. Rusev: What a Main Event!!!
  289. Jinder Mahal is back to jobbing already?
  290. Seth Rollins Nearly Attacked By Fan At Raw - Update Added to OP + Better Video Of Incident
  291. "The Demon King" Finn Balor
  292. Jericho's look
  293. See Brock can actually talk
  294. R.I.P Roman's beard.
  295. I think Greasy Pig might be on this way to win the Rumble again.
  296. Get that title off of Rusev!
  297. Is Reigns really getting better?
  298. Raw En Español
  299. WWE RAW TV Tapings E-Tickets For Sale - SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland - November 2016
  300. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 08/15 - Hot Town, Summer In The City
  301. Nakamura needs to go to RAW
  302. So Cesaro has to earn a title shot by beating Sheamus but Roman just had it handed to him?
  303. New Finn Balor Demon Shirt
  304. Sheamus Unhappy With Current WWE Spot
  305. The word nuts not allowed
  306. Roman Reigns Depush was the best thing to ever happen to him.
  307. Kevin Owens has finally found his niche
  308. AJ and Cena appear on Raw during commercial break
  309. Foley boring as GM
  310. Have the WWE finally solved the Roman Reigns character conundrum?
  311. Glad there is DVR
  312. WWE figured out Charlotte is a better heel than face, why not Roman?
  313. Another middle finger to the fans.
  314. A lot of weiner jokes on raw tonight
  315. Those RAW intros after each break are now longer to fill time.
  316. That was by far the best promo Finn Balor's ever done
  317. Haha how super funny do you think Roman Reigns was in Rusev & Lana segment?
  318. Bubba Ray solo run incoming, finally?
  319. Mick running Raw solo now? (no more Steph)
  320. Lesnar/Orton: 15 Years in the Making
  321. These local jobbers must go away for good.
  322. Strowman's squash matches
  323. Who should be the guy to dethrone Lesnar?
  324. Nakamura should feud with Lesnar in his first Main Roster feud
  325. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 08/08 - Oi Yes Man, The Micker Wants A Word
  326. Good Storyline Idea: Have Kevin Owens Bully and make fun of the Cruiserweights and the Div.
  327. Whats Brock's revenge on Orton gonna be?
  328. Mick Foley invites Daniel Bryan to Raw next Monday
  329. Raw Preview: LOL@Draft, Foley invites Bryan to Raw
  330. Ambrose, Reigns & Cena vs. Styles, Rollins & Owens
  331. So who is gonna stop Nia Jax squash matches?
  332. Owens & Jericho Could Be An Entertaning Tag Team
  333. Can Epico and Primo make the tag team division great again
  334. Why don't WWE let Anderson and Gallows express themselves more?
  335. The brand split has failed lol
  336. So Where Does Zayn Go From Here?
  337. Finn Balor gave Roman Reigns his lowest Meltzer rated singles match yet
  338. Why can't all tag teams be single guys as well?
  339. Nia Jax Should Beat Sasha For The Title and go on A Monster Run
  340. Did anyone notice referee John Cone giving the womens title to Charlotte lol
  341. I could watch Cesaro vs. Sheamus every week
  342. Replay overdose
  343. Kevin Owens was Awesome On Raw!!
  344. Balor's Punt Kick on the apron looks riskier than Curb Stomp.
  345. Meltzer's opinion on Strowman
  346. "You Deserve It" Chants are Dime a Dozen Nowadays.
  347. Finn Balor shouldn't be getting pushed like this
  348. Poor Tom
  349. Big E Injured Following Match against Gallows, Anderson.
  350. Seth Rollins wears AJ Styles' jacket during RAW dark match
  351. Thank god the cameras have toned down
  352. weak finishers
  353. People who got fooled by RAW last week
  354. That opening segment...
  355. So first Finn promo
  356. So still now word about Braun Strowman
  357. Roman Reigns no longer wearing his blue eye contacts
  358. Kevin Owens and Jericho
  359. Why is it make Darren Young great again, when it should be make Jack Swagger great again.
  360. RAW 8/1/2016 Complete Review (Spoiler Alert)
  361. The curious case of Roman's depush
  362. So, guess I'm one of few that preferred this weeks RAW to last
  363. 3 hours of RAW with the brand split is unbearable
  364. Have Brock Wrestle Tonight
  365. Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs Raw Appearance
  366. Finn Balor Reveals Who He Is Most Looking Forward To Wrestle In WWE.
  367. The Balor Club is Bulletproof and they're coming...
  368. What Matches/Segments would you book on Raw tonight to try and better last weeks excellent show.
  369. Will Cesaro be a World Champion someday?
  370. Paul Heyman's Return
  371. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 08/01 - THE BEAST IS BACK IN TOWN
  372. Seth's Title Win Should Be Put On Hold Till WrestleMania
  373. *The Official Jinder Mahal Discussion Thread*
  374. Is there any logical reason to keep Reigns as face now?
  375. So I know it's been asked before, but 3 hours...
  376. PWInsider: Why Charlotte Dropped The WWE Women's Championship To Sasha Banks On RAW
  377. Possible Reason Charlotte Dropped The Belt On Raw.
  378. Is Corey Graves not as great without Tom Philips?
  379. What happened to the Dudleys?
  380. Was Sunny Boy a WWE employee or legit fan?
  381. I Be Like (Official Music Video)
  382. Roman Reigns Razor Edge Powerbomb
  383. What Finn Balor match ups do you wanna see?
  384. Sasha Banks needs to go back to this
  385. Anyone else wants Reigns as first Universal Champion?
  386. Will Lana ever be a regular wrestling performer?
  387. I have a feeling Nia Jax is gonna beat Sasha for the womens title
  388. The difference between Balor and Neville?
  389. Brock Lesnar Added To Pre SummerSlam Raw
  390. What's your favourite Raw theme???
  391. Why I think Sasha is Over-Rated
  392. Dudley Boyz Re-sign
  393. Someone spotted a nice detail in the Raw opening intro.
  394. Balor in the main event
  395. Will Lesnar follow Reigns booking?
  396. What are the chances Gallows and Anderson beat New Day for the titles?
  397. What is Cesaro doing on Raw?
  398. As someone that doesn't watch NXT - sell me on Finn Bálor!
  399. WWE can turn the Lesnar situation in a positive.
  400. Where the hell is Paige?
  401. That Razoredge into a powerbomb Was Awesome!!
  402. Bo Dallas Reverts To "Bo-Lieve" Gimmick At WWE Superstars Taping
  403. So when is Vince gonna ban Finn's finisher?
  404. Yup, Russo buries Raw - "Balor beating both Rusev/Roman is the nail in the coffin, wrestling is dead"
  405. What's next for everyone?
  406. Please WWE hire James Ellsworth!
  407. So...what's next for Roman Reigns?
  408. No Renee Young?
  409. Big E and Sasha rope dives
  411. Nia Jax...
  412. Strowman not being a Wyatt and New Day
  413. What Caribbean Paradise are Epico and Primo referring to?
  414. Impressed with Finn Bálor and Roman Reigns
  415. Roman is now officially a upper mid card.
  416. Rate The First RAW of The New Era
  417. Finn Balor Beat Roman Reigns CLEAN In His Debut
  418. If WWE is bringing back enhancement talent, they are learning
  419. Braun Strowman's Theme
  420. Charlotte vs. Sasha = MOTY Contender
  422. They neutered Corey Graves
  423. Kevin Owens' doppelganger in the crowd tonight
  424. New Raw Theme: Enemies - Shinedown
  425. WWE Universal Championship
  426. Sami Zayn needs Kevin Owens a lot more than Owens needs Sami.
  427. "New" Set
  428. Tonight the night where Mick fully takes over or will Steph still linger around?
  429. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to continue to feud?
  430. Cesaro and Owens should have been drafted to Smackdown.
  431. What song you would like to open Raw?
  432. Sami Zayn deserves a lot of credit
  433. 8 Man Tourney For The New Raw Championship Would Be The Way To Go
  434. Seth vs. HHH at SS?
  435. 7/25 Monday Night Raw Discussion: The New Era Of Raw Begins...
  436. Zayn has finally won!!!
  437. Right now, right here, in this very moment
  438. What is Stephanie's Problem?!?
  439. We think the Raw roster is stacked compared to SD now just wait....
  440. Finn Balor's Raw Debut
  441. Nia Jax should be the Brock Lesnar of the womens division
  442. Rollins vs. Owens Would Be A Damn Good Feud To Watch
  443. Rollins and Reigns lack of Twitter followers.
  444. So no one saw Club lose AJ, but got Finn
  445. So who is the next big star to be made on RAW?
  446. Sasha Banks Finally Gets Pinned!!!
  447. I Really Believe Zayn & Owens Will Have A Loser Leaves Raw Match For One Of Them To Go To Smackdown
  448. Make the Primetime Players great again.
  449. Is there any realistic situation in which Sasha Banks can beat Nia Jax?
  450. You guys ready for the Braun Strowman singles push?
  451. What exactly was the point in drafting raw superstars to raw...?
  452. Kevin Owens being still...
  453. Are you ready?
  454. So all of Vince's 'reported' favorites were drafted to RAW
  455. Is Nia Jax Ready?
  456. Serious question has HHH gone AWOL from WWE main roster?
  457. Ambrose vs. Stephanie could become like Austin vs. McMahon
  458. Seth Rollins isnt the champion that ending was fucked up
  459. Clarification On WWE Championship Situation From Monday Night's Raw.
  460. First Cruiserweight Champion of the World?
  461. Stephanie constantly going off script...
  462. Do Ambrose and Rollins have the best in-ring chemistry on the roster?
  463. Heel stable on Raw with Cena, HHH and Reigns
  464. Cruiserweight Division
  465. Spoiler update regarding the SD GM
  466. What superstar would you build Raw and Smackdown respectively around?
  467. Draft Your Rosters Here
  468. Whats the betting someone makes a mistake on the first live Smackdown
  469. 7/18 Raw Discussion: Eve Of The Draft
  470. Anyone attending attending the draft in person?
  471. Nia Jax probably the only one to stop Charlotte in her tracks
  472. Calling it right now
  473. Drafting Ambrose over to Smackdown with the title will be a huge mistake
  474. The Miz TV segment on SD
  475. I'm betting Neville returns on July 25th, Raw. What will he do?
  476. Damn Smackdown grew some Balls. It was better than RAW
  477. Meltzer rips the Raw announce team (and WWE to a lesser extent) for calling Lesnar the best combat athlete in American history
  478. This question has to be answered why is Darren Young getting pushed all of sudden?
  479. WWE Network to present WWE Draft Center Live simultaneously with SmackDown Live’s WWE Draft
  480. 'Smackdown Live' Is Designed To Succeed
  481. "The juggernaut, the three hour flagship brand Raw"
  482. Raw is so disappointingly frustrating
  483. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 7/14/16 (Final Taped Edition)
  484. So obvious The Authority is coming back
  485. Big Russo Rant: Raw is unwatchable, it is not entertaining and is the worst show on TV
  486. The draft will be a disaster if Ambrose and Rollins end up on different shows.
  487. Sheamus squashing Ryder
  488. Will There Be Something BIG On The First Live Smackdown On July 19th?
  489. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro: Instant Channel Changer
  490. New Smackdown logo
  491. Zayn looks so pity
  492. New WWE SmackDown General Manager Revealed? (BIG SPOILER)
  493. Dana Brooke Impressed Me On Raw.
  494. Is WWE pushing because of what happened in Dallas?
  495. Smackdown going non PG?
  496. The crowd reactions for this Cena, Enzo & Cass vs The Club feud is crazy
  497. Ambrose will win next monday so that means Rollins will win at BG.
  498. Thanks WWE for making me yawn for Sasha Banks
  499. Ambrose's promo
  500. *SPOILER* Former WWE Champion As Smackdown GM Leaked?
  501. Stephanie trips and almost falls on face GIF
  502. Who will be the General Managers
  503. So they're having RAW/Smackdown not just two different brands - but actual rivals
  504. WWE ripping off TNA badly [New Day/Wyatt compound segment]
  505. Darren Young's Push
  506. The Rollins Report
  507. WWE's pandering is annoying
  508. Bray Wyatt Tweets before RAW
  509. Paul Heyman will miss RAW
  510. Everyone is gonna kiss Brock's ass when hes back on Raw
  511. 7/11 Raw Discussion: HE'S BACK
  512. What superstars do you want to see get a World title opportunity with the new brand split?
  513. Major Authority Figure Returning on RAW
  514. Slammy Award front runners
  515. Any Chance Eric Bischoff Could Be The GM Of Smackdown?
  516. Zack Ryder's new version of "Radio" is fantastic!
  517. Why should Roman still be in the Battleground match when Dean/Seth are doing all the work
  518. Who threw the pie in Kevin Owens face?
  519. Was Stephanie's run as Smackdown GM better than her current Raw GM role?
  520. Reigns & Cena Should Both Be Drafted To Smackdown
  521. Can WWE just give Sasha the womens title now
  522. Which Brand will you watch/follow more
  523. Is there too much comedy on RAW/SD?
  524. Sitdown Interview With Xavier Woods
  525. Tease for a Rock Wyatt feud? Some time down the track
  526. Food fights in 2016...How old does Vince think we are?
  527. What was the best RAW match from John Cena's U.S. Open Challenge?
  528. Kane is an American patriot?
  529. AJ vs Cena at SS
  530. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 7/7/16
  531. I think HHH is gonna be GM of one of the brands vs. Shane on the other
  532. Enzo desperately needs to get better in the ring
  533. Lana at Independence Day celebration?
  534. Red, White & Blue ropes are amazing
  535. What Is Dolph Ziggler's Problem?
  536. Sasha and Charlotte's Segment Was Fantastic!!!
  537. RAW Tease for a Wyatt Compound/New Day Segment?
  538. That Summer Rae-Becky Lynch Suplex Botch
  539. Brock Lesnar's SummerSlam opponent to be revealed on SmackDown
  540. *Potential Spoiler* WWE Doing Title Change on RAW?
  541. EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero makes an appearance
  542. Becky Lynch's alliance failure/possible change in character?
  543. One of my buddies is taking this sign to RAW Monday
  544. WWE Raw: Fireworks, BBQ & Chairshots at the Cookout on the 4th of July Episode
  545. Matches Set for 4th of July Raw
  546. Indian Wrestling Fans.
  547. Throw-away mid-card booking on Raw and SD
  548. For Those Who Skipped Smackdown, I Would Suggest Giving It A Watch
  549. Ambrose is gonna be champ for awhile. Ambrose vs. Miz....surprise match of the year??
  550. So is it going to be 5 hours of Raw/SD a week??