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  1. lesnar vs reigns at wrestlemania 31 = lesnar vs goldberg at wm xx
  2. Christmas Raw?
  3. What Double Turns Would You Like To See And How Would They Happen?
  4. Cena/Reigns/Ambrose/Orton/Ziggler - is there space for these 5 babyfaces?
  5. Anonymous GM
  6. Ryback/Rusev.
  7. Adam Rose heel turn dropped?
  8. why is the only consistent story in WWE getting the back burner?
  9. Bo Dallas
  10. RAW was good this week for once...
  11. Seth Rollins Needs to Stop With These 20 Minute Whining Promos
  12. Daniel Bryan is no better on the mic than Roman Reigns.
  13. what type of babyface wll randy orton be????
  14. What commonly takes place during the commercial breaks in the arena?
  15. Who will challenge Nikki Bella next?
  16. Dolph Ziggler on Becoming "The Man" in WWE
  17. nWo reunion on January 19th episode of Raw
  18. How is the spanish commentary?
  19. WWE.COM: Cesaro's Slammy Review
  20. Fueds are within
  21. Heyman's wrestling attire on Raw
  22. So do the announcers love just burying talent?
  23. Total Divas Returning Means Natty Wins 2 Raws In A Row. She's Such a Joke.
  24. Ziggler is from where?
  25. That Jericho's line
  26. when is Randy Orton going to return?
  27. The New Day bombing hard, so what's next?
  28. From 2012-2015 should Brock Lesnar have had a small face-run?
  29. Morons chanting 'This Is Awesome'
  30. So, Jimmy Jacobs and Taeler Hendricks as Rosebuds
  31. RAW is GLOW
  32. Jericho/rusev and LANa was funny
  33. Where is Sheamus
  34. WWE.COM Exclusives: Brock/Paul Interview After RAW + Kane 'To Restore Order'
  35. The usos are so basic,Damien sandow should quit.
  36. Kane attacking that bunny made me smile. Best double chokeslam from Kane
  37. Nikki Bella...
  38. It's not the WWE writers fault. Kane: You're in a match with me tonight
  39. so i guess AJ is done?
  40. brock lesnar vs randy orton wrestlemania 31 book it vince
  41. Fuck Brock Lesnar!
  42. Roman Reigns Superman Punch to Show?
  43. Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho!!!
  44. No promo for reigns tonight
  45. JBL Questioning The New Day
  46. What's The Difference Between A Extreme Rules, No Holds Barred, And Street Fight?
  47. Jericho looked almost as big like Lesnar.
  48. Why Didn't Brock Have The WHC On Him?
  49. Lesnar returns with NO BELT?!
  50. This New Day thing needs to be shelved
  51. Ambrose needs to stop making faces.
  52. Crowd buring the WWE
  53. The Ascension Debuting!
  54. Raw Writers = They can't be serious?
  55. tyson kidd is amazing
  56. Raw Is Rematch
  57. I always have an agenda
  58. Cena = Cunt!!!
  59. Will Rollins cash in Money in the Bank at WrestleMania?
  60. RAW Segment: Highlight Reel With Rusev & Lana
  61. Official Raw Discussion Thread - 12/15/14
  62. Am I the Only One Who Enjoys Noble and Mercury?
  63. 12/15 Official Monday Night Raw Discussion: RAW IS JERICHO!
  64. Let's be positive. The champions are credable.
  65. Does Vince Mcmahon hate the Attitude Era?
  66. Will Reigns' Mic Work Ever Improve?
  67. The Vincent Kennedy McMahon appreciation thread.
  68. Rusev
  69. Where does ambrose go after this?
  70. Rollins Buried
  71. Another weak win for bray wyatt...
  72. Tonights PPV proves Vince and Dunn need to step down
  73. So IWC, did you hear that giant pop for Roman Reigns?
  74. WWE European Championship To Return?
  75. Wyatt really needs to stop with the random targeting....
  76. The Announcers are the worst part of Raw
  77. Is Ambrose a destined heel or babyface?
  78. Top 10 Raw Matches Ever: 1993-2014
  79. The Reign is about the pour, are yall ready?
  80. 10 Ways in Which Modern Day WWE Mirrors WCW
  81. If you could pick a superstar for Paige to manage who would it be?
  82. Lol The new day? but,why though?
  83. Does anyone actually "watch" RAW?
  84. Longest Reign
  85. How has Batista not returned when he is in a two-year contract?
  86. Batista & Reigns should be final 2 in Rumble
  87. Big Names Added To Final RAW Of 2014
  88. For those who are saying that Roman Reigns is overrated
  89. wee lc - comedy sound effects
  90. Anybody else notice the names in the Mick Foley/Santa segment?
  91. So whos going to RAW in London?
  92. Reigns is taking Cena's spot.... Believe THAT!
  93. Did the Anonymous GM take a time off?
  94. Sting vs. Seth Rollins?
  95. Admit it, Miz was hilarious!
  96. If Not Sting, Who Should Triple H Face at Wrestlemania 31?
  97. Jerry Lawler trying to hug aj lee
  98. Erick Rowan vs. Luke Harper
  99. Will they continue the Orton/Rollins feud once Orton returns?
  100. TLC match types.
  101. Did Anybody Think Scott Steiner Was Coming Out to Confront Wyatt?
  102. Nicki Bella really screwed it up for the divas title
  104. looking 4 fight on youtube
  105. Roman Reigns - Superstar of the Year
  106. Charlotte and her giant MOLE
  107. The 3 hour format is killing Monday Night RAW
  108. WWE RAW Rant on The Slammys and TLC Lead In
  109. People Power Returns?
  110. Listen Reigns WILL win the Rumble.
  111. JBL "King Im not going to have a stroke,that's your gimmick"
  112. Roman Reigns Mentions The Brass Ring
  114. Chris Jericho will Host Next Week's RAW
  115. Seth Rollins just got robbed
  116. Roman Reigns Wins Superstar of The Year
  117. Hot girl in the silver shorts that was with the bunny
  118. MOTY - let the bitching begin....
  119. Couldn't have had better award names?
  120. Did anyone else see this on the bunny?
  121. forget RAW everyone, go watch the packers kick some ass
  122. Really AJ as diva of the year. HAHAHA
  123. Did AJ just shade the majority of Divas on the main roster?
  124. Bray Wyatt, sigh!!!!
  125. too many damn commercials!!!!
  126. Missing JR!!!
  127. Charlotte Flair Made Her RAW Debut
  128. New Day is face palm worthy
  129. Way to lose ratings!
  130. Big Show in the main event
  131. RAW entrance request...
  132. Amusing Triple H ego note
  133. WHO else thinks wwe should cancel raw on December 29th
  134. When was the last time Raw had a main event that actually mattered?
  135. What does Lesnar do the night after WM on Raw?
  136. Slammy Awards Voting: Tweet It! Best Twitter Handle or Social Champion
  137. Should Goldust Turn On Cody Or Cody Turn On Goldust?
  138. Should the tag-team division be eliminated?
  139. WWE Top 10: Kisses That Rocked WWE
  140. When did it become so obvious?
  141. Trish Stratus vs. Lita - 10 years ago today (Dec. 6, 2004)
  142. Raw is severely lacking without Justin Roberts
  143. Could the Hollywood producer Miz referring to is a debuting NXT guy?
  144. Who's going to defeat Rusev?
  145. So the Usos are supposed to be faces ?
  146. App voting unfair for UK viewers
  147. The Big Show Face/Heel Turn Challenge
  148. The possibility of Naomi Knight turning heel or just stable her with Jimmy and Jey?
  149. Why is Rusev not getting a WWE title opportunity?
  150. Slammy Award Categories Thread
  151. Should the Usos split up?
  152. Nikki Bella is a superstar
  153. Can They Not Have A Heel Authority Figure Vs Good Guys Angle Going at All Times?
  154. Any news on Randy Orton's return?
  155. RAW in Greensboro 12/8 Cancelled? (Source: Ticketmaster)
  156. My take on raw and how I would have done the opening segment
  157. I thought RAW was supposed to be Cyber Monday???
  158. Who are the nominiees for the Slammy's
  159. Shit, HHH was right! We will beg for the Authority to come back!
  160. Miz and Naomi
  161. Admit it: RAW's been ok for the last couple weeks
  162. Punks Podcast About Me
  163. Lesnar not advertised for next week's RAW/SLAMMYS
  164. Return of Barrett?
  165. LOL did you hear the crowd?
  166. Can the WWE not afford Lesnar?
  167. WWE RAW Rant 12-1-14
  168. What the fuck do we do without HHH/Stephanie?
  169. Ziggler gets the pin, so they play Cena's music.
  170. Big Red
  171. Update On WWE General Managers
  172. Swagger and Rusev again?
  173. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro?
  174. Brock Lesnar set to appear at Raw on 12/15
  175. To those that watched RAW; I commend your bravery
  176. Crickets for Ryback this week
  177. theres gotta be a method to the madness!!!
  178. 80% of the WWE Universe should be ashamed
  179. Bray Wyatt crying over the rocking chair
  180. After the Ambrose feud, can Bray turn face already?
  181. They have to be doing this doctor shit on purpose right?
  182. Jesus christ the backstage promo with Rowan
  183. who agrees raw is so bad
  184. A New Day. WTF was that?
  185. Anonymous GM.... <YAWN> Boring!!!!
  186. Rollins Promos = Gold
  187. Cena-Rollins
  188. LOL @ the staph infection sign
  189. A request:
  190. Spoony agrees; WWE is not suitable for kids
  191. Would you be OK with Chuck Noris as WWE champ
  192. Backstage news from tonight's Raw
  193. Why is Nikki Bella #fearless?
  194. Is Luke Harper in a higher position than Bray Wyatt?
  195. RAW: 2014 WWE Slammy Awards
  196. 12/1 Monday Night Raw-USO IS SO ABOUT THAT LIFE
  197. Raw 360 tonight, would you be pissed?
  198. Would you like to see a Pokemon on RAW?
  199. Will Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan interact soon with a match? Or what will happen?
  200. Bring back this man
  201. Chants for Raw. Let's show WWE how we feel about them.
  202. Can New Day become a target?
  203. A major part of why Seth Rollins has been successful heel..
  204. Daniel Bryan business killer
  205. Which diva do you think will break AJ Lee's record.
  206. Rollins and Kane Title Shot?
  207. Why Do All Raws the Week of a Major Holiday have to Suck?
  208. Brock Lesnar 2014: Worst WWE Title Reign of all Time
  209. Old School Raw
  210. WWE Removes Brock Lesnar From Advertisement For The December 8 RAW
  211. WWE News: Slammy Awards Return On December 8!
  212. Would Rollins make a great IC champion?
  213. WWE Are IDIOTS for Not Bringing Out Sting on Monday
  214. Cena's body will crash I predict in 5-6 years
  215. WWE RAW at The O2 London - 13th April
  216. Why were they chanting CM Punk during Fandango matches
  217. This is a perfect opportunity for Dolph Ziggler to cut his career making promo on RAW
  218. What do you think WWE will do on Monday??
  219. Who's Going To Be The New GM?
  220. Original Plans for Monday's RAW with Cena and Vince, General Manager News, Sting
  221. Do you think Raw is better without Sheamus?
  222. Triple H: "you be begging for us to come back"
  223. What does Cena leeching accomplish?
  224. Emma Should Be The New Raw GM.
  225. WWE's stupid booking and Dolph Ziggler
  226. Good news regarding anonymous raw gm
  227. Sandow finally winning a championship?
  228. RAW isnt suitable for children
  229. Fuck the anonymous gm
  230. Return of heel Michael Cole?
  231. What celebrity would you like to see make a guest apperance on RAW?
  232. Backstage News On Raw General Manager Position
  233. The Bellas vs. Paige & AJ Lee?
  234. Cole Turning Heel?
  235. David Otunga should've been the GM instead of the shitty Anonymous GM
  236. Big Show turning again is a joke
  237. Did WWE forget that they had a Rusev vs Swagger feud 2 months ago?
  238. The Daniel Bryan/Team Authority segment
  239. So Brie is randomly a heel now?
  240. what if vince russo returned as raw gm?
  241. Your Single favorite superstar?
  242. This whole Cena and Ziggler pairing is really making me nervous.
  243. Can Seth Rollins cash in at Brock's home?!
  244. Raws Ending was great
  245. When is the last time RAW was consistently good for at least 2 months.
  246. Who will have their FIRST WrestleMania singles match?
  247. J&J team
  248. Stop Putting the Divas in the 3rd hour
  249. will lana ever wrestle?
  250. Possible feuds for Sting
  251. Will Cena put the right to 'Bring back Authority' on the line?
  252. Seems I might get what I want ...
  253. Larry the Cable Guy
  254. The "New and Improved" Fandango?
  255. How Can Bray Wyatt Recover?
  256. Why would anyone want the Big Show on their team?
  257. Which Former General Manager would you like to see back for a week?
  258. Daniel Bryan Suck On Mic or What?
  259. Concession Kane
  260. Russo on Raw One Word: ATROCIOUS
  261. Those Who Watch Raw But Hate/Cry/Bitch About It
  262. I see WWE started reading my posts, Bray Wyatt now you see the difference?
  263. That Big Show Speech
  264. When Bryan returns I'd like to see the beard gone and less YES stuff
  265. Is next week the best time for debut of "New Day"
  266. Again... Rusev and Lana make the crowd the heels
  267. How would you book Ziggler from now until WM31?
  268. who is sting
  269. Sum Up The Raw Ending in 3 Words or Less
  270. 10 things learned from Raw
  271. Raw's Ending
  272. Lack of heels with authority gone
  273. Video Link: Michael Cole Gets Super-Kicked After RAW
  274. Seth texting backstage. Something or nothing?
  275. When Do You Think Would Be The Right Time To Turn Seth Rollins Face?
  276. ''Time has passed them by''
  277. When do we see Sting on Raw?
  278. The Big Guy's Hungry!
  279. Serious Boycott Inquiry
  280. How come The Bellas
  281. No Authority shows a severe lack of heel problems
  282. #Bolieve in the authority
  283. This company sucks
  284. They officially hate Ziggler
  285. The Anonymous GM again? Really?
  286. I give up
  288. Ziggler and Cena promo
  289. Can Fandango ever get pushed?
  290. Erick Rowan Theme ....
  291. this has been the shittest raw ever
  292. WWE just cut AJ Lee off before Pipe Bomb #2 Promo
  293. Did Miz really break his nose?
  294. Where's Raw discussion thread?
  295. "Let them stay" chant
  296. I've Never Been So Happy to See Stardust
  297. What is the deal with Rowan?
  298. sometime I wonder how competent the WWE creative really is.....
  299. Harper vs Ambrose match > all Bray Wyatt feuds.
  300. What happened in the crowd?
  301. What about big show ???
  302. Big Bad Mark Henry...
  304. I miss the authority already.
  305. How is Bryan supposed to be face ?
  306. Ambrose new IC Champ?
  307. This Raw makes SS even worse
  308. the bella marks need to stop hating on Paige & AJ
  309. What a disappointment...
  310. Can We Stop With The US Title Battle Royals?
  311. Good lord this is awful
  312. My Jesus the Worst Mic Exchange ever
  313. Clusterf***k
  314. Daniel Bryan Backstage At Tonight's Raw
  315. Why does Rowan wanna fight Harper?
  316. I only disliked one thing-SS
  317. The Ziggler push vs Ryback push
  319. I will take anyone over JBL
  320. Paige Is Done/Flopped
  321. Opening to RAW..
  322. WWE expecting a 3.0+ rating tonight for RAW
  323. Cena will trust Show again in 6 months...
  324. So ambrose will be headlining in another PPV
  325. Why is the WWE so cruel to Bryan and Ziggler?
  326. The Power of the Zig Zag
  327. Who would mark if Heyman was GM
  328. The WWE covered their bases very well last night
  329. Larry the Cable Guy ...really?
  330. Raw Discussion Thread - MORE BLACKS PREACHING & DANCING
  331. So Raw Tonight and leading into TLC ...
  332. The IC title
  333. Sting to be new Raw GM/Authority figure?
  334. Eric Rowan is improving at an incredible rate
  335. assessment on Survivor Series and impact on Raw(Spoilers)
  336. SuperZiggler is overpushed
  337. Will the "New Day" debut on RAW?
  338. What Kind of Storyline Would Utilize Cena Bringing the Authority Back Into Power?
  339. Watch Cena come out tomorrow and be the gloryhound
  340. Who is going to replace The Authority now?
  341. Do you think AJ Lee is taking time off?
  342. The NXT Takeover is coming...
  343. Is the heel turn coming?
  344. The Authority Era is finally over!
  345. Randy Orton should never be heel again unless WWE book him properly.
  346. So is Bray Wyatt's gimmick supposed to be a nihilist
  347. Putting the title on Lesnar was a horrible idea
  348. Are you sick of Seth Rollins yet?
  349. Why keep Zeb with Swagger?
  350. So... Cesaro is gonna be on Team Authority, right?
  351. I was only joking about the WWE title lol.
  352. Ziggler losing the belt = final straw
  353. What's the ceiling for A New Day?
  354. Your favourite WWE Feuds of 2014 (so far)?
  355. I'm not a huge Cena mark...
  356. Celebrity guests you actually liked.
  357. If The Authority Ends Sunday, How Does It Affect Rollins Going Forward?
  358. Tessa Blanchard on RAW
  359. Orton vs Lesnar at WM31 Could Work.
  360. Where the hell is Bo Dallas?
  361. There's only one way this Authority business ends
  362. Raw Should Have Ended With Team Authority Destroying Cena Alone
  363. Stephanie McMahon Leaving?, WWE Keeping Cena Strong for Lesnar, More
  364. Vince and Triple H’s Reaction to Ryback, What’s He Gone “Out of His Way” For?
  365. Kayfabe error in Ambrose vs Wyatt?
  366. Will Charlotte be the most hated diva of all time?
  367. Brie Bella randomly and ,awkwardly chanting YES
  368. Why don't they let Seth Rollins talk?
  369. So they can show the Bunny simulating sex...
  370. So Ryback still sucks in the ring
  371. Where The Hell Was Randy Orton Last Night??
  372. The Authority
  373. If Ryback's recent return had been held off until last night...
  374. What Does This Mean For Sheamus?
  375. Cena's most infuriating moments.
  376. Heath Slater actually impressed me on Raw
  377. Hello and Goodbye
  378. Bray Wyatt, the man with a plan?
  379. AJ "Nikki Only Sees The Belt As An Accessory, A Prop, Something To Go With Her Shoes"
  380. I can't stand Stephanie anymore
  381. Ryback was a letdown
  382. Um wasn't Team Authority's team full?
  383. This video describes the booking for John Cena
  384. Too bad Roman isn't ready yet or WWE isn't ready to bring him back....
  385. Did Triple H suffer a mild heart-attack or something?
  386. Who would of thought
  387. Cesaro breaks Big Show and Kane's record
  388. Cena buries the entire PPV and both teams with one of the worst promos of all-time
  389. The Ambrose/Bray segment
  390. Cena the epitome of what the Authority is
  391. Lana is the only constant good thing about Raw lately
  392. Whoever Books Ryback's Matches Needs to Be Fired Immediately
  393. Larry The Cable Guy hosting RAW next week
  394. Ziggler Heel turn
  395. So the bunny is gay
  396. So Cena Let's Ziggler Get Destroyed?
  397. New Intercontinental Champion
  399. The point of having the so called 'Grumpy Cat' on Raw?
  400. Luke Harper, and Dolph Ziggler should start Raw
  401. Orton is a perfect opponent for Lesnar
  402. When do Brie's 30 days end?
  403. Raw Discussion Thread - THE AUDIENCE TAPS OUT
  404. Anyone else miss Orton already
  405. How come no one has issues with WWE pushing Wyatt at the expense of main eventers?
  406. Remember when Raw would be preempted for dog shows?
  407. Should Rollins be allowed to cash in at the IC title?
  408. WWE will be begging Batista to come back soon..
  409. Help with WWE RAW ticket release time please?
  410. Again with Cena
  411. If Team Authority wants strongest team EVER
  412. What if Team Cena turned on Cena
  413. Team Cena vs Team HHH Would Be Better If These Was The Team.
  414. Will Roman Reigns Be Getting a New Entrance Theme and New Gear?
  415. Tyson Kidd needs a new finisher
  416. Antonio "Statham" Cesaro...?
  417. Whoever is behind this renewed main event push of Ryback is a moron!
  418. What Fun is it if Team Cena is Stronger than Team Authority?
  419. Notice the Liverpool Crowd Got Bored During Wyatt's Promo?
  420. Bray Wyatt came back exactly the same :/
  421. Cena calling The Authority "wankers"
  422. Ziggler has been the best part of RAW's for a while now
  423. Hornswoggle as 2nd Stunt Double for Miz
  424. Sheamus or Ziggler: Who Needs The Heel Turn More?
  425. Ambrose interfering in the main event of Survivor Series
  426. Will Barney ever guest host RAW?
  427. HHH trolling Ziggler - will their be any payoff?
  428. Lana's comments about speaking German
  429. US crowds need to take note from Liverpool
  430. Noble and Mercury need to GTFO
  431. A New Day (New stable)
  432. Does anyone else find Adam Rose character become interesting?
  433. Ideal Angle for Bryan Return To WWE As Non-Wrestler
  434. Something I'm not understanding about this main event storyline.
  435. Why they are making Ambrose vs Wyatt a Smackdown feud?
  436. Lana being scared with Steph.
  437. Anybody here thinks that Ziggler will back out on Team Cena
  438. Was Ryback joining The Authority a ruse then?
  439. WWE Just Kill Russev Momentum?
  440. Where will they go with Luke Harper? Thoughts?
  441. Who will be 5th Member for Team Cena?
  442. Stephanie punked Rusev tonight..... What a waste
  443. I'm a team playa...
  444. Is Rowan getting a stalker gimmick?
  445. Luke Harper
  446. So Ryback goes from Rybaxel to taking out Cena and Team Authority...
  447. Kane's habit of interfering
  448. After Adam Rose's loss tonight....
  449. Who is Cena talking to/yelling at?
  450. Why Push Tyson Kidd Without Getting His Character Over?
  451. Is that it for Paige & Alicia Fox?
  452. Question about Randy Orton/Seth Rollins feud
  453. Is Cena slowly resurrecting the JOB Squad?
  454. Raw 11/10/14
  455. The person to "stop" Rusev
  456. RAW 10/11/14 SPOILERS
  457. OK, this 'guest star' stuff needs to end
  458. "I'm going to Boo Vince Mcmahon's apology Video!!" - Why are the smarks so dumb?
  459. There Is No Excuse Not To Turn Sheamus Heel
  460. I Could See The Rumble Coming Down To Ryback & Reigns.
  461. If Ambrose were a heel?
  462. R-Rated RAW - Sex, Drugs, Rasslin
  463. Dolph's Latest Character
  464. Does Anyone Else Miss The Shield?
  465. Chants for Liverpool Monday Night Raw 11/11/14
  466. Luke Harper?
  467. Does Anyone Think That WWE Could Pull Off A Rollins vs Lesnar Feud (Heel vs Heel)?
  468. Do you want to see Natalya turn heel with Tyson Kidd
  469. Cena should turn heel at SS
  470. Mick Foley Says He Wants To Be Raw General Manager
  471. Orton/Ambrose as the new DX
  472. Ryback vs John Cena scheduled for RAW
  473. Will Renee Young ever Wrestle
  474. Jake Swagger Should Be The One To Beat Rusev For The US Title.
  475. Any news on BNB?
  476. Bray Wyatt is too fat
  477. Vince's promo on Raw...
  478. Raws timeslot?
  479. Dolph Zigger blew the chance to be the WWE Champion last RAW
  480. Is Raw is finally going the right way?
  481. Emma Got Screwed When She Got Called Up To The Main Roster
  482. Why did Vince shake Ambroses hand?
  483. Tyson Kidd
  484. Should Dean Ambrose Turn Heel?
  485. If Team Authority loses, who would be in charge?
  486. Vince Russo: Why Consistently Stifle The Product Through Inconsistency?(RAW Review)
  487. Put Reigns on Team Cena
  488. Rollins is Ziggler with Better Long Form Wrestling Skills and even Better Selling
  489. Sometimes, It's Really Hard To Hate Big Show
  490. John Cena Misses One Raw And...
  491. Steph's boobs are the best thing on RAW
  492. The Authority's Ass is on the Line and they put Kane on their team? LOL
  493. Where the fuck are the promos?
  494. I'd rather have AJ and Paige as a tag team
  495. Orton/Rollins/Authority best ending to Raw this year?
  496. Loved The Storytelling Between HHH & Orton
  497. Orton & Rollins carrying Raw
  498. Randy Orton Is The MVP Of Raw
  499. Why breaking up The Wyatt Family doesn't make sense
  500. Raw in Columbus on Feb 9th. Who's going?
  501. Half Empty Arena for Rusev vs. Sheamus
  502. So 1 week, over/under when Cena starts leeching off Orton?
  503. Orton got pretty much sh@t on with the mainevent
  504. John Cena & Orton will be best friends in their next encounter
  505. Tag Title Match, I'm Confused ........
  506. Orton/Rollins did the right guy win?
  507. Is Titus O`Neal pregnant??
  508. Let's face it: WWE doesn't care about Ambrose vs Wyatt
  509. Has Nattie always been this hot?
  510. The Unstable Randy Orton
  511. If The Authority loses @ SurSeries,
  512. How was the crowd on TV?
  513. Would you care if Bryan never wrestled again?
  514. rusev is underrated as fuck
  515. So WWE is only good when writing people off story lines
  516. Seth Muthafuckin Rollins
  517. Kane falling somehow made the RAW ending better
  518. Lets go Sheamus Sheamus sucks
  519. Awesome Raw = No Cena
  520. Pastor Woods
  521. See You Erik Rowan
  522. Just give me Orton Vs Lesnar ALREADY
  523. Titus o Nell Vs ryback
  524. Where's John Cena?
  525. RAW is Orton
  526. Seth Rollins New I.C Champion Tonight
  527. WWE Network Exclusive Match After Raw?
  528. Commercials
  529. And Your New United States Champion, RUSEV!
  530. NXT Stars And Rey Mysterio Backstage On RAW
  531. So ummm......
  532. The Real Reasons Brock Lesnar's Title Reign SUCKS
  533. Do you think there will be crowd backlash tonight for what WWE did to Bryan?
  534. 1st RAW live with the kids
  536. Ryback Vs. Rusev Coming?
  537. Official Raw Discussion Thread - 11/3/14
  538. Thought kinda occurred to me about Seth atm
  539. Seth Rollins' laugh
  540. Chris Jericho Book Signing - (Liverpool One, Waterstones, 11-11-14, 12.00pm)
  541. Bryan's injury
  542. The Bunny should have been on TV this week with it being Halloween
  543. Going to see Raw soon. (I am new here)
  544. so the Royals lost
  545. When he wants to, Orton can be the best.
  546. Looking for your opinions on Raw this year
  547. So I guess Cena can't turn heel because of the serious lack of star power?
  548. Reason why Orton lost to Cena at HIAC
  549. Cena has been killing it.
  550. THIS Is The Type of Promo Ambrose Should Be Cutting