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  1. Was Sunny Boy a WWE employee or legit fan?
  2. I Be Like (Official Music Video)
  3. Roman Reigns Razor Edge Powerbomb
  4. What Finn Balor match ups do you wanna see?
  5. Sasha Banks needs to go back to this
  6. Anyone else wants Reigns as first Universal Champion?
  7. I have a feeling Nia Jax is gonna beat Sasha for the womens title
  8. Brock Lesnar Added To Pre SummerSlam Raw
  9. What's your favourite Raw theme???
  10. Why I think Sasha is Over-Rated
  11. Dudley Boyz Re-sign
  12. Someone spotted a nice detail in the Raw opening intro.
  13. Balor in the main event
  14. Will Lesnar follow Reigns booking?
  15. What are the chances Gallows and Anderson beat New Day for the titles?
  16. What is Cesaro doing on Raw?
  17. As someone that doesn't watch NXT - sell me on Finn Bálor!
  18. WWE can turn the Lesnar situation in a positive.
  19. Where the hell is Paige?
  20. That Razoredge into a powerbomb Was Awesome!!
  21. Bo Dallas Reverts To "Bo-Lieve" Gimmick At WWE Superstars Taping
  22. So when is Vince gonna ban Finn's finisher?
  23. Yup, Russo buries Raw - "Balor beating both Rusev/Roman is the nail in the coffin, wrestling is dead"
  24. What's next for everyone?
  25. Please WWE hire James Elseworth!
  26. So...what's next for Roman Reigns?
  27. No Renee Young?
  29. Nia Jax...
  30. Strowman not being a Wyatt and New Day
  31. What Caribbean Paradise are Epico and Primo referring to?
  32. Impressed with Finn Bálor and Roman Reigns
  33. Roman is now officially a upper mid card.
  34. Rate The First RAW of The New Era
  35. Finn Balor Beat Roman Reigns CLEAN In His Debut
  36. If WWE is bringing back enhancement talent, they are learning
  37. Braun Strowman's Theme
  38. Charlotte vs. Sasha = MOTY Contender
  40. They neutered Corey Graves
  41. Kevin Owens' doppelganger in the crowd tonight
  42. New Raw Theme: Enemies - Shinedown
  43. WWE Universal Championship
  44. Sami Zayn needs Kevin Owens a lot more than Owens needs Sami.
  45. "New" Set
  46. Tonight the night where Mick fully takes over or will Steph still linger around?
  47. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to continue to feud?
  48. Cesaro and Owens should have been drafted to Smackdown.
  49. What song you would like to open Raw?
  50. Sami Zayn deserves a lot of credit
  51. 8 Man Tourney For The New Raw Championship Would Be The Way To Go
  52. Seth vs. HHH at SS?
  53. 7/25 Monday Night Raw Discussion: The New Era Of Raw Begins...
  54. Zayn has finally won!!!
  55. Right now, right here, in this very moment
  56. What is Stephanie's Problem?!?
  57. We think the Raw roster is stacked compared to SD now just wait....
  58. Finn Balor's Raw Debut
  59. Nia Jax should be the Brock Lesnar of the womens division
  60. Rollins vs. Owens Would Be A Damn Good Feud To Watch
  61. Rollins and Reigns lack of Twitter followers.
  62. So no one saw Club lose AJ, but got Finn
  63. So who is the next big star to be made on RAW?
  64. Sasha Banks Finally Gets Pinned!!!
  65. I Really Believe Zayn & Owens Will Have A Loser Leaves Raw Match For One Of Them To Go To Smackdown
  66. Make the Primetime Players great again.
  67. Is there any realistic situation in which Sasha Banks can beat Nia Jax?
  68. You guys ready for the Braun Strowman singles push?
  69. What exactly was the point in drafting raw superstars to raw...?
  70. Kevin Owens being still...
  71. Are you ready?
  72. So all of Vince's 'reported' favorites were drafted to RAW
  73. Is Nia Jax Ready?
  74. Serious question has HHH gone AWOL from WWE main roster?
  75. Ambrose vs. Stephanie could become like Austin vs. McMahon
  76. Seth Rollins isnt the champion that ending was fucked up
  77. Clarification On WWE Championship Situation From Monday Night's Raw.
  78. First Cruiserweight Champion of the World?
  79. Stephanie constantly going off script...
  80. Do Ambrose and Rollins have the best in-ring chemistry on the roster?
  81. Heel stable on Raw with Cena, HHH and Reigns
  82. Cruiserweight Division
  83. Spoiler update regarding the SD GM
  84. What superstar would you build Raw and Smackdown respectively around?
  85. Draft Your Rosters Here
  86. Whats the betting someone makes a mistake on the first live Smackdown
  87. 7/18 Raw Discussion: Eve Of The Draft
  88. Anyone attending attending the draft in person?
  89. Nia Jax probably the only one to stop Charlotte in her tracks
  90. Calling it right now
  91. Drafting Ambrose over to Smackdown with the title will be a huge mistake
  92. The Miz TV segment on SD
  93. I'm betting Neville returns on July 25th, Raw. What will he do?
  94. Damn Smackdown grew some Balls. It was better than RAW
  95. Meltzer rips the Raw announce team (and WWE to a lesser extent) for calling Lesnar the best combat athlete in American history
  96. This question has to be answered why is Darren Young getting pushed all of sudden?
  97. WWE Network to present WWE Draft Center Live simultaneously with SmackDown Live’s WWE Draft
  98. 'Smackdown Live' Is Designed To Succeed
  99. "The juggernaut, the three hour flagship brand Raw"
  100. Raw is so disappointingly frustrating
  101. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 7/14/16 (Final Taped Edition)
  102. So obvious The Authority is coming back
  103. Big Russo Rant: Raw is unwatchable, it is not entertaining and is the worst show on TV
  104. The draft will be a disaster if Ambrose and Rollins end up on different shows.
  105. Sheamus squashing Ryder
  106. Will There Be Something BIG On The First Live Smackdown On July 19th?
  107. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro: Instant Channel Changer
  108. New Smackdown logo
  109. Zayn looks so pity
  110. New WWE SmackDown General Manager Revealed? (BIG SPOILER)
  111. Dana Brooke Impressed Me On Raw.
  112. Is WWE pushing because of what happened in Dallas?
  113. Smackdown going non PG?
  114. The crowd reactions for this Cena, Enzo & Cass vs The Club feud is crazy
  115. Ambrose will win next monday so that means Rollins will win at BG.
  116. Thanks WWE for making me yawn for Sasha Banks
  117. Ambrose's promo
  118. *SPOILER* Former WWE Champion As Smackdown GM Leaked?
  119. Stephanie trips and almost falls on face GIF
  120. Who will be the General Managers
  121. So they're having RAW/Smackdown not just two different brands - but actual rivals
  122. WWE ripping off TNA badly [New Day/Wyatt compound segment]
  123. Darren Young's Push
  124. The Rollins Report
  125. WWE's pandering is annoying
  126. Bray Wyatt Tweets before RAW
  127. Paul Heyman will miss RAW
  128. Everyone is gonna kiss Brock's ass when hes back on Raw
  129. 7/11 Raw Discussion: HE'S BACK
  130. What superstars do you want to see get a World title opportunity with the new brand split?
  131. Major Authority Figure Returning on RAW
  132. Slammy Award front runners
  133. Any Chance Eric Bischoff Could Be The GM Of Smackdown?
  134. Zack Ryder's new version of "Radio" is fantastic!
  135. Why should Roman still be in the Battleground match when Dean/Seth are doing all the work
  136. Who threw the pie in Kevin Owens face?
  137. Was Stephanie's run as Smackdown GM better than her current Raw GM role?
  138. Reigns & Cena Should Both Be Drafted To Smackdown
  139. Can WWE just give Sasha the womens title now
  140. Which Brand will you watch/follow more
  141. Is there too much comedy on RAW/SD?
  142. Sitdown Interview With Xavier Woods
  143. Tease for a Rock Wyatt feud? Some time down the track
  144. Food fights in 2016...How old does Vince think we are?
  145. What was the best RAW match from John Cena's U.S. Open Challenge?
  146. WWE Smackdown going live in Australia
  147. Kane is an American patriot?
  148. AJ vs Cena at SS
  149. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 7/7/16
  150. I think HHH is gonna be GM of one of the brands vs. Shane on the other
  151. Enzo desperately needs to get better in the ring
  152. Lana at Independence Day celebration?
  153. Red, White & Blue ropes are amazing
  154. What Is Dolph Ziggler's Problem?
  155. Sasha and Charlotte's Segment Was Fantastic!!!
  156. RAW Tease for a Wyatt Compound/New Day Segment?
  157. That Summer Rae-Becky Lynch Suplex Botch
  158. Brock Lesnar's SummerSlam opponent to be revealed on SmackDown
  159. *Potential Spoiler* WWE Doing Title Change on RAW?
  160. EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero makes an appearance
  161. Becky Lynch's alliance failure/possible change in character?
  162. One of my buddies is taking this sign to RAW Monday
  163. WWE Raw: Fireworks, BBQ & Chairshots at the Cookout on the 4th of July Episode
  164. Matches Set for 4th of July Raw
  165. Indian Wrestling Fans.
  166. Throw-away mid-card booking on Raw and SD
  167. For Those Who Skipped Smackdown, I Would Suggest Giving It A Watch
  168. Ambrose is gonna be champ for awhile. Ambrose vs. Miz....surprise match of the year??
  169. So is it going to be 5 hours of Raw/SD a week??
  170. Possible John Cena WWE Draft Spoiler
  171. 15 years in the making?
  172. The Shield guys need to share the spotlight
  173. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 6/30/16
  174. This Past Monday Would Been The Perfect Time To Put The IC Title On Cesaro
  175. Did Del Rio turn Face on Raw?
  176. Kane as Smackdown GM?
  177. Rumored Brand Split Details
  178. Xavier Woods selling fear of Bray Wyatt
  179. That Pop Sasha Got On Raw Was Weak.
  180. AJ Styles was by far the most over guy on Raw
  181. The way WWE addressed Roman's violation in the segment
  182. Zayn vs. Owens
  183. Fail of the night?
  184. That RAW Epitomized All That Is Wrong With WWE Booking.
  185. David O'Tunga on Smackdown commentary
  186. Is it possible for Smackdown to be equal to Raw when the brand split happens?
  187. 6/27 Raw Discussion Thread: Where's Roman? :D
  188. Thats how Dean should be all the time
  189. Does Dana Brooke's character remind anyone of Laurie - Cougar Town?
  190. So...is it true?
  191. Ambrose Asylum segment. This new Ambrose/Rollins dynamic/character tweak.
  192. Who would you like to see as Raw and SD GMs for the brand split?
  193. WWE RAW - August 8th Anaheim, CA
  194. If WWE wants Roman to get over...
  195. Roman should never main event or have the title after his drug suspension
  196. Cena got what he deserved on Monday
  197. Anyone else find it hard to take Ambrose serious as champion when he got completely destroyed by Lesnar?
  198. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 6/23/16
  199. Dean looking sweet with his WWE World Heavyweight title on Raw
  200. So isn't Reigns on a slow burn heel turn, that's already in motion?
  201. THE BOSS IS BACK!!!!!!!!!
  202. So Shane's gonna run both shows??
  203. Great RAW, Club/Shield similarities
  204. Did anybody catch how Xavier was looking at Bray?
  205. AJs heel work is amazing
  206. Karl Anderson debut singles match
  207. This Natalya heel turn makes no sense
  208. What's next for KO And Cesaro?
  209. WWE Draft Set To Occur On 1st Live Smackdown On July 19th
  210. Kevin Owens amazing interview
  211. When did JBL turn babyface?
  212. Now that Smackdown is going live will the recaps from Raw stop?
  213. Monday Night Raw brought to you by the Ambrose Asylum!
  214. Match for 1st Live SmackDown Set (Potential Draft Spoilers)
  215. What's with the Bootista chants in last week's Raw?
  216. Who Should Be The Next WWE Champ?
  217. So why hasn't Cena crossed paths with Roman then?
  218. The disappearance of Sasha Banks
  219. How Bout That AJ vs. Woods Match on Smackdown
  220. Corbin vs. Ziggler will it ever end? Ziggler's feuds are unbearable
  221. I noticed a huge error on Raw this week its so laughable
  222. Seth Rollins dig at Batista on Raw
  223. In Your Opinion Who Should Win The Tag Titles From New Day?
  224. "We hate to be the fun police.......
  225. Anyone else pessimistic about the brand split?
  226. Where has HHH disappeared to?
  227. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 6/16/16
  228. Cena played AJ Styles
  229. Dean giving the Dirty Deeds to Roman was an epic moment
  230. Once again Ambrose role here is clear
  231. Jericho on Raw fallout
  232. Dean Ambrose <3
  233. Shield segment or Styles/Cena segment- Which was better?
  234. Every week Raw starts with the same old shit
  235. Update on Network Specials Following The Brand Split
  236. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 06/13 - Small Matter Of Ladders and a Briefcase........Oh and The WWE Title Is There Somewhere
  237. Luke Gallows Interview
  238. How should Bray return?
  239. Where is the build up for the WWE title match
  240. Cena thinks he is greater as the WHC
  241. So Not Only Corbin Is Gonna Fight With Ziggler Every Week...
  242. AJ Styles trolling Enzo
  244. GM's for Raw/Smackdown
  245. Which is worse: the mid-2009 "Guest Host" Raws, or the modern-day Raws?
  246. Hilarious Breezango Q&A Backstage At SmackDown
  247. Charlotte getting more promo time than Bubba,Jericho, Owens, Ambrose, Enzo, etc.
  248. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 6/9/16
  249. Alberto beat Sami clean WTF
  250. At the end of the AJ/Cena segment...
  251. John Cena says "Bullet Club" during promo.
  252. Have you ever tried to explain to someone what "Raw" was about?
  253. Full RAW Episode on Youtube? (Main Channel)
  254. Who thought it would be a good idea for the New Day to ally with Cena on RAW!?
  255. Should AJ Styles have been turned heel in 6 months since debuting?
  256. Del Rio ripped Zayn a new arsehole and he stood there and smiled
  257. Rollins didn't screw Reigns with his MITB cashin
  258. Dean Ambrose Strong booking.
  259. There Is No Reason Why Becky Should Be Coming Out To Natalya's Music
  260. These Teddy Long segments gives me an idea.
  261. Writers of RAW need to be fired
  262. John cena
  263. Teddy long senile?
  264. The likely main reason we will see Cena and Reigns on opposite brand shows?
  265. HHH Reality Era Promo
  266. Brock Lesnar's day as security guard
  267. "WCW Smackdown Merger", would make it a real Brand Split
  268. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 06/06 - New Era? #LMAO #LOLWWE #DESPERATION
  269. New Day Needs New Material
  270. Bring in this guy to manage the shining stars
  271. LOL at prety much everyone who thought Shane o mac would make any difference
  272. Would It Kill WWE To Let Swagger Get One Win Over Rusev?
  273. Poor AJ lost to Roman and now will lose to Cena
  274. Enzo & Cass On ESPN SportsCenter
  275. Smackdown live uk
  276. Anyone think RAW seems to have a theme running through each episode now?
  277. I really hope Smackdown keeps its theme
  278. Serious question why the hell are Primo and Epico still employed?
  279. Which NXT stars will be called up to Raw and Smackdown in the next few months?
  280. Bray Wyatt Returning To WWE TV Next Week?
  281. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 6/2/16
  282. Idea to Make the Brand Split Work Best
  283. Isn't it kinda risky to have Rollins using the Pedigree?
  284. Did that stupid feud Ziggler and Corbin had a double turn?
  285. Did we just witness the worst Raw ever?
  286. Are they trying to re-debut Primo and Epico again or what?
  287. Big Cass Has Future Main Eventer Written All Over Him.
  288. JBL's Glory Hole
  289. Why Was Sasha Banks & Eva Marie At RAW?
  290. Breezango takes their first loss
  291. Well, Rollins seems to be in a shape ready to confront this dull Lorenzo Lamas.
  292. Stephanie cut off Charlotte's "lady Balls"
  294. Aj styles + the club! (spoilers)
  295. Lets compare wo different RAW segments
  296. Possibly leaked brand split rosters...
  297. NXT already has Potential who can Main Events RAW & SmackDown ?
  298. should post brand split Smackdown get new titantron, logo, ring design?
  299. Do you guys think the brand split is doomed to fail again?
  300. Should Reigns beat Cena to talking about the troops?
  301. Actually can't wait to see Cena
  302. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 05/30 - "Your Time Is Up, My Time Is Now, You Can't See Me, My Time Is Now"
  303. Kevin Ownes can't Tolerate Michael Cole !
  304. Who is going to benefit most from brand split
  305. Should we expect a brawl between Seth and Roman this Monday?
  306. Corey Graves hinting at move to Smackdown?
  307. I actually like the #SocialOutcast theme!
  308. How Cass should be using the SAWFT line...
  309. That return pop for Enzo was insane
  310. Smackdown should be Experimental
  311. Why Did Becky Look Sad For Ric On Raw?
  312. New Info regarding Brand Split and Two World Titles!
  313. Do you guys think The Club was split up too soon?
  314. The Kevin Owens Show
  315. Roman Reigns Gets Real About Seth Rollins
  316. Brand Split Draft Predictions
  317. Smackdown To Air Live Starting This July - Brand Split Incoming
  318. Reigns / Rollins double turn can truly lead us into a New Era!
  319. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 5/27/16
  320. Did AJ turn heel?
  321. I felt on RAW that the Enzo/Cass train stopped DEAD in its tracks...
  322. Why did AJ lose clean?
  323. Seth Rollins "Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim"....lol
  324. That Lack of Apollo Crews Selling Was A Load Of Rubbish
  325. This Raw has such a weird vibe to it
  326. Trump reference?
  327. So Seth is still a chickenshit heel?
  328. 15 Active Wrestlers who lost their push
  330. Do You Still Watch Smackdown?
  331. 10 ways to make WWE great again
  332. RAW Schedule
  333. Syfy is showing a 2 hour raw replay.
  334. what should Fandango and Breeze be called (vote)
  335. Syfy to air 2 hour replay of Raw every Friday..starting tonight
  336. Why is Paige jobbing?
  337. Fandango and Breeze anyone?
  338. AJ and the club is the least of Roman's worries wait til Seth gets back
  339. Anyone Else Notice Maryse is Always Shaking Out Her Right Wrist?
  340. Triple Crown Concept in the WWE?
  341. 51 Things I've Discovered Watching WWE RAW! - 5/16/16
  342. Would you like to see Bully Ray in WWE?
  343. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 5/19/16
  344. Roman bothered by the " We want Rollins" chants?
  345. That scene with Dean and asylum cage was amazing
  346. Whats so special about Primo and Epico exactly?
  347. WWE is wasting Alberto Del Rio
  348. The real issue with Commentary
  349. AJ Syles vs John Cena - When and where should it happen?
  350. Usos beat the club clean...
  351. Did anyone else enjoy the little steenerico reunion?
  352. Cole's Social Media comment about AJ
  353. LOVED that ending segment!
  354. Guys, Tyler Breeze Is On A Winning Streak! Yay!
  355. If Vince doesn't make Roman the biggest heel, he's crazy.
  356. Ic title
  357. Triple H milestone on RAW
  358. Why does Bubba shout at his opponant during matches?
  359. Debuts/Surprises during RAW after Extreme Rules
  360. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 05/16
  361. Gallows and Anderson desperately need a squash match
  362. The Commentary Teams - What's Missing?
  363. RAW split into 2
  364. Ideas to make RAW more entertaining?
  365. 30 Things I've Discovered Watching Smackdown! - 5/13/16
  366. Watch Vince push Nia Jax to the moon when she gets on Raw
  367. Roman Reigns vs Luke Gallows
  368. Why is AJ wasting his time with Roman hes never getting the title
  369. Raw In Numbers
  370. Roman has competition now with Cass on the main roster
  371. Will it be physically impossible to bring Rollins back as a heel?
  372. Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers 5/12/16
  373. So whats different since the "New Era" started?
  374. Emma/Dana
  375. The 'NEW ERA' Ends on MAY 30TH.
  376. US title angle Idea.
  377. Ambrose destroying Jericho's Light Up Jacket
  378. This storyline is dead - AJ is officially a geek.
  379. End the Kalisto Experiment
  380. Backstage cameras
  381. Maryse being with Miz in kayfabe makes no sense
  382. "The Club"?
  383. Paige vs charlotte, best bout between the two yet
  384. So, Steph is bipolar?
  385. Could Smackdown be our saviour?
  386. Ambrose vs. Jericho: What I Want To See Happen
  387. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 05/09 - Will The Big Dog Dodge A Bullet From The Phenomenal One
  388. Wrestling Forum... We're Here (Almost)
  389. Ok so where is Finn?
  390. You just know Enzo will return to an even bigger reaction
  391. Smackdown and Main Event Spoilers 5/5/16
  392. They should keep Roman away from The Usos.
  393. The Jericho and Ambrose fued is awesome so far
  394. Was Ambrose checking Stephanie out?
  395. Kalisto on the mic
  396. WWE using history on Raw?
  397. Raw Theme
  398. "Bullet Club" booking
  399. Tyler Breeze with a win on Raw!
  400. Did WWE possibly stumble upon a gem with AJ Style's booking?
  401. This storyline is great
  402. AJ Just Became a Geek
  404. Ambrose taking a dig at his booking
  405. A change of opinion: AJ Styles is the new Daniel Bryan.
  406. 1st Monday Night Raw of the "NEW ERA"
  407. RAW Future Dates
  408. What does the writing on Sami Zayns tights say?
  409. Raw Segments Ranked On YT: Reigns Draws, Bad Numbers for Colons
  410. The Intercontinental Curse
  411. What can the WWE do to make Roman Reigns popular?
  412. This Golden Truth Angle has gone on for too long.
  413. Raw Ratings my not be because of the product
  414. How often do you watch Monday Night Raw?
  415. "Settle your tea kettle Ric"
  416. These Reigns/AJ/Bullet Club/ Usos brawling segments are awesome
  417. "Fortunately our father is smart enough to never put the decision making in these people's hands"
  418. Will Ambrose and Corbin shave their heads eventually?
  419. Women only get 160 seconds on Raw?
  420. League of Nations breakup
  421. Hartford Crowd
  422. 04/28/16 Main Event + Smackdown Spoilers
  423. SmackDown Spoilers (4/28)
  424. Your thoughts on The Vaudevillains
  425. What was the point in the League of Nations?
  426. I Am Very Pleased They Are Letting Aiden English Sing Again
  427. What a waste of Eva Marie and Lana and the women wrestlers
  428. Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio was some supposed to bleed?
  429. I Mean Really. How Fucking Hot Was Steph on Raw?
  430. Zayn vs. Owen is one of the best feuds that the company has done in a while.
  431. Ambrose and Jericho killed it on Raw
  432. Using Make a Wish kid on RAW to stop Roman's X-Pac Heat.
  433. Gallows/Anderson should have squashed the Usos
  434. Finally Shane/The Authority feud is starting
  435. When will The Authority return to Raw?
  436. Shane's flying elbow to Miz
  437. Tag Tournament Final is at Payback and not Raw?
  438. John Cena To Return On Memorial Day
  439. How Long Will Roman Reigns title reign last and who will end it?
  440. Vince just turn Roman heel
  441. Top 10 Most Common Televised Opponents Since WM31
  442. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 04/25 - Payback's A Bitch...............And It's A Week Away
  443. Where to for guys like AJ, KO and Sami after their expected feuds are over?
  444. So Balor will be pushed more as Owens and/or Zayn
  445. (Spoiler) We have to talk about SmackDown...
  446. Quasi-Face Miz Killed It On This Week's Cole Interview
  447. Will The Top Face Always Get Mixed Reactions/Booed from here on out?
  448. Its 2 months since Shane returned and still HHH hasn't confronted him WTF
  449. Raw and Smackdown coming to Glasgow!
  450. The two 8-Superstars Tag Team match last night was stupid
  451. Main Event/Smackdown Spoilers 4/21/16
  452. Ambrose is pushed so hard on RAW
  453. So where is Samoa Joe?
  454. Bray Wyatt was badly missed on Raw London
  455. Apollo Crews and The Vaudevillains got zero reaction that is not a good sign
  456. Roman getting those "Boring" chants
  457. Has anyone ever gotten as over, as fast as AJ Styles has?
  458. Gallows & Anderson/Bullet Club speculation thread
  459. Anderson and gallows new finisher the boot of doom
  460. Cesaro is finally being who he should be
  461. Cass hitting enzo
  462. Shane added to RAW intro
  463. WWE, where's the beef?
  464. What do you prefer, the era of Super Cena or Super Reigns?
  465. New FalconArrow spoilers?
  466. Is that the last we see of Wade Barrett?
  467. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 04/18 -Black Taxi's and Red Phoneboxes Are Out Of Storage
  468. WWE Lies to All Its Viewers
  469. Del Rio nearly breaking AJ's neck
  470. My idea to fix Smackdown
  471. Brock Lesnar vs. Shane McMahon
  472. AJ Styles and Chris Jericho have saved Smackdown
  473. AJ's new ring attire colors on smackdown this week
  474. Ambrose and Owens on commentary during SMACKDOWN. Ambrose Asylum new show?
  475. So, Are They Doing Kalisto vs. Sin Cara?
  476. AJ Styles is gonna be the first victim of the Roman burial
  477. Braun Strowman & Eric Rowan are carrying the Wyatt family now
  478. Its so obvious where this is leading Seth will return and dethrone Roman
  479. What is Shane running RAW leading to?
  480. Reigns is gonna be in trouble
  481. RAW 04/11 Pie Chart
  482. Main Event/Smackdown spoilers 4/12/16
  483. Woo Woo Woo - You blew it .. What next for Ryder?
  484. When do you New Day will split up?
  485. Are they really dumb enough to have Miz go over Cesaro?
  486. Last nights raw, had better wrestling, and was more fun....
  487. Where is Zack Ryder?
  488. The past two Raws is living proof that Shane should be in charge
  489. Have they forgotten Kalisto is their US champion?
  490. Who WILL win Tag Team Tournament?
  491. Sami Zayn being portrayed as a LOSER
  492. Were WWE muting the crowd?
  493. Is this real life? What an awesome RAW!
  494. Bray's new clothes sucks
  495. Shane needs more EDGE.
  496. Sami Zayn is a star.
  497. So Primo and Epico get weeks of vignettes
  498. Finally Tag team division is more than the Usos!! Thank you WWE
  499. Bray Wyatt Face Turn: Looked like Money!
  500. The future of WWE is looking very Heavyweight
  501. Why Did Zayn Lose Clean There?..
  502. The Bullet Club has arrived!!!!
  503. Cesaro stripper gimmick.
  504. Am I the only one losing interest in the product fast?
  505. When did the Raw after WrestleMania become a big deal?
  506. 4/11/16 RAW Predictions
  507. Titus O'Neil should shoot on Vince live on Raw
  508. Shane is in charge of Raw tonight...but Dr Phil is special guest host??
  509. How to get the mask back on Zayn?
  510. After watching a ton of Raws from 2003 why doesn't Raw do more backstage segments?
  511. One week Raw will be in London, England and the show will be edited to fuck
  512. WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 04/11 - Oh Joy, Dr.Phil Will Solve All Our Problems
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  515. 2016 Brand Split
  516. Fat Roman?
  517. The Vaudevillains debut
  518. Smackdown is a better show than RAW
  519. So were getting Emma v Lynch fued...Should be a classic.
  520. So tired of this formula
  521. Reigns/Styles promo on Smackdown was not bad at all
  522. Cesaro's new entrance
  523. Becky Lynch has turned into one hell of a promo
  524. On this very day 2 years ago Paige won the divas title on her debut
  525. Position of Dean Ambrose post Mania
  526. Ok so WM32 is over and done with what fuckery awaits us for Raw for the rest of this year?
  527. Charlotte vs. Natalya? Really?
  528. Make your mind up WWE
  529. You guys are missing some important facts about AJ Styles being the number 1 contender
  530. Dr. Phil guest hosting RAW with his son's band "Hundred Handed"
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  533. Cesaro got one of the biggest pop ever in the PG-ERA.
  534. Is Enzo considered the best mic worker on the main roster now?
  535. Cesaro's weight loss
  536. Should have done Ryder def Cena on post-WM RAW
  537. Romans going to go back to being cheered at next weeks Raw
  538. Who are the guys coming to Raw soon?
  539. We're So Passionate We Boo the Ones We Normally Cheer For? Lol.
  540. Smackdown & Main Event Spoilers (April 7, 2016)
  541. Fatal 4-way Appreciation
  542. Fans of AJ Styles
  543. Why did you want Shane to win?
  544. How shitty was Shane running RAW lol?
  545. OK what was the point making Shane managing RAW
  546. Cesaro v Lesner
  547. Jericho sign on RAW
  548. No Bayley?
  549. You know the writing has problems when beachballs are more over as a face than anyone on the main roster
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